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JD Rucker Show, January 16, 2024

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Are the Masses Finally Waking Up to "Vaccine" Dangers?

Title: Are the Masses Finally Waking Up to "Vaccine" Dangers?


The good news is we are seeing a lot more people starting to ask questions about the jabs. They're seeing the news reports finally breaking through in the mainstream and they're concerned. The bad news is this means the powers-that-be have more planned for us as they are being forced to shift their strategies for depopulation and control. I'll cover these topics with lots of clips from other people on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show. Protect yourself against food shortages with a bucket of freeze-dried eggs, beef, and chicken. Use promo code "JDR" at checkout for 15% off:

Recorded: January 12, 2023

JD Rucker Show

JD Rucker Show
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hello my friends and welcome to another episode of the J D wrecker show I'm your host J D wrecker and I got to get used to it so I know it's not in my nature to just not Dive Right In but doing his live shows I've been told hey you know you got to give us a little bit of warning you got a lot of lettuce get logged in or whatever because we end up missing the first two minutes three minutes five minutes to show him this all the important stuff so trying to slow down. Just say here we are let's just jump right in and I know it's stalling time to do quick update on where we are with the with the transition those who hurt my shoulder last couple shows I've been mentioning we're doing these transitions moving the show in the exciting new direct number one<br> we are going to be doing a separate show on American out loud talk radio that show which airs 8 p.m. Monday through Friday 8 p.m. Easter Monday through Friday at America out loud. Cam is going to be there so 2 hours to put it in with some times will be talking about the same stories usually won't because what I found is that I can talk for a 235 hand hours a day on various topics I don't need to to to regurgitate the same material that's good for you guys because then it gives you an opportunity to hear Concepts commentaries on a wider wider array of topics and we we started I started off to him and it's hard to believe I started off doing a 30 minute show and by golly I felt by the in the show that I've just wasn't enough so we switch to an hour to two hours now we're going 24 Hours by the end of 2023 I'm just going to figure out a way to to do<br> 19 and a half hours a day and I'll just try to squeeze in four and a half hours of sleep in between and help them my family doesn't disown me which I'm sure they would but maybe they'll find a better with me on the arrow that is that something that might want to pick number two is we are still planning on swinging his tentative with less than a week to go but it's a strong tentative that as of January 16th which is next Monday that our our show will be at a set time every day 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. to show that you're watching right now 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday Rumble red voice media for your first Network discern report the Liberty daily America America First Cash and bitching if anybody knows Mike Adams I've already told him myself but maybe drop a hint to him<br> that I should be alive and on brighty not just right on. Calm down I'm just teasing he's got so many great shows on there what do I need to be on there for that they've got plenty of of brilliant talented people on their channels already so let's spread it out we are in the process of launching it it's yeah I was hoping launched in November than December and now we're looking at January possibly February the reason behind this is because as we establish our footing we're trying our best to make sure that the base of the word delivering a top-notch product that's one of the reasons why January 6th is when my new producer starts his production companies fantastic Drew Bergquist great show host on a various networks including Red Bull smoothie with me introduce<br> me to to this company at this company and believe and and where we're going to rock and roll so I'm very excited about that eventually I was watching video you will not see all of this virtual virtual background we will actually have a live real background looks like an actual real cameras and all that good stuff just waiting for all the equipment to get in and meetings with the producers get back in town I'll be able to take calls we have to operate out of the live chat allow more easily right now have a hard time because I'm running a solo I can't watch the live chat again especially with a run on two different Rumble channels so it's hard to keep up with it all hopefully with the producer will be able to do that we're also going to be doing a lot more interviews I mean a lot more interviews. Am I was teasing my interview yesterday teasing on Twitter with Laura Loomer she's going to be one of our first guests with the new show format got the carrier<br> lined up or can you find Apple got Ed Dowd or black rock guy is turned turn covid vaccine whistleblower. It's it's just going to be amazing so yeah so there's that that's that's it ok dunstall it I just can't stall any longer it's just part of my instinct to just Dive Right In. Write it I want to talk there's something I don't I know I don't normally talk about good news positive news because this is not a whole lot of positive news happening in the world today but we have seen something that I'd like to focus on and it's like I'll be a hundred percent great news there's going to be bad in his unfortunate as well but at least the concept is strong because it's something that I've been striving for myself for a long time is anyone who's hurting me for a while knows my big thing<br> is to try to inform as many people as possible about all the things that are happening in the world I want to wake people up I want we need allies and it's so very important that we get people who are lined with us what a stand in whole or in part of the globalist elite cab all the powers that b the powers and principalities The Living World Order the world economic Forum the cast for inclusive capitalism open societies our own government those pushing the great reset the fourth Industrial Revolution build back better the green New Deal whatever you want to call it and it is all ties together it's all one in the same as different opponents to others they compartmentalize very well so that they've stayed in their own government on this early working with work in the same playbook for their coordinated maybe not between each other but they are being coordinated by their Puppet Masters whoever they made me again I refer back to Ephesians 6:12 and powers and principalities I don't believe that it is just men are very smart<br> powerful men or women who are behind us to pull this off what they're trying to do what they are accomplishing in many ways requires a supernatural force a demonic Force if you will now I know not everybody who listens to me is a bible-believing Christian do you want to just say hey you know what they really are churches that's why maybe you want to blame it on artificial intelligence maybe you want to blame it on Aliens I don't care you know however you want to describe the upper upper up so I'm talking about the the top dogs that the ones that are above than the tell Klaus Schwab where the wag his tail okay those entities people computers AI whatever you want to call it a aliens<br> they are intelligent but they are also in my humble opinion losing had to be is something stronger than us this is why I can I refer you and not just to Ephesians 6:12 but also the book of Jude in the book of Jude we hear that Michael and contending with Satan he had to invoke God he could not do it and we talked about an archangel I could not fight Satan himself he had to he needed assistance that's why I always say we desperately need assistance we must pray that all times so back to the top of him though my contention has been that we need to inform as many people as possible we need to wake people up we need to get them to be aware that food shortages the Border crisis war in Ukraine the vaccines pretty much everything you were saying he cannot make class energy Greek last always various collapses the rise of climate change hysteria which I know it's been around for six decades but it seems<br> ramping up Suddenly right now is it's like everything everything explained on climate change out you know why did you get a senior class Littlejohn well mom is climate change I don't know maybe it is maybe maybe climate change is making little Johnny stupid it's not a it's a climate change but they should do tend to blame everything on climate change and there's a reason for that point is is that all these things we need people to wake up now cuz I look up and I start reading more stories in here anymore more people talking about this I realize they are and let's face it there are more people questioning especially comes the vaccine there more people questioning the efficacy and definitely the safety of the vaccines in the last few weeks much more so than the word just a couple of months ago<br> is it positive thing that's a good development<br> Chris reason for that is it let's face it it's been a lot of bad news regarding vaccines a lot of questionable collapses deaths while people are experiencing of themselves that they know somebody who is it was had an adverse reaction maybe they themselves had an adverse reaction he had to figure it out I'm sure the powers-that-be knew this was coming and I figure if the jobs are dangerous which they are and if you get them into the arms of the masses which they have that eventually the results of their evil plans are going to start happening before going to start falling over but we're going to start collapsing randomly and it's going to be affecting people who shouldn't be falling over or laughing randomly or dying suddenly<br> kids young adults because they were otherwise healthy falling collapsing.