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JD Rucker Show, January 5, 2024

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Five Emerging Existential Threats

Title: Five Emerging Existential Threats


At any given moment in American history, we have been faced with one or two imminent existential threats. In 2023, we are already facing several and more are emerging, jumping from "major" threats to truly becoming risks to our very existence. We've already been living through the universal vaccination programs, massive food shortages, open borders, stolen elections, and a few other massive challenges that are all in motion to take down this nation and subjugate what's left of the world. Now, we're seeing at least five more threats emerging in 2023 that are in the process of elevating. On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I dove into these threats. None of these are new, but they are all reaching the tipping point at which they accelerate exponentially. They are: Artificial Intelligence; LGBTQIA+; Supremacy; WHO Pandemic Treaty; Central Bank Digital Currencies; and Nuclear War. Today's episode brought to you by

Recorded: February 03, 2023

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tell my friends and welcome to another episode of the J D wrecker show host J D wrecker and they were going to be talking about emerging existential threat these are pret's that are now they're coming after us they're coming out for you they're coming after me these are threats that are on top of the normal existential threats to where are facing today emerging threats we are you know that for example the Border crisis that is an existential threat for the United States of America you can make the same claim and it's an existential threat for other nations as well especially European nation that are seeing their their their borders deteriorate they're seeing their the cultures devolve into crime-ridden areas and it just that's it's not a racist statement I want to be clear about that gay people often say that always that's if you say that the that the illegal aliens coming across the border that they represent challenges our increase
Christ these are factual statements folks okay and we're seeing it at the border we're seeing out of away from the border in the United States but it's actually even worse in many ways in some European countries they're having to make drastic changes to the way that they they handle life, says if they're there all of them are living in Democrat cities here in the United States which are experiencing the same thing for different reasons but I digress we already know about those types of existential threats we already know for example that the food crisis here in the United States is becoming an existential threat I went to this emerging necessarily is growing but it's already March 30 here we're already experiencing those types of challenges when it comes to our economy like comes to our ability to take care of ourselves to take care of our families even
now the ones I'm going to be talking about the day they're not necessarily new but they are emerging in by merging what I mean is that they they're going from the status of major problem major concern to now I would say that they are on the verge of being existential threats they are going to to challenge our ability As Americans as people in general are ability to even remain alive in some cases the deterioration that is rapidly progressing so when I say these are emerging threats I just want to show the coffin of the negative, so it'll say oh you know that's not an emerging that's been around for a long time or where have you been I get it these aren't necessarily new I've talked about them before all of them
but when I see they're merging they are in my humble opinion going from that level of major major threat to this action could kill us if we don't stop it very very soon the first one this one this one is one I want you guys to please pay close attention I'm going to read parts of it are I want you to pay very close attention and it's going to be a little bit dry for probably the next 2 or 3 minutes but but there's a reason that I want you to pay attention to this article that I actually posted over at the CERN title the petrodollar system a shift away from a dominant currency plus artificial intelligence will soon replace us all and I'll explain that as well go in the article for decades US dollar has been the dominant currency in the global oil trade with most oil transactions being conducted in US Dollars a phenomenon known as
petrodollar system the petrodollar system was established in 1970 as a result of an agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia where by the US would provide military protection for the oil-rich kingdom in exchange for Saudi Arabia's agreement to price of oil exports in US Dollars into recycle its Surplus oil revenues back into US assets however in recent years there has been a shift away from the petrodollar system as other countries and currencies have gained more prominence in the global oil trade the ship can be attributed to several factors including the rise of new oil producing countries the growing role of non u.s. currencies in international trade and the declining role of the US dollar as the world's dominant currency
one of the major drivers of this shift is the economic power of countries like China and Russia which have been actively seeking to reduce their dependence on the US dollar and increase their use of their own currencies in international trade these countries have also been investing in infrastructure and making deals with other countries to facilitate the trade of oil in their own currencies by passing the US dollar another factor in another Factor contributing to the shift away from the petrodollar system is the increasing use of digital currencies and blocked a chain technology and international trade these new technologies have the potential to greatly reduce the dependence on traditional currencies such as the US dollar in the global oil trade despite these changes the US dollar Still Remains the dominant currency in the global oil trade and it is unlikely that it will lose its position as the primary currency in this market in the near future however the trend towards a more Diversified Global oil trade with multiple currencies being
use is likely to continue in conclusion of the shift away from the petrodollar system is a reflection of the changing economic landscape with new part players and Technologies emerging and increasing the diversification of international trade as the world moves towards a more multipolar economic order it will be interesting to see how the role of the US dollar and other countries involved in the global oil tray that's funny than this particular article it does mention the multipolar economic order code word for Liberal World Order now you might be wondering maybe this is that big of a deal we know we known about this for a little while is there really an emerging existential threat number one I'd say yes
but I have been calling you a bit with this the reading of this particular article you see this article wasn't written by me this article wasn't written by a person the article was written by artificial intelligence as written by chat is GPT now if you were pink or the reason I wanted you to pay close attention to see does this sound like a human
is this good enough to pass the smell test now it's not a great article that's why I asked you out front please pay attention even though might be boring because it was pretty boring but it does pass the smell test that could be an analysis for my junior staffer at a national publication and had all them checked off all the boxes it sounded right now I posted this on my sub s lot of people don't they have to be a artificial intelligence to work doesn't that mean that has two to be reading from other places and yes and no okay yes or no it otherwise it can it can learn how to write coherently man has in many ways learn how to write coherently learn how to sound human without necessarily having to refer to other subjects and can take the data and express it in the way that sounds like an article number one emerging existential threat number one is not just
the petrodollar I'll talk about the economic threats here later the real threat in this one this is the Spurs thread that I'm mentioning is the rise of artificial intelligence a lot of people say you know what it's not that big of a deal you know that it's just technology we've been able to they were saying that that the automation was going to kill off all the jobs and it didn't will this in this case we really might see all the jobs getting killed off in that replaced inadequate fashion with other jobs whole reason that they did the powers that be want so much automation once artificial intelligence be able to handle so much so much for us it's not just out of so we can all live a life of luxury or he's really so that we can live a life of dependents if we cannot support herself because the jobs are taken away
we are going to have to become beholden to governmental more more accurately beholden to the various public-private Partnerships that are emerging quick note I got to throw this up there real quick hold on let me send this to me this morning he introduced the new my pillow 2.0 guys it's real this it's I've got mine coming buy one get one free I got to throw it out there because they finally after all these years in the same exact pillow going out they finally made a new my pillow new Michael 2.0 so be sure to use promo code JDR at checkout and and get you a buy one get one free promo for these these new pillows as bad as artificial intelligence is regarding a an existential threat and emerging threat to the people of the United States to the people the world really there are at
bigger more pressing threat artificial intelligence it's it's happening but it's still will say a little bit of ways maybe months maybe probably years that were not decades but it's going to it's going to be integrated more and more into our lives that sounds bad enough but believe it or not there are worse threats one such threat something that I haven't been talking about nearly enough lately it's not for any other reason except that I'm avoiding the topic is just it's something that number one a lot of people are covering so that's good I try to focus on things that are getting covered nearly enough
people are talking about the lgbtqia plus Supremacy agenda and yes I talked about myself but it hasn't really been what I would consider to be an existential threat up until very recently call me naive call me stupid if you will but I really didn't expect it to get this bad I thought that at some point you know the truth would emerge I thought that at some point press logic may be a little bit of science maybe some common sense would Prevail but I've been proven wrong and wrong over and over there is there's there just doesn't seem to be a whole lot of
common sense or logical or scientific understanding amongst the eat the woke people of this world so I this article over the daily signal title Medical Group pokes holes and fatally flawed study play me the proof kids benefit for transgender hormones benefits to transgender hormones look if they want to say if they want to take the the
the flawed but still you know semi I guess you could say kind perspective that all you know these kids they really they did the they're unsure of who they are they they need some some guidance you know in the worst case scenario we'll start talking about hormones okay if I disagree wholeheartedly with that sentiment but at least it makes weird little bit of sense of your if you're naive about such things but they're not going down that road are trying hard to push into indoctrinating to brainwash children into thinking that they are not built the way that they are supposed to be built
