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JD Rucker Show, January 18, 2024

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2023: The Deep State, Police State, and Nanny State Walk Into a Bar...

Title: 2023: The Deep State, Police State, and Nanny State Walk Into a Bar...


We're seeing a joke forming in 2023. Unfortunately, there's nothing funny about the punchline. The Deep State is coming out of the shadows and coopting the rising police state. Combined, they form the ultimate weapon to be used against the people with the increasingly prevalent nanny state telling us what we can and cannot do. All the stories I will talk about on today's radio version of The JD Rucker Show are focused on this premise. We are witnessing the Deep State do things in recent months that go against their past norms. They've always operated in the shadows with zero transparency to the public and limited transparency to the government officials, most of whom they control anyway. Lately, they've been far bolder with their public posture. It's no coincidence that the Twitter Files are exposing them. I believe this is intentional. That's not to say Elon Musk or the journalists he tasked with revealing the Twitter Files are complicit in the Deep State's agenda. On the contrary, I think they are doing a fine job and have the right intentions, but let's face it. If the Deep State didn't want the information to come out, it never would have. The same can be said about recent "whistleblowers" painting the CIA as directly involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr. Again, I do not believe the information would have been leaked out conveniently at about the same time unless the Deep State allowed it. They WANT us to be concerned about them, including "normies" who may have never even heard of the Deep State or assumed it was conspiracy theory fodder. For those who think that's silly because it implicates them, I ask this: Does it really? Are you hearing about people getting fired or arrests being made at the CIA? Are they losing budget over this? Is anyone really pressing them? Or is it all fodder to make us think the truth is coming out when in reality they're facing zero consequences as a result? Now, we're seeing the rising police state policies being used by the Deep State to promote the tyranny of the nanny state. It's confusing but hear me out. Police state policies include the use of technologies to keep track of us at all times. They position these things as a positive. For example, the capture of alleged Idaho murderer Bryan Kohberger and much of the evidence that will be used to convict him were procured by the police state through "advanced" methods. We will all cheer if he is convicted and ignore the fact that the FBI used DNA they acquired from a family history service like or 23 and Me. Has your DNA been given to a company that will tell you your great, great grandmother was Irish? If so, the Deep State has your DNA. The use of cell phone pings was instrumental in locating Kohberger. But the same people who were able to pinpoint his location this way claim identical technology used in 2000 Mules is inaccurate. They'll also ask us to ignore the fact that they had isolated cell location data on the January 6 pipe bomber. We've even seen security footage showing the bomber using his phone on his way to drop off the bombs. The FBI increased the reward to $500,000 for information about a man they almost certainly already know. It's all Kabuki Theater. Now, take it all a step further with the nanny state driving the narrative that we need government to control our lives. Will the Deep State use the police state to go after people who are insufficiently limiting their carbon emissions or eating too much meat? Will they track people who don't want to participate in the Digital Dollar as their only means of commerce? Will they put people like you and me on a list of potential domestic terrorists because we aren't getting jabbed? An article by John and Nisha Whitehead breaks down what they believe to be 19 of the steps that our government will take this year to bring us closer to total tyranny. I will cover this in today's episode and expand on some of the pieces, which are listed below. I don't agree...

Recorded: January 10, 2023

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hello my friends and welcome to another episode of the GED records show that you were political report as we're calling it on American out loud talk radio this is the radio version of my show go to listen to the last show I think it's the last year might have been the show before that know that we are strongly strongly contemplating doing a unique show a separate 2 hours show that's going on radio homely face and where you don't have to look at my face you can just listen to the sound of my voice and hear the the difference in the news and I got to be the same news it's the same show what we talkin about certain things on on the to our radio show and we'll be talking about different things on the LIE to our to our video version of the Shady Records show that has the intention at least in so that's 4 hours a day Monday through Friday
Grand at 8 p.m. 8 p.m. eastern time for 2 hours Monday through Friday at America out loud, that's this show and there were also on Rumble & Reds red waste median Freedom First Network and variety on and B shoot an apple podcast most various places starting at 2 p.m. Eastern Monday through Friday for 2 hours and that of course is the live video version of the show again different topics obviously some days we'll be talking about the same topic if there's four hours worth of discussion to be had on a single topic then by golly will do it and if there's eight hours were covered for 2 days and those who have been listening to the show for a long time know that I am very capable of talking about a single subject for for 10 hours straight if need be if the subject warrants and I don't add fluff but I also don't don't hold back for the sake of time we try
just keep going that has caused a it's cause they a timing chain and sometimes for for my producers who they tell me you know you don't we get you at 8 10:15 so are you going to go through what I read them all and then by the time we're done 2 hours into it I've covered the first two or three that that actually happens a lot and it's not because I just talk and talk and talk randomly I believe that the information that I impart the discussions that we have and then the comments that I received from you all from the most intelligent audience in the world they helped me to just keep going and it's so it is what it is so we're going to be doing some screen capture I do want to make sure that people can can follow along if you are watching the video I don't want it to just be you know just a blank screen in your your listening that that's fine but we will at least with the stories that were covering the videos that we post on the audio version you'll only be able
here it's been on the video version you'll at least be able to see what I'm seeing on my screen right now I have discerned for example called up and that's a that's a website that I have created recently as many of you know most of you know I'm sure I am the editor over at the Liberty which is a news aggregator the conservative alternative to The Drudge Report and as editor over there I have to go through and read tons and tons of headlines and and quite a few stories just to be able to populate the 100 to 150 and sometimes more stories that we publish over at the Liberty on a daily basis discern is going to be slightly different when I going to be posting that many some days I pose 20 some days I'll post 30 Sunday's almost 50 I might do a hundred or hundred and fifty if it's just a heavy Newsday but it's it's it's more likely that I'm just going to post the article that I believe our mission critical of posting over the
daily because I get to post articles about strange things and things that aren't necessarily mission-critical to that people really enjoy reading and I can tell through the statistics that that you guys do like reading that stuff stuff that that is I want to call spider but then you know it's just it's just interesting it's not anything that they're really has a has a reason for us to make changes in our lives or to see various threats that we might not be seen today maybe four hats that are coming in the future is an example of some of the headlines that I have over at the CERN right now that the cops are we have is Trump suggest buying provoke Putin into invading Ukraine having an understanding of that that article comes from the post-millennial having an understanding of
yeah of what I believed for a long time which is that the vine Harris regime under the orders of the the globalist league t-ball other one Atlantic for on the couch sprinklers of capitalism Bill Gates George Soros Barack Obama Klaus Schwab in all those bad guys that they have in the wind chill in Estero in Michigan do they at least Crompton provoked Putin to do what he did we know with absolute certainty that at least that is partially true because even volodymyr zelensky himself and ate when a rare moment of truth homeless shortly after the invasion he went on CNN and he was talking to them and explain to them that long before Russia invaded Ukraine he was talking to Nato he was talking to the biden-harris regime you talk in the mall and they told him they specifically told him you Ukraine will never be in NATO but we don't want anyone else to know that as far as the rest of the world
the possibility of Ukraine being 80 is still on the table and he said that the way they explained it to him as bad as a way to to keep Russia from invading now obviously that was a lie there not stupid okay they are not stupid they know that one of Putin's red lines was that he wanted to make sure that Ukraine never joined an 8:00 so they'd come out back in January of last year they said hey you know who strongly considered it we we know that Ukraine has needs but we are not going to allow them into NATO at least I said that in January I truly do not believe that Putin would have invaded in February that maybe that's not true maybe Putin still would have invaded and then at which point it was lenski would have been like oh you guys are right you know but after the after the invasion he was just like wow you they told me not to say anything about the fact that they were not going to allow us allow Ukraine in tomato paste
don't don't tell anybody that keep the keep it on the table they said that was going to prevent Putin from invading and yet he did so obviously they were wrong or they were stupid or he was manipulated or whatever we know this is fact this is not even some crazy conspiracy theory this is this is Vladimir zelensky being interviewed on CNN can we have the video I don't actually have it in front of me I wasn't planning on talking about that picture but you get the idea that's the type of story that will be posting over at the CERN the elitist Communications counter-revolution great story over in America American Greatness by my good friend Kyle Becker Hood interviewed in the past and you probably never you again in the future he was explaining that to Matt gaetz revealing what's the the GOP Rebels would be the freedom caucus was able to get in exchange for allowing
Kevin McCarthy to be speaker of the house because here's the thing if they didn't want to stay if they said you know what Ashley positive it doesn't matter what McCarthy gives us and we are not going to vote for him the only other way the McCarthy could have ever possibly been speaker of the house would have been to find 17 Democrats who would be willing to vote for him and the way the Democrats have positions. They were they were going there trying to take advantage of the division within the Republican Party they're they kept saying look they are 1211 why don't people look Weird Al Just united we are we are in great shape United and all that good stuff so so yeah you know they were never going to vote for the most likely and maybe after a few weeks maybe they would have been like Okay so let's go ahead and get McCarthy in there or else we're going to risk getting Jim Jim junk Jordan or Andy Biggs or somebody in there maybe
