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JD Rucker Show, November 2, 2023

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JD Rucker Show
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Truth and Lies Surrounding Middle East War

Was the invasion allowed by the "good guys"? Are we being lied to about what's going on and why? Asking questions does NOT mean we are somehow against the Israeli people or in favor of Hamas. Asking questions is the right thing to do at such a time as this.Today's Sponsor: Christian precious metals company Genesis Gold Group

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We tackle issues that most won’t touch. Even conservative and many “alternative” media outlets refuse to talk about “taboo” topics for fear of losing money from Google, traffic from Facebook, or sponsors who are “woke.”

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hello my friends in welcome to another episode of DJ d-wrek her show I'm your host JD Rucker and it's been again just every day seems to be getting crazier and crazier I stand by my recording the other day my analysis I should say it was really reporting my analysis of the the I guess you could say the initial reaction to the Hamas attack in Israel to the reactions by other people by governments by journalists by fellow conservatives alternative media even those on the left and I got a lot of heating up the last time I got this many replies to a show was way back I think it was around is it was late December 2020 might have been early January 2021 but I did a show about how everybody is leaning on my pants when I saw how you do the show Bates the same guys Mike Pence is not going to do anything he's
going to overturn the election is not going to Tubac Trump he is never backs Trump and I got so much heat for that I mean people were like oh you're wrong Mike Pence's a patriot he's been by Trump side the whole time he's you say that he's been subverting the White House I think he's been holding it together and you know blah blah blah blah you know none of the people who sent me those emails sent me back at any replies after that after January 6th when of course I did nothing nor do they send me an email as in later days weeks months when it became very clear crystal clear as it is today the Mike Pence has been noise always will be against Donald Trump he was a basically I control factor in the white house he accepted the role of Vice President so that he can get into the White House number one that's his career and his opinion go get in the White House prevent Trump from winning again in 2020 and then try to
2024 just exactly what he's trying to do if he's going to fail miserably unless his goal has always been to just write books and become a CNN commentator or whatever it is he's going to do after his failed presidential campaign this year next I don't know if he's even going to make it through this year he's pulling so badly the point is is that yeah I got a lot of heat back then for saying what I felt when I got a lot of heat reason for saying I do you know you I got it from both sides by the way it wasn't just people say no you can't say that that there's the Deep State put this together you know where that is really deep state is I put it put they were they pull the troops away and then nor intelligence and pretend like nothing was going to happen when they happen they were all caught off guard you're wrong they were they were totally innocent you know this is all on Hamas you're you're just going against Israel and as I said many times in this I'm sure I'll say many times a day look at Leah's really people the victim's cash I feel so bad for them I mean that I remember
on one of the attacks were happening and it isn't often I do admit I'm not going to be shy when I say it isn't often that I pray for four people not in the United States of America kind of a Hummer here ok Google like an America first guy you know the ukrainians can pray for Ukraine the Russians and who are they can pray for their own we have enough from shooting the United States we need to focus in my humble opinion focus our prayers on a fellow Americans but with that said I did drop to my knees and pray about the people in Israel with that said I still firmly believe that there's something wrong you know this make sense unless you look at it from his perspective that that there is this is more than just a Ron and Hamas deciding oh hey let's go attack is real in a way that is not been done in at least fifty years maybe we can do even more maybe we can really sparked a huge, I mean
it wasn't like something that just popped up out of the blue and it's going to be hard to convince me that I was almost impossible to convince me that the most sophisticated
intelligence apparatus in a condensed are you watching the most heavily guarded Border in the world happened to take a day off you have an easier time convincing me that the cameras in Jeffrey Epstein's cell and his guards falling asleep that was all accidental that he really did kill himself because he didn't Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself and the attack against the Israeli people by Hamas was not as it seems at least as it was not as we're being told it was but I'm going to be getting into quite a few various conspiracy theories I'm writing by other people I'll be adding my own commentary in there as well some of the mic I agree with 67% of the way some of my agree with me of theirs to B twenty 30% I might agree with I'm not one who you know I'm not somebody who just hates on all this it's time to attack the Jews you know that's how I'm not anti-semitic in any way
I love the Jewish people so if you're hoping that you're going to get Rucker saying bad things about the Jews it's not going to happen now the Israeli government is really deep State the US government the US deep State all separate but but can join densities I guess you could say as well as other deep States across the world all part of this Global is leaking ball yeah I'm going to after that people are being manipulated people being killed
raped and murdered kidnapped
very bad things are happening in this is very indicative very similar I would say a lot of ways to 911 another I guess you could say sand terrorist attacks that were part I was part of the planning we that this so-called good guys were involved I don't know what are involved in this in this but I think how is being the United States but I think that the Deep state does have their hand in it to some extent you could also look at the end there's the whole notion that all wars are Bankers Wars It's a documentary that I stopped and actually watched I've I agree with the sentiment and I understand the the ideology behind it and I farted first for somebody who's never watched it I probably already agree with it but I will be watching and hopefully today Lord willing or tomorrow it's like a 45-minute documentary hard to find right now especially with with my good friend Matthew Burke on vacation I'm kind of doing double duty with the Liberty daily in the server Port I usually manage the Liberty daily
weekends Friday Saturday Sunday and that I had my little tidbits here and there and then I also managed of course the server Port that cop which I own but this last couple weeks I've been been full-time non-stop just going going gone I haven't slept much if you're watching on video in my eyes have bags under them you can understand why that's the case before I get too much further a good shoutout to the people that are making the show possible Genesis Gold group is the only gold company I trust that you'll hear that this Fox News celebrity or that that the conservative movie star who ever is all these people the only one that I trust is is these guys for this is trip I mean I have that it out this is true for me at least I bet it out 31 separate rap physical precious metals companies I look for the ones that are not donating to Democrats are left for the ones that are not working directly or indirectly with the Chinese Communist party and I look for the ones that are not beholden to the bank center
is there promoting Central Bank digital currencies I think it would shock people know how many of these these physical precious metals companies out there so when even the non-physical the ones that are selling selling virtual gold or whatever shares of of gold and these companies generally speaking I would say the vast majority of them do back Central Bank digital cards is because they know that it will be a boon for gold and silver if and when we ever have said digital dollar but a lot of them are donated the owners the executives of the companies themselves are donating to let this causes Democrat causes they do this because Democrats are good for you or bad for the economy so good for go right and then of course there are some so many of them out there that are working directly or indirectly with the Chinese Communist party they might be using one of the one of the many depositories that are tied to the CCP here in the United States to hold your gold in your silver know I won't do that so I was able to that out between 31 companies I found for that I like 44 out of 31 for the
I passed muster and I end up landing on Genesis Gold group because they are a Christian company that's a big deal to me I want my the people I work with to be like my did not just from a political perspective from a cultural perspective cuz I think there are a lot of political conservative precious metals comes out there but Genesis Gold group is unabashedly Christian and send their name Genesis is there they're named after the first book of the Bible so not named after the the car brand or anything like that so check them out go to JDR it's JD are my initials j d r fill out the form and contact them to see what they can do to help you with your retirement with your life savings with your wealth getting it all or some of it at least moved into physical precious metals such as gold and silver JDR are those of you who are watching live
have you can always follow along by going to discern you'll be all stores that I'll be talking about today can be found there and probably more I think I've got over a dozen stories there's a good chance know anybody was listen to me before knows this is the truth there's a pretty good chance that I might not make it past the three stories are for in my 2 hours slot today big shout-out to wwcr where we are now on short wave and I have to pull up my notes to I have to memorize these numbers we are on 77490 khz and 13845 khz on shortwave radio. Leave the biggest biggest baddest most awesome shortwave station here in the United States of America reaching like like 2,000 countries so I know there's only like 190 for whatever but they're reaching Laden over 110 so if you are out there in in Zimbabwe listen to me right now
hello in Zimbabwe in game that's all I got to say about that let's get spooky stories again if you want to follow along go to go to discern I know she go to the sermon for that, click on the show notes but I don't know the slashes so start click on the little show notes tab I guess it is and that will show you the stories that will be trying to talk about all of them today first one comes from Peggy Hall healthy American though this is we're going to go straight into some pretty deep and dark conspiracy theories here game out of this this one's pretty pretty heavy and I would say this one falls in the category of I agree with about 60% of it some of it's a little bit out there some of its I would say downright wrong but most of it's good most of it is it should at least get you thinking next to key today folks the key to all this is to make sure that you're thinking about the stuff but you're not just accepting the narrative as being put forth before us there's a lot of emotion behind this and understand do something I've been so
I don't think I've been more outraged about a crime or terrorism since 9/11 that's the last time when I felt this much rage towards terrorists will they did and will they continue to be doing and Israel is horrible and they're wanting to do this worldwide they want to do this here in United States of America will be talking like that here in a little bit to or even calling for one of the leaders of Hamas did a 13-minute video calling for essentially a Payday of Muslim revolt on Friday have to be Friday the 13th go figure but I do this article
Peggy Hall the healthy American this is from Peggy Hall. So it's like that, titled Hamas quote-unquote attack on Israel and I will admit I was hesitant as soon as I saw it because there's definitely no attack okay you can say I know there's a lot of things out there that all it was all staged and and nobody died don't he got written and it looked there was an attack to me the conspiracy here isn't whether or not this was staged or whether or not this was this was false with it if there really are 40 babies that were beheaded by Hamas and in some town are those those questions getting the details bottom line is there was an attack okay now the question here and there by the way there was an attack their work tasks that we're rapes to work in that means okay this this this did happen folks so if you do want me to go down that conspiracy theory or saying that at all it's all stage nothing nothing actually happened this is all Henry Kubrick
