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JD Rucker Show, January 15, 2024

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America's Greatest Challenges and How We Overcome Them

Title: America's Greatest Challenges and How We Overcome Them


On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I will be going over an extremely important, yet dramatically under-reported list made by Dr. Joseph Mercola about the challenges we're facing in 2023. Unlike most of these lists that others make, Dr. Mercola does something crazy. He recommends actions we can take to fight back. Here are some of his bullet points: Supply chain disruptions causing food and energy shortages appear inevitable, as both industries are being intentionally targeted and dismantled under the guise of combating climate change, and global economic collapse is a mathematical certainty. The economic collapse will usher in programmable central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), which will be used to control your behavior and your health. The globalist cabal is also pursuing a one world totalitarian government through the World Health Organization, under the guise of global biosecurity. Inside the U.S., the transhumanist movement is fusing medicine with Silicon Valley and the national security state. There’s a concerted effort to frame transhumanism — which is really the new eugenics — as health care. People all over the world face a long list of growing crises. It’s important to understand these threats, and what you can do to prepare, resist and overcome them. Action items, solutions and guidance are presented for each.

Recorded: January 18, 2023

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tell my friends and welcome to another episode of the gdr car show in your house is JD Rucker and they show at least the first time is it I'm going to cover his one that I found him last week ahead of this week we're kind of obvious in Davos we clip the time when the globalist Lee cabal meets with the world economic Forum to discuss their evil plans to pretend like you're doing the world a favor while they figure out how to subjugate depopulate control the masses and all of that good stuff for their their evil agenda their evil machinations coming together in one little town right it's it's a glorious time of your supposed to get into the story by dr. Joseph Mercola last week is because I really thought it was going to get a lot more attention it wasn't until I started digging into it and in trying to figure out what why do this. Get picked up across the board and then I was thinking back I recalled
a story told to me not me personally delusions of grandeur a story told by Morgan Freeman and they were asking about the Shawshank Redemption which is one of the few great movies that I can still say is what is a pretty darn good movie I'm not a fan of Hollywood by the way but he was explaining that you know basically and he couldn't figure out why until one day you know he's going through and somebody somebody came up to me and she said you know man I just saw you I really love you in that what was the name of the hudsucker revenge or something like that and that's when he realized he went in the expressed his his theory to some other people in Hollywood in there like this, yet also short is the name Shawshank Redemption at the time but you today we all have this perception of this movie that many if not most of us thought was great but at least when it came out of
what the heck is that I want to see that the name just didn't appeal so this first story that I'll be getting into his title by dr. Joseph Mercola the most important topics of our time now on the surface of my thing okay so yeah that's that's a pretty pretty glaring headline but then I started thinking holy cow that may be the most generic headline I've ever ever seen to True McCullough publish I mean that could be anything by anybody right it really could be I think I believe that's why the story didn't get much attention because it needed a ton of attention and just like Shawshank Redemption was given a boost later on I'm hoping that my show today will give a boost this article little bit of the housekeeping this so again for those who maybe you missed yesterday show which was obviously extremely controversial considering the the topic at hand being the the normies are starting to wake up the reality of people dying suddenly
if you miss that one you'll know you need to be told that my my producer which who was supposed to start on January 16th doesn't start till next week the reason being is nothing not their fault but not really technically my fault other than I should have worded it earlier but we had a desk that's trying to revamp everything you can I can have this digital digital metaverse background anymore we're going to a real background or going to have a better much better camera than when I have much better Mike much better why it's much better everything including my sweater desk and Dustin, this was supposed to come in last week and it did not come in until this week so we had to delay and I think what's the big deal about a desk and I will tell you that the redesign we're doing we're actually moving from one area to another so the reason we're doing without the desk there's no point in doing it the desk is kind of centerpiece of everything and you have to move a lot of stuff around after the fact
if you're going to replace a death so we were waiting on the desk now that it's here we're just going through it with a fine-tooth comb to make sure they had to have the FBI didn't intercept on his way here and install tracking devices and perhaps even explosive the next week starting next week we will be doing this show live where is not important just because of the redesign the main thing the main benefit of having a producer's that will be able to take calls will be able to to get involved with the chat which is hard when you're doing to yourself I'm trying to do this I don't get off at Scripps I'm trying to think through everything and speak express myself and watch the time and do the make sure that whatever you get the idea I can't keep track of the chat hopefully now starting next week I will be able to we're going to standardize the time we're going to be doing this show at 4 as far as the light showing Rumble and red voice media and other places at 11 a.m. Pacific 2 p.m. Eastern Monday through Friday
we're also going to be doing the show a separate show that will be airing on America out loud talk radio at 8 p.m. Eastern or 5 Pacific I'm still undecided where that's going to play if it all was going to play a video I'm pretty sure well I just need to figure out where and when we really want to promote the idea of especially for those who like to listen to audio on the show me watch watch this beautiful face on video he should go to America out loud. Calm and check me out Monday again Monday through Friday 8 p.m. Pacific or sorry 8 p.m. Eastern 5 p.m. Pacific we are standing here picking up he shows course it's my my network with my good buddy Jeff Dornoch we are trying to publish this over at knock report inaccurate, and their first my new news aggregator at discern the whole news aggregator that I'm still
Phil editor of the delivery people ask me why you have two different anger Gators in there two different purposes the delivery without her Matthew Burke does a fantastic job of being the conservative alternative to The Drudge Report whereas the surf is really we just don't post as many stories there we try to keep it very focused on Mission critical items over the delivery I might publish 100 or 150 articles a day where I was at the start of Port., might be 20 maybe 30 maybe 40 really depends upon how many Mission critical articles come across my desk on any given day I don't have a quota let's just take this is important supposed to this important post it at the Liberty Daily Post pretty much everything that's that is of Interest so it doesn't need to be Mission critical for your like let's face it and it is it's it's funny as father whenever Kamala Harris or Joe Biden make one of their famous stupid gas okay and that
do you like to see that conservatives like to see that because it's a reminder of just how
how idiotic the left can be but that kind of information is not mission-critical so I wouldn't post that type of story over at the server Port, whereas I definitely would post it over at the Liberty daily that, because you was like that in the ten million people a month go to site and check out content like that so good stuff in it also always follow me I would strongly recommend this follow me at the JD Rucker. Subscribe. Comment is so course my daily newsletter and when I say daily might be zeroed a one of the two a day I buy distribute based on the news on the Sony based on a certain schedule and maybe I should tighten it up and have a regular 8 a.m. newsletter from J D wrecker but it's not I just stories important I send out a newsletter if there are no point of stories in my don't there's two important reasons that might send out to newsletters it's been a day or do you want when I said that three but generally speaking it's either 20 or one and of course that newsletter is free
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I'm trying to make it by the way to where I'm not always falling behind having to scramble then segments 5 and 6 to show you would think that a 2 hours should be able to get everything in it but apparently that's just not me so gallantly horrible title of this article this horrible title of a great article the most important topics of our time
Ella dr. Mercola but the best is the best time will make them seem like a walk in the park Life as we know it is about to radically change and if you're watching the show if you've been watching the show for a while then you know very clearly clearly than that is the case things are changing the problem getting worse we can still fight back and make them exponentially better but even if we don't as a bible-believing Christian I do believe that it will all work out very much in our favor in the end even if we have to go through a whole ton of persecution tribulation and all that good stuff or basa work at any point of view if you do the show you never watch a movie please Smash Smash Smash Hit That subscribe button and the bell notice I'm not I'm not simple like I haven't been doing this for long enough to know how to do all that cool promo stuff
I love this about doctor McCullough's articles he always gives you five bullet points for very really sick but usually 5 bullet points to kind of give you the the overview of the the story has fantastic cuz those are not have time to read his articles what you usually somewhere between two and three thousand words long to get the get the gist of it and we're going to be diving in death today on this particular item because like I said it is extremely important and I would even argue that this article could have been 10 articles okay you could have taken a lot of the individual part of the County buses through and you could have really hammered home a lot of the points your butt will we will we will see
apartment got to get a drink I get to shut up with that doctor doctor McCullough's stuff that gets me choked up
love and warm coffee supply chain disruptions causing food and energy shortages appear in navigable as both Industries are being intensely Target and dismantled under the guise of combating climate change and global economic collapse is a mathematical certainty of statements very obviously but it's a statement that I think people many people don't understand don't grasp what that means is the mathematical certainty means that the chances of something if there's there's certain points in mathematics and statistics and logical in the end where you you reach a point to where okay technically speaking there might be a chance
