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JD Rucker Show, November 9, 2023

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JD Rucker Show
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Challenges and Triumphs: Navigating Life's Roller Coasters and the Quest for Truth

Title: Challenges and Triumphs: Navigating Life's Roller Coasters and the Quest for Truth


In this engaging episode of JD Rucker's talk show, listeners are taken on a candid journey through the host's recent personal and professional experiences. Rucker opens up about the roller coaster of life events he's faced, ranging from health issues to significant developments in his professional realm. Despite the setbacks, there's an air of optimism as he shares the good news and positive changes, especially in the context of his show and the broader impact on his audience. This personal touch sets the stage for a deeper exploration of current affairs and media responsibility.

The episode then shifts gears to a more serious tone, delving into the intricate world of media and journalism. Rucker brings to light concerns about the state of truth-telling in media, emphasizing the importance of honest reporting in a society where it seems increasingly scarce. He highlights the role of his own platform, The Liberty Daily, in disseminating news quickly and responsibly, underscoring the weight of this task given their substantial audience reach. The show takes a critical look at recent events involving journalists and their alleged association with controversial groups, raising questions about journalistic integrity and the boundaries of reporting. Rucker's unique perspective as an immigrant and his reflections on current global and national issues add depth to the discussion, inviting listeners to consider the balance between protecting one's country and maintaining ethical journalism.

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News and Opinions relevant to Americans today in the realms of politics, culture, and religion. Host JD Rucker from NOQ Report delivers truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective with co-host and wife Tammy.

We tackle issues that most won’t touch. Even conservative and many “alternative” media outlets refuse to talk about “taboo” topics for fear of losing money from Google, traffic from Facebook, or sponsors who are “woke.”

We don’t take on woke sponsors. We don’t get traffic from Facebook. We don’t take money from Google. We know we’ll get canceled by some, but the truth is the truth. We won’t hold back.

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hello my friends and welcome to another episode of the show I am your host JD Rucker and it is good to be back live on the air you know we've been running reruns for a little bit life throws curve balls at you sometimes I'm not going to go into too many details other than it's been it's been a roller coaster that there's been some good there's been some bad as Benson actually really really good and there's been some minor we bad I'm not like stuck in the hospital or anything anymore so that's a good thing none of my family members are stuck in the hospital anymore so that's an even better thing and then throughout the last however long it's been we've also had some extraordinary exciting news on the business front of that she will affect you guys this is actually good news that I think will benefit not just the J D wrecker show not just me personally but also I think
any of you as well as well I'm Erica and delusions of grandeur and and say oh my gosh this is going to be such a great thing for America but I really think it is going to be such a great thing for America first and foremost it we're so blessed to be working with wwcr to be working with BBs radio to incredible organizations that have been extraordinarily patient with us through this through this crazy time of reruns I hate running reruns you know who those who listen to show were you very well aware that I try to say is pretty much as up to date as soon as possible as up-to-the-minute as possible as the editor over at the Liberty we we try to do everything we can to make sure the stories pop up with an S sometimes at least within minutes of breaking you know it's we're scrambling Matthew Berg the owner at the Liberty daily
and I sometimes work we're going back and forth via phone or via instant messenger whatever and and just just trying to grab the stories that make the most sense to be up at the top to be up at the headline section and it's important because we get any of the society gets about 10 million visitors a month so being able to to get the truth out to the people with so few truth-tellers in media today it's his responsibility is not just a job is not just a hobby this is something that I believe is is beneficial to the United States of America in to Americans in general even if they hate I hate people that that absolutely despise us we're still fighting for their benefit even if they they don't want it even if they believe that we have too many freedoms even if they believe that that the things that are going on the world or somehow benefiting them
if we do get I don't know I don't want to see the Press but it is it can't get discouraged sometimes we look around we see we see this nation's Nation so many of us just absolutely love and adore I think I have a and I'm not a unique perspective but AIDS perhaps a different perspective from a lot of my listeners because you have for those who don't know I am a legal immigrant I came to this nation France as a as a child this is the only nation that I've ever known but I was not born here you know my mother my mother was is from the Philippines and my father was was in the in the u.s. Air Force obviously they met and I was the result and then I was brought to the United States and have been so blessed to be a citizen here but that's that blessing comes with a sense of humility knowing that we did win we won the the life lottery so to speak if you're here in the United States of America illegally then the new
who won you could have been born anywhere you could have been living under socialism living under tyranny but you're here and I think that far too many Americans today do not consider that to be a blessing they wished they were in Gaza right now you know if only they knew that the world would actually be happening to them they wish that they were in Venezuela or China or North Korea or anywhere else I should even pick the place they're obviously harsh and then they wish they were in Europe and yet even those in Europe often look around and say wow what's happening to our nation was happening to her our continent what's happening to the EU what's happening to to life here we say it too and we do get get a b a i get discouraged when we see all the shenanigans that are happening the crimes the people that that just don't seem to care it's almost as if this nation is on the verge
is going into to palliative care right we were we don't want to think about it we don't want to consider the possibility that the United States of America could at some point in the future or even really your future cease to exist at least its current iteration that's possible we can't take that for granted
so you consider to be a wonderful blessings not just be here but to be talking to you guys and I don't want to be that mr. Debbie Downer to start for the past couple of weeks again just a strange mixture of really hard times from a medical perspective on top of really amazing things that are happening from a business perspective 8 but I guess you could say a mission perspective I'll be able to reveal a lot more of that during later shows you can call in live and talked to me and then give me your opinion about the two dozen stories I've got to talk about today call him at 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008 and if you can convince my wonderful screeners that you're not crazy I or at least not not going to do anything dumb then hey
and wealth will talk so there's a story that it I mean caught my attention because at first I read through these feeds and there's literally anywhere from $1,500 to 2500 headlines that I read on a daily basis in the story caught my attention because at first I thought maybe it was I had to be like that I don't know sad Tire or or fake news or something and I saw that it was coming from a Jordan schachtel of read the dossier where you can find his work at dossier. Today no. Cam just dossier. Today it'll side of journalists or jihadists who is of American News agencies were embedded in plain clothes with Hamas during October 7th master I thought I might crash like that that could possibly be in of course now today in 2023 it shouldn't shock any of us it really shouldn't it should not be a surprise at all to find out that media is complicit
indirectly involved especially corporate media complicit and directly involved in so many of these bad things that are happening before I get to the story there was I forgot who was the the Germans name their was I won't be getting to the store today but it was pretty shocking when you saw helicopters media helicopters flying over the side of an FBI raid and keep in mind they were watching it live and most important are watching from the beginning in other words the FBI is they were preparing to do an armed me a massive raid of January 6th political opponent basis whether they were they have the media there they told corporate media hey we're going to be raining this guy here's the address where we serving a warrant and then arrest again so so why don't you bring the crew out there you know I think we all saw or was it a few years ago and when that happened to Rodger Stone seeing in this broadcasting at 4 a.m. or whatever right in front of Rodger Stones House of the
yeah I was was writing him you know again aren't many people like Rodger stone or anybody from j6 they get more of a an armed response
from law enforcement then people that are known to be violent people that are known to be to be a threat to society and there's that's not a reason except for a fact they're trying to intimidate you or trying to intimidate all of us anybody who might be patriotic anybody who might love America anybody who might be you or somebody that could have been there maybe wish they were there during January 6th or or wishes they were there for for any of these events that they don't want us to go to well they want to intimidate you what's it called when it is I hate to admit it but it's a truth it's working so many of us
so many of us have avoided going to rallies going to events where oh you know I always hear that all that's going to be there's going to be a lot of lot of undercover FBI there so we shouldn't go and I'm thinking it's kind of dumb if you think about it it's like okay so so they're they're proving to us a we know we're going to be at all your event so you guys shouldn't have these events you know we're going to be at all these protests we're going to be coming after you like we came after all these people from January 6th so you might as well just not even not even from test don't don't even get involved you should be watching your own back don't don't let the the crazy Maga people tell you what to do don't let any of those those crazy journalist tell you what to do they're going to they're going to send you the wrong way that's the message
what is the message here in the story from again from Jordan schachtel what's what's the message about about journalists being embedded with the Terrace again apparently with foreknowledge obviously they wouldn't be there if they didn't have $4 for knowledge of a terrorist attack
against Israel that resulted in kidnappings beatings rapes and of course murders their people who are suffering and I don't want to get the whole yeah but now now it's it's the it was in Gods and people that are suffering I want to hear that okay I know it's true I don't want to hear anything about how all we know this is there they're being too harsh
that's the day I don't hear today unless you have me if you want to talk about it great I would have actually wouldn't mind the bathing somebody about that topic because it bugs me to death and if you wanted to bathe about that asked that question call me at 888-627-6008. But here's the thing there is no equivalence here
