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JD Rucker Show, January 12, 2024

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The Bold Conservative Christian Worldview of Bryson Gray

Title: The Bold Conservative Christian Worldview of Bryson Gray


The UniParty Swamp is in charge in Washington DC. Meanwhile, most pastors across America are focused on filling the pews by filling the ears of their flock with lukewarm teachings and life coach anecdotes. America is in desperate need of people like Christian conservative rapper Bryson Gray. We need a boldness that is greater than the fanatics of wokeness. We need to be more cunning than the RINOs leading the GOP with their Democrat buddies. We need the type of dedication to Judeo-Christian values that climate change cultists have for their religion. We need spiritual, cultural, and political revival, and we need it now. On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I will be interviewing Gray about the various ills that face our nation. He has quickly built a brand that goes far beyond his rise to fame with the "Let's Go Brandon" song. He tells it like he sees it, and nobody is above reproach. I'll also be discussing the debt ceiling, economic challenges, and the globalist machinations of Pope Francis. It should be a controversial show that has the potential to be truly epic. 

Recorded: January 23, 2023

JD Rucker Show

JD Rucker Show
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only friends and welcome to another episode of the J D wrecker show and your house to J D wrecker and they were going to going to be talking about patriotism bold patriotism bold conservatism right now our nation is in Desperate trouble with faced with so many challenges that talks about it throughout my show in recent weeks recent months gosh I guess you could say it's been years that I have pushed Against The Establishment pushed against the unit party swamp and it's not just the Democrats obviously when I'm talking about the unit partysquad if I am referring as well to the Rhinos that populate the Republican Party within especially Congress as well state legislators the governor's
there are just a handful really are a very small handful of true constitutional conservatives true Patriots people that are willing to do what's necessary to fix this nation from a political perspective I'm also going to be talking about the desperate need that we have as a nation to to embrace our faith and when I say our faith I know there many of you out there who are atheist or Jews Muslims Hindus I'm a bible-believing Christian and there is we we as a nation believe in religious freedom in that religious freedom means that you are I'm not going to condemn you for any reason based upon your faith what I will say is this that has a bible-believing Christian if I do as I say believe in the Bible then it is my it is my mission one of my goals in life to make sure that as many people as possible
come to read their Bible come to embrace it come to accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior this isn't about being polite this is about me saying my gosh you know those of you who don't you're going to to regret it for eternity and I don't want to see that so don't take it the wrong way and what does don't think I'm being too whatever I don't even know what you want to call it was nice that you do need to to strongly consider reading the Bible the whole Bible Old and New Testament and you do need to make that a priority and if you are a bible-believing Christian but maybe you feel maybe you don't even realize it but you were gone lukewarm and in recent months years as as we've seen so much baseball maybe it's your church maybe it's a personal experiences for whatever reason it's time to reinvigorate that we are at a very desperate moment in American history and that's just for a moment
games that time is short but I'm not saying the world going to die in in a week or month a year a decade I'm not saying that any of this will not die in a day a week a month a year or a deck and all I'm saying is this is that it is a top priority and even if you take away the Eternal aspects of the faith we as a nation desperately need to embrace our judeo-christian heritage again not for a faith perspective or from a cultural perspective from a political perspective at the very least even if you don't embrace the Bible with in your faith the very least acknowledge and accept that if you are a patriot if you are conservative that it is those judeo-christian values that have made this nation strong throughout the decades were over two centuries now we need to get back to that because it is again whether you are bible-believing Christian or not
it is that judeo Christian Foundation that has in the past at least prevented us from falling to the evils of Marxism falling to the evils of depravity but it seems as if it's specially in recent years recent decades that the property is winning a nation is becoming more depraved and we can if we are smart switch one. But if we if we could Embrace some remnant of intelligence we would look at Faith as a pathway through which we can fight for example and woke is groomers on the various evils that are taking a nation down from a cultural Marxist perspective they show we're going to be talking about this but both a patriotic respect in the faith-based respect when I pick the subject because the guests then I'm going to bring y'all a man who who has proven himself at least to me that he does embrace boldness when it comes to both conservatism
and his expression of his faith his name is Bryson Gray he's a rapper somebody that's it when it when I first heard about him I thought I was not going to be that big of a deal he's he came out with the let's go Brandon song and its shots number one I thought okay so he's just riding a wave that I start listen to Inna realized number one he's really is talented he's not just wasn't running away the guy can wrap get he is a true I would say musical genius in that regard store nearly talented then I started following him load them or seen what he was doing is in follow him on Twitter by following him in real life not a stalker but the following him on social media and realizing guy knows what he's talking about as well this goes beyond just some standard Entertainer that doesn't know anything and just spews whatever alliance with their political ideology he expresses his ideology in a way that is again I keep going back to it but it's very very bold so we will have him coming on and I think they show will be it will progress
far as the I don't know interest level but we have to start for better for us we have to start with holding more of a dry subject because when we were talking about conservatism one important aspect of that is both fiscal conservatism which has been so desperately lacking in the United States for years and we can argue by the way we can make it very clear argument even during the Trump years I'm not complaining about the car return the truck you would because those obviously they were fantastic for me to get out of perspective but we did not take advantage of our of our wonderful that you cannot make fortunes during that for your. We cannot take it mentally three-year period because then covid lockdown sort of took it to the tank but for at least a price on a two-and-a-half 3 years we did have a strong economy and during that time we didn't take advantage of the way that we should have we should have been using that time that money that extra that extra disc aloof to for exam
pay down the debt to cut expenses to make sure that we could start reversing all the damage that's been done over the past several decades instead we just rode the wave assuming the wave would continue indefinitely and obviously as we planted last two years it did not continue indefinitely but we get back there will see I've got some a little bit of time that might ruin a little bit of time to crank shift and one way to do that is to once again for the first time in a long time embraced truth is open services and we have an opportunity for the first time in the last 2 years to actually do that thanks in part to the week but we went the week midterm elections least we did get Republicans got control of the house now what will they do with it not hopeful but I'm the only reason why we're doing this show today so hopefully encourage some
some in Congress maybe maybe you have access to a senator a congressman or two that you can reach out and help to make demands of them demand that we use the debt ceiling the way that it should be used which is as a ceiling you know when you said a ceiling the idea is that you not supposed to be able to cross that and yet we always do maybe it's time to stop an article over at the daily signal by Tyler O'Neill titled most Americans oppose raising debt ceiling without spending cuts a poll finds that in mind when it comes to that to me I would say that the vast majority of Americans don't fully grasp and then you guys do obviously you're watching this I've said it many times my audience is the most intelligent audience on Rumble Brady on B shoot now we're on YouTube will talk about that later podcast America out loud talk radio all the various places will you put the show
you guys are actually brilliant I know this for a fact because I I read the comments I read your email if you want to reach out to me you can go to JD record cam talk and that will come to me so this article talks about the the raising the debt ceiling and how most Americans once spending cuts now that's a easy to understand on the surface it's a little tougher to understand and we really get into it and that's the part where I can I think we lose most Americans. With the article first most Americans oppose raising the federal debt ceiling without accompanying cuts to federal spending a new RMG research poll finds 61% and then I will admit that I'm glad that the numbers that high 61% of $1,000 in the survey said Congress should either raise the debt limit with spending cuts or refused to raise the debt ceiling at all
only about a quarter said Congress should raise the dead see the ceiling without accompanying spending cuts the remaining 15% said they were not sure and I would say whenever there's that Hiram sentence not sure the reality is there's a lot more than 15% that were actually not sure they they don't again they don't quite get it that's only for those who just in case you're one of the few in my audience on one of the majority of Americans who doesn't quite understand the debt ceiling basically says how much can we borrow as a nation how much further can we go into debt for we have to say okay you know we can't go any further right sky like a credit card limit in many ways you know you got a credit card limit of $10,000 you spend your $999,940 if you want to buy a $100 item and you either have to pay some of that down first or you just can't or in any hole in the other option 3 which is raising your you are
credit limit or in this case Lee the debt ceiling that's what the US government wants to do that's what Democrats are pushing for that's what Mitch McConnell pushing for next 1 Joe Biden's pushing for and I'm hopeful very hopeful that this will be the first real test of Kevin McCarthy's Cloud coming across his ability to rally the troops and be able to get some real changes done how much talking about so can change them talking about real changes we need to cut your mad okay if you really wanted to to get an idea how much we need to cut take pretty much every budget out there and a good start just a start would be to cut everything across the board by 20% and you will sell well what about military yes unfortunately we are in a position I hate this I hate the fact we've been put into a position or even something as important as military spending defense spending needs to be cut maybe we can cut it by less than 20% but there's waste rampant in this is
where we need intelligent people I'm not talking about congressmen or Senators I'm talking about actual intelligent people to come in take a look at this and figure out how much are we over spending on everything okay there is so much waste it is it's sinful it's disgusting how much our own government waste of our money this money do they take from us
they take your money they take my money and they wasted on the stupidest things I can I could do an entire I can do five shows probably and just list off every single stupid idiotic some some congressman's cousin has a startup and they want to get they wanted to get funding so they could test test monkeys for for whether or not they prefer regular chocolate or dark chocolate or something I don't know I mean that it's not an actual thing cuz it wouldn't shock me if it were you you couldn't make up some of the stuff that our government funds with your money with my money so you can't tell me that we can't figure out a way to cut spending by 20% again that's just a start but here's the thing you don't hear anybody in d.c. talking about that why is if you start talking about that you start talking about Cuts you're basically saying hey I have no intention of running for re-election