as I've said many times I do believe that this is part of an agenda to go after the Bible to go after God because as I said you know if they can convince a kid that nothing can convince a little boy that he's actually a little girl that he was put in the wrong body then the conclusion that he will come to in his early life and as it pertains to Faith is pertains to the Bible is that if God is all-knowing is is omnipotent omniscient then that doesn't make sense because he made made me draw this is what this little boy might think you know I'm actually a girl my mom tells me I'm a girl the teachers tell me I'm a girl and everybody's telling me that just because yeah I like playing with Barbies I must be a girl
and I don't even know if they say that I'm going to chill the idea that they brainwash these kids and then all the sudden hey you know hormones and surgeries and all this other stuff and then they finally destroy that person but even if let's say that person's able to survive all this that early indoctrination will prevent them in many ways will make it more challenging don't want to see how to prevent them but it will make it more challenging for them to come to the right conclusion that the Bible is real in the Bible is accurate but they are created for the ones who get it done the most important part is the one you need now and the best partner is the one you can deliver that's why millions of Maintenance and Repair Pros trust Granger because we have professional grade supplies for every industry even hard to find products and we have same-day pickup and next day delivery on most orders but most importantly we have an unwavering commitment to help keep you up and running call good or just stop by Granger for the ones who get it done
because again if they think that they were created wrong then they're only conclusion will be that either God made a mistake or God doesn't exist at all and that's me is really the push even I'm not suggesting that everybody who's who's participating in the lgbtqia plus Supremacy agenda that they are all aware of this this ultimate agenda it's being pushed out into the world but they're still participating so that still makes them in my books evil for this article from the daily signal and organization of doctors nurses and Healthcare professionals poles and they study claiming to prove the marginal benefits of cross sex hormones or teenagers who persistently identify with a general gender opposite their biological sex the group Do no harm called the study fatally flawed and borderline and scientific reports first provided to the Daily Report criticized the study of social functioning in transgender youth after 2 years of hormones led by dr. Diane Chan
have the Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago and published by the New England Journal of Medicine in January to study analyzes 315 participant identified as transgender and non-binary between the ages of 12 and 20 over the course of two years these participants received gender-affirming for months I hate that phrase the participants received gender-affirming hormones hormones to make their male or female bodies resemble bodies of the opposite sex and this is a quote from The Chins article. Appearance congruence positive effect and life satisfaction increase in depression and anxiety symptoms decreased 11 participants experienced suicidal ideation into committed suicide oh my gosh are you kidding me
it's I don't even know if I want to read anymore but we will yet the chin article raises several questions that weaken its overall conclusion of this form of therapy is truly beneficial to the subjects and it's according to dr. Stanley Goldfarb board chair at Do no harm Civic studies break for a participant cinta to cruise a test group and the control group the test group receives a drug or intervention all the control group either receives a false version of the drug a placebo or receives a different treatment that is less experimental such as counseling this study did not have a control group but there you have it shouldn't have to go any further but I will but there you have it you can't have a study that says that this proves this or that without having any control control group that's just basic science Queen City Goldfarb the absence of any control group raised the possibility that I'm going psychological counseling and therapy may explain the slight Improvement in summer
members of the study of sex hormones may not have been the only factor in reported improvements and without a control group and becomes much harder to isolate the exact role hormones may have played Goldfarb also noted the fact of the subjects were seen in these clinics for such a long period of time prior to entry into the study May produce various results due to the well-known phenomenon and surveys called demand characteristics of a sub surveys conducted under the auspices of a study of the study authors the results may be influenced by a cheering on affect another words what they're saying is that because these kids know their parts of spending this gender-affirming study and they're being interviewed by the people that are participating in a pushing gender affirmation lgbtqia plus Supremacy more likely to sell yet now I'm totally much happier now doctor thank you so much for forgiving me these hormones that that are changing my body
they're doing these things that are affecting me psychologically and physically permanently thank you I'll thank you Doctor know I'm not going to be one of those that kills myself as a result
Ludacris sanity and probation and drawing more so here in the United States of America off the break
we will get to the third item in your able to make it to the first 2 in 1 second that's awesome we'll make it to the third item right after the brain
my good friend dr. Vladimir zelenko you left us way too early so sad that he is gone but his legacy does continue we do still support his foundation we still support his company that is still benefiting the dumbasses across the world those who have either been Jack or maybe you've been been exposed to those who may be shedding on you that's becoming more and more likely in this being the case more times should you have the worse off you are in the more you're likely to shut on others and I'm even if you never been jab you're not around other people very often you should still consider getting Z detox or is he stack life protocol either one of them will help your immune system is demonstrated by scientists demonstrated by doctors dr. Zev zelenko should go to the Sea stack life
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hey buddy the thought that maybe this show is going to be short version since I was able to make it through two out of five on my list and once segments think again because going forward everything else is going to be a lot more detail all three of the final final three emerging existential threats are going to take at least a segment is not to cover them the reason being is that at least he'll they're important these are just things aren't looking very good in this realm and that it would be crazy if I were to do a show about existential threats and I talked about covid-19 the vaccines varies plant that makes the rise of pandemic Panic theater 2.0 but I'm going to be talking about it from a different perspective we already know you're the Ensign has always been an extension threat from a free to perspective as well as a medical perspective if you are like me if you believe it the quote-unquote vaccines are
Benelli dangerous then obviously we going to we have to take that into account and understand that that that in itself poses an existential threat but it's actually worse than that this is about a control agenda on top of the population if we're assuming that the vaccines are going to kill a lot of people and I hate to assume that because that's what has happened since we happening already and they are still pushing for more and more vaccines so
we can only assume that there is going to be a toll to the human race the numbers of humans that are still alive again those back to depopulation but we also have to look at the control factor and what this represents
so number one that starts off with fear-mongering so let's just cut straight to to this article over at shtf plan. Calm by Max Lavo World Health Organization says nine beers is have Pandemic potential
now again before I even get into this and you'll understand once I start reading it before I even get into this the key here is not the the new nine viruses okay that's not a takeaway here is the fact that it will help organization and the CDC and the Biden Harris regime and all the powers-that-be they're all still pushing for more fear fear has subsided for the most part in the United States and across the globe people just aren't as scared of covid-19 as they were this time last year even in this attempt to take oh was it a x b b. 1.5 and make that a thing they're calling the Kraken variant in the UK it so supposed to be so bad and yet that really didn't get people juiced-up still not out there trying to do my God we're going to die from covid in Italy got a 99.99 3% recovery rate for people under the age of forty below crap
keep that in mind if I read this article and parts of this article and keeps a list of viruses and bacteria with quote pandemic potential these nine pathogens are the ones most likely to infect humans and become pandemics Jill weather head of Baylor College of Medicine is prioritizing these diseases is generally based on two factors their ability to spread in the ability of humans to treat them a revised list is likely coming within the next few months which one of the of the releases shoes in service
I love Max Level if your listing on audio and I'm not feeling any worse than just it's whatever you'll understand when I read it the one I which one will the blank determined to be the next major pandemic for which we need to obey comply and be totally controlled by ruling class tours event which will require forced vaccination which one of these actually do real world harm instead of I just giving people a cold I will tell you let's be aware of what is on the radar at least so we can adequately prepare when they decide which one of these will be the one pay attention to the short video but then I can play that so they're talking about the Nipa virus the Congo hemorrhagic fever and then that does sound scary last a fever we already know that's bad Rift Valley fever they would just carried by mosquitoes
okay by mosquitoes and Marburg virus pretty bad ones and of course you can you can get it from Camels so be careful if you seen the camel might be carrying MERS SARS of course and then these acts were going to read about these acts the whoso is it does not ring diseases in any order a Potential Threat but now it's just the possibility that an as-yet unknown disease could cause a serious pandemic in her work with a bad virus for example of Cornell University says says that even though that the small proportion of bat species that have been studied the animals carry thousands of viruses and the quote and we have no clue how many percent risks we don't have the technology to take a sequence and say with certainty whether it can infect humans or can transmitted from human-to-human We're blind really that's not good not to mention that variant supposed threat she says just the tiniest genetic change can be
can have a profound affect what if we had a pathogen with a 50% fatality rate the transmitted officially
again I can't be more clear about this I don't think I can this is fear-mongering and I'm not saying shtf plan is doing the fear-mongering or they're just reporting on the news this WHIO that soon the fear-mongering there's different preparing us for something for something
