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Life Changes Show, May 11, 2020

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Life Changes Show
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Living Life On Purpose, with Guest Mona Green; and Musical Guest Lily Fangz

Life Changes Show with Filippo Voltaggio and cohost Mark Laisure, with Executive Producer Dorothy Lee Donahue

“Living Life On Purpose,” with Guest, Speaker, Life Coach, Artist, Mona Green; and Musical Guest, Spoken Word Artist / Performer, Lily Fangz on The LIFE CHANGES Show #580

Guest: MONA GREEN; and Musical Guest: LILY FANGZ

Guest, Mona Green

Guest Name
Mona Green
Guest Occupation
Speaker, life coach, and artist
Guest Biography


Mona Green is a speaker, life coach, and artist, who has worked with clients from all walks of life to help them become their best, authentic selves. Six years ago, she founded Namasme, a coaching company designed to help others self- realize and become more intentional and joyful contributors to society.

From former Olympic athletes, Hollywood entertainers, European royalty, Navajo Youth and environmental activists in Latin America, Mona has worked with people from all diverse backgrounds. As a certified Life Coach, ELI-MP, and Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP) practitioner, she compliments her coaching practice with an open mind, sharp intuition, a no BS attitude, and a true passion for personal development.

As a speaker, she has had the opportunity to speak at the US House of Representatives, Harvard, and the US Department of State among others. She has been featured in publications from The Washington Post to Teen Vogue and was selected by the Obama Administration as a leading change maker in the fight towards gender equality.

Working at the intersection of personal development, service as activism, and art, Namasme isn’t a traditional coaching company; it was created to serve those who are ready to move on from mindlessly being in the grind and want to start living life in purpose, on purpose. For those who want to be active participants in creating a better, kinder future, not just for themselves but also their communities and the world at large.

Mona believes that personal development shouldn’t be a luxury and has designed her coaching practice accordingly – providing multiple access points to her offerings so that anyone seeking help can find a way to work with her. She’s had the blessing of calling 10 different countries home and speaks 4 languages.

Guest, Lily Fangz

Guest Name
Lily Fangz
Guest Occupation
Performer and activist
Guest Biography


Lily Fangz is a passionate performer and activist blending genres of hip-hop, R&B, reggae, soul, electronic, and funk with layers of conscious content, and witty wordplay. Her show is high vibration wether solo or with her band the intention is focused on creating a feeling of community, female empowerment, relate-ability, and crowd participation.

Lily was nominated as Best Female MC in the city of Denver, has won many national poetry slams and has toured internationally inspiring in all types of environments. Most notably performing at Red Rocks Amphitheater and bringing equal energy to many festivals, community activations, private events, and motivational speaking seminars. She stands for fully engaging in the creative explorations of life, Chomping down, infecting those around with passion, perspective, and perhaps asking the questions that aren’t posed enough, repping Bless UP Chomp DOWN along the way, to remind all to bite into their gifts with hunger and gratitude.

Life Changes Show

Show Host

Come and join the conversation about what's going on and what we can do together about it, with it, and for it. We have the choice, we have the power. We can do magic if we just believe!

A show about the changes going on in us, to us, around us, and because of us. Therefore, it's technically a show about "Everything," only with a how to make it better, see it better, be better.

In the show, there is talk about, and with, people who have either been through major changes, are helping others with major changes, or people who are changing the world for the better in a major way.

The show is a one-hour talk show format with a monologue by the host, a 30 minute interview with a guest of note, capped by a "Producer's Wrap" segment, in which Filippo and Co-Host Mark Laisure, and sometimes surprise guests, bring it all home for the listeners in a sometimes humorous and sometimes touching, but always entertaining conversation.

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