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JD Rucker Show, November 1, 2023

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Questioning the Narrative After the Horrible Hamas Terrorist Attacks

Title: Questioning the Narrative After the Horrible Hamas Terrorist Attacks


This is the livestream of the JD Rucker Show. Hamas attacks against Israelis over the weekend have rocked the world. But there are many questions that remain and a whole lot that doesn't make sense from the official narrative. Is this part of a bigger picture? Today's sponsor:

Recording: October 11, 2023

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all my friends and welcome to another episode of the J D wrecker show him your host J D wrecker and it has been an incredibly eventful week already that after this weekend with all of the terrorist attacks that took place in Israel there are a lot of emotions lot of people are are asking questions and Fortune. Enough people asking questions a lot of people are just reacting to what they're buying into some narratives that I believe are very likely false will get it back here soon it's the type of emotion emotionally driven event that people need to understand it's not just a single event this is a campaign what we're witnessing is the beginning of a long-term campaign and if we understand from those terms then we can hopefully be better prepared for what's to come because I do believe that this is going to turn into something much much bigger as big as it was being the the most hideous attack on Israel
in fifty years fifty years on the day well it's going to get worse not just for Israel it's going to get worse across the board across the board here in the United States across the globe itself this is the beginning of something big and I know a lot of times you'll hear fear-mongers go out there and sell World War 3 is on the Run The Verge any minute in a rush is going to Nuke us or we're going to Nuke Russia or or China's going to invade Taiwan and then they bomb Pearl Harbor or whatever how you hear all these these theories about what's what's going to take place there I say rumors of war that continue to pop up on this case what we are witnessing is very likely going to expand into something that is but none of us wants kainos wanted
let me talk about conspiracy theories that quite a bit of them and it's important to things to two very important things to know number one
yeah it is anybody was listen to me for a while knows that I generally question the official narrative pretty much across-the-board in a politician or corporate media if they say something I'm going to disbelieve it until it's proven true, they are liars until proven not to be Liars with any given circumstance so in the same old here you were giving me to see a whole lot of videos coming out of Israel I'm not doubting the validity of those videos but I am questioning the narrative is being formed around everything where are they taking us what is the purpose of this and when I say they are not just talking about him by much talking about Iran I'm not even just talking about Israeli government seems to be much bigger than any of those those three entities and seems to be coming from from a very very questionable source so what we talkin about that the number to important to know there are a lot of conspiracy theories that are coming from the anti-israel crowd I'm going to explain my stances on his real in in the Middle East in general here in a moment but I will
do not want to be lumped in with those that are out there claiming that is real deserved it or that is really people are are just victims of Decades of Oppression or whatever okay yes there are going to be some overlap between the conspiracy theories that I described today and the conspiracy theories that are being disseminated by some people who just hate is real okay just because somebody says something if that person is being despicable doesn't necessarily mean that what they're saying is untrue but it's important that we see these things through the lens of a proper discernment we have to be able to to hear hear the truth and distinguish the truth from the lies sometimes going to have people that I might ideologically completely disagree with but if if what they're saying is true then it's true I don't disagree with their truths I disagree with their lives or their faucets are there
jumping playing at wrong maybe they believe what they're saying but they're just wrong about it but if what they say is correct is accurate that doesn't mean I have to support them are or like them or endorse their overall message if I repeated it's because I do believe that this portion of what they're saying is true it's so important to understand because I think a lot of times you get especially when it comes to Israel versus the the whole Palestinian concept you have people that are adamantly opposed to each other and they will oppose if if somebody who hates Israel hears somebody from his father going to say no it's not you know they they they they use rather than using proper discernment they allow their bias their hatred in many cases to determine what they believe in what they don't believe they are not looking for the truth I'm looking for 4 I guess
affirmation of their their belief system I don't know I am not like that I never I never been the type of person who will sit there and then choose whether something is right or wrong based solely on the sort people know if you listen to me for a while you know that I am a Donald Trump supporter does that mean that I support everything that he says or does. I've been extraordinarily critical of the bump stock ban of obviously the covid-19 vaccine I've been operation warp speed the lockdowns in general I can look at a lot of different policies of Donald Trump that I oppose and I will speak out against the things that I oppose thankfully when he was president and hopefully when he will be president again he will be able to correct some of those issues that he made in his first term and thankfully again many of the things that he did while he was in office they were there very positive K so has nothing to do with the elections or anything like that but it does it is a
note that if I say something I tell you something it's because I believe it it's not because I think well you know I might think this but the my my ideologically opposed are also thinks that so I'm not going to I'm not going to have to side with him or they or whoever that's how I roll if somebody who is perhaps even an anti-semite so something positive something correct long to to say that that is correct I'm not going to oppose them just because I don't agree with their ideology broadcast I apologize to those who were listen to this after Monday I am the show is going live on Monday we are in the midst of if you weren't aware we are in the midst of of a technological transition I'm transitioning spread the word no
technological transition you know when I've been doing the show on on Rumble body on B shoot and the various podcast networks for a long time when we made the move to start doing shortwave with wwcr praise God for that we did so in that I'm just going to throw out the ignorant card I was ignorant I have no idea you know you think okay so if I can do video surely you translate very well to rain before it was pretty pretty easy as it turns out there's a lot more it's a lot more complicated than I'd originally thought so the needs to hire producer has has risen and it is we are on the verge I actually no joke I just saw a notification come across my email that the the the team that the very high dollar team that we are in the process of hiring to produce this show they are they are in communication back
for that I almost wish I wasn't on the air right now so I can just go and find it okay when we start I'm very excited to do that but in the meantime we are going to have to take the the videos the rumble video that you're if you're in trouble of writing on her but you know what you're watching right now and transfer that translate that into audio which is not not idea that I want a producer so badly is because I desperately want you taking your life calls the show will be exponentially better when I can talk to you okay I had some good gas I had dr. Peter McCullough on last week we've you know what I'll be getting on that we're talking to Carrie Lake we're talking to two people from across the board of the who is the ones that we may just get somebody confirmed all Miranda Devine Miranda Devine from the New York Post of laptop from Hell Fame she she's going to be coming on we've got we got a good line of a people but it can't just be me talking interviewing people I need to talk to you you
my friends you are the reason I do this
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just today but just in general so whenever one I am pro-israeli very important to note that I'm pro-israeli I am not a fan of the Israeli government anymore. I'm a fan of the US government will the British government or the Ukrainian government already government's okay we have seen far they're there I can listen one hand the number of governments like sort of kind of trust and neither the us nor Israel is on that appeals to the entirety of the Israeli government is not what we think it is I think that we talked about the Deep stay here in the United States very often I think of these really deep state is arguably even more powerful but more influential over what happens. Just of their people but also globally speaking now you say although there's no way that Israelis is really deep state is more powerful
widely than the American deep sea and I would argue that there they might actually just be one in the same that's a that's a discussion for another day folks but the point I'm trying to make is that we don't have to like or dislike Bibi Netanyahu or or any of the the ministers in any of the members of the knesset you have to agree with ever disagree with him to understand and realize that the government is a whole especially the shadow aspect of the government in Isreal is compromised and they will do bad things to their people to other people just as the shadow government here in the United States is very bad will do the bad things to to the American people as well as people across the world if you really think of Joe Biden is in charge you're an idiot gave Joe Biden's not in charge to post earlier on a on X Twitter I don't know if they ask gosh I can't believe I just said that when propaganda is working on Twitter because I never really ever want to call it acts but I had to post
what's it look like this is Obama's call Caleb Obama Iran they go hand-in-hand iraan obviously it's been confirmed now that Iran had had a hand in basic green-lighting be attacked by Hamas this all ties back to to a rama tours outside of the top of the Terrace food chain despite what a lot of people think they are not they too are Pawns of the global still weak but we'll get more into that later on in the show so I am pro-israeli people in other words these victims he's people that their suffering I feel really bad for them I am I'm all for America as a concept I'm all for the American people I'm not in favor of the American government and the same thing can be said about my my feelings towards Israel or
or England or Australia or anything else you know I am a fan of the people obviously as an American citizen I hold the American people at the top of these are people I'm most concerned. But I do feel badly and will support people from other nations especially people that are that are fighting for their own Freedom whenever they possibly can have a big fan of self-government self-reliance and when you have people that are willing to stand up and fight for their own right I like them I back am I support them I'm Israeli people are like that so I do not want anything bad to be happening but it's from Hamas or their own governments and he's really people not a fan of these it really govern so that's number one number two I am anti, very very very much and I have my son that's not just all your gives but mostly we should know if somebody wants to join a radical Islamic terrorist group unless they they ask for you the spies of the posted but they're forced to join in they they do everything they can to subvert the