but that chance is it's not one it's a lottery style chance or even worse in some cases you know they're there is a certain level where the mathematics make it to where even if you say oh it's a one-in-a-million chance that's not a mathematical certainty one-in-a-billion chance probably not either but you start getting a little bit higher than that and all the sudden know it's not going to happen Sunday at Warren or certain happened as what we're certain situations like this one unless there's a dramatic change and I'm talking about a dramatic change I'm talking about God saying no this isn't the time let's fix this or let's change this or let's do whatever God wants to do with whatever it is
what's God doesn't I don't think there is a way
for us next does American put his world citizens to avoid a massive upheaval will call it I don't want to call it a full-blown economic collapse or a full-blown societal collapse or energy industry class or any kind of collapsed I don't say the dab part of certain
it might be but hey I'm an optimist I'm a realist but I'm an optimistic realist realist realistic fake speaking when is is that we're going to have crazy things happening they already are
as they're talking about right now at the the world economic Forum the globalist elite cabal are talking about the Polly crises or the pike crisis is what they're saying it's it's really if you really want to break it down it should be a poly crises in other words there are there isn't just one massive set of multiple crises there are multiple massive sets of multiple massive crises I know it sounds kind of weird but you probably hopefully understand what I'm saying
the economy is being intentionally dismantled and I still need a lot of States largest in your next than even Western countries across the globe they're setting up what I believe to be a rise of the brics nations are making it to where to where there's more or parody more I guess you could say equality or Equity is not it's not really quality but in the form of countries being able to have economic prowess power control but it's not where they're lifting others up there it is. But taking others down by taking down especially the United States of America
you play the same thing to energy you play the same thing to food and it always brings back the famous quote by buy a Henry Kissinger I don't have it in front of me but basically you know who controls the the food food food supply controls the people who controls the energy Supply controls entire continents and who supplies or who controls the money supply can control the whole world that's again paraphrase cuz I don't have it in front of me but that seems to be those three points that's exactly what they're going after right now
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and I'm talking about it they're talking about it and get Ali they're they're super excited after flying over there on their private jets to that has after getting there there hookers in yesterday's reports apparently of escort services being being just they're running out of girls okay because of all the the elitist that are they are to do what they like to do the stuff they do they're eating well they're making deals you know I think we is as normal as regular average people we can see the videos that are released from the world economic forum and that's pretty much it okay we don't see the real Jews the real juices of course what happens in the back end
what means I'm sure we'll talk a lot about that was today almost the first thing that I'm not even out of the second bullet on let's go let's go let's move it along Rucker programmable Central Bank digital currencies cdc's which will be used to control your behavior and your your health they will be used to control you they will be used to this is the biggest threat from a control mechanism because there's a lot of things we can go without but we can't go without the means to support herself the means to purchase food shelter basic necessities of course I've been very bullish about the idea of forming forming alternative economies special localized economies is there going to come a time when it becomes illegal to trade in anything other than a digital dollar or a a digital coupon or digital whatever yeah I suppose those are coming we got it we got it
Southern hops once again even if we have to plan for that that inevitability already working on it again if you watch my show you hopefully you've already been convinced of this but please try to find ways to convince others special in your local Community start with your family got local family give them up or wake them up make them watch my show Making read dr. Joseph Mercola make them listen to Glenn Beck talks about it sometimes make them listen to whoever can you Alex Jones what are some of these get them to understand that this is moving forward very quickly it's going to happen here in the United States of America and eventually once we do have a digital dollar and other nations have all their digital versions of their currency there will be some sort of class and all the sudden the other will be his magical solution will let you know one Central Bank digital centralized will rule all of them in an area that has equal and everything is awesome and it's great I'm going to love a liberal new world order that we're here for bringing forth
do you want a break after the break we will continue with this list my doctor Joseph Douglas is facing
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whoever got to do to television much DirecTV there go there's one I doubt the DirecTV is going to pick it up because we're going to be focused on the truth the unfiltered truth the unbridled truth getting that out there that's discern. TV so essentially. But hopefully it'll be big enough to where we are able to reach those who want the truth you don't want to be slapped around with CNN or Fox News or any of the Left Right Center whatever that we just want to focus on the truth. And that's what we will be building over at the store. TV as far as whether it's just a standard your video platform to run to a lot of videos they're got been talking to some fabulous and dumb
probably will beat we getting that up there. People will ask what what you was for your first you're with the voice doesn't a computer has no not at all this will benefit if if we do this right we're not looking to take out anybody I don't want to take out Blaze TV or daily Wire TV or oan or I might want to take out foxy night but trying to compete with other conservatives were trying to expand the reach of of America First patriotic the most importantly truthful God-fearing content that we can get out to the masses and show me the video for my history might my I haven't always done the shows I haven't been doing podcasting four years or anything like that this I've always been a traditional get on my typewriter with my hat and press credentials and type didn't use pencil out of whatever they use
I've always believed in the road again I don't care what the format is as long as we're getting the truth out to the masses so tell launch discern. TV go to give send J D wrecker article is very important article that didn't get nearly enough attention not as much as I should have gotten at least I buy dr. Joseph Mercola
93.3 The globals cabal is also pursuing a one-world totalitarian government through the World Health Organization under the guise of global biosecurity now this is a topic obviously talking about the pandemic treating which we talked about Ad nauseam will continue to talk about even more because it is that important is happening is this misconception out there that all we defeated the pandemic back in June or July or whenever it was when Joe Biden out there and we shut him down or somebody shut him down or whatever that was just a delay and it keep in mind most of the things that we hear and see when we think we have a victory it's usually just a delay just as an example everybody cheering because all you do PayPal have their $2,500 fine for the wrong thinking and it made the news and so you know we were out there and we are on Twitter we are we're on everywhere and we're tell him no PayPal no don't be evil and so they stopped it when we stay put out a notice it said that that all that wasn't supposed to go out and we apologize for that
and then they didn't stop it
that's how they operate folks the $2,500 fine. Nobody's talking about anymore for whatever reason because they put out a press release saying oops sorry
we took the pressure off it never changed pandemic tree still in process but it's probably going to take something crazy for it to 20 I don't know something maybe like a billion people in China with allegedly with covid-19 currently or diagnosed with covid-19 since they lost their lives since they banned in last month a ban in there is zero covid policy and I love a sudden there's a billion people in China with covenants has supposedly spreading everywhere in and Jimmy Fallon's out there dancing and singing about xpb Point 1.5 and you got Great Britain they're calling it The the Kraken buried in this all's fear-mongering going on and then Panic theater 2.0 is on its way already here in many ways
and so yeah something like that they're going to be able to push through the pandemic tree and as a result we're screwed
and I will just too quickly tutor horn here for those who didn't didn't know maybe you haven't heard the show for maybe you haven't been hearing at 4 for the last year now than when we first broke up but I did have dr. Peter breggin last February long before anybody we were the first ones we broke the idea of the story about the pandemic treaty on the show
I have a good day at least two months before I was ever picked up by by any of the other you know alternative media show host out and I'll grab that got bit bigger audiences so they were talking about it like it was new to them it was nailed to Their audience it wasn't so I'm not sure about that but the point is that we did we did break that story we're hopefully going to be breaking more stories here very soon I will be speaking later today with Ed Dowd one of my favorite the only guy that came from Black Rock that actually like okay I'll be coming on in tomorrow with God's got Kari Lake the woman who should be governor of Arizona will see if maybe that still has a chance of half and we're going to be getting more and more gas now that I got a producer now that we've got all these great things happening we are going to be expanding the show this morning before before I break my promise and I'm unable to get to release this one article in the two-hour show inside the USD transferred
what is fusing medicine with Silicon Valley and the National Security State is a concerted effort to frame transhumanism which is really the new Eugenics as quote Healthcare in as a doctor I would say the doctor Mercola is is uniquely qualified to to denounce transhumanism because maybe all of us normal people when we hear about this aspect of transhumanism that aspect of transhumanism that's a cute because actually in 2021 and 2022 where a member of the world economic forum is sitting there talking about Gene editing which is not new by the way do you know the thing is is has been around for a long time I'm in been in practice for a long time even with humans but the way that they're describing gene-editing I mean it might as well have been a sales pitch okay
they could have been a sales pitch for Viagra back in the day you know what there's no downside of you and the quota quota what is Cialis is that was actually one that came up with the brilliant marketing technique of saying you know directions of longer than 4 hours you should you should consult your doctor and of course I was a warning but you had all these guys out there thinking oh my gosh 4 hours wow think of all the fun we'll have anyway
