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JD Rucker Show, November 6, 2023

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JD Rucker Show
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The JD Rucker Show - 9-26-2023 - Accelerating their depopulation and control agenda

Title: Accelerating their depopulation and control agenda

Several stories have been popping up in my feed lately alerting us that the powers-that-be are accelerating their depopulation and control agenda. This is the livestream of The JD Rucker Show, Monday through Friday at 5am Pacific.

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News and Opinions relevant to Americans today in the realms of politics, culture, and religion. Host JD Rucker from NOQ Report delivers truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective with co-host and wife Tammy.

We tackle issues that most won’t touch. Even conservative and many “alternative” media outlets refuse to talk about “taboo” topics for fear of losing money from Google, traffic from Facebook, or sponsors who are “woke.”

We don’t take on woke sponsors. We don’t get traffic from Facebook. We don’t take money from Google. We know we’ll get canceled by some, but the truth is the truth. We won’t hold back.

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hello my friends and welcome to another episode of the JD Rucker show I am your host and JD Rucker and today is going to be the first show in a while where I'm not talking about myself for those who missed the first two shows this week it was an introduction for some and a reintroduction for everybody else those who are familiar with my show. I guess you can call it a reiteration of my stance as whether it's about the vaccines Ukraine war of the stolen elections whatever I vote for the rest of the new audience that we're getting now on wwcr shortwave radio that's this is hopefully enlightening I'll tell you while you're listening hopefully what you heard was good and you're like hell yeah I kind of want to listen to this guy so today you're going to get the full force of an actual Regular Show me talk to my berry stories that are available stories on the internet you can always find these stories at discern there's a tab for sure
notes and all the stories that I covered during the show will be available in that tab so check it out you can follow along live in and see exactly what's what I'm with Scott my my tire up in a dander I think is probably a very wrong way to put up to get the idea quick shout out to my wonderful amazing just asking for the sponsors at Genesis Gold group you know in these tumultuous times especially from the economic perspective it does make sense for many Americans to to explore the possibility of transferring part of their welfare retirement over to physical precious metals Genesis Gold group is a Christian company so therefore they they abide by rules that other companies don't you know the other countries try to sidestep whatever they can get away with essentially while we meet the folks over at Genesis Gold group they answer to a higher power and therefore they don't try to sidestep for example honest
the orc Integrity or customer service or anything like that they treat you right so if you are in in the market for precious metals whether it's it's for me to have it shipped to your home or to rollover a transfer a retirement account into a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals contact in this is no group today you can find them at in JDR JDR and and Phillip foreman and they will send you the nice nice a gold guide plus they will contact you and walk you through the process see if physical precious metals are right for you JD are I've got a wide variety of stories today it's funny because I do here quite a bit late people I guess you would say it's a reiteration of of the re-emergence of discussions about the year 2030 and it
the year that has has a lot of implications one thing that I don't think very many people Evernote or talk about actually when I say very many people I don't know of anybody other than me that's ever talked about it is the the idea that that is exactly
2000 years 2030 will Mark the 2000 year anniversary of the death of King David something it's interesting that if you were to extrapolate the the life of Jesus and if you were to assume that he was born sometime in the in the early BC's will say 3 or 4 BC which a lot of scholars believe and if you were to need to take into account of there was no year zero so I went from 1 BC to 180k it is possible I'm not saying this is a fact but it's possible that the penny pond with the the dates that some Scholars have selected that Jesus himself died prior to Resurrection of course but he died exactly one thousand years after King David and when I say exactly I mean exactly one thousand years after King David which would mean that
2030 Woodmark exactly one thousand years
since the the death and subsequent resurrection of Jesus Christ what you will and I'm not going to I'm not going to try to pick dates think those who listened to me before know that I'm not a big fan of that but that is just interesting and the others there's no way at least with with current understanding is no way to to verify or discredit it is possible definitely possible Falls within the appropriate acknowledge timelines of archaeologists in biblical Scholars will just say that to his first article I forgot my attention because the 2030s from a source that I hadn't really ever used before but I think Ali source that I was using reference this one it's from all is real news this is Josie rosenberg's site so for those who are unfamiliar he's an Evangelical living in Israel Jewish background but he's obviously he's a Christian and he decide which I haven't explored much up
think I'm pretty solid so far the first story that I read from it open my eyes because I hadn't heard anybody else talking about it literally nobody else I keep my my nose on my eyes I should say not really my nose my eyes on as much news as possible especially as it pertains to potential world ending events so title is 2030 is when it be merge happens in a quote from openai president what's his name Greg Brockman and this is what he told Benjamin Netanyahu as well as Elon Musk another people at a recent conference from the article today it says in a recent discussion with Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu openai president Greg Brockman expressed his belief that 2029 will be the emergence of artificial general intelligence AI that reaches and then far surpasses human-level intelligence he further stated that in 20 30 Humanity in artificial intelligence
will merge now still watch my show the last couple days at least I think I talked about AI both days artificial intelligence is already pretty bad we already have an understanding that it represents a threat of does it solve some problems sure there are certain things that it does well and the other things that it does well that aren't good without those are threats but artificial general intelligence is the next Evolution that's beyond artificial intelligence there's certain types of artificial intelligence that we've been using for a long time for example automation you can take me to the automation of many many plants that's artificial intelligence and it's yes it's just a simple series a past with those tasks are it is there's an intelligence behind them is program that intelligence Den in axies tasks for example on a on an assembly line artificial intelligence that we seen it the current the moderation of anybody who's ever use chat gbt that's through Greg Brockman and open the eye anybody was ever use chat she be t or you seen you know that other
other iterations of artificial intelligence out in the wild you'll know that okay so it's kind of creepy there was a image that was floating around the internet over the weekend it was an image of a of a senator Rand Paul in a robe and Barefoot and allegedly you know he was supposed to be out there in this was his response to Chuck Schumer changing of the dress code to allow a job fetterman Senator John fetterman to be a slob and where is hoodies and shorts then on the senate floor when I allegedly Rand Paul head heads protested by wearing his robe and coming in Barefoot it wasn't real and it fooled so many people I mean I don't want to call out and it is because a lot of these are very intelligent people on social media and television conservatives and not conservatives alike who were who saw this this was an AI generated image of Rand Paul barefoot in a row sitting on the steps of capitol hill and people bought it that's how good it was
we we've all heard of deepfakes that's another example of how artificial intelligence algorithms can be used to mimic humans now artificial general intelligence takes it to the next level artificial general intelligence essentially unlimited potential problem solving it really just comes down to the power of the computer on the computers can be made more powerful and faster than even the human mind in certain regard know there are other aspects that where it will be challenging if not impossible for any computer to be able to match what God created in the reminder you in anybody's mind any any any animals mine even because our minds do you operate at a level that is that is different from computer technology when it comes to for example mathematical computations we haven't we're not even close computers are already well beyond even the most brilliant or autistic human mind they can figure things out very very much faster than we can okay when it comes like math or
engineering and they're saying this can be applied into medicine to problem-solving into weapons creation Now you starting to see why artificial general intelligence is so terrifying to people like me I look at it I think wow if it were to take a properly programmed artificial intelligence algorithm hook it up to a quantum computer that's the cubits do their thing and all the sudden you have your VPN Humanity in Spanish because in this article funny but it is at least in this article they do acknowledge Brockman Greg Brockman from openai does acknowledge the potential risk of artificial general intelligence back to the article Brockman whose company openai is widely understood to be the most advanced AI project in the world made these comments during a panel discussion included Netanyahu Elon Musk and MIT physicist Max tegmark as they gather to discuss the future of AI much of the conversation orbit around two possible Futures and future Extinction of mankind
and a future and this is a quote heaven in which a GI eliminate poverty hunger and sickness and Mankind merges with machine again the title of this is 2030 is when they're predicting the merger of man and machine
crazy stuff here's a quote from brocklin I think this whole Arc in my mind is all about a paradigm shift right and I think that even the question of what would that heaven post a GI positive future look like I think even that is hard for us to imagine and what the true upside could be
Brockman went on to name one thing current particular who he believes best understands the future of AI and funny because I mentioned Ray Kurzweil yesterday I just forgot his name I think I called and causwell Ray Bob great kosberg anyway so here he is a bra concordium think had the best Forsyth about how the AI Revolution was going to play out is actually Ray Kurzweil yard which was most immediately expressing his agreement Criswell a Jewish author and inventor Who currently works as a director of engineering at Google so figure is a famous transhumanists most known for his books predicting of the singularity his book Singularity is near gets like a lot of crap Rock and said I think it is a quote again more from Mom at this is actually this is cool from Rocklin Soviet believe it is I think the people you know kind of assumed it's going to be this religious texts but it's instead of a very dry and Liquid X
and he just looks at the computer cars and he says this is the fundamental unlocker of intelligence everyone thought that was crazy and now it's basically truth basically common wisdom and part of what he said look what's goin to happen is in 20-30 first of all he says AGI is in 2029 so they're saying it was what Chris well I predicted what's Brockman and Elon Musk and Al Green too after the fact is that artificial general intelligence will emerge in 2029 six short years five and a half years away and after that artificial general intelligence will merge with the human mind which is pretty darn convenient that Elon Musk is having this discussion and he did he inject I interjected this quote while talking to broccoli so yeah I keep telling people it seems to be almost exactly right
