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A Night At The Roundtable, November 19, 2020

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A Night At The Roundtable
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with Caroline Oceana Ryan, Randy Miller, Dr Vinayak, Penny Christoffersen, Tara & Rama

A Night At The Roundtable with Caroline Oceana Ryan, Randy Miller, Dr Vinayak, Penny Christoffersen, Tara & Rama

A Night At The Roundtable

A Night At The Roundtable with Omena McGee, Caroline Oceana Ryan, Randy Miller, Tara Green & Rama Arjuna, and Micah Green
A Night At The Roundtable

A Night at the Roundtable - Thursdays at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern on Station 2, with co-hosts Omena McGee, Caroline Oceana Ryan, Randy Miller, Rama Arjuna & Tara Green, and Micah Green

Welcome to A Night at the Roundtable, where we explore ways to expand into fifth dimensional life, finding new pathways to healing and ascending for ourselves and our planet.

In this open forum for creative, Light-filled ideas, our guests offer a broad range of breakthrough discoveries and insights, to support our living as free and sovereign beings who take responsibility for our lives, our health, and our spirituality. 

After a brief opening meditation, we offer energy updates from our co-hosts: psychic medium Omena McGee, energy healer Randy Miller, channeler/intuitive and author Caroline Oceana Ryan, and Micah Green the Green Alchemist.

We then move on to the latest “Galactic Good News” report from our Faction Three White Knights, Rama Arjuna and his beloved Tara Green, followed by a one-hour interview with our guest for the week, or a co-host discussion on current topics.

Our guests are healers, writers, ET experiencers, scientists, inventors, energy workers, Akashic records readers, and other amazing New Earth builders. 

Call in to Station 2 with questions for our guests or co-hosts. 

Join us as we explore new realms!

DISCLAIMER: The information, discussion, and commentary offered on A Night at the Roundtable is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional legal advice or medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. We are not, nor do we claim to be, medical professionals. All of our interviews and commentary regarding health and medical issues are intended purely to be a springboard from which our listeners will be encouraged to do their own research. We encourage our listeners to speak with qualified health practitioners, particularly holistic ones, who are fully qualified in areas of medicine. No one speaking on A Night at the Roundtable shows offers or recommends professional medical advice, diagnosis, or prescriptive remedies or antidotes, and our comments and discussion should not be construed as such.

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Show Transcript (automatic text 90% accurate)

welcome everyone you are listening to a night at the round-table coming to you live from station to this lovely Autumn evening I'm your host this evening while sorry I'm one of the co-host actually my name is Caroline Oceana Ryan I'm an author and Chandler and I'm here with my wonderful co-host energy healer and bioenergetics expert vinayak energy healer Randy Miller and our two wonderful faction three white Knights Rama Arjuna and tar green so we'll hear news updates from everyone in a little bit but we want to say please do call into the show this is going to be a discussion show rather than an interview although if you want to make it an interview with no talking about Roma's contacts and what they've been saying lately or any of these topics will be bringing up please do call in with a question or comment

for any of us and or general question about Massaro long that's fine Roy's happy to speak with you the numbers to call for Station to r888 429-547-1888


5471 or you can call 323-7440

4841 let's 323-744-4841

okay wonderful so to start us off today just going to have a short meditation from our friend vinayak so but I have to go past the Talking Stick to you thank you so much

good morning

good afternoon

good evening


so I'd like to begin this meditation

with inviting you to take some deep breaths

beautiful rap of living end of life

that's available to us all right now

and as you breathe a lot on your body to relax

settling into that comfortable space

within yourself

I'd like you to invite

yourself just female

the energy

a beautiful guy yeah

and let those energies from the earth now

flow into your body and just feel

feel the energy

the pulsating Earth is alive planet that we live on

coming up through your feet and into your body and sewing every cell within your being snap

as you feel

really feel

bad beautiful energy of the Earth

notice that

almost immediately

your heartbeat

a beautiful heart of yours beating

is now synchronize

with the energies of Mother Earth Gaia

and as you feel that allow your heart to open and expand

and just continue to take some nice slow

deep deep breaths

as you feel this energy moving up through your body

bring that energy up into your throat

were you speak into creation that what you desire to manifest

allow that energy to move into the middle of your forehead the third eye

and out the top of your head your beautiful crown this lotus flower

this opening in Blooming and blossoming right now

as you feel the energy


into the skies into the cosmos into the beautiful heavens above you

and now allow yourself to just feel the energy

enlisted energy expand within you


this morning this afternoon whenever

you're hearing these words

I invite you to feel

your own magnificence

and feel at beauty that you are

letting go of all

and any

judgments about you or others

and just connect with that energy that you are along with everyone else

feeling that energy expand now and grow and grow and grow

and expand and expand and expand the love exists banding now encompassing inviting others to join in

Josh because you are


because you are a lot

because you are breathing because you are awake because you are feeling

you are the gift

you yes you are the gift

you are the one that is making

and transforming this beautiful energy this planet from the sun Dimension into the 5th Dimension something that's never been done before

and you chose

you chose to be here this very moment feel exciting that is that you can participate

and not only that that you are the pillar of light that you are thus being the Lighthouse of energy that is shooting for inviting others

to acknowledge and know that they are the light that they are The Light Within they are shining for that they are glowing that they are beaming

fourth there love

there isn't


any of us

have to do


no thing nothing nice


our very presence

is all

that is being asked of us this is our mission this is why we're here this is why we're shining for this is why we are being this is why we are excited this is why we are sharing this is who you are this is who we are is beautiful energy of Love of such glorious magnificent


energy that is

spewing forth from you now

everyone around you is feeling it you are the Transformer you are

the radiant one

it was so much love

in the deepest of gratitude



our essence

beyond all this physical

and is you breathing tonight and is you taking the words

that everyone will share with you that you may share with us as you call Lynn we will feel your love your energy

as you do this


you are made

of this energy

it's vibrating field

that we choose to call love

and it is

the source of all that is namaste

really wonderful thanks so much for Nyack I love those descriptions of but brilliant lights we are and how I'm higher energies are that's always in lovely affirmation so alright let's go to news updates before we start the show discussion

I'm So Randy what do you think of you got any words for us any insights. The Talking Stick to you next thank you Caroline

and it's a big stick that a carry

because folks with what's going on in this planet right now

we have to realize something

what we call the powers-that-be and actually the powers that were not going to go quietly

they don't know how

so what they're doing right now is they're trying to create as much divide-and-conquer energy as I can possibly put a

what's out on your cell phone to put it on your tablets

on your PCS on your max whatever form of communication that you were using your television set your newspapers they even do it through your friends and family

is if your friends and family are stuck in that old Matrix of I have to believe what the news says and my doctor says and everything else this creates division this is not the time to have division

they are dealt with people who got in contact with we that they believed they had covid-19

and on a couple days I got back to me but all know we're not going to do that cuz we feel fine now the doctor says we're going to be okay

so what we have to understand is we may have to leave some of our Brethren behind as we go through this next shift that we're going to

but we're not leaving that physical world behind us or only bring it into more of a higher Dimensions thinking and wellness why should we destroy all the beautiful things that we built all the parks all the things like that no we're going to enhance them with different Energies

so I suggest everyone

stay as calm cool and Collective as you can

what all that negative information go through you be transformed and turn back into positive energy that's what human beings are we are a receiver and a transmitter of energy so the higher the energy the output energy that we can broadcast at all times even when we're sleeping

cuz we're probably doing more work at night and you can ever imagine so far she'll leave you with that all she leave me with something else

the magic numbers

the Tesla Buckminster Fuller

Mister cash-to-cash foundation and many other scientist the magic numbers of 3 6 and 9 once you figure out the reality what that means on a personal level it won't Hampshire life greatly namaste

wonderful thank you so much Randy and I think we're going to hear more about Tesla's contributions as the years go on as well as Mr Cash is another peoples whose work has been suppressed so we'll go to vinayak have you got any insights about what's going on now or anything else you'd like to share with us we're past that Talking Stick over to you my friend

thank you Caroline and

I was so wonderful to be here with everybody thank you so much and I just wanted to send special birthday greetings to our wonderful friend behind the scenes Penny who provides and helps in so many ways one of the scribes here that transcribes all of these words for us so happy happy happiest of birthdays Terrace Penny thank you thank you thank you for your being here and many many blessings to you

