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JD Rucker Show, January 8, 2024

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Dean Cain, Jonathan Rose, Kari Lake, and Davos

Title: Dean Cain, Jonathan Rose, Kari Lake, and Davos


The powers-that-be want our children groomed, our bank accounts empty, and bugs on the kitchen table. They want to control all elections, inject you with as many jabs as your arm can take, and track your every move. Welcome to the world in 2023. On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, we'll be talking about the happenings at Davos as the World Economic Forum brings together most of the planet's Bond villains to discuss how they're going to subjugate the masses. I'll be joined by actor Dean Cain and CEO Jonathan Rose, and I'll also be playing my recent interview with the person who SHOULD be Governor of Arizona, Kari Lake. Today's show is brought to you by

Recorded: January 20, 2023

JD Rucker Show

JD Rucker Show
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We tackle issues that most won’t touch. Even conservative and many “alternative” media outlets refuse to talk about “taboo” topics for fear of losing money from Google, traffic from Facebook, or sponsors who are “woke.”

We don’t take on woke sponsors. We don’t get traffic from Facebook. We don’t take money from Google. We know we’ll get canceled by some, but the truth is the truth. We won’t hold back.

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hello my friends and welcome to another episode of The Jamie Ryker show I'm your host J D Wrecker in the year for the first time in a long time we're having at least two I might go ahead and have three guests will see how it goes with the first gas but either either two or three guests today and I know that's crazy but that's part of the changes that were making here at the show you know there was a time not too long ago when I was asking people asking you all to help any way you could pay by going to give some JV Rock and I said one of the things we needed to do was we need to be able to hire a full-blown producer or production company as it as it turns out we needed that because it's hard to run the show solo when you're trying to do the content when he's trying to get to book the gas when you trying to hit to control the the show dials and all that stuff live and it's it's a pain I'll admit and so I
was asking for help and you all stepped up and wonderfully so I'm so blessed so grateful to all of you for doing that so next week and you know I don't even want to set a date because we keep pushing back and stuff and not their fault but but we are we keep pushing back the day went with fishley start with the new producers new production team that will be running the show the January car show going forward. I'm not going to set an exact date but we'll just say sometime between next Monday in the Monday after that and then that's when we'll be able to start doing these shows not only obviously had a set time will be doing them at the live show go on at 2 p.m. eastern Time Monday through Friday will have a a special show a premium show that will go on at 6 p.m. I'm sorry 9 p.m. Pacific Time Monday through Friday those shows will be 2 hours long you'll be able to hear that that's s premium show over at America out loud talk radio with you
I am a lot of your listening to me right now to America out loud talk radio night I consider that a great blessing as well but we're going to be doing any as if because I even asked its hey what are you guys think should we do a separate show for radio you guys said yes so we're doing that and that show will be a premium as well over at Red voice so if you want to sign up for for their premium channel my premium channel will be going up there probably within two or three weeks in the meantime we'll we'll keep it free for in the beginning just as we get all the Kinks out I want to make sure that it is it is worth the premium so so you'll be able to get in you'll always be able to hear all of the stuff on Apple podcast the video portion will be premium again for the for The Late Show but the yearly show will always be free no matter what and you can see that at Rumble Briley on bitchute bring the first red voice and all the other various places ending run Odyssey and get
and gab and then we're just we're going going like that like I don't know the allergy to show me growth and now he's out there please Arcana me so that's one of the things I'll be talkin to mr. Dean Cain about the I know everybody know listen I seen enough interviews of Dean Cain to to know that everybody knows about Hollywood tell us about you know what you did with the with the year you went to high school with Charlie Sheen how is that about you and I don't think myself like guy yeah he's an actor has the rare conservative action Hollywood interesting but this guy went to Princeton okay this guy is not an intellectual / if you ever hear him when he does his many many things in does with Fox News for example he's definitely one of the good guys on the smart guys so let's not just pigeonhole him into a pill it's about Hollywood hahaha you know what was it like to date Brooke Shields I'm not trippin I get in OKC
before anybody gets mad at me I'm not throwing stones and I saying all these other show host an interview Dean Cain they do it wrong I'm just saying I don't want to hear about that necessarily want to hear about on here with this guy's opinion is about thinks you've been fighting online and fighting through these news channels fighting socialism fighting fighting against the the rampant wokeness that's taking over to the side not just in Hollywood but I mean just in real life this is a guy who is dedicating his life as a father to be able to to raise his son here by himself essentially raise his son and do right by him because he wasn't you know he did he was he didn't ever I don't think he's ever met even his biological father there's some there's many many many many many more interesting things about Dean Cain than just his time as I as Clark Kent and Lois & Clark more interesting things in his time as a three-sport star at Princeton University and knows his stuff and I want to dive in
that I want to tap his brain for that we are also going to to play my interview with Kari Lake which we had that interview you might have already seen it so I never put it on the live show this was one that we we pre recorded and I put a video out by itself caused Carrie put it out there as well why do people have already seen it but I want to go ahead and included in Today Show for those of you who just watch the live show so you'll be able to watch watch that and live a pure as well and then we will be talkin about everything that's happening over the world economic Forum in Davos man that it's just getting uglier and uglier and uglier worse than I ever thought okay well and I've seen I've been following devil since long before anybody ever not anybody most people even heard of the world economic Forum I've been on their case for 4 years now and they scared they still do so so there's that
what else we got today Alec Baldwin skin charged with involuntary manslaughter goodness gracious maybe I will ask Dean about that one that's that's one that's maybe the Hollywood question I asked him because that's crazy stuff so he does have perspectives Notch there's a Hollywood guy but also in law enforcement so we will be right back with mr. Dean Cain so stay tuned
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Fox released act like protocol today
you know when I was growing up I was a big fan of Hollywood of course in recent years I've learned that Hollywood has gone completely woke and I kind of limit where I watch when I say kind of the last movie I saw the theaters was Top Gun of course and I'm proud of that I couldn't even tell you it's been years but there's one guy who has been kind of an inspiration because he has bucked the trend of going woke Ultra Hollywood he has been able to throw his career be very very successful while still maintaining a strong political view in his political views Will Rain sometimes depending on what you talk about social issues or economic issues or socialist or anything like that but in one way he is extraordinarily aligned with with what we do here at the America first movement I'm very blessed these an honor to have a very prominent man joining us today his name is Dean
okay then how are you doing sir very well how are you today I am great I am fantastic you know things are looking up well not really but at least we can hope that they're looking up sending in the right direction and should I think we were all expecting some some really big things in November in and that didn't materialize and I don't want to talk about it so it hurts a little bit there no doubt we're going and having the house and you know there's a lot of people fight with you know speaker McCarthy I happen to know him and I like him he's a politician yeah so those things that happened in but I but so far he's off to a good start he's I think he's coming out well in those 20 other Republican to sort of held up things for a while they got there they got their spots on committees and I think it's going to be interesting to years at everybody everybody came out pretty well and that whole regard you know I wasn't I'm not a huge fan of McCarthy
but I am totally willing to give it a chance and I call it the way it is I've been pleasantly surprised okay so where we'll see how it goes maybe play surprises to be very good absolutely you know you are an actor you your producer-director a writer your your dog free or after after leaving the Buffalo Bills you hurt your career has been really just Storybook in many ways you've been able to do a whole lot but you you fought against will culture even before I became known as well culturing Hollywood knowing that you know you have also spoken out against socialism communism just the rise of Marxism in general have you seen in your in your travels through Hollywood have you seen any direct influence from say like the Chinese Communist party or more the world economic Forum running the various woke she's out there
I'll need Global Elites if you will in that sense for the world world economic Forum that thing to me it just is terrifying it straight James Bond villain Klaus Schwab is 50 I mean like you couldn't create a better James Bond villains in claims it's it's crazy you know for myself person I haven't seen a lot of of Chino influence from the CCP myself but I've been over there I've actually tried if there's a movie I want to make over there that Tick Tock World War take place in order to do that I would have to work with it with the Chinese Communist party's but in this particular film the Chinese come off very well because that's the story not because I was going to change it you talked about earlier the last movie you would seen was top gun Maverick and there was a big hullabaloo about that because they were is Chinese money apparently in that or one of the companies and so he removed the Taiwan sticker and Taiwan patch on his fight the flight jacket and his bomb
jacket that was a big deal but it went back in and that film was very very pro-america and and it is sort of bucked the world culture in the end whoever made that decision the Tom Cruise God bless him and he has a lot to say on his phone but whoever made that decision did something very very right and and I applauded I'm sure there's a lot more going on behind the scenes that I can see because Hollywood is a very prostitution old like organization I don't have prostitution of like is a word but I didn't want to call the prostitutes but in a sense you know if there's money there they'll they'll make that deal and and they'll scream and talk about you know values and morals but at the same time if there's a lot of money do the values and morals can go over here and then we'll just make sure we get this done that that happens a lot in Hollywood has lots of Nefarious types like that there was also some very virtuous folks like four of them
