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JD Rucker Show, January 19, 2024

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JD Rucker Show
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Do We Need MORE Conservative Media to Counter the RINO Shills?

Title: Do We Need MORE Conservative Media to Counter the RINO Shills?


How many conservative Americans are still watching Sean Hannity thinking that he represents them? It's shocking that he and other Fox News hosts still have such large audiences considering they are, at best, controlled opposition. Outside of Tucker Carlson, the personalities at Fox News rate somewhere on the "RINO Shill" scale ranging from full-blown Uniparty Swamp spokespersons like Hannity to on-again, off-again conservatives like Laura Ingraham. It isn't just them. Talk radio was once a bastion of American First thought. Lately, it seems that far too many "conservative" show hosts have been echoing the Republican Establishment talking points and opposing America First patriots for the sake of keeping the status quo. We're seeing that play out in real time during the Speaker of the House battle in Congress as "Team McCarthy" keeps calling on his patriotic opposition to stand down. On today's episode of The JD Rucker Political Report, I focused on several issues that are being manhandled by conservative media, including the radio silence from right-leaning journalists regarding the stolen elections in Arizona. I also covered 12 things we need to watch in 2023 among other important topics. But the main focus throughout the show was whether or not I should add a new radio-only daily show to run on America Out Loud. We do well on Rumble, Brighteon, Bitchute, Substack, and other venues but there's a distinct need for talk radio to expand. By doing a separate show without video, I'll be able to address issues in a different way. The medium is not dead despite many claiming it is, especially with podcast networks helping to amplify both terrestrial and digital radio shows. That's why I want people to chime in. Let me know if this is a good idea. As editor at The Liberty Daily, I go through news feeds that include over 250 conservative and alternative news sources. I read every headline and tons of stories every day. This gives me a unique insight into the conservative media zeitgeist, and I must admit I haven't been impressed lately. While we have 10 million visitors a month at TLD, I still want to do much more. That's why I also launched Discern Report. The Liberty Daily is the "conservative alternative to Drudge Report." Discern Report is more like Revolver News, where Darren Beattie does a fabulous job with fewer stories than TLD. Both styles are desperately needed, and more Americans need to access them. By going with a radio-only show on top of my regular daily show, I'll hopefully be better able to break into more terrestrial radio stations. We are currently negotiating to put the show on three stations in Tennessee as well as one in northern California. Whether it's me or someone else, the old guard of conservative media needs to be replaced for the most part. Far too many American First patriots are still stuck with too few choices. They're forced to take in lukewarm conservativism from bombastic news outlets that are somehow able to be loud and milquetoast simultaneously. We need more voices, and I'm willing to volunteer mine. Please let me know what you think. If enough people call for it, we'll do it.

Recorded: January 05, 2023

JD Rucker Show

JD Rucker Show
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hello and welcome to another episode of the JD Rucker show on your host J D wrecker and if you are watching the video you will notice something different I'm not there we are going to trying something different and we'll see how it goes Today Show is specifically dedicated to my good friend Malcolm over at America out loud Talk Radio K you're listening All-America I'll talk radio pay very close attention if you're not listening when America aloud talk radio then still pay attention because it's it's important stuff so the the program that's just fantastic we just picked up some some brand-new people with the attorney Thomas friends got a show now of course dr. Peter McCulloch has had a show for a while we got some some great other fantastic people people that I listen to and read myself so relieved they post articles they get some great shows going out there and I wouldn't just picked up dr. Paul Alexander to go
do to join the fuel line up again great stuff is happening over there my intention me of my hope has always been too Too Faced sweet divide up this probably the wrong way to put it to make as many exclusive pieces of content as possible Right now the way that I've been doing it is that I do my show and it gets broadcast on on Trumbull and priority on M B shoot an apple podcast and red State talk radio and and America out loud talk radio course my question for you the audience specifically at American Outlaw talk radio is your hey are you there out there you know what my me I know you're out there obviously view listen to this but what sort of I guess the real question is how how passionate are you big are you I have a feeling that the audience at America out loud is pretty darn big but unlike
you know you can always go to people that have YouTube channels for example then go to YouTube and thinks you're on YouTube and look up. I've got 200,000 views on this video and then 800 likes whatever the one bad part about talk radio is that it is hard to quantify the size of the audience as well as the passion of you look I'm not at all you know well I do I need to have 100,000 listeners every episode or else I'm out of here that's not by no means is that what I'm saying but if I am going to do an exclusive show is I want to do for America out loud talk radio then I want to know that the people are there to listen to that that there really is as large of an audience as I believe there is here so what am asking you to do is this your listening right now at American Outlaw talk radio with you listening you make maybe you'll listen to it
Apple podcast okay that's fine too you know I don't let me know it doesn't matter whether you listen to Live or not as long as the audience is there as long as you guys want to hear more of the political report that I do for America out loud talk radio do I hear more of it and if you wanted to be exclusive exclusive for 2 hours a day then let me know go to talk that's JB talk
there's going to be a little button that where you can press America out loud and say hey I'm here where was saying here's what I hear some feedback usually want you to worry if you don't know what to give me feedback to say hi as long as I get it you caught like a voting system as long as I can but I anticipate to be a large number of people that go to JD talking and alert me that they are listening to me right now at at American Outlaw talk radio then I will I will strongly take into consideration the possibility of doing essentially woodlot opposed to do you know a lot of host either they do a television show on a radio show and I know I'm not on television at least not yet but should we should I expand out should we do essentially a radio show where I don't have to get dressed up I can come sit here and in the studio in front of the screen and go to the store
is easier but it's also harder when you got to be more interesting sounding on radio then you do on television television hey at least you have visuals you got videos that you can play you got all sorts of stuff that you can do with and that you got sheets so to speak with it where is Radio it's just the sound of my voice or sound of voice the voices of the people that interview or if I do play some audio clips you might get some don't mean let's face it I can be very verbose so me sitting in front of microphone talking with two three four eight hours a day. I got no problem with that okay as long as I got my coffee and and a catheter I am in good shape and just just set me up I can cuz why if there's ever anything any reason I ever want to go to Capitol Hill and be a congressman or Senator it's not because of the perks even though apparently to get a tremendous perks I've seen people that go in there broke and they leave is as multi-millionaires that's crazy
just because of that it's not because of serving people because I think there's better ways that I could serve this nation Serve the People than 2 to go to, but man I was wanting to see could I do those long filibusters those really long ones where you know you you want or are they wearing an adult diaper how are they able to stay there for that long and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk I know I could talk but there's got to be a bathroom break and this point I have probably offered way too much information people are probably thinking there's no way I'm going to go to J D slash talk and let him know that I'm listening it on America allowed talk radio because I do that maybe you will do an additional showing man we don't need any more rocker and if that's your message tell me if I take all all feedback I don't know what I was listening but at least I'll I'll read through it those emails will come directly to me there's no filter no no screener I don't have a Ministry of a system that goes through and flooded out any emails that my
image Mike my delicate ego okay I don't have a delicate ego so you can say whatever you want I am the end I'm fine I'll I can take and I can put on my big boy pants and and take it like a man. So we are considering that this is what I do for a living I just want to figure out number one is there is there a market for it number two is there a meat I know there's a need for me from an ideological perspective I don't think there's enough people in conservative alternative media are saying things that need to be said I mean just the last night but Sean Hannity has a Lauren boebert talking about how Kevin McCarthy is in he's got two and three people 201 but who's counting right Sean Hannity he's got two hundred and three people in the and you got 20 why does he have to stand down and as I explained
okay I swing this on my sub stack what you can go to J D wrecker. I swing by myself stack I explained it other places that look Oaks he's he's wrong about this and it's no secret I'm not a fan of Sean Hannity but I know you don't see him this wrong many times this isn't a matter of Kevin McCarthy having 201 supporter okay this is a matter that we said that at the time of his interview with Lord bovvered this is a matter of the 201 members of Congress Republican members of Congress who are willing to accept him as if you're willing to accept and why in many cases because he has established himself as the de-facto Speaker of the House
damned-if-you-do the likely got to win the other unfortunate part of the weakness in our system is through giving giving individuals far too much power over the legislative bodies now the speaker of the house I agree with that one okay to some extent but I really wish I can't wait for the first person to become speaker of the house is not a member of Congress because I think that's what really needs to be done but that's a whole other topic for all of the day and you got Senate majority leader who made up concept just to be clear for those who don't know that's not a constitutional
