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JD Rucker Show, January 17, 2024

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JD Rucker Show
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Empty Shelves, Terrorism, Cashless Society, Brazil, MTG, and More

Title: Empty Shelves, Terrorism, Cashless Society, Brazil, MTG, and More


On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, we will discuss the odd change of heart from Marjorie Taylor Greene, how Kroger is a harbinger with their empty shelves, why a major terrorist attack against our energy infrastructure is being ignored by corporate media, how a cashless society is just around the corner, how Brazil might be a precursor for more rebellion against the New World Order, and the jabs. We always talk about the jabs at some point. Secure your future by rolling over your retirement to a self-directed precious metals IRA: This is a transition week for The JD Rucker Show. We are expanding to TWO daily shows, one for America Out Loud Talk Radio at 8pm Eastern that will be audio plus screen capture and one that is live video on Rumble at 2pm Eastern. Both shows will be two hours. To accomplish this, we are moving our makeshift studio into a better venue so there will be no more green screen virtual office. Need food for long-term storage? Use promo code "jdr" and get 15% off at We will be putting full effort into next week's launch of the new version of the show on Red Voice Media!

Recorded: January 09, 2023

JD Rucker Show

JD Rucker Show
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JD Rucker

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hello my friends and welcome to another episode of The Daily Record show I'm your host J D wrecker and we are in the midst of a transitional wheat is going to be very important week for a j d wrecker Charlotte so excited to the Babbling we are if you listen to America to us on America out loud talk radio you will if you don't listen for a while you probably know that here we are in the process of Ava making our America I'll talk radio show unique and I know what you're going to be doing four hours a day instead of two 2 hours for radio and then two hours for what you're seeing now on video if you're watching on Rumble Friday on bitchute can be watching me over at Freedom First Network what we've been the whole time or you might be watching me on a new venue over and read voice where we are adding show pressure watch me over the new venue discern an aggregator site that I launched very recently with the
goal of making sure that we can spread the truth spread the word spread the the the things that people need to hear things that are mission-critical still editor over at the Liberty daily that, I won't change that ever because I love it it's amazing working with Matthew Burke the owner of the site and bringing just the news that people really want special conservative news that you don't get from corporate Media news that you don't get on Drudge Report maybe we used to but now we don't so deliberately is the conservative alternative to The Drudge Report The Turquoise one anymore I would say the closest example would be sort of like revolver news Darren Bailey over there does a fantastic job and doesn't seem very in-depth articles I don't know if we will have as many in-depth articles as he puts out we might have more articles in general would be again very similar to his position we do try to keep admission
it while I do a lot of I don't recall and frivolous but but not necessarily mission-critical stories over at the Liberty daily that, we publish 100 to 150 a day and they always have to be of interest to Patriots but over the starter we're going to focus on just the stories that are are crucial to the stories of people really really need just because it's interesting like just as an example of publishing Babylon bee stories over at the liberty and some people say the satire is crucial I would agree but we will be publishing those over at the CERN report that, everything really like I said needs to be mission-critical that's why we're only going to be posting some x 20 30 40 on the news says there's a hundred stories that people need to read or post a hundred stories about registering for Dover at the Liberty daily would do that every day so there's that so listen to me Monday through Friday on my new radio show
work out loud talk radio at 8 p.m. Eastern so that's 8 p.m. Eastern America out loud talk radio the J D wrecker political report audio only wants to put it on. All the various places Apple podcast Rumble all that stuff but I won't be on video it's gone will have screen capture and so it's like I said there is a different a different feel when you're working just voice only versus when you're looking at a camera ring the screen because it's just different ones better or worse just saying I'm just I'm not saying I'm just saying so pissed that as far as the the video show which was you're watching right now if you're watching it on the Run by Brandy on bitchute that will be live Monday through Friday at 2 p.m. Eastern again 2 hours are 2 to 4 p.m. Eastern
so there's that will be doing some exciting stuff we're going to be taking calls on the new new show up what's new on the on the advanced shot is getting a whole lot of new equipments you're no longer go see his virtual background anymore we're going to be putting up an actual an actual Sound Stage here it's a at Casa Rucker so that should be that should be nice and nothing fancy thing is there's going to be like Glenn back or anything like that we are we are getting some good stuff plus we're getting for the first time in a long long time and finally getting a producer somebody that can help with a lot of things that's why I'll be able to take phone calls that's why I'll be able to to respond to live chat so I will be able to do a whole lot of things that will be bringing on a lot more guests just this next week we'll have
between this week and next week we've got Laura Loomer coming on Kari Lake Ed Dowd Bryson gray more than I can even remember there's a lot more guests on as well that way you guys aren't stuck with two to four hours of me just talk talk talk talk talk because anybody was listen to me for a while knows that when it comes down to it I can just talk talk talk talk talk I'm a I'm a talk I have opinions about the things that are happening in the world and I have no problem with expressing those opinions speaking of interviews going to get started with you really is to me it's sad because I didn't interview way back in mid 2020 okay and I was very proud of this interview of the time because I thought that I helped to discover I talented future Talent within the GOP and America First Patriot who's going to
stand with us through thick and thin Incorruptible and because she's she came from your non political background
recently I've been proven wrong when I did my interview I was one of the first first show host to endorse Marjorie Taylor Greene during the primaries and everybody there. I was back in her primary Panza in most people haven't heard of her there's no these rumors about you and I and this and that and yes she was just to friend to friend will now things seem to have changed as I posted over at Saint she so you already know she looks like Kevin McCarthy l a b l k just that fact alone is not enough for me to pull my support getting I know that's enough for a lot of people but for me you know those same people who sang Always and I'm not going to support Marjorie Taylor Greene because she back Kevin McCarthy are you are you going to stop supporting Jim Jordan are you going to stop stop supporting or liking what what the Thomas Massie has to say your name the other
how many America First Patriots go to fight America for Patriots who backed Kevin McCarthy from the beginning what about the people that that were against him in the beginning but then they decided to piano to switch into the back are you going to try to tell me the Paul gosar is not a and America versed Patriot give me a break that look like I said there's a reason for this Marjorie Taylor Greene has been the only Irishman I think she might be the only person, she's literally on a no on the Zero committees guess she got stripped from her committee so so that that that neuters a car versus ability to to do anything okay it really does I don't think people understand the power of committees and being on the right committees in Congress weather by the house or the Senate committees have at the power you know if you're on the right committees you can do things
now I know that for the probably the vast majority of the people that members of Congress Senators congressmen the vast majority of them look at their committees is there they said their money line This is how they're able to you how how do people get in the Congress poor leave Rich how to how to are they able to to raise so much money for the campaign to raise so much money for their later for their foundations or whatever they want to call him for their packs it's because of their positions on committees I'm not going to go to the details of that I sure hope that this was a Marjorie Taylor Greene singing I want to cash in cash into like Nancy Pelosi so so I need to get on the committee so I got to back him and party again like I said whether she was doing it for the right reasons or not doesn't matter that's understandable I'm not saying I would have done it myself and that's a good thing she back to writing like Kevin McCarthy for the sake of her herself being to get on committees I'm not a fan of that
it's understandable at least that I can understand
what I can't understand is her shift on what are basic in Senatobia from a political perspective I don't sound biblical here when I lost faith & politics I think we need more faith in politics but I don't see it the other way around so I don't want to to reach into Grecian to the Bible to make a a a political statement but you know and there is something similar here when it comes to politicians there is one I guess you could call it an unforgivable sin
and that's if you accept and embrace and again it's one thing to not say much about it but if you don't brace the idea that the 2020 election was not stolen
you're either stupid or lying which one is it
let's listen to Marjorie Taylor Greene this is in January of 2021 shortly after the election Stella let's see what you had to say back then was one of the issues come from in green that voters are saying looks bad and raises an eyebrow and one of the reasons that you said you will contest the results of the 2020 presidential election during a joint session of Congress on Wednesday tell us what you're planning
absolutely I've said from the beginning I join Mo Brooks and our objection to the stolen election I believe it's our duty as members of Congress to uphold the Constitution and defend the Integrity of our elections and I intend to do that the people of this country Americans by the millions 75 million people re-elected Donald J Trump on November 3rd and they are screaming from the rooftops that they know this election was stolen we've got so many people that have signed affidavits at risk of perjury telling about election fraud we have all the situations in Georgia such as Vernon just spoke about and I thank him for for speaking up and telling the truth and serving Georgians like he always does but we have a true crisis and this isn't about political parties this isn't about Republican and Democrat this is not about President Trump vs. Joe Biden this is about the truth and defending the people's vote and it's Apollo
to me that our state leaders in Georgia are not listening to the people and and doing what they're asking is a complete audit of every single machine and all of the ballots they need to be listening to the people cuz it's the taxpayers that pay for the ballots pay for the machines and pay for the elections and that goes for every single state across the country we know that this this has really been a stolen election that I seen the evidence and that's why I intend to eject on January 6th
