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Julie Peters
Julie Peters
Former Teacher, Entrepreneur, Law of Attraction Life Coach, Hypnotist, Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Self Esteem Counsellor, Education Materials Distributor, Talk Show Host

Julie Peters is a former teacher and business owner. She is certified in Law of Attraction Life Coaching, Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Self-Esteem Elevation in both children and adults. Their company, Favor House Publishing, develops and distributes educational, inspirational, and motivational books, audios, and other materials to educate, uplift, and inspire.

As a Prosperity Law of Attraction coach I have 3 questions for you…

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about what you don’t want and then getting what you don’t want?

Are you beginning to come to the conclusion that wealth, health, and happiness are for the other guy?

You have heard of the Law of Attraction and you know it works perfectly 100% of the time but do you feel it’s not working perfectly for you?

Well friends I’m here to tell you that law of attraction is always working perfectly 100% of the time. And do you know that you are always creating 100% of the time?

Now I ask you are creating by default with results you don’t want or are you becoming a deliberate creator

Come along with me and explore the idea that what you want wants you. That what you desire desires you. Are you ready for a manifesting partner? If you are together we will work the process that as wayne Dyer puts so beautifully,”that you can attract the missing pieces of you life like iron filings to a magnet.” Are you ready? Are you really ready? Take a step in the right direction, right now. Together we will make it fun, easy, and effortless. One more question.

Are you ready to attract all the prosperity that you desire and deserve in your life? After all it is your true nature. Know this….you can get there from here. Contact Julie for coaching at coaching@christinemarieandjulie.com

Life With The Girlfriends

Life With The Girlfriends with Christine Marie Peters and Julie Peters
Christine Marie Peters and Julie Peters

Join Christine Marie and Julie for a slice of Life with The Girlfriends. This mother/daughter coaching duo shares their everyday thoughts on relationships, family, hot topics and current events, and anything that tickles their fancy with warmth, wit, and wisdom. They welcome a wide range of guest to their den for some juicy conversation. So grab a cup of anything and put your feet up on the ottoman next to the fireplace. And join the girlfriends up close and personal for some daily chat that’s humorous, wholesome, and heartfelt.

Christine Marie and Julie are the quintessential gals for making big changes through a series of small actions! Their contemporary podcast features special guests, spiritual guidance, grounded life theories, and a positive message. Christine Marie and Julie believe one small change can yield big results.

A podcast can be many things, come experience how Life with the Girlfriends can enrich your path in life and effect how others see and treat you. The conversations are candid, honest, and more so - fun! Never preachy and always peachy, Christine Marie and Julie bring substance to an over-saturated "advice" market.

At their core, they consider themselves to be from that proud and long lineage of Householders, and love sharing their folksy wisdom so that everyone can have a better, happier, and more joyful, playful and prosperous life.

Weekly Show
BBS Station 2
5:00 pm PT
5:55 pm PT