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Responder Resilience, November 30, 2022

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Responder Resilience
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Guest, Cristian Hinojosa, Battalion Chief, Dallas Fire Rescue

Guest, Cristian Hinojosa, Battalion Chief, Dallas Fire Rescue

Headlined Show, Responder Resilience November 30, 2022

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Company Officers: Front Line Leaders For Mental Wellness

The most vital responsibility of company officers is the safety and well-being of the firefighters in their command. Our guest, Battalion Chief Cristian Hinojosa of Dallas Fire-Rescue was recently promoted from Captain, and talks about why he’s passionate about mental health for firefighters.

As a leader/officer/supervisor, how do we recognize when one of our members is struggling with a mental health problem and needs help? What are some signals indicating they might need help? We discuss how a company officer can approach a member to talk about their crisis, and to take action to get them help.

Chief Hinojosa talks about tools and techniques that have worked for him as a company officer and leader of Dallas Fire Department’s second-largest employee association, including best practices on how to follow up and ensure the member is getting help and improving.

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Guest, Cristian Hinojosa

Guest Name
Cristian Hinojosa
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Battalion Chief, Dallas Fire Rescue
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Cristian Hinojosa has served the Dallas community as a public servant for 17 years. He currently serves the Dallas area as a Battalion Chief.

He has led the second largest DFD employee association, representing over 450 firefighters. This role has carried substantial political and administrative responsibilities and has included extensive interaction with DFD Command Staff, City Council, and the City Manager on a regular basis.


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