that could've happened but I don't think so I think that they would have ended up if the freedom caucus had stuck to their guns they would have ended up with Steve scalise for example as a as a viable your column a more conservative than than McCarthy but less conservative than Andy Biggs okay he would have been a kind of a middle-of-the-road consensus candidate and I think he would have been the speaker of the house but they didn't they didn't push that far and maybe there's never wanted to maybe that was the plan I don't know but they did get a lot out of McCarthy to in exchange for their allowing him to be speaker of the house now we can see what's going to happen from here but you can go through this we put I put a lot of stories. As many as I do over at the Liberty daily but I do put a lot of stories up over at it's a relatively new site but it is working
at least we think it's working traffic is going out people are leaving comments it looks good so far it's so far it seems to be okay but we'll see we'll see we'll see how it plays out so stop me if you've heard this one okay. The police state in the nanny State walk into a bar area that's it there's no punchline if that's the whole joke and it's not a joke cuz it's not funny at all but it is exactly what's happening here in 2023 one of the articles that I'm going to be discussing is one by John and Lisa Whitehead over at the Rutherford Institute they are there actually amazing writers they have him for a long time and the article that I read all agree with about 95% of it I'd say ninety to ninety-five percent of it you know that we're never going to get complete consensus if we do by the wave if you stood there and you think all my gosh
you know I'm listening to Charlie Kirk and I agree with Ashley everything he says everyday or M listen to J D wrecker and I agree with Ashley 100% of everything he says everyday then you're doing it wrong because we shouldn't all always agree we shouldn't see absolute surety of a hundred percent agreement on everything for me to agree with ninety 95% of what John and Lisa Whitehead put out that's a great thing okay I respect people that I only agree with seventy or eighty percent of the time but that's that's how we have to move forward there are certain things I think we all have certain issues where will never never break from you just for me for example I am a bible-believing Christian that's not saying I can't yeah I got you as friends I've got Muslim friends I've got you one of my one of my I do want to call him, I guess contact is a friend but really he's a political contacts in Arizona he is we talked some I regularly him he's he's he's Muslim you know what he sees a patriot is a good servant if he does
he does what is necessary to to promote America First conservatism in the state of Arizona and cross the the plan I can be friends with and even allies with non-Christian to when it comes to adopting a world view my worldview is based upon the Bible my worldview is based on the belief that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior so that's a red line for me anybody who was going to attack that worldview or denounce that worldview aggressively they said they don't have to agree with it gave that and people who don't agree with my worldview is far as it pertains to the Bible I view all of those people as opportunities maybe so maybe I can talk them into or or Point them in the right direction to where maybe they can convert maybe they can see the truth you know so I don't want it I don't expect that everybody that I deal with a always have to be just bible-believing Christians being very staunch Conservative Christian that's not the case but as far as
in discussions as far as in in how we we mold our worldview and how we operate in this world I do hold that as as a a red line anybody who crosses that line and how would you cross that line for example if they were to say you know what we need to limit religious freedom and they might come up with a some sort of semi UFO conservative reasoning for that okay just just take take religion out completely out of the Public Square and make it a private only a fair I don't agree with that I think that you should be able to express your religious views anywhere and everywhere I believe that you should be able to hold your religious your religious beliefs at the highest possible levels then even is certain I guess you could say statutes you just as an example I don't think that a baker should be forced to to bake a cake
for whatever for gay marriage as an example just as I would not expect a a Muslim Baker to Topeka Hanukkah cake okay I would not say oh I hate bake the cake you bigots that's the day if it's there if we're going to be able to continue to practice our faith those of us who are bible-believing Christians and that means from a political perspective we must defend the rights of others to to embrace into to an accident or own Fates as long as it doesn't break the law you knows why I don't expect obviously I'm not going to defend a religion this is okay so so you know basement our religious beliefs we need to we need to sacrifice children and if you don't let us in your religious freedom know there are limits in the limits are obviously the law
as long as it's a a faith-based institutions or practice does not break the law and then with us understanding that there's a difference between laws and statutes is difference between between a a law that is designed to prevent another lie that's designed to prevent for example of inequity right if somebody were to say welcome in this church must hire a certain quota of Muslims in order to operate as a and now that's for Ludacris any more of this mosque was hire a certain number of Christians in ordered no no there are limits to inclusion there are limits to equity and we need to erase the vast majority was being imposed on our society go back to the store today and I've got that sorted by John and Alicia Whitehead
I do want to talk about the McCarthy situation how we need to move forward and article that post over the weekend over at well everywhere and the Liberty daily the term America first report, a lot of the various places where I write yeah I explained that there are certain things if if we're going to be shifting from the position of you know opposing McCarthy now have a shift to hold his feet to the fire these are the five promises to take me to their six added bonus with the five things that we need to watch as we go forward with Kevin McCarthy holding the gavel as Speaker of the House so I want to discuss that one an article by Brandon Smith over. Market that brilliantly explains the knee and the pathway forward for us to start developing parallel economies to start developing localized economies with the anticipation that here in the very near future they are going to impose digital Edition
Central Bank digital currencies are spreading their growing very quickly and they are going to become normalized here very soon probably in 2023 so we don't have much time we have to act quickly if we are going to oppose that system and if we are going to still be able to survive basically if we are not going to be be holding the government and and Lord it over by government we are going to be independent and free then we will have to start building these parallel economies we have start taking advantage in in becoming more self-reliant and get away from the government. It's been normalized late so after the break will start with this
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to my favorite authors out there right now or John and Lisa Whitehead they I'm assuming are married couple of their men never spoken to them but I read their stuff I read there for their weekly columns and they're usually fantastic I don't agree a hundred percent but I don't agree 100% with anybody in particular so I would say I agree with them more than I don't their articles title what to expect from the government in 2023 more of the same is there an answer but I like to look at this as a combination a merging of various types of states you have the the Deep state which is an actual organized and call it a series of entities you have the police state which really isn't an entity as much as it is a process it's a state of being the state in which many in the Deep State and Global Sleek ball in the radical left in the Neil marks if they want a police state and then you have the nanny state
which is really more of an ideology idea that that's the Lesser people that the useless useless people us eaters whatever you want to cause the semi useful and usually not useful at all idiots of the world the the Common Man us we are we need to be told exactly what to do and how to do it we are too stupid or too evil or to everything else to make decisions on her own and therefore we need the nanny state to come in and tell us what we can and cannot do what we should and should not do and with a whole lot of emphasis on what we're not allowed to do to me the three of those concepts are merging together
merging together in 2023 in a way that we have not seen before because let's face the Deep say they like to work in Shadows we seen recently is that they're coming out of the Shadows let's call it what it is that you dcaa the interstate the intelligence community in general and even outside of the intelligence within the military-industrial complex everything they're doing in Ukraine everything that they're doing with our taxpayer dollars riding trying to push a war with Russia are they were doing with China I mean our foreign policy in general has gone from from the semi lukewarm neoconservatism to a full-blown warmongering status and this to me is it's a very it's very for boating
and know that this is taking place right before our eyes
when I look at articles like this when I see what's happening in the world I realized it is the merging of these three concepts the Deep State the police state and the nanny state that are coming together in forming a dangerous Perfect Storm of totalitarianism yeah we can call it the rise of authoritarianism but this is actually true tyranny we could call it about the suppression of a right this is actually turning into true oppression we are the groundwork is being set for you and me to be a pressed for the US government to finally finally come out as tyrannical and we were fighting back we're doing so well
or at least we thought we were they slammed the door multiple doors on us in our faces really since late 2019 I'm sure the groundwork for the series of events we've experienced over the last three and a half years the groundwork was was that was done was put into place the foundation was laid long before 2019 I think hopefully you all have been listening long enough to be aware if you knew by the way then number one there you go know that the guy at work has been in labor for quite a long time. It's number to make sure to subscribe we are doing our best to advance the show to grow the show and we've had some amazing blessing you got some great great fantastic interviews coming up here in the next couple weeks I got carry legs coming coming back on I've got Bryson gray coming back on I was talking to Rodger Stone, shiny
have have the whole list in front of me we're gonna start doing a lot more interviews because I can talk for 2 hours I can talk for 8 hours straight but that's how this is really going to help us to grow soybeans let's get back to this article which I do believe represents the merging of three principles three concepts many ways three direct organization with the Deep State the police state and the nanny state
just wondering what to expect from the government in 2023 it looks like we're going to be in for more of the same in terms of government brand of Madness Mayhem and Corruption and brutality