back to Brockman he says it's spooky it's spooky 2030 is when the murder happened so we've gotten your neural link coming and you know maybe other systems like that and what does it mean when you actually are kind of merging with an intelligence for those who do think is that seal on musk's Project it's his company they're already sticking chips in two and two monkeys brain they're trying to make it to where a human interface with technology with the internet for example or whatever it erased and they are able to do to have available for us never neuralink goes live the idea is that people will be able to access essentially unlimited information and have the ability to hate to some primitive but obviously remote control everything through their brain that's the dream
and then watch a dream obviously fur from me and from I'm sure many of you it's a nightmare nightmare concept I don't want to chip in my brain I don't want anything in my brain I don't want to be connected to the internet you said there's going to be a major advantage of that okay great you can have your advantages I don't want them I don't see an advantage to look say there was not a non-invasive so they can just Neo's app and all the Son of God I'm connect to the internet new no no no no no this is my brain my God that created this brain in me and in you
and I'm not going to try to improve it at least not through through technology okay do I try to improve it by reading absolutely do I try to approve it by eating right getting enough sleep sure I'm not saying that you do you know you don't do anything there are things that you can and should do a special as you get older to protect and to improve your brain function this is not one of them sorry yeah and it's also convenient that's not only is Elon Musk working on neuralink he's also happens to to have all the Internet available the world and have 22 million people now shut down anywhere on the planet I was talking to to a new friend he's sailing world right now with his wife he's like yeah yeah you know I'm I've got my my internet through Elon Musk it's great yeah okay I'm not tripping on that by the way I'm just saying there's obviously parallels here
you've got you got openai the openai guy saying that there's going to be a merger that the artificial general intelligence is going to emerge in 2029 and then merge with Humanity even between man and machine not year later 2030 which is obviously conspicuous for many reasons to those of us who have conspiratorial minds but then you've got you got Elon Musk the richest man in the world pushing neuralink pushing ubiquitous internet connectivity it's all looking crazy crazy folks and of course Ray Kurzweil his concept of the singularity that alone is bad enough that goes on stock little bit more but I'm going to have to stop the article then again you can find all these articles that I'm going to be talking about today or any day by going to discern
and clicking on the show notes tab they'll be old notes I don't flush it out so it's going to be notes that even when my show is running back in April I think I still got a note from from April or May or something like that so so just disregard those focus on the ones that are dated for for now okay and those are the stories that we will be discussing this does make me wonder okay and I know I already talked about gold but I got to throw it out there again if and when you got all these things that are merging together coming together before 2030 one of those seems to be a central bank digital currency and to meet you the best protection against such things is number 12 just owned everything that you can forget about being able to make it to where future purchases are less important that mean sock even flew that means getting physical gold and silver available to you that means trying to to take yourself away from the grid as much as possible
I am a late prepper but I do want to make sure that that other people are are if you're not prepping yet that you start prepping as soon as possible which is why I started my sub Sack or what am I supposed to act late prepper. Sucks that got Comm check it out and start I'm sure I put this this up there as well this article because this to me is is it sometimes you need to get prepper advise other times you need ammunition will call the information ammunition to be able to do to try to convince friends and loved ones that hey maybe things really are getting as crazy as I've been saying for a long long time next up got this is a sword from International man just a quick note about international Man you can find them at International there there is a two things that I'm I guess complaints about this site number one every single article is
ends up being a sales pitch to download the PDF and join their their thing and obviously I'm sitting here pimping my sponsor's house that said you know it shouldn't I don't do it from that into aerial perspective all the time in other words there's a distinction between ads and like not every single article should leave in 2 hours and this is just another reason why you should download a PDF anyway minor complaint people you know everybody's welcome to advertise or Market or support their sites are their Endeavors anyway they please I'm not not going to complain about that but sometimes they do get a little bit to anti-American look I am I am a an American citizen K illegal immigrant American citizen I love this nation and I don't like to disparage then there is the difference between disparaging for example that the government was huge parts of including the Deep State and the curtain by the vast majority of the unit party swamp on Capitol Hill they are do not need to be defended they should be
it should be purged I might I might physically purge them think they should be removed from office many of them should be jail I just Bob Menendez or Joe Biden there's a lot of in the probably deserve jail time Nancy Pelosi I'm sure in the decade she's been there she's probably done a whole lot of things wrong and don't even get me started on the clintons but I'm trying to make his is that you can be against government in but I'm sometimes international Man of Action Against America as a as an idea and I'm not crazy about that but it does a good job of not doing that and styled as the US military goes woke China could surpass
could surpass it sooner than expected
this is something I've been saying in parts for a long time so I just trying to have to fear than what my biggest fear from a military perspective is the Chinese that you called the casino Russo Alliance China and Russia together with their friends and in North Korea their friends in Tehran their new friends that are popping up everywhere through the expansion of bricks they do pose a risk not just a nativity United States of America itself I'm not crazy about that they are making alliances and in Central America so it's not like we just have to worry about air and sea we do and I do believe that we will have to be concerned about land Invasion as well and that's something we've never as a nation we haven't been concerned about that since the Civil War okay last time they were enemies whichever side you're on the other side of the enemy and they did have access through land the Revolutionary War was very similar now we have it with all the wars being fought offshore we haven't had to worry about about me or Chinese or so
we're bombers or anybody you know or not bombers but the tanks rolling into in the New York City or even across the border because they they weren't there this new iteration I do see China at the very least and possibly I was trying to Russia multi multi National Alliance against the United States being able to hit us from the ground I forgot the gentleman's name Nick Nick Nick what is your name Jim Bruno Nick Jam Bruno over at International man rights did you know the US Army missed its Reserve Recruiting Gold by 25% or 60,000 new soldiers it's the worst recruiting prices for the Pentagon since the end of the draft in 1973 wow
I'm out grabbing that was a time where we are being in the military was exactly of a highly sought-after still this is this is saying a lot back to the article even families with military background took me the source of most recruits are becoming less inclined to endorse military life polls have shown an overly politicized military leadership and woke training programs and policies as the main reason for the Steep drop for instance critical race theory has embedded itself in the US military this includes spreading racial marriages that are Road Unit cohesion classes on anti-racism training against so-called radicalization boring white service members from specific diversity training sessions and the deliberate silencing of opposing viewpoints among other policies I'm going to stop right there you know these are all things that we've been dealing with as a nation for four years now but this should be in the military okay I mean let's just let's just call it what it is
it's ludicrous that our warfighters the fighting men and women menu for my I know many of my friends were trying to say it mean it's in my partners and business ventures they they were in the military and they these are our men who who fought you know or at least we're ready to fight
more producing today that the the priorities of the Pentagon the priorities of military leaders they are so skewed it's almost as if not trying to spark a conspiracy theory but it's almost as if they're using the excuse of wokeness to intentionally weaken our military so that we are right for Invasion letters this year next year the year for that a decade later whenever it is could be the five decades now but the point is the military Readiness it's something we've always been at the top of the avatar game so to speak okay one of the reasons that China even though they have the numbers when the reasons that the day they never really challenged this in the past is because they weren't Fighters okay they didn't have experienced that they were well-trained okay they have great numbers are pretty decent technology but they had none of them didn't have people that actually gone to war we were we've been suffering through war after work at War since the since the attack on 9/11 right so our military has been has been
we faced combat there's had not but now we're starting to to replace a lot I'm not suggesting by the way by saying this mess I know we need War to keep our military strong but it does have that effect it makes it to where those who when you have a bunch of men and women who have been in combat situations it makes them stronger those who survive stronger from a military perspective we also obviously have the technological advantages but they've been able to steal and even in case we build their own but usually steal technology to the point that there's is even very Advanced some would say that in certain areas both on China's and Russia's military are have better dance 17 hours that's something you never have to deal with not not since before World War II so I'm trying to get at is that we've had to deal with all these whoa Concepts in the in the private sector we had to deal with an even in the public sector in school
in in various you know aspects of public life right but the military that should be like a no-brainer that we don't want that we don't need diversity equity and inclusion in the military not at all Winnie hey you know if you're good you're you somebody you want to serve your nation great you are you are capable physically and mentally to be able to serve the nation awesome come on in you know what about my race doesn't matter what doesn't matter
that should be what it is what about my sexual preference that shouldn't matter either I'm not going to get into a debate about don't-ask-don't-tell I'm just saying that look you know warfighters warfighters Warfighter let's not make it complicated except they have they made a complicated for no apparent reason other than to be complicated or unless again their their desire their intention has been and always has always has been to weaken us backyard West Point has introduced a minor in diversity and inclusion West Point stop it give me a break
while the email academies provide in the Naval Academy provides courses that folks on things related to critical race theory in the end intersectionality the u.s. Air Force has even held a recurring drag shows as part of this year's Pride Celebration pervert Pride Celebration the Department of Defense of the story of a transgender Soldier on social media and free if you guys didn't see that this major Rachel Jones my gosh I mean this guy shouldn't be in the military can you definitely shouldn't be a major and he should be the face of the Air Force of the Air Force Army should be the face of the army not at all okay it's one of those things right maybe I don't know maybe
maybe don't don't try to be in the military
oh that would make me a big it right because it against against men pretending to be women than men and leading leading actual man into combat.