100% thank you for letting us know go ahead sorry

it's apropos folks because it is

everyone's birthday every single day

and with that I don't want to

acknowledge that we are birthing

not only ourselves

we are bursting others

in our presence and in our space and we are birthing

this beautiful new planet

that weird

having the pleasure of inhabiting


I have so much love and gratitude for everyone

that is here right now because I know

that you're being

in this energy field that we are birthing together

each and every moment each and every day each and every year each and every

whatever time frame you want to put it in it doesn't matter because time doesn't exist anyway

so we can all let go of that and know that we are all brand new because we have the opportunity to choose that's why we're here we're celebrating this life that we've been given we we are celebrating the fact that we chose to be here in this moment in time in this momentous this

incredible opportunity

and if you can imagine we were the ones that stood in line and said yes I'll go take me I'll go I want to go I want to do this yes I am so excited because I'm ready and I am so ready to

facilitate the birthing

of this new and this

wonderful creation and this transformation and this ascending

of all of us

into a different dimension

into something that we haven't done ever as I'm understanding it and is my guide speak to me more and more and as I listened to the spiritual teachers that are here as I listen to you

and those around us

these are all messages that are speaking to each and every one of us and inviting us no matter what we're experiencing in this now moment no matter what's going on

it's all divine


finding the gratitude

for what you have what you're experiencing

and in any way shape or form that you can enjoy more and more and more of it

whatever that is that it doesn't matter because that's the energy

that truly is making a difference in this now moment

thank you Mahalo and Aloha wonderful absolutely beautiful so thank you and I and myself my friends the collective are asking us to please slow down

do not anticipate

one thing or another happening unless it's joyful don't assume when you hear all this on the news going on that

things are headed for disaster difficulty or you know this last gasp of the old Power crowd is going to be even worse situation than what we're seeing now don't don't make those assumptions that don't bother things are spinning so fast and changing so quickly and these energies has started coming in on 11/11 the portal day

I really made it a whole new you game altogether so please stay patient stay in the moment come back to your breath

stay away from the news if it's panicking you even that which appears to be alternative or open and I know we'll hear from Rama and Tara this evening

that's more heart-based what they offer so I think that's a bit different. Even feels to be too much okay that's alright don't have to listen but you never take time and nature take time to come back to your heart space don't let things don't let the what-if scenarios knock you down and stay in the present please and we just need to be kind and loving to ourselves right now is what they're asking and that is a huge part of our dissension like that so alright Ramen Tara if you've got any insights you love to share before you go into your news updated cetera we would be happy to hear that so I'll pass this Talking Stick over to you for some we do encourage people to call in a bit later right now we just want to hear some some insights on a heart level for my friend gopal

greeting for being here


you know often we have to hear things that we are sad to hear in terms of

Section 3 white nights knowing the whole story and there's so many levels of people that are all over the world that are having Reflections on different spaces and times that they're living in that we don't know about in their stories

and that's why the facts and three white nights are here and

there's been over three and a half billion people that have left this planet in the last 13 and a half months intentionally by dark ones that I have chosen to do that 60 million at least from the United States alone millions and millions from our sister Country Canada and all of those things are one thing yet what I'm getting is that these ones who are not here

in reality they volunteered

and so we've got a whole slew of Humanity on the other side with their eyes wide open and they are rooting for us till There's No Tomorrow

and I got a big smile out of Angel Sue on the other side from that one

and a few other of our sisters and brothers and I want to add to that happy birthday our brother Marshall he's not birthday on the same day as our sister Patty so he's got a tattoo of Art


11 families that have the same birthday today so happy birthday to both of you and

we're going to hear a song whether we like it or not cuz it's Petty's choice tonight and it's her birthday so we can love it but let's relate to it because the song relates to Israel not as the country is relating to Isis raw and a low high returned to all of us meaning the goddess and the god Divine male and divine female merged into our being consciously

that's the Israel were talking about the whole planet when we're speaking of that term so as we listen to the song with drop all the other stuff there's two hundred voices singing the song let's see if we can get over our religion background and all the other stuff and listen to the music and the purpose of the music uniting Isis Rah Aloha returned in all of us on the planet that's my thoughts for today past the Talking Stick to round

what I can say about the present moment is


dr. Steven Professor Nicodemus explained it to me sitting in their storage unit I miss this Global Fiasco going on that that looks like something you know their way. They just described it as this is the cross between Blade Runner and Mad Max Thunderdome in time not sure which yet

simulated reality as such and that's what they described to me that Gregg Braden has talked about in so many of his videos there are three major huge huge things happening on the planet climate disruption Consciousness and conflict and the Consciousness is going

I just talked to say all the beings as Angel Sue says known and unknown her here and somebody sent me this Mothership just showed over showed up over Costa Rica in the last day or two and it's just another sign that the galactic search here even though there's other simulated reality going on with this fight to the death between the dams and the Republicans and

it is about the change in our Consciousness is supposed to physical reality

dr. Steven Nicodemus explained to me that there are

light particles coming in from the Great Central sun in the Pleiades as well as the center of the Milky Way galaxy where 26 other galaxies converge and many of these beings are physically here to help with this transformation Transfiguration and they're showing themselves whether the governments of the planet except it or not they're here this is why they keep telling me that I can are comically speaking Tom the cat and sweet Angelique expect us

you never know when they're going to show up and I do mean physically show up and it's not about anything else except the physical reality that is Shifting so tremendously and they explained that are plasma our blood is actually changing to Golden blood that st-germain described your Godfrey Godfrey Ray King in the green bucks hat and then you get to a certain point your hemoglobin turns to the gold dust and let these to explain to me today is whether we like it or not

the energies that are shifting and crystallizing are plasma to Gold Dust in our veins as the energies get higher or Consciousness gets raised more and more and the interdimensional realities overlap each other and reality doesn't look the way it supposed to look that's why I say and these folks like talking to her saying this is a simulation a simulated Reality Tea real reality is about this Golden Age. You got that's already here yet as we recall our Jedi abilities or spinners

it comes into play this is what the junk DNA in our strands are all about that is coming fully online as things are shifting more and more and the beings are showing up seemingly out of nowhere yet it's you know it's just that as the dimensions get higher finer dinner. He's being just walk right out of the woodwork and say it's okay. We're going to have a cup of tea now and talk about how we figure this mess out

and it's kind of like hanging out in a moment with Master Yoda and Obi-Wan and Qui Gon Jinn and the other Jedi Council Members where they are physically hear the ascended masters the wise counsels of Elders are showing up more and more today I forgot to say this but grandmother Beatrice said that the time is near where she who has been talked about will walk amongst you once again meaning Lord maitreya kalki maitreya is here

yeah my tray on the planet this is about this particular time that is unfolding and we're watching a play out with the


the folks that think they hold the reins of power they don't hold a single thing except their life force which is tenuously had best here and it is about sending more love to this story because it is so on the edge right now as they're playing with the Divine energies than it's already been