because they will use it against you as a nation we are so ignorant and really isn't such as the politicians here if you really want to break it down and come down to the people the people have we we are so ignorant about how things work in about how how DC Works in our tax money is spent or so ignorant about it that because it's just so so big is beyond any single person's ability to comprehend it all as a result would come like okay well yeah you know I guess we should probably cut step the waist it's like
I can't even think of a proper analogy that's how bad it is
and this is why I'm happy that a lot of people are at least seen the broad Strokes here we need something firm we need Kevin McCarthy and the freedom caucus
to make sure that
that the Democrats Can't Get Enough Republicans on board with the let's just raise the debt ceiling we got to do it we can we can't default and there's all sorts of arguments you could make you can't default on their loans we can't we can't risk especially in this bad economy or in the fencing I know it's definitely you cannot default at this point is going to going to destroy us and you know what it might it really might do you know about American Furniture Warehouse well there are locations here in Houston and it's pretty excited because you can get well made Furniture available immediately hundreds of dollars less than online retailers American Furniture Warehouse has made the dream of luxury for less a reality 3 Houston area stores in always thousands of in stock items you can find an American Furniture Warehouse showroom or you can shop now at
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but there has to be an opportunity we have to take advantage of the opportunity to trade it off and by training and all that means eliminate as much spending as much waste as possible in this should have been somebody shouldn't work on this years ago and they'll say I'll wait on them time we got to get a race now this is like wait wait wait do nothing do nothing do nothing do nothing right hurry up
yeah we got we're going to sit back and slowly put together a 14000 page thing and and all okay and we got it we got it was finally got it done right you got eight minutes to read it the Gathering data vote students think we're covering by ignorance and by we I'm talking about those who we have elected their governing in ignorance and through ignorance and buy it back to the article real quick I'm already running out of time to S limit on how much money the federal government can borrow to pay its bills if the debt ceiling is not raised in the near future the government will not be able to be unable to pay all of its legal obligations after the middle of this year how much should Congress address the problem of all offering a response for option number one raise the debt ceiling but only with spending cuts that's to me unfortunately the second best option I wish there that were the best option I wish we could say we can get massive spending cuts I wish we could do you know what
Environmental Protection Agency we don't need it okay we just don't need it Department of Education gone let's States Hanlon that's how it should have always been your people people often talk about what is what is the the worst things that I did Richard Nixon did and people say Watergate and speaking of which watch Tucker Carlson's clip from last week about about Watergate and has diamonds getting Watergate has great great sign one of his show people say Watergate what's the worst thing that Jimmy Carter that all we know that Ron debacle or whatever the worst thing they did the creation of the EPA under under Nixon in the creation Department of Education under Carter you take those me if those two things had never been done our nation would be very very different and I would argue be exponentially better than that way things are now but I digress so that's option one which is again the second best option options to choose to raise the debt ceiling that should be non-starter
okay we ask conservatives and Patriots should say that actually and I'll be done hopefully that's what McCarthy will do will say we cannot do that number three is to refuse to raise the debt ceiling yes why do we do that will it hurt sure
maybe we need to experience a little more pain in order to come to the realization we're creating a disaster and recoverable disaster in the near future
call and talk more about this but you probably got to call you if it's already too dry let's let's just go bowling so let's just go to him he's more entertaining than I am standby
my good friend dr. Vladimir zelenko you left us way too early so sad that he's gone but his legacy does continue we do still support his foundation we still support his company that is still benefiting the dumbasses across the world those who have either been Jack or maybe you've been been exposed to those who may be shedding on you that's becoming more and more likely in this being the case more times your jab the worse off you are in the more you're likely to shut on others and I'm even if you were never been jab you're not around other people very often you should still consider getting the detox or is he stack life protocol either one both of them will help your immune system is demonstrated by scientists demonstrated by doctors dr. Zev zelenko should go to the Sea stack Freda McKenzie stack
detox released act like protocol today
the last time I had our next guest on it was basically it was the first time ever heard of Music he was just a breath of fresh air because he's he's a rapper he's a conservative rapper he's a Conservative Christian rapper we took things that I never heard of and saloon clunky and then it's like holy crap the dude's Got Talent this is amazing and so I've been following for a while now I am super excited to have him on again where I believe the second time it is actually the third time but I know it's at least the second time we are very blessed pleased and honored how you doing sir I'm using as I do every single day thank you so much for having me on
I left you know it's funny because I told you this and then I I told you is not blowing smoke so I'm going to say this for the audience just so that you know that I'm not blowing smoke when I say this it's hard for me to find people that I'm ideologically aligned with okay because my perspectives on my Christian faith my perspectives on on the vaccines my perspectives on conservative politics here in America are often times part to a line with people because sometimes there was a radical they're just I think they're normal but other people like oh well well well well what do you mean you're here against this or what what what what are you saying about those people aren't you aren't you concerned sleep well no I mean just because they're on the right side or conservative doesn't necessarily mean that they are above reproach that I can't rip on them if they do wrong I see you doing the same thing and like I said before there are few people maybe I can't think of anybody at the top of my
I align with ideologically as much as user so there we set it in public that way you know it's not just something I said all my guests thank you thank you so much for that same with me man is really hard to find people that your grill for Libras of wasn't nobody going to give everybody anybody on everything but just for the most part and it's because it's not bad
ritual radical that I'm too radical I think it's because we saw that stayed in our position because of our faith and everybody else is going along with the rest of the rest of society are there their they're doing it slowly by kehlani on the right or they're doing it fairly quickly white people on the left and this other pissing people like me and you in a weird way your possession
absolutely absolutely let's start with your music so you know for those who don't know Bryson and kind of shot up in the in the same category because he ya do a song Let's go Brandon it was just funny as amazing it was truthful and there was actually a few different songs that tried to capitalize on that is the one that shots in number what does the one that everybody is listen to it because it was the best one and then since then either this wasn't like a what his deal he has collaborated with other other conservatives not just rappers have a meeting with country music is Clary with with some other types of music people out there who are also ideologically aligned fighting groomers fighting fighting Pro vaxxers fighting left I didn't they conservatives by rhinos your recent Kevin McCarthy was crack me up and so you were making about a song we can find at least one song week what are your plans what's coming up now for
Bryson gray music in 2023
a lot of times when I tried things like the song once a week just to see if you can break through because don't get me wrong it's fun being popular among the conservatives and things of that nature but the Chinese culture you sort of have to transcend and I believe that you can transcend as a music artist without changing your values so I'm trying to find more ways to prove that point and they're the song a week they did good I haven't got like four number ones last year I mean so you know a little something we think is cool but this time you're trying a different approach and I'm tired of being more independent especially after the Steven Crowder daily wire situation and I've been talking to people like Tyson James we're trying to figure out ways we can be like not relying on these these platforms that also I want to start off the year
my first song of the year I want to start off with a with a bang
absolutely. Let's talk about this whole daily wire Steven Crowder think those little know Steven Crowder comes out you know he left the blaze kind of in a half and then he came out and got a lot of offers then he comes out of the video that says hey you know just so you guys know there's a big con that's happening and conservative media and he showed he showed redacted portions of this contract that he was offered and so do you know if you lose your YouTube channel you lose 10% of their revenue yada yada yada people speculate I remember my wife showed it to me like I let sky and I've interviewed at Jeremy born on this ship for a site that looks like like daily wire that looks like yeah cuz their business before there anything else over the daily wire and I said it looks a lot like their stuff so I haven't chimed in and I'll explain why later because I will chime in eventually you go ahead and you be the first person on the J D wrecker show to chime in on on crowder vs Dale
wire I feel like my my point of view sort of unique as a sort of like a lot of people are like taking the side of no fool either side of baby wire in a scenario or you have a minority of people as fully taking us out of Steven Crowder and I think it's more nuanced than that and I think you just said it right both sides have both sides have a lot of people
a logical way of doing it wrong but my being only one side is morally correct to what I mean by that is you just said it daily wire is business before anything else because that contract I would never sounded like that you know I'm saying but if he wants to know your contract that is not a
out of the normal contract that is a standard set of a standard contract they own you and every time you get some money and that's typically how contract go but I think Steven cravis point A lot of people are attacking Steven Crowder's personality I don't know how tall is personality too but he could very well be a scumbag he can literally the worst person ever I don't know what he said and is he correct in saying this is the type of complex you're giving people than you are sort of an alarm for big Tech I mean both both statements are to the the contract is not proud the normal except for the part where they say it like I even after recouping it seems like the people they don't get any percentage of the documentary that is
life that is kind of crazy but the music before you start making money but yet they have to recoup their portion first they only recruit on your percentage but at least you'll get a percentage and if it does very well you recoup its are making money so they don't have that that's crazy but they both have our position is morally right now he has a person is morally right and what he stated his rights as you can't claim you can say is just business and say you find a Biggby a parallel economies or say you trying to fight against big texts because when you fight against big tape we have to make sacrifices we have to do things outside the norm to get the point across and stand for something so you can say is just business and claim to be something else so that's that's my point of view
like I said I don't have to probably is a beautiful thing about when I get over you use it I don't have the proper to you you know I know that that whatever I ask you you're going to come up with something are you going to say something that's going to be about 95% I would say the majority of like mainstream conservatives okay your average Fox News you were aligned with them probably in about 60% okay and then you've got like that the super radical far-right you know start getting into it really crazy stuff right and I would say I'm about 70% you got those people that were I consider myself which is which is pretty darn far right okay kind of an ideological surest in a lot of ways but not so much to where I'm not going to go out and wear a shirt for example with a I won't wear shirt that's got a picture of you know some naked woman stabbing herself with the crucifix and sell this is Free Speech you know I mean I I will do like