cooper cooper came came alive Stanley there we brought back from the dead and he made this like you made the moon landing videos or whatever no I'm not going down that road I believe there was an attack for sure my question where I get into to the conspiratorial ankle is why was it allowed and what is the end game where is this supposed to take it somewhere already starting to see it materialize in my humble opinion which we'll talk about where are you seeing the I miss the beginning stages of their gold and being Unleashed upon us through the news through through politicians through various groups the pushing us in a direction we'll talk about that direction here in a bit but I was a little skeptical little hesitant to read it because when you say attack in quote that means I do it so it wasn't really an attack but we'll get to it so let me just go to the article Peggy Hall says my heart and prayers go out to any of those who may have lost their lives and Israel my house is not intended
criticize any religion or ethnic group but to dig deeper and analyze what is being presented in the news so we can discern truth from deception also I travel to Israel many some years ago visiting many of the Holy Lance site so I have some limited experience with Israeli security and surveillance I talk more about my personal experience in Israel in my just aired live stream and I'm not going to play that but it says things like a 45-minute live stream today it's worth with Listen to I normally don't cover quote War Stories but the incident in Israel needs to be analyzed as there are so many aspects that just don't add up is important to develop your critical thinking skills so you can rise above the emotional Hooks and look at the evidence to draw your own conclusions instead of passively accepting everything the mainstream media Merry-Go-Round want you to fall for Hook Line & Sinker okay so far so good at this stage I wholeheartedly agree there are questions there were irregularities
not just the fact that that the Army was pulled pulled away then the Army is normally surrounding okay the IDF surrounds Gaza essentially me there was an incident a couple years ago a few years ago where where I little boy was picking flowers near the near the fence and they're triggered alarms men with guns I mean this one little boy was able to to be instantaneously you know basic grab them and push back to it to closer or further away from the fence and in an instant and yet hundreds of men may be thousands of men with guns IDF was like huh Mossad Israeli intelligence are like
wow where that come from I'm not buying it but there's more to it than that that's just the most glaring obvious that everybody's talking about that's the part that's like that's that doesn't make any sense but there's more so back to the the article by Peggy Hall bus I feel compelled to take you by the shoulders look into your eyes and say things are not always as they appear case and point the attack in Israel I have quote attack in the quotation marks because there are so many questions and inconsistencies about what is being shown in the mainstream media remember if it's stories making headlines it's because the powers that be are as she puts in the power that shouldn't be want you to see it when you repeat that part because I wholeheartedly agree with this as well if something is allowed to make headlines
and it's because the powers that be have not stifle that they wanted out there we've already seen more direct footage of what's happening or what was the attacks in Israel do more direct footage of that then we seen pretty much of the entire Ward and Ukraine as far as attacks on civilians let's be clear of what I'm saying I'm not saying is there's more footage in Israel than of Ukraine in general or the ward in general what I'm saying is we see Visual Evidence of atrocities committed by Hamas against Israelis you know you didn't see a whole lot of that okay not in Ukraine we also see how a lot lot lot lot lot more embedded journalist journalist right there you know the CNN journalist Fox News journalist news Nation journals they said Chris Cuomo out there okay news Nation send Chris Cuomo's they're serious about this but they weren't in Ukraine. Very many of them they would have if they went to you
ring they would go visit and see see Vladimir zelensky and in in kiev k they wouldn't actually go to the Battle Royale where is you know what do you have CNN CNN reporters jumping in ditches and you can hear bombs and Rockets and gunfire and see smoke how is it that you get the idea let's get back to pegios article and because you might have you just created to help Americans know how to read between the lines you probably can see how so many things about this event just don't add up before diving in to my analysis let's take a quick review of the main ways that they they being the bad guys public servants New World Disorder for the Masters evildoers I like to call them the powers and principalities
that's just my biblical background is this is clearly from Ephesians 6:12 these are the powers and principalities the rules of this world are the ones that are making this happen anyway they try to trick you trap you and hijack your rational mind so it's more difficult to discern truth from lies I also have a deep dive video for you on that topic which one are you going to play the modus operandi of evil is too and there's a for listen to me that he's a four steps on how to engage in this type of Sion cuz it's really what it boils down to people say false flag is I wouldn't say false flag gizmos play is something during a false flag is where something happens and you blame it on something else somebody else is literally a false flag attack of the origins of his when your pirate ships would literally put up a false-flag you know they pretend they were they were Spaniards and then you know that they would fly the Spaniard colors and then they would get close ones are close enough then they would
reveal maybe they would just fire on their targets that's a false flag attack when you when you blame somebody else for for doing something but it wasn't really that in this case I don't think the Volkswagen I think of the Hamas really did commit these atrocities I think they're wrong road it fun these atrocities I think of the US government really good fun to run the fun these atrocities question is where's the siop where's the conspiracy where's the cover up that's what we're going to try to figure out today so that number one in the modus operandi of evil according to Peggy hall 11 hijack your emotions with graphic images and descriptions that usually juxtaposed the most innocent activities such as parting partying family gatherings holidays your people just not having fun at a peace rally I mean East Rowley really are a real piece Rave or whatever
hey will you you fill those juxtaposed those with unspeakable Horrors confuse you with rapidly changing quote fax so you can't really put the pieces together number three and this is one where I start to get a little bit I went to disagree but this is the part where this is I guess you could say to the side of my pay grade I don't get into the numbers thing I don't get into numerology very much I don't start looking for and when I say very much I stay at all I don't start looking for you know 33 for for masonry or whatever I'm saying that's just not my not my focus I look for you have more like a hardcore evidence of conspiracy soap number three is to leave clues in the form of numbers colors signs and symbols so those in the know will see the pad
understand it was orchestrated know that said you know when you see all these celebrities with their new covering one eye out come on give me a break these really are at how can you tell somebody somebody's in on it somebody's part of the Illuminati or or multipolar world order or they've been they sell their soul to Lucifer or whatever I don't know what the process is when you start seeing that mean yeah okay I get it and it'll last but not least number for impose their solution
which you now fearful which you're now now fearful and confuse mine will readily and easily accept all in the name of more Safety and Security and again the parallels 2911 the Patriot Act invasion of Iraq in Basin of Afghanistan everything that's been been done to us since that fateful day 23 22 years ago yeah that is we are we are living the quote-unquote solution and it's not very good okay give me those tactics in mind let's dive in and see how many things just don't add up in this unprecedented event She haven't I heard that somewhere before I remember when it comes to news be sure to look at all possibilities as you analyze and interpret what you are shown consider these possibilities as outlandish as some of them may see another was what she saying is
some of us might not make sense but but you think think objectively here and somebody has a 1% chance of being real that's still a 1% chance okay you eliminate the things with 0% chance everything else is a possibility and after you've eliminated all the other possibilities whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth or something to that effect according to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle so these are the things these are the possibilities and Sheila's for possible things that have of what happened and what took place or didn't take place this weekend or last week and one things are exactly as presented to you nothing is as being sensationalized orchestrated magnified or manipulated in other words you should believe everything you are told and shown even though you were not there 100% without question questioning anything after all why would they lie to you right and that's listen
let's face it I mean if you're listening to this chances are you don't fall into the category to where you believe everything they're saying
what is a majority may be a plurality maybe maybe maybe I'm being a little bit too cynical but a whole lot of people fall into that category they watch CNN Fox News whoever I like how that's exactly what's happening yeah whatever they tell me that's exactly what I need to believe I should go get I should go get boots though I should go near she believed that the elections wasn't the elections were stolen now I should leave the you get the idea like I said my audience you guys are probably smart enough to know that's not the case but it is possible I mean is it a 1% chance that everything is playing out and being shown to us exactly how it happened
I don't think I get 1% but we'll call it somewhere slightly slightly very slightly above zero again it is I guess technically possible number to number to nothing you wash owner told us the truth and fact maybe it did not happen it in real life at all it could be a computer-generated images of Hollywood stop reduce movie or several crisis actors performing on green screens or a movie set in stone falls in the category of probably not again less than 1% chance that this is a case in my humble opinion is it possible sure
is it but but now I I just I don't think that is going to I can't buy that one at all I'll put it at 8 ever so slightly above zero just because I cannot prove Beyond a reasonable doubt that that's not the case I don't think it is but these are the possibilities the real possible building that should account for 99% of what I did what reality is number three the event did happen but not as you're being shown and toll it could be the exact opposite of what the news is presenting the case if it could be possible that is real either a allow this attack to happen giving them a reason to retaliate against their enemy or be perpetrated the event themselves remember it could be with crisis actors so in fact people did not perish yada yada yada in order to make prime minister Netanyahu look like a strong leader with his quick retaliation remember war is a business
and many people and if and if Industries benefit I'll let you I'll give you more background on that later and I never for is the event was a mix of the above with the conniving a mosque able to outsmart the world's leaders in the security surveillance because well we are told that is real just let their guard down so it's those are the options I'm going to tell you what I would put it at 98% likely to Mount Wilson 95% just leave enough room for for that bottom option for the option b option number three in Yahoo is is orchestrated everything himself directly into their actual price sectors and all that nip I do believe that this was orchestrated in a lot of ways of the the timing of the attack clearly it was known when the attack is going to happen again they pulled 80 to 90% of the truce and they move them from the Westbank I'm sorry from Gaza over the West Bank on the other side of the nation
it's just too convenient for me somebody new because if those troops have been there none of this would have happened if the surveillance if the if the intelligence of any of this if any of these things would have worked and none of this would have happened sure there might have been some fighting sure there might have been some deaths maybe they maybe they couldn't have gotten to the to the Raven time okay
but even then
I just can't buy it so it to me somebody allowed this to happen
