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JD Rucker Show, November 10, 2023

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Unveiling the Truth

Title: Unveiling the Truth


The JD Rucker Show," hosted by JD, delves into the intricacies of current events, politics, and the media landscape. Broadcasting on WWCR shortwave radio and available on digital platforms like Rumble, Bitchute, and Apple Podcasts, the show offers a distinct perspective on news often marginalized by mainstream outlets. JD, also the editor of The Liberty Daily, begins his workweek every Friday, preparing top stories and delivering unfiltered commentary. The show is a beacon for critical thinking, encouraging listeners to question prevailing narratives and explore underreported topics.

Each episode of "The JD Rucker Show" is a blend of in-depth analysis, candid opinions, and listener interaction. JD challenges the status quo, addressing issues ranging from media censorship to the complexities of modern-day politics. With a focus on 'awakening' the public, the show covers a range of subjects, from serious political discussions to lighter, entertaining stories. It's a platform for those seeking an alternative to conventional news sources, promising a more 'enlightened' approach to information and encouraging listeners to form their own opinions in an increasingly complex world.

Recording: November 10, 2023

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News and Opinions relevant to Americans today in the realms of politics, culture, and religion. Host JD Rucker from NOQ Report delivers truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective with co-host and wife Tammy.

We tackle issues that most won’t touch. Even conservative and many “alternative” media outlets refuse to talk about “taboo” topics for fear of losing money from Google, traffic from Facebook, or sponsors who are “woke.”

We don’t take on woke sponsors. We don’t get traffic from Facebook. We don’t take money from Google. We know we’ll get canceled by some, but the truth is the truth. We won’t hold back.

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hello my friends and welcome to another episode of vjd Rucker show I'm your host Jamie Ryker and it's hits the the last day of the work week are heading in the weekend I think everybody is excited cuz it's been a heck of a week as if not it's been absolutely crazy in a Fridays are always the craziest for me because it's the weekday operate the the Liberty daily on the weekends I am the editor over there and Fridays are the week day that I operate it so I have to wake up over here on the on the on the Communist West Coast I have to to wake up sometimes it at 1 or 2 in the morning to get ready for the show and still be able to get top stories up and running over at the Liberty because you never want to start the day off with the good stories from the previous day right and how can we we got to get the good stuff up so so it's it's always a fun day if I sound a little groggy
is because I am in that that's just that's just how Fridays are going to go so we're very excited to be here on wwcr talk radio shortwave radio it's amazing yeah I said it too many times and I'll say it every single day going forward as much as I can and it's really for the audience over at rumble or brighty on bitchute Apple podcast or whatever if you're not listening on shortwave yet if you are not not involved in in shortwave or at the very least if you don't have a shortwave radio it's time to get one thank you mine I don't work for sure but I don't have it a shortwave radio sponsor and let somebody wants to to us and and and the pay is to promote it but I'm going to promote it anyway because as I say shortwave is the past but short wave is in my humble opinion also the very likely future when it comes time for for things to go crazy when the crap starts hitting the fan it'll be
people that are that are listening on shortwave understanding how it works knowing where all the frequencies are and all that stuff and they need those are the people that are going to be most informed when there are those who knows atmospheric challenges or martial law or radio stations being taken over which by the way they're already being taken over one of the reasons that I've been very adamant against going on most radio stations is as far as I am and FM is because of the the theological control that major stations have you know I did a very long and it was a very detailed interview and then basically they had a team that went back this is a major AM station one that that has far-reaching and greats indication they had their team go way back way back listening to all of my old podcast
all my old shows they wanted to to do a a Morning Show and they came back with me and said we loved it everything's great here are here's a list of things that you can't talk about I literally did that sound that you just heard that laughter that's exactly what came out of my mouth because no I was talking about you know those things that they don't want you talking about necessarily on popular AM or FM radio so it's just voter fraud or or the covid jobs are or anything like that and that's why we've rather you just have to focus on like unlike your standard conservative politics they're still young you can still talk about the Border you can still talk about about social security and all this other stuff and it's like would you have put me in this isn't that what everybody else started talking about don't you have enough of that on your am and FM radio stations and they're like no you know you can never have enough
I actually asked since it's so you want you want to make sure that your audiences are focused on the the mainstream topics the you called The GOP establishment topics you don't want them thinking about talking about exploring any of the the topics that are I guess you could say to Habbo and their business yeah it's pretty much said you know and they started throwing stuff out about how they have to say compliance and now they have to have they have to cater to the broader audience and I said yeah okay you you all you all do that I'm going to go go over here to wwcr and get on short wave and and reach reach I'm I guess you could say more enlightened people will just supposed to say that if you are listening or watching on rumble or Brady on bitchute Apple podcast
I need the standard digital places where we also play the replay the show you can always listen live 5 a.m. Monday through Friday 5 a.m. Pacific Time 8 a.m. eastern Monday through Friday frequency 7490 khz and 13845 khz that will that will get you with me and you'll be able to listen live now we're going to try we are going to definitely try to put the show live and been back on straight up video hopefully next week yeah right now if you are watching the quote unquote watching since there's nothing there but the listening to the replay on Rumble riding on bitchute even YouTube I'll probably put it there just to give it a shot but if you are watching it you'll notice there's no video or working on that so there is it's funny when I started with doing this shows years and years ago I started during the digital age so we started with with the video you know we started going straight straight to Youtube doing that stop
and I was thinking of kissing videos the harder part I was so wrong it is actually radio audio that is the tough part because the the way that it has to come through and get transmitted to the station to the station can then transmit it out that's all heck of a lot more complicated and so we're working on trying to figure out the best way the best programs that we can use to get number one to get me first and foremost out to radio and then if we can do the video feed from the radio show live as well that would be the ideal and Lord willing we will be able to do that I'm working with the great folks over at BBS radio am I my talented and Brilliant producer done out there in the in the world of radio he's we're trying to figure it out how do we get it to where we can do live video and live audio the same time now you might think you're so funny I just watching you a couple weeks ago
you guys were already doing that and then we're doing it on zoom and is Don has pointed out as more of a conferencing here's my PowerPoint let's talk about the profits for the new quarterly profit reports team it start do you design for for doing a a rumble show where YouTube show or anything like that and he is absolutely correct so we're looking at other software just trying to get it all mashed together so if you are listening on the video platforms don't worry you're going to hopefully by Monday or Tuesday you'll be able to to see my my amazingly unique face the next week unique that's the best way to to classify my my face
we're taking callers to get of course today yes it was fun it's amazing amazing callers really challenged the mainstream narrative I was very impressed with them yesterday when I hope we get some more today you can always call in and enjoy the show live 88-86 to 76008 that's 888-627-6008 and if you can convince the screeners that you're not going to come on in and just go to Ashley insane and get us in trouble with with the government than hey will get you on we'll talk we'll talk about controversial topics we'll talk about fun topics to talk about whatever it is that you want to talk about you know why because it's Friday and for most people Friday is the end of the of the work week. Of course for me it's the the beginning of my work week because of the Liberty daily on the weekend so and that's for those who who
I heard that say I wouldn't call it a twenty-four-hour job but it's as close to 24 hours as you can get I take naps on Friday Saturdays and Sundays because we do have to stay on top of the news and even here right now as I'm doing this show I'm I have my feeds up I'm still watching for breaking news you might actually get to to hear me work as I'm as I'm working on the Liberty daily of course I also own and manage discern which people ask why the Liberty daily is we just put everything that's that's important we put everything that is interesting anything that we think are patriots wants and or need to hear with the server Port I only focus on the stuff that they need to hear
in other words we need to see another day I don't put out the other stories that I would put up on the Liberty daily and we put up anywhere from 100 to 150 sometimes up to two hundred stories per day over the Liberty daily whereas at the server Port I haven't Focus down to anywhere from 30 to 80 stories per day that I would put up there and those ones I had selected this is something you need to hear this is something you need to know this is something you need to watch you know where as over at over at the Liberty daily I'm looking at it right now seeing if I can find an example of a story that that is interesting that the people wanted to see but that might not necessarily be a something they have to see and actually now I'm going through the list looking at all the stories
I can't find an example of what I would consider to be a frivolous but still entertaining or enlightening story is an example Babylon be okay I love the guys of Babylon bee I I consider a couple of them my friends you know we we chat with with them as well as people from not to be which is there they're serious version of of news non non lyrical version which is it just a great mix but I think they're fantastic. I love the work they make me laugh they brighten my day if I'm in a really bad mood chances are I'm going to go to the Babylon be to get a chuckle right we post The Babylon bee stories over the Liberty daily fairly regularly because again it's interesting it's it's fun it's things people I think would want to see
but I would never post a Babylon bee story over at the surf I wouldn't seem to never but I rarely would because it's not really mission-critical you know two people need to laugh absolutely do they need to smile you bet you do we need more more positivity in the world today 100% we do so much negativity right but there is still all so I would say a greater need to wake people up
if you're listening chances are you're already awake
chances are very strong if you can hear my voice right now you are among the awakened ones not the woke ones be awake and 10 you're the ones that are out there thinking huh maybe I should really be questioning everything because everything is is questionable in today's world
but for the rest of the people
they need to be woken up and that's why what I post over at the CERN should be Lord willing should always be something that people need to see read or hear so we got plenty of those stories today it's funny because this week is actually been suddenly quietly what is the biggest news weeks that we've had in a long time and that's a lot to say but every week there seems to be some of the dominates right of course we've got the the war so it started off on October 7th I was working the Liberty daily and we we were literally posting I would say at least Thirty stories over Forty-Eight hour period once that got started when I take the credit but to tuner horn a little bit we actually had the very first story you know cuz I was looking through all the feeds I was looking over at all of the other news aggregators
we actually have the 1st of the breaking news about the The Invasion the terrorist attack on Israel we had it up hours before the anybody else had any of the service I thought they were obviously they were Israeli site that had it up there but even before like Fox News or any of them we had it up in the Liberty daily and it happened like everything started happening late at night at least here in the United States is late at night our time in the afternoon rather and we started getting it up got a first story I've got a third and fourth and fifth Story up and then do it wasn't until literally the next day when it's like oh look you know there was an invasion in and it's like wow Pat myself on the back we got that one wasn't anything to celebrate since there was no beatings kidnappings rapes murders and what ended up turning into something that I believe is going to be a very protracted War