you do I love I love your shirts to go there and like your hat for those were listening on audio his hat says make abortions illegal again I love that that's only what I would would do so I can be a free-speech purest for example without saying oh you should be able to let you know you should be able to take your picture for your ex-girlfriend the naked one in and tell people what her address is online and then tell him where she keeps her spare key and what time she was asleep and where she keeps her gun you know and it's never loaded or so you know y'all can you get the idea I'm going way off on it so let's get off the tangent because that's how the idiotic tell me a joke about your experiences lately I know that you've been going out there and doing stuff well you always have been but for example you went out to Mall of America where guy gets
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yeah so you know I saw this video this guy who we've all got kicked out of the mall, find out he didn't get kicked out they try to kick him out but the management ended up allowing him to stay with the shirt on but the fact that he even went through that experience a craving for Jesus shirt so you know I'm literally on the drop of a dime I said I said in my life you know I say it straight again shirt that would be more kind of back
and I'm so I told everybody else that that that that that will stay on me Kelly I said tomorrow I'm going to Minnesota and everybody look to see how you crazy why you going to Minnesota and I said to wear a hoodie to the Mall of America and everybody looked at me like I was a psychopath understand this sounds crazy but it's cool to be on the Internet is to defend people on the internet that is fine that is perfect but when are we going to stand up and take the rest in real life I'm sorry we packed up got in the car and drove 13 hours to Mall of America mine stopped my stayed at the hotel connected to it so I can like go anytime I wanted to and I was there probably for like 12 hours out of that experience with no security mess with me I was in the store called aritzia they try to kick me out
girl with my fiance and they were shopping in there I may try to kick me out but was funny and funny enough and all the employees look gay or like gay allies to be fair and they all stared they all side stalking and in water. I was with me but for the word the work of our past her and basically told the manager like look at this guy's shirt we cannot have him in here and the guy was gay and the guy actually responded and said girl people are dying out here I'm not worried about no hoodie you know I'm saying and I can respect that but why would lose my control you with a hoodie if I can control you without even talkin goodness gracious you need to focus on yourself and then you have to see if you would have said something to me what I will stay in Minnesota I go to airports in this stuff all the time what I will say is that the Mall of America got the most the negative but the ratio is crazy I'm not going to lie Minnesota a big to out of like 300 people
white enjoyed my it was kind of crazy but it was still fun though that I drove back I'm going to the March for Life to stand up for The Unborn and now I'm back welcome back welcome back your websites that people go to Bryson creates Bryson creates the number to the b r y s o n c r e a t e s the number to, you can go there and get your music and get a Peril they can get a hopeful in and I haven't checked the parable hopefully I can get some of the controversial stuff that you do or you're able to where are you where I can get that speaking controversy you you know you were like me doesn't matter left right if something is wrong the wrong okay I I took some crap this morning big time and apologies for for telling my story real quick but but I posted a story that talked about diamond and silk and I
I have a source who said that they're basically still couldn't say anything about seeing a specifically about the vaccines because Trump was there okay and so she kind of insinuated about the vaccines I don't know if it's true I didn't save it as a package just got a source who said this is the case you know I asked the question right why I got so much hate and I could keep getting hate just beyond our control opposition I have all these people say well and then how do you know he didn't save a hundred million lives or anything like that and it's like well I know because he didn't I'm a trump fan but with that said I will call him out when he does wrong including in my humble opinion continuing to push the vaccines have you experienced anything like that with your first of all what your stance on that and then what kind of of hate are you getting from from the right
I think I lost like $600 yesterday on Twitter because of the same type of conversation and I had to come in a diamond or something but
me soup was very clear on stage she didn't necessarily necessarily say is vaccine-related but she said it needs to be investigated and she said the words died suddenly and then she sent it with her own two eyes are we can only assume what that means in the bar something is correct then somebody has to talk about this this this is really happening you know what I see people say when he never mandated it who cares like what like genuinely what is the hairs you know I'm saying like that
it's not about mandated if you believe people are dying because of this my Village who are dying suddenly because of this drop is complicit in some type of way did you even try to say have you ever say that right why do you say that they gave over four billion dollars to Pfizer they gave like two billion dollars to Madonna Define the vaccine vaccine this is the truth so think about it like this if I if I pay somebody to go kill somebody what I be complicit in that case of course I would I probably get jail time
we can't be in change a logic because of who it is that's why we will cause a cold but that doesn't make sense no person can say that makes sense you know I'm saying Trump puts the vaccine is molded more than anybody and he was playing it and he had like showed interest while he was president of force to for testing on nursing home but I guess you can say it's not that bad and he promoted it Non-Stop and he like clown do it he said it multiple interviews that the only reason that we're a going against the back saying is because he is in president he said he was President everybody will get the vaccine wouldn't happen mandated her we would all get it
I mean come on bro you going to vote for Democrats this is not an argument weather in Providence and has now I never said anything about the sentence like what it like conversation for the last 48 hours is like crazy nude
what's the stock about then let's go to break and I want to hear you're that store numbers are the worst I'm just going to say humans are the worst so so what are you right back with Bryce and grade
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the number for the break we were asking about the tax if he's experienced in his his timing and like me I think I'm sure he gets more than I do we often get attacked by that the right more than the lack of factional left usually Ludacris first and foremost this whole idea that the last you know all of it they can't mean it's true they really can't okay this whole idea that they they don't they use fake arguments they attack you as a person you know is attacking your it's true it really is true I can deflect a leftist all the time but they're on the right there's a different challenge there because especially if you're going after those or if you're saying something bad about for example Donald Trump I like I said I support him okay but I don't like what he's continuing to say by the vaccines and I get people to do you must be controlled opposition you know
what does 100% or your complaint Elana mean if I receive I'm going to murder you you you evil leftist radicals groomer Kroger I mean all I said was I guess the vaccines keys for the vaccines mean are you for the vaccine well you are your your radical controlled opposition and it is what it is I'm going to go over to you because I could rant on that stuff all day you mentioned you've been getting a lot of hate heat lately talk about that who you getting the heat from talk about Elsa story we could be from this week Aunt Bee from last week last year I don't care hours or so interesting and what happened wasn't and this is how you know people are like so emotionally attached to Trump that I have to do it after I Dollar Tree
I'm explain why I tweet it because everybody was talking about Trump being led back on Twitter and he's playing his first tweet out of everybody's heard about his first tweet I'm waiting on him to admit he was wrong about vaccines
we got 16000 likes like 2,000 retweets and 1000 responses a mixture but like he was mad and I got mad was a few members and it was a girl named put follow follow each other in the CC CC them Trump statement that he has said and they was all white quotes literal clothes and then she said you're wrong on all of these now at the beginning of that story going to send how we started I made a statement people responded to my statements of people who got upset but then they started sending their people with another guy whose like has a cult following statement called me a liar I didn't say it is you're lying and lying to lie your lying with my bro what are you talkin about all these clothes from the same interview he did with Candace Owens
what am I going to different if I can say a lot more but what is a Verbatim but it said
so I'm being them and then I was like what is interviews from a year ago I say huh what what is that matter did Trump say it or did he not confused about a new interview that that dropped yesterday he didn't say that better to be one who brought up the bit the different interview what are you talkin about mmmm bit and they are you telling me
y'all been attacking me
even though I'm a hundred percent correct you just admitted it I sent you the video recordings you know it's true when you're as various using that as a year ago I said are you saying that you sent your followers to attack me because y'all had a different interview that I wasn't talking about is that literally was saying was a misunderstanding Tennessee and he apologized so when I gave the quotes I guess I'm so weird I remember logic I can't even explain it to you but instead of instead of saying was a misunderstanding or not this man being me and say it was not my fault you're too lazy to watch the new interview with my map of the juice but you're not caught up with the rest of us I said bro
how I said was he was wrong about the vaccines my way with my house out for that when I said we'll see what I'm about and I gave quote from him that he was wrong about from an interview and y'all came to my pages hack you need to go to what I said and basically you're telling me that all of this attack is based on something that I wasn't even talking about and I said as a man can you at least the woman was upset women are women you know I'm saying do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut break out of it and take control of your future by training for a new career at arclabs welding school in as little as you can learn the skills employers are looking for and start a new career in an important and in-demand fuel from complete beginner to Industry veteran we have classes for all skill levels featuring Hands-On training on a schedule that works for you stop thinking about a new career and make it happen classes are enrolling now visit our class. Edu to get started today
the man said it'll be about being a part of a man is having a having Integrity if you know you are definitely wrong or you assume something you was wrong about it you should be like that's my bad you don't see it as a man that was friends with you do you like bass of my bad he didn't say it continued to attack me as soon as possible take me to mail they're all continuing to say that I was lying about quotes after I even posted the videos of in is the weirdest the weirdest experience Brothers is so weird
that sounds crazy you know I've dealt with I've dealt with with Bernie Sanders people Bernie Pros before they can be pretty crazy okay I've dealt with with antifa people directly before and obviously they can be pretty crazy and trying to reason with them is is practically impossible but I'll tell you when you are dealing with somebody who and again I always have to to make sure just in case people take me out of context I was have to make sure that I said that I received this by saying I like and support Donald Trump a lot I like I like a vast majority of what he does I will vote for him again in 2024 if he's Assuming he's a GOP nominee right now I've got no problem with that or not of this and this guy or anything there's all of my reminders Siri disclaimers with all that said the hardest debate that have is with somebody who is who is such a 1% Trump
