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JD Rucker Show, October 31, 2023

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The Fed and White House Are Intentionally Tanking the Economy

Both the Federal Reserve and the White House are continuously lambasted for enacting policies that are destroying the U.S. economy. Most attribute this to incompetence and poor choices, but what if that's not the case. What if they know EXACTLY what they're doing? What if the results are EXACTLY as they have planned? Someone incompetent who takes a multiple-choice test will likely get some of it right. For the White House and Fed to get everything wrong means they know what to do to fix the economy as well as how to destroy it. They're doing this all intentionally.


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News and Opinions relevant to Americans today in the realms of politics, culture, and religion. Host JD Rucker from NOQ Report delivers truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective with co-host and wife Tammy.

We tackle issues that most won’t touch. Even conservative and many “alternative” media outlets refuse to talk about “taboo” topics for fear of losing money from Google, traffic from Facebook, or sponsors who are “woke.”

We don’t take on woke sponsors. We don’t get traffic from Facebook. We don’t take money from Google. We know we’ll get canceled by some, but the truth is the truth. We won’t hold back.

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hello my friends and welcome to another episode of the J D wrecker show I'm your host JD Rock and I didn't mention yesterday how blessed I feel to be on wwcr shortwave radio you know it's funny that so many people out there when you mention short way they're like oh you know me as one of two reactions at least in the circles that I run it some people don't like how ya got my shirt wait for just in case or some people say I listen to shortwave everyday other people than those I guess we don't have short way they like 2 or something what are we fighting the Nazis or something and I said well maybe maybe we will be fighting a variation of the Nazis in the near future this is why I strongly recommend people get short wave radios even if it is for just in case I'm not saying you have to go listen to it every day even though a lot of people do I'm just saying that if and when the crap hits the fan you're not going to be able to listen to
a FM radio chances are chance they're all so strong that the television will either be be not working or if it is working it'll be a government propaganda 24/7 and of course the internet they're already in the process of doing everything they can to stifle this information and misinformation and now information and whatever wrong think essentially is what they're trying to get rid of and so that's why I want to be trustworthy either being on wwcr is has been a tremendous blessing I've been able to to receive Communications from so many people who are just like yeah this is great you know I love it I love the show and I've had a couple of say hey you're an idiot all kinds of if you guys want to talk to me the best way to do it is to go to JD talk that comes directly to me I try to reply to as many of them as I can and I would do some days we get we get dozen some days we get hundreds
so do you want to talk to me you have something to say you have questions ideas suggestions you just want to tell me I'm an idiot then go to JD Rucker. Cam is talk and I will will receive those and I will do my best to respond whenever whenever I can it it does get this key challenging from time to time today I want to talk with the economy which makes sense considering that that our sponsor our primary sponsor here on the J D wrecker show is Genesis Gold group is Christian precious metals company is Ashley fantastic I've worked with many precious metals companies over the last three years I I have that it out 31 of them and I've vetted them out baseball certain criteria such as number one they can't be favorable to the Democrats and they can't be out there with their Executives and sometimes that even the companies themselves donating Democrats pushing for leftist causes donated to Planned Parenthood
all that stuff will be shocked how many how many of these companies out there you can companies that are being recommended by other conservative show host or are on the in sponsoring conservative blogs or whatever they a lot of them are in favor of the Democrats and when I die I actually asked one you know why I noticed I did my due diligence I found out that that you are executives are very you know but one of them I wouldn't stand naked on a open up but a strong the owner too many Democrats Democrats are great they they have to take the economy and that makes gold prices go up so we love them that's that's stupid but whatever so I won't work with them also wouldn't work with companies that operate or work with the Chinese Communist party or any of its American proxies there's a lot of those two maybe not as many donuts Democrats but there's a whole bunch of those out there their criteria is I didn't know where cuz any companies that Embrace or even push and promote Central Bank digital currencies there
are a handful out that would have gotten on board where they look at it as number one cdc's are going to be great for gold again that's why central banks are currently buying up as much gold as they can as are many of the movie of the hedge funds when the asset managers like Black Rock in Vanguard They are promoting the idea of gold and they never did before this is these are what company is nothing woke about physical precious metals but they're buying them up anyway to make you wonder why of course and you probably know the answer that but yes you know that these companies that are pushing for Central Bank digital currencies as precious metals companies they know that it would benefit if and when they do roll out a digital dollar than you will almost certainly am not an economist and my trying to offer Financial advice but you will likely see gold and silver prices Skyrocket
does that mean that if you hold gold that you should hope for absolutely not the Carnage that will will take place than the sacrifice they will have to be made to roll out Central Bank digital currencies will not be beneficial at all so this is more recent for a while I didn't really get into the whole business side of things but I had to I just can't I can't just blindly these guys are great because their patriotic you know I also have to recommend based upon whether or not I would do business with these companies and started diving deeper and deeper and deeper into the precious metals industry realized there's a lot of shenanigans going on especially when it comes to marketing you know if you've been getting emails or seeing ads or hearing show host talking about 5,000 get 10,000 get $15,000 in free silver use your common sense nothing is free you guys aren't doing the hundred-thousand-dollar IRA rollover in the hell you looking at what I found in my pocket is $15,000 in silver you know
rollover or transfer account there making like $40,050 or $60,000 and your actual account has been diminished by 40 50 or $60,000 depending on how much they are making any of that is that is check it out then you don't need to do the due diligence I think you can just use common sense of the giving away that much money plus they're giving away and paying for the other show host of other sites or other whatever to do advertising and then they got to pay their sales reps are they getting all this money they don't own the gold okay for the most part but even then it's not like they're beginning of a discount if not just selling at a premium so that's why I strongly are wondering when the four reasons why I strongly recommend Genesis Gold group you can check them out at jtr today we are going to be talking very big lie
economy talk like I'm not an economist by any means but let's just say I have done probably a lot more research and learned I would I would feel comfortable debating a a scholarly most not all of them some of them are really into a lot of them I would say are not
like I would love I would love to get good day Krugman get crewmen on the air and have a nice Financial debate with him because I think I could tear him apart he he seems to be more of a partisan than in the, stand that's that's been his modus operandi for 4 years decades even but there are a lot of stories that are a lot of moving parts that are moving the economy sometimes in the right direction and sometimes mostly in the wrong direction unfortunately I let start that start with this story from zerohedge the skinny your there's a lot of ivory Bloomberg Ira forms I read that the left or the right when it comes to the economy I try to get all the prospectus but I always end up going back to when it comes time to see okay so what is this really meet the folks over there the UB Tyler Durden Persona does a fantastic job and also the people that they get for example they have this interview it's an hour-long interview and I'm not going to play
but I am going to report the article by Peter Schiff he's one of the condoms that I would not debate because he would he would probably be annihilated just know his stuff very well and his his claim is it's the beginning of the end for this whole phony economy that really does break down exactly what we're facing we are facing a felony economy let's call it what it is this isn't real nail when it when they put out jobs numbers they're always every time by the ministration puts out a job number at they get corrected later on what does that mean are they just stupid and account do I have that one of their lesson or are they just blowing smoke are they trying to create a phony false you know positive outlook on Vitamix
obviously that's the case has Peter should be explained in his podcast that's a big problem when the entire economy is built on a foundation of Chief money but most people in the mainstream don't seem to grasp the gravity of the situation they don't realize that we are at the beginning of the end of this whole phony economy in a nutshell the economy is buried under trillions in debt cost of the debt is rising the economy simply isn't built to handle and even moderately High interest rate environment but here we are going in Issaquah from shift every day we're getting closer to a major stock market crash where a financial crisis or both
it's just not the only one out there saying is that so there's I would say majority of economist's are doing the quote unquote right thing they're lying K&M I said what bird is never right to life I shouldn't say lying they are there painting of Rose your picture than reality is the key to the economy the key comics in general a lot of it comes down to perception if people think the economy is down and they will make the economy down if people think the economy is up and they will make the economy up and it's not I mean it's not a direct correlation there and then. I shouldn't say there is a direct correlation there isn't a it's it's not the only factor of course there are plenty of factors that determine how well the economy is doing how well we're doing financially but for the most part 1 consumer sentiment for example that means the people are going to buy more and when they hear from a cop to the consumer sentiment is updating okay I guess that means it is okay to buy now but I hope you get the idea
this is the truth this is how it works is one of the reasons it's funny because you look a lot of Trumps policy a lot of Trumps policies when he was in office were necessarily like super pro economy but he was his Persona was his attitude was America match that America said wow the economy's back as a result of believing in Trump believe in the future of the economy and it didn't hurt that we have those tax cuts in 2018 okay but believe me all the stuff was happening in the right direction the sentiment overall consumer economy was positive and as a result a lot of good things happen it wasn't just the policies policies by themselves and if you were to take what's the Obama okay and in his last two years in active the same policies the Trump enacted his first his his first two years it would have been the same result because Obama's sentiment towards the economy
what's more important people sentiment towards him regarding the economy work for
