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JD Rucker Show, October 25, 2023

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News and Opinions relevant to Americans today in the realms of politics, culture, and religion. Host JD Rucker from NOQ Report delivers truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective with co-host and wife Tammy.

We tackle issues that most won’t touch. Even conservative and many “alternative” media outlets refuse to talk about “taboo” topics for fear of losing money from Google, traffic from Facebook, or sponsors who are “woke.”

We don’t take on woke sponsors. We don’t get traffic from Facebook. We don’t take money from Google. We know we’ll get canceled by some, but the truth is the truth. We won’t hold back.

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good morning my friends and welcome to another episode of d j d wrecker show I'm your host J D wrecker and for those who have been listening for a while or even if you've heard me just once you may notice that I don't sound very good that's because I don't feel very good to know what The Show Must Go On already gone three days trying to recover from whatever it is that I have and no it's not covid it has its some some respiratory thing I've been coughing a lot and it's it's one of those things where I don't feel like really horrible or anything it's just it's not very conducive for radio or four even video or four really just talking if all you doing is coughing I've gotten to the point where I'm confident that as long as I keep my my iced coffee nearby and I keep a little bit of of other hydration and maybe I push the mute button every now and then if I'm about to cough
maybe we can actually make it through today show without me sounding like I'm I'm on the verge of of death which Lord willing I am not cuz there's a lot going on in the world there's a lot that we have to talk about so let's let's just get started with it today I want to make sure that we get as many calls as possible because I don't actually have all you do I want to talk about but I don't have a a set script of you know talk about these 15 stories like I normally do when I woke up this morning I checked the news and and did my normal routine planning on doing the show and then but most of the the morning was actually spent trying to make it to where I could do the show so and doing the hot hot steam in the shower and just all these other home remedies I'm not a big fan of medication I don't like to take drugs I'm that guy that I don't want to take Motrin
or Tylenol if I'm if I'm sick or if I've got a headache I should say so being that guy I try to avoid taking in any and he's sorts of chemicals or Pharmaceuticals or whatever until it's absolutely necessary. Again I don't sound good and you got a sound least decent if you going to call in today talk to me keep keep me going if you will call us call it at 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008 you are hopefully Listen to Lord willing over at if you're listening on wwc are you can hear me at 7490 khz or 38 45 Cal hurts shout out of course as always to BBS radio my wonderful amazing incredible stupendous and very patience
very very very patient producers who they they figured out how to at least get us on the air yesterday without even I couldn't even get up to to go say hey guys let's just throw something else up I mean they hopped in their they they made the call is that all right looks like Rucker's like dying or something so let's go ahead and just throw up the the previous show when they did and I was awesome so I appreciate them for that shot at as always to our wonderful show host I'm sorry show sponsors, I hope I hope I don't sound like an idiot sponsors Jezebel group Genesis has has made the show possible with the funds to be able to to hire these great producers to to come to you on wwcr to be able to still produce this show and get it out on Rumble in Brighton on in B shooting all the various video places as well as Apple podcast as well as everywhere else
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just know that you're paying for an extra with whatever else you buy and then and then the quota code free silver is just include in the Christ, like when the used car salesman says oh yeah and free floor mats you you paid for the formats with the price of the vehicle that you purchased
so check them out Genesis Gold group go to JDR JDR going to do a quick this where we're going to break break the fourth wall so to speak and radio and just do a quick sound test going to look into my chats with my producer and say say Don mr. producer how do I sound do I sound like an idiot do I sound like I'm about to die is my voice do I have it is a deep enough to where I sound like my good friend John B Wells who has like like the deepest voice in radio is this something we should continue to do for the next hour and and 53 minutes or should we say you know what it failed miserably Rucker sounds horrible let's just scratch and go for tomorrow what are you guys thinking over there at BBS radio no let me know of course in the in the chat
till they tell me no I'm just going to go so lots of big news obviously we've been talking for her for what two weeks now about Hamas about his real about the things that are happening in the Middle East but there are challenges here even in the United States that we've got to cover the things that have been been has been a little bit of good but has been mostly bad you know what it is it's been mostly bad news the one I guess you could say bright spot that has come out of this whole house race for speaker of the house is that final three weeks I think I think I pray I really truly hope that we finally have a somebody to not only step in and be speaker of the house but somebody was not built in the mold of John Boehner Paul Ryan Kevin McCarthy somebody was not hopefully a complete and total Rhino controlled by the
sleek and bother you in the party swamp and that person is is Mike Johnson
yesterday on the Run has been for those who listen to the the replay that would have been Tuesday we had the probably the worst news that I've seen from this whole debacle when Tom emmer was picked by the caucus by the by the conference as they're there speaker designate Diamond toddler makes makes Kevin McCarthy almost palpable he was he's awful okay we're talking about a guy that is conniving you know I know information about him from behind the scenes the guy is kind of you been lukewarm about Trump in public but behind the scenes he's he's a never Trumper mean he's flat-out being a just people that have spoken to AIDS of other other congressmen they say that he actually positively hates Donald Trump so when he he was given the nod I thought of great they're going to
we're going to try to shove them down your throat maybe this was the plan all along maybe they tossed out scalise and Jim Johnson is as I do you know these are the leaves of the unity Unity cabinets are going to try to throw out there but in reality we actually want is Tom emmer the absolute unit party swamp chill okay that's what I thought was happening and in like 4 hours later it's okay they are Tom's Thomas left the building Tom is gone Tom is no longer going to be the the person we're trying to throw up there so
fast forward to just a couple hours after that and Mike Johnson from Louisiana is thrown out there and I have to do my due diligence I will admit I've never known a lot about Mike Johnson I really didn't mean he's a freedom caucus member I knew that I've seen him on some of the some of the committee hearings he's very well-spoken but otherwise it's not like you ever stood out to me you know it's not like he wasn't he wasn't they they all go sorry wasn't an Andy Biggs he wasn't one of those guys that that you just say oh wow they have this guy is this guy's got a good head on his shoulder this guy is going to be a really strong legislative for us this guy's a great Freedom Fighter just like yeah I mean he's pretty conservative I knew that he was one of the 57 Republicans who voted against the 40 billion dollar funnel money funneling scheme to you
brain back in 2020 to bring those May or March fire call almost everybody every every Democrat and a vast majority of the Republicans voted in favor of sending 40 billion dollars to Ukraine and Mike Johnson was one who voted against them I think it's like it's a 57 of them voted against so that's a great sign it's okay okay we got something here
what's up looking further started seeing what else was he doing and I would say I'm not going to get excited because number one if they is it's one of those weird Catch-22 that they will never let a true constitutional conservative into the or hand them the gavel
so if they do handing the gavel that means that he's not one of the really good good good guys not that there aren't very many of them on Capitol Hill maybe there's none on Capitol Hill maybe I'm delusional but if he's giving it then that means that he's not completely uncompromised will say
with that said his track record again his voting history everything that I've been able to see and hear about him tells me that this that he's he's good enough to be by far the best Speaker of the House we've had in on Capitol Hill in decades and I know there's a lot of you who will throw out there what about Newt Gingrich there's a lot of Newt Gingrich fans look
I'm not I'm not I think Newt gingrich's is swamp Okay you he's just he's Swampy's very well-spoken swamp who can who can talk a good game every now and then but otherwise I think that he was always just part of the swamp just a very very apparently seem to be very conservative at times when in reality he's always just been a caretaker so to speak I know the lot of you going to be like no no new was the best new was great looking all we accomplished we got the assault weapons Rihanna's we did get that what we got the contract with America man contract with America now I know I'm not going to make fun of you if you're a new fan I just I'm not and I could will see damn always a skeptic when it comes to anybody on Capitol Hill
but we'll see what Mike Johnson is all about that he's still got a pass get the boats as of now for all we know it right now it's like what 5:13 a.m. Pacific Time what a on Wednesday the vote is scheduled for 9 ish Pacific Time noon Eastern is it possible that that we just haven't heard of all the no votes in the swamps going to go after him or you have the rhinos are going to unite and get enough people to say no to him that's very possible it doesn't seem like it though like there seems to be much much much more confident that this is past that the GOP is going to unite behind them even the people that don't necessarily like him it seems as if they're finally feeling the heat they don't you know it's it's one thing to be the guy that the voted against scalise or that the the handful of people that voted against scalise okay it was another thing to be
amongst the the fifteen or Twenty or so the vote R22 I guess at the end who voted against Jim Jourdan gay for the sake of trying to to Century attack Matt gaetz another word about three weeks in the heat is on K the GOP currently looks pretty bad and if they don't get somebody in there quickly then there will be calls Navi we will start to get really ramping up the pressure
