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Life With The Girlfriends with Christine Marie Peters and Julie Peters
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Life With The Girlfriends
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with Christine Marie and Julie Peters

Life With The Girlfriends with Christine Marie and Julie Peters

Topic: Something wild happened to Julie this week....a one in a billion event. 

Life With The Girlfriends

Life With The Girlfriends with Christine Marie Peters and Julie Peters
Christine Marie Peters and Julie Peters

Join Christine Marie and Julie for a slice of Life with The Girlfriends. This mother/daughter coaching duo shares their everyday thoughts on relationships, family, hot topics and current events, and anything that tickles their fancy with warmth, wit, and wisdom. They welcome a wide range of guest to their den for some juicy conversation. So grab a cup of anything and put your feet up on the ottoman next to the fireplace. And join the girlfriends up close and personal for some daily chat that’s humorous, wholesome, and heartfelt.

Christine Marie and Julie are the quintessential gals for making big changes through a series of small actions! Their contemporary podcast features special guests, spiritual guidance, grounded life theories, and a positive message. Christine Marie and Julie believe one small change can yield big results.

A podcast can be many things, come experience how Life with the Girlfriends can enrich your path in life and effect how others see and treat you. The conversations are candid, honest, and more so - fun! Never preachy and always peachy, Christine Marie and Julie bring substance to an over-saturated "advice" market.

At their core, they consider themselves to be from that proud and long lineage of Householders, and love sharing their folksy wisdom so that everyone can have a better, happier, and more joyful, playful and prosperous life.

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a girl a girl
a a girl
hello hello hello new life with the girlfriend of Christy Marine Julie hello Julie Christie Marie my mama so how was your week going so far $3 on a lottery ticket do you want $3 in a lottery ticket what are the odds of that happening odds I want to tell you something where you going to tell me to tell the story girl I know why you won $3 and I have been something very magical and lucky happened to me this week that I got to share real quick real quick cuz that is I had got I love all these organic eggs certified Humane and they're all grown and so I'm making me my two eggs in the morning and you got give you one sometime and it was a double egg
I'm like a double yolk egg wrap like oh my God that's kind of cool to be lucky now you're going to Good Fortune that day right and then I decided that cracked the other one open cuz I know that you wouldn't want to eat a double yolk egg Doug gross you out and lucky as it is holy mother of God. That's going to be rare is O and the back of my hand like I still can't give Mom a double yolk eggs you want to eat it okay if I don't like whiteheads I had a pan cuz I can go to our Instagram at Christine Marie and Julie. I have my triple triple yolk egg six-year-old and my fry pan thousand chance of having it happen once they have a double a double yolk eggs
one will turn out yet we W all right but it get one right after another right after another that that that that is stuff is cool but the next morning the next morning I crack another one and it was another deviled eggs if they've doesn't yes and I did it again it was another one and another one like holy mother of God it's like the fourth time and I didn't like what I had for Exile with quadruple are all with devil Jonas so I don't even know what the ratio that is but it's never happen again in my light a Sterno make sure that night that I asked you what you had for breakfast for dinner and you know I don't really feel like much can you just maybe couple eggs yeah and I'm like sure and no to Isabel WOD that means out of his dozen I had 10 a.m.
