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RADIO TONI, October 13, 2021

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Guest, Jay Noland, The Power of a Woman from The Perspective of Real Men

RADIO TONI with Toni Lontis

Let me tell you about our guest today, Jay Noland and The Power of a Woman from The Perspective of Real Men

Jay Noland is a loving husband, father, and entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to helping others around the world. As a former professional baseball player, he naturally injects extreme discipline and focus, into all areas of his life. 

As a National Syndicated Business Columnist of The Los Angeles Tribune, he wants to use his voice to help others be heard. As an activist, Jay is shining the light on the subjects and people that need it the most across the globe. 

Jay’s mission is to make a positive impact and raise awareness around societal issues like child hunger and abandonment, women’s abuse, human trafficking,  animal cruelty, environmental pollution and degradation, and social inequality. 

His current projects include helping to fully fund the Abuga Memorial Orphanage School in Kenya, Africa (which he has provided the primary funding for over 11  years), as well as supporting the work at The Sunshine Center, The National  Indigenous Women's Resource Center, and the Women’s Refuge of St. Johns County.  You can help support these causes too at 

Jay is also a very accomplished entrepreneur and businessman. Over the years he has trained hundreds of thousands of people around the world to develop supreme confidence and self-esteem. Many of these people are now creating a world-changing impact and spreading positivity and social consciousness in their own communities.

Good evening Jay and welcome to The Every Day Business Show, so glad to have you here with us today. We have so much to cover, so let's get on with the show.

  1. Let's start with you and your story; if it's ok, can you share a little of your life with our listeners from playing professional basketball to being a columnist of the LA tribune to an entrepreneur to an author?

  2. In researching for the show, I had a look at Noland Mastery and there’s an impressive number of ways that you help people! Can you tell the audience about your programs and how you help people?

  3. Confidence Tones using audio immersion Technology is another resource from Jay Noland Mastery, what makes this so special, so helpful? The app Umersion is out soon too isn’t it?

  4. Can you tell me about the Noland Family Foundation and what role it plays in the world?

  5. What inspired you to write the book you released on September 13th, 2021?

  6. What is the definition of a real man in reference to the book?

  7. Are you thinking about releasing another book any time soon? If so, what is it about?

  8. Can you tell the listeners about the special offer you have for them today - would like to give away 2 special autographed hardcover books with a personal message to women who can tell us what makes them feel powerful and what the power of a woman means to them. Email Jay at

  9. There are some other exciting innovations on the way for the brand aren’t there? Travel Luxury platform, social media automated platform, and a new FB group.

  10. How do people connect with you Jay?

  • Books, training systems (Motivate, confidence base camp, 365 confidential and 7 steps to unlocking your subconscious mind) Confidence Tones (Brainwave modulation, invocation of positive emotions, immersive imagination stimuli and developmental suggestion) 1 on 1 training

  • Former Professional Athlete for the San Diego Padres turned into businessman extraordinaire- Jay Noland has an exceptional background in business and naturally as an entrepreneur, he has an unparalleled gift of connecting with people! As Co-Founder of the Noland Family Foundation, he currently sponsors hundreds of orphans internationally. For over 20 years, he has been on a mission to change people's lives. He has trained thousands of individuals to realize and understand their self-worth. When people truly comprehend how powerful they are, they can do anything! As a Subconscious Thought Leader, his mission is to teach people how to be mentally strong and how to have a great day every day, no matter the circumstance. Ultimately, Jay Noland helps people rewrite the CODE of their Subconscious Mind to empower them to push past their fears and maximize their potential in any area of their lives.

  • Women have incredible power… a power that’s often overlooked, even by them. This book was written with the purpose of inspiring women to discover that power—to see that hidden strength and capacity that so many people overlook. I see it… My life has been shaped by the presence of powerful women, and it’s time for me to share the truth. Women are powerful beyond measure. And real men know it.


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