the thought that this is going to be all you know who the big Mighty is Real's going to go in the Gaza and and get Hamas wiped out in that in a month or two I just don't see it I just don't see it there this this is in my humble opinion this is going to be
a very long and drawn-out War and not all the players are involved yet people will come in people would leave
you going to see governments non-government you're going to this whole story is going to be on going for a long time probably longer by the time it's done Ukraine will already up in Bennett been forgotten as far as a a news topic beginning of October has been over a month now whereas this week's stories have been huge and it's unfortunate in many ways because some of them are such bombshells
and yet they're not getting attention they're not getting the the love of a bombshell okay I'm a big fan of not saying bombshell or breaking or anything the other try to get people's attention just for the sake of getting people's attention if it's a bombshell to me that means that it's it's huge like it's it's something that is affecting Society so to speak
we had several of those and yet again not not nearly as much place out of there being so some of them are definitely been covered up but it's more along the lines of I think it's just 50 people just like you know what that's big news I've been bombarded with so much big news for the Last 5 Years 3 years however long it's been that I sold one big news I wanted to just show me what was the show me show me Babylon bee give me some some fun stuff to listen to to watch 2 to take me away from all of the bad what's happening in the world
but you all who will listen to the I'm assuming that your your tolerance is at least high enough because people don't listen to me to get entertained that's for sure I'm not very funny at least that's what that's what my friends and loved ones tell me so 6008 let's get right into it story comes from a revolver and it's a story that I think all of us knew intuitively even before it was essentially declared but now we have essentially the evidence of what what happened title Nashville's diversity obsessed black police chief hid trance Shooters anti-white Manifesto now that's not shocking by any means we knew this we knew somebody was hiding it right now obviously because it took months for it to come out
if a yeah you're crazy or whatever we have a white supremacist shooter mass murder or whatever every detail that person's life is like is thrown out there they're interviewing the neighbors they've got it's a story for days weeks months as long as it fits in there that will fit into into gun control as well as not go against anything that that's in critical race Theory or trans Supremacy or anything like that as long as they can get those components together so it's white it's open season okay media is telling everything they're taking the manifesto they're getting it out there oh my gosh this guy was such a big at the sky was supposed to this guy was that he knows we get a AR-15 AR-15
but this one didn't match and match the gun aspect that it's like oh my gosh you know this is perfect we got someone armed with an assault rifle assault rifle bolt what that supposed to mean somebody yard with an assault rifle going into a school killing kids you know that was the initial initial report there is a call we got to jump on this one and then it's like I always said it was a Christian School that got shot up a way to S it was a it was a woman I don't know it wasn't all my gosh no no
it was a transgender person that did the shooting and crap okay Berry story bear the story don't talk about it is a Manifesto hopefully get into the manifesto what's what's what's hopefully it'll say something to the effect of you know I was I was driven to this violence because of Donald Trump in white supremacy and then they read the Manifest and I remember actually looking for a stand on that day they noted hey you know what we don't know we can't say for sure but but keep in mind keeping by in the Nashville shooter wearing a red hat
oh my gosh
Sheehy whatever was wearing a red hat maybe she's back at you know that look of the manifesto of the manifesto and it's all anti-white so I woke up it's all just not the narrative some what they do
they surprised so here's the story again over at revolver. News my good friend Amy over there going through a hard time prayers for any by the way prayers for Amy in it and her current situation but we're still getting
steel Trucking through with amazing content over there a revolver. News and people say how he is a revolver competitor of the Liberty daily into server port on a competitor you know our competitors our opposition would be the last our opposition would be radical Democrats our opposition will be the globalists Sono and the uniformity swap including the Rhinos so no I don't consider revolver news to be up to them to be a wonderful source of information so even though they too are a news aggregator still more to the Liberty daily and similar to the start of what I highly recommend revolver news and I would say that they would probably highly recommend. So so there's no it's not a competition folks are trying to fight the good fight anyway the range that awful can't believe I made the rookie mistake of not turning my phone down and do that first before I make a fool out of myself
your phone call in the middle of a show like that's put a rookie mistake and put in the article a deranged Transit shooter killed six in a horrific massacre at a Nashville Christian School back in April the deceased shooter Audrey quote-unquote Aiden transitioning a girl transitioning to try to be a dude Audrey Hale left behind a Manifesto Nashville police refused to share with the public we learned this week why and screenshots of Team buy Steven Crowder Hale vented her murderous rage toward whites who she referred to as privileged crackers despite being wife herself a shooter wanted to kill those like her this rhetoric isn't found in the dark corners of Fortune anti-white hate is part of school curriculum cross the country is broadcast by television television channels and popular films and it goes viral on social media this demented shooter was merely repeating what she learned from this aside
around Earth's the society around her let's let's talk about that real quick
so we don't know who Audrey Hale was before
gender dysphoria before becoming confused before becoming mentally ill
and not knowing whether she was a boy or a girl not knowing whether she was supposed to be a boy or a girl we don't know what she was like before then
maybe she was playing with Barbies maybe she had other things going on in her life we just don't know right but we do know that she transitioned or tempted to transition we do know that she engaged in gender-affirming care this is concept that is obnoxious this concept that is that is dangerous destructive and yet it's painted in such such flowery term such terms it to the radical left there like oh my gosh should endure affirming care of it sounds like you're so wonderful but now it's not it's indoctrination it's physical deformation
it's hormonal
sort of poisoning
he's awful this is torture
they don't know they're being tortured at the time some of them don't but you asked the people that detransition later they're broken
I'm like oh my gosh I cannot believe that my parents were giving me these hormones at 8 I cannot believe that this doctor was was slicing into me at 13 I cannot believe
that when I was a child that I was given the option of the choice to make a permanent decision about genital mutilation
think about that
the detransitioners and there's a growing number of them the people that have transition as a child and now are ours trying to switch back and budgets as a child has there been many people who even transition as adults and then transition back or try to transition back by the way it's it's a process but it's a process that they're never going to go all the way back to the most heartbreaking videos I've seen in my entire life have been of girls that is windows with us we're going to take a shower put on Tik Tok I don't know about a year ago and I mean and she's at now or at least at the time the video she was like 19 years old and she was just you can just see that the pure sorrow this wasn't just a mad I'm sad I'm upset that this she was like she was a broken person she's like I'm never going to know what it's like to be a woman
yeah I was girl I decided I wanted to be a boy that was a huge mistake now I can never have children I can never actually feel
what it's like to have sexual experiences as a female or male this is the saddest part about all this is that they think I was a transition so so they're going to get this out of the other I really don't they don't get to experience what it's like oh now I am I wasn't mad now I'm a woman now I can get pregnant now I can you no experience whatever you know that's not true and yet you still see them going on Tick Tock or Instagram or whatever you know I see this this bearded dude literally mean he's a bearded dude if he wasn't wearing makeup there is this guy Lumberjack or is he who know no apparently thinks he's a girl he's sitting there whining about menstrual pain
and it's like dude you don't feel menstrual pain because you don't you don't menstruate you can't menstruate I don't care what sort of transitioning you did what sort of hormones you did what sort of surgery you did you shoot you can't menstruate man and if you're feeling pains that's you know you need to either go to the bathroom and go to the hospital or something because because this isn't working
something's wrong with you
Sandy way now do you understand by the way now do you understand why I am and FM radio he don't want to talk to me I don't care call 888-627-6008 sound off about this and or whatever. I get is Friday so if you want to talk about about Ritz crackers you know whether Ritz crackers or townhouse or actually the better fake buttery flavor I am open to that discussion we will have that debate you and I and it's Ritz by the way just to be clear it's townhouses it's there their they're okay, they're fine substituting they actually did say the town house crackers are actually slightly Superior when it comes to using a fix spread because they don't crumble as as easily but if you're just eating the Ritz crackers are using a dip a soft dip Ritz are superior to townhouse their definitive answer keys close so back to the article the Tennessee legislature has shots
combat that heinous ideology by barring critical race Theory and other harmful forms of lettuce and vaccinations in schools the shooters Manifesto highlights the need for more to be done yet the police assiduously kept the people in the dark about the hateful Manifesto officials even playing the manifesto didn't express any specific political or social agenda if you haven't heard or seen with with this Manifesto it is it's literally just made a political and social agenda that has been peppered with rage and thrown on a page before she went on a rampage I got a free market that's pretty good recent reports have suggested multiple officers suspected the of the leak have been suspended the last I heard they were seven so hey Manifesto that was leaked is doesn't exist in this is real and they were still getting rid of the people that liked it or they suspending them all the future developments could very well reveal their maybe more
Manifesto than the anti-white hate it is clear the police department would rather not noticed the racial animus Express by the confused transsexual hail hail was taken down by heroic white police officer from Metropolitan Police National Police Department they saved several lives that day by Russian to put down the shooter sadly there boss wants to or cops like them Nationals black police chief John Drake's Mission since taking Office three years ago has been to make sure May 4th more diverse and compliant with the less police agenda and let's be very clear okay it is I understand why they highlight the white versus black thing but I don't care what color somebody is when it comes to a like they're like it could have very end in 2023 he could have very easily been a a white male whatever who would feel the exact same way
it could have very easily been a Hispanic female who felt the exact same way this this notion of protecting wokeness this notion of of hiding from the public when anything anything that goes against the the whatever you called it the d e i a gender diversity equity and inclusion anything that that's highlights why that's wrong I don't care if I don't look at this and I even though yes this police chief is black I don't think again if it was a woke white dude nothing would have changed nothing would be any different than what we experienced the manifesto still would have been covered up
it's not about actual race or color or anything like that this is about a belief system this is about there are certain people on both sides by the way let's be clear about that there's people on both sides of the political aisle and if you do and I know somebody's going to call and say it's not really a leprous is right thing as it sits on a more of a three dimensional scale I get and I agree but let's just let's keep it simple for right now let's talk left and right there people on both the left and the right
cool do anything go to any means necessary to protect their agenda even if they're wrong on a particular topic that is if it's somebody's wrong about something I have no problem calling them out and neither should you and neither should any of us we shouldn't look at it as oh we have to defend their tribe no matter what you I am a I am a supporter of Donald J Trump I hope that he is our next president once again okay but bump stock ban I called him out hard hard the two weeks to slow the spread I was protesting protesting against his government while that was happening while I was even being discussed early on
his decision his choice to go out there and say oh you know he saved a hundred million people no he didn't he did not save a hundred million people with the vaccines.