of course 10x out of 12 that were W oh my God it was so amazing and I would have done it all at one time I just kept cracking and then we had to the feels a little while yet my God it's amazing I do not know but so by 3 it's when a billion right is Gabby one in a trillion prefer having a crack from a taser oh yeah. For sure going to have naturally you start thinking Lottery and you won $3 you're welcome you're welcome and we may be bigger ones I don't know we don't know you don't know why I said I don't even try for the big big ones cuz I don't feel but I don't you know I know what I want I want to get it now
I'm in line at with it right I got the I got the go-ahead from the egg University to see the universe as stats about eggs is about new things with fertility yes life life do ideas a good day new ideas double double portion but if I had eight or ten of those I should have 10 10 time is your portion you should donate are you should seed some money yep and then expect 10 times as a results back I love it I'm there even any men that sounds good I like hearing on some place to study out of Johns Hopkins University of Pennsylvania some study that said that they would they took all these college and they gave them the cold virus and then some of them isolated some of them
I went and did all the party partying and all the hugging and all the stuff I didn't get the cold as much as a people that were isolated I know but did not just like they say there's always another truth to every study because what they didn't say is that nine months later that when people that went out and party a little baby and they had a job get out of school a big big failed out and is kind of glasses to dad's gonna hear what they didn't get that damn called God bless you know speaking poopy butt injections and stuff we were listening to Dex interview by Tim Ferriss okay
interesting interview I like Tim Ferriss but he's a little boring for me but that's his audience right they are the the sophisticated intellectual Millennials I got I don't know I didn't either but you know how you filed he filed in in in his addiction filed it said it failed and then we we went we think we did and then he goes yeah it was a failure oh my God he's saying failure and then we were like all of us in the car are doubting ourselves yeah and then he goes like this because I totally jumped the rails
he cannot say as a eyes all my got to stand while and do you think it's one of those things though that he kind of can but from where we're preparing it at this town if it's it like to use the blue dress in the green dress so that one are like do you hear this or that because that's that's in Michigan so yeah that there's a good reason he is not interested very my wrong though it's like you're in ghost couldn't say no I wasn't picking up, so you said something you said dyslexic that's weird because he's is dyslexic see if he's in some way reading from his mind he said I would say I instead of AI
what are those funny cuz what I heard that show I just thought Tim Ferriss came across a little bit energetically he has no no no no we both agree on this a little bit jealous type either word because he cuz he know I've never seen him like I've never seen a podcast just break out like yours hats and I'm just I also you said the guests that you have yeah I feel like I can't have them on because you do such a thorough interview that I would be asking if you were a box of cereal what kind would you be so interesting and I just felt this like 10 there were there wasn't a lot there was some chemistry unit but surely dances professional dancing and
and likable likable is not yet affable and yeah I just find him at this moment Charming. I might get sick of his I don't want to say stick but his stick is being very vulnerable and completely honest and I love that that's great right well you told me one time I don't know I mean to put supposedly she's a whiz kid that can punch things up and a book and now I'm coughing
but when I hear her I I mean I mean she's obviously the second banana right she understands the second banana place right just like I do right now I'm the bottom banana as dad would call me she started. Just being a babysitter and moved from babysitting Nanny from Nanny to chief of staff on Kristen's his wives right side right and then he took her and made her part of the
second banana slot on the podcast that the right where he is the vulnerable guy yes you know and supposedly his Market his demographics and his audience is mostly female where is mostly Mayo I believe that and so I can get that I'm a gummy sent a little bit down for one of the episodes I just came across him in when I was driving back he's been around for a year or two before I realize I think I heard him the first time I eat or three months ago right and I remember just looking at it and responding once I want to listen to and I listen to to write at the bat one was with
when was with Kate Hudson and her brother was with these two guys one was when a cat's name from Sun is Wasteland it and Philadelphia and yeah I thought they were charming and fun and so forth and I was doing with Sam you know same here are so he's good he's fun he's also Hollywood Insider yes he might not be a plus Lister like Tom Hanks level but he's a worker in there and he also makes a bucks and he know they have a level of what's interesting to is that where did Kristen Bell like Dad