man I cannot wait until next week when I finally have a producer who can push all these buttons for me I am so clumsy when it comes to this technology trying to run the show and do it live and all this other stuff is it said the paint can I wait David you are going to be so welcome I'm going to buy you a pony okay and I'm not talking about like My Little Pony I'm talking about like an actual Pony should put in your backyard if you want one so hopefully you can talk cuz I'm not really going to buy you a pony so that was Marjorie Taylor Greene two years ago let's see how her tone has changed let's see if she still saying the same basic stop of the Democrats and the president that's always a silly question problems with what she said recently number one what's wrong with easy when you can
let's say that the 2020 election was stolen and then also say that you're biting is a legitimate president there are contradictory K you can't say both so if you say the Joe Biden of course Joe Biden is president now that's not know you can't say that because he's so you can say that he's an illegitimate president or an install president is I like to say but it was elected president and Marjorie Taylor Greene used to think that she does not know that that's you know what that's that's what is a language or whatever maybe she didn't exactly mean my maybe she was just saying oh you know what of course he's president because because he's obviously has the power of the the office buying them you know maybe she didn't get too elaborate and say but he shouldn't be present because I don't know what it will give her to give her the benefit of the doubt on that when he's done a lot of people jumped on that they really counseling for that one only gets me though it's hard to to try to say that Kevin McCarthy was like this big big election
Lexington I hear that the Kevin McCarthy was fighting tooth-and-nail to correct the 2020 election that's that's not true it is ejection or but he rejected because that's what he thought was politically expedient for Kevin McCarthy had no intention of actually doing anything that could possibly correct your lunch at all he did not matter fact even came out after January 6th and I believe it was even during January so she's like he's invoking January 6th 2021 Kevin the card is Kevin McCarthy that would have to ask an even try to force Donald Trump to step down as president in the United of the United States I'm not sure why I'm not sure what's going on here why Donald Trump you know his personality that should have been enough for him to say no Kevin McCarthy's a jerk, cause he's out he's he's out of his bad guy
is that says just how battle Trump is if he's got somebody says you know really Donald Trump did something really bad on January 6th and he's in the I'll probably I'll have to talk to him I don't know if he'll listen to me talk to me but I'll try to get them to to step down and I'll tell him the will kick him out exact words the Sleek Sleek should have
should have gotten him on Donald Trump's bad side but within a day Donald Trump had to come out and said oh you know it's no big deal I forgive him
it's just the whole backing him throughout I can understand if you didn't weigh in okay
but if he thinks the Kevin McCarthy is so great to Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks that Kevin McCarthy so great maybe he is I had you there for a second you thought I was going to say maybe Kevin McCarthy is great no Kevin McCarthy's not great is he as bad as Paul Ryan probably not but maybe is he worse than than John Boehner
yeah I said probably I mean John Boehner was was ineffective the best so Kevin McCarthy might be too effective to effective and pushing the machinations of the global Stanley curve ball that is currently control of much of Washington DC as we speak I do have that fear that concerned that he is in bed with all the wrong people very similar to Mitch McConnell I get a lot of flak when I try to compare the two of you are far worse and I think myself is he really because this is going to be the first time we really get to see Kevin McCarthy and action with actual power he has not had actual power the one reason we know the Mitch McConnell bad is because there were times when he's had actual power and he is used that power to do bad things will Kevin McCarthy do that now I don't know what the point is this is that the for Marjorie Taylor Greene come out and say that he was a target of January 6th, they're actually trying to go after him
or anything like that he's on their side when it comes to the stuff to some extent I mean again it's we'll just have to see I'm not going to sit here and Bash Kevin McCarthy anymore than I already have which is already a lot but I am very disappointed to say the least and Marjorie Taylor Greene you know maybe she just come out and accept the Austin assignments move along fine I can said they're going this far I don't have the brake standby
there's a reason Klaus Schwab Joe Biden and the global Elites want your life savings locked in IRAs and other portfolio management schemes that they control they can keep your money tied up in woke ESG funds even if doing so will lose you money Patriots are quickly moving their Investments to self-directed Ira is backed by physical precious metals unfortunately most companies that work in this field are beholden to Democrats the Chinese Communist Party the wef and others or pushing us toward a digital dollar I have identified three precious metals companies that believe in America First these companies make it easy for you to move your retirement investment to a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals go to J D wrecker, gold that's J D Wrecker
dot-com gold
so the way things stand now for the rest of this week when I'm doing these shows I will look into the camera look at my stories were looking at my notes am looking at if I don't have the bandwidth to be able to have to look elsewhere so when it comes to chat I often hop in the chat during the breaks while my wonderful sponsors are doing their thing I have in the channel to see what's going on with somebody you know. YouTube what do you mean what if you're not on YouTube your own Rumble of riding on a bird shooter America aloud or whatever so we called ahead to print for this but we are going to be putting this show back on YouTube I know I know what you're thinking I sit here and I rip on YouTube all day I rip on Google I rip on Facebook I rip on Twitter or less than I used to be
K definitely ribbon Instagram and all those but YouTube in particular is one that I would say has been so far arguably the most roconan when it comes to discussing certain topics that's why we have not been posting the show a run YouTube let's change it for a couple of reasons and then maybe these are actually good reason so I can like these are positive
but the biggest reason is because you're these changes that have been happening at Rumble Rumble is expanding Rumble is getting big okay let's face it rumbles getting bigger and bigger and bigger but we're finding is that as result than getting bigger you have a smaller shows mid-level shows like mine just aren't getting and very much attention and I'm not that don't get me wrong I'm not complaining okay I want to be clear about that I don't blame him at all look if they're going to be able to build and retain an audience they need to be able to put on shows of people that that the people know I mean go go ask your relatively politically minded friends and family and a hay fever do you know Sebastian Gorka do you know Tulsi gabbard in a do you know Charlie Kirk okay do you know Glenn Greenwald these are all people that you know I mean they're not like Jake Tapper Tucker crossover they are relatively well-known people I think all of them
Fox News at one point or another and multiple times actually for most of them so their shows course they get they get to get bumped out ahead of my time not bitter about that it's a good business move it is a result of that here's the thing that we when we were really getting going and focusing on our a rumble Channel we were going very quickly I think we gained like 15 thousand subscribers in a very short period of time because we were getting on the front page of Rumple almost every show okay that's changed because it's getting a little we were we were early adopters we've been in trouble for her for a couple years now. I think we're talkin the vp's back when when he's over Rumble back in the days when they didn't have any and all these awesome big huge shows the lady Linda and so as a result when I getting as much attention I get it like I said I'm not trying to sound bitter your butt as a result we do have to do what we can to expand Their audience of one of the ways we want to do that is through search
the those who aren't familiar with how the search algorithms work in particular Google but all of them it's not just Google at least we tried on Brave we tried on DuckDuckGo you even tried on Bing I think there's still a couple people use Bing in in America well trouble just doesn't play there neither does Briny on neither does bitchute neither do any of the other places that we'd go we put the show we can't be found so as a result of that we do to start posting on YouTube and the funny part is that we've actually technically been ready to post on YouTube without a new YouTube channel ready to go for over 2 weeks clearly I can't post a lot of topics that I normally would post or that I talked about during the show times we talked about things on the show that she just can't say on YouTube like a risk strikes I'm going to wait until we talked about topics that are suitable for the extremely sensitive sensibilities of
YouTube sensors they are certain things man if you mention him you're done you got a strike or warning or whatever it is that YouTube does and they will get rid of your channel just like that so after weeks of waiting for the right content we haven't done it yet until now I I made a note that today I'm going to talk about you too I'm going to do I guess you could say the introduction is channel that there exists an introduction of the show to my new YouTube channel and talk about it I was as well and all the other places
this shows or the I should say the show segments that are YouTube sensor friendly or going to publish their do you have for the I don't care about getting a ton of views on YouTube My care is the people know that they can find us they know that we exist and then they will go seek us on the venues where speech is still free for the most part they're just for us on venues where they can find the entire show or we talked about the things that you just can't talk about on YouTube when Game of Thrones you said I guess I know that I still think I don't watch television but I know they have some pretty pretty grotesque stuff on there when it will just use this example of Game of Thrones where to advertise on ABC there's a lot of things that they do and say on Game of Thrones that that you can't do or say on ABC
I think it's still going to put the safer stuff you know safe for work stuff safe for the sensors stuffing and put that is ads on ABC we're going to be using YouTube in very similar similar fashion I'm going to be talking to me and if you want to follow me and you should you be able to get you what we talked about a lot of important topics I'm sure there are just are certain topics that you can't say on YouTube so we're not going to do in a biscuit on YouTube about him people can always go and find the show and Rubble driving I bet you in America a lot to laugh out loud talk radio Red State talk radio Apple podcast running the various places that to run the show the entire show Even if we say