absolute absolutely you know you are you have said about yourself and in the past you said that when it comes to social issues your kind of left it I would give it more as a a liberal in a true liberal in the sense of Liberty you know somebody wants to be gay they can be gay and I guess you can take it back that you've engaged on more of a conservative angle from a cultural perspective no looking at all this rapid wokeness looking at the the supremacy agenda of some of the the more far-left aspects of political Freedom was is is this a shift in you or do you think that it's a shift where where you know they were they were at one point fighting for gay rights and now it's like you're fighting for something bigger badder worse what were your thoughts there and there was a time when it was a gay rights fight and I have a lot of friend
Hollywood I mean every third person is probably gay and some of my great friends are gay I play a game a couple films I have listened if that's what I don't want to do great but don't start dictating to other people how they have to use your pronouns and don't try to indoctrinate children being a father changed everything for me my son is not 22 years old and is some of these folks that I see I'm lives of Tik-Tok if I would have seen them in my son's classroom and listen to things they were saying we would have had a huge problem is that what you're supposed to be here to teach my child and I'll be in class every single day I will be there every day if this is what's going on I'm out that putting him in a private Christian school because that's where I felt he was going to get them morals and values that I wanted him to to listen to do when 2K experiencing you know go to Chapel and have these conversations and hear all this stuff give him a framework from which he can operate from virtue is opposed
do you know some of these woke things that are going on and I can't even get close to following that there was something I posted yesterday about some one thing this is Sierra and my friend and I talked about clown self it's clown dysthymic what the heck am I had exploded clown so then what would I do I don't get it we gone too far in that respect for sure but you don't listen I am in that since I'm very libertarian I mean like seriously do what you want to do is an adult go ahead have a blast if you're an adult you want to experience your gender changing surgery go ahead but don't force it on a seven-year-old don't put it on the eighteen-year-old y18 you can do what you want after you're 18 you want to do it I would advise you against it but you can do what you want cuz you're considered an adult okay but I ain't pushing this on a younger kids and there is a very clear
agenda by by many you saw what happened in Florida about those to the gay couple that were running a prostitution ring in a child sex ring and and abusing and raping their own children and they were the face of you know no hate are you kidding me that's the most hateful thing that can happen I don't want to tell you what I am also a law enforcement officer so I can't tell you that I work against child predator I can't what I want to do to them I can't it's not legal and I wouldn't but I'd be tempted because it's it's it's absolutely terrible that stuff should not be around their children
are there any any good father would be tempted and some of them would actually have to follow through depending on what was being done and considering everything that is being done to our children in modern American society the supposed to society that we find ourselves in I wouldn't blame you you know speaking in fatherhood you have become I would say one of the rare I don't say icons but you've been at that you've been exemplary in your your pursuit of being a good father you considered your biological father to not be very good father thankful you were adopted by a wonderful man who who taught you whose values and touch you ins and outs and and you promised you swore that you were going to be a good father and now you're a 22 year old son I think what a test that you have been been very active in his life what is your thought as far as fatherhood in America in a week we can always save it look we got these problems with with teachers we got these problems with government we got these problems here there I've always said that one of the biggest problems if not the biggest problem as far as
driving a crime driving this weirdness is happening is the lack of fathers in America that are active in their their children's lives what do you say about that sir I said that's completely 100% correct having having a strong father growing up and I and I caught my stepmother dad from the moment I guess I met him I was three and I met a lot of heat on him on your first date with a woman have the kids are calling your dad right away it's a little little presumptive a friend of mine Alec lace does a podcast called last fatherhood and he came to me wait the beginning the fledgling partition said hey I see you really care about being a father I talk about these things I said absolutely not come on and talk about it
having lived through a situation where I'm so appreciative to have a father and looking at all the tough moments of my life and having my father there in his advice when I was straying from what I should be doing which we all do he was there and having that strong Father Figure was the greatest influence on my life I named my son after him because of that influence and my son is my best friend he is my favorite human being on this planet I talked to him you know I'm not every single day cuz he's in college in North Carolina but I talked to him pretty often and every conversation ends with I love you talk to you later okay big part of his friends I'll hug him and kiss him in front of his friends he is at his imperfect as we all are but he is such a wonderful human being I'm so proud to be his life but you don't listen to like Denzel Washington talk about you know if you're not at the father's not in the household the streets become too far and they learn those values and he pushes for father and someone who I
consider a friend and I was able to work opposite him in a film called out of time and he is I think the best actor this generation by far and that he's my favorite actor but he he talks about that and it's really prevalent in Black homes and it's unfortunate sterile Larry Elder good friend of mine talks about the fatherhood problem all the time and I know because my teammates a lot of my friends arena we go to their house for for Christmas or something or for our Thanksgiving and there's no father in the house is Grandma and Mom it's my grandma doing a lot of raising and and that's just its we have too much of that here in the United States fathers are imported to the kind of fight really hard to be a father I had to fight my son's mother to get joint custody of my son and coffee 1.5 million dollars in legal fees here in California because somebody call the California equal footing while they call you know cuz I can afford any attorney there for so could she and I get to pay for it
I thought I change my career to be a father because I know how important it was to me that a lot of people to eat anything and you get a lot of people get very angry at fathers do this and go screw this I'm out going to make it this time for me to be a father and I can understand that perspective but it's the most valuable thing in the world and if you're doing something from the government level you should be doing things to encourage fatherhood not encourage single moms to be on welfare and end to divorce the father and marry the government and unfortunately that's what these compassionate social social programs have done
since you brought up you can only kiss use you talk about college you know you I think a lot of times people say oh you know Hollywood Hollywood you went to Princeton okay you didn't just go to like some some Community College in in study acting in the you know the difference between the Sun and the Moon unlike certain people in Hollywood so so you figured out by age 40 good job there so and you majored in history and of course you know we are seeing historically speaking we're making history everyday with this this economy in from your perspective I know you're not in the condos for sale but you're you're a very brilliant man what do you see I mean are we looking towards an economic downturn recession are we looking towards economic collapse perhaps what's what's a future hole we look at Klaus Schwab in the world economic Forum you listen to John Kerry talking about this select group of people can save the world on this road of weirdness and you realize
if you're just a regular person on the street you don't have a shot they're going to rig the rules to President Trump said it when he was running is it how do I know the system is rigged because I used the system and the system works for those at the very top and they make the rules Hillary Clinton making the rules knows tax laws in those think it's terrifying as a regular everyday person I'm not an economist I've invested a lot of money in in in housing I have been out a number of homes I'm smart about it I got Austin taoiseach's about things I just think in 1973 or 71 when I forgot what it was I was alive when President Nixon told us off the gold standard that changed everything cuz what backs our money now what backs it and that's a scary thought
I like you know something can't I like houses I like gold and silver I think those are PC of the commercials on TV all the time you see it going on what is that about was that about and a great example
I have a what is a 1924 $20 gold piece right here unless you can see that there is a 1924 gold piece is $20 gold piece could buy you a brand new top-of-the-line custom-made tailored suit awesome now is that was $20 a $20 bill to buy you the same thing now this thing here could still buy you that brand-new tailor-made suit but $20 would buy you two cups of coffee so that's the difference in something like so there's a funny saying with gold is like you don't wait to buy gold you buy gold and wait until things like that when you look at it
a government it's terrifying to me because I live in California so far so I can't be that intelligent to just because he was with us I mean the taxes on the property taxes and you getting hit with every tax in the world and you know when the government when the federal government is printing money quantitative easing all they're doing is reaching and every single person's pocket and making that dollar worth less that's all they're doing and it drives me bananas when I get a government Joe Biden say why I spent more money on blah blah but you spend more of our money to do this or that that's not what I would choose to spend it you know so it's it makes me crazy so that's why I like property that's why I like gold and I think that during the time like I've said a year ago year-and-a-half ago but we're in a recession and by all other measures we ever measured by the same criteria as we measured in the password in a recession another change the terms you know so when they have their in their constant