the actual terrorism can maybe that but I guess you can say fake Hamas member I can agree with that everybody else else who who hops in there and join us this this group becomes a terrorist and if I just Hamas has its Islamic Jihad its Al Qaeda it's his butt Hezbollah
it is of course they're the Islamic State Isis these these these groups these groups will work fruit and sometimes I know there are people
they're people that that feel like they're forced to being a bitch like I always say you know you will never Force to take the job I would say you were never actually forced to join this group she might sell but sometimes they're forcing gunpoint again at that point yet to make a decision is this really what I wanted to do I want to be a terrorist
anybody who chooses to do so I would personally I I I can say with it with an extreme level of confidence that I've I had a gun to my head
and they said you must renounce Jesus Christ enjoying our terrorist group I would be that there's zero chance that I would ever
ever do that I don't care if it's a gun to my head to my family's had I don't care what they're going to do I would never do that so I don't have sympathy for those who join even if they're forced to join
because they can opt out even if it's by opposing what they're doing from within
all of us all of it the entirety of it I am opposed to I want them to be jailed the very least all of them
that's the best-case scenario for them is to be jailed
I mean last but not least as far as it stands goes when it comes to people at Sonia Israel declare war right Hamas they've declared war on Hezbollah which is essentially the Lebanese government I foresee they will declare war on a run at some point in the near future once they ate there more stabilized cuz they do blame for what's happening and they should cuz Ron is responsible even as a middle manager there still the ones that that gave the order to show the ones that supplied the the money the weapons the funds and what there are others will talk about about that later on in the show
but I am all in favour of Israel going to war and taking out hummus or and even possibly Hezbollah
and even possibly arrive. I am 100% they have bacon do they can do that all day I do not want a single American troop or American taxpayer dollar used towards the scent sorry I know that that's probably for a special those who support Israel that's probably in a popular belief but they're big boys they are they have sophisticated weapons they have the resources they have the money they have the technology they have the train troops
they have everything they need we don't need to get involved
now when I say what I need to get involved in intelligence great let's give him all of it that's what's help them help them identify every terrorist that they need to obliterate great I'm all for that that's my cell will technically that's taxpayer dollars mean okay fine I don't want extra dollars and sent them out that okay let's be specific just so nobody called me out later but as far as you know use of US military no not at all because for whatever may be hopefully just for intelligence for OverWatch but I do not want to go to war with Iran I do not want to go to war with Lebanon I do not want to go to war with Russia or China or anybody I don't want to go to war now somebody attacks us here in the United States that's a discussion and it's his discussions not just a trigger point for me today I was one of those rare people I was I know it's crazy crazy the thing back cuz cuz right now everybody was against it everybody is against the
the Iraq War right there was a big mistake but you go back can you go back to the beginning before we actually invaded invaded Iraq for the second time you go back to those days and I guarantee that what 60 70 80 per-cent of Americans are all in favor of it I remember the time I kept thinking guys a sound in lungs not even in a rock what what is this have anything to do with what is this have to do with lanolin what does that have to do with terrorism weapons of mass destruction really what why why would you think that I would see I told you exactly why would you think that the CIA I was once the minority then I was very much against that wore it would take a lot but I think I should go to know if we're attacked if we are drawn into a war that that is because American citizens are harmed if let's say let's say
Hamas did the Cleveland when they did to to Israel but I guess you can say that the the closest thing would be New Jersey size-wise afraid when it and then pack New Jersey to protect Israel okay yeah let's let's make it a very quick okay you got a Time Clock let's get them get them out and get it all done in in 3 weeks okay done
that I can sort of sort of almost out of this look at the details but I can almost condone war and that point of that point only so the question every narrative is coming out of there and I'm not again I want because I'm not suggesting that the footage has been coming out from his real is fake enemies are they actually somebody who I really respect I'm going to say it but somebody who I greatly respect who's out there saying I know you know how do we know this isn't staged it was a it was a video of a family okay there's a family that there they were being held hostage in their own home I Believe by Hamas you there was literal Blood on the father's hands apparently the one of the three children had already been killed and their father tried to resuscitate you hear that the children singing I really wish that my sister was here whatever was look at that was staged then there's true
contemplate the idea that when we see that we see your that was an actual body of a young German that German girl that was being being created around naked in Gaza on the on the back of the truck it wasn't staged okay. That other girl is another I forgot where she's from there's another girl yes she was at the Raven apparently she was being on the back of motorcycle she's trying to reach for your girlfriend and her father is like on television crying about it I was not staged can we seen staged I don't want to say is all these videos are we seen that happen we both had to do 911 we shouldn't for 4 years for Racine staged footage none of this seems staged to me I'm sorry you might disagree but none of it seems states with that said the narratives that are being formed
the fingers that are being pointed
torch singer Ryan is in its own icing, Hamas or Hezbollah are innocent what a question is
and hopefully you will here in a minute as well
is who really initiated this and why was it initiated is it really possible that arguably the most sophisticated and well monitored Border in the world could be so easily breached is it even conceivable
that an army that has been built specifically for these types of incidences was somehow missing redirected to the Westbank all of a sudden
is any of this really viable and again I'm not saying that old wheeze Rucker saying that that be being that in Yahoo ordered a false flag attack us I want to say but I do know
with a near-certainty all called about 97% of 97% confidence that something had some strings had to be pulled by the by the Israeli government or by the shadow government of Israel or by somebody who who was been manipulating and hacking is real the Israeli government I don't know I don't know that we'll get into some possibilities going to bed but all I know is that this doesn't add up I'm going to be playing playing something for you here in among the first and you know what let's just go straight to the Phoenix in he was a member of the IDF I believe I think she was she was IDF intelligence like 25 years ago in let's play her clip this is 12 hours after the invasion started K 12 hours after the invasion listen very carefully to what she has to say
October 7th 2023 this is a five settings on and I'm here to share an update from Israel, swore we started this morning I'm going to share some key details and concerns mostly based on Israeli citizens voices from the ground and based on official statements this is a very tough day for me and for us in Israel and it is tough for people of Palestine especially now that is really starting to attack back this war and every war is a horrible thing for everyone involved except for those who get rich from it right this morning around 6 a.m. around Sunrise hundreds of Hamas terrorists at least 300 reach the Border fence in multiple places completely unimpaired in leading to Terror attacks and kidnappings in Israeli towns or Villages the terrorists infiltrated a significant number of dry land Outpost as well as a naval Naval infiltration
the king as we speak Israelis actively engaged in combat in 22 Outpost this is from the IDF statement the official statement the attacks have already resulted in over one hundred casualties and more than 100 kidnaps of Israeli citizens in one Village 50 Israelis have been taken hostage leaving people locked in shelters for long periods of 8 to 9 hours without risk you by the way the 100 kidnappings is not the official number it's what we hear from people on the ground I think official numbers talk about 30 or 40 people but we know there are more
in some places the terrorists were burning the village and people didn't know if to leave the shelter and surrender or stay and pray for the fire to not reach them many young people who were in a big outdoor party near the Gaza envelope Villages were attacked there some ran away somewhere injured and summer still missing
apparently Israeli Defense Forces that were supposed to be around Gaza were placed around the West Bank because of security concerns so that the the Gaza envelope was left unoccupied with military they say around 60 to 80% of that area was left without the IDF forces that were supposed to be their soldiers are being recruited for reserves as we speak from this morning but because of stupid reasons such as no public transport their waiting hours to get to the bases mainstream media this is an interesting point apparently admits that IDF spokesperson is forbidding them to tell the complete truth about what's happening highlighted a lack of transparency and this is to the Israeli citizens I'm not even talking about overseas I'm talking about to the people of Israel here for hours and hours the reports that came from the mainstream
we're completely lacking in people started to rely mostly on the news from each other from people on the ground only now 6 p.m. Israel time or it's actually 7 already at 12 hours after the event started we received the first formal statement from the IDF spokesperson and I will include an article with that statement in the notes a year ago there was a military operation in Gaza to prepare for such events and ongoing lie there are trainings for these kind of scenarios this raises serious questions for me anyway about Israeli intelligence what happened two years ago there were there was a successful deployment of underground barriers with sensors to alert exactly on these kind of terrorist breaches Israel is one of the most advanced and high-tech armies how come there was zero response to the border and fence
reaching I cannot understand that I personally I served in the IDS 25 years ago in the intelligence forces there's no way that Israel of what's coming a cat moving alongside the fence is triggering old forces so this what happened to the strongest army in the world how come border crossings were wide open something is very wrong here something is very strange this chain of events is very unusual and not typical for the Israeli defense system with the recent normalization efforts of Israel and Palestine led by Saudi Arabia I wonder whether a prisoner's exchange deal is something that could only be seriously considered by Israel is a shocking event like that happened is it a possibility that only with Israel hostages it can be justified to release dangerous prisoners from Israeli prisons