it's false if you believe that what's happening today in Gods of the military operation to try to eliminate completely eliminate Hamas do you think of that would have happened oh no that's what we would have done that if it wasn't for the terrorist attacks that won't you're wrong if you think oh my gosh you know they're taking it's Overkill that the only really killed or kidnapped and raped you know what a thousand or a couple thousand Israelis why are they going after so many people from from Gaza so many people from Hamas iates it sickens me it sickens me to think that there are so many people not just Americans put across the world that don't think this is a an equivalent thing to think that all we know there has to be an equal measure in equal measure of Justice you know I didn't hear the same people sing do you know they have to kill exactly only only three thousand people in Iraq were the Middle East because of because of 911 you know know they at least in the
getting everybody a selective memory you apparently but at least in the beginning of the Iraq War which never should have happened
that's majority of Americans want a blood that's majority of Americans wanted Vengeance this wasn't about all let's just go out and get Osama Bin Laden know that if they wanted terrorists killed
didn't want a specific number they just one of them all killed now Israel's going through base of the same thing and I I'm not justifying but I want to be clear about that I'm not trying to justify although you know that since Israel got attacked they should go destroy Gaza that's not what I'm saying by any means
but I don't want to hear about all this it's got to be an exactly equal measure otherwise it's it's Overkill now that's that's you you got to do what you got to do to protect your people
you got to do what you got to do to protect your people
so this article which again I thought was shot Higher by Jordan checked out I thought it was based on the headline but then I read in Psychology crap this is real as he posts honest reporting is out with an absolute bombshell of a story revealing today that gospel bass employees of the Associated Press and Reuters who also do contract work for CNN and the New York Times or embedded with Hamas during their Killing Spree during their Killing Spree across Southern Israel Newport asks many compelling questions
what were they doing there so early on on what would it ordinarily be have been a quiet Saturday morning was it coordinated with Hamas the Lord was media told hey it's mice won't you guys come down and and yeah you can get some pictures and videos of us us kidnapping beating raping and murdering
did the respectable wire Services which publish their photos approve of their presence inside enemy territory together with the terrorist infiltrators did photojournalists to freelance for their other media like CNN and the New York Times notify these Outlets judging from the pictures of lynching kidnapping in the storming of this really good boots it seems like the Border has been breached not only physically but also journalistically I like how they worded that have been been breached journalistically if I wish this was on video because there's a a very telling himage you've got the Hamas terrorists on one of those motorcycles we've all seen the videos of them even shot from the motorcycles of themselves coming across the border and into the cabooses and you got this video of his pants are a picture of the the terrorists with its two terrorists in sandwiched in between them is what appears to be in the elderly
Israeli woman is being kidnapped and right next to them they're waving by the way the Terrace are waving and who are they waving at her waving at 2 Journal
is there a p photographers who were there during the the terrorist attack from a distance like oh there there are the date these guys here are in full well least one of them has a helmet on it's got body armor and he's about what I do about 12 14 ft away from From the Terrace and you got this other guy also photojournalists guys nice fancy camera and he's right there like he could touch the terrorists if he wasn't taking their pictures right now other terrasource in the background just just hanging out
and again this is during
during the October 7th attacks by Hamas on Israel how's that even possible you might ask let's continue with the story therefore even documents the one of the men assigned as lion who works for a pee and seeing that works for them deleted evidence of his involvement in the assault on the outside as liya was dressed in plain clothes on Twitter a photo surfaced as Li embracing yahia Noir the highest ranking official in Gaza and then again if you could see this image when they were talking about Embrace these kissing him okay he's literally he's kissing him not like in a bad way there just posing for a selfie
but obviously they they know each other obviously they are very close and obviously he didn't go he was in there taking pictures again working for CNN and the Associated Press he didn't go there taking pictures for them with the exception of hey it's going to be a fun day over over in Israel and maybe was thinking that maybe you're saying that because he knew that there was going to be a terrorist attack
send wires has been convicted of committing several murders and acts of terrorism that's the the person that's getting kissed and and having a selfie with the AP journalists backyard of the wild Traders is based in London the Associated Press CNN and the New York Times are all headquartered in the United States where it is illegal to provide material support to Hamas because the jihadist group is listed as a foreign terrorist organization the AP for its part has long had disturbingly closing ties with moss and Gaza having once shared office space with the intelligence Services of the Jihadi group Israeli forces demolished the building 2021 sparking outrage with the usual suspects in the corporate media I remember when that story came out and it's funny because they the way that it was positioned in corporate media was that Israel was attacking the Associated Press
the Associated Press was screaming like oh my gosh you know they want they want us out of the building and then they think they attacked us they destroyed the building and this is so horrible you know that this was free speech where's Free Press here they they don't want you guys seen the stuff and then the report came out yet by the way you guys knowingly were operating in a building that was used for the Magic Hat Terrace in it it was specifically used for terrorism and then old reports popped up wherever you got literally AP journalists like looking out their window is it taking videos and pictures of of rockets being fired from their building into Israel so conveniently forgot to mention that part that they shared a headquarters with Hamas itself but hey
now it's certainly worth wondering whether these corporate media outfits could be able cated in a congressional and or criminal investigation into the activities of their paid staffers in contractors in Gaza and on that final note from Jordan checked out good guy would consider him a friend that I've known him for years now dating back to when he was like that the social media guide for her calls for conservative review just before the blaze bought them out he was he would contact me for hey you know social media posting stuff like that it was fun but then once he started going out on his own and doing his own journalist and so cool like how this guy is like super talented he's wicked smart he's got journalistic chops and now he's got a great a great nose for a story and this is just another example but I will disagree he's wondering if these are these corporate media outfits could be a
located in a congressional and or criminal investigation now cuz that ain't going to happen. I hate to be so cynical when it comes to politics when it comes to criminal justice but he would have had a much an exponentially not he they these journalists would have had an exponentially higher chance of being arrested or investigated by Congress or or law enforcement you know if they had been walking around the capitol grounds on January 6th I do they would be the police everybody Congress would be all over you know where as a journalist literally walking with a terrorist documenting their terrorism live as it's happening
course he's not going to be any repercussions against them there's not going to be any Congressional investigations into what cnnr Associated Press or anybody else does she not going to be any any questions asked by law enforcement about whether or not these so-called journalists were participating in offering material support for Hamas in the midst of a hideous terrorist attack that is not going to happen 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008
it was some of the good news and I've gotten over this last couple of weeks is that the main sponsor for the show has has been let's just say expanding and it's been a good thing just for those who don't know God we see wheel of Genesis Gold group there a Christian precious metals company that's that specializes in retirement cats and things been living room growing growing at a pace that where we can say now officially that we are one of the fastest-growing precious metals companies in the United States of America, sing a lot because this is not an industry that is very kind OK Google smart very familiar with how the precious metals industry Works you've got what what I like to call big gold, like big Pharma right or or big big Tech is big gold you've got you a handful of companies of the top and they literally all just hang out of the country close together and they are the owners of these
companies that are there are buddies they're all friends are competitors out in the out in the retail World when they are you just talking about them the individuals they're all just hanging out you know playing golf nothing wrong with that by the way I'm not going to sound like a socialist against these people having being Country Club that's not what I'm saying what I'm saying is that they big gold has a tendency to use the same techniques the same tactics as each other because they know these tactics generally speaking or not will say the most beneficial for American retirees people that are concerned about the economy at Genesis Gold group we are concerned concerned about how people are treated that's why we focus on answering questions educating people customer service which has given us a five out of five rating with the Better Business Bureau if you are concerned about the future about the economy that's your personal
finances about your life's savings then go to JDR that's jtr and fill out the form or you can always call him at 800-200-4653 that's 800-200-1006 go group today and I do have some news about that by the way that's again we'll talk more in the days and weeks to come it's something I'm going to be doing like a a slow roll out there's not going to be some major announcement that maybe there will be will see but it's looking it's looking pretty done good
so for those who were
watching last night Wednesday night's GOP debate High laugh at you how many people why should I know that but there were some people that watch the Republican debates see who will come in second place for the Republican nominee for president I think of the stage it's ludicrous Ludacris absolutely ludicrous for anybody to say that the nominee will not be Donald Trump unless of course the Deep State intervenes and prevents him from being the nominee I think that's the strategy so if you put a bug in the in the strategy sessions for the Ronda Sanders campaign or The Vape ramaswamy campaign or the Nikki Haley campaign or Tim Scott or whoever else is running Chris Christie his is a different scenario he's just out there getting
attack trumpet the other for better I guess you could say they're the closest to being competitive against Trump you know you put a you put a microphone in their strategy sessions with their campaigns and all of them are saying okay so we have to be we have to position ourselves so that we can hop in there if Trump is is convicted because that's it that's the only strategy nobody's thinking okay here's what we've got to do to make up 30 points here's what we got to do to jump ahead you know 40 points in Iowa to somehow somehow I'll get everybody else's vote plus some of Trumps most because he's already over 50%
that is the strategy folks you cannot convince me otherwise nobody's even in the DeSantis campaign no eating of the Santa's campaign is trying to figure out how do we catch up to Donald Trump
it's not part of the plan
and if you believe that no offense your diluted cuz the numbers you know I'm not a fan of holes but let's face it supposed to give you a a general idea you know you'll be there a look if you was down 20 points I'll be like maybe they are going to try to bridge the gap with know when you're down in some polls by over 40 points and at least 30 points in just about all the poles when you're down by that much