changing terms it's not a recession I didn't lie I miss this trip I misremembered or whatever happens to be there just changing terms left and right we're in a recession I'm terrified of what the government does I'm terrified of the idea of a digital currency social credit score these things terrify me crypto, crypto being I thought he will just invest in crypto an it's a thing to pick up every lights because the government couldn't regulated all the sudden Sam bakeman freed oddness just Torpedoes and it's gone it's like 65% of its value since since the gas station so I look for things that are long-term people. How did you end up doing okay you know I changed my whole career when I have to have to be a father to have custody of my son and I wouldn't couldn't take work out of Los Angeles I couldn't take the lead in any series I couldn't do a movie that last over three weeks I chose that to be a father but I also investing intelligently
and I'm terrified by the way things are going on the reason I can survive and do things is because I've been smart with my money and I encourage others to do the same
when the best way they can do that in my humble opinion you we were introduced by mutual friend Jonathan Rose over at Genesis Gold group and I know that I work with him obviously you can go to Genesis precious metals., and work with Jonathan directly as both Dean and I do but but here's the thing you know when we're looking at all of these these changes that are happening in the economy there was a time when I wasn't into gold I know that that for a lot of us we thought I do you know the economy is gray Trump's got this covered well truck's not there the economy is not great and it's heading in the wrong direction so I know that I strongly encourage people to go to Genesis precious metals. Cam two to talk there or to not talk to you to talk to somebody you know you can fill out a form we can give them a call it's good stuff you've Works recently started working with Jonathan over at Genesis Gold group how's it going I mean is it how's the company
a company's fantastic tell Jonathan I knew each other for a while before we ever discussed any of this stuff when he kept listening to me talk and hear the things I say in the end he know he said you know I work in gold and precious metals and things in so it sounds like a lot of things you say really a line with what we say all the time so let's let's talk about this and we started talking about how it's like the things we talked about re-align you don't happen to be Christian and I like that the Russian Orthodox to hockey player who didn't want to wear the Gay Pride shirt no mention I'm all for gay rights but this guy is or should I ask a Muslim to do it right that's not their won't do it it's against their religion this guy's Russian Orthodox didn't want to do it I happen to be Christian we were talking about Christianity and some other things and then then Jonathan start talking about you know a list of the values in the things you talk about exactly what we talked about at Genesis Gold Room so come over and have a chat maybe we can work together and and cuz these things
it's not like I have to stretch to a line with her you said that we lined right up and then I went in there and then met everybody and what a great group I would feel so come and I do feel so comfortable having it having a number of my percentage of my Assets in Gold especially at this time gold and silver it's it's it it's a no-brainer when Government is out of control and when you're in a recession when they're printing money inflation is out of control it says it's a no-brainer you look at people's IRA and a 401k says you know that's their there they're dropping in value that's terrifying if people were trying to live on that all sudden you're worth less you're worth 20% less congratulations what happened government chance and policies you've done nothing different that's why gold silver is a great hedge and I love that
it is a great henge I have one final question for you and I do it once again people go to Genesis precious listen to Dean Cain he knows what he's talking about one final question for you sir well first before it gets that did you hear that Alec Baldwin's getting criminally charged I'd literally saw it on my on my TV I guess for they say might be charged for negligent homicide very manslaughter and voluntary manslaughter wow that's a that's a biggie as I was when I sit on the board of directors for the NRA you know I'm up I'm a law enforcement officer I'm a sworn deputy sheriff in Frederick County Virginia Reserve police officer in Pocatello Idaho or shoot guns on on film sets that he sort of thing they didn't follow protocols there was some really stupid stuff that went on there I don't think it was an accident I do think it was negligent and I know I like I like I like I hate its political opinion but I like the guy
he's a good guy and but what he's done and he said some horrible things I wish I don't support but you know that's that's a big deal that's a big deal I imagine it will get plugged down and but I bet there will be a I'm sure they'll be a civil I can't imagine he'll be going to jail but I imagine we could plead down and I imagine they'll be a civil case it's going to cost a lot of money look like them a lot of money now you're at your house is right so far in the future I see you've done you've done professional football you've done Hollywood you've done philanthropy you've done law enforcement you've done so much in in a relatively young life you still have decades Lord of decades and decades ahead for you so what's the future for Dean Cain hold I mean do you have any will you do be a public servant could you run for mayor or Governor Senator President Trump's vice-president do you want to go to Media maybe Fox News
Newsmax maybe you can go on my network or anything like that or is it you know what you just going to keep going what you're doing and Hold Steady their what is the future for Dean Cain look like looks very bright I should put sunglasses on I like to do a little bit of everything even College I was a three-sport athlete and I wasn't just a football player I captain the volleyball team I ran track I'd like to do a lot of different things otherwise I just feel to pigeonhole I'm a writer, producer, director and actor sometimes I want to write sometimes I want to produce and direct I teach over my son's college filmmaking is acting and writing so wonderful to do a bit of everything loving a law enforcement officer standing with our men and women in in in blue in uniform they're fantastic people I want to get my EMT certification I want to just keep on doing more things but I really enjoyed I directed my first movie last night wrote produce directed it I really enjoyed that I think it would be a lot more tours
sing in my future as much acting absolutely but I prefer you know directing overacting out of my do both but I love the ability to the story tell your director you're putting the clay piece together your telling the story and it's just something magical about that you make people feel you do it as an actor and you do it as an artist in that sense but it's not the same as cuz i m in the editing room in your movie over to change this shot look how to I to yourself I could see the emotions all that sort of stuff you're playing you know not God in a sense but you're you're the one telling the story I love doing that my father's a director so I'd like to do a picture with him he's in his in his late seventies so he's like I think I got one more in may I go come on dad let's go I can't I would just be a dream for me to work with my dad and a picture and so I like doing everything I'm going to continue doing all of it and adding to it
now as far as political aspirations politics politics are horrible there's a possibility that I get involved but only because I want to I don't want to do this become Nancy Pelosi and sit in the office and enrich myself for 97 years I think that's disgusting I do believe there should be term limits I believe we should come into office do something and get out but people get so enamored with the money and the power and there is money there is so much money around it because everyone's to Peddle influence and that's what it is and that's why people stay in there for so long I would go into serve and get out the idea of being governor of California if I could do it for 4 years and change things like you know catch some of this rain water that's been pouring down in California right now we're 93% of it runs right back in the ocean cuz they're trying to save 7 Delta smelt I mean stuff like that just blows my brain so that sort of stuff in the end end
huge water you know bills that bills that I get here in Malibu California from my water are people like that's my that's my mortgage payment Welcome to California it's it's crazy so I would do it to serve I love a governor Abbott's doing in Texas trying to relieve property taxes there because they have a budget surplus fantastic we had a 90 ft 5 billion budget surplus here last year and Gavin Newsom turn that into 25 billion dollar deficit by creating these stupid social programs and hanging out and they just it's just it's just nuts so that's what I would do if I ran for governor or a federal office may be a senator president boy that's the worst job on the planet but if I thought I could do some good who knows everything is open in the future and I may give the I may just say no to all the political stuff but I do talk politics because there's this saying you may not be interested in politics but I promise you politics is interested in you and it's going to affect your life and all I want to do is make things better for
citizens here in California and in the United States I am going to start the draft Dean Cain move we're going to get you into because I I as much as you do already I want to see I want to see what you can do as a public servant stuff that's it that's a fair warning so that the only one you're going to get your brother for being on it is a blessing and honor and thank you also for promoting Genesis precious great-great Calvin Christian company love them over there we will be here with with Kari Lake Carey label be joining us so everybody stay tuned
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song Everybody curveball another we were expecting Carrie late come on but I thought during the break I thought it would behoove me to contact Jonathan Rose over at Genesis Gold group and see if he could come on if you follow up to my interview Dean Cain's of Kari Lake is going to have to wait until Kate because she's isn't actually waiting I pre recorded that interview so spoiler alert so we'll get to Karen Lakes interview here in the first one to bring on my next guess mr. Jonathan Rose Jonathan how are you doing today sir I'm doing fine Dean Cain on mutual friend he had some great things to say about you he see he had some he had a nice gold coin that he he wanted to go to show him, which I hope he got picked up very well because it's so you know me this is so they're so awesome these coins and stuff like that we talked about the economy and I wanted that's what prompted me to do want to bring you one first before we get to the end
Hangouts you know you've been telling me things about the economy telling me you sort of a direction and I know I'm not a financial advisor but I read up on gold and silver constantly and everything that I'm reading it seems to be you no crossing fingers here but it seems to be looking very very positive for gold and silver in 2023 and Beyond and let's be clear we're not just you know anybody who wants to get in the gold and silver for the sake of hey you know I'm going to get in and get out real quick now those those days that's that's silly you need to as Dean Cain seven as you said many times you don't wait to buy gold you buy gold and wait so and people can learn more about that bike going to Genesis precious metals. Calm but I wanted to to bring you want to talk a little bit further about the economy in about self-directed IRA and everything like that because then gave us the the overview and gold what are you seeing what's the what's the word on the street right now about you know