or something what is that something and this is where we get into the existential threat which I covered before and and I think it's important that we continue to cover it because it is that big of a deal I am talking about the World Health Organization and be the pandemic treaty 2.0
this is from Brown Skin Institute amendments to w h o s e International Health regulations in the annotated guide in the I'm going to read through this briefly because it is it is pretty important that we understand you know there was a rumor I guess back in like June or July last year the pandemic Treaty of Ben been quashed and then stopped and Joe Biden got owned and in the World Health Organization got on and how she got out and everybody's just sitting around right it's all ye victory victory except it's coming back and as we saw back then it was never stopped they don't little stick something they really want and just say oh well I guess we'll just have to give up on that they just put it on the down-low we're kind of behind the scenes and games with it when they hope nobody's looking Circle in this article to come it's get the world has been claiming the World Health Organization plans to become some sort of global autocratic government remove a national soccer team replacing it with a totalitarian state the near complete absence of Interest by mainstream media
what's a jazz to the rational Observer than this is yet another quote conspiracy theory from a disaffected fringe and position of a Thor attarian rules on a global scale with trakt attention Whos fairly transparent in its machinations it should therefore be straightforward to determine whether this is all misplaced the staring at one of the 10th to implement an existential change in Sovereign rights and international relations we would just need to read the document firstly is useful to put the amendments in context and then they're going through who's The Who and yada yada yada. I forgot now I'm not reading that part has proposed for the ihr send it to fundamentally change the relationship between individuals that country's government and the WHL they Place The Whole30 principles developed at
WWII regarding human rights in the sovereignty of states in doing so they signal a return to a colonialist infused list approach fundamentally different to that which to which people in relatively Democratic countries have been accustomed the lack of major push back by politicians and the lack of concern in the media accounts but ignorance of the general public is there for both strange and alarming aspects of the amendment involved involving the largest changes to the workings of society and international relations are discussed below follow those following those are annotated extract from the WHL documents I provided in the WHL website is currently under a process of revision to address these grammatical errors in approve clarity
and the next second I was resetting international human rights to a former authoritarian model Universal Declaration of Human Rights agreed by the UN in the aftermath of World War II in the context of much of the world emerging from a colonialist yolk is predicated on the concept that all humans are born with equal and inalienable rights game by the simple fact that they are born 1948 or in 1948 the universal Declaration of Human Rights was intended to codify these to prevent a return to an equality in totalitarian rule the equality of all individuals is expressed in article 79 which reads all are equal before the law and title without any discrimination to eat protection of the law all are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of his declaration and it gets in a statement to such that discrimination misunderstanding underpins the WHL Constitution and forms the basis for the modern international human rights movement and international human rights law
that right here we get a little bit crazy
the proposed HR Amendment reverse these understandings the wh a proposal the WHL proposes that the term with full respect for the Dignity of Human Rights and fundamental freedoms of persons you believe it from a text replace with I'm not I'm not kidding here Equity coherence inclusivity the application of which are then specifically differentiated in a text warning to a level of Social and economic development the underlying equality of individuals is removed and rights become subject to a status to turn by others based on a set of criteria that they Define is entirely up and surprise I understand the other relationship of all individuals with authority at least in Nan to tell Terry and states it is a totalitarian approach to society in which individuals may act only on the sufferings of others who will power outside of legal sanction specifically a feudal relationship or one of monarchs subject
subject without an intervening Constitution is difficult to imagine a greater issue facing Society get the media that is calling for reparations for past slavery is silent on a proposed International agreement consistent with its re-imposition
this Authority and this is titled this section is titled giving who authority over member states this Authority is seen as being above states with a specific definition of recommendations being change from non-binding to binding by specific statements States will undertake to follow recommendations of the who states will accept the w h o s e a story in international Public Health emergencies elevating and above their own ministries of Health much hinges on what a health emergency International concern is and who defines it as explained below these amendments will widen the p h e i c definition to include any health event at a particular individual in Geneva Ravines to be of actual or potential concern that particular individual is the director-general of the wh Okerlund
powers to be seated by national governments to the D G include quite specific examples that may require changes within National legal systems these include detentions of individuals restrictions Scrabble the forcing of Health interventions and requirements undergo medical examinations
unsurprising to observers of the covid-19 response these proposed restrictions on individual rights under the Bee Gees discretion include freedom of speech who will have the power to designate opinions or information as misinformation or just information and require country government intervene and stop such expression and dissemination so likely run up against some national Constitution denies the American the US Constitution but will be a boon to many dictators and one party regimes it is of course incompatible with the universal Declaration of Human Rights but they seem to no longer to be guiding principles for the w h o d g will have power to instruct government to provide who and other countries with resources bonds and commodities food direct intervention in manufacturing increasing production of certain Commodities manufactured within their borders in other words I'll be able to tell the United States and we got
give give her money and her stuffing and everything we need from a very new Marxist perspective that we need to take all that money and give it to Thailand or whoever
countries will see power to the w h o o r patent law in the celestial property including a control of manufacturing know how commodities doing by the DG to be relevant to the potential or actual health problem that he or she is deemed of interest is intellectual property in manufacturing know how maybe then passed to commercial Rivals at the DG discretion is provision seem to reflect a decree of stupidity I don't like the basic removal of fundamental human right vested interest here may well insist on their removal from the ihr draft rights of people should be of course I should of course be Paramount with most immediate action from The Fray is it is difficult to sea level of advocacy being equal
I think I have time for this next section which is also important I'm trying to get this wrapped up for the end of the second riding a w h o d g with unfettered power and ensuring it will be Hughes the WHL has previously developed processes then the short least a semblance of consensus and evidence-based incision make their process for developing guidelines requires at least one paper a range of expertise to be sought and documented and a range of evidence weighed or liability 2019 guidelines a management a pandemic influenza are an example laying out recommendations for country in the event of such a respiratory virus outbreak when does evidence result of in the w h o strong recommend against contact tracing warranty and Border closures as the evidence has shown that these are expected to cause more overall harm to Health in the long-term than the benefit gained if any from Sloan spread of virus these guidelines were ignored when an
he was declared for covid-19 and it's already switched to an individual the director-general the DG again I cannot be more clear about this if you still believe that the pandemic treaty is dead then you're probably watching Fox News you probably getting your information from Washington examiner or some of these so-called right-leaning sites that actually actually don't lean right they just pretend to where they they will lean right okay that's how they were able to get by with it they pick the safest the issues that are that are unambiguous and they take those issues and they pretend to be conservative but they're not
it's not just an unfortunate you and some of the good guys many of the good Publications out there are ignoring this
this is an existential threat I should have probably move this to number two I I made a mistake by not pushing this up higher on the list down lower and higher on the list because I would actually say that of all the threats that were facing next to the final one which will get to later but I've all the threats that we're facing this is one that could take us out very quickly
and I'm not just talking about like a class or whatever I'm talking about this could essentially make the United States of America cease to exist and nobody's talking about it not nearly enough money to a whole show on this. Today we're going to get to the second-biggest in my humble opinion the second biggest threats they doona
talk to me Jordy of our Pharmaceuticals the ingredients in them come from China they are controlled by the Chinese Communist party where are you seeing supply chain issues pharmacies are running low on a lot of things in the if the crap hits the fan as a lot of us think it may in the very near future you will want antibiotics in the best way to get that is to go to JD mad you'll be able to get a teleconference with an actual doctor and then they'll send you meds they'll seem to like five different versions or types of antibiotics are the different ailments that could they can hit us these are great for long-term storage you will you will want them and know if it's one of those things where if you if you need them then you'll want them if you don't need them then least she'll happen so and here's the thing if you don't have him you're almost really going to need them at least sometime in the near future so JD meds
somebody's asked during the break how do I Define what is an emerging existential threat one number one by merging I mean that this time last year in time last year it wasn't considered to be the Defenders of the criteria it was a major threat but it wasn't necessarily an existential threat like I said before I consider it for example the vaccines covid-19 vaccine has to be existential threats that's that have been you know whether they were accidental threats from the beginning so so that's not an emerging that's already established make sense food food shortages that's been growing or while this is been a really sense since covid began we started seeing a little bit of it but it was until the pine Heritage in what seems to be a concerted effort to sabotage our our food supply for somebody to control it.