It's okay we don't know but should nobody should say okay so so the ideology is is clear the agenda is clear the narrative is clear they have to be defended even if we have to lie about it even if we have to cover it up that's not how freedomworks is not how America should work
so that's why I'm saying there are people on both sides who will go with the travelist mentality of even if we're wrong we have to pretend like we're right even if even if even if it's clear
that our side did something wrong we still have to defend it and that's not true that's not how things should be
we should be able to look at any individual any organization any any group of any sort or any person of any sort and judge their individual actions their individual ideologies specifically based on that alone it stopped to say that everything Donald Trump does or says is right it's not to say that everything that that whoever or whatever group in the lgbtqia plus Supremacy caucus they're always right you can't say that they are wrong A lot of times and yes on the right a lot of our people are wrong A lot of times and maybe not a lot but sometimes we get it wrong and we're getting it wrong right now pull a portion issue and people say oh my gosh he's about to say that we shouldn't be talking about it but no it's the exact opposite this is push right now for whatever reason and I know the reason I wish we will talk about not this week we'll talk about it next week
but there's this whole push that with you the reason we were losing the 2022 the thing that prevent of the 2022 red tsunami and the thing that prevented 2023 from being a brat election for Republicans is because of the abortion issue it's a stick but you know we've got to we got to get away from that we've got to start embracing a more moderate stance and John Gotti and I'm just like holy cow are you kidding me do you think we're stupid and unfortunately many of us are
it's not the the reality
that's the one that pushing the wrong and we can we're talking about some some people actually do like and respect so we can serve talking Talking Heads out there sometime soon conservative leader who are now calling for us to tone down on our push to end abortion pill say all your your your anti-choice your anti-abortion yep you bet you I sure as heck am and that's not going to change
just because all we know we might lose elections if you if you find it Well then we need to get better at messaging because here's what's been proven when you show people what they're actually buying when they are voting for these these insane measures such as what they voted for in Ohio if you take people that are about to go vote
for an amendment that will allow abortion up until birth if you take them and you shouldn't want a partial birth abortion actually looks like what actually happens if you show them the video of that
eight out of ten of them that we're going to vote for the amendment will not I guarantee you that's not based on empirical data I don't have the stats in front of me that's just because I have a belief that the videos are shocking enough I seen the videos there shocking enough that anybody who can see that and then go vote in favor of allowing that in this Society
that person is pure evil
that person is is disgusting
I don't believe I think there's a lot of bad people in America but I think that I can't imagine there's more than 20% of them are that disgusting a hideous
we would have made it this long if that were the case the problem is is that we have weak Republicans week we conservatives
we just we just don't offend people enough we don't go out there and get on their face and say you owe you want you think the people should have the right to to a board and Anna murder baby wants it's her body looks mother's body let me show you a body here's a video
only partial birth abortion here's a video of even a is a video of a of a regular abortion at 6 months this is what actually happens is the dismemberment that takes place did you know they actually just basically shop the infant the preborn baby they just busy chop it up chop him or her up I should say
so like you know here you're cutting up whatever you're taking taking a big chicken and chopping off his leg chopped off at swing and you know and just pulled it out
did you show people the truth they won't go for at least the vast majority of my humble opinion Maybe I'm Wrong
Maybe I'm Wrong maybe people would see that and just be disinterested maybe they'll be like yeah but
it's still it's still her body it's she still has the right
I don't think so I don't think people are That Hideous I think there are people that are That Hideous but I don't think that a majority would be
what's a week on the right we're too too conscious of your not wanting to offend
which is again why I'm here in shortwave and not AM FM praise God for that +888-627-600-8886 to 76008 yeah I always say we're going to make it through I can get out of the screen right now I've got about a dozen story through three or four minutes for story and we're going to move to the next door we're going to get all this stuff in there then I looked and it's been like we're already over over a fourth of the way done with the show and I got to the first story praise God for that William does next door have got it got to do a shout-out you know we've had as many of you know we've had some challenges staying on the air off and on for the last few months that we've we've been inconsistent and Lord willing we will be able to stay consistent going forward but there is talk about there's been some medical reasons there's
and some logistical reasons there's just been a lot of things that I have kept me off the air from time to time but there's one at least one that's been a couple of those good reasons one very good reason that I have been gone two years because we've been finalizing a deal and we're very close we're at the finish line to finalising a deal to where we will be able to have majority control over over our pepper Beef Company and it's just fantastic in keeping everybody on board I do I don't want to make it sound like we're taking control and we're going to fire everybody know the the founders my co-founders who started this this company and when you can find this at Freedom First the the co-founders that were with me are staying on board okay they're they're going to continue as partners with me going forward but we also have now added a a new wrinkle to the Mixcraft some more some more buying clout so to speak and we're just going to advance
with our goal of feeding Americans and giving Americans high-quality long-term storage beef they're going to go after protein folks they really are they already are there already trying to make you eat bugs are already trying to make you eat lab-grown meat there already trying to say that that chickens and cow farts are killing the the environment in that if we don't if we don't eliminate all cows by by next year than than a else is going to blow up the world or something like that I've got to go with their exact narrative is but if you've heard it I mean they really don't want you to eat anything other than what they control of course it was Henry Kissinger who said who controls the food supply controls the people they want to control you they want to control me in the people that won't be controlled of the people that won't be beholding to government and the only way yeah there's a lot of things that you can do you can arm yourself you can move out of the Cities go go off-grid there's a lot of things that you can do
right but there's one thing that that you said definitely need regardless of what you do and that's sustenance that's food and water they want to control protein I'm a big fan of people going out and starting their own garden even starting our own mini Farm getting a homestead all that stuff we want to do that as well and Lord willing we will be able to do that but right now you know you won't start the focus on on the protein aspect of it and unless you have the land
and the people and the equipment and everything that you need to raise beef cattle and then your protein will just have to be I guess the eggs from the chickens that you have and that's fine by the way there's nothing that's great you know God gave us chickens for the eggs
oh so it's like hey here's a here's a great way to turn grass into delicious protein they can sustain you indefinitely if you if you do things right so yeah so that that's an option but for those who want more than that and for those who want high-quality we were talking about ribeye New York strip Tender Loin freeze-dried it sous-vide is freeze-dried it's awesome you check it out at Freedom First it ain't cheap but thankfully you can use promo code and JD are at checkout and get 15% off and you will be ecstatic because this beef is fully cooked with only one ingredient be if we don't even at Salt we just take the steaks chop into cubes we sue them and freeze drying with Robin the bag with the mylar bags the oxygen absorbers and then we ship it out to you and it's got a 25-year shelf life you don't even have to refrigerate it
good stuff good stuff so check it out for you first use promo code jader that we got we got our I probably answer this next story hopefully you got I think it would get through this this is another one that shockingly this hasn't gotten them much attention even from the right I think this might be a case of maybe maybe maybe you just haven't heard about it yet we see this from time to time especially if you know the Liberty daily will break its story on a Tuesday and then we'll see a picked up by the Gateway pundit later on that Tuesday they will see a picked up by bright by the next day when she picked up by by daily wire the day after that and then a week later it's on Daily Caller end and Fox News it's kind of it's literally the transition right now I'm hoping that this one that didn't come in my system actually from Decorah news Kyle Becker who's been on the show before
Becker news went out there and then found a story that I think is a shoot bombshell and yet you don't see a whole lot of people talk about it yet we're going to talk about it today trouble trouble in Fulton County high-powered defense attorneys moved to withdraw amid questions about 2020 balance now here's the funny part is that high would argue that Kyle said he's a tremendous tremendous brilliant journalist okay this guy knows his stuff he knows he keep break stories he's he's got connections across the board this guy knows everything I would argue that may be the reason of this one didn't give it the attention it deserved is because he assumed people understood from the headline that he's talking about voter fraud K imagine Fulton County which is better hey that's voter fraud Central right convention 2020 ballets but you didn't actually mention the election I know why you did it because why I think I know I did it when you stay
using the word voter fraud all of a sudden nobody on AM FM radio wants to talk to you in Facebook and Google won't won't link to you they won't send you traffic so I can get it but in this case may be I would have made the exception if I were them this is 100% about massive widespread voter fraud is still the 2020 election so let's be straight up with that let's get the article of this trouble in Fulton County Georgia Power criminal defense attorneys have suddenly filed a motion to withdraw from a 2020 election case who wrote defense attorney Donald F Samuel and Amanda are Clark Palmer have motion to withdraw themselves from Favorito versus one case according to the motion
Rasmussen speculated that the lawyers report motioning to withdraw may have something to do with quote unquote missing mail ballots