words that you can't say anything truthful without them attacking you if that truth is against Trump is a look he said in the interview that I think whoever you're talking about the interview they were talking about Trump said you know that I'm saved one of these days I have been operation warp speed saved a hundred million people and I'm thinking to myself whoever told him that I would probably the same people that all it must been fauci or Borax or whoever who has him convinced who has Donald Trump convinced that he saved a hundred and tens of millions he said hundred million the lowest possible number that he said he said that he saved tens of millions of people with operation warp speed okay if there has been nothing if there'd been no lock that has no face mask no vaccine no nothing at all there wouldn't have been tens of millions of people in America who would have died from covid-19 so it's not possible for mathematically speaking it is not possible
two saved tens of millions of people with operation warp speed if you say that though to the to the totally you know Ashley surest in the Trump make a world they will go off on you they will try to destroy and it sounds like you have experienced it is just that you know you were even call yourself a religious zealot you call yourself a doorkeeper okay I am all for reading the Bible the whole Bible from Genesis all the way through okay I am all for keeping the Ten Commandments because there are ten they're not 9 they're not 11 there at 10 you probably get attacked for that and we talked politics let's go to Faith tell me about what it means to be a Torquay for what it means to have 4 for you to fight from a Christian perspective from my perspective that might not be
is mainstream as much as we'd like to see on that or will you put as somebody would like to see on Sunday Evangelical television or whatever
I'm a backlash because we have a Biblical illiteracy problem among the Christians and is because over the past year dating back to the Catholic church in multiple people after mogu even products dance with Martin Luther that he literally added the word alone while I was a faithful only restaurant buffet for long-term the added that word along that wasn't actually there
so what happens if if you are not nozzle on the Bible and don't do not stay about cells and B cells approved they called up and just believing whatever the church tells them what Pastor tell them I was PopularMMOs PopularMMOs Christianity or unfortunately I'm in bed like the most popular. Some of his personalities and umbilical so I read the Bible and read what very long time
but five years ago I decided to
read it again but delete everything I learned
I want to re-read it like a baby
I'm beginning to end like a baby I just delete everything I was taught out of my brain like a brand new person is rated bro and when I read it a lot of things became too clear
you know I'm saying to the point to where it's like I don't understand how anybody can believe anything else and then you know to test be there he's out of it maybe my father on Twitter I do biblical questions and what I do is take a Bible verse in contacts
are you trying to a question that's it a little bit so I can be a question and the majority of time if you get it wrong like the overwhelming majority will get it done but it's wrong wrong because
tool to get it right they would have a son of abandoned what they were taught about God
and that's a very difficult thing to do what's best for you if you was taught something 20 20 years I mean how why would you change you know but Noble 20 years about God
hoping it's our keeper means what it means the Torah is the first five books of the Bible the book of Moses that has a Commandments in it and what you read the gospels you want to stay in that Jesus pretty much confirms your message for John 14 the entire John 14 literally talk about how do you love me keep my Commandments and people things about new commandment but if you just do you say these are the Commandments he got it from his father
and I'm saying or read Matthew 7:23 he said depart from me I never knew you had a lot of Christians know that verse right is a very popular verse but people if you do this and we will talk to you lead don't tell you the last part that Jesus said depart from me I never knew you workers of iniquity or he that work long list this when he's referring to when will the father is for you to keep the Commandments that's the Biblical context was being said and we call Julie that work laws is for my people that goes against what God told you to do I'm going to Matthew 5 in the mountains highest amount of matter of fact
do you say until Heaven and Earth pass willing to let me start where it says for truly I say unto you until Heaven and her pass not one jot or tittle was I don't know why passing a law on till I fill water requirements to be filled is having a Nerf half having to be past the 2nd Peter 3:13 Peter tells you that having their still has a past 73 every single Gospel Four gospel Jesus says Heaven and Earth still has passed and then we go to Revelation 21 it tells you have been her past because that's referring to Jesus come back so annoying when you do all these will you read it to me is like
I don't go around bashing people that don't keep the Commandments do what you want to do what you want to do
let me up in the safest bet based on the scriptures and in its entirety it's a keep the Commandments why Jesus said that those who don't keep the Commandments and teach people not to keep the Commandments it would be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven but those that teach the Commandments and keep the Commandments will be called great in the kingdom of heaven and I don't care how you interpret that I don't want to be on one of those side just in case I was like I'm doing it and it's is very biblical verbatim in the scriptures and that's pretty much what it means and why
you're always safe safe as bad is to just go with what scripture say right that you don't have to that's when we start getting into manly and 22 human interpretation of the word of God that we usually get in trouble and referring to what you're saying at most and least in the Kingdom of Heaven your first top priority for everybody everybody out there like I said just to just to accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior act upon it you know start with get to have it okay and then what you got that establishment you you you feel good and confident there is work going are you are you great and having a good are you at least in Heaven I'm going to be happy to be in heaven but maybe it does make sense to
the try to utilize every everything that were taught in the Bible to to do better we'll say in the act like I'm not saying it's a race or a downscale or anything like that I just look at it like what the Bible says to do this so I'm going to do that Bible says don't do this so I'm not going to do that and when we can talk about Josh I need to get you on for a complete faith based on let's get one more question before the break will you be able to do one more second or do you got a ride of course not
okay cool then one more question before that head because when we get started when we just to show you fair warning on the other side of the break I'm going to start asking for Solutions how we fix these problems but before we get to that I want you to briefly in 2 minutes or less explain to me and explained that the audience will you feel is the number and it can be picking up her the number one or the number of the top two are the top five I don't care but what are the greatest challenges for Americans here in 2023 that we can actually dress I'm not talking about the challenges like like I do you know that the biggest challenge is going to be whatever something we can't please if we can actually find solutions to what is the number one or the number five or whatever in between them and what are the biggest challenges we face as Americans in 2023 include feminism lgbtq promiscuity things of that nature also
play issues because economic issues we had the best economy in my life with my life on 31st kind of me but more children were getting it in. You made it with the lgbtq propaganda I bought a TV show about a person get more walking is not a society that was including under Trump and that's why she is starting to fall is because of the moral aspect of our society. The economic aspects so secularism images of lgbtq and promiscuous he is the biggest shoes
if I see said that's actually very perfect so yeah let's let's focus on the solution we get is easy to go in any of these shows in to point out the props okay anybody can rent I go in Iran for sometimes for hours a day without a guess with me sitting there saying now this sucks in this sucks and it sucks in this is good
it sucks and it sucks and it sucks and it mostly just sucks because we're in that type of world today is supposed to society but I want now that I have you on in the next segment I do want to get to solution let's figure out what we can do can we save this nation can we save ourselves so so we will be right back with rice and gravy the number to Bryson
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you're back with rice and gravy my friend this is the second time I did check my nose this is the second time you come on my show the first time we were talking about a little bit looser stuff today and we're really tackling the issues and I wanted to get your perspective on well everything you talk about the rise of secularism we can't and it's as red as well as I expect the rise of secularism otherwise we can expect as the just as we try to push our perspective they're going to try to push their perspective and there's a growing number of them when I say the spread that's the part that concerns me the most because there's a lot of people out there maybe they were there heading the right direction for but who have done 180s for whatever reason
there's other things out there what are the solutions with Bryce and gray tell me what it what are the solutions to let's say that we will just start with the rise of secularism in America supposed to be very easy for very hard at the same time when you think about it a lot of people they think they think what you know if he has a lot of conservative communism socialism you know doesn't do things right if you read the varieties of every communist and every Solstice in history they all tell you that they have to attack people's faith in God because you're an atheist not saying it's a bad person but you pose no threat to anybody be your morals aren't
how do we attack if I can give you the solution why do they tell you why the solution is harder than what it is because Satan is smart and is very very intelligent
think about how Bings get normal I think about it same-sex marriage was was was legalized forcefully by the Supreme Court in 2015
and 20 remember during this time but the consensus the consensus amongst Republicans were to be for traditional marriage I was 2015 now we're 17 years eight years later and Donald Trump is hosting a celebratory LGBT events at Mar-A-Lago to celebrate the respect for Marriage Act Right how do we get this place as far as not it's not it's not hard
they get you with the Netflix get you with the TV shows they get you with the commercials they get you at the celebrities with a little celebrities do it may not necessarily changed you at that moment but your kids at you at watching it
the school let your kids go to The Killers around them that that is being normal I to once you give your children into the world now look now your kids got a gay friend now you got a game that you got to get need you might have a gay brother you might have a gay Uncle you might have been playing and we have a gay family member that was in gaze upon your time but all the people pretty much they would have been cleared out
talk to you when you do that
you're not going to go against you can claim your Christian you can claim or do anything forgot but yeah right you got a brother or sister that's gay or best friend that came to you is gay you're going to dump all your emotional strain and you're going to soft you going to becomes more stop on that message naturally most people are in this reality when you think about LGBT feel about feminism right
a sound good we deserve the right to vote we deserve the right to work but if you look women are the most unhappy they have ever been and they're still not the ones out doing my construction work welding work working a job that pays woman nature Nursing School teaching do these are the industries that women are more Provident because if it's their nature more on the problem is women are trying to combat their own nature because they're talk to combat it by or you know with the vote kigenda and that's making them unhappy not only trying to focus on a career it by did you know did you know women with a college education and career women 9% of the time of the voices they're the ones that initiate divorce time
NBT Bank create a private Society.