These are just tiny bit illustrative set of examples of how the US military has embraced woke values it should be no surprise that fewer people want to participate in this neo-marxist nonsense while potentially taking orders from a man pretending to be a woman to JetBlue subjecting themselves to the latest vaccine mandate all while possibly dying losing a limb or getting PTSD from Foreign Wars that have nothing to do with where they came come from and that's a whole other issue there it's not just about wokeness it is about our penchant for the last two decades Trump aside and get us into any wars but outside of him everybody else has
every other president since 9/11 has gotten us deeper and deeper and deeper involved from a military perspective and areas where we just don't need to be honest and withdrawal was was a debacle was butchered so badly even even the woke generals are as then finally speaking on saying yes it was butchered those terrible but the concept of Point there's no solid we needed the plywood should have been there in the first place. I'm going to start them wmds
I want bhakti article along the same lines in the US military is making a concerted effort to reduce its Reliance on hydrocarbons all my gosh not because it improves its capability but for political reasons to appease the climate hysterics however so-called green Alternatives like electric vehicles and batteries are not really great they require a rare metals that are dirty to my next stop right there but I don't care okay about that aspect of it okay but these these new green tanks they're not really that green who cares all I want to know is are they effective okay can our new tanks beat their knee tanks
I don't care if it's run on coal or nuclear or gasoline or diesel or rocket fuel or I mean if it was Superior solar hey you know if you can build a tank that's so I'm not going to oppose it just because it's or if it is superior we need Superior weapons for our Superior Army if we're going to maintain superiority because I guarantee you
the Chinese military is not sitting here thinking how do we cut down on carbon emissions with our tanks Russian is not sitting there thinking you know this plane is flying as a real killer but you know it's it's not very climate-friendly maybe we should scrap this one and go with the the wind turbine powered whatever electric jet I was so stupid it is just so stupid
insat in many ways it's terrifying
me and this is what they're doing to the military that means that literally nothing not there there is no no
there is no line they won't cross and it's not just with wokeness is not just with climate change they mention the vaccines my good buddy Jason Nelson okay from the military early because of the vaccine mandates he was a veteran of both the US Marines and the US Army and this guy just can't get enough of serving his country and yet they imposed vaccine mandates he had no other choice he wasn't going to get jabbed.
so take some of that what you will you know but I mean they're talking about vaccine mandates for airline pilots not just vaccine mandates but also diversity inclusion equity and inclusion in the same when you get more more airline pilots of color more female airline pilots you know what I want an airline pilot to be able to do I want that airline pilot to be able to fly to the blank playing I don't care if it's a man or woman I don't care if they're straight or gay or whatever I don't care if they're white black Hispanic Asian Native American whatever best pilot in the plants. Don't put quote is out there that's stupid you putting people's lives in danger when you start looking at this woke crap
climate change vaccines wokeness climate change vaccines wokeness these are considerations that should not be not not mean they shouldn't be in society at all but they definitely shouldn't be in society where lives are at risk
military law enforcement
airline pilots
just stop with the stuff
and I always said I shouldn't rant you know I don't want to do this show and just ran and then move on to the next round I want to offer Solutions so let's do that what is the solution you know who has to be held accountable in this case I would say that and we are we are looking at number one who sent it
number to the president so from a political perspective that's it's not the ideal solution but but anybody and I like Wu to force the issue to where they addressed something that the left is very good at the we're not they're very good at at forcing people to force forcing politicians to address the issue they will sit there and glue their hands two things and I'm not suggesting that we do anything even remotely as stupid as that not that you could I don't think if you're listening to the show if you're watching the show chances are you couldn't be stupid enough to glue your hands to the floor and a senator's office but they do I'm guessing we do that but we do need to get up and their faces when you just visit them call them don't don't just go on Facebook and say all this sucks. Just listen to my show and Nod your head yes that's right it sucks that they are they're trying to push wokeness on to us through the military that does not make sense you would be right to say that it doesn't make sense but here we are
so what can we do this isn't something or window protester boycott something we need the military so this unfortunately comes down to political action being able to to ask our everyone I don't care republican-democrat whoever ask them what their stances on this and what they're going to do about you got some Tommy tuberville you know he's fighting it he's fighting it for the sake of abortions try to and that woke cause of our our taxpayer dollars through our military paying for for women to fly in the two states where they can have abortions that's not right so he's holding up nominations that's one good action but needs to be more than just about abortions the Woka fication of our military that the climate hysterical I just got to say The Greening of our military these are
they're nasty but they should not be allowed to happen and any politicians not willing to knowledge that should be removed from office especially in the Senate where they where they are in charge of of confirmation we need to make sure that the journey series they're asking the question hey mister general what is your stance on diversity equity and inclusion do y think we need more diverse military for the sake of of equity in including the inclusive the great you didn't get the job you're not confirmed out see you go-go be woke somewhere else
it is frustrating
I know it's frustrating for me so I'm sure it's frustrating for you knowing how powerless we are eyes as I sit here and offer these Solutions I think to myself you know are we really going to be able to do that but here's the thing when it comes to the military we must there is no other option we can't just like oh well you know we lost the military I guess we'll just have to lick our wounds and try harder next time though because if we was the military we lose our nation the military use is deteriorated to the point that is no longer effective against Russia or China or any other forces I mean anybody we are on a trajectory to where we could get a betta by Canada or Mexico from okay good have but I don't think it well special Mexico but I'mma start a special Canada Trudeau there but they're going to walk her than we are but you never know you never know I laughed but it's not funny at all yeah I mentioned Jason Nelson my good buddy he is the CEO of prepper all natural
our sponsors I met him he ran for congress he tried to run against rhino Pete Sessions in the primaries Republican didn't win but I would imagine that this is not the last we heard of Jason Nelson from a political perspective but his company our company I am part owner I am his partner with him and one of the gentleman we found this company prepper all-natural the idea here is that we want to be able to feed the world feed the nation's very least we won't you be able to eat long-term storage beef meets under attack right now is so-called what it is he is deathly under attack they're trying to get us to eat bugs but more importantly I think I think that the bugs might be at I can stay outside distraction really what they want us to use lab-grown meat that's the big push now they don't want us to eat cows that have actually been in the pasture eating grass you have any of our grass-fed cows they don't want us to eat that they want you to eat meat has been grown in the lab for the sake of climate change even though the lab grown meat has been shown to be 25 times more
play to the so-called environmental climate change stuff then regular cows in their there methane cow farts right when they still up there pushing which tells us that this has nothing to do with climate change this is about control and kisses your one said who controls the food supply controls the people that's exactly what they're trying to do to us so you can go to w h o l e c o w s. Common and check it out on you go to my site my variation site which is at Freedom first check out either use promo code jtr for 15% off a check out the cost of the meat itself that makes it too expensive to freeze drying process we're looking at freezing a cooked and freeze dried rib-eye cooked and freeze dried New York strip Tender Loin with a tan the 25-year shelf life that's why we're doing this to make sure that Americans when they don't have other choices at least they have a choice that they were able to stockpile on their own cupboards
check it out Freedom First promo code jader into it rather than cutting the brake simply because it's just wasn't happy with me with the accident that I did okay I don't like the whole let's go to break in the music place to keep going on am I I I could if they gave me more than 2 hours I can talk for for however long I mean I always thought you know what if any if they ever needed somebody to do a filibuster for 24 hours that's me just just get me a diaper I'm good okay I can talk and talk and talk I only need need to read Green Eggs and Ham to do it I could just talk about the steps give me give me give me whatever stories to read and discuss I could just keep going to let's talk about this next one's speaking of bricks me a good transition from from the witness of the of the army this is an article from shtf plan.