In-N-Out determined that you know we have one we moved into sight Yuga how that comes into manifestation is us staying calm and in balance with loving kindness like his Holiness Coon Doom Dalai Lama the bow

and duck sauce challenge right now when they're poking you with a sharp stick saying oh mr. Trump won you know the damn still the election and it is not true. It is true in the sense that both of them are not functioning within the Constitution and inside the Constitution from the very beginning nobody in this country it's not even a country has to Colony and we've got to get this that that's what's happening now another words Joe Biden's at the point where Joe Biden started winning the precincts he didn't really win them

that was the Deep State Hillary Clinton decision to get rid of Bernie Sanders cuz Bernie Sanders was winning hands down so they planted Joe Biden in there and he stole all the rest of the precincts that were coming in and they just made it up and wonder why not you telling me is even though it is so horrendous what's going on just simulated reality will absolve itself and come out

in the higher frequencies said how to say don't underestimate the son of Malcolm X who is Barack Obama that's a fact yes that's right bro Bama's father is Malcolm X and your story is a lot deeper lot larger than we have the time to go into but I'm just saying we are on the edge of greatness right here has all these beings are here to usher in this. You got and for the last two days I haven't been able to watch it but his Holiness the Dalai Lama has been doing these seminars about happiness and joy and creating that way that teaching how to bring this into our lives right now in the midst of

what I call Mordor trying to

I'm seeing that Humanity seen that something's been wrong all along and there everybody in the whole world is saying this isn't working for us in every way possible and there's a lot of ignorance still about what's been going on at it has to do with people can't hardly believe the intentionality of murdering three and a half billion human beings and 30 and 1/2 months how do you square that stuff with right living it is called second degree murder

yes that was Leo lawful term that was used for what's going on here and

it's a it's a coup d'etat of both sides of the fence because they don't want to give up their power they don't want to give up the greed and all of that sister of ours was saying that doesn't sound right that all these people that have a lots of money we're not talking about the naughty ones but there are people that have made quite a bit of money and then it goes to 0 that doesn't mean they're going to be left high and dry it's going to mean that the new system

which is divided government comes in and everybody is on the same playing field that's what we're talking about when we say that every single man woman and child will be receiving 10 million dollars yet as we learn about the new system it's not working at all like the old one

and so metaphorically speaking and physically speaking that 10 million dollars will be worth within a month after the enactment of Massaro law for a way of expressing it'll be worth a hundred million dollars now there was there wasn't going to be a single so lacking for anything of course the physicality of the structures that are needed in the helping of people to get reorientated to life on this planet as a Divine government the whole world's going to be doing that together

and I will get the start of 6,000 new technologies at the same time Moment In Time


all I can say is that

what's going on now

is Give Peace a chance give peace a chance and know that our divine inheritance is here it's with us it's moving extremely quickly and on a practical note the two runoff in Georgia do on the 5th of January could change everything do you know the Democratic party could.

actually win the Senate back

as both of those things go that being said the established Democratic party is just as bad equally to the Republican party they both been playing both sides against the Middle where they don't have value for human life a tall lady

I would call myself a Democratic Socialist yet like Bernie Sanders and at the same time the word of you know what comes up with the left

brings up connotations of

and it's just the convoluted story in got to send more love to attend

in other star systems it's not complicated at all it is simply called The Law of one when one is Scheels All or he'll pack ass and Talking Stick

It was kind of like in the last couple of days Joe Biden's been suggesting that he may want to put Hillary Clinton in as the United States ambassador to the UN not going to happen not going to happen. Just tells everybody that he's bought an owned by Wall Street by Gerry very rapidly so she watched Max Keiser and I don't know enough about Bitcoin to comment about Bitcoins but it is a means to an end yet I don't know enough about it like I said to comment but it is

the way the current systems are set up on this planet it is to serve that 1% who serve the fallen angels and I'm talking about the economies of the planet but what you can do is you can

take the stats meaning what you have learned without any physical backing to it but you can turn it in for physical currency in the United States that means you can get US dollars if you want or you can get US Dollars anywhere in the world if that's what you want but you can turn it into any currency what is teaching us as of worldbridger is how to comprehend

that we have sovereignty in our beings and that we can create this with our with our with our with our yes

and of course got to learn the rules as the King of Swords in the section 3 white Knights is saying it's it's it's a matter of being a Bridget right now yeah as the old economy goes away and the new one based in Divine government comes in in the meantime we've got so many beautiful teachers out there

I was going to bring up baby.

Have you brought in Rama's latest update you guys latest update why don't you give us that if we got any other info from his contacts so that we can invite people to ask questions about what's happening right now as well as getting background information I think that would be great I've got people emailing me all the time feeling intuitively that nosara is going to be announced fairly soon and I keep playing them for you guys because I don't Kid myself and I've got contacts so if you got any you know really current information we would love to hear that unless you've already shared it but that's totally up to you or we can go back

a little bit but they're all indicating what you were saying Caroline today

Rama saying I went to visit Doctor Steve and Professor naked Dimas today it was mid-morning

and both of these characters worked at Los Alamos labs for many many many years and they had to escape they were experimented on is saveri torture story

they are

white nights put it that way so they said to me

Professor Nicodemus in his real body is a 4-foot but he's above the light and he looks just like a human but he looks a little bit like a midget but they said to me Lord Rama the light coming in from Great Central sun in the Pleiades I speak to that because some of school so stop trying to say that the Great Central sun is located in serious and there's a reversal of those from the two different points of view so it's the one in the police and from the center of the Milky Way galaxy at 27 degrees Sagittarius where the hunam COO of heart residence is also located 427 Galaxy galaxies of which our Milky Way galaxy is one

these two locations are sending these energies directly into our beautiful blue-green Planet mother Gaia

and these energies are crystallizing not hardening I'm talking about turning into crystalline

codex is of light in our blood meaning these energies are bringing in the monoatomic gold into all of our beings this is a gift from the Creator Source we have yet we have always had the ability to integrate the monoatomic gold into our hearts that god goddess all that is is the Silla tating all of humanity through these last days of the old timeline with this gift

at this moment we are going to Ever Changing Times as his simulated reality we are moving through is just that a simulated reality

another words there's nobody to attack what's being reflected is is this who we are you know and lots of us were told you know bye-bye the King of Swords hold your nose and vote for Joe

and the reason for that is that the real Progressive Consciousness is in the Democratic party about 40 per-cent of the party have this Progressive Consciousness with them none of it's in the Republican party and Omar are two of the members I can say or part of it is I can't remember the rest of the squad name and of course there's all kinds of stuff saying they're evil out there and that would be vested in the interest of those who do not want lights to be part of this story and

light is it just is at its ever-increasing so let's just

the reflection is helpful as we

realize that polarity is no more that's why the system is changing because we're working with now spiritual values and Masters are walking amongst us

and there's always that pot that can be thought up of how they are offering the teaching on this earth right now and it's you know the situation has created a pregnant pause you might say where people are reflecting more than ever because the availability of the lightest so high

if there is a divine plan to this story and is being played out

right now stay in balance and love we are being tested to the highest levels and we have one sat Nam and the stars now that was for today and of course anybody that wants to jump in and say anything including Caroline in the collective and vinayak and Randy Penny if you want to throw yourself into the mix happy birthday

give it to us

but have you finished the update I am I have three questions I have you have you I don't want to interrupt that process today I can go back to Wednesday and tell you that one in Tuesday maybe Monday maybe you want me to finish that I will okay let's do that this is on Wednesday thank you for asking Joe on Wednesday Graham speaks he says I created a Jedi Council today in the fairy ring

up the mountain to ski valley in Santa Fe and Tom the ringtail cat sweet Angelique the cat the poppy lady and Rosa from Palestine all showed up. In the rapper what happened today with mr. Mike Pompeo going to the Golan Heights Golan Heights in the other Jewish settlements which stolen Land from the Palestinians and that is noxious

that's an example of

like they've said you didn't know it no maybes that's evil in form send more lights make you make sure you know that you keep your enemies closer than your friends even in that sense so and toddler until cats read Angelique the cat and Poppy lady and the Rosa from Palestine all showed up in the circle with me it was close to noon they all said to me Lord Rama we are in love in a place with the energies where they are changing by the nanosecond and everything is moving Inward and upward into higher and higher octaves we shall study war no more all the folks are here from 26 other galaxies as well as our Milky Way galaxy the hour has arrived we are not saying which hour

yet the captain will be calling you Lord Rama and it won't be over the telephone meaning as president drunk than the rest of the gang get more and more outrageous our Galactic brothers and sisters who are already here on the ground know exactly what to do let us give thanks for being on this beautiful blue-green Planet at this time we got the power with love. Nam Namaste that was Wednesday

okay so now we go to Tuesday

so here we go I received this is Rama speaking I received a call from Tom the ringtail cat and mr. X at 10:50 a.m. this morning they said to me it is down to the wire Mr drop will not concede and come January 20th which is a Wednesday the 21st which is the Thursday or 22nd which is a Friday in 2021 the general services department will be moving President Trump's belongings out of the White House and we'll be moving Joe Biden stings in

