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JD Rucker Show, January 4, 2024

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Epstein Is a Distraction, but the Economic Collapse Is Real

Title: Epstein Is a Distraction, but the Economic Collapse Is Real


The drop of Jeffrey Epstein related documents has everyone up in arms. It's understandable since it's newsworthy, but it's hard to imagine anything good coming from this in the form of accountability or justice. It's fodder. What's NOT fodder is the fact that our economic condition in America and abroad is horribly bad right now. What can and should Americans do to prepare?

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Recorded: January 04, 2024

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you're listening to the J D wrecker show let's begin so I'm going to go ahead and disappoint everybody right off the bat I am not going to spend a whole lot of time talking about the the drop of the Epstein list last night is it's what I'll call what it is I think it's a distraction I think that there's going to be a whole lot of hoopla whole lot of people talking about it making fun of Bill Clinton making fun of prince Andrew making fun of Stephen Hawking and and anybody else they'll be wondering why Bill Gates wasn't mentioned on there they'll be throwing out all these theories and talking about how it's going to get more and how everything's going to be happening soon and I'm not going to play a lot okay I I was obligated as as because it was news I went ahead and post a very quick Story look pretty much everybody else tell the details posted up on the liberty and then I link to an article regarding Trump over at discern I did those because that is the news we have they they've been saying I do you know Trump was
will never see the island and then the document clearly shows that he was not and for anybody think thinks that all maybe he know he got involved in this thing before this the deposition was taken prior to him at being president so let's be clear about that this was was 2015 and I just don't see anything coming from this okay I don't I don't think of it as I don't see a single person is going to be held accountable I don't think that anybody is going to go to jail this is going to be the big talk for a day or two or maybe they'll stretch you out for five or six what we got additional drives and maybe there's going to be something in there that could result in something but I just don't see it I think we have some some major news out there right now it's happening and nobody's talking about it so today show if you were expecting a lot of talk about the Epstein files well you not going to get that from the Janie Rucker show welcome here
and that if if I'm just wanting you so be it it's it won't be the first time I'm sure it's almost certainly not going to be the last cuz I do it the way I want to do it and I'm not trying to be a jerk I'm just saying I'm not I'm not saying I'm just saying I think there's actually bigger news that happened yesterday and here's one of them so I'm going to be closer to the show generally is going to be about the economy I've got some sort of picked out you can make some food some some housing we we have challenged in the economy that are obviously Blockbusters are they show this going to be a little bit of crossover because they will be the first first show or the episode that will go on our new radio station up in on the sun hours I didn't buy it where the show is going to live where we're only doing one show week and it is a financial
send a tell so and I'm stalling if you couldn't hear it in my voice I'm still like them trying to remember the letters the call sign or whatever it's called I don't remember I am gosh I am the worst when it comes to to promoting my stuff best place to find out where where you can hear me at least on the on the internet would be JD shows I try to keep up with what's Restoril radio but the problem is I don't listen to terrestrial radio okay I haven't turned on a radio station and I don't know how long you know and I'm not even I'm not mr. Tech guy that is just like listen what I like listen to just like I like to say so
sorry that I don't know what else what else to say stalling somewhere I can't remember its name is W something maybe it's k k something I don't know. I'm going to get fired are they I'm going to get fired so we're going to try to have to kill two birds with one stone I still have the time to be able to add an additional to our show to my normal to our show so the part of a good chunk of today show is going to be be rebroadcast on Sunday for my my inaugural she over there so that's going to be good and that by tomorrow I'll be able to tell you where it is it's in Southern California I know that in the LA area I know that and then beyond that I don't know otherwise you can find me that we are for sure you're listening or watching hello to the the spreely audience you guys are fantastic really is a great little service very happy with the floods Terry's been able to
you got it over there without just a tremendous lineup of diverse and awesome Talent so good job they're forced to find all my shows as well as soon to be more shows over at the CERN. TV I don't have the announcement to make yet but I will be making the announcement there was still working out some Kinks but that's going to be something awesome something you may want to go ahead and just bookmark now go to discern. TV and in the very near future you'll be able to see some awesomeness I just talking about I'm talking about outside awesomeness other awesomeness non Rucker awesomest so Plus on top of all that you're still still have the rocker awesome the stew
how many when we get to the story just real quick and then I'm going to just go over it a bit because cuz there's a lot to unpack here and it deserves almost an entire show but we're not doing that today I'm just came is a tweet on roses this was the earlier Wednesday Trump released a summary of election fraud in the 2020 election presidential election in swing States and there's a whole lot going on here like I said you know what I'm probably going to get your wet your whistle and then I'll tell you where to go read the rest and then we'll move on with the rest of show but I want to get this started so it has been repeated there is no evidence of fraud in 2020 election in actuality there is no evidence Joe Biden one I love that. That right there I can I can end the show drop the mic and be done there is no evidence that Joe Biden actually won
and there's a lot of evidence isn't he did not get 81 million votes in order to get more black votes than even Barack Obama
but hey you know you can believe what you want to believe back to this post by by President Trump ongoing investigations in the swing States reveal hundreds of thousands of votes were altered and or not lawfully cast the presidential election Joe Biden needed them on Election night November 3rd 2020 President Donald J Trump was sailing through re-election with a landslide leads in numerous Battlegrounds in Georgia Prison from was up by 12 points and over three hundred thirty-five thousand votes with 56% of the vote in at 10:17 p.m. in Wisconsin prison from was leaving by 121380 votes and 5 Points at 12:12 a.m. which Fox News anchor Bret Baier Notre was not a small margin in Pennsylvania President Trump was leaving by 659145 votes at 12:38 a.m. a full 15 points in Michigan Prison from was leaving by 293052 votes and 10 points the election was over however
precincts in Atlanta Philadelphia Phoenix and Milwaukee kept counting until results reach the desired outcomes and that's probably the best way to put it it's just keep counting until we get to the right number
just keep k k there like Dory you know just keep swimming except they just kept counting it's okay we we we got enough shut it down which was in the backyard or back to the post from President Trump desired outcome which was the opposite of the will of the voters Georgia went from having a total of 4.7 million votes already a record for the state according to the Brad raffensperger count on November 4th to certify almost five million votes that was three hundred thousand more votes than what the top election official cleaned or cast in the election how could that be
getting good results in Georgia and other states creative and irredeemably compromise election filled with violations of the Constitution unlawful ballot wise for a broken chain of custody electronic Mouse manipulation and missing and corrupt Legend files that made a ton certifiable and a possible to recreate the results present from his right to voice has objections to what had unfolded before the country's eyes Republican poll Watchers were denied access to the counting in multiple jurisdictions in ballots were counted in secret in the middle of the night without Media or observers present countless irregularities emerged including reports of ineligible voters voting machine water main breaks improbable percentages of ballots for Joe Biden and more since investigations across the country have uncovered an avalanche of irregularities unlawful activity manipulation of Elektra records destruction of evidence and fraud the findings which are outcomes determine determine that there are detailed in the summary of the
can you can check that out I will post it to very long post on here but I will post it over at the Liberty as well as the sermon for you to check out bottom line is is I know there's a lot of people used to think there was a lot of rocks whatever reason you have your reasons you decided Well they didn't prove it all right then it's got a judicator aren't got thrown out in court so there wasn't any evidence or whatever whatever gaslighting was done to you soon. 22 into changing your perspective than reverse what you thought you saw before the election was clearly and unambiguously stolen that is still the case it's just been enough distance to try to screw with your head don't let them don't let them indoctrinate you don't let them brainwash your gas light you or anything else
that's my code open let's go to break and then we get back with Thompson Financial stuff so y'all stay tuned
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chances are if you are listening to the sound of my voice you have some concerns about the economy if you're like many crap you're worried about your wealth retirement your life savings Brothers maybe you're worried about how you're going to pay the rent next month your bills are you going to put food on the table tonight we all have different degrees of concern unless you are amongst the Uber Rich the I'm talking about just being wealthy I'm saying if you are a billionaire then chances are you're not too concerned about the economy because the way that everything setting it seems as if the the very very rich are going to be fine and everybody else in this matter fact they're going to improve where is everybody else even those who are doing financially well we're still going to get have some challenges they don't get me wrong I'm not suggesting that if you're sitting there struggling to to put food on the table that you should be concerned about your average everyday millionaire but just know that they are
in assume about the economy is not designed for your average American even if it's an average an American who is wealthy they have challenges just like all of us have challenges other than as I mentioned the Uber rich now when we start talking about Uber rich I think a lot of times people will assume oh my gosh is he talkin about a you know socialism as a solution anybody who's ever heard my shows in the past when I'm very familiar with the idea that I am a I'm a very strict capitalist I'm very much opposed to Holy capitalism which is is not capitalism no more running capitalism is no more capitalism then say stakeholder capitalism which is essentially in the of Marxism I live at World economic Forum so no I am not trying to throw out there any any radical ideas of change what I'm suggesting is that our current economic status here in the United States and across the globe is one that is not conducive to proper capitalism people can work and work their their butts off and