I'm sorry but that guys hadn't and met a little new friend the other day yes and
and if you don't was he said oh and when we found out we both like to Joe Rogan old like this person is nice yeah and then you then they go oh I will we listen to Adam Corolla price for sale understand exactly right now I'm try this and you might hear you just feel like I don't remind me at one time I was at Verizon dad's phone was not working well and I knew there were just some some setting that had to be fixed or whatever and I said let's go into my dad's history and figure this out cuz something's going on and he's like and this kid he's a kid like 20 to 25 years old and he's like I feeling uncomfortable going into your dad's history on your phone on his phone
there's nothing on his phone I will bet you a million dollars I go I didn't say that thank God I just know my dad he can't even turn his phone on. There's nothing that he he's not going to scan the dark web for whatever we can to be on there and it is history was podcast of course and and one can coming up and it was like the most pornographic like motherfukers don't like that really weird title of something like what the world's going on I should just grow up I don't want no I don't want to know and I'm in later I had to figure out what am I saying my dick and unfortunately my first thought wasn't my first thought was cuz he saw the guy to like oh no I'm like but I think I was going on but after I got a Verizon I thought to myself okay my first thought was until I should give my father privacy if he wants to look at Born Again look important that wasn't my first thought my first
oh I have got to figure this thing out cuz there's this new that there is a mystery to be solved. And if he is literally searching the web for foreign but he is literally lying to me about all the chit he can do it all hundred percent of put on here call me when he says he's not working press the reset button dad in the back is the red one that'll solve 99% of your problem so Julie puts on her trench coat in her and enter bike with a little basket in French I'm going to find a mystery what was the mystery did you Salvage a Justice I was just literally for whatever reason Adam Carolla hadn't ate label this what was going to be in this podcast for whatever reason I can't figure out why and I'm like oh my God that's so embarrassing and in dax's interview with Tim Ferriss
about the his Monica has psychic so good she is at titling you know this because that's really important important as to how you get his subscribers after people that that fund him or vacuum and all that stuff and we also heard I just a really brief interview with Adam and Perez Hilton and Perez is like gayer than ever if you ask me get that's okay well that's politically correct
just means that it are or smart or he is embodying the stereotypical gay man of the 2000s yeah that's cool that would be appropriate to say okay but he said you know Hey listen I am on cancel but I think that's cool. That's a lot of our misery and and say something like oh my God another podcast is not started yet I can't just the pie just got another slice taken out or whatever but it's funny cuz you said cuz Dax talks about making money with it like we have a butt
said that he gets his money Visa V clickbait yes and we don't even know we don't even begin to even understand the ways that they that they monetize he's right no we don't and we try to become hip with that him and then just going over this house worth it because parent Perez Hilton mentioned in the in in the pot you know in the in the in the in the cities of podcasts we are a little tiny mom and pop shops yes that's who we are when we sleep in the back of the store that's exactly right and we love going to work everyday
mic drop I do and I love going out every day I always tell people if you're has troubled relationship started podcast because weight does is it frames your whole week on what to talk about yet and there's something about that I mean they're people who say that in a relationship old Doug and I for one thing we don't talk for an hour straight no no I remember this was this year I think the enduring covid-19
you're like should we stop doing a podcast know I know people who listen to us and they like hearing from us and our weekly postcard weekly postcards like I also know that I enjoy
talking to you for an hour with about our lives yet separate and together where I can't really complain right so not true I thought I'd true well with his dad, this last week we were together and use and I said to you I want to tell you a funny story of what Doug said to me how Deborah Hedges say that and I know I said it and you said to me well and I go and I said I don't want to because I don't I'd like to share with you could kind of funny but I'm afraid you're not going to think it's funny as much as using it for Retribution or like bring it to me later on saying I did this to you you know like that's right okay I can't can be completely honest because it's father for the fire and and but when you're inside of it like here is this time I won't listen guys I will make you
any longer. Here's a story remember it holy cow Doug needs something from me