I asked at this moment what about Michelle they answered things are the way they are for the moment

stay in this moment me while out across the galactic plane things are lining up for the great winter solstice holy flame is here let us give thanks for being here on this planet so okay you want to go back one more day I think

okay so here's Monday

I received a call at 11 a.m. this morning from Tom the ringtail cats and Larry the cat and they said to me Lord Rama Poland and Hungary part of the Eastern Bloc are not helping to curb covid-19

there is more old energy of the Fallen Matrix that has been being cleared away at a massive level now and we are feeling it physically in this realm time sent me a YouTube of a portal opening up in Nepal

you want to say something about that you sent me this YouTube where you can clearly see this being open I mean this portal opens up this being Runs Out across the street in De Paul and goes to the other side and just starts walking down the street and the portal closes and nobody says it's just another day in the neighborhood and this is what I'm saying is all the portals all the vortex you know the Atlantean grid over lighted the physical grid here which we have there are things opening up in the context where as

more and more of our Consciousness is aligned in Universal Consciousness meaning the quantum field there is more opportunities for our light family to walk into this realm from the other Realms cuz there is no Vale it just kind of looks that way cuz we're sort of been used to this or we've been told since we were kids does invisible friend well forget about them and I can't forget about them because they're right here I do believe in fairies

there was a war was that that little boy that was running through this portal in Naples that was one it was a little boy car in a Paul had a busy Street

I don't think that the word busy in Nepal is not like what we think about a New York Cornell a street or Chicago's so it was the people I watched the video and it had plenty of people and nobody blinked when that kid appeared that portal was bizarre stuff like this a lot over there you know I don't know that would be an interesting place to live in that case sorry friends that have lived there and stuff and it is very alternates it's not like here at all

yeah I mean there's a tourist business but not much more not now

spell binayak wants to see the video can you figure out looking look at Rama's Facebook page and you'll see it yeah yeah go to my Facebook page and you'll see it okay I think we're good now don't you talk about Caroline you want to jump in now that the last sentences we are here expect us from Monday


the Carolina you've got a ton of questions do you know the big question that I did a lot of people are are muttering about not to blame them is wondering if there's going to be intervention where this the vaccine situation is going to is concerned because they are trying to roll it out incredibly quickly and the word is it's only been tried out on a few there are healthy people long-term adverse effects no date on that because they haven't check for that and there's also talk about well they'll be a chip in. It's just it's just difficult you know you're here and I know Rama can't give us definitive answers I'm just wondering you know Alex's contacts

I have even slightly approach that subject with him

or if you guys have any insight about it

what I can say that the King of Swords and said don't take any vaccines I mean why would you want to take something that they decide the dark side is offering that's how I like to put it I don't think it's if it's necessary you know it necessarily a choice because when when I understand it's going to be made mandatory you know that I don't know about that to be honest with you nobody that I know and no one has told me they are not going to have troops in the streets all y'all there was an article that was put out from Canada to dogs I need guarantee that they're going to put troops in the streets across Canada and you will be dealt with in a

motorized way if you don't do what you're told and take the back I don't know where that message came from. I know but the way that it was portrayed on the internet it looked like something that had been cut and pasted from a Blog so that I have to say that it was somebody's words that was interpreted what they have red connected with what Trudeau is saying is yeah but you won't put it past another words

there was talk about mandatory vaccines in New York is that happening or not I have no idea whether it is or it isn't all I can say to and what Rama's being told is that we're in this moment now don't jump into the future because things are changing by the nanosecond so what we must do is stand our ground and stay here in this moment and not make a decision about something that's given that's going to happen because it's going to fast the changes are going way way too fast for that something told me today in a tweet or text turmeric turmeric is a

Alchemy kind of thing yeah you take turmeric every single day you will not get sick from anyting

well it's and it's a powerful herb what do they call it a antibiotic quality Caroline I think but this is also known as I think it's an adaptogenic herb is what they call it now that I know he is another one if you can get your handset ashwagandha. Is really good

I forgot what a wonderful also calmed the mental activity going on GM mode

you can make all the medicine you on

and what the the the vaccine companies or absolutely totally lying and they say that they have 90% efficiency or people don't realize these are laboratory reports written inside

Hair Company

to appease their investors

they haven't done any casting on real people because first of all

the CDC and the World Health Organization has deemed of covid-19 virus too dangerous for any lab to have a sample of think about that how are you going to make a vaccine if you don't have a sample of the virus you're trying to fight

when they made the polio vaccine in the 50s they had to have a sample of the first polio virus so they can create the energy to

how to racket we know how well that worked didn't work at all when they're not telling you about some of these vaccine trials they're doing in Africa is every single child that has had this new Corvette vaccine has died

all of them and in over the adults test it over the age of 65 30% death rate they're doing this in the what they call the third world countries so they don't have to go by the strict laws of the Western countries

so if you realized something else ask yourself I think I seen this on the internet why did the CEO of Pfizer sell 64% of his personal shares of the company

that means he knows are going to something's going down that's not good for them at all

remember the governments are trying to get her is fine it's fine we created all this fear of all this coronavirus and everybody is going to die and will now we got to come up with a solution it's the old we create the problem

we wait for the reaction and then we provide the solution although while we're doing what we're making money

unfortunately if you take this whole scenario it's all about what color in the population on the earth getting rid of the old people

because when they started the pension plans and all these countries the average age of death was around 70 years old now people are living longer the living 8090 reminder sometimes over hungry and we didn't pay pension money we didn't allow for that so we have to come up with a way to believe it or not call the country call the population of the planet this is how devious these guys and how sick they are with a reversion and their Greed for what something they created from nothing called money one thing you can create is love and there's no shortage of love

that's why no matter if you only I was taught as a child

if you take and put your hand in the pocket

and what you looking at you looking at that candy that's $0.10 if you only have $0.05 I can't get that candy

I have to wait till I have enough

what they taught us was discredited debit as everything else is will give you whatever you want you just pay us later will pay it later is done folks because what we have to pay right now we only have to pay the piper and that's our heart we have to open a hard up and create as much love enters was can and we defeat these guys is one thing they can't understand and they're not capable of feeling that's love love wins always always has always will I pass the Talking Stick

also you know what tour was saying about let's not jump ahead and it's really important right now my mind is always leaping forward you know I'm always wanting more information I think that a lot of modern people are that way but it's true I keep getting the message and other people let me know if you get this is well that yes time is moving so fast and the energies are shifting things so quickly and transmuting the energy is a very old situation so that we're not even looking at what we think we're looking at it sort of like if the apple on the counter and slowly cooking and we don't realize it you go to eat that apple is going to be very different from what you expected

and it's sort of like that things are just going through Transfiguration we can't use the old forms of thought in order to understand it but I don't know other people can way in but the language skills to answer this phone that's how I feel about it Pastor Talking Stick