Amber. Org it is that, okay shtf plan. Calm title bricks continues plans to ditch the US dollar this is nothing new just so we're clear and continues and not the max level over there didn't say something other than continue because this is a continuation they've been trying to ditch the US dollar since before anybody ever heard the word the station has been their intention for this is their intention of informing bricks in the first place between Brazil Russia India China in South South Africa that was their intention was to hey now you got all this this these Western Powers controlling your finances why don't we get together we got the people in between China and India are you got like half the population the world right there in two countries so let's just get together in and create our own cloud are on financial and economic clout and it's what they've done so now we're seeing as they started to gain more power
as they're able to get get more members which of their new members start up here and what is it January Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates there there's really starting to add some sort out and that means that they will be able to dictate whether or not the petrodollar is still forced onto all the nations they'll be able to determine whether the US dollar is the world Reserve currency and if they are able to to make those decisions they're going to decide against us this is humongous risk for me from the economic respect the only thing the only reason we are allowed to buy the way the only reason that we been able to sustain ourselves with 33 trillion dollars in debt is because of the fact of other nations are so attached to us okay if we go down they go down right that doesn't necessarily have to be the case I'm especially the bricks is successful that will no longer be the case I assure you even our most most staunch allies from an economic perspective I'm going to talk in the military I'm talking from an economic perspective
most staunch allies they will jump ship in a heartbeat if they don't like they don't like being held hostage okay we have a fact we held the world hostage from a financial perspective for decades that's slowly started to a road in recent years with the real kicker was when we weaponize when the biden-harris regime weaponize the swppp payment system against Russia following the invasion that was the wake-up call for the world so they can just arbitrarily turn us off we got to figure out something else that's what time is like a hey we won't turn you off but whatever we get the article the brics nations are continuing with their plans to ensure the United States dollar failed as bricks grows us Empire Wings the dolls relevance also falters if bricks is successful it will ensure and economically laps in the west Venezuelan foreign minister Devon Gilpin to pinto horse he's the bridge expansion will unite major energy producers and consumers
offering a pathway toward reducing the dependence on the US dollar in global trade as reported by our tea and a recent interview with r a Novara novosti the as senior Diplomat highlighted the inclusion of Saudi Arabia and they're on in the group of emerging economic Powers additionally been as well as far as to join bricks in the future this expansion will Encompass over 80% of the world's crude reserves and production as emphasized by Minister Pinto a during the interview which was published on Monday I forgot to mention if I had mentioned Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Ron of course the Venezuela I think people always assume of Venezuela's up such a poor country really poor because of socialism okay because they lack the resources they have I believe they still have the largest largest untapped reserves of oil in the world so as they say eighty percent of world crude oil reserves and production between all the nations of their they're looking at with Russia
Saudi Arabia Iran Venezuela that's a lot of oil that's a lot of oil and if they you know maybe that's quite a while biting them in the Democrats and I keep pushing for everything to be green that they they're like oh my gosh we're not we're not going to when I get to control the oil anymore so now we got to get everybody on the unsub
whatever green it's not going to work though they've learned that they already did it in Germany that failed miserably was seeing that India Russia and China none of them are abiding by these so-called green standards and there's supposed to be a bind by course they won't why should they it's it's it hampers us just as it has a the military just isn't a anybody else I am an environmentalist to the area from the perspective that I do believe we as a nation we as the world should strive towards cleaner energy and I do believe that we should be able to get there to the point where it makes financial and humanitarian sense within the next 50 to 100 maybe even two hundred years we're not close to it yet folks it's not cost-effective. Truly environmentally friendly even many of noted
and it doesn't make sense from a humanitarian perspective there were tied in the oil which don't rely on call we're still rely on fossil fuels as a planet I'm trying to force the issue doesn't make any sense unless of course
can I force the issue for the sake of of trying to prevent the 1.5 degree ryzen surface temperatures if they're actually using this to control the world to control the entire continents as young as part of Henry Kissinger statement after he said what he said about food he said who controls the energy in control entire continents and that is so true so true control food control the people control the energy control the continents of course there might as well finish it off who controls the money can control the world and that's where what breaks wants to do they already want to control the energy they want to control the money
he's got the power to be trying to control the food will lose it all sorts of control left and right
that's how they build slaves my friends that's how they build slaves let's go back to the art of China and India including included bricks will also be the biggest energy consumers in another words they will become an ideal Alliance ideal complimentary he said the I don't know whether it's in baby got Lost in Translation anyway you guys are still attempting to expand its Empire as it seeks to put a military base in contested territories in order to take over or supplies six new members join the bricks organization there's new members are Saudi Arabia Ron Ethiopia Egypt Argentina Argentina and the United Arab Emirates they are joining an effort to reduce the dollars decade-long dominance and and its use as the preferred payment for the one commodity let's still dominates global trade and that is of course oil
the inside Western Alliance now has six of the world's top oil producer Saudi Arabia Russia China Brazil or Ron and the United Arab Emirates ization the world economy could have dangerous consequences for United States dollar rise in the world, so I don't read a script that don't read from a teleprompter now you know why I don't know how to read
I finish up this article before I embarrass myself we haven't seen anything yet the illusion of freedom is only going to last so long at which point the world will know it isn't slave it's better to wake up wake up to it now while we still have a chance at some would say it's already too late I'm not one of those people but some would say that it's already too but I can we squeeze in one more okay let's let's skip that one over with stuff at skip that one will talk about this one this is how I Henry Kissinger wants to or wanted to control the world through food now his his successors Klaus Schwab Bill Gates gay all these various various Bond villains they are fulfilling that dream slowly but surely
that out of there
I need to get cooler lights those are you listening on radio I am my hair's kind of damp I am a little bit sweaty I get somewhere in a quarter or a suit today so so that's why anyway his article from from Lisa's the usda's war on small farms is actually last month I believe this article came out but it is important then as I already mentioned you do with true freedom for with Franco jtr you can fight back but that's not this has nothing to do with beef is about everything else so scared of the article most students in America are introduced to the writings of Upton Sinclair while they aren't shown his incredible cover up of the don't even get me started on that so we should apologize if they are presented with his most famous work to Jungle this work tells the tale of Sinclair's investigation Into The Wretched working conditions of the Meat Packers of its age between lost limbs and failed inspections Sinclair
facts about the meat being contaminated and barbarously prepared this tale is meant to show the supposed failures of laissez-faire capitalism and its disregard for workers and health readers are supposed to walk away with a firm belief in the air and the need for the regular regulation of these firms her a supervised safety to the masses that would otherwise be be made Sick by krati capitalist and that's this is far from the truth of me this is not not really but I understand they say it's about food safety but it really did boiled down to control here in lacygne in the middle bit of time with such regulations were necessary but in America in today's world we have the technology to be able to new people voices aren't silence unless the Silence by government itself you know if we as as people
could just defined our own fights we've never been more power to do so and yet we've never been more pampered from doing so when powered true the this vast vast array of technology that allows have a bigger voice we've ever had but then we're stifled right back by government agencies that work with our government to try to to label us as misinformation is a reason why you will not find this show on YouTube by tribe 3 1/2 different different accounts on YouTube they just keep getting rid of me from about vaccines are so little actions are our climate change or whatever transgenderism something I always end up saying something to get me in trouble with them so I just gave up
but back to the article Murray rothbard himself documents in the Progressive Era of the truth of the United States Department of Agriculture has regulations rock-bottom served the nearly every inspection passed in any form of legislature or bureaucracy was fueled by protectionism from existing firms these regulations were not there to provide safety to conserve student service but rather to keep competition out of the marketplace by Fiat Rock Barn states that the only meaningful definition of monopoly is an exclusive legal right granted by the state then the only meaningful definition of so-called Monopoly Powers is a firm's ability to push regulation that harms the competition through the state's just it's not just them being a competition via Buy in business is also the competition information this is why that we seen that the burgeoning industry of fact-checkers get worse and worse and worse that's evolving this is new money are you
to think that I forgot the name of that I'm not another factor is the news the news guard was was Marxist and then horrible there's a new one out there not be talking about them a little bit later at the taxi even worse crazy is as hard as that is to believe even worse backyard even today the USDA and its regulations threaten to crush small farmers under his heel small hobby Farm or even one that is simply isn't a factory farm can hardly stand up to the regulations meat processing in the United States must be done under the supervision of a USDA inspector if the goal is to sell the Animal product to another person a farmer cannot simply butcher his or her own animal cut into into the usual meat products and sell it at a farm stand that would violate USDA regulations regardless of the ability of a farmer to inspect and keep their own animals healthy or of their own skill in butchering livestock they must have a USDA inspector to sell the product on
the Market's explain to me just in today's world explain to me how that's beneficial at all okay let's say a small farmer goes out there and they do something you know they're there maybe there's something unsanitary and somebody get sick from that farm has done that the only government to step in okay that's fine we'll be gone because the Middle East chastise their business will be hard as a result of that because of social media Because the Internet because of our ability to to get the word out when things go south right would we need USDA for the only there to prevent the small guys from competing against the big guys only there to keep to keep us not healthy but I'm healthy enough
taxi back to the article this inspector is not provided though free of charge by the USDA through taxpayer dollars rather than individual meat processor must pay out-of-pocket for the services as far as meat processing goes to USDA charges anywhere from $86 to $238 an hour for inspections this does not guarantee the quality of the meat is still gives a rubber stamp to wash processors that can afford to pay the processor bigger is not destroy the better and I would all get a bigger is definitely worse by as one can apply basic logic to the inspection process those moving large volumes of meat are able to afford to pay inspector hourly by throwing large volumes of the goods over and over in a constant stream of their workers and the inspectors mistakes can be made this method of inspection incentivizes for large volumes rather than quality it's rare to come across a small farm causing health issues but it has become a