what does this video sound like talking about Gene editing reprogram and getting into the source code of humans and making it to where we don't have to see anything we don't want to see what I'm smelling thing we don't want to smell not realizing of course those listening I realizing that it is just another variation of the control Factor they will use against us and then the last bullet point and Doctor McCullough's article people all over the world face a long list of growing crises important understand these threats and what you can do to prepare was just never coming action items Solutions in guidance is are presented for each and that's what makes this article very much different than the way you know we go out there and I get it like a lot of times where we have to do everything we can to spread the truth and I've always the clear coat I've always been very clear with my role in all this my intention what I believe that God wants me to do which is to just get the truth out there just fine the things that some people know about other people don't know about maybe maybe people know about it
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the majority vast majority perhaps of journalists are very well aware that the Jabs cause massive adverse reactions they just don't lose their jobs they don't want to lose their dare access they don't want to be be blacklisted they don't want to they don't to be booted from the life they've chosen to live
life that allows them to be their only if only yes
they stay within the restrictions of the accepted near and when it comes covid-19 that accept a narrative still today is that you'll get Chad doesn't matter who you are sick and sad child getting pregnant get Jabs young gets a Volga jet everybody knows you can
oh I can't wait to talk to head downtown later today that's going to be fun
there are
a lot of people out there that listen to me Linda lot of people out there to listen to other show host work with are we get to absorb that the truth get to absorb the realities of this world maybe we even get to share with other people that's great what are the action to all-wheel I get to do there's a lot of people will come on to all you all you do is talk talk talk with the act and I think a lot of the Civil War on a revolutionary war since when they may come to that mean maybe that's what our future holds I'm going to say to that can't happen not going to say that I that I will oppose it at the right time I posted today I do not want a Civil War I do not want violence of any sort I do not want I'm not asking anybody to break any laws I refuse to do that because I think I'm hoping and praying that we can resolve all these issues within the constraints of the Constitution within the constraints of the rule of law
I think that we can I don't want to to promote and it's your style or a BLM style Revolution Ki that's not I don't think we're there yet maybe maybe I'm naive maybe we should be already get up getting together and and everybody's bringing their guns and for getting to I don't even want to hook up with that would look like if I laughed but it's definitely not funny it's that's an uncomfortable after laughter there when is that we talk a lot right well in this article which will hopefully get all the way through today dr. Joseph Mercola does offer Solutions chances are there's going to be that I don't agree with Justin's chances are that you might agree with me most of the time but if you read it three thousand word article chance or you're not going to agree with everything I say if I don't make it sound as if I'm being contentious here
I agree with most of it I even agree with many of the proposed solutions for the point is that at least he's proposing Solutions we can rant all day that's great for Ratings okay when I get a thumbs-up on the video do Great Wraps you'll get lots of thumbs up I seen that happen I've done it myself when you start really putting yourself out there putting the truth out there but don't be on that and offering Solutions no one is going to be critics anytime I don't care how good a solution is it's going to be some of the systolic you can't do that because that's all you can't do that because that look and I don't by the way I don't know void doing solution because cuz I'm concerned about trolls or anything like that I want to make sure that I'm going to offer a solution and I'm sure that it will work and I will offer solutions from time to time about the various needs we have in this world there is that I think we can actually squeeze a little bit more before the break
Courtney article Children's Health defense is one of my fans Again by dr. Joseph Mercola Children's Health defense is one of my favorite resources to keep current on everything covid musical interview sent they typically interview several experts every day and have an amazing stuff to compile the information in the usual format I was excited rupali Tommy from c h d told me that my interview with her earlier this year was the most viewed on their site she invited me for another interview for the year in review so with that background let me provide you with my view of the most important Health stories of 2022 people all over the world facing each face a long list of growing crisis from food and energy shortages to worldwide tyranny in the slave in through programmable Central Bank digital currencies and the steady creation of a One World Government
is crucial to understand these threats and take action to prepare food to prepare for resist and overcome them by learning about these issues and taking steps to protect ourselves we can work together to create a more resilient future and it's funny because I don't think they've done especially the really especially the the Neil Marxist need the powers and principalities the world economic Forum in cat's purpose of capitalism and all those Global's bad guys when they really done is made it challenging for us to use words that like they taken great words and they've they've abused them so much so when I'm a little cringed when I heard dr. Joseph Mercola use the word resilient future because a resilient future seems to be pointing towards the idea of fixing climate change the The hoax
and yes that's my I guess I guess I was kind of hoping the Today Show would be one that I could put on YouTube since we've only been able to put one show on YouTube and three weeks but I guess not cuz yes I just called climate change hoax and that's what that's one of those bad words you know those things 10 things can't say on YouTube
some Legos that will try again tomorrow point is a little cringed over stuff like that one of these do you know that he said I'm talking about the other one world government this is not something that's just relegated to conspiracy theories keep in mind Klaus Schwab and Henry Kissinger we're talking about their dreams back in the 1970s the early 70s with the club of Rome during the formation of the world economic Forum as they were describing what they thought was the ideal form of world governments which there are 10 10 Regional powers under the control of one Central Power that doesn't if you haven't read your Bible then that probably may not mean anything to you but it certainly sounds like 10 kingdoms under the Antichrist in kingdoms under out of the forces of Satan
how could the line so perfectly you might ask but what if it's because that's prophecies it's happening in front of some at the clearing that just saying just saying that it's possible
either they're trying to con us with that or it's actually happening the way that has been prophesied for so so long after the break we will continue with Dr Justin Nichols let's a state
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I'm going to say something now before we get back into dr. Joseph McCullough's article I'm going to say something now that might actually make some of you mad and I'm sure a lot of you were going to disagree with it
especially considering that I've been ripping on the pandemic 34 and now almost a year
but my I can stay radical statements this
pandemic 3D is just a formality it's already in place in so many ways
and that's why when it gets signed in that I'm certain with them will call the ninety ninety-seven percent certainty that it will be signed by all or there might be a couple stragglers will probably all nations this year in 2023 when that happens that is just that they will it's what happens after its will be the Panama tree itself that is the humongous lost for the side of humanity for the for the side of Anakin good and decent in this world it will actually be what happens after the Bell being and initiating back to their plans and will be useful to them absolutely but again I believe it's just a formality I would argue that the control of a need to exert over us is already in place and many many ways and much of it is in place willingly
what is our nation other nations Western Nations non Western Nations brics Nations doesn't matter there's already enough influence through the World Health Organization through the United Nations through the the app to see the world economic forum and most importantly through the council for inclusive capitalism that this is just a way of basically giving politicians legislators bureaucrats the people of the world a an excuse to say hey we're going to be too radical and it's because they're telling us to do so
this is just a formality the real threat that this imposes upon us is the continued rise of public-private Partnerships and if you been watching anything that's coming out of Davos this week at all you'll hear that that what they're calling they don't call a partner I think they call a public-private cooperatives with the people or something and just obviously some abusive language that they use to make it seem better than it is these public-private Partnerships these are the real threat because they they will deal in microcosm and dish out tyranny and oppression in wasted but we've never seen not here in the United States of America okay let me look at these public-private Partnerships and I'm going to be going into much more detail about these in the very near future we've been compiling so much data I could probably do 10 shows on and maybe I will but it's want to make sure it's done right because this is one of those topics that you really only get one chance to make a proper impression
on people because it's dry stuff okay it's not like you know we're talkin on the vaccines like oh my gosh these people are dying okay that that's dramatic and dramatic because it's real voice or talk about public-private Partnerships and how how well do you know the structure of power is being being a manager could be really dry stuff so I want to make sure that we we nailed that we make it as as definitive as possible when it comes to that but that's a precursor because the first list are the first item on dr. Joseph Michaels list is is the crisis that this crisis that he's talking about the World Health Organization pandemic Treaty of the most serious threats is the globalist cabal pursuit of a one-world totalitarian government through the World Health Organization under the guise of Global Security The Whole30
Panda Tree on pandemic preparedness that would Grant it absolute power over global biosecurity which has the power to implement digital identities and vaccine passport mandatory vaccinations travel restrictions standardized Medical Care and More the tree did not pass this year will most likely pass in 2023 this tree will change the global landscape in strip you of some of your most basic rights and freedoms is a direct attack on the sovereignty of its member states as well as a direct attack on your bodily autonomy with his freedom place all member nations will be subject will be subject to the who's dictates if the who says every person on the planet needs to have a vaccine passport and digital identity to ensure vaccination compliance then that's what every country will be forced to implement even if the people have rejected such plans using local Democratic processes
there's also a reason to suspect The Who intends to extend its our leadership into the Healthcare Systems of every nation eventually implementing a universal or socialist like healthcare system as part of the Great reset OK round 2 name something that's not boring
sorry we were looking for chumba Casino
chumba Casino.