and this is Quincy Rasmussen reports they say Fulton County GA high price criminal defense lawyers see writing on the wall hit the silk and it says he's 15 100 round AR-15 150,000 still secret 2020 unfolded mail ballots with a perfect nipples protected by court order for three years may have gone missing and the County's lawyers have just quit let me repeat that
it's referring to these hundred fifty thousand ballots that were unfolded candies are mail-in ballots
how can I mail in ballot be unfolded
hundred fifty thousand of them these also had perfect ovals
and what was its a pencil filling in the oval they were printed ovals. And you can't convince me of anything other than that
there is no viable explanation of how 150000
app that have been protected by the chords for 3 years now they're missing
and now the attorneys
in the case have withdrawn
they know something obviously they didn't mean to make it sound like that's the big news they know of course they know they knew probably going in and now so I got to go we're going to get caught this is a bad case to be associated with we don't want our law firms we don't want two names touching a case in which in which the government has been covering up blatant widespread voter fraud in the state that help to determine the result of the 2020 election was a gap or what was the what was the the the different when was the margin of victory in Georgia wasn't like ten thousand volts I think some like that
150000 ballots unfolded perfect syllables again these are mail-in ballots suddenly appeared after the water main that didn't break actually thought they broke after the the reporters and end. End Watchers were told to leave because they're done and they're caught on camera coming right back in and starting to to count votes count ballots that have been in boxes under tables this on video people always so there was no evidence of 2020 voter fraud wrong there was massive amounts of evidence it is all been covered up and it's not just Democrats this is by Republicans as well that's why I keep saying anybody there's a strong Blues this Crossing America there really is. There's several of them I believe there's one in particular when it comes to voter fraud people are in denial people who thought the 2020 election was stolen
cake a lot of people have been brainwashed a bit and thinking that all you know what it was it was stalled in the back it's maybe it wasn't and I don't know why it was obvious it was stolen.
99.99% certain that Joe Biden did not get 81 million votes 99.99% certain that Joe Biden a racist got more black votes than Barack Obama
if you believe that you're stupid when you're literally you're stupid
you can look me in the eye and say hell yeah no no Joe Biden mister I mean Joe Biden is that like the most racist president that we've had in decades
you telling me a nimbus was is not new like oh my gosh we didn't know until after we go to fart
he exudes racism
and yet he got more black votes than Barack Obama
now that didn't happen folks
and now it looks as if the truth is starting to come out do I have hope that it will know that is wholly not but I think of this is just going to get buried yep I do you're looking for for the for what is a TI the qanon new note just trust the plan it's coming this is everything's going to be exposed that's not me okay I'm just going to call the way I see it is there's reason to Hope then yes there's a reason I hope am I going to try to get the word out there absolutely that's what I'm doing right now to why why this Becker news stories are the top of both the stern as well as Liberty I want people's many eyeballs to see this as possible most rare this to the masses
I stole that doesn't you can convince me that this is really going to do anything I give it a 3% chance maybe for what will stretch will go to 4% chance of this equates into something
is that just because the cover up it's because far too many Republicans far too many conservatives are out there
so you know huh well I guess there really wasn't voter fraud is the court of law did they try to to get the courts to look at it and then they failed so much Bobby real you know who was it by the way he was doing all that you've got to you've got Rudy Giuliani who I like but these may be a couple of decades Beyond his prime okay he's leading the charge to supposed to supposed extraordinary complex and widespread voter fraud scheme Grapevine
is it is he going to be able to do it I don't think so you have other attorneys on there who it now turns out all of them are against Trump
how that happened
is it possible just throwing this out there not making accusations but is it possible the maybe the powers-that-be maybe these people who were engaged in spreading voter fraud engaged in in installing Joe Biden into the White House
is it possible that maybe those people would have thought I wouldn't you think we can get some some fake conservatives to and and get somebody to recommend them to Drummond to hate Trump this is the person that's going to help you too to prove voter fraud get them on your defense team and your scent is that even possible
I mean you know people say I want no truck with a slight seen through that I actually had that argument so somebody said yeah I know Trump trump noses people troubles would have seen through that in a heartbeat Like You song with would like Jeff sessions and Christopher Ray and Rex Tillerson Amorosa Michael Cohen you know John name remember his name anymore but you got you got white scribus okay HR McMaster I mean the list goes up and down okay with the Anthony scaramucci was press secretary for like 2 weeks or something like that get another percentage I forgot her name who's ever in the book against him are you really think that I mean look Trump's got a lot of amazing qualities I think he's a he's a he's a pretty smart dude who's patriotic and who's who fights right okay and he's willing
go out on a limb and he's he's hard if not impossible to corrupt all these things are positive cuz call it what it is he picked out some pretty crappy people in the first sir can you pick up some pick out some awful people
cuz you don't remember Jeff sessions just first attorney general could have stopped the Russian collusion hoax
it before it started he had within his power
to put it into it
and yet you didn't Bill Barr his last Attorney General
could have had all the evidence that he needed to demonstrate very quickly and very easily that the 2020 election was stolen he had evidence before election day in the 2020 election was going to get stolen
and he intentionally and continues to intentionally
keep that from coming to light
these are people that Trump picked that you can say all of them but they were recommendations okay well so he picked them the recommendation can't twist his arm and say mr. president you have to pick this guy or else you know whatever he was President United States so I don't look to anyone else to blame for those particular choices
man that was supposed to be clear I'm not saying that that the president is always responsible for every individual Choice there are things that a president can do or more than an Administration can do the trip really Falls squarely on the president's shoulder because the president is not is not a polymath not no present ever is and it's a good thing by the way they have to rely on their advisers and sometimes their advisers giving bad advice when it comes to picking up Personnel that's something where you do you have to be a spot on you can make in the occasional mistake
don't make a lot of them and Trump made a lotta so anyway. I don't know how I got got sidetracked on that one but let me know if we finish off this story because this really is a big story over at Becker by Kyle Becker and if you have any comments about it before you go on break call in 888-627-6008 that's 888-627-6008 exactly back the article it is not clear why the lawyers are withdrawing from the case that the news has reached out to the law firm of Garland Samuel and low for comment and will update accordingly human events however had earlier reported that Army 147,000 mail-in ballots controversy according to human events phone County call manager Susie Voyles was sorting through a large stack of mail in ballots last November when she noticed something odd saribalas Mark for Joe Biden were extremely similar
one after another the votes contain perfectly filled ovals for Biden what's more each of the bubbles posted and identical whitevoid inside them in the shape of a tiny Crescent indicating they've been marked with toner ink instead of pen or pencil for the epoch times
anybody until just download and anybody who tells you there was no voter fraud or the voter fraud wasn't in that for that's the the popular popular opinion the rhinos and members of the un party swamp that are on the photo for Republican side that's what they say yeah that's the part where they get so I guess meeting some credibility but they don't have to have they can explain why his usual thing if they think that if anybody any lawmaker thinks that the 2020 election already election is stolen it is their duty is their responsibility their sworn
to defend the Constitution and that does include defending free and fair elections so if it is their belief that an election is fraudulent election has been stolen especially a presidential election when it becomes that lawmakers Duty
to do whatever it takes to expose the truth to reverse the fraudulence aspect of the election and they don't want to do that because most of them are part of it most of them it's okay we're going to steal this election for providing and that we're going to steal your next to election so you're going to be in then we got to Cozy job for you at Raytheon or wherever don't worry we'll take care of just just don't ask too many questions can we ask you about voter fraud say yeah I know that's the voter fraud it's just not enough it was enough voter fraud to change the results of the election cakes your what are some fraudulent ballots here they're sure sure that were
take those people in and show them this and have them explain to you that $147,000 that voted for Joe Biden in a state that he won by 10000 votes how they had perfect ovals they were unfolded
there was an identical Crescent was in the bubbles within the the the ovals
that doesn't happen it's impossible the only only possible way for those hundred and forty seven thousand ballots to been filled out and delivered in that way is if they were printed
and if they were printed
and they are fraudulent
147000 unambiguously clearly demonstrable fraudulent ballots voting for Joe Biden in the state that he won by my less than 100 I love is 10000 but less than a hundred and forty seven thousand votes in other words
based on this information if this information is true and with 100% certainty President Trump won
Georgia let's just one state
we're going to go to station identification which I still need to tell me what that means what why do we have to be quiet for 420 seconds I don't know but I'm going to go shut up the next 20 seconds then I'll see you on the other side
no I'm being serious what why do we have station identification mean is that is it just an old thing as it's I'm what's what's the purpose is it I don't know it was it's like the same same laws instead of chatting like speed limit signs every certain intervals of road or what I don't know I'd have said buy it I'm just curious why is it once an hour is it is it just an old is it this is worthwhile is it is it beneficial you tell me and you can argue about that or Ritz crackers or voter fraud or anything else you want to talk about by calling 888-627-6008 yesterday was about Flat Earth after myself well this is this is really interesting now I'm not I personally don't believe that the Earth is flat butt
