Out of the Tangled Web, October 26, 2015

Out of the Tangled Web
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Out of the Tangled Web
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Guest, Aaron M. Weis - Certified Herbalist

Out of the Tangled Web with Mia Johnson

Guest, Aaron M. Weis - Certified Herbalist with Dream Catcher Botanicals

Guest, Aaron M Weis

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Aaron M Weis
Aaron M Weis
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Master Herbalist
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Since I can remember I’ve been deeply fascinated by plant life. As I child I loved having my hands in the dirt. I spent a lot of time alone in the backyard eating strange bugs and poisonous berries. This deep connection to the natural world and the spirits of the plants encouraged my self-study. After many years of self-practice I began honing my studies and completed an advanced medical herbalism program led by Paul Bergner at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in Boulder, CO. Teaching people about herbs is what I live for. I specialize in dream-work, stress relief and aphrodisiacs. I also trained with indigenous shamans in the jungles of Ecuador, learning many healing practices including cleansings (limpias), purgatives and herbal bathing.

In 2011, I created this herbal company Dream Catcher Botanicals so I could share these exquisite medicines. We joyfully handcraft my products including potent tinctures, exotic teas, incenses, and rare species of seed from all around the world. We use organic or wild crafted herbs and only the finest most vibrant ingredients available to produce these lovely products! We carry a special line of handcrafted Rare and Exotic plant medicines from all around the world. We strive to have excellent quality products made with love for Dream Enhancement, Divination and Healing.

Out of the Tangled Web

Out of the Tangled Web with Mia Johnson
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Mia Johnson

Mia Johnson, M.A., M.NLP

People ask me what I do-the title Metaphysician is SO misunderstood.

As a true Metaphysician, I learned traditional healing as well as ancient ways combining source energy & alternative modalities, and a wee bit a gift of the Sidhe Fae Magick allows me to see the world through your eyes, to capture the essence of what your spirit has gifted for you! 

A Storyteller by birth &  nature, I have traveled many a path & have so many stories to share. Born & raised with a gift of Empathy, my gift and my training allow me to connect with you on the deepest emotional level possible. I use Sidhe Irish & Sicilian Gypsy to read your way.

Through my journeys, I've evolved to my calling- bringing to light my master communication skills, & uncanny abilities to tune into your source. Neuro-linguistics-the art & science of communication opened a world of perceptions, how they're made-how they can be changed.

Have I all my answers? No, but if you will allow me, I will help you to understand not only how YOU see the World, but also, how the world sees YOU.