struggle people can can do everything that they're supposed to do crabs get an education start a business get a great job work hard and still struggle that's not the way that these things were supposed to go and that we can blame the pandemic of would like but in reality it's it's has nothing to do with that we should have already recovered we should have been well on a road to recovery by by early to mid 2021 we should have been full flange full-blown hey we're covered we're moving on by at the latest the end of 2020 to now it's already 2024 and things aren't looking any better they are looking worse I wasn't intending to make this a political segment but let's just go ahead and say it it seems as if the powers-that-be amongst the unit party swamp in Washington DC LED currently by the Democrat in the white house as well as in the sentence but with help from Republicans in the house it seems as if they are not intending to fix the economy anytime soon so we do have challenges
all the steel except for the cronies except for those who are who are insulated and will actually Advance based upon the current situation this disparity between those who have a ton and those who may be have a lot is still huge and the disparity between those who have a lot but not a ton we're getting closer and closer to those of us who have very little at all it seems as if they're trying to essentially breaks down into one of two two different types of people those who have plenty and those who don't have really anything at all and anybody who's kept track of what the powers-that-be the powers and principalities if you will the the minions of the the adversary such as the world economic Forum the World Health Organization the United Nations even our own deep State and their own you in the party swamp they all seem to be pushing towards this this true separation between there their friends their cronies
and then the rest of us
just brings up challenge and we are going to be talking about a lot of those challenges today I wanted to start with one that has been popping up more and more lately it's something that I don't think a whole lot of people that maybe some of you out there were looking at this is a possibility but I think they really until about. March of last year right around the time we started seeing Banks collapsing previously healthy Banks collapsing for for no apparent reason other than they didn't make the exact Right Moves are they weren't in the exact right position that's when it started really becoming a possibility in a lot of our eyes that we can have a banking collapse the banking system is not for the first time at least in my lifetime is truly legitimately in Dire Straits Walter block over its Road nautical this is actually from months ago but it does apply today
could the entire banking system come tumbling down that's the question according to his article how does one describe our present banking system in it and keep in mind this was right around the time when the Silicon Valley Bank and others were starting to collapse house when describing our present banking system is like an upside-down pyramid with the top of its located at the bottom in the widespread base of its place at the very top
if even a slight wind comes along it will knock down the entire Enterprise the bigger they are the harder they fall heck you don't even need a breeze this Enterprise is as unstable as it conceivably can be like a man wearing tennis Scheels which I don't want to make a comment about that because there are probably meant Wednesday that the pretending to be women that are wearing 10 inch heels but if you can picture it I feel sorry for you you look at him across ways and and he'll fall down women have far more practice at wearing such a shoe are you need not look at him at all and he'll collapse it is like a little kid getting on a bike for the first time with no training wheels it is like someone's first run on stilts it is like riding a unicycle for a trial run is like first try at a tightrope walking
are you getting my drift the banking system is teetering tottering why is this is due to the fact that it engages in fractional Reserve Bank deposit banking firms are fractional-reserve demand deposit banking what's that you might ask mr. Apple comes to a bank and deposits $100 the bank gives him a demand deposit for that amount of money was that mean it means that a has the right to withdraw up to that amount $100 anytime you want to do it soon to the bank is open or write a valid check for that amount at all times and the bank is legally obligated to honor it what then does the bank do with the money assuming a 10% Reserve ratio it lends out $90 to mister banana and keep the remaining $10 in its Vault what does that mean exactly the same as before Mister banana now also has a checking deposit with the bank he can call up those funds and his and his and his own
of the nine $10 bills where the worth of money
do you see the problem the bank now has assets of $100 cash under its control and liabilities of $190 they there used to be $100 and circulation there is now $109 if Mister banana deposits his money in a second bank with the same ratio the continued and continued a line there will automatically be $1,000 in the economy all pyramid on that initial $100 talk about Theatre tottering how can all of this come tumbling down simple all Mister rabbit Mister banana have to do is demand more than $10 of their money from the bank ladder cannot make good on its obligations its bankruptcy will then become fully Evan and then again this is a very simplistic way of looking at it but this is how we have to look at things because they're not complicate their the challenging do difficult understand for many but they're not complicated not inherently now the banking system government bureaucracies Economist and less they tend to try to
these things more difficult to understand they really are a have to justify justify their own existence but in reality he does come down to the fact that our banking system is is predicated on the idea that whatever money they have the actually have ten times that much to play with have to play with it right that can be very lucrative if they don't play with it right at all that can be disastrous not just for them before anybody with over $250,000 in any given account because anything about $250,000 and it's no longer insured by the FDIC you get my drift the challenges of this we are this is again back in April and things are not got better we've been able to stabilize more bank so I guess you could say the feds started seeing this coming government started seeing this coming at the ICC is coming in so they start to bolster those before they could crumble but there are still banks that are crumbling in Alton will take is some sort of some sort of disaster disaster doesn't have to mean like at a huge
me or or nuclear attack or anything crazy like that it could be a matter of a rumor he could be just some bad news that spreads and people start to get worried and then they start to panic and they start to pull money out of the bank and then the you start seeing videos on on the internet of people lining up to pull money out of the bank so people start to get more scared of anything I do I better go pull my money out of the bank and then all of a sudden you were system it's based around the fractional concept where they're only keeping just enough money in the bank to to cover 10% of what they actually oh that's dangerous but it's also reality and there's nothing we can do about it we cannot change the system not not in time maybe over years decades maybe if we get the right people in place the right regulations we start backing off on it since you were warning risky behavior only started going after some money that's the only way to get through this we're not going to I mean sweet to to fix I should say get through this that's the only way to fix the problem unfortunately it's never going to have
I'm just too many people will get rich as a result of keeping the system the way that it is as matter fact that I just even about keeping it it's about expanding upon it creating more loopholes creating more opportunities and press more importantly covering up those instances where the system itself broke we saw that in 2008 and 2009 did they learn their lesson did they stop doing all the things that led to that Ashley not actually not they just change the names they rearranged some people they said we're going to take control this and we're never going to let it happen again unfortunately you can't happen again it could happen at any moment not trying to be a fear monger and say that it's on the verge of happening or anything like that we already have plenty of other financial problems to deal with but I just want to known that the problem was never truly soft it was masked it was covered up that's it
so here we are now we're in 2024
and what can we do I'm going to be talking throughout they show about things that people can do and it doesn't matter what position you're in unless you are amongst the Uber rich and I talked about before those who have billions of dollars sitting around unless you're you're in that class then you're going to want to do something for many of us it really will be a matter of tighten your belt and just try to figure out how to we entertain ourselves without Netflix how do we how do we get creative with ramen noodles how do we find a less expensive place to live for others it will be a matter of protecting your wealth diversifying taking funds that they used to be easy and safe
you're a good good up get your good old on financial advisor to just just do their thing and you just sit back and and live off live off the profits of those days may or may not be behind us I do know this for sure if they're not behind this we're not going to know until it's too late if they are behind us then we're definitely not going to know until it's too late it is a best practice and I want to be clear I'm not an economist I'm not a financial advisor I have no no particular expertise in the world of economy other than that I do keep my finger to the pulse of what's happening I do listen to people who have been studying this for a long long time I try to collect the information as best I can to prevent the audience when does I have to be an expert when you are surrounded by experts and I do have a tendency to surround myself with people that are much smarter than me I'm particular topics
clothes worn to wear I am the editor over at the Liberty I'm also the editor of registering in both cases these are aggregators that force me to read even if I don't want to have to read hundreds sometimes thousands sometimes more headlines than you could possibly imagine every single day and as a result I have to read articles just as this one that's all the way from from back in April and still has application to today so I'm not going to try to tell you these things as an expert in the economy I'm going to tell you these things reading actual other experts in the economy and let's try to find some solutions from Al a man's perspective let's try to find some solutions from the perspective of somebody who cares deeply not just about the my own finances or the finances of my family but who has an understanding that if we as a nation are going to continue to the Thrive or perhaps
to thrive again someday because we're not thriving then we're going to need as many people as possible to be making good financial decisions I'm not a fan of the concept of all we're all in this together and weaponized to to push too many bad ideas but in this case we really are in this together we as a group we is Patriots We As Americans need to do what we can to improve the economy here in the United States of America if we can work together to improve our own financial status that will help to improve the economy and that's the point I'm trying to make what's today's show
let's go to a quick break and when I return we'll start talking about some of the other challenges banking was easy when start with because it's probably the least likely scenario right now for class there are worse than areas will be talking about those out right after the break
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welcome back to the J D wrecker show let's let's cut to the chase here let's just go straight for the jugular let's talk about the idea of a cataclysmic financial crisis no do I think that one is coming I would say this stage in American history we will see a the chances of us seeing a cataclysmic financial crisis within the next two to three years is about maybe 10% and again as I've noted many times I'm not an economist is based around listening to two very smart people watching and reading very articles by these very smart people and seeing the the writing on the wall now I also do take into account the the wood seems to be a very good possibility that we are living in the biblical end-times so for for those who have read the book of Revelation books books of Daniel all the various books of Prophecy within the Bible we are starting to see some of the the more telling signs of this being the end