for them to pick up pick up by pardison need to come come up with a deal with the Democrats and that would be horrible I'll be the worst possible scenario imagine like a power-sharing deal with Hakeem Jeffries in in somebody else Kevin McCarthy probably imagine if if the GOP was so weak so feckless so this is organized so hateful within its own conference that they couldn't even select somebody to to take the gavel this accident happened and this is this doesn't happen normally folks
generally speaking they can get this I think there was one of the time where the house went without a speaker for for longer than this but but yeah it hasn't been otherwise it has been this bad so what are your thoughts if you if you're familiar with my Johnson or if you want to get the money with my Johnson I've got some information we'll talk more about him a little bit later I'm done at least a little bit of research throughout my sickness so yeah give me a call 888-627-6008 and again for those who missed the very opening yes I am feeling awful okay I'll feel in good enough to do the show after a three-day Hiatus and I actually probably don't feel good enough to the shop after three-day Hiatus but I'm not going to do a four-day Hiatus okay I will continue to drink my drink there's just
too much going on in the world we have you touched on on Israel yet I mentioned it but I'm going to try to do as much of an Israel free show is possible which means that I'll probably make it another ten minutes before talking about what's happening in the Middle East because it's important it's not because I'm fixated or anything we should all be at least a little bit
crazy stuff that affects us so I'll just crazy and you know you look around you see what's going on it is in saying the first get back to you as let's talk exactly what's happening here in the United States. I got some bad policies there's an article over at end of the American dream
somebody that I greatly like Michael Snyder I think he is one of the most talented writers out there with that said Michael has a tendency to number one get a little bit and maybe further to the Doom and Gloom side then I like generally he's one of those guys that I wouldn't call him like a chicken little but he does tend to say oh my gosh this is it all right no way this is it well hold of her I know I shouldn't did that was it but now I'm looking no guys this is it this is this is the big one this is the one that did that the takes us down
he does tend to get out of bed but he's also brilliant it's wicked smart okay but just flat-out just do noses stuff and he's a tenacious research this is what I really like you want to say so many talented journalist it's not that though they're able to put beautiful prose together in this they're so small it's sounding in it it's that to me good journalist has good good good research they come to conclusions based on that research their field is they're willing to say things that may be others are unwilling to say not out of the shock Factor but for the sake of the truth and I think that categorizes Michael Snyder very well so his
in a recent article be toxic brew that is going to create it was chaos in the streets of America and I'll read a little bit from the article really bad policies lead to really bad consequences in our leaders have been making absolutely disastrous decisions for decades as a result the streets of America are now teeming with these drug addicts prostitutes violent criminals and sexual predators
we've raised an entire generation of Young Americans that has no more Foundation whatsoever and every day we are adding even more immigrants from third world countries to the max many of these immigrants have no intention of following your laws and their fuel in the explosive growth of criminal gangs all over the nation on top of everything else the war in the Middle East Francis Park and unprecedented wave of domestic Terror attacks here in the United States millions of radical Muslims that live in this country and when the time comes many of them will not hesitate to commit acts of violence or as we like to call it terrorism clear we can call things what they are terrorism is a word that some people I think they throw it out way too much they just they all terrorism Tara special as it pertains to the domestic terrorism I mean we're leaving in the society today that was basically calling
your grandma's domestic terrorists or I should say was still is on Grandma's walking through a building all those instructions instructions domestic Terror but it was in January alone using people there were 10 school board meetings again Grandma's parents people with no criminal history people with no no extremist views expressing on them on a social media or otherwise in these are people that these there's zero chance that any of these people are going to blow up a building or fly a plane into a building or go on a shooting spree okay
when we can label domestic terrorists we have on one hand we have the work terrorists that is way over used by certain elements and falsely overused then we have on the other side we have people that are just unwilling to say terrorist K the they were the the militant protesters over in in Israel you know the song Monster by the time I sent over there they're military you know whatever activists are you using on the day that Hamas terrorists were butchering people butchering children kidnapping raping murdering innocent non-combatants innocent civilians
that's so sweet how do you tell the difference between a military action and a terrorist action military actions generally speaking they try they should try to do whatever they can to minimize or completely eliminate civilian deaths it should be military on Military violence they want men with guns fighting other men with guns they want no tanks shooting on tanks
terrorist such as the Cowardly
I have to be careful because we are on we are on radio so if I express my real feelings beyond the word cowardly what I'm talking about Hamas I would probably get kicked off of radio so not going to express those full-blown feelings will just say these are people that I would love to have them one of the time tied up on a chair in a chair in a room and some sort of something that whatever I just let him in 31 entertain such evil thoughts even if it is being used against the evil we need to be willing to say that we need to be willing to say that they were committed the most hideous types of terrorism that we as a society have ever seen I'm sure they've been passed terrorist events that you know
more hideous but this is pretty bad and I'm not saying that there are worse crimes okay you know what's worse what am I stood or the people that get engage and years decades worth of child sex trafficking okay this isn't about evil we need to stop all of it as much as we can and then Monsters Among them so there's that point being alongside just to make sure they were talking the right language because he has to say that they committed acts of violence I think the Michael Snyder was being a bit nice with those were acts of violence when they were but that's like saying oh yeah I know I was able to deal with to win win win a bit of money at one of the Mega Millions would billion-dollar jackpot or whatever I want a b k a b u n a lot but I digress
that's the article I've been writing about the social Decay and our major major cities for many years but in all the time I've never come across a story quite like this and it is funny because this is what I'm about to to reach you guys it's one of those things where I have to double triple check it when I first read about it this is actually from a couple days ago but I think those are actually with the weekend of our call but either way I couldn't believe it even in San Francisco even in in communist California I thought surely surely there's enough courage among parents courage among police people that are willing to say hey you know what enough is enough this is this is ludicrous
to prevent this from happening and yet here it is and it did and it is happening
so this article that I'm about to read from it is from PJ media actually I didn't read this particular article I read other variations of it let's see what PJ media has to say we all know that San Francisco has a horrible awful horrible but terrible awful horrible homeless problem with homeless people sleeping everywhere one homeless man set up camp across from a Catholic grade school it would have been a curiosity except for the sign he hung outside of his tent sign red free fentanyl for new users meth for stolen items
can this is right outside I've literally across from a Catholic grade school
Joseph Adam Moore serve six years for unlawful unlawful sex with a twelve-year-old girl so not only is he trying to give drugs to two children for free free drugs
trying to give you them to the children park outside of a a Catholic grade school I bet he's also he also raped little girls
again this is in San Francisco which never ceases to amaze me back the article Joseph out of morcerf 6 years for unlawful sex with a twelve-year-old girl and was accused of having sex with a fifteen-year-old girl just a month after getting out of prison but his probation deal did not include staying away from schools
only repeat that but his probation deal did not include staying away from schools again a guy that raped 12 year old
she was raping a 15 year old
so he can't directly across from Stella Maris Academy in began to host parties of Stoners much to the neighborhood dismay
you can't make this up mean
I know that that even that freezes over use old you can't make this up well somebody did okay they made it up and then they made it happen
what sort of society do we live in
what sort of expectations can we have for the future if this is the the norm so speak if this is what what
what takes place on our streets
you have a man who raped kids
got out of jail
wasn't told to stay away from kids apparently so he sets up camp across from a Catholic elementary school and I don't care who was Catholic and can be a public elementary school it could have been whatever
just the fact that he's allowed to set up his free fentanyl lab is free fentanyl add is free fentanyl distribution service across from the school just as your fact that he's allowed to be across from a school after raping children
none of that makes any sense
when I was growing up and he sure maybe maybe somebody could slip through the system maybe that would be the case but I guarantee you they wouldn't last a day in any major city or even minor City or anywhere in the United States when I was a kid
maybe even when I was a young adult maybe even not too long ago that man would no longer be there it's a police allowed him to be there then the best thing that could have happened, said he would have gotten arrested because chances are we would actually have been done to him would have been far worse for him than getting arrested if he was left to the
the Justice of the masses that's not what we're living in today people are emboldened people are so terrified of of being a politically incorrect of being an unwoke maybe when they're terrified that goes beyond just being changed a lot of people think you're terrified that oh if I were to do something if I were to step in where the police won't step in and try to protect the children and I'll go to jail look I don't blame them
I disagree you know I think if there's evil you you face the evil