Trump was full of hope he expected to make the stock price of the stock market rise he expected to make unemployment go down he expected to put minorities to work and occasions to work expected things to go well as a result that's that depth perception really have to elevate the actual economy itself and so became is essentially a self-fulfilling prophecy which is why I go back to the notion that many Economist they will paint a rose your picture and they actually believed simply because they don't want to be the ones that spark you know they don't want to say it's going to get bad and then it does because they said it was going to be bad this is the easiest way to put it ok Google a ship is out there saying please Michael burry if you never watched The Big Short movie has played by Christian Bale he's the one that predicted the and not just predict it but also put his money and everybody else's money we was representing put their money behind the idea that there was going to be a housing bubble is go
first they made a lot of money as a result but now he shorted the stock market he is basically saying he believes that there's going to be a stock market crash here in the very near future this way again I go back to Genesis Gold group is why you want to take your retirement take your IRA or 401k or government retirement account and do a transfer or roll over into a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metal if the stock market crashed $50 Asian happens if Central Bank digital currencies come come to to be if any of a dozen actors happened then it's very likely you bet that things are going to go south with whatever your retirement is in a less Authority in Disco precious metal check him out of JD are going through God, I'm sorry jay Dr Nigeria at JDR
so back to the article that the crisis is inevitable nothing to be can derail it in the long run he said Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell to put off the implosion in the short run by doing something drastic to change the narrative that would entail at least hinting at interest rate Cuts is a quote directly from shift from his podcast otherwise this is going to happen what is tomorrow the next day or next week is hard to tell what seems apparent to me is that we're about to go over cliff I just don't know how much more distance there is between where we are now and the edge of a cliff but we're going
so your hedge asks what is going to push us over the edge
according to article the rise in interest rates is the bond market as the bond market continues to collapse
pretty straightforward
Peter Schiff pointed out that he's been warning about this for years and he's not alone in July Jim Grant said we could be heading toward a generational bear Market in bonds bond yields are now the highest level since before the 2008 financial crisis in the yield on the 10-year treasury approaching 5% currently 4.56% by the last time it was that high was 2001 years 10 big difference between then and now 2001 the national debt was 3.3 trillion
3.3 trillion
now it's 10 fold of that ashore 22 years later
British if we have a lot more debt now that we had back then so this is a much bigger problem just said that the mainstream Financial media doesn't seem to appreciate the fact that they are looking at the beginning of the end for this whole phony economy economy is built on a foundation of cheap money says it's actually kind of me it's every facet of it the government the deficits the government budget is built on cheap money is not just the federal government has been gorging on this cheap money a lot of the state government's municipalities there are all issued a tremendous amount of debt over the last 15 years that can be good that can also be very bad you know one could argue that on a personal financial level that is almost always bad but there are times when I actually work in your advantage when you have this cheap money that we have been as as Schiff Schiff his word gorging on the last two decades
we have the cheap money out there it's it's enticing it's okay you know same as cash basically we're fine this is going to be in this going to be good to go to Dad don't worry it's not like it's it's will get it paid off don't worry just keep going deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper in debt
so they were not telling us what they were signaling to us at an individual level at a city and state level six cities that are starting to go under unable to pay their bills states that are that are on the verge of collapse and of course we as a nation if it wasn't for the fact they essentially took the debt ceiling and eliminated it until January 2025 was it for that then we would already be in in major major major trouble is that bad
it is that bad
this article and all the articles but I talked him I will be available over at you'll be able to find it at discern the surf report. Com check it out and you have to click on the show notes tab the show notes header or whatever it is called so that would be good
yeah that's why I laugh I shouldn't have cuz it's not very funny but it's it's kind of funny to me that they keep pushing made not just the table I'm here for obvious reasons to want to push up why you not much is working you know we're putting people to work we're putting we're getting paychecks raise we're all inflation is not another it's great to get low I can understand what they would do the last quarter movie are they really just that against another Trump presidency or anywhere, for that matter are they really just so unhinged in the post having a republican in office that they would lie on a daily basis about the state of the economy
or Christian Street
chances are you seeing ads or heard show host talking about the idea of getting free silver you'll get 5000-10000 $15,000 in free silver if you'll only do business with this cold company of that gold company folks it's not real I want to see if you will number one go check out the truth about the quote unquote free silver by going to discern. TV / silver discern. TV / silver but if you want to be treated honestly if you wanted to be with to set yourself up with a self-directed IRA back my physical precious metals with a Christian company then go to Jay Dr JDR Genesis Gold group will take care of you they will treat you honestly they will help you to secure your retirement in these tumultuous time so check them out go to JDR today
he comes from a smart of rest of the Daily Caller post this earlier in the week Daily Caller says confidence I'm sorry consumer confidence plummets as Biden approval rating slump and it goes back to what I was saying. Sometimes it really just is sentiment he knows people don't like the person that's supposed to be driving economy they're not going to let the economy get better you know that again I don't want to make it sound as a sentiment has everything but it really does play an important role in what's happening us consumer sentiment index in September the client to its lowest point in months as voters voice concerns over Joe Biden's handling of the economy consumer confidence is decreasing once again after having risen over the course of 2023 fall
Lowe's during 2022 according to the morning console moreover As Americans remain pessimistic 56% of Americans disapproving of Biden and recent Washington post-abc news and NBC News polls up from previous figures and again were talking about it's up from his disapproval rating is is going up
as Energy prices are on the rise and stocks are tumbling morning consult found that consumer confidence had fallen across all income levels, and spell the most among high-income households during September do middle-income households also reported a nearly 3% decline in confidence morning consult asks roughly 6,000 consumers per day questions about their personal finance and their feelings about the economy economic stay the country to produce its index going to the pollsters website majority of individuals survey by Washington post-abc news and NBC News by pollsters reported negative feelings toward buying the car tracking with the lower confidence in the economy and pessimism about household Finance Financial conditions reported by the morning consult post and ABC News survey to 1060 Roosevelt Seattle yada yada yada yada so so yeah they're not happy there concern they should be massaged Dimension energy energy is food food prices going up or going through the roof it's rent
rent prices if I was in with the rates on your mortgage is everything seems to be going up I do they say oh you know what inflation of where it's it's going down towards it's getting better you know I remember there was a time when they said you know you have to be a 2% inflation that's our Target now they're showing that that we're doing well when they show 4% inflation again we're not even talkin about core and play talking about the actual inflation numbers when they see that it's positive they're not taking into account things actually affect you and me and who was it I think it was there was a young lady I believe she's at a Tik-Tok influencer who posted she's been tracking the stuff every August she's been tracking her her bills and she's been trying to buy a sense of the same thing over and over again right they have a very very dedicated form of
of a food purchasing so and so she was showing that that in the month of August 2021 her monthly bill was like 750 bucks and then in 2022 or monthly bills like fourteen hundred bucks and then in 2023 I was like fifteen hundred bucks and that's after she had joined I things like Walmart super saver program or something to that effect when is that is that she's not alone everybody's feeling okay if you eat food
and you're not producing it all yourself then yeah you're feeling it maybe you haven't noticed but you are and if you produce your own food all of the prices of fertilizer going up the prices of of the Seas themselves going off and we're having a hard time sometimes cuz we have an earlier run little garden my wife my wife does what she can be very limited space we have in our backyard we don't have soil that we can plant in in our backyard we could have artificial grass it's Southern California don't don't ask me don't ask me why do we have artificial grass so so she has to use grow bags and then the the big wooden boxes that we put the soil and everything's above ground and and we've had a hard time this year I mean for whatever reason and she has theories about it being the son about the all these other things I'm not dealing with it heard this feels familiar with Ann vandersteel
I was talking to to her significant other and he was telling me that yeah they're having trouble with crop it was some some crop that we were having the same same challenges with and then spoke to a show host out of Atlanta Atlanta area same thing they're me it just seems as if we're we're having challenge with you trying to grow your food what are you buying your food when you're going to that with it does matter if you're going to Walmart or Whole Foods or anywhere between you're having troubles and people do see this people feel it
it's not good
and Wesley's poles I would say if anything these polls are Kinder than than reality
take take that in and do with that what you will but it again for those who missed it earlier all these stories that I talked about today and any day you can find it at find them at the server Port. Cam just click on the show notes Tab and I will take you to all the stores you can go there now and if you listen to the slide first of all hi I love you guys secondly yeah it's you can just follow along with what I mean I don't normally just read a lot but when it comes to to the economy you want to get it straight you know that this is something where you know when I was talking yesterday to dr. Peter McCullough it was very easy for me because we're both talking about a subject we know well we weren't reading anything week we could have talked for six hours just nonstop about the one topic right button this stuff yes I'm comfortable for me, prospective but I want to be sure that I'm portraying not just my perspective but also the perspectives of those who are
41 of those who are experts not that I give him credit for being an expert but I mean the dude's Wicked smart he's just also probably Wicked evil as well bring the epoch Times article title JPMorgan CEO Diamond Jamie dimon warrants us isn't ready for looming worst case scenario of the word there the keyword that you guys went to pay attention to his looming