they say you don't just go look for whoever perpetrated the event you look for who allow the event happen right now everybody seems focused on who perpetrated the event they're trying to track down or is it a Ron you know did the binders you have anything to do with it as far as you're not in the know he's asking nobody corporate media at least he's asking if it by the regime helped orchestrate they're asking me where was the money I send six billion dollars are you sure that none of that's been spending money has been spent you know that they run funds terrorists and Lube do they fun Terrace when did you mean it is all these questions about how to delete one of them are they the bad guys are they the bad guys are they the bad guys but there's no there's no questions being asked about how it was allowed to happen
who helped the plans because this wasn't planned for 4 weeks 3 weeks or anything like that that's been planned for a long long time Hamas just isn't sophisticated to be able to pull this off I'm not just talking about being able to adjust except it take away and they're trying to to break through successfully by the way they were successfully able to break through the most heavily guarded and surveilled Border in the world
with nothing more than wire cutters and and guns and and paraglider air glider mechanisms okay
I'm laughing it's totally not funny but I'm laughing because there really are people that believe that that's exactly how it went down
many view my son Ajay hoping that many but some of you might still thinking of what it will really was just a just a lapse in security these things happen well let me tell you something they don't happen not in Israel they don't nothing gets past them once they know their actions are small things can get past them something this huge that's like sitting there in your living room
and an elephant bust through your wall behind you trap trampled through your room or the other wall somebody walks in and they say what will happen you look in the other one who's read my newspaper and free kids other newspapers those of those old things that people used to read like me we used to read newspaper I still do I should read a newspaper yesterday but I'm off so I'm on short wave
Deanna B shooting a podcast and everywhere else but mostly on shortwave anyway so
if an elephant walk through your room
and you don't notice it either you were willfully
unable to notice it or not I stay unwilling to notice it or there's something wrong with you we already know there's nothing wrong with Israel's surveillance again they're good at the best
you know there's nothing wrong with their military they are they are extremely good okay size-wise they might not be be a match for the United States or China or Russia
but as far as technologically speaking I would I would argue that that their Equipment Plus in 10,000 men versus China's equipment in 10,000 men I think they could beat China I think we could probably be probably beat Russia I think it might be able to be a match for us again if if all the odds are equal I'm not going to speculate about that the point is if they were somehow all defeated by by Hamas unsophisticated Hamas terrorists in in hang gliders and with wire cutters
sorry didn't happen so back to the article again piggy house already so the question becomes how do you know what to believe in the answer according to Peggy Hall is instead of relying on a knee-jerk emotional response which is what the bad guys want you to do draw your own conclusions by doing this a resist a hijacking of your emotions by remembering the slimy tactics evildoers are using in an attempt to manipulate your mind be engaged your thinking mind your rational brain by looking at what is presented and analyzing it in accordance with three and then see look for clues in patterns and look ahead at what desired outcomes planned agendas or desired outcomes in plant agendas could be conveniently instituted based on this event good advice good advice. Don't get emotional think it's true look for Clues when it breaks down to so they're not getting emotional part that is
what's the hardest part now because this is an emotional time and emotional. And it appears it appears that my video has gone off hopefully you can still hear me I'm going to try to let's go to break and then I'll try to reset this so it's got a break I'll be right back
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and hopefully we are back if you cannot see me I do apologize I'm not going to that's the challenge of doing it a continuous to our show it's not like you can just hook it will let's let's call the support now you got one minute to try to regroup and restarting and get it all figured out I guess you're I could do a two-minute break but I didn't and I don't like to do that I don't like the one minute breaks I'll be honest even though I do love my my good friends at Genesis Gold group they they do keep the show running so we left off at a good spot at thankful you didn't catch me right in the middle of anything good spot to recap bottom line with all of the stuff going to Peggy Hall us to resist letting your emotions take over engage in your thinking might be rational K be rational about all of the stuff
and then look for for Clues look for patterns look for inconsistencies and I would add a fourth one look for whatever they're trying to tell you because chances are it's not true so just as an example you know one of the one of the triggers and I'll get to this hopefully Lord willing I'll get to the story here in bed but if there's a story about celebrities how celebrities that I think the top 10 Instagram accounts on on on Instagram. None of them have come out in support of Israel at all in support of or even a post Tomas a couple of the most of our are blank is it just avoiding the topic altogether but some of them are even pushing for Hamas but the Palestinian or whatever that hold the backing the Muslims well when you start and I do believe this is going to happen when you start seeing some of these people so many celebrities really coming out I'm not talking about like
Natalie Portman you know where are people with with ties to Israel I'm talking about you just random celebrities once they get the memo and they start saying all we need to support we need to support this side or that's fine I'm start singing happening more wholesale among celebrities that's when we know that the the globalist leak of all the powers and principalities have sent out the memo said hey you know what is real today get ready apartment so so yeah so so keep your eyes open for that but let's get back to this article so the in this is an extremely important parts of pay attention to this is that the subheading is it looks like chaos in quotes in this is something that's very important
pay attention
tell me news stories this phrase is repeated again and again it looks like chaos it's chaos out there there's chaos everywhere the famous saying of the Freemason society which is order out of chaos when I saw the phrase it looks like chaos being parented by those in the media I identified it as a meaningful symbol to signal that this is an orchestrated event. I don't know how to take it that far but it's worth looking at it again a lot of stuff I'm not going to agree with everything that these people are saying but I'm hopeful that some of that you'll agree with some of that you'll disagree with but either way you're going to think about it that's the key you start thinking about use your head don't use your heart your heart like we can use our heart all day on that first day that's natural you know I don't go whenever there's tragedy whenever there's anything like this I don't go there don't be emotional closet your emotions completely cut them off and just be because
a rash if you can then your cycle that okay or at least a sociopath that's that's what it takes to be able to to take some of these horrible images horrible videos horrible or imagining and our brains happening these people it's it's it's it's impossible for a functioning human to completely partition that we have to try it was partially to partition login to think through this really see because they use a motion to manipulate it so
what's what's wrong with this video so these are the things that right off the bat do not add up for her this is for Peggy Hall first some facts one is real is the world leader in surveillance security technology to Israel's Mossad equal into their CIA has the reputation of being the best in the world for identifying and stopping threat is real knows that Hamas is it sworn enemy and has as its number one go to obliterate Israel and reclaim the territory of for Palestinians that I was going to say part of the territory of Palestine but that's not the case broke since its Manan don't give me a Zionist anti-zionist thing all I know is that I don't call it Palestine it's not Palestine to me and it shouldn't be don't you read your full history not just the selected history that a lot of people especially in leftist media try to give you a number for Israel experienced a surprise attack on a Jewish holiday in 1973 fifty years ago
time Israel with us helped build the Iron Dome air defense effective in stopping and coming missions okay so now we know that but what are we being told what are what are the inconsistencies with those facts and those are facts I agree with him what are the inconsistencies well somehow Hamas was able to acquire massive weapons without is real knowing what talking about I remember when the last time there was a big attack is like oh my gosh they fire like 1,400 rockets and then they were talking about how they're completely depleted now I'm sending think 5000 to 10000 rockets and then they'll somehow they were able to get all that in there in a very short period of time and very small area across borders that are the most secure in the world
am I buying it not unless there's something else by the next Israel Iron Dome air defense failed and did not stop any of the incoming missiles know that's not true me and him didn't completely failed failed and feel more than it should have but from what I'm understanding it's not like it completely failed and in every single rocket came through there was a lot of rocks that came through so dismiss that one of the ones were Peggy Hall on that one next thousands or hundreds of a remember the that confusion is a tool of the enemy thousands of Hamas operatives overcame every Israeli security measure invaded Israel by land sea and air by paragliding in I already know that that's just silly to even think that's possible but they and they were showing on my Detective
next a first-time cortical Rave organized by Brazilian group was held in a massive exposed outdoor venue right near the border of the Gaza Strip the location was changed this is a lot of people know that the location was changed right before the event
and there were a thousand ten days no make a 2000 or reports now say three to four thousand people were there get the footage presented which going to pay it looks tasty I don't think it was but she says it looks staged shows closer to 100 people if that she'll do a deep dive into the Rave in the upcoming YouTube video or substack or whatever
the Rave was supposed to induce participants into a psytrance okay which anybody has ever been to re-rank similar type of of drug infested psychedelic Style music you're playing it's the it's possible I can see how people can be lured into a cortical trance I remember in my youth going to a Pink Floyd laser light show that'll that'll put a date on me a Pink Floyd laser light show and it was such as a psyop induced trance and I fell asleep. I plan on back fell asleep my buddies woke me up when I was done as my brain trying to trying to combat who knows strange videos very shaky videos trying to make it look dangerous and treacherous buildings being bombed but it looks like controlled demolition let's stop here and I don't know the validity of these
these videos it's so hard to tell special with artificial intelligence which I'll be talking about this week or next specially with the ability to deepfakes video editing is so hard to tell what's real and what's not but least you know when we're supposed to be but if it comes from a corporate media source and it must be real and we've already learned that's not true either okay sometimes they'll either manipulated or they'll be manipulated themselves in the erring something that has been manipulated but that's all of the discussion please I have seen some videos out there and it does look like I mean you see you see explosions she don't see the Rockettes coming in right now it's possible because they go very fast and betting on the frame rate yeah I've seen some excuses for what is the case but these do appear to be explosions from the ground coming up I am a one explanation because it was so obviously there was these weren't hit by a rock at your mom's and then these funds were were from the ground so he went on this is supposed to be
very some some kind of important person who knows what they're talking about some out of a scientist or maybe I think it might have been a military person either way it was an explosion before the rocket gas gas line explosion happening in those those areas in different spots whatever I get I'm not suggesting there's nobody going on by any means but it does seem that there's more to this than just just Israeli airstrikes that part I'm not I'm not bullet on that I'm not going to say that's a big blank Smoking Gun that's just something I took note of it did look like some weren't weren't a bomb a rocket or missile induced.
