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Lets Find Out, September 15, 2019

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Lets Find Out
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with Elizabeth Joyce

Let's Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce

Headlined Show, Lets Find Out September 15, 2019

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Elizabeth Joyce explains how to walk you path in the fast lane with a few accessing energy skills

Elizabeth Joyce, host of
"Let's Find Out"
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Sunday evenings - 10:00 pm Eastern - 7:00 pm Pacific
TONIGHT - SEPTEMBER 15th we celebrate
The Full Moon in Pisces as Saturn turns direct - time to plan, move forward, and follow your heart.
Let's Look At The bright Side of Life!
on Let's Find Out
Tonight's Show features
Author, "seer", and healer - Elizabeth Joyce
discusses a time when we all will begin to feel the power of Fall and making our final adjustments into our new lives. We are at the end of a portal - grab this powerful energy while it is available to you.  We now have the chance to move forward into more productive, successful and fulfilling life styles. You all have been working hard now it can all come together - at last.
This is a call in show!
(Station 1)
Sunday evenings - 10:00 pm Eastern - 7:00 pm Pacific
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September 15th, 2019
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Your world is going to change in the coming year. Perhaps you can say that every year, but 2018 will be a year that sticks in your memory as a shift in attitude, beliefs, and the very structure of your life in transition.
However, I can assure you that everything is right on track with our Spiritual evolutionary process. All is right where it needs to be for this phase of the amazing Ascension process we have chosen to be born into, undertake, and move mankind forward. As we progress further and further into the higher realms, we have less and less of the old world to hold onto-the world as we know it. The vibrations are changing quickly, and with that experience we have chaos (destruction before reconstruction).
With these new Fifth Dimension energies and healing power, God and the Divine are about to lift us up into a new world of splendor, especially when using the "Circle of Light's" powerful meditation!
All of us have the ability to become transformed and carry the new frequencies within ourselves. We can become natural healers, manifest our desires, and bring unconditional love to everyone we come in contact with. Only those who choose to open their eyes and see will move along with the tides of change and survive.
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Unlimited Realities
is finally available.
A memoir of the life of a gifted "seer" and "healer." How a woman transcends from pain and sorrow, as destiny taps her on the shoulder. Rather than just shrugging off her problems, she gazed upward, spiritually awakened, floated above her body, and gained great wisdom and knowledge. Destiny taps her on the shoulder.. When I was eight, I became ill with a touch of TB. We lived in Ridgewood, New Jersey, but Mother had grown up in Warner, New Hampshire, where her mother and family still lived. I was shipped up to grandma's to live for a year, which was the beginning of "saving my Soul" as well as my life.
During that precious time I learned so much. Grammie taught me integrity of the heart. There in the Mink Hills of New Hampshire, I received my first nurturing. I felt the touch of God's love, the glory of the animals, nature, clean air and water, honesty, integrity, and most of all, self-responsibility.
I came to see that the mark of true wisdom is twofold: First, it encompasses every aspect of our being, body/mind/spirit. It touches our personal lives as well as our relationships with family, community, and the world. At the same time, this new lifestyle was so simple, with no need to run, hide, or fear. I was able to feel inwardly and thought, "Yes, I knew that!" "Of course, this is natural." There was a sense of reawakening to an understanding that Grammie believed was inherited through her ancestor generations. When we are open and touched on this deeper level, truth is instantly translated from a thought into active, workable solutions to our upsets and problems.
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