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On The Level, June 14, 2017

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On The Level
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Guest, Christina Zorich

On The Level with JLouis Mills and special guest Christina Zorich

It's been two years, officially, this next September, I've been in the process of making this documentary on human sex trafficking. As a result, I've become deeply engaged in an effort to raise awareness, educate and activate against this very real criminal industry on a global level.  There are said to be more slaves on planet earth right now than there ever has been in human history. This very minute, children and young women are being exploited, tortured, abused, betrayed, drugged, held against their will, blackmailed and, ultimately, destroyed. We all have our part to play in bringing freedom to the voiceless and powerless.

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Our Indie Go Go Campaign link is beneath so you can easily pick your favorite perk and give at whatever level you feel led.

A radio interview that I did with Laura Spaeth at BBOX RADIO

And, finally, our website:

Filmmaker Christina Zorich follows committed, established individuals (abolitionists) from both private and government organizations as they attempt to affect change in ending human sex trafficking, globally.  Our story will specifically focus on South East Asia. Ms. Zorich and her crew will shoot video diaries documenting their journey.  It is the intent of the film that our audience experiences these events as if they were there themselves.

Eight months of investigative research revealed a decipherable structure to the collective process of combating this criminal industry and those victimized by it. The film will be structured, honoring these aspects or elemental headings. Titles that clarify these discoveries will be used as “CHAPTERS” in the film – dividing and collecting footage shot of all three abolitionists that happen to fall under that heading. Experts and specialists will be interviewed and placed strategically throughout the film. The goal is to help the audience process and confront this difficult subject matter.  Answering the question: how do we, collectively; face, heal and truly fight this evil off and out of our midsts?

Jen, once this vile industry was revealed to me I have not been able to look away! Join me in standing up to this unacceptable evil. All of us have a sphere of influence where we can make a difference by becoming a voice on this issue, praying, donating, actively going to do anti trafficking work, calling our Senators and Congressmen and forcing them to take action. All of us are needed for true transformation and all of us have a part to play.

Christina Zorich:

Executive Producer/Director

Christina Zorich - The New Abolitionists L.L.C.

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