that's why I mean could have been could have been like more shelves has me very hard from a distant video to see a mortar shell for example coming in again that part is is less important just interesting in the last but not least there are reportedly hundreds of kidnapped Israelis get Israel is retaliating with massive bomb strikes on civilians so listen when we get into strategy wish talking about Rihanna what what is rails doing in response I am going to avoid that discussion. Because I agree or disagree it has nothing to do with with tact it's because we don't know exactly what to believe I'm not going to fall just as I won't fall for for every bit of information comes out of Israel I'm definitely going to fall for every bit of information that comes out of Gaza okay you see this always always always always whenever there's bombings and Israel there's all we aren't bombings in God's I should say it's always a video or two or five or ten to come out of a father carrying out a baby
it's just that every single time OK Google okay I'm not saying you some I'm sure I'm sure some of them are real maybe all of them but that just seems to be what happens every time now I do get a bit my cynicism I guess I get a bit unsympathetic knowing that that Israel has faced with an enemy that will use human Shields and not will but does use human Shields and there was at the big hoopla on on the first day of the the retaliatory strikes when it's like this month this month was hit and they were showing all my gosh look that you know the Palestinians as they called about to not take out any religious sites for either Jews or Christians you know okay but you know the first thing they do is they hit this mosque and then
you check the Israeli intelligence they have a field on Twitter where they talk about everything they've done after the fact there was this was a used as a base by Hamas they had military people in the mosque they have Rockets being fired into Israel being launched from the mosque okay and look again I my sympathy called quite a bit knowing that and I'm not again I'm not taking the side always rushes bomb at all and I'm not saying that either I'm just saying that they are in a difficult situation they really are because most will fire Rockets from hospitals they will fire Rockets from schools from masks from people who owns people's backyards
it's like they want Israel to retaliate in to kill civilians
it is sad that these these people that I'm going to talk about the civilians the innocent people in Gaza it's sad that they number one I have two to face their their Uncle brothers who are using them as human Shields the number to that mean they have to be against Israel because his real does does bomb them
and yet they also have to know that if if they were anywhere else any other Nation or any other region or any other occupying Force I wouldn't say any the vast majority of them would do the exact opposite okay it's a could get the people to safety get them away from the military compounds let's get them into shelters that's the standard human response when you're dealing with an honorable military on the other hand I must have the exact opposite because many children Kramden and give the children parked parked next to the rocket launchers
it's hideous it's a deal. So I ran him out that Twitter user so they they were showing out if you can't see me on video I'll just leave describe it to you but obviously you can't see on the video but but I show me out of the difference between the between the house when you and Military Specialists biscuit in military like the United States or Israel when they want to find something I can find anything okay they can find the other show the Chinese balloon as an example it was way up there and they were able to find it and all of them they've been tracking them this is a highly sophisticated very difficult to find item by military military piece of military equipment they were able to find that
tracking and everything but but all of a sudden these guys with fans on the back of their the three wheelers and and then paragliding in they didn't see that coming, whatever they're trying to sell us it is not good because they're trying really hard they're pushing some boundaries here there they're giving us some some BS that we've never seen before okay we haven't seen like this the closest we've come to this level of BS could be building 7 on 9/11 but I digress back to the yard and I'm going to skip this part again this is above above my pay grade is to the side of my pay grade I know there is your symbols and numbers and you know that they'll always use the the sixes in the 9th and the 13th and 11th of all that stuff I get it okay but and it's interesting I shouldn't I don't want to act like it's not interesting it's just not something that that I think is
we have enough concrete evidence to look at 2 or we don't have to dive into symbolism at this point if you want to again Peggy called. So it's like that, she's an entire section dedicated to the the numbers surrounding this I'll look how he knows 3,000 people 2,000 people 13 my all that stuff
not downplaying just saying it's not not my thing so we will get through this I shouldn't you talk about colors to and how the images have certain colors not suggesting is not real but you can you can learn more about that by going to the Peggy Hall. So stick that, I'm trying stalling as I try to get to the get past the numbers in the colors so here's her then again I'm not going to 100% agree with this opinion but it's important you know it again with the idea that you need to be thinking through all of this
why would they do this that's her question and a better question would be why wouldn't they do this I have an entire video or answer this here side effects of evil I remember that evil exists in the world the purpose of evil is to steal your soul separate you from your creator psychologically wear you down to her level stacks on your mind body and spirit isolate you from reality and make you follow their fake reality to take power over you and to enslave you I'm sure you could add more to the last I realize there is then this is a hard pill to swallow and frankly not everyone wants to face the reality just like with the cooties hogwash people willingly went along with it Hook Line & Sinker because they could not face the fact that the government media and mainstream medicine would lie to them well haven't you ever heard haven't you ever been betrayed by someone who actually knew you
who you who you thought you could trust
two maybe even loves you but you don't think an anonymous massive controlling mob ever lie cheat or bamboozle you I would rather admit I was Bamboozled and vowed never be whole once again then to continue to be under the boot of Oppression that's her long intro now we get to the facts but maybe that's just me okay I can see I am very into snarky Waters let's try just summarize why they would orchestrate this attack
Daniel will be seen as a hero instead of a zero as his reputation was slipping in part because he wanted to strip the Israeli Supreme Court of some of his powers number to Israel will get most of the world simply because they were sucker-punched by the Hamas terrorists and the three is real one Institute even more drastic Draconian security measures and surveillance Lemoore population as they did so dramatically during the cootie shut down and mandatory vaccinations smart cities anyone before Israel will get your money and mine and whatever the government prints out of thin air in military aid already starting to happen number 5 the war machine will benefit masley think Raytheon Northrop Grumman and others who make money off of these conflicts another word for the military-industrial complex is going to make a killing off of this this terrorist attack and then the ongoing War it's going to arrive
Summit number 6 it's a massive distraction from all the other bamboozling going on with its Maui starting my Maui anymore Ukraine
I don't want somebody Ukraine and you weren't Trump Biden cetera maybe I just maybe it will be Biden's win if he can broker peace between Israel and Hamas and this could secure his election in 2024 or she likes to put it his selection is in with his I can't imagine him getting 55 million be Leslie got 81 million I can't see him breaking in brake 50 million votes in real actual book I'm not going to talk about let's go get 150 million ballots probably but as far as actual real live American citizens voting I'd be shocked if you got over 50 million even if you weren't able to broker peace deal
great as far as mosco's it could be that this would result in improvements and the Gaza Strip or even more land in exchange for a ceasefire concept concept I don't know. Money money money money money money yep bring on the go fund me fees and bring on the grifters there are always those who pretend to be victims and manipulate your emotions as you empty your pocketbook see your previous yada yada yada yeah okay so that's that's theirs anymore the article I'll let you read it again Peggy Hall. So you can check that out but I want to reiterate for those who missed the last show I did say what I thought the end game here really is I do believe that this is going to escalate I do believe that Hezbollah is already getting involved in the Taliban wants to get involved and Ron is very likely to get involved especially if Lebanon is attacked further by Israel and counter-attack if you
I do believe that once the run is involved so too will Russia and the United States be involved and all of a sudden you got the great Middle East War some say that is prophesied I'm not ready to jump into that yet or try to acquire this to some biblical prophetic War right now I think we're still in the wars and rumors of wars stage Lord willing that is the case because that means that the time has come so, there's that but with that said we do know that they are pushing this hard we do know that if this continues its going to the graves only going to get worse for a long. Of time and it could bring us to the verge of World War 3 a full-blown Middle East War would be the start of World War 3 if you start to get Jordan involved turkey my gosh turkey in NATO what if that starts having you've already got air21 mouthing off about Israel making predictions
hey you think that they're going to destroy Gaza essentially
Jordan has always been for at least four or four decades has been cautiously quietly okay with things what if they start to get rattled what if they start to to be pulled into the conflict Saudi Arabia is already expressing concerns over what's happening I don't think they would get directly involved she never know then of course you're getting jumpy jump is less of a concern to me not nearly as concerned as a Ron of the Taliban or even Jordan Jordan baseball a proximity of course taleban based upon having 80 billion dollars worth of our was our equipment - for however many buildings they sold to her on to be given to Hamas and Hezbollah I digress Lebanon not too much of a concern if Israel were to go out some other than that that would bring in a rotten so many possible possible directions this can go on for tree every directions to Ensley towards Big Middle East War
World War 3 so that we can do that I talk to you again I talked about this last last episode in much more death but I'll get you the the teaser before we go to break
I believe that the solution here they're going to come up with a solution they're trying to to push on to us and more most important push on to the Israeli people is the two-state solution I believe they're going to come out and say it's going to be massive pressure they're going to come out and say hey the only way that we can get a piece that we can prevent World War 3 in the Centre of the obliteration of society across the globe whether we can do that is if Israel is willing to engage it is willing to give up land for peace because they all but they always say no more land for peace it doesn't work Lamborghinis and worse doesn't it hasn't and it won't it won't work this time either
this time they'll be able to get some pot in my humble opinion that be able to get some popular backing for it to me I haven't been able to do for decades because that's will be well we don't have a choice here it's either the world's going to have to fall into absolute chaos in World War 3 will happen and we'll all die or we give up some land we try it out we get we get some International entity make sure that they abide by their side of the fence we abide by our side of the fence and everybody's happy and that would be the signing of a catastrophic peace deal in my humble opinion I think a very very very short break for station identification so stay tuned
