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JD Rucker Show, January 2, 2024

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Edward Dowd Reveals Who He Thinks Is Behind "Vaccine" Turmoil

Title: Edward Dowd Reveals Who He Thinks Is Behind "Vaccine" Turmoil (Hint: It's NOT Big Pharma)


Ask you average "normie" what is driving the push for universal vaccinations that has permeated American society for two years and there will be two prominent answers. One will be government and their desire to "help" the people by somehow bringing an end to Covid despite the acknowledged fact that the jabs don't stop infection or transmission. The other prominent opinion is to blame Big Pharma and their greedy ambitions. Wall Street analyst Edward Dowd doesn't think either are truly behind the push. Sure, they're both playing their part, but Dowd thinks this really comes down to the machinations of the globalist elites and the central bankers who had a major problem that only a massive societal upheaval could solve. Whether they lucked into the pandemic or if they helped to manufacture it as a "Plandemic," we may never know. But Dowd is convinced they're the ones behind it all. Considering he spent nearly a decade with BlackRock and has had his analytical brain on the case for two years, I trust his assessment. We will discuss these things and much more on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show. We'll also discuss his amazing book, Cause Unknown, which dives into the statistical anomalies surrounding Covid-19, the vaccines, and excess deaths. His book poses, the question, "What is killing healthy young Americans?" Edward's book:

Recorded: January 18, 2023

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hello my friends and welcome to another episode of the J D wrecker show on your host JD Rucker and that we've got a big Sean I still have to go to this morning show you know that's that obviously we weren't able to make it through 2 hours and I still couldn't make it through an entire article I got to learn how to tighten it up I know that's just how much happened so much going on in the world Perhaps it is a a Fool's errand day. Ask to try to take an article as detailed as the as the one by dr. Joseph Mercola that I discuss this more maybe maybe I shouldn't do that right maybe it doesn't make sense to try that to take something that's that comprehensive and try to squeeze it in maybe we need to start taking things in bits and pieces focusing on the details because my hands are my intentions has always been to to try to throw out the broad Strokes other which we've got to get the silly things happening where in the
Holly crisis as they keep mentioning over in Davos right now at the the world economic forum's meaning of a globalist evil people and it's true though I mean there are so many Crisis crisis that we have to deal with that I can't keep up with them all in Enterprise if I'm short burst you know we will have is one of the reasons why we have gone to now two shows a day it's it's officially starting this is your watching this listen to this this is my my second to our show the day it's it's getting crazier and crazier out there but we have to cover it with cover everything is going on like to alert the people we have to have discussions or so excited very blessed to be able to to get my new producers starting next Monday January 23rd to be able to do a whole lot of things including hopefully we'll be able to take calls I'm so excited
lady. He's actually take take phone calls take your calls and also to be able to watch the chat to the various places and we run live on on get her on obviously Rumble voice media first network with God's got all this life stuff happening and sometimes I watch during the breaks as of now I'm watching the brakes and see what what people are saying quite frankly they're not saying much and not because usually quite a quite a few people watching at any given moment but because I don't interact and I have not interact in the past there's no reason for them to the post chance next week folks guess what I'll be interacting you'll be able to post chats are we going to do phone calls will be able to just try to Ham & Stout because this really does need to be discourse just sitting here listen to one guy talk for 2 to 4 hours a day that's not going to get it done I need to hear from you I need to hear from we're going to get any more guests on this matter fact here in a few minutes
about 10 minutes we got that Mister Ed Dowd coming on to discuss in his perspectives on what's happening with covid-19 in the united book this book is is fantastic just for those who haven't home Reddit I do recommend reading it and getting it so you can get it by the way by going to J D wrecker. Calm down. Love you Dee and that'll take you famous on where you can get a copy or two or ten ten copies of the book to give out to friends who need to be wakened the reality what's happening in the world what's happening with these these covid-19 autoquotes vaccines and press what to expect one of the things he does not go into and he told I think it was Steve Bannon might have been Steve Bannon told he told somebody recently that he didn't go into his theories about who's behind all of this and when what's really happen cuz there's a lot of people off and I understand that means when you trying to do you have your trying to reach you naughty
it does include you know Cota Cota normies who may not be aware of what's really happening in the world it does behoove you to not to not get get into those Fringe areas that the Chimney Rock her and Alex Jones and Mike Adams talk about all the time and I get it I understand your name but I'm going to press him because I want his perspective I want to know who's he think is behind this why are they doing it, please don't save just big Pharma I'll admit it bugs me that I said this on my recent shows it bugs me to death when I say you know what do you think who's really behind and somebody comes on and it's just big farm and making profits and like no big Pharma their tool getting are they making big profits prophets absolutely but if you hold it on that if you really think this is just about profit then you're missing the big picture cuz it was just my profits than they wouldn't have made the
these these drugs these experimental injections it would have made them in a way that are essentially their depopulation in control agenda items and this is these are tools and I know I'm not saying that there aren't many many many people in big Pharma who are motivated by greed and profit this when I was in the vast majority are but if you start looking at the Opera people that are actually in charge people that are pulling the strings over the middle managers as well as the people that may be part of the global delete cabal than mine has been many as they might actually be you know they are the Albert board laws of the world of CEO Pfizer he might not just be you and your average greedy guy and I had a big Pharma company he might actually be one of the elites I would say there's probably a very good chance that he is in which case he's in the know he understands his role in this company's role in the depopulation in control agenda and he is just fulfilling his needs and sure he'll tell as many though it
the prophet is not profit will tell the shareholders always about Providence about Prophet he'll tell the the various world leaders that he has to talk to all it's about saving the people saving the people you know but everything is a lie all of it
they are not behind us they are a tool to go higher up than that
gosh I really hope that that Ed does answer that question I'm going to press him on it a bit and I do hope that his hanser please don't let it be big Pharma please don't let it be big for me because I think that he does have respect just keep on sky was a Black Rock okay I granted you know he left BlackRock I think a 2010 2012 something like that before they became a full-blown evil ESG promoting the bankers were not the bankers put the the financial wing of the liver world order for all that's happening that's what Ed dad was there that's when hey they were just out to make money I think it may be the Seas were already planning for them to become a a globalist a global of multinational whatever you want to call and say that I guess the the financiers globalism it's really the best way to put it cuz they utilize it and when I say fine dancers I'm not talking about from the other no funding global
globalists don't need more money to see how huge black black rock is like 10 10 trillion dollars in assets control but this it's not how much money they're Printing and they Direction. Not super super rich as as many of those that are within the the globalist Alika ball when I say they're the financiers do the ones that are driving the better way to put his the corporate Wing there if you you figure you've got for example you've got like let's say George Soros black lives matter the various look District Attorney's they're driving in the driving the globalist agenda from a from a you know state-by-state city-by-city incident by instant perspective K and their whole thing is too to push the wokeism push the the radical leftist agenda push the Neo Marxism in these various cities special here in the United States okay one egg
will call after the crime division of a global Sicily cabal where Black Rock State Street and Vanguard come in is there pushing the corporate side of it they're trying to make it to where it again everybody's focused on the S cheats and you know it's sad when you got it at a company that builds builds electric vehicles that has a worse ESG rating then like I think Exxon Mobil 1 oil company how can I possibly be because it's not about carbon footprint that's that's all a smokescreen it's about obedience to the climate change cult which itself in my humble opinion is just subterfuge for or what they're actually planning to eat the actual push for complete and total tearing across the world complete depression cross the globe
and that's where black rock is today but that was back then when I had that was in it was like okay let's make some money to make money so I can press him on that he asked me him you know what what what is he was shocked about any of this stuff I'll admit one of the things that there's a really unfortunate aspect to all the research that I do it's a nothing shocks me anymore I've become numb to it and I don't like that I don't like hearing about the evil plans of of these very very evil people and not being surprised
it should surprise is it should shock us to hear what they're doing and yet like many of you I've become numb to it so I go okay so they're doing that so that they can battle battle impoverish 10 million people in that country and Anna do it for this Saturday or whatever okay well yeah I mean that's not surprising you look at who's behind it you should be shocking to us the things that are happening in Ukraine and do not talk about the atrocities that's those those are always going to be shocking especially since a lot of Fortune manufactured not talking about about the prolonging of the war for the sake of economic Global class global economic class as they say in English there different long and then the the push to give as much as possible is to there's two reasons for it and neither of them neither of those reasons are beneficial to the actual Ukrainian people that are suffering
one is because Ukraine is so corrupt it is the ultimate money laundering Nation if you want to launder money and get into the pockets of the people that you want to drive that you want to get weapons to the to the warlord's just want to control you when you want to get whatever doesn't matter much gold loyal food fertilizer manything
you filter through places like Ukraine so there's that but who is the other aspect of a witches they need they need Rush it's not when they don't have any baby NATO and and at the United States military industrial complex they don't think that anything they can do could possibly make it to where you crank it when they can make it hard enough on Russia and not only weakens the prolong the war because with war going on in Russia they wind up the military-industrial complex NATO they're all winning okay is all beneficial and you might see how could that possibly be fighting hair stores in beat be rooting for something to continue let's decimating our own economy was decimating the energy security and in Europe across the globe everybody's feeling feeling pain from this in a rush but it's not completely your fault again you can look at it means their fault they invaded okay but just prolonging of the war which by the way