I'm not one of these states I'm not going to sit here and tell you hey this is it this is the big one that I don't try to match up exact versus with with circumstances because throughout the entirety of human history at least for the last two thousand years people have it then attempted to do that and I'm any pretty much every case they've been essentially wrong the first time I ever heard that this was it that the the end was coming was hard to believe it was 1988 and if anybody recognizes that you're you're probably familiar with the the the the book that I'm referencing but that I'm not actually going to reference because again it was incorrect with that said what we're seeing happened at geopolitically does seem to align more over the idea of being able to control what people can buy or sell in whether or not they are able to buy yourself seems to be for the first time at least in in in in the world today the concept of a central bank digital currency rearing its ugly
I had him becoming extraordinary controllable by the powers-that-be that seems to be at the very least a distinct possibility so I'm not going to say we're in the end times just seems to be a good chance that we are right now I'm going to put it at will call at 15% for a nice and round number but that's that's still a a very big concern to because again I'm not saying that the economy is going to get bad for the economy is going to get better at work and we're going to have this kind of of Challenger that kind of challenge was talking specifically about a cataclysmic financial crisis and one way that that may come about due to Skyrocket in global. I think we're all familiar with the debt of the United States of America to self Riesling we just passed 34 trillion dollars I wish that that number didn't roll off my tongue so easily that should be caught up every time I start to say that it is the national debt of $30
should be right now I mean there were those of us who still are old enough to remember when even the concept of trillion was was never spoken about in regards to money and here we are today it's like 34 trillion of crap that's kind of bet we're approaching 1 trillion dollars in interest alone
gosh how do we get to this point
how do we get to this point let's look at to see an article this is from last month but still again Presidents Day you'll know I do collect articles and sometimes some of the articles that I'll talk about might not be from today I'm a big fan of of articles based upon their quality in their their application to today's world tomorrow's world and it doesn't matter Hills Wednesday your last week last month obviously we're talking about newsworthy topics we want the most pressing the the newest information for the economy is not something that works based on just what happened this morning or yesterday afternoon economy is something that rolls based upon an accumulation of factors in this case this particular article by Cassie be over natural news remains relevant today it's recording the article in its title skyrocketing Global debt setting the stage for a cataclysmic financial crisis we're talking about a scenario here void
every possible fear-mongering but there's always a thin line between ringing the alarm bells that are righteous and appropriate and fear-mongering
I am as if you couldn't tell I am a bible-believing Christian so I do have a certain tolerance that press others do not a tolerance for for horrible horrible news knowing that after reading the Bible knowing really and knowing how how things go I can take challenges that are happening in this world take them in stride but perhaps even if you're not a bible-believing Christian maybe you look at that has a deficiency fresh you see it as a strength it gives me the ability even if you believe it's delusional but the ability to read about potential bad things are even real world bad things and and be as and still smile my way through them so to speak you listening on the radio right now you don't see me smiling but I do at least have a little bit of a grin on my face took on this article by Cassie be over at the world has racked up record levels of debt and concerns are growing about the global economy's ability to
in the face of high interest rates easy-money policies in recent years that provided incentives for borrowing money in hopes of stimulating the economy let the record levels of borrowing while this may have been a positive development when interest rates were very low central banks have increased interest rates dramatically since they since then to deal with price inflation and now the world is feeling the effects projection from the international monetary fund indicate that Global government that will reach 97.1 trillion dollars which is a rise of 40% since 2019 40% increase in global debt
since 2019 since just before the pandemic hit its Insanity folks and if you were to see the visual and many of you already have seen the visual of the the debt curve you see over the years of the Decades is kind of kind of steady and then all of a sudden there's just this Spike right around the time of covid-19 can stay out you know we can blame covid but that's not true I am I am a man who has supported and then continues to support Donald J Trump for president but I will admit that his handling of they spun the recommendation of some I would say ill motivated people his handling of the pandemic was not what it should have been some of you especially if you are a very strong Trump and you'll see how he did the best he could I disagree with that said I'm not saying that I could have done better or anybody could have done better
I think that they could have probably but I can't say that for sure either way it is what it is and unfortunately or fortunately even none of the other people who are trying to replace him who have demonstrated any ability to do better especially as it pertains to the economy his economic policies were strong prior to up to covid and that's what we need need that type of string again in 2025 so we need them to win in 2024 this year but let's get back to the article moreover they project that public debt worldwide will surpass 100% of the global GDP by 2028 this level of global debt to GDP has not been seen since the height of lockdowns during the covid-19 pandemic when broken down by country the u.s. accounts for a disappointing Lehigh 34.21% of total overall Global government debt trying to make some 15.3% of global debt with a large
of its debt being issued by local governments to secure infrastructure projects Japan is not far behind the 11.12% the country's debt-to-gdp ratio grew in recent years to hit 255% countries like India Italy the UK France and Germany are all in the three or four percent range unfortunately the situation is unlikely to improve if governments do not get a grip on their spending and anyone who knows anything about government knows that there's almost no chance of any sort of significant government spending reduction taking place raising taxes is another option but it will come with its own set of problems with interest rates persisting at the current high levels the spiral of the death spiral is only going to grow
consider the example of the US on September 15th national debt surprises 33 trilliums of September 15th surpassed 33 trillion and we just passed 34th Street lien crazy insane in Spanish just twenty days and it reached 33.5 trillion and is now at 34 trillion economy has set some unwelcome new records with net interest Rising by 39% to reach $659 billion and interest expenses climbing by 23% to 879 billion during fiscal year 2023 I don't want to bore you all with numbers but it is important that we understand the scope and the scale of Ari, challenged the whole reason that we can an unlikely we'll experience major turmoil this year and into next year is because of the debt and it is because of the Dead that I believe that we have at least as I've mentioned a 15% chance of this turning into a
cataclysmic Financial
explosion essentially
we're in trouble as a nation when trouble is a planet as the US goes generally speaking so too with the rest of the world but with with the rise of bricks it seems as if more and more countries and doesn't seem it is then the reality is this more and more countries are trying to the dollar right there trying to abandon the United States dollar they don't want the dollar to determine everything used to be a safe play up until very recently now all of a sudden they looking for other options they don't want the dollar to be the world Reserve currency they don't want to to purchase only with the petrodollar they want options in the brics Nations led by China and Russia are giving giving options to to other nations were seeing a rise of course she will January 1st we already Solid 5 new countries joined bricks
it's not heading in a good direction and this is one of the reason I'm doing this show so that one of the reason this is the reason I'm doing this show I might my concern is for the American people okay with other nations fall of other nations trouble then they have to pick himself back up I'm a firm believer in sovereignty I'm also a firm believer in self-reliance with that said if and when we crumble if we fall then it will be out who has to pick yourself back up is one of the reasons that I picked you Genesis Gold group as my my sponsor my primary sponsor here for this show there was a time not too long ago and I would get gets hit up I literally every single gold company out there they all wanted me to promote their gold although I would get dozens of calls every single month dozens of emails every single month from various coal companies that wanted me to tell people to buy go to buy silver and buy that from this company buy from that company until 2021 I had no
ever getting involved I didn't believe in Gold sounds crazy but I did not believe in the idea of gold and silver being where you should put your wealth nothing to change my mind was seeing those initial policies put forth by the biden-harris regime that's when I realized no oh my gosh Center first course to Canton can't rely on on on just the stock market can't rely you there's no Reliance permanently in the in crypto or real estate or oh my gosh where are people going to put their money where is the safe haven and that's what I did my research and decided that it would be gold and silver but I did more than just research the ideas and the concepts of physical gold and silver I also looked into the company's that's why it was a wake-up call I review 31 separate companies of those 31 I found for that were that they could pass the smell test only four out of 31 and the smell test means that they they said they aren't donating or or
commuting to leftist causes and that's from a financial perspective I don't want companies even a gold company that's pushing ESG for example go companies that are embracing these the What policies that was rule number one or number two they could not be working with proxies of the Chinese Communist Party there's already in the end any any foreign entity for that matter but in particular the Chinese Communist party has had their their fingers in gold and silver depositories Across the Nation there aren't a whole lot of them in anybody's working with those that are proxies of the CCP I would not work with them. In the last component was the idea of globalism Central Bank digital currencies are dangerous and we talking about them more here here soon they are in many ways they could be the beginning of the end for the world and the phone where we are in Bible prophecy of course but with that said we still find it whether we aren't you know people stay out of his Bible prophecy is going to happen but like I said I don't know if we're in Bible prophecy
this is the end times I know that we fight the good fight and we know the rest of it is above our pay grade but we don't stop fighting the good fight you because we think there's a chance that this we might not be able to change it that's not the way that we're supposed to operate so we fight the good fight anyway those gold companies that are out there many of them out there not only okay with Central Bank digital currencies are promoting the pushing the cdc's will be great for gold and silver they know that I know that you should know that so that's why they're so if it hurts the entire world in the nation that's fine as long as we make extra money no I'm not going to get involved. That's why I went with a Christian Gold company Genesis Gold group of the four that were made me they were the top the Top Choice based upon us other criteria that I look into.