that's pretty amazing I lay out all these stories 15 stories or so and then I finish up the first hour and I got through one story it does happen from time to time it was a long story and required a lot of analysis so there's that if you want to see much of the story is that I Do cover today but also the story that I intended to cover today you can go to discern and go to the show notes tab that will show you all the stories that I had hoped to cover today and it seems as if there's a good chance that I won't be able to cover the mall will get through as many of them as we can I want to make sure that everybody is is fully aware that Genesis Gold group has done every everything they they make the show possible with their very generous production K they pay for production they paid for to get us onto shortwave radio and get us in front of five
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there's another theory that I have to throw out there and then this is a theory that I didn't read this. I've been kind of formulating in my brain is Joe Biden this week he came out as of yet we are 100% behind Israel on this in a lot of people start thinking out loud okay so you got most on the right that are backing Israel you've got the White House and a lot of them crashed not all of them obviously not Rashida tlaib not Elon Omar not b o m h any of those guys any of the radicals are all oh yeah Palestine Palestine you know how much you asking about the headed babies are like
they don't say a word they literally don't say a word they don't they don't denounce it they don't approve of it but their silence silence says a whole lot but here's the thing if you get Joe Biden out there right he's coming out in the White House's is fully behind fully behind Israel on this one is that real
so it does lent to the theory that I've talked about the first first first segment the first hour the idea that this is all the entire thing is a huge psyop being orchestrated by the powers and principalities to take us in some direction I believe it's they're trying to take us to a two-state solution and eventually One World Government that will do this is to me this is the pathway to the prophesied One World Government that is how to get there so that's concerning because like okay so so that means that that backing is real is promoting One World Government and I'm not saying that okay I guess what I'm getting at is this you can and you should you should be be prayerful and supportive of the Israeli people who've been harmed should be prayerful and supportive of the Gods in the innocent got some people who are going to be harmed as a result of this I don't blame you I don't throw them
do you know Israel is so bad because they're they're retaliating is I look they're defending the nation if somebody did that to the United States I would expect very severe repercussions and if you're going to San enemy that use their own people as human shield you're stuck between a rock and a hard place will have to pick the rock or pick the heartplace I don't care but the pick something this cannot be allowed to go on with that said what that said I want to be very clear about one stand that I didn't make make clear in the first first hour I talked about the last show so we need to talk about it today I support
the Israeli people I support Israel's right to defend itself I do not in any way shape or form support America's involvement in this at all no troops not crazy about them sending aircraft carriers their aircraft aircraft carrier groups there sorry one talking about to going there that's a big big huge move for those who don't understand that is that is tremendous mean you've already got Turkey saying that the the this is a sign that we're going to to destroy Gaza and Lebanon in and run that's how important is 18 when the aircraft carrier group from the United States has moved into a region its changes the battlefield completely I'm not crazy about that I'm not crazy and I don't want a single US dollar taxpayer dollar going to this effort look if they want to buy weapons office buy weapons upgrade
come on or Ukraine or anywhere else where we don't know at least we know that if we sell weapons to Israel they're going to use it most likely going to use this weekend or Ron or Hamas or both or whoever great but not no wait no wait I'm not a fan of 8 anywhere there's a tsunami and we need to send aid for that okay I get it this long as there's the song as it makes sense but as far as how we've got to send billions trillions of dollars overseas to to support this group of that group no no no stop it
just stop telling me this whole lot of discussion for another day I'm not an isolationist but we've got our own problems here in the United States we don't need to be funding other people not solving their problems either just my two cents there so now the second ain't okay what if what if this is a block in other words let's say that the binary James Engle what if their role in all of this in this entire conspiracy is to venture back the Palestinians that I like I should take or to put Alice in Chains because they're technically not even Palestinians that the whole of the discussion for another day as well what if they're with their end goal or if there's their next stage of The Next Step as far as our role in this is to back the Palestinians
you say I would like to Never Happened look where they didn't answer but here's the thing things change the most powerful world word in geopolitics is but
so let's say that Israel let's assume that I should even say that this is a possibility that is real and gauges in an extremely asymmetric response in other words they bomb the crap out of which means by me the crap out of Gaza which means innocent people will die let's say that they also bombed Lebanon let's say they also go after Ron you could very quickly see see Joe Biden or whoever the name is spokespeople come out and say you know we have supported is real because of the threat of attacks that that were perpetrated against in the horrible terrorism it was just so bad so bad but
now we believe that they need to be negotiating peace and if they don't then we will rescind our support I can see that happening what if the end we're already seeing here were teasing the lines being drawn I seen many of my friends many my conservative and alternative media friends out there saying oh you know Israel Israel that they think they're the enemy it's not a moss moss is not really the enemy the other Palestinians are the persecuted ones Israel's the persecutor we should be back in that I see that of course you see that big time on the left as well how do you unify no certain conservatives with radical leftist
Israel those special the right who do hate is real and there's a lot of them who hate Israel their very existence who hate shoes because of conspiracies this or conspiracy that those people will side with radical leftist they'll side with the Muslims no side with the neo-nazis they'll side with all the the the those forces that they usually oppose but in this case because Israel is what they oppose most they're going to side with that maybe some of you will like that I don't know. Maybe there's a lot of them in my audience Who falls in that category could be I look at it again all I'm My worry is God is first no matter what God's will be done
America First that pretty much sums it up from a political perspective now in my life and reality goes God then family and the local community and friends and then then I'm America I'm from America K I do not put I'm not one of those who will put the United States of America above the safety security in my family I love the concept of America I don't like the American government at all especially make a deep State that's hold of the discussion for all of the day we are lining up at least five or six shows in advance I already said I'm going to be talking about AI soon what you got a guy at least one show could end up being two or three shows about how artificial intelligence is becoming just
the existential threat bigger than some of the other things Central Bank digital currencies are going to be talking about those here very soon
now we got to talk about about small government America First Concepts and then Toronto Hall I have to be spreading the gospel because I think that at a time such as this we need to be spreading the gospel first ghost ship are our primary goal almost everything we do when I say almost there are okay so so you shouldn't necessarily be spreading the gospel while you're eating or sleeping but pretty much everything else will be at rest of the time and you should be doing what we're told to do the one universal concept within the Bible as far as understanding the New Testament side of it is that that is the theme that whether we're in the end times or not we spread the we spread the gospel that's why I always say what are we in the end times are we not I don't know we'll see
but either way it doesn't change what our goals are we fight the good fight we spread the gospel we do we do God's Will and everything that we can then everything else will fall in place in the very very end it is very happy ending for us those of us who who will get to live forever in heaven so there's always something great to look forward to so let's go on to the next story this is a story for my good friend Leo who he actually post this to sub Stacks a lot of his subjects are actually winding up over at my other good friends at the Gateway pundit
they probably publish come out of the stuff I need to reach out to Leon see if it'll if I can Republic just stop because it's a lot of his stuff is fantastic the dude knows the stuff that's titled why were Israeli so defenseless against Hamas terrorist going house-to-house killing and raping forgiven story I want to tell you that fronts really isn't about Israel
the story if you listen to it carefully you will notice that this really is about us
what the heck even states in the front let this be an object lesson for Americans never give up your 2nd Amendment rights Amen to that brother or the article by now you've all seen the horrifying images from Israel over the weekend people being murdered in their homes women being pulled out of vehicles by their hair and raped men being dragged behind vehicles to their deaths patapon executed the victims called the police and military which did not arrive on most of the bloody scenes for two hours or more look at these images of Carnage many of us have to ask why didn't the Israeli spy back many of us including myself assumed that with Israel being surrounded on all sides by such vicious enemies and living in such close proximity to them that the Israelis live with Firearms at the ready in all of their houses that assumption would be wrong and I knew that but then gravity will you to know that so I need to talk to Leo about realities of his room anyway
my source is the Israeli government makes its citizens jump through so many Hoops that less than 2% of Israeli civilians are license to own a pistol and by the way that's being changed the right now they're they're handing their last I saw they were hanging like 10,000 assault rifles to Israeli citizens near near both in the north as well as by Gaza so whether it's Hezbollah or Hamas they are trying to be ready and making their citizens right so this never happens again that's a good sign by the way okay if you I've been talked about all the bad times all the signs that all this is a conspiracy it's all bad and when I've been told the truth
the faxes are willing to allegedly and Ike Ike I should say I wait until I get a full confirmation for the fact that they're at least talking about arming the citizens that's a very good sign because the first step to taking over Society is to disarm the citizens which they'd already done essentially so the fact that they're now allegedly rearming them again I want to get confirmation before I said if they are then that would almost led to the possible to the maybe this isn't as conspiratorial as I thought maybe this really was just a terrorist attack well plot about maybe maybe it just they really did just pick the perfect I'm The Perfect Storm the perfect opportunity to to come across while Israel had its guard down I'll give that a nearly at 1% chance Bennett