has been more damaging a lot of the world with the name of the United States have done that's done more damage and harm to the people of Ukraine then have they done nothing at all if we just didn't do anything if we just said it's a regional conflict you know will will impose certain sanctions but not enough to make Russian it expected sanctions I guess you could say I should do their thing condemn them all we want them to mind their own business because it's really none of my business because they're not and how lie and not in NATO then I have no intentions of putting them in they do passion going off in the rabbit hole but you get the idea
hopefully you get the idea that the the various machinations out there
the various plans that are being laid out the events that are happening they don't shock us anymore
they should every now and then I will see something that it's like okay yeah that's pretty shocking I didn't see that one coming that's what I'm going to ask Mister Ed doubt it should be with us in about about 2 minutes
yeah we'll lesson 1 lesson 2 minutes will get a Don see if make sure that he's got the invite make sure there's no hold on yeah then this is by the way this is the other party guests were the producer is going to be exponentially easier that's why I'm so excited that's why I'll get more it's only scheduled something this week cuz I thought I thought we'd get started with a new producer on the 16th so darn it like my plan there was spoiled okay that he is he is there he was ready to come in all right and you'll get Ed situated and we'll be right back with him in the meantime all of the other I'm going to ask him about his gold and silver so you know what don't get let me get it going to head up there can we play that while I get situated so you can sleep to
there's a reason Klaus Schwab Joe Biden and the global Elites want your life savings locked in IRAs and other portfolio management schemes that they control they can keep your money tied up in woke ESG funds even if doing so will lose you money Patriots are quickly moving their Investments to self-directed Ira is backed by physical precious metals unfortunately most companies that work in this field are beholding to Democrats the Chinese Communist Party the wef and others were pushing us toward a digital dollar I have identified three precious metals companies that believe in America First these companies make it easy for you to move your retirement investment to a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals go to J D wrecker, gold that's JD Rucker
dot-com gold
you don't my next guest is somebody that is funny because when I first started talking like started saying hey how you doing how you doing not realizing oh yeah he doesn't and I felt like I should read all of his post on social media I watch some interviews with the mistress or like this creeper thing going now because it's okay. Don't take it the wrong way it's not some sort of hero complex or anyting I just felt like I had already spoken to before then I realized I had nothing to turn into a pretty awkward opening conversation so that was that we're very blessed is not and have them on because he's got a book out that is in my humble opinion based on everything we see in my humble opinion this may be the most important book come out in a long long time because we're that stage in human history where the truth
is hard to get to we have very powerful people trying to prevent the truth from coming out the good news is we have people that are starting to wake up as I've said in a recent shows this is a time that we can strike this is a time we actually have an opportunity to try to get people to see the truth to try to wake them up because they're starting to ask questions they see what happened to Damar Hamlin they see the reports they're even coming out even in corporate media nowadays with that wasn't the case a month and definitely not a year ago so the iron is hot it is time to strike we are very blessed please do not have Edward Dow Jones yesterday Mr down how are you doing sir thanks for having me on today JD pleasure to be here and then honor
I'm very happy that you are when you are with us they because when I first saw you or your work your information it struck me two things struck me number one it struck me that it was very truthful very honest and of course it was very common sense you're obviously very intelligent guy I'm not trying to blow smoke I'm just saying that you obviously know your stuff and you were able to take data that water was publicly available most of the guitar call and make make a very clear conclusions or or at least draw some so speculative conclusions of you if you will based on your ability to analyze data but then the other thing that struck me was that you were a black rock guy and I'mma tell my gosh this is what the heck is that all about then I do you install K so he left BlackRock a while ago has been doing his own thing so I started to to quickly learn to trust you take us back to the early days when basically went before anybody really never heard you outside of
of rich people tell us what you found and then we'll get into this book that I'm so so dying to talk about book called cause I know but let's start with those early days when you first started saying hey guys is a problem here started to percolate my interest very early in 2020 for the vaccines I was like everybody I'm an information guy I like to be ahead of everybody else so I'm Molly I knew there was a virus coming in January so I was already stocked up for Costco, toilet paper I was ready to go and I told people something was coming to thought I was crazy then they had to wait until they were told by the authorities that something was here then everyone freaked out
and then went to Costco so I was ahead of everybody by about six weeks and I was in I'll be straight up on it that was cheerful I was seeing the property I'm all over Twitter I've been launched in 2013 you can get a lot of truthful information in a lot of bogus information about the sermon but there were some videos that were coming across from China showing people drop in the I fell for that we've come to find out was propaganda and Bs but I felt for that and I was in fear momentarily and then the lockdown Tappan then the mask and came the mask the mandatory masking if you can get a remembered nothing didn't come to like six or seven weeks later and then I started what is going on and then I also saw
Federal Reserve president get on Face the Nation on April 3rd of 2020 you know a couple weeks after the lockdowns began and they're asking how we going to reopen the economy with everyone worried about getting sick and dying and he smiled and said well we have bread new technology that can serve ale everybody that we can also issue immunity Badges and text people and that's and I said well in my head knowing the Bell reserved in your Finance guy I said why is the Federal Reserve president talking about a public health issue then it dawned on me that something else might be going on so I was already suspicious and then I wrote it a month later in May of 2020 I rotate at wheat bread called and I said it to the movie script
going to happen over the next two years and I and the end and it was a it was kind of the that you know that you know when these dystopian movies is usually written words and then they launched into that where you are and the dystopian movie set it up and I said the movie begins in 2022 in half because I thought like a criminal and I said it never Global sovereign debt crisis I would you cover it up while you would blame something other than Central bankers and politicians and whether this thing was created or use it as an excuse it doesn't matter it sets a perfect way to control a global fans to class which I believe what better way to do it than with a control system called the covid-19 restrictions Havel you restrict the ability to gather you start issuing vaccine passports and eventually Tire to digital Bank currency so in 2020 a lot of what I said in that tree thread that spin on my
Watertown TAF. Edward can be found there then the vaccines rolled out in the early 2021 and right away I started hearing anecdotal evidence which if you know anything about this text and safety of real vaccines but I don't tell people and harm them you know you shouldn't be hearing Annika it's a bit you did that the advanced adverse event should be so rare you never hear what I'm turning them all the time and I also noticed how about a gas in early 2021 there were coming from the soccer players in the UK cuz if I've come to find out that soccer sport there is a rolled its way to the us and we had an incident a couple weeks ago on the field I think Buffalo itself and that's what that got me intrigued and then the Mandate came that's when I lost my mind I said I'm not living in a world where I have to take something that against my will
I thought that everyone would think like I did that first shows experimental to take 7 to 10 years for vaccine to be bedded and three anyting operation warp speed sounds like a disaster to me so I was going to take it ever okay so when they mandated it that's what I lost my mind I got brother out there to the grace of God and coincidences which I called God and God alone and I was saying what I say on Twitter for a long time he just elevated my voice and then I told him I was going to watch the matter. I will choose Insurance Company Cairo home CDC all-cause mortality and that's where I am today in the data is in the data is a disaster and this is one of the greatest cover-ups and crabs have ever seen in my life
you are very well said and I want to talk about the financial collapse aspect of it we can do that in the next segment but I went to first let's talk about your book real quick real quick was talking about it quite a bit cause unknown the epidemic of sudden deaths in 2021 and 2020 to now I think we all have an idea of why you wrote it but I want to ask you specifically for my audience here who's this book for this book is this a book written for somebody ate their like me they already think they're they've been following us for the whole time they already has had their suspicions like you said even before the first vaccine came out as like operation warp speed that doesn't sound safe hurry up
New York is it possible as quickly as you can or is this for the people that are kind of like just waking up recently or maybe it's for people that aren't fully wake who's this book for the book the book is primarily targeted as you don't know anything but the red meat crowd loves it because it's put together in such a good thrashing that they feel like they have the ammo to talk intelligently to their friends about it so it's I'm finding that the red meat crowd loved it and once they buy one and they've added their buying like 10 copies to give to the loved ones that think they're crazy so it's kind of that phenomenon they buy it they love it. Like why this is so good I can pass this to someone else and they look you don't believe me read this Wall Street guy intentionally left out The Who and the why because I don't have any proof but what I do approve of his sudden sudden death immortality shifting from old
young and 21 and 22 I have statistics that show that the employ of our country and had worse Health outcomes in 21 and 22 which normally shouldn't happen should be embarrassed you should be healthier if you're showing up at work than the general for u.s. population fell at the very least I prove that something horrible is going on but no one seems to want to talk about it and you have to ask yourself this question why you don't believe you're right you are code everything I use my own data are used publicly available sources like this side of actuaries nearest Bureau of Labor Statistics these this is not you know I do. The internet this is it this is a guy with experts behind them I have to pee and physicists I have insurance executive Insurance whistleblower you know we have it all and the evidence is there and I went to go see Senator Ron Johnson in December I said we have a national security crisis the employee of our country are dropping.