you your choice fight or flight your choice you have a report or not a reporter or act or not act to me if I was there I would act I think
pretty sure what I guess I'd have to see the exact situation I would definitely just call the police and I would definitely least wait there and my car staring at him waiting for the police to arrive to see how they reacted as they allowed him to stay there as a child rapist across the street from a school trying to give them free Fentanyl
they allowed him to stay there then it's like okay well maybe we need to find an alternative solution to this very an ambiguous problem
I'd like to think that I would do that I'm not in that situation maybe I need to be in that situation more maybe you need to be in that situation more tell me what you think 888-627-6008
my goodness it's hard to move on from that one I don't want to because I think that's that's kind of American a microcosm of the Joe Biden that's kind of what what we are
it is rice a Joe Biden this really started with the Obama you hear that a lot lately and by the way I've been hearing that more and more more I've been saying that for the three years I've been saying that Barack Obama's greatest greatest evil that he was able to pull off with his ability to have a third term you know I would argue some people in the 90 lot of you will see oh no we totally caught her by surprise I would argue there's at least a possibility that looking at the geopolitics of the time that's Barack Obama and the global Sleek ball at that particular moment might have thought you know what Hillary ain't it we need to to maybe make sure we got a lockdown for 2020 or 2024 rather than try to go with Hillary I know that he always wanted for I mean we know this because he literally said it but we know that Barack Obama always wanted a third term a fourth term if we know that they've stayed in DC we know they're still pulling string
he knows they have done everything they can to guide America and some would argue I will be one of them would argue that their perhaps even more important they being him and Big Mike are perhaps more powerful more important today
then they were when they were actually in the White House is now they have the flexibility of not being in the public eye as much now you know they don't have to to be held accountable they can I get balls rolling get things in motion and not actually have to face the consequences. And they did when they were in the white house but at least they had to face a little bit of scrutiny least that you had some people asking them questions now it's all on Joe you know I sometimes I would never I sometimes feel sorry for Joe Biden know it sounds crazy but I mean the elder abuse the the sheer just mean sometimes I think he really truly has no idea that's goes beyond dementia this is like like they might have him so drugged up
so controlled that he goes out there and he literally just does what he's told me he has no idea what's going on he he doesn't know they say Hey Joe you know there was an attack in Israel hear your talking points We Stand by his real say those words say Joe say we stand by Israel okay then just read from the teleprompter and when it's done turn to your left walk away will guide you from there can you can you do all that show can you handle that and Joe's like yeah well maybe I should call bibi's and don't worry we've already talked to be be okay he doesn't like you either want to talk to you we've already got that covered you know we were already talked and we got errands handle Joe just go out there say we stand with his real read a few words of the teleprompter walk away okay walk away I've got ice cream in the Next Room
and I'm not this is the scenario that I just described to you I'm not saying that that's like I'm not trying to make a funny here I think it's literally what happens
I think that's what's when we're looking at the White House the person who was in the Oval Office the person who is allegedly supposed to be the leader of the Free World the most powerful man on the face of the planet
I do believe that he literally has no idea what's going on from minute to minute hour an hour day today
if that's not laughable okay that's not something once I got home I know isn't it crazy know that terrify us because who's actually in charge, it really probably is not yet I think that that they saw Joe you know they saw okay this back in 2019 is like okay so we can Joe Biden okay we can totally control him we got Bernardino that won't work Pete buttigieg yeah yeah let's put them on the bench let's get him a cabinet position but but it's not his time yet he's not going to be popular know if you can handle a big lights okay, she's terrible as Joe's VP that way nobody will be like oh my gosh you know we need to get rid of Joe because because then even on the Democrats side because it's like oh my gosh if we get rid of each other will have
qabalah okay will suffer through Joe somebody say was Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom Marino save us Gavin Newsom your only hope it's what the Democrats her I think an axe now the only get ready to go and then get Cam a lot point being is that it all seems like it was manufactured and it seems like either Barack Obama and the Obamas in general call Jose the Obama the quickly emerging Obama crime family it was either either they are pulling the strings
on behalf of the global Sleek ball of their a part of or they've been commanded to maybe they're low on the totem pole than I know and then just being told hey this is where is what we want done and so they're working in that direction working in that regard I don't know it could go either way if I had to guess I would say that there amongst the elite and the global sleep Ball but I could be wrong and I have been wrong before but it's rare but but I have been wrong before
okay so back to the article see this young man is referring to the dude in San Francisco the rapist across the street from the school child rapist parked out crossed me Catholic Elementary School handing out free fentanyl that's that's the guy we were talking about this young man I wouldn't call him a man is scum scum checks almost all all the boxes and there are countless others just like him all over the country for example build a parent's attacked a naked man inside a JCPenney store near Seattle after the naked man attempted to inappropriately touched their children I'm going to skip that that one and if you do find that if you if you want to find the video cuz it's it's very telling me there's a man and a JCPenney store who got completely naked and started trying to touch kids
and what happened parents beat them down
what needs to happen in a situation like that the parents need to beat him down
then if if you're not big enough nice trying to find somebody to help you find somebody who can help beat down the big crazy naked man trying to touch kids that I don't call for violence violence and should have said call the police
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I was like you on that one fixed now is my fault. You know I've the notes their commercial coming up yeah I'm just talking away I'm Rusty it's been it's been three days now since I since I had done a show this is would have been fourth fourth say show in a row that I didn't do and I just couldn't abide by it though sitting here in the beginning now I'm not at 100% my voice does feel it feels like it's loosening up it does feel like I'm getting at least a little bit looser in The Voice
trying to to stay hydrated keep my throat throat to clear but yeah I miss my cue you wouldn't answer I am but now I just I just got on a roll can my that's a beauty by the way if when you doing just audio you know I'm one of those guys I talk with my eyes closed especially if I start getting you know heated and so that's not good you know when you're on the phone on a show and you trying to to keep keep going in and keep pay attention to your cues mycuse come in Via chat so it's like okay yeah you probably shouldn't close your eyes Rucker anyway give me a call 888-627-6008 will get you in the air live
Mike Johnson if you want I'll be talking more about him later talk about the monsters real talk about whatever talk about beating beating down pedophiles in the middle of JC Penney stores back that article not going to read it but I like I said I would recommend finding that video and watching it it's it's worth it's it's it's it's therapeutic therapeutic see pedophiles naked pedophiles getting beaten by angry parents good for those parents go in the article if I have been there I would have done I would have gone after him too unfortunately an entire societies now descending into an abyss of sexual degradation thanks to new law that was recently signed by California governor Gavin Newsom the city of Los Angeles has essentially transformed into a global a giant brothel at this point and this article article in the New York Post says emboldened by new California laws that make it nearly impossible for cops to bust prostitutes sex workers in Los Angeles
stock for business wearing no more than thongs g-strings and high heels in broad daylight a 40-watt area of Figueroa Boulevard and South La which by the way and if you've never been there that's a don't I have been there. Not looking for anything but I have been been living in California it's funny because I used to live in New York Islip on Long Island technically speaking and we would go to New York City all the time and you can actually really experienced a good chunk of New York City in your ass will say two or three years of your life you live there you know that obviously it's huge and there's plenty to do in Manhattan but if you do live there and you go we can walk around or or take a Subway around on a regular basis you can experience just about the whole thing seriously
whereas La is so widespread and you have to include Orange County in that because it's like one continuous huge city right there's a you can barely tell the difference between when you're en South La and end in North Orange County he just there's no like I do you know there's there's a gap and then and then you get to the next city now there's really not and then if you send down further the past Orange County you get go it get into San Clemente area along the 5 and and then there is some a lot of dead space there especially where the Air Force are the Marine bases Camp Pendleton but then you keep going and you start to get into the city again point being is that you go from San Francisco through Orange County up to LA and then you hit me up for hitting the mountains you have you have basically a country
okay I've been in Southern California now for what 15 years has been no it's been longer than 15 years I've been here for over for a while and you know you don't get sick is no chance that I could experience even a third of it even a quarter of it unfortunately I have experienced the parts of their talking about here in the South l a i have been to East LA I've been to East Hollywood East Hollywood it's horrible it's Adam Schiff District East Hollywood we have lived there for awhile by the children's hospital and 3 months and it was
