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JD Rucker Show, November 7, 2023

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The JD Rucker Show - 9-26-2023

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News and Opinions relevant to Americans today in the realms of politics, culture, and religion. Host JD Rucker from NOQ Report delivers truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective with co-host and wife Tammy.

We tackle issues that most won’t touch. Even conservative and many “alternative” media outlets refuse to talk about “taboo” topics for fear of losing money from Google, traffic from Facebook, or sponsors who are “woke.”

We don’t take on woke sponsors. We don’t get traffic from Facebook. We don’t take money from Google. We know we’ll get canceled by some, but the truth is the truth. We won’t hold back.

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hello my friends and welcome to another episode of the J D wrecker show I'm your host J D wrecker and we made it to the second day we are actually here on day 2 of Feed the official relaunch of the Jade Rucker Sean I'm super excited to be with you all today not just on Rumble not just on Apple podcast or Brady on or any of the various places where you put the show but also on wwcr shortwave radio super blessed to be with these fine fine folks in Nashville and now technically across the world I mean it's like it's like a hundred and fourteen different countries is it that we can reach now with these J D wrecker show so it is a tremendous blessing and hopefully I can return the favor and be a blessing to you all as well we are continuing from yesterday she wanted to just recap it yesterday we lose basic introduction because of the expanding audience it's important for us to be able to sit well tell you all who I am what I believe in
what to expect with this show that we're doing it this crazy hour 5 a.m. on the Pacific speaking of which one of the questions that I did receive after yesterday show is where are we located I'm in Southern California I know
if you didn't know that I know what you're thinking what in the world is a Christian constitutional conservative doing out in California and can't it's it's actually it's actually an interesting story but I'm not going to tell it today we'll we'll save that for another day because it's relatively long I mean there's a reason why I'm here the reason why I came here in the first place there's their reasons that I continue to stay here and these are all family-based reasons so needless to say it's it's not easy sometimes but thankfully I am in one of those very rare pockets of relative conservatism out here in Southern California I would say that the majority of my neighbors you know so there's not very many of them that I would consider to be a leftist we do have one of the rare Republican representative in our district in Congress so that should give you a general idea of where where I live so
oh yeah it is it is kind of crazy but it is also like 5 minutes 50 to where I am in the morning but I don't mind you I've always been an early riser when it comes to being handy on the west coast because I like to to stay on top of the news and part of my job as editor of the Liberty is to make sure that we are we are covering the news as it's breaking on the east coast and we're continuing to cover the news when it's late breaking on the west coast we're we're kind of covering the entire United States of America from open to close pretty much so I'm used to it there's nothing weird about me being up and dressed in a suit at 5 a.m. on a on a weekday so we did get a few emails a few responses if you want to reach out to me to give me a question or to offer recommendation on the directions to take a show you can find me at j.d. talk that's JD record cam talk those go directly to me there's no screener the I've got screeners for various other phones communication with those those Communications go directly into my inbox so you'll be able to to get your message to me and we had some some questions but before we get to those let's go ahead and and give a very important shout out to the people that are making this show possible people that are making dreams possible for many Americans every single day that's Genesis Gold group Genesis is one of the very few Christian companies unabashedly Christian I should note they there I mean Genesis as in Genesis from the Bible that's their namesake and they have done a tremendous job of maintaining those biblical principles that allow them to be able to help Americans transfer or roll over their retirement accounts into self-directed IRAs back by fizz
precious metals you can check them out Genesis go through check them out at JDR that's JDR again we think them so much for putting the bill to make this show possible and to give it out to 120 countries or however many however many there are they can hear the sound of my voice right now shortwave is as I've said before it is the the past but it's also the future there is going to almost certainly come a time and I don't know if it's going to be next week next month or next year next decade I don't think it'll be next decade but there's going to come a time in the near future where we are going to have challenges and being able to communicate with each other and we're going to challenge them being able to get the news to find out what is happening and that's kind of the whole purpose of short wave was to make it possible and available for people to be reached on a broad abroad Lancia broad-spectrum across the the globe if necessary and that's something that
you just can't deal with AM FM radio you can do with television of course then you can do it with the internet but let's face it what are the chances of the powers-that-be allowing us to maintain access to television and Internet in the near future could be a cyber-attack it could be a false flag attack could just be government saying hey you know what everything is this information if it's not coming from us so you're only going to be able to hear from us for some of you out there who are skeptical maybe maybe you think I'll it'll never come to that you know I will remind you that if I had told you okay if I buy it on the air let's say August of 2019 license you know what here's what's going to happen folks over the next three years first and foremost is going to be diseased they're going to lie about it they're going to pretend like this is like some master disease like a 3% mortality rate fatality rate that goes with it they're going to scare people they're going to say Hey you know we're going to we got this disease we're going to nip it in the bud we're going to lock
two weeks are in two months I mean two years you have to wear masks you're going to have to get get past a lock down. Quarantined when I got a quarantine the sick people we're going to lock everybody down if you're not essential if you're if you're not some somebody that the government approves of being essential that you're going to have to stay at home yep and when your home you can have the mask up and anywhere you go you have to wear at least one massive not to this going to happen this it again if I'm sitting tell me this is when I seen you I know that's never going to happen. In the United States of America may be in communist Russia maybe somewhere else North Korea or Ron but not in the United States of America
cuz we will rise up we will not tolerate that except we did
and if I were to tell you you know what else is going to happen if they're going to come out with after it's even revealed that the the fatality rate of this particular disease is very miniscule like it has a recovery rate of so it will say 99.94% for those under the age of 40 and much higher than that recovery rate if you are actually young like really young like under the age of 20 yeah it's not really going to affect children affect most of the many adults who get it but it'll it'll really be targeting the elderly but even they're not going to be like that that affected by a lot of people going to be be set to die from this disease when they actually just dying of whatever else they had going when they're in their 80s or 90s you know that died of old age up covid you would believe that was going to happen then if I told you that not only that but they're going to make it to make a vaccine
is vaccine is not going to actually stop you from getting sick and it's not actually going to prevent you from transmitting the disease to anybody else and it's not going to to prevent you from getting hot the last night I'm going to prevent you from dying in eventually they're going to tell you hey you know what you are actually more likely to get contract covid if you get the the vaccine so you can have to get boosters and you just going to keep getting boosters and people are going to take it like 80% of populations going to say hello okay sign me up
I told you all that stuff in 2019 you would have thought I was crazy so that's why I say when I tell you hang this could be a time in the near future we no longer have easy and direct access to television radio internet it's not because I'm trying to get to scare you guys and oh my gosh I got to go on by $25 shortwave radio you should but but Imma Try Not to scare you into that I don't have a shortwave radio sponsor I'm just telling you folks just telling you I'm just saying
things are looking pretty crazy out there and never underestimate the lunacy of the global silly Kebab they are willing to do things of that just a few years ago it would never have dreamed of being able to do covid change the world and not for the better covid made us made us concerned about things we should be concerned about and normalized tyranny and oppression in many ways
so to recap with that said what a way to start show number to with that said let's go to do a quick recap of the things with if you didn't listen to yesterday show yesterday today maybe tomorrow if I can't get through everything but his basement introduction showing a lot of you been listen to me for years but we'll call for you all for the rest of the people that are new to the show this is an introduction to who is j.d. Rucker what the heck is he going to be talking about on the Janie Rucker show I'm going to tell you it's important you know these things so let's recap the things that we covered yesterday and and yes it is going to be fun out one more quick note for you to these one of the questions that was asked it when people were sending me notes at JD talk when the questions was where are you going to be having calls and we are okay we are in the process of vetting out right now we've got one producer that we were strongly eyeballing trying to figure out how to make it make it happen
just one and if if he doesn't work out so be it will expand our search the other people the right now I've got one guy one candidate one person I have in mind we're going to do everything we can Steve if you're listening get get on the ball get this guy cuz I really really want them you talk me into him and now now I don't have any other options so yes we are going to be able to take live calls here very soon once I get a producer hopefully we'll be able to do some live chat as well from those who are watching on rumble or get her or wherever wherever you're watching if you're watching over you listening to be able to call her actions isn't just me talking all day right this is going to be actually interact if we're going to have guessed that was the other question we are going to have gas we're going to be lining them up probably next week I do have one guess this week I've got my good friend dr. Peter McCullough coming on the show Thursday or Friday I have to check my schedule and because of our producers I'm doing all the scheduling this out but I got dr.