then we going to list I'm going to go to this list very fast I will leave the link and shown us will be able to find over at the CERN over to America First America first I should say and you can always follow along their these are just going to go down the list the first one is digital prison unceasingly the government and its corporate partners are pushing for a national digital ID system local police agencies have already been given access to facial recognition software and databases containing 20 billion images the precursor to a digital ID eventually a digital ID will be required to gain access to all aspects of Life government work travel Healthcare Financial Services shopping etcetera
the Biometrics virus scan face print voice DNA cetera will become the de-facto digital ID numbers is nothing you been following any conspiracy theories over the last last two-and-a-half decades you would know that this is the direction we're heading I think of the player the point of John and Lisa Whitehead and trying to make is that this isn't that the future this is now this is happening right now you're the Idaho murders did you know this is not talk about nearly enough did you know that they were basically able to verify to confirm the evidence they were able to collectively they were able to get obviously a lot of being a data DNA samples I should say unfortunately from the crime scene of the four students that were murdered in in Idaho
the way they were able to cross-reference it and determined that in a mixed in with all the blood and guts or whatever else all that that DNA mixed in with that was the suspect's DNA and they were able to determine that by cross-referencing it against a DNA collection service that he had used
I don't even know what is we know that wanted to do something with the number 21 I don't do it now cuz I'm not sending anybody my DNA I'm I want a covid test okay because I don't want anybody have access to my DNA ever will they use this they use that the technology and then use the parent even suspect have gone through one of those Services given his DNA and they cross reference that the police did the FBI did this is the direction we're heading folks so face prints Iris scans voice Jacks DNA it's happening and they will be that you will be they will be able to tell who you are based on all these things are not going to have to have a smartphone that you only have to put in a RFID chip they'll be able to put just basically like a stamp on your wrist or arm is can't see that's all you need the verified guarantee and then of course they'll be able to listen to to get into the
you're stuck to the minor stuff okay for like just making sure that you're allowed to be wherever you're supposed to be going now use facial recognition so many different Avenues going to technology is rising and they are going to use it let's move on how do what is well-known to Lock 3 crime under the pretext of helping overwhelmed government agencies work more efficiently AI predictive and surveillance Technologies are being used to classify segregate and flag the populace with little concern for privacy rights or due process all of the Sorting sifting and calculating is being done with Lee secretly and incessantly with the help of AI technology under surveillance State the monitor is your every move and I predictive tools are being deployed in almost every area of life and we didn't really mention here but one of the big concerns her with his concert the pre-crime is that they'll be more money than that there are you doing this by the way so they'll be able to say Okay so
these are the traits for example of somebody who turns into a domestic terrorist these are the traits of some of the turns into a a a whatever of the serial rapist work whatever you know where hey these are the traits of somebody that turns into a Ultra Ultra Mega Republican you know and we know that they are convinced they are already using AI they are already using I believe they want to come out and say this yet but I believe they're already using Quantum Computing to be able to tap into and have a clear understanding of who we are and what direction we may end up going in our lives or just even in our day-to-day activities all this talk about free crime and everybody jumps to Minority Report that was the Tom Cruise movie I think it's Snowbird was it spill did it is based upon an old app and hold a short story
but the concept is legitimate and you don't need these psychic people for whatever the people are in the water and I don't know the details it's been a long time since I saw that movie or whatever maybe you should maybe maybe now that I'm more awake maybe I should look into it and I just remember they're walking through is walking to that store and they're scanning his eyes and he's getting served all these advertisement that I personally am I thought that's really creepy that was creepy and not the whole lot whatever okay you get the idea so so that's I think where people have
Heather your head tie to when we can get free credit free crime isn't just about you know trying to find an arrest criminals it's not classify this is the most important component here using this wealth of data they have on us the state of their collecting more and more of every day to Smart Home Smart devices through listening devices so I don't know we don't store any of that no we don't you know we don't know who has access through the back end that we you know me and you have no say-so hey trust this guy and he didn't consult some kind of software we don't know what it does it supposed supposed to keep us safe from Iranian hackers or something so we're good or even China doesn't have to be the end of say there's bad guys outside of our government to I just want to be clear about that so but it is a concern and it's a growing concern and again is John and Lisa Whitehead say this is we're going to expect more it's just going to increase and get worse in 2023
that's what mandatory quarantine building and on precedents established during the covid-19 pandemic government agents may be empowered to indefinitely detain anyone they suspect of posing a medical risk to others without providing an explanation subjective medical tests without their consent and carry out such detentions and quarantines without any kind of due process or judicial review in other words exactly what's already happening in communist China but it's worse than that do what's already happening in many ways and allegedly non-communist Australia allegedly non-communist Canada allegedly non-communist France folks this isn't just a wee wee like to hear these things we see how do you know that's what they're doing in in North Korea that's what they're doing in China or Ron or wherever it's that's not going to happen here except it is and what it is happening here in the United States to some extent they are again laying the groundwork
for this to start happening we are also seeing for me from a western Society perspective that supposedly free nations are embracing these these these ideas embracing the laws in bracing these these mandatory everything mandatory vaccines mandatory face masks and yes mandatory quarantine the moment anybody starts mentioning you know FEMA camps FEMA camp everybody jumps off in the normies are like oh my gosh is one of those FEMA camp stories once again you know I laugh I know I should say I laughed because I don't because it's more of a sadness I write a chuckle morosely he got guess is the best way to put it at these people that are like oh you know the FEMA camp thing that's just all a conspiracy theory took throughout our history
for the last at least seven decades we've seen variations of the supposed FEMA camp conspiracy theories with some variations of them take place Racine variations of this type of paranoid to tell Terry that I should say extra paranoid paranoid driven to Paleteria people are willing to give up almost anything it was going to keep him safe, we as a nation I don't know if it's just us maybe this is the case across the globe I don't know but I know for sure that we as Americans we are willing to give up anything anything for safety and talk about you I'm not talk about me and I'm not talking about the freedom-loving audience the freedom-loving minority in the United States that I would say that but I would say that most Americans even many quotable conservative Americans are Christian Americans
many of us are willing to let freedoms go in exchange for safety dangerous dangerous Trend that's something that I think scares me more than anything government does yeah we I believe obviously as a as a bible-believing Christian I know that God can do anything but below that I believe that those of us who are empowered by our freedoms if we work together you'd lies are it's like you lies our passion we can overcome any of this stuff for chili ever since January 6th I wasn't the lock downs and I'm just one fourth of January 6th right by the way because I can tell you a story about how disappointed I was when I went to a lockdown protests that was nothing okay major city major city hall major money behind and there was a lot lots of announcements and I go there you know and
is more media than cable
what is that
is before January 6th
that was a wake-up call folks and granted I'm out here in commiefornia I get it but even out here in California we've seen some great some fantastic Rally's you should have seen some of the some of the anti-vax Mandate Reilly's they were strong but early on during the early days of 2020 shortly after lockdown for extended Beyond two weeks man
it was ugly
so no I'm not
I'm not as scared of government as I am scared of a fellow American brothers and sisters falling in the line not willing to help and even worse falling in line and perhaps getting themselves favors by throwing us under the bus by exposing us to having us I testifying against us yeah I know he was that Lee brought his own food I saw it I got pictures you know he did not he did not submit to the to the mandatory moratorium on growing tomatoes in his backyard he was eating his growing his own Tomatoes he was reading them
yep yep yep
that is a huge huge concern to me at least after the break we're going to continue with this list I was expecting this to be multi-segment like Jolly John and Lisa Whitehead of really just just sparked my interest in chapped my khakis so yesterday too and we will be right back to the J D wrecker show
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it shouldn't surprise me it shouldn't have surprised me that's an article by John and Lisa Whitehead will take longer than one segment to to read and one for me to unpack because when I read the first time I should have should have realized I should probably dedicate more than one segment even more than to sing we're going to go through it because this is important stuff I don't like to dwell on one topic for too long this would leave the feedback Levin getting people say all your talk radio and videos we we want you to just bust through him real quick but I'm trying to be at least a little bit less verbose So to that and let's keep going with the list the next one is mental health assessment by non-medical Personnel that's right there that statement is already very idiotic but we already know that that's exactly what happens on that whatever as a result of a nationwide push to train a broad spectrum
so-called Gatekeepers and Mental Health First Aid training more Americans are going to run the risk of being reported by non-medical personnel and detained for having mental health issues in other words they're going to say that you're crazy because you believe in Freedom they're going to say that you should be locked up because you don't want to get Jad they're going to say I'm going to they already are but unfortunately what John and Lisa Whitehead are suggesting is that the powers that be in law enforcement in medical law enforcement which is rising thing here in the United States of America they are going to to take the advice of non-medical personnel end and perhaps lock you up to 10 you have you checked out see if you're really saying if you're going to go do something silly so great next one tracking chips for Citizens ye you know my new the show I'm relatively new to this whole conspiracy theory thing like prior to prior to