these people I want to be clear about something you're the one I always say oh you know central banks are buying gold in this guy to these guys are buying stocks or whatever I said that I like Central Bankers it's something I like you know the Chinese Communist party like all we should mimic them because they're doing those darn things it's not because of their that they are so likeable other we should admire them not buy no course we shouldn't but I do have the inside track I do know things that we don't know that we know we're not privy to something to show they're smarter than us okay but they do get access to information we don't why don't these people leave Bank Central Bankers regular Bankers you know people that are that are really driving the trends and keeping their finger on the pulse of the economy worldwide they pay huge money to get information that we can't get
so that's why yeah it's that I don't admire or even like Jamie dimon but I do listen to him when he's talking about the economy and want to throw out a very huge caveat there any information they put out is not going to be the secret information is going to be there putting out information that will drive people in the direction they want us to go okay and I'm being philanthropic with her advice they're doing it because because they they want to achieve a goal with information they put out there but here's the thing it's still behooves us to pay attention and to try to decipher to try to discern if you will what exactly we should be learning from their actions their words their statements their non statement there's silence even tells us a lot
diamonds warning that businesses and investors are prepared for rates to go to 7% feed into a broader concern of a possible recession in the are going to be clear my belief is that this article you know this or not just the art of the article Itself by the other times but but diamonds words his statements are directed towards the fence not just our for not just the Federal Reserve but also central banks across the world what he's trying to basically say is hey guys hit the brakes slow down your I know you want to stop inflation number ones not working number to you're going to you're going to make things much worse if you keep raising rates
Coney Island baby Morgan Chase CEO Jamie dimon has warned that many US businesses and investors are ill-prepared for a looming worst case scenario in which the Federal Reserve boost interest rates to an eye-watering 7% while the United States languages in the grips of stagflation mr. Diamond issued a stark warning in the interview with the times of India on the sidelines of a financial conference in Mumbai India on September 26th on the same day wall Street's main index closed 1% lower as investors wrestle with the prospect of long period of high interest rates to quash persistently High inflation and the economic Fallout he touched on the much-discussed theme of recession saying no one knows where the United States is in for a so-called soft Landing mini a cooling of inflation and economic growth without triggering an actual contraction or whether the nation's prepared for a hard Landing to be clear so I think this is really the first time at least that I can recall
there has been this much talk about a soft landing hard Landing folks there is no less a soft Landing it's still bad okay mean is it's it's the essentially the turning point from Whitney at which point an economy can control start growing without having to to go through as much pain to do so right that's that's the deposit but to get there still requires much pain hard Landings pain on top of paint essentially basically it's like okay so not only did we that we stopped in place but now all of a sudden we hit it so hard that now the commies Contracting
and that's bad
so it's not a question of whether we've got good news coming your bad news it's a question of whether we got bad news or Worse news coming that's why it would be such a good diamond is is is saying you're in his perspective tells us that hey you know what it is going to get bad but we should probably hold off on taking rates higher and higher and higher bhakti article face with decades High inflation the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates at its fastest Pace since the 1980s since March 2020 the since March 2020 to The Benchmark fed funds rate has jumped to a range of 5.25% to 5.5% from 0 from the the cheat money of the past while the fed's policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee fomc which they met last week they decide to hold it steady the Central Bank officials warned that the fight against inflation is far from over and more rate increases could be ahead the FM
the vote was accompanied by its summer you cannot make projections which points to an additional 25 basis-point boost this year which would send rights to a range of 5.5 to 5.75% however it's the diamond thinks that may not be enough in the FED could well take rates as high as 7% and break stuff as he says in an economic sense as Central Bank Watchers like to say and here's quote I'm not sure the world is prepared for 7% I can answer that question know that was not
but I do think it's going to happen you know whenever I want to be clear so so just so that I think it's sometimes people will hear me talking about the economy and I think I always pushing goal of the human talking about food always pushing beat with its it does not behoove me from a price sponsor perspective will say to say that I believe the rates are going to continue to go up that's not a good that's that's not good for gold okay so I can for anything really except for lowering inflation but even that you know even that has proven to be working clearly and we have had that the highest most drastic rates in Decay rate increases in decades and inflation is still there and we raise rates like at this rate at pretty much any other point history of place would have already been talking about okay slow down softly and we got to slip you reverse course you know we're going to we're going to hit hard bust right through that wall and gone
hey I can try acting kind of know
no we're not when I seen that machine inflation high and rates High when you got both those High that's a bad mix folks
so when I say I was in the high interest rates is bad for gold reason he hasn't been hit as hard as it should or silver or any precious metals the only reason they have been hit hard is because everything else is getting out of stock market dollar everything is getting hit
point is is that I mine on Economist self does believe that interest rates are going to continue to go off at least next year they will eventually have to reverse we hope but it's not going to be immediate
thanks the article higher for longer Federal Reserve chair drum pow put a higher for longest spin on the path of interest rates telling a news conference following the fomc meeting than inflation has a very has a long way to go before reaching the central bank's Target of around 2% is your mark sengstock slower with higher for longer interest rates of interest rate concerning see me to weigh on investors into this week Mr Diamond delved into the theme of higher for longer interest rates in his interview with Times of India saying that the early rate increases were basically meaningless and that's the later ones that have brought pain there's a quote from him first of all is Trace went 20 going from 0 to 2 % was almost no increase going from 0 to 5 %. Some people off guard but no one would have taken 5% out of the realm of possibility I'm not sure if the world was prepared for 7% I asked people in business are you prepared for something like 7% the worst case is 7% was speculation and that's what I think
we're going to see that place is a toxic mix of stagnant economic growth and high inflation that's where we're heading sucks in other words the worst of Both Worlds the generally speaking
Yeah inflation interest rates have an inverse inverse relationship with each other how are the interest rates low the inflation are the inflation lower the interest rates okay and so you can supposed to be kind of a whole idea of the FED in the first place if you take out the the the reality which is to destroy us but that's a whole other discussion some other day but but if you look at the the declared the I just got to the public knowledge purpose for the FED it is to try to maintain a proper balance between inflation and that's the that's their sessions are one job so to speak they have other jobs but that's the one where they can have the greatest impact on your finances my finances everybody's finances
when there is no nipple know why when you when you have both having the same time that's what we getting just a place that's what we get into some serious serious trouble this article is exceedingly long I'm going to have to just let you guys read it over at you find that the CERN and check out the show notes show notes tab this is by Tom Osmak by the way smart guy one of my favorite journalist over there he seems to be on top of the stuff grab some more than than a lot of other journalists out there in the world back to Jamie dimon the first article from shtf plan., Diamond the Warrens world not ready for no I'm sorry I don't want to repeat myself. This is Bill Carter over at NaturalNews end of listening before I get into something people I got a note
I got to know the other day
regarding natural news
natural news Mike Adams site is
I would say bleeding edge when it comes to the news and that's not to me say that they're bleeding edge as far as the breaking of the news cuz a lot of times their weight behind I just read articles are like oh my gosh this is crazy and I find out that it's from a month old you know it's the news reporting is a month old and it's fine because they do try to do to make sure that they bring important news back to the top of mine I'm not tripping on them for that but you when you're on the bleeding has that means that sometimes you will go into into topics that
that are questionable maybe not to talk to themselves but you were poured on things that they can be questioned whether I get these reports all you do you talk about Infowars all the times your fridge out with folks if this is there might have been time while back where I've been like hell yeah you know maybe I should be focusing on Breitbart or Washington examiner or whatever today if I want the truth I have to go to these French sites if I want to be telling you guys the truth I have to go here you might work over at the Liberty daily that, he's any access to information about hundreds of Publications we receive emails across-the-board we get the emails from the epoch times we get emails from from Todd Starnes John Solomon you have a great awesome journalist people send this stuff and we get to try to stay on top of the news not to mention baseball my fees and baseball my job I have to be reading you know
pun pay somewhere between 1500 and 2500 headlines per day articles I read roughly anywhere from 50 to 100 per day videos I watch doesn't maybe two dozen some days more than that you just got to do it that's what I do this is this is my this is my contribution to to the worlds and me fighting the good fight
so when I talk about these articles from natural news or Infowars or the Gateway pundit or any of these quote-unquote friends sites I do so knowing that sometimes they put stuff out there that's a little weird okay
a lot of times and I would argue more and more and more lately their articles that are Fringe are actually true and the articles that are that are normal I see no stubble read the daily Wire Fox News That's the false information the real stuff you're going to get pipe going to the bridge by going to to Alternative me how do I call you French media cuz I'm part of that I don't feel like you like I'm on the fridge but I do believe that we are part of alternative media I know the Mike Adams hard I'd consider him a good friend I know his heart is for the truth I know his writers is author's their heart is for the truth are they or anybody over and Infowars or 100% fed up or slain news or the bad news or any of these other other quote alternative media sites are they going to to get something wrong every now and then sure but I would argue to those of you whose I don't read that for me