chumba Casino. Calm who director-general Tedros has previously stated in his Central priority as director-general of the is to push the world toward universal health coverage and considering who changed his definition of pandemic to a worldwide epidemic of a disease without the original specificity of severe illness that causes high morbidity just about anything could be made to fit the pandemic Criterion
they could also declare a global pandemic for non-infectious threats like global warming or even obesity the decoration would love them to circumvent all laws in place to preserve our friends and influence radical measures like the lock out there were implemented during the covid pandemic where does the panda what is the the natural progression for the Panama treaty with already seen the the lunacy will laugh at it if you're an American first Patriot if you're conservative or Christian if you're one who you even if you believe in climate change you can still laugh at the fact that that specially radical leftist will blame everything on climate change every single thing. That must be climbing up there there's another example climb trees they've been they've been indoctrinated they've been brainwashed into the climate change called to think that climate change which they cannot quantify this for the can quantify
climate change was they cannot quantify they cannot steal it other than changes in weather which every change of weather that you did a tribute to climate change and listen to change in the other direction by the way that we see the highest levels in in the Arctic are going up all well now that's just where is Bill Gates and Brock Obama been buying their multimillion-dollar home right off the oceans they claim are going to to be rising and taking out the up the coast land here any any minute now any day in the next 10 years
UPS the pandemic treaty
once implemented will Empower them that's why I say it's not the treaty itself it's not it's what happens afterwards that concerns me the most when you tie the pay them a treat again with the quantum Health concern
a climate change now all of a sudden you're giving the World Health Organization and their their proxies and Puppet Masters among the global Sleek ball you're giving them complete and total control
every aspect of life they are already normalizing the idea that everything is tied in to climate change then they're going to hit us very very soon with the idea that as a result of climate change affecting so much we're going to have to take control of certain aspects of life
Smart Meters across the board and mean that they will mandate Smart Meters at some point the smart meters will be able to turn on or turn off your heat or cool or whatever based on there with the basement there doesn't matter how hot or cold is already happen by the way Kay this summer when there was there was a heatwave in that blue is Colorado as a community where their thermostats because of the the spiking in the energy grid the everybody's thermostat is Smart Meters were sent to us feels like 80 degrees K the AC wouldn't turn on. I got like 80 or 82 or seventy years old that something like that you know higher than it 72° the most people believe is your standard room temperature right now in to know they said no. You're going to have to just suffer because of
some emergency and it always ties back to climate change so what does the pandemic treaty what is the real threat there once they take the powers are given with the pandemic treaty apply climate change as a health issue bring them together and all of a sudden
all of our freedoms
can disappear in a heartbeat
I'm not trying to be traumatic for the sake of being dramatic I might be a little bit dramatic right now this because this is a real threat again like I said it's not a tree itself is what happens a country that you truly truly concern all of us and for those who think I was beating it wasn't being that still going to happen the backyard of Elizabeth Partners while again I love this article so much I want to get as much exposure as possible because he's listening not just he's not just complaining like I like to do he's actually offering action items we got to act can just talk on Act
Patty Courtney are stopping this tree will be quite difficult as the World Health assembly may or may not even accept public comments before making a decision your best bet right now is a sign up for the World Council for health newsletter last time the World Health assembly met to discuss the tree to the World Council for health issued links and instructions on how to submit your comment you can subscribe to the bottom of page or on the CHS homepage Eye in the Sky HD will also share details of if they become available so subscribing to our newsletters can give you a heads up as well and that point three clear newsletter I assure you I will be on top of the stuff we will be on top of this when action is necessary that action is going to become necessary I believe very very soon to sign up from not mine has layers well at JD Rucker. Subject. Com
in the absence of instructions you could reach out to your respective delegations and requested that they oppose the treaty a list of u.s. delegates can be found in James Rogowski substack article speaking truth to power Miss James roguski. Subs that got calm and he can find speaking truth to power their good article or contact information for other nations delegates I would suggest containing our contact in the regional office Nashville list and then the World Health assembly got a webpage can find the wh oh. I am in contact people I know what a lot of your probably thinking old so your action items to write or Senator basically and I'm with you I'm not big on that but no it is actually worth having more teeth than that
by going to these organizations various organizations out there that are that are trying to impose this this pandemic treaty we can come together that's the main thing here maybe actions more than just going to go riding your Senator riding your Delegate for expressing yourself verbally on Twitter maybe I mean at the end of the day of the real action here is going to be getting the people as many people as possible together to take some sort of action against this do I think we can stop at probably not do I think that this is that mean that we don't try no we ask we must try we have to order them within our power to stop this because once it does happen and like I said I was going to happen if we can delay and delay and delay it then that's that's power
okay that's an expression of our ability to to do these things but I would say even bigger than that if we are able to come together and there's a people were through this protest enough invented from happening at least for a short. Of time it really is to me an expression of God coming and then making his will not because none of this will happen if if God allows it to happen I say this a lot but I need to reiterate it whatever God Wills okay
it would there we consider good or bad it's good
we don't have the knowledge to be able to understand that when a quote of a bad thing happens maybe they ain't bad thing happened for a good reason may be the end result good or the end result bad Justified
and it doesn't matter. I don't like it I want to see very clear that this fact you know the God does not need to be justified he doesn't need a reason we understand he doesn't need a reason at all it is his will
so let's not get into this whole oh but you know it's going to make sense to us maybe it will never will
that doesn't stop us from doing the most important thing we can do when facing any of these you sign up for a list great sign up for newsletter great protest rate
the most importantly drop to your knees and pray read the book of Daniel K Daniel was he knew what to do whenever there was a crisis or there was a personal crisis what crisis was Nation or anywhere in between what did he do he prayed and he would pray for a long long long time sometimes until he got what he felt was an answer
and maybe Angels delayed sometimes or whatever but he would always eventually get what he needed to be able to move forward
we can and must take advantage of the power of prayer Pray for forgiveness for simple Nation or sinful world free or delayed judgment because when judgment, I don't care how well prepared you are can you might be like you know what and then I feel I'm this way I cannot wait for the end cuz that means we're going home soon I'm super excited about that and the Furious all I got home and I'm going to be so so pumped but when the reality comes and you know I'm faced with whatever maybe there's there's people they're going to behead me and my family you know am I going to be like this is great I'm going home I would like to see it I would be like that but I'll probably be like holy crap this sucks and I'll probably be a lot more romantic than that I am now
when is is a we must do everything we can in our power in the most power we have is to the power of prayer that you those of you and my audience or not bible-believing Christians you might say you suck all Brothers here we go again I'm sorry my love but I'm not I'm not sorry
as whatever your belief system is if you think that your belief system you think that your your worldview your philosophy on life you think that it is important enough to hold then it should be important to express specially if you have doing like what I do here at on my show so I don't not trying to offend you it would be offensive if I were to not express what I believe to be the truth which is the only path forward the only path to Salvation the only path to an eternity that isn't sucking in hell
is through Jesus Christ as your lord and savior is as somebody who believes that wholeheartedly I want to express that to you and that would make me not very good person what did it mean that that I'm just I'm more concerned about about getting hate mail from people I'm an atheist I'm a Jew or a Muslim Ayman whatever you know that I'm more concerned about that not received hate mail them about expressing what I believe in my heart to be important for both me and you so yeah I am going to occasionally from time to time
express my faith and demand that you give yourself listen to you don't have to abide by it but I do want to hear about how I shouldn't talk about such things on a political show
at the brakes will get back more dr. Joseph Joseph Mercola so state do
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you're probably going to have to limit my Maya early segment discussions because it seems like we might have to turn this into a to show if I don't if I don't have to show to Parts show it if I don't speed this up so so let's just get straight back into the yard because he's the smart one I'm just I'm just a beautiful face right and the next Crisis the crisis is normalizing human experimentation yeah that seems pretty bad one of those Centers for Disease Control and prevention's advisory committee on immunization practices or Aiken unanimously voted to add unlicensed covid-19 shots to the US childhood Adolescent and adult vaccine schedule by adding the shots of the vaccine schedule to CCC in securing Pfizer's and murdering his permanent liability Shield so that no one can sue them for damages for enquiries for in
and that's occurring as a result of the shots it also opens the doors door for states to mandate the jab for schoolchildren the vast of the racing day Pfizer announced it will raise the price on a scavenger by about 400% from $30 per job somewhere between 110 and 130 what's the current u.s. purchase program expires Pfizer has forecast in the expected revenues into the foreseeable future and they're not going to let Real World Market demands dictate its Revenue stream instead they're going to make up the difference through price High School which ultimately will be paid by the government and the insurance companies and Anytime by the way just to be clear when everybody says paid by the government