You have more generous he gay people are Lily 24% more likely to be depressed and straight people are 30% more likely to be on drugs you know somebody beat me this is real life things unfortunately since the reality of it and then you go to promiscuously which feminism in lgbtq lisu naturally now when I get into praised for being powerless right and that's all ties in together when you have these things being normal eyes is going to be hard to combat against it so so I'm just wondering why it's hard on the easy way to do it as Christians we run bowling
we literally do really in the GOP lost Papa said the Christian boat they would never win the election again
and people as smart as my grandmother go to Democrat all her life right she called my dad and she just finally figured it out for the respect for marriage to ask she found out that I was a Democrat thing
you said you would never vote Democrat again now to us was like wait
all the black churches are saying that
if we were able to get a candidate as Christian right go to the black church about disobey pushing and show him you'll you flip the black Crystal do easy it's so easy I drove it back from this this is my password that I grew up with his own daughter wedding because she was a lesbian
that's how games would be my girl with it and I'm saying we have to start using our power but we're scared to because we say what we we can start a new part and I just giving the Democrats win the beginning you're right but it's going to take everything if we don't want to take risk and we don't want to sacrifice and nothing going to change right because to be honest
we are going to lose slower so the destruction of this country as well hurry up get it over with and during this time we can start putting up Chris and Candice because we're on the Boating if people can understand this we're on the Boating we can flip so many moderate and tell y'all y'all know how many Christian democrats are I'm not talking about no
no sex was super simple and they just don't understand thanks it is we have to start mixing religion and politics as we have to start using your Power Pad policy even have a lot of libertarian for your show to say religion dictate lost somebody like it or not so all of that crap talk about ideals of government government and now he's getting more so for example of an abortion example again but what are we going to do about it sit there and complain about it I don't know.
dial that will both of them it was not getting it was like the conversation we run Bode we're Christian I mean but that that's my solution like that
that my political solution
well that's that makes sense I mean here we are a lot of times I think we take our greatest strength as a voting Bloc and we try to negate it would quickly run out on you folks on the Evangelical side or the Christian side of everything then then we're going to turn off all of the people that hate us because everybody hates the makeup that's that's what we are so instead of saying let's not focus on. What if we did a reverse what if we try to do the exact opposite of what we done for the last really 15-20 years go back to what we're doing for which is to say hey I'm Christian and conservative you should be to hand in hand and many ways yes okay you can say there's conservative Muslims and there are okay you can say they're conservative atheist in there or you could say all these things but at the end of the day many of our values that we have established an American many of the of the concepts to drive and then they act as a fan
dacian for a nation based upon the Bible the Old and the New Testament so let's let's just Embrace that has a string instead of running away from it because it is the left that is made at the radical left in particular that is made it to where so many millions of Americans have put down their their best weapon because I don't even know why because they want to you know I can say well you know you get kind of kind of Christian faith based on your political show on like did this is just my show okay if I want to talk about politics or I'll talk about face chances are we won't talk about both of those and I'm going to throat culture in there to speak in a culture
we got this problem with you'd mentioned you touched on Providence schools problem with you know the Groomer's promised so many things are happening out there let's get through solution at what's the fixed that mean I'll be on just throw the Bible at it and which has I think a proper solution almost everything let's get it let's talk to her I guess you could say Normie friends out there how can we fix the cultural problems we're having here in the United States of America vote Democrat
we think about that Muslims you think of somebody actually told Muslims like this with are pushing we're pushing the opposite I'm a little slow but stop culture culture is simple entertainment I made a reality that's what they test culture and entertainment who's who's willing to do it you know because we look at people that identify as conservative I mean the most
the most well resource people we have is probably what the daily wire probably
and I'm saying and I mean even base Imperial claims to the orthodontist do and he'll say something like a he's libertarian libertarian on same-sex marriage because I read the Torah a lot in that is impossible to say but it sounds like if he was the most resources can't change culture in person because they're not willing to do it but we need we eat weenie the resources we need somebody to Promenade conservative people with the resources they are all cops and I mean all I'm sorry
they are all cops they probably have personal belief system but they're so scared to lose money that they will never tell you their true beliefs
they can't change colors for the pain so so we have to we have to get behind me but I really do is going to take people like you they people like me they people shooting you know getting into the movie game acting dancing fashion you know every aspect to it and we have to get it can't just be
overly concerned about like my Merce when the switch is closed the school but I'm talking about like a brand brand but I want talk about it now cuz I want to jinx it but we need something
by the way you know you know I'm saying like a brand that you can wear if you see somebody with it on it may not say I'm a Christian conservative but you know they got that bread though we need a parallel economy in parallel entertainment system in every sense of the word but we we got to really do it when I really do it but that takes resources and take the money it takes power and you know I'm saying is easy but it's hard to same time
why is one of those I think dance floor first person to dance for things when it comes to the people of the money or else we were right when you say that those who have the resources are Cox I've dealt with many many of the night I call them their Fox News conservatives K they're they're all sure you know they'll donate to Trump a lot of them went well but they were also donating to the George W bush they're doing it until they really loved on any John McCain and Mitt Romney you know that they just kind of fall into that category and I found that those people and I'm talking about a lot of times they just don't want to see if it's above their head I hate to say it and I'm trying to call the stupid cuz they're building there but I'm just saying when you say like what you just said as far as culture do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut Rick out of it and take control of your future fight training for a new career at arclabs welding school in as little as six months you can learn the skills employers are looking for and start a new career and then importing
an in-demand field from complete beginner to Industry veteran we have classes for all skill levels featuring Hands-On training on a schedule that works for you stop thinking about a new career and make it happen classes are in Bowling now visit arclabs. Edu to get started today when you said what you just said as far as which they control the entertainment industry which they control of other things to drive culture today when you say that that cuz we're going to head there like I wait you mean it's not just about lowering taxes and stopping regulation so my Construction Company doesn't have to mean there's more to it than that but yeah there's a lot more to it than that I do know one I have one investment firm that I've been been talking to for a long time and these guys are they align very well with with what you were talking about with what I'm talking about these are people that that are in the start of a meeting with prayer okay they they see they see the lgbtqia plus Supremacy
agenda is destroying America they see them all these things that that a lot of us are talking about they're not in the billionaire area but I think they are in a millionaire so maybe maybe I should introduce you to them because they do they do very well great and awesome stuff so far I want to let's do I do have one more question for you before we get to that I want to make sure everybody goes to rice and creates too, that's b r y s o n c r e a t e s the number to calm and go there and get your your parent they want it all by the way if you're on Twitter follow him at real Bryson gray..... Just a real Bryson gray there's no., follow him and you will be you'll be able to change will definitely a light and if you pay attention and and yeah you might actually you might actually learn a thing or two or ten
any other things just coming up any other projects that you want to mention website social media accounts where else can people find you before I get to my final question sir but if you're all rhombuses grabs a rumble so so you know I'm saying like forms sometime when you speak on something it doesn't happen I don't like to look dumb like that so I'm I do have a few do you know babe, just keep up with me hope I don't get banned on everything before us complete
Lord willing we will also be able to communicate with each other is to make gold prediction One Bowl prediction Temple predictions I don't care from take us all the way through and take as much time as you need or be done in 30 seconds if you'd like I need what does rice and gravy think is going to happen between 23 and 2024 20 40 I don't care just throw me out of bombs so that I can use the headline so that we can get people to watch the entire show and then they'll get to the end and it will finally stay out that's where Bryce and gray said that that he believes that the UFOs are going to come down in the end and take take all the all the blonde girls in 2023 I'm just kidding you knew that guy
what I will say is I don't know this is a bombshell and this is all the Trump supporters Trump continues his campaign how was going right now he will lose 20 without a shadow of a doubt he will get dragged my antivirus out there and that's just the net and that's the attitude of y'all like it or not cuz I know y'all like to know something little less but the vaccine is she was losing people he's losing a Christian support and he's even complained about it he called he called Christmas is loyal. Kristen said bro you're throwing freaking celebratory party is the LGBT for defiling the marriage bed why would we continue supporting you and makes no sense number saying he blamed pro-lifers and I was in the pro-life March and Trump is not a good look out there right now I'm nobody to positive life and I'll talk to you probably only saw like 1% of people with Maga hats on out there and I was one of them is like