but either way it was both and they're giving way too much power Glover that person is they can pretty much guy that the entire direction of the entire legislative body that's not how things were weird attended okay that's not what the founders envisioned and we've seen it essentially destroy us mean you can didn't doesn't matter republican-democrat whoever's controlling Congress you're still going to get him and you can go back decades before I don't even even know who that person would be but I don't in my lifetime I don't remember a speaker of the house who wasn't at in some way a an establishment Shield part of the unit party Swamp People Say what about Newt Gingrich Gingrich I like new to some extent okay but he also noot noot was and is still part of the unit party swap is he a full-blown Rhino like a Paul Ryan or John Boehner or Kevin McCarthy know that bad but you know he did
call good thing she's got to have a good idea that he's got a whole lot of bad ones too and those working to see I would say he helps you Usher in the the neocon revolution that we saw with George h.w. Bush with George Bush with with with pretty much at least two-thirds of the members of Congress today on the Republican side that you going to trim your dad to Newt Gingrich he'd be blade down on a plan that favored the neocon wing of the Republican party in many ways spite all the good that you did need to do a lot of good but despite all the good he did I would say that that the negatives that he brought long-term for the party or actually actually outweighed the positives so I guess I'm not trying to put Newt Gingrich in the same category as a John Boehner or a
a Paul Ryan or even a Kevin McCarthy okay but I think a lot of conservative put new tie up on a pedestal that's just not deserve I like newt but I would he's not one of my top top picks for ending in the ass again I would still say that he still qualifies as not a break in the long stream of of unit party swamp members proxies for puppets who have held the gavel over the decades
that's one of the biggest reasons why we as a nation are facing so many problems because we haven't had good members of Congress or good senator's there have been many do we have had some but when the people who hold the gavel when the people who hold control whether it's the Senate Majority Leader with a speaker of the house when they're corrupted the entire body is cramping this is why I am so adamantly opposed to Kevin McCarthy being speaker of the house I believe this is why Matt gaetz and Lauren boebert and others are so adamantly opposed and I believe this is why Sean Hannity is so in favor of McCarthy I would would argue that Sean Hannity is at least now and possibly has always been a shill weather Page Hill or bully chill or a Black Milk milled shell but whatever he is a shill for the unit party Elite lien party swamp
okay he is part of the establishment people say but he's going to Trump's greatest confidence and I would say well yeah why do you think the Trump backed memory. Why you think the Trump backed Kevin McCarthy
I love Trump to the dude's impressionable he listens to the wrong people probably over half the time okay need I remind people of Omarosa cook HR McMaster Rex Tillerson reince priebus Jim Mattis Anthony scaramucci Anthony scaramucci okay Jeff sessions I could go up and down a list of just really bad choices John Kelly come on give me a break Mike Pence Mike Pence from pick Mike Pence he surrounds himself with bad advisors those bad advisors help other bad people surround him and that's that's his weakness you are mean you could argue that if it wasn't for that he could have had a spectacular what are the greatest president of all time if not be greatest presidency of all time he kept having to fight his own people for 4 years on top of fighting the Democrats on
fighting the fake news media on top of fighting whoever
and I would say the Sean Hannity is one of the biggest examples of that the back of the point the reason I bring him up in the first place is because he claims that that that McCarthy has all the support McCarthy has the factor support because he's a de facto speaker of the house at least that's what he was hoping he would be he was trying to cut off the basement to be clear that's what they always do okay where was supposed to be the Speaker of the House always ends up becoming the speaker of the house they cut deals with the with the rabble-rousers in their particular party but then they make it happen Okay that's that's just that's how it works well she did it Paul Ryan did it okay we next what that's what they do
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and I would argue that the the strategy being employed by Matt gaetz by Lauren boebert by Andy Biggs and all the people that are opposing mode puzzle McCarthy it's the right strategy isn't going to work I don't know what we'll see but it's the right one they they throw out there they they stay strong with her opposition and negotiate but in the meantime but negotiation is about getting him out of there not about figuring out how to how to cut deals and get them selves committee committee chairs that I hope God Alba's on the case I hope that's not the case I really do but if it is I'll be very disappointed but if it's not that I don't think it is then strategy is like this they'll they'll do their thing or continue to oppose and then once a new speaker or new what's a they have weakened the the will of the
the milquetoast lukewarm Kevin McCarthy supporters then they'll say hey what about this guy what about dispersed what do we do with a consensus candidate okay
and if you are listening to talk radio then then this may have already played out Lord willing and has and if you are listening on America I'll talk radio I will reiterate for me to strongly consider to actually do a unique show an exclusive show for America La talk radio just a radio only show such as today's version work is really not much on the screen to look at there will be a little bit. Nothing there you know if for me to do that I need to know that you guys are out there so go to JD Rucker. Calm talks so yep Rucker we want an exclusive for America wow talk radio that's it you know just do a radio show do do a video show or what television show you know I'm not a real television do dudes two separate shows that way you know you can because I can cover that the the beauty here is I can cover different topics and in many cases I can cover a lot more topics when I'm doing it
radio versus what I'm doing it on on a video because of the video you know there's a lot more production Daddy and I'm so glad to have a producer starting next was a week from Monday we got our will have our first producer while not perfect at first I best producer for the shell will put it like that so it should be pretty awesome but there's a lot it's just Luke gay radio television they just are different so if you want me to start doing exclusive here and just say talk so I'll be right back
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so the first story comes from Carrie lick herself a few stories to discuss regarding care like this it's first one regarding a choice that she posted Wednesday this is this is kind of a bombshell and yet it's not getting very much attention of course because it refers to the potential for massive widespread voter fraud in the state of Arizona that would have stolen the election from from Kari Lake given it to be then Secretary of State Katie Hobbs the corrupt racist and just put them like apple by parently governor and now of of Arizona course I am firmly of the opinion that that this election was stolen and so many words to prevent the red tsunami but this one particular was always important to me because I felt that they have between this one and Pennsylvania with Doug mastriano that getting to America First patriotic governors in those two
play some particular would have been a huge in exposing the mass widespread voter fraud that took place during the 2020 election but hey maybe at this stage we're never going to know that they were able of completely completely lock up the potential to uncover the truth regarding 2020 at least in Pennsylvania and Arizona by by manufacturing victories form for the Democrats but again I'm not trying to make accusations here I'm just saying that's my personal opinion based on the data so according to this this such weed she says Pinal County discovered a $600 to scrap its enduring a Bahama days recounts Katie has intercepted this information and hid it from a van me a while we were filing a lawsuit and now we find out the elections director was given a $25,000 bonus who in government gets a 25
$10 bonus for essentially being wrong let's look at the article itself is is from and vote beat. Org by Jen Fifield does elections director in Pinal County got $25,000 bonus after reporting inaccurate results thank you you didn't do your job you screwed everything up so he was $25,000 that didn't happen I would actually end it happened was hey good job on covering up the voter fraud here's your $25,000 pay up again not making accusations I'm just saying that's how this appears to me based upon based on this information in the article mistakes and covered by recount indicate Virginia Ross either did not catch errors or failed to disclose them before results were certified of course it's very important because was a certified like oh my God they're certified what are we going to do now but I'll County's outgoing elections director
elections director click on a $25,000 bonus for running a final results with significant inaccuracies including around 500 uncounted votes in the neck and neck attorney general's race Virginia Ross the count order County Recorder brought in to oversee the election on a short-term contract either did not get them steaks or failed to disclose them for the results for certavite in November going to County officials me and accuracies were only revealed publicly last week as part of the results of the Statewide recount an election or and officials attributed the problem to human error during ballot-counting on Election Day go figure this week the new elections director indicator the Ross may not have taken steps after the election to ensure the results are accurate regardless she collected the bonus and retired got nothing on reality
in our modern world that's the article Ross was brought in specifically to fix the County's election that's a very properly stated opening to that sentence was brought in specifically to fix the county collections after a disastrous primary which county officials made mistakes they later said we're easily preventable such as not wearing enough Alice for polling places Ross was paid a towering hundred $25,000 for foremen to work with the $25,000 bonus contingent on certain conditions got a supervisor Kevin Cavanaugh said at a supervisor meeting Wednesday that he would like to consider whether it's possible to rescind Ross's bonus really that's it how about let's investigate a potentially charge arrest convicted in jail this person a few residents who spoke at the meeting demanded it and there's a quote from Adam Kavanagh.
