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Planetary Awareness Network, January 2, 2023

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Planetary Awareness Network
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Maitreya's Healing of AIDS Shows How We Heal COVID, Corruption, and Injustice

Planetary Makeover Show with David Mynott II

Show Title: Maitreya's Healing of AIDS Shows How We Heal COVID, Corruption, and Injustice

Show Description: David Mynott II presents Frances Oman’s short documentary of Bill Tritt healing himself from AIDS. And, David, the host of Planetary Makeover shares and compares his own self healing as he is interviewed by our guest co-host, Katherine Rile. This inner way of connecting with our divine Self to heal can be applied universally.

Planetary Awareness Network

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What's going to happen to us as a planet, as a species in 10, 20, 50 years? Will there be breakthroughs in health, or will we face indestructible viruses? Will the face of the planet change through devastating wars? Will we be living in Scorching temperatures or Frozen Desolate Land? What kind of world will our children and their children’s children inherit?

It's time to take action Now!

Let's get Focused and Tuned-in to "PLANETARY AWARENESS NETWORK" every Saturday at 11:00 AM Pacific Time, where your host, Isis Kopel, will interview extraordinary people that are making a difference on this planet. These are people who have come up with solutions to current and prevalent problems that are challenging us as a planet and as a species.

Learn how you can get involved and help reclaim our planet. Find out how to partner-up with these projects and support these innovations. Call our open lines and tell us about your personal endeavors, projects and solutions. Or, make us aware about people you know that are making a difference in changing this world and humanity.

This is a show about Humanity taking positive and immediate action in helping transform this world. It begins with you and me! It begins Right Now!

PLANETARY AWARENESS NETWORK - Down-to-Earth Talks on Planetary Awareness & Solutions for Planet Earth. Start making a difference - TUNE IN! Saturdays at 11:00 AM Pacific Time.

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