talk about all crazy things covid and and vaccines and boosters and new diseases and all sorts of stuff because that's what he does he's that he's been in the Forefront really from the beginning and now he is out there reading spreading his vast vast knowledge so so yes let's go into and I will get some more of the questions were asked in later statements but I want to get into this recap for it's too late these are the things that that I talked about yesterday that's just in case you missed it yesterday shoves going to briefly talk about these are priorities in order from most important least important but these are just some of the things that I'm going to be talking about on the show in the days weeks months years ahead or willing number one faith faith first okay I'm not going to get preachy this is not a religious show I'm not a pastor I'm not qualified to tell you anything other than hate pray and read your Bible and you really should repent pray read your Bible pray pray
and then pray some more fast do those things I wouldn't say that I'm anywhere near being a Bible scholar I do try to be on top of the biblical worldview I tried to read my Bible on a daily basis if I don't do it in the only enough if I were given you no hundred million dollars and then I could go be left alone with my family I would probably get me a nice little secure Homestead somewhere outside of California for sure or as we like to call a commiefornia I give me a nice little Homestead and set up camp and I would probably read my Bible at least 14 15 hours a day and pray the rest of time maybe do a little homeschooling little gardening and then for my spare time I would probably read my Bible some more that would be the dream life so if anybody wants to give me a hundred million dollars to let that happen so be it you know what I can probably do for 10 million What will what kind of what kind of 90% send me 10 million dollars okay to still I'll send you my my
Professor something just hit me up J D wrecker, talk so yes so Faith first that everything that I do should be in everything that I talked about should be at least viewed from a a Biblical worldview it doesn't necessarily mean that I'll be mentioned in the bible during every story doesn't mean I'm going to be talking about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ nearly as much as I should be because this is a show that politics and culture want to make a note real quick when I say politics culture and Faith to me the three are completely aligned there's no cancel it separate out of politics from our faith in their face for my culture in our culture, politics know it's all the same they're all intertwined to try to separate them out it's it's it's like saying you know what my arm my arm is separate from my legs I'm just going to figure out a way to separate them to where there's there's no longer connection between them you can't if you doing politics you're doing culture you don't Faith renewing the right
then yes they should all be interconnected will say that's the easiest way to put it to Medical tyranny of course I think based on my opening it's pretty clear yes I am against the covid-19 vaccines I am completely against medical tyranny in any form I thought from the beginning that this is crazy that we're doing a lockdowns I can understand if there's a deadly disease I can understand doing quarantines that's medically sound a scientifically sound lockdowns on the other hand weren't and I'm not a scientist but I do have common sense and the common sense told me hey you know what this looks pretty stupid why would we possibly do this and anybody who believes and it's only going to be two weeks to slow the spread give me a break course it's not going to be the case
course not I mean we saw that
before it even happened wow they're really going to try to sneak this one on to it and they did and then did Trump a trump fan of trump supporter but I'm not I'm not going to bow down to every single thing you didn't he screwed that one up K you listen to the wrong people. Okay there should not have been a single lock down I don't know if you want to lock out a comun if you want to have something that can be fought at the local level right when you start the cream from DC that we're going to lock down because Anthony fauci and Deborah birx a say so no that's wrong that was a screw up big-time so yes I'm against medical in every foreman and it's not just the medical term does not just income is covid-19 medical tearing on a regular basis. I believe it's in the UK there was that that girl but we're going to have them I'm sure I'll be talking to the store and more in depth later this week and next does a a girl who she just wanted to Live Oak a big one doctors wanted to put her palliative care she wanted to live she wanted to be able to raise money so that she could see alternative alternative
forms of treatment that the judge wouldn't let her wouldn't even let the family attempt to raise money wouldn't even let the family talk to the Press about it and this was medical. Wasn't just the poor decision been yes she died she died without being allowed to fight for her life
you said she was she was mentally incompetent based on the fact that she didn't listen to the doctors she don't want to listen the doctors you said hey you're going to die deal with it you know just just just deal with it you're going to die is nothing to be done we decree that you must die
is basically did that has medical term so now it's not just about covid-19 anti-vax or or anti lock down on a face mask anti social distancing or anti Anthony fauci do I am so I just about that medical tyranny is going to be used against us once you start combining that with climate change o goodness once the World Health Organization has given so much control I may start to apply climate change as a medical issue is they are going to do any of that process of doing now wow now he's going to get into really dangerous. But I'll talk about that later cuz we're going to cover climate change number three I think I've got enough time for number 3 this is again the recap of yesterday's yesterday show where I was breaking down some of the things about JD Rucker that you can expect to hear about stoning elections yes I do believe the 2020 election was still a ninety-nine percent certain that it was stolen and I do believe that many of the 2022 elections were stolen as well 90
percent certain they're maybe not all of them maybe not even a lot of it but I can tell you with a certainty in your certainty
that that some of them were definitely stolen there was no Shenanigans demonstrable Shenanigans proof of shenanigans that changed basically changed the nation is it as big as the change of that that occurred as a result of Joe Biden and his team's the only election for President Trump in 2020 and it bugs me to death that far fewer fewer people are talking about that or even worth talking about in the days afterwards they're saying it was the abortion issue and like I always said I mentioned it yesterday I'll mention again today you know if you believe that it was the abortion issue that that made it the red tsunami not appear in 2022 and what you're saying is that all the poles people would go to polls and they say yeah I'm going to vote for the Republican then all of a sudden on Election Day that came to the conclusion of holy crap I just learned about Roe v Wade for the first time in so me and millions of other people are going to switch our votes as we why do we supposed to post or just three days ago there were going to be voting for
call the cabin now we just learned about this whole Roe v Wade thinks that we're going to we're switching our vote on Election Day I didn't happen didn't happen
and the conservatives or republican pundits who will claim that that's what happened they are raw and they're they're part of the conspiracy is Scandal the other trying to cover it up or they're just dumb she can't convince me there's no chance you can convince me that carry Lake lost to Katy High as an example and there are many examples of that
so it's going to break I'll finish up the last real quick and then we will move on to the rest of the introduction of j.d. Rucker
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arguably the most important topic that I'll be talking about on a regular basis is going to be the trans Supremacy agenda and it's not because of transgenderism itself and that's just it's just a gate weights and support but it's a portal to multiple different Arenas k and a lot of these things are looks let's be clear as I said before you know for me I cannot separate my faith from my perspective and politics or culture the same thing is true for the plans that these evil things that are happening in the world
the Adida trans Supremacy agenda the trance cult they are very clearly type to climate change in climate change is very clear we tied to food shortages and food shortages are very clearly types of control and control is very clearly tide is global sleep and all these conspiracy stolen elections it is tied together folks we have to understand that the powers and principalities that we are facing we are up against and if you if you're not a bible-believing Christian do you want to call up the the New World Order Sobe it these forces these evil forces that are against they are they've been planning this for decades may be centuries maybe Millenia if you want to take it back to the Book of Genesis itself you wouldn't be far off gay you want to take it back to the serpent tempting tempting even been tempted Adam and then got booted okay you wanted to say that that's when the plans really started rolling
tube and in what we're seeing today you are probably correct we can go throughout history and see various steps and Saul reaching a Tipping Point right now today here in the United States I'm not saying I'm not going to be ate one of those guys is we're definitely for sure 100% in the end time it certainly feels like we are okay it really does it feels like if you were if you read your Bible you read Daniel and Revelation and Ezekiel
Peter they all talk about the times that we were in today and I'm not going to get into to predators versus premillennial post-millennial mid mid trip post-trib whatever and he's not going to be talked about that again I am not a pastor I'm not a Bible scholar but I am going to I do have my perspective and I do believe that that it certainly feels like we're in the end times we might not be maybe this is just a shadow on Echo a type so to speak of the end times that will determine by the way whether we are in the end times you're not the whole determine whether or not we're able to win I'm going to fight the good fight either way it doesn't matter that's the key K the key to this is that whether we are in the end times you're not our job doesn't change fighting the good fight does not change
we still are called to do certain things to spread the gospel to to spread it to the nation's we're still called to to repent to call Tip rain all these things remain the same so and times are not our job stays pretty consistent now how we handled the various will call them evils that does I just changed a bit depending upon whether or not we're going to be be using proxies a guidebook or whether or not where it was going to be focusing on one evil at a time but know this weather this easily in time to not do the plans were seeing the machinations that are that are being unveiled for us and many of them are not even being unveiled they're just being being enacted all these things have been in play in planning and process
for a very long time so yes all the stuff is connected so when I say do you know the transparency agenda is one that is connected so many things it's because it is going to be arguably like I said that the gateway to many other challenges that we face so yes I'm going to be talking about it a lot I'm also going to be talking about Solutions look this isn't a ranch show this isn't just how do you know what we're going to talk about this and I'm going to rain for a while and be done with it now we're going to try to find Solutions you my motto of the 3-piece I 2 to pray plan and prepare a lot of it has to do with with with action reaction sucks about going on to Twitter and posting something I do you know this really stinks or hey look at this this is funny this is sad this is dumb this is idiotic this is evil
got to do more than that folks we have to actually act can't we have to prepare we should prepare ourselves prepare families and communities we have to try to save this nation if we can and if we can't we need to prepare for that as well so we're going to be talked about in utilizing the law I know the judicial system that the Department of Justice has destroyed Justice essentially I know that the Judiciary is no longer just out there to defend the Constitution and and to rule based upon what's what's weather supposed to rule on there actually becoming more activist I know it did even in law enforcement and I am a big huge fan of proper legal enforcement but even in law enforcement there there are super huge challenges that we have to address because right now it's hard to know who we can trust so anyway so I will be talking about the Transformers agenda here soon and more in detail but we'll be talking about it a lot throughout the show if that makes you squeamish
okay if you do you know what that's a that's a third rail if I was told I do you know what the B by somebody that I trust a lot he said you know that's the third rail if you start going down that road you're definitely canceled you want to get a tag they're going to try to find it again try to kill you okay hopefully they're better Rider than I am actually hopefully they're not but same hopefully for their sake you get the idea let's bust through the rest of this Republican yes I am technically speaking I'm not a republican technically speaking I am a not affiliated voter or whatever they called out here in California the only reason though because of California does it matter to your political affiliation we have what's called jungle jungle primary so you know whether you're republican or democrat or whatever you vote for whoever you like so doesn't behoove mean that's as far as a political party do you have I ever voted for Democrat no
so and will I ever almost certainly not but with that said I don't consider myself a straight Republican because I would say that at least I don't know 80% 90% of the Republicans on Capitol Hill and even in state Statehouse is State legislatures governor's office at least 80% of them are not worth it. They're not good but not worth of vote so I don't just plan the support Republicans are they generally better than Democrats yeah you can say that but do I think the Mitch McConnell is like so much better than Chuck Schumer know I don't he's not as dangerous there are there different types of evil