C&S we're back to the article and it's virtually impossible to own a rifle if you are among the ranks of retired military you allowed to own a rifle but you cannot start in your house unless you are among the top Elite Commandos this answer the question of why didn't they fight back they were left as Sitting Ducks by their government leaders who are frankly just as corrupt as our leaders in Washington they're not in office to protect people and because they are so corrupt they fear the people in the first order of business for a corrupt government and no longer represents the interests of the people is to disarm the people you can't trust the body politic with weapons if you're screwing them royally through thievery disguise as heavy taxation that's when against the middle class and lower class you must disarm them and that's exactly what the Israeli government did to those people who were slaughtered in 29 communities over the past weekend
when somebody blow yada yada yada American society is not that different from Israel we have lunatic politicians seeking to destroy our way of life and take away our freedoms the same time with many violent criminals especially in the cities were allowed to roam free with little risk of extended incarceration the Border has been left wide open for more criminals to join the ranks refugees from Nations that hate us have been imported since the 1980s legally and with the full support of traitors in Congress the same element that butchered those Jews in Israel is here in America and they will turn on us at some point we're already seeing evidence of it with the promise rallies held in major cities across the US last couple of days I was there was a I think a lot of people were caught off-guard a lot of Americans were caught off guard in this might be another good sign or conquer by how big the pro Hamas rallies were how big
the opposition to the pro-israel rallies were these were these were big I mean it's not like they have like like 15 people walking around with with Palestinian Flags or anything like that in some cases some cities they were able to see basement fire huge parades of people walking around sitting in London which we can understand and London let's talk about Minneapolis your folks were talking about places where you wouldn't expect that at least a lot of people I would but a lot of people wouldn't have expected to see that type of response especially considering the circumstances it would be different if it was like okay this is in response to a a massive retaliation by Israel or even the mass of a pre-emptive strike by Israel
this is in response
2 terrorist attack
this was this these were American people I shouldn't out I don't want to say American citizens to their citizen status these were Americans in matches going out and protesting Israel Israel was attacked before the responses at least the bulk of the response by Israel against Hamas
Leo's right here folks they are already here by they were talking about potential terrorist let's call it what it is 70,000 70,000 people on the terrorist watch list of some sort of one of the terrorist watch lists have been encountered at the Border in the last two years 70,000
for more I think I've got a story later than talk about the percentages we're talking like like 7000 per cent more than any other similar period in history how's that even possible well we know why it's possible to possibly cuz of Joe Biden but the real question is why is it happening you know why is there such an uptick in Chinese Nationals coming across the border why are they coming from from it seems like every country if I want you to put yourself in the Globus leak balls shoes just for a moment
if you did want to establish an Invasion From Within otherwise be able to infiltrate as they love to do if he'll trade and then be able to attack to plan out simultaneous terrorist attacks attacks it would make 9/11 seem very very very small in comparison to how would you do that number one you would open the borders you need somebody like Joe Biden insult into office with the open borders you then pull back on Customs and Border Protection you pull back on Ice deportations you get corporate media to to be okay with it you hope that that even you know that the Republicans in power on smart enough to start busting people around but they were some of the more
to draw attention to what's actually happening
tronis I mean even if we were to somehow magically build a 100-foot wall today and completely secure the southern border it's already too late trying to scare you I don't want I want to be clear I'm not trying to fear Monger you so it's too late as this Doom and Gloom I will tell you this Frosty be on the alert
they called for they being the leader of moss or 1 L of moths called for Day of the day of Rage among the Muslims this Friday Friday the 13th
do you happen to see Maurice scene protest skip if they're willing to come out and in protest against Israelis the day after they suffered the most horrendous terrorist attack and had him at least fifty years if that's if that's grounds for them to to to celebrate in the protest
how to make obscene and then disgusting chance and Sydney and everywhere else if that's enough what's going to happen if and when is real does go too far or at least what you far is as far as corporate media and in the Biden Harris regime are concerned what if they want to see the images that come out of Gaza or out of Lebanon what if they're just so horrendous what if people start thinking okay slow down is right you were mad we get enough stuff no stop stop stop it you already you already made your point and now this is there's probably going to stop I couldn't imagine sucking the stage they declared on that day
they declare that they were going to see this through the defense they were going to make it to where am I could never was incapable of ever doing this again and that's not was just okay so we're going to buy a few places and then. Send in some some Commandos to to save her hostage and then we're going to say you guys better not do it again know they're going to try to eliminate home has completely
that's not going to be easy it's not going to be short so again I return to the question if we have all of these potential terrorists or what so you just want to call them terrorists always Terrace here in the United States and if they can be coordinated which we we've seen a can if I can coordinate well enough to allegedly defeat Israeli intelligence on the most secure Border in the in the world then what are they going to do in Cleveland were they going to do in Tampa when they going to do in Chicago
may I please can't stop shoplifters what are they going to do against terrorists and this out of knock on the police I'm talking about a police aren't allowed to take on shoplifters
they have they have become very shocked Nana so his people but as as a unit the in in the special blue City specially major cities are police are not there to protect and serve their there to make sure that they don't cross lines
they destroyed our Law and Order in our law enforcement apparatus United States at the local level with empowered for whatever reason the FBI federal law enforcement are they get to do whatever they want but our guys can't even shoot a bad guy who's trying to kill them they get they're the ones that get in trouble give me a break I'm getting very frustrated and so that article by Leo home and you can find it over at the Gateway pundit think we will squeeze in a couple at a very brisk brisk pace so this brings us to headline USA Lewis Cornelio over there titled Intel failures open borders fuel Panic the US is next terrorist Target
and yes I did plan this one to be the next door by the ministration has faced an alarming influx of special interest aliens I love you know of all of the the funky ways they attacked language and they try to make things you know with with undocumented migrants or whatever stuff like that this is one of my favorite special interest aliens I love it on the United States border the southern border including individuals from Middle Eastern countries Fox news report on Tuesday this specific category of individuals has raised concerns within the federal government as they are often looked link to potential terrorism or pose a national security threat to the country particularly those from terrorism sponsor countries and this is Mark Greene I cannot stress enough how dangerous this is for Any Nation especially hours while regimes on the other side of the world champ death to America there people are flooding our border Fox news reports supported by multiple CBP sources
closed that between October 2021 and October 2023 so to your. Border agents encountered a significant number of Nationals from various countries tie to Islamic terrorism and is a quote from from Fox agent and counted 6386 Nationals from Afghanistan in that. As well as 3153 from Egypt 659 from a Ron + 538 from Syria agent also encountered get this 13624 from Uzbekistan Uzbekistan sari-sari Pakistan 30830 from Turkey
16013 from Pakistan 164 from 1185 from Jordan 139 from 1123 from a rock and 15594 from Mauritania
the revelations comes amidst growing concerns the from the vine critics of the United States could soon become a potential Target for an undetected terrorist attack is that what they're calling it now is that what they experience is really it was it was undetected terrorist attack again
what's the most heavily watched and secured Border in the world we're talking this is what I got this coming from within okay imagine if let's say instead of having to cross the border imagine if there were thousands of Hamas members in their communities are ready we're talking about hundreds or thousand hour over a thousand casualties thousands of casualties from this. Over a thousand deaths and thousands of total casualties it would have been much much much much worse if thousands of Hamas members armed activated at the same time secretly quietly from within the communities themselves
that can happen here in just a matter of fact it's more likely to happen here let's say just just 10% of the alleged potential terrorists are actual terrorists that have already crossed the border and let's say that let's pretend like we we we know about the mall with that they're there has been no in the last 2 years Urban no unknown or undetected terrorist coming across the border cuz we already know that fly in for all we know folks it could literally be hundreds of thousands and again I want to be clear it always sounds like I catch myself thinking oh please don't scare people don't scare me I'm not trying to scare you trying to make sure that you are alert and aware and I want to make you paranoid I want you to make you diligent
actually looking see something say something I want you to make sure that you are ready to defend yourself in your family and if you are ready to defend yourself in your family make sure your neighbors are ready to defend themselves and their families work on the community if we can eat and just stop right there in your city okay that's that's that's bigger than you or me we can defend ourselves we defend our families we can defend our local communities I can be your block it could be your you're a few blocks K could be your little town if you're if you're in a rural area if you're on the New York City don't worry about trying to defend all the New York City defend your apartment building send yourself first and then your apartment building that's it then call it quits we need to get this mentality folks we need to get the mentality of of not all Wars. All
all the bad things that happen are going to happen outside of the United States we also need to get the mentality then not all terrorist attacks are going to involve airplanes or bombs
notice notice that the terrorist attacks that happened I'm not talking about the Rocks they were finding a parking about the terrorist attacks have happened in communities in Israel this is hand-to-hand K&N combat just so happened that in the hands of the Hamas terrorists were guns and in the hands of the of the Israelis were nothing to fill your hands
fill your hands with something P red e
Be Right Beyond take advantage of the Second Amendment while we still have it cash that's ominous
Backyardigan as reported by just the news on Tuesday CBP issued a lookout warning for males between the ages of 16 and 40 traveling to Jordan with one way tickets
well the CPP insisted there's no immediate threat The Advisory is a precautionary measure these developments coincide with growing concerns among conservatives in this is a quote from John Frederick's
from John Frederick's radio show reality is that the next one will likely start from within the United States that's how infiltrated we've been