has been the case for now wow so I would say that's emerging we're in process when I'm looking at these emerging existential threats I'm looking at things that were threats before and many cases in all cases but that have accelerated now that are excel in the process of accelerating even further I look at it based on three criteria number one is it imminent something that can happen you very soon within 23 no later than say 2024 okay so imminent threat to is it likely you know we can say for example that something so really severe tricks there's a threat like like a meteor very large meteor hitting the Earth and causing mass destruction world ending event is that when will that in the world Shore is it likely
doesn't seem to be I'm just saying you know maybe maybe some of your astronomers out there might see something that I haven't heard about maybe they already know that Armageddon rock you know is is on his way and they're already trying to put Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck in a in a rocket ship or something like that I don't know but that one is is real but it's not it's not likely at least we hope it's not and then the third criteria is that it has to be severe enough to to qualify as true existential threats we hear about him all the time and it's actually an abused term in a special conservator mean it will really alternative media are at all everything's an extension threat okay I look at it as it has to actually be existential can this change the face of humanity or couldn't even change the existence of the United States of America that last part they're changing the the existence of our nation that's what drives me to make dinner
to Rising emerging existential threat the threat of economic collapse on those who listen to me last year if you been listening to me for a while I used to be I was of the opinion that a full-blown economic class was 5 to 10% now we've entered into the ground where I think it's more likely we are going to have some variation of economic class when I see variation what I mean is that it will be the type of collapsed that will suddenly be fixed with Central Bank digital currencies with a digital dollar that there's going to be a whole lot of suffering and a whole lot of everything else and happens between now and then
we look at what they're trying to do meaning one of the things that a lot of people said and you know what this week and we can protect ourselves by using cryptocurrency decentralized currencies instead of a centralized digital currency control by government and public-private Partnerships with economic or financial institutions across the globe eventually Consolidated into a single one what if we just we have already got cryptocurrencies are already doing okay or they're looking to be doing better even though they had a terrible I have the same manufacturer to be terrible. 2022 but now seems like maybe maybe that they can fix that without the government has ideas for that it's an article over at national news by Ramon Tony White House calls for Regulators to bolster oversight of cryptocurrencies that you might think a week we're way off on this one or this one is is there is bipartisan support for the idea of of regulating cryptocurrency this could very easily happen and with the White House calling
where they've got the Gaza essentially a year-and-a-half try to make it happen I think they're going to get there I really do bring the article briefly the White House called for Regulators to bolster oversight of cryptocurrencies warning of the dangers that come with the burgeoning sector for White House officials including National Economic Council director Brian deese and for those who don't know who Brian deese is I don't even know if I have time to talk about him it's funny because he's the one on this list that includes Jake Sullivan by the way is also a very bad guy the Brian this is the one that concerns me the most because this guy this is for Black Rock used Pro vs Chi which I'm about to talk about okay Brian this Randy is G department for BlackRock
before joining the biden-harris regime in before he was with black rock he was with the Obama regime crazy how this all works out is a quote from a blog post that they had an entry that was outlined that also outlined the executive Branch's plan to mitigate the risk that comes with crypto according to this post while cryptocurrency might be relatively new the behavior we have seen some crippled companies exhibit in the risks posed by this Behavior are not as an Administration our focus is on continue doing sure the crypto cannot undermine Financial stability to protect investors in to hold Bad actors accountable and that's obviously double-talk is that I would argue that ft x in the whole Sam Damon freed debacle and then everything has been happening with Bitcoin and all the other things that these are again manufactured I have no evidence is just
Malaysian but it sure seems to tie in to the whole lot of bad things that are happening in the world today especially with the arrow government here in the United States of America what is there a nickel for that I turned a daisy Luther and then when I say in Galt on this with your end goal as his step but it's a step towards a One World Currency which is what they really want because that's part of part of the agenda is article over at the organic by Daisy Luther title what are cvc's here's what the central banks have planned for you and I know that you guys have been watching the show for a while you're very familiar with the digital Dollar in Central Bank digital currencies but we could just for everybody else we're going to go ahead and just go over this briefly and acronym has been recent tossed around in an ominous whisper is CBD speak what is it and how does it affect you CBC stands for Central Bank digital currency and these are digital versions of a country's currency we talked a lot about it here at the organic prepper
digital currencies and the dangers of a cashless society and if twef has its way we could be looking at just that and soon the governments of the world are hard at work reading tunnels and secret routes to one place a one world monetary system is all part of the Great reset they've been touting the sub-headline hear the central bank has a plan and Implement digital currencies in the near future as always it will be positioned as something beneficial to get the less critical thinkers on board first then at some point it could be the only legal tender that exists in this will give the powers-that-be the ability to completely control every financial decision you make
there's no other way to put it is that's exactly what they're trying to do and they're trying to do it from for more than just a reason we know about that let me clarify that it's not just about control we might say all this is the big one there but such tight control it's also about coaxing the markets because they can control the people or they can least try to control a free people that cannot be controlled but they can try to control us which means that they might take it to the extreme when I say might if they really want to they will that's what we have to fight back but then we'll talk about that at another time but there's another part to their is the coaxing coaxing a powerful players powerful individuals powerful companies and trying to get them involved in the part of the scheme that will in my humble opinion Finance
the the end times so to speak if we are in the biblical end-times this will be where they get the the money that's owed to fight and then of course yes they're going through Black Rock State Street Vanguard all the baddies in Asset Management Forum United Nations the council for inclusive capitalism and of course our own wife house at least the current iteration of it but like I said part of weather weather heading is towards this this ESG environment social governance article over at the daily signal Samantha by Samantha oh boy I'm going to push this one is Childress I don't know titled history is terrifying problematic concept investing author in an option or Vivek ramaswamy explains why and for those who don't know you know by Vikram swamy some of that you do need to do to learn about listen to and they did a podcast I'm just going to breed the
open portion of it cuz we got to guess coming on trying to get through this as quickly as possible so we can get to the gas as soon as he gets here
a conservatives have been sounding the alarm over the use of environmental social and governance policies as they relate to Investments particularly for private and public Pension funds but what exactly is ESG according to Vivek ramaswamy co-founder of strive Asset Management yes she refers to the use of dollars including your dollars to advanced environmental or social goals in addition to what they'll call govern skull that are not implemented through public policy making elections or through democracy rather they are implemented through the economy and stayed largely by buying shares in companies in enforcing those companies to behave in certain way
that's what it is woke ink is it is the book that he had author inside America's Corporate social justice scam and then of course he has this this interview you did with with the daily signal I'll leave a link to it cuz it's it's actually good when I think is see how long is it it does not say it it wasn't too long you should watch that our listen to start a podcast listen to it so used to video anyway when is this that I have coming on is if you listen to my show you probably familiar with his name is Ira rychetsky I've been called told anytime I bring these gold guys on this is an infomercial this is not an infomercial this important.
