Radio_Free_ARFCOM, April 19, 2010

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This week on RFA!!

Ryan Smith from Bushmaster/Remington and Drake from Magpul will be live on the show to talk about and answer questions about the ACR.

The one and only Goatboy will be on to discuss upcoming site changes and enhancements for

Joe DeBergalis resident NRA Board member will be leading the charge as usual to discuss firearms news and events.

Monday April 18th from 6:55 PM EST until 8:45 PM EST

Don't miss it! I repeat DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!!

ETA: Get to know Bama-Shooter as well!

Radio Free ARFCOM

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John Gold

Radio Free ARFCOM is designed to be a 2nd Amendment friendly forum for members and visitors of the website AR15.COM. As the premier gun related website on the internet, hosts discussions ranging from the wide open General Discussion forum known as GD to much more technical forums involving everything a gun owner and enthusiast could imagine.

This show hopes to capture some of the magic that is AR15.COM and allow some of it's more colorful posters a place to let their voices be heard. We invite everyone not just visitors of AR15.COM to call and join in the discussions that will range from current political topics to general ass-hattery.

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