I will also now it's in there are I understand why many people do believe they're this way there's plenty of evidence that then it could be true I just I think there's more evidence that is not true it's all nothing against flat-earthers but it's funny because a lot of people you know that I live. I've been guilty of this as well a lot of people will use that as an example of all you know I believe it on some conspiracy theories but I'm not a flat earther it's kinda like that's the litmus test for if you're a conspiracy theorist or a conspiracy theorist right this is his fault that should be the case cuz again you know there's a lot of conspiracy theories out there that have actually pasta 10 backing those should be the example is not flat Earth because again if you'd look even if just for entertainment purposes you should look into it just so that you have an understanding of why people why there is such a large and there really is a large number of people who believe in Flat Earth theory so they're not crazy
a list of the night it's not like this is just a way out there idea I mean you know it's way out there because of the league that is it would be like insane to if it if it's true that would change obviously literally everything that we know right so I guess that part's crazy but but the the belief in it that's not crazy that's just people saw certain piece of data read certain Bible verses saw some pieces of evidence that made them believe that the continued to make them believe that the Earth is flat and I totally respect that there's certain things that I am very very rarely go to 100% when I say very rarely it's about time I won't say 100% it's easiest way to put it right
I will say though that if
if this report is accurate 147,000 balance for Joe Biden
with the crescents with a perfectly filled and ovals
unfolded somehow getting into the mail
the remaining unfolded and then being delivered by the mail unfolded to to the place to get counted that to me if all that is accurate then we can say with 100% certainty that Georgia was stolen I don't say I understand very often but in this case we will so let's go on so I can take out still got like a dozen stories we're never going to get to a moment we will get this one and this one's kind of close to frivolous as I can get because it's ludicrous from Air cutter over at American Thinker Salon Rider equates Hamas with Republicans Christians and Trump supporters really wow salon for those who don't know Salon it is it's up there as far as the farthest to the left you know you've got some pretty radical left-wing news
he's out there and I'm not talking about your average little left-wing blog or sub stack or anything like that I'm saying these are full-blown organizations like they they have a big-budget they have they have big backers and lots of Staff these are these are news outlets except that's not really news it's it's just all propaganda
before we get to that one
if we get a call from Missouri you know I love Missouri I was just talking to somebody from Missouri we got Neal from Missouri Neal what can we talk about today
yes I was wondering if you knew anything at all about it be little mad about what
it's called if he's in room apps if they can secure that was approved by the FDA in 2018 thousands of people are dying every day of cancer and there's no longer any reason to die cancer this guy's this guy's kill it's only got screwed after 15 years of fighting with the FDA test on stage 4 cancer patients die by the cancer treatment and cure of Alzheimer's
96% cure of all other forms of cancer now they're advertising it not going to seeing one ad on TV for another how to say that I watch the PBS documentary on this form of cancer on terminal cancer patients
so Neil you're coming in on a real quick now you're coming went once I can know you're coming in a little bit choppy can you spell it for me at least sell it out yes i t i
m u m a beach
m a b as in boy what is does it revs up your 2003 for the United States 15 years has Johnson & Johnson to get the human trials done
do you want me to do them on his own he had to have a company-sponsored but I think it was Johnson & Johnson was a company-sponsored employment
I've got to pull up here and
Dancer your question no I'm not familiar with it so I want to look into this but but keep going till tell us more right now.
one heart surgeon said he wants with it but everybody else in the people everybody tells me they got a friend it's our relatives you like a I tell him to check this out the problems then they can't find us or no
I saw the documentary life in the morning on CBS is now a long documentary on this drug and then later I saw in the morning with something called Nova map I have no idea what that is
this is something that the people need to know about and start demanding of their doctors you know to try it out because the multi-billion-dollar industry
you can come up with a pill The Paisley cheers the cancer without all the irradiation the surgery
volume down about this but everybody that tried it on that will actually stick to it you don't stay off the sugar no carbohydrates nothing is a body can be able to do that today and it doesn't make you sick as a dog and a year except the forecast at the died Neil on the non-tumor cancers
now what's up
with a desk job he also called back
that destroys your immune system so if you try taking a pill 18 the cure for cancer comes out in 2019 we start Kevin people with his Def Jam
so the pills not going to work on
now there are there goes our way to get to bring your body that you could get rid of her. But there are ways to get rid of the proteins and get rid of the graphene oxide graphene oxide requires something called and then if you take an acetylcysteine and bromelain that will destroy this by proteins in your system the only thing that
I don't get sick
I don't know how much that was so let's talk about that first cuz you just you just gave a whole lot of information we've got unpacked so first and foremost far as you're absolutely right there is a need you got at least two probably more than two but at least two massive problems with the with the Jazz number one you got the spike proteins which are killing people when we see my car died is pericarditis Strokes heart attacks people dying of heart attacks at 16 years old that's the Japs that's the swipe proteins in the Jazz but then there's the you mentioned the the DNA affects the actual you're the the the change is the genetic changes that are taking place in people's bodies after they get jabbed that's to me that's the long game that's the The Long play so whatever that's going to affect whatever whatever is going to come from that we don't know yet but we will know at some point as far as the graphene oxide but that's just straight poison so so that's obviously you want to get rid of that but there you're right there are ways
to to address that now as far as this and you're going to say one more time slowly because I'm awful my wife she does all the pronouncing we go to the doctor and they say what medicines are are you on my wife has to be there because I will butcher it so it's my pillow you say it say the say the drug just like it sounds as if he move map i t i l i m u m a b e limo map of all right I will butcher it the next time I try to say it but at least I said it properly one time so we're in good shape they're so I'm in according to at least the Wikipedia who is this now this is another one of the other ones you can't trust yeah they say that it's it's also goes by the name your voice yervoy so anybody you know in the end I have cancer
survivors in my family is well anybody who according to Niall at least according to what we've heard so far this sounds like something that people should look into now let's talk about you mentioned is a lot to unpack your you mentioned how do you the sugar aspect of it and how he basically big Pharma is in the industry the easiest way to put it is big pharma's in the industry of keeping us sick keeping us dependent on ongoing treatment keeping us dependent on pill there's a if you really want to take it all the way back to the Rockefeller foundation and all that stuff there's a reason why a list of medication is holistic medicine in general holistic healing and natural style healing is soap and my doctors and then you can take it all all the way back to the beginning when it's like oh you know we can we can make a whole lot of money and have a whole lot of control over people if we keep them Medicaid
if we keep you dealing with the symptoms instead of going for the underlying cause and you'd mention that I believe you said of the keto diet is that correct you are referring to the keto diet the ketogenic diet is restricted to cats and proteins and sugars are carbohydrates anything that the body can be called a cancer cell cannot live without sugar and blood stream and healthy
and it's not just cancer but me
such as cancer is it is all death on the planet are due t-shirts and all your heart disease
yeah as I'm sitting here I'm drinking my my water that has no sugar but it does have it does have certain minerals in it I use this this water you put in the Little Packet and gives you your sodium in your magnesium and all that stuff and I've got my coffee I make my coffee with when I'm not drinking Bulletproof Coffee I drink espresso mixed with heavy cream and people like oh my gosh use heavy cream is not so fatty and like yes it is but it has no carbohydrates and your milk has carbohydrates milk have sugar but my heavy cream does not and as I sit here and I'm looking at my this is all on my desk it's funny people to say oh you know how do you how do you go through if you don't eat too many meals cuz I don't need a lot of meals what I do unfortunately this is this is a bad thing but it's for a good cause I eat high-fat and moderate protein zero carb zero
snacks such as salted egg salmon skins I'm looking at a bag right now Neil I'm looking at a bag of salted egg salmon skins which you know if you listen to the government they would say oh my gosh that has like all this all this fat it's got its got like like all of this protein and it's got to call this cholesterol is going to kill you if it's not you know why because I'm on ketosis I have ketones in my bloodstream I am I it makes me mentally clear in this is I'm getting my photos I don't have a keto sponsor Neil is not a plan I can already tell you he's definitely not a planned from the keto industry he's just trying to save your life by telling you get off of sugars reduce your cards to almost none stop eating white bread stop eating all that Rice stopping eating a Snickers bar eats high quality fats eat he's strong natural proteins and whatever
how much do you have chances are and I'm not a doctor so nobody sue me for medical advice but but this will make you feel better it will make you stronger it should Lord willing make you live longer I've been guessing that's an important message wouldn't you agree meal
oh yeah absolutely and B most people I mean we've had people in her own church die because they wouldn't listen and I keep telling her case everyday complaining about her aches and pains and all this I said to maybe it has something to do with the day after secretary die from soda pop just got to be strong enough and have enough self-discipline just to quit it stop it
the hardest one for me and you and is I grew up like I used to live in in on Long Island so I grew up a good chunk of what I ate cuz cuz at least half of my friends or Italian so I would go to their homes and I would have have their mothers would make me pasta bake ziti homemade pizza then of course I go to the pizza parlors there and we would have him the back in the days you can get us juicy delicious Slice of New York Pizza huge piece for like a buck 50 and I pasta was always a hard as for me I can I can go without the sushi I can do sushi me right I can go without without sugar cuz I've never really had a sweet tooth I haven't had a soda since like 2019 but the pasta that's the part that gets me in to be fair the other pasta is too but like lo mein I love loving man but if you can get over those Cravings if you could start eating healthy and start