nobody else he will lose 2020 for if this continues if he continues collaborate with Richard grenell who's a homosexual in a Log Cabin Republicans are pretty much set him up to lose because I mean to be honest you can't trust gay people and not to be just as available you just literally can't broke and certain and that that's what I do in the future conservative movement I've been the Trump causes are killing Maga they're ruining it I'm making it I'm fine place to hide who he is set up bro Mack is probably bigger than one man
are we not saying Trump's daughter that nobody is saying he didn't nobody saying that Trump will still say some of the best present in my lifetime but I'm afraid Banker bro when I was wearing a Maga hats in the hood before I went viral something out there with me know I was out there with me and I kept hoping that point and somebody bait me to go to a rally and I was in that Riley I say what I usually saying probably posted me that's how I originally went viral you know I'm saying
but you know another prediction is
I think the remnant is rising and
I think a lot of Christians are getting fed up and a lot of people are coming to their senses so my message to the lgbtq to the local left is to the world teachers keep doing what y'all do thank you so much I keep trying to force himself on children keep attacking people that go against your agenda keep doing it because what you don't understand you're doing as you're creating a counter because you are getting upset and who are open up your eyes because you're going stir-crazy so continue doing your heart do something crazier dogs are suing people to go get your agenda to something crazy and bibles because you know if that's that those are my statements
that's been enough good enough and don't even get me started on Richard grenell we had a humongous back and forth a few months ago during the GOP primaries because of Kathy Barnett and the doctor member dies and it went it went pretty ugly and I remember one of the things that he said I think it was him he was either him or one of the other one of the other guys out there who said it basically you know I was going to win the primary and when it Wednesday the general election you can thank me well he didn't win the general election even though I think it might have been stolen I'm not sure if Adam could have possibly actually one that whatever cuz whole other story from the bank but he didn't win so I didn't get any apologies from any of these people are saying we need to to put in a normal moderate guy who's going to you know we need to get him in there or you could put in Kathy for another we're going to lose badly. Whatever anyway
I don't think it was stressful. I don't think it was stolen I think that's why I was lost to the table can there's so many people from Pennsylvania is messaging me and it did not want to vote Kathy Barnett was the growing steam at a very fast rate and Donald Trump already Grande Arizona attacking her because of her faith in God as pensive face
and that's why Kathy Barnett B & B doctor because people were told to not vote her cuz she was getting the same as clearly more popping about their eyes but you know
oh what a mendelian going to start on the handy thing that was the night that I was a big fan of Hanley before that I was paying all the Panic for matter fact my show the new show with starts this week comes on at 6 p.m. Pacific time it's specifically comes on at 6 p.m. Pacific Time Monday through Friday because I wanted to go out with some panty so I'm not going to watch him anyway yeah he went after 2 all right cool Final thoughts before we we disappear brother
I don't know man guy first we have to keep fighting probably going to get worse and Running Scared and complaining online exclusively won't do the trick Beckham playing online has to be matched with if applicable if you can obviously some a lot of older people can't but people like us that can that has a rematch with a actual like getting out here and trying to make changes
very good very good that folks says Bryson gray you can find his stuff at Bryson creates too, that's the number to Bryson creates God bless you my friend my brother my my very ideologically aligned Twitter buddy keep fighting the good fight my friend God bless you bro
bless you as well as the break we will I've got our car we're going to be talking to somebody cool so it's just a tune
just be honest the vast majority of long-term storage in survival food prepping food it's just off I mean it just taste taste really really bad and that's why they expect us to to eat during the the apocalypse well if the crap hits the fan I'm going to actually be eating good food I go to Lake Preparatory, but said that I built based on two partnership with the two companies that produce really good food no need to set up a book discount this matter with you by 1 or 10 there's no no hidden fees here as a matter of fact we charge the same price of the The Source companies charge the difference is we actually have exclusive discounts use promo code rap 2023 for 10% off or for The Big Spenders use code prep 2034 15% off on orders of $777 or more go to Lake meet well for the Apocalypse
yes it's funny that I didn't remember what it was that we were going to be like on next had to go to my show tunes like play the clip from the weekend. You know I forgot that I did. And that's one of the things we're going to be doing because we are we're moving to two shows a day for hours a day where the programming for the J D wrecker show I'm going to be doing its some free recording of Clips in other words as news break I'm going to go ahead and and pull up talk about it and just run a s k do do a partial segment to ask I talk you know that I'm going to hop on the camera and the new new studio and so we've been texting that out of this one thing so we wanted to do or I'd wanted to do that today was to take a couple of Clips thankfully the funny part is they should you match with the the themes day of bold conservatism one of the deal specifically with the economy which whereabouts here and the other one deals actually deals from a faith base prospectus
it worked out even though I didn't plan it like this it didn't work out that the we are about trying this new style I want to say try answering this will actually be the case because again it's it's necessary I like to to react to news as it happens I don't want to sit back and wait as a cupcake let's talk about this schedule this breaking news we'll talk about it in two days you know I want to just talk about it there's just no patience no basis whatsoever so I will be getting that as matter fact I'm getting in set the stage this was a story that came out of it a weekend about the the need for well let's just let's just put it this way we are facing a very serious set of economic challenges it's not just the debt ceiling as I was talking about in the first segment we've got some some real work to do here so let's go ahead and and play that and then I'll see you guys on the other side
there's this old nursery rhyme I'm sure he's heard it before petals Humpty Dumpty I like to equate our current state of the economy to Humpty Dumpty himself yes it is sitting on a great wall and a great wall is is made up of all the various things that they keep us from collapsing under the weight of our tremendous 31 trillion-dollar national debt of particular interest of course is our our Reliance on being the having the petrodollar if that status ever changes to move our status as having $2 the world Reserve currency ever changes there's nothing that will hold back the collapse they will come now I'm going to be reading from an article by Michael Snyder and I didn't know I get a lot of comments anytime we post articles by Michael Snyder I hear about how he's a Chicken Little and how he's been saying there's going to be an economically last for so long but here's the thing
maybe in the past I would have listened to him but today I am I'm listening to him very very closely because he does his research he knows what he's talking about and he finds the stories and kind of puts them together in ways that you don't find very often journalist like he sees the big picture and he says okay so that's relevant this is relevant this is relevant this was relevant he puts it together into a concise article every day usually at least once a day you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut break out of it and take control of your future by training for a new career at arclabs welding school in as little as six months you can learn the skills employers are looking for and start a new career in an important and in-demand fuel from complete beginner to Industry veteran we have classes for all skill levels featuring Hands-On training on a schedule that works for you stop thinking about a new career and make it happen classes are enrolling now visit our class. Edu to get started today do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut break out of it and take control of your future by training for a new
we're at arclabs welding school in as little as six months you can learn the skills employers are looking for and start a new career and an important and in-demand fuel from complete beginner to Industry veteran we have classes for all skill levels featuring Hands-On training on a schedule that works for you stop thinking about a new career and make it happen classes are enrolling now visit our class. Edu to get started today and they make sense and unfortunately yeah they're scary but you know there's a difference between fear-mongering for the sake of trying to get people's attention and fear-mongering for the sake of telling lies Michael Snyder's not trying to tell lies he's trying to get people's attention so you guys and all of us not just you guys everybody needs to listen so according to this article's title we are witnessing an enormous wave of bankruptcies and layoffs during the early stages of 2023
and you can find this over at the economic collapse blog., of course I'll be posting it over it discern America First in various places where is your job safe right now we are witnessing so much turmoil in so many different sectors of our economy the housing market is crashing the cryptocurrency industry has imploded The Tick Industries laying off workers at an extremely frightening pace and some of our most important retailers are heading into bankruptcy the information that I'm about to share with you is deeply troubling has become exceedingly clear that our economy is in huge trouble and I fully expect that our problems will accelerate even more as the year olds long do you make sense let me start by pointing out that is what is currently happening at Microsoft it is one of the wealthiest companies in the entire world but due to a shift in quote macroeconomic conditions Executives have decided that has become nest
sorry to lay off 10,000 workers even Microsoft is laying off thousands of workers is any job in the private sector truly safe meanwhile some of the biggest names in the retail industry are plunging into bankruptcy now that the holiday season is over on Tuesday those Party City's turn even more alarming is the fact that it is being reported the bankruptcy filing for Bed Bath & Beyond has become likely they shouldn't have dropped these they just they should have dropped my pillow that was their death now they screwed up their big time Big Time huge
