Ted Winslow

Beyond Mind, October 12, 2019

Ted Winslow
Beyond Mind with Christina Winslow

Beyond Mind with Christina Winslow

Guest, Ted Winslow, Soundsynchtech Brainwave Frequency Music


Temple of Health Radio Show, March 10, 2018

Temple of Health Radio Show with Dr. Susan E. Kolb

Temple of Health Radio Show with Dr Susan Kolb and guest Ted Winslow

Topic: The Next Generation/Frequency Revolution

Universal Soul Love, April 18, 2017

Sound Healing Researcher and Music Composer, Ted Winslow
Universal Soul Love with David Love and Dr. Lana Love

Det David Love speaks with award winning sound healing researcher and musical composer Ted Winslow about the effect of specific vibrational frequencies on the human energy field and the behavior of other living creatures.

Reach For It Radio Show, March 10, 2016

Ted Winslow is our Guest on Reach For It Radio Show and it is in celebration of his new release "Solfeggio Sound Frequencies with the Fairies” Ted is offering listeners a special gift on this show! Fairies, Leprechauns, Gnomes, Elementals, and Sprites...are the just Legend or are they part of our unseen world in another dimension just like the Angels?

Reach For It Radio Show, January 14, 2016

Tolec Andromedan Council

Tolec shares what is in store for 2016, Will this be our breakthrough year?  Join Christina Winslow this week on Reach For It Radio Show when she speaks with Tolec about facinating updates to the new changes coming!

Reach For It Radio Show, December 17, 2015

Solfeggio Frequencies

It's all about Frequency! If your life is not working it is your frequency. This show is all about changing your frequency to change your life for the better! Ted will explain Solfeggio Frequencies and why it is important to integrate it daily through listening & vocal toning.

Reach For It Radio Show, October 22, 2015

Solfeggio Sound Healing - Planetary Frequencies by Ted Winslow

Ted Winslow, Inventor of Sound Sync Tech™ discusses his research and development of this new groundbreaking technology and advances in sound healing. Ted is internationally known as an audio engineer, musician, producer and leader in sound healing research.

Reach For It Radio Show, January 29, 2015

Angelic messages for 2015. This is another year of change and the Angels want us to work with them this year more than ever before! Join guest, Ted Winslow, creator of "Angelic Sound Healing" on Reach For It Radio Show with Christina Calisto Winslow.

Reach For It Radio Show, January 8, 2015

Vocal Toning, Training and Healing with Ted Winslow. Do you know that it is beneficial for everyone to practice toning and voice training? Find your voice, unlock blocks in your body, speak your truth, open up your throat chakra and use sound for healing. This show will help you to do these things and more.

Reach For It Radio Show, November 20, 2014

Angelic Sound Healing with Ted Winslow. Learn new ways to connect with your angels through sound healing. Journey through the healing aspects of using frequencies and music to facilitate more ease in your body, mind, and spirit.


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