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On The Level, July 5, 2017

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On The Level
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Guest, Dr. Earl William Carter, Sr

On The Level with JLouis Mills with guest Dr Earl Carter

Dr. Earl William Carter, Sr. was born March 30, 1950 to George and Dorothy Carter, in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. He was the third child of five boys and one girl. Being a victim of a broken home, Dr. Carter and his brothers were thrust into a life of crime at an early age, which resulted in multiple arrests.

Dr. Carter received salvation in 1966 and the Lord did a quick work. He was led to Bishop O. T. Jones, Ph.D. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was ordained by the Church Of God In Christ in 1969. Dr. Carter has traveled over 40 years as both a National and International Evangelist in the Church Of God In Christ since that time.

  • Dr. Carter was a guest on BET Network for the following broadcast: G. E. Patterson, P. A. Brooks and Samuel Green, Sr. all of these men are General Board Members for the Church Of God In Christ.
  • Dr. Carter ministered at the International Convocation, which hosts over 40-70,000 people on four separate occasions in Memphis, Tennessee, and opened the Convocation in 1985 and 2000.
  • Dr. Carter ministered at the Minister’s Conference at Prairie View University.
  • Dr. Carter held a Tent Revival in the heart of Detroit, Michigan on 8 Mile Road where over 400 souls were saved!
  • Dr. Carter is the renowned author of three books, NO APOLOGY NECESSARY, TROUBLE IN THE BARNYARD and SIN MAKES YOU STUPID.
  • Dr. Carter received his Doctorate of Sacred Letters from Jacksonville Theological Seminary in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Dr. Carter was the 1998 speaker for the International Christian Publishers Association held in Hilton Head, South Carolina.
  • Dr. Carter has been featured several times in Charisma Magazine.
  • Dr. Carter has also been featured in the Journal Gazette.
  • Dr. Carter was a guest on the 700 Club Television Broadcast on February 5, 1999 with host Pat Robertson.
  • Dr. Carter lectured on racial reconciliation giving an in depth summarization of his book NO APOLOGY NECESSARY at Middle Tennessee State University for their student body.
  • Dr. Carter book NO APOLOGY NECESSARY has also been featured in online articles that were posted on The Dialogue Box and Marantha Christian Journal.
  • Dr. Carter taught 2 classes on Multiculturalism centered on No Apology Necessary at the University of Mississippi.
  • Dr. Carter was featured on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) March, 2007.
  • Dr. Carter has lectured at: University of Tennessee, Prairie View University, Bakers University (Kansas) and University of Mississippi.

On The Level

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