let's just say my wife couldn't go anywhere I could not achieve she basically she would not she was allowed to go anywhere without me because it was that dangerous ugly stuff and now it's even more dangerous this this couple years ago few years ago that we were there now it's even worse so back the article area of Figueroa Boulevard and South at Lacey's hundreds of prostitutes some barely out of her teens plying their trade since Governor Gavin Newsom passed the controversial safer streets for all act which criminalizes loitering with intent to work as a prostitute I was as of January for this type of activity or I was only happening at night where most of the essence wouldn't see it but now it's 24/7 one source told the post I mean if you again it is one I know I encouraged you to look up the video of the the people beating up the
turn up the JCPenney's naked pervert in this case I don't want you to look it up don't look at what's happening on the streets of l.a. don't see the because it's grotesque K you do get to see generally usually very unattractive people and thongs walking around in the street and even that doesn't matter whether they're attractive attractive if they could be they could be supermodels okay I don't want them in thongs walking around the street in wey's where they're trying to get people to pay them money for sex
but you can debate me all day we can we can talk about you know whether prostitution or certain sex work should be legalized or not that's a that's a different discussion okay well we're talkin about here is
again it's part of the public View
if you were I can always go back to the kids but if you are a parent you don't want your kids to have to walk past prostitutes such as down under Stephen talk about the exposure to all my gosh there that kids got a sheath on a g string right next to his face you have faced level as he's trying to walk to school it's not just leaving that it's the fact that you're inserting criminal activity into areas of to the public in your criminalizing them in a way that encourages them and was that do that encourages more cried wolf thing here people we can debate the whole broken windows concept of of law enforcement if you'd like when you go always call me at 888-627-6008 you can always we can debate that but I think the results kind of spoke for themselves for those unfamiliar and I'm not going to go too deep into it but this is really if you want to say what two things made New York safer for Oasis
create a time is Rudy Giuliani with broken windows and it was Mike Lumber what I'll give him credit Mike Bloomberg stop-and-frisk and made people safer it was it was it legal was it right I don't think so okay I don't think that it was legal or right but it worked
it worked it produced. They were able to find people that's that
that were five criminals that they would have found otherwise now did it did it's been the Constitution absolutely
dip which is why I don't support it
but the results were definitely there so again it lets me just in case anybody wants to try to take me out of context I am definitely opposed to stop and frisk about that I do not agree with it whatsoever it is illegal it is a you know you can't just look at people on the street and say let's stop that person and frisk them to see if we find anything that's literally against the Constitution
we have rights we do not want to please state
was it effective it was it really was broken windows on the other hand that concept
Chief was in the jeep was a chief Braxton in decades but but but yeah that's exactly what's happening in LA with broken windows concept yeah you try to keep things clean to do the cleaner you can keep a neighborhood the last Prime is going to get there this house is clean from his is literally in a fixing broken windows getting gum off the off of sidewalk in graffiti off the walls and keeping prostitutes off the streets
California has gone the opposite direction to allocate let's flaunt our lawlessness so that it breeds more lawlessness and for anybody who's confused for anyone who has who has any any yeah I guess you could say
what's the word for it
for those who want to give them a Kratts like Gavin Newsom the benefit of the doubt by Karen Bass
do you want to give them the benefit of the doubt and say they're just idiots they're not they know exactly what they're doing they do
they know
they know
that when they allow
child rapists to camp out across the street from a school and hand out free fentanyl they know that that's going to do harm to that community
when they allow prostitutes or anyone doesn't matter prostitutes or not when they allow them to offer their bodies for sale in broad daylight on a night that doesn't matter to me I mean just busy decriminalizing prostitution in general solicitation of it I should say when they allow that they're not thinking of oh this is going to make the streets safer
they know it won't
and yeah they do it anyway
they want to destroy this nation they want to destroy their cities they want to destroy the states that they control
they are on a mission so let's not delude ourselves with thinking they're just incompetent or they're idiots or they don't know what they're doing
they know exactly what they're doing
Don has a question Don from VBS hour I'll go to give a shout out to PBS radio anybody who ever wants to get in the radio you need to contact these guys BBS radio they are professionals they can even make me sound good which is hard because you you get to hear me all the time and you know that I don't sound good they find a way to make it happen so I can leave from BBS has a question talk to me. You're so kind you're so kind we loved having you on the air you're a brilliant mind and you're a philosopher the Philosopher's Stone I just I really enjoy listening to you and your thoughts and opinions you know you are coughing like this like a madman
you know I talk to people all day long and even station owners and one of the the biggest things we you know currently discuss is a course Hamas and Israel and what's going on then. You know I always my question is always two people what do you do when you unleash
hey and I'm going to say radical
a radical religion
that has conscripted or taken over politics people thoughts and everything
in other words when a religion actually takes over all aspects of your life and says if you don't
become a part of our religion or or or do it our way you're an Infidel and we're going to erase you what do you do with that and I think that is real and the world is facing such a predicament where a very powerful religion has taken over people's minds and is now you know enforcing its will and what do you do with that what does Israel do with that where does it draw the line when does it draw the line how does it draw that line
but it is the right question and it's funny because you for those who don't know and thank you for the question. For those who who who don't know maybe you haven't listened there is there's a a very serious divide within the political conservative movement of the conservative movement is it's not really what it is you know you can save will call the people on the right there seems to be a very a very great disconnect between people that generally speaking lies or generally speaking they may be like minded on the topic or on almost everything else but not on this topic
what was it on I believe it was Friday might have been Thursday Thursday or Friday I was on on one America news talk to Allison over there and we're talking about this this divide and I said it was a good thing at a time and I stand by that by the way I shouldn't say at the time during the show I said that it was a good thing there's is divided but I didn't get to really truly Express why I think that's the case and it's because what we're seeing if you're paying a lot of attention like I do or even if you pay a little attention like most people do you'll notice that you know you've got Candace Owens and and Megyn Kelly going after each other you got Ben Shapiro going after Tucker Carlson building Tucker Carlson has gone after Ben Shapiro at least you got Ben Speer going after Crossing you've got people that maybe you know on most high
maybe you would disagree with them but on this topic you agree with them and maybe in vice-versa maybe on other topics you would agree with them but on this topic you disagree with them my personal stance for those who are unaware I want to make it crystal clear to end this dancer Don's question directly
they are the good guys in this
now does that mean they're perfect that mean they're above reproach to them and we can't criticize them for doing this out of the other actually not they they should be watched very closely and it is a matter of fact it would behoove them to be watched very closely okay they should be monitoring it if if I were if the technology exists and if the if it were possible and if I were in charge of Israel's military response I would make sure that every single bit of it every bomb every air strike every attack that they documented it thoroughly because it's going to be used against them okay we already saw the attempt by Hamas and by the United Nations and by world media to frame Israel for a rock that was shot by Palestinian Islamic Jihad that ended up hitting a parking lot next to a hospital they try to instantly blame Israel for that Israel had to show they lie they did have
evidence that that they that they wasn't them that it was Palestinian Islamic Jihad the junior terrorist group so to speak and Gaza City
so they believed they were able to document that otherwise they wouldn't everybody would be still trying to blame them for killing 500 people or whatever you know that that number is questionable when I'm trying to get at is yes I do believe in need to be monitored I do believe it needs to be two to show certain levels of restraint but with that said and to answer Dan's question directly when you have somebody like Tomas going after everybody
it's not just us it's not just Israel I should say it's not just choose it's not just Christians
they're killing their killing Muslims
is there a killing the Muslims they're using them as human Shields
they won't let people leave here while I call you know it's an open-air prison and there's no place for these people to go there's always been a place for them to go
okay until now before they could go places they can leave
they're 50 muslim-majority nations in the world 50 of them
there is one Jewish majority nation in the world 1
but for whatever reason it seems as if the majority of people in the in the world want there to be one fewer Jewish nation and one more Muslim Nation they wanted to be 51052 one is not good good to them they don't want there to be the Jewish nation and they say that if you believe that there should be if you believe it is real has the right to exist then your zionists they use that as a pejorative gay but you have to do that out back to John's question we're going to have to go to station identification and then we'll we'll take take that question bit further
are the answer the question at least
if you do have a religion and it will differentiate between radical Islamic terrorist and your average everyday Muslims will differentiate between if he runs to the Quran and those who who basically Cherry Picked up the parts of it that they like what differentiate all that after the break but
answer your question directly. When they want to kill us and unfortunately have to quote Newt Gingrich back then his debate when he was that his debate was that a 2012 you know when if they want to kill us then you have to kill them