hi and when we say hi fat were talking about high quality fats not just any old fat and I don't go out and eat and drink canola oil that'll kill you two for different reasons you know he's high quality organic natural fats you know MCT oil butter you know the meat that are not bad for you olive oil is fantastic for you okay you do that stuff either moderate amounts of protein get off the carbs and inflammation will go down do the diseases will be cured and your mind will be sharper because it's funny because Gatos I don't know if you're familiar with the history of ketosis but it was initially you think they were using it though they were experimenting with it to to try to help with epilepsy especially with children epileptic seizures and then they discovered that maybe just maybe it could help with dementia even Alzheimer's and there is this the prevailing Theory
that whenever you see Joe Biden's sort of sound like he's almost kind of partially there that's because they've they stuck him with a bunch of ketones which have been gone to his brain and kind of woke him back up because that's a theory but that's there's a lot of good evidence that say that as when they needed to not sound completely lost a spade they sticking with ketones and that's where he's he's able to sound semi Lucid what else you got Neal
what's up
what's Lanes name for now try to help people get healthy and get over this cancer cancer treatment in this tree that's kind of kind of healthy you know we must we wanted something sweet and ate fruit and want a whole lot of candy in our in our lives going up and down so I never had a treat to theater and and I grew up working for science so I work at a printing company that was run by Italians and they about the pasta and all the all the great things they make butter
what they're doing to people in this country used to keep the money flowing is just absolutely ridiculous
and sugar is easiest way sugar or carbs is the easiest way and then keeping people off of natural medicines that's the easiest way for big Pharma and the Rockefeller foundation and the powers-that-be to do two things number one make a tremendous amount of profit number to have what's essentially a kill-switch they can use whenever whenever the powers-that-be the powers and principalities the the global is Elite cabal whatever you want to call them whenever they're ready say okay we're done we're done with America then they got us injected and eating kill switches that will that will take this nation down ipilimumab know i t i
yeah i p i l i
no it's not what you said but it's i t i p i l i a p l y m you and maybe you got it spelled out that way
got it
Aluma mad if you let me know whatever just what he said would until Saturday check it out I will do my research and I will talk more about it on a show where they talk about it but they don't give you a source they don't give anybody using treatment they don't give it away to get that treatment that I do talk about it when I get in a fight so
awesome God bless you kneel for a call if you want to go.
The difference between using hard coin to make the purchases you know and using Federal Reserve notes I don't know how much it is covered on that note or anything required along the Federal Reserve is it there now but if you use the combination coin you're the one dollar coins
is a longer-term you cash all your checks to put on the back cash and coin before you sign it
let us the address tries to use it against you they can't because you tell the judge to put over the back side did I cash that check and coin I don't use her and I'm not obligated under the foreign agents registration act to pay attacks of the Federal Reserve because I'm not using their notes
one of these days I'll say this for next week next week let's get you back on there to talk about that because we are going to be talking about currencies and general we're going to be talking about Central Bank digital currencies digital dollar we're going to be talking about the the federal notes will be talking about coins will be talking about cryptocurrency and gold and silver going to have a show or essentially that's that's what we're going to be talking about pretty much across-the-board so I'd love to have you call in for that as well thank you for calling today though very very informative stuff and I'm not going to try. I was going to buy you trying to pronounce it again but I already forgot that I have not got a mental block I need more ketones I guess because I have a problem pronouncing medicines it's not in the names I can I'm great with names or other other big words I'm great with big words but for whatever reason it's a maybe it's because I have this natural aversion
anything that's produced by big Tech right I mean maybe that's it maybe I just I just don't like big Tech. Big Tex art big Pharma maybe my my it's a defense mechanism so I don't have to say some of the product but this one according to Neil and I again I'm not vouching for it I'm just going to I will do my own research first and determine if he is correct and if he is then I will talk about it home maybe even Monday or Tuesday we will talk about this word I will practice I will practice long hard on pronouncing it. Set it up I don't know why what what is it about words and big Pharma that that prevent me from being able to say it it's a mental block of some sort great car thank you so much +888-627-600-8886 to 76008 Cullen to the J D wrecker show
no Salon is again very very very very very far left they they take it to the extreme and in this case their article titled Salon writer equates Hamas with Republican Christians are Republicans Christians and Trump supporters is my air cutter over at American Thinker it's a salon will just the news and opinion as a porta potties are at the lavatories I like that that's great he's unable to wait even one full week after I must Harris Master thousands of Israelis and at least 33 Americans before mining the Twisted Souls who read the rag that Christians Republicans are the real threat to the planets roughly eight billion people it's it's you you know forget about Tom Moss forget about terrorists forget about about you know those people that are out there kidnapping beating raping and murdering innocent civilians forget all those people know it's the Magus it's those Mega people they're the ones that are that
out there it was on October 12th at the start of his far left repository radical refused are published and unhinged polemic by former White House correspondent Brian Karem yes that's that's not shocking because they they do tend to put the worst possible people as White House Correspondents in these leftist Rags asserting that the Republican party in Hamas are both terrorist groups and any difference is just a matter of degree
so another words if we just take it up a notch. And our conservative her an America First Patriot or a Libertarian or anybody that doesn't abide by the radical leftist agenda then you are just one or two notches away from going out in and beating kidnapping and raping or murdering your neighbors
that's what they think of you
they really do think of you like that by the way this isn't like like hyperbole this isn't somebody out there just trying to put out a a shocking headline to the rally the left you know in a symbolic oh yes that's probably quite true know they actually think that they are actually terrified of you if you're wearing we saw the news shortly after the 2016 election we saw people you have somebody with a Maga hat oh my gosh watch that person beat that person up still that hat make that person go away that person should not be part of a civilized society the person is a threat we saw it with me FBI targeting parents grandparents going to school boards why why do they go to the school board's because they wanted to make sure their kids weren't being indoctrinated into into critical race Theory they wanted to make sure their kids were being exposed to pornography these are standard standard desires wishes and goals
as a parent who who gives their kids over to the system for x amount of hours per day 5 days a week they should say Hey you know we are the parent you're you're supposed to teach them about math about reading about history and not the the fake history that is currently being taught about actual real American and world history that is the expectation they were going to school boards to express that and yet the FBI started following them the weaponized FBI started thinking that they been treating them as the real threat how many times have we heard about terrorist attacks at school board meetings here in the United States of America how many times we heard of a people being being beaten kidnap raped or murdered at school board meetings
we haven't because it's it's absolutely ludicrous to compare the terrorists of Hamas to Republicans Christians Trump supports not as it doesn't mean that there are no Republicans are Christians so-called Christians or Trump supporters who would kidnap be people murdered or killed off of course there are there are humans out there regardless of their claimed ideology they're claimed religion they're claimed the claim the political stance there are people out there that are going to do stupid things are people out there who are mentally ill we have that recently we had one I do remember the details but there was recently one of those critical mass shootings
where the person had expressed some Pro Trump views on social media right and it's not very often that you see this chivalry speaking they don't like Trump but there was one that was for the last few months for the happened in the course media gentle over it and blames him and and that was all my gosh see see we told you after a string of of radical leftist committing terrorist domestic terrorist acts are in the United States they finally found one they finally found that that Mega guy in it and he got more want me to attention then pretty much any of the other recent Mass Shooters combined that's that's how it works this is all part of the indoctrination Jen that why they need to indoctrinate the masses so they can control them why they need to control them because they're going to be the populating parts of us many of us probably many of you listening to this show right now your your tar
you didn't get the jobs if you do if you believe in voter voter fraud stole recent elections if you believe in Freedom
and your target your threats their agenda that they will claim that you're a threat to democracy they will claim the true threat to America but in reality you're just a threat to their agenda
and here's the other thing to keep in mind as you take all that into consideration
many on the radical left as well just say the left because the radical left in the left is really hard to differentiate there was a time when there was a huge gap between like like AOC and you know whoever Joe manchin write those days are kind of fading away the people that could support Joe manchin and his relatively moderate Democrats and like I shouldn't even say modern his old-school Democrats stand because he did what he represented mainstream Democrats just a decade-and-a-half ago his ideas that's you said people forget Joe Biden used to be very much opposed to any any illegal immigration he was he was he was a boarder rock at one point believe it or not you know Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both ran and then they were running running in 2008 they both claim to marriage as between a man and a woman