you have to acknowledge that the strategy is not how do we catch up to Donald Trump strategy and all these camps is how do we how do we position ourselves as the go-to once if Trump gets convicted
that's it that's the entire strategy so that's why I haven't been watching the debates but I did see if it was one amazing clip of a few but I I can only stomach one before it's like wow this is a waste of time and hey that was pretty killer there was one amazing clip vague ramaswamy just going after pretty much everybody just spinfire totally based and going after the house if I don't know I got to play it now. But if you if you want to be entertained it's a minute and 41 seconds just look it up and they promised while his opening statement otherwise I you know I don't I have watched any of the Bates but I try to get the I should say the play-by-play or whatever the recap there we go to get the recap after I had a hard time even doing that okay it just again this is pointless
because in in here's the important thing to keep in mind such as pointless because obviously I don't think that any of them have a chance of beating Donald Trump
it's pointless because if the Deep State takes Trump out then we are already sorry dude okay I'm mentioned America being potentially on the verge of Pella Pella of care that's where we are okay if they prevent Donald Trump from running a few losses fair and square in 2025 I'm sorry for not saying that we're done if that's the case we probably are but but I don't even want to think about that concept but if they prevent him completely from being able to run if they use the 14th Amendment as they're trying to do in some of these states if they say all we know he's convicted of this crime in this crime in this from this from this crime to say oh my gosh there's you were just there's no way Donald Trump is not allowed to run for president he's prevented from running
or let's say the RNC this some shenanigans that the convention and not Trice nominate someone else if that happens then the turmoil that will erupt from the the Rebellion it will be the end of the nation you people have to talk about Civil War do you know where we got to be ready for Civil War I was just talking to somebody from going to say who I was talking to a new owner of an extraordinary very popular conservative website yesterday and we were talking about he has some some of the ideas of how to move forward right and it was
it was good but it was important to note that we're not looking at a civil war we both agree this isn't this wouldn't be like North versus South or even even though I had a localized Civil Wars where it's it's this group versus that group this will be really truly a Revolutionary War
because our nation even though our government is our government so that the British government our government but they said she would become like the British government
if our own cult leaders on my prefer to think of them as Representatives if they started to go against the Constitution that I should start that's a laugh that was a joke sorry if they they went so far against the Constitution that is essentially was meaningless if they went so far against the people that they can no longer be trusted which is pretty much where we're at today with all these things continue to happen then there will almost certainly be a revolutionary war or I was at least an attempt to have an uprising of the question is whether or not it could sustain could it work if they always loved the especially The gun-control Advocates they always got there so what are you going to do you going to use your are fifteen against an F-18 you know is that what your plan is well yeah I think a lot of people do to have that plan number to yeah it is shouldn't come to that this is not the type of scenario where these big
massive weapons used to be over there are using aircraft carriers in New York City for example these aren't scenarios that would actually played out Lord willing they wouldn't have not play out what would play I would be conflicts within the Heartland conflicts within cities conflicts between you know a millet rice police and citizens that want to be free or see or even citizens of don't care about Freedom they're just trying to ride or loot or where do we need to become a raving bands of marauders trying to take what they can martial law absolute chaos societal collapse these are all things that could possibly happen and by golly about hoping for it I hope nobody takes that that takes that has a a takeaway from what I'm saying I'm not saying that I want Revolution I'm saying that we might get one either way I'll send you that I want this internal war Civil Wars lot of people will call it I don't want that at all
but I don't think it's it's a stretch to say that is possible I don't think it's a stretch to say that it could come at us even if we don't go after it
so yeah be ready you be as ready as you can be because
those days may be coming
see how he did go out of it but they promised funding to be clear I'm not a very big fan of Vivek ramaswamy even though I like about 80 90 per-cent of what he says
but I'm not a fan of his and I don't trust him I don't think that what he's saying is real I think that he's he looked at Trump's Playbook figured out how to how to make it sound better in and he's in the extraordinary or I said I don't think this guy's is sincere
I mean I would say that he's probably the least sincere on the entire stage on the the five candidates that were on the debate stage that's saying a lot in the mix to say that the Vic ramaswamy be maybe less than sooner than Chris Chrissy wow that's like that's what that's crazy. But that's how I feel you know I don't trust him I like what I see I like a lot of what he says but I don't think that he's actually mean any but I think he really is just using using this this Fame that has 15 minutes of fame as a launching pad for whatever is Max and whatever is next could be who knows a cabinet position with trump it could be you know what another business that may or may not fail because he hasn't had a whole lot of success there yes he's rich but he's had some pretty massive failures along the way right is he a saurus back puppet I would I don't believe so I know that it's the argument a lot of people make because he had
involvement with like a scholarship fund maybe he is maybe I'm being delusional but look I've seen enough real conspiracies especially as it pertains to people like George Soros Alex Soros wef swab Council for inclusive capitals when I look into all this stuff and Vikram swamy maybe a planned but I would give it less than 50% chance I'm not saying so slim slim chance I know it's more like 30% chance that he is a plant that he is controlled by Soros that's a lot that's not worth risking I don't think I would vote for a president I know it wouldn't help him for in the primaries I would vote for a president unless he's going against Joe Biden I think I would almost rather look at RFK Jr I like RFK Jr but it is in a lot of glaring problems if anybody ever look back I think it was what year was it
it wasn't too long ago when he's trying to push push the green New Deal or a variation of the green New Deal he's all complimentary of Alexandria ocasio-cortez but even in the midst of his compliments to a yeah you know but needs to be more market-based Corp carbon taxes again this is not very long ago and then you could also go back a few years before when he's really Bassy pushing Barack Obama he's campaigning on behalf of Barack Obama you know so that type of judgment and I just know I'm not going to buy into it
we may not have a choice what if your choice was between
Joe Biden herbs Gavin Newsom or whoever Michelle Obama it's either them or it's vague ramaswami or it's RFK Jr
they all have glaring challenges do mice Alia Bhatt at least the vague is is saying the right things you sounded Mega that's easy especially when your house this he is but if he is a saurus backed chill if he is a a a a plant then he may be worse than even and RFK Jr or a Gavin Newsom I doubt it but you never know you never know I love these the holes you a political thing right now is is very much in flux at least that's what we're supposed to be believing that's why we're being led to believe
888-627-6008 give me a call and we'll talk there's I'm laying on my stories last night getting ready to note it to come back on Hope and try to taking a loss and just trying to keep my voice straight you're dealing with her family making sure they've got everything they need it's been it's been a rough couple days but I'm getting all the stories together I did not intend for it to be just rapid-fire crazy bad news crazy bad news crazy bad news today since we're here story comes from max level of at shtf plan worldwide digital IDs will be required to participate in society by 2030 that's what sucks
it does suck and that 20-30 date is so so very important and it's not just because of agenda 2030 and I think show Zion looks ugly Clark Show the other day and I told him it's funny because he, glazed-over area is he didn't I don't know if he caught on to what I was saying because I've mentioned other show host in the past is always blowing their mind and in this time I don't know I don't know if clay was heard me right but it does seem conspicuous that King David Israel's King David he died in 978 e k
which is exactly two thousand years after 970 ad is 3000 years 3,000 years after 9 70 AD you've got 20 30
do people solve the math is wrong. Don't forget there's no year zero so between AD between b.c. and a.d. asking 978 e m m p c o x o 97 TBC until 2038 e is exactly three thousand years and I don't know if anything happened in 1030 I've been asked to actually buy somebody to try to investigate and see if there was anything maybe you didn't make the history books maybe you didn't we just didn't didn't see it who knows but I've got to look into that but we do know that something may have happened in the year 3018 which would have been exactly one thousand years after the death of David and it would have been exactly two thousand years before 2030 ad and that of course could be nobody has the defendants day but that very is a very good chance that that's a 38D is the year that it's you
is Christ died and was resurrected based on the idea the concept of his birth that people believe a lot of archaeologist science whoever Bible scholars historians they look at right around 4 a.d. is a time when he was born at least in a worldly fashion which would put it at sometime between 2029 and 30 ad somewhere in that range is to the point of his death and then of course his resurrection three days later interesting stuff right
point is is that 20-30 for whatever reason has become a focal point not just inside his conspiracy theorist of the actual conspirators the people that are Behind These conspiracies they've been pointing to 2030 for a long time
and that should be of concern to you soak corned the story from shtf plan you can always find these stores over at the stern here want to I don't want to bounce people around to the various websites all the stories that I talked about you'll be able to find them in some form or fashion at the CERN so help from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation let's to to swell companies swell organization the United Nations has grandiose plans to enslave every human being on the planet for 20 by 20 30 Terminal E
the rollout of worldwide digital IDs is happening right now and will come with a cashless fully digital payment system and the complete destruction of the illusion of Freedom it I like how I worded that we do actually have freedoms today we only have the illusion of Freedom they make you think that you can do stuff they allow it to happen and if you were if there's something they can prevent you from doing it any moment that's means it's not a it's not a true freedom
if Freedom means you're free to do it now that you are allowed to do it if you have to ask for permission to speak you're not free to speak it's not free speech
if they can stop you from speaking
based upon something that is that is if you're speaking lawfully and they can still stop you that is not free speech
if they can tell the media what they can and cannot run even if they give permission that's not freedom of the press
and the most important part if they can tell you who wasn't how to worship that is not freedom of religion
I don't care if they'll allow you to do it
they allow you to pray to God that is not freedom
you should be able to pray to God as a god-given right