the lockdowns I was of the mind that you know what they're deathly conspiracies in there some pretty bad stuff but I sincerely doubt that Paul McCartney was actually died in the 1960s and was replaced by doppelganger so that so that the music industry could continue to feed off of The Beatles I didn't think that was true and to be clear I still don't think that's true but with that said there are a lot more conspiracy theories that are quickly turning into conspiracy facts here in well last year in 2022 and now in the 2023 we are learning that the conspiracies are wider ranging then oftentimes even people like Alex Jones had warned us about over the last couple of decades so
what that said the whole RFID chip think I always thought to myself you know that's pretty darn clunky if that's going to be the mark of the beast if that's going to be the way that they're going to to initiate a One World Currency or a one-world whatever you have a little one governance of any sort a digital ID that's embedded into your hand it's just I didn't buy game Hudak said I Do by the idea that this type of Technology whether it is an RFID chip or whether it's a yeah they have these stamps and they can nip Department Stan's you can't even see them unless it's under a certain why they can snap your head stamp your hand and the stamps have data all about you call a like a like a person QR code or barcode or whatever you want to call it there's a lot of things they can do today in the course tomorrow they're going to do more and even today they're probably things that we have no idea they can do they actually can do
but one where they are going to figure out ways and they already have figured out ways to track us on the article momentum is building for corporations and the government alike to be able to track the populist weather through the use of RFID chips embedded in a national ID card microscopic shows in bed into one's skin or tags in retail products interesting I've got no commentary their next one military involvement domestically this when I do have commentary about I show you the future according to Pentagon will be militaristic dystopian and far from friendly to Freedom indeed all signs point to the battlefield of the future being the American homefront anticipating this the government plans to have the military work in conjunction with local police to quell civil unrest domestically is this is where I get into the whole idea of everybody's are going to call in the National Guard calling National Guard, National Guard I get it and there's certain times when I obviously that is important and that is necessary
but I would say at least half the time we start hearing calls for the National Guard to go here in the National Guard to go there I cringe because the National Guard is the they're basically the the domestic military in the military here and when you start getting depending on them participate in law enforcement efforts or a safe border border control left there's a difference between defending a border from enemies from an invasion which I do believe that our military's intended to do obviously and using the military to stop lick
I'm going to get myself into a little bit of trouble for saying this as far as amongst my audience because I know that it won't be popular but I don't want the military to stop illegal aliens I want the border patrol to be if they want to give us 87000 IRS agent I say forget that for multiple reasons but let's let's get another 100,000 border patrol officers okay let's get let's get CB let's cover our son
with the appropriate measures and to me that's not sending in the military if there were guns and tanks while I was his gun but if there were having guns and tanks and something that goes beyond the information violence perspective for me from a war perspective that's where the military needs to be yet but I don't want the US military to be running down you know some drug smugglers we have department store that lets strengthen those verses conflating military and defense against Invasion versus versus law enforcement defense against invasion is an invasion of the Southern border obviously so I don't want to make it I don't want to downplay it but there are we don't need tanks to stop illegal aliens as matter fact it wouldn't be affected but if we did have a whole lot more border patrol agents border patrol officers they were trained equipped
to stop the flow and we build a wall and we actually Deport people if we do the things that President Trump wanted to do and many conservatives have wanted to do for a long time then there would be no need to send the National Guard to the border and it would be no need to send the National Guard to whole lot of places and I'm scared of our government using the military against us I really am and I think of those days are coming unfortunately we're seeing it more and more and more and when it happens it's going to get ugly
I would like that happen later rather than sooner next one threat assessments the government has a growing list shared with fusion centers and law enforcement agencies of ideologies behaviors affiliations and other characteristics that could flag someone a suspicious and result in their being labeled potential enemies of the state before long every household in America will be flagged as a threat and a sign the threats score it's just a matter of time before you find yourself wrongly accused investigated and confronted by police Based on data driven algorithm or risk assessment called together by a computer program run by artificial intelligence you see a common theme here in John initial whiteheads perspective there's a few things that they're not technically repeat themselves but they do fall into the same basic category when it's talking about free cry when he's talking about tracking chips for Citizens when he's talking about medical mental health assessments by non-medical person
or here when he's talking about threat assessments it all comes down to they they being the powers that be in such as governed by the way it is these public-private Partnerships that I talked about many times and I'll talk about many times in the future is also for an interest okay this is it to me very clearly this is what we know the influence of for example George Soros open society and all of them it's not just up as I saw the various organizations that he participates with video funds but he drives that are trying to to pick Americans versus Americans that are trying to take a stab at it you'll also saw the council principles of capitalism which doesn't get nearly as much attention as the world economic Forum or George Soros or anything like that but it counts for inclusive capital is one of the reasons that they don't get talked about nearly enough is because they they are the tip of the global spear they're the ones that are doing a whole lot more than anybody's talking about as I said in my opening there's a lot of things are coming out of the open today
there are still many many things we have no idea about the more we learn about a note that scarier it becomes the counts for inclusive capitalism was launched by one of the Rothschild is backed by the Rockefeller Foundation is backed by the Vatican is backed by the world economic Forum in the United Nations of course it is backed by so many of the global Stanley Cup call beheads Brock Obama Bill Gates they're all involved and yet you never sure about all you hear about his clothes swap class while while I get it he's a bad guy the world economic Forum they're bad guys but anyways I think that they are taking that the brunt of the attention to cover up for the fact there are other organizations that are more actively engaged and I would say that the council for inclusive capitalism is one of those organization organization may be the biggest organization when it comes to subverting our our rights and even our
lives they want a separate they want to know who's a threat and who's not and when John and that Neisha white hat are talking about this being a 2023 this is been a thing for a long time there's been nothing since since right around the Snowden days okay let's definitely thing shortly after the 2016 election we saw it play out during the 2020 election itself as well as the 2022 election so these aren't New Concepts what John and Lisa are saying what I'm saying is that 2023 appears to be a Tipping Point for all the stuff to really manifest and start having direct consequences in our lives more so than we've seen even in 2022 I am a firm believer in 2023 is a Tipping Point for the United States of America it is an inflection point it is a time when we are going to to have to make some very hard choices
poor choices it's going to be I mean look at a 2021 I have no separate screens whole reason I name my website left late one of my websites and have a subsequent late prepper got some whole reason I built those is because I am a late prepper but I'm only proper for a reason I did not jump on it early because I didn't think America could fall so fast and so far we have and we continue to plummet our freedoms continue to deteriorate our livelihoods are being controlled if not a completely eliminated We are Becoming as a society more and more beholden to government and the public-private Partnerships that are forming across the globe
talk to me yeah I am now a prepper I wish I I didn't you folks if you guys are somebody wanted to to donate a million-dollar so they can go to Shady Records or I'm sorry I Gibson J D wrecker they want to donate a butker or a million bucks or whatever yeah I would love to get out of where I am and move to a more I move away from the city I always tell people move out of the city even wait you from the suburbs if you can but we need to be more of an agrarian society because the further we are from civilization that it's it's just a little late so I can then you're not going to find it they're going to find everybody but if we can just delay it maybe we will be able to muster up enough support muster up an opposition at Revolution even these are my hopes I don't know what the future holds I just know that the powers that be are working against us and that should concern us and has John and Lisa Whitehead point out
this this is growing the list that they're making the government is making you listen to the show chances are you're probably already on it I'm not trying to scare you to death but I do want to make sure people are aware and awake
part of that is accepting and acknowledging that our own government is working against us next one war on cash hahaha course the government and its corporate partners are engaged in a concerted campaign to shift consumers toward a digital motor covers that can easily be monitored or regulated mine for data hacked hijacked and confiscated when convenient this push for a digital currency dovetails with the government's war on cash which it has been subtly waging for some time now in recent years just the mere possession of significant amount of cash can implicate you in suspicious activities and label you a criminal
I'm not going to do this would be the perfect time to tell people go to JD i r a j d Ira but I'm not going to go I'm not going to do a pitch I'm just going to say if you got wealth retirement go there now please next one expansive surveillance do I have time for this one that's a big one and I think we do a surveillance harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and widespread surveillance technology to do with the police state lacks the Manpower and resources resources to do officially or effectively be everywhere watch everyone and everything monitored identify catalog cross-check cross-reference include everything that was once private is now up for grabs to the right buyer the every new AI surveillance technology that is a adopted and deployed without any regard to privacy Fourth Amendment rights and due process the right of the citizenry are being marginalized under my