Mitch McConnell is not a republican at least not from what we believe Republicans should be he's not he's not alone again it's I could count on one hand one hand the number of members of Capitol Hill that I actually partially trust just one hand that's 525 them and we'll talk about that again these days weeks months years have a big fan of limited government limited government I'm not an anarchist I don't believe in no government I think there are certain certain areas where we do need to get a book to me government starts with the individual in the family and then it works down to the community and then from there Works down to the city and then down to the county and then down to the state and the federal government should be the the final just ate the catch all the anything that the other
forms of government the other levels of government above it
they can't handle it then that's where falls to the federal government should only be handling the very very minimum amount of action that should not be so huge I would say the right now a federal government is bloated by about 95% if not more than that otherwise you could cut out 95% of the federal government and the nation would have would actually run better as a result I know you can't just do that you quickly in an in a blanket format but you could do it strategically you could do it in a way that makes sense give more power back to the States states give more power back to the County's and then back to the cities and then eventually most of the power lies in the people that's the way it's supposed to be that's the way that we would be able to as a nation Thrive is more so far more so than we are today will we ever get there probably not but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try so I can I push for that the last but not least on the recap illegal aliens look
I am a legal immigrant technically speaking I was born outside of the United States of America I'm a big fan of proper immigration the right now we just have too many illegal aliens so we put a halt to all immigration immigration I guess you have certain exceptions of course but for the most part stop immigration let's figure out what's happening now with the illegal immigrants Lamb of God damn let's let's get rid of them I think we was all that so hard you know what about having to see what his look folks we broke the law you might sell but Joe Biden vitamin well tough okay they should have listened to him I don't listen to Vacation listen to him
they should go back if you would think all that's just too much of a hard-line approach hey you know again I'm trying to lay it all out these are my beliefs could I debated could I argue it could I could I be dissuaded on that particular perspective I guess so you know I'm not so staunch with all of my perspectives that that I can't be changed on any of them and that's one that I would be able to get to discussion the right now it's bad you know maybe it's out of desperation maybe it's the fact that we've had more we have some estimated as much as 10 to 12 million illegal aliens are coming just as Joe Biden stole the the Oval Office a lot of people folks that's a lot of it was bigger than many states so no I'm not going to sit here and say hello you know let's figure out a time to see and figure a Wastin to make it work it can't work it's not sustainable we can't take care of her own citizens right now so why are we doing any of this stuff
I only cream I forgot I didn't mention Ukraine either way I am totally against that was against a single penny of Aid going to Ukraine in the first place to my Mac does that make me a Putin apologist new do I like Russian new do I blame ukrainians for getting invaded nope you know I do blame the NATO I do believe the b in Harrisburg for allowing stabbing they could have stopped all I had to do was say I guess what Ukraine's not going to be in they do don't invade they told the lad Amir selenski that but they told him not to mention that I told to keep that hush-hush
I didn't want rushing to know that Ukraine was not going to be joining NATO cuz they wanted Russia to invade and has a whole that's a rabbit hole that we're not going to get into today but will be talking about in the future so that should I would also talk a little bit about a I'm going to be talking a little bit more about it today as matter fact I may just jump in right there so now we have the recap to go ahead and talk about what are these these other perspectives that I have that I'm going to be talking about on the show and whatever you know who every show is going to be different so one of those is going to be artificial intelligence I don't think they were paying enough attention to we as a people and I'm not talking about AI is now cheaper to use is so biased I know a lot of people talk about that artificial general intelligence about the actual the the the Skynet version Ka from from Terminator single thing they could actually
truly legitimately harm us as a people that type of artificial intelligence is in development that kind of artificial intelligence may already be here for all we know and that's have artificial intelligence is going to be considered an existential Threat by those of us who or where
you should be concerned about artificial general intelligence because with with artificial general intelligence that means that you have something that has the ability to problem-solve in ways that humans cannot it has the ability to find solutions to problems than some of the problems we don't even know the problems exist little on the solution themselves
when you start giving that type of quote unquote intellect power say power through connection to the internet power through to access to to anything I mean it doesn't have to be weapons we don't have to go straight Skynet for this to be the disastrous there going to be people they're going to say hey you know what you're just as an example we can build this building using these robots and these these machines that are driven by artificial general intelligence and they will be able to construct buildings safely and you know what there's like it's like 40 or 50 construction accidents a year the result in death as well eliminate all that that's the type of argument that make it across the board I'll let you know what we don't need to put police In Harm's Way and we don't need to put people in Harm's Way from police because they're still the whole send them in a bowl we know somehow bad for for the people I'm not going to say the police are perfect K law enforcement there's a really bad ones especially the FBI but you know you shouldn't fear police
and yet a lot of us have to you know not because I should say we have to a lot of a lot of Americans do because of the brainwashing is happened ever since George Floyd to hold a discussion but that you're used to putting law enforcement in the hands of of artificial general intelligence and they're going to push for that I already seen robots literally robots being put into Subways in New York City that's just a start it's all starting folks is accelerating and if you're not paying attention it's going to it's going to engulf you or knowing golf me if we're not watching the fighting against it protesting I'm just saying I'll go hold a sign I'm saying we have to leave the protest in ways that make us uncomfortable okay we saw what we were able to get that the best example of good protest happened recently the last couple years at school board meetings case they weren't expecting it they being the powers-that-be weren't expecting so many Americans so many
her parents and grandparents to be going to the school board meetings and complaining about hey by the way I don't think of my child should be reading about you know whatever I don't want to say it on there some of the stuff that's in our kids libraries I can't say it on air without getting in trouble that's how bad it is you see parents trying to read these are school board meeting they get tossed okay censored because it's too bad for a room full of adults too nasty to heinous with idiots for roof of adults and yet these are in the the hands of a fifth and sixth graders give me a break and yet we were able to see some degree of change we saw School Board elections even San Francisco they were able to recall you know the school board members because of they were just way to woah
I hate the word woke I really do I don't like using it but people understand what that means now so has changed woke this is understood and those who are we're way to Walker started to feel the pressure we need more of that we need lawsuits lots and lots of lawsuits we need to be able to fight any of this stuff any of it can and that does include by the way artificial intelligence
and I'm not talking again I'm not talking about the the basic card I'm not sure those guys has a hole if it's I don't want machines to do anything I mean I'm not against automation say there are certain types of times when certain levels of automation are good but I am I against self-driving cars you betcha we're not ready for that not as a society that Technology's not ready over the weekend there was this funny but it was sad also the scene in Austin Texas we're about 20 self-driving taxis were causing a traffic jam for whatever reason I don't know what happened I didn't read the story the video of it 15 second video of just all these cars the self driving taxis they're all kind of stuck in this intersection I couldn't figure out how to untangle themselves because they're there self-driving cars that's the kind of thing that week we as a society a lot of people out there want to accelerate the stuff they want to push it weather for personal reasons for profit or just
state that they like the idea of expanding our abilities so to speak and when I say our abilities really should be considered a lack of ability oh I don't have to learn how to drive anywhere more my kids and my grandkids won't have to drive anymore because the cars will drive themselves they want to see that there is a desire to see the advancement of artificial intelligence in all its various forms and when I say there's a desire I would say probably a majority of people to some extent do want to see some form of artificial intelligence increase Automation in this nation to where you know it's bad I always think by the way I think about how to convince people and how to convince normies that artificial intelligence as bad as you got to see Wally I know it's Disney Pixar and I don't recommend ever seeing any of these movies especially from Disney Pixar but that was one of the last I would say decent movies now course it was a a very woke William that was trying to condemn us about climate change because, she is going to destroy the planet so we got
leave the planet and leave these These are robots that the clean up our mess okay that's not going to happen today they wanted to push that propaganda fine but there was the thing that stuck stuck with me about that was that when they were on this planet after a few Generations there on this this side of the ship right and the ship is everybody nobody can can walk anymore every just fat in it and they don't even have our grasp of reality Kaylee just sitting there is little pods that but that float around and feed them a bunch of stuff in them and one instance one of them fell out and I had like bring these robots to get them back into their folks he won't take generations for us to get there
our inherent desire to make things easier can turn into full-blown laziness and that laziness can turn into slot points and that's slothfulness can turn into a society that is no longer able to to handle anything and I'm not just talking about gen Z years
not going to take a stab at just them I mean look I'm on I'm on a diet and I have I've experienced a lot phone as myself I'm trying to get ptosis I am going into doing intermittent fasting and even doing some some 72-hour fast and I'm combining all this with exercise to eat better and exercise that's how you lose weight you have to go through and use all these various whatever drugs I'm trying to rent miles Lofton
we will see after break we will get on I think we're going to make it through this less I'm going to make sure that we make it through this list so that this is the last show I have to sit here and talk about cuz I really hate it so
whether it's bugs or lab grown meat or whatever they're pushing for the sake of climate change to replace good old-fashioned pasture-raised beef they're pushing it they're pushing too hard and it's time for us to wake up it's time for us to realize that that we need to start stocking up on long-term storage beef you can do that by going to Freedom First that's free the first and using promo code JDR you'll get freeze-dried ribeye freeze-dried New York strip Tender Loin and of course their original steak product in with 15% off its time is there is a sous vide so it's already cooked it's freeze-dried it's got 10 the 25-year shelf life without Refrigeration course so go check it out Freedom First and start stocking up on long-term storage beef today promo code jtr don't forget that part
I hate talking about the things I'm going to be talking about I should have said that I hate talking about myself I don't want to I don't know if you watch a lot of these shows with conservative alternative media and deadly if you watch any of the leftist for the show host they love talking about themselves right I don't I don't want to be the focus here to the focus needs to be on what's happening out there in the focus needs to be on solutions to the problems we face in that I consider and what I do to be basically just a messenger and it's not like a little more good she's a messenger from God that's not what I'm saying I spend a whole lot of time immersed in the happenings of the day I go through sources you have just working over at the Livery as well as the sir working on these these drugs like that news aggregators that millions of page views a month I have to at least read the headlines of around fifteen hundred articles of day in time a 250 various sorts of some of them post, stuff some of them don't post very much at all occasionally I have to look at lights like Fox News or New York Post be generally speaking I'm looking for the Gateway pundit I'm looking at NaturalNews I'm looking at at Play Sia Infowars these our place there more coat with fringe and you have to be Discerning when you're reading through a lot of the stuff because sometimes they can get a little bit outrageous but generally speaking they are at least attempting to to see the truth and one of the things that I have to do as part of my day-to-day routine 7 days a week just make sure that I am cognizant of what's real and what's not. I tried to again using one of my favorite words I try to discern what's what's actually newsworthy.