you have to Sonic direct quote by the way but he said that much more eloquently which was everybody loves him but yeah I'm not everybody but you stopped them maybe it means imprisoning them maybe that means means you're doing something else but if they're going to come after you you have to go talk to them in again not talking about about imprisoning all Muslims that's when I go in the back to concentration camps when I go into Nazi Germany when I go into how people and groups across the the Millennia have been treated with saying the people that the terrorists you have to stop the terrorists it's going to go to station identification
I miss that I've no problem. Good night
I'm just missing every single cute today I am awful I'm really need to be back on video I'm feeling good and thank you for that question. We do have to do something about it and when it comes to this whole scenario back to what I was saying earlier between Hamas and Israel and more importantly at least from our perspective what is Sue here in the United States it is cause retention I'm going to tell you something that's going to be extraordinary unpopular for me to say OK Google is going to be like I don't have a lot of you at least will be like oh no that's wrong but if we can't look at it like that but here's the Stark reality
we're probably going to lose when I say we I'm talking about the pro-israel side Nothing by the United States and I'm talking about is real not talking about you know any of your allies in Europe I'm saying that
the the velocity of the of the anti-israel anti-zionist anti-semitic movement is tremendous when we thought mistakenly what we thought was going to be an opportunity for the world to finally wake up and see how dangerous it is to be a tiny little country surrounded by your enemies when we thought would be an opportunity for the world to see how evil the terrorists are
we were mistaken most of the world didn't see it most of the world is being shown something different most of the world
is being shown
the opposite of the truth
we are in a post truth Society
they're calling evil good and they're calling good evil
and again I want to be clear I don't think that is real has no blame whatsoever in any of that stuff they they don't they they they do have blame I always try to differentiate people and whenever I go to comment on social media the first thing that the first ad hominem attack they make whenever I show support for Israel is it evangelicals are are so confused by what is actually says in the Bible I didn't bring up the Bible I didn't even bring up prophecy I didn't bring up any of that stuff I just look at it as here are human beings
they're being slaughtered
on one side
and here's a response that is
try to prevent that from happening again
the same people special United States we're spoiled okay we don't have to deal with this kind of stuff
we are spoiled but imagine just for a second imagine if you're living in New Jersey
and a whole bunch of people
from you know I'm not going to I'm not going to no not pulling is Joe Biden this isn't where I lost my train of thought I'm going to prevent myself from going down the road of trying to get hope you do if you were this and if you were in that situation I think we all know if we've all heard enough of those scenarios and then what ends up happening is people counter will yeah but if you were stuck in your Homeland was taken by colonizers in this that of the other know now I'm not going to go down that that game the reason I believe though that's what I was saying This Lie the reason that I believe that would there were going to lose we're going to lose the information War we're going to lose all the stuff we don't turn this around is because they are gaining velocity there any momentum the rather than saying wow after I must add that to the Israelis we should probably take care of pro pro Palestine rhetoric and put on hold for a few days let things calm down maybe wait a week or two or ten no
the seized on the opportunity to push their message they got louder and unfortunately you know what's it's called what it is
is there are what 12 12 million Jews and over a billion Muslims
there are a whole bunch of really really stupid college students who are the most vocal people out there
that check the thing is I forgot the age groups exact Angels but I believe that it was it was those under 25 or might have been student age I don't remember exactly what base in the youngest age groups survey there were the only ones that believed
that they were basing Pro Hamas what I'm talking about pro-palestine hear it when I'm talking about Pro two-state solution
over a majority
of young kids and kids young adults
pardon me oh my gosh I got to prevent myself from getting too loud I'll get back on track here in a second but I should do a programming note for those who who didn't hear in the beginning yes I have been sick I still technically am sick of you trying to watch a video that's why you don't see me this because you don't want to see me right at when I'm when I'm at 100% most you probably don't want to see me but when I am not a hundred percent you definitely don't want to see me I got my my hair in curlers or curling irons or something that I that bad joke you know actually here anyway no I'm not feeling my best and so if I cough I'm trying to have a cop yet it's been over an hour and I still would cost that's good but but I just stopped myself especially when I start screaming and spitting them out anyway so back on track a majority of young people
then again I don't have the stats in front of me but it was like 53% wasn't lab is like 53% of them so they were they favored Hamas over Israel again not something they favored Palestine are they favored the Palestinians are they favored favored Casa they favored among us over Israel and they believe that Hamas was justified
these aren't stupid people necessarily mean they are obviously stupid but they're not unintelligent people there where that I must went into these boots to boots them they're called they
they beat and raped and kidnapped and murdered people innocent civilians children babies
and yet I majority of the young people in America
think of that was justified because of the indoctrination they are brainwashed
there's a spirit of evil that's spreading across America spreading across the world and that Spirit of evil
is making it to where people that I know and like and respect
are blaming Israel people that I know in like and respect
essentially saying hey
Israel got what they deserved and they deserve even worse
to answer Dan's question I am not one of those guys that she leads and I frankly I know everybody
I'll admit I don't like Bibi Netanyahu is he better than than some of the Alternatives absolutely do I think that he's an effective leader know I don't think he has been do I think he's a patriot wears Nation yes do I think that he has skeletons in his closet absolutely and do I think that he may be willing to do things that will cement his legacy
100% I think that and unfortunately his legacy has been painted in recent years his legacy has been yeah he's he's on the verge of being being going out as corrupt going out as as willing to do things from a political perspective that that don't make sense for Nessa and that's only for the nation okay that's the that's that was the politics in Israel prior to the invasion I'm not going to sit here and accuse then Yahoo or anybody in the government
I'm doing this intentionally of allowing that the terrorists come in the via stand down orders or anything like that but I wouldn't
be shot if they did and moreover I would say there seems to be a very good a very very good chance that at least those in the Israeli deep state department has faith in a plot to essentially leave the back door unlocked I'm not saying they planned it so they might have that's always possible I'm not saying they encouraged it. They might have that's possible but if you look at everything that happened leading up to it it was either an extraordinary convenience series of events that all happened to benefit her Moss at the exact perfect time or somebody left the back door unlocked somebody said hey we've got credible credible evidence credible intelligence that tells us that we need to move 80s 90%
of our troops that normally Schram Gaza we need to move over to the Westbank let's get them on the other side
and you got 29 incursions and different different spots on the most heavily guarded and heavily surveilled Border in the world
no I'm not buying it I'm not buying it takes 6 to 7 hours for a response because of computer glitches because of what what could have possibly caused that
and the answer of course is that somebody had to leave the door open now again I'm not going to say with 100% certainty that that's exactly what happened I'm not going to say oh you know there's no chance that if I won't go to Absolute
but if I had to put a percentage on it I would say there's at least a 90% chance
that somebody
and maybe maybe it was hacking maybe it was this maybe it was that but I would admit maybe it was wrong maybe it was it was a small faction within the military or intelligence maybe it was the Deep State then maybe it was
Netanyahu maybe it was members of the knesset maybe it was whoever I don't know and he's a thing just like that 11 we're never going to know yeah whenever we're never going to know they've already moved on gave those those types of questions of already been stifled matter fact if this is probably the straw is going to break the camel's back and finally give me Band by Apple podcast because they'd this is something that where they put the that they put the the stifle orders in they don't want people talking about that that type of stuff
if I don't care I'll talk about but I don't care I don't want to get I don't get banned on Apple podcast I don't want to get banned anywhere but I'm also not going to self-censor when it comes to this kind of stuff I can't I just won't stop tell me why I am so
anyway yeah great great great to get me spinning Don thank you got me going in that direction all right so now let's get back to here domestically what does all this mean
we are seeing these groups of people
they're growing I thought of that song here than it is not really growing in size but they're growing and violence guy in Skokie Illinois where there was a journalist who was beat down you know for being a journalist not for being pro-israel to serial necessarily but 44 just covering an event is it's always drives me mad when you see I do you know we're going to March for Auntie far we're going to March for black lives matter or we're going to March for Palestine and then you know we're going to do it out of the public but don't you dare to question
wait wait so you want to be seen but you don't want to be seen
but we don't want to be seen by you you know you're going to say bad things about is it does Intrepid journalist out there that are trying to cover these event they truly are Intrepid or stupid probably in traffic is stupid is that it's possible some of them could be but but yeah you know when you're out there trying to cover this stuff you putting yourself at risk and there's going to be at some point in the future there's going to be worse than just beat downs I do anticipate this little Powder Keg that continues to grow here in the United States as a pertains to Israel and Hamas and it's going to get bigger it was going to get more explosive in that at some point it is going to blow
let's be ready for that