I would argue to you guys I would trust someone I trust my own discernment to be able to just say out this is probably wrong
versus oh my gosh this is big and I will research to find out if it's real or not so that's my promise to you yes I will Dive Into The Fringe is The Fringe
score the truth is again I'm not saying that was the case before maybe it was and I just didn't notice it but as of today I will trust Mike Adams or Alex Jones over over to whoever Sean Hannity or what is Jake Tapper or any of those guys because whether what does are revealing the truth or not I know they're trying to they're not trying to mislead
and I trust my own discernment of my own research to determine if it's true or not so this article by Bill Carter over at and of dollars hegemony Russian oil giant now uses you on and rubles for export settlements
and it's by the way this is funny cuz I actually start off by saying every now and then sometimes our stories are a little bit old but this one is texting me see if I can trace this back this one is at see the information from it is actually from
rates at Lisa's from this month sometimes it's from from previous previous month but this one is from this month but again I don't I don't hold this against them because this information when it broke so to speak broke a few days ago I didn't catch it okay so I'm glad I'm blessed I considered natural is a blessing when they go to put recycle news it's a little bit old if if it's if it's new to me it's new as far as I'm concerned so oil producer gazprom neft a subsidiary of energy giant gazprom is now conducting crude trade with foreign partners with the Chinese Yuan and and Russian rubles a significant step in reducing Reliance on the US dollar and Euro which both became unreliable following the Western sanctions imposed on the Eurasian Nation to be clear so this all comes down to if the number one this has been planned for a long long time long before
Russia invaded Ukraine they've been one of those being the entire predicate for the brics Nations to be formed in the first place was because they wanted to get away from Western influence they wanted to give away from our dominants and in particular the US Dollars dominance as the world Reserve currency this is just you know when we when when Joe Biden and post the sanctions and when replacing pull the plug on Swift for them that was an eye-opener not just damn I just for Russia but also for four nations across the world because everybody relies on this spot every nation relies on Swift and forever for them to be to receive the message of hey you know what we don't like what you doing we might just cut you off from your money or he's like whoa what if we do something that pisses off Joe Biden
you know why they got to come after us and that's just further fueled this push $40 agent back to the article the company's CEO Alexander do a cough revealed this information on the sidelines of the tnf energy form which was held in the oil wrench I don't know how to pronounce that region somewhere in Siberia Russian word region in Siberia by conventional practice of conducting International Trade used to be done using major Global currencies like the dollar in Euro this decision increasingly reflected a strategic move to align its Trade Practices more closely with the economic and Geographic interest of Russia as well as its significant energy ties with China according to do a cough the company which has not experienced experience any problems with dried meat exports earnings in foreign currency since it started trading with the same currency as it also receives its revenue from oil and petroleum products sales at short notice another words
let's cut to the chase here cuz it's a relatively long article is so let's just say what they're saying what Russia and China are saying is that hey we were supposed to be basically cut off from the world and I'm not so much sign of it Russia that we were supposed to be just begging begging to 44 flat Amir zelensky that to forgive us we we should be paying reparations we were told that our economy is going to tank
but it didn't
it didn't take for sure, did I think when the ruble fell for a couple of days
and then rebounded
it has been continuing to rebound ever since
that doesn't that's not a reflection on Russia by the way it's reflects on the rest of the world
reflection on basically we gave an ultimatum either just seen in an absolutely horrific movie that I totally loved I called Varsity Blues k
and I'm going to go to school early because if you haven't seen it you're probably never going to see it it's like a 90's movie I think maybe maybe a little later than that but his football movie and during the last big climactic game halftime their the coaches trying to have to put a pain-killing injections is running backs leg so I can go back out there but everybody knows like the players all know that is a bad idea because he's he's going to do permanent damage and ruin his career potential career in the NFL or whatever so they're all like they're like I know I don't do it don't do it and the coach made by Jon Voight freaks out you know he's like he's all right and goes any attacks the quarterback who's leading the Revolt so to speak playing buy a James Van Der Beek you text me that he realizes oh my gosh you know already freaking out and he starts alright alright boys come on
got when you got to trust me. I got to follow me out there I'm walking out the door in just got to follow me right back or somebody did
it reminds me of Joe Biden alright we're going to come up from swim isolate him let Russia crumble and then do them get out of Ukraine and everything will go back to normal and they'll be chastised and you don't worry I won't do this to any of you guys do don't worry don't worry about no we're we're doing something unprecedented we're doing something that's basically I would say at least partially illegal for an international legal perspective but hey you know where the United States of America's who cares
is he sent you the message that went out there
and felt people side with Russia that letter I sent to the people the Nations sided with Russia most of them either didn't approve of what what we were doing to them with the switch system or they went off and start working in the dark rooms and and back alleys and quiet Communications about how they could start trading with Richard continue to trade with Russia without having to go through the Swift payment system
and that's what you can argue and I could definitely argue that this was all by Design By Design by Russia or China they might have been in on it but this was by Design from the Biden Harris regime I do believe
that in this where we got into some conspiracy theories but but people say oh my gosh they're so terrible they're so awful they they are doing such a bad job they're they're failing miserably and I say no they're not feeling they are accomplishing exactly what they set out to accomplish they're doing exactly what they've been told to do by their Puppet Masters brother is the Chinese Communist party and their control over Joe Biden or the Deep State or the world economic Forum or the council for inclusive capitalism but just anybody in general among the global suleika ball what was actually pull the strings they're not say oh my gosh you know this we thought this is going to do good thing for America but it didn't you know they're telling the vine Harris regime many politicians on Capitol Hill and met politicians at the state level to start doing this and you say all it's all the Democrats but it's not the most of the Democrat
most of them
but it's not all of them there are Republicans who do the same thing in my humble opinion they're intentionally demolishing the United States economy decimating it worse than decimating obliterating it
this is all part of in my humble opinion again I keep having to say that because you know there's times when I speak from a position of knowledge and there's times when I speak from a position of speculation I am speculating it just makes sense to me
based on whether do nobody fails this badly okay if you're taking a test right as you're taking the test and you didn't study for it at all and you it's a multiple choice test which is basically every decision in government is a multiple choice test right you got the right answers the wrong answers if you were to take a test that you didn't study when you failed it miserably you were you know you what you it's a multiple choice test you just do seeds cross the board okay you just do CB CB CB or something like that right here to do that you're going to get some of them ride
the fact that the biotin hair for Jean and DC in general have been on on the worst Financial losing streak in history of of capitalism they have made the wrong decision every time that's not about incompetence it's not extreme competence that say I think we know the right answer and we're going to get that intentionally wrong
that's why I get so concerned and so so fired up about this because we believed we often attribute to incompetence or Dementia or stupidity but we should actually be attributing to a direct attack against the United States of America a direct attack against you against me against their economy against the Constitution against freedom
this isn't a mistake that all these things are happening this isn't A Series of Unfortunate Events it just randomly came together and do this perfect storm is destroying our economy destroying our freedoms is willful
is intentional evil
that's my rant for the day alright last story before we go to our station identification break questions for me sis why are question are by Jean Fior
how a CBC this isn't that I shouldn't a question this is is a statement affect actual statement of how a CBC created chaos and poverty in Nigeria you sometimes people say oh you know you can't really compare with the us will have in the US versus a third world country or even you know just a lower first world country it's not always going to Transit the same I agree I wholeheartedly agree what they saw when they run out of CVC in Nigeria is much milder than what we will see when it rolls out I agree that it's not a direct direct comparison that's just that that's going to be Child's Play compared to what we see so we'll see what they saw Nigeria with a population of over 200 million became the first series Global testing ground for Central Bank digital currencies implementations not it not only is it the wealthiest country in the continent where the globalstar making
but Nigeria also possesses significant hydrocarbon and metal reserves and talented citizens for these reasons they can serve as a relatively good example for the rest of the poorest countries for the rest of the poorest continents
geopolitical considerations are not significant the globalist who have been present in Nigeria for sometime I feel that if they do not take care of Nigeria the Russians president there since the Soviet era will do it little interest in Nigeria are also being sought after by the Chinese have been building Railways roads airports and mining companies in Nigeria while simultaneously cultivating good relationships with tribal and political leaders here's a timeline of the establishment of the naira I think that's how you pronounce e n a i r a e will call in naira that's prettier in naira Nigerian cvtc although the attempt to dig to digitize as I noted yesterday there's a reason why I don't read teleprompters or scripts I like to talk I like to talk off-the-cuff I like to take my knowledge information thoughts my opinions and express them to you in a concise
hopefully an intelligent manner when I try to read other people's worth I tend to stumble so it is what it is someday I will learn to read better maybe more dwelling a holy attempted to digitize the Nigerian currency ended in Failure carries a lesson for the rest of the world on October 25th 2022 one year after the national referendum on the establishment of CBC in Nigeria in which 99.5% of the citizens voted against digitizing the currency 99.5% talk about lack of Freedom we wouldn't even be close I would argue that by the time they're done trying to pitch it to Americans that they will get if they would get a majority vote because we're dumb guy just in general might mean that you you're not dumb I'm not. But most Americans I believe are Dumber at least willfully ignorant about this time.