it has not been that long since this massive shift when I move to California okay when I move to California it had a republican governor and the people of California had just voted against gay marriage
go to those Concepts after what 15 years both those concepts are now and possible that could never happen if he come back here and in commiefornia it was just one of the reasons why as soon as I can wear out of here I would love the weather okay I really do love the weather and that's about it
every other aspect of California has been lost on me all the the things that were once wonderful about this state are gone other than the weather in the weather is just not enough for me to continue to pay stupid amounts of money for silly things it's not enough for me to be surrounded by people who hate me ideologically it's it's I shouldn't be concerned about what would the eye doctor or a teacher might say about me or my children and that I am I am concerned about that
unless that's just not the way to live and we are based on circumstances we're stuck here for a little bit longer but hopefully for not that much longer is that story comes from a PJ Stacy Lenox Stacy Lenox for those who don't know his I've spoken to Stacey a few times she is
she has she anyway she's like me she is not scared to speak the truth no matter what it is even if it's going to make some of her fellow conservatives man she will say the truth
this case this one's not a controversial one but this is a one of those stories that I think people need to hear it's titled the rapidly declining Roi of a 4-year degree and this is not new by any means okay this this this is been the case for a long time and no this is not a pitch for you if your parent or maybe your student maybe we have some of you young people out there not saying no don't go to college don't go to college from many of you maybe that is the best of the best things to not go to college and it has nothing to do with intelligence and has nothing to do with life choices that has to do with what you want to do and we found that especially in recent years they getting a four-year degree does not equate to the same because there was a time not too long ago when a four-year degree or even a master's degree or PhD they can they can deliver to you open doors for the recipient in ways that that just weren't possible with a less than 4 year degree
free or no degree at all
turn your wake-up call for higher education in October survey found that small businesses are increasingly dissatisfied with the pool of college graduates and many are no longer interested in hiring new grads with a four-year degree the freedom economy index a joint project of Public Square and red balloon. Work found employee employers have issues with the work ethic college students display as well as the quality of their preparation for the workforce for any further there was a viral video that came out I don't know how old it is but at least resurface the other day maybe it's two babies. You never know when you see it online but this video had six people okay and the six people took an IQ test and then the before they reveal the results of the IQ test they asked all six people to raise themselves right bring the six people in order of who they thought has scored the highest versus the lowest and they have this guy is like 20 years old is in the military you know
he did look kind of Dopey and you know this is like a global body didn't didn't sound super brilliant and then you have this 30 year old lady and she's like she's like I've got my PhD at work for pharmaceutical company yes I think I'm very brilliant and I was just like holy cow I actually they rank them based upon what the people thought would those six people thought of themselves and the people that were around them and this guy was number 6 that the twenty-year-old he was obviously the last one in the group they thought everybody thought he was going to be the dumbest and turns out he was the third smartest IQ of 132 and of course that pretentious peach tea lady who was sitting there I mean if you would have heard of you of the laughing at I literally laughed when I saw that she was number 6 she after the the test results were revealed I mean I feel so walk right she just sat there she didn't seem very machine cry or anything like that and maybe she did later in the video but I'm thinking to myself oh my gosh
how embarrassing is it for her and especially knowing how does videos going viral so all of our colleagues anybody who works with at this place they they know it's just like you test me know is they mean nothing but them behind your back and saying she thought that she was the smartest second smartest out of the group of six she ran herself number to do when she was number 6 and she got beat out by the guy that she said they're too insulting to look no offense but the you know you don't like he's got to be lowered his he outscored by like 20 points it was it was it was very fulfilling anyway I will try to rein it in for the next show starts the otacon this is a court and observation from Andrew crap at Chet's and that is I am not butchering that name that is actually that that's actually the name crapuchettes
crap at Jets red balloon CEO says the the flea market lacks confidence in a higher education system that has shifted its focus from academic to work subjects light or work subjects like the way this is an eye-opener for high school grads considering a 4-year degree and student loan debt
then when asked about the article when asked if colleges and universities are graduating students with the relevant skills required by the business Community 67% so two-thirds of small business owners responded with a resounding strongly no strong enough
when asked if they were more or less likely to consider a job Seeker from a major college or university 41% said it makes them less likely to hire the candidate another 42% said it made no difference in other and then you do the math there that means it only what what 17% see I went to school only 70% thought that it was a good thing that that they they were more likely to hire somebody with with a college degree we know what colleges have become and it wasn't that we've known this since before the we have free Palestine woke it is so funny because I get these people out that will talk to me you know do you know the Palestinians are the persecuted when these are conservatives are the Palestinians are conservative the persecuted ones in and you know you don't even know if is real really got attacked all the so stoned I think I messed up my gosh you know who are you aligning with your Landing with with college students in college professors you're lining with radical Islamic terrorist you're lining
with what's Now quickly becoming the Democrats you know right after the events of course right after October 7th to you biting them pretty much every politician outside of Rashida tlaib and Elon Omar they were adamantly opposed to like oh my gosh this is terrible this horrible We Stand by Israel Israel but now we're seeing after a month you know they're starting to finally be able to safely pull back these being the Democrats you know you there's an article over taxes right now I'm riding in rare criticism of BB which is not true he's been critical of of Netanyahu from the beginning but when I ask you who's in rear criticism a b b says Paws in Gaza fighting should have come sooner wow
again less than a month ago the by a regime was saying that they they've stand by his real you're pretty much no matter what and then you had your people going over units I mean what a week ago bleeding was saying you know there should be no cease-fire we've got to eliminate how much everything is changing now
everything's changing it seems as if the entirety of the biden-harris Russia game at approximately 50% most say will say 40% of the state's approximately 40% of members of on Capitol Hill have switched from being behind is Israel to all of a sudden they're calling for cease-fires they're saying that it's too much within a month it won't I don't think it'll take a month with but within a month you will see the vast majority of these Democrats suddenly opposing Israel I'm not just talking about saying I we need to see what I'm saying they were selling be like that when you guys are taking it too far you need to stop now they will get much more militant much more aggressive and eventually will shift to a free Palestine movement and here's the end game dogs for those who who don't know the endgame will come when Biden or whoever probably not biting almost certain that time but somebody is supposed to come along
and say we need to finally have the two-state solution and we do it we can guarantee security this is how they'll sell it
we can guarantee security
we will put troops to separate you
we will make certain that that these two states get along we will be the referee we will you will not if you want to get to each other you'll have to go through us and you don't want to try to go through US yes it will probably be the United States that is directly involved our troops our military our dollars that are directly involved in promoting and installing a permanent two-state solution or what they think is a permanent Tuesday solution
that's when we get into peace treaties that's where we get into Global turmoil this is a Solutions as this is a quote-unquote solution to a problem that should never have existed a problem that many of us including me can argue was directly manufactured to get to this point
I see no it look I am I am fully in support of destroying Hamas fully in support of Israel's right to defend itself fully in support because I know what would have happened if it was my family I know what I would have wanted if my family was the one that was in a caboots getting murdered raped kidnap I know how I would want to react and people could have they can say all but you know needs to be more measured I don't even go down that road and talk about that I must needs to be destroyed who created the mosque unfortunately many ways it was Israel Israel created a month that's not conspiracy theory
that's reality
Israel contributed to the formation of amma's in opposition to other other Islamic groups by the way that's why you know what the reasoning wasn't averse to a child the United States had helped create Al-Qaeda and help me know I mean I mean you got you got a summer Bin Laden who was working with the CIA back in like was 70s 80s
this is what happens folks and yes I'm us was a creation of of Israel it's not again this is this is a factual and so did look it up it's demonstrable it's the truth
not conspiracy theory conspiracy theory
in the end does that mean they shouldn't they don't have the right to go take him out now of course I do just like we have the right to take out Isis just like will not Isis for sale it's a different situation sorry like we have the right to take out Osama Bin Laden does that mean oh you must have supported the invasion of Iraq and of course not why would I have supported the invasion of Iraq is having been logged in that kind of went there to remind reminder aspects of that that was a totally different that's why I didn't want to see I wasn't done you were supposed to let me talk about how do I get into the Middle East I'm sitting here talking about a story about education and then I go in and go off on on that that tension the point of trying to get at is trying to get at is that yes there is a reason we seen what's happening in college campuses are getting indoctrinated haven't been indoctrinated for years I don't know if it's been decades I mean there was left as it was like creeping in weight