he didn't tell me he need a favor from me but before the favor I asked me to do something and then he said no I can't do that because of this is Miss Miss and then he can't can I hit me up for the favor pray and I thought and neither would I asked me to do was like nothing nothing and I thought I started giggling inside cuz I'm like kind of played that wrong because you want me to do something at this about him was like this makes you said I think it's so good to see you babe I missed you it wasn't a favor yeah oh yeah and then okay so the way I said oh I miss you so much I miss you so much I didn't get it you said by the way don't you miss going to miss me like yeah
Mark and he said no I really don't cuz like I never think that were not apart you know I know you're still there at the phone and she says I don't miss you by the way I have a big favor to ask you can you help me move this weekend in my head I giggled because I thought oh that's that's Douglas he should have given me a bone first before her boner before I was like oh God before I buy the other thing or whatever I knew something had happened with Doug that I thought was kind of funny I could not remember his office if x is energetically I could tell you what was going down and I don't know if this is menopausal premenopausal brain that that literally my past is my past I love that about you
IL I was about me because I hold no grudges yeah you're so lucky I have no grudges no resentments that I'm aware of energetically I might but I was really beautiful because even Dax Shepard said that he felt that one of the reasons cuz he was 16 years sobriety in sobriety yeah I mean not just from alcohol right up OPI like had a relapse I think now he's just like in 30 days but but but resentment yes yes that's what it was and he say he said that he feels he can cuz he had to get to the bottom of this right and he thinks that it's something that he was holding resentment said he wasn't even really aware of at least they weren't at the surface right and I think that that's probably true for a lot of us yeah even though we think we've done our work and everything there's got there
probably some some little shit down there and I know it should go down there and I hold on to all the the saying the Bible verses that help help help help stuff is says don't look in the rearview mirror that's why it's so much smaller than the front mirror and if you only look at it if it helps you write correct or correctly and feeling like well if I'm not going to remember it good good God it's done it's over with no big deal with now we're talking and he was he cuz I just got a bill in the mail from my insurance company for my surgery I had in February and in my brain I'm like what the fuck was just I can't remember either help my surgery day 7 February oh my God and he goes you know about oh yeah I do
surgery in February and because I fell on my elbow and they attended got detached I'm like oh that's right I'm like that was barely, surgery but I didn't say that like yeah and then he goes yeah go how much was a surgery he goes I want to quiz me where did a surgery ask actually cost because a true that matter is you never know what any of your procedures cost until months later right and I said I have no idea $85,000 I had no idea you never was in the hospital for a couple of hours right now I'm like that seems like highway robbery crazy crazy single Single Payer Health Care because there are a lot of hands in the medical model that make money and they're not all medical
degrade it out right when your hat when a hedge fund and hedge fund guy by the hospital or put money into a hospital is not because he's being altruistic they Pet Hospital bear produce produce big in a big way you like it you how else are you going to make money except for people getting sick. The Conspiracy Theory Ono Julie's turn into a Q&A about the conspiracy we kind of ended it that you had thrown up that you were thrown up you got throughout thrown up same thing you had thrown out that you had listened to that woman about her immunity like we're not where she was staying at their house and I heard you know I'm so afraid that works because the kids are not in school that were turning an illness like it could be just like chicken pox the kids get it they don't realize it and now they're immune
into a hundred-year disease that we'll have to all have vaccinations I thought to myself if I'm not mistaken I think kids do get chicken pox vaccinations now I know I'm not 2% sure but I think they do Nevada vaccination out it's really really really sad out there and we were we were parked in front of our little local BP yeah and they've changed ownership and do stuff but big sign on the front and must wear masks inside unit and everybody was dutifully putting in Macon except there were these two guys both came in with big trucks yeah like the big truck yeah and they had the Beards yeah and they had the best right mean there is this there's I don't know it's his trip tip typical look right either of them they both walked in neither of an masks on right and I didn't think anybody said hey do you know
when was on his phone yeah he was talking in the air right mean he don't you know I didn't mean to scream and I'm sober but here's the thing to so that's a look yes okay so and I remember your Uncle David you know he's from Northern California or Sacramento and he he says he is said to Dad and and maybe more than once because those those Trump trumper's yeah so scary-looking yeah and so he's from Northern California big truck yeah and you know they have who knows you don't whatever he you know what what it all looks like but I had this idea that I thought without you is a lie