do vote beat prior to the meeting on the supervisors Queen November 28th vote to certify the election results that he said if eras were known to the board we would have not likely canvas if we had not canvassed Virginia Ross would not have received our $25,000 bonus. The plot thickens hope you was unable to seek coming from Ross who has since moved out of state, laughing as if this is funny but it's not I mean it's funny but it's it's more sad than funny she just left the state wow
I mean just just well and has no publicly listed contact information or identifiable social media accounts a County spokesperson said he did not have a way to immediately reach Kelly officials have a short voters that the recount results are accurate but County Supervisor still have questions about how and why the results changed. Make a regret there is actually a pretty detailed article good job over there and vote bait gen gen I5 field by the bottom line here is this is just one minor piece and I think my nerves 600 volts is not minor especially when you consider how close a holidays election was but this is just one minor when you look at the scale of the mass of widespread voter fraud took place in Arizona for not to elections
when you consider everything was going on when we get to see a pattern here we see that these people they don't put all their eggs in one basket their their preferred method to steal elections is to have multiple eggs in multiple baskets from mobile people it's very compartmentalize I would assume that any of the people that are involved many of them don't even know they're involved there just instructed their just useful idiot K their instructions go here go there do this do that bring the balance here don't do this don't do that another book says this but do this instead you know and they might have a suspicion perhaps some of them have a suspicion that what they're doing might be might be unethical might be at legal might be wrong but hey there cover their being told by other people and when you have enough people doing wrong things you know especially when they're doing it together it's like okay well you know I mean are they going to arrest us all I think that was a mentality and a lot of ways for a lot of people that enter the cap on January 6th 2021 wow everybody else to do and I guess we're safe we saw like they're going to go out
if you guys are going to open up cases immediately and go and hunt down 900 people to arrest them and throw them in Gulag indefinitely what are the chances that except of course that's exactly what happened as planned by the Deep state by the FBI but I digress is that when you got when you look in a situation like this when you got this these these multiple multiple pathways through which they can engage in massive widespread voter fraud if you lose one your fine if you lose to your fine if one person gets busted it's compartmentalize so it's not like it's going to be easy to take down the entire cabal hopefully or willing that's exactly what will happen when I say Lord willing as I was saying back in 2021 shortly after you know it became clear that there was not going to be this massive massive storage in evidence I was going to take take down the 2020 election stole election in and correct result yeah I was saying back then I'll save the day if this is going to be based upon and solely based on whether or not
God wants these elections correct whether he wants them to what really wants this this cabal the corruption and rash of stolen election scare the United States if he wants them corrected then they will be corrected there's nothing the bad guys can do about it if he does not want them correct she wants this to be the state of the United States of America then there's nothing we can do except when we start fighting by the way I was going to be clear about that I always have to reiterate that our our path forward as America First Patriots as conservatives if you are conservative as Christians if you are Christian as whatever it is that you use to identify your own ideology our path forward is Remains the Same no matter what we still fight the good fight it's above our pay grade to try to determine if this is going to be the something that God is going to intervene with her if that's going to be something that God's going to intervene with weather
and we don't make that choice all we know to do is to continue to do what we do and fight the good fight this is why I do these shows is its to spread the truth on a similar note is a new story or story over at the Gateway pundit. Cam transfer in historic elections challenge by Jordan conradson football playoffs are here the stakes are higher than ever and is no better way to turn play off football to Big Game energy and a 100 times more money than prizepicks here's how it works just to let you or more players pick more or less on their staff rejection and place your entry it's that easy you can turn $10 into $1,000 would just a few Taps easy gameplay and an enormous Alexa to play resist that option would make prize fix the number one daily fantasy sports app get in the lab
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just fine immediate decision from the Arizona Supreme Court and a new election reported Bubba Bubba blah whatever notes that the court of appeals has entered a scheduling order directing respondents in the special action proceeding no good cause a to transfer the matter to this court in other words she's going to have to go through at least one more step in the process is this a huge loss I mean it's it's unfortunate because it does slow down the process more importantly I think she has a less of a chance her case is not going to be overturned by the the the results of her case which was thrown out by by the judge
it's not going to get over to turn in the appeals court they know that they expect that so they want to take it straight to the Supreme Court to bypass another walk cuz once you have two losses on a single case it's really hard to get that that when it's it's kind of like in sports if you're if you're behind in the series when you get far enough behind started to come back and this will put Kari Lake in her legal team by Mabel so to speak and they've got to I got to pull out some sensory some Miracles here but like I said, this early in their hand they just keep fighting do what they're supposed to do and God will take care of the rest I always it's funny because I get a tingle in the back of my mind every time I remind people that because I know what that means I know what that means for us and what we're supposed to do but but sometimes I think feel like I need to elaborate you know God's will is perfect we God wants to happen will have
and it will happen exactly as it's supposed to happen with that said we don't know what our role is in those plans this is why I know it's kind of like easiest way to the easiest analogy down or stand is sky like knowing hey you know you know there's going to be be something cool that may or may not happen at a certain place okay no call it I don't know maybe you're a birdwatcher need to hear there's birds certain bird that comes to a certain area at a certain time right and so your job is to go to that area and look around and wait for the birds and the bird comes great if the bird doesn't come then yeah that sucks maybe you waste your time but you're still a birdwatcher you you still did what you were supposed to do is take the opportunity to potentially catch the image of the bird that you're trying to watch him if anybody's not a birdwatcher and I'm not a birdwatcher but I can tell you knowing a couple of birdwatchers that they do treat is racing
in this something you know it's almost may be a better example that's more universe will be fishing you know you go to a fishing place you think you told hey this is good fishing here you cast your line you wait to see if you're going to get anything if you do great if you don't that sucks but you know you're still fishing either way these are very sloppy analogies and I get that so I apologize but I'm trying to make people aware that cuz I think a lot of times we say hello it's God's will God's in control some people interpret that is okay well I guess I'm not responsible for anything I guess I don't have to do anything to the fight the good fight is with God's in control what I'm going to do I'm just an average job might as well go go go play with my VR headset or watch Netflix or or whatever you know what's the point of fighting if if we don't make a difference we do and it is this is a part of people need to understand we make the difference the God wants us to make
and so our job is to do what we are guided through biblically Guidance Do by our hearts and Minds combination trying to remain within the confines of a of a Biblical worldview you're not a Christian or Jew or Christian Believer by yourself you you do your job you do what you're supposed to do and whatever happens for whatever reason it happens let it happen I hope that's sufficient it probably is one more quick notes over about will stick with the k-league story one more quick notes from NaturalNews bell-carter this is an article that was posted also this week are Lake says Kenny elections to protect cartels trafficking drugs and humans across the border I already explained it one of the biggest reasons that I was in support carry like that's because I think she's going
because we she will be and by golly I wish she does become a great governor of Arizona I think that her her future in politics in Arizona and that beyond our is is bright okay but she understands the problems that the people of Arizona face Kate Katie Hobbs also understands is probably the difference is Acadia perpetuates them the article Arizona Republican candidate Care Lake Placid or democrat rival and former Secretary of State candy Hobbs for rigging the November 2022 election she argue the house wanting to protect cartel smuggling drugs and humans across the border and I wholeheartedly agree Lake a former news anchor revealed her Rivals plans during her recent appearance at Steve Bannon War Room podcast she told the former white house chief strategist at Hobbs move to ensure a democratic win at the gubernatorial race this she said enables the open border systems where cartels can continue to push drugs and traffic people in the United States
and this is like when she saw it she said it is absolutely appalling and this state is going to go to hell in a handbasket if Katie has allowed to take control Maricopa County superior court judge Peter Thompson rejected Lakes lost it on December 27th that's not David Stern the results of the County's elections for governor the magistrate argue the GOP candidate failed to prove there was intentional misconduct that cost for the race that was they know there was misconduct they just don't they control those intentional at least the judge claims that to my task while Kitty houses intentionally participate in helping the cartels what is that housing benefit her and it benefits her because those are the orders from the global Elite cabal from the George soros's in the Barack Obama's the the Bill Gates has in the the class Schwab's the world they want our borders open in Arizona is key to that why they wanted more for because they want a a multipolar world they want their Regional Powers they want to destroy the United States of America or at least
bring us down into to such a level that everybody else is equal to us and that's why the Caroline collection was so important to them at the break I don't think so. We got some really good stories so please stay tuned
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for the reason that I am I am so so hopeful that I get here from many of you by going to J D wrecker, talk on behalf of research program as well as readers as well as it whether you listen when a podcast or directly over at America has allowed talk radio I want to hear from you because one of the things that's so appealing about the site and about with Malcolm has put together with just a tremendous lineup of people is the articles there are among the best Mike jobs as far as news aggregation include the Liberty daily., which is the conservative alternative to The Drudge Report is fantastic and we post a hundred 250 stories a day there
I am by Malone editor with a ride back she made the people here that I'm alone at it but they don't realize that there is no door in that's Matthew Burke and he's he's a stud okay he's a he's a true patriot and he's he has the site most the time he will send me an email saying why did you post this or here is a different it whenever I work the weekends I work some weekdays and I feel in it's a loser to man show the try to to manage a site that gets about 10 million visitors a month so so we're doing the best we can and I think we do a fantastic job to do my homework in there but we also have to start this is a site that I own the server Port. Cam is kind of like a hybrid between you do it would be closer to I would say revolver. News which is been paid he's fantastic sight and be more more kin than that one then to Drudge Report because
it would we publish quite not nearly as many stories as we do over the Liberty daily I might those 20 30 40 50 Cent Only The crucial the mission critical items over at the CERN I have to read through a list of feeds by my feed reader has over 250 sources that are conservative an alternative media and I read through every headline every day in order to to keep up and I read a whole bunch of the stories that are in the ones that been drawn my attention right it's a lot of stories I get over from America out loud. Calm and that's like an 11 of the difference makers this is why I'm very hopeful
like I said I am we're running a test today show is essentially a radio version of the J D wrecker show that the J D wrecker political report and my question is do we have enough a strong enough for viewership listeners should I should think over an American out loud talk radio for me to start doing it to our radio show on top of the 2-hour video show why do why just take the same show and playing on everywhere if if the who's me and it behooves America for me to do 2 hours on Radio 2 hours on video that is the goal and if we can get enough of a response from the good folks listening over at americol I'll talk radio that's exactly what I'll do I'll dedicate 4 hours of my day Monday through Friday 2 to bring you more of this amazing. Not that I'm amazing with the amazing information that people need to hear so go to JD Rucker. Calm talk and let me know
you're listening I didn't let me know if you're listening or red State talk radio or wherever Rumble K I want to know where people hear me but he really singing America out loud talk radio because again or country is like a boat if I get a hundred thousand millions of respondents let's do this let's do it all right so there's an article over at America at By the Fantastic George McClellan titled to Craven anti-American President Obama and buy sweatin Republic I've never actually met or spoken to George but I read this stuff religiously I don't agree 100% of time but I'd say I agree at least eighty-five 90% I'm in the dues that we count the article our nation is adrift in the dangerous sea of Confusion by the premeditated actions of to Craven anti-American President Barack Obama
and Joe Biden they're supported by a Phalanx of marxist leaning and loyal leftist deep State. Cheeks I love that word okay I actually love that we're just in the side note it's one of the reasons that I like George McClellan is riding so much because he has a command of the language that far exceeds most corporate medicine Dilantin most the vast majority of people who write for corporate media sites he says what he says and he doesn't care and that we need a lot more up yeah we really do like the article in concert with the most powerful us intelligence agencies for since the end of World War II that make their own rules the intelligence agencies are a state-within-a-state they have proliferated to such a size with such a powerful effect the dealing with their schemes can become an exercise in frustration football playoffs are here the stakes are higher than ever and is no better way to turn playoff football big game energy and a 100.