especially as they're pushing
they being financial advisors they're pushing or yes you funds a lot of lot of people don't realize it might say oh you know what it's okay I just want to invest in ESG funds right but if you have your retirement for example or any of your wealth tied up with these financial advisors I'm not ripping on financial advisors but there's here's the thing as I noted back in November the Biden Harris regime has initiated rules that will incentivize financial advisors to put your money into ESG funds even if it loses money for you to financial advisor will make money you will lose mine that's how this is working that's why it's so important to really reconsider to take control of your wealth your retirement and the easiest way to do it in this economy in my humble opinion is through gold or silver precious metals in general so I have iron
should have been here already I'm going to have to the pinion mirror If he if he's not there in a minute he's probably on the line with a customer that's what what happened last time I had them on over those who think I do you know what is we'll we'll get around this or we're not going to have to worry about it too much I turn to an article that was actually almost a week old I've been sitting on this one for a while because I wanted to wait until I had her on to be able to scusset is it is that important this article from the epoch times I ran by Kaden Pierson 25 States sued by the ministration overrule following 401 k managers to put savings into EFT funds eyes are allowing 401K Mansion I just allowing incentivizing was clear but that from the article Coalition of 25 States is suing the buying the ministration over at Department of Labor rules that affects millions of retirement accounts millions of retirement accounts including possibly yours
the Attorney General of multiple States involved in the lawsuit announced on Wednesday as last week the new rules set to take effect on January 30th so it's already in effect allows 401K managers to invest clients money in environmental social and government funds A Move That 25 States argue violates the employment retirement income securities Act of 1974 where do the lawsuit rule puts at risk your retirement savings account of 152 million workers are you among them or two-thirds of the u.s. population total twelve trillion dollars in assets in the name of mode in the by the ministrations climate agenda it does this the states argue by making changes to the rule that authorizes fund managers fiduciaries to consider and promote non-pecuniary benefits benefits not related to money or financial gain when making investment decisions is all big words and fancy talk for hey why don't you put money into
environmental programs are companies that are that are sporty environmental programs he's ESG companies don't take into consideration how much money they're going to lose for your clients because we're going to take care of you we being the binaries regime we're going to make sure that you make money even if you lose money for them because the environment needs your help that's essentially what they're saying
so I'm not this is for those who will come out say all this is an infomercial you know me interviewing Ira I'm interviewing iron strongly recommending physical precious metals because I truly believe in that I truly do
sorry and I know I shouldn't get passion about this but I again folks this is an existential threat there's no other way to put it what they're trying to do right now with the economy with your money with my money the trying to do is the driver backs into a corner so they can force the rollout of not only the digital dollar and eventually the digital whatever they're going to call the One World Currency that it's not just for that but it is also so they can fund their their liberal World Order agenda I said earlier they don't care about money this is why they don't care about money okay Mike I said before I was I was talking about how how do you know the heat the incentivize the middle manager the incentive eyes other people with high profits right
but that's not their concern they being deliver world or the people they are black rocks these three Vanguard all under their belt they have money coming from everywhere this is how they can control match the money for the corporations that employ the people they're going to try to get us from every single angle
it's quite every night I laughed but there's nothing funny about this it's a it's an uncomfortable after sadness and concerned because I know so many people out there are not thinking along the lines of getting gold and silver maybe you don't have the means and I understand that and I feel bad for you you don't know when there's other things that you can do this why I have late prepper that's upset that, try to help people especially those who don't have the means to go buy a $30,000 bunker in and do $100,000 worth of Renovations prepare for the apocalypse or whatever I don't want to do that I can't do it okay but for those who can my goodness Now's the Time to get into physical person that was supposed to be here an hour break time so I'm going to take a break and I'm going to pay our and hopefully you will be able to come on cuz if not I'm going to ask you talking about myself and nobody wants to have to stay tuned
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yeah it's kind of funny that's I get to get asked so often by listeners by readers of my various sites I get asked a lot to talk about more about the economy not just the us, but the potential for economic collapse talk about Central Bank digital currencies the digital dollar cryptocurrencies precious metals stock market talk about things that are fact it is quite humorous because I am not a financial advisor I'm not somebody who is particularly well-versed when it comes to this kind of stuff thankfully I do know very good people who are very well-versed and one of them is just joining right now as matter fact I'm going to go ahead and bring him on there she asked me how are you doing my friend always a pleasure to be on your show always a pleasure to have you here I'm it's funny because I was going I thought I might be running a little bit late so let me go ahead and get started and then thanks
you came on just in time to save me from having to say you know what I'm really not a financial guy I don't know a whole lot about the economy or anything but but I do read a lot so there's that you on the other hand you are a financial guy you've been doing this for a long time why don't you introduce yourself to to my viewers well and that the 43 years overall Financial World experienced three decades I was an Institutional equities Trader compliance officer and God's precious metals 8 years or so ago started my own company advisor Metals about the three years ago and I'm also registered with the commodity Futures Trading commission I've been since 1991 and as far as I know no one else in this physical precious metals industry has that registration
and that means that everything I tell people has to be bacterial is no bait and switch that's got to be fair dealing Etc so it's not the wild west when people talk with me it's more coming from a regulated perspective
what's good we don't want the wild west least I want to come to the economy and I would have noticed our personal finances and people can find you at our gold our gold so you weren't here are you you literally are just coming on and all the sudden throwing you on the air so I appreciate your flexibility with that we were just talking about the various challenges that we're having it with with everything that's happening in this world, but is busy with his finances one thing in particular that I wanted to get your perspective on I don't know how soon do you you are with the with the the push to incentivize financial advisors at to push their their clients push push you guys push the people into investing into woke ESG funds even if it's going to cost the money number one are you familiar with that and if you are then then what do you think about that
I am familiar with it and it's just terrible it is just a horrible thing it's of promoting the the woke in the climate hysteria agenda and always I mean since 1974 when the Arisa La came out and then she'll advisers are supposed to do what's best for for their their clients and this is the opposite of that I'm surprised it's it's even getting through but of course with the Biden agenda I'm not surprised that it that it is a being pushed through and from what I've read the ESG funds or the SD Investments actually have a lower rate of return than the 90th Street investment that's very significant so in the old days it was no the advisers had to look out for their customers now divisors of looking out for you and the federal government
what is the sad statement and it's so true that in today's world especially as bad as the economy is that we have a government that's pushing financial advisors to literally advise against what's best for for their own clients now you know you are four for complete transparency Huayra has been a sponsor this chauffeur for a very long time we're very blessed to have him have his expertise as well as his visibility to to work with with my listeners my viewers to secure physical precious metals and that's one thing that you've always told me you know that you've always been against various forms of I guess you could say gold and silver investing but there's a particular time that you very specific you like when it comes to physical precious metals tell us why just give us a brief overview why you press so hard for physical
I will physical is it's not on a server and if it's actually you touch it you feel it and even if it's in a retirement account vehicle and have to be stored in a third-party depository by RS rule rules it's actually the physical tangible metal itself and what I tell people is definitely up for something I said sure and then hopefully we don't have it but we have another 9/11 and the stock markets closed for four days have fun trying to get your money it won't be able to
that's one of the advantages and physical metals are DSG right
yes they are they are unwelcome spy because the lot of these the central banks allow these companies that are pressing for for regular everyday people to invest in the G-funk they're out there buying what are they buying a bunch of precious metals buying gold more so now than than than really any time in the past one of the things that people are very concerned about the day today it's about having having gold and silver in their safe lot of them are bent have been really focused on their retirement in Bush senior retirement accounts dwindle great yeah we get our statements and for really ever since Trump trump was forced out of office we've been seeing this this this trend of of losing wealth losing Tireman lot of people are switching to to Precious Metals retirement accounts which obviously you can do but then there's the concern everybody has this concern about
do you know what if I need to to get ahold of that money or how hard is it going to be there to get it and you know who's going to who's going to help me what it what do you say about that sir