yeah you know if to stay one of those guys is walking down the street and another guy was like a big black rapper type dude yeah but you kind of like a fearful of his well maybe not rapper but I just gave gang Bangerz PS okay who would you be afraid of more that's my that's my thought experiment of Hot Wok in the yellow line because here's the dealio I love your thought experiments and I honestly I couldn't pick because in one way and I love your music let's walk together but yeah that's why I'm begging you do I see I do I just I think I love that guy if we were thinking exactly
but you're not being completely honest because
the thought experiment. This is a reality experiment you had purchased some camo Max and you had your Aviator design and you had to camo mask on and you look at yourself in the mirror you're like going to look cute like a little kick asked you here had a bad baseball cap hat baseball cap turn the other direction and then you asked me to take a picture of it and show it to your brother and I think you said this is the way I wear my mask stopping me baby I'm rocking the covid-19 so you see a person Rockin The Cove is look another person were rocking the Trump look and then the game the 90s gang banger look right who are you more afraid of
the cobra look for them are afraid I've accepted we're all wearing masks if the Trump guy and he just got the beard on but not allowed trumper's that we know around the area some are bearded some or not. But the big pickup trucks look at me like I'm talking 85 grandma and Jeanette is but I think it's trumpistan could be dropping standing exactly I think that looking to the future we will have the stereotypical cuz I think that if you put the word stereotypical in front of anything you can say whatever you want because it is like hey I'm not I'm not describing an individual know I'm describing what the the metal version of somebody got it yeah I don't know but I'm going to have to pick the middle yellow line because I really don't you know me I don't want to leave anybody out
want to be included a baby crib at tight jeans and you had cigarettes in his T-shirt Yannick in the arm of the spherical 50 60s and he had his hair grease bad you had to walk on the other side as well even go near I'm sure about all of those Cooper that guy just get a little Heaven your credit after a while if you tired can I say something
I heard that watch s eyewitnesses who's freak okay but you had your own tubing experience on Zoom this week and I was shocked if you are and I dropped my and it was a jaw-dropping yes it was so you were having a zoom meeting with someone you would never ever met before that right so you are meeting this person for the first time for sure I mail yeah and it was kind of interesting semi important meeting is it was but you started feeling a little comfortable in this meeting screen sharing screen sharing you were doing all that stuff yeah and I'm I'm watching you do you get if you are a time I'm cuz I'm engaged in the conversation but not being seen right all right all right but I see you reach over
I'm going to tell the story okay go for it you've got a little next to your pad of paper and pencils you have a couple of of Q-tips yes you just are talking away and did it and you reach over you pick up a Q-tip and you put it in your ear your hair you move your glasses out of the way yeah and you start digging and I look over and I'm like what the fuck you didn't say anything but your I've got this is not good I got what she going to pull out of there yeah that would have been sterical cuz I would have sniffed except curious about that stuff thank God I didn't take it out
what was funny is this so you know you've been tubing eyes I've been super nice I wonder if he realized it cuz what happened was it that time I was screen sharing on my computer and using at my screen now on the top right-hand corner is a picture of him and I know him and I and so if I wasn't screen sharing I will be looking at big face of him and he looked and a big face of me right but that wasn't the case right and so I don't know if he saw me if I could mean literally though as he was explaining why I was sitting on my screen I could totally see myself doing something totally embarrassing right adjusting my bed Tim McGraw exactly I mean I'm some cutting tubing
a 20% slack right now cuz I'm telling you what I didn't have the desire to go down myself you know I like how about I am not built that way and if I could only that but is there it is a really any more pleasure of their world now in the world no but he might have another career guy he did what go down on himself
I got a room and that was you still going to be fine you just now lost your Treasurer job because you Q-tip yourself oh my God that would be hysterical and it would be weird but I was so it was so embarrassing only have this fact and I just kept talking and so forth and then I thought to myself nothing to see here people over here with my fingers over here I think of Q-tip out of my ear that is when you're really comfortable with yourself though because unfortunately I really get pleasure a Q-tip in my ear that they cannot totally spotless because I do enjoy a Q-tip in my ear I would be surprised if he's in there but it could have had this ear infection for a long time my ears have nothing in them now I don't know why cuz you're my ears absorbing that wax I have somewhere
