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Mia Johnson, M.A., M.NLP

People ask me what I do-the title Metaphysician is SO misunderstood.

As a true Metaphysician, I learned traditional healing as well as ancient ways combining source energy & alternative modalities, and a wee bit a gift of the Sidhe Fae Magick allows me to see the world through your eyes, to capture the essence of what your spirit has gifted for you! 

A Storyteller by birth &  nature, I have traveled many a path & have so many stories to share. Born & raised with a gift of Empathy, my gift and my training allow me to connect with you on the deepest emotional level possible. I use Sidhe Irish & Sicilian Gypsy to read your way.

Through my journeys, I've evolved to my calling- bringing to light my master communication skills, & uncanny abilities to tune into your source. Neuro-linguistics-the art & science of communication opened a world of perceptions, how they're made-how they can be changed.

Have I all my answers? No, but if you will allow me, I will help you to understand not only how YOU see the World, but also, how the world sees YOU.