or even paid by insurance companies that means it's paid by you
okay you pay insurance companies your money is used to pay insurance when the insurance company pays it that's not really their money it's money they collected from you from government government doesn't have Monday have your money they take your money they take my money
so whenever it's paid by government is paid by you so visor is raising the price on you you might sell the the Jazz are free what nobody's paying for it now of course to pay for bike insurance is paid for by government and he won the purchase depending on the country and that means it's ultimately paid for by you so we got the idea the unconscionable action of the CDC in the US Food and Drug Administration have also opened the door to make human experimentation the norm for future vaccines be updated by Bela our mRNA codons shots for example rolling test on a few months before they were authorised and released to the masses this is the new model for mRNA injection approval and will be in it will spell disaster for Humanity especially if the who gets the power to dictate what we must take and if International faxing passports go through at that point humans become little more than a spare me
experimental subjects for the transhumanist movement they're literally charging us to gamble on our lives latest gene therapy in as I've always said a big Pharma government corporate media mostly controlled doctors of this world they are willing to risk your lives to make sure that they get their way
when a quick note event I wouldn't say contention here but he just glazed over in a bit
please talking about that you'll be changing the way that the new model for mRNA injection approval it's not just covid folks they are using now they've been able to do to successfully test the DNA change in gene editing mRNA vaccine technology they are planning on and in the process of using this technology and inserting it everywhere not just in your arms and not just for covid testing sites coming mRNA flu shots mRNA vaccines for whatever tons of them things they're also wanted to use the same basic technology on our food supply of food and stop and think about that they want to quote unquote vaccinate your tomato so when you eat your Tomatoes not really the Tomato that you're used to eating or not just talking about genetic modification hear me a straight up your GMO
stop that's already so prevalent in the world today you know what I grew up there was no GMO food in the end organic food and non-GMO food during these glass case there was food and then all the sudden in the eighties nineties and then onward from then we started seeing this technology that supposed to prove things are funny part is the entire concept modification of the entire concert was so that we can feed the world we can feed Africa we can feed the third world nation no it's it's never about that and then this side you here
it it blows me away and we will talk more about that especially about the transhuman this aspect but let's keep going let's get let's move on to the next Crisis crisis National plunging life expectancy and he's he posted article has a screenshot dr. Joseph Merkel has a McCulloch has a screenshot of an article from The New York Times from August 31st 2022 b r o d Care on Rabon Ravine falls again in historic set back the funny part is since this article came out they actually have have found even more more reasons to believe the life expectancy is dropping and not only that but fertility is dropping okay we're having fewer babies
I mean the depopulation agenda is in full swing and when we went all with this all comes down to by the way and what we're going to find we may or may never find this out by the way but but hopefully we will find out that all of this comes down to their they being the other the Bill Gates's of the world because Schwab's in the world the Ted Turner's and Barack Obama's is all comes down to the the notion that they're able to justify their actions of killing people by saying the world's to is overpopulated is not sustainable so let's bring down the population of the world to a more sustainable and manageable level the population in control that's what this is all about what it's always been about
Chuck something extraordinarily odd happened in 2020 and 2021 something that shaved nearly three years off the life expectancy in the US while media blazes drop when covid-19 infections that makes no sense because the average age of those who died from covid-19 85 well over the life expectancy in 2019 know this massive drop in life expectancy is due to younger people dying decades earlier than they should in the only factor that can account for that is the mass injection of people with an experimental bile up in the top of the Kobe jazz
allopathic medicine has been a leading cause of death in the US for over two decades in future years I believe the medical interventions sold as covid vaccines will prove to be the number one killer of American or already seen that Trend don't worry if you understand the basics of Health you can easily avoid falling victim to the devious system in this article I will share the broad Strokes you need to know to protect yourself and your family from the nefarious plans to take out to take you out prematurely by understand these Basics you can take steps to improve your health and well-being and to avoid falling prey to the harmful effects of this system is fine
there was a time not too long ago when I didn't understand
people like dr. Joseph Mercola and others who built their businesses around the concept of helping people
and you must understand what it wasn't what I'm getting at is I have hard time trusting that when somebody takes when Sunny gets there
what's the best way to put it on somebody built their livelihood around philanthropy of some sort
it makes me question the motivation there or maybe I should say makes it made me question I was never able to properly reconcile it until very recently when I started doing basically the same thing you know we we we were looking for sponsors for years and I would always look for sponsors that I thought hey I just would like this and it makes a lot of money we did make the switch until a brown 20s a it was about mid 2020 when I started thinking you know what if I'm going to have a sponsor's I want all of my sponsors to be Mission critical for America First Patriots or bills that's it that's all we took on and we took on my pillow obviously as a sponsor promo code jtr by the way we took on my pillow as a sponsor because it's not the pillows are mission-critical but I do believe the Mike Lindell is I believe they're America first company is mission-critical so we can support them I took on
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she said like that, so I'm trying to get at is that dr. Joseph Mercola he has done the exact same thing he sells things that he believes him and so you know what I'm reading about this stuff I have two number one I start thinking okay school so so he's promoting his products is promoting and services that's great you know where I used to be the questioning of it if you or me or anybody believes that what we do is beneficial and if it brings his money and supports our family's the same time I see nothing wrong with that I bet I can't just a little minor point that I thought I'd share that because it has been a shift in my own personal perception of the world food is medicine agenda and I'm going to bust through this one because this one this is pretty dry but it is important food and agriculture also being overtaken and change the US government has launched a food as medicine program which is not
another way for the government to seize control of the population food as medicine will be used to get you into the control system and keep you there the goals behind this food is food Revolution are two number one as many people as possible into snap that supplemental nutritional assistance and Wick which is women infants and children WIC programs so that purchases and spending can be controlled through digital food token ultimately everyone will be moved into a socialist food system based on government assistance tokens number to integrative food and nutrition integrate food and nutrition with health care so the Food and Health practices are under one umbrella who purchases and health records will be linked to your vaccine passport individual identity yay
change routes fares from categories in nutrition traditional farming of grains and plants will be replaced with indoor vertical growing of patented GMO seeds while animal farming will be regulated into Oblivion in order to be replaced by insect farms and so-called micro Livestock in the lab grown meat the Trap be laid out for us is that if Ava control is that of a controlled socialist boot system where the state decides which will eat in the dark below included in a 2018 report by the Illinois blockchain and distributed Ledger task force they show how they intend to control your healthy eating token healthy eating token wow usage through digital identity and digital currency when you gonna help you can see that and it's pretty complicated graph can you listening on the radio it's just you know this this welfare. We can go to the government
Mega show they're just like the other benefits wallet it's in this is how you get from there to try to complicate the process of going from I'm hungry to here's my food you know today I'm hungry so good refrigerator I get some food right hungry go to the to the restaurant and get some food are you go to the grocery store whatever I order it and have it delivered whatever it's very base could see she uses fiat currency for credit cards digital stuff casually but there's no there's no real control pack of government doesn't generally control okay name something that's not boring the laundry computer solitaire
sorry we were looking for chumba Casino
that's right, cuz you know.
Chumba Casino. Calm just about anywhere in the bride and groom we were getting lucky in the time was that case I pronounce you lucky
lucky Lantern daily bonuses are waiting no purchase necessary void where prohibited by law he fails what do you get if you want a Big Mac you can order a Big Mac today that's not going to be the case in the near future according to dr. Joseph Mercola overtime what's in back the article overtime what's healthy will change their control over Agriculture and food manufacturing deepens the government's Health Food recommendations will never be accurate and true need proof just look at the Friedman School nutrition science and policies could come as I remember this I'm there I remember this from 2021 that's right I'm building weight 2021 at the latest and greatest a nutritional science this tool is what will be used to guide health care and nutrition Assistance programs in in their selection in this nutritional guidance to a Lucky Charms frosted mini-wheats Honey Nut Cheerios ice cream cones
chocolate covered almonds in Almond Eminem's all have
higher nutritional score than cheddar cheese and ground beef
I wish I could tell you can't make this up but apparently somebody did at the top makes it so number one watermelon watermelon mostly water but but still useful kale I love Kalos Health Food number three frosted mini-wheats what.