and silver going forward yeah and I'm glad you had a true patriot and I really like being but I mean right now I mean turn on the news and there's something you related to be a compliment and the freshest Muse to do with what's happening with his Street Encino is basically the debt ceiling the debt ceiling has to be raised again this is a big concern because it's all part of this what I call the everything bubble when we seen crashes throughout the years in a singular event right so whether it's crash the housing market liquidity crisis quantitative easing is being very strict has over the years that have called a scenario where the fact whether it's evaluation of the stock market
everything is happening with the wall right now whether it's tensions and and wall could Russia and Ukraine whether it's the dollar be coming with less and less every year due to Sky High inflation whether it's to do with English inflation rate skyrocketed to do with something that I am very very proactive talking about and that's really you know if you read today's headlines when it would be on on Fox Bloomberg a racist joke about the debt ceiling where they have to keep raising the debt to keep the country going in the best way I can explain it to people most of us have credit cards and I like to think most of us are responsible for managing credit cards however if you had a credit card and you kept spending spending spending and and you didn't pay your bills while what happened to an individual is not a very pretty scenario you know it will cost and then you would
bad credit right we do it you know that you wouldn't be out to pay your bills and worst case scenario you kicked out on the street and Jehovah talk to bed so it's the same scenario with the US government we can get downgraded by Moody's which is the the Raging of of the dollar expected in good faith we trust well people aren't going to trust the US dollar if the world economies and trusting it because we can't pay our bills so this everything bubble really photo effects that and you can only you know with that you can only Kick the Can so far down the road before you kick it then you go out when you stub your toe so you know that my money printing, go on forever that has to be repercussions and is going to be severe ramifications and a lot of the top Economist top expert even Banks now they're standing on a soapbox this is going to leave
prices to people that are losing out the most are people who have 401ks and I are 8 ft even if you're going to be a government employee worker can actually be decimated because those assets can be frozen by the government so a lot of clients that we speak to who have these type of retirement accounts while seeing more than a 10% decline in a walk if you don't do anything about that well and that shouldn't be a position where people who are retiring or getting ready to retire should be so so what are the eternity well if you stay in cash obviously people bring up the argument while you're in cash but inflation is eroding the purchasing power so you can go down the list of the risky assets assets and when you kind of you know it's like that food shop that's a pyramid like what's the base and that bass
precious metals such as gold and silver and people are waking up to the fact that you can protect your IRA you can protect your 401k and you can do a tax-free roll over and protect those assets that you were right and you want to contribute to every year and make sure it's there when you need it most and put it where I feel the safest place in this invoice and that's in physical gold and silver and ready when you say the word on the street is that that does Masa and and you have a second equation before you can move on to the next part you have time to stay outside and and ready that is you know how to protect yourself and then again it is with the yellow metal and it's Alyssa silver with your opinion is extremely undervalued right now
I would agree when I I've got my silver here but not much of it we're still trying to get more but but I've got I've got a little bit of silver here you know I had ad down on the the shofar black rock guy he's been you know that the dude knows his stuff when it comes to the economy and I asked him about the stuff he was very adamant about the idea of not just precious metals physical precious metals a lot of people about retirement I've talked to a lot of people I talk to my my not son-in-law potential future son-in-law will see how that goes about his old 401K and he's a gas just sitting there keeps losing and like you know talk to Jonathan o'gara Genesis precious so hopefully you'll get a call from him soon but the point is is that is that I think a lot of people shooting the other looking at their retirement funds they looking at maybe old 401K there's dozens of different types of retirement funds that they have that they could if they were doing
smart. They were watching what's happening in the economy they could roll it over into a self-directed IRA briefly if you will just walk us through the process because I think a lot of times when people hear of like a gold buyers are silver Ira or something right when they think oh that's paper gold but it's not it's it is actually physical precious metals is it not with a self-directed IRA the main differences is it a self-directed IRA gives you more options so with a traditional IRA your own key in stocks bonds mutual funds you have more choices so you know you probably have heard over the years people have real estate in an IRA you can call me I'll be with recommend that but you know precious metals is an asset that is allowed by the IRS so be housed in an IRA in terms of how about the protest was it pretty soon
when we speak to people identify what they're holding see who that count custodian is and then when we get to that point where I can't with his the green light what do we do next they will then speak to one of these specialized training people in our IRS processing department and they will cool that contact the custodian with a client on the phone in the first episode he's getting you into a chest position so that cash position really takes away the risk of you still being associated with paper paper assets and then we would set you up with a highly specialized Trust Company and Trust Company that's being in business for forty years that we highly recommend I want that hottie specialized trust company has been established the rollover from A to B happens with us keeping them tax-deferred at that point that's when someone like myself or one of our valued members here with the company will even really have a phone conversation and we call it a metal skull
The Meadows consultation and then really stopped discussing how much gold how much silver in or is it Platinum is it played in precious metals that you can put in your IRA so you know people in on our years of experience I've been doing this for over 25 years and know a lot of the press and media come to me for in a media updates on on the outlooks of gold and silver today we will definitely give all recommendations other people are very adamant or what they want in there and I kind of tell people we're just The Navigators you're the captain so ideally what people want to put in there that's what we had to do and then when the metals get purchase they get moved into the IRA and those muscles are stored in a license depository fact by Major exchanges with also Insurance to Lloyd's of London about two hundred million dollars so the metals are stored in the depository the reporting happens with your custodian so you still get statement
the only difference is is rather than being invested in equities that we see in your portfolio and it's literally as simple as that people want to know why I have no questions about protecting an IRA or maybe you have a old 41k from a previous employer that sitting your opening statements in your not liking what you're saying then you are please give Genesis go group of coal and would be more than happy to assist you and and and let you understand what the next steps look like
absolutely and they can find your number and or just contact you through a contact form over at Genesis precious you know you say in the end of July look is somebody who I don't like have I don't have a lot of retirement accounts okay I've always been kind of in business for myself in a maybe maybe I'm not as smart as other people with with for one case or anything like that but what I would say most most Americans whether they're in their 20s 30s 40s 50s they have some sort of retirement accounts what sort of retirement accounts can they roll over or can you help him I should say roll over into into a self-directed IRA
good question so if it's a government plan you can hold its own traditional IRA is a cetera PSPs if it's housed in a legal entity that you are requiring it to the IRS fiery regulated 9.9% of the time and something that I actually I think the huge benefit when it comes to self-directed Ira and putting precious metals in that is at some point people going to liquidate you know whether it's an emergency exit Mickey Bruno's off or you take are remedies required mandatory distribution interesting because of your IRA weather in gold or silver value that be of value to greenbacks and and a recipient of that money to you or you can also at that point cash out
take possession of the metal and that's what the love of our clients do they will slowly ease required mandatory distribution but by holding the metal they get delivered it to them and that is actually a huge Plus in terms of protecting your finances and I'm really trying to put up for the vet for the future
that is brilliant actually so like they have these required distributions and they they have to take government forced them to take it as a certain ages and so instead of going to taking it until we got to pay taxes on on cash and that they can actually just have physical precious metals from the depository take a portion of what they they purchased through through Genesis Gold group haven't physically sent to their home and I like the guy that I just put in there safe or something is that what you're saying distribution rather than in Greenback so they can take it in the ass end of our clients actually you know to go through with that process them to me that's that's mop
but money sounds like they're smart money my final question for you sir for those who join late I'm speaking to Jonathan Rose at Genesis Gold group you can find them at Genesis precious metals. Calm my phone a question to you sir you know you didn't Dean had mentioned during our call I am a I am a man of Faith Dean Cain's a man of Faith you are a man of Faith your organization Genesis is based on Genesis from the Bible and you are unabashedly you know you guys focus on on faith driven stewardship of money tell us more about that what is that exactly I mean it how do you see the what does that mean faith-based stewardship of of our of our money and our property what we always want to be a good Steward of all money I mean you want to make sure that you're making the wrong the right decision is not the wrong decision and a step in the right direction when it comes to investment since and I would say you know the way.