<br> As a result we are seeing an Awakening and let's go to this video from Dan over at that press for truth he talks about shift in sentiment in a in a particular pull this again good news good news good news positives they folks super positive JD Rucker on the J D wrecker show let's let's go to Dan from compressor truth I'm Angus dog leash I'm fresher oncology it's in Georgia is that he can help medical oncologist and I have started to notice that several of my patients with melanoma whooping stable stage for disease that has very good image of therapy or other treatments and I've been reviewing them from 5 to 20 years I noticed that I have now out of a 67 L yesterday we didn't have put the two together but when page<br> said I felt awful since the back saying I'm just being drained egg describe symptoms like a long time then the next thing we know two three weeks couple of those overlaps are these relapse is aggressive than a gentle relaxed as opposed to anything as well and two people I've interviewed a great then they all put it down to feeling awful after that they were fine with the first-team vaccines we just had the Shivers flutes that stuff about these describing very very fatigued wanted to stay in bed and Lisa<br> drag them to the point where they're going to the doctor and I have high blood count in the Vista Nations and I know one of them has a very bad solutely shows instigated by the time everybody's attention that I think this does not look like a coincidence to be we need to join forces with me thank you<br> professor of oncology urgent stop to see 1919 booster that's coming from Angus dalgleish he is a professor of oncology at St George's Hospital medical school in London and it's not the only one ladies and gentlemen many people Professor doctors scientists and people out there are starting to realize over the past few years more than 14 but someone they know 19 vaccines may be to blame for many unexplained deaths and more than a quarter say that they someone they know could be among the victims ladies and gentlemen<br> that one in four if you find yourself in the category of the one in for who knows someone who has been negatively affected by the yes definitely definitely press the like button and the share button all the various buns out there because we need to get the word out again like this in the beginning this is about getting allies this is about finding people alert them making them aware waking them up in the sentiment of Shifting as we can see that pole is encouraging for something other than my bill at the only one in for you know that's not good are only only half or less than half nearly half as they say are willing to admit that maybe there's a chance that the jobs are dangerous looked we need to get them much more welcome after we need to leave in a hurry I mean the the sentiment of shifting<br> the power is coming back to our side especially when were there and we could say that I would say with a near certainty that the more openness that's happening over Twitter is having a dramatic effect I've always downplayed by the way the power of Twitter and Facebook and to some extent YouTube in Google they are very very powerful still but I definitely downplayed the power of Twitter and Facebook as far as the reason I was like that is because if you were to go on Facebook or Twitter back in the days when can right before the 2020 election we thought oh my gosh everybody in their dog Town knows about Hunter Biden and Hunter Biden's laptop you know they they they made it I remember I think I even did a show about how they made a very big mistake by trying to cover it up<br> because by doing that they were able to the basic Force us or those of us who wanted the truth and who knew the truth to to scream about it even louder and longer became a story this is staying for for all the way through to the election and I'm thinking myself my gosh you know at least most people have to be aware of it by now I was so wrong I was so wrong and I didn't find out about that until much later when they do the polls even New York Times are doing poles and did they acknowledge that a huge portion of people including Democrats would have voted differently had they known about how to make myself known<br> and with that said I think there is a shift in sentiment a shift in understanding shift and knowledge people are wanting to know more about the vaccines they are actually finally starting to ask questions and if we could just get journalists to do the same my gosh I actually have dr. Corey and I don't have at least we've talked to him before we're going to get him back on the show but I do want to play a clip from him talking about coping me if it weird let's do that after the break so yeah let's go to break down 62<br> Housing Authority of our Pharmaceuticals the ingredients in them come from China they are controlled by the Chinese Communist party where are you seeing supply chain issues pharmacies are running low on a lot of things in the if the crap hits the fan as a lot of us think it may in the very near future you will want antibiotics and the best way to get that is to go to JD Rucker. Cam manager be able to get a teleconference with an actual doctor and then they'll send you meds they'll send you like five different versions or types of antibiotics for a a different ailments that could they can hit us these are great for long-term storage you will you will want them and know if it's one of those things where if you if you need them then you'll want them if you don't need them then least she'll have them so and here's the thing if you don't have him you're almost certainly going to need at least sometime in the near future so JD Rucker.<br> meds<br> as I promised before the break we're going to turn to dr. Corey to to talk about the press and how they have been very much against telling the truth special paint for the covid vaccine for I bring him in there in his video and I don't have him yet we do need more gas by the way so anybody who has contact with dr. Cory or anybody we we are making a change on January January 16th to start having more and more gas I like to have guests every day so give me a call I would love to talk to them go to JD record cam talk JD talk and it will contact me directly then I'll get you guys whoever you represent or whatever in contact with my producer and they will take it from there or night so before I bring it on dr. Cory's video which he is so passionate actually was able to<br> describe the problem facing I have to reiterate and I said this before I'll say it again in the future there's a reason why every time there is a suspicious collapses suspicious death young people middle-aged people who have heart attacks or Strokes or just randomly class for no apparent reason raising myocarditis or other adverse reactions it doesn't just have to be heart-related I still do believe that the Justin Bieber for example in that whole weird eye twitch thing that he's got now I would say that's almost certainly a vaccine injury and no I'm not a doctor but I mean do you want me to bring on doctors that will say yeah that's why we vaccine injured because I can't read them and sometimes I assume that everybody is aware like I said before I make the false assumption that people are are where thankfully I do believe they're waking up but I will always ask is one of the jackass was it the Jazz wasn't the Jazz I'll repeat myself over and over again but and I know that<br> you're interested in that because I see this the district's whenever I post articles over at the Liberty whatever it's an adverse reaction does get I would say arguably the most the most track the most collects and that there isn't I mean we're talking about a website that gets about 10 million visitors a month so it's it's significant portion of the population that we may be reaching with that said we need to reach a lot lot more not just over at the liberty or my new aggregator of registered we need to reach him across the board and you need to and it's actually not reaching the masses it's about reaching your friends and relatives talking to them at some point I do hope I believe I pray that we are going to see corporate media forced to acknowledge their their fallacies forced to acknowledge that the jobs are dangerous<br> but until that day I thought alternative media like a stop to people like dr. Peter Corey so let's let's go straight to him this Mass delusion that we're all under through unrelenting propaganda in Spencer 2% wrong all these things if I have to read one more disgusting and and call out all the produce has ever run these media things every journalist who goes to work and write that article and refuses to talk about what's in everyone's mind you know you are complicit you are complicit and you want to keep your job because you can't write the article that you know you're supposed to and morally and ethically supposed to write which is the truth the facts you give all of the information that's available you can talk about possibly you can write an article it doesn't say it is the vaccines but you could maybe if you had a picture morals or honesty and integrity or courage of conviction you might want to ride that hey maybe it's the vaccine<br> senior old it's extremely rare to die how many we seen died 16 18 20 22 and by the way a thirty-two-year-old a sleeve or marathoner going out for a jog shouldn't be dropping dead either a 42 year old is distinctly rare yet now it's so common we're used to it<br> it's not normal zacian<br> dr. Corey is referring to when he says we're used to it yes they are normalizing so much they already have and this is why I'm I'm hope I'm I'm very excited I can't express well enough I don't remote well at least that's what I'm told so I'm not going to be able to express how excited I am to hear that people are waking up and you just it really it really touches me I'm not getting in touch with me when I get emails and contacts from people that say Hey you were right I was crazy before and I made by the it's not about me being right I think I should make it sound as if that's the important part being poor I don't care if they say that I'm right or not or that you were right or anybody was right I just care if they start asking questions they start saying this does seem like this I get one of the things I get a lot of which makes me I always have to remind me but I am not a doctor I'm not a doctor you can send me my response to be the same time every the same thing every time I go<br> one of those emails at say Hey you know my wife had this or my my uncle have Dad or my doctor is saying this you know what should I do the answer is I'll always say yeah I probably was Jazz but you should probably talk to a doctor and here's here's a list of doctors you can talk to so I highly recommend getting in contact with him or dr. Mercola I give them to Joseph McCullough Peter McCullough. Joseph Mercola Mercola and Keeler McCullough got to get that straight I don't remember the names of my children sometimes they really annoys them self in that Lee knows my wife but here we are here we are entering into that phase in human history where I think it's it's a Crossroads<br> we have the ability we have the information we have people that are starting to be aware that the question is are we going to be able to take them that final step that final mile and anybody has ever been in in Delivery Services knows that and it's it is always the final mile I think it was probably some it could have been Cast Away or might have been something completely different maybe not even a Hollywood movie but I remember hearing and various times in my life that that the hardest part of that Journey or a package you ship it across the planet you know we were just across the country has to try out travel hundreds or thousands of miles but it's that last mile that really counts is that last mile to cost the most it's the last mile where there's the highest rate of of challenges that can occur errors that can be made that can prevent the package from reaching its destination<br> is that last Mile and that's where we have a lot of people a lot of people have been I finally come and they're close to close to getting it to truly becoming a skeptic to truly becoming a skeptic into maybe getting angry enough to want to do something about it, talk about getting violence don't those you left us out there to watch the shows a cop walking to promoting violence and the FBI when I say they have to do something about I'm talking about protests I'm talking about share their knowledge filed lawsuits we need lawsuits so desperately there so few lawsuit out there right now and you might sell but they're protected well yes or no we can find people to Sue I assure you you thicken soup Tom Brady because he did a commercial 4 ft x we can figure out who to Sue when it comes to to this this conspiracy as a pertains to the covid vaccines and even covid itself just in general<br> it was things that I you noticed I'm not pushing for political Solutions hear there's a reason for that yet I want to save that one because I don't want I go down the road of complaining that everybody's talking about it every is talking about how all the GOP is they're going to fix things now they have control the house or Kevin McCarthy Aldean and there's a speak hoopla's excitement that they're going to go after they're going to really hunt down and do an investigation and have subpoenas and really nailed down the cause of the the origin you know they're going to write the origin story of covid-19 in there going to be a lot of stuff and I'm thinking to myself look that's great but when they start giving subpoenas to Pfizer and moderna and fauci<br> that's