call Cesar called a way for us to expand knowing that you know I'm we're never going to be as big as Ben Shapiro know what I want to be mean but let's face it and then no offense is Superior or anybody like that but if we're talkin about the topics that are going to appeal to the mainstream to the normies to the the bulk of Americans then that means that we're not necessarily talking about the truth right there certain things we we need to talk about that only appeal to I guess you could say the people whose eyes are open and I want to get into Enlightenment or Illuminati rappers anything like that I'm that's all I'm suggesting but you know you know what I'm saying how God it is so hard cuz I'm actually having to sit here and think don't see this don't see that you're going to be putting this video on YouTube so don't say that all right will let's just end it right now this is that is for for the the producer where we're putting a coffee if I could get one of those those clappers the other things its snow
slap down you look a look and the YouTube scene let's move on to the to the raunchy crazy conspiracy theory stuck right on so on that note the YouTube audience is listening about somebody who impressed me
and then they disappointed me and now they're impressing me again I'll be a little bit late there's a line in The Ultimate Christmas movie Die Hard of course we're Powell who is the the cop Donuts you know he's answering the call at the at the end of May have been so long to call and I'm going home and so so I John McClane Bruce Willis as his police car with the Windows machine gun in a screen welcome to the party pal well that's kind of how I feel about how I feel about this guy this doctor here that where you know what I'm just going to play it and I'll explain why I feel this way after we're done doing that my name is dr. Joseph Raymond
clinical scientist I was lead author of a peer-reviewed study that Rihanna live the original visor and that they're not clinical trials for the messenger RNA covid-19 vaccine we found the vaccine increases serious Adverse Events at a rate of 1 + 800
I'm publication my co-authors and I did not believe our single study warranted the withdrawal of the messenger RNA vaccine from the market however it since its publication multiple pieces of evidence has come to light and this is called me to re-evaluate my position
an article published in bmj regarding the fda's own observational surveillance data found the messenger our knees were so seated with multiple of the exact same serious Adverse Events identified in our original study
yep you had failed to inform the public of these findings
in addition now we have multiple autopsy studies that find sensually conclusive evidence that the vaccines are inducing sudden cardiac death yet the rate of these vaccine-induced death remains unknown
while many nations that have been using the messenger RNA vaccine to experience an increase in excess mortality more people dying than should be expected from past years and this correlates in time with the initial vaccine roll out and then with subsequent booster camping nations of higher messenger RNA vaccine uptake correlations with higher rates of excess mortality
while the cause of his excess mortality is not known researchers analyzing this data or unable to identify any other reasonable cause of the excess death other than the vaccines
even now the Omicron bearing is less virulent and is able to evade much of the protection offered by the vaccine streets of situation where the benefits of the vaccine have been dramatically reduced for hospitalization and and death
together this information calls into question if the vaccines benefits are outweighing the harm
I believe given the information the messenger RNA vaccines need to be withdrawn from the market until New randomized controlled trials can clearly demonstrate the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the series, we now know that icing is our calling
what is it I have mixed feelings here I appreciate the dark frame is coming on now and calling for the MRNA code vaccines to be halted completely in immediately I love that I just wish you would have done it earlier keep my his peer reviewed study came out in August of last year August blast it out there we covered it over the Liberty over to America first we covered it was huge k mean a huge increase in blood clots huge increases in deaths come on at that point you say all right look we we need more studies which is what he called for but then he should have said until we get those studies. The jet no reason especially in children especially pregnant women why are you giving this thing that is clearly dangerous why are you giving this drug to people the vast majority of them do not need even if it worked they would need it which it doesn't even work
so it's like I said welcome to the party, I'm glad that you're here now I just wish you would have come up with a hey you know what we're going to try to get them on so I shouldn't insult them maybe he had his maybe he was just over overly cautious I don't know to me I've been calling for the whole thing of the drugs since the first breakthrough case I was technically I'm saying we should be in before they release them I can't this seems too fast everybody slow down I was never an anti-vaxxer before per se
but I can see the data as anybody can anybody who's willing to open their eyes could see the day that even early on it did not take long before they were went from literally saying it's a hundred percent effective and then see the first and I forgot her name that first nurse was like it was the first nurse to to be injected and then she's like passes out okay at the brakes stop no more let's let's let's do this before we start pumping emergency authorized experimental drugs into arms
let's just make sure that we know exactly what we're doing but they didn't they kept going and so when it went from 100% down to 99% which took 10 days then I said okay well
let's just keep going then it drops 94% then 92% and 84% in all of a sudden change the narrative completely they acknowledged like I don't even know what they don't actually stop you from getting covid-19 and
I know this might hurt the mandates but they don't actually stopped you from transmitting
covid-19 if you do get it so really there's no reason to have a mandate no scientific reason a logical reason K the only reason is for the mandates is if you're stupid are you have an agenda so we're going to hope that we know the Wii the powers-that-be we have an agenda and we got to keep pushing that forward so we just have to hope that the vast majority of Americans are stupid and they were right
no that's what I know a lot of you been Jen and I'm not saying that you're stupid for getting jab okay I'm not saying the people that were still pressing for the mandates and they're still RPI I said were there still a people that they were saying you know well I believe is a Hollywood star as a former Rock and roller with tons of drugs in my system over the decades I believe that anybody who doesn't get jab they should not be able to receive Medical Care they said they're hurting the people there been selfish when you why should we have to suffer through the adverse reaction with us most of that's kind of what they mean
let's troll an example of the Cash Cab producer mandate covid-19 vaccines quote-unquote vaccines
copy of something
okay come back to me right now will make sure thank you for those who were not watching the video that this Jessica Jessica Robin Thicke is her name she after saying she doesn't feel very well you can see your face you can see it turning pale you can see your eyes getting big she starts tumbling forward she was having and that's a not dissimilar from what we've seen a lot of them clean that first nurse that got the got the injection his name again escapes me which we haven't seen anything come over since makes you wonder crazy stop searching the break we will be talking about Krogers Kroger grocery store and their empty shells will probably be talking about a lot more than that but I know that that was reading that story so stay tuned
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I'm a coach 80r help out to America First companies
so I didn't have time at the end of the last segment to mention what it was why that clip was so important the clip of Jessica Rob is just choose sitting there giving her the report than live on TV she started kind of kind of falling forward a little bit and said she didn't feel very well and stumbling on her words the important part there is that she was backs and perhaps most importantly she was forced to get backs out I don't want to plan that you wouldn't have gotten back and let's face it chances are with the vast majority of people out there and working today if it seems as if despite my opposition to the vax mandates that they weren't necessarily required for a whole lot of people there's a lot of people out there that would have gotten I would say maybe when the majority of people would have got them back but to be clear Bell the company that owned owns CTV Edmonton they do
put out a release last year or the year before but my thing as last year might have been actually might have been 2021 I put out a requirement a mandate that the whole their employees would be back so we can assume that she was I believe somebody actually it's always hard to tell her that I wanted to tell you I get annoyed with screenshots of stuff tweets screenshots of tweets I get it people will believe him and I mean I take screenshots too but I don't like to rely just on screenshots because they can be manipulated so I'm not going to say this to Findlay but there was one that I saw where a young Twitter's whatever it is that she had gotten two shots and a booster who knows maybe she did maybe she didn't we can safely assume that she did at the very least get the the minimum requirements in order to continue doing a job because she is continuing to do a job and then apparently there were no interruptions point is is that mandates if she were a person who
wouldn't have gotten job otherwise and she had this incident and it was and I think offensively live it definitely was coming to quote unquote vaccine-related when is it not anymore you know we we see so many of these and I get a lot of flak I give a lot of people so you can't see the actual as you don't know for sure. A billion people have asked me if I'm a doctor and I need to reply with no thank God because they were then I'll be forced to make a decision between continue with my career continuing my my path were probably getting fired because I wouldn't I wouldn't promote these and looks out here in California you got to come over tomorrow so you can't be a doctor really can't be a medical professional law yes that that rule is is it affects 0 point being is this is that no I'm not a doctor but I'm also not stupid and I can see the trends I can see what's happening I can see that there's there's all these people that are collapsing all these people young and other
healthy people who are we're falling over dying fairly regularly sometimes not dying as well just collapsing having medical incidences having what appear to be adverse reactions to the Jabs and so whenever we hear news or see videos like this we've got to ask and he's the most important part about that perhaps we wouldn't have to ask if anybody else did but nobody else does. And corporate media and even I would have hate to admit it but even very few and conservative media are asking a question sure the report on who know they'll be no try to stay compliant with Google and Facebook and I'll wink and a nod is the other person person collapsed and died suddenly and no cause of death was reported that they don't actually ever mention work covid or vaccines not before people say oh you're a hypocrite because you just mention that you were going to be starting your YouTube channel I want to be clear again that is or just for the sake