precious metals are as close to liquidity the cash as anything out there if you have a home you want to sell the home this 30-day escrow and who knows what else is going on what metals can be liquidated very easily and if you have it in a retirement account you work with your precious metals Ira a custodian and when you liquidate know it's a distribution so anything else and you can either actually get the metals themselves and lot of people don't know that when I tell them I don't know if you have a distribution and you want the metals you can get the metals delivered to your home a lot of people don't know that or you can order them to liquidate metals and then they will contact me and I would arrange for that liquidation cash would go into your account at the precious metals up a self-directed ira custodian and then leave at 6 they are or you can say you don't send them a check or a wire or however
very liquid the process is really very simple
you know it sounds simple but you it sounds like so that they buy the depression I listen to you they put into you you have them get into a new gold Ira to go back to you liquidated are you are you double dipping know if you're talkin about any sort of thing I know I don't double dip you know my other companies may do that it's not my policy to an accommodation I'm so I only did once twice I know there's something in there in the religious or something about that twice but Donuts or something there we go I remember she asked you to the single Dipper my final question for you sir so we've heard
go to me I look sad a golden silver actually did take a took a little bit earlier today it's been on the rise lot lately there's a Russian factor that has been here probably a lot of people think that's why the central banks are buying up so much gold they think that Russia is going to force the price of gold to go up I think that probably makes a lot of sense but you don't look at it as as you know but I guess a way to make money do you work or do you is this is this just for protecting your wealth or is there a potential that the gold or silver both could actually do very very well in 2023 or Beyond
are there is that the potential in all ways but it's gold silver and gold is a hedge historically when the Dow Jones indices go down the dollar goes down the middle Schoo up and that's just the way it's been in there and you can take any time frame I think the year 2000s. Combo in between then and now twenty-two years the Dow Jones has doubled this if he's really good right it's double Gold's up four and a half almost 5 times during the same time. During periods like in 2008 when the stock market had that tumble 40% or so between 2008 and 2011 gold and silver double and doing what it's supposed to do and I don't like to use the word Goldilocks do much but the between 2016 to 2020 when when President Trump what was in office the stock market went up but gold and silver went up gold
turn off during that time. So you had the Hedge plus when you talking about making money there's that potential there so even if gold stays the same price but the stock market drops of the dollar drops you're ahead and end better than keeping the the money in the bank getting a half percent interest cause with 78% and play Ocean you're losing that much every year so historically gold has proven itself over time
was going I said I know I said I was my last question by doing one actual eat you prompted you prompted a further question out of that so is there in in thank you by the way I hope that the audience know so you know whenever you and I hate to say it but listen I listen to a lot of lot of Economist I listen to a lot of people that are selling precious metals you know I just gave Ira a trap question do you know so so you going to make a ton of money I'm calling you ask that to anybody else they're going to know my gosh it's going to be three grand and within within a few days or whatever you know if you don't get it now it's going to be so rude. He's just a truth-teller okay that's why I like working with him he just tells it how it is he deals with you you know how you deal with the with the owner of the company when you deal when you go to our gold fill out a form and I will call you directly so that's one of the reasons a week strongly recommended so my real final question for you sir is you know what you know I want you to speculate it bit the Sun
banks are buying up tons of gold they they continue to do that China has been buying up a ton of gold what do they know that we don't know or maybe you know maybe nobody knows what what what's the what are they thinking what's the deal here with with all the big big players trying to Corner the market on gold well what I'm also a technical analyst but I've been looking at the charts for decades price tells you everything so there buying up the the gold that's fine that's going to be in the price and what's happened recently than being a technical analyst looking at the price on a year-and-a-half ago I think it was what he had to build back better Bill pending in Congress and another bill pending as well as the infrastructure Bill what happened was the price of gold
just started to drop about $200 per ounce of meth in that was Janet Yellen manipulating the market the government the short-term committee late markets but not in a long-term the market is bigger than the government so what happened the bill passed gold got that $200 back then what happened this past summer
you had be be so cold and play some reduction act ending so what happened gold again dropped the slow down about $200 an ounce of gold go up to 200 it went up 300 and it's gone up a little more since then and that's very telling so when you watching the price you can see how how price reacts it and it's much more positive even than it was a year and a half ago so is that China and the other people by potentially yes I mean they know something they want to have you no more gold because they know what's going on in the world is the world economic Forum so you write up Jadie or you're right on as always
always I wish that were true you know it's funny the last time I tried to give I won't say give it the last time I took my own Financial advice I was sitting there and Bitcoin had just gone up quite a bit and I thought to myself wow you know what this is it this is it I need to take all of my Bitcoins and sell them now for drops and of course that I was brilliant at least I thought it was a time when I sold my Bitcoin at $1,900 but thankfully I didn't go back at the office going to go to 100,000 because if I bought at 60000 out of lost a lot cuz now it's back down it like 24,000 the corner trying to make is that we can't just try to guess at what's happening with the economy we have to go based on what's really in the wood was knowledgeable what's what makes sense in this is why for the last year-and-a-half two years now
have been very bullish about precious metals has nothing to do with ya big guy was people were trying to get me to sell their precious metals since like 2017 I would get inquiries and requests for sponsorship every other week and it wasn't until again till the economy started saying hey look in the gold that's when I started looking into it that's when I met Irish ass key over to our gold guy. And the rest is history so I do strong and strongly recommend Ira in his Services any final note IRA
well I know you covered a lot and I appreciate the compliments
thank you thank you sir so everybody just go check and I'll go to Alcoa fill out a form and talk to her Ira for shasky thank you sir for coming on with me today
ring a lot of people are very concerned about the future of the economy what's what's happening not even next month what's happening today and so there's been a lot of interest in Precious Metals people ask me all the time who do I recommend you recommend multiple copies but it's funny I didn't intend it this way but I did find that the companies that I recommend some are on a one is big one is right in between the two because they they do everything is full service company Agro this is the company where you're going to get personal service even though again transfer an IRA is getting precious metals does it mean sent to your door you just want you know good strong consultation if you have wealth or retirement you want to protect with precious metal you should contact Ira at our gold guy,
I actually speak to the owner of the company when you fill out a form and so check it out I'll go
well here we are we're at the the big existential threat emerging existential threat one that has actually been around for really over a almost a year now but the groundwork for it has been set in place for a long long time a very least two decades the groundwork has been being built the foundation for this existential threat has been in place for a long time and now we're finally starting to see those evil machinations coming to pass and of course I'm talking about Ukraine and more importantly the the risk of a major war passed in nuclear war between NATO and Russia of course if that were to be the case we would very likely see a Russo see no relationship grow Beyond where it already is a military relationship that would really pose a huge threat a very
threat to Nato and the United States of America we are very close to seeing this is conflict higher and before you talk about Alexa want to turn it over to the Russell Brand you did a segment on his show today that I thought really explained the incentive you know we we we sit back and I see this happen all the time specially in conservative media it's like people ask why the weather is in the comments were even in the Articles themselves why would why would we be pushing so hard why is this happening why this common sense not not seen the show up at all why are we getting so involved in this this regional conflict and such as the money is under the aid of acceleration in there was a time not very long ago when even Joe Biden said it'll be crazy if he were to send offensive weapons to Ukraine because that would be the start of World War 3 he said
well now we're sending offensive weapons to Ukraine so does that mean that he's expecting more two or three perhaps now again we asked why would they be doing this and Russell Brand and his very very particular way of doing things he has what I believe are some answers to pay pay close attention
rebuilding reconstructing privatizing you crying having heard that list and it finally safe from the coldest War what it is a proxy war face he's stabilizing Russia today we are talking about the ski lift in 2022 by the way wrong Matt Bell. Open to the stock market
clear indication when your affiliations light globalist corporations who I'm going to prove it unless we still going to be doing this for humanitarian reasons in the Reconstruction of you crying and is the vent is it okay for us to say but this war is about more than helping Ukrainian people confront evil tyranny in the form of two in the linsky's list of Heroes that America can become their lacoma teeth that will once again girls often there are conditions that the globalist establishment requires before doing the types of deals that describes a previous video
you'll be astonished to learn that there are strong and is Union laws being implemented in Ukraine to assure the conditions for massive profit can be creative and he's being made and I remember anything colonised a opportunity to do with this like the poo poo and he's like a himself Hitler we're only doing this help people oh yeah these conditions is recognized how reductive a media has become part of the formula these days it's the present situation as humanitarian or a crisis that is necessary resolution been in effect