when I start to get a little bit more excited I mean I'm not saying I don't care about the origins of covid-19 but that's that's related and secondary we all know someone with hearing loss or maybe even struggle with it ourselves but unfortunately hearing aids cost thousands which most people just can't afford but now there's an alternative a company called audien hearing just released their new over-the-counter hearing aids for only $189 and they sound amazing I highly recommend them to anyone with hearing loss check out audien hearing. Calm for their 45-day risk-free trial that's audien and you can use code here for $25 off audien do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut break out of it and take control of your future by training for a new career at arclabs welding school in as little as six months you can learn the skills employers are looking for and start a new career in an important and in-demand fuel from complete beginner to Industry veteran we have classes for all<br> levels featuring Hands-On training on a schedule that works for you stop thinking about a new career and make it happen classes are enrolling now visit our class. Edu to get started today at this point that's for future Wikipedia Pages that's not knowing the origin of covid-19 is not going to help us to save people by preventing them from getting the the their fourth or fifth or 7th Jab<br> now it'll do nothing depressing need right now is to inform people about the vaccines about the dangers in Africa see of the vaccines so that's why<br> that's why I'm looking for political Solutions at this stage maybe in the future maybe after 2024 who knows if we even survive that long would you need to get the truth out there that has been at the Forefront getting the truth out there is Robert Robert of Kennedy Junior let's see him talking about but the rise in vaccinated people having heart attacks we're seeing it now here's an extra not a doctor again not a doctor but an expert who dedicated his entire life to exposing this type of stuff so let's let's go to Arcade Junior they are there more deaths in 8 months<br> and all the billions of vaccines and over the last 30 years on this one box and 17,000 recorded the United States and we know that that's great much much higher than probably 40 x the best math the best in our studies are showing that it's 40 times at<br> oh oh I'm in of the ribs from the vaccine are there completely untenable if people know the truth they would not be taking this back on the benefits of the vaccine are patently zero or even Sub-Zero after 6 months on the British are showing at the people who are vaccinated are actually more likely and many age categories to look at covid and people who are unvaccinated which by the way was predicted<br> we know that Pfizer knew this was going to happen because in their clinical trial that were among six months before I was only six months at the end of that people. Wealthy people died in the backseat in group and only 14 in the placebo group<br> call College mortality<br> they they were five heart attacks in the back of the same group and only one in the placebo group your chance of dying of a heart attack when I vaccine according to their aunts<br> is 500% greater than if they knew we were going to kill a lot of people<br> and make it in anyway and people need to be able to see those bodies and and understand that this after that has no criminal deception that has been imposed on<br> and I will love RFK Jr oh I don't agree with his politics most the time but at least with with this particular fight he is an ally and he is one of our strongest allies his book about fauci is been fantastic really spreading that the truth about him but even when you've got people as well known in his powerful in this respected as Robert of Kennedy Junior when you have him out there spreading the truth you might think okay so so the battles 190 you don't think that but a lot of people do and so we need to continue to spread the word because just as we're trying to spread the truth so too are the powers of bee trying to spread falsehoods seen a link to a rock a song about heart attacks but we we sings to cancer increases there is a one-story post I thought about posting it but I'm not going to because it's just the pictures are hideous this guy shortly after getting jabbed his skin cancer like exploded and now like it's<br> oh that's terrible really feel for the guy but yeah we we were seeing rises in cancer as a result of what many people saying a definitely a result of the Jazz and his only been happening recently but I do know has a reason for this they they're they're trying to explain it away for us and of course well when you can probably guess what they say it is let's let's go to Melbourne where were they have a different perception of what's going to what's causing all this increasing in that health issues especially cancer<br> Melbourne's wildly fluctuating risk of Cancer all the illnesses University study has looked at the impact of the city's famous full seasons in one day with surprising results<br> from the Summer Snow<br> Melbourne is notorious for having one of the most tense of mental climates in the world taking a serious toll on our house for the first if you located the temperature fluctuation of the two expression for the Australia and the first stage in the world<br> soldiers from Monash University collected blood samples from 479 people exposed to fluctuating temperatures hoi4 wake they found significant changes to genes linked to diseases like breast and colorectal cancer schizophrenia depression and bipolar the findings are significant but it's still early days I hope the man in pregnant women exposed to the same conditions in the near future and older Australians face the biggest risk ratio just hope the breakthrough will lead to further action against climate change in the meantime there are small steps you can take it to protect yourself<br> yeah I'm sure there are little things you can do there's also a big thing you can do to improve your health and that's not good job. I don't care if you've been to happen once twice three times 4 times just stopped that should mitigate a whole lot of the damage your oh yeah if you want to smoke some climate change and make sure that we don't have a climate collapse in in two hundred years great you know that's that's your thing I want to make sure that is two people get jabbed as two times as possible I think I said that right you get the idea either way it is a chance that that are that are causing so many of the health issues were seeing springing up randomly okay and we can't force people to see this we tried we tried to we might be able to take him a little bit but there's a denial there and I think a lot of it comes down to people don't want to feel like they've been conned I think it was probably Mark Twain or somebody who<br> what are you smarter than me who said something to the effect of it's easier to talk on somebody than to convince him they've been conned it's easier to lie to somebody then to convince them they fall in for a lie so when we see all these people out there picking them pray for them try to Enlighten them but to be patient with him because it's not going to be easy to wake them up but again today show were staying positive as possible so the good news is it does seem like more people are waking up we got to keep the pressure up Now's the Time to not get complacent not rest on our Laurels keep fighting keep getting the word out there keep making sure the people are being made aware of the truth as the break we've got lots more videos I mean it's a good video day when there's a lot of great videos out there so what kind of good stuff to yourself so stay tuned<br>your folks if you were listening to show watching the show chances are you have my pillow products I'm here to tell you that you need more when the reason being is well to fold number one because they're so amazing sales going on at my right now the number to because frankly they're hurting I don't want to I'm not saying this week in trouble for even saying it but I can tell you based on sale I can tell you based upon reactions that I've been receiving from other other show host other other news outlets that my pillow shells have gone down dramatically they're hurting but if you can what do you got in mind or not take a moment support this America first company for support Michael and L is for the show by going to my and using promo code to JDR that's promo code JDR or call one 886-203-8220. 862-0382<br> Amoco jtr help out to America First companies<br> it isn't just the people that are waking up thankfully the people that we really need to wake up the most the people that can I think influence the most normies out there and maybe maybe they're not not aware what's going on are the doctors and one doctor in particular doctor I see mahatria has been making a lot of news last couple of months and three write it for the right reasons he he was a huge proponent in the UK of the vaccines and fortunately I feel bad for him but he didn't come to the conclusion of the vaccines were bad until his own father died from an adverse reaction and since then he has he has done a one-eighty and thankfully he has we seen far too many times by the way where people have had personal experiences with vaccines weather themselves or their family members and yet they're still saying all but you know is I don't think it was the vaccine<br> I mean it's probably just a coincidence that I got jab 2 weeks ago and all of a sudden I can't feel my left left foot anymore or whatever at first reaction they're experiencing there are people that again like I said before but it's just sometimes easier to lie to people than to convince them that they've been lied to and getting these people specially doctors nurse a medical professional researcher scientist getting them to come around in a minute and see the light and to start spreading the truth that is a huge win for us because you know you can hear me go go all the way back to to 2020 and hear my discussions about the jams before they were even rolled out and I was very skeptical that about the way that they were pushing us forward I was always skeptical I'm a Trump trump supporter to buy Cali build operation warp speed as well as two weeks to slow the spread all I can think of I myself was man wouldn't who's this who is he<br> routing sup with that who's manipulating him so much as it turned out of course it was birx and fauci you know one of them I would say I remember my mistakes very clearly then I will acknowledge that they were mistakes when when they prove to be mistakes one of the mistakes that I made I was on Amazon cuz when Aunt Banner still show and she asked me do I think that Trump should fire fauci and at the time mid 2020 you know it's just going to cost too much hoopla before the election just wait we just got a little bit longer to go in retrospect I wish you would have fire at any point you should have fired him he should have fired the pandemic based on his track record because his track record as we now know<br> dr. I don't want to call him doctor because not really a dr. Anthony fauci track record for decades has been abysmal lose a guy that then went on National Television to tell people to be careful I'm not going to do a fashion personation don't work but he said be careful you know with your family members who might be bi they've got eight they might be spreading the reins to you just by being a host of them in a ton of course we found out that that's not how he's work but this is gaidos mean he was the definitive expert on 8th and he really guide us in the exact opposite path<br> but how we should have handled the AIDS AIDS virus in the in the early days now we're seeing him through the exact same thing we saw do the exact same thing he's gone now but is he really because he's still gone on news channel 2 they're still calling on and it's