and if it's rated now this is surveillance being able to watch as much as digitally because that's people can just avoid that if they can for as long as they can't be watching us when we're out and about doing everything even watching us outside of our homes even watching us within their homes anybody was watch to read Nineteen Eighty-Four knows what what at least you're welcome fishing I would I would argue that what our own government or the powers-that-be global Sicily cabal will they have planned for us is actually far worse than Nineteen Eighty-Four 1984 when people like to say that common quotes you know Nineteen Eighty-Four was I supposed to be at a Playbook it wasn't supposed to be a guide book supposed to be fiction well it still is fiction folks because as bad as things were in the book
our trajectory actually points to far worse the dystopian Futures that people like like Aldous Huxley or George Orwell could it could dream up or minimal compared to where we're heading cuz hours actually has more than just as more than just greed or thirst for power that's driving there's actually Pure Evil and that's something that was missing from the dystopian future if things were evil but the people who are committing those those crimes against humanity didn't realize they were being evil they just thought that was how Society was supposed to work at least in their fictional world the forces that are rate against US their evil they know they're evil and that's good for them they they like that they're demonic
therefore we must treat them with as much seriousness as we can possibly mustard This Day represent an existential threat and surveillance is the key for them to be able to achieve their goals we are almost done I don't know if I'll make it through an entire next get into it a little bit so so stay tuned we will be right back
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during the break my wife had noted that I need to take a drink that I am starting to stumble over my words and I it's not that it's not my throat is dry or anything like that I actually have a little bit of us some sort of ailment today I don't know what it is hopefully not strep throat and I can I have strep throat was the last month I believe is in December when they have strep throat everybody got it but me and I swore I just got an optical so if I if I if I slur my words or anything like that is I'm not drunk and no I'm not I don't need a drink it's that my throat is just a little bit off today so apologize for that so next week this list ink work out you know but my first thought I'd take one segment It's Already Taken 2 seconds I'm thinking I can finish it in three segments but they're still so let's bust through this and pay attention
next one milk price police having transformed law enforcement or local law enforcement into extensions of the military Department of Homeland Security the justice department and the FBI are moving into the next phase of the transformation turning the Nations police officers into the Warriors complete with Iris scanner body scanners thermal imagery Imaging Doppler radar devices facial recognition programs License Plate Reader cell phone extraction extraction software Stingray device is in so much more you know people have been warning about the military rise police for at least three decades now I mean I think I was I was still relatively Young when I first heard about all you don't look the place they have they have little mini tanks in their bombers they got any no goddamn sixteens and stuff like that it be militarized Google I wasn't too concerned you're my dad my biological father was a cop there was a cop my stepfather was was in in Drug law enforcement for a while
and I grew up fast in cop said those who listen to me in last show I am I think revealed for the first time was when I was in high school what if I considered a career path was to get into the FBI was go to Quantico I really have had respect for police my entire life and the concept of the middle tries police you know my thoughts the way back then I guess in the 90s was so bad as long as it's just going after the bad guys maybe it's good that they have it better equipment and stuff like that and then over the years of course I've grown much more skeptical matches the lawn for so I still have strong faith in that the decision making of most and local law enforcement but we're talking about a militarized FBI and that terrifies me. Especially considering a guy that the three decades ago wanted to be an in the FBI all of a sudden they are not. I'm more concerned about what the FBI does to Americans today then I am about
terrorist with a radical Islamic terrorist not that I'm not concerned about that it's just they just haven't done much in a long time where is the FBI does and doing stuff against this everyday and get it it's awesome it's people that are that are either law-abiding citizens or or partially lawbreakers of the whole thing with the whole Whitmer kidnapping think that was clearly set up I think the the case can be made obviously in a proper Judiciary would have to go through there but then the case could be made that all the plans that these these boneheads came up with as far as kidnapping Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer the did they never would have even come close to initiating them over or really pursuing them at all if it wasn't for the FBI involvement if you haven't even if bi informants in the end the inserts and trolls and whatever hadn't been involved
perhaps these guys wouldn't have done anything more than just complain around a campfire 19 so you know somebody should do something about it well maybe we should just give me a little beer yeah I know I wasn't there so maybe maybe I'm completely wrong but it seems as if more more weeks between January 6th and everything were seeing that the FBI it's like they don't have enough crying so they're trying to create crimes or that mean they do have plenty crime that should be investigated but they don't they're not going after the right people to political people that they want to go after they want to go after conservit if they want to go after anybody who shares the our judeo-christian faith they want to go after Patriots they want to go out to the people that might be a threat to the dystopian Society in the hood with the powers-that-be want to create and they've used the military of the they've used a militarized not the military for their that's next but they've used a militarized
and collected FBI to do just that so yeah is that does concern me quite a bit for obvious reasons next one please shootings of unarmed citizens owning in large part to the militarization of local law enforcement agencies not a week goes by without more ports of hair-raising incidents by police in Bude with take no prisoners attitude and a battlefield approach to the communities in which they serve police brutality and the use of excessive force continues unabated so as I said in the beginning I agree with John and Misha wife had most of the time this is one where no I don't think this is true I don't think that things are getting worse as far as local police shooting more unarmed citizens I would say that the exact opposite I would say that the defund police movement has in many ways neutered please both physically as well as their ranks know that the number please there are as
psychologically we've all hopefully we've all got to say hopefully it just said that you guys are aware of and not that I like this but we have all seen videos or heard of incidences where law enforcement in the post George Floyd days where law enforcement could have and probably should have engaged in in utilizing deadly force against a suspect they did not and as a result people got hurt including them I'll never forget this one video screen record video with his this female police officer you know she had time to pull a gun and stop a guy from attacking her
but she hesitated and she even said afterwards it in in her ICU bed she even claimed afterwards that she didn't want to be you know the next the next she want this to be the next George Floyd incident she hesitated because of the effects of of this this campaign to to demonize local law enforcement I'm not going to say that every time that they're always just fine I know for a fact that they aren't always Justified but this isn't a 2023 thing has been the case for this isn't here if there's going to be good concert is going to be bad cop some of the bad guys are going to take it too far this nature of the job and not defending them by any means you're saying this is a new so I just screw that part I don't think the police shootings of unarmed citizens is going to be wrapped up in 2023 sorry John and Alicia love you guys agree with most of what you say
this isn't one of the next false flags and terrorist attacks almost every tyranny being perpetrated by the US government against the citizenry purportedly to keep us safe and the nation secure has come about as a result of some threat manufacturing one way or another by our own government has become the shadow governments modus operandi regardless of which party is in power the government creates a menace knowing full well the ramifications of such a danger might pose a cat catch sorry that one I can't blame that on my throat and it's just me not being able to read well this has become the shadow governments modus operandi regardless of which party is in power the government creates a menace knowing full well grab application such a danger my post to the public then without ever own up to the the part I played in unleashing the particular Menace on an unsuspecting populace
it depends additional demands additional powers in order to protect we the people from the threat and again that preferred example is the the aforementioned Gretchen Whitmer it was manufactured in my humble opinion I know the other the the judge saw otherwise and then you could blame the defense you can play me the court system The Croc Judiciary whatever but I still think that that had the FBI not gotten involved that they would not have been a threat to be concerned about in the first place I would say that the FBI or somebody will just a governor I don't want to accuse the FBI someone within government whether they were
Cox's of government paid contractors or maybe they're undercover agent of some sort whatever whoever they are they pushed and they initiated the the January 6th entry into the Capitol building that was them so if they hadn't pushed for this what there have been these crimes I would argue that would not I would argue that cooler heads will prevail that the people that were there to truly just protest and have their voices heard would have prevented people from getting lost in the moment and entering the Capitol Building I would also argue that if they really want to do something instead of instead of infiltrating the groups with FBI agent why didn't they allow than that when they literally stopped Nancy Plus in the Capitol Police Stopped National Guard from being there why because they wanted it to happen
tell him he's talking about false flags and then the terrorist attacks that's it that's what that's what they mean by that yes there are false flags and false terrorist attacks that are probably going to happen in 2023 we can even look at some of the shoes I'm not going to get into some Sandy Hook Alex Jones conspiracy here you know I don't want to talk because I got you the money gets sued okay that I could pay in a lawsuit but I will say that that if you look back some maybe maybe one maybe you maybe multiple ones maybe not I don't know but some of the mass shootings that took place with a trash right before they were able to pass gun support gun control okay can be neatly notice how they stopped after the gun controls that but some of the events that led up to that someone shooting some may have been false wise I don't know