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they're the absolute ability to gather damaging information on every politician and use it for their own purposes that's what makes politicians from vulnerable especially rhinos to deny left us sanctions against what was once our greatest moral strength as a nation God and family pressures have become a too powerful for normal folks to resist without being cast out and declared racist homophobes moms will terrorize you if you don't comply but is there still government organizations and are only as protected as their weakest link they still risk exposure for example Decades of concealing details about the assassination of JFK Long held in complete secrecy in the interest of National Security are leaking out suggesting our CIA has some involvement in that tawdry business of regime change debate
I have the disclaimer hear that 21 proud years of my federal law enforcement career all during the Cold War was spent with one. The intelligence organization our aim then was totally focused on protecting US military assets from penetration by the Soviets and their Eastern Bloc counterparts and never did I ever to take the hint then an anti-American bias was present with today my face both International level intelligence agencies and the FBI has been shattered in equal measure are they to be trusted anymore
you're taking your chances if you do I've never trusted the Democrats and I'm now skeptical now a skeptical other Republicans to stop right there and it looks pretty good down so he and he's saying the during his time during the Cold War Georgia's time with the the call of duty teligence industrial complex with Works in line with the military-industrial complex and of course that it's not just within our government is not just within our military is not just within our intelligence agencies it's also through corporations and individuals and a non-government organizations as well as other governments in cells they all
participate in these various industrial complex he's so what he saying is that he didn't even sense a hint of the anti-americanism that we are seeing very clearly within the FBI the CIA the Deep state in general that's important understand because you know when I spied when I was young when I was in high school what are the one of the considerations as I Was preparing for college one of my considerations was to join the FBI I wanted to go to college get my degrees I was actually in choir and start looking into which degrees would be best suited for me to graduate and then to to go to Quantico I ain't that was one of the things that I strongly consider I ended up your praise the Lord for this I ended up going in a very different direction obviously cuz you're listening to me as a German but
but at least at the time there was a very serious degree Bonner associated with participating in the FBI and the CIA has always had a little crush and that's just part of the game okay that's part of you you can't and I'm not defending them when I say this I'm just saying that that it's very hard to do with the CIA does without corruption Creepin and I'm going to say very hard I would say it's almost impossible okay because they have to dive into the the bowels of the the worst aspects of humanity in order to accomplish their goals their their their missions oftentimes those missions force them to do things that that are morally questionable when you danced with the devil in the van so you're going to like it and I think that's what's happened with our CIA and I anybody who's in the ca for long enough I believe will be a hundred percent corrupted now we're seeing that the FBI is
is it a sin or both of FBI agents are you know are they just do their job are you hear that a lot of special people like Sean Hannity who have already ripped on somewhat twice now during the show by Sean Hannity day right which every day for me Isn't a Sean Hannity day but anyway you get the idea so you know it isn't just a few bad apples is just all you know they're just doing their job their following orders. They're really great people and I don't think so maybe they started off that way but I think that in many ways men and not all of 9% we seen the whistleblowers to know for sure there are plenty of good people still in the FBI there are plenty of people who are who are either conscientious objectors or silent silent opposition or maybe they just don't like it but I do it anyway okay they don't like what they do when they don't like the direction the FBI is taking it out like the anti-American Hill to the pro Democrat Pro lattice Pro wokeness that's taking over the Federal Bureau of
I don't like it but they're participating anyway whatever reason to destroy the family that to advance their career to hopefully they can do this for a little for however long and then get out and then go go do some real good work instead of the the crap work they're doing right now there's a story that just raise the of the bounty on information regarding the the bombs that were left at the DNC in Orange City on January 6th and all now they're going to pay you half a million dollars you can get information and I really want to make it in five hundred million dollars they'll offer for information because let's face it probably participated in it right this is probably all a false flag stuff or at least that they probably know who did I wish I was going to say they probably brought this man that's not that's not true just too sloppy for them to a participant what's more likely is they do already know they were known for robbery from day one who it was that was dropping the bombs they probably read in the Bible when going off but they
just because they need the narrative be focused on the quote unquote Insurrection incursion of the Capitol building on January 1st or January 6th 2021 does that was their focus that's what it's like okay well yeah let's just bury this story for a while and people not people will will ask what's going on there so it's a good time to go to razor razor Ward the 500,000 like I said I might as well be five hundred million because I can say with a 98% certainty that there's not going to be anything comes from this and if there is by the way the reason I put a 98 and not higher is because because I really do think it's higher but unless their plan is to allow the scapegoat they have a sacrificial lamb throw somebody out there to to say hey look we caught them Victory we got it we did it
and that might be there at their plan that might be why they're raising a to 500,000 maybe say hey look see it works we we we put our focus on this week we doubled our efforts maybe we pulled one of the thousands of Agents we have working on the January 6th no Insurrection is trying to rest grandmother's and put them in jail and definitely into Political as political prisoners in the gulag we pulled one of our agents off and he was able to follow the lead and he was able to find the pipe bombers are the potential pipe bombers the alleged pipe on a whatever and I think we was a tip so so here's Charlie Sue cousin of of agent babu God gets $500,000 or whatever again I don't want to go too many conspiracies the point being is that George McClellan says that it wasn't always like like this in even though I was not in the intelligence community of the time I would I don't doubt his assessment so to Mexi article so today events both natural and manufactured have already in indelibly altered America drag
this way from constitutional representative republicanism to some sick form of marxist socialism by attacking America's inner strengths under the cover of diversity inclusion and equity and I had sicko perversion
their efforts have sapped our resolve and there are moral strength to the point of weakness only demanding socialist can only demented socialist can think up it is reversible however believed it consequently with some exceptions I become a serious skeptic of the political word from government its media propaganda and the GOP there's a quote promises mean nothing punishment for exposed criminality are not investigated but ignored if the criminal is a Democrat my quote be especially alert quote and quote antenna always comes up whenever I hear that a spending bill passed Congress on a bipartisan vote nothing can be pipe bipartisan anymore because the Democrats have gone to the dark side and they won't be coming back anytime soon
power and control is their game and cheating lying and scheming is their path to getting there and keeping it we can smell a rat when taxpayer funds provided funds are dispensed to benefit is supposed needs of a corrupt politicians especially when the funds go to unions that return most of the back to Democrats as donations we are drowning in corruption in the state within the state supported the 06 January Capital Insurrection is also turning into a Democrats conducted Fiasco with Supply money and energy to try to stop your truck Juggernaut they fear is coming at least data informs us of the behind-the-scenes machinations Pelosi I constructed to drop protections for the Capitol building and manufacture reasons why Trump did it whole business like the controls of authority except for one person the speaker of the house where the pool is he claimed that power who gave it to her why do Republicans stand up and challenge her in her creepy and her on her
happy leadership speaking crappy leadership how about Kevin McCarthy's fading dream of becoming speaker but it doesn't matter who cares it's a seniority business again McCarthy is the last remnants remnant of the old Rhino neoconservative that Boehner and Ryan lead to Republican losses he's not to be trusted anymore then Nancy Pelosi so why give him the gavel but why not sold out of the speaker is to stop fighting spending That's All That Remains till 2024 Nothing Else Matters and I'm going to slightly disagree you know it is there is more to this speaker position than just trying to to stop the bleeding I said that's the main right I agree that's the main role but they're real one of the things that they can do as they can help to expose through committee hearings they can have to expose some of the wrongdoing has been taking place in the FBI and the CIA
what did Pfizer and in moderna and whoever else they will say they can we can do with understand certain things as long as Democrats are in control and it's rhinos are in control they probably won't this is why I am so adamantly opposed reason number 483 that I'm so adamantly opposed to Kevin McCarthy getting the gavel the man might think I deserve is it he might think that he's earned it but he doesn't have anything any of the qualities that we need in a Speaker of the House
stop the brake will keep going so where do it stay tuned
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those who joined late to be the question of the day there's no question that I need to answer is whether or not we should do an exclusive radio show for America I'll talk radio the reason why I'm asking this is is currently so I do a show 2 hours show a day Monday through Friday and that showed this broadcast over a lot of different areas do Malcolm over at America aloud and said hey you know brother everybody else has an exclusive why don't you do an excuse for the reason being is that two hours a day is already there that's two hours a day you have to throw in the hours of show prep because show premise is believe it or not show proof is everything okay show prep takes more time in the show itself because I want to know the stories inside now and searching for the story reading them watching the videos getting the information getting my my knowledge base set so that I can do a 2-hour show because we don't do a whole lot of interviews you know someday I think we