and getting disabled at a rate that is that is beyond the general population I blame the vaccines if it's not that then what is it and why are we talkin about it's at the very least let's say I am why are we talkin about this what is going on and I rest assured that if the sudden deaths were seeing were occurring in the unvaccinated to be on every News Channel 24/7 but it's not that's all you need to know
at a very recently it's it is true that they if the knowledge that should be the information based upon whatever the narrative that fits their agenda and their agenda continues to be even to this day for whatever reason spider in the we've seen they still try and still trying to get as many jobs in as many people as possible
so you know you you alluded to speculation your book is based upon facts the information that you've been been putting out there is based on facts and people will say I'm sure you got in this about 150,000 times open you're not a doctor no but you are someone whose extraordinary intelligent and you were your business will you did what you think you heard your entire adult life is about taking data and knowing more about that data then other people taking data and making assessments for other people do that's really win let's face it when you're talking about Finance when you're talking about being a Wall Street guy you're the whole idea there's a train information guy while Street deals in information the people who have the day that we have the information first and know how to understand that the best are the ones that get the richest and I assume that's a fair assessment so walk us through that data
and why my number one why people should trust you and number to what what about that data really scared you and I would I'm hoping that you're going to talk about the insurance date at which doesn't get to talk about nearly enough anymore it's it's like in the beginning when when the information started coming out from I think is the CEO of one America that was big news and then and all died out give more information have you dug in deeper give me a bombshell I guess is what I'm asking and daoud give me a bombshell start with what I am qualified to talk about this my job was to be ahead of the street and the herd and everybody so my job was to find a trend and analyze Trends come to the conclusion without all the information cuz by the time you call deformation everybody else know so I identified early Trends and then try to figure out how to capitalize on them and my job was to live in the space between perception and reality so
perception by The Herd would be one thing the reality would be changing underneath I wanted to get on board that reality and then when the perception of the herd changes that's how I make my money first option now it's as safe and effective action to perceptions changing but effective was the Mantra a year ago was there wasn't its CEO Scott Davidson in January of 22 came out and said he saw 40% except for tality and his book of business which is group Life Insurance Group life insurance is a specific business for Fortune 500 and midsize companies it's very lucrative because these people don't die okay what what do I mean by that they died at a rate of 1/3 to 40% of the general US population in any given year does that most healthy amount since they've asked us to the best Healthcare are generally better educated
and they're showing up to work and to get the policy you have to be employed at the time and you can't have been retired so you are literally he dropped that while your employ that's how you get to claim usually wanted to ask your base salary what's the latest bombshell information well I in my book I detail that the I prove without a doubt that something's happened to be employed of our country. Disabilities and excess mortality 40% there was a report that came on Augustine from the Society of actuaries 40% mortality age of 25 to 64 the general US population has 32% so the normal healthy relationship inverted in 21 disability. It's even worse so we've added three point two million people at to the disability statistics since February of 2029 and 30 million the prior 5 years
3 to 33.2 million in September twenty-two come down a bit but it's basically that level of 33.2 million additional it was 1.7 million our employ more than half the disability rate went up 31% in this timeframe the general US population 8% not in labor force and what I mean by that job because they near the fired or quit because they didn't want the job their disability rate is only a 4% so the healthiest or those who left their jobs but your get that out there and refused the job and this is the aggregate the latest research we're doing is we're going to link the Pfizer clinical trial Adverse Events to the disabilities were staying in the real world
that study should be done in the next couple days that's the bomb. We're going to link the first two months of the Pfizer trial which is the blinded portion we don't have all the unblinded hodgepodge the courts made them do that but we're going to link first the Blind and study to the Adverse Events were seeing such a sickly Alexander is a causation or correlation but it's just one more piece of the puzzle another interesting thing going on and then we're going to get the unblinded part of the clinical trial eventually we're going to be even better self together at Finance Technologies my firmware linking together all the pieces puzzle and we create what's called an analyst Mosaic Mosaic how you make money you don't have to have definitive proof by the time this comes out the that the scientists figure this out Millions will be dad
100 times a million will be disabled and on Wall Street I can tell you some of the worst analysts that I ever encountered for doctors are scientist because they couldn't make the leap of faith and get on a train without getting all the evidence and that's how their brains were they just use inductive reasoning I use the doctor and they said the doctor reasoning has been a label conspiracy theorist there is a decade now so anybody puts together and pieces of a puzzle is a conspiracy theorist Salon Wall Street that's all I did was just a etheric by their definition. Sit down right now and is designed to wake up those who are too confused by the science this is the numbers and the numbers from a Wall Street perspective not a medical perspective because they can sit and debate this all day long
New Orleans and doubt and those who do I get his book Cause unknown the epidemic of sudden deaths in 2021 and 2022 the easiest fastest way to get there I'm going to create a link of a j d wrecker. Calm down. I'll take him to Amazon do you want them to go to Amazon and they have a better place for the people have Prime with Amazon I got it but right now that's all it is it's what it would take some time to get a deal with the devil and he was armed with somebody that well everybody knows I was I had a nice conversation with them and he said he's telling he's like yeah you know I got to go to get go get this from Amazon of crap so don't tell anybody like you two were easily that's facing okay so we're going to cancel Netflix that makes sense we're going to do this but I mean that people really cancel Amazon or do they just try to avoid it because it really is the easiest way so yes
people can get to your Amazon the van for the book Cause unknown the epidemic of sundestin 2021 and 2022 by going to JD Dow d o w d after the break I'm going to try to get and then I think I'm going to have success if I'm going to try to get ahead and tell us about collapsing economy maybe get into The Who and why of all the stuff that's happening in and then we'll also bag deeper into the numbers because it is fascinating stuff stops though
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you're back on with Ed Dowd Wall Street guy brilliant guy and a guy that's helping to expose the truth to the masks that his new book is one that everybody needs to get go to J D wrecker. Calm down to get cause unknown the epidemic of sudden deaths in 2021 and 2022 ad you have to the bit about the the who in the Y right and by chance of you you said that you were going to talk about it now in your book I can totally understand why nobody wants to you know what it's her people off with the conspiracy theory side of you got hard day and it's compelling why tainted in the book by saying well you know that it's going to kill us and we already know it's killing us we have a very good idea that is because of this so let's get that information out there for my audience I can assure you number one they all know you that's why I didn't go to a lengthy
introduction to stay out already know who you are there do you know what you're doing they also know that the gems are killing people they know that there is correlation and is it's not necessarily causation but I always ask in a situation like this is there any foreseeable future where we can say definitively that there is causation without the AC blowing up everything my question for you sir is this and feel free to not answer if you don't want to but I'd love to know your opinion obviously you're not sitting back but your opinion of who's doing this why is it happening and what can we expect in the future
is there a three or four Dudes sitting in a boardroom dressed in Tweed vest drinking cocktails and smoking cigars and laughing maniacally but I consider this a conspiracy of interest and it's a bunch of people who benefit from what we're seeing going on primarily the biggest beneficiaries are Central bankers and politicians because after the great financial crisis we did not solve that problem all that fraud that was in the bank when I do the balance sheets of the central bank they bought all that those crappy bought okay so resided there and we've had a zombie economy was their own interest rate for 12 plus years until we saw the death problem with more debt
now we have three hundred trillion in global debt and the way that the Fiat Dead face monetary system works and needs Constant Credit creation
constant the sometimes they're a little reception here and there but it needs constant creation while we reached all the four corners of the globe with the dollar that they system there's about 15 trillion in dollar-denominated bonds all over the world so we have basically the end of 109 year Ponzi scheme that started in 1913 with the Federal Reserve all these systems eventually end there's not one in history that has ever you know Don Beyond you know a couple of several Generations so there's a multi-generational it's unwind so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out if you're going to unwind that do you want to blame yourself or do you want to blame something out those of us in the financial markets. The poor covid more as an excuse we never imagined it a pandemic would be used as an excuse so my thesis is the covid-19
recover to manage a decline in on one of the Global Financial system eventually introduced the Central Bank digital currency and I see evidence all over the place of covid-19 excuse by the Federal Reserve to process up for things are going to collapse in 2019 they were able to print unprecedented amount the money under the cover of David and the global government spent like drunken Sailors on the cover of covered in the Baltic that is Kick the Can down the road another couple years now we're singing on wind again and so rough few days here and I I don't want to get too speculative on what's coming but what I do know is we're going to lose reception this quarter and next quarter going to be hard going to be bad and we're going to see chaos and park chaos unfortunately is the exposure of what just happened with the back seat because once it becomes common knowledge the trust in all the
institutions are going to evaporate and if if I put on my Evil Genius cap for a second