I don't know mainstream media reported that Deputy, Slater itself suggests using Israeli prisoners for leverage in negotiations so maybe
a point about the situation in Israel in the past few years which I want to make is related to and those who follow me know that there's a general sense of insecurity and Israel there is political and social instability and unrest public funds are being misused on agendas such as covid-19 more the current government is highly corrupt in my view while the previous one was no better I don't care about having a popular opinion I care about exposing evil forces wherever and whoever they are so to me this surprise attack seems like a plan depreciation on all fronts this is a failure to protect the people of Israel for sure perhaps the biggest failure since the Yom Kippur War exactly 50 years ago if not bigger
by the way is it a coincidence it's exactly 50 years ago almost on the day they don't keep war was on October 6th 1973 if I was a conspiracy theorist I would say that this feels like the work of the deep state it feels like the people of Israel and the people of Palestine have been sold once again to the higher powers that be at the same time this is still very very difficult to Fathom have a good evening
well I would say that was very telling she seemed I don't know if your if you listening audio couldn't see her face she was deathly reading and obviously bit but she seemed very sincere okay and she seemed to be concerned I'm not familiar with her I have never watched a show or anything like that but but that particular clip made its rounds on social media and I think it was it was good it's good to start questioning question things right off the bat and she did that again on day one within twelve hours after the initial incursion by Hamas and Israel she came out with that video and it was very telling those early early witness statements always important in in criminal investigations always important when you're looking at what's what's happening with an event because the narrative and even the the fax 10 to change over time so getting that first glimpse of hey this is what's happening in this is this how I feel this is what I think is actually happening that that is very telling till somebody telling that she know that I
blue tube for play next clip but what's 90% of the military the ibf that was normally there at Gaza was suddenly pulled a move to the West Bank which is on the other side of the Eastern side of is real because of something something or another you know there's an old saying and I'm going to butcher this but it's you don't you don't try to track down the the person pay the Assassin you try to track down the person who paid off the guards
just as me up for trying to find whoever actually killed Jeffrey Epstein perhaps you should be asking questions of the guards that mysteriously were taking naps and and cameras going off the Olivia look at who how the events that took place to hide the evidence to make it impossible to know who killed Jeffrey Epstein that's it that's an easy one mean you're going to tell me that do you know just so happened cameras have me off and never I'll be there have to be off this point and know by the way the the guards were asleep or having a spaghetti break or whatever right when Jeffrey Epstein who could not have possibly known that was the case decide who I guess now's a good time for me to to kill myself and hopefully the cameras are off in the guards are asleep or else I would just come in here and stopped me because that's what they're supposed to do but hopefully they're not know that's not what happened obviously
is Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself and obviously there's something something funny happened in here and again I'm not playing my finger and Netanyahu or anybody directly within the government or within the Israeli military there's somebody I just don't know who it is I don't know who's who made the decision who's there Donald Rumsfeld who's there Dick Cheney you know who's with him but I'm not even going to get started on the whole 9/11 conspiracy alignment here but let's face it it's real okay they even came out and then she said this is this is how 911 they said that
well I think they are the be very accurate in more ways than one just as 9/11 was questionable at best just as there's evidence of massive shenanigans that took place there then 23 years ago or 22 years ago
ascending now take the exact same thing now except is real
there is a a a plot a conspiracy to cover up that took place the fence sensors okay she's actually correct you cannot I remember there was that that footage of value there was a kid that was like like collecting flowers and the Rush by the IDF and then yanked away from the field because he was getting too close to the fence and is like literally like a child like 7 years old collecting flowers in the and you had an instantaneous response and they knew exactly where he was and you know but now you're going to tell me that it in multiple locations across the the most heavily guarded Border in the world that all of a sudden olume we didn't see it coming we didn't know they were coming we didn't do their work under the fence bulldozers going through the fences and they're they're armed with what's up with that American-made weapons all we don't know how this kind of possibly happened we don't know why
our troops defending that border happen to be pulled off right there and then she said there's no way that is really military could have not known what was happening and I believe her I believe her so we start asking ourselves
what is really behind this what could what could be driving this and people always tend the flock to money I think you know who's going to get rich off this it is at the concert go everywhere as Bankers why I get it I get it it's it's our Natural Instinct I would argue that the actual powers that be the people that are the shots calling the shots here pulling strings in the world today if all the money they need money is irrelevant to them they're not trying to get rich and couldn't they could they could buy Nations if they wanted to and sometimes they do
this isn't about money
about something much darker much more nefarious than that
and well explained all that right after the break
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so we know at least we have a very good idea that something is not right about the narrative something didn't happen the way they do supposed to happen or I should say that one exactly the way it was supposed to happen at the Israeli Gaza border we know that whatever reason they pulled troops away for whatever reason they ignored the the massive technological advantage they have the sensors the cameras everything that could they can say hey by the way I hope bunch of Hamas the last terrorist going through the fence right now we know that then doesn't make sense even if you want to be skeptical even if you want to say and you know what maybe that's why would they do that cuz that's the first question that's something that they can help us to suspend this believe that's what they're hoping for their home
that the people will think themselves and save themselves and discuss amongst themselves the idea that Israel wouldn't have any incentive to do that's what it what why would they even consider doing anything like this now talk about and send it later in the show before now yeah let's let's look at this and then say stop suspend disbelief just for a moment assume that governments not just the Australian government has the US government government in general have an agenda or a part of a larger agenda with him because they're compromised because they're willing participants they're part of an agenda that is basically anti-human anti anti God anti-biblical and as I free them take all those things that it's all one in the same
the anti-human anti-god anti-free them these are Concepts that are aligned so nicely as far as the global Stanley cabal is concerned
where did they get the weapons that's a question I've heard a few different theories of her 1:30 that's not getting disgusting enough out I'll pull up an old Newsweek article I know news week what am I doing dealing with Newsweek but it's a great article important article I should say I don't know if it's well written but it's an important article because of highlights hell and earlier in the summer they were asking questions they'd be in the IDF there asking questions and they're finding weapons from Ukraine of all places is Ukraine selling weapons to Iran and it's getting filter through to come off its possibility but a recent report this is from an idea you might think a maybe we were on the right track with a whole Ukraine thing but they're saying maybe these weapons that Hamas was using came from a different Source this article comes from the post-millennial US weapons Left Behind during Biden's botched Afghanistan withdrawal are being used in terrorist attacks against Israel and again it's going to an IDF official this is Ari Hoffman
reporting an Israeli Commander said that us Small Arms that were left behind during President Joe Biden disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021 have found their way into the hands of Palestinian Terror groups in the Gaza Strip weapons the US abandoned during the tumultuous and deadly withdrawals were seized by the Taliban following the August 2021 with us withdrawal from Afghanistan which South 13th service members killed billions of dollars in US weapons and equipment including Black Hawk helicopters fell into the hands of the Taliban and is Israeli Commando told Newsweek that IDF has seen the weapons in use by terrorist organizations in Gaza the weapons can continue to be a revenue source for the Taliban who have sold and smuggled weapons out of Afghanistan the commander was also concerned that in the quote they can research capabilities and then learn how to manufacture them I'm talking about especially about
Ron was at the center of all of this
continue in the quote the other problem is that we are very worried that some of these capabilities are going to fall to Hezbollah and Hamas has hands again that was an article back from I believe June of 2023
back to the post millennial article has been widely reported that Tehran has been reverse engineering Us weapons technology including drones is Newsweek the by the ministration has alleged that the Run has copied the US design 4000 w w anti-tank missiles to develop the the to find system which has been widely which has been wielded by has blocked and fellow axis of resistance militias in Iraq Syria and Yemen The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that Iranian officials helped the Palestinian terror group plan the attack and gave the go-ahead to carry out Saturday sneak attack on Israel it was the most severe attack on the Jewish State since the Yom Kippur War in 1973 exactly 50 years and the day after that as a matter of fact that is of course no coincidence the other reported that officers from Iran's Islamic revolutionary guard Corps had been that way
working with the Gaza Strip bass terrorist organizations including Hamas and lebanon's Hezbollah since August to plan the October 7th attack which has killed over 700 and injured thousands more and I know it's much higher than that doesn't remain missing and it's much harder than that and if you're kidnapped for the encourage or after the incursion by terrorists into the Jewish State on September 11th President Joe Biden release six billion dollars in Frozen funds to a Ron isn't it ironic that it was September 11th that he gave the terrorists all that money the move which had was highly criticized was to secure a prisoner swap which 5 Irani of prisoners in the US were handed over to the Islamic Republic in exchange for 5 American citizens who would just hold in jail and here's my question just real quick about that so they gave us five people we gave him five people why give him the six billion it doesn't make any sense or do they not wonder if they're five people there where the