Frosted mini-wheats really
and don't even get me started on the whole sugar versus fat intake thing okay that's that's a conspiracy that might be the most the most pertinent consequential conspiracy that's taking place in the United States ever in a back in the whatever was 40 50 60s whatever frosted mini-wheats is number 3 on the freaking list
are you are you oh my gosh give me break even go down this list, on Honey Nut Cheerios then at the very bottom ground beef cheddar cheese whole egg fried in butter look you can say what you will about how healthy is that is that sounds to me specially since I'm on the keto diet that sounds to me like the most wonderful possible food I can see I might actually have to as soon as today show's over I might have to go cook me a whole egg fried in butter just to honor our horrible food come to system here and let's finish up this article of quarters I could come but she'll be healthier if you replace whole eggs cheddar cheese and ground beef with literal candy can there be any doubt that its purpose sweet people away from the wholesome natural foods for processing genetically engineered junk food and considering how vaccines are being tied in with biosecurity and digital IDs it's not a far stretch to imagine
Foods engineer to contain vaccines will be mandated through government food programs and like I said folks have already told you this it's comments are here already talking about it the conspiracy theories of the past or the news of today okay that's some variation of what Alex Jones or somebody says but it's so true okay you told me two years ago when I was giving more skeptical to you have you told me three years ago they're going to start putting vaccines mRNA Gene editing vaccines in food within the next 5 years again being 4 years ago I would have said you're crazy
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imma call jtr help out to mattress companies
so this next segment of the J D wrecker show is going to definitely becoming a podcast over at Lake prepper. So it's like that, it's been my very specific prepper oriented one of it is my another style late pepper. So, I'm going to put this this segment up as a podcast over there because it is it is ideal for that lets go for those people if you just listen to that part I we are reading from an article by dr. Joseph Mercola talks about the huge risks today and and going into tomorrow going into the rest of 2023 and as I've said before I believe that pretty much so far 95% of what he said is I've completely agreed with and I would say that this portion there's only a few a few that I won't agree with and I'll I'll Express that disagree for the most part he's spot-on so this particular this section of the
the price is being food water and energy shortages the world is facing a growing crisis of food and and energy shortages as well as widespread supply chain disruptions in addition both Industries are being in intentionally targeted and dismantled under the guise of combating climate change just making it increasingly difficult for people to maintain food security as inflation continues to rise for example the average food prices on average food price it in the United States where one-third higher in March 2021 and they were in March 2020 these challenges are only expected to worsen in the coming years fertilizer prices are expected to double as a result of Russia's ban on fertilizer exports for some Farmers that will be the death knell that causes them to go out of business the rest will be forced to charge more for their Commodities resulting in skyrocketing food prices the climate has also been uncooperative causing poor harvest around the world China for example has reported
text the lowest Harvest field in history this year thanks to Serious flooding of its Farmland in the fall of 2021 and then there are the many Mysteries fires that have destroyed major food distribution facilities around the world all of this these factors will likely result in serious food shortages and famine around the world over the coming year availability of potable water is also diminishing which will raise prices in potable water by the way you know like they always say you can survive a long time wrote a long time without food but you can't make it three days without water so you can stock up on all the food you want make sure you got water too so let's let's go into his action item action item number one secure your water supply one of the most important preparations you can make is to secure a supply of potable water as you can survive far longer without food then you can without water and ideal system to consider especially if you also have a car
is to install a large sister to collect rainwater know that doesn't apply for people like me obviously I'm living in Southern California and other than the weird tropical or subtropical is weird. Atmospheric River bomb Cyclones this crazy rain that we've been getting here lately I thought of that we don't get a whole lot of water that I can collect my liver months without a rain here so so it really doesn't matter where you are but back to the article that I grow food on I have a 5000 gallon cistern the collect rainwater from the gutters on my roof this serves to augment my irrigation system but it is also a large emergency Source water another strategy is to install a series of connected rain barrel to your gutters if you live next to a river or Pond or have a swimming pool you may need not need a sister as you can simply fill the filter the water from them I discussed this and other strategies and how to secure your water
wife emergency also remember to stock up on a means to purify less-than-ideal water sources examples include water purification tablets are drops and Orin independent water filtration system in the one that I use the one that I recommend you can go check it out it is at JD Rucker. Calm water that will get you get you to the place I don't even know which websites on but good I can get you the place where you can get my water filter but we use every single thing there are portable inexpensive water filter pitchers like the clearly filtered water pitcher or epic Nano filter pitcher with Shane filter out pathogens and other impurities meaning of a filtration system that is not tied to the tap in your home in case I'm still down in you know tap water even a small survival water filtration system is better than nothing as drinking contaminated water can result in serious serious illness or death
dumb dumb dumb man that is so true like at Walmart for twenty bucks that's really that's basically taste okay yeah get some of the impurities out of there but you really need a serious water filtration system the gravity filter to me is the best way to do that because you can doesn't matter whether it's from the faucet or from from rain water from the pool or from from a river or a lake or wherever you can take these water is a true of a proper water purification system water filtration system and filter and there are cheap ones out there that are decent K2 decent there is only a few you know my cat is just a test of all the water filtration systems out there and he was only able to give I think perfect ratings to two a pair of them and happens to be one of those have to be the one that I I put over the ad said JD Rucker.
water so check it out next time stock up on shelf-stable Foods I need to talk about this in-depth the other day on in an article I wrote over at Lake prepper. going to dr. Joseph Mercola I recommend stocking up on healthy nutritious foods that you eat on a regular basis anyway that way you can rotate your stock in my view animal protein will be one of the most popular supplies to stock up on which means you'll need extra freezer story it would likely make sense to get another freezer to store enough meat for 36 months make sense to me the key to making this work is to have a backup power supply is there is a high likelihood the grid will go down and you will lose your investment the most economical way to stock up on me would be to get ground bison beef or lamb ground meat is less expensive the more poorly takes up the least amount of space in your freezer avoid pork and chicken do to
I'll linoleic acid content I have no idea what that is but I trust the good doctor another option scampi's which has long shelf life and doesn't require a freezer look for varieties that you salt as their only preservative Can wild Alaskan salmon mackerel and sardines are also good option they contain healthy protein and fat while being low in toxic water pollutants and heavy metal it just it just make sure you their Cannon water not oil as you can be guaranteed that it'll be the most the worst oil possible this is true even if it claims to be olive oil other nutritious foods with long shelf life include Palo Verde and coconut oil healthy fats are very low in linoleic acid and are ideal for cooking and remain stable even without Refrigeration
organic beef broth and or collagen powder beef broth is an ideal source of collagen but organic grass-fed collagen powder will stay fresh longer collagen is the most common and abundant of your body proteins and is required for bone health tissue integrity and repair a whey protein when protein is rich in leasing is the reason why I didn't go to med school leucine stimulate muscle protein synthesis thereby promoting healthy muscle without a regular source of meat it can be difficult to achieve enough you seen to maintain body proteins from diet alone fortunately way can be easily stored and can serve as a resource to preserve your muscle mass
rice rice is a gluten-free State they can be stored for long periods of time and interesting week white rice my favorite is basmati rice money is far preferred over brown rice as the anti nutrients in brown rice and parents role as a clean source of carbohydrates ideally placed the bag in a food-grade bucket together with an oxygen absorber or two and make sure the lid is well seal true honey in addition to being a natural sweetener local unadulterated honey also has health benefits for example it's an effective cough medicine and can help combat respiratory infection and bacterial infections including antibiotic-resistant bacteria and we could all use an extra bright spot in our day could we just to make up for things like sitting in traffic doing the dishes counting your steps you know all the mundane stuff that is why I'm such a big fan of chumba Casino Casino is all your favorite social casino-style game
play for free anytime anywhere with daily bonuses, that's struggling to lose weight and keep it off money on starvation diets that lead to more frustration and stress would you try it then head to 138 lb in 9 months on golo had to go now and see how golo can work for you that's way better information has gone way down go save my life I was way overweight. That's what sent me down with that I wanted to make sure and leave for my kid I have literally tried everything I was on the verge of getting a gasket bypass surgery and I saw the goal of commercial and it was the
does it work over two million people who founded healthier and happier life begins at g o l next one macadamia nuts nuts are frequently recommended as a good source of fiber protein and healthy fats I will stay fresh for a long time without Refrigeration provided there in a sealed bag container however the reason why this is a terrible idea is that all nuts except Macadamia are loaded very high levels of the dangerous fat linoleic acid so storing any would not be helpful as you would only be able to have around 5 add a cheese 81 that that's crazy and then he also recommends a stocking up on nutritional supplements such as beef organ complex essential minerals omega-3 vitamin K2 magnesium vitamin B2 complex and