will especially considering the on January 16th tentatively Lord willing we will have finally a a full-blown producer for the show that will make it easier for me to not only just do the yeah not only just do interviews but also to take live calls to do chat sinoda to do a lot of the things that that other shows do that I should have been able to do ever since I went solo without a producer so now we got a producer coming back on it's going to be hopefully Ashley fantastic
and as a result it has opened up the possibility that maybe I could do a radio show in many ways radio is very much harder then I just doing she's doing a video because young people that are even but you got to the only really easier part about radios that I don't have to put on my my suit and tie that's it that's it everything else is pretty much harder because because you have to have to be really on your game radios designed to be heard and not seeing so you don't have a lot of the same benefits as you have with video and what I do a video show I can just throw stuff up on the screen and then there's a lot more of obviously William Morris is in completely more visual aspects to it I can play other people's videos there's there's a lot more
if there's a lot of easy buns I guess you'd say associate with video that with audio and you just got to be smart and interesting all the time you can lose people the moment you start sucking on radio that people can always turn the channel so the prerequisite that I have if I'm going to do a unique exclusive Show 2 hours a day Monday through Friday radio only for American Outlaw talk radio then by golly I got to know I got to know that this the people are listening so that means it if you are listening right now whether you're listening to a podcast or red State talk radio or of course most importantly directly from America out loud. Calm itself please go to JD Rucker. Calm slash pocket JD talk and it's a give me some feedback tell me hey I'm listening to Hey you should do a show hey what's your days plenty we're getting sick and tired of hearing you say
how much whatever feedback I can take it big boy pants are on okay big boy pants are on his next story is one that does might actually end up taking a couple of segments because this is an important story came out this week from my good friends over at the Epic Pines Michael Wilkerson is the the author and his title 12 events to watch war in 2023 and I have a feeling I'd be I say I could date do two segments I can only do two holes shows based upon the information that's that he reveals in here and look at the questions that's he asks and most importantly the the focal points that we need look where the point in American history unlike any other time
and it when I see American history where the point in world history I would save it this is the closest people are going to jump on me especially if you are a believer in the judeo-christian phase you're going to jump on me and maybe even say this is somehow Blasphemous for saying but I would say that the United States of America and the world in general but at least the US for sure is as close to experiencing the biblical plagues that Egypt was put through during the days of Moses and when I sit in the reason I can draw that parallels because as Egypt has Pharaoh had to deal with multiple events they were God's punishment as he was dealing with with those punishments he had to he had to deal with with a multiple multiple existential threats or mine or something or major but all of them were crazy and when we look at what's
in the United States today I don't think it's a stretch to say that we are experiencing obviously not the same types but I would say arguably even more severe levels are pretentious if you're not here today but the growing more severe everyday different types of existential threat we face as a nation okay we're very good and you give us one threat at a time to threats of the time we can handle it okay we can handle we are as a nation or very resilient very resourceful K American exceptionalism is or at least there was real was real just a couple of years ago I don't know what's changed maybe it's the younger generation that means that I'm part of the older generation is it all to blame myself but maybe it was our generation you know I have done some soul-searching what did we screw this up okay realize its appointed gen Z and Millennials and whatever the newest latest generation Israelites all those guys were supposed to
ruining everything but maybe it was Gen X maybe is Boomers maybe maybe it was before then maybe the downfall of the United States of America started long ago and we were just too blinded by your own awesomeness to notice but we are facing existential threats across the board so that's why this particular article I think is going to be it might take the rest of the show Again by Michael Lopez in over at via bike X title 12in to watch for in 2023 for the article the year 2022 was one of surprises Russia's invasion of Ukraine resistant inflation to buy energy cost the class of ft x and crypto Marcus the revelations of the so-called Twitter files and one of the worst Equity markets in recent history to name but a few year 2023 is poised to resent some equally challenging circumstances here are 12 Trends events or surprises that make the shape and Define the year head number one
inflation returns I may be in the Minority Report here but I do not believe we've seen the end of war the worst of inflation in the United States I argue the following a leg and which price growth appears to moderate Consumer Price Index inflation returns to the eighth to 12% range where it persists for the rest of the Year this will be cost-push inflation not demand-pull see that the second point below in Williams at and a lightning result of troubling the money supply in the United States since 2009 stagflation return with the misery index that's the inflation plus unemployment hitting new highs now I am a firm believer a very firm believer that all of economic problems that were facing today all of them every single one of them is manufactured and people will buy a lot is very popular for conservatives Republicans
games for for America First populists or whatever for those on the right very very easy for us to specially those of us in media to say oh yeah this is biting biting the hair surgery and Biden is doing this this is all biting this all Democrats Democrats through this true and they are definitely involved but I would say that you have to look at the FED in this and are their role in all of this is very clear you definitely have to include the Chinese Communist party in this their their direct I'm not just talking about it from a trade respect and I'm not just talking about you know from a from a monetary manipulation respect what I'm talking about direct involvement in what could be called corporate sabotage economic sabotage that people here that are trying to destroy the economy destroyed our finances destroy our physical future and even destroy our physical today
then you can always look at the world economic forum and they're they're the tip of their particular Global is spear the council for inclusive capitalism as well as open societies with George Soros you look at the various Global since he's out there and they all have this Universal goal of taking down the United States of America at least, he cannot make in the military perspective they don't want us to be as dominant as we have been for the last eight decades they want us to to be diminished they want to roll to be diminished class Schwab and Henry Kissinger back in the seventies envisioned A10 A10 Regional Powers controlled by one centralized power of course those of us who read our Bible have to draw a very clear parallels to be the 10 kingdoms that the 10:10 the beasts the 10 monsters whatever that in the Book of Revelations well as partially in in other books in the
that refer to this multipolar world they don't want one superpower they don't want any superpowers other than the the world the globalists Super Power Beat the overarching superpower that's that's over the 10 Regional Powers that's what they want and this isn't anything new I would say that it wasn't new obviously if I'm taking you back to the Bible I was sending it wasn't new when Henry Kissinger Clash Bob and the club of Rome were talking about in the 1970s okay that's the they didn't come up with some novel idea they were just just putting words in and actions towards a plan that I believe it was all the way back I mean you can maybe go all the way back to the garden of Eve when the machinations of the adversary
were initially rolled out at least Against Humanity itself once it is a continuation of that and many of the evil that we seen this world and we're seeing today or just continuations of that initial evil has planted in the hearts of men that initial evil that the brokest from Paradise based on our own free will we left Paradise because we've screwed up thanks Eve thanks Adam but whatever you can go all the way back there and say that what we're seeing today is a culmination of a series of events that have taken place over the last five or six Millennia combination to me could be the the start of the end times we could mean the start of of something wonderful for many of us and obviously something very very very very very very very horrible for other people but again that all depends on whether or not you're bible-believing Christian
so that's a long intro to my commentary was saying yes I agree I think inflation is going to return but I will the reason I do isn't because of necessarily Consumer Price Index he's or or the misery index or anything like that it's because between the buying hair for Gene the fed and the globalist as well as the Chinese Communist Party who may or may not be in bed with some goal was to all may or may not be in bed with the US government may or may not be in bed or controlled by or controlling one of the other I don't know which one of these central banks in the world all of this all of them are pushing us towards an economic collapse this is one of the reasons by the way just to be clear you know I am a humongous fan obviously
my precious metals I wasn't always okay I'm new to Precious Metals I've only been doing this for what's inside a year-and-a-half now before now before the day or before this current situation I was against precious metals lights to get hit up since 2017 I was going to probably at least every single week by one gold company or another or whoever say Hey you know we should sponsor you sure you're concerned we sponsor to show we can respond to conservative that we should know from 2017 till 2021 I said no I'm not a big fan of it okay to me at the time golden so without something to get you know if if you've already got your your well if you're tired you got plenty now you just want to protect in case something crazy happens like 2008-2009 you know something like that so yeah okay so you might want to get gold if you're if you're you know if you're you're ready to get into a safety net rather than trying to to to build your wealth to me in the best way