a being able to drive more people to the truth I do tell the truth about the vaccines they aren't effective and they aren't safe I've been saying that for a long time and I have as a result I don't get a penny from Google I don't get very much traffic if any at all from Facebook I used to not get anything from Twitter either unfortunately gab get her truth social parlor they don't exactly do a whole lot as far as far as money I've taken a hit for being willing to tell the truth
don't throw that hypocrisy thing at me if you just because we want to try to reopen our how are YouTube channel and post content that will hopefully entice people to come to rumble Briley on bitchute America out loud talk radio Red State talk radio or any of the other various venues where we are able to tell the truth
anyway so yeah I miss that was the point of that story was that she was she was under vacs mandate and now she's suffered some sort of incident we don't know where where she is now that I think the station had said that she was recovering that she was resting and recovering and she's okay now so that's good great for her
so let's go let's get into the meat of this we've got a story I have posted over at the stern this is actually comes by Ethan Hawke comes from title Kroger Shoppers reporting a lot of empty shelves across supermarket chain location. This one caught my attention because Kroger has been of the various food food organizational, and I don't want to specify just grocery stores of the various companies and groups that deal in food Kroger's been one of the most stable over the years and they even if they recently just a couple months I purchased Albertsons for example they have a lot of lot of clouds and so for them to be experiencing these shortages is the bad Omen folks and now that I'm in the Heights yet you understand the saying it's a b that's not a good sign
okay we've already heard I've published a video with three weeks ago or weeks ago about how they're seeing that Costco mother bad sign Walmart another bad sign bah stores are even smaller local grocery Mart grocery stores they start to run out of food I can't they have a different selection when you got these super Giants running out of food that's not good so corny on social media is brimming with reports of missing food items at Kroger's supermarket locations across the country a repeat of early 2020 when toilet paper and other Essentials ran bear the state of 2023 is seeing a lot of empty shelves at Kroger according to numerous reports some containing video evidence of lingering supply chain problems not only are Kroger shells missing many Central prices for things that are still in stock Mustang that most notably eggs are skyrocketing to unprecedented levels the last day of 2022 popular YouTube account called adventures with Dano visit
is a local Kroger store to document any changes in inventory and pricing and empty shells with only a few remaining ultra high price items could be seen
and then this is the caption from that video we are at Kroger and are noticing price increases on groceries in a lot of empty shelves we're here to check out the skyrocketing prices and the empty shelves situation it's getting rough out here as store seem to be struggling with getting products one particular area of the store that with bear shells was the pet product aisle which was missing most of the store brand items or things left or if you overpriced price items of lesser sought-out Brands and back to the chalene show host of rats who was the name of that the adventures with Dano if you find cat litter don't worry about the price just get some we're seeing inconvenience stickers everywhere in these are fresh this must be becoming an issue again
you know I have been and I always have to say this is for those of you who been watching me for a long time and I'll apologize now because I do have to repeat myself the reason being is because I owe the show the show is growing very fast I was complaining earlier complaining but note noting how our growth on Rumble has been slow the last the last month or so really based upon their they're changing direction and I begin I appreciate that I'm glad they're growing I'm happy for them they're doing a fantastic job over there but even as we grow we still looking a lot of new people every single day so sometimes I will have to repeat certain aspects certain things one of those things and I have to repeat over and over again is that I've never been a prepper not until the mid 2021 that's the first time where I really stopped and said wow Biden the Holbein regime is is driving economy in the ground these will start to see it is
simple things to fix such as the supply chain issues of early twenties and mid-twenties 21 even like 20/21 those issues were not necessary to get in between 22 and all of a sudden holy crap why are we still dealing with this this doesn't make any sense they keep the White House kept talking about it. Fixing it and yet they weren't we started seeing course they bird flew in and calling of a flock of chickens thousands millions of chickens Ducks turkeys
we've heard about the cows cows that are entire large hers were talking about tens of thousands of cows dying randomly
this is why we have
we have pushed very hard to to gets going becoming a late Preppers week we like to call ourselves at least in the record family but I'm this is something new. We we weren't random stuff now we are we have to be because we fear that feels wrong way we know with certainty that a massive food crisis is just around the corner not just in the United States and probably hit in other Western Nations faster than even if it's here but you know it was going to happen it's going to spread across these types of things they can't be isolated you can isolate the you know obviously in third world countries K we've we've done such a horrible job of I know when you get to the end of that it's a long discussion but now we're going to see it here in the United States in Europe in Australia
places where we don't expect to not have food available to us we've got money if we got access that we should be able to get food except we're probably not going to be able to not for very much longer what happened 2023 you have this massive food shortages let's see let's go back to what what
Ethan half over natural news says will 2023 become the year of mass starvation, this question let's hear his honest response the stores carry case was also in shambles with most of the products missing is exactly what we fought with all the eggs people are starting to buy other eggs because the store brands the cheapest ones you can get are getting really expensive and inflation apartment Kroger a to be jacking up original piece prices on items only to mark them down from there and pretend they are on sale even though the end sale price is still higher than the original a 5lb bag of Mandarin oranges for instance is now on sale for $6.49 at Kroger the original price though it was hiked up to $7.99 making it not so much of a sale after all activity that's not that's in the video of the video chatter said these pricing
pieces are just insane you have to wonder where it's all going to end many others visited their local Kroger stores to confirm and found much of the same thing Rising there are shortages of a lot of different things just paid $5.49 for a dozen Kroger large eggs one person Road somebody else said they were completely empty
one person in Kentucky he said that the local Kroger stores so empty it look like it was in the process of closing down an official from the company reportedly confirmed that despite how it appears the store will remain in operation according to the customer customer said most of dairy and meat section completely empty shops here for 30 years almost and I have never seen it like this
customer in Ohio send a photo to Kroger a shelves at his door asking on Twitter where all the food go Kroger company acknowledged this tweet with the following response along with a reassurance that the corporate office had had reached out to specific locations management to address the issue and it's a quote from Kroger to see your local Kroger shelves are empty what's the solution and I'm not facing is running out of of items specially with their own eyes were talking about a massive massive Supply they have that they have and have always had what happens when their supplies not so massive what happens when I want to say it because I don't want to say this is a certainty you know I think it probably is so what happens if
do we start to see these bigger brands that have supported communities I'm not just talking about it like in cities are in the suburbs I'm talking about small communities that I used to live in a tiny tiny tiny town in West Virginia and the the centrepiece of the town was the Kroger okay I could see it for my for my home I can literally I remember I got in big trouble for shooting out a ladies ladies windshield with my BB gun not thinking it could reach but apparently he could never forget me and my brother are there which we shoot it and then hit that thing in them all the sudden we see her just walking up and like oh crap she sees it in here and she want to talk to my dad that cost a lot of money and a lot of pain a lot of pain but and rightfully so so yeah let me Kroger is the centerpiece
play searching places in in Oklahoma where where the entire town is basically centered around a Walmart that I'm not doubting you know we need more of these are not my enemy perspective I'm not a big fan of these mega-corporations taking over small towns I would much rather they another topic for another day but what I'm trying to get at is now that is the case. We do have a small towns Lee's World Larry's entire small counties on a small bit but the sparsely populated counties that are super super super Reliance on these larger chains that have are basically Corner the market in that particular week sparsely-populated Market what happens if they can no longer achieve their goals what if they say you look it just doesn't make sense for us to keep is Kroger open in Cross Lanes West Virginia OK Google close to that the supposed that what is the community to do
are they going to drive 15 20 30 miles just to get the grocery store and a lot of people do that already but lot of people don't let me Force to the let's say it's just in a in a local rest a city or suburb you start seeing yeah they're open but they're dangerous because people are hungry
food is the centerpiece through which the globalists if they wanted to could start riots start complete civil unrest we could see a breakdown of society hungry people get desperate more so than anything else you can have broke people to get out of cold people when people start getting hungry people start doing things that they normally would never have done before
is that coming to the United States of America
God forbid but it seems as if that's the trajectory and unfortunately it seems as if our quote-unquote leaders in Washington d.c. I'm going to do a thing about it and it seems as if most even stay local governments aren't even aware that's a problem
and break I've got to know the back story and I want to play something from Infowars that really caught my attention about illegal immigration
stay tuned
my good friend dr. Vladimir zelenko you left us way too early so sad that he is gone but his legacy does continue we do still support his foundation we still support his company that is still benefiting the masses across the world those who have either been jab or maybe you've been been exposed to those who may be shedding on you that's becoming more and more likely as being the case more times you jabbed wears off you are in the more you're likely to shut on others now even if you never been jabbed not around other people very often you should still consider getting Z detox or is he stack life protocol either one of them will help your immune system has been demonstrated by scientists demonstrated by.