recently, to come across recalls from larger process like Purdue and and Lakeside refrigerated these large Outlets can certainly afford to pay for once and inspector but that doesn't guarantee quality is Maverick like I said and like I think they're trying to say here in the article 8 Kim harm quality if your goal is not to put out good food but if your goal is to pass inspection those are two separate things you might say all but inspection is supposed to to be used to to make the food higher quality and make the food safer right that's the idea of inspection has not given way back when Akash how long has it been now when I was in college I worked at a restaurant I was a restaurant manager in Oklahoma City and I we would regularly get ready you are things we would always know when the inspectors were coming right or is it something it's usually known inspections are coming and if we knew what the inspector was coming to clean that were different from how we cleaned on and now I would argue that how we clean normally was safer
okay we were trying to clean areas that didn't that that weren't we have basic touching food care so much about those areas right but you had the inspector whereas in our focus when the inspector wasn't coming was make sure that the deployment that raising any place that could touch food or be a firsthand or second-hand that those areas were always maintain a degree in sanitation that's not the case when you getting ready for an inspector and I would argue I don't know I've never been in the Meatpacking business but I would argue that is probably the same thing there
in a free market market because that's really what this is about in a free-market quality and safety can be insured by a variety of means an organization like the USDA might arise but it would be held accountable by profits and losses individual processing firms May pay the free-market USDA to verify the health of their product however if the flea market USDA fails to stop an illness from rising through their own inspection failures they may lose their credibility with both consumers and the producers that pay them Provident laws provide greater incentives for Success than a bureaucracy that theoretically cannot go under
there's no reason for them to get it right there there to check boxes are there too to be a rubber stamp for the ones they like the ones that somebody above them likes and to be a pain in the butt for somebody that they don't like or that there's somebody above them doesn't like don't we start on the Amish farm I'm trying to get them on the story is so infuriating and not going to get into it today try and keep it even try to keep it keep it under under an 11:00 okay we'll get there eventually even better is the backyard even better as the decentralisation of the food processing industry altogether greater accountability can be held two more local and state institutions such as Farmers curlybar from processing their own food Word of Mouth spread quickly among the neighbors and exchange that a consumer is comfortable making they should be allowed to knowing full well the risks why should have government get between a farmer and their customers buying meat from them this is the entire basis for Thomas Massey's processing revive
and Interstate meet exemption act the prime act which would circumvent the usda's jurisdiction for exchange for changes at a community level the ACT would exempt customers slaughterhouses from I'm sorry custom slaughter houses from you is the inspection requirements if the exchange occurs within state borders and follows any state specific laws would be an important step toward decentralizing the food system if conservatives and Libertarians care about competition for small farms they should support the federal bureaucracy used by large corporations to capture Market the USDA should have its regulatory power removed and the ability to provide safety in food should be returned to the market marks provide a far more welcoming place for producers in a far safer is all for Consumer they'll just work better okay basically if you were to privatize the role of the STA from an inspection perspective another incentivize now dating you a private like I said I like this guy I don't like that guy you know pain in the butt for that
Giant in rubber stamp for this guy but you put a business behind that you you put people's paychecks on the line now all the sudden
now that they're looking for not things to check off not trying to be a pain in the butt they're trying to make sure that the food that they're inspecting is safe for the people that are going to be eating it
that's the difference between the bureaucratic State and a free market economy
alright first hour done I've got to take a break short 15 second break for station identification but after that we will be back with more stuff stayed in
see that wasn't so bad just 15 seconds to to do the station identification it's been a long time since I've done radio and working with wwcr has been fantastic shortwave I do believe it's the past but it's also the future we are going to need a way to be able to communicate to to send out the news to the world and I think that if and when things get really bad AM FM television even the internet may be challenging so I would strongly recommend you go out and you find yourself a good shortwave radio for everyone that they can be solar crank powered and have that at the ready just in case or not may not just in case there are some pretty amazing shows available I know that it's coming up a little later today on wwc I will be Trunews a good friend Rick Wiles and his his daily dose of truths about the world
do is give him listen I strongly recommend that the stuff I don't agree with him and everything obviously not only grew there anybody on everything but I would say that he is a spot on the vast majority of the time we are as a
SS content producers will say yeah I want to use that as a general term you know we are faced with challenges if you are on the Christian side if you're on the conservative side of you if you are out there trying to get get a an America first word out the way that I try to do well there's going to be a challenge there's going to be times when we can't we get cancelled okay just have the earlier this week if cat turd those who aren't on Twitter may not be familiar with cat turd but he is a is a podcaster he is a Twitter personality has been retweeted by President Trump before and he was he was docked and then he was swatted as a result online anonymity is AIDS is a topic that I'm sure I'll discuss sometime in the future but I am a firm believer in it obviously I myself do not engage in online anonymity I buy my name is Jamie Rucker This is the Janie Rucker
choke it doesn't get any more blatant than that but with that said you know I do I am cognizant of cancel culture that's one of the reasons that I am so happy with sub stacks of s there was a time when I basically had decided to know what I'm never going to get involved or start putting my account content anywhere that I don't have at least most of the control and I have since then softened a bit obviously I'm on Rumble Brady on B Dizzle places that thus far proven to be trustworthy and another one is sub stack my daily newsletter NYC daily is it sometimes it's once a day sometimes twice a day sometimes it's zero in a day I don't send out of stock newsletter just for the heck of it I I do it when I feel like the news has to get out there and it's Port important enough to email to tens of thousands of a subscriber so if you want to join that list it says it's a I would save good list to join go to J D wrecker. Sub and again
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I can understand you know why they would do it because again the binaries regime is giving them strong and send us to do so with that said with the dollars a sandwich was talked about with with the rise of bricks with the challenges of Central Bank digital currencies and everything else that's happening in the world it it may make sense for you to consider moving your retirement accounts whether to roll over or transfer into a self-directed IRA back to my physical precious metal in Genesis Gold group is the company to do that with Christian company contact them at JDR JDR does next story
probably going to take I just might actually take the entire entire this whole hour it's a road too long story but it's important so I'm not going to just bust through it I want to go pretty slowly I will note up front that this is I don't agree with everything is being being a discussed here okay let me know I just don't Mando Gonzales is an author is a former Pastor is a co-host of Prophecy Watchers television program and he's a guest contributor with Christ in Prophecy this particular article I was on harbingers daily which is a great publication definitely check them out
I got a lot of high-quality stuff sometimes I don't agree with again everything is a post but who dies and in this particular article he delves into stuff that that you may not suit you from a from a religious perspective you get into the sensationalism you get into prophecy you really start to get the Evangelical crowd or the other Christian crowd at large to diverge sometimes I'm not going to promote this as a hundred percent accurate I want you to listen to it though I want you to to hear what's being said because at the very least it is thought provoking and that's holy really need you know sometimes I don't want you to necessarily hear what I read or hear what I say as commentary and say okay that's it that's the way that that I need to think no that's not it I'm going to be wrong
we're all going to be wrong sometimes we've been robbed of the past will be wrong in the future it's going to be times where we just aren't correct but as long as we're hearing hearing Concepts and as long as his concerts are stirring up her mind to start thinking about what they actually mean that's what we start to get into I guess you could say the good zone so to speak this is where the truth can finally flourish and never in our history have we needed the truth the floor is more than we need it right now because there is so much falsehood out there there are so many forces that are pushing the wrong information you know I unfortunately why can't sit here and sit through every single bit of it in in in fact check everything and then come out with with the quote-unquote correct answer or the consensus answer I guess would be the better way to put it perhaps if I had a billion dollars in a media Empire maybe I can do that but I don't not yet I don't think I ever will gosh
that might be a curse special you read your Bible you know exactly what I'm talking about but this article titled big Tech Beast system for a quick let me know what I'm going to take a drink then, because that's the problem live radio if you got a got a tickle in your throat you better get rid of it in the beginning before you start reading
especially considering we got almost an hour left title the article by Mando Gonzales is Big Tech Beast system? Technology tycoons are more than capable of influencing Society on a worldwide scale it's just a matter of capable they are doing it this is this isn't just the radical this is actually currently in the process of happening that should concern us which is why again I want you to take this take one about 2 to talk about take what I'm about to read you don't have to agree with all of it but I think about all of it taken into consideration and consider is this something that's that should make you pass question this tycoon or that technocrat or maybe start moving in different directions I always say we want Solutions here but one of the things that I will stress over and over again on the shows the need for self-reliance you have to be ready
pray plan prepare those of the three p's and if you start start praying more definitely start planning and and then actually prepared to take action to do these things the things that are necessary to to be ready for whatever it is to come well and you're you're ahead of the curve already we also to try to fight the good fight that means that it's not just about okay so so it's over let's go find a hole and build a cabin in Montana and disconnect and maybe some of you want to do maybe that's what some of you already have done and we are on shortwave radio soak not everybody's watching on rumbler or righty on her bed sheets some of you or actually listening on shortwave a lot of you apparently from what I'm told and so maybe you already have me that switching that's fine I'm not not saying that no don't do that but those of us who are still participating in this piece system you know whether we're fighting or actually involved with it
we should be paying attention and we have to continue to fight
or if not again if you want to if you want to give up on this world I wouldn't hold it against you not at all I consider it all the time I won't but it would be nice all that be so nice but I can't not in my nature
most people have heard of the James Webb Space Telescope was launched in 2021 and is parked know I'm going to skip this part is basically just I'll summarize I'm not going to skip it I'll summarize that the lead in the first four paragraphs he's basically saying look the universe is huge and God is incredible K billions of stars within each of trillions of galaxies out there this is just you know and it was all covered in one win short of actually mentioned it once short segment of a verse Genesis 1:16 so God made the two great lights the great whites rule the day and electrolytes rule the night and also the Stars also the stars all quadrillions and quadrillions of the man is actually more than that based upon current estimates who who knows how accurate is but the point is that we've got the shoes universe that we are tell me the center of and
you've got all this technology and nobody's really paying attention OK from those that are the trendsetter so to speak those that are whether through money or intelligence or combination of two or government in engagement or through their own worldview that aligns with the powers-that-be that powers and principalities whatever reason they ignore this stuff they don't give God glory rarely do you hear of any of their are some there's some astrophysicist Jason Lyle for example who did they do a fantastic job of giving God the glory for the incredible Creations around but the vast majority of them tonight so that's that was the gist of the first first four paragraphs let's let's move on to the second section titled eyes to see but Hart's that are darkened the meeting at the juice