what if the characters received before us the car fly the store roast is all these evil Bond villains what is they were set up and then we're going to implement this crazy plan but what if there's a group of people behind them the one of the class and introduce the Central Bank digital currency in half the world lose faith and trust in the global governments and institutions and then some shine and you know very good looking smart people come out of nowhere I'm the people with the solution and they're going to probably be not Bond going there going to be a good-looking and very well-spoken that's my that's my Evil Genius Theory
my gosh you just blew my mind sir because I'll admit I never considered that you have talked about Klaus Schwab George Soros Bill Gates people that I believe are directly involved and I've always attributed them to being essentially minions of the powers and principalities some something very demonic and pushing something forward this is the first time I've ever heard anybody say what if they're the suckers what if they're the the Pawns in this what if they're the useful idiots who are driving for the destruction of the world economy and then bring about societal collapse for something even potentially worse or who knows maybe better maybe it's maybe it's something good I don't know I don't know I like to be hopeful that's that's impressive because I don't I don't usually hear things that that make me think huh I hadn't considered that one before and you just didn't so that's
crazy well you know what these B's is characters they had a coming out party in covid I didn't know who Klaus Schwab was and you know we also have to think about what the intelligence agency's involvement in all this is I think there's a tremendous group of hidden Shadow and intelligence agencies behind a lot of this and who do they work for today work for the central Bankers we don't know but the intelligence agencies are all over this and we're finding out from the Twitter file does not conspiracy theory anymore we've had censorship and suppression done by the US government's intelligence agencies the FBI and what I find Curious JD is all the sudden miraculously it seems like the censorship is lifting a little bit and I had a YouTube video go viral recently a million views done by a podcaster Aubrey Marcus
just two months ago would have been taken off the YouTube but why why is our message allowed to get out all central city am I in agent of chaos by exposing them
you know there's a really horrible I'm in a really horrible movie it was Star Wars episode one knows I'm sorry I was episode to wear your basal they're talking about they know they're walking into a trap and well what would you do you use spring the Trap I think that's given what we know given the speculation of what you're saying which it again is very mind-blowing but if you're right it doesn't change anything for us know if you'll have to push forward for the truth in my humble opinion bring me up the Renaissance in bed everybody so you know lover it appears on the stage next to the offer solutions they need to be better
that should be the case the entire time but believe we kind of screwed that one over and I'll admit I've become skeptical and everybody I can hate me all the time because I haven't jumped on the Elon Musk bandwagon yet but I mean do I like what he's doing with Twitter's yeah absolutely in my really crazy about what he's doing with artificial intelligence transhumanism Chinese Communist party and about a dozen other things no I'm not so you know I'm going to sit back and wait I'm not going to hop on anybody's bandwagon until we fully Bethany Avenue and then I'll still be skeptical I think along the way I grew up with that I'm like I'm like you so we too often everybody gets into you have to be all in on someone or all out on someone it's not life is life isn't like you know I've been suspect of you on for a while do I like what he's doing with Twitter yeah but we also need to judge people by their actions so if he continues to do the right thing though okay
or you can call me out when you're constantly have to prove who you are over and over again and that's all we can't get into the you know Maga nonsense from screwed up with the operation warp speed still endorsing the vaccine so you would ask me if I had trumped I know I am not I'm done with Trump so I never I never all in on anyone we all have to have her own discernment and skepticism all the time that's how we keep people in check
baby as in it's it's necessary and even listen if there's one thing we can say that comes good out of this I'm hoping that this will finally prove to everybody that don't put anybody on a pedestal that you're not willing to take them off up because if you go down that road you're going to I mean listen I tell people all the time trust trust me no verify me absolutely okay do you hear some of that that I say and you think wow that seems really important make sure they're what I'm saying is correct and I make sure what Ed doubt is saying is correct make sure the Doctor Robert Malone that what he's saying is correct your doctor Peter McCullough or any of these various people don't just sit back and trust and look for people out this person's got a guy me hear this person's got a guide me hear you know it's like every time we have this somebody or something that seems to be the the next great hope it's like it's like behold America your Gods its it just blows me away and I think to your point was Trump I actually sent this and I got it in
a lot of my audience being being a trump supporters they really attacked me I was either the one show or two shows ago but I said look I'm not going to just sit back and mean he pushed operation warp speed that was a mistake and he could have said at this point that he was lied to that he was manipulated that he was misled but he hasn't said that and the fact that he still has not taken taken away is endorsement of the Jazz to me that's a non-starter so I support him but that doesn't mean that I'm going to like I supported the point of he's kind of kind of turned away from the Jazz immediately in the Nelson completely or maybe I pulled my support I don't know we'll have to see how that goes to do something in the longer he waits the more ridiculous it becomes and whoever he surrounded himself with they all need to be fired because somebody should have gotten here by now
why that's a problem I think it's too many people have gotten this year they're just giving feeding the wrong stuff he reminds me of was a Lord of the Rings with his wormtongue or worm Taylor whatever Camp Trump right now because you like I said none of that makes any sense to me he's a smart guy here this isn't just about Pride or anything like that anymore at this point he's being manipulated and pushing the wrong direction so we'll see how that goes real quick. We do have to go to a break here soon but I want to eat when you touched on the potential for economic collapse
my audience knows I'm very bullish on gold because of digital Dollar Central Bank digital currencies Racine central banks you know we all know but you look at Central Bank see what they're doing if you really want to direction of Cortana from their Insider information in there buying of gold like crazy right now so it's communist China and your your organization your new new Endeavor that is a is launching Finance Technologies that's what the pho p h i n a n c e finance Technologies, Global macro alternative investment firm has launched until about that and should I my question for you directly my personal question should I be looking at gold and silver more so I'm or do you think there's an alternate out there too in case there is an economic downturn our class of some sort
Alfred on gold and silver gold and silver physical not a paper
that is always a good investment of any one's portfolio portion of their wealth should be physical gold and silver just advise
short-term the problem with the gold and silver being priced against the golden silver tarnish like don't do well in the dollar strong and they do much better when the dollars week the problems we're facing is the dollar has been super strong if it's it's come off a little bit lately but the dollar eventually fails up because the dollar has become a Global Credit creation system of the world does default drive and it becomes harder and harder to pay back the death globally there's a Scramble for dollars of the dollar eventually failed up at Sogo gold surprise and Silver Strike may be surprised but once the new systems been produced I think gold and silver will be fine I think part of the scam is sucks can I find cheap gold and silver while a dollar continues to rise knowing that the dollar will sail up the daughters and fell down and filled up and then they introduced a new Central Bank that's where the golden silver being
weather being accumulated that probably low prices compared to where they'll be you know I can't tell you where they're going to be in the how long it's going to take but having physical gold and silver is not a bad idea that's number one number two technologies is a global macro hedge fund we were going to be in the old billionaires right now to see who would be the 20% partner in our firm and it's going to be a part of the trade Futures and commodities bonds and inequities and it's going to basically use the early cycle economic indicators that we have that are proprietary algorithms and we make fast around the club and overtime this fund is Dorothy's Return you know north of 15% compound with no correlation study Equity Market sells the perfect
perfect vehicle for insurance company's investor in Decatur to go pick up all the vaccine damage we're predicting a recession in q1 and Q2 and the problem with this vaccine damage if it's going to affect global market for years to come I mean seriously it's seriously Sabbath like a big portion of our labor force disappeared in the last 2 years about 500 800,000 dad in the u.s.a. out of the labor force that are able-bodied is only a hundred million people that work in this country so when you run that through everything and she shows up and shortages supply chain breaks Help Wanted sign wage inflation the disaster
it does sound like a disaster if they've had dad and I need to get you on another you got to run here soon but can I get you for at least another half segment
get you out for 1/2 segment and then they will let you go so stay tuned
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call me 12 for the Apocalypse
talk to me Jordy of our Pharmaceuticals the ingredients in them come from China they are controlled by the Chinese Communist party where are you sing supply chain issues pharmacies are running low on a lot of things in the if the crap hits the fan as a lot of us think it may in the very near future you will want antibiotics in the best way to get that is to go to JD mad you'll be able to get a teleconference with an actual doctor and then they'll send you meds they'll seem to like five different versions or types of antibiotics. Two different ailments that could they can hit us these are great for long-term storage you will you will want them and know if it's one of those things where if you if you need them then you'll want them if you don't need them then least she'll happen so and here's the thing if you don't have him you're almost really going to need them at least sometime in the near future so JD meds
we are back with Ed Dowd and tell a person by the way for those who do you want to get his new book please get it and get 10 copies get 15 copies if you can give it out to your normal friends friends that are maybe not quite in the know and they need to be maybe a lot of them who are coming around saying you know I I know I didn't invite them to Thanksgiving last year but he seemed to be ahead of the curve and now I'm kind of not feeling great after my eye 4th jab you know maybe I should ask a Skittle Bob over there Uncle Bob what he's thinking and then Uncle Bob says here here's cause Unknown by Ed dial just read this and it's all this will bring you around so go to JT doubt d o w d and you'll be able to pick up a copy or 2 or 10