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little girl bit of a curveball I not supposed to be talking about jazz I'm going to put that I know everybody loves want to talk about the backseat but I'll get to it at the end of your love time I want to make sure that we get a look at the list there are certain stories that I've got to get through today because they didn't come out so we can let's face it with Chad's chances of any time soon are pretty much know the story that I'm about to get into is important and you'll understand why once I get into it but I first want to play this video from Infowars that's really it should open our eyes can we we look at the the problems they were facing with the open borders the bidens open borders K The Invasion it's happening with illegal aliens coming across and by the thousands tens of thousands hundreds of thousands and yes even Millions we really look at the the to wish I could say
doesn't take that long for the numbers of illegal aliens at during this biden-harris regime era the number of them to reach the millions that happen multiple times since he was installed as president of the United States and it continues to half and I don't foresee anything slowing it down it's going to get worse as a matter of fact special here's the sad reality is one of the best things that could actually I'm not the best things but arguably the only thing that that good that could come out of our we continue with this massive supply chain problem we start to see food prices Skyrocket even more is it may be the illegal aliens. Come and maybe they'll realize holy crap the u.s. is is falling apart while I don't want to risk our lives in and have their women and children kidnapped and raped on the truck up to the United States when they can't even get their own people fed where they going to do with us it's not worth it was just
go home let's just go go back to where I was let's try to fix I'm Doris El Salvador Guatemala and then we have if things continue in the trajectory that they're going to their is the other aspect of it and that is Terror as we do still have terrorism and the United States it doesn't get important very often and it isn't always radical Islamic terrorism but let's face it sometimes it is a lot of times it is most of the time it is doesn't get near the attention that he used to people in media' don't want to highlight the fact that we do have these these Terror incidences that are tied to mag others not domestic terrorist these are these are Invaders that are coming across the southern border and many times these people are engaged in in Terrorist activities or preparing for future terrorist activities it doesn't get talked about nearly enough on anybody show even even summon alternative media are avoiding the fact that
we have seen terrorist attack after terrorist attack against our energy infrastructure United States for the last seven or eight months it just keeps happening and you for whatever reason it's not canon the attention it deserves there was a major one in Las Vegas last week and I actually held on the story just pulled up at the store here
so this was first published over ads or Zero Hedge Tyler Durden over there and I wanted to read my commentary real quick because highlights You Know My Own idiocy I guess I held the title of it by the way is his media blackout over Terror incident at Vegas power plant I held off on posting this article over the weekend because I thought or hoped it would be adjusted on Monday by then I reckon corporate media would catch up with alternative media and cute and report this huge story that has tremendous implications a terrorist attack on an important piece of America's energy infrastructure should be big news right now it wasn't nobody's covering it a Google News search for Vegas pops up concert information a local shooting in news about the the Raiders only one story today even touched on the fact that a major terrorist attack that will take at least 2 years to fix took place on us soil which I'll be discussing the January show today so let's
Tyler Durden article
us power grid is under attack as extremists shoot sabotage and vandalize electrical equipment at Power stations one of the highest-profile attacks was when two men use guns to paralyze a substation in Washington state on Christmas Day leaving thousands without electricity the incident made national news but strangely enough another attack last week on the Vegas Las Vegas power grid went unnoticed by the national press he says unnoticed lets its was intentionally ignored
Muhammad hamad's Marion 34 Ram his car through the gate of a solar power generation plant outside Las Vegas on Wednesday and set his car on fire intending to damage a master Transformer is a quote from the from 8 news now employs the plants that they out of car smoldering in a generator pit
make a solar array facility provides power to 13 properties on the Las Vegas Strip all belonging to MGM Resorts investigators Believe Miss mauryan quote siphon gasoline from his car to put on wires at the Transformer the point here folks folks is that this was not like oh you know some random random at this was intentional this was planned out in this was carried out with with the intention of trying to take out this huge part of the power grid I don't know if the guy was was just has a problem with mgmresorts we don't know yet but hopefully we'll find out soon up from the police mesmari and clarified he he burned a Toyota Camry Miss Maria instead he bring the vehicle out of Tesla solar plant and did it for the future
so it's probably not about MGM Resorts it's probably busy an eco-terrorist is he ate the religious terrorists and radical Islamic terrorist was reporting on security footage yada yada yada major damage following an incident at the mega solar array facility on Cypress and all immediately notified authorities and shut down the plants operation as a precaution in accordance with industry standard safety protocol with my man was arrested at a campground on Thursday he's being charged with committing an act of terrorism first-degree arson third-degree arson yada yada yada committing an act of terrorism he's being charged for that you would think that this would make national news big-time that's not it hasn't I'll be stalking about it once again
an act of terrorism that affected tens of thousands of people
and yet we hear nothing radio silence you have to get your news from alternative sources and maybe a few local news channels that are willing to talk about it that's not how things should be that is one of the components of a risk of a class of society that we're facing here in United States of America has been such a motherboard will it doesn't say anything about him being an illegal alien palette Toyota Camry there's a good chance that he's been here for a long time maybe he is just an eco-terrorist I don't know that's the point why don't we know why don't we have more information about this why is there more discussion about Prince is it is he still at Prince and Prince Harry's book okay and going against I don't I don't know enough about the store tonight just glaze over the headlines something about book and Andrew and Markle and whatever I don't get into that stuff I can't list time I'm not tripping on you if you didn't maybe that's your thing maybe you like following the
royal family I do not follow terrorist acts committed against the Citizens the people of the United States of America back to me as big news and should be big news across the board and it's not wasn't covering up we know we're heading out to this video here by from Infowars that really I think highlights the existential threat that they were facing rent for today so
English historian Peter Heather controversially argued that Rome was ultimately overcome by illegal immigration Heather accepted academic analysis that the step in the late fourth Century set these migrations in motion
however according to Heather the assumption that The Barbarians were then peacefully absorb more of wishful thinking like reality society that welcomed immigrants immigrants were given employment in the Roman army but were welcomed only if they assimilated of course ROM still felt what makes anyone think that the United States and Europe can absorb Violet and assimilating immigrants from all over the world with the result not ultimately collapsing 21st century civilization
prices in the United States continues to escalate this year more than 100,000 Americans died due to a drug overdose deaths in America Breitbart reported the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against the administration over its rule change on welfare Federal immigration law has required a public charge determination for immigrants which bars them from staying in the country if they are likely to use welfare programs like food stamps Medicaid or government housing studies show taxpayers are being built about $1,600 a year for immigrant and that immigrants used 33% more cash welfare than American citizens similarly about 63% of non-citizen households use at least one form of public
welfare while only about 35% of native-born American households are on welfare are we here frequently two people are at the Centre of sustainable development and we know that by definition people are at the center of population fell from these two simple observations that it follows that an understanding of population patterns and Trends I will be essential for the successful implementation of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development
let me be clear title 42 or not the border is not open is right in front of us as California's flea for Mexico under California governor Newsom leaving California to some fear that mass departures by the state's building mirrors and tech companies could reduce the local and state tax revenues that the 1% of California's top income earners are responsible for half of all income tax revenue those drops could have the potential to affect the government services for years to come and illegals kill Americans at a higher rate than Americans kill each other how many American children are going to be burned alive before our elected leaders decided to take action the Republicans don't care they don't want to stand up to the donor class the Democrats sure don't care they want new voters big business
County Texas Corporal Charles Galloway is in the country illegally when he murdered that officer tell us what happened to your brother he was murdered in 2018 who was 19 years old. I did into the oncoming Lane she was here illegally there's not a day goes by in this country that there isn't at least one American citizen that dies at the hands of someone who has unlawfully present in the United States whether it is an active homicide whether it's an act of willful manslaughter whether it's an OWI on the streets of America hardly anybody can I hadn't gotten is going through the last ten years and doesn't at least see that show up in their local newspaper if it doesn't show up in their neighborhood
lingers in the shadows of a crumbling America vomiting United Nations replacement migration direct fueled by globalist by runaway government corruption and rammed down the throats of the American taxpayer in order to usher in a new world order John bowne reporting