but like I said when you have the youngest people that are pro, which obviously makes them also pro-palestine Pro you know Tuesday solution or maybe just completely eliminate the Jews altogether whatever their if their plan is whatever they've been indoctrinated into thinking they have the loudest out there so how do we fight that that's a serious question and I'm not I'm not trying to that's all rhetorical you know what do you think how do we fight this how do you know somebody else help me answer Dan's question what do we do when you have people are trying to kill us, I'm trying to take over the world to subjugate us at the very least
how do you fight back as soon as how should we fight back as information Warriors give me a call +888-627-600-8886 to 76008
I do want to finish up this article real quick and we will get back to the Hamas thing but I do want to get finish this article because it actually does dive into that as well this article by Michael Snyder over rat and the American dream
he talks about will skip past that part talks about immigration or as I like to call the Border Invasion which is what it is and then border patrol officers to see here we go
text Mia borders is one of the very few things that the federal government is actually required to do and under the leadership of Joe Biden the federal government is failing at the that task spectacularly and now we are being warned that members of Hamas and Hezbollah made a try to come over our Southern border I like that may try they're already here folks before you can get into this he does need a list of information is coming from San Diego has from Breitbart so he will give that here in a second let's be Crystal Clear they're here they are the radical Islamic terrorists are here and took what 19 of them to Cripple the nation and change the world Wiki 19,000 do about 190,000
I'm trying to scare you
I hope nobody takes this as a sign to to run away I don't want people to run for the hills they get out of the Cities absolutely that's practice right there folks get out of the Cities as soon as possible if you haven't already
but don't run and hide
participate I know a lot of you can't I know there's a good lot of people that listen to my show who you know you done your time you served your years and maybe your your older maybe your your infirm that's fine I understand there are other ways that you could always help
sharing information encouraging inspiring or even if it's just getting out of the way and I'm not saying that in a mean way and that's all we know you would you know if your let's say you are you're you're 90 years old K 80 years of whatever you're you maybe you're you're living alone maybe you don't have you're not able to grab the gun you not able to eat other than possibly in self-defense you're not able to get on social media and start doing videos or start whatever whoever it is that you are that you feel like there's not much that you can do other than maybe talk to your friends in and help others maybe that's it okay fine when I say get out of the way I'm not saying oh you know it's time to move on old-timer you know what I'm saying is is that if you're there in the city
and I would say your in your someplace where where God forbid but radical Islamic terrorism starts to take over Skokie Illinois right and you're there that means that those of us who are fighting against them we have to protect you
we do this part of being Who We Are
those of us who will be armed to will be on the streets who will be participating weather through information Warfare or physical Warfare or whatever you know whether it's revolutionary war Civil War or just fighting off a police state or just fighting off terrorist or fighting off whoever foreign or domestic whatever if you're there we have to protect you so all I'm suggesting is you make it to where your need to be protected is limited either that by protecting yourself or going to a place where you are protecting such as a rural areas such as you know well with was friends or family
we want to be independent as we get older there's also the consideration that in this world today
you don't want to be you don't want to let the bad guys use you against us it's all I'm suggesting
so yeah so they're already here in this article according to this report from Breitbart San Diego field office Intelligence Division of Customs and Border Protection has warned in a memo that members of Terror groups namely Hamas Hezbollah a Palestinian Islamic Jihad could be entering at the poor Southern border the warning comes weeks after the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas attacked Israel murdering 1400 individuals and taking many more hostage on October 7th Daily Caller news Foundation First obtained and share the October 28th which warned that individuals inspired by or reacting to the current Israel hamaca conflict may attempt to travel to or from the area of hostilities in the Middle East Via sorry I'm sick that's why I can't read because you know you I don't know if you guys heard this but if you're sick than when you're reading ability becomes becomes lower least that's what the story that I'm sticking with
is it across the Southwest border
yeah they're already here in the safely in a Michael Snyder didn't know that Hezbollah has already here we already know I mean Isis is here you might say Oasis doesn't exist okay well okay the spiritual to the spirit animals of Isis exist the people that made up Isis the many of them still exist and many of them are here
we have to be ready for that fight it's coming to us whether we want to or not we want to fight them or not sound like something well you know we just stays keep your nose out of it and we'll be fine and those already in it and we've already participated participated when we invaded Iraq the first and second times we participate when we invaded Afghanistan we participate we got rid of of Osama bin Laden at least allegedly participated when we you know when we have the color color Evolutions we've been participate in the entire time just too late for us to say I don't know we're not we're just going to mind her own business you guys go go handle it over there know that says that means we have to continue to participate
the one fit notes you know it's I think I always have to reiterate this
do I support Israel absolutely
do I want to send them any Aid money nope
don't want to send any troops US troops noop
do I want to send aircraft carrier groups to try this way there on New I don't want to participate at all what's a Former Intelligence perspective she does it is it any skin of her back we position our satellites over Gaza City and around and try to get help to help keep a closer eye on things now I don't know if it hurts
that's fine
what about selling them the time of day to put up what about selling them weapons selling the Patriot missiles or whatever ya fine so bad it's only an whatever that's fine they have the money they can do it
if you didn't have the money that I want to pay for it then they can't do it that's just kind of how it works. It should work
this isn't Our concern per say that we have to get directly involved
and the reason that I want to be clear about something
is it possible that
Iran could get involved in by proxy so would Russia could be turkey as well and yes it could even be trying to try this movie chips in the area could this turn into a World War yes it definitely actually could and that's why I don't want to get involved
we might be forced to get involved that's a distinct possibility
and I don't want to make drinks any closer now there's a lot of people who would say oh but you know having having those carrier groups in the region that will dissuade people from attacking the oldest way there Ron from getting involved and I can see that argument I just disagree with it not dogmatic about I'm not going to sit here and say I know that definitely does not dissuade them you are wrong good so I'm not going to say that but I will say that
if we can just sit back and ignore it
I cannot ignore Israelite ignore a. Ignore any of that stuff not know stop sending mornings but if we can prevent it from looking like we want more than maybe just maybe we'd be less quote we will be further away from that list closest not even to think could be further away from war if we did it like that I could be wrong
I'm willing to accept that to knowledge that
but I don't think I am I think it it feels like base but everything we were seeing that we're sending carrier groups in there is it a is it a way to dissuade them sure you could make that argument nothing more importantly it's a way of us saying yeah we're ready we're itching we're going to go after you the way for a Lindsey Graham and say we're going to bomb everybody we're going to buy me entire world anybody anybody who comes after after his realtor comes after asking or what you don't even have to come after us to come after is your we're going to bomb you anyway
Lindsey Graham Graham was in Israel telling telling his really journalists that he needed to be in the union to be removed an elite guest okay he was a guest there was e g was a guest in Israel
at a reasonable reasonable question came in when is from an Israeli American journalist
Alyssa Graham has the gall to say can't get this guy out of here is his country not yours
he's a journalist in his own country you're trying to expel him because he's asking you tough questions about the squad and Lindsey Graham Shane the United States of America
by defending his is a political opponents
what right does Lindsey Graham have to go to Israel until an Israeli journalist try to have that Israeli journalist thrown out
he doesn't have that right
and the fact that he thinks he has that right and the fact that far too many in our government far too many in the military-industrial complex in the unit party swamp in the Globus leak of the ball they all seem to think that we have the right to dictate what's who gets to go where and who gets to be at what press conference
that image that we're portraying is not an image of Peace that's not an image of hey Aron you really shouldn't attack that's an image of hay a run we dare you to attack with double dog dare you would have your chicken are on
this is all I not going to help you why don't you attack why don't you attack
that's the message that we're sending
so I'm not buying the whole o aircraft carrier groups are going to dissuade them
it seems like every action were taking his to antagonize not to dissuade I doesn't feel like we're trying to de-escalate we're not there are plenty of acid are they there many many of Capitol Hill they're trying to do the escalate as matter fact that feels like even some if not at least publicly speaking the by a regime seems to be trying to de-escalate Elise considering that possibility I don't know maybe this is really just some of the warmongers on both sides of the aisle that are participating maybe they're just too loud
maybe router then then then the peace people do the same thing with Israel versus the pro-palestinian what a river to the Sea people
okay maybe I mean it's not that the the the majority there is right there not
if they're definitely harder and maybe even that is a lie