in which 99.5% of the citizens voted against digitized digitalizing that are using a different word for me the currency then the dead president of the country Muhammad buhari from the Fulani tribe issued a decree that is that despite the opposition of the majority of the nation the financial Revolution would still take place in December 2022 the government in Abuja lost a total tax on cash situation resembled events from 2016 in India when the government demonetized the highest denomination banknotes the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria announce that by the end of January 2023 Nigeria would fully transition from physical cash to the the Central Bank digital currency bill were required to transfer their casual to CBN which would service them under the new monetary regime executive order was carried out by the government of the GB and yada yada yada
stop the end of the experiment the situation of uncertainty and danger has persisted for three and a half months until the inauguration of the new president Bola Ahmed tinubu from the Yoruba Tribe a former civilian governor of Lagos State in May are on May 2019 2023 approximately 100 days 100 days after the actual cash elimination present to new restore the validity of the old currency Lawnside with a new battery and the Inari naira that let it's an Uber to make sure we're what led to new boo to make such a gesture was he forced to do so by over overseers of the experiment from the IMF the fed or the wef if so why didn't take them three months three and a half months to condemn a hundred million people to starvation
political observers in Abuja believe that no one intervene present Bola tinubu put an end to the experiment and stuck to his position once he invalidated the CBC he ordered an investigation into the CBN resulting in the unprecedented attention of the pharmacy being Governor I got one mfal on June 10th 2023 in late June like the court released him from custody but the security service are we arrested him and is holding him in custody investigation is ongoing influential protectors from the IMF be fed and even the White House which singled out Nigeria as the global debutante currency digitalization remain silent
I think of that theory is correct by the way your people are saying that if it was the fad of the imf's world economic Forum they were the ones that was they were pushing for this to take place for the the Nigerian digital currency Central Bank digital currency to be to be Rush that pushed out there they want the ones that said hey reverse course let's go let's try to bring almost they would have allowed it to continue all the way until tens of millions hundreds of millions of people were either dead or revolting or both while they're dead
they would let it go because it's just it's from their first-round not saying this because I'm not the one that saying this but it's never expected it's just like the area they don't care about Nigeria or its resources but they don't care about the Nigerian people if they did they would have allowed it to even gone for three and a half months it would have said 0 99.5% sorry
we're doing it anyway that's not how you treat people that you care about they didn't care and that's why I firmly believe that Nigeria was able to dodge a bullet or we could say many many many bullets
by selecting the right president of the right time to put an end to that quote-unquote experiment before destroy his entire nation and we may not be over today they are not exactly on solid Financial ground at this point but the Carnage is is slowly but surely recite it receding
they're looking better off and that's a good sign but it's also a lesson from this is that as bad as it was there if and when we have to embrace Central Bank digital currency the Carnage might not be as Swift but it will be very much harder to reverse and will be much more devastating this is coming folks we can do everything we can to the shopping we should always fight the good fight we shouldn't go through this expecting to win we should go through this expecting to be able to protect ourselves perhaps that our loved ones I don't think we can protect our nation not when so many people have their head in the sand break this is a short break we have to go to station identification for wwcr some you guys stay and then I will be right back
yes welcome back after our brief brief break to talk to to mention that we are on wwcr shortwave radio reaching like 177,000 countries or something like that I think that's how many they told me maybe it wasn't quite that many but reaching the world and that's been reflected by the comments that I've been getting a lot of the emails people can reach out to me by going to JD record cam talk JD record, talk and I try to reply to as many people as I can can't guarantee I can get everybody but I do try sex stories from Michael Michael Snyder he's a he's a bell-ringer I guess he's been doing it for a long time you can tell by the name of the site or one of the sites that you cannot make class that should give you an indication of
where is mine says that it's been like that for a long time and a lot of his stuff turns out to be correct I would say much of his current analysis isn't necessarily about hey you know the dead and everything is going to make our economy fall next two years today for the NFL really last couple years he's been focused on what's happening right now it's not about the economy is going to collapse you know what the next decade it's about hey we're in trouble now this story from earlier this week its title 10 numbers which proved that the US economy has hit a major pivot point it looks as if it's a kind way to put it yeah we are in in a spiral in my humble opinion but thankfully we did have some strength pre covid the lot of strength and we did have some recovery after after covid started dying down a little bit and I we we seen some some indication so it's not like it's a downward spiral
without fault but we do need to make some major changes and when I say we saw a whole lot that you and I can do I'm a big fan of action right I like to be able to offer not just always so bad I don't want to just say that I want to say and here's what you can do to fix it lately it's gotten to the point where pretty much the only thing that I talked about as far as fixing it is to take care of yourself you start start from the top down yeah I'm a firm believer for those little know that the hierarchy of government starts with the individual technically the hierarchy of government starts with with God for really being honest but it starts with the individual in the family then and then goes down to the community and then down to the city and the county and the state and then eventually Falls the lowest level of government in my humble opinion would be the federal government which should be in an ideal scenario and I do a constitutional republic the federal government would just be the catch-all for whatever else nobody else can take care of that would be so limited
we should not have a federal government it's about probably 95% or more reduced from the size that it's at now and everything else given back to the states to the individuals to the County's air filter filter to the rest of us that the people who really should be governing this nation in most regards and I believe in taking down federal government completely but they have become so bloated so huge that take them down 95% would still making pretty big as we all know so back to the start of our starting this article 10 numbers which proved that the US economy has hit a major Pivot Point by Michael Snyder during the summer many of the experts repeatedly assured us that the US economy would be able to avoid a recession but now reality setting in credit conditions continue to tighten home sales are fall or failing falling our family either one
what are you going to call credit card losses are exploding stores are closing all over the country in the number of bankruptcies is Rising 2 very alarming levels meanwhile the cost of living continues to become more and more suffocating you have a gut feeling that very hard times are on the horizon you are definitely not alone as you will see below a staggering 71% of all Americans currently believed that America is on the wrong track in our economy is one of the biggest reasons why they feel this way the following are 10 numbers which proved the US economy has hit a major major Pivot Point number one this is from ABC News consumer confidence was down more than expected this month and we already covered that so I'm not going to go into too much detail but the evidence of American consumers slip this month particularly about the future as expectations persist that interest rates will remain elevated for an extended. Of course we've heard that they probably almost certainly will
the conference board a business research group said Tuesday that its consumer confidence index fell to 103 in September from 108.7 in August analysts were expecting a smaller decrease to a leading to reading of 105
numbers numbers numbers number to the conference board's index that measures future expectations has actually dropped below level that's his that's that historically signals a recession within a year
Corey this is according to also ABC News probably the same article most troubling with the decline in the index measuring future expectations which tumbled to 73.7% in September from 83.3% in August readings below 84 future expectations historically signal recession within a year
and I know I will get the comments I get it every time we talk about recession people say we are already in recession we've been in recession they've been just hiding the fact look recession is such a nebulous term gay there's there's it's in the shouldn't be but it has become that either work there was a time when you had defended if you know to Tuesday and straight quarters of of without growth that would Mark a recession but we've had we have the equivalent of that already over the last couple years so why aren't we all are we still saying they were going into recession I don't know when is the weather when they are not things are likely to get worse labels don't matter to me the part that's important there is that we are below 80% of 80 points as far as the this index which they say is historically signals a recession so we'll see
number three with mortgage rates at suffocating level sales of new homes in the US fell 8.7% last month and this is from CNN news it was just one thing I could say that Michael said he doesn't he doesn't look for conservative only sources you know over the Liberty daily we generally we will usually linked to a leftist organizations like the hill for example leftist news outlets if that's the only option or if it's like a localized story sometimes it will link to local ABC affiliate read a whole lot of CNN or ABC News Michael Snyder. So that's a good thing I get sick of hearing the propaganda you can take it so well will lead on him to bring us the new stories I need pins for the new stories from his grave site corn that article from CNN new home sales dropped in August from the month with 4 as mortgage rate stopped 7% and
what's the highest level in more than 20 years sales in new construction construction homes fell 8.7% in August to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 675000 from a revised rate of 739000 July going to a joint report from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Census Bureau
who says there's always going to be a lot of reasons why people aren't selling meat give you prices are too high can the interest rates are too high they could be the market itself is heading in the wrong direction I think in this case were looking at all three which isn't usually the case can usually it's me hear that you the three possibilities pick to right now we're facing all three and that's why it's this doesn't seem like it's an anomaly this could be the new normal when interest rates go up as prices go up at the same time that's a bad thing okay that means that the the market is in shambles and will continue to be it's very hard to pull out of that without lower interest rates which as I know that before chances are very slim that we are going to see any interest rate reduction unless there's a political cause unless they really are just going to try to win big better than something in 2024 I can't see them doing anything is actually the fat I can't see the fat doing anything that's actually going to help the economy in any way
people concerned about gas food inflation General and of course when it comes to the bigger expenses such as Automobiles and homes that's when we start getting some big trouble when you have rights high-end prices high at the same time not a good thing when you got people that want to get loves especially when they're already topped out on their credit cards number for
AR record high percentage of US consumers are indicating that credit conditions are getting tighter I know how interesting that is I don't know if I would have included that on the list because it's kind of a no-brainer but hey I trust Michael Snyder this is from CNBC they say American consumers are worried about access to credit the mid persistently High higher interest rates and Tighter standards at Banks going to New York Federal Reserve survey released Monday respondents indicating that respondents indicating of the ability to get loans credit cards and mortgages and is harder now than it was a year ago Rose to nearly 60% the highest level and a day the series that goes back to June of 2013 the results were part of the New York fed survey of consumer expectations for August
again I don't know if I would put that on the list but it is what it is number 5 credit card losses are increasing at the fastest Pace in 30 years this is one that definitely belongs on the list because you know it's this is not just an indicator of the state of sentiment for example of the indicator of of of you know from a business perspective when we start getting the personal finance start realizing how many millions tens of millions of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck how many tens of millions of Americans are having to Max other credit card just to get by okay that's when we start to really question what is the what is the future going to look like in the here's the thing when it comes to credit card debt national scale on a corporate scale will say when it comes to credit card debt when that starts to hit like it's it sneaks up on the economy because all of a sudden your people that were buying stuff stopping buying stuff basically because they