pain above my paygrade I don't have access to that kind of information all I can do is read the tea leaves as best I can try to see the writing on the wall and understand what's happening what is the direction to world I agree with John in the do I have on the sticking point false flag and terrorist attacks could be coming more in 2023 next Ellsworth keep America's military Empire in Floyd the I don't like the word in there but I agree there will be more Wars and we've already got the one Ukraine but let's see what they have seen the military and security and Industrial complexes that have advocated that the us remain at War York year are the very entity that will continue to profit the most from America's expanding military Empire I brought in here at home I mean I guess to some extent I agree I listen to We aren't engaged in Warsaw right now it's even like it arguably worse and not worse than that we're not putting things away when I putting our troops In Harm's Way but we're investing a whole lot more
then into Ukraine than even we did I mean 20 years in Afghanistan we spent a crap ton of money trillions of dollars right but if you were to expand our Aid and continue our Aid the way that you have for the same period of time as Afghanistan if you were take our Aid in Ukraine continue it then that's even worse
and moreover or poking the beer for no reason we don't we are what I should say for no reason for no good reason there are many reasons that we are trying to antagonize Russian try to support the corrupt government of Ukraine look clean up that just to it or anybody jumps on me and says oh you know what is because the aid is not helping his harming the people of you crank I am off for ending the suffering of the people in Ukraine the fastest that the suffering would have already ended and we just not got involved we have an extended their suffering United States of American at Western allies are in NATO have harmed directly harmed the people of Ukraine by extending this war on behalf of the one of the most corrupt governments in the world
I am I can support Ukraine and I can condemn Vladimir Putin and the Russians and I can still condemn Vladimir zelensky and the Ukrainian government these are not mutually exclusive perspectives should rush to have invaded no should we have it was there war their regional conflict just probably not maybe it was you got there been people have tried to convince me was I'm not going to get into that debate okay at all I just don't have enough information I see conflicting information all the time and this is one of those things where unless you're sure you don't try me yet so you know our debate all you want about whether or not there this is a righteous war is just trying to do whatever I don't care okay all I know is for sure is this is that it had we not got involved
Russians would have gone in they would have probably gotten rid of zelinsky they probably would have put in a puppet government they would have laughed and by now you know that the people of Ukraine would be well on the way to recovery more over the relationships between Russia and the Nations across the European Union would be better at least from a tray respect when they wouldn't be concerned about whether or not they're going to run out of firewood because you're not going to have any of natural gas because they can only get so much in United States Supply in the liquid natural gas to countries like Germany
okay that this domino effect we have we have shot ourselves in the foot and I shouldn't say that we shot both of our feet both of her legs and build her arms on this one and we've done tremendous harm to the people Ukraine as well as the people of the United States of America and across the globe for the sake of as John and Lisa Whitehead put it for the sake of continuing the profits of the the military-industrial complex that's just a sidekick by the way it's a cherry on top its incentive to keep everybody going as well as a smokescreen to Cloud the real intentions here from the the global sleep good ball we can see how it was all military industrial complex is all about profit is all about about everybody's making a buck off of war and we can say that that is part of the incentive to the realities desk that it is the globalist we could borrow that is driving us from every angle they want to use this conflict in the air
in the further conflict in the next conflict and then the 8th after that and then whatever and then to initiate the collapse of Western economy Western cat was Western Society in general
they want
us to collapse The Envision a world with 10 Regional Powers these 10 Regional Powers will all fall under a single World Government these conspiracy theories we didn't make him up
conspiracy theories or what they discussed openly they being people like Klaus Schwab and Henry Kissinger back in the 70s don't tell me they were trying to make this stuff up because we're not exactly what they've already set and I will we're witnessing it it materialize in front of our faces
so yeah
laughing but it's not funny yeah this is this is crazy stuff
did we are pushing for endless war but I think it's actually deeper than what John and Alicia Whitehead say here if they got their blinders on on this one I don't like American imperialism I get it it's far worse than what day you realize after the break and I do believe we are actually going to be able to finish off this list that's gone from 1 to 4 seconds of stay tuned
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a radio show and one that is a show with video and I both will be 2 hours long both will be why you keep demonstrating over and over again these 17 and a half minutes segments I don't know man I mean I'm not I can wear we're onto over an hour now talk about this one article I was intending on talking about 45 or cuz there was a time when in the beginning when I was very naive and I was ready with 15 article because I see all these guys out there they can go through and they can bust through you notes talk about one article one Story 1 topic 1 video Whatever talk about it at three or four or five minutes and move on I can't do that or I can I'm sure I'll probably have trained myself to do that to some extent but I mean when you get an article like this by John and Lisa Whitehead over the Rutherford Institute that is has so much meat on the bones Specialties list man
is go so the point is is that if you are we're carless of where you're listening please let me know and give me some insight give me some some feedback I've I will listen to your feedback that the content goes directly to me if you go to J D talk that comes directly to me so no filters no Administrative Assistant you know the people are rioting in and saying hey you stupid son or Mario I want those too but I will listen to you I want these shows to be as I want you to Crave them I want you to be like I'll man I can't wait till the next time J D Shuckers on the air that's not an ego thing by the way this is because as I've mentioned many times I am not happy with conservative or alternative media today far too many people are still getting the news from
Fox News or from from even Newsmax I know a lot of you especially Newsmax like some good but there's a lot of lot of bad is a lot of Republican establishment she'll stuff going on that there's a lot of oh don't don't make sure the vaccines don't mention voter fraud don't mention anything you know you'll get banned I think Laura Logan I'm going to be having a mini-stroke here very soon they ban Laura Logan for whatever reason I mean idiocy and then of course out the Fox News listen to what about the most part of the rest of them are awful K is absolutely worthless he is fully 100% say she'll for the Republican establishment of people say oh my gosh but he's at he was he's like one of Trump's greatest compliment yeah I would say that he's the Republican establishment so whatever you can do
through which they can reach Trump and get him to endorse Kevin McCarthy or endorse or whatever I think that they they use Sean Hannity to guy Trump in many ways in the wrong direction the direction of that Donald Trump I don't believe we go if it weren't for the advice of some of the people on this is not just an attorney but he's from a media perspective I think he would be the main one you know you got Laura Ingraham she's she's great sometimes and sometimes I disagree with her a lot okay the only men get the rest pretty much the rest at Fox News are just thought well maybe I'm forgetting somebody I know people so what about bongino or what about a Mark Levin or whatever it's
it is what it is that people will listen to who they want plan on trying to make his desk I think there is a need for more honest Conservative Christian alternative media and that's not like a lifetime goal of mine but one of those guys I see a need somebody's got to do it and nobody stepping up not enough people there are others that are stepping up but not nearly enough and as we look at the world we live watch this list unfold from John and Lisa Whitehead we think about all the things that were facing these existential threat this perfect storm the Polly crises that we are we're engaged in spite against evil
I have the powers and principalities
and yeah I can't wake up in the morning and say okay well today I'm going to go see I'm going to go watch some Netflix and and maybe maybe do a little bit of work
fortunately for some for my family I do this Non-Stop
and it's something that I'm blessed with a family is very understanding but I know that long term it's going to do damage and probably already has
I can't
give them a world and I can't give my children a world and then expect them to to grow up happy and healthy and and faithful and not be holding the government when I see that all of the things that I grew up with are being destroyed all of the good things that were in this world are being suppressed subverted quashed annihilated in many cases are at least that's some it into near nothingness
so we all make sacrifices I'm not trying to toot my horn here or say woe is me just telling you
that I will continue to push these shows as hard as I can I'm asking you if you can't if you like what you're hearing like what you see like what you read on my various sites such as discern americafirst
I'm headed over the Liberty check these places out share them share the show helped me I was a line from from Jerry Maguire help me help you help me help you
let's work on this together just work on fixing the world together
is alone nobody can do
Rush Limbaugh tried he couldn't do it Tucker Carlson tries he can't do it Donald Trump tries he couldn't do it
alone they are all out match we are all outmatched maybe even together we're outmatched let's at least try to give up I got kids I'm Lord willing I'll have grandkids someday and I want the world to be
that's good enough for them to be able to be Faithful Servants of God to be able to enjoy at least some of the freedoms and wonderful blessings that we received as Americans
a great now this might extend to five segments just trying to get through this article just cuz I had to go off in that rent rent rent in a rant apologies there but let's move on it rosian again we're talkin and for those who weren't there in the beginning hour and a half ago we're reading an article and commenting on an article by John and Lisa Whitehead about things to expect things to watch real threats that are coming from our own government here in the United States of America in 2023 and the next one is a rose in a private property and this goes back folks mean private property people sometimes forget that this is a Biblical concept here this isn't just so you know property is is some manifestation of capitalism before 4 there was any even such an idea of capitalism there was private property is its inherent