I'm just just pointing out that the very appropriate wording use by Max Lavo over at reclaim the net on Wednesday November 8th 2023 which is yesterday to launch event is scheduled was scheduled to take place for what is termed the 50 and 5 agenda 50 in 5
United Nations the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation the partners of the Rockefeller Foundation are launching the campaign to accelerate digital ID digital payments and data sharing rollouts in 50 countries Under the Umbrella of the general public infrastructure DPI by 2028 according to the report by the daily expose you in for you on it is important that we have seen we always point to 2030 but what I've seen is there's a lot of little Milestone dates in between their things planned in two years in particular or three years I've said they have stuff planned very very clearly and openly plan for 2024 obviously would you like since they have plans set for 2026 and they've got the plants a 2028 these plans such as the one that I'm describing now these various components of the depopulation in control agenda they do seem to be all aligned that's not to say I ain't no is ever even here so you don't have to worry about anything going wrong in 20
35 2027 or 2029 now I think there's is more other things that are going on if anything those are I guess the more secretive years that they come out probably with this in the even years, a privately with something else in the body is I don't know that that part of not not too concerned about the point is is that they are coming after us in 2028 seems to be one of those pivotal year
back to the article
United Nations development programme the United Nations development programme undp has announced plans to roll-out digital IDs worldwide by the end of 2030 and they will be mandatory for people who wish to participate in recent societies according to reclaim the net but he does not go to reclaim that. To work on a regular basis and you're missing it these guys are often first game sometimes they pick up stories from you Associated Press or whatever and they they do further investigation a lot of what they're going to do that first they pull a lot from from some of the worldwide in European that works out there and those ones are often more willing to speak truthfully about such things
is Eric Bana maisabeauty they have more control over the people so they don't fear the people enough here a lot of times they won't put on news out of fear of repercussions from people when one advantage we still have here in the in the dying United States of America but it's make sure to keep that one in preparation for this permanent digital slavery agenda months of preparation and a budget of approximately 6.8 million dollars have been set aside for the launch of this biometric supported the July the mechanism moral human beings have began questioning not just a digital ID system but a system in which a ruling class crushes everyone underneath it it could stall or make it impossible to enslave Humanity wants the beans finally can figure out that they are slaves us unfortunately realizing that we are slaves is the first step to free them to Breaking Free and it's the hardest step
I want to stop there for a second and I want you guys to think about that
taking my freedom isn't it I think a lot of times we think of ourselves as out if we're we're not free
yeah but they're going to take away our freedom that that means they're going to put us in jail or restrict as to our homes or put us physically in shackles or something like that and that's that's just sucks our freedoms
can be controlled a thousand different ways after used to be withheld a thousand different ways you don't have to be put behind bars have your freedoms taken away what if just as an example what if there's a central bank digital currency that's rolled out and got all these people because again the majority of Americans will be in favor of have a central bank digital currencies the digital dollar or whatever it's going to be called once it's rolled out majority of Americans will favorite because it'll be sold as something it's positive so he sold his hey you never have to worry about being robbed again hey you never have to worry about losing your wallet again hey you know it's all tied to this out of the other it's all secure it's all you know yada yada yada people will buy into that right
in some people be like hey you know what I don't buy into it but I don't have a choice so I'm going to embrace and we're going to make the best out of it I would say maybe a large minority of people will feel that way so you going to have this that those of us who are against Central Bank digital currencies we're not just fighting the central banks are not just fighting the government's we're fighting majority of the people around us they're going to be be all back in this is well
or they don't realize is that when the time comes for government to withhold freedoms that particular digital leash that Financial leash is the one that they will Yank on and people will figure out very quickly no matter how prepared they think they are there are not prepared for that and I'm not talking about the people that are going off grid the people that are becoming self-sufficient I strongly recommend that obviously be as self-sufficient as possible be off grid as much as possible I believe you'll listen to me on shortwave because you've already taken the steps to be off. You already taken steps to be prepared and now you know you're you're good now you just trying to try to get to that next step or maybe you're you're so good. You're so well off that she don't have to take any more steps that would be awesome praise God for that
for most of us we are still taking steps
and that includes being as prepared as possible it's not be beholden to anyone whether it's government or corporations or or demons or whoever that for even our own Pierce
people will Embrace this concept they will Embrace digital IDs and they will do everything they can to make us do the same thing you think the people were going crazy over the masks okay just wait until they start going crazy over digital ID Central Bank digital currencies Law & Order through through Direct Control you know if you know you're not a good a good woke citizen while you have no more money all you're not a good wolf Citizen though you can't travel here you can't do it all of this is in the works and praise God that I the most of you I would say nearly all of you are already aware of that so I'm not I am preaching to the the the choir in that regard but if you know people that aren't aware that don't believe it
this isn't one of those snares where you say hey that's on them that's not I mean it is but it's actually it is definitely on them but we can't just give up that one we have an opportunity do you got somebody that you can convince her this is really happening then keep trying to convince them don't just give up and say that I guess I gave it a shot I told him what was going to and he's going to be really sorry because he didn't listen to me I told him that things were going to get crazy they're trying to see engage in the depopulation in control agenda but he didn't believe me know you got to keep pushing harder than that we're going to need allies okay I don't care how patriotic somebody has if they are being controlled through food through energy through money Trifecta as they're being controlled are they can be super patriotic ultra-conservative you know ready to do whatever it takes to defend the nation of all the sudden they are standing in line waiting to get their Cricket burgers with the remnant of their cvc's that they're only allowed to have because they
they didn't get out of line on social media they didn't leave they didn't get out of line with their when their co-workers were saying things they turned in their neighbor because their neighbor had the gall to say hey I don't think I like any of this stuff what do you think John you're a patriot and John goes and runs off and tell the Gestapo I found $1 into my account cuz I'm turning in my neighbor
you don't think that's going to happen then well you're wrong, I don't want to sound like I'm not trying to be prophetic or say all of this is going to happen if it's very likely to happen the only we could prevent it from happening is of course if God intervenes cuz that's the trajectory of our nation that's why I saying is I get I get very what's the word for I give an order to keep his PG today I get very annoyed
when people say you know that stuff could never happen and you know what folks here's a little secret
I was that guy
I pushed the guy just a few years ago. Started like like decades and decades ago I would say within the last it was during the Obama years that I finally started thinking you know what maybe you can spare these are true you know what maybe maybe George W bush really wasn't really wasn't doing what he thought was best for America maybe you really wasn't in charge maybe you know that was when I started realizing holy cow what is this who is this world economic Forum what is that what you mean the Microsoft geek is trying to kill us all these are all things that I have not been I'm not Alex Jones I'm not Mark Dice and not these guys have been been screaming about conspiracies for four decades I'm new to the game
I knew but now I got to scream as loud as I can because people need to know and that's the one area where I disagree with a lot of go to cook a conspiracy theorist or political analyst or Fringe media people want him say Hey you know you just got to tell people to move on no I think that we need allies I really really do I think we need to convince as many of our friends and relatives and peers and neighbors possible that things are are going something I had to buy in the doll thing okay you want to look at all those either they believe in in all this crazy stuff for their their sheep no just get them prepared them ready
if he Hoosier I hate tell the story is awful story and I'm not going to because it's an awful story maybe someday I'll tell this if anybody wants to call in and remind me not today remind me is in a future date when I got more guts to tell the story about the rabbits tell me about the rabbits George now I've had the rabbits on the island and the silver in the good buddy of mine for my good buddy of mine remind me of that just rabbits on the island that that's the story to tell that I should tell you guys but not today if you want to reach out good at 8 hour call don't go to website call 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008 I'm very disappointed in in you all for not calling it's crazy that I understand it's been again your patience has been so wonderful because one of the things that we need
to be able to do to build an audience is to be consistent and let's face it I've been on reruns mode for her for about 2 weeks now so I don't feel like oh my gosh you know the audience should have been sitting there waiting for me the entire time I know we've got to build that trust we've got to build back go back better now I'm just kidding just kidding I know we've got to build up our our listeners Banks here on wwc are and I appreciate that there would we have this tremendous opportunity hopefully hopefully I won't blow it but in the meantime we do need to get call as we do need to get some of the more we stories out there so that's why I'll be here every morning Monday through Friday 5 a.m. Pacific 88 a.m. p.m. sorry 5 a.m. bccnp and I got to get my time straight 5 a.m. Pacific for 8 a.m. Easter you can listen to us wwcr
and I was trying to get you the shoes out there
one last shot at real quick for the we go to a minor but very short break for station identification the the good folks of Genesis Gold group aren't just your average gold people you've if anybody was ever contacted these guys are those guys in big gold you're likely very familiar with the phone call comes in and saw all the sudden it's like pie pie pie you got it what do you have transfer your account transfer all of it say that all know what are you what am I buying it's it's crazy how they do business but that's it works and that's why they can offer you know yes you sign here and I'll send you a $10,000 in free silver you know then you asking what are your what are your fees fees are like two hundred bucks so you telling me that that you guys are in business and you're sending is $10,000 in free silver so that you can make $299 in in feet
yep that's that's a story how's that even possible
ask them ask them if that free silver
is actually just a small portion of the profits that they're making