check them out and go to Genesis I'm sorry to cook already forgot their you're all gold with only had it for a year and a half gold and check them out and give him a call at 800 200 gold at 800-200-4653 let's go to a quick break and when we get back I'll find a good story might not be such a bandages
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so far I'm talking about situations in which people need to protect their wealth retirement or their life savings but as I mentioned not everybody is in that position to where we're worried about our 401K many of us are more worried about again what we're going to eat tomorrow or we going to eat next week never in modern history in the United States has there been such a stark food price and yet we're not hearing about it from fake news media they're not covering it. Some would say there's just so much to cover that a mild and Brewing food crisis isn't among them but in reality this is one of those crises that if and when it does come to past where we have a full-blown crisis that's affecting the masses it's going to be too late at that point it would have to be corrected soon it'll have to be corrected now because the effects of four examples throughout the effects of of reductions in in cattle Supply egg supply these are things that the take time for them to manifest in the real world
especially when we're talking about longer-term stores Foods example of those often times we don't even know that there's a shortage until until way down months or even years because of the shelf life that's in here with them we might there might be a shortage and we won't know about it there might be a short each day and we don't actually feel it until next year goes with many of the food Staples LaGrange rice for example there's a reason why the Chinese Communist party for a decade now have been stockpiling hoarding all grains rice sweet corn they've been getting as much of it as they can and they've been expanding their food production outside of of China itself did you know that that's the Chinese Communist Party owns more pig farms in Port Farms down and I think South Carolina than even American farmers to do it since it's insane to me
number one isn't saying that it was allowed to happen there were two it's insane the know he's talking about him nobody's talking about it okay and that's that's concerned but we're going to talk about if you are going to to get your news you should get it from places like the J D wrecker show alternative alternative news sites such as discern. TV which is where does next story comes from this is ironically also room Cassie B I did not intend that but it just so happened the qasemi wrote this article over at the CERN. TV WHIO head declares war on meat in the name of fighting climate change as I've said many times climate changes these it's a skeleton key it's the Swiss army knife if you will do the globalist Italy cabal will use against us they will wield it in to hurt us in any direction they want us to go they will be able to use it to attack anything it's not just about cars and no gasoline so I just about about flying and the using fossil fuels to the fly around the country and around
world it's also about meat food in general they don't like Farmers there's a reason why we're currently seeing Farmers Rebelle Revolt in Germany we saw it happening in the Netherlands we saw politicians saying they want to do bad things to Farmers we where they were talking about in Ireland calling 200,000 cows why for the sake of climate change their people starving and they're so allegedly concerned about climate change that they're going to to just randomly kill two hundred thousand cows why why would why would that be allowed in a world in which there are people that are starving why would it be allowed in the country at why would any of this be allowed to have him we have a country that is quickly developing into a state of being of having a food crisis again you won't hear about this don't you just going to have to take my word for it because I do keep my finger on the pulse of what's happening but I've been seeing this this risk for food shortages for now
two years two years I started reporting on the would seem to be an odd and obvious unreported upon increase in the number of food processing plants that work randomly Going Up in Smoke explosions fires I did a check in Google through Google news and I know you should never use Google but in this case I needed to have the power of the historical they allowed me. To see and I determined based on a very exhaustive search very exhaustive study really cuz it took so it took a long time to do but I came to the conclusion that between 2021 middle of 2021 all the way through to the too early I believe was March of 2023 there was there more industrial accidents so speak I think that's what they're calling them industrial accidents surrounding food production plants on in Port portions of food infrastructure there more industrial challenges.
in that short. Of time in there have in the previous decade combined this wasn't just a conspiracy theory folk say it really was happening and still is happening it's just more quiet they know they were watching so so there it sits there doing it like that then you look at what's happening with with birds with blue the bird flew it is acting in ways that it's not natural
that should concern you if you're paying attention than that concerns you there's no reason for the bird flu to be as vast as widespread as ubiquitous as it has been that's not how Bertha was ever work the store until the last two years of course the random the random deaths of cows for some reason it keeps happening every couple of weeks we hear about this herd of 300 a herd of 801 of ten thousand cattle. Just randomly died
when I say randomly I don't think that it was random put on your tin foil hat it's okay you you you'll be fine here me out as climate change hysteria continues to be used as a tool to control the masses World Health Organization director-general Tedros adhanom had just Tedros you guys he's the director-general of the World Health Organization and I've tried to pronounce his last name about 45 times and I think I failed at least 42 out of 45 so Tedros okay
going to Ted Russell has warned the world's current food system is damaged in people in the planets in the food system is damaging people
you can't make this up well that might turn out to be true in the sense that chemical-laden processed foods are in the harmful harm human health he's actually talking about traditional farming what she claims is contributing to climate change along with the usual demonization of meat consumption in the video address he said quote our food systems are harming the health of people and Planet foodsystems contribute to over 30% of greenhouse gas emissions and account for almost one-third of the global burden of disease transforming food systems is therefore Essential by shifting for this healthier Diversified and more plant-based diets I'm not a vegan not a veteran I got nothing against veganism better than don't trust them not better in a vegetarian I don't trust vegans or vegetarians
but hey you know people make choices and then that's their choice and so be it there they're free to do that I would never be that person but I don't want to plant based diet iron my sunlight is gosh a decade ago we walked into a restaurant we didn't realize why I thought maybe they were just misspelling chicken now as it turned out it was a plant-based chicken we were eating or like what the heck is this mean we both looked at each other is this do you like this and I know that you like is a guy supposed to get out of here I was going to get a burger a real burger and again like I said if you're vegetarian or vegan you know welcome to show maybe maybe we can change your mind anyway point is is that they want us to be all vegans and vegetarians more of a plant-based diet they want to get rid of the meat they want us to eat the zip bugs they want to see lab-grown meat they want us to eat meat alternatives
this is why when I started noticing all the stuff I did for my company for the company called called that prepper pepper beef that's not the name of it but that's that's not the name of it originally but that's what we're have a sitter rationed a prepper you can go there and you can use promo code JDR and you can get long-term storage be freeze-dried it's cooked sous vide it's just people don't even that so I'll just be no preservatives nothing cook sous vide and then freeze dry while our bags with oxygen absorbers and the space shelf-stable for like 25 years this isn't beef crumbles is season 2 of the crap that you get from those prepper stores it's real stop is just rely on its New York strip Tender Loin sirloin this is the stuff that you'll actually want to be able to be eating if and when this food crisis does get bad to check it out at prepper the back to the start after claiming that 8 million
his life could be saved each year with healthier diets he went on to announce bwh's commitment to supporting countries in implementing policies aimed at improving people's diets and stemming climate change more than 130 countries have already signed a declaration of this fact United Nations nutritions page entitled for people planet and prosperity nutrition at cop 28 verse of the doctrine of a new initiative known as the global stock take Global stock take remember those words because these are going to affect you at some point in the future this is an agreement to move away from depending on fossil fuels and tour climate-resilient food systems are the reason, 28 some of the UN food and agriculture organization published food guidance for First World countries and a decrease in carbon emissions and their message to wealthy Nations was to eat less meat
God tells us to eat meat
our stomachs tell us to eat meat science is now finally coming around the real signs is finally coming around all those those rumors only if you eat meat is bad and now they're kind of a viewing it turns out that what we thought was the culprit is actually it's the Omega sixes that's the culprit it's the sugars and carbohydrates that's the culprit it's not it's not the meat
but hey don't you know if you were right about this you were saying all along that the hay a good a good steak is better than then this plant-based stuff and kudos to you but a lot of people didn't lot of people falling for this and hasn't been years hasn't just been been recently it's been for decades that the The Trusted science about food was proven to be wrong or learned that more and more every day praise God for that back to Bloomberg's report this is them quoting it Nations that over consumed meat will be advised to limit their intake while developing countries where under consumption of meat ads to prevalent the nutritional challenges will need to improve their livestock farming so what they're saying is hey you guys in America eat too much meat do you need to stop you guys in in Africa you need to go ahead and figure out how to eat more meat because otherwise you're going to die
I mean that's what they're saying out of both sides of the mouth they really are there trying to bring parody to try and make it to where we're all eating essentially the same night regardless of where you are because of your your financial status or your lifestyle regardless of any of that stuff the only people that will be protected our again lately Elites this is where I go back to when I talk about the Uber Rich I'm talking about the Billionaire's I'm talking about the people and not all of them by the way was clear there are many billion are still going to be totally excluded from from the the list they're gone they're going to try to get rid of there was actually a thing because I probably middle of last year when there were a bunch of stories popping up especially crypto billionaires for whatever reason crypto billionaires were there just dying is like five of them died in like 7 days or something I don't know I don't know exactly what it was but there was a lot of them that this is like kind of a kind of getting rid of of the the what they consider to be the bad billionaire
tell me the the controlled billionaires that they they actually have still around it and it didn't pan out and maybe it was covered up and maybe I didn't look hard enough but had that Trend continued I would have definitely been reporting on it but back to the article one might expect that those attending the UN climate Summit and pushing for wealthy Nations to stop eating meat would lie by example however on the menu at the couch 187 was a variety of food offering such a slabs of succulent meat juicy beef wagyu Burgers African Street Barbecue and Philly cheesesteaks among other meat-based dishes that's the message that they want sent folks they want to say hey we need everybody on board with this and if you're one of the elites and you don't want to eat bugs you don't want to eat lab-grown meat you don't eat soy Burgers don't worry we're still going to be eating well it's just everybody else that needs to eat