can't they just they just don't have room we as Americans are grown accustomed and fortunately yeah this is the bad part about about easy money and cheap credit we've grown accustomed to doing things often don't make sense from a personal finance perspective you know we can blame the the mortgage companies in the lenders and the hedge funds we can blame all 2008-2009 the housing bubble the collapse but at the end of the day that class was was made possible by millions of Americans buying homes who really should have been buying homes or should have been buying that level of homework should have been suckered into into getting a variable rate mortgage is there so many like this isn't just about the bad guys we have to take responsibility we as a people have to take responsibility for our own actions
okay I'm running a credit card debt especially if you don't need to hear it look I get it I've Iran are maxed out credit cards before when I was in financial distress everybody I think a lot of people have and if that's happening across the board now how we really are in trouble by three from this is from CNBC credit card companies are racking of losses the fastest Pace in almost thirty years outside the great financial crisis according to Goldman Sachs credit card losses bottomed in September 2021 and while initially initially increases were likely reversals from stimulus they have been rapidly Rising since the first quarter of 2022 since that time it's an increasing rate of loss has only seen in recent history during the recession of 2008
it is far from Over The Firm predicts
that is a scary one number six at this point things are getting so bad that even the Federal Reserve is laying off about 300 workers wow the money don't have enough money to pay their people not good that's read this is from Zero Hedge at a time when mainstream Economist and fomc policy makers are betting the farm on a soft Landing for the US economy an unexpected heart signal was just issued by none other than that itself for the first time in over a decade the US Central Bank announced it would cut about 300 people from its payroll this year a reduction in a headcount for organization and has grown steadily since 2010 after all it takes if not a village with its own police force then certainly thousands of workers to come up with the catastrophically wrong he can I make the forecast in to keep the print the money printer primed and ready to pump out a few trillion trillion at a moment's notice wow that is true you know
that's that's I got nothing I mean when the FED starts firing people at that degree wow
soft landing and I will see her seven number of bankruptcy cases in the United States has increased on a year-over-year basis for 13 months in a row in other words August now we're looking at a August of 2023 was worse than 2022 which was worse than 2021 that's not good folks the number of bankruptcy case this comes from the daily call her later released Tuesday showed the America that Americans filed more than 39,000 bankruptcy cases in August 2023 and a 18% increase from the same time last year that they were released by unusual whales details how along with personal bankruptcy filings there were more than 40 1600 new bankruptcy cases recorded in August including for businesses is March 13th and 2nd of month the bankruptcy filings has shown a year-over-year increase under the by the ministrations embarrassing
and dangerous economic policies
I'm rate Goldman Sachs is warning that America's strategic oil Reserve has it a 40-year low nobody saw that coming right nobody saw that coming yeah okay see you then America's emergency it will stockpile has plunged to a four-year lows the strip shrinking strategic petroleum Reserve is limiting Washington's ability to Shield consumers from the fall of Saudi Arabia's aggressive Supply cut for the Goldman Sachs at this point is a quote from Dan's story then he's the head of oil research at Goldman Sachs he says at this point us energy policy has fewer bullets left in his left levers left in its policy tool kit I wonder why could it be that prior to the 2022 midterm election
Joe in the in his cronies decided that a let's let's try to try to save some some votes and let's go ahead and and are released a whole bunch of our strategic
strategic as in that's what like a backup in case things go really really South strategic oil reserves was released at not going to make much of a difference it'll make a little bit of a difference when we can say hey see look it's getting better vote Democrat that's the article that's one reason Goldman Sachs expects oil prices to stay high averaging $100 a barrel this time next year triple-digit oil would boost already high prices at the pump washing inflation and potentially influence 24 race for the White House that's funny that scene and say that you know it is true and we do know that that people often it's one of the one of the most accurate and reliable vote prediction tells I could guess you could say the factors when when gas prices go up people tend to punish whoever is in power when they go down they don't they ignore it so yeah we will
but if if Joe and the Democrats they don't have any oil left it up to be able to try to bribe Americans with but they can't get a handle on this then this can be and their rights and then you know clock is broken clock is right twice a day see you in that might be one of the right moments
I hope not. Not that I hope the Democrats when I hope that that we can fix this oil problem sooner rather than later perhaps drill all I don't know how come some pipeline stop blocking things for the sake of the the horned owl or whatever it is
spring projected that the price of oil could eventually reach $150 a barrel needless to say such a development would radically change our economic Outlook has come from MarketWatch see something you know when people start with predictions especially those numbers are outrageous I have for years decades I have ignored them you know when people say all gold dollars an ounce ignore that okay when people say oh you know we're going to have have inflation hyperinflation and then it's going to be like like Venezuela it's going to be like Nigeria it's going to be so but I know that you have because number one it's because I just hope that things don't get so bad right call it 1 p.m. that I'm I'm smoking smoking opium but number two is because a lot of times this just comes down to these are just people trying to get paid using headlines clickbait right oh yeah like it's going to be a hundred fifty bucks
set the day with everything that's been going on I don't doubt any of the stuff I'm not saying it's going to happen I'm not saying we're going to get $150 a barrel okay next year but I wouldn't discount it just because it's a headline and I am working watch is actually relatively reliable okay they do an okay job so I was free from the that's Doug Lawler chief executive of Continental resources the Shale drilling giant controlled by billionaire Harold Hamm telling Bloomberg news on Monday that crude prices are set to remain elevated and could press 222 $150 a barrel range without new production now it's it's interesting they are quoting a CEO of a Shale drilling giant because that would it would behoove him in both directions in otherwise if if oil prices go up it behooves him if they don't go up it behooves him to 21 and they will go out this is this is this falls under the category of do I Truss
we yes I kind of do it again because of not because of who he is but because it doesn't make sense that it's possible to get to 120 $250 per barrel by next year at seems Seems I almost likely especially considering what we heard before in the great but with that said you know you can also do until I start hearing none I guess experts who aren't necessarily don't have skin in the game you know that I hear that it's that from somebody else I will hold this off as a possibility not a likelihood okay fair enough good number 10 that a new NBC poll has found that 71% of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track and that is that's a no-brainer course we know we know that we talked earlier I was in earlier story about how when people do not trust the government they tend to not trust the economy of that got ruined the economy of the government that can create a self-fulfilling prophecy of thing
going really really South this is according to NBC news so yeah more place I would never read in our latest NBC News polls saying that the country is headed in the wrong direction is the eighth time in the last nine NBC News surveys dating back to October 2021 when the wrong track has been above 70% and the one exception was in September 2022 when it was 68% we have never before seen this level of sustained pessimism in the 30-year plus history of the pole bad folks that is I don't look I'm not going to sit here and then spend 2 hours telling you it's bad all by the way it's bad and it's really bad in this is bad and that's bad
I will tell you that what you can do at any point preferably sooner rather than later is to start changing your own mindset you know if you are like me cake I'm not rich by any means you could probably tell if you're watching on rum or Brandy on her bed sheet or wherever you can probably tell by my suit I ain't Rich folks okay not by a long shot I'm not struggling as much as as most I would say okay I'll put myself like it so it would that be upper middle class maybe whatever stratum it I don't know
put on trying to get at is this though I have made massive changes we are trying to secure as much as we can while we can because we assume the prices are going to go if we assume that at some point in the future is going to be Central Bank digital currencies we assume that the dollars a session is either going to have an effect or possibly even went out and make the dollar since you're useless and have the the 33 trillion plus dollars in national debt crush us as a nation any of these things happened to any of them happened that means it is going to be harder and harder and harder for any American who's not Filthy Rich to be able to sustain that's why I tell people the best thing you can do you know focus on while 2 things number one pray read your Bible pray some more that's Paramount
number two
stop looking for political Solutions. Simonson don't go vote not saying don't protest when it comes to the economy it is really it's time to start taking on a more selfish attitude it's time to start pretending like things are going to be really bad for a long time because they probably are and that means hey you know what
I've got a little bit extra money let me go ahead and stock up on 2 years worth of soap cuz we need soap we're going to use the soap eventually so it's not like it's going to be wasted money and I might as well get it now while it's well it's a buck a t-bar versus when it's 3:50 a bar next year
my usual stock up on on a lot of things and I might as well cancel Netflix cancel whatever anything that you're not that you don't actually positive we need to start reading more books are watching the show more 2 hours a day I got you covered for 2 or 10 hours a week okay you don't need to watch Netflix we don't charge anything 10 hours a week you got you got a half your entertainment with semi enlightening a hearty hearty taken care of now you know and spread the word to your friends make sure you get everybody to listen because we need to start really buckling up and this isn't just me trying to give advice this is also the self self-serving I want people I once many people as possible to be is economically independent as possible I know a lot of your seeing a lot of you're saying right now know what I'm struggling there's no way I can even I can I'm barely making it as it is I get it
I get it
you might say I cut everything I possibly can I'm still struggling
I mean I pray for this nation
pray for those who are in need I pray for those who are we're trying to to just survive
I don't have the answers for those who are who are hurting that badly but for those who aren't there yet try to prevent yourself from getting there
save up
no more frivolous pay of anything
let's finish up these are you just haven't read the entire article but I'm like 55 seconds away so it's been issue has been speculation about when the next wave of our economic crisis would arrive well it appears that it is here the months ahead promise to be very challenging the long-term Outlook is even worse
2024 certainly shaping up to be quite a year, conditions will be deteriorating just as we head into the most tumultuous election season that we have ever witnessed stay safe out there because things will soon start getting a really crazy in this country and I I wholeheartedly agree
we are we are at a Crossroads and people can say that that's a phrases it's probably used too much really are the difference this time is that it's a personal cross in other words you know I'm not asking you to make decisions about you know whether or not you want to vote in this direction vote in that direction you know donate to this cars donated to that caused by this product to buy that product I'm telling you to start making some decisions as far as how you can secure yourself secure your family if you are in good shape you know what I've been you've been doing it for a while you've got enough money to sustain can't figure out how to secure your community I think of giving your neighbors bunch of money same try to try to you know help out in any way you can because because when it comes down to it when things really are going South it's going to be our communities then whether it's your church Community your local community has your friends or relatives I don't know what your geographic location is I don't know
you know what your situation is but if you are in a position to be able to maybe start planning cancel that European Vacation okay getting you forget about forget about your buying the the Porsche okay just try to tighten the belt a bit a lot if you can and work on family and yourself work on community and then pretty much that's it mean on top of the prayer it's probably the best you can do