they know that it works to offer this free silver because those people will suspend disbelief and what's obviously not true there is nothing there's no way that a company can make $299 in profit by giving away $10,000 to all of those customers is it they can make whatever excuse they want that's all we had a surplus you know we had we had a buyback program in and so so we bought them back on the silver we got at least we get in a cheapest wholesale price book rate cuz it doesn't exist all every aspect of what I just said that these Big Goal coming say to you and try to do to you these are lies
because I work with Genesis Gold group is because they don't offer free so they couldn't they don't charge enough to be able to give you $10,000 and free silver thing about it like this in order for the for some company to give you $10,000 free silver suit after you transfer your $100,000 rollover account K you transfer $100,000 of your old 401K into a into a gold Ira for them to send you $10,000 means that they have to make money somewhere right not use the the real kicker in this the part that will make people mad when they hear it
those who did buy the $100,000 in increase or did the rollover account in a from any of these big gold companies they look on paper and paper says that their account was worth $100,000 how much is actually worth if you go to to sell it
it's not $100,000 is that $90,000 either then I give you the $10,000 and free silver and and calling and even okay
and it's it's probably not $80,000 since it's probably not $70,000 believe it or not it's probably not $60,000
it's probably less than that
again not what your account is worth on paper I'm talking about what your account is worth in real life
because this is real gold and silver that goes into your depository with these gold Ira his physical and when you take it you take that gold after your you know whether you're taking distribution or closing your account whenever you go to sell it you're not going to get what you pay for it that's how they are able to give you free silver and only charged that $299 fee they didn't just charge the $299 fee if they can waive that in a heartbeat and they often do
they make their money because they're selling at $100,000 selling something that's actually valued at about $45,000
that's how they give you the free silver Cota to get to deal with honest people Christian people go to Jay Dr Jay Dr and talk to Genesis Gold group today it's going to take a break for station identification and then we'll be right back so silence or whatever for a few seconds
I don't know if I'll ever get used to doing station identification I know you supposed to do it every hour something about I don't know where whoever after you see you're not at you see whoever it is it that's the rules you got to know who you're listening to I guess it's an Antiquated rule from from flooding but I'm not even sure why I sure wish that was the purpose of it is spendy but he does know the reason why we have to do station identification every our little let me know because I don't I don't know you can always call me at 888-627-6008 that's funny because I did obviously if anybody has heard my show for your very well aware that sometimes I will set aside get really ambitious and I'll set aside a dozen stories maybe 15
send those minis 20 stories that I want to talk about during the show and I think I might say it's two hours and then surely I can get to 10 or 15 stories and in two hours yeah I can cover them talk about it for 23 minutes and looks hanging them on to the next story and yet here we are the first hour we got 23 I didn't even finish the Third
it is what it is. Someone I don't use the daily wire very often for a source because they're usually either slow or a little Neil konish maybe a lot in your cottage but this story is that you caught my attention obviously because and now this possible this could have been like maybe it was covered really a lot on Monday and I just missed it but I don't think so I don't think you would have caught on to this one story houses for Los Angeles Sheriff employees died by Suicide within 24 hours
the 24 hours for members of of one Sheriff's Department die by Suicide is is it me or is that kind of guy, huh that's a little suspicious anyway according to article for current and former Los Angeles sheriff's department employees have died by Suicide over 24 hours in a shocking tragedy that has rock city law enforcement Community is the one for employee die by suicide in the 24-hour span that began on Monday first death was the was of Commander Darren Harris who had served as the sheriff's department Chiefs Department's Chief spokesperson person during his 25-year career Harris at was reportedly found dead in his Santa Clarita home Monday morning with a self-inflicted gunshot wound later on Monday I thought he found the body of Sergeant Greg hovland and his court cell phone another employee was found dead just after sunset at a home in Steven
the ranch the next day around 7:30 a.m. May 4th Sheriff's W employee was reported dead by Suicide at a Pomona Hospital Sheriff's homicide detectives responded to the scene already this year for other sheriff's department employees had died by Suicide since 8 this year in Year my dad was a cop so I know that it's making me very very very stressful obviously
but of course has one of the highest suicide rates out there 8 in the year and this year in the Los Angeles sheriff's department at seems a little what seems like a lot you know maybe I'm wrong maybe it's always around that but that seems excessive but foreign in the 24 hour. That's definitely sucks and that's something that that's like all wonder what's happening over the LA Sheriff's Department what it what is it what's going on what do they know what's going on are these all suicides I'm not making any crazy accusations on this one because I have no other facts of the mother told us but even that alone should raise a red flag why haven't we heard about this why isn't this big news you would think that for suicides in one Sheriff's Department within 24 hours would be big national news and yet I didn't see it anywhere except for here on daily wire back to the article chef Robert Luna said the Department's Homicide Bureau would investigate the death and
movies to check on each other in the wake of the deaths make sense and this is a quote from Luna from a statement that they put out on Tuesday we are stunned to learn of these deaths and it has sent shockwaves of emotions throughout the department as we try and cope with the loss of not just one but for beloved active and retired members of our department family during trying times like these it's important for personnel regardless of rank or position to check on the well-being of other colleagues and Friends
yeah strange stuff strange. Suicide Squad
in recent obviously recent years the folks is on has been uncovered but I can no longer buy into that that at least now not as we approached 2024 and again. The covid aspect of it or even the vaccine aspect of it but specifically I can't necessarily buy into the notion that covid lockdowns or having the same pack now
and I'm not saying they did not affecting us now I'm talking about suicides in particular okay do I think that the lockdowns have had an effect on crime and continue to have an effect on Prime absolutely to change some different though because it's that you could save yes but during the lockdowns there was a sharp rise in mental illness and that treatment went untreated and now continues to go untreated that's why there's more suicides Maybe
maybe there's something more to it
and I'm not going to get into a conspiracy today just just know that I'm thinking about it and we're looking into it that's that's the best I can do real quick
even the hard part about doing his live shows I don't like to do commercial breaks if I didn't have to do the station identification I would just talk to you guys for 2 hours straight to matter fact I'll probably stay here for now we're talkin to no one after the two hours cuz I can just keep talking you know took me up with an adult diaper and I am good to go just talk talk talk about anyway
sorry but the the one thing that's that is hard sometimes when you're you because I have been obviously sick lately is staying hydrated during the show I made the huge mistake of grabbing a bottle of water and usually I can get it I've got it down pretty well for radio to where I can stick my cock my cock right and just just take a quick sip in between the talking points you get to it a nice stopping point in a story take a quick sip do whatever so so quietly and put it down ever so quietly on the coast on my desk and nobody ever knows what the bottle water I forget when you have a bottle of water doesn't matter how quiet you are it's going to make noise so I apologize if you hear bottled water noises here on today's show give me a call 888-627-6008
story out from not the be my favorite sites by the way you know the same guys that do Babylon be friends with with a few of them over there actually one of them one of the founders messaged me the other day he said he's moving on I'm not for bad reasons we just b b's been doing it for a decade and it's time for something new so so God bless him hopefully he will will find something awesome next maybe you'll start working with me I made the offer will see the so you got the Babylon Bean it's obviously the satire site and then not the BSD not satire site they get some story so that really want me wait for an organization of news outlet that is so new they got great connections they really nail it and they have great perspectives on those connections around the stores as well so according to not the B Edward Teach over there seven cops placed on leave after Nashville at Manifesto leaked
seven cops were placed on leak on leave after the leak of the the national Manifesto for those who didn't notice and if you're getting your news from corporate media may very possibly you didn't notice there's a lot of just didn't even covered it all mostly didn't cover the fact that the the manifesto at least the first three pages of the manifesto written by Audrey hell the Nashville shooter That Hideous hideous shooter the win in in in murdered Children of the first few pages of a Manifesto was released it was leaked to Steven Crowder and the folks in law enforcement in Nashville and apparently also from the FBI are saying they're not confirming
that it was these weeks are real that I can firming that these hideous words this hideous bigotry it's clear mental illness derived from Audrey Hills transgenderism Drive from perhaps her her gender care whatever they call it drive from the brainwashing that made her believe in such things as white privilege they made her believe that white kids needed to be slaughtered
its Manifesto that demonstrated that they didn't want to wait because of course it goes against the common are the narrative they're trying to push about the trans Supremacy agenda for example they don't want you to to notice these things well you got late and FBI and other law enforcement refuse to acknowledge that it was real they would not confirm it kind of just did right because they just put seven of their officers who were met been in connection with the release of the manifesto
they put him on leave administrative leave
if a Manifesto doesn't exist then you don't put people on leave for leaking it if a Manifesto is fake you don't put people on leave for releasing you just say that's fake
you say hey let me and maybe put them on leave it is very least you come out and you say no that's not it don't you stop no this is this is that's a that's fake news that's not the real manifest so we didn't really sit in that sun false one they didn't say that
Sally said we're not going to confirm it but we are going to put these 7 Nashville officers on administrative leave
it's not their stupid it said they think we're stupid and unfortunately many times they are correct here's a story comes from Olivia Cook over at world at World second human recipient of genetically altered pig heart dies after showing signs of organ rejection you know I know I get it right we do they do crazy things with signs they do crazy things especially in medical science because there's just trying to heal or kill people are in most cases trying to get padding to make profits but believe in which I'm not against by the way but they they want to come up with something that's going to be going to be earth-shattering they want to come up with something that's going to be this way to save lives and and me and make it make things possible for people so the idea of using a a pig's heart