it's so ridiculous anyway what does the doctor is he is I think the Prototype maybe maybe we're going to start seeing more doctors come out and go against this mainstream there to finally go against this mainstream their views on Tucker Carlson should not the not the Fox News showed that I guess it's the Fox Nation should I don't I don't even ask how much foxes I don't even really watch Tucker that often in the air like in my iWatch clutch from occasionally in this clip you here you'll get to hear your doctor acima hot or say something that I thought was was just brilliant he said he had the base of people who sang trust the signs were there actually saying is trust trust the Psychopaths and that is just<br> so true so let's play it Polly I I've seen a cute an elective system could you think systems to Somerset determine outcomes of the groups that right in your good at analyzing it we seem to have a system where Prestige some of that every person wants you just mention to this a motivator of human behavior is tied to agreeing with the group do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut break out of it and take control of your future by training for a new career at arclabs welding school in as little as six months you can learn the skills employers are looking for and start a new career and an important and into Mansfield from complete beginner to the industry veteran we have classes for all skill levels featuring Hands-On training on a schedule that works for you. Thinking about a new career and make it happen classes are enrolling now visit Mark Labs. You to get started today in science that's death at the end of time do we have to attach Prestige 2 free inquiry<br> I'm glad you mentioned it because I thought about so Anthony fauci throughout the relation to the box and kept using this to entrust this is why I kept thinking that because medicine Festival is not an exact science rights in applied science in medical school will turn out to be either outdated and wrong within five years of your graduation the trouble is nobody can tell you which half of Anthony fauci doesn't from my perspective what I seen doesn't seem to have a basic understanding of evidence-based medicine from what I've seen that way to me too but in reality I don't mean that he was going to be doing this but in reality from what we discussed already trusts the science in effect with SunTrust the psychopath kind of Witchcraft truck the science was that even mean like I said I do<br> set dr. Malhotra is the is the Prototype that he is the the the first one out on the dance floor as far as the old doctors that were super super pro facts that change their minds and our brave enough and honorable enough and professional enough to come out and say you know what I was wrong<br> that's what we need we need people that are going to discuss it again doctors and scientists we need them to come out and say that they were wrong and reverse themselves and get on these shows come on my show okay if anybody's got to ask the doctor mehrotra please I've tried for months I tried I tried everywhere I've gone through last concert dr. Robert below and other doctor Peter Peter McCulloch I've gone through anybody have contact with who could get me in touch with him you know whether he's going on Tucker he's not going on the J D wrecker should I get it and I have to lose to the branch you're well if you're going to do Tucker why don't you do Rucker tagline you should probably you're going to be helping me recruit guess that might be something to say you know why do why not just do Rucker<br> Benny Tucker and Rockers should do a show together let's say you Tucker Carlson because like I said I've wanted Today Show to be positive we do have momentum it's getting built. We need to keep firing away and sometimes it's easier to reach people with maybe later stuff maybe a palate cleanser maybe the nice comedy that's a Jennifer Mach she's a she's a great Instagram Stars the best way to put it one of those rare conservative Instagram Stars she has great conversations with herself but with purple hair that just there they're usually fantastic in this this latest one is a good reminder especially as we are right now I like I said I get I can hit all the time<br> for saying what's the Jazz what does Jazz and people that want you can't really ask that that's insensitive you know this person just died this person just collapsed you know don't you know don't ask that question that's not what people were saying just a little while ago it was there was a time when when people are asking what did you know did this person get vaccinated why were they asking that because because they were dying<br> now the tables have reverse now that people are dying apparently because of the Jabs<br> you can ask I'll keep asking don't worry they're not going to stop me to let's get let's get Jennifer Mach on here to cheer us up<br> was your grandmother first question relevant mandatory vaccination is public world of death is coming hopefully that takes care of you and I quote it's the most important thing about your health vaccinations its public business<br> W B vaccine adults in common ground obviously caused by climate change<br> yeah she is hilarious and it she's hilarious because she tells the truth and what she says is sad because it is the truth mean again the same people that were that were calling to know everybody's vaccine status year year-and-a-half ago are now saying she can never ask for somebody's vaccine status somebody dies don't ask so many classes don't ask you can't and that's sad and discouraging but we have to keep asking and the good news in all this is that more people are starting to ask<br> this is why I always say I always think they at least keep the momentum up keep the pressure up<br> you're waking up let's take advantage of that lets the educate some people let's spread the word share this show me in the anybody's wife to show not knows that I can't stop talking about the Jazz I'll be talking about some random other topic that has nothing to do with the Jazz will still talk about the chat because I do think that that is the called the Keystone you know this is the Keystone and if we can take this one if we can pull this out then everything else calls I don't know if it's true or not but I like to believe that because this seems to be the strongest illusion out there we can look at for example the border and we can say there's a strong delusion that keeps a lot of people especially on the left thinking that there's no real border crisis definition of the Week 1<br> it's not a strong delusion it's a weekly there are people that are diluted in that regards they just aren't a whole lot of them even you can ask your average Democrat especially if they live down in Texas or near the Arizona border or whatever you can ask them that was their problem they'll acknowledge yeah there's a problem they might not say to the solutions to build the wall in my not say that the solution is to deport everybody but they'll listen Donald's yeah it's got to stop we got to do something about it and they they they will then try to change the subject but at least they're not diluted to the point where they're saying no there's no problem this is fine everything's fine everything's fine<br> was this the vaccines were covered in general this delusion is strong<br> and it's hard to get people to wake up so we'll fire with every ounce of every ounce of science that we can find is funny that used to say follow the signs you don't hear that very much anymore. Why because if you were to follow the signs truly follow the signs to science says you know what we should probably stop the Jazz because it seems as if number one there but they're not working the never have work number to they seem to maybe have negative efficacy in other words you're more likely to get covid you're more likely to be hospitalized and you're more likely to die from covid vaccination this is a matter fact I'm more vaccinated you are the more likely it is that you are going to to get covid-19 twice for covid and died from covid stat that's kind of an important thing then you can look at the adverse reactions<br> and that should be the the Clincher here that if we are truly following the science the science would say the very least Push pause and let's study and more we're not having the same if you want to justify operation warp speed because of the deaths that were taking place in 2020 you can but here's the thing they were more deaths from covid in 2021 and the war in 2020 there were more deaths from covid after the vaccines were rolled out<br> so maybe because they didn't know any better I don't know I don't I don't even know what the justification could possibly be to rush this out<br> Vegas for fear for political reasons for for big Pharma to make their money into it to pay off all the people they needed to pay out to make it happen whatever it is the end result that we're experiencing now is that it did not benefit us operation warp speed didn't help I know I'm a trump supporter and a lot of trump supporters as hell was not his fault it's not his fault I agree but I also disagree it's his fault for not surrounding himself with the right people which has been his Achilles heel the entire time in from from day one bringing in reince priebus as has Chief of Staff Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State I mean come on<br> Jeff sessions as attorney general that didn't work out very well did it now I don't think so Jim Mad Dog Mattis HR McMaster I can go up and down the list of course retaining fauci birx at all that's not the way that's that it should be so what structure did. He did mess up in that regard and he has I would say his entire political career surround himself with the wrong people is in the same people that I told him hey you know you should pack dr. Mehmet Oz he's<br> whatever I think that advice by the way when was Hannity who got to do that probably panties also probably the one that got in the back Kevin McCarthy this is it we're not talking politics today I'm not just going to rip on Trump for for his bad decision because again I do support him I will be critical of him when he makes mistakes and I do think that his Embrace of the vaccines continue to embrace by the way tone down on it but he says he has never disavow them he should have this about them long ago he should have said hey I was like<br> he was lied to and he should his knowledge that they like them lips then they can blame him for it now if if it's does by the way let's take this to it's it's natural progression let's say the truth is fully come out are they going to stay up snap Yap we are trying to depopulate the planet ending and creative control agenda for the for the globalist delete the ball know they're going to say well we were rushed we did what we wanted to do more trials we want to do more safety studies we wanted to inject this into more than 55 mice but you know president Trump. He kept saying that he wanted to get a vaccine out before the midterm elections before the 2020 election he kept telling us that he knows speed warp speed get it out there doesn't matter I mean a lot of what they'll say it will be lined with some of it will be true some of them will be true that he was pushing for this is this is again this is big Pharma and the global select a ball that did all this but their scapegoat of a setup<br> we are to blame if and when the truth really does come out of wholesale that scapegoat is Donald Trump people say oh no they can't blame him because this thing can't blame him because that they can blame for anything and they have play before anything and everything they will find some because he's Donald Trump so they will try to blame him for everything including the dangers in the efficacy of the Jazz so that's unfortunate at the break will I get to do some some stories I just video stories<br>my good friend dr. Vladimir zelenko you left us way too early so sad that he is gone but his legacy does continue we do still support his foundation we still support his company that is still benefiting that the masses across the world those who have either been in jail or maybe you've been been exposed to those who may be shedding on you that's becoming more and more likely in this being the case more times would you have to wear so if you are in the more you're likely to shut on others even if you never been jabbed not around other people very often you should still consider getting Z detox or is he stack life protocol either one both of them will help your immune system is demonstrated by scientists demonstrated by doc dr. 