TED talks about I want to get into the good stuff with the book I won't click conclude with that but I've got to ask you because I've been your black rocks been on my radar for a few years now obviously they were on your radar because you work with them
what was it like I mean are they just different now have they always been evil when you work there when I work there but when you were working with them you know did you get a sense of how well you know this is great we're making a lot of money but it sure seems like there's a lot of people around me or was it just an average thing and you didn't notice anything a foot have they changed it was the skinny on Black Rock please started the Black Rock in 2002 I was acquired from that was acquired by blakroc and that was we were there first acquisition so I came in through their first opposition if I had an equity business and so I was in the beginning of their Equity business and then they did other Acquisitions they did Merrill Lynch Asset Management while I was there and right before I left I did Barkley management into the into the passive ETF investment
and that's when everything changed. We we saw the writing on the wall we knew that they were going to change their there's two types of equity management active management work I make the decision and passive which is just basically indexing and that was the way the market was going and they made a strategic decision so
what the firm good when I was there yeah it was great there's a lot of camaraderie a lot of inside a lot of fun a lot of work lot of stress but you know I can say that I haven't been there since 2012 all the people I know are gone but I have no colleague left there to the firm kind of changed and it you know I don't I can't speak at the weather has become lately but I will say that the passive index and index a game resides in three firms had BlackRock Vanguard and State Street and Charlie Munger Warren Buffett's number two has been written of Wall Street Journal op-ed about that she said that you know there's too much power and keep you hands and then the old days I would vote to share as a portfolio manager I would go to the shares of the companies in my portfolio what are you up to passive investment management and executive committee about it so it goes from like men
portfolio managers with different opinions and background voting to a small Elite group of people at a firm voting the shares and there's no they own 14% of the company through all the passive Investments Charlie Munger said that's too much power and cheap you have a monopolistic and it has its some rice for potential abuse so I don't know if they're abusing it but certainly the capability to abuse the power and I think that's what people are talking about these days I don't have anybody left in there that I can call and say what the hell is going on there so I don't know but what I do know is we seen us through our history too much power and see if you can that's it that's all you need to know
I want to know more butts but I know that that's a dad as a basis is a good good place to push it like we have let's face it we we are in a really strange time of very unique time in American history and world history and people are looking for advice and for the people ask you for advice about you know obviously you're as Wall Street guy is somebody who has who has been inside while all of it and who's kind of your goals is to your your job has always been to see things before they happen
I want you to apply that to what you're seeing worldwide because you clearly have not just the understanding of the financial aspect of it and not just the understanding of the statistical aspect of it but you also have a keen observation you you're able to if you're able to look at things from patch dr. Evil's perspective so that said give me some speculation and maybe some advice for the people what should we be doing as individuals what should we be doing do we get together do we find is there a civil war do we sit back and wait because it's all going to work out you know what if they push more vaccine mandates what if this is currently 900 million people in China with covid-19 use that to push the pandemic treaty which it appears you're trying to do now push forward pandem tree and take away all sovereignty from from All Nations and give it to the World Health Organization Ed Dowd what do we do what is your what is your advice to the masses
so there's going to be some very disturbing times ahead but the first of pieces ice is dumping fear fear literally will disable you cause anxiety and depression out of our control you have to control what you can in the first of your mindset and the mindset is there everyday things are going to collapse something like it's going to take time away she'll Mad Max not a an event and so I stay in the moment a plan so financially the only bites have been given cuz I'd like to give specific stock or Market on anybody to have some cash in your portfolio other than your gold and silver and something else and I'm not going to tell you what percentage but you want to raise cash cuz that's for going well or because the feds raising interest rates were going into a recession
what do you see headlines like the world was ending and it feels bad that's when you buy that's what that's what you sell wonders you for any by when there's panic and if you remember the great financial crisis a day before the bottom they were going to nationalize the banking system and then they didn't and then everything recovered so you know this is this is typically speaking what you need to do have some cash even though there's inflation stock you're going to go down more bonds are going to go down more or so just hold tight have some cash that's been an she'll have 6 months of food on hand I don't know if he's going to church but that's as they give you peace of mind star-forming Community start thinking about ways to go local not Global globalism I think Dad and I think the diverse crowd is a cheap Davos don't even know it yet but they say they need to think about exit strategies cuz they got problems people waking up to them but
you also need to just you know form communities with like-minded people and you have to like start thinking I told before a group of investors in June and I told them look if you think your servants and your security guards got your back when it hits the fan to keep my French good luck you need people of like-minded human connections and relationships been friends that have your back at work you need people around you that got your back because I don't know how bad it's going to jack or how quick is going to get but I do think it's going to be playful and slow but you need to start forming new communities new ways of thinking that's going to be tremendous opportunity in this turmoil because a lot of the systems in place are going to collapse once every figures this out and economy driving so I'm doing is using the current
virgins the next so we pledged to take a lot of our profits and invest in you no new Medical Treatments new medical companies that I can do medicine holistically rather than with pills symptom solving we're going to invest in crypto projects that potentially are different from Bitcoin so we're going to put back into the world and create the world we want to see and that's going to happen and people are they continue to live in The Matrix and container get job I feel bad for them but those of us who were we're we're going to create a new world that's what we're going to do one by one day by day
you did as best we can I I greatly appreciate that and one more quick question for you but before we get to that let's go ahead and help everybody number one they can find your book by going to J D wrecker, slash d o w d where else can I find it
I have two websites I got personal website they lied people died. Cam you can get the book there as well as your website and I don't have a lot of data that I did initially then I have the technology chinander What's called the project and you can go to that job we have all the excess mortality data and beautiful graphic presentation charge you can put an age cohort putting country we got all of Europe we got all of the Germany UK Australia the us and we're going to do Canada next and we also have you as a disability data and working on something called the vaccine damage project so this is free to the world this is for you to use to convince your school board your University that some Wall Street guy
raising a fun to bet on this reality if you don't believe it well here's the number that we have two methodology papers on the website where we prove how we calculate the base line and I will calculate the excess mortality and it's no one's really challenged because they're scared to
and it should be so thank you sir my my final question for you and your book
what was the date of the most shocking thing and everything that you learned all the research you did what was the one piece of data that you were just like
two pieces to pieces of data when I link the fact that the employee of the country have been decimated also what happened in the UK with the children there is a Smoking Gun with the children the bottom line is this the children in the UK were vaccinated later than everybody else and their excess mortality was going down and negative excess mortality during the lockdown that makes sense biggest cause of death for children's accidental the less activity means less desk right when the vaccine was introduced to the children their excess mortality was negative in a turn back out and started going like this so the Smoking Gun as far as we're concerned as the children in the UK the damage that we're seeing in the you asked it's just parallels and economic implications for years, those are the two things that Strike Back
battle. God bless you sir thank you so much keep doing what you're doing keep fighting the good fight keep pushing the truth even if there's a ever so slight chance than both of us are actually inadvertently working for the bad guys and doing their bidding we got it we got to Spring the Trap even if it is one right you got it
thank you so much sir thank you
you know one of the things that I don't like about Zoom is that it does make things choppy we are very excited to be having our producer finally starting to come we will finally be starting next week Lord willing I'll hopefully be starting next week to get this to make us better and we need it we need to get this going in now obviously that was as good as it can be on Zoom without a producer I'm very blessed to have misread doubt joining us but I do wish that we had just the better technology and it's coming it is coming from so we've got some exciting sending interviews coming as well tomorrow what we have carry Lake joining us carry Lake the person should be governor of Arizona really wish she was she's not but she hopefully there's still a chance that she will be I'll be asking her a lot of questions about the future to see what we can do
to make things fit to make things work to get the the actual proper results from the 2022 midterm elections and that after all the shenanigans Knox County by the way but across-the-board the back that doubt in my mind is still kind of blown by the whole concept that the what if what if Klaus Schwab and George Soros Barack Obama Bill Gates and all the people that I've been saying all these are the these are the minions of Satan that are that are called the shots what if what if they're useful idiots to buy we said we know the other useful idiots and in corporate media and Joe Biden and and big Pharma you know the doing the bidding what if what if it's a it's a whole nother level of of a conspiracy and concern concern look at the end of the day I'm not super concerned about any of this stuff