well at least at the time during the Trump era was going to be through through socks right through through the various Investments that had a higher potential of gains as well as lost but I just didn't see the losses coming then 2021 hits Joe Biden is installed into the White House we start seeing all these crazy things happening with the economy from day one that's what I'm like oh crap I need to make a call I need to go find me a good gold sponsor now those of you who listen my shoulder for you know that my criteria for working with sponsors at the very least they have to be a political my preference is they have to be America First Patriots what I found during my wedding process are these very precious metals company is that the fast majority of them are doing one or two or three of three things number one they're donating to Democrats the executives the owner there donated the Democrats they love Democrats that are great for gold and silver prices
number to they're working with proxies who are directly involved with the Chinese Communist party that's sounds crazy to us but once I started digging into into depositories inserting digging into how do you know the various mints and how a lot of stuff is done that's when I realized oh crap there's a lot of influence from Chinese time is party here in United States is today's gold and silver in the number three of course is the increasing influence of the world economic Forum the counselor inclusive capitals in the globalist in general they are pushing this ESG concept for BlackRock another's State Street Vanguard they want ESG to be the way that all businesses are corporations are judge and run they want everybody to be woke they want everybody to be to be participating in an environment social and governance Rite Aid is Vine Heritage in even incentive I back and I believe is November of last year just a couple of months ago to actually incentivize Financial advice
the promote woke ESG companies even if they do not make money for their client financial advisors I'm not tripping on the profession is not everybody's going to abide by this but there is an incentive coming from the vine Harris regime for financial advisors who are pushing these woke companies long story short is this is why I am very bullish on precious metals and one of the areas that I do promote is the self-directed IRA I I want your money out of anybody else's hands I wanted to be safe in a deposit or where you have access to a physical precious metals are you have access to it you can go go go collected it's yours it's very good touch it. Type of paper goal here
so this is why I created a page JD i r a j d Ira I found all those of all the way I found three that are not donating to Democrats working with a Chinese Communist party or working on behalf of the world economic Forum just three and you'll be able to find those three companies there at JD Rucker, Ira like I said well we were able to make it to the first of 12 in the segment of a show so I'm going to have to speak the truth I'm going to even get it down to just two segments
what you doing I read fast I talk fast you guys listen fast so so we're ready for the show so stay tuned
my good friend dr. Vladimir zelenko you left us way too early so sad that he is gone but his legacy does continue we do still support his foundation we still support his company that is still benefiting that the masses across the world those who have either been in jail or maybe you've been been exposed to those who may be shedding on you that's becoming more and more likely that this being the case more times you jabbed wears off you are in the more you're likely to shut on others even if you never been jabbed not around other people very often you should still consider getting Z detox or is he stack life protocol either one of them will help your immune system is demonstrated by scientists demonstrated by doc dr. Zev zelenko should go to the Sea stack
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so because it's really late just a quick reiteration go to wherever you're listening special you listening at America I'll talk radio go to JD talk let me know that you're listening to because we are strongly considering doing an exclusive radio only show for America and I'll talk radio so go to J D wrecker, talk let me know where you're hearing me and whether what you think should we do on top of the two hour show that we do Monday through Friday every day should we do a 2-hour radio version little I just don't get on video crazy stuff right but that seems to be the trend so I'm I'm interested I want to know if the audience is big enough over to America aloud let's do this let's do it in a heartbeat so the story will make it through through 11 of the 12 events to watch for in 2023 number to US economy enters recession recession recession do we have to try to figure out the definition of recession Democrats
already last year but whatever this is a less controversial proposition at this stage as most Economist and analysts agree that reception looks highly probable for 2023 first half of 2023 is likely to be characterized by negative GDP Rising unemployment and an insecure consumer the wave of layoffs which began in the tech sector in 2022 spreads to other Industries and sectors and migrates down from large-cap corporations like meta and Amazon to small and medium-sized Enterprises which are disproportionately affected by the Slowdown and you have Amazon I think I saw headlights but I read through those who missed that part of my duties over at the liberty and discern mean that I have to read through literally I would need to count on one day has somehow I'll figure out how to count without actually physically County but I would say it's probably somewhere around 1,500 maybe more maybe it's 2500 headlines every single day okay
do the headlines I get to this is how I'm able to stay on top of the news the most in this industry I'm able to stand pop and because I am forced into this Regiment of Reed Reed Reed Reed Reed Reed Reed I got to do it that's that's my job so what happened, I saw that I'm actually reading the story little bit later this about how I Amazon it's they're dumping 17,000 employees they already had one major layoffs and one maybe two actually not to think about it they got 17,000 more employees and I do have a a sort of family member future family member will say who it's been it's been very very concerning their you know Amazon I remember when Amazon launched a distribution center I think it was in Oklahoma City or somewhere around Oklahoma City and this is a big huge deal like the 90s or 2000s
and people work we're lining up thousands of people are lining up to get this job and and it has been let's face it you can have all of your qualms you want about Amazon as far as from from an employer perspective they've always been a relatively good company gave they've been a sought-after job they've never had a challenge filling positions and now they're having a challenge keeping people that's part of this this recession that is either really are already here whatever now as as the authors stated here this isn't exactly controversial Prospect all said there's a 99% chance that we are either in recession or on the verge of recession recession is here it's coming in 2023 it's going to get worse it's going to be really really really really bad so be prepared for that
be prepared learn learn what recession even is it was you listen to I forgot which which record was her maiden name is a media person. I didn't realize it was some MSNBC host it was like all your people didn't even know what recession what was Darnell's Republicans Paul Freeman making people aware they think we're stupid they really do think we're stupid number three European energy crisis worsens this is the way it's already been bad enough of us if it does work in weird are in bad shape and that means we're a match and we just had a huge shipment of history of liquid natural gas sent to Jeremy keep that in mind when you look at your heating bills in February that we just shipped off a whole bunch of liquid natural gas to Germany, New York while in the near-term Western Europe may be spared the worst possible outcomes do to buy a mod winner the underlying factors which led to the energy crisis haven't been resolved Germany
European Union's largest economy made a Faustian bargain believing that it could abandon it's cold in the street and any nuclear aspirations and instead Place their trust in the Russians against all historical experience and a green Utopia France similarly back away from its past to energy Independence and your power and are paying the price while both have recently wrapped repented these misjudgments the path to recovery will take years not months in the meantime supply shortages will continue to play these countries in the world but you can think that these economies and it will continue to hurt us in the United States as well because I can't stand there's a reason why Henry Kissinger said said who controls energy controls entire continents
that is the said that a long time ago and it's it's bearing out finally today I don't think people really understood what that meant and what would that what that entailed until we see what has been happening across Europe for the last nearly a year now and what we're seeing here in United States he can we have our own energy crisis I would argue that all these stunts in the strange events that don't get nearly enough coverage K energy substations getting attacked it just made a couple of rest in Washington state or delete course we have the big attack in North Carolina we had we've had attacks across the country you're also seeing explosions that again don't get covered very often of natural gas pipelines are in the higher energy as a sorry fossil fuel fossil fuels
Alex is going to refineries we're seeing these things happen when I see much news about them and I would say he knows it's easy as hell at most of the eco-terrorists but here's the thing with you a Eagle Terrace like the announce when they do something wrong actual domestic terrorist working on behalf of the global Fleet cab all they only want you to know that it's happening at all they don't want you to know if if a electric substation is sabotage or three of them are five of them are 15 of them are two hundred of them they want you to just think huh yeah crazy things happening I'm looking at my electric bill looking at my my gas bill look at my water bill looking at my whatever Bill and thinking wow this must be their inflation they were talking about it's not me it is but it's not it is
is but but it's been manufactured these shortages are being pushed and it's just going to get worse by trying to be Doom and Gloom Debbie Downer me or hear me just tell you the plain truth you think that all of a sudden energy crises that are affecting the world are just going to get better you know how well it's Russia just just leaves Ukraine everything's going to go back to normal now or if you think that it was just Russia invading Ukraine the caused all this and you're also wrong one can vary when does not have to be a Putin apologist to say that look our economic sanctions we play some Russia are at least partially to blame is the gorillas face it the whole reason we're putting all these sanctions on it was supposed to end the war and has worked Russia still in Ukraine and yet we still have these sanctions and we're still being harmed by them they're not going to put any sanctions in place I guarantee you Joe Biden does not have to worry
about whether or not he's going to be able to turn on the power or pay his electric bill on and any of his homes
the states
