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Lets Find Out, January 6, 2019

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Lets Find Out
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with Elizabeth Joyce Teaching

Lets Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce Teaching

Elizabeth Joyce, host of
"Let's Find Out"
(Station 2)
Sunday evenings - 9:00 pm Eastern - 6:00 pm Pacific
This Sunday - January 6, 2019

Spiritual Teacher-Healer Elizabeth Joyce


(Station 2)

Sunday evenings - 9:00 pm Eastern - 6:00 pm Pacific

January 6, 2019
All living beings are in a different reality. We have the ability to create more benevolent and compassionate life for others and ourselves. We have made more progress towards our goal in 2018 - than in the past 20 years combined. This is because of the massive efforts by humanity and our Light beings, our Creator, our alien Light being friends, the rest of creation and beyond. Every one who has helped us - the effort has paid off. 
Because I know who I am
I know what I am
I know how I serve
I flow with clarity and truth
I am centered and balanced
We are closer to becoming our true SELF, natural, and moving beyond the possibility of separation, suffering and violence. We are closer to the goal of making the Earth our "Home" of higher dimension.
Join us!
This is a call in show.
Share with us what's happening with YOU.
Don't miss this exciting show.
This show is about YOU!

Remember, we ALWAYS find out!
The above phone # is to call in with your questions, not to listen to the show. 
The call in to listen numbers are 
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712-775-4842 Press 2 
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Lets Find Out

Lets Find Out with Elizabeth Joyce
Show Host
Elizabeth Joyce

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Let’s Find Out  brings to its listeners illuminating and enthralling exploration of the connection between our minds and our bodies. This show brings a series of fascinating interviews with experts in the field of metaphysics. Some shows will address your personal concerns, with some of the best intuitive advisors, energy healers, higher vibration music, experts on angels, dreams, and the out-of-body experience. The listener can call in to ask a question on the air. We move into the moment — bring in kindness, acceptance, and love. Let’s Find Out always finds out! Each show ends with a guided meditation.

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