I want to say that it's it's not that I don't consider important but on the on the on the scale of the Universe on the scale of existence it really isn't our focus and see if anybody is watching the show for long enough our focus is on making sure that we spread the truth in the most important sure that we can spread as the truth of the Gospel I love talking to people I get down and getting the the skinny on you know what's what's happening what's going on with the numbers what's going on with covid relief behind this is liberal world order that is the keeps popping up and all that stuff yeah I mean I'm ready I'm ready for for the truth to continue to come out because it has been I think of his book is going to go a long way to making it happen but really at the end of the day it doesn't matter what happens in this world as it is to you as an individual as long as your soul is covered and the only way that you're so can be covered
through the blood of Christ so we can we can't out the we can have the data we can look at the conspiracies we can talk about our fight against evil all day but none of it matters if your if your soul is not properly protected if you do not have salvation because eternity from what I've heard is a very very long time and you don't want your eternity to be spent in the wrong place was put it that way so what if what if Klaus Schwab is being manipulated to use the world economic Forum in all the power that he has it and legislators and and he's got he's prime ministers in his pocket so guy that has a lot of control what if we're we're seeing just just one layer and there's another layer I'm not talking to layer you know there's him
I understand I'm saying what there's another layer of of demons of man that the powers and principalities what if they're being used to collapse the world economy so that then somebody else can come in and I sure in whatever it is that they have planned for the world
it's bad enough to deal with the comic book character villains what if it's what if there's some of the even even worse
and as much as I think while it's a great Theory to investigate I wouldn't even know where to start because that does seem like it's above my paygrade after break we're going to return to dr. Joseph Mercola over yesterday so stay tuned
anyone who's familiar with my show or Alyssa Michelle before knows that I am a a very huge proponent of preparedness I haven't always been I didn't become a prepper until really 2021 but since then I've been working diligently to find companies that offer the things that we need and if the crap hits the fan I want to be ready for it and I want you to be ready for it to I picked up some sponsors for long-term storage for precious metals for for solar power I got a candle sponsor we got antibiotics for storage just in case the pharmaceutical supply chain goes down we got medkits nutraceuticals natural survival got guns and ammo you can buy and buy by going to JD prepare JD prepare bug out bags the were so so stock up now while you still can
so it's good to follow it down with what I was doing yesterday or can I keep saying yesterday I'm so used to doing lunch show a day this week and second show I've done in the same day as it was this morning actually that I had done the article the article by a doctor Joseph Mercola and we're going to continue with that because two hours this morning was not enough to get that finished hopefully with two segments left and they show we will be able to get it done so I'm going to go ahead and pull that up and let's let's talk about it talking about ways to safeguard your assets when we just start from the top real quick and we will do a quick recap so so for those who didn't watch this morning show this is an article by dr. Joseph Mercola it's called the most important topics of our time and he's talking about the various things that they were faced with challenges and then this morning show I talked about will just look at the story of the glands that'll give you an idea supply chain disruptions
causing food and energy shortages up here never double as both Industries are being intentionally targeted and dismantled under the guise of combating climate change and global economic collapse is a mathematical certainty because I'm in class with Usher and programmable Central Bank digital currencies cbc's which will be used to control your behavior and your help the globalist cabal is also pursuing a one-world totalitarian government through the World Health Organization under the guise of global biosecurity inside the US the transhumanist movement is fusing medicine with Silicon Valley and the National Security State is a concerted effort to bring transhumanism which is really the Nugenix as Healthcare the last but not least people all over the world face a long list of run crises it is it is important to understand these threats and what you can do to prepare resist and overcome them actually I'm Solutions in guidance are presented for each and that's super super important because yeah I get on here and there's two
I'll be talkin about complaining about this complaining about that sometimes I'll offer Solutions sometimes I won't because sometimes I can't write sometimes it's it's as if there are no solution lot of times I do focus on the action items mean to protect yourself gay like when it comes to food shortages I'm not sitting here saying Okay so we've got to go go protest the whatever it's I'm saying buy food and that's that's the best thing that we can do I think really hope so for example food shortages is to make sure that they're not just us and our family but also as many around us that they are they are secure because it fears Secours and they won't be as beholding to government as Government wants them to be in such as government's approach public-private Partnerships which will be talkin no more in the future so we want your people dependent that way then we have more people that can that can resist more people that can rebuild if we're not able to resist so that's the general gist and like I said the only reason that I think this article is so
didn't get nearly the attention it deserves cuz it's there's a lot here so I think it's huge that he puts in these action items and I agree with most everything that anybody says specially in whatever 3000 word articles bit but I agree with most of it so I think he is correct the general topic that we're talking about economic class and programmable currencies and we talked about that again this morning with all that stuff but we were at we stopped at the portion for safeguarding your ass at so I'm going to take it right back up where we were this morning Financial class will likely take many mainstream news readers by surprise because Legacy Media are not telling the truth those of you following alternative sources have the benefit of being able to prepare by protecting your ass at the risk of banks doing bail-in swear these they seize all your money to cover their losses is high as is the risk of hyperinflation which will eat
for your savings in the risk of a stock market crash to safeguard and minimize the loss of your assets you can and of course his number one recommendation here is buy physical gold and silver and as I said we just heard the ad down talking about that one of the things he mentioned is to buy physical physical I got to get that three of these head physical gold and so did you fold can grab you can take you can put it in your safe where you are you you could put it in a in a garden in the depository where it's going to the back to your retirement instead of getting back by ESG funds and and all these other 401k and an IRA schemes that are tied to the various markets no no no no no physical gold and silver why I strongly recommend you talk to the people that that I work with mainly do I buy found three companies that are America
companies in those the only ones that I recommend as I'm saying if I find more America First companies will make it four or five I don't have a limited 32 so happens that we have a small and medium in a large company wasn't intentional. But you can find them by going to J D goes we got it down saying we got we've got dr. Joseph Mercola saying it physical gold and silver not the paper stuff out of visual stuff. The the crap the fake Kraken it physical and two are you on it whether through your retirement account or physically at your home
I think it's hammered hammered home and I have number to buy property property you know they notice there's a difference or even say bye bye in a surreal said there was there was a challenge when it comes to buy property but here's the thing is that those challenges going to see the Market's going up or down look if you're I would not and I'm not a financial advisor so don't take what I say seriously I guess but to me I don't think that it would be wise to to generate Revenue through property otherwise I wouldn't say now's a good time to buy rental properties for example of owning property and I'm talking about owning Mortgage in an outfit for the next 30 Years I'm saying about you on it that free physic figure out a way to do that and I know that's a lot of things I can do that right now it's during the state of the economy but if you can't do it because what you own it
then we get into more protections I would say then those who don't if there is a collapse owning it debt-free and whatever. Just I just land on your card right but I think that would be and I'm sure he's going to get into that I don't want to call it's been so long since I've been like 4 hours hopefully he'll get an inside get out of debt cuz that's that's the best bike for you buy gold and silver for you buy property before you do anything get eliminate your dad as quickly as possible it's just going to get worse if you don't I don't see the purchase crucial prepper items such as solar backup batteries Water catchment Systems long-term survival Foods in seat things that can save your life in a grid down social unrest situation that may not be available later or cost much more does the economy is collapsing and inflation skyrocketing your money is not doing you much good in the bank you're losing purchasing power
each passing month and a bank bill in wood could wipe you out completely so if you need survival I don't mind them now might be the one of the better investment strategies out there and all of the stuff that you need and there's always things that I don't think of her that we don't have access to a lot of the stuff that you'll probably need you can find at JD slash prepare JD Rucker. Cam repair so check out those wonderful amazing sponsors invest in tradable Goods I want to be very so is there a little catty I like I said and I'm going to agree with most of what he says for their times when we have to be clear when he's talking about trade of goods you know I saw this over this prepper site one time where they recommended K they recommended stocking up on diapers didn't matter they said if you had a baby you're not stock up them diapers because you know if
crap hits the fan you going to be able to trade with you with those diapers cuz people are going to need them
yeah I'm not recommending that at all I say five things that you're going to need
and then if if you want to be able to have a surplus so you can trade them rate if you don't if you have a surplus and you never trade him fine you're going to use them anyway it just as an example in this is probably be digging in a little bit deeper into my personality than I when I went out there but but I have a surplus of soap okay I'm the only person in the household that uses bar soap so technically speaking I probably have enough bar soap for the next 10 years