technology is advancing at a staggering Pace but it may merely parallels advances in other Arenas the coming Antichrist will leverage to fulfill his evil plans to enslave Humanity during the tribulation coming be system will require political economic social governmental religious and technological advances that will enable the Antichrist to accomplish all of his desire
we must also remember that the Antichrist needs help to accomplish his goals even though he is empowered by the dragon himself the Antichrist manipulates a coalition of pin Kings to implement his worldwide be system he will then subdue or remove three of them at a future time let's consider how the scripture describes these three kings in before I get into that yeah I know this I believe yesterday but I think it's important to repeat in case for those who didn't listen yesterday or for those who just maybe forgot we go back to the 70s during that you call it the the Renaissance period for the new Global's movement globalism in the evil plans of the the machinations of the powers-that-be they've been in place or or in progress you could say for Millennia we could go back to the Garden of Eden and see the seats literally being planted of for the evil that we were then golfing the world today the evil of true globalism at the collectivist mindset
hopeless climate change all these things all tie together
it was interesting that during the again they're the cortical Renaissance period of modern-day globalism and Klaus Schwab met with a young young Klaus Schwab met with with already old back in the seventies Henry Kissinger Kissinger is 100 years old so back in the seventies he was still at all. Not as old as he is today but he wasn't a spring chicken but he was he recognized in the young Klaus Schwab there was something there and they started talking they started brought in the started talking to the club of Rome and the globalist organization about the formation of the world economic forum and plans to establish a true multipolar world is multipolar world order they wanted to create would be made up of pain
pain Regional Powers countries would be replaced by by region that would be the North American region the South American region the the African region near Europe would be divided as would a judge would be divided Australia would be its own little territory with New Zealand and possibly other other Pacific Islands that this is there a divvy up the world into 10 pieces basically Tim Regional Powers would be with an answer to a you know one great world powers New World Order they wanted to create and the folks this is stuff where if you if you would have never heard it before and you rather than infection you be like how you know that's too far-fetched that happened it's real
that's the part that we have to understand
these these globalist masterminds
that are that are doing what they're doing today to us having to to essentially enslave us it's a depopulation in control agenda and wants reduced in the ones that aren't produced out of the way they want control over
control over us what chances are if you listen this we fall under the category of those are the people need to be eliminated they want to keep the dice out sheep to control them because they're easier to control those of us who would put up a fuss fight they want us just depopulated out of their way to please me
but again you know if you were to say about that's crazy that it would surely surely these globalists wouldn't have been discussing creating 10 kingdoms essentially because they read their Bible they would have known won't know nobody's going to miss that we don't know how things pan out I don't even know if we are truly legitimately in the end times I think we are but I can't say that for sure but this this is a reminder that God's plan it unfolds the way it's supposed to unfold there's nothing we can do to stop it now that doesn't mean the week we say oh it's out of our hands we can do we should do nothing go to Montana get a hole in it and that's not that's not it we still were struggling me why would we be instructed to it to continue to fight the good fight why would be it would be instructed to bring the truth bring the gospel to the nation's if if it was all futile if there was nothing that we can do I choose to believe that we can still do something in if this is not the end times this is just a very you know he ate early facsimile
an echo of what's come okay then we can win
it is the end time we still win we should wait till the end
that's why I can talk about all this stuff and not be too too bent out of shape but I know a lot of times people talk about the end of the world and like oh my gosh this is terrible I don't like that's great if it's not the only world that we can win and that's great so either way we push forward we fight the good fight there's my mini rant of the segment so let's look at I'm going to read three verses from that were posted by Gonzales Gonzales Mando Gonzales first one is Daniel and these are all from King James version Daniel 7 19 through 20 then I would know the truth of the fourth Beast which was diverse from all the others exceedingly Dreadful whose teeth were of iron in his nails of brass which devoured break into pieces and stamped the residue with his feet and other ten horns that were in his head one of the other witch came up and before whom three fell even of that horn that have
eyes and a mouth that speak very great things those whose look was more stressed out than his fellows than jumping head to Daniel 72410 horns out of his this kingdom are 10 things that shall arise and another show rise after them and he should be diverse from the first and he shall subdue three kings okay now it's titled together from the Old Testament and the New Testament in the Book of Revelation is this chapter 17 verses 12 and 13 and the ten horns which the Alsace start in Kings which I perceive no Kingdom as of yet but received power as kings 1 hour with the beast beast have one mind and she'll give their power and strength unto the Beast that last part of special importance for what is going to post here does this mean when we hear Kings of course always think of like me know thanks
you're right but that's not necessarily the case I want to I want this is the part where I said you don't necessarily have to agree but hopefully this will be thought-provoking enough for you to start doing your own research and start so I wonder if he's onto something or huh that's not true here's why just just invoking thought folks just invoking thought so back to the article from the Kings above from the bus pass just we learned three characteristics of Eastern King's number one the Greek word for King in Revelation 1712 offers a broader nuanced than merely what we understand regarding were one of the best Greek Lexicon has the following as its second entry one who possesses unusual or Transcendent power this meeting seems consistent with Revelation 17 12 or we are told these 10 figures do not have a kingdom yet but will receive a 32 rule asking for the final hour of the Antichrist rain in the sea
new tribulation. We will call them the 10 influencers because they do not have they do have unusual power or some valuable level of authority that the Antichrist will seek to leverage number to they are not required to be in government or ruling position at the time of their arrangement with the Antichrist and number three when the time comes they will give their significant influence or power to the Beast and in return given the ability to rule with him for a short period in his kingdom
there are a variety of interpretations of who the Ten Kings are some see them as Leaders over geographical regions this could be true but as I mentioned above they do not need to be actual government officials or literal Kings instead they could be what we know as oligarchs or technocrats who will one day give their Authority their technology their wealth or their influence to the Antichrist in exchange for being allowed to rule in his Beast system
now from here and I'm not going to this is a very long article definitely going to read it all but from here he does dive into Mondo dives into basically what type of people could be part of this be system you've already seen the rise of the very Sunrise of public-private Partnerships
innocent in this is been for those who useless to my show in the past I've mentioned this a lot because to me public-private Partnerships represent any of the government system of the future this is what they want and I want things to be done through elections but they don't they also don't want things to be done through Straight. They don't want the people to be ruled over knowingly they want there to be at least an illusion of choice they also want there to be an illusion of a philanthropy another words they would love for the people to to be answering to leaders who they like who they respect in a people like for example there's a lot of people out there who really really like Elon Musk
seems to fit very nicely in this concept you have other people don't just have to be one thing I will inject to not letting all of them have to be in this Charlie Rich or famous and then they'll probably be be famous because recognition is part of it you have to be able to recognize these people I would imagine not to mention this article but I would imagine somebody like like Bono gay Maybe not maybe he's he's fading from recognition to David but if if everything was crappy ceiling fan a decade ago Bato what had established himself kind of kind of taking himself up a notch to where he was no longer musician he was more of a more known more for his philanthropy than anything else is Bill Gates Bill Gates was evil Tech Tycoon it's a really horrible thing and all the sudden he's basically buying his way into into control by his way into into being revered by by millions perhaps billions of people then know him cuz he's also hated by I would say more
cuz we realize it he's he said some pretty nasty things he's he's a bad dude even in his philanthropy he's pretty darn evil and then anybody who looks into his past looks deuced family's past and do what his dad was doing it since what what his individual goals were just listens to him at all today he's just trying to be a normal guy sky is off get millions of people like him are at least trust him maybe nobody likes him cuz he's not exactly a likeable guy you know you know who Bill Gates no I'm not so much anyway again I'm trying to set the set the mood so that you're you're thinking in the right direction as far as the the directions this article is going cuz this is thought provoking that's what we want out of this
next action star next to a titled Financial oligarchy Tycoon it is relevant to note that technological research and development is expensive we are witnessing in our day the super-rich not often sticking to their one industry which made them wealthy but instead of spreading their wealth into sometimes completely disparate Technologies or field of research for example Elon Musk is involved in Twitter Tesla SpaceX neuralink openai and the boring company it's not rocket science to recognize that technology technological tycoons with staggering amounts of money are capable of influencing Society on a worldwide scale is influence can include shaping the political landscape throughout ride drives or the political Lobby system
this massive level of impact doesn't require them to be in an actual power or government position instead they will their influence through proxies who purchase access to greedy politicians seeking to magnify their power yeah we see a lot of politicians particularly on the left they're going after you I must know there are some of the right in yet even despite the power you know we're trying to settlers here even despite their power
it seems as if musk is coming out on top in almost every regard they've weaponized the doj against them they weaponize various agencies to to investigate him to come after him to try to stop them and yet he seems to be waiting out here is my thing if you want to or not my thing hoping that my thing but he was considered at least it was a possibility
the easiest way to endear people especially Patriots specially those on the political right easiest way to endear yourself to those people is to be a victim of the government to be a victim of the deep state to be a victim of Democrats if you got people like Elizabeth Warren going after you didn't Republicans and conservatives in general are going to be in dire to that person got the the doj or the SEC or whoever else going out from there's going to be a sense of are they really going after because you did anything wrong or are they going to ask him because of who he is what he represents because he won't. Their system what if he's about to their system because he's in charge of their system to think about it again now I'm not throwing out aspersion to I'm just saying I'm not saying I'm just saying I don't trust and it's no secret I do not trust
Elon Musk
I mean he's a likeable guy like I said I can appreciate the person that Elon Musk is I just don't trust his ex's intentions I do believe that he is much more diabolical than people generally acknowledged
bhakti article new section technological technocrats partner with government ngos in financial institutions one organization with extensive official and unofficial agreements with technocrats is yes the world economic forum wef is dedicated to seeing a complete reset of the way life on planet Earth functions their breezily presenting their vision and pursuing technology to accomplish their goals by the year 2030 hopefully you were listening to the first segment by the year 2013 own agenda 2030 and the great reset in his book The Fourth Industrial Revolution Klaus Schwab highlighted 21 different up-and-coming technology that he claimed will break into the public domain to a significant degree