a house Homeland Security committee chairman Mark green echoed the sentiments I cannot stress enough already read that so so yeah so it's it's crazy out there and the potential for something bad is it's getting higher and higher and higher every single day
some of you are going to fight praise God for you some of you are either unwilling or pressure on able to fight like I can it not everybody can fight
but at the very least make yourself prepared one way that you can do that is by working with my company Freedom First is designed to give long-term storage beef two people with a nice discount 15% discount if you use promo code JDR this isn't beef crumbles we're talking about high quality beef that's no mRNA Jazz I know that they're not in beef yet but they will be we're never going to allow that to all American beef currently it's all Texas we are looking to expand into Idaho and other places Oklahoma for a beef but right now it's all American Doll all Texas beef and this is the good stuff when I'm talking again about beef trouble for talking about freeze-dried sous-vide freeze-dried ribeye cubes and New York strip in tenderloin
the apocalypse you shouldn't mention sucks far as what you eat you can she eat good stuff we only put beans and salt one ingredient just beef fries right for a 25-year shelf life to you open those bags is mylar bags each with 12 servings in them so you open them they're good on the Shelf without Refrigeration for ten to twenty-five years so check it out Freedom First you promo code JDR at checkout for 15% off so see I'm not going to make it through all the stores will be selected for an attack is the warning we know we've already covered the open borders bad teras coming across you get the idea I've got a couple more stories about that back on Tuesday I believe what I'm Tuesday BLM Chicago posted it a hideous image of literally a guy in a parachute with a with a Palestinian flag and it says I stand
Palestine that's what the meme says okay obviously they were very well aware that it was parachuting men who who went to the Rave who killed at least was 260 people or something like that murdered in Cold Blood
doesn't perhaps hundreds of young girls
I'm sure I'm sure I don't want to go and what's happening to them now because many of them wish they had been murdered instead of whatever is being done to them right now what you think of this is a Palestine in whatever Hamas are engaged in the holy war let's look at slick-looking a fact here folks
they could have gone anywhere there's defensive people anywhere
especially in places where they weren't nearly as wide open to this is out in the middle of of an area where where I was wide-open where it was going to be hard to to get the people the fact that they sent men to this Rave that have mysteriously by the way Ben the location of to change the last minute
I sent these men to this Rave where they knew they would be young attractive girls that should tell you everything you need to know as far as this holy war their legitly wage
they pick the Rave solely because not so they can have mass casualties they they they went in a Texas Rave so that they could get sex slaves. That's the only reason that's the only logistic reason it's the only the ceiling logical reason why they would have gone after that area is that going to cause the most the most psychological harm outside of the the the rate Factor no K hitting hitting people at home and in communities where there and they have no they they picked it just for the sex guys girls
friends Oaks
that's it is your animals is a reason why Boko Haram attacks girls schools and kidnaps kidnaps young girls it's not because they're trying to to make a political statement it's not because they are you know they're they're trying to liberate these girls because they are seeking sex slaves
many of these terrorist press mostly stairs press all of these terrorists let's call it what it is
is a 15 seas are these These are depraved and evil men and I fighting a holy war the using the holy war as an excuse for them to do what they want to do part of what they want to do is to get young attractive sex slaves
that's why it would be very very hard to ever get me and then backtrack there it would be impossible to ever get me sympathetic about from us
I can be sympathetic towards innocent people none of these animals are innocent none of them and they will all be judged
they will all be judged hopefully in this life
bedazzling the next line
are you still in Chicago okay I've said from the beginning black lives matter has always been a pain has always been a kind we knew this from the very beginning when the on the predicate of protecting black lives they would have cost okay so that's sort of makes sense I'm not I'm not tonight at least that's ideologically it makes him but then they are also promoting lgbtqia plus Supremacy that makes no sense okay has nothing to do with with skin color that has nothing to do with violence being perpetrated mostly black on black violence being perpetrated against young black men was that has to do with lgbtq A+ Supremacy what does that have to do with the resolving the nuclear family these are all these are all aspects of the alarm from their launch
this is always been a con job and now we're seeing another level of it what what does backing terrorists or opposing those who been been warned
Wilson have anything to do with with black lives matter e
it doesn't
this is just a radical Global screw up my leftist group their radical globalist group because they are Pawns of the global suleika ball this isn't about OB Lemons with Democrats don't get confused by that and are they generally with Democrats absolutely but the Democrat Party is not owned BLM the global Sleek ball owns and funds and directs black lives matter this is just a perfect example of that yes of course they they knew there's going to be backlash they wanted it they wanted the attention
they want you to know that they're not really about what their namesake claims to be about it's not about black lives matter and it's about pushing a globalist agenda. So you take that story. That's over a damn independent Sentinel which I heard was changing their name to be their third or fourth name change but that's interesting to see where I told you're buzzing through these this wasn't going to take a little bit longer elephant in the room this is from my good friend Jordan check tell what his sub Today no. Cam is a dossier. Today. Today since the top leaders of Hamas living door where they are protected pampered and celebrated by the Qatari regime
when this article was written I believe I meant was this Wednesday or Tuesday 3 days ago Jordan 3 days ago militants from the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas launched a large-scale Invasion against several Israeli communities on the Gaza border proceeding to Massacre an Untold numbers of alien of Israeli civilians indiscriminately butchering women children and the elderly early reporting a massacre Yeti Yeti how is good through the important parts When It Go
the political leadership of the monsters that live in Gaza nor do they live in Tehran they live in Hunter one of the richest countries in the world where they are protecting the jihadists Allied regime in Doha of the Mask of the leaders of Hamas were spotted in Doha celebrating and praying for the success of their holy Warriors that I mean talk about you always say oh you know the guys in DC if they were in the Battle Zone they wouldn't send people out to your imagination imagine being the leaders of people and you're not even with your people it's one thing to to say oh you know we're sending our troops overseas but imagine if Washington DC was actually was actually in Madagascar K and they're making all the decisions for us over here when we trust them when we believe in what we truly respect them even less than we do now we would have even less respect for them because at least here you know we know that if if they destroy America they should
technically speaking be destroyed as well right just seems like they're in the process of doing but anyway they don't even live with their over the people a rule that's so crazy surrounded by several officials Ishmael the leader of a mosque declared that the quote the cycle of infant intifadas of enchilada and I know it shouldn't because it has nothing to do with the other but I always want to say enchilada when I say ant the fountas & the revolution in the battle to liberate our Palestinian land will continue adding that his jihadist Fighters are targeting Jerusalem to the government and then released a statement expressing its solidarity with Hamas is starting that that the civilian targeted Master committed by a mosque was Israel's fault question was to clean the the Israel Israeli victim solely responsible for that Hamas of savagery
that's a German name the German girl who she was killed within and pray her bottom half naked body was paraded around and Gaza now they're saying that her mom saying she might be alive or she is alive what would she do to to these guys what I am I can't confront this but I have heard that a lot of the people that have been kidnapped a lot of the people that they were murdered especially outside of foreigners or hourly still citizenship people that they were they were pro-palestine solution they been wanting to free free guys are the one always thinks I'm here ology doesn't matter ideology want to save you when you're dealing with terrorists they didn't go door-to-door and say do you support Palestinians Independence you support a two-state solution didn't do that they chew
anyway point is that they're not there to collect our reward royal family also owns the influential Al Jazeera media Network since its Inception is Arabic hosts have taken to promoting violence and terrorism several current on-air host of even celebrated suicide bombings as Holy Martyrs prior to its Western facing redesign the network was known for glorifying Osama Bin Laden and other high-level terrorist leaders have to worry about their not the only bad guys that are pulling strings for Hamas for Hezbollah for Islamic Jihad for Isis I kind of whatever look around all these terrorist groups the answer to multiple multiple leaders and rulers that should scare you a little bit cuz it's not like we can just take out the cut off the head is like a Hydra
do you cut off one head two more pop up
I'd mention it, I was going to destroy this is this is why again what we need to be looking for I'd mention this earlier and segment one but I want to go into detail none of the 10 most followed celebrity Instagram account show support for Israel following in my tax money back BLM is from Breitbart from David David over Brite Bar None of the 10 most followed celebrity Instagram account has showed support for Israel and the four days following his bloody attack on Jewish people so far claimed more than 1,100 is really lies at the same time many of the same Starz publicly voiced their support for black lives matter in recent past celebrities include Beyonce The Rock Dwayne The Rock Johnson as well as various members of the Kardashian Clan have all remained conspicuously silent and the password days when it comes to backing Israel the exception is Kylie Jenner who posted the pro-israel message following Saturday's bloody tax
following an onslaught of negative comments other famous faces who is Instagram profiles ranked in the top 10 are Selena Gomez Ariana Grande and soccer stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi the deafening silence indicates a PR conundrum for celebrities with gargantuan social media following show support for Israel could count as a strike against them in the eyes of fans as well as the established news media which is almost entirely anti-israel but many of these celebrities had not no problem probably supporting BLM just by the Marxist movement unpopularity with about half of the u.s. population Beyonce dedicated her humanitarian award at the 2020 BET Awards to BLM Riders same years when Johnson tweeted his support BLM while also talking then President Donald Trump and just go. I didn't really I don't care I I actually don't care I really don't care what celebrities doing their Instagram except as a signal
bowels an alarm for what the narrative The Narrative is being pushed down by the powers and principalities because they don't just use politicians they don't just use corporate media they really do you use these people these celebrities and as crazy as this is going to sound if you're as old as I am they also do the same thing with cortical influencers I'm talking about social media influencers like big tiktokers big YouTubers