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Edu to get started today and that's why they expect us to to eat during the the apocalypse well if the crap hits the fan I'm going to actually be eating good food I go to Lake Preparatory, but said that I built based on two Partnerships the two companies that produce she really good food no need to set up a book discount this matter with you by 1 or 10<br> there's no no hidden fees here as a matter of fact we charge the same price of these The Source companies charge the difference is we actually have exclusive discounts use promo code rap 2023 for 10% off or for The Big Spenders use code prep 2034 15% off on orders of $777 or more the late neat well for the apocalypse<br>I would say that one of the most important pieces of information that we have to face today things have changed as I've noted there seems to be a shift in sentiment now rather than just fighting the overt attacks against us the overt pushes for vaccines one of the things we have to to look at are the shuttle gaslighters the subtle I should say ignorant I don't think it's a word for we're going to call into work today A lot of people are ignoring the the root cause they're trying to address the issues symptoms I guess you could say but they're not really addressing the root cause<br> turn example this is what's happening if there was a good friend of mine Matthew Burke owner of the Liberty daily that comp sent me this Facebook post that really shocked and hand it was it shocked me to call what sites are doing research on and I was even more shocked this Facebook post was from Everett Public Schools their athletic department and as I am titling an article that I haven't written yet but I will be right in the public school start screen the athletes for heart problems walking tending this is normal<br> now here's the thing they have been and they're going to lie I reached out they actually told me I don't know this is this is totally normal okay there's there's nothing to see here because we've been doing this for a long time that's what they'll say that's what they are saying and technically speaking the correct there have been at organizations out there that have been working for a long time to try to get more heart screenings also screen screen your team or heartstrings special graphite because of the risk of sudden Cardiac Arrest apparently this does happen to do hundreds of thousands of children will call him young people per year I think they they set it at the limit is 25 years old right and they sent it happens to quite a few people more than we would more than we acknowledge and as I ducked the statistics I found that this is true but here's the thing this limited they had they were able to screen I think 26,000<br> students over a decade now it seems that they're pushing to the masses I'm seeing more and more schools and for whatever reason to the Target date is around March I saw I saw at least a dozen schools are school districts across the country that are going to be starting in March having these screenings they're going to get like I said they got 26,000 a decade they're probably going to get get the 26000 add a screen bass spawn just a sheer fact that this is spreading quietly spreading the news about it you're seeing in the local news but there's not this get one of the beauties of working with the Liberty daily that, is that I am forced to read through the feeds okay we go through 250 news outlets I read every single headlight from all two hundred fifty of these Outlets everyday when I wake up in the morning I read back to where I was before okay<br> and then I read throughout the day all the headlights all the headlines and articles that we want to talk about articles that we want to publish I read those articles to make sure that but they are good<br> but I do have as a result I do get to see a bird's eye view and I get to see in that I wouldn't call it the full data sets because I'm not doing a full analysis but again it's more to it if I guess I can see the sentiment will say how conservative an alternative media but I also get to see because we do focus on local media I get to see a lot more of the the overall picture you can learn a lot of five tracking local media across all the major networks which we do it on top of those 250/50 conservative and alternative news outlets I also followed the feeds of the local news stations and I don't read every single helpline because the vast majority of those headlines are going to be about the weather about high school sports are about we know local politics whatever you know there's a big sale this week stuff like that<br> how do you scan through all these beads and as a result I have been seeing a lot more of this lot more schools are doing this and been tracking the snooze 45 been following the news for now let's three years and during that time I've never seen anything like this K it went from you never heard about it ever to all of a sudden just in the last couple of weeks or hearing old everybody wants tested now obviously this is a result of what the recent so I guess you could say illumination 4/4 people are starting to wake up in the store and ask questions of parents are concerned I got my kid vaxxed now do I need to get him checked out I don't want to happen to him what's been happening to all of these various athletes of all ages these people that that the seemingly didn't have pre-existing conditions now all of a sudden they're collapsing many of them are dying parents are getting a<br> so they're reaching out school districts reach got the doctor's trying to figure out what they can do and we're seeing this happen so this again it's from Everett public schools are there athletics department or whatever it is a live stream free EKG heart screenings at Jackson high school on Wednesday March 1st the nick of time lb Asians raising awareness regarding sudden cardiac arrest and you<br> 1<br> unifying reality in all of the stories that I've read all these local news outlets or in this case through Facebook not a single one of them women's and covid-19 are the Japs not a single one of them ever ever ever seen the word vaccine they'll just say hey and I'll get your kid tested for your screen your teen has let us check their heart see if there's anything to worry about so don't worry about nothing to fear everything is normal folks except you better get your kids check you know and they don't say especially if they're going back but that's implied it's one of those things where it's kind of like hey they know there's an influx that's why there's so many of these popping up now they know there's an influx of concern so they're just going to address that concern without acknowledging why that concern exists and unfortunately. I would say that that concern is<br> is real it's understandable over at the stern I post an article by Zachary Stieber he writes for the epoch times they are our premium news partner I love saying that premium news partner not just a partner there a premium news partner because well they put their their articles a lot of times behind the toilet paper walls just ate a sign up for our newsletter wall but still it's a wall and we get to bypass the wall so that's great study what percent of students receive Pfizer covid vaccine had abnormal heart test now this is a case of if I could go back and rewrite the headline I would because the the lead here gets buried unfortunately going to go ahead and read it as is the will get to the important parts I'm not to say that 1% okay let's be clear that's extremely important<br> what percent of students who receive Pfizer jobs had abnormal heart test that's huge folks 1% gosh that's terrifying but it's actually worse than that so it looks right through the article hundreds of young people who received Bizer's vaccine at their school reported cardiac symptoms and a significant percent an abnormal echocardiogram results researchers in Taiwan reported in a new study a second dose of Pfizer shot was administered to students aged 12-18 across or School in Taipei in late 2021 and researchers ran electrocardiogram door ECGs before and after the second vaccination on the students all of whom had already received a single dose<br> so again this is what makes this one special<br> They gets eats eegee's done before they get their second dose of them immediately after getting the first dose and then again after the second dose and that's important it's crucial for us to understand because this isn't just hey let's take random kids that are vaccinated and unvaccinated let's compare the stats there they have point of reference with all these students they can see who developed heart problems after they got the second job. The sad part is that they they should have taken his ECGs before they got the first they'll probably be even more telling how many of the students and that having their their challenges as a result of you know they're the first Jaguar the 2nd or the 3rd or 4th or 5th whatever<br> I'll go back to the article of the 4928 students including the study 70% reported at least one cardiac symptoms such as chest pain after vaccination I'm going to stop right there because I bust through that so fast maybe you missed that bombshell so I'm going to read slower<br> of the 4928 students included in the study 17% reported at least one cardiac symptoms such as chest pain after vaccination<br>weather<br> and they say this is what I say don't follow the signs they don't say that but they implied because they no longer say follow the signs these two hammers with that all follow the signs wear your mask well as the mascot work okay well sorry I'll follow science social distance stay home clothes your churches get jab JibJab JibJab now nobody at least none of them are saying follow the science did you say good job because we say most ECGs conducted after vaccination return normal but 51 or 1% sure enough change from the premack see Niecy out so they didn't apologize I misread that they did to pre-vaccine ECG for Pediatric Cardiologist to designate results as abnormal that included for students when significant arrhythmia or abnormal heartbeat and one student who Strays myocarditis or hard information a condition that can be caused by the Pfizer moderna covid-19 vaccine<br> and there's a quote from the national Taiwan University Hospital Medical College more research after the second dose of bnt162 B2 vaccine in a young population cardiac related symptoms were common the incidences of subclinical myocarditis and significant arrhythmia where is 0.1% now you might say all that's not a lot out of the house but keep in mind don't forget we're talking about young people were talking about a population that has a 0.003% chance of suffering major major problems in and much lower chance of dying from it young people<br> kids do not get harmed by covid-19 very often it is super super super rare so when we look at 0.1%<br> then I had that experienced incidences of subclinical myocarditis and ass and significant arrhythmia that the key might have talked about all cardiac adverse reactions this is referring to to very specific and serious adverse reactions it's also given you a very short time we all know what the effects will be five years after the Jazz as