true risk
which brings me to we will go and go straight into another risk in that risk is Central Bank digital currencies folks they are going to happen Okay there will be a critical digital dollar here in the near future and when I seen your future it's not going to be this week is going to be this month but it might be before the end of this year that's not it's it's very possible they could start rolling out before the end of this year it's also more likely that it will happen next year possibly the year after that but I can't see them extending this much longer than 20/24 possibly 2024 they really start to at least begin the invitation. You know one of the air has been trying to get him on as a show or is it a guest on the show there's a gentleman who works for a company that is involved in fed now I'm not going to out him but he ended up contacting Genesis Gold group why our sponsor for this show and his his story and he's like look I work for these
and this is why I'm buying gold mean literally think I've seen what they're planning I seen what it looks like I'm see I seen any of the implementation what it's going to be in this going to be 18 months from now and that's when this was about two months ago was it two or three months ago he's talking about this my good friend Jonathan Rose over at Genesis gold he's telling them all. And John's like me and you got to come out and talk about this is like I can't look at this is my my career here I can't see I'm going to protect myself I'm going to you know maybe if you can figure out a way to do it anonymously what we're trying I'm trying to get him out to be just what he has to say is super important and he is concerned that's why he went to call Genesis Gold group contacted them at JDR and now he's trying to get carries I try he did he bought a bottle of precious metals to store way because he's he's an inside he knows what's happening with fed now he knows what's happening with
digital currencies in the future
so and people talk about the threats and there's there's a few different threats there that are relatively obvious you'll see even some of the the more normal conservative news outlets talking about for example the Privacy risk talking about the ability of basic to wear any of us could be hit the same way that the the truckers Convoy in Canada how they got here with their bank accounts and even though the crypto they're having challenge giving it their money and it was just it was awful with Central Bank digital currencies that's going to be easy to push a button and you're no longer compliance you no longer have access to your own money this is the part where a lot of people say oh you just fear-mongering I am not this is real okay and this is going to be tied to that future near future social credit scoring or whatever they're they're not going to call that they're going to call it something else but basically it's going to be have to be a good citizen
properly aligned you can't be engaged in misinformation or you can't have too many carbon footprint too big of a carbon footprint are you can't be drinking raw milk or anything like that for you if you're not being a good citizen if you don't use the proper pronouns if you don't inbox should allow your public school teacher to indoctrinate our children and you are a bad person and you cannot have access to your money that the big and here's the important part but I don't think enough people are talking about not that any of that's not important but this is important in that it's it's less discuss yes there are those those big threats of not having access to your money but with a central bank digital currency there's also the Greek control of how many spent can they can then they're already testing this out and try and we're not only can a digital token a digital coin only be used for certain items we can only be used in certain areas in other words they are going to try to utilize Central Bank digital currencies to herd us into where they want us
these this futuristic futuristic does dystopian concept of 15 minutes cities 50-minute communities is what it's really going to be because they're going to say okay so if you live in the Bronx you know you need to be you need to be staying in the Bronx there's no need for you to drive across town you know where take public transportation even across town to get a loaf of bread if you got if you got bread right there you are tokens going to use of that Bakery you know if you want to get your bread if you want to get your your crooked burgers or whatever else they're going to try to throw at us the ability to control who can spend but we can spend it on or where we can spend it that is that's part of the threat of Central Bank digital currencies there are at least half a dozen others that I will be talking about on the show so stay tuned for that we are going to make it through this list I am weird cooking cruising right along
it's our Global Sleek about that's a topic that I mentioned it a lot I get I get people that will contact me and JD Rucker. Calm and then say you know what don't use the word to ball it's not good or it's overused or don't use work gloves look I like the preferred of the I use the phrase to describe them with all cute all caps or at least capitalize the first letter of globalist elite cabal to me that is enough
it's specific enough to know who were talking about but it's not like I do you know we call a Palace Pets Palace will what if I'm Jewish what if I'm Muslim what am I what if I'm atheist what if I don't know how to read Ephesians 6:12 where I've no idea what it means okay fine then was called a new world order okay well so you're saying that it's going to be a part of this alien propaganda the snow the snow was right right way to put that probably the best term that I could ever use would be the multipolar world order which is becoming more popular in use today and that's really what they're trying to push for and you can even call it a centralized multipolar World Order which is a contradiction for the decentralized it can't be multiple or vice versa except that's exactly what they want their dream game this goes all the way back to the 1970s for the world economic even formed K when it was just class swab sitting there talking to them to Henry Kissinger in the club of Rome about you how are we going to how are we going to destroy the world
save the world from itself so they were talking about 10 Regional Powers this multipolar world world that was under the control of one centralized power
is that if you're familiar with Bible prophecy then that should concern you another question is are they just fulfilling Bible prophecy or were they just trying to fulfill the Bible prophecy when they envisioned this one ruler essentially over 10 Regional powers that they controlled the various areas of the world were they trying to or where they participating in trying to fulfill a prophecy that they either text me or not or whether using prophecy to try to I guess you could say mimic it in a way that would would be a dog whistle for what I don't even know okay it's all very conspicuous though but that's what they want so they wanted since the 70s and probably before then I should say that's one when we know they wanted it that's when we know they were talking about it again Klaus Schwab Henry Kissinger Club of Rome all hanging out disgust and what they're going to do how they're going to have it going to take over the world
pain Regional kingdoms are powers government's they call them
all beholden to a single centralized government United Nations World Health Organization the world economic Forum the council for inclusive capitalism which does not nearly enough attention everybody knows what the wef is everybody knows what the UN is everybody now knows where the w h o is but very very few people seem to be even aware of the existence of a council for inclusive capitalism which is that's the tip of the spear that see action on the wef okay the world economic forum is basically it's it's a dangerous but it's still a dangerous think tank it's a dangerous rooting tool this is where they are you find and indoctrinate the young global leaders that are going to end up being world leaders that are going to end up being their their puppets right where the puppets for this where the council were included capitalism comes in and if you're not familiar with it I will be talking about them and future shows because that's something to me there they're much more dangerous than
the world economic Forum in the world economic forum is again, like the think-tank where's the council for clues of capitalism they're the ones that actually implement this that everything okay and this is where people sit well now you're going to get into conspiracies look folks this is real who's behind this Council for inclusive capitalism the Rothschilds Rockefeller Foundation
and the Vatican
no it's crazy if you're at if you never heard about this before you should start looking it up
start in 2017 is a call and it is quickly becoming again the tip of the spear for action for this globalist Elite cabal all these machinations all of these plans all these actions that are happening around this weather it is transhumanism the trans the trans Supremacy cult whether it's the climate change push to rule everything and have everything answer back to do with carbon carbon carbon nitrogen nitrogen nitrogen
food shortages everything ties back to this and it's all through this club Leslie cabal or is bible-believing Christians might call it the powers and principalities or is even more more I guess they conspiracy-minded bible-believing Christians might call it the the Antichrist regime
it's happening all around us right now as we speak is one of the reasons is funny because I do
often watch the show here at wwcr Trunews Rick Wiles friend do we agree on everything no but I don't agree with everybody and everything okay wife on everything and she's usually right about everything so that means that I'm often wrong but hey that's part of being a husband that I do listen times and some of the things that he's able to understand is truly will generally brilliant and so I do recommend they're right here at wwcr 2 hours from now to leave check that show out if you if you want to be enlightened all right going on as climate change it's funny because climate change is it is the big one okay
what's called what it is when when we see decisions made in the very near future with its by government and non-government organizations and individuals with its banks corporations
everything's going to be tied back to climate change they've been in the process of implementing this through ESG for a long time now don't even changing ESG cuz they don't like the name of it black rock is like oh you think was like oh my gosh you know where you can call the USGS got a negative connotation now we're going to call it something else is still going to be the same thing and it's still just means that climate change will be a consideration in everything that we do
personally do you want to know where I stand. I think the climate change is real I do I think that our climate changes every single day a little bit okay temperatures go up temperature go down sometimes there's hurricanes sometimes there's wind sometimes there's rain it's crazy how that works whole weather thing but he will say oh you know you're not an environmental. I am environmentalist to be clear I do believe for example and making sure there's clean potable water for the world and right now is not that's that's a that's a realistic goal that's an actual problem and needs to be solved
I do believe for that we should be shooting for renewable energy big huge fan of of nuclear okay I'll show you I can see solar wind and other forms of green energy being used and being important being affordable and effective here with animal safe fifty to two hundred years should they be forced upon us today as we know it makes no sense
we have a bunch of fossil fuels let's use them until we have the technology to be able to use solar properly or wind properly or or were able to build enough nuclear plants across the globe that we can just power power everything on that I don't know what the solution is hydrogen I don't know I just know that that we should be striving to get away from fossil fuels at a pace that is the makes sense for humans today that makes sense economically speaking scientifically speaking and that's not that's not in this Century most likely okay let's build a technology great
South Forsyth today I don't want to see wind farms when do wind turbines burning heels get getting killed by them I don't want to see whales die out the shore New Jersey cuz somebody has to force these things onto was I do want to see any solar plants that the solar panels failing failing miserably people dying as a result of happening today folks because the climate change