I've never watched an episode of mr. Beast for example but apparently he's got like it like a trillion followers on YouTube okay. Quote on quote celebrities that their in their ecosystem are a little bubbles accept the thing is they're not little. Little ecosystems are huge ecosystems is that little bubble these are huge bubbles so when you when you watching you see it's important to know which direction the narrative in the agenda is Shifting toward because you will see these people slowly but surely and sometimes rapidly start to express what is their opinion or what happen you know they've been told to have on some cases what opinion are they literally being paid to have to talk to her two stalkers are they get paid a lot of money to say because I'm not just talking about endorsing some makeup or telling people to go to the Freedom First and use promo code jtr check out for 15% off. Talk about that kind of stuff that's that's fine I'm talking about
getting an ideological message and getting paid to express that ideology just is a simple example you know they they were really pushing to promote Vitamix they were getting paid they being the many of these Tik-Tok influencers are getting paid they were getting paid to promote vaccines
you don't think they're going to get paid or pushed or promoted or get the memo you think Beyonce is going to going to listen to me or she's just sitting there waiting for for the dapin to come across your cell phone this is okay we're you know go out there and say Palestine should be free or go out there and say say yeah you know I stand with Israel they don't know what to say nothing seriously they're waiting for instructions or maybe they got me in the instructions of said hold your fire will watch it when you were ready my sing these people are part of the cabal I would say to some extent they are especially if you believe in the Kabbalah satanic and nature no say that a lot of these people especially the basement but there's a lot of these people are these celebrities have already just completely committed committed their lives, their souls
to the advancement of Satanism therefore they're just waiting for their version of the big guy to tell them which direction I'm supposed to go gas stations crazy here he was that part that we're going to get through as many of these we can sustain so stay with me this is from media Research Center for those who know the terrorist watchlist I'd mention this earlier but now we've got the exact numbers terrorist watch list and counters at Southern border up 7450 percent under Biden setting new fiscal year record and I already read those numbers to you earlier so far as people from where and what they're doing but
but yeah it's a lot if you can see this chart man it's a big spike and oddly enough is this Spike started crazy shortly after the beginning of 2021
total total coincidence so and by the way I just turned to discern and click on the show notes tab let's get out of don't want to get out I've got 10 minutes left though really want to get his okay we're going to get out of out of Israel mode out of Hamas mode just for the last few minutes the show cuz those who never listened to me before I do try to do a diverse range of topics sometimes they're on the same basic topic okay like I will do a show in the very near future about AI but it's going to be like like 12 different stories about artificial intelligence just because that the theme is a i doesn't mean it's all going to be just reiterate in the same thing I do plan on a few stories that were not a Monster is real related here's one of them Elon Musk neuralink implants ruptured it ruptured a monkeys drink but
don't worry he says it's okay it's okay for humans don't worry, we're getting a chip in the middle of it it's going to be great you don't love it by by Lukas Nolan of red Breitbart a recent investigation has unveiled a harrowing incident involving the results of Elon Musk neuralink brain implant trial on monkeys sparking a debate about if the technology is ready for human trials in one gruesome incident the implant cause a brain a monkey's brain to rupture leading to an untimely death wired reports that an implant trial conducted by Elon Musk neuralink at the California National Primate Research Center at UC Davis has come under scrutiny for causing severe cerebral swelling and subsequent brain rupture in a female monkey the seven-year-old primate experienced severe neurological defect and endured and notably
full 24 hours oh my gosh put it out of its misery dudes come on during which it sees and vomited lost control of her right leg and shook uncontrollably oh my gosh stick that in my head please can't wait before being euthanized to end its suffering 24 hours
how much is that was was spent collecting data animals monkey a post-mortem examination revealed that he Civ leakage from the implant had inflamed a part of the brain that secretes cerebrospinal fluid causing such severe effects of the rear of the monkey's brain protruded from its skull
how late is incident was recognized as a violation of the US Animal Welfare act by federal Regulators through these cnprc a tent though the CRP the cnprc attempted to mitigate legal implication by self-reporting the violation and Anonymous former neuralink employer stated the implant itself did not cause death we sacrifice her to end her suffering okay so the implant did cause her part of her brain to to protrude out the side of her skull she lost control of her right leg and she shook uncontrollably she was seizing and vomiting but hey it didn't kill her we killed her that's the excuse
the ethical concerns are further exacerbated by the withholding of photographic evidence from the trials ethics groups such as Physicians committee have pressed for the release of hundreds of photos documenting their lease experiments arguing that as a public institution UC Davis is obligated to maintain transparency the institution however has a certain that the public is not equipped to properly interpret the photographs and the backlash could endanger scientists and discourage them from taking such photos in the future that's probably true we don't want to show you how bad it is is if you knew how bad it was you would think it was bad and you'll probably come after us is busy with her saying I'd mentioned a couple times down the show
neuralink is it's the other side of the coin, if on one side you got artificial intelligence and I should say artificial general intelligence and Quantum Computing working in tandem to Century be able to control most aspects of the world then you add in the other side of the equation which is not like which is basically literally a chip inserted into your brain so use you can you know I guess watch watch sports or Access Wikipedia without having to open up your phone or something I don't know be able to communicate without even opening your mouth again you could take me to tell it be like telepathy accepted really good more just and just going over Wi-Fi would you could talk to your neighbor or your whoever without even I mean look the Syfy side of me it's like wow that sounds kind of cool the
the biblical anti globalist side of me is like oh my gosh this is like the end of the world so which one is it I think it's it's the latter and I don't see anything cool about Marilyn it's not something that is enticing to me and when you do combine it with the other side of the equation artificial general intelligence and Quantum Computing across a ubiquitous internet which by the way there's starlink okay and everywhere you can escape you have to like go dig a hole deep in Antarctica if you really want to get away from it all right well I'll just coming together and I know a lot of people a lot of you probably love Elon Musk of the guy wheel on musk is fighting for us he such a cool guy you know he's just all Whimsical he's just so sweet he's he's just quirky you know he's all for free speech and he's all for freedom and yada yada yada yeah I don't I do not trust the Elan musket all I've been very consistent about that
or at least 2 years maybe longer the guy do I like him yeah I'd love to have a beer with him okay I would seem like a pretty interesting dude
but I don't trust him I don't want to have anything to do with him I'm okay I'm on Twitter great that's that's about that's the extent of of what I want my involvement with Elon Musk coronavirus Creations never going to buy a Tesla okay actually I'm not going to go I don't want to chip in my brain and I'm not going to sign up for ubiquitous internet just not going to happen so what do we do can we protest that are people I mean I'm sure there's some animal rights groups protesting at what about those who would protest because we thinking there's something completely dangerous and wrong about sticking connecting people to the internet through their brains and I've seen people do everything through their brains or doing anything to people's brains
maybe it's just me it wouldn't be a genie Riker show up I didn't talk a little bit about illegal immigration is not as it pertains to terrorism is a story from Ethan Huff over at NaturalNews title in New York City hospitals Medical Center's being overwhelmed by illegal imagine that the Healthcare System of New York City is crumbling under the weight of thousands upon thousands of illegal migrants or as we like to call them illegal aliens who continued to pour in from across America Southern border going to reports hospitals and Medical Center's all across the city are being completely overwhelmed by hordes of human Locust wow that's pretty harsh I don't even think the guy would go that far she would locusts in the sense that these migrants are swarming Healthcare facilities by the thousands in search of treatment it's crazy in the past year alone Medical Center spanning five different boroughs have reported receiving nearly 30,000 visits from Quantico to undocumented people meeting people who are living in United States illegally
Wednesday to from New York City Health Plus hospitals which operates the Big Apple's public Hospitals and Clinics. Some 300 new babies 300 new babies anchor babies were born to my grandmother's most of them at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan which is seeing about 25% of all migraine visits since the invasion began there's a quote from dr. Ted long senior vice president at New York City Health Plus hospitals this has been the hardest work I've ever done
okay. Cobe was the hardest work that ever done that's what I was always I always thought that covid really broke into you know they're Tik Tok dance routines and stuff because I was just it was just such a killer like huge meanwhile actual American citizens are having to wait months to receive care it would appear as though illegal migrants are taking top priority at New York City's health clinics as many actual residents American citizens are complaining of their having to wait months just to see the doctor for their health needs his quote from one person I am sure if you talk to anybody else in the city who is doing this work they there are waiting lists and people are turning people away or from them to other practices do we need more resources for Legal Services I would say absolutely yes
and then in a piece of pie from a hot-air writer Jazz show explain the entire system not just Healthcare in New York City is completely overwhelmed by the tens of thousands of illegal migrants who pour into the City and it's not just people being busted I mean I saw the video I think it was Ben bergquam who did a video and asking people where you from and where you going and they either California or New York almost all just went down the line and say hello where you from where you going where you from what you do matter they have been from from Africa Central America South America Asia it didn't matter they all want to go to New York or California New York California so it's not just Greg Abbott busting people it's actually happening
by their design by their by their by their will
again special special thanks to Janice Cole group if you have a retirement account at all and you want to get it out of woky is she Investments you want to take control of it Dennis Koger can help you there Christian company go to Jay Dr JDR and see what they can do to help you move your IRA or 401K whatever your government accounts
that's it folks Lord willing I will be back very soon with another episode but in the meantime you'll stay strong stay safe and God bless

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