I'm sorry it takes sometimes a long time to unmute and I wanted to add that

we're coming to the point in time now where everything that you know you cannot have

you cannot have a democracy without accountability

and so we haven't really had a democracy for a long walk we haven't had it the only time we get insights as when we listen to spiritual teachers that got it you know they got and they're a living walking breathing example of it and we are all that yet we have been thoroughly terrified by this bunch and there's only one of us here so

I'm taking responsibility for this quote on quote bunch is required in order for accountability to come into play because

you know

each of us

you know that's famous flying let the person who has not sinned cast the first stone you might say let's take a little look at our growing up years and have we grown up yet and and when we come into a knowledge do we actually apply it and do we remember I'm not go. Back to Old patterns from the past I see that there's somebody that wants to speak to us

I think I'll call on Sonia your online to sister

hello everyone beautiful to be here with all of you yeah wonderful evening great information beautiful energy I have a comment and a question one is on turmeric it is much more efficient to buy curcumin because curcumin is in turmeric and it is a powerful antioxidant and by the way it's good to take it with fat because it's a it's lipid soluble

it's rich in polyphenols anyway so it's curcumin jarrow has a great brand jarrow formulas curcumin 95 and it has 500 mg of it and it must be so affected with covid because Kobe attacks the

individuals with high inflammatory processes for an antioxidant will obviously bring down the process

enough for that and then stare you mentioned on January 21st or so when Trump will be removed from office

who is General Services I never heard of General Services what kind of group institution why would Trump defeat to that

that's the official organization that always does that process when there's a turnover of presidential office they always remove that's their job to remove that alarm all the belongings of the old one in that office and assist the new presidency to bring their belongings in that's every single presidency that's the group that does that work Sonic can you hold on just a second what did you say vinay at sorry Sonia I just wanted to know if this is potentially by force if necessary if they have that you know means or authority or I mean we're talking about somebody that doesn't know

how to leave the office no head nor does he have any intent to leave the office as we're hearing now or is this jumping ahead in our time and we should just stay in the moment again Sonia back to you with all due respect I have been told that as he chooses not to leave he will physically be removed and you'll be out of here and I don't know how that works cuz I'm not a lawyer a cop any of it none of my business but he had no business running because he was not born in the United States they made up the story that he was born in Jamaica Hospital in New York he was not and those are

born in South Africa and he was born of a Dutch royal princess and does General Services they have to be working with Galactic sore with spacers or some other buddy call it. It has to be a different has to be forceful removal is the only way that I see it because he is between now and then to unfold where people become aware of Galactic intervention right now that's not exactly where people are there beginning there's Little Beginnings I like seeing little eatsie boys running through portals

lively that's very cool little kid and was he in the right place at the right time or did he get it, you know I mean there's all kinds of levels of this story but I'm just going to say that

the divine plan is unfolding like never before and the best thing to do is to stay in the present moment and not jump ahead because as we try to come cigarette then we put energy where it might necessarily be in the way of what the divine plan is yeah and we don't want to do that we want to stay open to the highest good of all concerned that law one comes in very very critically right now

Blaze the Violet fire photo

absolutely blessed General services

okay I'll get it up thank you

and may we all passed every test online one folks

a greetings team thanks everybody being here and sharing

I got I got a main question and into some quick

quicker helpful piece of information on couple topics are brought up Randy mentioned that the

I need the World Health Organization and I think you said CDC

have said that the covid-19

it's too dangerous to what the research could you please phrase that cuz that's really important for both understood stand as they listen to these announcements from Pfizer and moderna and everything could you could you say that once again to the best of your recollection

well Carlton I can say this

I learned today measles is more contagious than Colvin

get that measles is more contagious than Kobe

call the Des more contagious than the flu

those two things being said

the cold it is a designer

operation not only did they first of all start by isolating a virus that emerges out of nature that's out of balance

which the dark ones created in the first place and then people went ahead and just added insult to injury just because ignorance is not Bliss

that being said they made sure that you know they started this operation in 2018 in August

so they have been making sure that this viral infection

permeated all continents

overtime without mentioning what it was and then we got all kinds of disinformation and there's something called food desert

in this land and those were intentional places where they would create

with the policies which are evil they created ghetto policies had nothing to do with the black people themselves that had to do with the dark ones who wanted to

converge on

people of color and isolate them from the rest of us and make sure they stayed aren't poor and poorly fed that's the point

another words those are the food deserts where you get something to eat at 7-Eleven glycol ceramic back to Carlton's question I know if he's still on the line or not but he was a joke about Randy I was wondering if that guy to answer cuz otherwise it gets the kids a chance.

Hotel for the night because in the same way folks that in a week we know that there's all these elaborate plans and schemes and and all the you know what the all the numeral how they try to misuse numerology and and and and language and all sorts of tricks that they pull over the century yet and still is all these booby traps that they set for themselves and it gives us a glimpse it helped that helps her Enlighten us as to what's really going on and I think Randy's comment is one of those because if it's true that means it is a designer you know what this is about buy a weapon and all that kind of stuff are the same time let me know who is loaded with with evil people and out. She's in on it on both ends and that kind of thing still if we if we

got documentation that these organizations have said hey this is off-limits even test then it is if it does create a pretty obvious whole and what they're saying about these at the Epic the strength of these vaccines so that's why I was curious about what he was saying

they can help the average person understand that

yeah and Carlton another reason that they did this is because they didn't want to tell the people that they have destroyed so much land with the glyphosate in the GMO food there destroyed that and turned it into desert the desert if it's being like a literally had to kill three and a half billion people because there was no place to grow food for them.

yep but it sounds like Randy might not be connected is that right

I'm here in diner Carlton I'll start working on it to try to find the source of that stuff it was given to me and then what I'll do is I'll try to backtrack and deceive deceive deceive was out there because right now they're covering their tracks they're covering the anybody just got a YouTube account with send a letter today stating that YouTube now has the right to monetize any video that they choose and put the ads into your video at any time they choose and you don't get paid if they get the money

damn self because he says he said that I did a quick search and it's kind of hard to 50 if you don't know

bitte bitte bitte the terminology the CDC uses and & W's is when they're dealing with scientific Community can't always you know decipher something like what you just said so yeah so if we can work together and it also just briefly felt so you brought up curcumin and turmeric with curcumin is in a part of turpitude contained in turmeric so if you're going to turn right you're getting both and Randy you can come in on this too briefly all the research I've done on turmeric says that it just like us you were somebody else mentioned about fatty acid basically you have to take it the same way as

people in India those Nations have been eating it for years and years and that's you know it's got to be combined with some kind of fat like coconut oil or whatever and black pepper for it to be effective is that

that your understanding what the heck what that means what that really boils down to is what happens in the breaking down of the energies of all of that and how that gets delivered into the cells of the body and right now there's so much research going on to the fact of how important certain amino acids are and how little heard like that need all the other things that interact properly and if we don't take them that's crazy when more toxins in the body doesn't know how to get rid of them

for example hydrogen carbon nitrogen and oxygen are the building blocks of the universe but

at what dimension are we talking about and this is the disposition area what's happening in the scientific and then he's right now many scientists are acknowledging the other dimensions but they can't do it officially Walter Russell and about 1923 or 1924 said hydrogen

which form in the third dimension it appears as a gas but it is really 22 separate element appearing as a single element in the third dimension but because he was an artist and not the scientist he didn't have the official papers

and now that is discovering that what he said is correct

yeah that's very helpful so on turmeric that is that is that it is a good absorption method cuz my understanding is when you take the tablets in the capsule not really getting it to work the way it needs to be that customers capsules the capsules are a synthetic

not the real thing you need the real thing you need the other ingredients of the real thing a problem with it

when you understand the pharmaceutical industry the reason they can't they can't patent something natural

does natural work for the vacant take a natural thing and make a synthetic poppy then they can get a patent for it

of course we know what synthetic copies do they going to do anything

and that's why in some countries are even stopping right now in Manitoba they just passed the law if you don't wear a mask it's a fine and off to jail

that's what that sound insane looking there are there any in Toronto that the mayor of Toronto has basically said yes we're along the restaurants that they open but what you have to do is you have to undo your mask put your food in your mouth and put your mask back on I mean it's insanity

this isn't Manitoba Randy yes I just got the news thing I haven't opened up the same yet but I got the thing here a little while ago

and you fit in Toronto Ontario is well I think that that was even on CNN or CBC news or something about Carolina