I'll just put them out there without the smallest bit we're a strong group of 20 people here at Genesis and withhold like-minded people and we're off a space driven in fact we have two pastors that work for us and what with Charities that is something else that we won't have time to get into but when clients Come Aboard a kind of go down when I call the assembly line and they stopped speaking to different people within our company I want that fine is that everyone is extremely well-versed in educated in the eighth specific field within in the company so it's really a space stewardship is asked to do what's right for the customer to do what's right we want is money and also to have the right people and shooting you around that to help you make the correct recommendation and kind of like lead you along the right off so it's something you know we believe in we never you know lead with this but when people kind of get to know us and he's going to kill the onion lands back a little bit and see
what we stand for see what are morals and all that shoes are you know they line up with their opinions and beliefs and and that's what makes a great relationship between you know clients and and Genesis Colebrook because we don't just want to service people today I believe goat meat generational well so we want to be able to serve today's customers and you know their sons and daughters customers also because gold is always going to be an integral part of a balanced portfolio never going to go out the trash anyone's maybe did went Bitcoin came in and now everyone's kind of coming back to gold and saying well you know it's tangible with never been 10 so you should be holding it into a pool earlier I've never ever wavered from that belief in a gold has been around since the dawn of civilization and fortunately or unfortunately you know civilization have come and gone on today
crucial role and in this world of a spiraling uncertainty and this kind of fabric that we keep putting all on this economy that about solso on Spyro I think gold as I mentioned is an integral part of a portfolio in and just have an understanding and being a good Steward with your money really comes back to what Genesis go group is all about very good very good very good Jonathan Rose with Genesis Gold group you can contact them by going to Genesis precious metals, they've got a contact form get in contact with Jonathan figure out what to do with with your your IRA and a 401k the tsp reports out of the all those very things that they they specialize in that I don't know a whole lot about but I do know that they are in America first company I do know they are Patriots and I do know that they are driven by faith in our Our God so
I greatly appreciate them Jonathan thank you so much for coming on the show today appreciate it absolutely have to break a promise we will have Carrie like the first I want to get into what kind of wood was alluding to when it comes to you, you know they're meeting in Davos right now and that's looking ugly and I mean as bad as I thought it has been in the past with the world economic Forum in the direction they want to take the world it's actually worse this you're by far not even close this is the stings are talking about right now we should make you not just cringe but it should make you coward it should make you so concerned about the future of the United States of American of the world if you want to do something about him hopefully he'll be able to do something about it so he talking about that right after the break
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well for the Apocalypse
Housing Authority of our Pharmaceuticals the ingredients in them come from China they are controlled by the Chinese Communist party where are you seeing supply chain issues pharmacies are running low on a lot of things in the if the crap hits the fan as a lot of us think it may in the very near future you will want antibiotics and the best way to get that is to go to JD record cam manager be able to get a teleconference with an actual doctor and then they'll send you meds they'll send you like five different versions or types of antibiotics burbs a different ailments that could they can hit us these are great for long-term storage you will you will want them in those it's one of those things where if you if you need them then you'll want them if you don't need them then least she'll have them so and here's the thing if you don't have him you're almost certainly going to need at least sometime in the near future so JD meds
I love interviewing Jonathan Rosen our love and reviewing Dean Cain both of them are to advise from now both what's the first time I've ever actually talked to Dean Cain about that stuff, but it's funny because obviously Genesis precious metals at Genesis precious metal stock, they are and advertise really been able to for the show did able to insulate ourselves a bit that's are the very least neutral preferably America First Patriot companies so and I will take Jen to scold you definitely falls into that category but they are now recommending to company said that they should not ever pull your money on your advertising
and this is the sea I believe that one of the one of the biggest PR firm so let's let's hear what he's telling that the Davos crowd today
so I think the first thing that goes I mostly work with business the business needs to do is
deprived platforms that spread this information of oxygen
stop advertising pull your promotion money make sure that they understand that they have a consequential impact on society and the boycott of Twitter for several months has had a modest modest impact but I think the Facebook one failed
and but the necessity of getting it right in the platforms that are probably primary source information for nuts 3rd to 40% of people is urgent yes yes they want to cancel if they want us to not exist I'm let's call it what it is they really just don't want us to exist they don't want anyone in conservative alternative media to be calling them out for what they're doing to be speaking the truth cuz he knows the truth and they're even a warning of something this is this one I would say this ranks up there when I'm about to play for your ranks up there as one of the most I don't want a scary but discouraging ideas because they're talking about a future Cyber attack and I said you know you want to look my gosh been a year now probably since I just did a video about about how I believe that the global Sleek ball and the world economic Forum in particular they are in love the council
capitalism is in particular. They are working on I have no proof this is conspiracy theory this is my opinion but I think they're working on a cyber-attack I think they want to to be able to utilize the cyberattack as nail in the coffin for the global economy for for capitalism as we know it for the dollar so they can ask her in the digital Dollar Central Bank digital currencies which those are almost inevitable this stage unless we're able to really rally together in and God says no you guys can't do that unless that were to happen I would say that it's inevitable anyway but I do think they are on a time schedule and so they might try to rush it by forcing a massive cyberattack that could take down the internet for days weeks even months maybe indefinitely in that would have course that means unfortunately because of the the nature of our economy that would they'll destroy us that would destroy this nation we have as a nation become dependent on Dish
Laxus work everything that has to do with money with a lot of things that have nothing to do with money we rely on the internet and you're watching this on the internet how do you shut down the truth when I take control of anybody whose but you don't control or you eliminate them if you can so so here's your some terrifying stuff we're here today to share the findings of the world economic forum's Global Security Outlook report 2023 this is result of research in collaboration with the forms communities and our partners to ensure those squeeze interviewed and thought input for over 300 Executives globally the most striking finding that we found is that 93% of cyber l
and 86% of cyber Business Leaders believe that the geopolitical instability makes a catastrophic event likely in the next two years
two years huh
you know part of the Playbook those who have not been paying attention for the last well ever forever The Playbook goes like this and this is the most elite cabal and how they do it they they devise a plan on how they want to attack us or attack whatever Tech and media attack attack people attack economies as governments stage a coup in the winter through their deep state proxies within the CIA or whoever and I need any of the various intelligence agencies that work with them or if it's through the other the bankers the central Bankers the the Rockefellers the Rothschilds the the globals delete the Bill Gates's of the world course in the you got big Pharma Vick take a blunt or whatever their conspiracy is it is a conspiracy if you want to say oh you know conspiracy theories are bad I don't think they're bad because right now all we have are or ideas we have is speculation based upon these
analyzing what's happening and looking at history and I'm projecting using putting our Evil Genius cats on every now and then saying what would I do if I work last why would I do have a George Soros Bill Gates or Barack Obama or anybody else what would I do to to bring about the great reset
do they do a good business plan and then then they warned you about it they do it every time OK Google have like some kind of some kind of event where do you know we're going to predict that this is how it was going to happen if there's a if there's a global coronavirus pandemic and then a few months later there's a global coronavirus pandemic so I take it seriously when they say you know within the next two years there is probably going to be a massive wide-scale cyber-attack it's coming okay it's coming this one it's it's no secret that I am I late prepper I'm big on prepping now more than ever and that's why I created a in page specifically with companies that they have things that you need to do to prepare okay I've never been a doomsday prepper in my life I don't have have all the prepper gear in in the bunker and I'm not living off the grid wish you could try and we're trying to get there but we were like the game
so I'm to help me and my family as well as you you can go to JD prepare and there's all sorts of stuff there that you can and should consider with whatever you've got okay and I'm not a big fan of I've never asking anybody to go outside of the means but try to make the means to get yourself extra food okay to get yourself what ever so many things we need ammunition water meds
be ready because they are planning this stuff and unfortunately they might be talking about it openly and publicly of Davos but that's not that's not their game that they're talking to what they believe is a sympathetic audience and for the most part it is and unfortunately they will not talk to anybody outside of their their circle of control the circle of influence so when a journalist can get in front of them they will not answer the question ever ever ever ever
here's an example
semi truck
and may I ask you for a comment on our way on our way to the next thing we're a bit late but thank you thank you thank you thank you
put ionic update
I can just look in the thank you thank you thank you
that that was that was hard to watch it's like come on man you know just just answered in the in the time that you spent saying that you can't answer the question you could have heard an answer the question already you don't lose you still don't know what the damn question why because all you're just too important to much time you know they got the the the shambler there for everybody then. It just just say look you know I would I would actually have some respect for them and they said oh you're an independent so we're not going to talk to you because we don't control you or is it gone or no nevermind I don't want you to worry who you with I'm an independent okay no shut that down immediately here's another one of these are the guys from Rebel news these guys are fantastic I I wish that I had well not wish I'm in striving to get to the point to where I have the budget to where I too can go to Davos and
put a microphone in front of in front of Albert Bolas face and ask him questions he did answer one by saying have a nice day so it would be otherwise the questions themselves her are the the meat and the juice here great questions by the way let's play that this ship or like can I ask you