whatever we tell them they're allowed to eat that's the message that they sent here folks and me to tell and Biggie was there right if this has been about sending a message if you go to any of that what I call the True Believers must the climate change called to get any of their meetings they are eating basic bark OK Google where in Birkenstocks they're literally many of them are are at least partially homeless a lot of them are affluent but pretending to be homeless I mean you go to these places and it's like wow this is insane and these are the True Believers and they are there are literally eating bark they would never have succulent beef or wagyu Burgers of the conference but this globalist Elite cabal Conference of cop 28 they wanted the message sent and they send that message loud and clear they said we're going to eat the meat it's only only some of us can handle that we're going to be flying on the private jets you guys have to walk around your 15 minutes cities we're going to be driving the gay
car Ferraris you guys are going to have to be on the electric bicycles okay for us to be able to continue to do what we do you guys need to do what you're told and we say what's going to happen this is their message
the coming out of the coming out and saying it essentially
and that's that that's demonstrates to me and acceleration in their plans something that should concern us which again why I say look not saying I'm just saying prepper beef come from a code jtr for 15% off start stockpiling now
Get on Up Get on the subscription of ribeye or something what you can do at pepper beef. Com but I digress is finish this up even have time to go to let's go to break with station identification
itsfunneh doing radio in and Dukat casting in the same time doing videos at the same time I have to remember because different things play the main story the same but different things play in the brakes and I got to remember what all is playing in this breakup and all these you know what we're going to break wherever you are you going to probably hear something different from if you were missing somewhere else up with a tune
I know I'm probably going to get myself in trouble but I end up going to that a lot anyways so so why not I mean it's it's Thursday let's just get get in some trouble right soon as I noted in my I'm not going to be talking about the distraction of the Epstein drop there's more jobs for the future that were talking about so be it but for now like I said this is just to get conservatives we are we are on top of things but we're also extraordinary manipulatable we if they want a point of some One Direction They can they can search a pair khakis and make us look and we do keep looking some Fortune but that's that's how we react don't forget the 1 power the left is stabbed over conservatives is that leftist don't react based around the moment they they they they seem like they do they act like they do to Palestine getting bombed but all these things are pre-planned
all of their various Shenanigans there if they've been planning on this stuff for a long long time they just pretend like this is all new they just pretend like oh you know this is spontaneous they don't act spontaneous and they don't react based upon something that happens in the day of the week of the month or even the year they have a tendency that their plans last 4 years of not dick cakes we're busy putting out fires now today and then perhaps as part of individualism which is a conservative tennis practice part of of just common sense hey we got a problem now is take care of the problem now for the problem is Puerto Rico is a problem we look at that we say this is a huge problem let's fix this now let's close the border Down Start supporting people as many of them as we can let's make them stay on the other side of these are solutions that make sense is make sense the average American left or right or Central
but they don't react day being left the powers-that-be I'm not talking about the left is in June General average left some talking about about the people that are calling the shots that you are sources of the world is handling Joe Biden Barack Obama all those people are thinking long-term terms of years and decades so when they look at this they like okay we need to move people in for the now and the later we need to do to advance the Border crisis the Border surge The Invasion which is what it is we need to advance that as much and as long and as big lie as possible
and they're thinking it's not just about okay so this will help to to sow chaos this will help to destroy the economy which is one of their goals is to destroy the US economy this will help there also thinking along the lines of if and when there's ever a time in the future where Republicans finally decide hey let's address voter fraud and actually fix this and go back to Manuel Valentin and you know we're having an audible system that will will verify you know you let's do this one thing one thing and then in some he's going to call me after this in the future and you call me a hypocrite if there's one thing that I would say I would allow artificial intelligence handle it would be wait for it balanced and signature verification that what that said
I'm a firm believer that all the ballots should be kept and maintained that should be matched up and should be kept it should be maintained indefinitely you should be able to track and be all my gosh privacy privacy
as long as there's no direct privacy infringement the ability to audit and election
Surly we've learned over the last four years that our inability to audit elections and more importantly their ability to hide in the store audits of Elections has been our downfall you know there's times when you just have to say okay we got to fix this otherwise we're not going to have an issue this is it
Republicans will never win another major election I'm not saying they can't win a presidential election here there you know in but if they do it will be because the Republicans they got in there shall be the still going to do the bidding of the globalist leaking ball
it is if if somehow someway they're able to take out Donald Trump and prevent him through law fair or other means from being the nominee and if Nikki Haley becomes the nominee I would actually put her as a favorite and I don't care if she's running against Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom or or whoever okay I think of that they have in her a quota quota Republican but they actually control they being the Globus Lee Kebab the bee stings you in the party swamp powers and principalities the new world order whatever you want to call them or their various minions Nikki Haley's one so is she is somehow able to get the nomination I think that she's going to win win the presidency and I think that she'll be far worse than that George W bush far worse than George h.w. Bush I think she'll be she'll be worse than Clinton should be worse than than a lot of them because she'll have Shelby the unifier should be able to push the globalist agenda to get corporate mainstream Fox News watching Republicans
say okay yes I guess that guess today we're we're all for amnesty are used today where you know we're going to solve this problem bye bye by the funding the United Nations more we're going to know we got to send more money to Ukraine you know we got to we got to beat those russkies
Mickey Mickey she is the embodiment of everything that's wrong with in the Republican party she is Mitch McConnell
she is she is Kevin McCarthy
is Lindsey Graham in high heels Vikram swamy had said a couple of the Bates ago that she was Dick Cheney high heel shoes where she's Lindsey Graham and I use people as hell but Dick Cheney was so evil you don't nobody lives once you unless Lindsey Graham where I should give him power beyond being just ate a senior senator hero vice president that he would base of the Shadow president all my gosh it would be over Lindsey Graham is believe it or not cuz I know people will debate this but I want to take my word for it I think what you will I would say the Lindsey Graham is more of a military industrial complex Hawk than even Dick Cheney
moreover I think that Lindsey Graham is owned by the Chinese Communist party on top of that so he's double-dipped in his corruption. If you were ever given any real power beyond what he already has all my gosh powers that the trucks in the powers that own him they'll be fighting amongst themselves and who gets Lindsay today I guess we're going to have to work together
between the global seeing Klaus Schwab callings using ping
Lindsey Graham yeah and then that's where Nikki Haley is I would say the Nikki Haley is Lindsey Graham in three-inch heels and I'm not talking about Thursday's when Lindsey Graham already probably wears 3-in shells I'm talking about like every day should you wearing for me and 3-inch shells should be Lindsey Graham and should be horrible for America couldn't tell I'm not a fan of of Nikki Haley was recalling over the Liberty daily neocon Nikki better than Krispy Krispy Kreme Chris Christie I guess she is she
my gosh I just went on a tangent if you can talk in finance all day so much that trying to pull out of here at least I'm doing so-so for logistical reasons we're doing in the segment for radio and both segments leave it open cuz I like to do a pure to our show and they apparently radio that you like like 14 minutes worth of ads per per hour I feel yucky doing three minutes worth of ads per hour but hey you know it is you got to pay the bills so I understand I'm not going to complain but that means that that's a while they're waiting over a radio through 40 minutes a bath I got to do some talking here I did mention before by the way that the about that regarding the voter fraud I put it over at the Liberty daily that, as well as the song after the show I'm going to go ahead and put it over everywhere so it'll be over in America First discern. TV based on I'm not going to put on JD because I didn't write this and I prefer to only put things that I right over there but yeah I'm going to try to get this out everywhere and I'm not going to put on some because again this isn't my writing but we do want this to get out there as much as possible because this was overshadowed big-time this is overshadowed by the whole Jeffrey Epstein thing one came out I think it was about a one or two hour gap in between and that's unfortunate I understand what he's trying to establish it's not that like like he's trying to sue in his case regarding voter fraud he's trying to demonstrate hey guys I had a valid reason as the President of the United States who with a sworn duty to defend the Constitution I saw this and based on this the defense of the Constitution require from me to call for example Brad raffensperger look for what he's already seen here look just look for this
and you'll find it and then you'll have to certify the election
look for this in Wisconsin look for this in in Michigan for this in Pennsylvania look this in Arizona he had every right and not only right to get the responsibility of the United States make sure the election wasn't stolen you guys are election fraud tonight if you don't believe beyond a shadow of a doubt in the 2020 election and likely many of the 2022 election were actually stolen
message me when we get back I'll get more into finance and food and all that crazy stuff so stay tuned
the wellness company is doing a fantastic job of getting the word out enough of trying to protect people help them to to have alternatives to the corporate mainstream big Pharma big hospital style of Healthcare in the United States of America I am very very proud and pleased to be working with him and I've been working with them for a while it's funny cuz I I haven't mentioned them in a long time not because I don't like him because hey you know we've been trying to build go to come and try to build the The Beef Company in in this stuff but I do owe it to Wellness because they do a fantastic job I've interviewed dr. Peter McCall a multiple times when when dr. Zev zelenko was alive I interviewed him God Rest his soul brilliant man beautiful man and great company so check out the Wellness Group go to JD Rucker, well that's shady well and and yes sign up
probably the biggest reason that I was against gold companies and precious metals companies in general before 2021 it wasn't because I didn't believe I didn't like the company's I understood there was a reason to put part of your your portfolio your wealth retirement into physical precious metals but I was against I didn't like the notion it was an article that came out earlier this week that exemplifies exactly why I hate it I'm going to report it knowing that what I'm about to tell you I disagree with but this is the this is the the sort of thing that we're hearing out there today and I can show you the money my friends at Genesis Gold group she can always check out by going to gold with My Friends Ask Genesis Gold group would never do this concert this Kingdom Kitco Kitco news gold to $3,000 in 2024
I hate I hate I'm using the word hate I hate predictions of any prices that are that are pulled out of nowhere okay if you gold or silver any of this stuff is way of Zion investment folks and really is not it's a protection it's a it's a it's a safe haven higher Financial ground that that people can use to preserve their their wealth preserve their money gold silver is money it's real money sound money and it's even many states are pushing to make it literally physically money them that we can use as legal tender that's at that's a wonderful development more and more states are allowing this more and more states are are taking away the the sales tax on physical precious metals as well and that's another wonderful to Delaney's check your state see if it was taken away this crummy I believe seven that are still fighting it as we were in 2024 that there's only seven