I work at Denmark Denmark saying hey forget your lock down and everything else

throw rising up

people know something's wrong just don't know how to approach it and do it civilly

I think the folks has we're all looking for

something something you know way, you can chime in here with what faction three white nights are coming to you about

not only staying in the present moment but also assisting others in knowing the truth in and being able to help to ease their own minds about you know this I mean this is going on in Manitoba

is is there at some point this seems to be a violation on many levels is there some point that there's going to be some Galactic intervention as far as you know Rama

thanks Carlton I would say yes there will be there will be is because

this whole story is about koreana Scott sea life how to download and there's a closure is that process and it's about these higher energy is pouring in right now dad no matter what physical anomaly is affecting the whole the light pouring in changes dad physical structure and I'm not a scientist I don't know how to describe it what I do know is it's about the light particles physically changing the molecular structure

to a higher frequency and that's already had sex already happening in order to Advantage oneself to the energies it's important for each and every one of us 2

reflect that light to the other Pastor Nike was saying robbing implored now to help each other and I would say that that's the whole purpose so far we do when we come together on our shows here I think we're doing it right now I hope so and yes there's going to be a much more visible manifestation remember we were told from the very beginning way back in 1980 when the King was introduced to Rama in 1986 when I got introduced to Nada they both sets of both of us even though we didn't even meet each other but they said at that time that

when all is said and done there will be a simulcast between the enactment of nesara Law and full disclosure announcement of the presence of her brothers and sisters those things are coming to gather

so when we asked if there's going to be intervention in order for an SRO as the enactment of the law itself it would be a simulcast with the presents by the galactic simself sharing that they're here on screen on screen

so do we facilitate that by again going back into our own

beingness and Consciousness is that what brings it about or are we waiting for things to just you know really I mean I think it's I personally think it's absolutely insane to have a mask on while I'm eating like brandy was talking about I mean I can't even imagine the absurdity of it

and yet from what I'm hearing this is what's being

lawd Emmie made into law in Manitoba so are we waiting for such a certainty to show up in our world what is it that is what's being asked of us I guess you know from your point of view as faction three white nights

maybe I'll put it that way

well you know when they talk to us I keep on saying stay in two things love and balance and that balance point is the place where

opening up to change channel exists only through US deciphering okay I've been used to this habit and I'm learning that maybe there's something I didn't know back before this like that was very good Sonia was bringing up that you know even more potent than turmeric itself is the curcumin and the thing is is that how many people did and that's another thing cuz I remember when I was living with an East Indian family for a couple of years they would use the tumeric and they would put coconut oil in their tea with the turmeric

and now we know from the plant Paradox that instead of any kind of sugar is thing you can use monk fruit monk fruit even sweeter than sugar so you need less of it and it has no side effects whatsoever and it's delightful so you could make it an actual drink with all the necessary ingredients to make it a regular part of your environment and make it work I mean and everybody can stick their nose up all they want but you know you change your ways and you find out that you like stuff and you find out how you feel and that's something that the Western world has a lot of rigidity around but the Eastern world can penetrate that in many ways because that's the divine feminine coming from the East End the Divine masculine coming from the West bring it to

weather and I'm just saying you know that was another thing we were going traveling around and I bet

you know when we sat down to eat we didn't use any utensils we ate with our fingers that's what the east Indian people do all the time

they eat was there

was there right hand and then they use their left hand for the other end

but there are rules I'm just saying there's something that's called flexibility right now and yes everything that happens intervention wife must be taken off as we become aware of it that's why I spend so much time gleaning things from the things I watching the things I read and I don't just do everything rote memory I just clean all there's something in that news report that's not in the other news reports and that's something that's golden and so that's what we must always do and right now Barack Obama's being interviewed by Jonathan what's his last name is Capehart there it looks very interesting and

to just have that happening right now that's got to be intervention on a very big way

Priscilla Tower right now

well that being said I just like to everybody take a deep breath and just let all this go and take it in take it into your hearts and keep breathing was somehow someway we're all going to get through this one way or another and maybe what Chara was sharing the flexibility we're being invited to be flexible maybe it's an invitation to no longer go out to eat you know in the case of Manitoba Amy at least in your own home you don't have to sit there with a mask on

and whatever it is

somehow find the joy and and the happiness inside yourself right now cuz I know some of these topics can get a little heavy but I know even myself I notice it sometimes I forget to breathe this I'm listening so everybody take a deep breath and I passed.

Well I think I want to go back to our sister Caroline she said she has tons of questions Let's see we got past two or three let's see what else you got their sister


Caroline was having problems with her computer so she may not be able to be on but but see if she comes on I'm here I'm sorry I was hitting the unmute button and nothing was happening so you're right but I asked

is there any other computer problems I'm wondering again I don't know if Rama can even ask but is it my imagination or are there more Galactic this thing is on the ground are there more white hats active are there more white nights infiltrating all these places that used to be a gray areas or out-and-out shadow in government and you know the influential Industries like I finance in media is that my imagination or does it seem to be happening

and you know anybody's intuitive Insight is helpful but yeah thank you they are intervening in every Walk of Life and they're not telling people half of this stuff that's going on on on a screen at the mouthpiece of Barack Obama coming through right now is a major piece he has

he is a negotiator from Andromeda he's a he's from Andromeda and he's our representative of this planet at the Council of nine and he goes there with the King of Swords in his Starship on Sirius and they meet on a regular basis Caroline was going and drama dance have a group of people called Crystal people who did come with Mother segments and her push-ups to Serious be to assist in our constellation cuz we're part of the constellation of the star Sirius yet they came to sirius B yet these conclave C's Council of nine meetings are taking place on Sirius a and they've not just any any old time they're happening regularly like at least six seven eight times a year more

maybe whatever it went as there's enough two sets of teeth and they go

and Barack Obama yeah where is this interview happening with Barack Obama that you're watching cuz that might be helpful for the listening audience to tune in later or be able to find it it's right now it's in the slot on MSNBC we're usually Lawrence O'Donnell does show witch in mountain time is it 8 so it is quarter to nine right now here so it's already on for 45 minutes but they repeat that MSNBC does it again a later time, that's very good thank you and I'm sure we'll play it come tomorrow or something or Saturday

absolutely and yeah it probably wants to come and either on the factor Obama I'm sitting in stock that President Obama has put out this book recently or you know going back to my question, I was I was saying I was asking is it my imagination or are there more eclectic interventions I mean I'm having dreams I'm getting different intuitive moments where there's galactic's in human form and in Washington in all the power spots infiltrating I finance media government more white hats more white knight actually active on the ground now and in places that before were only given over to Shadow or sort of Grey areas

you ain't dreaming day our year it's real it's happening now it's a fact Jack hop on the bus Gus and said we are already being brought into the either standing over standing understanding is that has

dr. Greer describes it as we want to become a type 2 civilization there's some evolvement happening and it the present moment there are some that would not even call us a type 1 civilization with the way we treat fellow beings on this planet and I won't go into it yet what is the type 2 civilization when you reach the level of the type 2 civilization you can contact other civilizations with your Consciousness just by thought whether it's a hundred million light-years across our local universe or 10 light-years or across the street

it's that instead and there's been a small group of people that have been doing that all along for all the time yeah what's different now is that this is for the masses it is graduation is Greg Brandon describes the Deep


it's happening for all of us as the heart the higher heart frequencies are there such thing as Sin to those higher rounds