that's the article so many brick-and-mortar retailers are really struggling right now and many of them are blaming competition for internet retailers such as Amazon from internet retailers such as Amazon but if Amazon is doing so well what are they start laying off approximately 18000 workers on Wednesday the wave of layoffs that we have been witnessing in the tech industry is truly unprecedented previous to this week more than 25,000 tech industry workers had already been laid off this year and guys keep mine so but the third week and we're going into the fourth weekend of the year and 25,000 of already been laid off
not good but at least the tech industry is in far better shape than the cryptocurrency industry is let me share four major announcements that all happened within the last 10 days don't forget the Zone be clear I do I am still wants a bullet because it's not really write work I haven't given up on crypto okay I think there is a future but here's the key crypto is going to be the basis through which they're going to try to push the digital Dollar Pawn us they're going to you to use blockchain they're going to use all his various technologies that were developed for the sake of cryptocurrency and use that to you know is it's almost as if that was the appetizer that's how you know you guys get to try your food now we're going to shove this Jay on to you which is digital dollars and and various crypto crypto Central Bank digital currencies and now things are going to be the new normal it is just the same as cryptocurrency what you guys already been using except it's not course not even close. Almost the exact opposite yes it's based on similar technology or will be
but here's the big difference the whole idea of cryptocurrency is for the centralization of course a central bank digital currency is going to be the exact opposite is going to be centralized it's going to be controlled by our government not just by the central bank to buy the various public-private Partnerships that are forming in the economic sector as we speak these Partnerships are forming behind closed doors you get to hear about their partnership after it's already done this is why they're testing there's there's 12 major major companies testing the digital dollar right now in the midst of the doctor they're coming to the conclusion I believe of their initial tests which started at the end of last year
that should concern you so let's get back to cryptocurrency and Mike's not his article again these are four major announcements just in the last 10 days I'm going to buzz right through these number one is being reported that Genesis Global capital is laying the groundwork for a bankruptcy filing now those are watching my show for you know that I work with Genesis precious metals. Cam that is not Genesis Global Capital Genesis Global capital is failing miserably because they're in in this whole cryptocurrency realm at the wrong time wrong place wrong time to be doing crypto whereas Genesis precious metals is obviously soaring because the area in gold and silver but I digress
number to announced that it will be laying off 20% of its Workforce one fifth of its Workforce speaking of 1/5 so is coinbase they're going to be cutting about one-fifth of its worth the number for the founder in cryptocurrency exchange Blitz Lotto has actually been arrested by apparently he was laundering money on a scale of epic proportions and that's not even mention anything about ft x or Sam Bateman frieder or any of that stuff this is all just in the last 10 days cryptocurrency industry is in a state of flux it's very reminiscent to boom and of course we all know what happened to it's in the late 90s early 2000 when everybody was excited everybody thought this was the future and it really was but they miscalculated dramatically on what to put their money behind as a result many many many many rich people became under Rich very quickly
backyard call the cryptocurrency industry will never look the same again after all of this turmoil on top of everything else the Saudis appear to be pulling the pay attention on top of everything else that's out has appeared to be poised to make a major move it could literally change everything
at the yearly Gathering of the world economic Forum in Davos the Saudi Finance Minister decided to drop a bombshell on the quote but from from Bloomberg another globalist but hey
going to Bloomberg Saudi Arabia is open to discussions about trade in currencies other than the US dollar cording to the Kingdom's Finance Minister what I said about the one of the biggest bricks in the wall. Humpty Dumpty our economy is currently sitting on is that petrol dollar brick that brick work to be eliminated we will crash United States are not to talk about our economy I'm seeing the United States of America will crash the only reason we have been able to sustain for so long when we had a 10 trillion dollar debt 20 trillion-dollar 30 trillion dollar debt the only thing that keeps Us Alive is the fact that because everybody else is tied to us through the petrodollar through the through the the fact that the dollar is the world Reserve currency that makes it to where if we fall everybody else was okay when you have people in countries like Saudi Arabia which is the Cornerstone of our petrol toddler dominance when they start looking
alternative that bodes very very very ill becomes the article will talk about it a bit to say this could potentially completely undermined the dominance of the petrodollar of course we cannot afford to have that happen because the dominance of the dollar is one of the only things is keeping your system float at this point just about everything is moving in the wrong direction for the US economy the most people still do not understand the bigger picture a lot of the experts assume that we will just suffer through a temporary recession and then things will eventually return to normal I wish I was true
fortunately our enemies are entire system is starting to crack and crumble all around us and those that are currently running things are not going to be able to put it back together again he didn't even make the Humpty Dumpty reference that I made how is that it's perfect couldn't have planned it better yourself so this is where I was supposed to say get out do whatever you can to prepare yourself financially but I'm not going to say that I'm going to say this number one when you listen to The Experts allow the experts and I I just heard this earlier today at 1 experts saying who is he with Bank of America sing it's going to be a mild recession cake they are going back and forth right you at Wells Fargo saying one thing you you got JPMorgan Chase sing another thing you got the central bank or saying something you got the feds saying something they're all thrown out as good as bad as good as bad as good as bad
this, of course because opinions about the economy can vary but here's the thing they tried to keep us in a Perpetual state of concern without Panic they don't want to panic and they don't want us going out and then having Bank runs they don't want to do anything that might Rock the economy even more but they also don't want to keep us thinking out everything's going to be fine because they don't want it to be fine if we start thinking that everything's going to be fine and truly in wholesale start thinking that then and the way the economy works it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy they are pushing for the Central Bank digital currencies in the way they do it is by keeping us terrified the not terrified enough to go do something rash to do something in here that's going to actually crafty Connie prematurely they don't dare not try to stop the economy from crashing they just want it done at the proper moment this is why every single Central Bank in the world today is stocking up on two things gold and silver that's it okay
they're backing out of crypto they're backing out of real estate believe it or not that was a shocker because I actually predicted last year they're going to accelerate real estate I was wrong
they are all buying up as much gold and silver as possible in Chinese a Chinese Chinese the Chinese Communist party in China has recently made their largest quarterly purchase of gold that they never made ever what does it tell you what tells me at the very least that we should be putting as much of our own assets as possible into gold and silver precious metals and folks I'm about to talk about a sponsor but if I don't have a gold or silver sponsor I'll be saying the exact same thing right now the writing is on the wall
you're either going to see it or you're not really going to read it or you're not you're either going to heed the advice or you're not into me to a whole lot of people I can assure you whether you have a 401k and old one a an IRA gunny of the various types of Ira if you have a savings account all of these are vulnerable and I would strongly encourage the number one if you do get physical precious metals okay get this little precious metals have them sent to your house put them in your safe do get a safe spot to save my first safe in my car like we just got 10K not that I have a lot of course silver but we will we're working towards it because I am concerned I am personally concerned if you have those retirement account savings account whatever consider you to talk to some experts and consider moving it into a self-directed IRA will you will have access to that if you need to to withdraw funds
do you want you need some some of your gold or silver physically shipped to your house out of your IRA account you will be able to do that through a self-directed IRA in the people that you can talk to for this you can find them at JD Ira I've done a small and mid-sized and large companies are America first company
you need to talk to one two or all three of them I don't care to talk to somebody about this today because it is getting crazy JV Rucker.. I r a
there's a reason Klaus Schwab Joe Biden and the global Elites want your life savings locked in IRAs and other portfolio management schemes that they control they can keep your money tied up in woke ESG funds even if doing so will lose you money Patriots are quickly moving their Investments to self-directed Ira is backed by physical precious metals unfortunately most companies that work in this field are beholding to Democrats the Chinese Communist Party the wef and others for pushing us toward a digital dollar I have identified three precious metals companies that believe in America First these companies make it easy for you to move your retirement investment to a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals go to J D wrecker, gold that's J D Wrecker
dot-com gold