benefit from a Giants of the International Financial and investment golden socks and black plaid Ukraine with tens of billions of dollars of weapons using it as an anti-russian proxy and pouring fuel on the fire of a brutal war is post-war economy these are evocative words but this is the kind of evocative language that's required to balance the vanilla narrative which continually fed continually
can I help you cry and help Ukrainian people and of course the reason he's the right thing to do the Western governments and corporations in Switzerland until state-owned Enterprises to private investors that is a formula for corporatization Western democracies in the previous twenty or thirty years asset-stripping funding publicly owned assets selling it off the private organizations when they using public money to make profit of course what we're saying now he wasn't probably yours if you're American is an impact on the economy but we live in
loss of jobs could be argued that because this is a comparable modality of helping out a picture of tyranny and humanitarian disasters are you bringing the Red Cross it's black as well as political parties and white pages of control this kind of stuff comes a cough Ukraine has been destabilized by violence since 2014 when the US pumps of coup d'etat overthrew a democratically-elected government setting up a civil war conflict to February 24th 2020 when Russia invaded the country
he said that this war is 8 years in the making even the framing of the duration of the war is a mainstream media construction political situation is comparable to the pandemic of a tiny tiny slice of the information but if we were to have access to the entire picture of different solutions are available in it possible to in your pursuit of your own corporate globalist goals you can take us to the brink of Armageddon show me the information so I can determine for myself and for my family I'm from liking being a wobbly this past week
Holly Hill Daniel conferences in which I discussed why is the profit from the Civil War they were feuding and you crying in these meetings with Business Leaders to impose on Ukraine including officials from the US and Japan and South Korea Ukraine recovery conference a formatively recovering we are recovering Ukraine from Ukrainian people a big business by working with you in all sectors from weapons and defense construction from communication to every concert
Russia's egregious criminal Invasion Putin's evil tyranny of winter has been transferred to I-80 from Banks to Madison isn't always win go to have freedom go to have freedom freedom to make a great deal of money out of human suffering the Ukraine recovery conference was not in you to save the expense of a new acronym in the previous five years by grouping is on your knees are instead referred to as the Ukraine reform conference do you all see the agenda was explicitly focused on imposing political changes strengthened in the market economy decentralization privatization of state-owned Enterprises Administration reform immigration
like to get it in before 2022 did nothing to do with my eight and a lot to do with economics really. It's just the way that dress and profiteering opportunity for the 2018 Ukraine or phone conference emphasized the importance of privatizing most of Ukraine's remaining public sector stating that the ultimate goal of the reform itself state-owned Enterprises to private investors along with calls for more privatisation and deregulation conspiracy theories than a believing things for which there's no legitimate basis here awesome world leaders and political leaders on the reconstruction
but I can tell you the date of the UK movies to King by Ukraine as long as it takes are we will be there at 5 for the long time and we will send one to be helping you to reconstruct the reconstructing their real take to rebuild you crying show of approval investment for reconstruction and it is a perfect opportunity to take investment and reform to pay this way for you playing for the European Union and what we need is not only investment with the public sector but the private investment and your knowledge
knowledge as well in your respective field so we need your knowledge we need I need every hand on board to really move forward with repair we leave at the very beginning but also reconstruction you have to help one another out to help deciphering Ukrainian people with the interest of the establishment delete as long as you can come criminal conspiracy theorist for saying it and you are not case for believing it all going to benefit from the Reconstruction of Ukraine if something is true humanitarian here's a good way of demonstrating it all together
Charlotte Eyes with Russia historically politically and evening snack in some cases we don't have any corporate store in September 2020 to the New York Stock Exchange declared that his country was open for business with more than four hundred billion dollars in investment options editorial in the Wall Street Journal to invest in the future of you crying what am I looking at the framing of the military is important and worthy of Praise another way of looking at is that he's interest aligned with the interest of the most powerful Economic Institutions in the world
most powerful Nations agenda temporarily what time is a good price alphabet on Microsoft companies to buy out the country that's it and everything is just literally there in plain sight in December 2022 as he held a video conference with Bill Lindsey's office said they will advise the Ukrainian government to the country's reconstruction funds invested in the Reconstruction of our country is on the western tutelage Ukraine is essentially privatized is economic policy to Black Rock
Annabelle doll no longer Nations they are corporations are powerful and influential entities on Alpine I've been charged with creating the economic policy policies I'm going to be determined by black royalty interests of course Black Rock and JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs down in a recent WTF session in billions of dollars worth of Reconstruction Finance make a photo center in the country into a bacon of Catholicism
cool softer Ward going to need reconstruction and your interest in the world of good versus evil and give us the truth and start creating narratives the only benefit I never had a ball that could have been stopped for real return on investment
Ukraine people children kill
before command that his old just bullshittin dealing with a Monumental amount of energy and a libel laws imposed by the Ukrainian government to the brutal neoliberal policies implemented was a democratically elected government and a dictatorship was installed as long as but somehow it's become harder to track
the labor force but it's going to be invested in the New York Stock Exchange ukrainians of exchange their Liberties an opportunity for affluent opportunities for the New York Stock Exchange pots and concluded entering into a new Global events are presented to us in a way that doesn't give you the right to question the authority of what's Happening where is the response to a pandemic that use our Collective believes we should be protecting people that suffering.
I think that we should be campaigning for a diplomatic solution for pays for the Ukrainian people put an end to the hysteria around this subject for media that tells us the truth but every time there's a crisis it doesn't get turned into an opportunity for the most powerful interest in the world to profit from it
so let's be honest the vast majority of long-term storage in survival food prepping food it's just awful taste taste really really bad and that's why they expect us to to eat during the the apocalypse well if the crap hits the fan I'm going to actually be eating good food I go to Lake Preparatory, but said that I built based on Partnerships the two companies that produce really good food no need to set up a book discount this matter with you by 1 or 10 there's no no hidden fees here as a matter of fact we charge the same price of the The Source companies charge the difference is we actually have exclusive discounts use promo code rap 2023 for 10% off or for The Big Spenders use code prep 2034 15% off on orders of $777 or more go to Lake meet well for the Apocalypse
yeah I actually didn't intend to play the entire Russell Brand Clip Tray that last segment that but it wasn't so enthralling I just kept going might as well go all the way and then end up going even longer then the regular segments of the signals going to be fine we are going to wrap it up so yes I do believe that the potential conflict with Russia and it's not just nuclear war there are a dozen other conference we need to consider potential conflicts and it's not just with Russia either it's it also lose the very high likelihood of the Chinese Communist Party of China getting involved in any type of conflict that NATO and or the United States has with Russia
this is the threat folks this is emerging this is one that I wouldn't have expected the reason I called emerging by the way even though I obviously it's been a possibility for for nearly a year now the reason I considered to be emerging is because the sentiment has changed it leave the goals seem to have changed lest we forget last year not very many not very long I think it's like five or six months ago Joe Biden when asked about sending offensive weapons to Ukraine so do you know they'll be crazy bass I'm paraphrasing is why would we do that that be crazy that would be the start of recent tanks over there they'll be the start of World War 3 will guess what we're sending tanks they've got blood in his Alinsky out there doing his thing saying I owe you know we we need new so you guys should just nuke Russia's if not they're going to Nuke Us in Allen Russian shouldn't be allowed to Nuke us or anybody else but you guys should nuke them it's the craziest thing
please echoing the sentiment there their they're ramping up its makes no sense whatsoever for them to be ramping up talking about Lindsey Graham I'm not just talking about our politicians it's as if we're sitting here as a relatively sane people the few of us as there are still in the world but it was sitting here thinking what are you guys doing what are you talkin about why would you be considering this at all
why are we involved at all this is a regional conflict there are Regional conflicts somewhere in the world that are at the same basic degree is what's happening Ukraine there are at least one or two or three of them every decade what makes this one different what makes this one so special that we have to get involved to the tune of over a hundred billion dollars don't forget that it was not too long ago we're talkin what what like 88 like 4 years ago when when Congress Democrats and even many Republicans are balking at the idea of spending three billion dollars to get the wall built and I saw him board and all the sudden they're willing to spend a hundred million dollars
they're not helping Ukrainian people but not