yeah to answer you Caroline all these beings are here amongst us how they introduce themselves stats

as things lighten up a bit on the planet and folks are not so trigger-happy with their words or their actions maybe we can get you no have a real conversation about respect and love no matter what color or species we are

yeah Amen to that I'm just I'm wondering as far as President Obama putting out this book right now do you feel that's very significant because I don't know there's energy codes that book or diets for me just to see him is comforting and to be reminded of his leadership is company but I'm just wondering if you see a particular or if heard of anything serendipitous that he's coming out with this interview right now and this book because it brings in A New Perspective that we have not had for the last four years and as things are coming to a close here

a quote on quote with this simulated reality that has things appear to be you know Joe Biden is the apparent one is going to walk into the Oval Office and the other story is finished but that's not the truth either and I'm saying I keep repeating it simulation it's a simulated reality even though it appears the way it appears things can change in an instant yeah we're in at Play Store changes

really magnanimous his presence coming out at this time with this book with this interview is a very serendipitous moment to say yeah there is definitely a lot of Hope going on and land and biblically speaking what they're talking about is that ability for the human race to compromise that's the Promised Land

and show him coming as that mediator with the title of that book right now what they're talkin about is we couldn't be more separated in this land here the other time than now stories are going through this spectrum

I want to keep it clean

there are many Galactic ambassadors walking on this planet right now in human form and animal form and Every Witch Way shape and form you can imagine Rave ambassadors from all the kingdoms

we just have to open up our hearts to realize they've always been here they've never left us yeah but Randy I feel like it's bigger now I feel like there's more than a like somebody's really opening those portals and saying come on in because these people are ready to roll out a huge shift on this planet don't you feel that I have a great and these Council meetings that Ron was talking about they're on all the time they don't stop you know that there's no time on that people have to realize there is no time there are no clocks

Uno train who's this government there's no temples there's no names you only recognize by the energy that you Emit and the size of your souls energy am I I I I know you yeah okay we'll call her cell Georgia how are you sad right now we'd reach and understand each other by the wellness of our soul so we always greet and meet other Souls of the same warrant but we're all the same awareness

well I guess we are all one

we're all one energy and I think that's that's what we're all learning here and along with that is the

the awareness

that was for me what I'm noticing is a whole lot more

teachers and guides being available I mean on the social media

wherever you go there there's somebody who's presenting there

idea their concept of what's going on of what's happening and it is I mean overall is an Awakening of everybody and that that I would see as what's happening in in the response to with Carolina saying yes I agree that all of this energy I mean we're literally creating

this this new experience and at the same time I feel like we're so close we're so very close to full disclosure and the sorrow and a Divine governance if you will where you can also think of her if is a nursery

we're we're having all the new Souls bro here they all souls are here when you know maybe I should have an offshoot and cradle another arm of myself so I can send it out into the universe but the universe isn't going to allow us to send our savings out there until we have peace

and peace means peace within my peace with gun case starts from within it doesn't come they can't come from the clouds and do things because of the universal laws but everyone's been told through eons it go to wait for the guys from the clouds and stepped out and fix everything for you well and has lines which is very interesting and she's directing it to everyone and she said if we get to be with others of the same vibration and awareness how do we progressed how are we exposed to higher levels that pushes forward now that's interesting

we come down to earth I guess we Jolly difficult time and get pushed into it I don't know maybe that's why we come down to Earth because it's Caroline what does the collective have to say about that

okay well they're going out to me that there are schools on the other side

there there's seminars there's lectures there's groups that meditate work together to create and you energy forms and when you forms from energy and you choose what you want to learn it and at what level you want to learn and from whom you want to learn who or what and there is collections of Consciousness that I have been people that have been in the human body or and other bodies are the planets and there's just some collections of Consciousness they're not what we would call a person their individual

oh boy I don't know voices of awareness I don't know how to put it exactly I can kind of see it but I am not sure I can just grab it and then

they're also saying some people work entirely with just frequency and so they work to see who they will become say moving up to a particular sound or color frequency they work with different life-forms they're always the same there's always an adventure this always grows to be had if that's what you see it's just that Earth has represented exponential

growth potential for that at any rate for eons because we're so much called upon for all our resources and the Very depths of our being gets called into action because of how hard things are here

so that's why we've been Carnage at the different times and now we're incarnating to bring everything up to a higher level so this is a little different this Earth life but everybody else wants to chime in before we close the evening that would be great what I'm hearing for everybody is

again go back to your breath


whenever possible and I mean this 24/7

find that Center within yourself

because let's say the storm is happening all around you even though the storm is there no matter what it looks like no matter what words or the energies that are happening in the moment

it's like fine the center of that storm

and within that Center which is you

visualize yourself as this pillar of light of calm and centered this

so that your very presence and you're very vibration emanates to those around you which is how we all collectively raise each other up

and that's what I'm getting thank you

what I can say to the effect that comes to mind is dead

when we come together as a field of energy like the plasma field like when I go and I sit in the plasma field a giant energetic Taurus that I can physically see shows up shows up and it is sent as you could have imagined a giant swirling field Quantum field a Taurus of energy that makes up the entire NASA rocks so to speak of our Consciousness and as we work with that Consciousness it changes physical physical matter space-time

yeah so it doesn't go exactly it's hard to put that into words Penny was saying that we get to be a others of the same vibration well it's it's more than that cuz each one of us has our own unique vibration yet as we as Rama was saying as we come together the lightning up of the Oreck space with our togetherness of our uniqueness

by its very nature like what we did today moves the whole forward it is not a stagnant field it's not the words how to get to Lost Blues Quantum energy so hard so fast and and it is about the evolvement of this whole of humanity that works. Sing right now and all its forms for the next two thousand years Virgo is the prevailing energy and what she insist on is that Reaper fact

discipline that brings in large the rapid pay he's a disciplinarian of all the ascended host of Heaven another word technology kind of makes us look back and say well do it for us and no no we got to do it we are the primary Prime movers technology

Energy follows are thought the technology files are thought it's not the other way around so let's just remember that we take responsibility for remaining in the highest level of conscious awareness that we know and know that there's always more

I think I can say that past the Talking Stick help that answers a little more Penny and that is when you say what you said is you go and sit in the plasma field or plasma field

is this a place that you go to is this a place that you create by your very presence what do you mean exactly for our listening audience to understand what is this plasmic field and how does one access it

on our own by yourself I physically go to someone's house in Santa Fe and I go and I sit in a indoor pool of water with two giant Tesla coils that other at either end of the Planet of the pool and they get turned on and it creates the giant electromagnetic torus energy like what you saw in the movie Thrive that Foster gamble is talking about I sit in always seeing what that was in there what was in that movie actual physical Taurus

add Kashi Taurus looks like it is like a

a gyroscope assorted giant donut turning in on itself constantly and what it also represents is the Quantum energy field that Nassim haramein talks about also dr. Richard Hoagland 19.5 degrees and getting into the equations here but a hyperdimensional election of Barack Obama you can look it up cuz it on the YouTube or may not still be there on the internet cuz the Darkside took it down it may or may not be down there might be pieces of it to explain to you why I sit I physically

in this pool of water in the living room and a 40 by 50 or something and this giant electrical field is formed that is a Taurus that I sit in and you can say it responds and talks to me with electrical static energy just like the way Tesla used to sit next to his Tesla coil and he would sit in the universe would talk to him through his Tesla coil it's the same thing it's called you and listening to the force just get quiet and listen to the force and it will answer you it's that simple okay next question

having explained that so beautifully and knowing that this is a specific place that you go to

can we The Listening audience access that experience by choosing it and maybe envisioning or imagining ourselves being in there in that toric feel if you will

yes by the Bell but in our Consciousness candles cuz this I think is where we really make a difference folks it's we give people the tools that are going to catapult them and their Consciousness so that they have the tools to share with others