but my theory is that in a crap hits the fan situation especially if there's an extended societal collapse then everyone in my family will be starting to use the bar soap because eventually all the other ships going to run out okay and bar soap is easier to store bar so it was easier to get to to use more multi-purpose yada yada yada so I'm going to have everybody in my family is going to be venturing using bar soap and there will be a tradable good gay so so investing in trade of goods let's be clear don't invest in things that you don't need very much against that only the best at what you do need because what do you trade it or not it's not going to get away soon hopefully
it was the tougher one so we getting some discussion best investigate alternative investment vehicles against dr. Mercola has them on his ways to protect yourself action items for example there's a new type of acid beans belt in this on the stock exchange called natural assets stocks or natural acid Corporation the government of Costa Rica for example is putting all government own forests and farmland enjoying natural acid Corporation this is a type of stock different from anything we've seen before basically these stocks will allow fund manager private investors and corporations to invest in natural asset what you end up owning is the ecosystem service of that land so for example you can invest or you could only Environmental Services resulting from the billion Agave project which include carbon sequestration amounts and water savings over time as the whole system matures in the soils are regenerated your ass that rises in value
other Alternatives include gold and silver mining investments in investment funds such as the one offered by Finance Technologies
do if you weren't listening earlier that's that's too or talking to head down a global macro alternative investment firm founded by Edward author of cause unknown the epidemic of sudden deaths in 2021 and 2022 these Investments are based on reality Trends doubts he's coming as a result of the rising disability and death rates caused by the covid Jazz now for those who weren't paying attention on you maybe you didn't hear this turd out earlier in the show you may not be aware that he's not currently taking investors that's when the watch right now to go look for for a partner Partners going to you know some feeling there's going to come in and then they're going to start offering Investments that's when it's time to to pounce bounce on that because he's looking at this base week from a most likely scenario has Investments on today it's going to be basing his Investments and what he sees happening in the future and considering he's one of the few out there
really is seeing the realities of the Jazz the realities of the man that the realities of how this is affecting the workforce how this is affecting business and all the very Cycles I would say that his is fun if I were to ever have enough money to put into a fund it would be his so but I don't I don't have that kind of money you can have that out by going to give send slash J D wrecker but I digress I actually the next one avoid the digital ID and the CBC trap and buy a void he should say avoid it like the plague this is I would rather get covid-19 get a digital I didn't get involved in the central bank has a currency that's just me Joseph Mercola the key is to refuse to sign up for it when it rolls out time to resist is right of the beginning when adoption will be volunteering at the Dobson is poor to have a very hard time bringing their enslavement through financial control plan to fruition
if a majority goes along with it eventually the system will become mandatory and you'll have little choice but to participate if you want to function in society edition of the international vaccine passport proposed Avenue 2022 G20 meeting is a central key in the effort to get everyone into the digital ID system so refusing to adopt vaccine passports is a crucial component of resistance to the digital prison system in its entirety you must also reject the vaccine passports unless you're willing to be a medical lab rat for the rest of your life hundreds of new vaccines including many M are in a shots targeting common diseases on the pipeline for 20/30 and having an up-to-date vaccinations status will be one of the requirements to maintain a valid passport
Maxine refusal can then be used to nullify or lock your digital ID leaving you unable to do go or buy anything
so in summary to avoid the digital prison I like I've been hearing that term more and more and more I first started I think it was
I think it was Gregory's over an Infowars when I first heard it it might have been somebody completely different now that I think about it but I can't get warm or digital person that's really what it comes down to the more digital you are and go guys look up until very recently I've been I was basing Mister Gadget okay I mean I don't know how I had everybody in my family have a smartphone and tablet computer no Smart Home Smart Meter smart this smart lawn mower for crying out loud okay I would have been all in for this just so you know maybe not a few years ago there was a time in my life when when digitizing everything made sense now does not now I understand now I would recommend digitizing nothing little as possible and seriously because it is really turning into a digital prison once you're in California right and you can check out anytime you like
they won't let you leave I refuse in the number one of his for recommendations he refused to enter the coming cbdc system to refuse adoption of digital ID or vaccine passports number 3 fight on a local level to prevent the expansion of facial recognition cameras and 5G and it's funny how you throw that in there without actually mentioning what the challenge is there and it's not just the the facial recognition cameras there's actually a trifecta there you got facial recognition cameras you have 5G Towers now you got these led nose supposed to control lights with you don't know a lot about what I've been hearing about this a little more probably enough from Gregory's hearing about this a lot more lately. How these LED control lights they can be weaponized to do all sorts of things including crowd control but also even mind control with such as crowds is mine's and they may or may not be able to control them the way that it's supposed getting them into your local
there is much as possible and 5 G of course she talked a little bit about that facial recognition cameras that's a no-brainer no you don't need them up there where you are in the heart of New York City you can be in a row in the Braska we don't need facial recognition cameras
like never before start the Beast by cutting back on your online usage social media in particular the war on domestic Terror meaning of on anyone who doesn't agree with a one world government is waste using surveillance profiling and AI so avoid sharing your data I'm minimizing your presents online also minimize your use of any and all day together and devices such as AI assistants Mark device and wearables all of which feature personal data into the AI profiling system
but some you didn't know that
what's at the break we will hopefully or will it finish this it's already taking a short nap to get there but I think we're going to make it home so so standby
my good friend dr. Vladimir zelenko you left us way too early so sad that he is gone but his legacy does continue we do still support his foundation we still support his company that is still benefiting the masses across the world those who have either been jab or maybe you've been been exposed to those who may be shedding on you that's becoming more and more likely in this being the case more times would you have to wear socks you are in the more you're likely to shut on others even if you never been jabbed you're not around other people very often you should still consider getting Z detox or is he stack life protocol either one both of them will help your immune system has been demonstrated by scientists demonstrated by doctors dr. Zev zelenko so go to the Sea stack Freedom Essence East Freedom ginsey detox release tacklife protocol today
all right so we are in the homestretch folks this is it we're going to actually make it through this very important article by dr. Joseph Mercola and it only took two shows granted we didn't have Edward Dowd into to break the the streak of of segments dedicated to this particular topic so that's good. This will end up being a total of eight segments when it's all said and done so I better get on it for Four Hands end up screwing it up and and not getting through with it because I'm talking too much so next item action items still Community a little Financial systems this is something again to do to avoid Central Bank digital currencies the boy that digital dollar of course and to just be less beholden to government as well as the public-private Partnerships that are for me everyday
so very important so let's go and read through it actually has built between the comparable Financial systems in addition to those things we also need to promote the development and Adoption of alternative systems in communities and parallel economies do not rely on or require cbdcs and digital ID vaccine passports to function to that end use more cash as this will discourage stores from going all-digital that's not a terrible idea
I don't know if that's going to be effective but you know every little bit helps maybe he's right he's smarter than me so maybe he is right to get out of the inner cities where Financial klask movie felt the heart is composed the greatest risks to personal safety now that when I wholeheartedly agree with and I've been saying it for a long time folks get out of the Cities you can get out of the suburbs if you can try to move to a rural area
and I'm not suggesting that you have to go become a farmer or just trying to get to places where where they're going to be focused on less K when they were all the stuff out when they really start pushing Central Bank digital currencies the digital dollar when they really start pushing digital IDs as dr. Joseph Mercola said going to start off as optional but eventually it will be required and the optional aspect of it will be less felt and outside of the cities and when it becomes required that's where we start getting into some bottom line is you have a better chance of of opposing and rebelling against the struggling and push or more control over us
from from the from rural areas or at least you know can just getting outside the cities we used to live in a place to three decades ago it's been a while we used to live in a place outside of Oklahoma City I still work at the time it is in Oklahoma City that we lived in a town called Crescent and then Crescent it was probably 30 Mi it was a good 45-minute drive to work but it was worth it I tied books on tape which were for those of you who aren't old enough to know that is it that is it called audiobooksnow back then he actually got a physical taping stuck in your tape player, whatever how many of you young young kids have a have a tape player anyway it was good and it wasn't like there was it was a rural area but we just live in a regular house it was a community that had there was a convenience store there okay there was one at school and everything
so not ripping krylov Crescent to the point is is that is that you know we were we were able to be in an area that I think was if if we were still there I would feel safer than I do not right now I'm in Southern California or in the heart of an area that is extremely highly heavily populated and if and when the crap hits the fan if and when they start pushing these then I'm going to be dead in the shower and we'll have to go to be forced to either move or comply so that's why I say I'll wholeheartedly agree with that one get out of the inner cities what Financial class will be felt the hardest and pose the greatest risk to personal safety there's about a trillion other reasons to get out of the cities in the state of mind they want us in the city they want as many people jammed in the cities as possible it's easy to control people when they're all in one spot one more spread out than the harder to control