okay well we gave them less important to them what is it with the six billion dollars and was the hostage exchange was that just a a predicate was it just a a smokescreen already but I guess you could say a way to justify giving the Iranians a lot of money so they could use and then we should have expected that they would use against us or our allies as it seems that may have been part of the plan the entire time what if what if we don't want to think this but I think I did Stephanie at least a possibility that the by a regime is working directly with their run to sponsor terrorism I'll get the end of the whole list of conspiracy theories later but keep that one in mind what if this isn't all we hate them they hate us and we know that they hate us us is in the American people what they're working with the binary fission once they're working with
Israeli government God forbid I don't think that's likely but we can never know and I'm not talking again about Bibi Netanyahu for those who missed the opening it's important to remember that when I say the the you're all specifically say the b in here cuz you want to talk about buying hair sheen what I'm talking about the US government it's generally the shadow guard in the Deep State and I'm talking about the Israeli government it could be a combination of their of the knesset the the prime minister's office the ministers or the shadow government the Deep stay there that's all so pervasive in Israel just as it is in pretty much every Western Nation across the globe that's how they operate they operate from the Shadows they've been coming out a lot more I will admit to me on a whole lot more aggressively lately but at least for now
they're still operating in the shadows did and I sent you a bite but did Joe Biden's handlers are they working directly with Ron to try to go after Israel and if so then what is the bigger plan we'll get to that Lord willing we'll get that back to the article at a time bind Secretary of State Anthony blinkin insisted that the unfrozen money would quote be available only for humanitarian trade it during an interview on Sunday with NBC's with NBC News banking defended the move but can see that the Islamic Republic has always put money towards funding terrorist operations good for him when he can stay to the Ron has unfortunately always used and focused its funds on supporting terrorism and supporting groups like Hamas and it's done and it's done that when there have been and it's done that when there have been sanctioned it's done that when I'm sorry I'm not reading his English properly
it's it's blinking English or as we like to call it blinglash I don't know something about sanctions yada yada yada let's be clear k is somebody says they were going to give we're going to give you money but you can't use it for bad things then you not telling them anything okay, like hey man hey man, can I borrow can I borrow $1,000 for rent and and they say how do you say yeah yeah that's great you know you got to have all the tanks man and get some fun okay I'm Bob on the horse and the enzyme is our rent I took my rent money though and I use that to to place a bet on Bob
get it I mean is it's it's ludicrous than to even say that I owe that money will only be used for humanitarian purposes idiots play 21 by restored 235 million dollars in a to the Palestinian to the Palestinians despite concerns that the money would be would fund terrorism do you think at the time Senator Lindsey Graham said I am deeply troubled by recent decisions from the vitamin stration to turn a blind eye to the behavior of the Palestinian Authority even turned a blind eye he's supporting it come on Lindsey Graham added in 2019 the Palestinian Authority provided 343 million to subsidize pay the sleigh attacks were terrorists and their families receive cash rewards for attacking Israelis and Americans Grand Ledge the vitamin the station with substance subsidizing terrorism again
the heels of the news that emails revealed by o.a.r. on a Envoy Robert Malley helped to fund and direct and Irani an intelligence operation designed to influence the US and Allied governments what oh my gosh I just don't say it ain't so saying so but it is it's true and you know that's a bombshell okay we were ported over at the Liberty industry report reported as a top story that's a bombshell and yet I don't see anybody talked about you maybe a little bit of a brief mention of Fox News that's about it I didn't see much coming from but even some of the name alternative her but I want to be alternative right-leaning new sources like Newsmax they barely touched on this this is a huge deal were talking about a major figure somebody with influence within four oceans in the United States government who was actually working for their Ryan government
you don't see that is a huge story all the way to everything is fine I forgot everybody was focused on Joe Biden's dog that he allegedly kicked and this dogs biting people what does it mean in always conserve the site's rather getting dog dog psychologists to talk about you know is is his dog really to blame for biting the Secret Service agents in the gardener or or is it Joe Biden and I was on the lives by going after Joe Biden's dog I didn't post it okay I'd opposed to single story about Joe Biden's stupid dog on the the sites that I have a gate and yeah I see that was like like big talk a fairly big news I think his problem I would say as a conservative moving here in the United States of America is that we are so easily distracted by funny stories or fodder you know stories that have actually zero relevance whatsoever to the lies of the American people have absolutely zero relevance whatsoever as it pertains to protect me or
Freedom's nothing and yet you know it's like oh my gosh look at Kamala work salad here quick this way for articles and and talk about hahaha how funny it is to come on, my hair is is is dumb and she keeps saying the same thing over that look I get people to choose what they want to maybe you like listen to that stuff maybe you're one of those people in and I know a lot of you are you want to hear the fire you want to hear about how dumb dumb Democrats are or whatever
I try my best and I can always accomplished because I'm human but I try my best to avoid stories that don't actually make a difference okay is it interesting when Joe Biden Falls yeah if it shows it demonstrates what we already know there's no no thinking and aware of human being in the well at least American who does not believe Joe Biden is is old or who does not believe that he's even to Old damage or the Democrats think he's too old why do we get to keep all my gosh it's the Joe Biden full quick let's see if we can find multiple angles of that wants to talk about that let's talk about how old is Joe is now he's incompetent now he has dementia now he's hiding isn't even in charge of this nation Joe Biden is a figurehead at best and barely that okay he doesn't make a single decision not one
he stole what decisions he is allegedly made and they tried very hard to make sure that he remembers which of those decisions he's allowed to talk about and which ones he cannot that's obvious so why are we always Focus don't know Joe Biden Joe Biden Kamala Harris Joe Biden let's focus on stuff that really matters such as Robert Malley was essentially in a running spy working within within the the the state department
hello that's big news what's that instead of Joe Biden's dog sorry sorry for the ramp back to the article
Corner Wall Street Journal being a suspended by the fish will help the wrong Ronnie and agent Aryan Tabata by tabatabai infiltrate some of the most sensitive positions in the state department and the Pentagon the Taliban is also reportedly requested to run a rock and Jordan too loud of terrorist group passage to Israel so we can conquer Jerusalem the widely circulated online statement from the Taliban official foreign office reads it's a Muslim countries neighbors Israel's grant us the right of passage We Will Conquer Jerusalem yeah. I shouldn't say yes but not possibly after all they did have 80 billion dollars worth of high-tech American Equipment kheyleve have less than that now what maybe maybe fifty billion maybe maybe it's 90 billion maybe they got more maybe by then send them or maybe who knows we know they do have have advanced weapon right now
Blackhawks come on I have the Taliban has that you might. I'll go ahead and unveil this is the part where I unveil a piece of a bra probably the biggest piece of my conspiracy theory what's actually going on
this is obviously a coordinated attack which is why wouldn't one of the reasons that I I was hesitant to even talk about the six billion dollars and yes I knew I do believe this is going to be to go to fund terrorism no I don't think I want to go from this terrorism say that is to say that I do you know three weeks ago is when all this got started know they've been planning this for months and not years this has been years in the making you don't sneak in your at least 5,000 something 10,000 with reports of up to 100,000 Rockets if you include Hezbollah has bilott
you don't see can't sneak that into Gaza
how to get so many rakats in such a short. Of time I remember the last last little rocket party they had in 2021 they basically they ran out late they were able to launch like buttons I think you like 1200 or some like that 1800 something is a lot of rocks they ran out of rockets so they're like oh we need more Rockets to to fight the Israelis the Jews kill the Jews killed killed Americans
so anyway how to get that many in in such a short. Of time this wasn't something to place for the last 3 weeks has been planned for a long long long time of the day was playing for a long long long time getting making sure the IDF most of the idea of 89% of it was a way from Gaza we're normally is and instead over at the Westbank where it shouldn't have been
make sure all that happened
make sure to do it on a Sabbath on a high holy day on a day when people generally speaking or not going to report even on something like this that's what that's the only time I've ever had success okay anytime that they they try to attack Israel when it's not a holy day they fail miserably so they don't attack US during Ramadan you know that would be wrong of you to take on your holidays because we don't care I don't care anyway so here's my theory
I do believe that Ukrainian weapons and Alex salary more from that Newsweek article here in a bit after the break but I do believe that weapons that were Supply to Ukraine or given my soul to a Ron make sense were actually no that's the case but then those weapons were then smuggled into Gaza give Namaz probably given the Hezbollah maybe even given to Islamic Jihad for all we know
those weapons are with being used now as far as the Taliban is concerned I believe that a lot of those weapons could have also been been sold and brought over the majority of those weapons are still in the Taliban hands and they go their intention is to be able to sweep down and hit Israel from a third front it when it is real from Gaza it when it is real from from North from Hezbollah and I want to tell him I want to join in the fight and also it is real simultaneously we look at this entire conspiracy whatever is going on we know that is pointing to at least for now going to Israel what is Israel's response likely to be what is just like when it if we can stay the night 9/11 was all about getting the Patriot Act and place was all about scaring American people into giving away their freedoms and it was all about taking more control over the finances and knows all about giving emergency powers to discern
tables are in an office that we like and most importantly is all about giving us a reason to invade Iraq well if we assume that these these attacks were designed to give something to his real or at least Israel's deep State something they want what could that possibly be
and as we see America's military moving moving back into the area
the most advanced aircraft carrier group in the world
see all the saber-rattling from A-Rod and we here