I literally have been avoided of wax lately I wonder how are you 4 weeks like nothing I mean spotless for a couple we've been to tipping them was well cuz it feels good yeah my ear like that don't build up in there maybe I should all right I don't know life is a girlfriend should I let my ear wax buildup another thought experiment that it's ridiculous ridiculous for them to suggest that Q-tip don't go anywhere you don't make him look like Dad what are using for this what you use it for applying makeup sure the one place in your ear I'm sorry I really don't have any other need even form a cocoon it's not the right applicator they go in your ear I'm sorry that's a Dora Joe have you ever had one go into farther
yeah I have his painful slightly I've had thoughts of like what happens if an asteroid hits at the exact moment I have this in my ear and that would be quote-unquote embarrassing and very painful because he or she is with the asteroid hit her bedroom and here she is oh my god do these did they when the asteroid hit did the explosion blow one in all the all the Q-tips and there yet because this exact moment I can see that happening for sure let me plug into Sam Harris yet and it says how many people are meditating with us that moment wonder how many people are to tipping at the same moment you Q-tip gas when you like to know I would like to know oh my God is really crazy thoughts ya something surreal
okay you know how Monday looks like episodes ago I talked about how I am willing to be someone I have your voice of you need to be witnessed I can be your voice or and maybe people get off I'm meditating in front of other people so I can I do a little bit like the idea that you are Imagining the exact same time with me that's kind of cool right I feel good so am I Met Your Voice or meditated mayor Tater Voyager meditator like I will be with a real at recognize a tie to a matted ABS I'm in their people to look at vegan me look at me I'm a meditative I know and it's kind of ridiculous I do want I want to share one thing I was watching X-Files this morning on BBC
it's on we can PVC last night well you should still get britbox if you want britbox because BBC and britbox aren't the same. It's because you would think that BBC would give you British stuff yeah not really not a lot I like X-Files killing Eve is one of their big one of ours at AMC that might be AMC I don't know but anyway I was with epis season 1 of X-Files Gillian Anderson looks so fresh face and and I'm like oh my God that time is going by so fast but no one has cell phone which I thought was interesting and she's this is when it was really scary the beginning with everything is shot dark like I would I would say now that the first season was so good so good
you know there's a scene in An in like the back room of a mortuary you know the funeral home right and they're getting so you have caskets there and the guy goes in and like he didn't turn the lights out except for a little Thai like dude you're you're literally NF how could I don't care how comfortable you are with the fact that would a God bless you for being able to work with our loved ones after they've gotten God bless you cuz nobody has to and and but if I had that job the first thing I do is turn on all the lights all the time even if you don't like what's that one Jewish tradition of holding Sheba is that what it's called when you know where someone has to be with the body at continue yes right just in case the spirit comes back and bi share like hey dude it's okay you know I be afraid that like what if this wasn't
Jewish people like but we just didn't know we didn't realize or what if I was a conduit for this you know and everybody's like hey that girl can you know be apart so I have to have the lights on continuously even though I'm not saying that would prevent the ghost from coming right but I think it would be less scary for me a hundred percent I mean this is always the implausible for me is like why aren't why isn't anybody turning lights on anywhere in these scary shows for not conserve energy and make sure you Nicole for the funeral for our soldier life that's not where we're at right now me and turn your lights on her in your lifetime I agree and I don't know what is about lights but we do know lights it really does make things a lot scarier yeah I don't see too many shadow people like what the hell that was
is that your tip of the day Julian turn your lights on your lights on when I drove home last night for five nights ago I came in to pull the side of garage turn my lights and I drove in and there are four deer sleeping in a corner of the right word cuz their eyes were open they were laying down there is she looking at me like hey you don't know how often do you sleep do they really go into REM sleep I don't know that I can horses and I don't know how it works but the other day when I was at the house I walked out there was a fox in the corner and a big buck and birds flying and all the sudden I had we had those they had those we had some kind of turkeys turkey vultures and I hear coyotes and I'm not that far and so tonight was fearful like you know I no longer can walk comfortably from my car to the garage I must take my cell phone out from the light on.
