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Shadow Politics, February 5, 2023

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Shadow Politics
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Guest, Charles Hicks, Founder, Director of the DC Black History Celebration Committee, Community Activist

Shadow Politics with Senator Michael D Brown

Guest, Charles Hicks, Founder, Director of the DC Black History Celebration Committee, Community Activist

Headlined Show, Shadow Politics February 5, 2023

Celebrating Black History Month With Mr. Black History And Child of the Civil Rights Movement - CHUCK HICKS!
Chuck Hicks
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Celebrating Black History Month With Mr. Black History And Child of the Civil Rights Movement  - CHUCK HICKS!

Once again, Chuck returns to SHADOW POLITICS as we begin Black History Month. From his front row seat at the center of the movement in Bogalusa, Louisiana, Chuck will tell us about the evolution of the movement, where it stands today and why Black History Month is so important. Through his experience and great knowledge of Black history, Chuck will provide for all of us some important lessons in the struggle for equality in America. I am so honored to have Mr. Black History on the show again.

Guest, Charles Hicks

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Charles Hicks
Charles Hicks
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Founder/Director of the DC Black History Celebration Committee, Community Activist
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Charles “Chuck” Hicks is the founder and director of the DC Black History ( Celebration Committee which celebrates black history year-round.  He is a community activist focusing on issues that directly affect the community. Hicks serves on several Martin Luther King Jr. committees providing guidance, leadership and support.  His work includes serving on the executive committee of the Martin Luther King Jr. DC Support Group, Inc.and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Award Committee. Hicks co-chaired the DC Host Committee for the dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.  He was co-chair of the DC Host Committee for the opening of the new National Museum of African American History and Culture. Hicks is also a member of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Hicks is also a member of the DC Commission on Aging and the newly appointed DC Commission on African American Affairs.  He also serves on the Commission on Black Men and Boys under the purview of the Honorable Eleanor Holmes Norton. He is also a devout member and trustee at Greater New Hope Baptist Church in Ward 1. Hick co-hosts with Joni Eisenberg the “Heal DC” radio broadcast on WPFW 89.3 FM. His service to the community also included work as the coordinator of labor for the District of Columbia for the Million Man March in 1995. Hicks was also a member of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington Committee. He is the president of the Robert “Bob” Hicks Foundation which advocates for human and civil rights. 

Hicks is also a proud member of the NAACP.  He is also well known for providing 35 years of service to the DCPublic Library’s Black Studies Center. Hicks is a supporter and advocate of the African American Civil War Memorial &Museum. He is also founder of Bread-for-the-Soul Toy & Book Party – an HIV and AIDS organization which provides toys and books for Christmas to children whose parents have HIV/AIDS and to children who are diagnosed with HIV.

He is the former president of the AFSME District Council 20 and is a current member of the retirement chapter.Hicks continues his work as a member of the DC Democratic State Committee and is a dedicated member of two organizations that advocate for statehood for the District of Columbia – Stand Up! for Democracy in DC (Free DC) and DC for Democracy. Hicks is a member of the Waterside Tenants Association where he advocates for tenants’ rights and information transparency.  He is widely recognized for his support for the arts and community programming. Hicks is also an active member of several study groups.

Chuck recently received the 2017 Community Cornerstone Award from DC Councilmember Anita Bonds.

Shadow Politics

Shadow Politics with U.S. Senator Michael D. Brown
U.S. Senator Michael D. Brown

Shadow Politics is a grass roots talk show giving a voice to the voiceless. For more than 200 years the people of the Nation's Capital have ironically been excluded from the national political conversation. With no voting member of either house of Congress, Washingtonians have lacked the representation they need to be equal and to have their voices heard. Shadow Politics will provide a platform for them, as well as the millions of others nationwide who feel politically disenfranchised and disconnected, to be included in a national dialog.

We need to start a new conversation in America, one that is more inclusive and diverse and one that will lead our great nation forward to meet the challenges of the 21st century. At Shadow Politics, we hope to get this conversation started by bringing Americans together to talk about issues important to them. We look forward to having you be part of the discussion so call in and join the conversation. America is calling and we're listening… Shadow Politics is about America hearing what you have to say. It's your chance to talk to an elected official who has spent more than 30 years in Washington politics. We believe that if we start a dialog and others add their voices we will create a chorus. Even if those other politicians in Washington don't hear you — Senator Brown will. He's on a mission to listen to what America has to say and use it to start a productive dialog to make our democracy stronger and more inclusive. If we are all part of the solution we can solve any problem.

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