so yes I am an environmentalist technically speaking Pashto by any of the crap they're selling the climate change people I'm not a fan of I'm not a fan of algor I'm definitely not a fan of Carrie
not a fan of any of that stuff so we will talk about that but they are going to use it is the ultimate skeleton key of control climate change is being used as a way to force every single possible behavioral changed they want between that and and racism bigotry of any form misogyny anti-trans whatever you want to call it between those two things, changing pin code bigotry they literally can try to force and feel justified in trying to force any Behavior to try to prevent us from doing any particular thing even if it makes no sense to do so
alright where are we are we have to do station identification something new you're watching on Rumble couch stand by for about 15 seconds I'll be right back
what is a break I did get a I did get an email I guess you could say I got the email but somebody went to JD talked and ask me you know if I was reading through teleprompter it was even possible for for me to come across in that way but I'm not I don't I don't we from scripts and I'll reform teleprompters I have notes okay I know what I'm going to talk about but outside of that it is I I go okay I talk so what I do I don't I don't read from from no it's not I will occasionally articles and I'll tell you hey where you from you from the Gateway pundit and then I'll get my commentary about what it was happening and and what I think should be done about it that's how it shows going to operate today and yesterday were were slightly different of course because of this is an intra
fashion show but for the most part I'm going to be doing that another thing that Harkens back to the way you know I got yesterday from Jenny talked last you are you going to it appears that you're just staring at the screen we're working on getting a producer and my previous producer he was fantastic and he is getting Graphics up on the screen and split screen and showing showing the article in this that of the other my it is it's the words came this isn't a fancy show think of it long like this really is made the radio this is made for w w e r k for sure Wave radio on from the other radio stations to pick us up visits about the the words that I'm speaking than the the articles that I'm reading the videos that I'll be playing cuz I will be playing some videos but for the most part
it's I'm not going to be doing the fancy cuz I got to be at the words on the bottom you know talking about what I'm just going to go that's that's what this shows going to be about because because at the end of the day off and Tissa T is going to be hopefully one of the strengths that we have with the show being authentic being able to talk about these subjects and be very Frank about everything that we do everything that we say you know. That's why I don't like scripts I think you'd be probably shocked to realize how many of the shows we all watch that are almost entirely scripted I remember I was shocked when time to her to hear about this one gentleman a good friend a very an excellent show host has been doing it for for two decades and in the way you said he's like man I'm like Anchorman okay I'm like Ron Burgundy I read whatever is on the teleprompter he does is for 30 minutes straight
actually 30 minutes of him reading from a teleprompter for that there is a place for very organized and to-the-point discussions
but for me number one I want to be able to interact with the audience member to I don't read very well that out loud at least I can read pretty fast. I'm just reading an article but when I'm talking I'm trying to read from a script or a teleprompter that's not my thing I talk a lot better for my mind I guess you could say that I do from reading it on a screen so if that's going to be a challenge sorry I'm I'm not a script kind of guy that's all there's nothing wrong with the gentleman was referring to I had no idea I've been listening to him for for literally years and I never knew that that there was nothing not a single bit off the cuff with every single word he said from the moment that the show launched until the end of 30 minutes later or 5 days a week every single word is scripted
I know I couldn't tell her why shouldn't I was just listening mostly not watching as much maybe I would have been able to tell you from his eyes or something but but no I mean look how to get nothing against some of the best stuff out there is completely scripted that's just not what this show is going to be about the Jenny Rucker show will be mostly off-the-cuff if I'm reading from an article that I'll tell you hey what are the article yada yada yada so real quick I got to tell you we we mention the Central Bank digital currencies before last and I did not take the opportunity to express my my very great humble and deep appreciation of Genesis gold route for enabling the show to to exist ok
they believe in the show they believe in America and they believe in the Bible this is where you know what really truly separates Genesis go Grew From The Others you're not going to see them posting you know ads of this any emails or having having any of their shows cuz I'm not the only one that you're not going to see any of them talking about how do you contact these guys and you get five thousand or ten thousand or $15,000 in free silver they won't do that because that's it's not real I hate to burst anybody's bubble but it's not real you're not getting free anyting the cost of that quote about free silver is just worked into the cost of the gold and silver that you buy from them and the commission's that they pay or outrageous compared to you know what's what and actual honest Christian your faith driven organization like genesis goldrick what they do is straightforward what they do will actually help people with a lot of these other companies doing am I going to name names
Ripon you know any of the show host that are pushing the soul $10,000 in free Silver Head in disgust me but maybe I just don't know I do know okay I've been doing this long enough I done my due diligence I investigated 31 different precious metals companies and I ever knew this for a long time as far as the precious metals have only been doing it for Josh went to three years for them during the Trump years I didn't I didn't think so don't just say the stock market's going to sort eunos keep your money floating through the economy real estate whatever gold so that's for like way down the line when you got so much money that you just want to keep its stagnant that's what I used to think then buying them as long as I go crap I better look in the gold and silver
so check them out Gensco group go to JDR jtr in the end end the work with my honest and tremendous sponsors here at the J D wrecker show me that is a correct term there are conspiracies in this world and most of them all we have are theories about how they operate but I do not view the the phrase conspiracy theory as a pejorative we're supposed to see I ain't tried to train us to to do that work for most people I said the vast majority of us have at one point or another thought conspiracy theory was a negative thing but it's a it's a reality reality is that there really people organization groups evil people evil groups
Derek inspiring
to take us down to take that Americans take down the individuals to become freedoms to push this this multipolar world order to do the bidding of the adversary the powers and principalities there are out there. My job is to sift through that because look it many if not most are false whether they're false because you know somebody's just trying to trying to make a buck I guess off of them in some cases there are these false conspiracy theories out there that are they were planted by by the Deep State okay
they've been doing that for years how do you discredit one piece of evidence you throw out a whole bunch of other evidence this false the monster only false but similar okay I've never do too deep into for example the 9/11 conspiracy theories I think back in like maybe a decade ago I watch the documentary about it you know Building 7 thing that kind of got me a lot but I don't I don't get into those who say it's like massages those who say it was 9/11 an inside job I don't know what I don't know the truth I really don't
I know that it's all very fishy all very suspicious and I'm sure that I could be convinced in One Direction or the other but it's that one's too big for me I guess is the easiest way to put his I probably won't ever talk about that maybe I never but it'll be chances are he won't talk much about 9/11 conspiracy theories except for perhaps during a show on 9/11 I did do an article about building 7 cuz that one's me is the one that's that we were being lied too I don't know what the truth is I just know the one that they're telling us about building 7 is is it's a lie
do I think that Paul McCartney
who died in the car accident in the 1960s and was replaced by doppelganger to keep the Beatles going no I don't I don't believe the Earth is flat I don't believe there's a lot of conspiracy theories out there that I don't buy into but there's a lot of them that are real especially as they pertain to the Edward Snowden was supposed to him I really was. Yeah this guy's being a traitor and that's before I started looking into it and realize maybe not you know what I have gone about things the way that he did know now I think that he did everything very much wrong but the spirit of what he was doing was cracked
same thing with with joy massage you don't do I agree with all of his actions no not at all
do I agree with what he was trying to accomplish and in many ways the ways that he was a hand in Wikileaks were able to accomplish and yes I I do you know I mean that's journalism to the nth degree again not going to justify know if it won't you say you that you support Julian massage people who are posting about you support the idea of getting the truth about about governments that are acting wickedly I'm not saying they are wicked government's there are wicked government by the way but I'm not saying that they were the days that I'm going to start it through this is where I almost wish I had a script but it is it's a It's Complicated I guess it's the easiest way to put it you know if we're going to pull from the old old Facebook phrase It's Complicated I don't know you know I do know this
with a certain date
the conspiracy theories that are real
needs to be brought to light and equally the conspiracy theories that are false need to be suppressed that's one of things that I hope to do and I hope that you will help me with this is where I can't waste a call it's because some of the best perspectives will always come from you all what are you sending it to me at JD talk or calling in once we are able to get a producer who can take phone calls or leaving in chat on rumble or get her or wherever we want I want to get the information from you guys some of the best info I've ever gotten ever shared on my past shows has come from from you guys remember I got one long ago is actually would end up getting me kicked off of off of Spotify was was Spotify. This is Twitter direct message from a guy named Ivan Drake on this quickly becoming a celebrity but he's becoming very well known fact that nobody's ever heard of him but you said hey
I've got this information I got this idea I've got this plan on how we can basically correct the 2020 stolen election and it's okay come on you know I never heard of them before nobody had I said come on my Shelton since then he's been able to really Blossom I'm not taking credit for it because we were the first show he was on but but ain't that type of thing that happens fairly regularly some of the best information I get comes from you guys and I know that there's I get emails all the time from people who like you know what I've got this bombshell I've tried to get other people to talk about it no real talk I won't talk about it either okay if I can corroborate I'm not going to just go oh my gosh look you know it's like it's like holy cow they're they're putting snake venom in milk and they're they're trying to kill us I don't know I can't drive right now I'm not going to spread it one of the things it's funny because there is a a story that's been going around and I told my wife asked me to come talk with it I'm like what I don't really want to
probably should I just at least mention it because it's one of those things where if it's real now then people need to know about it I don't think it's real but I will admit the people that are talking about this whole October 4th thing they have at least partially trust them as one of them you know he's he's he's crazy sometimes a lie is awesome I think sometimes he will go a little bit further than reality will say on certain topics but he's been pushing this whole October 4th thing and then Todd calendar who I do respect greatly okay I mean I I've never known Todd to be very wrong about everything he's talking about 2 okay so for those who don't know there's going to be a huge test of some something with with every cell phone's going to get the the