we now know this by proteins persist in the body as far as we know and definitely I haven't seen the studies is all we found somebody who they didn't have spiked proteins anywhere their body anymore you know a year later two years later whatever we haven't seen that if we did I assure you it will be blasted out there is the hugest news ever<br> back to the hasn't been tells us that they just haven't found anybody just been able to to to get rid of their Spike proteins yet once you get them there they are we don't know if it's indefinite but so far in a short. Of time that we've been able to experiment to two nights. But it's all one big experiment for the in the short time we've been able to analyze the data we haven't found anybody yet for two years we know that the Spy proteins persist for at least 2 years so what kind of damage going to be done after three years five years ten years do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut break out of it and take control of your future by training for a new career at arclabs welding school in as little as six months you can learn the skills employers are looking for and start a new career and an important and into Mansfield from complete beginner to Industry veteran we have classes for all skill levels featuring Hands-On training on a schedule that works for you stop thinking about a new career and make it happen classes are enrolling now visit Mark Labs. Edu to get<br> started today it's terrifying it's very very terrifying so when they say 0.1% for these major heart problems as a result of the jobs then again I think if you will say it's Cory or correlation not causation if you can't say that this is causation then nothing is causation nothing can be causation this is clear I know we speak answers correlation but you can't prove otherwise I will always just be correlation Forever at some point we have to at least say look considering that we've had enough studies and say the exact same thing can we say that is caused by the vaccines yet I think we can I'm not a doctor I'm not a scientist I don't care if you guys try to take away my credentials I don't have them<br> I'll just go to say it the Jazz are causing these problems look at the data and try to convince yourself that that's not the case and let me continue with the article that I'll start reading more about it cuz I got a lot more ran into do researchers also discovered in the heart rate in the students increased after vaccinations and a decrease in other parameters including the QT interval or a measure of the heart's electrical activity wow the hits keep coming leaving soon as they get passes Pfizer did not respond to a request for comment imagine that there's a quote from dr. Andrew bostom an American hard expert<br> this fact that there's a potential arrhythmias and you got a bona fide case of myocarditis out of this and for a series arrhythmias that's a pretty heavy price to pay for vaccines at 99% plus of these kids don't even need that's so I would say when these is 99% + I don't know maybe there's one or two that might get benefit out of I don't know if there really is any benefit at all so he could actually be a hundred percent do not need this this vaccine that doesn't work anyway<br> BCG screening was able to detect cardiac Adverse Events the limitations of the research include uncertainty as to whether ECG screening can identify all my car. His case has another one of the best case scenario this horrible horrible statistical news is the best case scenario it may be much worse Boston in 2021 called for studies to examine the incidence of myocarditis in a related condition pericarditis tap covid-19 vaccinations in the moratorium in the shots until such time as our completed my gosh why didn't mean this is the type of stuff that got sensored think about that is a common sense Common Sense claim a common-sense solution to clear problem and yet<br> Antigua censoring everybody got censored he and dr. clear path of the United Kingdom pointed to a prospective study done by US Government researchers that heart issues were detected following a smallpox vaccine the government has not conducted similar research for heart issues following covid-19 vaccination those studies using heart records have shown post vaccination heart issues lingering for at least months and once again I have to keep saying we always have to give caveat they don't have to if I didn't you never hear them say well you know there are there's Dad that you have to consider this and maybe you can get Jack yeah but I'm but I pranked this matter get you at I've got a religious objection doesn't matter could chat<br> I don't care what's your objection is they're going to tell you good job doesn't matter oh you must be a you must be a bigoted Spigen anti-vaxxer biggity biggity biggity guy dude whatever<br> their arguments fail we need to use that to our advantage as we spread the truth to people show then the the just eat the idiocy of their arguments compare them to the common sense and the signs that are backing our arguments hopefully they will<br> come to their senses after the break we've got a video by Alex Jones q. That should be fun<br> there's a reason Klaus Schwab Joe Biden and the global Elites want your life savings locked in IRAs and other portfolio management schemes that they control they can keep your money tied up in woke ESG funds even if doing so will lose you money Patriots are quickly moving their Investments to self-directed IRA has backed by physical precious metals unfortunately most companies that work in this field are beholden to Democrats the Chinese Communist Party the wef and others were pushing us toward a digital dollar identify three precious metals companies that believe in America First these companies make it easy for you to move your retirement and investment to a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals go to JD record cam gold that's J D Wrecker<br> dot-com gold<br> yeah it's this is where we get to the scary part of this show I know you might have already found that it's it's been scary enough so far and I don't disagree with you but we do have it again I can I reiterate enough we do have hope we have momentum we have people waking up we got to take advantage of that we have to to to get as many allies as we can and like I said sometimes we the reason I'm posting so many videos they by the way is to give you also ammunition hopefully you will be able to share maybe this is the show with your friends Nori friends who maybe they didn't they don't quite believe that the vaccines are dangerous they might still think of the vaccines are safe and effective because they've been unfortunately indoctrinated brainwashed in many ways lied to and as we said now two or three times<br> why do you see reply to somebody then to convince them that they've been lied to and they fell for that lie<br> so we've been posting videos this is hopefully I mean if it was sometimes you do go to use Jennifer Jennifer Mach and her her humor or use your common sense of doctor mehrotra or Robert Kennedy Jr looking at statistics and showing them the data proves that we need to stop<br> this next video is falls under the category of of Lake them the the F up okay and unfortunately this talks about the future sucks about the vaccines in the past this shows I think at least it doesn't show anything and it's speculates but the speculation is real I heard it myself I've been hearing it for a long time that for multiple people including one doctor Doctor Who I can't say who she is but one doctor has told me that the next big one that's going to come out<br> if you look at covid-19 as essentially a trial run a test run the next big one the one that's actually going to really terrified people and rightly so would be an Airborne version of of hemorrhagic fever now for those who aren't familiar hemorrhagic fever such as Ebola hemorrhagic fever is very dangerous is almost never becomes widespread because there's one component one thing about hemorrhagic. Is so deadly and so fast moving the basically it's a wife's itself out<br> what we seen with covid so far<br> Kobe that has the very different variants of covid-19 seems to be less less deadly<br> but more contagious it also seems that and then again I don't have the data or statistics to back this one up but it seems as if they will persist for longer life with those who get covid-19 xpb 1.5 those that are getting it are getting it then they're not showing symptoms for a long. Of time another words it's incubating in the body for longer while it's the people still contagious by the way while it's there they're experiencing the the symptoms later and they're experiencing them for longer now they do again good news they appear to be milder just as we've seen with each subsequent bearing after Delta Delta was the one that had the I guess you could say that the worst worst effect on people but it wasn't it wasn't as easily spread as Omicron or any of the various subterraneans of Omicron what does it tell us what if<br> something is happening with hemorrhagic fever another one what if this bioweapon was plandemix can they make whatever they have planned for his next what if they eat where in a dress rehearsal now what if the real stage the real show is something that is truly deadly and what if they have been able to take it and create a variant that stays in the body for longer before symptoms arise then we could see a much more massive spread than what we've seen in the past with hemorrhagic fevers because again they they work fast they kill a lot of people and as a result they don't get to survive very long they can be easily contained what if they can't be what if it does go Airborne what if what if what if we don't know we're speculating we have to speculate at this point<br> we really do cuz they're not speculate they're planning so we have to try to guess anybody was married to football a lot of times I think people assume that the quarterback position is the toughest one it's not the toughest position in football to play is the position of quarterback<br> the position of quarterback for those who aren't familiar they have to take off sometimes I have to go head-to-head with the fastest most agile person on the other side of the ball the the the wide receiver they have to be able to stay with that person<br> and lot of times that person will be taller because you have to be more agile and faster then that person if you're going to play quarterback in the NFL<br> here's the difference between the two and then I fell a wide receiver knows where they're going they know the route that they're going to run<br> the quarterback is. They have to marry them they have to in many ways anticipate which direction they're going to go there to read the side see where the fetal position so that the shoulders so much that goes into being a a quarterback in the NFL which is why there are so few Elite there are more Elite quarterbacks in the NFL in there are Elite quarterbacks is a very challenging position we have to play that we have to to make some make some calls make some predictions we have to try to keep up with these this powerful and very fast very Agile Release the ball the powers-that-be it's trying to keep up with them they know the plan and we don't so we have to sometimes speculate about what that plan might be<br> that's all a long set up okay clumsy set up but still a long set up for Alex Jones to to scare you here we go months before they release the coronavirus to start making the damn shot for covid-19<br> so that's where we are<br> and they wanted to test the censorship and surveillance bring in the control grid this was just a dress rehearsal and it's still a dangerous virus of the shots 10 times worse<br> Peter megalomaniacs and the good news is this hasn't gone the way they wanted but they're not they're going to release her laughing and giggling and mostly inside baseball from high-level folks won't tell me