are pushing that are still charging these taxes and other 7 I believe five of them are are in the process there's legislation on the table to eliminate that as well at some point I would love for all 50 states to be able to you can you can purchase gold and silver tax-free and then you can utilize that hopefully they're willing as as actual money which is why again physical I'm not into the other you know virtual virtual digital faking a bad decision I'm just saying that's not mine that's not my cup of tea anyway go to $3,000 in 2024 Mike McGlone she's a global recession repellent gold to unprecedented highs and really Falls I just passed you have a valid reason I don't drive. I'm saying you see a trend that is it is legitimate not just some some crazy idea how crazy
concept work or whatever then you can start talking at least a little bit about predictions otherwise I think they're they're Hit or Miss at best but with that said this is the type of thing that I want to put not from a gold I want you to know what you're missing and not what you're missing what you should avoid avoid predictions like T's but the article as macroeconomic conditions continue to deteriorate the gold price is poised to hit new highs in 2024 and I do agree with that and even that has the potential to hit $3,000 which I don't agree with Bloomberg intelligence senior commodity strategist Mike McGlone
he said a gold out from the most Commodities and the S&P 500 in a year-over-year basis to November 29th May Show inklings toward our base case and great reset worthy of the biggest liquid pump them dump in history Global Commodities going to McGlone Global Commodities 2024 outlook for a for decades for decking highs and inflation could be enduring and curtail Federal Reserve easing gold is on track to shift $2,000 an ounce resistance in the support copper may head toward $3 a pound and WTI Crude oil approach $40 a barrel in Bloomberg economics us recession Outlook plays out
I'm getting me a bluebird does it find out a lot of it these guys to do I would say I can admit I get most of my financial news from zerohedge they seem to smell better but hey that's just me. There's some really good job of doing that very well at the top of bee eyes and you will Mac Club from the score card while they Bloomberg commodities spot index is on the bottom in the case that the markets are on a path toward Global recession the potential for Trend reversal or acceleration is a key question for 2024 and are bias is the ladder but appears unsustainable are falling treasury bonds and Rising stock market prices especially with 2024 us recession outlooks from Bloomberg
comics in the conference board's index of leading indicators he warned that the impact of the coordinator rate hikes by central banks in 2023 may not be fully felt until the third quarter of 2024 and said the US Stock Market likely needs to remain resilient or deflation maybe a primary theme a year from now and the article in this it's a very long article I'm going to skip ahead to the point there was one other point that they were making that I thought was extremely important where they go there excess of u.s. and Canadian liquid fuel production versus consumption and declining demand for gasoline natural gas diesel in it and the containerboard May overwhelm Opex attempts to shore up crew prices are graphic shows Rising gold crew since 2008 and the Tennessee for the ratio to spike in recession
what are the indicators that very few be in this is what really attracted me to the sorry that I rented one of the one of the indicators that isn't used nearly enough outside of direct Financial circles is the gold to crude indicator it is these are two two independent indicators that when you see them relative to each other you can really start seeing some massive Trends in which seems there was a huge expectation for crew to to go through the roof and act like a bit but not nearly to the extent that a lot of people are expecting in this comes down to the shift in the way that our our world is heading for mention climate change I can I call it a hoax I'm not saying the time it is in changing as I do believe we have weather changes in weather patterns I just don't think that there's nearly as much man-made climate change as they'd like us to believe but hey that's just me once again
but when we compared and what they're doing with with the green movement with his push to make climate change the ultimate the ultimate said determination factor in all decisions it's only realize of course they're not going to allow the crew to be the the the primary Financial driver as it has been for decades they're going to have to go into something when you see the central bank's out there buying as much gold as they can they've been doing this for over 2 years now buying as much gold as they can get their hands on the only one that's not enough is turkey turkey's Central Bank has actually been celibate there in the midst of a huge financial crisis they have no other choice but to sell everybody else is buying buying buying buying buying they have they and if it wasn't for turkey 2023 we've been just as much of a record year as 2022 and 2024 barring something crazy happening is going to be an even bigger year
that should tell you something special when we consider the idea that They are promoting the acceptance of Central Bank digital currencies in the Venture I believe they're going to push for a single Central Bank digital currency reason I'm telling you all this is because if they believe that physical precious metals are the way to go we as as people that are paying attention those of us who can move for one case or cash out of the bank or IRA as Government account if you can you should consider moving portions of it over to physical precious metals especially retirement count you know if you're looking at a cash in your safe and you want to to move some of that so be it that's awesome that's a great idea to I think it's a good idea to have more than just cash on hand cuz we don't know how long that cash is going to be worth anything really don't
they in the dollar could drop it anytime golden silver the only only forms of money out there that throughout the entirety of human history have have never hit 0 they've always retained some degree of value and we seen over the past past past decade-and-a-half we seen those values that traditionally rise there have been some valleys of course but if we compare even till just before the 2016 election double alone
the price of gold has nearly doubled since then that should tell you something
here's a big risk and the reason that I pulled out this article in the first place the reason that I want to highlight these wild predictions of $3,000 and a half I'm not saying it won't happen I'm saying it's irresponsible to try to to get people to do that and unfortunately vast majority of precious metals companies out there will latch onto it to stories like this and a blast out there in the try to get people to work with them there's a reason why and I want you to pay especially if you if you ever considered moving a retirement account over to a self-directed IRA gold Ira as they called a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metal there's a reason why most companies out there are promoting the idea of getting $5,000 10000 or $15,000 in free free so I can do this because they have enough room to do it. Free okay
chart hoping that we're stupid a fortune many are how much is a stupid but many of many people fall for the have this this idea of this hoping that all well you know they're only getting like a $299 fee but surely somehow they're still making money and they're still in business and driving Lamborghinis even though they're giving away $10,000 in free silver allegedly it's not free it's all working to the price as is the commission paid to do the people that are generating leads to the blogger's of the show host or whatever as is the commission to the sales team as the company something when you have a hundred thousand dollars is $100,000
in today and you you say you know what we should move over to a self-directed IRA back by physical precious metals good move smart move but this is a big but not all these companies are created equal the reason I work with Genesis Gold Room is because they are a Christian company because when you go to gold with you're going to be talking to somebody who's an expert who will educate I tried to tell you that goes going to be $3,000 and I can try to to get you to sign up to get the quote unquote free $10,000 in free silver it's going to try to work with you based on your goals to determine what's the best mix of metals for you for your your dolls your desires how long are you going to be holding it what are you planning on doing with it are you going to have it physically sent to you and you can do that very easily have distribution send directly to you there's Force distribution said that it starts kicking at a certain age when those happened you can cash it or you can have the the silver and gold coin sent to you I recommend doing that
between being and not that you have to you can always just cash out Point beans this is that with so many out there that are packing tremendous margins into the prices
it pains me want to hear about these things and we actually had I'm not going to go in the names obviously I'm not even going to mention mention the the company that did this to him but once they finally looked at the actual numbers they realized they were paying like $80 an ounce for these silver coins I get it numismatic coins do you have an inherent value in them there is there they're not spot price points right now that said show me a pox on you these are like like super rare coins these are like freshly minted coins and chances are if they're super high quality they're just going to get melted down and then reminded of something else anyway so why should they be paying $80
money should be paying half that
Lancer versus they shouldn't but hey you got to be able to cover all the commission and the $10,000 and included a free silver that you're offering these people obviously I'm not a fan of that and this is why I push back against getting into the whole gold and silver industry for a long time
but I realized considering the trajectory of the nation following the insertion of of Joe Biden Kamala Harris and looking at their their economic policies the plans they started to initiate on day one I realized oh crap I need to look into gold and silver and I need to I'm not going to work with any of these nice candles out there so I need to find somebody that's going to actually treat people honestly I started working with Genesis Gold group you can reach out to them go to gold with gold with or give him a call at 800-200-9800 200-4653 tell him I don't get paid a commission to be clear
don't get paid commission I won't get paid a commission so so you can tell him Marcus Center you don't have to I don't care to tell him that you have you heard if you heard it from Tony heard from Joe massino a shout-out tell me heard from Joe Messina and we'll we'll really surprised might as well know is actually rocket be so anyway, let's go to break and when we get back with agent
there's a reason that I picked Genesis Gold group as my gold companies because they are honest they are a Christian company out of the 31 different go tell me is that I investigated they were one of the very few that actually don't try to rip people off with scams like $5,000 10000 $15,000 in free silver it bugs me to death I'm coming through this because it's like they're promising $299 fee and yet we're going to give you a $10,000 in free silver because we like you so much don't don't fall for that one contact group today go to JDR that's JDR or you can call them at 800-200-5800 200-4653 and see what they can do to help you get into a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals
there was an article that I was reading that it's been years long time ago but I remember it struck me because it started getting me thinking about trying to Define what the American dream is and this article is a publication it was in those very long is multi-page and it was an actual physical magazine that tells you how old was but they they were talking to Economist and philosophers historians politicians even some celebrities never asking base with the question of what is what defines the American drink and the only item that was fairly Universal across the board I think happiness was with part of it have to be happy to know depressed people here the one that tangible item that was Universal was home ownership and this goes back to a Biblical understanding of property in the Bible it talks about the property ownership is in important component of life and we can discuss how how that change from Old Testament and New Testament
what is a dad but but said there was still an understanding as well as a constitutional understanding and understanding from the perspective of should be considered a part of the American dream but that's changing apparently it's not just changing in the very recent years are very recent months because of prices going up in price is going up doesn't make any sense used to be that would be one of the other day that Evan flow prices will go up but rates would go down and rates will go up and then prices go down now we just got everything going up right now and if there's a whole series of conspiracy theories about why that's happening the way it's happening but I'm not going to get into those today I do want to turn real quick to this article published near the beginning of this year