and cause great shift to individual organizations government and Society the following is a class list of game-changing Technologies
I don't know if I want to get into this cuz I'm not going to get into that there's a lot and it's funny because sometimes I will recommend you know you should read this book or watch this documentary yeah even if they come from a leftist or global perspective because you need to hear the whole concept Sun Soo You Know The Enemy well sometimes you don't want to and I'm I'm a firm believer that there are times when even just a little bit of exposure to very persuasive negative thoughts can turn negative I seen happen at one of the reasons I like I love I love Atlas Shrugged this is the second time I've mentioned it in two days I love Atlas Shrugged but I would never recommend it to anybody who was not firmly anchored to their faith will never offer to a new Christian or non-Christian because it it attacks the face in ways that are compelling okay Mustang compelling as in they make a good life for me arguing
I'm thinking telling us they appealed from a passion respect they take somebody and they make that person is if you haven't read I'm not going to give you a spoiler and if you are firm in your faith and I would recommend reading my book but if it's worth it especially considering the direction that the world is heading today but there's
without spoiling anything there is an anti very anti Faith segment where they take somebody who's been built up is essentially you know the the ultimate protagonist okay
and that person goes on a rant against faith that is compelling not because again not because the argument that because you're supposed to to Revere this guy is fictional character as intelligent and then with his fictional intelligence he then goes against the faith anyway what I'm trying to get at is is that there's times when when you you don't want to those people even if it is what would show them the plans of the enemy and I would say after reading the fourth Industrial Revolution that falls in that category is compelling arguments there again not for me that's a logical perspective from an emotional perspective we have to as as a movement trying to fight for what's right in this world and what's right being in it from it biblical perspective as well as from a conservative perspective popular perspective if you will
you know freedom is probably the best way to put it if you want to promote Freedom then we have to understand what their plans are but there's times when you just don't want to understand that well earlier I mentioned when I we're talkin in the previous second I'd mentioned how neuralink and artificial intelligence 2029 and 2030 how being able to connect the brain to the internet is something that Elon Musk and many many many other people break her as well or trying to they want to see accomplished now for that so technically work you don't want to you don't want to be bouncing Wi-Fi connections right like your brain sitting there at all sudden you're you're out of range and you're getting bad Dana that sounds awfully weird but
if you have satellite internet connectivity everywhere ubiquitous you know in the are everywhere even have to see even in Antarctica wherever you are then all the sudden things look a little bit more it's practical from the evil perspective practical to consider something like neuralink so go to this to Mando Gonzales Amazon 6 to put up 3236 satellites by the end of the decade called the Kuiper system or project paper they have two launches planned for 2023 and service expected to arrive to customers Buy in late 2024 when web I sought an initial 650 satellite as of February 2023 they had 542 active satellites in low-earth orbit Starlight that's Eli musk's company 4500 satellite we're working in orbit by May of 2023 with plans for over 42,000 within five years currently
1.5 million active subscribers and 50 + countries with global mobile phone service to be implemented in 2023 and by the way that's a 1.5 million 2 million now so I don't know I don't know when where he got that snap but I mean it's a just a double DIN in 9 months for 1 million to 2 million as we're of the implications here regarding a crate
so that's just hear what about abroad China is planning to deploy China is plan to deploy 40,000 of its own satellites to pursue its agenda play me to desire additional internet coverage across its expansive geography critics note that such technology can also be used for surveillance and control imagine that iridium started in 1998 and has now has a T2i satellites in a partnership with Qualcomm for Android users never heard of them globalstar Communications became functional in 1998 175, satellites and functionality with the Apple iPhone 4 teams funny she passed their Dara headquarters in in California recently that's what we know about that let's look into it imagine that
all right and then their surveillance
do I even want to go there do you want me to go there I'll go there cuz we have at funny I had a long conversation yesterday what was yesterday had a long conversation yesterday with a new friend who is out about traveling the world on a boat with his wife retired early and decided to travel and he's talking with talking about number one we were talking about you and how he's on starlink and he's super excited about that because now he's out on his boat he's got internet that's great it's not great but it's great for now but you talking about surveillance and talking about how so many people especially the younger generation especially these gen gen Z years or whatever even some Millennials they embrace the surveillance state
they really do facial recognition got to make things easier and I won't even have to pull up my wallet I can just scan my face and and and get on the subway or scan my face and enter my house or my car scan my face and then pay for pay for my food
Cricket Burgers of course
they they like this idea if they like the idea of cameras everywhere everywhere is funny in that funny it's actually sad because there was a there's a story that popped up this week it showed it was believed it was I think was in San Diego anyway somewhere anyway it was a white guy young white guy with a backpack walking down an alley and two black guys came up behind them and start piling up just to just to steal his backpack basically that's something to say saddest part that is sad obviously for the guy but what struck me is that the the news channel that was reporting on this they were able to capture this isn't an ally gave this isn't like like you know out in the middle of a Broad Street there's like very very few people around they were able to capture for different camera angles of a Happy Meal and see what the kids are doing before
yeah they saw the guys just hanging out by Corner can look around and they they cut to a different angle and you could see the the victim walking down the alley and then it got to a different angle where they sing, they cut me some slack holy cow how many cameras they have okay we're seeing is it really bad in China right but that's just the start of the seat that's what that's a hard for what we're going to experience here in the United States and in Bremen Western Society everywhere is one of the many many many many reasons I tell people guys get out of the Cities OK Google. Of the city's please please do yourself a favor don't be in the cities on the reason why tell me what you have to be as self-sufficient as possible and it does mean if you are a meal over that does mean going to free the first using promo code JDR for 15% off and stocking up on on sous-vide freeze-dried high quality beef ribeye New York strip all that good stuff get it now
the prices are going up there there's a scheduled Universal beef price hike happening in October next month so you know there's there's that is it's a good time I'm just saying but you know messages reason number one all the surveillance all these cameras just reason number one out of three thousand to get out of the city's get prepared get get yourself situated as best you can away from all this the surveillance technology did acquisition they know what you're saying online to know what you're doing or who I was shocked I was so stupid that I was shocked because I should have known but I was shocked when I'm around my phone just sit around and I start looking at historical data and I realized that Google was able to tell me
of a time when I picked up my daughter at piano practice like 8 years ago in new zactly where I was and knew how often I've been there
it knew why was the I didn't tell her I was going to be an upright in new the head I was going to piano practice
I was my mind was blown like it might been allowing Google and they're for everybody and they say the CIA China whoever if I've been telling everybody where I go at every given moment of my Modern Life at least for the last last year during the smartphone era of the last 15 years have I always been telling Google and they're in our apple or whoever where I'm going what I'm doing do they have the state on me stored for years decades they have it on you
I made a conscious decision to stay on the Forefront. Not Forefront as far as to it to not try to leave to fight
as far as he knows I'm not I'm not I'm a privacy Advocate but I am okay with using my name I'm okay with using my face with putting my voice in my writing out there on the internet it's not because I like the fact that they can track in our tracking all the stuff is because I feel like it needs to be done somebody has to write is already enough bad information out there even many of the conservative an alternative media site they're not doing doing Justice to to the fight the good fight
so I've decided that you know what I rather be completely Anonymous and in a homestead off-grid somewhere sure what I'd rather be reading my Bible 8 hours a day playing having fun with my family enjoying life great but that's not what I'm called to do at least not yet so that's why I'm doing this with that said you know I have I have a very close relative who is completely I mean there you you couldn't if you did a search for this person you would not be able to find them online they don't like having her picture taken okay I don't do anyting I mean I respected completely and I mean this person doesn't have a driver's license or talking about an older adult that does not have a driver's license has never had a driver's license I almost envy that
because of the limited amount of data that is collected on this person but that day there is still some okay this person has a social security number person has you know he does go to work after has to make money so there are records you know this person still pays taxes it's just they been able to minimize point is that we had with technology is so much out there and I know go down a long Rabbit Trail but the technology has made it to where we can should be very skeptical of not just the technology itself and not even just the government agencies but what about the individuals the people who have access to a d the technocrats as they say
okay back to the Articles thank you for bearing with me to that long long detour artificial intelligence I know we've already talked about it but it is mentioned the Articles we need to bring it up again most of the top 10 financial and technological oligarchs are involved in the research and advancement of artificial technology in his 2018 book a superpower China Silicon Valley in the New World Order by fuli predicted quote instead of dispersion of Industry profits across different companies in regions we will begin to see greater and greater concentration of these astronomical sums in the hands of a few the certainly sounds like Financial oligarchs who wield incredible power and influence AI needs three things to work fix with big data computing power and algorithm Engineers government policy supporting a r r a i r also help to accomplish the computer power requirement many of these same technological aligarh
investing hundreds of millions of dollars in quantum computers there are Billet which are billions of times faster than modern supercomputers it comes as no surprise that Google Microsoft and IBM are some of these fields L. It was talk a lot about a quick note about quantum computers there is in my humble opinion and I'm not an expert okay I'm definitely I I need to do a lot more research on quantum computers but the way that I understand the mind my Layman's understanding was could be wrong by the way and if it is you always tell me I'm wrong by going to JD talk those those emails go directly to me JD talk but my Layman's understanding is that with with your average computers ones and zeros right we've we've seen binary language before we seen 10 pot on top of each other that's the language of your standard computer with quantum computer that used was called Cupid so you got ones and zeros in the knee of q b whichever ones or zeros
I know it sounds weird it's hard to understand but that's that's what gives them essentially exponentially higher computing power. Here's the thing again from my Layman understanding
they don't understand why it works they don't know where the date is coming from they don't understand how these quantum computers are able to do what they do they know that they do they know that it has something to do with this this odd yo transposition or super busy whatever this odd style of understanding data
