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Reach For It Radio Show, 18/09/2014

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Reach For It Radio Show
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Solfeggio Sound Healing

Join us as Ted Winslow discusses his Solfeggio Sound Healing from Earthly & Divine Frequencies. Ted has conducted extensive research on the effects of Sound Healing Frequencies on water. he will share with the audience information on the state of the art Electrophotonic Imaging Systems he used in his researh with the different frequencies he used in his recordings. Ted will explain how the 9 Solfeggio earthly frequencies combined with the galactic healing energy that has been brought into earth in our present time will assist us in raising our vibration. Solfeggio Sound Healing can be used for meditation, Reiki, stress management, insomnia, yoga, clearing negative energy, astral travel and releasing creative blocks. Ted Winslow is a producer, musician, and audio engineer. 

Guest, Ted Winslow

Guest Name
Ted Winslow
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musician, producer, audio engineer, sound healer
Guest Biography

Ted Winslow is a producer, audio engineer, musician, singer, songwriter and vocal coach. Ted holds a BS in Music & Audio Engineering from the University of Colorado and has over 25 years in the music business starting his career in an 80's rock band. Ted runs Big Country Productions where he produces commercials, music, builds custom internet tv stations, records & produces audio books, live streams events around the world and conducts research on sound healing frequencies through music. In addition to his internationally acclaimed "Vocalist Scales & Intervals" voice coaching CD series, he has released "Solfeggio Sound Healing from Earthly Frequencies" and "Armonia, Sound Healing from Divine Frequencies" available on iTunes, amazon, Tower Records and worldwide distribution. 

Reach For It Radio Show

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Reach For It Radio™ is a live weekly broadcast on BBS Radio, hosted by best selling author Christina Calisto Winslow. Tune in every Thursday at 11am PST, 2pm ET, for an enlightening and entertaining hour about life, love, finances, spirituality, health, and business as Christina challenges the status quo. This show is dedicated to assisting listeners to reach higher to attain what they really want out of life. Christina brings no-nonsense and practical tools to her listeners though her interviews with great thinkers, healers, and spiritual teachers of the world combined with her intuitive coaching abilities. Callers will be given the assistance to remove blocks and become empowered to see what is actually possible in their life. Reach For It Radio™ is a catalyst for change and provides new ways for you to reach for the stars!