January 2nd is when Bob Unruh posted this article over at wmd American Dream gone genze dumps own homes for Luxury Rentals and it's funny because you generally speaking I would have passed on this article except for the idea where the second so they're going for a luxury rentals in Z people affording Luxury Rentals that but then I read into and I understood exactly what they were saying it's the idea that even those who would traditionally become homeowners in the past those who who were young a flu and starting a family they they aren't doing that anymore parently and that's that's a big concern so bring the article the phrase you own nothing and you'll be happy has been getting a lot of attention recently the actual quote originated in the 2016 video by the world economic Forum that summarize the concept of a pool of a politician of that time but the idea has been around for
through the ideologies of Communism and Marxism as well as the Contemporary socialism is growing by Leaps and Bounds I called neo-marxism by the way that's a lot to a lot of people draw what what ideas are the incredibly popular Lyft and Uber based on other than renting a transportation service that you don't own and you don't want to own
somewhat true write me we do live in a society where I have a relative and adult relative who has never had a car I'm not sorry I mean they've never literally never in their adult lives have they owned a vehicle they rely on public transportation they rely on on these services that are basically enabling people no longer necessarily have to drive it's crazy to me I mean I remember when I was a kid it was I had just turned of age and I was already we first need to wake up in the morning what time do they open do the DMV let's get going let's go let's get this you know that was my freedom we didn't have the internet back then but they report from Fox Business reveals that many members of America's Generation Z are moving quickly in that direction balking at home ownership that was a primary goal for the great their great-grandparents, grandparents and probably even their parents
I'll probably that was a goal okay people of my generation we want to own homes voice wanted to own homes I don't know anybody that they didn't at least want to own home maybe Financial situations made it to where they couldn't play they want everybody wanted to know if you don't back the article instead genze wants to rent Luxury Apartments
on his big-money show Fox Business host Jackie DeAngelis and Brian brenberg discuss the changing priorities in which gen Z members are refusing to pursue Mortgage in favor of an apartment filled with amenities of course there are factors created under Joe bines economy of high interest rates surging home prices resumption of student loan payments and high if you were a few opportunities that all contribute but it all is not lost as a report noted documentation from The Wall Street Journal that in the Scranton Scranton Pennsylvania homes are listed at a median price of $179,900 meaning a $150,000 30 year mortgage with a 7% rate would cost about $1,000
that's generally affordable still the report said there are few takers why is that I might want to move to Scranton I would move Scranton but still it is a quote from who's this from the report Scranton project property manager Michael basa basa Lego set around 1,000 people would like to rent 32 Luxury Apartments built in side Scranton Lacey factories converted Living Spaces which runs between 950 and $3,600 a month two-thirds of the units already were pre least by December
the Angels explained in the program if you actually did the math there and you say it's about the down payment in eight months if you net out with your mortgage payment would be you basically flush your down payment a money down the toilet what is going on the possible answer that the I want it now mentality in tandem with the pursuit of nice living space free of upkeep
and I can sort of understand at least that latter part the advantage to in this is the concept of the world economic Forum has been pushing on people the advantages if you were to buy a refrigerator and refrigerator were to break your on the hook to take it down and I have either a refrigerator repairman come to your home and fix it or take it yourself to a place where it can be fixed or buy a new one and have to to pay the cost to get rid of the old one
but if you are leasing it then it's all covered somebody has to come and fix it for you that idea of renting the idea of Leasing and to not have to be responsible for the upkeep for the maintenance for replacement costs that can be very appealing especially when we look I bought a refrigerator it's been a long time since I've had to buy a refrigerator okay I'm I'm cheap man when that when it comes to anything like that it's like okay well let's just get effects okay we'll just buy the ice machines owl why would we buy a refrigerator was just buying separate ice machine and that's the kind of guy I am but it was like okay fine let's go get his stupid refrigerator get rid of the old one and
look at the price I'm like my father fridgerator keeps things cold what how would I pay $2,500 for my father doesn't actually ever speak like that. Rest his soul but but yeah that's my that's my my fake father accent you get the idea though it's I can understand it I can understand that that relinquishing of responsibility not saying I agree but if that's the case
if that's the scenario the drives all this and that puts us in a very bad situation as a nation
because that means that you're going to have this push it's not going to be you alone nothing you'll be happy and you've got back from Jordan America say no no we want to own stuff what could end up happening and when I sit think I believe this is actually going to be how it is once this generation does get older and they start calling the shots even Millennials to some extent once they start making good decisions they're going to be far more open to this concept then say Generation X or Boomers
we want to own stuff we want freedom we don't want people in our business we won't do any government in our business
but they seem to be okay with it they being Generation Z and you going to younger generation weather that's going to be for I don't even know what maybe he's already got a name I don't know when is is that is that the the notion that hate don't worry we don't have to worry about the machinations of the world economic Forum because nobody's going to fall for it that's wrong if you believe that you're wrong
these people these days younger the younger generation many of them are falling for it they're not they're not like being dragged in or luckily there were rushing headfirst into it they bought into this concept
they don't want to own anything and they will be happy please don't think they're happy for a while they've don't see this consequences they don't see the risks that are associated with having nothing tangible to your name they think of well they'll just raise minimum wage or we'll get a universal basic income or or whatever they don't understand it to build something you have to own it to grow something you have to be willing to maintain that yourself
I'm big fan of for example gardening
I don't do it myself but I'm a big fan of my wife gardening
she owns the Garden
if she was renting the garden she wouldn't put in there as much effort even though the food itself would be just as scrumptious I'm sure the idea is that by owning the garden that's something that that is ours
and that lack of a sense of ownership where there's a home or car because they're out using Uber or a refrigerator because they're leasing it when you don't own something you take it for granted because you know that the replacement value is not going to be high somebody else's problem
that mentality is I would say top 10 as far as real threats here in the United States that mentality is the in the long-term that mentality is it destructive
and I don't know if there's any way to reverse other than to to start getting getting better education may be promoting the concept of the American dream the way that it was traditionally always supposed to be rather than what they're trying to do push on today which is not the American dream is the world economic Forum strength is the globalist dream they from their perspective they will be able to control us more by us owning Nothing by them only everything by us leasing or borrowing or renting or not having the things that normally people would consider part of ownership the things that people used to consider part of American Life
finish off this article the report said GID a company that owns or manages 50,000 Apartments Across the Nation reports nearly 25% of its customers make over $200,000 a year even if we allow for inflation let's say that that that was will say twenty years ago bet that's a an average 100 with the math but Jose is $100,000 a year per person back in 2004 I will be shocked if 25% of them we're leasing Apartments truly shocked I don't think that's that's unfathomable I would say I would probably if I were guessing I would say it would probably be closer to 10 to 15% Max cuz once you're making on a regular basis a hundred thousand dollars you're back in 2004 you can buy house
you can buy a condo you can buy something why would you rent if you didn't have to why would you rent if you can afford it especially in the keep me in mind this is before they the housing collapse so it was easy as anybody who's Ever Seen The Big Short you know I mean even Cash Cash recipients of the strippers waiters bartenders they were allowed to get mortgage they're usually because they were making enough money to be able to afford them at least that's what they were told and don't get me started on now that that are under a different name all of the discussion
when is the American dream is changing and that's a destructive elements of the owl I guess we just got to get used to it no we got to change it and if we can't change it then
we need to get used to it and I'm not ready to get used to it I do want to own something and I won't be happy if I don't
so maybe they'll try to eliminate me I'll get the populated described the shift as a cultural thing he described the younger set as insisting I want an experience I want to travel but he warned years down the road people will wonder where their money went that's the key and it's it's it's not the difference today if you are young personal account you know what I'm paying a mortgage or rent doesn't matter except when you're paying a mortgage you're investing into something that you'll be able to use later on down the line
Your Vessel can rent your helping somebody else make money that they can use later on down the line or tomorrow whenever they want and you're building on nothing you're not building a foundation
America is built on the idea personal individual foundations that we build to our life. That's going to change for Generation Z even Millennials that every generation follows that then we are going to truly be in class Schwab's world where we will owe nothing so we won't be happy we won't be going to break a couple minutes and then I'll finish off the for the day so stay tuned
I know I have a lot of various web sites out there people tell me all the time so hard to find me because I'm I've got all these websites all the sub stacks on these shows was the easiest way to find me if you're wanting to listen to show is to go to JD record cam shows that's where I'm listed everywhere you can find any of the shows will be adding the months for terrestrial radio there soon as well as of course you have a podcast and rumbles and bridal gowns and beat you to the world I checked it out but one of the ways that I don't often tell people about is my subject my primary source that which is just JD Rucker that sucks that got calm it's my newsletter I don't spam you okay I'll send out 2 3 4 maybe 5 News letters and then he given week in these are always going to be his last scheduled baseball importance of stories I need to say something then then I'll say I don't have to say something you won't get any mail from me so JD Rucker. Sucks that got calm
something ends they show off with essentially a repeat this is an article that that I was actually going to leave with today but I thought you know I'm going to save this for the end because this really really captures and rehash has most of what I've already said number one get out of the city's number to back up your your your finances by diversifying into something physical number 3 own stuff don't just rent stop number for get food lots and lots of food plus go back and Recaps of it this is an article by Michael Snyder over at the economic collapse blog., America's Empire of money has reached the end game and it's you for those who don't know Michael Snyder can be extraordinary dramatic of the dude is wicked smart he is that he's been calling calling things for long time and he has a extremely strong talent for finding articles and finding that the sources to back up