did you know that the vaccines didn't stop transmission how long did you know that without saying it publicly shop transmission but why did you keep it a secret
you said it was a hundred percent effective than 90% then 80% then 70% but we now know that the vaccines do not transfer transmission why did you keep that secret I won't have a nice day until I know the answer why did you keep it a secret that your vaccine did not stop transmission is it time to apologize to the shelter to give refunds back to the countries that photo that money into a vaccine that doesn't work any effective vaccine apologies to the public
are you proud of it has made Millions on the backs of people's tightly or how does that feel to walk the streets the millionaire on the backs of the regular person that Hyman is in England in Canada what do you think about on your yacht sir what do you think about on your private jet are you worried about product liability by you're worried about myocarditis what about the seven deaths
what do you have to say about young men dropping dead of heart attacks every day
why won't you answer these basic questions
I do apologize for some of the criminal Behavior
how much money if you personally made off the vaccine how many boosters do you think it'll take for you to be happy enough with your earnings
meet with here in secret will you disclose who you met with
who did you pay commissions to in a past Pfizer has paid 2.3 billion dollars in fines for deceptive marketing have you engaged in that same contact again
are you under investigation like you were before for your deceptive marketing sir
if any of the product in the world doesn't work as promised you get a refund should you not refund to countries that light at billions for your ineffective that are you used to only sympathetic media so you don't know how to answer any questions
got it
it's a pool at the boss of Pfizer his people were pushing us around a little bit he's pretty funny. I reckon he's had one job I'm huffing and puffing a bit at least I didn't have any myocarditis he's shocked that in his sights price of the wef in Davos that he was challenging the way that he's never to deitz being challenged accredited media is here we're on the outside of the perimeter so he's only used to the softball is from CNN and MSNBC and people like that no more lies never been asked a serious question by serious journalist only those who give him softballs actually have one I need to find it before I was out after the break I'm going to replay the interview that I did was carry late okay I got to get that out there to the live audience because you know I put it out separately and I actually read it I wish I would have just done it live in any way one sorry I didn't regret putting it out by the way cuz she share their wits it's been
a lot of people but I wish that I would have put it with a bigger show so we're going to correct that and we're going to put up with Today Show so you can you watch the live show you'll be able to or listen to live show you'll be able to to hear that that very important interview with Kari Lake wow that's playing I'm going to seek out the video that I hope I saved there's a video of a Viber like being interviewed by Bloomberg over deveson you'll be able to hear a little bit of a difference between what do you say when he didn't say these guys over at the rebel news and what he's willing to talk about with a with a journalist journalist from Bloomberg who just I mean he was he was practically a fanboy getting Brad Pitt's autograph it was sad very sad for that first let's let's go to Carrie Lake but well then will have Kari Lake so stay tuned
anyone who's familiar with my show or Alyssa Michelle before knows that I am a a very huge proponent of preparedness I haven't always been I didn't become a prepper until really 2021 but since then I've been working diligently to find companies that offer the things that we need and if the crap hits the fan I want to be ready for it and I want you to be ready for it to I picked up some sponsors for long-term storage for precious metals for for solar power I got a candle sponsor we got antibiotics for storage just in case the pharmaceutical supply chain goes down we got medkits nutraceuticals natural survival got guns and ammo you can buy and buy by going to JD Rucker. Cam prepare JD Rucker, prepare bug out bags the were so-so stock up now why you stay
what are the things that has bound me out the most I would say more than pretty much anything else in this last election cycle was Arizona yes I got done. Bye-bye Pennsylvania guess there's several elections that really made me upset with the one that really just I mean just sounded dagger into my heart is everyone's been happening in Arizona and it leaves its continuing because we're seeing someone shall what appears to be very obvious and blatant voter fraud I would have appears to be just a system that was corrupt from the beginning it was designed to fail on behalf of the Democrats is Crystal Clear to those of us who are paying attention and yet we're still getting pushed back we're still having challenges getting not getting getting judges to see it the right way I guess
today I'm very blessed peace and honor to have carry Lake County on with us again to to discuss give us an update and see what's happening out there should carry how are you doing always love coming down with you were great interviewer and I'm doing well I mean you talked about a dagger to the heart. I feel the same way but I'm trying to keep my perspective positive because we have and I don't say had we have such a massive move in the movement we created here in Arizona and it wasn't me it was we I just use my god-given abilities to help get the mama bears and Papa Bear's and students and grandparents involved and it it is so massive that they had to cheat in such a big crazy way. It was just plain obvious everyone knows that she did everyone knows that Katie Hobbs and that she's a fraud sitting
the governor's office and that the cartels have basically taking over our basically taken over our state government and so now we run in the unfortunate position of having to win again this time in a court of law and we have presented our case I'm sure you probably saw part of it in the Maricopa County courts and I thought my attorneys did a great job even though they were only given limited amount that they could pursue into counts they didn't exceptional job we put forth exceptional evidence and unfortunately the judge didn't rule in the way we wanted him to so we're moving it into the Appellate Court where it will it already is right now and and we will move it to the Arizona Supreme Court and Beyond if we need to I will not stop fighting this because I know what happened was wrong and if I stop fighting it then the people of Arizona really have lost their voice
yes they have and it's not just you let's face it this is not just about Arizona this really is about the Integrity of Elections Across the Nation yours is yours is a belt with her you know and I'm not trying to put any undue pressure on you but we've had so many losses in this regard that yours is the the the last Beacon of Hope so I know that you have that there's there's information coming out tonight there's more information coming out tomorrow is there anything positive reach out and then find us you know that that glimmer of hope that maybe God is going to say you know what it's going to work out and here's why it's going to work out what do you what do you sing on your end and look at with President Trump's on the with the stolen election in 2020 if we would have just had an average candidate we wouldn't even see in that election would we have but we had such a
Superstar president running against such a deadbeat drip that it was so obvious to many of us to some people they still have their heads in the sand and so even though it was painful it woke us up to the fact that we don't really have elections we have selections and that's a very painful pill to swallow but it's one that we have to swallow we have to deal with and now we're in the process of dealing with it in correcting here in my own situation here in Arizona we led the greatest political movement the State of Arizona never seen people across the country were following it people across the globe were actually following our campaign and the steel had to even be bigger we have evidence that is has come to our to come come to light that is very shocking I can't get into the details right now because I'm not privy to release it we are double triple quadruple checking it and I think it's Earth shattering evidence in our case and we're hoping to be able to put that it
somehow get that to the courts because it is really shocking the levels they went to to cheat and I believe that when additional evidence comes out people will wake up even people who have been reluctant to accept that there's any problem or that the problem is big enough to deal with people running this election of Maricopa County is one of those Mega county is where 62% of the state's population lives here they were Republicans running our election here and there was kind of Republicans who don't like America First We the People type Republicans and they actually are the ones who sabotaged this election is it's unfortunate they ran by the way on the side a Super PAC raising tens of thousands of dollars to specifically trying to bring me down and here I am on the on the ballot that they are in charge of and they're trying to bring me down so the conflict-of-interest it is all being expose I wouldn't say it's good news but
times when you see how bad things are it's enough to wake people up and then that's when we get the good news that's a week come together and say we got to change and I think that's where we are right now
well it's at least it's some place you know I've long said that we can't just rely on winning in the courts and we also have to wait on the court of public opinion and if we can present the evidence in the proper way that it is possible to perhaps and again Lord willing to perhaps correct the issue through through the people I'm not talking about Revolution to my conference thing like that but what I'm saying is that the information starts coming out of the people start feeling the pressure and if maybe more whistleblowers come out maybe people are saying you know what I don't like this this stinks I'm going to tell the truth and they start coming to the Press at that point then we start to get questions answered and that's to me I think of that is is one additional pathway through which we can go now you mention of course the the Rhinos that you're dealing with and people think that still here in America is Republican versus Democrat it's not it's basically it's America First Patriots it's it's people that love his Nation vs the unit party swapping party swap you know whether it's a third or maybe even half of the unit price
what was actually Republicans okay let me know what's crazy you got Doug Ducey Doug Ducey is a republican who was giddy to hand carry your carry to the the whatever the governorship he really wanted that to happen and that she owes you everything you need to know about Beyond thrilled that we're having a bit of a Republican party in the party republicans don't want they want they want this appearance that there are two parties the Democrats or the Republicans but they really aren't we know it and that's why you see these rhinos and they will vote for someone like Joe Biden or Katie hop so you cannot tell me you are a republican with the issues were facing today that are truly a major conservative issues regarding open borders
regarding brainwashing of our children and schools regarding some of the transgender issues that are being forced on her children regarding crime Law & Order things like that attacks issues as well and these people would vote for Joe Biden I'm sorry it's time to hand in your conservative card right now if you're voting for Joe Biden or Katie Hobbs so they're being revealed as to what they're all about and again unfortunate because we are wide awake to all of this it's a little bit more painful for us we go oh gosh can we please get a victory here but we are getting some reason we're getting victories as more and more people are becoming aware of the issues is going to take more of us to get involved to bring about the change we need end and the pressure is great on those of us who are working to improve and save our Republic because I know for me a lot of people have reached out and said you aren't you're the only reason I have hope right now I've got hope for your case you you make me feel whole.