and again when I said was you I'd want to be cleared for those who missed earlier we're talking specifically about the Alyssa College age and younger people that was a majority of those those people support Hamas over Israel when you get into any other age group it seems as if the more the more mature you are the more cognizant of of History cognizant of reality that you are if you're not a stupid kid and chances are you probably in support Israel you might not like it
which sport is Fort is real
but then when you get the kids are all like oh my gosh from The River To The Sea how the rock and rock bar or whatever okay I mean that's the reality we face and it brings me back to one of my early premises before I give that three quick notes number one for those who missed it yes if you were trying to watch on video you can't see me because I'm sick if you're listening on audio and I sound weird it's because I'm sick we're fighting through it we're going to make it I'm not going to let this keep me off the air for 4 days in a row
ever to give me a call I don't have any calls today thanks Don for chiming in but I want calls okay this is not good when I don't get called to get very mad okay you won't like me and when I'm angry I got to watch watch Hulk original with that with the Eric Bana and in the my kid right yesterday he's like oh my gosh you know you won't like me when I'm angry so you know he's already saying it anyway yeah I don't want to be angry call me +886-276-008-8886 to 76008
I'm in the last note
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that is so funny I do that's proof positive cuz I almost missed my cue again it in case you think I'm I'm kidding when I say that now I'm not kidding I literally wondering just radio when I'm not doing video I close my eyes I know it sounds probably whatever the word for it is maybe even Eric Church childish even but I like to visualize what I'm saying when I'm doing it on the radio I don't like to just ride I don't read from teleprompter by the way I told read this script if I'm reading from an article I'll tell you from writing from an article this is just an adulterated Rucker that you're getting to hear and sometimes that's not a good thing but usually is pretty good I think at least I've been told by those who know and love me they they think hey you do pretty good
Anthony way back on back back on track here so
oh yeah I was going to finish up this article and then we will we will move move on cuz I was on a roll about Hamas and how we're going to lose and I don't want to I don't want to end this show on that and by the way I don't think I don't think that the United States going to lose you or Ron I don't think any of that stuff I'm talking specifically about the information War we aren't suited for this we aren't case I forget the article was just not suited for this it's because we believe in the truth
if you're listening to this chances are you believe in logic you believe in common sense you believe in true Justice and not talk about social justice or climate Justice for George Floyd Justice I'm talking about actual real Justice you want criminals to go to jail you want terrorists to be apprehended or killed you want you want the good guys to win
cuz you're you know my patriotic American or a patriotic Canadian or patriotic whatever you know maybe your Nationals maybe you're partially globalist I don't care as long as you're not a full-blown Global if I know there's a lot of lot of people out there that are like out in the wood what's the global trade I get it I understand
I'm not I'm not against you I'm against glass while I'm against, I'm against those people but here's the thing we believe you and I believe in the truth
and for the last really you could take it all the way back to the very latest 1960s
they've been forming a post-truth society around us they've been forming a society where it doesn't matter what science says it matters what the bottom pay for scientists say it doesn't matter what doctors say
about your actual doctor say about various things that are out there in the wild
it only matters what the narrative says what the agenda says this is why we have locked out there's a meme going around that I think is is pretty telling after I actually think I know I only was Elon Musk somebody shared share this to me man I went went pretty viral last week
it was you that they're telling us to take a and I'm going to butcher this but it but this is the idea they're telling us to take a vaccine that you can't tell if it works against the disease that you don't know that you have unless you get tested for it you know and it's so true you don't know the other does the vaccine make you immune now does it prevent you from spreading the disease no does it does it prevent hospitalizations or deaths know
then what does it do we just take it
that folks is the epitome of upholstery Society
so why we can say logically there is no moral equivalence between going and trying to take out the March terrorist versus being those terrorists and actually killing innocent civilians we can't put a moral equivalency there and here's the here's how you know that the deer blind they being the these Pro Hamas pro-palestine Pro in a river to the Sea people here in the United States and even in other Western Nations his how you know that they they they're brainwashed or that they are nihilistic combination of of nihilism end an indoctrination I don't know what you want to call it
the reason we know that they're brainwashed because they can't see the difference
between how Hamas treats its people the people are supposed to be allegedly fighting for and how Israel treats its people or how the United States treats its people or even even even the ukrainians even the Russians day when we were talking about war actual War decent people decent members of the military they will do everything they can to prevent civilian deaths they will stand in front of the civilians to protect them they will help the civilians to get to a safe spot for their protection
what her monsters is the exact opposite
they will put the people in front of them to protect themselves they will use human Shields they will make sure that there are civilians in places that Israel will bomb they all say hey is your look we've got a a rocket battery here that's going to descend rock is the has been and will continue to send rockets in sub to Tel Aviv and we've got as many children and women and children civilians as we can practice close those Rockets as possible
they will
allow their via Palestinian Gaza whatever you want to call them citizens they will allow them to be killed because they want them to be killed
they want them to die
and the reason they want them to die is because the more casualties they can they can claim or even acknowledge the more civilian casualties they can get at the hands of a an Israeli airstrike or whatever the better it is for them politically
they aren't there to protect their people they literally want as many of their people as possible to die
think about that
think about what these kids are supporting
it's not just kids it's adults feel
think about the fact that that these marches these protests and have become increasingly violent think about the fact these aren't it's not like these are a bunch of the Palestinian refugees or or Muslim groups that are doing it these are your average everyday Americans are so many Jews that are participating as many as you see the posters queers for Palestine
trans for Palestine
and we make fun of it we laughing like who wants to tell him that it's not funny
it's brainwashing it's indoctrination
it's so heavy so deep that a majority of young people supported they support a mosque they want Israel to be obliterated
they want juice to be killed they want this but are they really come out and say those exact words or not they're never went there not completely stupid there are then I completely and intelligent they are stupid but they're not unintelligent they know what they're supporting they know what'll happen if what they want to happen happens in other words they're not deluded oh you know what you just if if Israel would just make a piece the other if they stopped shooting they put down their arms then Hamas was will put down their arms and we can everything will be just fine we can get the negotiation table and we get a two-state solution that everything's going to be hunky-dory once we have the two-state solution than Israel's and and and Palestinians will decide by side and eventually be like hey you know what why don't we just make this house to be naked all together and get rid of all the colonizers
and also don't even try by the way that I have gotten to the base with these people don't even try to convince them especially with some some snarky student right don't try to say hey did you know that you do know that the Jews were were in in what you would you call Pala side they were actually in and living in the ruling over over the land of Israel and Judah prior to the invention of Islam now they don't want to hear that number one that call you a liar because they don't know the history of you like do that wasn't the same as matter fact the people that were called you back in those are actually these Palestinians and yeah these are direct direct descendants of both the Jews in the Philistines and they will they will have this revisionist history where they basically they jump through they do mental gymnastics and jump through hoops to get to the conclusion that hey
be there he's called Palestinians these are actually the direct descendants of the original settlers of the land
I mean it's the monster Lee false
but that's what they believe that's what they've been told that's what the how brainwashed and indoctrinated they are they think this
Pokemon I want to be clear about one thing before we move on because I don't I don't know if we're even going to get passes subject thanks Don you opened up a can of worms in me I want to be clear about something and this is going to be very unpopular
I can empathize
with those who want to blame Israel
based upon certain facts I can empathize with those I'm not going to emphasize any anybody to support Sam us to be clear okay if they believe that that this was just fighting anyway the terrorist attacks from October 7th no I'm not going to agree with that but there are people that are saying hey let's ease back let's see no let's let's have a truce for the sake of preventing further Bloodshed I don't hold it against them if they're doing it on this for the sake of of the Palestinians okay like in other words if they can say I've heard that you always hear the term that Gaza is an open error open-air prison right that is so you still got the walls you still got everything else can the people walk around Shore better but still being persecuted still being oppressed there still prisoners they're still not being treated very poorly and then so so they need to be taking the consideration and Israel is doing very very
I buy them again at this is me saying this is what a lot of people I talk to see a lot of conservative lot of these are not talking about snowflake students I'm talking about actual in a fellow conservatives spell Patriots people that I disagree with their assessment but at least they're they're being Lucid about it and I can empathize with their thoughts okay with their perspectives the people that are saying hey what am I said was very wrong but you don't make me a two wrongs don't make a right this reels made their point they'll say that Israel has already killed more more in Gaza than the Hamas killed in Israel you know I fear neither Belleville throw that out there often they say there's no need to level the city there's no need to continue to go after the terrorist you know let things go back to normal and then figure out a way to contain the terrorists and eventually go after them slowly but surely this is an argument