these messages on October 4th and passed me on October 11th I believe if it doesn't happen on the 4th they're going to push the 11 but the The Conspiracy Theory out there now is that what these messages go out it's going to be like is 5G activation of the book covid-19 vaccine is going to turn them in the Marburg disease Rico lie or something like that to me that sounds like wow that's pretty crazy like I don't want to give that you know I've even a 5% chance of happening
but here's the thing
if it is real that is legit then maybe it would behoove us to go on I mean we haven't backs and I guess it doesn't want it's not going to affect you so I haven't been vaccinated so I'm not going to do it but maybe if you have been vaccinated maybe it would behoove you to maybe go out to the country on October 4th or maybe turn your cellphone off for work so yeah it's a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding 5G and someone actually large salads yet but in this is one of those ones where
it doesn't sound legit of it to me but the implication being that if it's real it is so devastating that I got to mention and that's kind of disturbing aspect that lets you know when I have to look at not only does that sound you're doesn't pass the smell test isn't viable you know there's that there's also is it big enough to wear hey it's probably not real but we better talk about it just in case it is okay if something is not important got a 20% chance of being legitimate I'm probably not going to talk about it but something's very important has got a 5% chance of being legit I'll probably talk about it just because of the importance level and vice-versa something might be not very important but it's got like 60% chance of being legit in my mind at least I'll probably talk about it doesn't make sense I'm not a conspiracy theorist and by any means okay
I used to rip on conspiracy theorist way back in the day from Alex Jones ice they all my guys who is this loudmouth right now it's like I don't see what Alex is Alex what do you say what's going on what's the good word what's the bad word what's happening we have to change it to transition am I talking to and trans Inc talking about transition our way of thinking if there was a time not too long ago when I thought publicans were the good guys and Democrats are the bad guys now I understand there is a unit party swamp and that there are people in the far left as well as people in the far right of course that are relatively legitimate and everybody else is not as far as again politicians not talking about in general think politicians
most of her compromised I think I would say that to him talk about conspiracy theory that his experience okay for Congressman his experience with being invited to or using and being offered Coke can even all that other stuff you know the biggest mistake he made was that you talked about it somebody turned it all down and that was a mistake to some extent some would say but they would that would have just given them the opportunity to try to compromise and further the fact that he talked about on the podcast how's the kiss of death he was done okay so far as the in parties father's concerned this guy's got to be me and he's he's out of here and so he lost his primary concern Congressman that's popular is Madison cawthorn was
should never watch the primary server the fact that he he was in office when he went against the unit party Swap and it didn't have the clout to be able to to fight back if some people might say like for example map Gates he's not in the unibody swap the say and it but he's got to be able to fight back may be true you know I admit it mention earlier there's probably five or three Trust on Capitol Hill he would be one of them is that me that I would have that I will be completely shocked if it turns out that he may be controlled opposition or that he's earrings are all aligned maybe I wouldn't be shocked
none of that still shocks me anymore so I don't trust him not to fully there's a certain ones I trust them more than others
Satan we will be right back
I was just at off by knocking on wood literally and then I can literally do it but but I am figuratively knock you out of wood about subsection I've been very happy with such that is a newsletter service that allows people to stay informed you two to follow so to speak their their favorite content producers and to be able to receive information from them in the weather in Staley weekly however my substance JD Rucker. Subs that. Cam is it supposed album approximately one newsletter per day and sometimes I put on zero sometimes I'll put out two or three but usually it's about 1 today in this is will be a nation that I believe is the most important thing that you need to learn that day generally speaking is not going to be something that you're going to read on CNN or Fox News it's going to be something out there but that's that's very important so I encourage you to it so it's free it's got to JD sorry JB record that subject. Calm and sign up for my newsletter being formed
alright so let's talk about China India South Africa see where I'm going with this house I got Brazil let's not talk about Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates we are seeing this arguably the greatest threat outside of globalism from a form perspective we are seeing it rides in front of us in real time of course I'm talking about the the bricks Alliance the brics Nations they are they are chirping Us near their their threat.
now I will sometimes question whether or not they are a separate thread another words are they some will say and they will make a very valid arguments that the for example, form the council for inclusive capitalism the United Nations they are all opposed to brakes because they don't want that there's a lack of alignment of and goals there there's others that say they're all tied together but it's all all about taking down the United States of America and while they pretend to be foes at times they all have a unified and goal so again making the different argument from the same perspective one says that they have different goals the other says they have the same goals but either way either they're working hand in hand or they are opposed to each other it doesn't seem to be very much in between even though I would say that the in-betweens probably the most realistic option in other words they're going to be unified and working together the global Stanley Cup ball in the brics nations are going to work
gather on certain things and they're going to be opposed to each other on certain other things that seems to be to me the most likely scenario not just because it makes sense does it have to be so cold and extreme in One Direction or the other but also because that would seem to match biblical prophecy better and then I got to talk about that. Don't take no longer than the segment we will talk about bricks and prophecy and all that stuff in the future hopefully I'll be able to find a guest who can who can talk about it intelligently more diligently than I can speak intelligently I did check during the break to see when I mention that I'm having dr. Mercola on it looks like it's going to be Friday we are actually still up in the air I forgot I forgot about that we're still up in the air about Thursday or Friday yeah it'll probably be Friday but there's a chance that we will be able to get them to come on this really early time in the day on Thursday instead we'll see and there's also a chance with my pre-recorded lot of time you know one of the the only
it's the only true negative those two of them I serve it wouldn't be only the two negatives with having to show that this early is number one comes to gas it's hard to get people special on the west coast will be at 5:30 in the morning so we are going to open it up to where I guess we will look if I can get a great guest on I don't care if I have pre-recorded and then just play it Mia push play here that's fine I'm okay with that hopefully you are too because otherwise will be limited to East Coast it's it's pretty early for most East Coast with most of them don't even start doing the interviews till 9 or 10 in the morning you know so anyway point is is that that there's there's that minor negative but sometimes I will pre-record so of the interviews and then the other semi - is that a lot of times I'll be reacting to news from the day before we're going to try to be moving not going this early move with the new cycle rather I will
moving with the World Cycle so to speak you know there are times when whatever the tough subject in the news in any particular moment usually often Hunter Biden or Donald Trump or whoever you know sometimes that top of my news item isn't truly the most important things to talk about I would say that that's probably 80% of the time but that's the case we need to stop allowing yourself to be distracted by the new cycle and folks on the World Cycle just as an example of there were so many awful horrible things that were coming out surrounding in a couple of recent events number one the the fires in Maui okay for several days maybe a couple of weeks after the fires there was a lot of attention paid to have now is gone okay it's gone whatever they were trying to cover up they succeeded and they were trying to cover stuff up surrounding the Maui fire they still are there are
a handful of people are trying to get to the truth for the most part your standard average show host isn't talking about it because it's not in the news cycle any more sending can be said about East Palestine Ohio train the train derailment in the subsequent burning their folks I'm not trying to brag but we were on that story the one that's when they train first crashed we're on the story for for the days I was screaming literally screaming about signifying the world is nobody else covering this this is huge their litter I mean I was watching the videos you can see some of them in the time on Twitter that again before Moten anybody in in corporate media and most people even in conservative in alternative media before they had really latched on the story a week late
there are two videos coming out saying look at this this they're burning this and looking what's happening this is and I'm reading this stuff and I'm just like holy cow this is a huge story why is nobody talking about it this show is not going to focus strictly on the news cycle we're going to be talking about the things that are important in the world at any given moment and a lot of times that will be ongoing and Bricks happens to be one of those bricks is an ongoing risk
those who want to win maybe you missed it because there's only in the new cycle for a day or two you know the brakes it is starting January 1st new brics nations are are being added and those bricks nations are going to be there is a lot of significance there special Saudi Arabia our Ally legitly is there talkin everybody other than us to talk to you or Ron never talked to her on the other also talked Israel okay so they're trying to get that situated but what is the deal I mean Saudi Arabia that the other was made by Nexon Bass Live by both Nations having a lot of control over what was at the time and should take me to still be most important asset a commodity in the world map being loyal and yet
now they're talking about their there in bricks that's dangerous folks and that's a true existential threat in that starts in January okay it's a done deal why is nobody talking about that China is our biggest economic threat Russia and China combined are our biggest military threats then you can get into the cyber cyber terrorism aspect of it and head North Korea and the Run both of them are burgeoning cyber terrorists or states that are operating cyber terrorist organizations to mine at with with Russia and China that are both Adept at all of a sudden folks come on me why is this not in the news top of mind at least once or twice a week it should be I will be here at the JD Rucker show we're going to stay on top of everything that's happened with bricks with China with Russia with all the members
is there a temp to take us down whether you believe it's on behalf of the global suleika ball or or in opposition to the plans the global Sleek ball or a combination of two doesn't matter the end goal for both for all three I should say theories is that they want the United States of America brought down and flat not to be a topic of discussion on a regular basis
that's just not good not good