this is hurting Ukrainian people this is assisting volodymyr zelensky this is assisting the corrupt government of Ukraine this is assisting the machinations of a Global Steel Iqbal the deliverer World Order powers and principalities that pushing for this and I hate to say it if you would ask me this time last year he knows he's going to let me know I just two months ago is it going to accelerate to the point that we are really legitimately talkin about the potential for a full-blown war with Russia between Russia and NATO I would have said that maybe a 10% chance I would have thought at some point cooler heads will prevail I was wrong it seems as if there are no cooler heads and now I understand why you know maybe I was naive to think that that they wanted to just push to the edge
it seems like they've already gone beyond yet now. Just waiting for the fall and I want to talk on the season here they're waiting for us as a nation of the world to fall in line it's as if
I don't know it's as if call me crazy
but it's as if they actually do want wore them you might say that's clear and you might say that they they want war but just not nuclear war they want Global instability they want the end of Western dominance they want all these things you can make that argument but now we're at that point where we might actually end up in a nuclear war based on what the military-industrial complex the Deep State and the liberal World Order getting together and said hey this is never going to be there not going to take it all away we could push them as far as we want and we'll just continue the instability will continue that to launder money and weapons through Ukraine's going to be great then we'll have to rebuild and we're going to make a lot of money from that or going to do all all these other wonderful things is going fantastic is going to love it
oops wrong what what do you mean what do you mean that they want to start a nuclear war what do you mean that there's there's bombers we weren't expecting that we were told by our Consultants it Russian wouldn't go that far
and let's not forget that it's even possible as unlikely as it may seem especially to those who are patriotic and love America it is possible maybe as long as he's not wrong maybe while he's always wrong but maybe he's not he's his his requests or actually being entertaining maybe that was the point of him making a request in the first place what if call me crazy what if these powers and principalities are actually trying to get United States and tornado
launch nuclear weapons against Ukraine that when I still put on they are trying to destroy Ukraine but just in different ways. What if what if they were to try to launch nuclear weapons or get a nuclear bomb of some sort into Russia to try to dissuade them to try to pressure them
I hate to say it's possible by cash it does seem to be possible begin only because nothing seems off the table of the stage it seems as if whatever you thought was crazy and impossible before from a political perspective all those rules possum out the window nothing makes sense we're in the upside down world
what could be the global Sleek balls endgame
what's this is what they have planned I keep throwing out what if there's an article over at over at it was written by Jacob hornberger just a part of it because yeah unfortunately this is the bad part unfortunately this article is it we almost if you if you don't read it in the right context you might think that this is actually a propaganda for Russia and maybe it is but they do make some good points I want a report submitted my caveat as always I do not support Russia and not defend Vladimir Putin I do not think they're they're trying to save the world trying to to fight the Nazis I think the date that they do have self-serving interests and those self-serving interests in many ways a line was a lot of people in Ukraine so I will acknowledge that I just I hope that we don't try to turn this into oh you know Russia's the victim that's not what I'm saying here and now that
dang it it's kind of implied a bit in this article of President Kennedy had a unique ability of Russia by Jacob G hornberger from the future of Freedom foundation with finding it over at President Kennedy had a unique ability that Pentagon generals did not have he was able to analyze an international crisis by placing himself in the shoes of his adversary and then the attempt to understand his adversaries Motors during doing that enabled him to figure a way out of the crisis that did not involve War response of the generals and the Pentagon was always the same invade bomb kill and destroy these generals are no different from their counterparts back in the early 1960s now before we go any further let me stop right there to be clear I do disagree with that when I say that today's channels are no different because today's generals really like lgbtqia Plus in Pharmacy and Jen
they're super ultra woke and they really like to have transgenders in their military for whatever reason
so there's that but as far as the warmongering aspect of what I do totally agree back to the yard they're unable to keep into it to step into the shoes of Russian officials and try to figure out a resolution of the crisis in Ukraine instead their answer is bonds missiles death destruction and now tanks they're simply not mentally equipped to do what Kennedy did understanding how Kennedy resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis goes a long way toward understanding what motivated the Russians to invade Ukraine in 1962 Kennedy learned the Soviet Union was installing nuclear missiles in Cuba with the full support of the Pentagon Kennedy decided that he could not let that happen there's no way that you was official we're going to permit the Russians to install nuclear missiles pointed at the United States from only 9 miles away and yes the Soviets had every right in the world to install nuclear missiles in Cuba so long as it was done with the consent of the Cuban regime after all even though
2 gallon the CIA considered Cuba to be a de facto u.s. Colony Cuba was in fact an independent sovereign country if it wanted Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba and have the right to invite The Soloist install them there nevertheless both Kennedy and the Pentagon decided they would not permit Russia's nuclear missile to remain in Cuba why because they simply did not want nuclear missiles pointed at the us only 90 Mi away they considered such missiles to a great to be for there to be a grave threat to US National Security in calimport in this principle was to Kennedy he was even willing to go to nuclear war against Russia to prevent those Russian missiles from being stationed in Cuba in fact was not widely recognized is that I can we actually did initiate war against the Soviets that was when he ordered a military blockade against Soviet ships carrying nuclear weapons to Cuba under international law blockade is intact
fortunately it so it's not respond with retaliatory War measures you have Kenny's blockade was met with severe just rule of the generals those considered to be too weak one member of The Joint Chiefs of Staff compared Kennedy's blockade the British prime minister Neville Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler at Munich with their one-track mind the generals were pressuring Kennedy to buy Mom and invade Cuba their insistence on pressuring Kennedy to take an action that would almost certainly result in nuclear war reflected how strong they felt about not having Russian missiles so close to America's border lots of candy were present today and this is what I was trying to get into the meat of it
gossip can leave our president today he wouldn't need to ask why the Russians felt the same way about having us nuclear missiles station in Ukraine which shares a border with Russia he would understand their sentiment will be no different from the sentiment Sentiments of Kennedy and the Pentagon was a respected Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba but there was another factor that Kennedy considered when he stepped into the shoes of the Russians in an attempt to understand the crisis and arrive at a mutually agreeable peaceful resolution of it ever since Kennedy became president by the CIA and the Pentagon were hell-bent on achieving regime change in Cuba that's on the cia's invasion of Cuba is Bay of Pigs in 1961 was all about after failed the Pentagon began incessantly pressuring me to initiate a full-scale military invasion of the island the Pentagon even came up with a fraudulent false flag operation in operation Northwoods to revive Kennedy with an excuse to invade
Cuba to this Everlasting credit to his Everlasting credit can they rejected it Kennedy figured out that the reason the Cubans one of those nuclear missiles or weapons what does a tour of the Pentagon and the CIA from a Vedic you but again if the deterrence failed Cuban officials what are the nuclear weapons as a way to fight back against a vastly more powerful Army of mainstream journalists and commentators fail to realize is that in the lawn state of hostilities between the United States and Cuba is always been the United States specifically the Pentagon and the CIA that has been the aggressor given such Cuba has every right in the world to defend itself from Martin Luther King from what Martin Luther King described as the greatest purveyor of violence in the world, Kennedy came to the realization that it was the obsessive quest of the Pentagon and the CIA to invade Cuba and have provoked the Cuban Missile Crisis
he figured a way out of the crisis he said we promised Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev that he would never permit the Pentagon and the CIA to bomb or invade Cuba again is Promised worked Soviets remove the nuclear missiles from Cuba and took them home except for one thing at the last minute cruise ship ask Kennedy to remove US nuclear missiles from turkey that were pointed at the Soviet Union Yes you read that right while it was opposing Soviet missiles in Cuba that were pointed at the United States the Pentagon had its nuclear missiles in turkey that were pointed at Russia can we understood crucial point and he agreed with it he promised the Russian leader that he would remove the nuclear missiles in Turkey within six months needless to say most Americans were relieved and pleased with Kennedy's resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis not so however the Joint Chiefs of Staff they were livid Kennedy had effectively left Cuba per million communist control
show me the Pentagon considered to be a grave threat to National Security as I point out in my books and encounter with evil the Abraham Zapruder story The GCC the GCS consider kenley's resolution of the crisis to be the biggest defeat in US history they consider candidates be a weak sister when it came to the car to confronting the Communist they can consider him to be a coward even worse a traitor for making nice with Russia
do you see the parallels here you can understand
what Russia is thinking and again not defending them
but the fact we keep pushing knowing all this house this is an existential threat cuz I just Americans with in the world
something has to be done about it we need to
we need cooler Minds to eventually Prevail hoping that will come very soon when I have to talk about this in the next episode because we have run out of time and thanks to Russell Brand Lord willing I will be back very soon with that episode of the meantime you'll stay strong stay safe and God bless

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