his his sentiment is sending it obviously is very negative when it comes to the economy and has been for a long time we named this site via economic collapse Bible that said is he wrong no I don't think he is as I said in the beginning I think that we have about a 15% chance of seeing a cataclysmic you can, class here in the United States of America and even worldwide here within the next couple of years I put it at 15% because it could be much higher than that I'm an optimist I want to thank a you know things are we're going to turn this around there's going to be okay we're going to be able to Stave off the bad guy Stave off the the bad situation people going to get smarter maybe I'm being too much of an optimist maybe I need to be more realistic and thank you know what we got about a 50-50 chance of not seeing a massive crash here in the near future but but hey
I want to stay positive for the article and he did this party didn't imagine this in his voice and no I'm not going to do a Kamala Harris impersonation but even right from the start we did a Joe it took a tremendous push down the stretch with the u.s. national debt was able to hit the 34 trillion-dollar Mark before the end of 2023 and this moment I am just so overwhelmed that I don't know who to think first over the past few years Joe Biden Kamala Harris Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi Kevin McCarthy in so many other hardworking Spenders Have Been instrumental in helping us reach this remarkable achievement
and we never would have gotten here without the Relentless help of CNN MSNBC Fox News The New York Times The Washington Post and all the other mainstream Media news outlets that news very lightly news outlets that kept assuring the American people that it was okay to steal trillions of dollars from our children and our grandchildren of course I am being quite facetious the truth is that we are what we are doing to Future generations of Americans is beyond criminal we're literally committing National Suicide but each election cycle most of the same big-spending politicians just keep windows over and over again there's a reason for that
we'll get into that in a future show
those on the other side would argue that it has been absolutely necessary to borrow and spend so much money and if we had not proposed propped up the US economy with giant mountains and borrowed money it would have collapsed long ago at least that's what they say in addition to spending so much money allows us to protect military and economic power all over the planet we only spent what we brought an American standing in the world would be greatly reduced as if it could be any more reduce than it is today but I digress having the the primary Reserve currency of the world is an enormous source of power but not that but that now that power is fading and as I said before it is people are the dollar Rise of Nations Rd Dollar Rising that look into the bricks maybe maybe you're not ready to say you know where we're going to China and Russian India South Africa now Saudi Arabia and they're not saying that just yet
but they will if we don't turn the ship around very quickly
Nations all over the globe are starting to move away from using the US dollar in international trade and they're becoming a lot more hesitant to buy a debt because of that many times in the past you can only borrow and spend so much before the entire Ponzi scheme collapses and at this moment we are more than 34 trillion dollars in debt in this is according the next three sentences are from The Daily Mail US national debt has reached a record-high hitting 34 trillion for the first time in history data published by the treasury Department Tuesday showed that outstanding Federal borrowing sort of 34 trillion and its 34 trillion in 1 billion so 34.001 trillion dollars on December 29th just weeks ahead of the Congress is deadline for new federal spending plans The Staggering figure which is a major point of contention between Republicans and Democrats is equal to 100 $1,233 in federal debt for every person in America going to the GPS and Foundation 101
$233 per person that's not protects payer that's not perk / adult that's per person
somebody is born tomorrow that child is born with 100 $1,233 in debt and actually since those numbers are from December 29th it's actually higher than that already
back to Michael Snyder's article so if there are four people living in your household your share of the national debt is more than $400,000 and every day the day gets even larger a Wolford Wolford just pointed out the size of the national debt has increased by 2.5 trillion dollars in just the last 7 months and this comes from I will fix your side Wall Street national debt spiked by 1 trillion dollars in 15 weeks since September 15th to 34 trillion according to the treasury Department figures this afternoon in the seven months since the debt ceiling was lifted the national debt Spike by 2.5 trillion dollars is a huge gigantic numbers that are piling up as a result of the incredible heart probably hard to Fathom Daredevil Reckless shake your head deficit spending by Congress
you and I lifted the debt ceiling until after the election till 2025 are you going to raise the debt ceiling but they came up with a steal of hey you know what it's just a limited
let's just have no debt ceiling at all
well reinstated that ceiling later
if we do survive as a nation and if we do go through the hard times that I expect we are going to go through for at least the next decade minimum when it storms look back they're going to look at the the removal temporary removal of the debt ceiling as the Catalyst for the downfall of the United States of America now they won't be completely accurate those of us who are living today realized there are many many many other factors that contribute to it but that right there alone that's like basically saying it's this that's like taking if anybody has ever lifted weights and you got you got you got your Nautilus weights you got your ear you're a Bowflex is is the I guess the people still use that and you got you got free weights right was basically what you're saying is with the lifting of the debt ceiling is saying you know what we're going to move it all over to knotless so that no matter what it doesn't matter if it's a
way too much for you to handle you could at least try to push it and maybe I can get some help and we can all listen up together and then you know if you come slamming down it's not going to hit us because hey it's it's there's no bar there's there's there's protections there's a there's restraints but that's the effect only on the political side on the economic side it's reversed okay we're going from free weights because I do these where you know you got to be responsible you can only you only put on so much weight the amount of way that you you can actually handle and somebody better be spotting you okay that's that's where the debt ceiling does says you can only put on there what you can actually handle in for going to lift it then we need we need help by eliminating it that's when we're going because I'm only speaking to the novelist with I hope that that did just fly over everybody said it makes it make sense to me so that's I guess the less important part but we're going to roll with it
back to the article overall the u.s. national debt has grown by 6.5 trillion dollars since Joe Biden enter the White House it took the first 20 to 25 years of US history for the national debt to reach the six trillion dollar Mark and we have added more than six trillion dollars in debt in the last in less than three years
what is that
and what really seriously what is that
according to Michael Snyder this is what the end game looks like we are in a death spiral that is totally out of control and there is no way this story is going to end well and despite the fact that we are endlessly pumping colossal piles of cash into the economy are economic conditions continue to deteriorate on Wednesday we learned that the US job openings have fallen to the lowest level in more than two years
see you at job openings dropped in November to the lowest level in more than two years to Liz evidence of the federal reserve's interest rate hike campaign is continuing to cool the labor market that is a sign that the economy is getting worse and more large companies continue to lay off workers for example Xerox just announced that it will be laying off 15% of its Workforce 15% okay we're talking about tens of thousands of employees Xerox is a very large company to drop 15% that's not good going to discuss from from CNBC Xerox on Wednesday announced it will cut 15% of its Workforce as part of a plan to implement a new organizational structure and operating model Xerox which offers digital printing in document management Technologies had about twenty thousand five hundred Pollies as of December 21st 2022 so a little over a year ago
going to finally in the US Securities and Exchange Commission based on this figure Wednesday's layoffs will affect about 3075 so I was off by a bit I would have pictured and maybe I'm just too old I would have thought that the Seahawks would have had you know at least a hundred thousand employees but I was wrong but now they're they're still $3,000 not not a small or 3,000 employees not a small loss shares was there are closed down more than 12% following the announcement so what can we do to get the economy going again well we can follow the example of the federal government and borrow and spend even more money he is being facetious by the way of course much of the nation's already drowning and Dad according to one recent survey only about half of the country will be be able to pay off their December credit card balances in full of the first lessons I ever learned about credit for my parents was never look at credit as money credit is just a
show me to pay things that you can definitely pay for with cash and other words never carry a balance and then they explain to me why you would want to carry your balance in one card for for credit purposes to maintain the revolving account in yada yada yada there are strategies involving for the most part if you're going to put $1,000 on your credit card then at the end of the month you pay $1,000 to your credit card company that's the idea you don't care your parents if you don't look at that as money that you can spend unfortunately a lie at least half of America is thinking that way maybe not intentionally maybe that's that's just what they you know what it's been a rough couple years let's have a good Christmas will pay the consequences later or supposed to get raise things are going to get better who knows start a second job at third job of fourth job
I know the mentality is there unfortunately it's it seems to be pervasive because we're seeing a far too many people getting into further and further debt
and that yes that is a concern in such as to conserve those individuals went to understand that the the financial conditions of the people around us will affect our own Financial condition because it can't affect how prices for example of property values I'm talking about prices of the leather stores this is why I'm so against any of these things that a drawing money way from from the American people is what one of the reasons for countries number 453 why I'm so adamantly opposed to Illegal immigration I am a legal immigrant
I have no problem I like legal immigration the right now we can't afford it because we have far too much illegal immigration we need to be able to cut it all off and get it fixed so we can't afford this it was I believe it was Denver Denver they they just had a a meeting where they were discussing having to allocate like 10 to 15 per cent to 15 per cent of their budget just handle the influx of illegal aliens in their Sanctuary City 15% of the of the city's entire budget that's Insanity folks
you can't take care of her own people we have a home has problems going through the roof
so why are we allowing this
why are lawmakers not just talking about Joe buy them not to talk about Democrats oh great meeting Mike Johnson went out in and brought his brought a Congressional Delegation on the border for a photo-op get where's the legislation where's the demands
the government must shut down this month as part of it must be shut down if the Border isn't shut down but I digress was it we're running out of time let's finish this article real quick and I'm going to get the key the key Point our forefathers the greatest economic machine in world history but that was never enough for we always had to have more and so we just kept borrowing and spending now the in-game has arrived and is going to be excruciatingly painful us consumers are drowning in record numbers of that just corporations are drowning and record levels of debt state and local governments are drowning in record levels of debt and the federal government is drowning in you guess it record levels of debt
American Empire of money was nice while it lasted but now of The Jig Is up in the clouds that is Lumi is truly going to be one for the history books that I'm more optimistic than Michael Snyder Lord willing I think that we can turn this around gosh I pray that we can
but if we can't we have to be prepared for that which is why I say make sure that you have plenty of food code of Trevor use promo code JD aren't stock up on long-term storage beef make sure that you move part if not all of your your life savings are wealthy retirement over to physical precious metals and Ira backed by physical precious metals go to gold with and see what Genesis go through can do for you
these are
crazy times
and that even if the country sink that doesn't mean you have to sync with them Lord willing we will be back very soon with another episode but in the meantime you'll stay strong stay safe and God bless

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