and I don't want to take that hope away but I also don't want to give people false hope I truly do have hope that our case will move forward and be victorious or wouldn't be involved in it because I know the truth and I know we have an excellent case we have great attorneys who are working on it and the people are waking up to what's happening so I am devoted to this case and I am not going to stop until we have done everything we can to expose what happened
or don't keep fighting with you how do we help so so my audience many are in Arizona but I mean it this after lection day so we can do any more campaigning so what can we do to help is there is there a legal fun we can contribute to is there anybody you need us to write letters to how can we get involved what can we do to help watching and God knows I'm not watching it but reach out to them anyway email. We don't have to be rude to say why are you covering this case or tell them you have my vote was stolen and I want this case covered when are you going to start being fair we need to start pressuring these so-called journalist at our papers even if we're not watching him and reading them they need to feel some pressure that they need to start doing the right thing and send letters and and emails and phone calls to your lawmakers even the Republicans even the Democrats and say we want honest elections
are elections are a sham and elections or we will throw you out they need to be held accountable and I'm not suggesting any rudeness I am not suggesting any threats I'm suggesting that we overwhelm them with well-written emails or phone calls kind of phone calls that are the pursuing this truth to come out so that's one thing you can do a people do want to get involved I'm on paying a lot of legal fees right now and it's unfortunate I I hate like I said that I have to fight this in the courts but if if I don't do it who will and I'm actually feeling very fortunate that our cases made it to the court in this case is made up of neverwhere heard on Merritt's they were never heard on on the evidence they were thrown out dismissed left on technicalities or standing things like that so my case is strong as being hurt on the evidence so people could take a look and learn a little bit more about it at save Arizona fund
f u n and if they want to make a donation that would be appreciated I also know that people are not everybody can do that and so I appreciate prayers and pray for the judges that we get a couple of Judges that really see what's at stake here
now that's great save Arizona I definitely hurt people to go there and help out because this to me this is their last stand in as far as the judges hoping and praying and hoping and praying they see I think I see what's happening in the I'm not going to point fingers at I want to hurt your case in the or insult anybody but I think that a lot of cases not just yours but but cases that we seen it for the last the last two-and-a-half years that there's they know they're just for whatever reason not participating in in the proper Judiciary manner I guess the best way to put it so it went straight to the majority of people are wake to this Insanity that we call elections which they're not their selections and if the judges live in our community with us maybe they had a rough time voting maybe they have their vote thrown into door 3 maybe they watched us on Election Day we know this is a fact we just got this through for you
$179,000 for spit out of of our tabulator machines that could not be read 179000 * a bout with spit out and couldn't be read and that's because election day the big day they intentionally printed a 19in instead of a 20in on a 20 inch piece of paper ballot paper and when you do that you caused the tabulator to jam this was all part of the plan that caused major problems at the polling place is more than 60% of polling places had major issues lines of four hours 300,000 ballots that were added to the account with no chain of custody and then two days later they still then that still wasn't enough sabotaging election day throwing 300,000 phony ballast and that still wasn't enough to stop our incredible movement twenty-five thousand additional ballots were mysteriously appeared
two days after election day and guess what they counted those as well and they counted 130,000 ballots that had bad signatures they just couldn't find enough invalid ballots to count to beat us because that's how big our movement of we the people is they had to do it as a highway robbery in broad daylight
speaking of being a highway robbery here's my question for you and you might you may not be able to answer this keeping me and wanting to ask you mind you're still the middle of litigation so so their goal here is to win the case not to stop to get Bombshells Twitter fur for my show who that said my question for you that you may or may not want to answer is this a an isolated thing like is this base is there just a handful of of evil people doing evil things and trying to steal elections or you think this is a widespread massive widespread group organization or even series organizations that are working to subvert elections in the United States and specifically in Arizona is a big is a little what's your call is it a big conspiracy people conspiring to work together I think it's so massive that it would be hard for just to be a couple people I think it is a lot more than just a few people that's my gut
what were the information we're checking it is absolutely stunning and I look forward to coming back on and and and getting that information out I do believe it will be information that wakes people up but I have to say this a lot of the information has come out has been stunning to me I mean what they did in Wisconsin and one day when we saw that 103 per cent of the nursing home patients voted hundred 3% wow that's pretty amazing and then we found out the condition that these poor men and women had been 10 years that didn't even know that their own name or the name of their children anymore they couldn't feed themselves they obviously couldn't vote and they voted to me that was pretty earth-shattering and the mainstream media ignores it and so now with with Twitter opening up we need to start re sharing some of that stuff because it never got shared the first go-around
but you know I just just so much coming out just so much fraud because it's happening is the policies are pushing are so destructive nobody wants that this isn't a 50 50 United States 50% want this kind of crazy stuff in 50 don't very few people really want those policies the globalist policies the open border policies the brain children policies the wokeism a few people want that so they have to create this imaginary scenario that is 50/50 when in fact it's not
I never actually heard that before I mean I thought it and it it seems obvious be sure I know what her degree like that for 75% of the boat that's what our polling showing and that's a huge huge upset that's not a close race but we know how it works all the polls leading up to them are bogus and it's just a matter of waiting a few more people up to what's really going on
hopefully we'll be able to do that and hopefully you'll be able to come back on here very soon I know we've got some of some great information this is going to are technically on Wednesday so you're going to get some information Tuesday night maybe we can get you back on later this week or next week to to talk later about your case awesome the defense is going to be late we got the case in the Appellate Court they've got until tonight to basically present there were bottle and then we have about a week to respond to that and then the three-judge Appellate will I think I'm saying that right we'll take a look at all of the evidence in one of the criticisms we took was why didn't you put voters on the stand in your case with so many people who were done wrong waited in line but we would have loved to have and we had a thousand pages of signed the Declarations under penalty of perjury from voters and
people who were wrong and had their vote disenfranchised unfortunately we only were given five hours to prove our case and so we were able to take all of those declarations and admit them is evidence into the court so they are part of the case I don't want people to worry that we didn't get real people who were affected we did get there signed declarations and the judges will be looking at that as well
a real we definitely need to get nothing from that so Carrie like an able to save Arizona correct indeed thank you JD talk to you hopefully very soon. Thank you
my good friend dr. Vladimir zelenko you left us way too early so sad that he is gone but his legacy does continue we do still support his foundation we still support his company that is still benefiting the masses across the world those who have either been Jack or maybe you've been been exposed to those who may be shedding on you that's becoming more and more likely in this being the case more times you jab the worse off if you are in the more you're likely to shut on others and I'm even if you never been jab you're not around other people very often you should still consider getting Z detox or is he stack life protocol either one both of them will help your immune system has been demonstrated by scientists demonstrated by doctors dr. Zev zelenko so go to the Sea stack Freda McKenzie stack detox protocol today
so while you guys were watching Kerry Lake I was scurrying through the internet trying to find that that softball interview from Bloomberg left with Albert borla and I was able to find it I'm going to play it now again I almost don't want to because I was watching it again while you guys were watching Kerry Lake and I was thinking in you know it's
my participating in their propaganda by letting him answer these questions because it is very slick okay I mean when you give him a obviously not slick when he's talking to the real journalist over at Rebel news when or not talking to them as there are trying to offend pop in Scurry along with him but sitting down talking to a Bloomberg journalists of course Michael Bloomberg is one of the biggest globalist in the world one of the richest levels in the world as so getting a softball questions he's very comfortable and I almost have and you know what makes a compelling arguments right one of my audience was somebody in there is is sitting here nodding your head to listen to and then I thought to myself what are you crazy this is this is my audience this is the Janie Rucker show audience none of them are going to buy this crap so
so here is Albertville eye being interviewed by some some really teenage girl fan essentially with Bloomberg asking him questions that enabled him to spread his propaganda knowing that hopefully you will be able to to see right through it there's an issue obviously with covid in China they are reopening out who they have some level of infection but you also have to do with PEX Loban where do you stand with text love it in China right now that would like to get as much as they can and we are sending them to have seen the last one month to millions of doses that they are distributed immediately in all channels inside and they're making never big difference but I don't know I think in that occurred but they do have some Converse that they're doing their own look at it more Innovations but I don't have more information about it