that is real wanting to strike back wanting to put it into a muscle together they know we know and everybody else you've been paying attention knows that if you were to go out an obliterated Hamas day it will rebuild within two or three years maybe sooner than that unless you're able to get rid of a run
there will always be a Hamas or something like I might
at least the next stage maybe not the end goal for the next stage in the plan is to get all the fingers pointing at her on so that Israel and possibly even the United States could engage in a full-fledged Invasion attack and war with a r on a full-fledged attack in war against Iran itself
we're going to go to a quick break for station identification so I'll see you on the other side
I would argue that the easiest way for governments to disguise their their true intentions describe disguise their real plans is to feign incompetence of this perception that governments and politicians they don't want to be viewed as incompetent but incompetence is actually used as a smokescreen to hide their true evil May brother for example the Israeli government would rather say you know we had an intelligence failure a catastrophic intelligence failure or that we had a military failure of some sort because that that is admitting to incompetence and people will accept that because we assume that they're not going to admit to incompetence if they're they weren't really incompetent
this is not the case I would say the head of the Chinese Communist party is the only one out there that doesn't utilize that they they are never in, they're always right you maybe there's a few others but for the most part our politicians our governments use the excuse of incompetence to disguise their evils
we can say that you owe you it was there was all sorts of technology that didn't work for some reason and there was all sorts of of the people and whatever we just had an ending and intelligence failure but that just folks that that doesn't happen not like this not of the scale if there was that an incursion where it's somebody got through okay like one terrorist was able to get through it and go bum a town close to close to the Border okay maybe that was incompetence maybe they let that one accidentally slip through but at this scale with this much lead time we're talkin about this had to have been planned for months and they didn't get word of it at all
on a holy day when we know they know very clearly they know that this is when when a radical Islamic terrorists and even even Islamic States that's what they wanted when they are least prepared when a good portion of population is busy avoiding anything other than their their holy day okay
they knew this they should have been on high alert they should have watching they were just telling like they weren't
did the technology didn't fail here
this is a planet again I'm not accusing Benjamin Netanyahu or specific members of government I would say that they may be involved I'm not giving that a pass either to be clear they may have been directly involved but I would argue that the more likely scenarios of the Shadow government the Deep State and Israel very similar to The Deep state in the United States someone say one of the same they were directly involved in this incompetence is not a valid excuse for something of this magnitude
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so you're saying you have a great Bret Weinstein posted on on Twitter he said Israel is being forced into a trap by Hamas it's important to realize that now remember it later Tomas cannot win a kinetic war with Israel but the point of terrorism is not to harm the enemy it is it is to induce the enemy to harm itself be as real Israeli reaction is the objective and I would argue that this is true on both in both directions in other words not only is is this what Tomas and say the foot soldiers in the middle managers in a mosque strike strike Israel will take hostages will come back and wait for them to us and then we'll go go whatever you know and then and then we'll win because Road will turn against them that's the goal will they want the world to turn further against in the world is already very much against the nation of Israel even its very existence for the most part well this will
they're hoping that it just turns into a very big is a pummelling of of Gaza war with Lebanon war with that the world will turn further against Israel and press more importantly from their perspective that other Islamic Nations surrounding Israel will join the fight so they want but then I say doesn't directions from Israel's perspective and we're at least a deep state of Israel at the people maybe not even the government maybe the government maybe not the non-government but at least the Deep state in Israel they see this is an opportunity for them to an act certain laws for them to to attack certain enemies just like our deep say did for 911 when they say this is similar to 911 they ain't Kiddin Corsair response here in the United States has been it's been a horrible I want to read this this one piece and we find a real quick I want to read this piece of this is
this on myself stack where you can follow me a JD Rucker. Sub I post this piece over there on Sunday night and it's about it takes it a conspiratorial perspective but I think it's important cuz I'm going to be diving into the conspiracies I here in a moment but I want to first start with a very sensible perspective is coming from from Victor Davis Hanson great singer great writer great great American a preface a Prelude to it so the article from to my Victor Davis Hanson posted an excellent analysis and what's really happening in the Middle East and how to bind a gene are complicit Israeli War is Joe Biden's Albatross they say Foreign Relations don't affect elections but such rules don't apply when Islam and Israel are the subjects behind the scenes they were playing both sides
clear support for Israel as they've already started doing but they will quickly reverse that support when they have a smidgen of quote evidence that is real is engaged in asymmetric retribution
but here's the thing asymmetric retribution is the only option for Israel at this point they've pandered they've compromised they restrain themselves for decades it doesn't work they know this now by the scenes the Biden Harris regime will be working with Aron as they've done from the start they'll be supportive of March as they've been from the start and they will alert their Pro Hamas base in the United States that they will hold Israel account Bahamas not a Ron not Hezbollah but it is real account but you will see the binary fusion shifting in and if you're listening to this later than Monday or Tuesday you might already have seen it now this goes let's go on to this is not a Biden Harris Harris operation is 100% being driven by the Unholy Alliance of Barack Obama the Deep State the military-industrial complex in the emerging
multipolar World Order Biden is a scapegoat Obama is calling the shots now let me be clear when I said Obama's, I'm saying that he's the that the proxy for the global Sleek ball for the powers and principalities if you will use a proxy through which US Government currently being being run okay. I think he's making the big decisions no not necessarily but I do think that it is through his people that he communicates with through his own proxies and multiple layers of of Defense there in a couple of deniability and everything in between them so that it's it's very very difficult to track back anything to him but it's just people okay they're the ones that are in place there the operatives that are actually running the Biden Harris regime not Joe Biden and definitely not Kamala Harris so let's move on to Victor Davis Hanson
excellent article this actually wasn't even an article I post this on Twitter but I turned it into an article for my substack
start of Israel are White House absurdities in the left Empire of Lies the vitamin stration is furiously trying to contextualize it's past unsupported unsupportable policies that is sewn Global chaos especially in the Middle East for the more spins the clear its culpability does it really believe that the long green Upon Us green-lighting of six billion dollars in sanctions relief to a Ron head has had no role in iraz Terrace Port of Mars with her psychologically or materially or both and I would say both do they think that we are that stupid actually yes they do think that thing clean you guys aren't here that's one thing about my audience I found that you guys I've seen audiences of other people you guys are literally the smartest audience in the world the biggest I am not the biggest show out there
we'll get there hopefully we just have to Enlighten people make them aware which one of the reasons why I am now very blessed to be on wwcr shortwave radio this is this is probably the coolest thing I've ever done peeing on the shortwave I'm not kidding it really legitimately is I made the most funnest is with my wife and kids but man as far as just this is cool cuz like like yeah I got some shortwave radio times Obama on shortwave
so much fun either we are going to be giving away shortwave radios here soon once we get the producer situated we start taking calls were actually going to be giving away shortwave radios that's part of the plan can't wait cannot wait if you don't have one just ate and you'll probably get one anyway back to Victor Davis Hanson the first grader might surmise that if a terrorist state knows the impending six billion dollar Bonanza will shortly arrive in its coffers then it will more readily in the here now send arms to Hamas in a logical assumption that that those costs will be covered more than covered while making the additional assumption that the United States is complicit in its own fungible use of sanctions relief cash and that's not an Italy hostile to tehran's self-professed agenda and short Tony blinken is neither an eighth or or to use the words misinforming is administration's megaphones who denies such fungibility always end up
mounting the same arguments as the lying and murderers theocracy in the Tabor on but then why not give the by appointment Robert the by the pointed appointed Robert O'Malley I'm sorry Robert Malley gosh learn to read this why you by the way the people who've been listening for why you know I don't read scripts I don't have a teleprompter even though I just can't read very well that's okay I'll hit you here to hear me read stuff isn't important Victor Davis Hanson is Brian so let me continue a little bit further Robert Malley previously known as Obama's Isis advisor only remember how that worked out in a rock and a self-declared expert in Hamas reproach mint Eagle accepted the offer to restart the Iran deal and normalize Irani in American relations and male has indeed eagerly at work until he was stripped of his security clearance for his alleged unlawful dissemination of classified documents and in addition I felt under further scrutiny
Julie for treasonous efforts to insert Pro Ronnie and activists into the state department and they are there he was successful let's be clear that they do they call it an attempt he he did and there are there of arawn has infiltrated the United States government under the buy a machine I was he was already there at least a little bit through the Obama regime and when President Trump got into office I don't think if he was aware enough to be able to to get rid of it man I can't wait till 4747 going to be hopefully Lord willing much better I really do hope that he's learned his lesson and that if he is in White House again that he will Purge the the executive branch of anyone other than America First Patriots but I digress elections today folks
go back to the article what also was behind the initial Natural Instincts of the state Department's u.s. office of Palestinian Affairs on news of the attacks our state department in pavlovian fashion immediately posted weird all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks Terror and violence solve nothing and yes it has lots of as predicted this insane virtue signal would eventually be taken down but only responds to Americans outraged at it's a moral insanity