and it doesn't require a particular place space technology..... Whatever it is all those limitations let's just forget about those and access it in your own beingness of Consciousness is that available

you got to say little more than yes sir that's what the CATCH foundation is teaching everybody yeah exactly that yes did you have the energies around you all the time to the energies of the universe they've always been here the law always be here and you just have to access them what you need to access it through your soul

you don't need the technology but some people need the technology and that's quite the wild set up at Ramen sitting in you got to know what you're doing when you build things like that because you're you don't take your cell phone in there it'll be gone it would be that it'll it'll be post

crispy critter

no everyone can access this by actually going on the internet and looking at a you know you know type in the word Taurus or the Tora Tora radio field and you'll see it and and how do you spell t o r u s it is what was that movie that gamble did his name now but I think that's accessible still on like YouTube or something isn't it and then yeah and then you can watch the ride to I'm not sure if that's free or you can still pay for I don't know but there's two of them and this is what

team harmine talks about this is like so many different scientists and Quantum physicist talk about I believe that you know this is going off on an actual ancient structure in turkey called Gobekli Tepe that they talk about in Ancient Aliens it was an actual place that when the energy was opened up at the old field opens up portals and chips come through beings come through all kinds of folks come through and it is a way in which

Dad we haven't been taught How the Universe moves works and has its being this is well-known throughout all that suppress Technologies going on with the Filthy Rich billionaires and the other folks to play with me watch you play with it for power and control and War and what they don't I don't think they can because it up themselves have said this stops here it stopped now maybe we should play the Revolution and Technology Quantum Revolution was Nassim haramein and I just read it very swiftly if you're not seeing her I mean leads the way to develop over Unity

power generators gravity control devices and life extension technology all based in his vacuum fluctuation models that's the name of a Taurus that's really talking about Taurus energy in other words what he saying is that with this energy what they are talking about and they don't want us to even have a clue about is that we never because there's more energy available then consciously we are accessing now that's why we get old and Die Another words as they would teach this from the time we're small we would never get sick we would never do things you know

hold on quotes stupid sorry we have so many online one

sanyam your back

I'm sorry hear a little bit interruptions hear the grand puppy arrived at the torus field this is the work also that make Benedict a has been I've been giving us in order to

connect again everything that we was disconnected from us we were disconnected from that spiraling momentum and she calls at the circular flow of life force from our core Center Union we have it inside of us right and we are activating our own energy Taurus

so so I Doan ricotta is a geometry of the Taurus which is a double tetrahedron upper facing in downward-facing right and or taste in and around your body and that creates the Taurus flow and that Taurus momentum you know disconnecting and deactivated in the process of so you know the separation game right so we're in the causes of reactivating all this and getting up and running all this parley momentum it's all about the spiraling momentum with nothing talks about Saul this work is beautiful and I can go to the core center from there. Eliminate you'll see the designs of the tourist it's just fascinating that we don't have it yes we all have it inside and we just have to activate it

that's all

second choice at 8:13 I'm sorry

it's the energy field that it's emanating out from around all of us from our Center rhetoric feel William is that as I Envision it and it's coming it's emanating from the top and and from the bottom and it's it's just encircling us and encapsulating us in the store filled and this is what we can visualize which is going to immediately put you into that Center that centeredness and calmness and this is how we shift the energies on this beautiful planet Gaia in my understand and when you understand them are combined you understand it that if you're in the male body

the energy spins one way in the female spends the other way and you have not the understanding of the 3 6 and 9

when you balance your energies and your balance your merkaba takes off and you go flying through the universe

exactly and what direction Sonia weigh station they say you will you are a lot of parking fees and wondering when you're going to pay them


Brandy what direction does the mail go in what direction does a female go for a listing on it I don't remember just stopped and I got the river that was a long time ago and that and once you learn to do it yourself it just becomes second nature

Sunday driver number of the females counterclockwise

please repeat that I think we've got muddled a little bit

the male is clockwise in the female is counterclockwise

excellent and that I could you feed ants

this is how I hope that

Army watch the Sufi dance the real to learn a lot about the Talking Stick

I think this is a powerful call and I invite all of you in the listening audience to share it and hopefully let's expand this circle of love and light that we are and

we can do this we are doing it our very presence is doing this and we all know we're just reminding each and every one of us as we talked this through tonight we're reminding ourselves and each other who we are and we are this energetic field that is Eminem dating

all this love as well as receiving this energy that we are made of my pasta Talking Stick Tire Rama

thank you everyone I think we set everything in a circle here that we can possibly

deposited what conversation I

I I think Sonia there Shish yeah Meg benedicte as it sunny are you still there

yeah I just did it myself so I didn't I didn't miss him to call you want to tell people where they can go to listen to Meg benedicta

just Google home they've been at 8 and it will take her to your website and you can look for the videos also video on tours field or whatever it is I really have not I talk from with a classic that I've taken with her. She puts out a lot for free on the on the internet

whatever happened on talk shows you no interviews with people she gives a lot of information on their YouTube is Rich with her information and it's all free it's all accessible Meg Meg Benedict

correct Sonia got to make Benedict. Com or you Earth Central you are Central is is one of her bigger websites yeah yeah

thank you Caroline

I've had the pleasure of interviewing bag cuz she's really interesting the Archangel Metatron it's pretty cool is this something that people can listen to the replay on Caroline

as far as what may goes or interviewed her is this interview available for listening audience to listen to

on your page or somewhere that you can direct them look forward to see if I still have it on my old Mac which died a sudden and tragic death and I couldn't wake up everything that's the magical Wizards at The Genius Bar at the Mac Store where able to help me recover a lot but not everything unfortunately so yeah I can try to find a ride it yeah thank you and show that on my website and thank you to Robin Terra for answering all these questions and giving us so much information and insight really helpful

Yeah Yeah Yeahs next week will Captain Randy interview with mr. cash I repeat after you haven't heard that it's really worth listening to self that's our Thanksgiving

Thursday 26 right show August 26th yes it is where did the time go I know

so Caroline we have a interesting guest for the first Thursday in December so I'm not sure but let's just play with it cuz I know that you might

and then the night supposed to be the next week but I just wanted to put that in there and see what we can do and what you want to do but Christmas is just about on top of our heads here coming up here I don't know if you have a guest lined up just in case who is John Pfeiffer wonderful astrologer who has beautiful insights about the next year or two so of when December show but we can discuss that I just want to let people know what we will be having John Fife on and he's absolutely terrific just one sounds like a plan Stan since nobody's supposed to go anywhere let's just come here

okay. How do you spell his name two striped f is in Fred y f is in Fred e John pfeiff electric can you tell us a little more about his work is Canadian astrologer out there in Toronto or so we're back east and he looks at how very similar to a lot of very where astrologist now he looks at how the incoming energies affect people psychologically spiritually how they affect social movements political events and he can probably if people want to call and give some individual inside as well really wonderful you did you did my chart and get a beautiful ring settings for me about a year or so ago and it's very relatable

really lovely stuff

so it's very enlightening to hear

thank you sister thank you all right I would just like to thank our listening audience and wish everybody the happiest in the most joyous of thanksgivings and to embrace the changes and to know that

everything is in divine order no matter what it looks like in our own lives and find it within your heart somewhere somehow

the Gratitude in the thankfulness and let's make this the most glorious Thanksgiving ever and much love to all of you for being here

okay so the music maestro and like I said leave the religion overtones go and listen to the beauty of the song that our sister penny has for us to be

stop music maestro and Namaste everybody Caroline anything more

many blessings in just a reminder to stay in the moment and let's not leap ahead of ourselves I know I do that easily but I think we had some lovely reminders tonight stay in the moment you're fine there's only six people allowed at Thanksgiving but 34 funeral so I'll be holding a funeral for my pet turkey that will pass away on November 26th Refreshments provided

thank you Randy

Georgia median in the bunch

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