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2022 highs as Pete the man from rapidly Rising interest rates he's has a pricing there and it but I've heard reports and again obviously considering that that I have my own sponsors for gold which if you miss the last last segment I said the reason I picked up gold sponsors it's not because they've always been lucrative they've always been been great this white most conservative House of Adam I didn't pick him up so I thought gold was crucial and I do think gold and silver and precious metals physical physical precious metals are crucial today for sure is that I think that is because yeah I'm all the things we're hearing here. Will people say Albany of there's one I guess you could say besides sort of benefit benefit of your investor no benefit if the rest of us the benefit for you for the investors that yeah well it's probably going out for or over before in baseball won the shorty if you if I had to invest in something other than precious metals
forced to yeah I would probably be about fossil fuels because even with the shortages means higher prices higher prices means more money for us right the first crypto I don't know about the baby concert in the theory emerge from a long dark Crypt of winter is all depends on what the powers-that-be want K what is their plan for crypto I don't know I know that they do want Central Bank digital currencies I saw a conspiracy theory very recently that the coin was designed as the precursor for Central Bank digital currencies it was the the trial run and that they're going to have to pull the plug wire or transfer everything over and all the sudden this decentralized you know semi Anonymous and it's mostly secure cryptocurrency that the grandfather of the mall is going to be bi revealed to be on a wolf in sheep's clothing at all by the way it was always the global Central Bankers that were in charge of the whole time
does the theories floating out there Point beans and I don't know if he's going to be at Resurgens for ethereum and Bitcoin. Kind of hope there is because I am a fan of alternative economies but I got out of both of them long ago so so hear me now from a personal perspective of I'm I'm hopeful not for my own finances but for the sake of those who had I know a lot of people who have had a lot of money tied into crypto so yeah I do have his rebound but I don't know if that's what's in the cards for number 5 continued rise of resource nationalism
concerning or is it maybe it's a good thing the unforgettable geopolitical lesson of the pandemic area has been there just in time supply chain dependent on countries that many or may not have I think I meant that may or may not have another nation's interest at heart represents a dangerous strategic Folly it's well and good that we learned lessons when we did countries around the world are now a gristly working to realign their supply chains and ensure they have a strategic strategic resources inadequate Supply to meet unexpected Black Swan events look for increasingly Nash protectionist and nationalistic policies to dominate trade discussions so this is been I have had a bit of an ideological shift over the last
call it
6 years approximately is there was a time when I was a free-market purest okay I didn't care if you want to trade with China Great trade with China and India great trailer that you want to trade with with whoever I don't care right I wasn't a fan of tariffs I wasn't a fan fan of the various trade agreements the game that I just I wanted a completely open market okay just opened you make trade deals you out of those trade deals and young and you cancel the trade deals and they no longer believe you to me as a mostly a consumer Nation Red Nation that's what I didn't realize earlier but I didn't anticipate was were experiencing now and now I am becoming much much much much much much much more of a protection Stone Ashley when it comes to our resources I do want everything everything to be produced your I don't want to be beholden to any other Nation at all I'm going to say we don't trade with them there's a difference
running the week of trade and we can complete protection so very similar to what I'll try that operates was just wanting to try to gets right with their governments their ability to say hey sure we'll try it with everybody else unless we needed and which case we're not trading anyting but you do that in a heartbeat okay I'm thinking I'm not suggesting we mimic their style over their authoritarianism of the fact that they have so much control over in the trees in their in their Nation God forbid that I'm not saying that I'm saying is is that if we do focus on incentive Isaac incentivizing businesses to produce good stuff here I'm not going to be able to get the storm there's a story over at all the Elvis Dash Market that you asked by Brandon Smith that I need to I will get to it on the next episode for sure I've been sitting on a couple of episodes it's a it's a long discussion long story short is that he sang look we if we really want to fix this or economic woes then we have to start producing in the way that we can produce year versus
having to to import so much stuff for everybody else especially China is if we focus on our greatest strength which is the quality if we focus on quality or meet the last days of the there's a reason why so many Goods especially from China or so many goods are essentially disposable that's cheap that's that's the good part about it but they're also they're designed to you have to replace him every X-Men. Of time and who remembers me and to buy a washer and dryer and expect to be able to use that washer and dryer for years if not decades that's the case I love you bought washers and dryers lately but they seem to be breaking down act like two or three years now that doesn't make any sense does now you got to get warranty that you got to replace now sure it was half the price of the one that you paid for before it's probably better off in that wouldn't be much less important part right.
environment equipment has become crap so I just washers and dryers or lawn mowers are dishwashers or whatever it's pretty much across-the-board the only industry that has truly been affected by that house in the automotive industry where we're just based upon that the style of technological advancement their cars generally speaking have gotten better from Aunt that well, I don't time to explain that cars can last longer when he's leaving there going to be is that they continue to rise of resource nationalism that I love I want that to be the case I'm not saying we become complete isolation is nothing we stopped trade but I want to know for example that if you're trying to decide based upon their big spike in covid in their experiences that they don't want to send out any of their pharmaceutical ingredients anymore they make that decision we are screwed cuz 90% of the ingredients to go into a phone
who plays today in the United States are produced by China we don't have a back-up plan that's ludicrous that's stupid
the Pharmaceuticals really if you want to do you know we can't make any more iPhones here okay that sucks but but it is what it is that's not that's a crucial Pharmaceuticals life and death for Millions tens of millions of Americans so don't tell me that it was a smart move to get the cheap ingredients from China gave we are possible to them when it comes to the pharmaceutical and that sucks as a break that one more segments I will hopefully be able to get the rest of this list if not we'll just have to not so stick to
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sleep well for the Apocalypse
and we are back and again final time I say this do they show is a test it's a test run to see
can we do a separate exclusive to our radio show for America aloud Talk Radio in the answer is there a broad enough audience at American Outlaw talk radio to justify doing and if there is I will do it in a heartbeat we now because we have a producer starting to on a January 16th will the show will be broadcast leave the Regular Show the video show will be broadcast live Monday through Friday at 2 p.m. Eastern 11 a.m. Pacific to p.m. Eastern to 4 p.m. Eastern will be taking life calls we doing getting live gas it's going to be a very amazing transition for the show so now the question is do we do an exclusive show for America out loud for radio and I want to say loser I should say I had an exclusive Radio Show in America out loud right now is by far I mean
it's the biggest one for us but how big is it is it big enough to justify so that's why I need you if you were listening at America out loud., listen through TuneIn or I mean he's Malcolm's got it set up across the board everywhere right he's done a fantastic job you know throw the dirty podcast networks have a podcast all that stuff if you're listening to me through an American out loud affiliate will say when you whatever and go to JD talk JD talk and let me know you're out there so we will we'll start doing it to our exclusive everyday Monday through Friday for my America out loud talk radio show awesome stuff so let's continue hopefully this article by a gift for getting his name I apologize to Michael Wilkerson for forgetting his name is 12 and squash for in 2023 and we are on to number six tradition of global alliances break new ones form this is
arguably the scariest one anybody was familiar with bricks in the growing influence of bricks and the diminishing influence of the United States of America on the global Arena the global scale this one and this one could be a bad one because we do leverage our relationship so well we have that actually fits so well we've done an adequate job of leveraging our relationship I think we've met our for a relationship been far too extensive we were spread out way too thin as a nation but but we've been able to have him fluids maybe the influence we should have had but the problem is and then the only reason I haven't been that complete isolationist in that regard is because it was in a vacuum of power then others will step in and so if we're not there then somebody else will I know that the neocon perspective I'm not justifying and I'm just saying that and I definitely might just my plain troops anywhere anywhere I'm not okay where okay keep our troops home if it's unless somebody's going to attack us I don't want a single true anywhere else right
imma keep my money here hey. But when it comes to influence in the other work when it comes to trade partners for example when it comes to humanitarian Aid when it makes absolute positive sense when it comes to that kind of influence when we leave somebody else steps in it's probably going to be the Chinese Communist party or Russia or bricks and general anyway so go in the article long-standing Partnerships such as the United States has relationship with Saudi Arabia have already begun to unravel expect further strengthening of the China and Russia LED Alliance in involving former US allies or at least non-aligned Nation such as India turkey South Africa and Brazil and the contractor I choose Hardy fiber cement because I seen it out the form would Bayside another hard siding materials to high quality craftsmanship translates into beautiful and durable results at leave our customers that you felt extremely satisfied using Hardie siding has significantly reduced my callbacks and warranty claims to at James Hardie we're here to support you from training materials to resources they can help you generate a great