it's super classified information I just said they have a feeling it's going to be a fever are born<br> Airborne Ebola show yeah I'm a little bit desperate yeah I'm a little bit concerned you have a little bit on the edge of my seat here<br> because I love my family I love my children I love you we are all in this together in the New World Order is coming down on us right now so that was terrifying Ebola is not something that you want to to mess around with and I don't know what they've got planned I do have a feeling that God<br> something plan is we we seen it and I think it will pertain and in a way to covid-19 I'm not going to jump on the hemorrhagic fever bandwagon just yet until I see more evidence of it but I will be watching for it because they'll be stupid not to do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut break out of it and take control of your future fight training for a new career at ARC Labs welding school in as little as six months you can learn the skills employers are looking for and start a new career and an important and in-demand field from complete beginner to Industry veteran we have classes for all skill levels featuring Hands-On training on the schedule that works for you stop thinking about a new career and make it happen classes are enrolling now visit arclabs. Edu to get started today<br> but they do seem to be ramping up for another round of pandemic Panic theater with covid-19 it's not just the ex-bbb 21.5 thing that's it's trying to try to become a thing I don't know if it will be or not there are other indicators one of the keys that I'm going to be talking about on a future show is the fact that we're seeing this drastic change in it seems as if nobody has mentioned you're talking about a very much kind of went from from being a big-time covid 0 to be the exact opposite I mean they went the diametric opposite it's like okay well let's go from being completely Draconian in completely totalitarian and arresting people if they even protest against us<br> I'm saying like Okay cool no rules just everybody gettin sick as possible and the first I thought maybe they were doing this to prove their points at all well if you don't let us be your total dictators when it comes to medical. Even you're going to do all died and it but that didn't change and that's when I realized what if this is the beginning of the next phase of pandemic Panic theater I don't know we'll see we'll keep an eye on that but we'll be talking about that I love is going to be the next episode in a future episode will be talking more about that I've got some more research to do but until then but I've never really watched her before but she does seem to get some interesting gas in this next guest pose the question what if you don't have always speculated that the globalist Lee cabal that they that there's a lot more of them who know the truth about the Chad's then than they let on I would say that a lot of people who claim to be getting jabbed are they actually getting jacked<br> okay when they're getting whatever saline inject into their arm or something because it just doesn't seem like like they would allow themselves to fall prey to their own measures right we make sense but it's not just them I think even their cronies might be in on it not participating necessarily in the conspiracy but at least a where hey Uncle Chad and try to avoid people that have been jabbed in and make sure than anybody crucial around you isn't Jad to just just just a little hint or what's coming and this is the first bit of evidence and it's only a single testimony but but what's this person that Marie has he interviewed here what would they say what he says is his eye opening so it was that<br> and the US Freedom Flyers Josh Yoder he's the head of president of the u.s. weed implied he said they getting close now from wealthy businessman and the flight of liquid is around on business jets with unvaccinated crew now they get the luxury of being able to choose cuz they're all still a large amount of crew available in the United States with no back tonight because the company that I work for and I get these wealthy businessman are requiring on vaccinations crew on that business off music on an airline ticket don't have that luxury it's just like okay are you aware of that happening in his trailer is well Allen is as big a market for a business and cultural care and the winner winner of the Leading Edge of getting cold at the US Freedom Plaza been going a lot longer than they are<br> and a lot more well-connected than we are certainly you know if there are any business men out there that want to fly business checks by myself team members from the court case in the Magnificent 24 and a whole bunch of other virgin virgin Australia crew that are on the ground qualified titrated experience that are available because I was terrifying to of course one more piece of terrifying information I promised next next segment will start my some positive things again but I want to turn to Albert borlock CEO of Pfizer who during a fireside chat talk about the business side of being a a big Pharma super villain he's predicting a wave versus a knowledge that the boosters diminished in popularity of courses as they should but that he's he's really soon<br> about the next waves in the how the next ways will be more dangerous and that people will be pumping in more money to get vaccinated he is seems pretty certain about this as if maybe he has some some Insider information who knows let's listen to Albert borlock try your best I know it's hard because of his accent but if you can hear me you can hear him so try it when things were weird play out<br> I don't think we will see many of them as we will fall<br> exclamation. Like the way lower levels than the levels that we saw when we launched the product or 80% or 75% right robots the prime then in the bush that we went down to 56% this is not enough<br> because it's the population of space-time for the population will be nice and they waved but we'll be coming we're coming by with higher and higher level of carbon I said that is not what I said. I'm 70% in the US and hopefully it comes with a step<br> not what is why that would be the same situation I think in 23 24 25 going forward<br> y23 what is the characteristics in 23 weeks have been specifically since the year of your transition from government to commercial Market<br> this means water dispenser and we believe that for both product this will happen this year<br> you know you're about to happen we need to observe the stocks that the governor has passed and their significant other place this year<br> and then once you stop launching there's a different price price price for for the price for coffee but the government of right for PS4 and it was based on<br> 2423 would be if the government would take into files or not I do feel like they would but I don't know make sure that this is the stuff that we sold 50<br> 6 billion of revenues in 2004 the year we were sending you a price before salad giddy about all the money they're going to be making from the next waves these dangerous waves that are coming after the break we're going to finish off on a high note about the positive things that are happening in the world<br>anyone who's familiar with my show or Alyssa Michelle before knows that I am a a very huge proponent of preparedness I haven't always been I didn't become a prepper until really 2021 but since then I've been working diligently to find companies that offer the things that we need and if the crap hits the fan I want to be ready for it and I will you to be ready for it to I picked up some sponsors for long-term storage for precious metals for for solar power I got a candle sponsor we got antibiotics for storage just in case the pharmaceutical supply chain goes down we got medkits nutraceuticals natural survival got guns and ammo you can buy and buy by going to J D prepare J D wrecker, prepare bug out bags the were so-so stock up now while you still can<br>so this is why I try to stay clean. The last Blastoise I'll be putting on the screen will not at first seemed to be a positive thing but it has the positive reasoning for it and I'll explain that afterwards but I want to read the article itself first because it's been short so don't worry about it being too long but it's going to sound like I said it looks like this is bad especially for the United States of America but there is a silver lining it will see if you can catch it see if you do you see what I see in this article max level over at shtf plan. Calm the vaxxed discriminate against the end of act now this story actually made its rounds on this particular story but but this study and made its rounds over the weekend and more so this week and I wanted the highlighted this is very good write-up about it will not good in that it's positive look good in that it's the kind of cut<br> Chase here so Courtney max level those good slaves who obeyed and complied and got all of their four shots have been shown to discriminate against those who think for themselves and so far remaining vaccinated those are don't just roll up their sleeves to be injected are considered Free Riders and face all sorts of discrimination in most countries according to a new survey has since humans are herd animals and by Nature conformist this idea that we don't have free will may work on some of the more naive one but the five billion people globally have now been vaccinated against covid-19 which means that three billion of not so there's some good news three billion people we got allies potentially hear some don't have access to the vaccine and others have chosen to avoided a recent study in nature of its website that the publication saw to investigate the extent of the intolerance and discrimination between people who are vaccinated and people who were unvaccinated against covid<br> researchers found that in most countries people who are vaccinated display negative attitudes towards people who are not vaccinated but interesting Lee there was minimal evidence of the reverse and it's according to the conversation this is likely due to the fact that the official narrative from the Masters in the mainstream media is that everyone should get the shots descent and going against the grain when we live in this slave system is intolerable to those in charge surveys were designed to measure Prejudice Express entry forms effective for example negative emotions towards a group cognitive for example negative stereotypes and attitudinal for example support for exclusion and removal of Rights the results have shown that vaccinated people expressed discriminatory attitudes towards unvaccinated people in all countries except for hungry in Romania<br> play the people toward vaccinated people was only observed in Germany and the United States this could be largely due to the divide and conquer that's going on heavily in the u.s.a. survey conducted only in the US as part of the wider study dumb people who are vaccinated believed unvaccinated people should be denied certain fundamental rights and have their free speech eliminated and freedom of movement restricted in other words the Prejudice that we literally feel as unvaccinated people towards the vaccine is based upon their anger towards us their attempt to take away our right we're not mad that they got vaccinated we're not feeling jealous trust me I maybe work with some people are jealous because they get to keep their jobs or got to keep their jobs or they got to go to school or got to travel or not to eat a hamburger at a local restaurant clear of a show car the show that they had gotten the shots today we're allowed to even ask if somebody's been vaccinated if they die or class or anything like that but I digress there's a reason why<br> apparently feel that as unvaccinated people we Americans are somehow against discriminating against the the vaccine I'm not buying it but this is a study its science After All released