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JD Rucker Show, November 3, 2023

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JD Rucker Show
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Conservatives Splitting Over the Israel-Hamas War

Title: Truth and Lies Surrounding Middle East War


This is the livestream of the JD Rucker Show. For transparency, I've never been a fan of Rodney King's immortal words, "Can we all get along?" No, we can't, and no, we shouldn't. Whether it's bipartisanship or unity within an ideological group, such manufactured consensuses rarely yield a positive result. They only move poor policies forward in the case of bipartisan legislation. In the case of unity within an ideological group, they create false compromises that invariably bubble up later as bigger problems. More importantly, unity creates complacency. Today's sponsor:

Recorded: October 17, 2023

JD Rucker Show

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News and Opinions relevant to Americans today in the realms of politics, culture, and religion. Host JD Rucker from NOQ Report delivers truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective with co-host and wife Tammy.

We tackle issues that most won’t touch. Even conservative and many “alternative” media outlets refuse to talk about “taboo” topics for fear of losing money from Google, traffic from Facebook, or sponsors who are “woke.”

We don’t take on woke sponsors. We don’t get traffic from Facebook. We don’t take money from Google. We know we’ll get canceled by some, but the truth is the truth. We won’t hold back.

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