what's our government's first inclination to stop Israel's County responds to systemic to systematic Hamas murdering Israel accept another eight hundred thousand two thousand dead women and children in the interests of abiding by the instructions of the American officer Palestinian Affairs to avoid retaliatory attacks that matter just by the ministration in Vonage Ukraine to refrain from retaliatory attacks since and its logic respond to Putin's Terror with Ukraine encountered violence would solve nothing
or is just as real a Democrat Ally a democratic vote Democrat Democratic allies that deserves these sermons or do they not reflect the embarrassing real there is a core democratic base the toxic Squad aoc's Democratic Socialist the the fusion media and some of the identity politics that causes caucuses I should say Hamas apologist even if that bankrupt ideology descends into ignoring or condoning the average Slaughter civilians in their home too I just saw it was a headline over adjust the I saw during the break I didn't get to read the article but it says the buy this is sending another x amount of hundreds of millions or billions of dollars to the Middle East to focus on wait for it wait wait wait for it
transgender rights
I don't know if they were aware in the vine Harris regime but the entire lgbtqia plus Supremacy agenda probably won't fly in Islamic dominated Societies or nations probably probably not going to end well for anybody who's pushing that ideology either Maybe I'm Wrong maybe maybe they know something I don't know where maybe this is just another way to filter money into the hands of terrorists
I'll leave it again you can see this whole article Victor Davis Hanson goes into great detail and again very brilliant I'll let you read it over at j.d. Rucker. Subs, I want to get into the conspiracy theory and I think we've got enough time for the for the final break
I see you know that's a good one here we go this is from this from war clandestine is a Twitter account and I'm going to repost this and again I'm reading from other people's I want you to understand I don't really agree with everything they say but it's important have this discussion it's more than we we know what the possibilities are so according to this this is a fun one who benefits most from the terror in the Middle East answer the Deep State they have a new media distraction now they don't have to report on the Colossal failure in Ukraine that she will soon forget about Ukraine just like they forgot about the Russia hoax BLM c-19 Etc public support for Ukraine had waned past the point of return America's America First GOP Austin speaker McCarthy over the funding of Ukraine the American people put their foot down the Deep State we're struggling to maintain the lie and desperately needed an off-ramp lo and behold a week later
the terror and Israel unfold horrific image images insight and emotional response from the public and poof believe states have instantaneously rekindle the American public's desire to fund war on the other side of the globe the Deep State don't care which war-torn countries they funnel the money from so long as the money flows they will gladly use this catastrophe to their advance to severe to advance their geopolitical agenda give me the Deep states are the main benefactors of the situation they are suspect number one that leads back to the US deep State politicians Obama Iran deal all roads lead back to Obama
it's not about the money I don't think General in in the past and in most of our interactions when we hear about corruption there's money involved we hear about about Bob Mendez and his goldbarth there's money involved when we hear about Joe Biden Hunter Biden getting paid off by Chinese companies are Ukrainian companies or whoever whatever world leader wants to to buy influence from the then vice-president yes it is about the money we here by the Clinton Foundation yes it's about the money
but here's the thing we started looking at the Deep State we start looking at the the multipolar world order the globalist cabal powers and principalities the entities will call him
these are the adversaries at the top who have access to whatever money they need there's literally nothing they could possibly imagine
no project they would ever want to do where they would require more money
this war is not about the money no doubt I want to be clear there are organizations empties groups of people below them where the money is the motivation can you look at the military-industrial complex they look at this is another big payday they're motivated by the money you look at you know when we're talking about covid-19 you look at the vaccines big Pharma motivated by the money hundred percent I'm not saying the money doesn't play a role in it be clear about when you start to get up to the upper echelon of evil and try to get up into again the Deep state did not looking at this from a financial perspective if they wanted to they could hack and or manufacturer wealth instantaneously through cryptocurrency they could I mean they could literally move the decimal points and have all the money they need and they probably have already
this is not about profit that use profit to motivate their underlings yes their politicians in their pocket when it comes to the actual plan this is not about having another place where they can generate more Revenue that's not their goal
if we can get away from that if we can get away from thinking that everything is about money is motivating this evil money is motivating Downieville then maybe we can actually see what the real evil is
but only then would be able to truly uncover whatever this is the fappening when I started for the break this is from inversion ISM another Twitter user who I don't always agree with but whoever it is is I don't know who it is out of its guy or girl a group whatever I follow their tweets a lot and they they write very long and lengthy things usually pertaining to one subject at a time which is which I like I like staying focused and this time it's going after one of my favorite targets Lindsey Graham you know what the first Let's Play that video that part of it I'm not going to split part of the video of Lindsey Graham utilizing the incident the the campaign's beginning in Israel using that as a way to a tub do what he does best Ring the Alarm bells ringing doorbells he wants more work there's never been a war that Lindsey Graham hasn't wanted more of the guys are glad and I wore a glutton there we go
that's that's the Russian screwing with us anyway we'll have to go in on the ground and got this won't be an air campaign to try to rescue their hostages and dismantle hummus without worry about I'm worried about Hezbollah which is a Shiite terrorist organization attacking Israel any minute now with 100,000 Rockets from the cell so I've been on the phone all day to the store on what I would do I would tell her on that it has lost a tax Israel we're going to come after you the arrangements and have a coordinated effort to put her on out of the Oil Business by destroying their refineries there for major refineries in Iran door fixed target attacks Israel I would make a rock that
that was Lindsey Graham ladies and gentlemen the senator that just doesn't doesn't want PC is completely owned and operated by the military-industrial complex he always has been and he is not an American Patriot first page. Otherwise he's he's as bad as it gets so it's good to what inversion ISM says about a MoneyGram is now even the drums of War on Fox News and saying that Iran is going to attack Israel any minute now and when that happens the US and Israel should respond in unison to attack Iran and quote put them out of the Oil Business by destroying their refineries this sound familiar me this is not sound like just a repeat of Iraq Iraq all over again and I know you know hey we were able to go there and win quickly well in that we stayed for decades Rock Afghanistan this is just the Forever War is being being relaunched
just got out of Afghanistan right hey who had to get back in can't be out of the Middle East for this long-ass time to take out tayron back to inversion ISM the interviewer than asks you make it public and Lindsay interrupts and responds gleefully I just did and then I was a terrible Lindsey Graham impersonation and then says that Biden and his administration should do it quietly even though he just tested it out on the news for a Ron to hear the hell do you think around will do in response to that just roll over and let let it happen with no response back that would be an act of war and gets so many other countries involved like Russia
what do you think Russia would do in response after they signed a massive oil and gas agreement last year in July 2022 with Iran I'm sure that this is totally unrelated but fine has been draining the Strategic petroleum Reserve since he got a novice and as of September 22nd they have 17 days of Supply remaining the lowest in history total coincidence was always about writing a moral wrong in stopping terrorism and it's never about money resources power land or greater geopolitical interest to see 911
please for the love of God and do not fall for this again how have we all completely forgotten propaganda campaigns we just went through with covid in the same damn war-mongering Psychopaths government's intelligence agencies ngos and military industrial complex telling you to trust them and that the only motivation involved here are with stopping Hamas being a terrorist organization and hating Israel is far more complicated than that with many other interests in mind quit treating this like it's a football game where you rooting for a team to win and start remembering that it's the civilians that are going to be the ones paying for all this not those committing evil acts on the other side
the elites are telling you in complete Unison across all mainstream political spectrum that they want war why in the hell are you following along with after what we just went through with covid in the vaccines which was also in perfect Unison go watch some 9/11 documentaries to remind yourself how much they will lie in manufacturer to get what they want Kelly millions of people in the process and then see a rock look like I said it is really isn't about money I'm not going to hammer that point any further at least not today this is about a long-term agenda and agenda that you know first meet to truly understand what's happening in front of a the only thing that we have to stop pretending like this is all the same old thing happening and get the other similarities absolutely there's definitely similarities between this and 911 they're definitely similar goals at least in the short-term to the long-term goal seemed to check
you and I should say that we backtrack there goes our chance which is closer to the end game ok I would argue that 911 is much closer to to what we're witnessing today as far as cause-effect I would argue that it may all be part of the same long-term plan we have to stop looking at things just as though you know this is happening now so it's react now nothing we don't live in the moment because that would be a Biblical we do live in the moment but we must also learn from the past
we cannot just ignore what we already know and pretend like things are going to be completely different we have to assume that their plan their their their machinations their agenda is one that has been long Brewing just as this attack was not not hatched three weeks ago we have to assume that the plans are already in motion
and that for us to be able to have any chance of stopping him there two things we must do number one we must pray we need God God is the only one who can truly stop this evil for manifesting any further without him we have no no chance whatsoever but even with God if it whose us as people who are trying to fight the good fight to make sure that we make other people aware it's not just making them aware of what's happened to your politically so I just making them aware of the various conspiracies that are trying to suppress and subvert us in many ways to kill us through creeping tyranny we must also make them aware of the Gospel itself
