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Ted Winslow
Your Pitch

What if I told you your human energy field in a just a matter of minutes?  What if you could instantly fill in with your own energy.  What would it take for you to be in your own energy healing yourself and vibrating at the higher frequencies that you were meant to be at.

Vibrational healing is such a powerful and overlooked tool with which we can not only heal ourselves but those around us as well.  This healing is being used in hospitals, in schools, in healing centers, yoga studios, therapy sessions and those at home with their own personalized practice and sessions.


Ted Winslow is an award winning music producer and recording artist in frequency sound healing.  He is considered an authority and pioneer of Solfeggio Frequency Sound Healing genre.

Ted is known for his unique blend of acoustic and electronic instruments with altered tunings and binaural beats.  Through his pioneering work, Ted has developed SoundSyncTech™, a customized brainwave technology which incorporates binaural beats, altered tunings, numerology along with his state -of-the-art recording technologies to facilitate brainwave entrainment.

The germs of music that best describe Ted’s music are a culmination of New Age, Classical, Celtic and Ambient styles. With millions of streams, his music is reaching audiences from Hospitals, Healing Centers, Public Schools, Yoga Studios to those who just keep in their everyday use at home or when they sleep.

Ted has been instrumental in working with the science of Biophotonic Imaging where he has shown how certain frequencies can affect our body, mind and spirit.  Scientific have shown that Ted’s music used in Musical Therapy is showing an impact for those who have anxiety and depression.  It helps to promote emotional and mental wellness.  It has even being used to aid those with sleeping disorders to quiet the mind and allow them to get the proper nights rest they need.

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