things are going to get bad in is this isn't one of those things where if we can just find some piece of legislation or you're an executive order or whatever protests these guys are those guys are filed lawsuits when it comes to this economic challenges we're facing it's time to just get selfish that I hate to say that you know I hate to say it gets selfish action to get local if you're struggling to get selfish for yourself and your family if you're not struggling then get prepared with you and help yourself in your your your area your community to get prepared cuz that's what it's going to come down to community we're going to have to be able to rely on our neighbors friends relatives
if they're hurting worse than than if they're hurting bad enough then their only option is going to be to become beholden to government
and you don't want that because when somebody is is locked in the car we will you talk about the welfare state a lot imagine welfare Nation that's the welfare states spreading to where I'm in Jordy of America
are stock depending on government just survive it's not as far-fetched as one might think
as far as why you know I mentioned earlier but I think they are pushing this they want things to explode if from a Global Perspective the reason is obvious they're trying to push her multipolar world multipolar world order is there is there next step I guess you could say they have many steps do to go before the end I do believe that one of their next step is going to try to be to establish multiple a world order and it's a heck of a lot easier for them to try to tear down the United States and try to lift everybody else up so they're going to try to tear us down to everybody else's level and that's that's that's that's their plan from a perspective sometimes they the globalism leftism by the same they're lying okay but they're not always the same they're not always from Alexis respected the reason that I think a lot of these these Democratic politicians lot of these these leftist activists members I don't think that I think they don't care so much about the economy because the way they see it you think tank then oh well I guess we'll just have to go to Modern
monetary Theory I guess we're just going to have to to finally try out universal basic income I guess we're going to make it to where you know maybe we should try socialism vs socialism has never been tried before. Not properly no no no no no no no no no no no no no no Socialist Party
just a warning, which can't protect yourself from you then if you're rich but I think the vast majority of us are going to be ever hands and work on our bank accounts week strained and drain just by trying to focus on one on ourselves and our communities
let's go to a break
let's go to break I'll be right back
whether it's bugs or lab grown meat or whatever they're pushing for the sake of climate change to replace good old-fashioned pasture-raised beef they're pushing it they're pushing too hard and it's time for us to wake up it's time for us to realize that that we need to start stocking up on long-term storage beef you can do that by going to Freedom First that's free to First and using promo code JDR you'll get freeze-dried ribeye freeze-dried New York strip tenderloin and of course their original steak product in with 15% off its time is there is a sous vide so it's already cooked it's freeze-dried it's got ten to twenty-five years shelf life without Refrigeration course so go check it out Freedom First and start stocking up on long-term storage beef today promo code don't forget that part
how to make a clarification just a brief one a little clarification you know I tell people to cut back right until you tighten your belt cut back I don't want you to do it out of fear though there's a difference OK Google doing what's new what's best to Steward your your money or property near your family's I guess you could say Investments but I don't want you to do because you're fearful of what's coming
I bring these alarm bells for the sake of awareness I want you to know what's what's happening at get an idea of what you should do to prepare but that's not to say that you should be fearful of anything we should be fearful of of whatever anyting anything that they do they being the powers-that-be what do you want to call it the powers and principalities from Ephesians 6:12 or if you want to just call it the new world order or whatever the Deep State the Illuminati whatever you want to call it depending on whether you're a bible-believing Christian or not that will determine how you view the challenge of the chances are of the same when you're not different it's just how you received the bad guys basically but either way we do have the ability to either Prevail or to be I guess you could say good good Fighters until the end or called to do both we can Prevail if that is God's will and if it's God's will for us to fail and we keep fighting
we keep fighting all the way through when I tell you to do to get prepared when I tell you to to cut back into to to be more more fruitful with your money it's not because I want you to be scared cuz I want you to be prepared there's a very big difference you know I always recommend the three p's for a plan prepare praying is relatively easy and I'll be easy for some to to just sit down break down and drop drop to your knees and pray but if you can you should strongly recommend that I mean if you do not nothing else and that alone is is a very good good place to start but make a plan to figure out what are you going to do if let's say your money becomes less less valuable or even valueless what we going to do if things start going really south from a societal perspective what if there's martial law what are those roving gangs of criminals
and what if you're stuck in the city any City this stage what are you going to do this thing starts to deteriorate rapidly and that's one thing that we can't expect we can expect it when the crap started in the fan is going to start just boom boom boom let's go to Rapid Fire so I can be like okay so so this looks bad it's going to fall apart the next 18 months know when things really do start falling apart and I don't know when that's going to be coming tomorrow you could be in five years could be in 2029 or even 20-30 we don't know we just know that there's a good chance based on the trajectory of the nation's reject Society that's exactly what's going to happen at some point in the future so how are you going to react and then of course the preparation part is that's that's part of it is in a little baby steps today in bigger increments tomorrow and a lot of that can just be by the way it can just be a matter of cutting back I want people to be financially prepared. Because of you
call Bettina money is the root of all evil and I ever - is the love of money if the love of money is the root of all evil is not inherently evil it's what we use in order to survive correct correct so you shouldn't love it I know there's probably many of you out there that are very well thing you make make a lot of decisions maybe all of your decisions based upon retaining your growing your wealth and I get that you know I know I disagree obviously you know I've never been one who's and there's there's a reason I'm not rich and it's not because of lack of talent has never been that important to me I guess my mama raised me right. We are happy I take care of my family and take care of my my wife and my kids okay that's it that's all I want to do I don't want to ever be rich if I was thinking the other day if something ever happened like I won the lottery or so is actually based
a familial lawsuit that that apparently has been going on without my knowledge for a long time that even succeeds yeah we can get a lot of money what am I going to do with it I will you know I know a lot of people say this but I would probably give most of the Wind by giving it away I would have died would probably use it to for example start a Ministry or something like that I don't want a big huge house I don't want you know I would love to have a homestead I probably gave me a nice Homestead but I'm not I'm not the the beach Mansion kind of guy just who I am never never wanted that never one of them
I never would have it even if I did have the means I miraculously I would use those means for something else but again I'm probably weird for me being is that is that there is a difference between loving money and being practical with your money being being a good Steward of your money of your wealth you know and wealth when people I think you misunderstand the word well sometimes well this does not mean I know you're a billionaire even a millionaire you can be wealthy without necessarily having a ton of money if you have enough money to meet your needs that's me as well as you have plenty in retirement and you own your home and your you know you got these and revenue coming in to me that's wealth might not be when I consider yourself wealthy just because you you're not driving on a Maserati or I guess those are actually relatively inexpensive Lamborghini
yeah but again we all have different degrees of of wealth different degrees of talent different degrees of of goals and I just I want you to start thinking along the lines of how do I live life more humbly you know I don't want to necessarily tell you I know you've got to cut back on everything and eat ramen noodles everyday some people that is it some people don't even get to eat ramen noodles everyday and many Americans out there aren't eating very well at all but I'm sleeping very well all the parts that aren't sleeping indoors got to take that into consideration as well so I'm a little little mini soap box and I'm not trying to Pastor I'm just trying to try to keep people thinking in the right direction for me to me right now picking the right directions to B be careful with our finances to assume the things can will go by
let me know what here's the thing let's see there is a recovery let's say things get turned around but they were able to survive all the way in the 2024 election in the 2024 election turns our way and and all of a sudden you know when within a few months the economy's homonym and everything's all back to normal and you know it's like yeah well okay great will being being being cautious be careful with your money today will still translate into positive things there so they can is a big opponent to waste so there we go okay on the suck my my preaching is that story by Will Kessler over at the Daily Caller
Biden's GDP growth numbers signal more paint on the way there you go already getting started a new estimates for us economy's growth released Thursday could mean that higher interest rates will be with Americans for longer gross domestic product a measure of economic growth for the US remained at 2.1% for the second quarter of 2023 and its third-quarter revision after being revised down from the original estimate of 2.4% while GDP for the first quarter was revised up from to 2.0% to 2.2% in the Bureau of economic analysis drum pow chair of the Federal Reserve noted at the Jackson Hole economic Symposium in August that factors like high inflation hot labor market and sustained economic growth could mean higher rates for longer to cover most of that but here's where we get into some of the more or not but I will get to the point in getting the different stuff here in a second the FED decided to keep rates at a range of 5.25 and 5
25% added September Federal Open Market Committee meeting holding them steady before another possible hike later this year the last rate hike in July was the 11 to the federal funds rate since March 2022 leaving the range at the highest level since 2001 all right now here we go we talked about the soft Landing versus the Heartland if you miss that part rewind or whatever you want to call it I don't know if I go back. Rewind your VHS tapes anymore noted that an economic soft Landing slowdown of market growth while avoiding Trigger or session was not a baseline expectation meaning that the interest rates that were men slow down the economy to fight inflation could trigger a recession inflation continues to remain high further incentivize in the FED to keep rates elevated Rising 2 3 .74 August far above the feds 2.0
all of the Top Line GDP numbers remain the same for the second quarter consumer spending was revised down but then was offset by upward revisions in nonresidential fixed investment exports and inventory investment according to the b e a t boasted about the success of his signature economic plan by the nomics citing statistics for low unemployment numbers as proof of its efficacy the focal point of vital Onyx is high spending programs like the inflation reduction act which some experts have argued have contributed to inflation ultimately leading to rate increases the point I was trying to get out of the store was so important to me so I just to reiterate it's not just to to bring up soft soft Landing vs. hard Landing not to to focus on the possibility or apparently the likelihood of stagflation in our future
I wanted to point out that screw all of this you've got all these indicators you got the feds saying bad things you've got the numbers getting worse and I've always revised there's one instance where is vice the other direction that's the first I've ever heard of that throughout the entire Biden Harris Harris rain but even with all of these indicators pointing to a bad economy there are still millions millions of Americans who maybe they're delusional because they're not looking at their own pocket books or maybe they they aren't taking notice or maybe they're just just frivolous and they don't notice that they're their hamburger meat is up like 34% of whatever it is maybe they're just missing all that and it's based upon the idea but they trust my weekends are always so unpopular everybody hates him it's if they're still like 40% of Americans who don't
those people the ones that don't recognize the challenges we're facing a movie they recognize him but they're in denial sticking their heads in the sand those people are part of the problem is why it's so important for us to educate our friends and family it's so important for us to even talk to co-workers I know you shouldn't never talk about politics or religion at work or at the dinner table or whatever we can't wait you know I often say there's not much we can do about the economy but at least of the of the localized level we can we need to get people aware of the things are bad and you could say that that just about everybody you know already knows the things are bad but someone just don't something still think the B anomic is a good thing