you fight away is only has received it thank you for saying about what comes next for covid-19 Berry ations for some of the variations were seen coming out are you developing goes and where you in that process every time does your buddy I shouldn't have a standard process that the isolate the virus would like to see if the virus Nevada and escapes the protection for the vaccine if we had suspicions but if we start working like if we are going to make any vaccine many of these Riders disappear though they were not a nice way but if some some growing then we are not losing time because you have already prepared for Steph Curry's we find them to discuss the the the day that we thought it is what they want to make this decision is not you said that you'll pay for this vaccine is a new
2 or 3/4 boosters now to initials xer it last a while are we going to have to get it every year or are you developing something that might actually last longer when you get the Z's you can get this is again after three months even though you're not even absolute Angel. That's why it's very difficult for this virus that I don't think it will but that we are working to see who can get the manual locks in a nine-year-old vaccine will be ideal because people will remember to they can do it without their vaccinations like flu and can can light okay. You raised it where are you in the building cuz I know I think that's what you were going to do is be on time for flu where are you on a flu vaccine face and mRNA people are waiting for cases of the accumulated means that people have been vaccinated
I think I mean how far are we away from one vaccine 12th covid and flew together to combine the two again and it it as think is returned a fair amount to your top line and your bottom line but what about the rest of your business how you do building other Pharmaceuticals actually come and take up some of that this is the most people tell year for Pfizer starting this month and for the next 18 months I don't think 19u venga Brothers 19th there was never come
bring the pharmaceutical company and asked that we undertook sets Samsung Note 5 to new message for counselor one for the form of the other for prostate cancer to for a metabolic disease has to be very very busy to do you do when you lost your brother typically there's a very high correlation in the first Romans have aqueducts for the entire year in the six months or so you've been some of the developing countries some countries have been left behind by the way it's not limited to Pharmaceuticals not live to covid there's a problem in general about that in the world but specifically when it comes to what you were doing I know you have something called the Accord
tell us about that are we completely free through a brave Burberry government made the US government they both 1 billion dollars from apps at cost and they offered it for free to the world unfortunately we're not able to because there's no need to put the whole story with what we said the sides are would offer all the pop in for 30 products with me the products that the gentleman cheap copies at cost and manufacturer and send no Regulatory Compliance no legal
1.2 billion people living in the 45 Taurus countries of the world that happen in nine months ago and already sending products to solve what you did yesterday was even more so we announced not patent-protected but all this house was that just went platinum patent-protected it happens when your father would give them may be the most prescribed for me for antibiotics to have meats for a deposit take through have meats for anesthetics of basic form of therapy and
because I'm inside with everything that sounds wonderful actually wondering why did you do it because we ought to do it I don't think it is there is no reason why the poorest countries in the world won't have access to the same medicine is that the kids in America during concert at one of the reasons I think science basically what about larger for the US government other governments are we interesting enough in basic are indeed could that help you I think we've got out of work and this is why all the exact measurement of the private sector if you see what you doing not even companies that are good company because this is what is the Crown Jewel of the daylight time
click the infrastructure to go to the lady you mentioned earlier that you actually couldn't get some the covid vaccines no country is it needed it because I'm the prices that you can play but once you dissolve at which we just did your girl to have very big problems with infrastructure you don't have the right to Health Care Professionals this is where we should check out this is where it shook up I am to prove the caffeine Equity this is where we should focus our attention on w h o
I am very glad that Albert's borla CEO of Pfizer did mention the WHIO there at the end it's I put out a show to similar shows about this but I put on the show the other day that I went very popular across some of the networks because not only was it was a good show on good topic but I'll so you had a Doctor Peter McCullough and some other prominent figures re-posting it on their social media so it did drawing quite a bit of attention and essentially is the demand for vaccines down to the truth is coming out people getting more skeptical and so you know I felt I think that the people are going to order that the powers that be are going to try to initiate something else we already know that the pandemic treaty is on its way that digital IDs the digital dollar the vaccine status digital reports and
and Blacklist and all that stuff that these things are coming okay I'm fortunately judging by the comments that everybody latched onto the idea of normies are waking up yeah hey you know they took this is good news that part is good news I want to clear but as I said in that in that show you know it's good news and bad news is good news because yeah we do obviously there's good news when when people are are finally starting to hear the truth at least partial portions of the truth is something we've been pushing for the last three years of course and getting the truth out there as much as possible so that's good news but everybody seen that I wanted on that part and skip the next part which is the bad news or the bad news is this means in my humble opinion and I'm right so you could argue with me if you want to do list in my humble opinion
this means they're going to double down triple down quadruple down they're not going to give up on this oh you know I'll look people trying to catch on that we were lying to them I guess we better better go pack it in and and move to hide out in New Zealand or something no that's not what they're going to do they're going to double down Double Down Double Down
and back to the world economic Forum here's Tony Blair briefly explaining one of the ways of they're going to double triple quadruple down and noticed there's a keyword to hear that he says key phrase he's talking about the next vaccines not the current vaccines he's talking about the next vaccines they know it's coming and so should use so what's this I think there's a huge and put this now for a national digital infrastructure digitization it in healthcare is one of the great game changes either we should be helping countries to develop a national digital infrastructure which they will lead with these new vaccines and then you finally in it it's it's also about showing people that showing the political leadership that you can make a positive difference your health care System but I don't think these measures because they thought they bought an impact Beyond
any particular disease and Oppo pandemic a national digital infrastructure
and eventually that will be turning into a global digital infrastructure and when I say eventually it's already in the works okay they work it backwards don't forget this how the global School Iqbal Works they go from there and goal and they figured they'd they build the steps to get to there okay so they they don't build up steps to to get to the top of the mountain they started the top of the mountain and they build a downward okay it makes a difference because it means that no matter what happens long way they'll get to their goal you know when we is we as people leave my Builder steps in life for example we might say okay so first I'm going to go get good grades in high school then I'm going to go to the college will might have ever died on the ball of hey you know what I'm going to be at the doctor and then I'm going to be a chief chief of medicine at some Boston hospital or whatever men that can be your your life goal right so you could grades in high school and then you go to a good college and then you get your degree and go to grad school to get you get your ear
you're a PhD in your throat and cold but along the way you might decide or something might happen maybe you didn't get good grades and maybe while you're in college you you fell in love with with acting I don't know we just had Dean Cain on earlier you know Dean Cain he did not want to be an actor and this is a guy who was raised by a Hollywood director and he had no intentions of becoming an actor okay well everybody else was was out there you a lot of his friends he went to high school with like Blake Sean pan and and Charlie Sheen are all gone I like acting classes and so my dad he's like that and I'm just going to throw a football and he was assigned by the Buffalo Bills and right before right for the the first preseason game in his rookie season they blew out his knee so his
halfway had to change
they don't work like that the global Sleek a ball I can they work it backwards they start with where they want to get too so they already have I assure you they already have this Global digital infrastructure in place and how do they get there now they have their their top step of the way they work their way down is to try to get everybody on board with these National digital infrastructure in that that sprays should truly send that means just sent chills up your spine because we're not just talking about digital ID where you got not just talk about digital passport when I just talkin about digital Registries were you know who has a vaccine Registries were medical Registries were whatever we're talking about the whole thing
when they say digital National digital infrastructure and eventually Global digital infrastructure what they're saying is this that this person you meet this person will have an ID that is universal for everything they want money they want to access their money not to use their their digital ID if they want to go go out and use that money to go buy a tofu burger then they'll have to use that digital ID in the money within their their their digital money within their digital bank account okay they're spending their digital dollars but they have to show their did you like these to show they got the vaccines as the only players talking about look you know it looks like you're you're you're 2 months behind on your on your 14th booster job and you haven't gotten your your mRNA flu vaccine yet either this season so so no tofu burger for you infidel
I think I'm cut the topic for my next show is going to have to get into this because yeah I've been studying it for a little while not nearly long enough I I am behind the car I would say but but I guess I'm a quick learner so we will get caught up on all of that but you do it again sometime within the next one or two weeks we will be launching a new show on going to set times at 2 p.m. Pacific time and 9 p.m. Pacific Time or she can always catch me to make out loud talk radio at 8 p.m. and I said Pacific condos are all eastern time I am so bad after morning my damn show I got to get better at that Lord willing I will be back very soon with another episode of this damn show but in the meantime you all stay strong and stay safe and God bless

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