and I know about you it's almost like I live in south of Florida where the Everglades I'm just taking my flatmate my cell phone light search scanning the whole complex so that I'm like any see red I like pure very bizarre I've had just one time come up to my car door oh I mean just be like about a foot away he might eat mine is so beautiful eyelashes were like long so long and beautiful I'm feeling this happening that the deer getting so comfortable like Dad said of a 5 point buck came up to him the other day while we're in the backyard the deck I mean like within like feet is that somebody in our area is feeding them like literally
I do know I haven't I don't have proof of it but they seem to have seen them eat out of his hand yes I ever Missouri trust you to tell me the truth so the whole thing about X-Files is that I found it so dated. She wore a trench coat that was overly too big for her by that stuff supposed to be that time right also there are a new pair of new partners FBI detectives and I only watched next episode does those she got scared or something or something bad happened to her and she touched her face and I found that to be very odd so you're two FBI agents who are
Louie Partners your male partner wouldn't go to Yellow Deli are you okay listen I watched an old Cagney & Lacey last night and the one guy was a bounty hunter from Michigan coming to do in the yard and he was into Chris a child after on this why don't you come over you know to my hotel room because Bud if we're going to go to dinner you're going to have to pay cuz I'm you know I'm like it and he was just like you know and it was just like oh yeah that's the seven o my god when I remember the first year that there was a transition between plots on TV that did not include cell phones are texting at Friday maybe phone
right but texting and then all of a sudden there was like this one thing I remember like what are they doing they're texting and they had to show the picture of the phone are the tax of the text and and then we had to actually read it and it would be like and then they'd it done it. A person would go like that be so boring yeah they have to include that in terms of a Friday night and now I and the day before the show you were getting a little testy with me because I guess I was because I had received a text from Douglas yes and I wanted to I know that if I don't respond back he'll text me again or call me and I want to make sure hey we're doing the show right now I can't talk at the moment and then but you were fine
you are agitated you're becoming agitated you were talking to me I was but I was talking to you but okay but here is Doug text you and says good morning babe that's it and then so I'm assuming Julie would go at Hague GM whatever good morning Dad but that
I'm like what the f does she have to say after he says good morning right cuz then is that code for something that is so evidently it was code for something right now we're getting ready to show and you're like what are you doing okay they're doing radio show us but that's how they did that you don't think so you're writing this dislike small short story time
I really wasn't with what happens if you get my brain and so I write up something and then I got all raised it just with GM yeah but if I don't do what I usually do which is like I do I do, and that's okay right it's got to be okay can I see something of course it's okay but you never give him any resistance I don't dislike but you're a woman I'm a serious a man with a plan you've got to you got to think out-of-the-box a little bit sometime I don't like I don't think that about the Doug cuz we don't know that's the problem if he should have bought that have to think out of it once in a while anyway he wants about it
left a message with my life and then it's like okay now I got to be in your box with you you never get so here's the word of the week right you never give him any pushback I never end today this morning cuz we're taking off Thanksgiving week kind of right I think we would do that yeah and you kind of have created this list that I just winked at Mom's I'm exaggerating a little bit and I don't want to be mad at me
I am a grade. Pulled back the curtain to show you said hey I'm going to push a little bit on this stuff all I did say that again since I don't know I want you to stop. You know I'm on the same page but I'm not going to be slightly energetically clippy for a second you yes you are being okay so here's our existence yesterday it's the mail and we opened up this thing from the IRS yes and Julie Geico what could that possibly be in Julie goes well we missed our deadline for this ifta tax which we