genetically modifying and then putting it into a human make sense okay from a scientific perspective it does make sense I just I'm not crazy about the idea of these chimeras walking Among Us really what it would be another human heart or even a an artificial heart like Captain Picard in Star Trek the Next Generation you take you take something like that and is it is it bad no not really but when you start getting this pink hearts no I don't know if I mean I'm sure this opinion is probably unpopular with a lot of people I would rather die than have the an organ crucial organ from another animal
special pic put into my body now I'm good good to go take me home God I'm not not letting them a pig into literally physically into my body at the University of Maryland Medical system have announced the death of 58 year old Lawrence faucet the second person in the world to receive a heart transplant from a pig just six weeks after the procedure faucet from Frederick Maryland the father-of-two who worked as a laboratory technician at the National Institute of Health NIH I'll have it was suffering from a terminal heart disease and received the pics hard that was genetically altered to be compatible with humans on September 20th he passed away on October 30th doesn't, maybe doesn't catch a lot of people's attention because all my guys are pigs heart really so that we all should be compatible with humans really that's crazy that last part is actually the big one the bigger story here
is that they are able to or at least in the process of trying to be able to I obviously didn't work because he's dead but they're in the process of being able to
genetically alter
a pig's heart said it's compatible with humans
if they can do that with a heart what else can they do that with how do you say just what I mean next to the brain and then yeah maybe that me and make an argument about the kidneys there's there are there are very many organs that are more personal than the heart but then again it's more than just a muscle or something something to the heart that is very obvious a crucial for life but also that is very personal so the ability to take these these just the muscles and and
manipulate them from one animal into a human that's
that's crazy
especially if you read your Bible especially if you know even extra biblical information about for example the Nephilim are the Giants or the there's this theory that I'll talk about someday in the future about Easter Island that pertains to organ transplants chimera
the things to basically the ability to Shiki if the if the Giants the Nephilim they if they can't reproduce normally then maybe there's a way for them to reproduce by using genetic modification and then has to do with Easter Island that has to do with a very long conspiracy theory that I'm not going to get into today but it should I wake you up a little bit of yoga briefly he was in NSAIDs heart failure when he came into the hospital on September 14th and was deemed ineligible for a traditional heart transplant due to his Advanced medical condition including peripheral vascular disease according to dr. Farley fee Griffith the surgeon who led the transplant team on September 4th to go to the highly experimental surgery to stand his life with a genetically modified pig heart
like I said I'm not going to condemn somebody for making decision especially when it comes to life or death
maybe I will but not in this case you know he was just miss lad and that he was going to die anyway why not take a shot that was his perspective and it's a very brave brave effort as far as proof a brave decision and he's thinking okay we're doing it for medical Sciences well maybe we can help you in the future again not condemning him for the choice for say but the idea that this is a choice that's the part that concerns me greatly not one of the choices that we have in this world is to be able to at least for now for today is to decide what we put into our bodies now
there is a push right now I'm going
to utilize mRNA vaccines in cattle it's funny not funny at all actually pretty sad that they've actually been doing this since 2018 in pigs your bacon or ham
it's been injected with mRNA vaccines since 2018 but nobody knew about it it wasn't until I bleed as 2022 and I've been this year I think I was actually last year when I first saw an article by a doctor Joseph Mercola talking about revealing it
and it has been a secret that even despite everything has been happening in the world the last few years somehow we missed the fact that for the last five or six years and they've been injecting mRNA technology into pigs that we eat
when I do try to do the same thing with cows they going to do the same thing with chickens they really really want you to have no natural choices they don't they don't want you to be able to eat just good old-fashioned pasture to Plate meat they wanted to be either lab-grown or formulated from from soy peor formulated from from insects from Bugs from crickets or mealworms or if you are if you're just dead said she got to be me well they want to make sure to taint that as well with their mRNA injections is the reason that I started a company back in 2022 called pepperoni natural so we can get there by going to Freedom First it's Freedom First beef. Calm and you can get long-term storage beef this isn't something it's got a stick in the freezer or cook today these are in mylar bags are freeze-dried they're cooked
okay and you can keep them on the shelf shelf stable for 25 years
25 years is why we got people that are stocking up over and over again continue stock up this isn't beef crumbles or beef chunks or anything like that we're talking about New York strip or ribeye pendant we cut them into cubes we sous-vide them
freeze dry put them in the mylar bags and ship them out so go to Freedom First use check out JDR at check out them so you could use check out me her promo code the other way around reverse that use promo code JDR at checkout and save 15% because it is expensive folks it's expensive this is the stuff is high quality all-natural and they'll after 25 years or more could you want so you probably could you check out make a little bit cheaper 15% save save the money go to UniFirst down to dealing with all the shenanigans that are happening in the world today
I can point to just about everything and I won't say thunder percent but it's pretty darn close to a hundred percent that I'm what we're dealing with Laura truly fighting against is an attack of the faith
it really is
I planted 8 to talk a lot about abortion because obviously on Tuesday there was a lot of abortion talk with some bills getting past the making it a a a y o Constitutional Amendment
make it making it permanent
doing everything they can to expand on abortion ever since Roe v Wade and people are saying that that's the reason that that Republicans are losing that story by itself back to their shame that other than the loss the losses the Republicans to come Tuesday but the fact that they're using that narrative is not just left as media it's very much a lot in corporate media and a lot of big Republican donors are saying that it's now saying that it's the abortion issue is the abortion issue
my intention today was talk thoroughly about that but I'm going to have to say that form is it tomorrow or the day after Monday I'm going to save it because it say I have two little bit I'm close but I have to live in more research on the topic because I want to be able to demonstrate beyond the shadow of a doubt that abortion is not the losing issue
I won't be able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the voter massive widespread voter fraud contributed once again the 2023 election losses just as it did in 2020 to 2020 just as it may have done I don't have evidence cuz I wasn't paying enough attention back then but just as I believe it probably happened in 2018 and probably before then
I but know they're they're not looking at that they're looking into Old hey you know who it's with the abortion thing that's what's killing us we got it we got to stop talking about abortion or we got to change our perspectives as Republicans on abortion that is false that it really does come down to an attack on the faith but again today is not the day just yet to talk about it so we are going to talk about some stuff first I want to go to Tim from Louisiana Tim's got some some questions so so let's go
hey how you doing
Tim I'm doing fantastic thank you for calling in that sounds good but I heard you a couple days before but I'm trying to tell you that problem you are wrong about the Earth is not flat
good is Brett it just have Hills and Dales in it
know if you read the Bible it tell you and Revelations 71 and that the angels on the earth is holding back the winds from the colors of the Earth but the real answer is in June 26th and 7 West said that the Earth hangs on is just hanging that is not rotating
go ahead keep going
no I made all the sun is moving the sun and the stars is going around the earth the earth is not moving
Ecclesiastes 1 if I see the Sun go up and the Sun go down
I can't remember all of them but you know doing my study just what I read
Tim have you ever have you ever looked into
any of the non non canonical like Enoch for example and his perspective on the Flat Earth
yeah I read that too
we'll see you guys does
you got a whole bunch of people just like right now about the election everything gets about everything you have learned in school has been a lie
what I agree with Jo
well you know I'm 70 years old and I'm coming up by the time I found out one thing whatever somebody said you do just the opposite and you be much better
absolutely Tim absolutely. Will send this the reason that I'm not a believer in Flat Earth theory I have done research I have looked into it and I have nothing against the flat-earth community as a matter of fact I know somebody that I greatly respect one of my wife's best friend's is a matter of fact who is she spends her time she she does an insane amount of research and she is Thoroughly convinced that the Earth is flat it is going to take more for me to ever believe it begin again I'd have entertained I used to listen to a gentleman I'm sure you you're you're aware of a gentleman by the name of of Skibo I've actually spoken to a son as well
and he was very very very much into the flat earther and he really reference The Book of Enoch as his reasoning behind it so it's funny that I mentioned that one in the end thank you for calling me out on that because I mention it the reason I want to be clear because I don't hold any ill will towards the flat-earth community the reason I even use it as an example example the other day because I want people to understand the the stories that I'll be talking about on this show a lot of them do dive into conspiracy theories and I don't be the first to admit that I am relatively new to have been doing this for years not decades as far as talking about and researching conspiracy theories you know I've used the example of your I do not believe that for example Paul McCartney was killed died in the car crash in the 1960s and it was replaced by doppelganger but frankly I
could be convinced of that if there's evidence that shows that just as I can be convinced I think possibly I could be convinced that the Earth is flat but based upon the research that I've done so far it seems much more likely in my humble opinion that it's not know what that said again I have to clear I do respect I do not have anything against those who believe that it's it is flat because the evidence is very compelling as you know there is a lot of not just biblical but even scientific evidence that does point the idea of a geocentric model one where the Earth is the center of the universe and where everything is going around and where the Earth is there is no curvature that it's flat the hardest part for me and this is the part where
hey where I'm from a logical perspective I've Had a Heart the hardest time wrapping my brain around it is the idea of y k in other words for them if the powers-that-be if they have this this notion that hate we need to convince the world we need to convince everybody that the Earth which is flat we have to convince them that this round my challenge with cuz you're talkin about a Monumental a Monumental undertaking to try to convince people that if it's not true so for that to be the case I can't figure why they why wouldn't where's the advantage that maybe you can help me out to him what is the active 2
I see. You can help you
please tell me if you read yo what I mean job j o b 26th and two parts to it is talking about the Earth are hanging or nothing that mean to just hang in there.