in us as humans to want to own and defend our land our property the things we build things that we grow the the the things that we work on our Being Human
tell erosions are private property private property means a little at a time when SWAT teams and other government agencies can invade your home break down your doors kill your dog wound or kill you damage your furnishings and terrorize your family likewise our government officials can find and arrest you for growing vegetables in your front yard for praying with friends in your living room installing solar panels on your roof and raising chickens in your backyard you're no longer the owner of your property and let's face it that's exactly what's happening we've been seeing this erosion of private property for decades it's not new
but it is that be this is where you know for those who didn't hear the opening I was just saying that what we're seeing 2023 is the is the Deep State combining with the police state to do the bidding of the nanny State and this is exactly what we mean by the Nanny State I remember I think it was pretty sure I was actually correction which were up in Michigan who had four paid I mean have them block off block off seeds at the store make it to where you couldn't go you weren't allowed to go to the store to buy seat and that had something to do with covid-19 what
Bennett songs with covid-19 are you kidding me how stupid do they think we are apparently they think that we're really really stupid because that's the dumbest thing ever OK Google where it's like somebody even suggest well got to prevent them from buying sheet so that we can stop and prevent the spread of covid-19 K that's where you say okay you you need to to resign immediately okay your governor of a state you shouldn't be in charge of your own if your own household because that's idiocy and that's like that's like you should probably get special assistance and somebody should be taking care of you and wiping the slobber from your mouth if you really think that that plant buying and planting seeds to grow your own food and a time when there is a brewing food crisis
it's stopping that from happening makes any sense at all in a way that's supposed to prevent covid-19 from spread k
that is
dumb and yes she won reelection allegedly see if they're coming after private property big time Big Time and they will continue until we stop and if we possibly can text over criminalization the government has increasingly adopted the authoritarian notion that it knows best and therefore must control regulate and dictate almost everything about the citizens citizens public private and professional lives over regulation and overcriminalization have been pushed to such outrageous limit that the federal and state governments now require on penalty of a find an individual's apply for permission before they can grow exotic orchids most elaborate dinner parties gather friends are the ones home for Bible studies give coffee to the homeless let their kids manage a lemonade stand keep chickens as pets or braid someone's hair
again nanny-state Nanny State Nanny state next one strip searches and the denigration of bodily Integrity Court rulings undermining the Fourth Amendment and justifying invasive strip searches have left us powerless against police empowered to forcefully draw our blood forcible fully take our DNA strips or just and Probus intimately individuals men and women alike continue to be subjected to what is the central government sanction raped by police in the course of routine traffic stops and it is getting worse in that in that regard I'm not going to comment on that because
next one censorship First Amendment activities are being pummeled punched kicks chokes Chained and generally gagged all across the country Free Speech sounds bubbles owns trespasses on the anti-bullying legislation zero-tolerance policies hate crime laws and a host of other legalistic maladies dreamed up by politicians and prosecutors have conspired to corrode our core freedoms the reason for such censorship of the reasons for such censorship vary widely from political correctness safety concerns and bullying to National Security and hate crimes but the end result Remains the complete eradication of what Benjamin Frank Franklin refer to as the principal pillar of a free government that we talked about censorship Ad nauseam. I would say refer to my past shows my perspectives there but as we're learning with every subsequent Twitter file this is the problem is exponentially bigger than your average normal American city
and has any idea about
and that's a whole show on I'm not going to get started on a brand new show until we're done with this show we will talk more about censorship in the future last item on John and Nisha whiteheads list taxation without any real representation as a Princeton University survey indicates our elected officials especially those in the nation's capital represent the interests of the Rich and Powerful rather than the average citizen we're no longer a representative Republic with big business and big government having fused into a corporate State the president and his State counterparts the governors have become little more than CEOs of the corporate state which day by day is is suing more government control over our lives never before have average American tattoo has so little say in the workings of their government and even less access to their so-called Representatives
representation of representative government a republic as we are constitutional republic requires access you have the there's one and if nothing else positive comes out of the GOP takeover of the House of Representatives at the very least Kevin McCarthy has one good act maybe it's the only good thing that he does but he has declared that they are reopening the House of Representatives the Congress they're reopening it to the public so that we can have transparency so that we can of accountability January 6th which is are so many many times manufactured by our own government
January 6th should not happen again I'm not saying it won't because that would be naive I'm not a fortune teller but if it does happen again anything similar to that it will be as a result of the government initiating
we don't want to harm a more kill people we just want to count ability that's it we want Representatives not not people telling us what we need to do or not do we want them to listen to wise
we want them to do what we expect them to do a wheel elected them allegedly to do that's not asking too much
I'll put the story again in the show notes you find it at the CERN report, I'll probably put it up at the Liberty you can find it everywhere great job by John and Nisha Whitehead over the Rutherford Institute break so stay tuned
there's a reason Klaus Schwab Joe Biden and the global Elites want your life savings locked in IRAs and other portfolio management schemes that they control they can keep your money tied up in woke ESG funds even if doing so will lose you money Patriots are quickly moving their Investments to self-directed Ira is backed by physical precious metals unfortunately most companies that work in this field are beholding to Democrats the Chinese Communist Party the wef and others or pushing us toward a digital dollar I have identified three precious metals companies that believe in America First these companies make it easy for you to move your retirement investment to a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals go to J D wrecker, gold that's J D Wrecker
dot-com gold
do my intention was to the next door was going to be one that I'd actually written over the weekend while before the weekend's is technically I guess technically speaking it was last Saturday morning early early morning shortly after the the vote that finally finally put Kevin McCarthy and as Speaker of the House in Congress shortly after that I wrote written an article about how are certain things we need to to shift those of us who were or are America First Patriots who are opposed to McCarthy a speaker of the house it's time for us to shift a prospectus obviously not to be able to do my gosh don't Embrace him know. He's in there now that we can't stop that from happening now I need to hold his feet to the fire because he has made some promises that are very important promises that if he is able to keep when we will be able to salvage at least
some of his time as Speaker of the House will be able to get certain things done just as an example he says he plans to defund the 87,000 IRS agent if he's able to somehow accomplish that and is having me a big speaker of the house they do have control of the purse so if they can accomplish that that would be a benefit that look I've ever said that we have to have America First lonely Patriots in our in our legislators at the state and local and even definitely at the national level I'm not saying we have to have a marriage Retreat and if we don't that your average milquetoast Rhino neocon Republican is not going to be able to do anything but they are better than Democrats just marginally selling many cases unibody swamp as of right side and the left side of the central side and yes I do believe McCarthy's there but that doesn't mean that the arrangements he's made in order to to become speaker of the house that he won't keep those but if if we are to make
but he does keep those promises such as getting rid of her defunding the 87,000 incoming IRS agents for the buying hair for Jean it was going to do that to me the whole speak the fire we need to say Hey you promise this so where the results make it happen or get out of the way and there's a line from to wear during the the big shootout at the OK Corral ice comes running out he's like I don't know you don't shoot a little gun and wider put it up shove them down and get out of the way I care whatever you do a weird riddle seen their whatever. Don't know what that has to do with Kevin McCarthy I just think of bikes character into stone and Kevin McCarthy's being pretty pretty close to the same thing kind of evil definitely Sinister and kind of slithering and then also weak in many ways but whatever where he's we're stuck with him but I'm going to skip that story when I guess I glazed over it for the first couple min
list the spinal segments I the reason I want to skip over that one because this other one that I think is is in many ways more important article we haven't posted over at America first as well as discern it's an article by Brandon Smith titled is there a way to stop inflation without crushing the economy and killing the dollar now it's long are going probably only be able to going to be able to get to the first first half of it which is the important half because my intention here is to get everybody thinking along those lines to start thinking what can you do what can you do in your local community what can you do about your circle of friends family co-workers how can we start to get more allies at the local level
because that's going to be so important whether because of the Central Bank digital currencies the result in a than impressive digital dollar or if there is let's say there is a future economic collapse the cause of societal collapse and we have to we no longer have a supply chain that crosses the the nation across the globe now we really do have to only only work with what we have what's within driving distance even walking distance if you will courses is part of this energy is part of the class of society will need to be able to get the things that we need at the local level but even if you're in in what state what state goes to worst case scenario is a side of societal collapse or Central Bank digital currencies even if things just continue to get bad it behooves us as American citizens is America First Patriots to build the infrastructure or even parked yet I when I say build keep in mind chances are somebody in your local areas already building it ain't this a old go to Facebook and find your local Facebook group