I'm using those people have no idea what by the Nami says they just hear hear from corporate media that by nomics doing well so you know hey unemployment as well that we always hear about how important unemployment is you know the truth about unemployment it's the most manipulative number in politics it is okay when do they Define you know joblessness the way they Define unemployment do is based upon numbers that can be that can be essentially manipulated and whatever Direction they want us why we often see the unemployment is low I'll wait it's not as long as we thought we find out a month or two later quietly when they say I owe their very loud with those those pronouncements when it's like I know another news for July and okay so let's talk about whatever something else anything else they're fighting against the idea
of somebody other than a Democrat being in the White House they're preparing for the 2024 election they're already trying to lay the groundwork for the narratives going to be it's up to you that's tremendous financial and economic perspective but also from a purely political perspective they don't know already things aren't doing well in the economy
they don't recognize it or if they're willfully ignoring it they need to be shaken awake because this is any of the James Carville once and you know it's the economy stupid well if people think the economy is good and they're going to be perfectly happy with keeping the regime in office they're going to be perfectly happy with keeping Democrats in control of the Senate
going to be perfectly happy with your Democratic governor are you democrat legislature or democrat mayor are you democrat City Council election I do believe is going to be a little bit different because there are other factors that are drawing extraordinary amount of attention such as yellow transgender Supremacy that is starting to wake a lot of people up even Democrats trying to see if this is getting kind of weird you know I'm all for gay marriage with this is all sorts of weird why are they where are they new line mutilating their genitals fruit for children and why am I supposed to be defending that just because I'm a Democrat that doesn't make any sense that is starting to wake people up in the specially those were living in cities my goodness you see what happened this week in Philadelphia see what's happening pretty much every day in every major city across America especially the Democrat runs gained all of a sudden you know you're very many people saying saying defund the police Ono know where are you working
the weather budgets just couple years ago and that's why you're having so much crime oh by the way you also promoted this woke sores back district attorney
pretty much letting anybody walking around somewhere but if they burn down a building for the sake of black lives matter than that antifa guy he is he's fine just give him probation you know what drop all charges
yeah bugs me maybe we can start waking people up maybe we can start starts really converting people into a proper way of thinking and I've said it before I say it a million times going forward I am not a traditional Republican in that like I'm wrong for anybody with an R next to their name okay I am very picky with who I support but at this stage I mean even a bad Republican is at least marginally better than a really bad Democrat there are some dimmer I mean I would take I would take for example Joe manchin you know people say he would why isn't switch parties are becoming independent come back by Republican all together and I say well
is he really that conservative he's not he's not he's not a republican but he does he does oppose a lot of the he's he's a Democrat but he's a Democrat from the 90s basically okay I mean he's a Clinton Democrat and you can sell books things are bad already too I'm sorry I totally forgot to turn off my my phone
that was very unprofessional of me I will I will not make that mistake again Pieology folks turn that down wow I haven't done that has been years since I forgot to turn my phone off before doing a show
that's the that's the bad part that's a really bad part it's it's a part of you got to go through certain protocols make sure okay make sure that that noise is gone make sure your phone's off and if you're going to be doing a live show and I should definitely don't want the phone ring in the middle of it anyway so yes we need to wake these people up the economy I think is one area where we can really make a difference and start that's one thing that people ask you on to because the concept by Anonymous even if it's failing we got to make him know that it is failing that's that's all that's all
so last story last for the day in this comes from Brown Stone Institute Robert bluman
can a I plan the economy I know you might be thinking yourself is this really going to be about the car is going to be about a eyes about to do is read and try to re-explain what artificial general intelligence isn't all that stuff partially yes but but but not all the way it's actually it's actually very long article I'm not even going to read anywhere close to the whole thing but I want you guys to get the gist because they are talking about this that's a problem this the problem I'll just cut to the chase just in case you know I guess I bore you while I'm reading it here's the bottom line when it comes to the AI in the economy okay you read this is about the shock you
if they were to put a i in charge of the economy it would probably work and I should terrify us I'll say it again imma try to fearmonger here it would do better than artificial intelligence driven economy has the potential especially if we're talking about a very Advanced artificial general intelligence it would have the ability to problem-solve into regulating to it to moderate things in a way that would mean you'll be able to react faster than weekend it would be able to Garner more trust and then the bait faster than we can there's no question that on the way to come because we think we've been developing economic theory since the dawn of time since the dawn of humanity I should say
economic Siri is continuously of all we've never gotten even close to perfecting it just when we think we got a good system we want to destroy anybody who's seen this is an example Game Theory Game Theory revolutionized cattle be revolutionized he cannot modern economics and didn't revolutionize it based upon all my gosh there's some new technology that made it possible no it's just somebody John Nash you don't you ever watch the Beautiful Mind John Nash figured out that hey these Concepts we've been using the drive economic negotiations or negotiations of any sort we've been wrong the whole time
whole time decades centuries we've been wrong we can't continue to be wrong about things artificial intelligence because basically were talking about is math and nature not not nature itself but the nature of things where there's the nature people human nature nature of events nature of of productivity it can take all that into account and basically determine what's the best what's the best rate for right now what's the best change to be made to this to that it would work
and it would destroy us because once you have something that is that trustworthy game people trusted wholeheartedly because it will will be so successful if and when it decides to crash us it will destroy us
okay it's thinking if you ever watch the movie War games I don't use a lot of a movie references today but the movie War Game artificial intelligence in control of the economy would be very similar to the Whopper or Joshua look in the supercomputer in the 80s Matthew Broderick and an Ally Sheedy you know if you had a great role for him the Whopper was able to have control over nuclear weapons as scary as that sounds scary is that movie was where they basically they almost started a nuclear war by thinking that a nuclear war it already started this week even worse for artificial intelligence to to dictate what happens especially when she was rolling Central Bank digital currencies it would be it would be great for the overall economy it would destroy our freedoms and I would have mentioned destroy Humanity
that's what's at stake here so without warning was given the article many tasks that were once considered difficult for computers to do are now routine weather transcribing credit card numbers are growing and espresso we are served by artificial intelligence every day while I drive his car giving us a ride across town is The New Normal the sudden emergence of powerful language models that can compose email write papers and even pass exams has raised other questions what about using a high to plan the economy can a I do that is it even possible some say yes the world economic Forum has published a video on economic growth as the economic growth is put into reverse gear AI according to the video could decide which Industries could be should be eliminated first rock a midget a self-described a I not kill everyone just suggested an AI could plan in economic system better than the market the comments commenter on the
Twitter thread links the comp communism thinks that communism might have succeeded if the Bolsheviks had computers all advanced AI is new to the idea that computers can do because I'm at Central planning is not this is first proposed almost a hundred years ago as part of the Socialist calculation debate this is a historic historical controversy over the possibility lease to own in central play the Austrian Economist ludvig Von Von mises watch this controversy in the 1920 paper where he argued that a single centralized agency could not determine a rational use for all four products productive assets without a market for capital goods modern economic systems have a vacuum Elation of capital goods because these productive assets as many alternative uses they must be a rash there must be a rational basis for deciding between them in order to compare Alternatives must be reduced to a single, measure taking into account cost and results. And if you don't study
and if you're not an economist and I'm not in the kind of but if you don't study economics some of this might sound weird but it is against the bottom line that that section right there basically the idea of centralizing economy could only work based upon the the series are very brilliant man going work if you had certain components in play including pretty much everything that we have available to us today
we have the capability to have a centralized economy we have the capability of having it run by an artificial intelligence so the possibility of achieving what many many conservative libertarian thinkers of the past that's all possible they always said it couldn't be done unless you could do this with the day now we can do it today if you say oh you know this is something that the Patriots will never Embrace number one that doesn't matter mean they don't care what we think they were too even if we were able to fight it I don't think we would I mean a lot if you would still even on the right but still embrace the idea of you telling me that this could do things faster that it could be more accurate that it could be much more predictive I mean there's one thing with artificial general intelligence is that it would be much more productive than we can be okay almost prophetic to the to the point of being practically scary
she put all those things together and you're going to get some Fox News Robinson singing I guess it's pretty good idea you can get people are saying you know what don't be scared we're going to have total control don't worry don't worry about Skynet this is going to be fine we got this covered let's just get this going because we need it cuz look at what's happening we kind of just feel anyway just called this competitive process economic calculation socialism is Nick anomic system without privately-owned capital goods productive resources are sinfully owned by the state without independent private owners bidding against each other there is no competition and therefore no market price no profits in the losses the choices among Alternatives use alternative uses for productive assets becomes a purely administrative process going to me since the problem cannot be solved in Ministry of Lee leaving no solution at all the single owner of all capital goods would have no rational basis for choosing one alternative over another it's fine because
is it South Shore sounds like this is saying that we should do it when they do come after us they are going to try this they're already trying it they're going to say this is going to be an introduction to what I would argue to be the most powerful first introduction of artificial intelligence or artificial general intelligence that the United States will I will get to see I think there is going to be other things to get introduced in China before us but those will just drive us try to try to get in higher as the new space race k space race from the 40s 50s 60s at say I in the 2020s going in the 2030 they're putting a lot of money and a lot of effort into it it isn't in his race
cuz they know how much power this will at least the first give them what song is that powerful what something is essentially think you cannot trust it and I need to do it you know what I'm going to do is show next week that's dedicated to artificial intelligence cuz I see a lot of people on the right that are starting to embrace it and see a lot of people that are generally conservative generally patriotic generally skeptical of government or say hey you know what this is the objective solution is always take him out of the out of the equation of 7-Elevens be made better
this makes sense makes sense because it does happen till you get to the part where where is destroy
especially if you're bible-believing Christian of the extrapolate what I mean by artificial intelligence become instructed that's it Bloomington Yourself Strong stay safe and God bless

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