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Reaching For The Gold, May 20, 2014

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Reaching For The Gold
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Guests, Karen Bowersox and Maureen Allan M

Reaching For The Gold with Harriet Tramer and special guests, Karen Bowersox and Maureen Allan M

Guest, Karen Bowersox

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Karen Bowersox
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Guest Biography

When Karen Bowersox’s granddaughter was born with Down syndrome, she saw the challenges her mother faced trying to find clothes that fit her properly. After extensive research she still could not find any clothes made specifically for people with Down syndrome and so took matters into her own hands, launching her own fashion line Downs Designs.

Guest, Maureen Allan

Guest Name
Maureen Allan
Guest Occupation
medium, teacher, spiritual adviser
Guest Biography
Maureen Allan is a highly gifted Medium, Master Channeler and Spiritual Teacher.  She helps individuals find peace and closure by connecting them with loved ones who have passed on, as well as channeling personal guidance and loving messages from their Spirit Guides and Angels. Maureen is also the Host of the internet radio show "Spiritual Enlightenment – Advancing One's Wisdom", which airs weekly on Tuesday's at 4pm PST on VoiceAmerica's 7th Wave Channel.
Dedicated to her path of bringing about spiritual enlightenment and development, Maureen has a reputation for her integrity, delivering clear messages, and her incredible connection to the spirit world.    She has helped thousands of people locally and internationally through readings, psychic classes, healings, spiritual events, ghost clearings, and missing person and other investigative work.

Reaching For The Gold

Show Host

A publishing journalist and a college instructor Harriet finds that these two careers have much in common as they both demand honing communication skills every day. Harriet instructs her students almost exclusively online and her writing is published in print and over the web. Times change but the need to speak to your audience by being concise, yet intriguing, is key.

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