this is the time folks if you've been waiting all you know when things get closer to the end it will it's closer to the end I'm not saying we're definitely for sure 100% in the end days but certainly feels like we are and knowing that it is our duty our our responsibility our mission to spread the gospel to make people aware of the truth that's this world with the next we do need to make them aware of the truth in this world hopefully that will help them to wake her up wake up open your eyes to the truth of full-blown reality I'm talking about this life and the next
we don't want their friends or loved ones anyone we should not want anyone to rot in hell they might say what what about Mars and I would say it's going to be hard for me to not want them do to right now but I think that they've already sealed their own Fates
and unfortunately as a human that that does make me feel kind of good especially after seeing all the videos over the weekend
but it shouldn't and I feel bad for it not really but I should feel bad for it
but I don't brush it so should you
but you don't need it
I was going to break and we return we will finish it up with with the hopefully at least lead the opening scenes I won't say that I'm going to unveil unraveling tired especially cuz I can't because nobody can cuz it's it's all we have are theories that's play that's why they call it conspiracy theory do I keep mention conspiracy theories I do not do that phrase that term as the Jordan your conspiracies that are taking place in the world and right now he's fun the way that they limit their information unlimited what we have access to all we have are theories I'm going to try to break down what I believe to be dee display all encompassing aspect. Of what we're seeing in Israel and what we can expect in the near future so stay tuned
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all right folks we have come to the tinfoil-hat section of Today Show this is where if you are not a at least a partial conspiracy theorist or least open the ideas of conspiracy theories you know I either want to tell anybody to turn off the the show but this one part might not be for you because it might be uncomfortable you might hear things that might make you think huh well that doesn't sound very good not let me go turn that off and go turn on Fox news or CNN or something instead they'll give me just the right dose of a bad news that that I need to to keep my day going where is this Rucker guys out there talking about how things are getting really crazy really really crazy out there and the reality is they are
the reality is what we are witnessing today is in my humble opinion the beginning of the end and when I said yeah and I'm not saying like the end of humanity or necessarily even the biblical end times does the end of of an age for us things are going to change and they're going to change extraordinarily dramatically very quickly geopolitics are going to be turned upside down this is going to affect the entire world isn't just an isolated incident where do the terrorists came in and did this and then they moved on and and Israel went in and blew up Gaza and saved all their hostages and and everything's back to normal that's not going to go down like that folks Sade
good hope it does and I hope it does I pray that's why I pray for a Swift and and very conclusive and this I hope I'm wrong so many times I don't think people realize how often I hope I'm wrong I'm not one of those guys that helps for bad things just to prove them right I want to be wrong I pray that I'm wrong about this but that all of the signs seem to be pointing towards this very ugly and Grand conspiracy that I didn't see coming I don't think very many people saw it coming. Like this we might be seeing other conspiracies that are in the play this one
this massive attack this this pointing towards the Israeli government and or the Israeli deep State being complicit in the attack against their own people that's the kind of stuff that you don't want to hear about if you eat with your conspiracy theorist or not you don't want that to be true
you know you want to help that that all the evils of of governments are are minuscule or or isolated we want I hope it's all about greed and not about the depopulation in control agenda that seems to be a play the powers-that-be continue to push upon us and this is a big part of it it's not just Central Bank digital currencies it's not just just the digital IDs
I just covid vaccines are 5G or any of the other conspiracies that we talked about often and this one is is part of a grander scale in this does represent if I'm right I hope I'm not but if I tried this represents the beginning of the next phase of their plan they need this type of turmoil because of internal in chaos they are able to accomplish so much if they keep us looking in One Direction they can do whatever magic they want to employ in the other direction they want to call on demons over here they have is looking over there
that's the plan that's how they that's how they operate and things are getting worse especially with everything is now happening in Israel was too quick recap so that we have a unified understanding of how this is playing out and how it's going to continue to play out to me is real is going to continue to be attacked and again if you're catching this be on Monday or Tuesday this may already have been happening there's going to to be an escalation of attacks whether it's today tomorrow next week next month this is just the beginning I don't know what the plan is I don't know the details but I do know that but this is the start of a real true rage against Israel and they're going to try to get Israel to react in a way that will justify abandoning the nation I'm talking about four other nations including the United States they want asymmetric retribution everybody does okay literally everybody
who's involved all the direct players want asymmetric retribution of course Israel does because they see what wood to place they are very emotional right now and rightly so they want Vengeance this isn't about Justice they want revenge for what has taken place for their for their women and children being kidnapped and raped and murdered for their men being shot kill
for all of this evil has taken place over the last few days they don't just 10 let's get them in trial there was a dead it would have tortured it possible that I can understand I'm not justifying I'm just saying I can totally understand that feeling and if it was my my son's my daughter's mind my relatives anybody that I knew or loved that was involved in this I would want to to go there and I would want to to to Pummel people I would want to find any Hamas member and then find the next one the next one the next one and do things to them that that I don't want to say it out loud I don't like that aspect of my personality
but I don't think I'm alone I don't think I can see what I'm coming and I would imagine the minion in Israel feel that very way right now today and again you can say it's wrong in from a Biblical perspective it is I should be more forgiving
so should they
but human nature demands and many of us that we do seek revenge retribution not just justice so call it's a weakness of mine to get so angry and worked up about this and that's not even these aren't even my people this isn't even don't even friends or relatives of mine and I just getting rage when I watch those videos
character fly gas anyway so
they're going to want everything so they want obviously many and Israel want a cement asymmetrical retribution so too does Arana has even Hamas you know I would say that the individual Hamas members these brainwashed Savages maybe they don't want to because that means that they're dead but they they have to know that that's that mean they do and knowing that's a possibility they've seen is real they've lived in or near Israel for the most their lies another entire life they know what is real is capable of doing why would they call down the Thunder knowing that they're right underneath it unless again being brainwashed in the animals they did what they were told and they thought hey you know they're going to get there whenever how many virgins they're supposed to get when they died is is supposed Martyrs for Allah
I don't know what their motivation is it bugs me that I did see a lot of videos by the way there's not a lot I saw a few videos where they weren't exactly acting like a fundamental Muslims there's a call here there they're doing things that they seem to be more more sluggish than anything else it is just what it is what it is anyway
point is is that even they want asymmetric retribution because the with that they believe they'll be able to Rally support rally other Muslim nations around Israel to join in on the attack rally Hezbollah rally the the Taliban which they are already itching to get in there with their Newfound Joe Biden weapons they want to get in there and they wanted they say they can conquer Jerusalem if they just have safe passage now whether or not they'll be able to get safe Passage through Jordan is very questionable I would say almost impossible but you never know things are I mean that again we're living in strange anything that I would have imagined in the past could be impossible today I take it as it's almost all possible anyting strangest circumstances could turn out to be real
and that does include Jordan which has been invariant kind of Steady Hand in the Middle East
even Jordan could turn on Israel
and I would be very bad because their lives first proximity as far as ability to engage in direct Warfare they're the ones that you would have to be most concerned about sending when he's quite what's the word for it
Egypt has less less military stability I'm not talking about the weaponry and the troops there just the stability of the military has been questionable really for the last fifty years we want space they got bloody than they really never recovered Jordan has recovered better from their their nose bleed from his decades ago you got a run in Iraq also nearby close enough at least to be able to to strike if necessary this is what this is what they want they want to see his real go after her mom is in a in a emotional frenzy and then perhaps you can go after Hezbollah
notice I haven't mentioned Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia is the wildcard here in a lot of people there's been a lot of conspiracy theories out there with the intention of this this entire campaign that has begun is to blow up the peace treaty with Saudi Arabia and Israel to me I can't see that I don't see that as being making sense because logically it doesn't make sense logically if we can assume that a Ron's going to have the finger pointed at them and you would think man this might be a good time for Saudi Arabia and Israel to come together again this common enemy
so they say this is going to blow it up somehow I'm stopped buying it but then again you never know I mean Iran and Saudi Arabia are going to Buddies buddy buddies in the Mimosa brics Nations starting in January so maybe there's a side deal already been worked out with Mohammed bin Salman running the show inside Arabia you don't know the dude is a wild card I mean wild carts go he is arguably the most unpredictable of the Middle Eastern leaders
turquoise you got turkey turkey is out there calling for for some oddness I guess and of course turkey is part of NATO which makes it even more Curious that they're already sticking their nose into this but they're already getting involved what is their role in all of this in a turkey has that did the Turkish people have been
they've been very annoyed for decades