but I'm not going to I got that too harp on that now we are almost there I'm actually going to be able to make it through the entire list of all the topics and this isn't by the way this is an exclusive in this is literally just off the top of my head from the other day why don't we just do a show and I'll express my opinions about you know certain things that way the new audience and the can be told in the old are Indians can be reminded in case they forgot of where I stand on certain topics one of them is crime now I mentioned earlier about the challenges with police K police in blue cities in particular where do you find the police wasn't thing and now all the sudden you got Democrats and socialists saying I don't know we we we were really serious about that we need to get more funding or hey I why did I get robbed we need more cops here you know she's staying the whole George Floyd riot in there all Lego cops all cops are bad
and we need to be funding defund the police replace them with Community whatever counselors or something now they're like oh crap this is this is awful okay no cash Bill oh crap this is awful is over the weekend there was a somebody is in New York a somebody who's been arrested like seven times for everything including rape and assault and who have been arrested and charged for having four hundred and fifty thousand doses of fentanyl was released from no cash bail and they're gone okay did not show up in court and I guarantee you less that person is found by law enforcement he ain't got no yeah sorry I missed my court date let's go ahead and have that trial and you got how much jail time I'm going to get for trying to distribute Ford 250 thousand doses of fentanyl
no cash bail bad news
defund police bad news
and I suppose I am a I'm a police skeptic I want to hold law enforcement accountable to the highest possible standards I want them to be good my dad was a cop okay I know what would good policing is supposed to be about and I would say the vast majority of in local and state and city law enforcement the vast majority of them are good especially if you know one of the best practices I always recommend people get to know who your ear sheriff's deputies are you County gets another be paid close attention to the phone and find the right people and elect them
we don't share that that brace 147 is the one that can can be the your best protection against Federal oppression is the FBI the Deep state
they're the ones that can that can oppose you know if you're if you're like me and you're stuck in the blue State the other ones they can oppose the evil mandates put forth by the state governments even so yeah we were seeing that in was New Mexico New Mexico you know soon as soon as governor of New Mexico decided do you know we're going to have to make the Second Amendment such a worthless you know what I can overrule the Constitution you can share saying nope not going to comply not going to enforce that
people people are awfully able to carry we're not going to stop and just because the governor decides oh you know we're going to we're going to do a trial balloon to see the appetite for massive overreach of gun control and by the way to be clear any gun control is massive over reach as far as I'm concerned and I didn't start off as a second amendment purest but over time I become much much much much more of a second a look I get it just concerns about all you can't have have criminals with me again why you can't have criminals with guns. Okay but law-abiding citizens should be allowed to protect themselves from crime not from from deer or bears the from tyranny
from from our own government Second Amendment is what allows us to make a legal perspective to be able to to invoke a god-given right to defend ourselves against tyranny
such as to my crime the crime is an important aspect of it is about hunting although how many how many rounds do you need to be able to hunt deer I hate those questions as they're they're dumb
no this is about tyranny and when they said oh well what are you going to do against an F-22 with your with your AR-15 what am I going to do against that 22 without my AR-15 22 but I'm concerned about the nukes is as Eric are swallow would say for the I'm worried about the government new key as soon as they decided to then so be it there's nothing I can do about the weather I've got a gun or not
but if government does become more and more and more oppressive tyrannical
if we do start to see more of a police state then the second amendment is what can prevent that from going too far and if and when the Second Amendment is ever revoke repealed whatever limited to the point of ineffectiveness yeah we will the United States will over short. Of time cease to exist it will that is what keeps us who we are where we are and when you've got hundreds of millions of firearms are in circulation making them all at legal not a good move not a good move. Then you were truly then it will be a matter of trying to protect yourself from the criminals because they will have all the power all of it
what's up wake up the crime yes crime is awful it's getting worse especially in the cities and I tell people I said before I'll say it again you're the three p's pray plan prepare if you are still living in a city it's time to go to the shed that would be praying so you should plan and prepare to leave you don't want to be in the cities right now folks even in a red State you got a pretty safe City it's that's where their focus they being the global Sleek of all they're focused on trying to get everybody into the cities and be taking control of the city's
get out of the by you can get out of them while you should get out while you can afford to if you if that means moving out to the suburbs fine
arguably preferably it would be moving out some place further than the suburbs get rural move out of the country get your self a homestead if you can get yourself you know something little cottage I don't care cabin-in-the-woods something
get away from the cities and preferably get away from the suburbs as well because yeah it just like with everything else when he starts to strike it will start in the cities but it will spread to the suburbs so you might be able to buy yourself a little bit of time by being out just outside of the city really what you want to be is for far enough away to where you're going to be truly on the outskirts you're going to be secondary to be clear there are risks involved with that as well. I don't want to tell if you got and I don't want to get here about how do you know I took your advice I'm about to Homestead and Thugs and Hooligans came and came out to my small-town and burnt down my Homestead and killed my dog or whatever I don't want you I mean am I saying there's not going to be risks there are certain advantages to being around people disadvantages to being alone secluded off grid
but to me it looks now and for the foreseeable future it makes more sense to try to be alone secluded off-grid in a community would be ideal a community of like-minded people
yeah we can get into whole idea of having I would love to see essentially a bunch of of galt's Gulch everybody has read read up Atlas Shrugged you'll know what I'm talking about that would be great man assaulted with the cloaking device to prevent them from being found but you get the idea like-minded people helping themselves helping helping the community by helping themselves. Communism bad points true libertarianism in there I want to be clear before anybody because there's a whole bunch of the anti Faith aspects of iron Rand and Atlas Shrugged I've completely disagree with it when it came to certain Concepts certain theories that they were pushed and it went to tell me when it came to government overreach worst thing that happened today okay. And steel that's essentially everything today everybody is Rudy still there trying to take it all over time yeah we we talked
not going to go there yet we touch with me is not going to do that yet and I'm going to say trance humanism in transgenderism one of the same going to save them for the last segment so that leaves me about it a minute and a half to talk to you about preparing preparing with beef yes I am the part owner of a beef company I I am on one third of whole cow's can a me know if you want to to really help me out go to Freedom First
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when you communicate with one thing if you'll say are you going to go to a fire please reply I try to okay I want to reply to everybody everybody that I possibly can. It's just not possible especially if the show gets to be as big as we hope it's it's going to be I will someday maybe needing assistance to get back to you but I will try to get back to everybody especially if you a reply just leaving note great thank you and my nuts replied by saying thank you to know that I am thanking you I do want to hear from you though should go to JD Rucker. Calm talk let me know what's going on in your life on your world and we'll take it from there
what are you concerned about ESG funds being pushed by your financial advisor or Central Bank digital currencies that are rising across the globe is fake looting here in the United States of America or dollars a shins push to remove dollar as the world's Reserve currency the petrodollar people shifting to nations are shipping to other forms of currency to do their business why because they don't trust the dollar and neither should you can I'm not a financial advisor but I do understand that when it comes to return when it comes to wealth protection to saving your life savings and self you should be working with a Christian company one that's going to treat you fairly when it's going to be honest with its focus on customer service and one that's not trying to push a $5,000 or $10,000 in free silver on you because that's just not real check out Genesis Gold group at JDR that's jtr today
this gentleman in the news that term loosely there's a man
and I use that term loosely there's a person in the world economic forum's severe that many most I would say consider to be Klaus Schwab's right-hand man his name is Yuval Noah Harari you probably heard of him or at least heard some of his crazy ideas the guy is an academic leaders and he's just he's just a bad dude altogether he believes in a future that basic doesn't include very many of us and those who are included are are cheap pretty much that's the future that he wants he believes in a very transhumanist future
and anyway when is the last time does people say he's you know he's the the spiritual leader of the movement he's the guy that that's advising advising swab if I were to propose I do that if I were to propose a conspiracy theory I believe that he's the one that's in charge I think that he is he is the class Schwab is basically a figurehead maybe he wasn't charged at one point but now he is kind of kind of stepped aside and then the ideologies and direction of the organization in the global Islamic Bond General is driven very much do by Yuval Noah Harari I think he's in charge and that's I've nothing to back that up other than a feeling seriously mad there's no there's nothing that is the way that he presents himself but he speaks from a position of authority that goes beyond just being the advisor okay you very much like how Anthony fauci is another example is somebody who he was in the by
is there but he was one whose driving he and his cronies were the ones over driving pretty much all covid policy for the United States of America through 2020 and into 2021 and he was he was not in charge but he wasn't charged essentially and so I think that's very much in between the two I would say that that the Harare is actually more in charge of the world economic Forum then you secretly of course then even Anthony fauci was in charge of covid response here in the United States of America is a dangerous dude and he is somebody who is promoting the trance humanistic side of this this evil agenda
then there's the transgender side of it and people always say you know it's D the similarities are just in the words themselves I just because they both start with the word trans trans humanism is will eventually be derived more so and mainstreamed in my humble opinion here in the United States and across the globe through the transgender movement think about it just for a minute there with me
transgenderism genital mutilation weather through chemical or surgical or combination of two this is designed to fundamentally change a human being to take a human being as created by God and to turn that human being into a variation that was was quote unquote enhanced but we all know that that's not true they're not enhance their they're greatly harmed by this genital mutilation again whether through chemicals or through surgeries or a combination of the two this is where transhumanism comes into play Trance humanism for those born to where is this this concert this theory that this action is it isn't even really a serious action of trying to advance The Human Condition take humanity and take it up a notch or two or ten is include stuff such as Elon Musk neuralink