something ask stick something sorry folks I'm trying to learn to read having a backup Supply a pharmaceutical-grade methylene blue is also a good idea to be clean before I get into the last portion of this particular segment you know we did we didn't start a company that focuses on on the organic freeze-dried long-term storage meet expanding that company very soon in February to include not only freeze dried beef but also Frozen beef we are getting into the box the beatbox business we don't even weigh that that I think makes the most sense because we're trying to combine the ideology of of eating well today but also eating well tomorrow
we want to be able to sell beef in boxes Frozen ship to your door steaks good steaks made an arrangement we are working with with their Bernard beef down in Texas to supply us especially with an unlimited supply of beef is she takes the she takes the Cadillac and put them in Salem up and and freezing and Elite we shift into your door we're also taking portions of that beef the cow the cow that's good for for future use for to make into two chunks of be that we can freeze dry work but then take a nap and then putting it into into mylar bags and oxygen absorbers and now you can have before the long term because it will it will stay good for 15 15 20 25 years out of date you all tomorrow don't don't get the the bugs and they're trying to push on it
don't rely on government to give you a lab-grown meat can get prepared now get ready now that's why I like that I love you idea that he said as far as far as making sure that you should get an extra freezer space and he says three to five months is 36 weeks and then you said here's how most Meats works as long as they're sealed properly my she'll probably mean they got to be airtight seal okay and then you give the grocery store it's just kind of wrapped up its going to go get freezer burn really really fast technically speaking hard frozen meat will last indefinitely as far from a health perspective now here's the bad news is that I don't care how well how well it's sealed and how airtight it is how cold it is how Frozen is meat will deteriorate over time the quality of the meat that it doesn't go bad it just starts to taste bad smell bad and that
what is he says 3 to 6 months and really it's a 12 month is kind of a accepted Mark as far as when it starts to deteriorate 18 months is kind of at the top end okay after 18 months I've had meat that has been frozen for two years before it definitely tastes weird is almost becomes inevitable now I know in an emergency situation what difference does it make but we're going to be dealing with the with this new and Innovative products in my humble opinion as we're going to be number one situating frozen meat in a way that is high-quality I mean that's it above all else we want to make sure everything's high-quality and we're going to make it affordable it's not like I don't trip on any but when we are looking at how other companies becomes our pricing of food it's like oh my gosh that's what everybody's getting into this to make a killing
they are they making a killing me who's going to pay eighty bucks for a steak if you want to get old but it's it's it's USDA Choice okay that's great you can get a USDA Choice steak at your grocery store for 4:10 bucks 14 bucks maybe depending on the cut three or four bucks
anyway point is that we are getting into this so I'm asking people if you are interested we're going to be launching in February is going to be first come first serve we bought our first ten cows and once those are gone then we'll buy another 10 or 20 or however many Penny van the man but the key is here is this is that when it's not like we can just buy it and then it's automatically there okay we have to to buy it in batches and we have to produce it in batches give it to take it again hung for dry aging and then they they they get to cut into the various Cuts shield and Frozen and then then ship out right this process does take time so those who want to get in on this early which I strongly recommend against first-come-first-serve go to J D slash beef JV beef
and you fill out the form there and we will alert you will get first dibs before we advertise it anywhere else we looked at those people get the first dibs to visit the website once we get there but I'm going to get the website once it gets built you'll be able to go there see all the options and and you'll get first dibs so JD beef now if you want to if you you know what you don't to wait for February or March or whenever you want to get some some freeze-dried food now you can always go to late prepper. Calm and we there's a beef bucket out of people I shouldn't it's a it's a protein get a pole pole freeze dried eggs home fries fried chicken cooked chicken and freeze dried beef you get this bucket and if you use promo code JDR
Atlee and then you can use that for any The Box by the way you'll get 15% off and free shipping as well free shipping 15% off promo code JDR at checkout go to lay and you can tell that I'm not very good at these live reads but it's again I go back to the fact I am passionate about this I wouldn't so we will have gotten sponsorship offers to sell the craziest thing anybody's not familiar with the what is it was titles and the Temple of the whole bunch of people selling it on, get to get up off land in Scotland and then you'll officially be a lord or layered or lady or whatever it is is the dumbest thing was a scam yeah it makes a lot of money and no chance I was going to touch that with a ten-foot pole I pass on that bathroom like a pass on a police just wasn't a good idea I do believe that just as dr. Joseph Mercola I believe
the pro team that's going to be what they're going after they're already in the process of going after so get ready now if you break we will get this message call me soon as you can if they take it
anyone who's familiar with my show or Alyssa Michelle before knows that I am a a very huge proponent of preparedness I've always been I didn't become a prepper until really 2021 but since then I've been working diligently to find companies that offer the things that we need and if the crap hits the fan I want to be ready for it and I will you to be ready for it to I picked up some sponsors for long-term storage for precious metals for for solar power I got a candle sponsor we got antibiotics for storage just in case the pharmaceutical supply chain goes down we got medkits nutraceuticals natural survival got guns and ammo you can buy and buy by going to JD prepare JD Rucker, prepare bug out bags the were so-so stock up now
yeah you know that I love my job I love my job so much and you could tell by the fact that here we are I don't even I didn't even notice where are you on the sixth segment the final segment of the day shift barely I don't think I'm actually half way through I'm not I can shoot I can tell that I'm not even halfway through the article so this is his job is going to be a two-part show but but I will be able to get through at least one more awesome series of action that is by dr. Joseph McCullough so let's dive in well get to it tomorrow for sure because I'm already on it and this is what we were talking about last thing we talked about food we talked to the water the other thing that he said is a major risk in 2023 will be the energy Supply so his his action item is to secure backup energy Supply
Akron yard to prepare for eventual energy shortages brownouts rolling blackouts or a complete shutdown of the power grid considered one or more power backup such as gas powered generators and or solar generator kids such as jackery or energy and people ask me all the time I went in which solar solar solution that I recommend I don't I don't have a recommendation yet because it's not like yeah I'll try this solar system of that when I have not been able to check on them thoroughly so I don't have one that I recommend in particular
love when I do hate maybe maybe we'll will start recommending one back to the article having backup power can prevent the loss of hundreds of dollars worth of food if your home was electricity for more than a couple of days scale up in diverse Pike where you switch can afford ideally you want more than one system if all you have is a gas-powered generator what will you do if there's a gas shortage and where the price skyrockets in double digits on the other hand what will you do if the weather is too overcast or to recharge your solar battery all good points you also need some way to cook water and food during a blackout here options include but are not limited to solar cookers which require neither electricity nor fire small rocket stove propane powered camping stoves and a 12-volt pots and pans that can plug into a backup battery all good idea so then you can assess your energy situation and determine how do you get affordable depending on your means how do you get
backup Supply systems that you will be able to utilize that you can afford to get one of those things where you know what was backup food and I was if you're buying you food or rotating it properly you're you're not going to waste your eventually going to eat it hopefully if you're doing it right you'll eat it before it goes bad and so it's not going to get wasted if there's no blackout or or a major surgery whatever you might not use this stuff so I recommend taking it seriously but don't go beyond your means okay stay within your means of this on that particular part so the final crisis that will be able to get through today, collapse and programmable currencies hey if we're going to end of a show on a high note with might as well pick that one
according to the article the fact that the world is heading toward total economic class is a mathematical certainty and according to hedge fund Guru and for Black Rock Equity portfolio manager Edward Dowd the class of May begin in Earnest before the end of 2024 and we will have Edward down I'll be interviewing him later today so I'll ask her about that, they provide cover for central banks and governments allowing them to temporarily hide the reality that the financial system is crashing the pandemic also allowed for the erection of control systems The Shield governments and central banks from The Fallout from collapsing food energy and finance systems allow them to restrict travel and introduce did you like these in Central Bank digital currencies by linking them together with vaccine passports secretly behind the scenes a social credit system like the one in China is also being built facial recognition and artificial intelligence are crucial components in this digital
prison system and both are being widely implemented in expanded around the world the March toward cbc's in the US started last month when the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's Innovative Center or nyic announced that it would be launching a 12-week proof-of-concept pilot for a central bank digital currency or CBD seat it seems like cdc's are and Evan and will likely be a main street in 2024 initially they will be voluntary and strongly encouraged because of all the convenience they offer you need to resist them as long as possible as capitulation into this system will Mark the beginning of a total electronic control into your visual prison and then here is the ultra plan the plan summarized ultimately the plan is for everyone to have a digital identity which will collect any and all information about you and I'll be tied to your vaccination status medical records Financial accounts education and work history your carbon footprint