they were at one point the the ultimate when it came to the Middle East they control they ran stuff they have at the Ottoman Empire was powerful wife and it had it had a say in what was happening and haven't had that until very recently when they've been playing both sides playing both Russia and the United States playing both NATO and not made of their kind of right there in the middle of day to Orwell carpet but Edwin is not he he's a bit more predictable than Ambien does not a a middle-eastern lesson on geopolitics today and we're we're just going to be talking specifically about how this is going to impact how this this campaign of Terror has just begun how it's going to to influence our how at least a hope it's going to influence the Middle East
and again I do believe it all comes down to one thing which we're about to get to but so you've got you've got
Gaza and the mosque Southwest you got 11 and Hezbollah of the north you've got the Taliban itching to get in with their new weapon so everybody's got these newfangled Us weapons they're they're dying dying to try out on the Jews write and and their this hope this help for for asymmetric retribution coming does is also shared by a run but now let's take it a step further let's go outside of the Middle East what what is everybody else think I was going to rush rush show host for nothing and I want this they don't want anything to blow up Russia and outside of of what they're doing in Ukraine Russia is is the ultimate proponent of the status quo they don't like chaos anywhere it's just I know this is part of their nature or what but they want things to to calm down quickly but I don't think they really have much influence right now of course they are their allies in Iran will try to influence them but I think that unless
they're pushed through them they have their hands full and Ukraine Ukraine claiming to be to be friendly towards Israel but they will be the first ones to jump the month is real does dusko asymmetric does just rain down Fury upon Hamas when that happens you'll see Ukraine starts change their tune they will be one of the first ones that do European Union currently withholding 700 million euros in Aid to the Palestinians out to will likely change they want is really striking to strike hard they want world leaders and the corporate media and radical leftist which are already doing it by the way you they didn't need any excuse they're already going out in full force going anti anti-israel and pro pro pro maim and torture and rape and murder and kidnap people
they're all about that bugs me the death
these are fellow Americans in the United States to see the European Union do the same thing eventually you will see the United States including and especially Joe Biden is the puppet for this the actual regime it's is in control he will come out and he will start to chastise Bibi Netanyahu we will start to chastise the response they will start to call for peace and Israel will say no until the mission is done they're not going to stop they're going to keep going until I'm off no longer is even remotely capable of committing such an atrocity as they've done this weekend
it's going to be a Porsche and it's some point
I don't know if it's days weeks months years in the future but it's some point that push
by Israel is going to result in a greater war and I'm not blaming Israel for that again but this the seems to be the plan on let's go back to everybody has to have sent it right so we've already established that are on they want to just blow it up there using Hezbollah they're using a moss W coaxing coaxing they're not allies but but the conflicts amongst amongst the the Muslims
Sunni and Shia Muslims those conflicts are always secondary compared to whenever one is fighting the lesser sentence Satan as they call call them of Israel for the greater state in the United States then also hey we're almost sounds now right we might fight each other most of the other time we're going after the real bad guys we're we're all brothers and Islam right that's how they operate so they're pushing Ron is pushing everybody once they have and I don't know how it's going to play out but once they do have reached a Tipping Point to where they will say okay we just got we just got to wipe Israel off the map of course many of them are they want to but once they get a political consensus that okay it's time to invade Israel I'm in Israel fight back and Israel will try the United States this is where it gets tricky
sweet can should have to defend them right now I know I said I'm not for war I'm definitely not you know but if it comes down to it when you if you've got is real is about to be obliterated then we have a choice to make I don't know what choice we will make though I don't know if we will stand back and let it happen or if we will get our hands dirty and our troops killed as a result I don't know where the end of the employees going to be there I don't know if we'll be invading a ride anytime soon sure seems like Lizzy Greene with it happened in a whole lot of other people for whatever reason we never learn my lesson and it's always second are we never learn
that it went we wait we stop learning after the Korean War and for whatever reason we continue to sign okay now is a good time to to go to war now is a good time to head to invade
the dumbest thing
but it keeps having so I don't know where we're going to fall in that but whether we are on the bad side of the good side and really there is no good side in this to be clear whether we're on Israel side or the Muslims that will be attacking them there or if we stay neutral here's where it really gets crazy and this is where again if you have tightness got a little belt that you can put around your tinfoil-hat got to do it now cuz this is where we get into the the crazy stuff
to me is that they're going to bring us as a world so the verge of World War 3
A lot of people are saying this is going to lunch while I don't think it will I don't I think it will be right there so close almost going to happen
then something miraculous release will they all claim to be miraculous will happen
there will be talks and all of a sudden
it will be this discussion about about bringing forth a two-state solution in Israel
and this will be brought here this will bring everybody the table you'll see it run and Saudi Arabia getting along you'll see United States and Russia getting along you'll see all my gosh this isn't just this isn't just peace for Israel in the Aquatic or Palestinians this will be peace for the world if we can stop fighting and come to an agreement here now oh my gosh what does that say about the world
I told you he might ask I've mentioned what everybody else is incentive is what about Israel's incent
in my humble opinion I could be wrong I'll accept that I'm wrong if I am but this is the part this is the piece that seems to make the most sense when I'm trying to figure out what in the world can Israel want out of this my first thought is they wanted to be able to stop Iran and that makes sense except it almost doesn't
there are other ways they could go after a run but doesn't include the kidnapping Slaughter rape and murder of their own people there ways they could engage with rum have a predicate they believe there's nuclear weapons they've demonstrated time and again they're willing to try to take out those nuclear weapons so that should be enough so he couldn't in my humble opinion just be about Iran
what if can't stay with me on this what if deep down they believe that the only way they can move forward is with a two-state solution what if down
they they know the politically speaking it's too unpopular for them to ever bring to the table special somebody who's right-leaning like Bibi Netanyahu what if they could force the issue what if they could force
a peach tree to chaos just as the world is on the brink of World War 3 they say look we didn't want to do as we fought against it for long time
but we now believe
the right way to move forward is with a two-state solution
and if we do that then we will sign a lasting peace agreement and that peace agreement will be Ironclad and guaranteed by a higher world power
in a multipolar world which is what they are shooting for and they are shooting for a world with 10 Regional powers and those who read their Bible that probably sounds familiar because they they want the other the end times that legitly we'll have ten kingdoms
was one unified King
a ruler Beast if you will
that the rains over these other kingdoms if you were to have that you also know if you've read your Bible that there will be two this fall
as result of this I'd hate to be in one of those Regional Powers such as perhaps the United States that is taken out of the result but hey we'll see how it plays out
are you with me so far so you have these these the peace agreement two-state solution
lasting we sustainable peace guaranteed by these Regional powers and one group one one entity
one piece system if you will
to rule over at all to make sure that's a guarantee the peace in the Middle East against he the piece across the globe through the end of nationalism the end of of individualism
the end of Nations
the in the Box the end of freedom
the end of of multiple money is multiple religions multiple Government powers answer to this one Overlord
that will make the world a better place than they can focus on the important issues to them such as such as climate change they can they can make sure that we are able to stay peaceful to control via Central Bank digital currencies and digital IDs and we'll make it to where we don't have to go very far we don't even need an electric car will need the car at all we can just we can just find everything that we need in the confines of our cozy little 15 minutes cities
I mean parsley facetious
I'm I'm I'm I'm tongue in cheek right now because none of the stuff is good and I'm hoping that everybody catches on to that
I'll tell you what
if this does Escalade and play out the way that it appears to be playing out that all of a sudden my perception that we're probably about 50 50 in X vs. In X is suddenly jumps to about 99% look there will be signs we can tell we don't know nobody knows the day or the hour we can tell the season and when it's snowing you have to assume it's winter and it sure does seem like we're on the verge of the world's winter
the winter that ends all Winters winter the short-term reign of the Antichrist
so that's why I am so concerned about what's happening anyways I'm not in many ways I'm excited many ways it's like whoa we're really in the end times dang it we're going to suffer whole lot but at least we're closed we're getting closer to being home we're being we're getting closer to finally starting our eternity with our Lord and savior that's going to be awesome for that I'm very excited but the thought of seeing the type of Cruelty the type of hatred what type of anger that is filling this world to see that become a full-blown route across the globe yeah bad parts going to suck
so that's the case I will do it again greatly thank our sponsors you know the show we've we've had some ups and downs we we persevere through we're so blessed to be on wwc are to be able to broadcast on Rumble Brianna bitchute Apple podcast all the various podcast networks we're blessed to be able to to manage and added the Liberty daily and Destroy these are tremendous blessings I do owe obviously my my greatest think so of course to my Lord and Savior to God to Jesus Christ because that's that's how all of this is possible I'd also like to thank course Genesis golden kiss without their financial contributions there they bankroll the show they get us onto the various networks that were on
they're paying for my coming producers will finally be able to take live calls and you can say Rucker you're wrong or you can say you're right I don't care say either I just want to talk to you and I can't wait for that to happen. Lord willing it'll happen this week or next the back to Gensco they do bankroll the show and they give me free rein to say what I need to say and they already ate America First Christian precious metals company they will take care of you they don't offer free silver because of the free silver thing that's a scam it really is
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all right Lord willing I will be back very soon with another episode but in the meantime you'll stay strong
stay safe and God bless

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