that is transhumanism the idea of connecting our brains to technology to basically giving us access to the internet access to to whatever to each other that's not a good thing and they're pushing a heart What About receiving this happening with the with me a free sample in replacement Kay there's some great technologies that are coming out technologies that are allowing people to actually move you know that they're their hands there quote unquote hands that are actually mechanical through through brain activity this is this is all Bergen technology but it all eventually leads to trance humanism itself imagine the world has seen the science fiction movies that depict you know people that are in for example of work okay in Star Trek Star with the Next Generation Advanced on into the other iterations of Star Trek with the board these were basically transhumant right they were they took you in
save the David implants brain implants connect to their neural Pathways and gave them the cyborg arms and all this other stuff that was that's the future a dark version of it but are not ugly version of it I should say but that's the future that these transfer units Envision it's not just through mechanical technology it's also their chemical technology you have people out there that they will take hundreds of pills a day trying to make their bodies better I'm not look I'm personally I am not a big fan of taking pills K I don't like taking Motrin or Tylenol if I got a rare headache thank God I don't get headaches are you off and just press that position my change but I'm not a fan of taking any any pills I do like certain supplements you know when it comes to like like green drinks I drive a green drinks that I like and the other the powder that you mix with water in it supposed to give you your new servings of vegetables mostly because I don't eat very many vegetables
but you know this there's that and there's the natural Tyson is the unnatural types of these synthetic types okay and I'm against those on a personal level but I don't hold it against other people that did take them a few taking supplements are you taking vitamins minerals whatever you know that some stuff like that is fine there's nothing wrong with that that's not necessarily transhumanism but some of these people take it to the extreme real cars cars well as well as kind of saying that whatever the big-time transhumance in this guy takes a pill the day right I mean he takes pills for everything basically place is a meal with pills and that's supposed to say he know he has his going a lot of these people their goal is to live as close to forever as possible a picture hey and it will be able to technology will be able to extend their lives well beyond a hundred years we'll be out 120 years will be on however long you know then there's the whole transhumanist the aspects of transhumance movement which is to try to take out
rates just no brains right and transfer transfer Consciousness into into disk drives I just dated myself and risers and put it into computers can I mean that's that's about that as well. The idea of being able in those television shows anybody's ever watch dark mirror I don't watch anymore I don't watch television all anymore back when I used to watch any of those some some episodes of dark mirror people work we're basically transfer their consciousness
and there were there were replacement humans that were created as a result of robots but but mimics of these humans we seen of course the whole Avatar phenomenon I did see the very first movie was it that they cater long time ago but I'm not going to watch any of the subsequent ones cuz I'm more aware and plus I don't ever watch anything from Hollywood anyway cuz they'll junk but that concept being able to take our minds and control other bodies all this stuff all the stuff is tied together in this is where the transgender movement is heading is why it's so prominent you know we can look at all the various reasons that this very tiny subset of Americans that they able to have so much massive amounts of control okay they impose everything now Tran soupremacy called influences every aspect of American life from her school to armedia to a politics to our culture
it's not just about advancing the idea that a boy can be a girl a girl can be a boy and his 57 Heinz varieties of genders out there no that's not just that's not the end game OK Google to the next stage which is surely transhumanist movement when technology in transgenderism combined to where they will end this is going to happen here in the not-too-distant future where they will actually be able to take a quote-unquote vaccinations at Coca-Cola man and make him into a physiological woman with ovaries
with in a more than just implants and fake holes and and lubrication to where they can actually you know basic grow the cells and convert them completely to where a man does become a woman with that is is the case and fitting that I should say that man will never be a woman but physiologically they will be indistinguishable at some point in the very near future a woman who wants to become a man will be able to through science will physically be able to grow a testicles and penis
Kenny that's going to happen
Houston the the real kicker. All of it you might say okay so that's the advancing towards transhumanism in that's where they they start have more biological control and you're going to get more people to embrace it. And I'm disturbing to change their gender but perhaps to enhance their bodies to make it to where they live longer they're stronger they don't have to eat to die if they don't have to do keto and fasting in order to lose way they can just you know go to a week and it's not just liposuction actually their DNA is changed crispr technology that mean this is a rabbit hole but I want to get to the point here
both transgenderism and trans humanism by the combined or individually both of them are Abominations both of them are tax on the faith and if they can get enough people enough in the Americans enough people across the globe to brace it
it will be an attack on God this will be our our Tower of Babel moment this will be the part where we do we declare as a nation even as a planet hey God might have made us but we made ourselves better that's what they want it's what their goal is they want to get people to embrace this concept A Nazi ideology of transgenderism but also the goal of transhumanism in listen unfortunately the appeal is there the appeal to be able to make yourself better stronger live longer live faster live healthier do more experience more of in pain where close to being able to do that as a race
that should terrify you might say oh you know but a lot why is it bad to allow us to live longer that's a hold that's a discussion but the
the idea of changing ourselves genetically that's when we start to get into real dangerous the knots from a spiritual perspective and it's all perspective but also from a physical perspective is what happens to the people who say you know what I like myself the way I am will they become second-class citizens I believe that we will be I believe we will be as if they were if it was so far as to say you're evil and bad because you didn't get back Steven though the vaccine doesn't really help that was bad enough now imagine it was like oh you're going to spread diseases and you're not going to better yourself because you believe in some God
Oaks I'm warning you this is going to happen likely within our lifetimes I don't think it's going to happen this year or next year or the year after that but it's we're progressing very rapidly and then once you through it I remember earlier I said everything's tied together once you throw in artificial intelligence intelligence and more and more specifically artificial general intelligence into scientific ability to be able to to freeze a change DNA change using crispr technology or even virgin Technologies to be able to take out take us and make us different
that's the scary part about all of this and here's where it really ties into I guess you could say that the endgame you know why they get off the kids so much. Because that just because they're vulnerable. Just because they're confused are easily manipulated it's not just because separating them from their parents whether ideologically or physically is a direct attack against any of those of us who do not believe in transfer premacy that's the real goal weather that the perpetrators are Noah consciously or not the real goal is to separate them from the biblical worldview because here's the thing if you can take what's a 12 year old
and you can convince that twelve-year-old you look I know that you're you you know you're in a boy's body but what if you're actually a girl. Kind of feel like a girl sometimes. Kind of wish you were girl will you can be a girl
if they can get that child brainwashed indoctrinated into believing that I know you know how I'm a boy but I can be a girl cuz it's 2023 and now they say that if I'm if I say I'm a girl I'm a girl let's do that you know maybe I was born into the wrong body
think about the future for the 12 year old that twelve-year-old believes that they were born into the wrong body which means
but if they look at creation if they look at their own creation they say well I'm a girl even though I was bored as a boy that means that either God made a mistake with me or God doesn't
what are the chances
that child coming into a world view a Biblical worldview is an adult what are the chances that child embracing faith of any sort other than faith in science faith in in the whole trans Supremacy movement becomes Our Lives folks now I have I have been blessed with children who were lots of them charter school private school to another for part of the time you know they want to go to make sure that but but we are blessed with with not having to deal with any of this stuff at least from from children's perspective which is a wonderful thing in California that we don't want to go to compete against your kids in against the school and the government for what gender your child is it's dangerous. You lose them
but I have seen friends of Nehemiah my one of my children has has friends that are that are supposedly trans and it's funny I shouldn't say it's watching the interaction you know he's one of my kids by the way just to be clear great kids but watching them consciously attempt to suppress their nature is heartbreaking because it is conscious it's not like oh you know I'm actually funny people that where a boy is acts like a girl and naturally I've seen cases of the opposite as well usually of the day it's so widespread I realized they have to make a conscious effort to be that gender they chosen to be
it's crazy such as but but then again it's not crazy because that's the what the world has become that's what Society has become Society has made it to where if you are a trance child you have you get the best possible treatment from your teachers you're the best possible treatment from your peers your friends always talk about how do you know trans trans children they are so Ultra protected right now so you can't you can't give a bad grade especially if it's a trans minority oh my gosh trans minority child nothing about that that child be pampered all the way through adulthood till
they start question reality till they start to question what was done to them
now I hope they do because of a star question was done to them they brainwashing indoctrination then hopefully that put that child grows into an adult will have an opportunity to appreciate God appreciate creation to learn read the gospel otherwise if they stay focused on this whole trans concept it it's
inherently they will be less like that I don't want to say incapable but less likely to be able to see the truth of the Bible they'll be less likely to embrace that biblical worldview no be less likely to accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior
I pray for them
please you should pray for them as well
they're victims victims of a world gone insane victims of a parent's oftentimes teachers most of the time
their peers pressured pressuring them into taking on an identity that is not their own identity that does not match the way that God created them now for put them in danger
of denying the creation all together
so that's the introduction took two episodes 4 hours to introduce Shady Records to this new audiences re-introduce me to be old audience that's who I am that we're going to be talking about on this show I strongly encourage what check out Genesis go to find out what a Christian precious metals company can do for you go to JDR jvr and
to find out what jobs in his team can do with your retirement with you or what whatever I will be back very soon with another episode of the meantime you'll stay strong stay safe and God bless

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