I love a lot of the hosts over at Infowars wanted to take a John down his I think exceptional you got Hamby at Gregory's you got Christie Lee you got some real talent over there and it's a shame that it's at band on video I would really want the reason people that I've got to have a chat while the videos playing saying hit me up when you play a lot of info which is why is that and not that I'm complaining is what they said but why are you pull off from it. I think that listen now pull stuff from Steve Bannon show and other shows when the reason why I always try to do whatever I find a really good on over it if it was one of the reasons I like to post their stuff is because they don't get nearly the attention they deserve what I was one of those guys I admit I was one of those guys the way back when the early days of Infowars Alex Jones was I got me on this is this is crazy K didn't get into all of this conspiracy theory stuff until well. We started seeing
they were right it really until be the plandemic started rolling out until I started seeing the response to the plandemic attacks on our on our freedoms that were perpetually the longer than two weeks that's when I started really getting more into another minute leak I was looking into a lot of conspiracy theories before then but the thing that has solidified the direction that I wanted to take as far as informing the people this that really changed me in a lot of ways because I realized that there just isn't enough attention being paid to it goes in both directions by the way to it's not just that I want to make sure the people are are watching the conspiracy theories I also want to make sure that they're paying attention to the right once because let's face it there's a reason why a lot of us were against the conspiracy theories in the first place because a lot of them don't make sense a lot of them are I would argue here's my conspiracy theory to throw in the next
are you have a lot of conspiracy theories that we here today or actually planted by the Deep state plan to buy the CIA or whoever to try to the try to make us look crazy or talking about other one will have seen some of the craziest ones out there get published by some of the most respected in the field we're going to name names but I'm not scared to try to take down anybody but I will say this that's when I find videos commentaries interviews whatever over at Infowars are banned. Video or a natural news or any of the various places that are that are considered to be friends I like to publish them if they make sense is that one you just heard does makes absolute sense I want to publish them because people will have a natural tendency to avoid them if I get it K there's a lot of stuff gets posted on some of these somebody's video sites on these places where it's like oh my gosh give me a break
strangely focused on reality here folks there's enough reality is bad enough we don't need to try to make it any appear to be worse with false accusations false assumptions. I will look at you with fairy I will give its due diligence and if it's not real no not going to I got to talk about it or publish it was John Brown was just saying Ashley real we are under invasion they are trying to use this Invasion to destroy the United States of America
and then do something about what exactly
I'm likely at the stake sorry for that sour no but we will be right back
housing authority of our Pharmaceuticals the ingredients in them come from China they are controlled by the Chinese Communist party where are you seeing supply chain issues pharmacies are running low on a lot of things in the if the crap hits the fan as a lot of us think it may in the very near future you will want antibiotics and the best way to get that is to go to JD record cam manager be able to get a teleconference with an actual doctor and then they'll send you meds they'll send you like five different versions or types of antibiotics. Two different ailments that could they can hit us these are great for long-term storage you will you will want them in this is one of those things where if you if you need them then you'll want them if you don't need them then least she'll have them so and here's the thing if you don't have him you're almost really going to need them at least sometime in the near future so JD Rucker
dot-com meds
for those who didn't watch the news lately. We're seeing all this crazy stuff down in the Brazil and I just want to cover that three the story that I chosen to cover it to really talk about the
I want to call Revolution cuz we got to see where it goes from here but the the unrest the Rebellion the uprising it's happening in Brazil it's it's very compelling that's number one it seems an awful lot like an expansion of January 6th so that concerns me because it makes me think I owe is this another example of the deep state of the global silly cabal trying to take a righteous concern such as what the concerns we had by the 2020 election the concerns that they have the Brazilians have to buy the 2022 elections down there are they trying to the paint us as paint them I said there are you trying to say there were in the process of painting us as insurrectionists are they trying to pay them as directions to be to be quashed to be struck down are they trying to ship public sentiment away from those who rightly believe that that jar bolsonaro was robbed the D Brasilia
people were robbed they installed a globalist socialist Marx's puppet
in the form of Luna or whatever his name is I think that they do it's alright it's funny because I found the story by Mike Adams over and Nationals yesterday that I wanted to talk about in the transition perfectly into the next two weeks so we got two stories a second and we got it covered let's go straight to to Mike my cat is my good friend my cat has his his post referring to his show yesterday Brazil's Uprising is just the first of many we will witness in 2023 is Humanity wakens against tyranny gosh I hope that's true I really do I hope this isn't just a false flag attack I hope that this isn't the global suleika ball taking charge via co-opting the the anc's the anger that they expect they're experiencing down in Brazil and try to turn into something ugly that they can then use to to end the anger to to send people into hiding as has happened here in the United States of America with space after January 6th after the arrest started happening after he started throwing patriotic Americans
doing much wrong and throwing them in the gulag for 4 weeks months years
I told her this is not the case and that Mike Adams is his optimism is just fine when he says that this is hardly the first the first it will see in 2023 is Humanity way cuz I hope that humanity is Awakening and you can see that I mean I'm not disagreeing with him I have seen more of an Awakening I get more more contacts from people outside the United States that I ever did okay and of course I'm getting more contacts from inside the United States than I ever did as well but we're seeing an influx of people that are concerned and they would look into United States not just for guys but also was an example of many ways of what not to do I have to ask me all the time is actually a woman I believe I looked up the name just to see if it was a man or woman I think was woman who said
what you guys do with your balls you know why why are you allowing this name this is in reference to the 2022 midterm elections that we believe I believe I believe many of you believe were also stolen just as the 2020 election result this article from Mike Adams over at NaturalNews title Brazil's Uprising is just the first of many we will witness in 2023 as Humanity awakens against tyranny the mass Uprising Brazil which increasingly looks like a carbon copy repeat of the j-6 Insurrection Playbook run by the FBI is just one of many popular votes we will see this year as large populations awaken to the truth about tyranny and genocide as people are red pills they come to realize these are astonishing but true facts and he gives this list and it's an important lesson 10 actions are being read to install Communists in the power while the feeding legitimate leaders who represent the people number to covid was a plandemic and it was Unleashed to force people into accepting
go back scenes that are actually infertility depopulation Chad which have already killed Millions number three the climate change and that was never rooted in science or reality but was a social control agenda designed to just buy destruction of Humanity's energy infrastructure and plunge the world into Mass starvation and economic collapse Fiat currencies are rapidly collapsing in value causing skyrocketing inflation across food fuel rent consumer goods and more
number 5 globalists are pursuing an anti-human agenda it's actually a trans human agenda that seeks to a total of six total Destruction of humanity as it currently exists even is so red pilled there now covering the transhuman and then transhumanism luciferium agenda of Yuval Harari and then number 6 climate and another pandemic are on the way all deliberately Unleashed by Weldon comic form run authoritarian governments to enslave and then annihilate them
I thought this was supposed to be a very good positive story where it was supposed to be in a way it is because when he's listing here these items these concerns that we many of you have added that I know I've had big-time these concerns the the truth is starting to get out there now it's not this problem getting out there as much as as a lot of us think maybe maybe it's like any other as much as Mike Adams things but it is starting to at least creeped out there people are starting to wake up they are starting to ask questions which you can I go back to why why I like the post videos from from band on video why I talked about articles from national news you can't let me be clear you cannot
you cannot post an article for natural news on Twitter or Facebook they won't let you
you can't find you can't go to Google and find anything from banned. Video it won't show it
the normies are having a hard time finding this information I'm very blessed to be able to republish a lot of the articles I see over NaturalNews Ira publisher with permission I won't be published an article that I don't have permission to republish and I do have permission to republish those naturally as I went back to them I link to you over at the liberty and discern willing to a lot of stories directly to their not like we're just republishing why do Republicans because this needs to be shared that above everything else it was just a matter of hey hey you know let's let's just share this and get the word out that I would love to just do that instead I have to Republic Elsewhere on discern America First inoki based got a lot of sites where I can post things from natural lose another other sources
to try to get them some exposure to these important these articles are important and you not going to see this yeah he mentioned do you know breitbart's come around okay and maybe we'll see I can see discussions like this generally speaking on Breitbart or daily wire or Washington examiner Washington Post sure they will post things that are important to obviously they do hope it's not all bad not like all straight up shields for for corporate Media or the Democrat Party at least not yet maybe Brian has been discussing some of the day they're going to cover the stuff so the site they want to go conservative sites out there talking about this and I can be seen this on Fox News