they don't know what's feeding it to me again as as a Layman maile understanding compels me to think what if this is coming from the other side of the veil what if this is Supernatural in origin past even demonic in origin what if the data that the computing power is being fed through these is burgeoning industry of quantum Computing what if it is Supernatural in origin again I need to do more research I need to be better versed on the stuff I know enough about quantum computers to know that you can buy and Quantum Computing with artificial general intelligence and we don't stand a chance with. OK Google is that those the science fiction movies and books and whatever that the talk about how do you say I decided that the best way to protect humans is to enslave them or that they best way to save the Earth is to get rid of all humans because there's a plague or whatever text the
that's that fictional concept would become a reality if you combine a proper out where the mess as Mondo notes hear big data which you have actually have another what you could hook up a Quantum powered artificial general intelligence to the internet and that's it again game over at that point so yeah big data you need computing power discuss adding you need the algorithm Engineers the algorithm Engineers are the ones that will think they have to troll will they know I doubt it is always that pole again in fiction but seems to Echo the whole concept that the the creator of these these algorithms were these computers than the first to go was it a I was it no not today I it was I Robot there we go with Will Smith get out the whole concept of the creator of this artificial intelligence was murdered by
the artificial intelligence that he created because because he recognized the danger and I am a horrible horrible movie that we don't recommend that one but it does pose a tremendous risk okay and it's something that we were talking about who these these kings are who the talking is the ruler and who the the false prophet the Antichrist the Beast whoever artificial intelligence to me a g i could fit that bill who knows we'll see maybe we'll maybe won't move along about technology Elon Musk is heavily involved in connecting the human brain to technology we already recovered that and the previous article here we go now getting to the really nasty stuff genetically modified farming
you're not eating organic true organic I strongly recommend if you can afford if you can't you can't look I get it. Everybody can can afford it we get to the point where there are times when we won't get a aan organic chicken if it's not on sale will go with the regular chicken is because it's all we can afford to that particular moment so I understand but if you can please try to eat natural try to meet the Whole Foods not talk about Whole Foods that company I'm talking about actual Whole Foods right try to avoid all this fake crap that has also spread his oligarchical influence further than any other he has now become the world's the largest private landowner of farmland and the United States presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr observe Gates has been expanding his power over global populations by buying D valued assets at fire-sale prices in maneuvering for Monopoly control over Public Health Combined with his investments in global
medications digital currencies high-tech surveillance data harvesting systems and artificial intelligence Bill Gates is the quintessential technocrat
I'm going to have to move along because we are actually running out of time to show apologies I'm like I have said before I'll say it again I can go 8 hours easy non-stop diaper I'm good then I put that image in your brain censorship many financial and technological oligarchs are using their social media platforms and data acquisition surveil sensor canceled the platform and shame those not being woken up or willing to follow their own idiosyncratic Rule and political politically correct narrative many US lawmakers and officials actually Coco conspire with big Tech oligarchs encouraging them to police or censor content more aggressively this is I would say the most important component of them being able to achieve their goals okay repeat that
for them to be able to win
they have to silence me they have to silence you they have the silent anybody who either knows the truth or wants to know the truth and my sound sounds goes in both directions silence, silence and people like me or trying to speak it silence could be basically forcing silence on the people like you who are trying to hear it or see it or read it or understand it
it's why I tell him all the time you know we we we focus on action here obviously I keep mentioning it over and over again sometimes the best action we can take is information the best we can do is to try to wake up as many people as possible
there's a old adage in the world of prepping they say never never tell anybody about your preps don't tell your friends don't tell your co-workers don't tell your family okay some of the people that are in your household make sure they're not telling anybody either the reason for this is because if and when the crap hits the fan you don't want your neighbors and your your co-workers and your friends in your elders come knock on your door say oh my gosh I'm out of food I'm out of water amount of I don't have any guns I don't have any any power can you save me saving in unit you're going to have to either tell them know or maybe they're not going to come ask me they're just going to try to come take from you I get I understand why people think like that in a person. Why that's always been kind of a best practice in prepping here's why I disagree wholeheartedly if we're going to fight this
we're going to need allies we're going to have to fight tyranny we're going to to fight the depopulation in control agenda we're going to have to fight our own destruction and demise as a nation we're going to need as many people as possible not necessarily police officers on the Sterling military Madness or death. Government we're going to need our cells are friends or neighbors are going to have to come up with a plan for a plan prepare remember
going to have to come up with all this stuff and we're going to need allies again if you're out there and I know and a cabin and you're self-sufficient and you're off grid nobody knows where you are you don't you don't need that last you are your own Ally you know between you and God and and nature and you should be fine right
IMVU committee made before the rest of us we are living still in in modern American society if and when the crap hits the fan we're going to need allies that means we need people more people around us to be prepared, I wish some of my neighbors and friends but I have talked to this about I wish we were more prepared than we are I don't like being the most prepared because I don't feel like I'm very prepared at all I feel like like we keep trying we keep getting more we keep trying to come up with a better plan to keep coming at you know we've been growing more and more and more food if we are we're doing throw buckets in the backyard we got a tiny backyard out here in Southern California but we're doing the best we can she's doing the best she can I should say you know sometimes she successful sometimes it's not working with a pretty tough tough year was with fries rice course I mentioned and nauseam 21st Pete and where we're getting beef shipments place we're trying to get others to do it I want to spread the word about this stuff
not because it's just over there that's the right thing to do or no you try to sell more people now it's because we need allies the more people who are self-sufficient who aren't the holding the government the better weather it's to fight against the oppression or to be able to rebuild after the oppression is done if we are able to ever defeated or if it repeats itself if it feels without dyes
all I know is this everything in my being tells me make sure that as many people as possible are prepared as possible so that's why I don't try to hide press I don't try to try to tell people owe nothing to worry about Veena have 55 + 50 gallons of rice or anything like that and I move along it's okay I'm good no I want people to be as prepared as possible that's all to get back on track a lot of this has to do with the the censorship aspect this is why I tell people make sure to spread the word about everything okay don't just listen to me spread the work okay if you listen to shortwave in the you do have access to Internet you can always find it and share this with your friends because they're not listening to shortwave they're not they're not recording and you're not recording and you can always find me in trouble okay always before right now at least you can still find me on Rumble JD Rumble
skip this just Jenny trouble it's been awhile
just get the word out to as many people as possible to make them aware got to get the people to 2
start paying attention start trusting government the most patriotic self-sufficient person in that you know if they don't get prepared if they are not don't have a plan if they are given the choice between supporting their family
through government assistance in watching your family guy they will they will do whatever if government says get back don't get backed government says stand in line and get you a quick Burger they will stand in line and get there quick burger and they will not be your ally no matter how patriotic they are today if they're given the choice between being compliant or dying they will be compliant if they don't if they if they are your Ally and they they they remain your Ally and then they'll probably be dead or arrested so either way they're not going to be able to help you get a on trying to get at make people we're making we're not going to make it through this whole article for probably a good thing last last part of this section Innovations owns now we're getting into weird stuff people do things that other people are talking about Nevada Governor Steve sisolak
total Creep by the way I recently proposed giving corporations who owns significant portions of land in Nevada a status equivalent to counties they would be able to impose taxes form school district courts of law and the provide other government services in other words what he's essentially establishing would be a public-private partnership at the equivalent of the new level this would be more the corporate level but still similar folks these Concepts they're not they're not all novel they seem novel because we've never considered them ourselves haven't heard about him on CNN or Fox News
but all of a sudden you can heart you can go back since can you go back to to land ownership in Scotland and see how that was divvied up how that was how how you could have become by yourself into lordship and impose taxes that you couldn't nuview offer something to the king and you could become become out whatever Viceroy or something I don't know
these these these concepts of old are starting to come back I'll be back in town in full force again crazy stuff let's wrap this this up cuz we are running out of time what lies ahead for Mando Gonzales over at harbingers Bailey as we look at end times prophetic events coming to pass is becoming increasingly apparent that some of the most influential entities in both Global policy and societal changes are not found in governments at all instead multinational financial and technological oligarchs are eager to inform the world to their own technocratic purposes could these figures be the Ten Kings of the influencers as he calls them who give their Authority and power to the Beast the Antichrist and return receive authority to rule as kings with the Beast for 1 hour that's the question again from Revelation 17 verses 1213
time will tell but a compelling case can certainly be made the technology these 10 figures control will help the Antichrist consolidate and enforce his tradical rule over the entire Earth Spirit of antichrist is here now and the Antichrist is coming thankfully greater is he who is in us and is coming again soon then he was in the world that's her first job read first John Chapter 4 verses 1 through 4 Bible says I can give anybody at any given moment is to pray and read your Bible and repent pray and read your Bible and repent I say pray plan prepare that's more of a you know General how to handle life but as far as first how to be an individual how to how to be on the right track my path and it doesn't matter whether you're out here fighting the good fight and doing things spreading the word protest
filing lawsuits running for office if necessary if you're in a a hidden cave or cabin or Homestead somewhere and you're completely disconnected and you listen to me in short way doesn't matter anywhere between K the best thing that you can do
spray to read your Bible and repent rinse-and-repeat it's not a one. Now I prayed got it I read the Bible got it I Repent it got it we're good. That's not how it works you pray constantly all the time you read your Bible over and over and over again you read it differently when you study it and maybe if you go too fast one day maybe you'll listen to it on on audio version maybe you really really really slow you might find one verse my wife is she does this all the time she will rerun verse and she will study that verse 4 days k.c. will cross-reference the language she will she will be able to him to understand what that verse was originally man how it applies all these things are amazing like that I'm super blessed to have been given her as my helpmeet
but yeah and then of course repent repent in is a constant battle and I want to see bad was it really is there pain isn't something was just like okay I Repent I'm good I repented I'm good no that's not how it works we are evil creatures I hate to be the one to break it to you if I am we are we are not good there is no one know it was good
it was and still is up there
but that are in Tim and yeah the one way ticket at one way ticket was sacrificed the ultimate sacrifice to die on the cross for our sins so we owe him everything
I'll be back tomorrow
we'll see
in the meantime you'll stay strong stay safe and God bless

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