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RADIO TONI, February 9, 2022

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Guest, Mis Lily Grace, Australia’s Taylor Swift, the business of country music

RADIO TONI Every Day Business with Toni Lontis

Guest, Mis Lily Grace, Australia’s Taylor Swift, the business of country music.

Lily Grace is a young country singer-songwriter going big places. Already turning industry heads, collaborating with iconic Australian country artists and drawing strong crowds, this 16-year old talent from the Gold Coast is one of the most exciting female artists to emerge in recent years.

A soloist whose seamless guitar-playing and mesmerizing voice belie her youth, Lily Grace is a genuine, grounded performer who sings from the heart and will leave you transfixed by her talent, and natural stage presence.

Naturally gifted, Lily Grace began singing at the age of 10 years of age. She dived deeper into music a mere 4 years ago, when she was gifted her first guitar at the age of 11. Her determination to self-fund her own equipment saw her busking at local markets, and soon after attracting her to local cafes restaurants and festivals.

With several years of stage experience already behind her, Lily Grace delivers her own storytelling originals alongside a vast collection of popular, crowd-pleasing modern country and country favourites. The emotions of love, determination, kindness, gratitude and pure joy pour forth in every performance.

With a list of Career highlights, venues played, this is a beautiful young woman on the rise.

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WELCOME to the show Lily Grace

Questions for the Guest: these are a guide only and we will just have a conversation and go where it goes.

Later in the show, we will have a live acoustic performance from Lily but first, let's get to know this amazing young woman.

1. Let’s start and the beginning and talk a little about your life and how you got into the music business?

2. Do you remember the first time you realised you had a voice?

3. how old were you when you wrote your first song? What does your creative process look like can you describe what that is? How does it feel when you have written a song you love?

4. What does the family think about having a star in the family?

5. I wanted to ask about the first time you performed live on stage, what was that like, where were you and what did you sing?

6. How hard is it to still be in school and manage a blossoming singing career?

7. What scares you most? What's been the highlight so far?

8. Who helps run your music business?

10. Tell me about your vision for the future?

Know that you are already a star and you just have to prove it to everyone else. I love this quote because confidence and self-belief are such a big thing being a musician. You have to get up in front of a crowd of people and win them over. If you are confident and know your worth, you will always go 10x further than you would otherwise. When you don't worry, you allow yourself to put on a show.

It's a fake it till you make it kind of thing where you have to believe in yourself first and be confident.

kicked this all off when I was 12, when I started busking at the local markets. I got up every Sunday morning and busked at the local markets with the goal of getting my own gig. I showed up every Sunday for a whole year and saved up all the money I made for a speaker system so I could book myself a gig at a venue. After purchasing the system, I went to all the local venues and knocked on the door with my dad. We walked in, introduced ourselves and asked for a gig. And it worked!!

For a couple of years after this, I performed 3-4 gigs a weekend and worked my way up to bigger venues and gigs. When quarantine first hit I had nothing to do except writing songs and play music. I fell in love with the songwriting process and began writing 1-2 songs a day and really built up my catalogue.

I collaborated with artists from across Australia over zoom and really got into the co-writing gig too. After quarantine ended, I really got into the original music scene which I had always wanted to do but previously did not have the material. I started performing with some of Australia’s biggest names in country music and connecting with them at these shows. I released my first single as a collaboration with one of these big names, James Blundell, and this really put my name on the board. I followed up with my debut solo release in August. I am currently in the process of planning my trip to Nashville and it is my dream to go there and collaborate with all the amazing music makers that are there. My favourite things to do are write music and perform music. I love expressing myself through the means of a song and I love sharing that song with an audience who can connect. My goal is to write my own music and release this to an audience that respects it.

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