Get to the first quarter of the moon or the Moon is half full well if
the light from the Moon Shine from the Sun then where do that have a long couple of if the Earth is round
you cannot you can take a basketball and put in one hand and a horse pipe and another hand and shoot water on that basketball and it will not blood but the earth below us everywhere to tell you something is not wrong, grab it has nothing to do it again and we can tell it's funny because I didn't think what I need to do I need to get I forgot his first name the the younger Ski Bus keep his son I need to get him on the show he has Ocho by the way they talk about the stuff and I'm I'm not it's not the evidence I have looked into the evidence my question for you and for anybody out there is if the Earth is flat why do the powers-that-be why are they so adamant about convincing people that is round
that is why I am pleased that do not want you to follow what the Bible says they want you to believe them not the Bible okay
and that's the way the world is
the world is against the creative he is not a god he's a Creator that's why he said have no other gods before me
then they are doing that. They want to be gone they want to be with the card up top of yours has a man made God
C A I haven't I just don't do too much, cuz I don't have a phone I will find out on my bicycle this morning with my nephew's phone
didn't get to tell you you know I got you I hear a lot of people saying that I got tired of hearing people say Brown is not
but I will now I will do this I will do this for the specifically for you Tim I will stop using that example because if it is a very bad example by the way so it's a horrible example for me to use as far as all these are conspiracy theory could because there are conspiracy theories out there that are intended specifically to to misinform in this in 4k this is Cia Playbook is is geared around trying to keep people confused and I will not going forward I will never use the flat Earth theory as an example of that because like you said there is there is compelling evidence there is very compelling evidence that does back the idea of a flat earther this is why so many I mean we're talkin about I would say I don't know what the exact numbers are but there's at least hundreds of thousands of Americans who believe in Flat Earth theory and based on my research which is which is that would say decent may prompt
I've definitely both average but the research that I've done which is clearly not as much research as you have done but the research that I've done both biblically and scientifically tell me that there is less of a chance that the Earth is flat than that the Earth is round but again I do keep an open mind because it is not it is not one of those theories that you shouldn't say oh you know all that's that's a ludicrous know there's compelling evidence there are there are reasons for people to believe it and so that I greatly respect as long as people can make a good argument and it's not based upon fantasy and it's not based upon if they're making an argument from a Biblical perspective and from at logical perspective then I'll listen to them just as I mean I'm fascinated by everything that you're saying Tim I hope you have a great day
look up
the world is against the Creator and
everything that the creator has done
undo dog are you you don't have Martin Luther King he have a birthday but Moses don't have no birthday. He was a man of the Creator know they have Michael Jordan been going on that affect if you go back to the 1400 that the the Creator's name was in the Bible what somebody took it out so I believe it was a huge who wrote the book If you go to the what you will find out they have a video of a picture with the Bible with the Creator's name in there
that's why all the stuff that's going on and and nothing happened because everybody calling on the wrong name
the Creator's name is your breath of life if you put your hand over your ears and listen to yourself breathe like a doctor use a stethoscope on you you can hear the name of the Creator and his name is breathe in and out that's the name the car on
and his son has his name John 5 and he said I'll come in and they kill him because that's what he did he came in for today so we understand that the world is against us not the word Christian that's illegal is no way in the Bible where it said that the critical you a Christian if you read backward that's how you understand the Bible instead of starting from Genesis to Revelation do you get the fear of the Creator and you so you know
and that's why most people are under mind control see Hebrew and Greek do not have a g g e r come from who knew that was to deceive the people through all these preachers and all these people talking about his name is
Devon Luke 10 and 20. Lieutenant 2224 and you read that and tell you that no man knows his name if you know I'm not involved in the truth of knowing the Creator and you calling the wrong name you called him God you will not know the truth AJ because I don't want to talk too long cuz I don't want to take your take over yourself I want you to I Want You to Help the people buy some food and some gold
I love you man
did my I will do that in front of the years I've taken a lot of great calls and I'm taking a lot of really awful calls I would say this one ranks up there as one of my favorites and yeah we disagree about that at about one aspect of it everything else that you said you know you are correct in and your understanding of what's happening in the world
that was after the integrated school and all them girl I told me I wasn't more in the class except that I tried to call to book end in 2012 and nobody wouldn't publish that book not even the self-publishers you know why I had to do laundry out
call the pearl of great price
so you are never going to get it published
I never was able to get it published they took unlock my laptop up I could do not gave it away I don't have no phone I don't have no TV I don't have a car I am what they call targeted people phone
I don't have no way but that will blow out the track me and Trace me
do they look okay
there's not as long as we have our faith in our lord. It's not it's not the fake believe and if you believe that the Creator is going to protect you like you said in the world he said you asked everything in his name he going to do it I'm doing good I do right now
play I preciate that Tim I appreciate that and I appreciate you because this is look
we are faced with this information across the board and you're right when I say that they they want people to they want people to not only not know the truth but two more importantly they want them to embrace the lies now our Focus here is on trying to get the truth out there and this is why you know you was even if we disagree on some of what you say I have no intention of preventing you from saying it as long as you don't curse or do anything though that'll get us in trouble with the with the with the radio people right keep going. Because this is the type of stuff these are the types of discussions that we have to have him some people are going to be some people are listening to us right now they're thinking one of these guys talking about these guys are crazy and maybe we are but I don't think so I think that we're we're actually probably on the right track wouldn't you say that's him
oh yeah because if you look at a calendar you see the new moon is a new month and what a new moon doing in the middle of the month. Rome then using the wrong days
they change the name of everything the exam the day of the week the change the name of the month cuz they want you curse people don't read the Bible if you read the what it is the second commandment is do not know if you get a old dictionary and it's a Look up the word likeness picture or portrait of you got a Dollar Tree. Send that will kill you why do the world want you to get a driver license with a picture on it
they got you
they make you sin against the crater to the creative increase you you got to watch what you doing
you want to be breast
you want to bless your children your family you got know how to do that if he the sins of the father passed down to three or four top people who send
not the father
call town of ways we have to find somebody who know the truth yourself that I don't like to talk on the phone because they'll listen to what you're saying I don't write letters and my letters I'll write to a guy or got Thunderbird radio and I woke up and they sent that letter back Return to Sender with the same address they don't want me to talk to certain people because they know I do I'm doing right now exposing them for what they are
that is the truth a Louisiana I've got to run final words
thank you
be blessed thank you be blessed yes bless you Tim from Louisiana this is one of the reasons that that I love taking calls because we need to we need to have discussions and I know there's going to be people out there that don't want to hear this or don't want to hear that but sometimes we have to listen sometimes we have to to take ideas then maybe we spent our entire lives believing the exact opposite and we have to be able to to to listen that so Tim from Louisiana thank you so much for the call anybody wants calling 888-627-6008 this is the J D wrecker show has been such a blessing for me over the years and being here on wwcr radio is is new for me because it's it's near we've always done a mrfm doing short wave means that we're able
reach a much wider audience the people out there listening right now you guys represent what I believe to be The Cutting Edge because let's face it shortwave is old but what is shortwave also shortwave is also in many ways it is the future shortwave is
in my humble opinion the it will be the the last way to engage in mass communication when the powers-that-be when things really start hitting the fan when it starts to get really bad and that could be tomorrow that could be next month next year I don't think it's going to be a decade from now like I said I think a lot of this stuff is going to start falling into place ahead of 23rd and when we do that when when when we know that that we've got just a few years left to try to get our our house is in order at least here in in the world then it's important to have these discussions with people across the world across the country everywhere we can so that's why I encourage people please call Ann and let's talk about this John from Kansas is on line 1 John go ahead
well you know I'm glad this Bible and religion things work for a whole bunch of you that's wonderful I'm glad that's what works for you what works for me is the good quiet and listen
it guide your life by Boy Q here
I've been bitten by religion and people that call it spirituality and it was nothing but religion and all I wanted was money and and then they just wanted to cram stuff down my throat and I had to go back get the gift I hurt really bad by people I never would have thought would have hurt me so bad and get back to the way I've always been and you just got to get quiet and listen to your heart