they know that number 3 build community and local parallel economies now I really wish that he had gone beyond a single sentence he's six-word sentence on that one because that and it maybe maybe it's the same reason I really talked about it Beyond a sentence because that's easier said than done okay
it's one thing to build it like online parallel economies were seeing that a gap or seen that with with Old Glory bank which is hopefully launching here in a couple of months with John John rich
who else is there what else I mean there's there are others out there obviously Rumble Rumble is technically sort of trying to build a and alternative apparel digital economy but that's completely different that's essentially barn or trade you know being able to and it's funny because I know somebody who has been working for years on creating a currency that can be focused locally and all it takes is getting one Community to to we have enough people agree that this is legal tender K there's nothing against people generate Illegal Tender. It won't be US dollars per se obviously you can't build those in scope counterfeiting but you can create something of value and if everybody within a community agrees that upon that value then you can trade with that got a value was only going to be available there in the local community
but you know and it doesn't even have to be like like at Fiat paper money you can you say okay you know example for maybe four people understand maybe it's not a problem today but was back in the old days back in the old days it was your currency in jail with cigarettes people would trade and cigarettes and get favors through through cigarettes why do you like to smoke in jail is like you could get out of 7-Eleven in jail and get up get up carton of cigarettes per pack or whatever so that became a parallel economy was in the local area who have to dedicate an entire I could talk about the stress that show and then end up not being able to finish this article with into shows so I'm not going to but I do need to dedicate at least a portion of not in the entire show on the idea of building up local parallel economies so somebody see if I had a producer they could write that down for me
next week next week producers coming producer is coming over for build your own knowledge base on how to grow and raise food even if you're not in a position to grow food right now that's good so I'm going by there many free videos online that you can peruse ideally download them so you can watch them offline even if the internet goes down that limbs 44 let's stop right there that's the best of the best practice across the board is that stuff for me okay I recommend this for a long time you can get very cheap as like well relatively cheap I just very hard to see in this world increasing inflation I don't know what people consider to be cheap at this stage but under a hundred bucks you can get my 5 terabytes that's enough to hold a whole lot of videos it's not just about getting videos about farming and how to grow this out of the oven get videos on how to fix your car you know I'm giving you is on everything everything that you could possibly getting nauseous videos download documents a match
the world with no internet and then figure out what you need from there with all the appliances in your home if there's a way to get your download if you don't have the the owner's manuals repair guides anything like that if you need if you want to download show show you how to fix various things I would strongly recommend doing it get them downloaded them onto to a a localized Drive obviously you don't want to let you know one of the store everything on a on a virtual drive that would be silly the cow my gosh you know for when the internet goes down I got everything in Dropbox like at what point being is that yes raising food raising raising chickens whatever
fixing things around the house first aid you know me and and even entertainments. I'm not against obviously I'm against Hollywood and I'm don't have enough time to watch entertaining videos or movies or play games or whatever like that but maybe during the apocalypse I will so it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a nice library of entertainment stuff as well bottom line get it downloaded don't rely on the internet because it's some point their many vulnerabilities within the internet and we don't even need to sign of class for the internet to go down and I'm talking about going down for an extended. Of time per person definitely
no people to imagine that but it is the only possibility right back the article books on homesteading and basic survival skills are also a valuable investment Back to Basics a complete guys are traditional skills is one option in that one there's a link in the article I'll leave these people will be able to read it as a general rule going forward you won't aren't you want hard copies or copies on external hard drives have any information if you want to have access to in the future is the internet is becoming increasingly scrubbed of important information if using an external drive if using an external hard drive make sure you store it in a faraday bag to protect the information from electromagnetic weapons recognized but sometimes it's even natural we don't know what's going to happen so I need to to get me a faraday bag sponsor will then we don't have one of the few things we do
I'm at JD Rucker. Calm compared to thank you dr. Mercola and mr. future producer please write that down so I don't forget action items take control of your health now one way tickets funny finally get to the health and related thing from good all dr. Joseph Mercola one way to counter the fraudulent food as medicine in this unit and avoid becoming a statistic of early death is they control drone help and work together as healthy as possible right now and larger you can also take steps to avoid relying on the food assistance programs which will always provide the least healthy options by taking control of your health and making informed choices about your diet you can improve your overall well-being and pick yourself from the negative effects of this Insidious agenda optimizing your health is often thought of as something that is complicated daunting time-consuming and expensive I have good news for you something for Chi lifestyle strategies I can set you on
right past number one drastically limit your omega-6 linoleic acid intake excessive alcohol consumption is responsible for the vast majority of ill-health and chronic disease as consumption of vegetable oils and Seed oils the primary sources of linoleic acid has risen over the past 145 years so have chronic disease rates interesting I did not know that
I usually it's unfortunate I usually pick up a skip on dr. Mercola Health advice articles not for any other reason than because I don't trust him or anything like that it's just just I don't have enough time sometime maybe I need to start paying more attention and maybe now is the time that my wife is done a lot of pepper shows are not coming on this and you know what we're getting in shape a lot of people getting in shape that has deadly best practice we have you been waiting for a long time or maybe even a short time such as me and waiting for a long time to start getting in shape for my starting exercise more easily taken that you know what I need to be ready in case crap its pants I want to be able to to do all the things that are necessary to survive I want to be able to defend my family that are there was a time when I used to think of you know what you have a big tough guy I could take everybody when I'm getting of the agent of the the horizontal size that I no longer have that in my mind I'm no longer stockings are used to be and so I'm trying
put that back I'm trying to get healthier everyday that's 90's been shorter but you will be I'm going to lose the weight put on the muscle all that good stuff
quit tanning so much you know nevermind sugar for type 2 diabetes even wow did not know that
play causes excess oxidative stress resulting in my boy is why don't the other is mitochondrial dysfunction and radical loss of Energy Efficiency production excessive La will also a apoptosis it's programmed cell death as a result dysfunctional cells are allowed to continue to grow which in turn cancerous to minimize La in your diet avoid all processed foods restaurant foods and condiments virtually all seeds and nuts most olive oil and avocado oils and even organic chicken pork course also do not use seed oils for cooking used Tallow ghee butter or coconut coconut oil instead stop right there when he starts saying no olive oil and chicken okay I'm good with everything else we use avocado I love nuts cheese is this was going to be more research on that one so you do your research I'll do my research will let me back in the middle and determine if this really is
the way to go number two and I have seen this and he's not the only person that said this pressure reading schedule a meeting is a simple yet profound the effective way to improve your metabolic flexibility so that your body will be able to burn both carbs and fat for fuel an estimated 90% of Americans eat across 12 hours which is a recipe for metabolic disaster and I'm not going to get into that one much larger than that okay guess we're running out of time and you do you get the idea again I'll link to this article you'll be able to read it after if you don't if I don't get up today you'll see it tomorrow build muscle in combat Frailty using a blood flow restricted Restriction Training nothing in combat frailties enough combat Frailty Frailty bad reader if you don't engage in resistant
exercise has your risk of metabolic disease goes up as your muscles muscle acts as a glucose sink after meals about 80% of glucose is deposited in your skeletal muscle muscle is also the main energy use of fat in your body all right so exercise before get regular sun exposure vitamin T I am going to make it we're going to make it hopefully that's the last item build resilience against fear the coming pandemic ditto for the rollout of the Cove in Jasper is the most potent weapon the great reset cabal has at its disposal and we can expect them to use it again and again you have to do to cure migraines education entering the truth of the others in the perfect antidote to fear is self is love for nearly the past three years mainstream media celebrities Health official medical professionals family and friends publicly condemned
and threaten those who didn't agree with masking social distancing lockdowns experimental injections many of us still live with those scars but we must not respond in kind as we move forward the once a more Humane Society must let her own Humanity shine bright if we say we stand for freedom and liberty must be consistent and not hypocritical the end of the day is the solution to all the crises facing us really hinge on creating a new Society we need to reset yes but not the great reset advertised by the world economic forum and its derelict minions and it's funny because I almost Miss read that as morons but then again would I really be misreading it if I called them morons
we didn't quite make it this one one paragraph left on the almost made it into shows but you guys get the idea I'll link to it in the show notes so you guys will be able to catch up on it what will it
we will be back very soon with another episode in the meantime you'll stay strong stay safe and God bless hope that episode will not be the same article by dr. Joseph Mercola

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