made by Parachute essentially support you know the supports not Hamas but the the guys and people I can empathize with those perspectives I really can't I disagree I do I disagree I think that that this the attack was hideous enough to wear Hamas needs to be wiped out again the terrorist group Hamas not God's not so-called Palestinians Hamas needs to be wiped out
because they will continue to do this it might be next month next year next decade but they will continue to do this
then you cannot allow them to regroup this is the time this is the moment we're amassed a terrorist organization radical Islamic terrorist group must be eliminated
because if you don't they're just going to get worse
I just going to get worse
all right that's enough of that for now I've been empathetic I've been all that good stuff let's just move on back to you real quick because we got the vote votes coming up if you listen live vote is coming up in about two and a half hours for Mike Johnson here's some information you need to know about Congressman Mike Johnson who seems to be very likely the next speaker of the house this is an art form axios axios left-leaning and Serene have her that she an Staffing left-leaning but the information is good actually has a very similar to Politico left very leftist propaganda still I don't like using them but sometimes they do give good information it's worth sharing As Long As You Are
cognizant of their left-leaning perspective so bring their article Republican conference vice-chair Mike Johnson is the latest house Speaker nominee any carousels you'll be candidates after three failed candidates and three weeks without a speaker Johnson is trying to succeed where the others failed by uniting the conference behind them Johnson was previously defeated in the internal ballot by House Majority Whip time ever but never withdrew his candidacy later Tuesday just hours after winning the GOP nomination for the role Johnson has emerged from a fresh round of voting on Tuesday night Johnson 51 has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2016 and is currently serving his fourth term in the house he represents Louisiana's 4th congressional district which includes nearly seven hundred and sixty thousand residents Johnson won the seat with largest margin of victory in his region in more than 50 years according to a biography on his website after running both apps
degree in law degree from Louisiana State University Johnson spent nearly twenty years practicing constitutional law Johnson then served in the house legislature from February 2015 to January 2017 he is Kelly Johnson have been married since 1999 and have four children so
as I said earlier if you missed it Mike Johnson is is good rate
not all ghosts are okay but he's good he is a member of House Freedom caucus people asked that he was amongst the 57
are Republicans in the house who voted against unsuccessfully voted against the 40 billion dollars in in the whatever bribery money essentially the money laundering scheme of Ukrainian Aid he was one of the 57 the voted against it now his track record overall is decent and it's above average will say okay
from a as far as being a fiscal conservative he's demonstrated certain traits in both directions as far as being a trump supporter he has been he was amongst those who did they find out he was part he participated in filing the Amicus brief when Texas su-22 reverse to correct the fraudulent election results in a believe it was Georgia was a Georgia Michigan and Pennsylvania if I believe this was a anyway yeah this was a loss of those filed shortly after the 2020 election to try to to fix things and family did file an amicus brief in that regard or participated by he was he's an attorney but he works with other attorneys in the house to to engage in that obviously didn't work but when is that he was he did see shenanigans
not going to say that I do you know he's an election denier election I don't know for sure I just know that he did he did file that bottom line is that he seems pretty good he seems he seems pretty good is he great no but how does he compare to John Boehner Paul Ryan Mitch McConnell Ryan Kevin McCarthy has he compared to past GOP speakers of the house I would say he is exponentially better I would say that he is probably
If he if he gets the speakership today or whatever he gets it that he will be the most ideologically sound speaker of the house that we've had in most of our lifetimes
that's how good he is seriously mean
I should say that that's how bad they have been something he's great like I said he's not but he is so above and beyond the rest ideologically speaking because they were all in a party swamp rhinos that here's the thing to consider this is the scary part I guess you could say I've been going with the premise
the inner party swamp their Puppet Masters in the global Sleek ball will only allow someone to win if they have control they being the the Puppet Masters in other words they will only allow somebody to win who is compromised at least to some extent and that's what I've said many times everybody in DC is compromised everybody that's the elected officials not you know the handful that are compromised just haven't been there long enough
it was a compromise there different degrees of being compromised their those who are fully full-blown 100% they they if they were told to to take a hand grenade and eat it they will figure out a way to do it that's how compromised they are like they are so we're talkin about the Lindsey Graham's in the Mitch McConnell's of the world
we're talking about the people that are that are really really bad in in all Capitol Hill
then you have that second to your where they're most uncompromising I think this is where I'm kind of comes in I would say that's what time ever probably actually in the top class Ultra fully full-blown compromised and I would say that's where Steve scalise is not the full-blown but in these that second here then you got 30 or 40 of them everybody is at least a little bit compromise and those who aren't by the way
if somebody might simile is can't be all of them and that's true it's not always all of them is always going to be somebody knew going in who who can't or won't be compromised as you can ask Madison cawthorn they get eliminated here's a guy that was wildly popular in his own District Mitch McConnell put everything behind getting rid of him completely, but even in the house yeah he he had Madison cawthorn primaried in The Limited
that stuff doesn't normally happen but if you if you don't allow yourself to be compromised they're going to get rid of you that's a brat
a handful of examples over the years the ones that are allowed to stay there they're compromised at least little bit
so point of trying to get at is it's kind of a unfortunate Catch-22 do I like my Johnson so far yes but if he wins I'll suddenly become skeptical because in my humble opinion I don't have evidence is by the way this is just based on what I've seen of the the so-called Playbook of the global Sleek ball if if I Johnson become Secretary is out of surgery State speaker of the house that means that he's at least a little bit compromise that mean maybe more so that more than a little bit
I know it sucks it's like I'm saying I do and say shows matter of hey I'm sick and the Moss propagandists are going to going to win and the unit price swamp is going to give their speak of the house one way or the other I know it's a bad so you know the funny part is the last show was trying to fill people to help hope you know if through prayer through through fighting the good fight we will we can and should have hope about what's happening right now today maybe it's because I'm sick and so no bother you
Doom and Gloom it really bad finally give the Constitution conservative the good be speaker of the house then he's probably compromised I don't mean to be like that but I really don't but as it gets harder and harder everyday to come up with with to find the silver lining and it's a lot to try to you know I'm not trying to decide you hoping I do want to highlight the positive and when I highlight too much negative it's because we are number one but I personally have a higher tolerance for the negative called based upon my biblical beliefs you know it's bad news can't hit me for very long because I also I have this hope for the Eternal future that supersedes it all I don't care how bad things get it's like okay well even if they give that bad at least you know this short-term
temporal wife might suck for a while but in eternity it'll be pretty awesome so I'm okay with that you know when weighing eternity versus oh you know we're going to have to go through tribulations for next two years are in 1/2 years 0 years 7 years however long they need one where you stand if you stand anywhere at all on that concept yeah I know how long it's going to be I don't know when it's going to start on the North could have already started maybe this is the hard times maybe we're not seeing it because we're not right there and Israel being slaughtered or butchered it when I sing it because we're not in the least having to fight for allies maybe we're you know maybe we are going to see if maybe we won't be here is all sorts of maybes
but I know that there are two things for certain number one
we fight the good fight either way and Mission doesn't change
spread the gospel
we pray
we share the truth we fight the good fight does matter whether with in the end times today or if the end times aren't coming for another five thousand years doesn't matter all that matters is that at 4 at our pay grade here as humans that's what we do we will follow instructions that's going to be a time of times I'm saying that that read your Bible why don't you supposed to do then do it please number two
time I getting choked up I mean that literally I'm getting choked up now from emotional because I'm sick number to we
we have to assume
that I role going forward is one of protection
and for most of us that means just protecting ourselves and our families for some of us it means protecting our friends families or friends and family and our communities and then from there I can go onward and upward
pray plan prepare to do my motto and we need to start taking that to heart more and more and more be ready for what's to come be ready for what's to come
and does that mean you can scan it to spit everything absolutely not she can at least try to be ready
that's why I bring in my wonderful sponsors Genesis Gold group to protect your life savings the best way to be ready is by going to jtr right now
and seeing what they can do to help you to get ready for whatever is to come
we do have to fight the good fight
that doesn't mean that we have to sacrifice everything we can be good stewards
we can be be good Christians and we can continue to fight against evil but we have to be able to we cannot be broken and be holding the government because if we are then we're going to lose Lord willing I will be back tomorrow with another episode in the meantime you'll stay strong stay safe and God bless

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