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hand or at least inconsistent foreign policy of the United States ends up in a net debt position losing more friends than gains in this process and that isn't like I said a very big concern because when us having leverage it has not the United States has not been able to properly use as leverage to am just as an example for two decades and you have widened Afghanistan next to China Afghanistan has the highest concentration of rare earth that is the dumbest thing possible okay hey we're going to help you with the Taliban are going to help keeping control we're going to take you where ask a you like to have you don't like to have them then if you don't like we'll leave either way we win K Frost either we move out in the nation you are a true statue guys fend for yourselves or we if we're going to stay here and we're getting your Rare Earth that's the
the style of negotiation trying to do with this country we didn't we're stupid in that regard we should have a $70 dominance continues to rode hard money returns to favor with commodity-backed currencies taking the spotlight all payment systems that your dollars being replaced with Petra rubles or Petro you ons as well as Central Bank issued digital currencies will all conspire to slowly Road US Dollars share of Global Financial and trade flows cannot stress this enough this is already in the process of happening is definitely going to be a thing it's already happening digital currencies across the globe are already popping up at various degrees of of finality
eventually and I would say it's most likely going to be finalized in 2024 but it could happen as early as 2023 we are going to see essentially all of the current Fiat currencies replaced by digital currencies and when that happens we will we will at some point in the future I don't know if it's this year next year 10 years from now whenever but at some point the vulnerability of the Central Bank digital currencies spread out across the globe in various countries will be revealed and then that the ultimate solution to all of the world's financial problems they will have one Central Bank digital currency that is the true Central Bank digital currency one currency to rule them all everything else will be replaced and then we will have
the One World Currency that's the path that were on and I don't see any easy way to break off that path again I always stressed the people focus locally build up your local economies as best you can your local straight him get Trey part of good bartering Party People by the gym this is what these are all Band-Aid solution that short-term stuff you know but with that said we need to do something we need to protect ourselves because there's going to be the vast majority of Americans are going to become more and more and more beholding the government and Central Bank digital currencies is the easiest way to have complete control over what people do
where they do it who they do it with
was seeing so many control Factor being put in the place is one reason why it's so so happy that Old Glory bank is filing launching in March and I'm all the details I'm trying to get somebody over there to do an interview with me you owe Seth rich and a bunch of other Rich celebrities bought a bank in Oklahoma and they're opening up for the public is going to be awesome I have a feeling it's going to be great can't wait to open my account there they're not a sponsored by the way so you think at all the shows my Old Glory Bank nope nope I just really greatly appreciate what they're doing and when their main reasons I cancel culture of course you know some people give me their bank accounts closed their PayPal $2,500 fines their gifts and goes or not this and go over there there a GoFundMe Gibson goes good get GoFundMe bad patreon bad K&D the ability not to tell you. The likelihood of a of a conservative or Christian or both
getting cancelled financially speaking is growing every single day which is why I like ideas such as old woori Bank such as givesendgo okay and you can always support me in the show by going to give JD Rucker then we got home safe but I was able to throw that in there smoothly without an A in wasn't even plan it was impromptu may I can't wait I really want to do a stand alone radio show cuz I like radio funny part is that I can't do the videos because when I do I mean I can't do video why can't I why I am different when doing radio versus video I my eyes are closed I know it sounds weird but I close my eyes when I'm not reading okay my thought process works best when I close my eyes I focus on exactly what it is that I want to say I don't always come across the right way but by golly I can at least hopefully
hopefully you guys will see you're here I should say that that this is a potential is huge benefit for for at least a show not for America so if you do want to hear me talkin with an exclusive show for radio go to J D wrecker, talk and let me know where you're hearing and that way I can gauge whether or not it is it behooves me to add two more hours of work to my day I definitely don't mind doing it I just want to make sure that is worthwhile to go there and check it out soon don't you just let me know how you feel it's number 80 cost of Ukraine war sues for peace that's weird that's a concept well it may not be realistic to think that Russia can bomb the Ukrainian people into submission the increasing cost of supporting Ukraine's war with Russia will challenge political leaders across the way
this fatigue will increase as more citizens start to ask reasonable questions about whether hundreds of billions of dollars or Euros might not be better spent two to take on some of the domestic economic and social challenges of these nations face at home eventually Western governments and Putin each decide that a half a loaf is better than no life at all you know I want all the loads to stay here in the United States I'm not a fan of a whole lot of foreign aid I'm not a fan of military and I'm definitely not a fan of sending any of you say to Ukraine not because I'm against the Ukrainian people not because I'm pro-putin and because I can argue and I think of this argument can be made very clearly by smarter people than me I can argue though that we are perpetuating the suffering of Ukrainian people by continuing to push the head Russia had we not help out and Western Nations not been so directly involved
with the war not talk about humanitarian efforts I'm talking about the war itself and I think it's likely that the the volodymyr zelensky regime would have already fallen the very corrupt regime and that's a Russian would have got it what it wants with Crimea and with the with are the eastern border and the people that are there who want to be part of Russia will get their way to and the people that don't want to be part of Russia will still be ukrainians and everything's hunky-dory I've been maybe that's at and idealistic dream dreamy way of looking at it but that's what I think could have happened if we didn't just butter goes into it instead we're perpetuating the Boer War perpetuating the suffering by giving them just enough a to fight back on Russia but not enough to actually do anything about I'm not suggesting we should give it should have given more by any means I'm just saying that look it has been a lost cause from the beginning we should have just let this regional conflict take place just as we wouldn't have wanted Russia to get involved and we're we're
The Rock when we were in Afghanistan we would have gotten mad if they got involved in that those Regional complex I don't blame them we're getting mad that we're involved again I'm not just find The Invasion Alien Invasion I think that the Russians are in the wrong obviously and I don't want to blame the Ukrainian people by any means for being victims to their victims but I do blame Vladimir zelensky just in case she could have stopped this world many times over the last year going to prevent the war from happening in the first place if you just revealed before the war we already knew what he's revealed now to CNN that biting the biting regime and and Native when General told him hey your request membership to to Nato is the nine don't tell anybody we don't want anybody to know that because you know I may be Russian woman date if if we want rush to invade that should concern you that they wanted rush to invade or is it should concern you but we'll talk about
more someday someday soon number nine domino effect of exposure the reason uncovering of high-level fraud and Corruption involving u.s. government agencies in Personnel continues increasing transparency least accountability I don't know if that's true I wish it were true hopefully it does hopefully will happen but I'm not so sure eventually becomes too overwhelming to ignore arrest trials and convictions in Sioux Congressional hearings lead to a wave of resignations and first steps towards fundamental institutional reform gosh I hope this all correct I really do I'm not I'm not holding my breath though can you do I think it's going to be commercial hearings sure
putting anything will come from them is there's going to be a rest rousing evictions no I don't I think that it's just going to be very by corporate media Berry by the government Republicans say hey we did it we had our hearing we expose them Victory is midnight I think you're going to get arrested for it even though they clearly should number 10 box but doesn't bite at Taiwan cash I hope this one or two while we expect we should expect the growling and barking to grow louder with more frequent airspace incursions Naval activity intimidation and outright threats and is highly unlikely the China invade Taiwan in 2023 what are the most certainly would prefer to confront Taiwan walabot Administration remains in power rather face an improbable return of Don Pablo return of Donald from the present this weird Vision Kings government will conclude that they are not ready militarily politically or otherwise to invade Taiwan domestic issues including a worsening economy and Rising social unrest within mainland China will mean that
creating a row with the United States are the trading partners in the west remains untenable for the time being while Russia might be able to make do without selling gas to Germany there's no way the Chinese economy can survive it if abruptly cut itself off from the United States and the Western Europe again I really hope that was true number 11 rebounds in economy and markets already say wrong but whatever I take great comfort in the breadth and resilience of the American economy you know I did too by the way until 2021 is enormous Unleashed latent potential in oil and gas in manufacturing onshoring in supply chain realignment and a new technologies such as AI Quantum Computing blockchain and cold fusion wow I'm just going to disagree across the board and leave it at that number 12 more of the same shape recovery
are the same forces that help during the recession about or policy decisions that could damage their energy industry keep our borders and secure and failed to dismantle the out-of-control regulatory bureaucracy that is an impeding Innovations in in energy Man Financial Services and Technology
again I look
things may get better without me because God willed them to get better at stuff in that going to be because the binary fission comes to her senses it's not going to be because republicans in Congress are able to fix things
we can and should expect things to get worse prepare for the worst pay for the best the best way to look at it so let's start off with a bang but I just read the last few so whatever it is what it is we're not always been hungry go to J D talk and let me know where you hearing me from Lord willing we will be back very soon with another episode of the meantime you'll stay strong stay safe and God bless

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