play yes on the one hand I'm very happy that we are getting to to see this information coming out and to witness more people paying attention but it's still a tiny tiny tiny tiny percentage of the population that's why I always tell people please you know I'm very bad as promoting this show I've been told that by multiple people so they have that phrase I think it's it's Tim pool her call them always a smash that like button okay will do that or subscribe button pressed something get get help get the word out subscribe if you're not subscribed share it do whatever you can to help get this information out there
it's great that you're listening I love you for that as I said probably around 4 and in 38 times I said that I have the most intelligent audience and I can tell that by the comments I can tell that you like cross-reference like a mic on his other people's comments you guys are very smart that you're with him and I'm not blowing smoke when I say that I'm telling you you are and strew unfortunately the the mass is the majority of our population just aren't that smart so you got it then light them that's looks at me do you know that crazy J D rocker guy about the stories last year gay I'm riding on the back of giants in many ways so here I am reading an article by Mike Adams has been fighting the good fight since back in the days and I'll still watching watching Hannity by the way anymore but I did so let's finish up is part of the article because I want to get the next BART that's that's a great transition to the big
equally big
call Mike Adams with the criminal felon president Lula in power in Brazil that country will collapse into Venezuela territory they're already using aj6 like Playbook to round up and rescued hundreds of pro Brasil nationalist protest of the ring collection they're they're fighting for their lives because they know that if Lula is left remaining power Brazil become a genocide of the dictatorial regime that wages war on its own people much like the biters name in the United States are the Trudeau regime in Canada well that's not good things will hopefully get better here somewhere try and keep pushing keep fighting keep fighting the good fight don't give up pray pray pray pray next section get ready for a controlled demolition of Fiat currencies followed by a central bank digital currency rollout most likely in 2022 or I'm sorry in 2023 or 2024 we will see the final engineer class of Western Fiat currencies the dollar the Euro the N orchestrated to drive in slave
masses into Central Bank digital currency systems that function as Financial surveillance and control systems run by globalist this event will of course be presented to the public as some sort of Crisis most likely a cyberattack on the banking system that requires everyone to give up their fiat currency and private bank accounts in order to achieve protection and security offered by the FED through Central Bank digital currencies cvtc rollout will not go well we predict it will not it will be met with intense sustained resistance for the simple reason that a growing number of people already know that these glow evil globalist are up to anyone participating in the CDC lose control over their finances since the government can simply shut off your digital wallet at any moment which is exactly what Brazil has been doing to the bank accounts of protesters
man that's crazy stuff so that's why I turned out to the key to keep it gone I think we got enough time to go to max level over at shtf plan. Calm a cashless Society is here next comes to CBC and total control again I know a lot of course they don't read the article all the way there I don't I usually stop at the important parts but this is not again we're talkin about important formation I don't have to just sit here and spew forth my thoughts on everything I do I guess I end up doing that anyway but we we can listen to other people we can hear the words that other people are publishing we can watch the videos that other people are out there this is not about me just trying to get you guys to listen to my kind of my cat constantly I want to expose people like max level take away is a Max Level we'll talk about that some other day next level is no longer max level but it's a conspiracy theory don't worry max level was fine doing well
could the cashless Society is here next to the CDC and Total Control United States is already largely cashless in 2020 to around two-thirds of Americans didn't use any cash at all last year. I find that hard to believe I'll look when I hear these statistics I questioned them if they don't make sense I'm not saying this is a lie but it's it's got me worried to draw okay I just no way in my but maybe I'm wrong tell me I'm crazy there's no way that two-thirds of Americans didn't use any cash at all
I can see you I know a lot of people that rarely if ever use cash I'm saying very very rare only one that happened there still circumstance where you have to write that my bra
is it possible that two-thirds of Americans never use cash ever ever ever ever ever maybe that's maybe I'm wrong but I want to add a little bit of a lard on my head will see doesn't Bend in the here's the thing it doesn't matter what it's 2/3 half three fourths quarter I don't care a lot of Pee Wee already knows a lot of people don't use cash so let's just stick with that incident that number is increasing by the way as this becomes a reality next comes the Central Bank digital currencies and with them totalitarian control of every single human being on this globe
back in 2015 by contrast you were the one quarter of consumers when cash is going to do surveys and 7.3 fifths of consumers told Gallup they use cash only on occasions glass okay that makes more sense twice the share of 5 years ago the ruling class and mainstream media continue to tell the public that paper currency and coins are unsanitary inconvenient costly to handle N Easy to steal criminal Enterprises thrive on the portable anonymity of hundred dollar bills cashless transactions solved those problems Advocates say
they also allowed the brother to track American consumers every move in this is according to the hill covid-19 hastened the castles Trend the pandemic inspire a largely misguided the virus might spread on currency
even today the amaze me that after three years three years of this crap the misinformation just about basic covid facts is closed me wet make a super stop carrying cash during a national coin shortage commentary even the hill can't admit that covid-19 didn't do anything it has no power to regulate control or use propaganda ruling class is responsible for trying to panic at the masses into doing exactly what they want this obedient slaves will not be tolerated and those who are Masters are escaping by blaming it on something that isn't a conscientious being
I think they make conscious being whatever we are all about to be bar-coded in marks of the Masters know exactly what his slaves are doing when and where this is Zayn a quote from Jay Stanley was a senior policy Analyst at the ACLU so I don't like
he should like me then let's give this was find out what he said when you pay cash I give you money you give me a good and a story every using your credit card for all your transactions then data is being collected about an enormous range of your activities including medical conditions political donation sexual activities how much liquor you buy how many cigarettes you buy there's a quote from Lorraine director of internet and Technology research for a few people have literally been changing the way they pay for goods and services through
that means they are making themselves easily trackable and traceable in data collection on them is becoming much too simple for those for those who use cash can still have a moderate level of privacy for now and how long will that now be for me it's going to be as long as possible but I think it behooves us all to assume eventually the dollars are going to be gone it's going to be digital dollars across the board is why I'm very very bullish on people trying to find ways to have their own internal infrastructure within their own communities try to trying to buy local sitting up barter getting Jim things of value that if you aren't going to be able to have somebody $10 bill figure out something else to handle panda
about time I know you're more segments so be right back after the break
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delete need well for the Apocalypse
cuz I promised earlier I would this is the store that I skipped that I wanted to make sure that we got those other stories out there about terrorism about Brazil about Central Bank digital currencies and it's under this one's any less important this is extremely important but this one will have a longer shelf life than the others this is big news
and for those who don't know yesterday Alex Berenson was the latest journalist to be attacked by Elon Musk to do it with her files drop of course this would have to do with the conspiracy theories pertaining to the vaccines and more formally vaccine critics. Just not all the conspiracy theories out there are just about the the dangers associated with the covid vaccines not all the conspiracy theories are about the lack of efficacy or whether or not you're covid itself was was intentionally released if its a bio-weapon at the vaccines are by weapons or anything like that sometimes the conspiracies that these are just stories these are now proven and haven't room for Wiley for the Twitter file sometimes they real conspiracy isn't covering it all up that's why I get I can't repeat myself enough when I say make sure that you're normally friends are aware of channels like mine okay make sure that they're too
going to discern the Liberty okay if they wanted those are the best places to start for anybody out there a revolver. News cane revolver just great I still am trying to reach out to you get there and baby on my show but we're we're we're absolutely in American history would you cannot rely and maybe you never could have but at least now we know for sure and I think more people are waking up to the fact you can't rely on Fox News CNN MSNBC ABC NBC CBS or New York Times Washington Post he can't even really rely on any of the quote unquote independent journalist that aren't out there with with a focus on telling the truth or certain ones that I love okay one of them is Kyle Becker Kyle Becker is the name you may or may not heard of it he's been on the show the four I'll have him back on again very soon because the guy now
the stuff we don't always agree on literally everything there's I would say that he is
he's definitely less conspiracy-minded than I am but he also has some fantastic fantastic reporting that is he really he's he has a talent for cutting through the bolt-hole what is that's really at the end of the day what are commentators among journalists supposed to be able to do we're supposed to cut through the bolt supposed to see a story for what it really is to take the news and dig down to press the root cause of the problem and report on that or or find solutions that are different from oftentimes were from the same when we find the solution is good but find the solutions and get them reported because it again this is why do commentary don't just do so I would love to I would love a world where I could run a straight of new site I would love that I'm fine since I got into journalism her early on in my life I mean even high school being out of there the school newspaper that going through in in college again writing