that might not be a bad idea is real I don't I hate to say this cuz I never want to tell anybody go to Facebook I don't go to Facebook but maybe you can find like-minded people in your local area that's the key in the article itself and then you'll start getting the idea of what what I believe is so important here I'm going to read fast so I apologize because again it is a long article the important parts to at the must be highlighted won the most games being played in economics today is the attempt by various groups political and financial to deflect blame for the rising inflation by the White House and Democrats definitely want to blame Russia and the war in Ukraine even though inflation was spiking long before the war ever started the Federal Reserve pretended for years that inflation was not a threat at all despite numerous alternative Economist such as Brandon Smith that's what he is by the way alternative Economist warning what would happen now they blame supply chain disruptions instead of their own monetary policies the GOP
X in the loan for the crisis while ignoring the dominant role of the FED in the economy and their unilateral power over the course of multiple presidencies in the Alternatives fear there are some people who try to deny the fact that there is more than one type of inflation they want to claim it's all about money creation this is simply not true there is inflation in my Supply but there's also price inflation caused by numerous factors including bottlenecks and production bottlenecks and resources bottlenecks and shipping bottlenecks and energy Etc anyone who denies this pack is blinded by bias or just doesn't understand our place really works over all its Fair according to the evidence to put most of the blame and the central banks and their 14-year program of bailouts and QE policies quantitative easing if you've read my previous articles on the feds involvement you know that my position has remained the same for years I predicted a steak legendary crisis based on the position
If the Fed was deliberately creating a monetary disaster to make way for a new digital currency system pi to a global framework and this is exactly what has happened so far going to take a pause right there in the article to take note of something look as I said a couple segments ago I am not I'm not like a lifelong conspiracy theory guy I used to I used to to laugh at many of the conspiracy theorist that's a day today I Echo that sentiment today I say oh my gosh they were right and I obviously everybody knows about Alex Jones has various predictions that that he was talking about with the New World Order and with globalism and with all these various things he was talking about in the early 2010 and now coming to pass
it's important that we when we're trying to figure out who where we get our news today where do we get our guidance from a journalistic perspective even from a leadership perspective today do we look to the same old same old you know the Sean Hannity Show the World I say no I said we need to look towards those who have been right all along or least have had moments of clarity ahead of the Curve
people who like Brandon Smith over at all Dash Market. Us who he's been he has been predicting exactly what we're seeing including the digital currencies that the Central Bank digital currencies in the picture for digital dollar he was talking about this years ago
and he said that it was going to be tied to stagflation he said it was going to be tied to the horrible policies of the FED as well as horrible policies by presidents and and legislators in both parties and that's exactly what we're saying look President Trump economy under Trump was absolutely amazing but there were flaws there were errors that were made during even his presidency that have enabled what we're seeing today. Obviously the big one is his his decision and it was his decision we can put cash the blame all we want them birx and fauci but what is decision to lock down the United States for allegedly two weeks and of course we saw that turn into two years
is Trump to blame for that yes yes he is another the diner Trump supporters are going to be like I don't know you know he was misled he was this is not well then come out and say that they come out and see the vaccines don't work I haven't heard him say that yet come out and say the vaccines he was misled on them is misled about operation warp speed he was misled about face masks he was misled about lock Downs if you want to come out and say that I don't think maybe I could say it well it wasn't his fault at least he's acknowledging that but he hasn't
so yes I do blame Trump for that obviously during the Trump era I did not know I love you, even during the lockdowns after lockdowns I said if you know what this sucks we're not this is the wrong path to go put a lease with four more years of trump we will be able to recover Unfortunately they stole that from us so now we are not recovering and that's that's that's on us and if I I can blame Trump all I want for for the lockdowns but I have to turn to watch those of us who can serve the media those of you who may be we just didn't fight hard enough I don't think they want to see fight hard enough to expose the theft of the 2020 election maybe we fought too hard maybe there was nothing we could ever have done I don't know maybe there was nobody to blame other than the evil people that perpetrated it maybe that's the case maybe this is exactly how it's supposed to play out I would say that's probably the case I would say
if you are a bible-believing Christian who believes that the will of God reign supreme and that is obviously definitely the case but come back to the article I don't want to have another incident where I talk about one subject for two or three or four segments especially since this is the last second better hurry too much money chasing it too few goods is not the only problem we face as a nation there is also the issue of global interdependence and our Reliance on other country some of them hostile for production and resources what's supply chain disruptions and ever-present danger is not enough to focus on money velocity and the central bank loan we won't be solving the crisis that way not to mention the more the Federal Reserve raises interest rates the more cost to support the US government debt which is already well beyond you repeat if Dallas rise over the us being able to pay for its treasury debt then foreign creditors May dump their tea bod and dollar holding an entirely this could destroy the buying power
of the dollar again I think it's part of the part of the plan in the Liberty Movement there is always debate about Solutions we all seem to agree on the core problems but can't ever seem to agree on what to do about them they're those that suggests there's nothing that can be done economically except prepare and wait for class so we can rebuild once the dust has settled I find myself in this Camp more often than not and as Dua Lipa then there are those that believe a political approach is possible after nearly half of the states in the US block the covid mandates and lockdowns I am starting to think Solutions at the state level might be there as well
then there are those who want to build an alternative system a parallel economy that competes with the mainstream economy this is something I've discussed for a long time is the reason I started alt-market 12 years ago is the ideal solution because it is proactive instead of waiting around for other people to fix the prices for us regular people establish their own trade and production systems based on this essence of separating from the dichotomy so that when it collapses they are mostly unaffected this however is a short-term solution in that large-scale domestic production is eventually needed to return the country and economy to Greater Prosperity growing gardens making trade items in front of local barter markets is only a way to weather the storm is not a long-term path to physical health what we need is locally-based large-scale production of Necessities as well as her own domestic resource Discovery in order to fight back against monetary to climb the US needs to produce a majority of
the old Goods again it's a problem is too much money chasing too few goods then we can make your own Goods here home instead of relying on countries like China and the unstable Global Supply Chain novel idea but what if there is an answer Beyond domestic production alone what if we built an economy which focuses on quality the notion that might have been suggested by others but it is certainly not being promoted by any Economist within the main street or any political representative will leave this article available for you over at the CERN America First and oq in the liberty and probably bring the first you so I've got a lot of places where I post
I'm only this article there because I would strongly recommend you guys you guys read this okay with some good ideas and if there's some pretty radical ideas but they are good at one of the main things that he talks about is that we need to return to Quality you right now we have because the the powers-that-be those who are pushing against capitalism you trying to do to change it completely to what what class Schwab is called for years stakeholder capitalism is idea that we need to essentially own nothing and be as happy as we are allowed to be I guess is that concept is based on the notion that you have to have quality items because they want to produce less you have to go back to you know the it's called third world country because not all of them are third world country but at least a third world country mentality of you buy something and you keep it for a long long time and you fix it and you and you extend his life as long as
can't you know that there was a time not too I mean cash when I was growing up we were buying phones every year every two years or twice a year or anything like that why we didn't have these cell phones and kept getting upgraded you got a phone you kept that phone until you couldn't hear anybody through it anymore until it has fell and broke and plastic shattered or until the ringer you you maybe wanted to upgrade to to a a wireless phone I remember my first wireless phone it was just a in such a freaking moment then yes I'm old I get it okay I did have a phone where you literally have to dial the number to turn the number I don't know if my kids don't know how to operate that okay but you get the idea it's a day people get phones once a year twice a year at the very least every two or three or four years came but we keep replacing it probably they're not cheap
but the quality the need to upgrade is inherent in modern society we have to change that we need to develop things that I mean that there's a there's our ways to create the hardware they can be upgraded through software Solutions we can even take the iPhone and have one iPhone for 10 years that's and still modern I suppose that would cut into Apple's profits of course they're not going to do it when you figure out a way to get back that to get back to the days where you buy something and it's good and solid damn and I ran out of time
I'm going to pick the story up tomorrow because unfortunately you know his being on this time time schedule that I can't I got to learn how to squeeze everything I wanted to say into 17 1/2 minutes segments that's a growing process for me so so bear with me folks I will get better if this better at being more more professional because that's what people said yeah I've asked for feedback they say just you know people were more organized more professionally like what you're saying to just figure out how to say it in a more concise manner I get it I'm going to do it but we're going to do that going for it Lord willing I will be back very soon with another episode of the meantime you'll stay strong and stay safe and God bless

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