I agree, I don't care about the Bible or religion or any of that because all the religions of the world are so similar and we fight and kill millions of people over our religions when are you we need to do is get along
sometimes they won't let us get along though and I think you know that sometimes when they're pushing enabling again
down our throats until it's their it's their beliefs
I understand that
no absolutely absolutely when this one the reason why this show we do not you know this is obviously I am a bible-believing Christian but you won't hear me trying to to cram anything down anyone's throat because I do believe the people have to make decisions on their own and you're right when you say sometimes you just have to be quiet maybe most of the time you have to be quiet and listen because here's the thing if you are engaged in the world I don't care if you're a Christian or a Jew or an atheist or agnostic or or whatever muslim-hindu they can the powers that be if we want to look at it from purely secular perspective they'd want us to be divided they want us to be fighting because they were fighting each other we're not going to be fighting them know this they know they they can wield Faith wield religions in a way that is extraordinary divisive
so John thank you from Kansas thank you for calling any any final thoughts
but I try to live my life the way I can and then try to be a peacemaker and try to get along and when somebody I believe is wrong I try to correct them or or at least give them some advice and I just try to help everybody get along I mean there's too much Division I live I live way out in the hills of the book of the Flint Hills and in and I I don't have anybody anywhere close to me but I still like to go to town or two different towns and try to to talk to people and see what's
going on in their lives and
LMC if I can be of some help to show him away to get along in
go with the flow that's what I've been told for a lot of my ears go with the flow and it's not the wrong flow it's not what that means dream is trying to tell you to do but I just know it's not like I just try to be a positive in people's lives
Amen to that brother again it's one of the things we want to make sure is that that we do promote obviously a Biblical worldview but people have to either embrace it or not and the idea that we have to we have to force-feed it down people's throat that's something that that that has proven to be detrimental in many ways. I'm not going to I'm not going to sit back and remember that was it. Vitamins variation of of evangelism but I'm also not going to sit here and say oh my gosh you know you've got a you got to go go to war to it to make people believe we have to have another Crusades or or whatever that's that's definitely not not the idea so John from Kansas thank you for the call
we got Robert Roberts from Ohio online to talk to me
I'd like to talk to you about the deal with Israel over there
okay now
are you saying the my end I am but I don't hear The Echoes do you know what is the boots is collective Farm you know that right is very very much and designed to be basically little mini communist societies where they can work in you know tandem in and create their little Utopia so that they could not have to have anything to do with the rest of the world and all they have to do is just be essentially it's a communist Society in a in a small form
yeah okay in Time Life in time in life's the world's greatest religions I learned that do you know that when they form the Jewish homeland that they stole the the zionists not the Jews the zionists the African ozzyjuice they're not even the true Sephardic Jews there a zecchin ozzyjuice they're the ones that ran the banking scan with the rock child's they're the ones that robbed the whole world they stoled that the land of Palestine was bigger way bigger than Israel itself in the design is still that put the Power stuff Indians in that little Gaza Strip teal do you know that
I am very aware of the history we can go all the way back to the rise of Zionist in the 19th is Ian ISM in the nineteenth century and see the transition of how everything unfolded all the way up until from 2 to 1948 and onwards obviously until today and there is a lot of compelling evidence that many of the people who were involved not just not just people with that are Jews but also people in England people across Western Society did participate in something that was will say controversial but I think you have a different different take on it than just calling the controversial what do you think it is Robert
I think it's a giant scam I think that they're playing a saying they're God's chosen people and I think that there were 12 tribes of Israel in only one of them was Judah and the Israelites the true Israelites migrated through the over the Caucasian the caucus mountains and that's why we're called Caucasians and went to Europe and came here and establish this as the true Israeli Promised Land America and I think that you ever have you ever heard of that someone named Colonel Jack Moore who wrote the military code of conduct
okay I have his writings and he put you can read his books and he proves it that they're they're playing it's okay that we give them 8 billion dollars a year minimum we gave them nuclear weapons they're setting us all up to get killed the whole thing as a scam why would American starve and give them tons of money just like we're giving all this money to Ukraine why would we do that why don't we take care of America and let these fit Israel has enough bombs and nukes and nuclear submarines why do we even have to get involved over there I think they're sucking a thin and I can buy the same we're trying to keep out of the war I believe is an absolute liar and he's trying to get us in a world of war over there if we aren't in enough of them already
well let's be clear about that so number one I wholeheartedly agree with you I made it very clear that my stance on this is looked was October 7th horrible yes should the Israeli government in the Israeli military be engaged in trying to bring the store to Moss absolutely we can also note that they did participate in in creating a mass in the first place but that's a discussion for another day but I've also been very clear that our roles United States our role in all of this needs to be as hands off as possible in other words can we offer them for example intelligence yeah sure you know but should they get any financial aid no should they get any military aid know they can buy it if they want to buy weapons from his fine. I'm okay with that but do they need to get a penny of age and it should Israel or Ukraine or anybody have a single us troop or single us tax dollar given to them absolutely not I'm very adamantly opposed to that.
real quick about what you want one of the things that that's you know one way or when we're talking about Israel from a Biblical perspective was there a change of right I don't get engaged in in replacement theology I do take the Bible from the perspective of intransitive I guess you can say take it as at its work and Ezekiel 36 in particular but you can extend that all the way from 36 to 39 that is to me the most compelling evidence that that at least something that people can say well yes it's Ezekiel 36 was talking about the return of the Jews perhaps is talking about us perhaps is talking about seeing as some other geographic area that's the part where have the hardest time coming coming to the same conclusions you have simply because again we are if you re true Ezekiel 36 in particular but I get in the game continued on into 37 and the valley of dry bones and all of that stuff was all seem to be future event
it does from a I could say a literal interpretation does seem to imply that the Jewish people that they will return to their Homeland which is obviously based upon a few late they have now and that at some point their hearts will be turned from Stone to flesh that it sent you their eyes will be open so people that say you know when you talk about God's people I look at it as
until and unless they come to the understanding in the faith that Jesus Christ is their lord and savior there's going to be challenges they're going to continue to face challenges but I believe again my interpretation that Ezekiel 36 points to a future where that is the case where they basically they come to realize after they're in their Homeland they come to realize how well so he really was the Messiah the whole time and we we we screwed up badly and maybe it's wishful thinking maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part Robert but that's at least how I I look at it what do you think
I think that I think that you're making some Symphony I think you have a good argument there but it's at the American churches say you know I we have to we have to blast the Jews and we have to stand up with them in this and that if that's the truth why don't any of our churches celebrate The Seventh-Day Sabbath and why don't any of our churches celebrate the Jewish holidays
no absolute soda from a dispensation perspective this is where you this is where I wholeheartedly agree with you the American Church gets it most American churches get it very much wrong with it comes to the idea that there is there's basically do you know they're separate they've got this they've got their own Covenant and that Covenant is is equal to or maybe slightly inferior to know that this that's not how it works is they the New Testament makes it clear that there is only one one way to Salvation and his name is Yeshua hamashiach Jesus Christ so I can have a contradiction
12 days in years ago but what I'm saying is that their if their eyes are open as as its spoken about in multiple areas like you had mentioned you know that they are those who bless bless Israel will be blessed that's it's funny how that taken out of context I would argue the most evangelicals don't realize that that's talking to me you were referring back to to what is the name to cash it was it's in Genesis it's not you it's no it's a numbers give me a second let me think about this son of a gun we've only got a minute left I'll think of it and and I will talk about it tomorrow. Please you got one minute one minute
do you like lighters like it so you knew that and they did they stop those Jews on the way in the going through that tunnel there in New York and they told the police where are not the problem you're from the Palestinians are they after Jews what were you doing here and they said we were here to see the event how did they know that event was going to happen
right now funny call back tomorrow cuz we need to we need to talk more about this Robert there's a lot there to unpack and I think he got a lot of information that people need to hear and I think there's a lot of interpreting that I need to hear plus I need to remember that the where that came from the the idea of blessing Israel to be blessed will do that tomorrow Lord willing we will be back tomorrow with another episode but in the meantime you'll stay strong and stay safe and God bless

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