my first job out of college was at the end of the Evening Sun newspaper in Edmond Oklahoma okay I wasn't even technically a report I got a few articles before realizing very quickly that my my then the young and and the pregnant wife to Foote we weren't going to be able to make it off of a journalist salary so I got in the ad business that changed my life okay let's face for those who didn't know back then I don't know now it's the the advertising that drives the narrative it's not the other way around the news doesn't drive what's happening in these papers what's happening at television stations are for Fox News or anywhere else that's why it's so important that we see you not important in a bad way we see and brought to you by Pfizer brought to you by 5 so we can see that all the time why does Pfizer bring you all the stuff what investments are they making into I mean I think they getting people's he'll let me go get we go get my
next drug from Matrix of Pfizer drug now they're not advertising that they're controlling the media that's the whole point
because as I learned at a young age it's the dollars that the ad dollars to control the actual narrative have these newspapers even at those small place like the admin evening sir wife made twice as much money and advertising than than writing articles thankfully praise God came to my senses back in 2017 and that got out of sold my my marketing company got out of marketing and advertising in the whole sordid game and got into the much more sort of game of of Journalism so here we are today see you finally got my life story people been asking for that they're not very many but some have a so I thought I might as well share of Becker and this is the Twitter 5 latest release according to his article of Rebecca Summit conspiracies are actually true it's a must reveal secret operation to censor vaccine for attics again like I said
some conspiracies have nothing to do with with what's actually happening that have to do with what's being perfect how the people are being prevented from learning with actually happening
Twitter Elon Musk has revealed a secret Pfizer operation to censor vaccine criticism on the platform
we're 20 files my said some conspiracies are actually true must was referring to an official Twitter files released from mRNA vaccine critic Alex Berenson by Twitter and prevailed in a lawsuit against the social media platform has reportedly says Scott Gottlieb a top Pfizer board member use the same Twitter lobbyist as the White House to suppress the bait on covid vaccines including from a fellow ahead of the FDA that was a tweet from thanks you want most for opening files Barrett's and refer to his popular subside publication is a host of three public Twitter file it detailed how the head of Pfizer and former FDA Chief Works to censor mRNA vaccine critics
is a quote from Aaron's notes on August 27th 2021 dr. Scott Gottlieb a Pfizer director with / 550,000 Twitter followers than Mike Hertz sales of Fighters mRNA vaccines to explain I correctly that natural immunity after covid infection was Superior to vaccine protection it called on the White House to follow the signs and accept people with natural immunity from upcoming vaccine mandates interesting Lee this is a claim that I buy being Kyle bekker have personally made that has drawn purported fact checks from political operators for the things that Godly Target was not made by a quote anti-vaxxer like Robert F Kennedy jr. Berrington right but from dr. Bret Baier
by dr. Brett who is a physician who briefly followed Gottlieb as the head of the Food and Drug Administration gang they say follow science and see if all the trust of doctors of there you go dr. Brett saying the natural immunity is affecting more effective than the vaccines and those who have a natural immunity should not be forced to get vaccinated it's Common Sense concept Pfizer calling I'm Squidward I'm sure call me on Facebook and everybody else to censor this guy this guy you know if she thinks that he's the signs this guy's a lot closer the science how do we know because he's sign three things that actually make sense or she was the bogus false lies to keep you out of Anthony fauci is Martha continue me supposed to be done why is he still even a thing really ticks me off just got back to Peter hotez coming in there trying to replace him back on him on another show
Reservoir your Tweet and curse people who did not have that from you give actually it was not like this guy was a straight-up anti-vaxxer you shouldn't be forced to get vaccinated you're already better protected in the back seats come do another words. Leave from Pfizer email to Twitter lobbyist named Todd O'Boyle who maintains relations with the White House the post was corrosive Gottlieb claimed he argued it would quote ends up going viral and driving news coverage o
as reported earlier on Decker news while Twitter was cracking down on medical experts who defied the manufacturer consensus on the covid response it was allowing fake account to spread covid Mister Misery formation to flourish it is a constant exist but hopefully I'm hopefully all of you have heard this by now but if you have pay attention this is funny but sad lately San Francisco standard uncovered some of these viral influencers works really fake account one such example is an account called Doctor Robert Honeyman
not even going to comment just going to leave it up there dr. Roberts Honeyman use they them pronouns and claimed to have lost a sister to covid in November 2022 that sweet racked up over 43,000 likes forty-three thousand likes in 4,000 retweets the profile associated with Huntington's account was a stock photo awsome according to the standard these supposed husband Patrick Honeyman was a photo of an insurance professionals who listen to Wayne Indiana a guy's the standard reported that they gained influence with woke virtue signalling and it's a quote the two fig doctors whose accounts urged Extreme Caution with covid-19 were part of a network of at least four fake accounts that out of their lies to the lgbtq + Community vocally Advocate vocally advocated for mask-wearing and social distancing
criticism to those they felt were not taking the pandemic seriously dr. Gerald Fisher another one of the fake account quote displayed rainbow trans and Ukrainian flag next to his name and describe himself as an ally for all the hashtag lgbtq whatever you know what I'm saying you know the thing the lgbtq + Community hashtag wear masks
doctor Steve stable 1/4 account clean the filling station with the University of Antwerp and described himself as in lgbtq plus Ally and a problem this week accounts were able to burrow with in what culture and then spread covid misinformation by preying upon the last craving for confirmation bias
besoccer doctors were scared of the virus believe in the correct pandemic principles and were part of the lgbtq + Community oh and they support Ukraine impeller a journalist who has worked tirelessly to debunk false claims that masks work stop the spread of covid-19 recently reported on the fake accounts were originally uncovered by Joshua government training a self-described a ride or pursuing a master's of Fine Arts at Bennington College the standard reported training post thread on the honeymoon switch uncovered improbable vocal support for Chinese lockdown come on China stop protesting I wish we had some more lockdown measures here Robert Heideman wrote in a November 27th tweet
people I got to stop right there real quick just just real real brief ramp
weather tomorrow for Chinese Communist party our own government the Deep State the global silica ball George Soros Barack Obama Bill Gates Schwab who's coming from
if you ever really look in the weather doing it's all aligned we might see quota quota no discrepancies between what the Chinese Communist party doesn't want the world economic Forum does we might see differences of opinion allegedly between what Ukraine the Ukrainian government is doing and what is being recommended by the council for inclusive capitalism we might see visionaire division between what the vine Harris regime is doing and what the Deep state is doing it's all fake they're all aligned and many ways they're very very much coordinated so when you see people pushing for masks and also simultaneously saying hey China you guys are doing the wrong thing with all these protests and people trying to I really wish we were out here in the United States having having the same type of restrictions that you guys have you you should be lucky what does that tell you
should tell you that of course the cabal is much much bigger and more united and more coordinated than even I or an other conspiracy theorists have acknowledged backyard or Twitter allow such big accounts to flourish on the platform it was actually censoring in suppressing covid experts to defy the manufacturer consensus out of Washington has released in late December show that Harvard epidemiologist Martin cold off was targeted by Twitter for suppression when you about that when asked if younger younger people who had already been exposed to the SARS covid 2 virus need a TB vaccinated doctor cold or replied no thinking that everyone must be vaccinated is as scientifically flawed as thinking that nobody should covid vaccines are important for older high-risk people and their caretakers those with prior natural affections do not need it nor children
as journalist David Swig of the Atlantic and other Publications noted this to the attention of Twitter moderators internal email show and intent to action by a moderator Stephen Colbert's Tweed violated the company's covid-19 misinformation policy and claims he shared false information or cold or statement was an expert's opinion one that all one which also happened to be in line with vaccine policies in numerous other countries. It was Dean false information by Twitter moderators mainly because it's different from the CDC guidelines after a misleading label and all the replies and lights were shut off Rowling tweets ability to be seen and shared by many people Austin Sibley core function of the platform
Twitter's manufacturing of Kobe consensus by allowing fake accounts pushing information to flourish while suppressing experts who held scientifically valid position goes beyond editorial malpractice settlements damage to the medical profession by undermining the scientific method in the public policy process visor is yet to publicly responded I am not checked lately I haven't checked it since the story came out in the last few hours but I assume they're not going to respond nor will the government Norwell anybody outside of Twitter and the people that are talking about it like Kyle Becker that I repeated for what the fourth time the show this is why it's important I don't care how in the know you are
your you might think that your friends or family that they they at least have heard of the stuff maybe you just don't want to you don't want to bother then maybe you don't want to get into an argument in a life-and-death battle we're facing multiple existential threats as a nation at work
so now's not the time to say I'd rather just go along to get along now is not the time to say wow you know I screw them to say that's that's all damned if they don't know what what difference does it make to me you know I know Jay Dino's call Becker nose and if they if they don't want to know then that's on them we can't be like that we have spread the word
I am falling on my sword ideologically speaking by starting this new YouTube channel
I don't like it but I know it's necessary sometimes we do things that make us feel uncomfortable
but it's how we're going to win can't win by staying in their comfort zone Lord willing I will be back very soon with another episode of the meantime just stay strong stay safe and God bless

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