so I need you guys to tell me what you think about that we we do want to do that going for it again the ideas this so I news pops up in my feed I want to go ahead and do some commentary about it I don't want to just wait until the next the next live show so I'm just going to record it right there and then and then play it during the next available live show be our own men sometimes maybe I'll play it a day later it's not depressing sometimes I'll see stories that are important I want to talk about them and I want to talk about them right now and so we will get the story up the other do right of a quick story and then then do some commentary about it and get it out there the thing is that because it's not being broadcast on the last show we lose gosh 90% the audience so if I don't do it this way than for example the that discussion that I just had regarding all these companies going bankrupt and laying people off in the petrodollar and all that stuff that schedule will be lost to the vast majority of you so we want to continue to do this and this enables me to again be able
to be on the news all day anyway King moment I see news I can just pass on it get the the segment recorded and I'm not obligated to do you try to cram everything into a show because what I found is a lot of times I won't be able to get everything if you'd if you knew the show you might you might be learning that I can talk a lot okay 2 hours for one show for hours in a day that's nothing for me I could talk about one subject 48 hours if if if if I wanted to but apparently that's probably not a good idea since I don't think anybody would tune in to me talking about any subject for 48 hours you get the idea let me know what you think it is just too annoying to to throw in a recording of me talking about something then so be it and I can do it all live we'll do it live like Bill O'Reilly set but if if you're okay with that or do you like it getting these these flash commentaries as I like to call them
then we will keep doing it let's try another one again it fits in perfectly with today's discussion about boldness and patriotism boldness and conservatism boldness in faith this one pertains to weld the pope so I know in this is not an attack my B Slammer front is not an attack against members of the Catholic church I don't attack People based on their religion I do want everybody to to follow my religion of course but I'm not going to not going to suppress other than 20 please show by example why people should be reading their Bibles from front to back why they should embrace Jesus Christ as their lord and savior is not an attack against Catholics but it is definitely against the quotable leader of the Catholic Church Pope Francis so let's go ahead and play that last commentary
this is very very detailed article about Pope Francis over at Liberty Sentinel. Org one of my favorite sites run by Alex Newman super super sharp Wicked smart dude but this are black she wasn't in my hand was written by by Frank de Varona who is who's been there and done that I'm pretty much everything guys met by presidency invaded vanity Cuba when he was 17 he's he's just done a whole lot of stuff but he's going after the pub in this one article titled Pope Francis is a Marxist in the globalist of the New World Order now chances are you if you're in my eyes you found one so you can see either you're very well aware of this nothing new to you or you're like didn't get don't ever say anything bad about Pope Francis you know you anti-catholic like I'm not anti cat okay I am definitely definitely anti Pope Francis I think the guy is a Marxist he's definitely a globalist
his teachings are seven out of ten or so I'm not going to if you support him I'm not going to hold that against if your Catholic because I understand but he can be challenging for four people to overcome their their biases especially when it comes to the faith we don't want our leaders especially somebody like Pope Francis recording the Catholic faith faith is essentially chosen by God to lead the church you don't want to to think that all this guy's is part of the new world order except yes he is definitely a global it's not the article that I'm going to refer to is huge I would I could read it for an hour I don't think I would get through it as slow as I read it but but it's a long one I want to go straight to though straight to the the conclusions here in this is the important part is short again the article's title Pope Francis is a Marxist and a globalist of the
new world order by Frank the Verona over at Liberty Sentinel. Org the attacks on those who worship the god of money or the idolatry of money shows the post ignorance about free markets having lived his entire life in Argentina a country that is never implemented cab was improperly The Savage capitalist system is equal to the work and the economy that kills and the idolatry of money that the pope constantly condemns is the only solution to end poverty and hunger in the world travel is when properly implemented has brought millions of people out of poverty socialism and communism are the Copa supports not only have brought the killing of millions but also hunger misery and increased poverty
there are an increasing number of critics in Wall Street the Tea Party conservative media and religious figures who slammed Pope Francis as a poorly camouflage Marxist there are many disaffected US bishops priests and parishioners who complained that the pope has not given them enough support against the B regime over infanticide abortion gender ideology and gay marriage many Catholics in the United States and around the world are not aware of the Vatican has been infiltrated by Communists however this why the cover-up by many Cardinals Bishops and priests in the United States and other countries of the world the truth will eventually come to lie but Francis is undermining the Catholic Doctrine and will create a split in the Catholic Church among among the anti-communist favoring free market economics
we should all pray to God that the Communists are expelled from the Holy See Pope Paul the sixth one said when is a quote of the smoke of Satan has entered through some crack in the temple of God we need to pray to God or the devil smoke of Marxism is forever expelled from the Holy See and obviously that would be a good thing the reason I am generally speaking I don't I don't talk I talk about my fate or should I say was an Evangelical Christian a bible-believing Christian but I don't usually talk about Catholics or Mormons or Muslims or Hindus I don't talk about their faith in particular B Pope Francis is beyond just a religious leader he is one of the most powerful men in the world is influence stretches far beyond just is visitations are his prayers or his condemnation of the things that are right or is embracing the things that are wrong is not just a spiritual leader he also
as Pope as leader of the Vatican church he has influence through extremely extremely massive Financial system not to mention there that the things we don't even know about that I know there's a lot of conspiracy theories as it pertains to the Catholic church and the pope and all this other stuff there's also those who engage in biblical conspiracy theories about how the church the Catholic Church might or not the Catholic Church per se I'm not talking about the Catholics and talking about the Vatican in general may be alluded to in negative ways in Bible prophecy not going to comment on that but it is important special this week we get to go through Davos week can we go to the world economic Forum in the the Gathering of bond villains in in Davos it's it's important to know that they are accelerating their plans and a monkey
our plans are is the use of the Catholic Church through Pope Francis to advance their neo-marxist goals to establish the great reset the push forward the fourth Industrial Revolution to make sure that you owe nothing and you won't be happy but they'll still pretend like you're you're there happy about you not only thing they're going to hold it all when you have a life of France and there's a difference between cuz I do agree that the love of money is the root of all evil that's what the Bible tells us when he talks about basic capitalism being evil capitalism is purest form is not evil K has one practice properly is not evil it is not designed to to engage people deeper further into the Love of Money what capitalism can and should do is allow people the ability
take your god-given talent their god-given resources and use those to advance their lives and we should all if you're a bible-believing Christian you should look at at this as their capital of them in they will just give us the opportunity in many ways to be able to spread the gospel for example you'll notice that in Marxist Socialist Communist countries
their ability the ability of the people in the church has to spread the gospel is greatly curtailed often eliminated and can get people into big trouble including getting them jailed or even killed so now I'm not going to sit back and say oh you know he's just the spiritual leader he's he's not he's not influential know he is is he part of the new world order the liberal world order the ball the powers and principalities I would say yes I will save it almost certainly is and if they are able to succeed I would always recommend make sure you go to Jay-Z Rucker, prepare and get ready just in case they are plans to advance much further
got coffee on my shirt while I was watching that so that's how it is that's how I hopefully it'll work going for it I do these flash commentaries I don't know how much do 0 1 2 3 5 2 I don't know again the idea here is that I want to be able to react to the news as it happens when I see a story it's amazing it's fresh in my mind I don't want to just throw it on my show notes and read about it tomorrow or talk about it tomorrow I want to talk about it right there and then and that means recording it and then put it onto the live show so be it will see how late can I think that I'm pretty that said I do want your feedback you can give me that at JD talk but I'm pretty sure you know I'm going to be doing this because it does feel liberating I will admit I love being able to stay on the news and react to any real time even if I'm not not playing in been real time on the show if I could do a show 24/7 I really want I'm not kidding I really would
loves to do that and maybe we will maybe we'll be able to get not in my show but other shows up we are still working on this train. Tv I'm trying to get it washed next month so so beware that you do is help out by going to give send J D wrecker and have out there we are switching moving to two shows a day this one broadcast live at 11 a.m. Pacific 2 p.m. 2 p.m. eastern Time Monday through Friday then we do one at 6 p.m. Pacific 9 p.m. eastern time that show will be different I got to say I'm repeating the same show actually going to do is separate show and this will this is all in line to help get more content out over at America out loud talk radio as well so you can get America out loud and listen to me there at 8 p.m. Pacific time for 2 hours I'm very blessed by Malcolm to have a two-hour show over there so
4 hours of the shows a day should be exciting very excited about red voice media very excited about all of the things we're doing Freedom First Network that rising in Rumble rising and driving out of B Street and of course a podcast I'm so blessed to have you guys here join me and we're going to just keep pushing the show for because we have a country and say and this is the best I can do it Lord willing I wouldn't back very soon with another episode but in the meantime you'll stay strong and stay safe and God bless

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