data collection this degree back the article this degree of discrimination was higher in countries where obedience to the rules is more common Quincy report the goal of the survey was to see how many of those discriminated against in those pulled out the rulers can still convince to get the shots do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut break out of it and take control of your future by training for a new career at arclabs welding school in as little as six months you can learn the skills employers are looking for and start a new career and is important and in-demand field from complete beginner to Industry veteran we have classes for all skill levels featuring Hands-On training on a schedule that works for you stop thinking about a new career and make it happen<br> classes are enrolling now visit arclabs. Edu to get started today but now that evidence that these injections are suppressing the immune system and those who didn't obey are not likely to at this point ruling class may have injected as many people as well take the shots and unless there's another plandemic where people can actually see if causing real harm people are not likely to be injected again this just shows that ate that it's surprisingly simple to get humans to treat other humans poorly in an effort to give them to comply with something they don't want to do so now you might ask where is the Silver Lining Rucker how could there be any positive from this the Silver Lining is in preparing you for what's to come the Silver Lining is is trying to make you well hopefully trying to dispel this notion that I still think a lot of people still have yeah I see it on social media so I know it exists I don't know what how how widespread it is but there's this<br> seems to be this feeling that we are going to experience a Vindication for those of us who've been against the Jazz from the beginning or maybe those of us who who became anti-vaxxers at some point during the process that our decision to avoid the jazz or to oppose them will be Vindicated<br> it won't be folks and that's why I say you have called a silver lining better than the better way to put it is there's a lesson to be learned from this they're going to be bitter not everybody the last time I said that I covered this before and I got a lot of emails to say I think you're wrong and I think the people will be very happy for us that we were smart enough work for skeptical at least enough to not get chat they're going to to look to us for for whatever okay I disagree I just think that it's part of human nature for people to weather through jealousy or bitterness or whatever negative emotion drives them to be this way there's going to be people who will look at getting vaccinated assume again where it were talking about in a hopefully near future scenario where the truth really does start coming out on top of the point that even even seeing it has to acknowledge<br> the jobs are completely ineffective and killing people stop taking them if it does come to that which I hope it does then the people who have been vaccinated especially if they've been vaccinated multiple times and especially if they're experiencing adverse reactions they're not going to be looking at the unvaccinated sinkhole look at them they really there just think they did right we did wrong they're going to be like bitter and angry towards us a lot of the well not everybody maybe not even most but there will be those<br> you aren't going to be happy with us we're going to treat us even worse based upon our unvaccinated status<br> I wish there was a true Silver Lining to this I wish that there was a A+<br> so maybe I'm I conjured it by saying hey we're going to be talking about good news the good news at least from my perspective as somebody was trying to spread the word to share the truth the good news for me is that I'm hopefully going to impart to some of you to not be surprised to be ready for the negativity that's going to be directed towards you towards us if and when the truth does finally come out in the wholesale about the vaccines<br>you're not going to be happy and they're going to lash out and they're going to lash out specifically at you the anger they feel towards entities that they can't do anything about the can't do anything about the World Health Organization I can't do anything about the CDC they can't do anything about the White House they can't do anything about any of this stuff at least they will think they can't but they can't directly lash out at those around them who have been in Baxley especially if we were the type of people that have been in your very proud to declare that we are short blood we are vacs on jab do you know what we did not part of the control group hey we didn't succumb to the the The Lies We didn't believe them<br> many people I would say a lot of the unvaccinated are pointing fingers at the vaccination calling him stupid where they stupid I would say most of the or not they made a decision based upon information that they thought was actor because the information let's face it was coming from from corporate media the information is coming from government in France was coming from there on the doctors telling them to get a chance so why should they feel bad why should they feel stupid when deathly why should we try to make them feel stupid I don't hold it against people individuals regular everyday Joes<br> I don't hold it against them for getting chapped it's justifiable it's not well it's understandable to the information was out there for you get any needles stuck in your arm for a disease that has a 99.99 3% recovery rate for you go and do that or cash for you get it stuck in your kids arms you should do your own research so I'm not going to say it's justifiable but at least it's understandable I can see why people did it for the rest of the doctors the journalist and the government officials they have no excuse they can it is it is in was their responsibility to get the data to analyze it to understand what I meant and then to report on it or to legislate by it or to make recommendations as a health professional based around that information not based around what's going to happen to your career or your medical license or your job<br> baseball what you say don't take that into account you shouldn't have and I know a lot of people did a lot of people still are<br> that's unfortunate I do hold it against you if you're one of those people your doctor who who has known for a while than Jazz are dangerous it's not willing to say that because you might risk repercussions for telling the truth you're worse in my books then somebody who is who is ignorant to it if you know and you don't speak up<br> you're complicit specially if your doctor especially if your journalist especially if you are a government official or a bureaucrat or whatever<br> I found this when this was made its rounds on social media yesterday and I wanted to play and it's all a lie I couldn't track the source of the enough using to track down the source previously but it seems as if it was repost it so many times that it's hard to tell who the actual Source was but I thought it was interesting and it is a positive so we'll we'll is this isn't the end of the shovel we will end that I can't get close to the end the show with this this nice video to this tribute to The Bravery of the unvaccinated can keep in mind this is pretty all day thing came out in 2021 but maybe 20 22 but at least 20 21 either way it's still a place to date maybe even more so today than it did back then so here we go<br> welcome back to wake up Canada news on Brad Wilder as we continue to wait and hope that more and more people wake up every single day someone took the bait or now starting to realize that we the covid unvaccinated weren't all wrong this is that message to you the unvaccinated<br> even a flower pollinated and fully vaccinated I would admire the unvaccinated for withstanding the greatest pressure I've ever seen from Partners parents children friends colleagues and even doctors<br> people who are capable of such personality courage and critical ability are undoubtedly the best part of humanity they are everywhere in all ages levels of Education States and ideas<br> fear of a special kind of the other soldiers that every Army of light wants to have its ranks the other parent that every child wants to have and the children that every parent dreams of having<br> they're beings above the average of their societies they are the essence of the people who have well-built all cultures and conquered Horizons<br> they are there next to you they look normal but they are superheroes<br> they did what others could not<br> they were the tree that was still the hurricane of insults discrimination and social exclusion and they did it because they thought they were alone and they believe that while they were the only ones band from their families tables at Christmas they never saw anything so cruel<br> they lost their jobs let their career sink had no more money but they didn't care they suffered a measurable discrimination denunciation betrayal and humiliation but they kept on going<br> never before in humanity has there been such a casting now we all know<br> who are the best on the planet Earth men women young old Rich poor of all Races and religions the unvaccinated the chosen of the invisible Arc the only ones who managed to resist when everything collapsed that's you you passed an unimaginable test that many of the toughest Marines Commandos Green Berets astronauts and even Geniuses could not withstand you were made of the stuff of the greatest who ever lived those heroes born among ordinary men who glow in the dark<br> remember you are the voice it's time to make it count<br> by Brad Wilder's thanks for watching this is wake up Canada news till next time<br> so I'm not sure how I missed that I actually did look it up on Tik Tok in various places trying to figure out who that was enough cause I got to just watch the video that others Brad Wilder with make up Canada and some of the chances that it wasn't 2021 those actually like October or November of 2022 so yes it definitely does still apply today so what do we do going forward where do we go from here to me it's business as usual at least from my perspective that we need to continue to fight the good fight we need to spread the word and if that means taking people and getting more people to subscribe to my channel to order to read whatever if a war is natural news the Liberty daily destroy Gateway pundit there are so few out there that are currently addressing this need for truth regarding the covid vaccines but they do exist only to address the me to to go and<br> promote them get people off of CNN you probably don't know a lot of people and seeing them to get them off of Fox News get him off of Newsmax don't forget news my I appreciate a lot of people over Newsmax but I also know the Newsmax is very very much pro-vaccine you got to accept that<br> why do these horrible conservatives a lot of their waking up I agree but a lot of them are not and even those that are waking out there still not coming out against the vaccines because to do so might get spanked by Google or Facebook or YouTube or whoever we don't have that fear that's why I do you know such a self-starter when I say Please Subscribe get other people to subscribe let's get the word out this is an existential threat<br> and while we might be turning the corner of apparently turning the corner do not underestimate the powers of those who do want to destroy us who want to engage further in the depopulation in control of Jen that which is exactly what it is<br> we can do this prey fight prey fight prey fight that's the message to get anything away from anything I say that's it Lord willing I will be back very soon with another episode but in the meantime you'll see a straw stay safe and God bless<br>

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