and your social credit score is that doesn't really do much there doesn't can't really see I can barely see and I'm staring at it on my screen so yeah and I guess I'll leave you be able to find all this this is a premium article but I do a mission to reprint it over at the CERN so you'll be able to get all of the stuff together and then read it all your stuff and I just all the charts and all that stuff over at the stern as shown in the graph of your digital identity will be required to unlock all aspects of life from logging into the internet access accessing Social Services travel food shopping in financial services it was funny because he didn't actually mention Medical but it will be tied to two Medical Services you will they're already making it to our you know we've all seen the headlines you have this transplant person couldn't get a transplant because it wouldn't get bakst crazy stuff anything you do in life will be reflected in your social credit score
your life can be used against you that is meant for wrong think bad behavior or insufficient vaccinations can easily be meted out by an automatic deductions of a fine from your bank account a reduction in your social credit score travel restrictions and much more every aspect of your life will be monitored and controlled from the outside for anyone who enjoys making their own decisions in life program programmable cbc's are a death knell the currency will be programmable by the issuer such as the Central Bank a government agency or your employer they can then decide when and how and what you can spend your money
you also will be not be able to do to save however you like as some cbc's may have expiration dates crazy next six segments with cbc's you lose control of your health okay so you didn't he was going to mention it I miss that part CBD cease can also be programmed to only work for certain types of items including certain types of food if your health records indicate you have a health problem you're seeing me the Seas can we program sucks that you cannot buy food and unhealthy for you miss me anything from pizza dough nuts to red meat butter or raw milk of course you'll be able to the bifrost Frosted mini-wheats because those are healthy whatever in this way the globalist technocrats behind the system will have extreme near total control over your physical health the system will start by blockchain junk food or by blocking blockchain Freudian slip by blocking junk food but eventually it'll shift to Natural Food a Whole Foods as those are the ones that actually art right they are trying to get rid of
as I explained under the food and medicine and Jenna section below they're trying to transition the population with the exception of themselves of course into an all patented diet devoid of natural Whole Foods to the action item or one of the Safeguard your assets and this folks Ibis pool I completely agree the financial collapse will likely take many mainstream news readers by surprise because Legacy Media are not telling the truth those are you following alternative sources have the benefit of being able to prepare by protecting your ass at the risk of banks doing bail-ins Where They seized all of your money to cover their losses is high as is the risk of hyperinflation which will eat through your savings in the risk of stock market crashed to safeguard and minimize the loss of your assets you can number one buy physical gold and silver
I know some of those rewash My Chauffeur while you know that that I am very bullish on buying physical gold and silver physical goals or not the paper some type of digital virtual stuff physical gold and silver.
And I will get the critics will say what you can't eat just go golden sun look I'm not saying that take your last dollar go by go buy a silver coin with it what I'm saying is this get your food situation check if you are situated check munition situated check Energy Medicine all those things are extremely important things that you'll be able to use make sure that that's first time that step one can't get your Basics to be able to survive situated once that's covered once you're confident that if and when a class starts having that then yeah you got to figure out what to do with your with your wealth your retirement everything else that's when physical gold and silver comes into play. There's two ways that I recommend doing this and I've recommended for a while
and just as a as a brief history I was never big on gold and silver during the truck years I would get people to golden silver companies contact me constantly saying how do you know yeah you can make billions of dollars are bikes by recommending are gold and silver products and I'm like now I don't believe in it okay to stick on the stock market Trump's got this like later on in life when when you know if you got so much money you don't have to worry about growth of your wealth or retirement right now it's I've done a one-eighty don't trust the market I don't trust real estate I don't trust crypto I don't trust any of it only thing I do trust that I know Will has stood the test of time since the Book of Genesis is precious metals gold and silver in particular so it's two ways to do a number one you can have physical gold and silver shipped to your door okay literally if you want five grand ten Grand a hundred Rand 200 Rand $1000000 with a
silver discreetly shipped to your door to put into your safe to put into your basement to to have available in the form of coins bullion of some sort of your whatever then that's where I strongly recommend you go to Myra over at our gold going to our goal guy. Calm and and he specializes in that if you're looking at you were your retirement a protecting her from an economic collapse the dollar collapse in the stock market classing right now they're pushing the biden-harris regime is pushing financial advisor is my financial advisors do not tell you not to give him the day they tell you what to avoid going somewhere and one is because they don't make money off but number two is because they're being incentivize literally executive order back in November of 2022 is relatively new incentivizing financial advisors to push their clients into ESG funds environment environment social governance funds the bloke funds
invest in those even if
it loses their clients money financial advisors are incentivized they will make more money if they go through the vine Harris regimes plan to make you invest your retirement your wealth into ESG funds
even if it loses you money I can't stress that enough that blows me away so and in that case if you are looking to order to protect your retirement weather now if you want to roll over your IRA your old 401 k all the Dozen different types of retirement accounts out there that you may have yeah that's that's currently being poorly and best on your behalf get into a self-directed IRA. Go to Genesis precious metals. Calm and fill out a form or call the number and get set up there and I really I had really hoped those those Graphics do you watch something I have the preset I was so proud of my little I cannot wait to get my actual producer I'm so excited for the production team to start on January 23rd and then I won't have to put my sloppy things like bottom line don't let the graphics pool you go to if you want physical precious metals go delivery
door that her gold if you want a self-directed IRA which I strongly recommend both for your wealth or retirement go to Genesis precious metals. Calm and you can get by so I mean everybody does the same thing okay you can go to any of the big guys any of the little guys they all have access to the same stuff for the most part so you mean you can get a self-directed IRA through H&R Ira at our gold guy that, I mean you can have physical precious metals Sandy by Jonathan through through Genesis precious point is that they all specialized in a certain thing and that's how I've got it put out we didn't check him now we're to 29 Fresh Meadows companies check and see who's in America first company who's not donating to the Chinese Communist Party who's not working on behalf of the world economic Forum of the binary fission or the ESG funds or black rock or anything like that I mean it was it was exhausting actually we weren't looking for anything other than the other donations in
end alignment looking for and you can tell a lot by the weight based upon the the precious metals companies that have had or have vaccine mandates that was a no-go for me okay so do they have the vaccine mandate I didn't even check any further, we also check see other Executives donating the Democrats are there are they working with the various deposit through the various proxies of the Chinese Communist party and I was shocked to find out from the vast majority did did do that it just see the whole house at 3 so as long as I can see the whole listen to get least all of the guys I just mentioned go to J D gold then you can you can learn more there but anyway so like dr. Joseph Mercola suggest precious metals both show I am a I am a huge fan of that
quickly on the list and Pieces by property yes I purchase crucial prepper items such as solar backup to blah blah blah invested in trade of goods yes and best alternative investment vehicles are investigating alternative investment vehicles these are things that
I'm going to save you only have a couple minutes less I'm not going to go too deep into it on the show we already know that we're going to have to have a part two for the same way so no need for me to to expand that further hopefully you guys get the idea the next episode how long am I interview with Edward out is which will happen later on today if if his interview can take them. I'll give as much time as you want okay but but if not we may go ahead and use that episode to continue this expression it's funny because he is mentioned even even mention once he's come to be mentioned again a little bit later in the in this
article that will be reading either next episode or the episode after that things are looking crazy you don't need me to tell you you don't need dr. Joseph Mercola to tell you you don't mean that. So you can look around and see what he realized that the trajectory of a nation that you directory of the world is is when it in a very bad direction to come in after us the powers that b the powers and principalities the liver world order the The Architects of the great reset they're trying to push this fourth Industrial Revolution stakeholder capitalism all these various poly prices they're not calling it at Davos the person that stuff for a reason
and that's in my mind it's a demonic reason
which why do do all the prepping you want for the most important thing you can do is to Grace and acknowledge Jesus Christ as your lord and savior and there's just not enough Lord willing I will be back very soon with another episode of the meantime you'll stay strong and stay safe and God bless

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