Hagen Trucking every is it every 2 months 3 weeks 3 months every 3 months and as far as I get back as I can remember you know years and years and years you guys have never missed that never and I said I'm like how is that possible that your eyes and you both seem so like oh well we just missed it cuz I did not know I did not put two and two together yeah I learned later on because I'm like I'm like it's Saturday night but I know that you can do this online and why are you guys getting in the office and doing this thing right online why are you know I can't and then finally that goes well I lost the notebook right at all of my information is and I left it in the railyard somewhere I lost it so we've not been able to figure out how to do it well not just that
when I told him about this I go Dad we've we missed our deadline date we got to figure this out and he's like and that that moment we should have live with a deadline-day little bit because then we would have done it but at that point we didn't want to tell you that we miss our deadline dates and so is that like when I'm home I want to spend all my time with your mother how do I sneak away an hour of time on the computer cuz she'll want to I'm doing that would be so out of me feel like being on the computer for an hour so you didn't we didn't want to tell you that we miss our deadline date will the night and then you saw it and then you're like a man and I told that afterwards I said so sorry about this I go but I wouldn't mention anything except she's literally looking at it and I knew you would let it go
I got the mail near like what's that yeah it was just an advertisement that fake Illinois state revenue it's this is nothing going number 3 I know what it was like when you sweat when you were talking about Dad and Verizon yeah it would be out of character for you to find some kind of portal thing and Dad's history and character Friday have in the mail right this minute that works only for your father my pretty little head will worry about it but I will keep on worrying about you Leon
how many times a week ago don't worry about it, yeah he's like an active until I know it isn't resolved yeah and I got last night because I told Norm after dinner I had come help me do this let's figure this out and to the best of our ability and that's when I watched all the little secrets and stories of of family life what you going to do I go back to Dax where he says you know I an alcoholic cannot afford to have secrets are resentments how true I just can't afford because my all those things make me want to drink and
and something like like what I said when should a story about Doug with you cuz I want to come back later I feel bad though cuz I guess I could be that person and I didn't want to be that person that would come back and use it you know against antler no I don't want I didn't want to hit that moment it's kind of fun yeah I mean yeah you are not that but you are that person to me because there's not like a lot going out like a lot of line and don't you know right I mean exactly or that I just won't forget like 20 minutes later it like we want to do that yeah I only remember the feelings of the energetic information yeah but besides that I don't remember any of the details yet for good or for bad that's why I try if I need to know if I need to learn something I try and quickly put it into muscle memory because otherwise I just forget shed cuz it goes into
Bible says in my father's house there are many mansions yeah it goes into one of those little mansions that you might never ever go back into I mean absolutely nothing Doug already informed me that he's not going to see me for Thanksgiving so it was he's going over to the house I don't know what he's doing for Thanksgiving but he doesn't in a certain way we never talk about these things except that it where he says oh I'm sure I won't see you Thanksgiving I might go okay Thanksgiving cuz he won't have plans and then you know I already canceled you out that way it's kind of like Elliott like you know Elliott likes Maureen from the from the that the guy but she also he also loves Linda yes who he was a bonded to in his first year but given the choice of the two I feel he'd go to Linda yes
Linda I'm not Linda and Doug's World Maureen that's right he's going to be nice and Doug shakes his tail if you both of us who ever landed a little bit how is the show it was great it was great to have a great Thanksgiving peaceful and for our own family's a green peas let's be thankful and also hey we alright I know more more now that we are all living in different reality being fed different news different information he has and so that you have some compassion everybody because their bubble is not your bubble and your bubbles not there Bubba
and sometimes I've done that I've blown bubbles before and two bubbles have merged together to form a bigger bubble and that's kind of a sweet little thing and so I married your mom if you're my Bubala am I your boo boo as good looking for houses show it was great