when but I don't think it's been like three decades maybe it has been maybe I'm I'm delusional but I remember what I went to college like I was in college conservative son start college Republicans rather and it seemed as if to me that there was no like it wasn't so radical that maybe I was maybe I'm delusional maybe I didn't notice but now it seems as if if you go to college if you're a college student you go to college then you going to get about 20% education and 80% indoctrination 20% education 80% indoctrination and I've been generous when I see the colleges are 20% education
some more of the story I don't want to hire a recent college grad I don't unless I can demonstrate to me that they're not a doctor that I don't care if they are they don't have to be like like I do you know I'm a mega hat wearing America First is now I don't care I want them to be in neutral I wanted to be able to do their job okay this is what it comes down to I want them to be able to do their job without letting their politics or cultural biases influence how they do their job that's it and unfortunately that's not the case anymore
you can't say that that's the case anymore
Julia Roberts online one Robert did you want to talk today about Ritz crackers or did you have something else in mind I wanted to talk to you about the app that celebrity did you ever hear about yes please tell explained that everybody needs to know about this is very important tell the story of the SS Liberty it was a spy ship one of our five senses over there looking at what was going on when Israel was fighting one of us Wars over there with the whoever and basically is real Attack Israel knew it was our ship it was flying our flags and they bombed it and torpedoed in a machine gun the heck out of here for hours and then take basically the Army I guess call Jonathan he said I want to see the president Jonathan he said I want to see that ship at the bottom of the GD ocean so what is up with that that they knew Israel attacked our ship
if another country attacked one of our ships would be at war with them but they let them get away with that you knew about that right oh absolutely so the idea there this is during during the Pollito the 7-Day the knots of the Yom Kippur War and is yours getting hit from all sides Egypt in particular and so what they were planning to do what they hope to do what's the sink the u.s.s. liberty and to be able to blame be able to blame Egypt the only way that they could possibly do that is if they were able to to eliminate all evidence and of course they were not able to answer the truth came out this is a huge embarrassment not just Israel blossoms the United States because it was clear that the United States knew what was going to happen otherwise there there's no way to justify them covering it up they should have been able to say hey you guys screwed up at the very least you always
8 time instead they tried to cover it up because they didn't want to send him to turn against Israel so we have we have that that scenario has been this is not the first time this happened in this is why when people ask me you know you you support Israel but you think that is real in the United States participated in the Hamas Invasion on October 7th I tell you this I say look at the facts
this is the most heavily guarded both technologically and through Manpower the most heavily guarded Border in the world if a rabbit scoot along the fence that rabbit gets investigated with many many guns pointed at it to make sure that it's really is just a rabbit they have sensors that go underground
but for whatever reason the day before you had almost 90% of the military that always surrounds Gaza is really military it's there all of a sudden they got intelligence and said hey maybe you guys should go to the other side of the country go go to the West Bank as we think something's going to happen there and again keep me in mind that this is the intelligence agency that is arguably more sophisticated someone say they actually have better technology and better tactics than our intelligence agencies that we were at least at the very least we work together to create leasehold, we want to go to the previous in Desmet if we know we know things right and you're telling me that common terrorists with motorcycles and and and and bolt cutters
we're able to breach a 29th different spots go to these Kabutos in not have a response in this in a country the size of his New Jersey they didn't have a military or police response for 6 to 8 hours I'm not buying that I'm not saying it seems like they let it happen on purpose and I can understand why unless they want them or have you ever heard of him before
yeah the Jewish that's when they celebrated when they think they try done yet they came to kill all the Jews and they build scaffold to hang them on and ask her when in before the king and risk getting her head chopped off and basically they then they they murdered all the people that were involved in the in the conspiracy to get the Jews killed but the deal is real still celebrate Purim today and I don't know what's going on with them I just don't trust them there's a movie you can get called missing links if you ever seen that before no
if it goes into detail about all the Dual Israeli American citizens in our government in it it was when it was made around the time when Bush use the excuse that 9/11 was a racks ball to invade Iraq and or Iraq had nothing to do with that all he use that to go into them in the Afghanistan and Iraq and pretty much the oil from Iraq that's what you know we still have bases in Iraq now and the thing is did you are you aware that they just found you to gas and oil deposits under Gaza
oh yeah well now let's be clear before you before you get on that road let's be clear these those are two separate things in this is this war would we want to meet cuz I'm with you okay but we cannot distract from the real goalie this has Gaza has nothing to do with the well I can assure you that nothing dude natural gas that's a that's a Decepticon that they've got they they have their their tentacles around plenty of oil and natural gas that's not the goal here the goal in my humble opinion is to force this war so that because the two-state solution is not popular in Israel but here's the thing if you have War if you have enemies on all sides and if you have international pressure saying we need a two-state solution then somebody like Netanyahu then somebody you like the group like the knesset can go to the people and say let's go we want peace we've had enough of this stupid war was just give them the two-state solution and the Pea
will embrace it this will be the treaty in my humble opinion I am not basing this on facts this is just extrapolation of the event and try to understand why they would allow this Invasion to happen this terrorist attack happened and to me it comes down to the the the formation of the two-state solution sign in
I hope that they do reach them some type of peace deal because I think that's basically Israel's killing too many civilians I mean let's say I don't even know the number for sure let's say 1400 people were killed in this so-called terrorist attack whatever that was in but now there's been over 10,000 Palestinians killed I just like it's just it's just horrendous I I mean you're not supposed to it's a war crime to kill civilians you know that we used the pleated uranium do you know what that is yes
it's an indiscriminate killer we used it to wipe out saddam's troops on the way back from Kuwait Bush and older daughter Bush told him if you guys leave Kuwait and they use the same store there that Saddam screws for throwing babies up and sticking them on Van Ness which wasn't true it was this the woman that told that was like the ambassador to cook there's some high-ranking a woman so it was a made-up story but they use depleted uranium one Saddam left Kuwait we wiped out his almost his entire tank Army you I have pictures of them on the road burnt alive with depleted uranium when the pleated uranium comes out of the tank Barrel or whatever 50 caliber and up will use it and all kinds of stuff it burst into flames and when it blows up and puts a radioactive particles everywhere and it will basically burn holes two tanks and everything and we cut those people alive I don't know what you think about the bushes but I believe that the bushes are skull and bones
men's I don't know I don't know if you ever heard of Bohemian Grove or stalling bones if you ever do you have any opinion on that so my opinion of the bushes is that they are amongst the leaders the elites within the unit party swamp Witch is beholden to the globalist Alika ball and then they are one of the top families involved there as far as Skull and Bones yes he and John Kerry they had they hedge their bets they didn't know which way that that is going to go in at the time they're still using paper ballots so they couldn't easily rigged the election so they figured hey we got to get we got to get our guy in there do we do we want at who's all going up against Bush let's get carry in their youth skull and bones to let's just get them both in there and as far as Bohemian Grove yes that the entirety Bohemian Grove is two things number one it is a ritual is a ritual through which open this is just from movie staying through investigation we don't even know what goes on behind-the-scenes but we do know that the people that go to Bohemian Grove these people are
there is there is blood sacrifice that happens there are people are are are forced forces are they do it willingly because of weather promised as a result but they go through this this ritual in order to essentially retain power in to be part of the the elite group and these are people that that they have people that are walking amongst you if you're around if you're in the country club they're probably walking amongst you these are very evil and powerful people write it down if you ever read the book The Franklin cover-up
I am not but I'm writing it down while typing out what you figure out if you can't get it I'll give you one I have the best Library you've ever seen of so-called conspiracy theory stuff I've got so much stuff if you would come here I doubt if you ever would house I'll just give you stuff I'll give you all kinds of stuff that will really open your eyes to what's going on I think you're already aware because you seem to believe in a lot of so-called conspiracy theories I caught in conspiracy facts pretty much a lot and I know some of the stuff is bump that this stop the world is run by a bunch of luciferians those people out in Bohemian Grove I believe that they do sacrifice people out there and when you read that book you'll figure out what's up
I will we got one minute left it in for those who is called the Franklin cover-up it's by John W DeCamp the subtitle this will get you the subtitle is child abuse Satanism and murder in Nebraska and I always said this from for from for many many years always be careful with Nebraska but Robert is from Missouri to Robert I have one final question we got 30 seconds left I've got to know which do you prefer between Ritz crackers and Townhouse crackers
I like riffs to tell you the truth but I really don't I try not to eat junk food but I still do
cuz you will Robert do me a favor because I will probably take you up on your offer give me a give me a shout out over at go to JD talk that will I get directly to me and let's let's continue this conversation offline because I think I think there's a lot of interesting stuff to talk about set to J D talk and that will that email that you sent will go directly to me thank you for being on Lord willing I will be back very soon with another episode of the meantime you'll stay strong stay safe and God bless

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