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JD Rucker Show, January 10, 2024

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Kristi Leigh: How Corporate Media Sells False Narratives

Title: Kristi Leigh: How Corporate Media Sells False Narratives


Just about all of our readers and listeners are well aware that corporate media pushes whatever narrative they're told to push by their advertisers, not to mention Democrats and any members of the globalist elite cabal who have an agenda for a particular day. Many of us are on the receiving end of the propaganda, which is one of the biggest reasons I recommend using alternative news sources like The Liberty Daily and Discern Report to get the truth. The powers-that-be have a stranglehold on the information that reaches the masses, but things are shifting. People are becoming more aware that they're being fed bovine excrement on a daily basis, which is why sites such as the ones I'm affiliated with continue to grow. Meanwhile, more and more journalists are escaping the corporate media world to find success in the freedom of independent media. One such free journalist is Kristi Leigh. After two decades delivering the narratives as lead anchor for multiple news networks in Ohio and California, she took the opportunity in 2020 to go on her own. She has since worked with Infowars and American Faith and continues to broaden her horizons with gigs across the alternative media spectrum. I was blessed to have her join me on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show. I will also be talking about how the media has distorted the current and future states of the economy. There are few things more important to Americans than providing for themselves and their families, but uncertainty has made that extremely challenging. Most of us have never faced the type of financial turmoil that's rampant across the globe today and the trends do not point to a soft landing anytime soon. Visit Kristi's site:

Secure your wealth or retirement:

Recorded: January 25, 2023

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tell my friends and welcome to another episode of bjd records show on your host JD records they were going to be talking of the economy I know I've been talking a lot about vaccines and in foreign affairs and food shortages and stuff I'll even though we probably will always touch on food shortages at some point but they want to focus specifically on the economy and to be even more specific I want to focus on the lack of proper financial reporting because I'm reporting by corporate media I think things are pretty bad message me here monitoring your based upon what I read in alternative media based upon upon the economist that aren't in the on the mainstream take where is things are are actually looking much worse than even corporate media is portraying what's face in the corporate media is saying things are pretty bad but it seems as if things are even worse than that
okay I'll probably I'll always get accused of being a martyr pretty much no matter what I report about in the lot of it's because look I not very hopeful for Humanity's future for know if you break it down and that look at look at the future of those of us who are bible-believing Christians and we look whatever the distant future is could be distant as in tomorrow whenever our end comes in a we do have hope and lots of it
but as far as in this world as a fact there is not a whole lot of reason to be hopeful about the economy it isn't just the poor policies of the vine Harris regime it isn't just the feckless GOP unable to really stop anyting maybe a little bit maybe now that we have control of the House of Representatives that will be able to at least slow down the destructive economically genda that has been in place really in my man we could say it's ever since Joe Biden came into office but it really started with a lock that I'm not wanted to lockdown so he's bad I obviously made a mistake huge mistake but with that said I don't blame for it we don't know the position that he was in easy to say oh no lockdowns but there might have been at that point if we took back to early days in 2020 most vast majority people were terrified of covid-19
standing in line at the grocery store this is against the grocery store and they just put in those little steps near the the markers on the floor where you're supposed to stand when your lines at the checkout and I don't forget to look in this guy's face because it was a combination of anger and fear because I was probably 4 feet away from me and I mean you look back at me and the look on her face and she's like she's like you know you and me away okay finally I guess I'll be back up a step and that's going to keep you alive I guess I don't know we were fed a whole lot of junk whole lot of information we're still getting that whole whole lot of bad information today but back then it was really really bad and it was wrong so quit being is that our economy is heading in the wrong direction
but even as bad as it's being portrayed by corporate media I think it's far far worse than that really look at the trajectory we look at the statistics of week listen to not just the words of the political experts place the actions of those who maybe they're not selling the alarm because they don't want the alarm to be sounded just want to hear and understand what it comes to the economy much do some could argue that it's a super high direct influence over the economy and I'm talking my sentiment when people believe the economy is strong the economy generally speaking can become strong when the people think the economy is weak that has a weakening effect it's not quite a self-fulfilling prophecy too because of the actions of people take when they think the economy is bad or get it going to be bad those actions tend to make the economy bad or in the process of getting that
so there's a lot of people I think that are out there it's kind of trying to ease us into accepting how bad things really are and I appreciate that I don't know what their motivations are maybe it's selfish maybe it's not what we look at the actual real picture or I can I'm not trying to fear Monger here I have I got a really disturbing email a couple days ago from somebody who's in you know you're just saying the economy is bad because you sell gold and I'm like obviously this person hadn't heard Mike my personal experience with precious metals and precious metals sponsors Stella briefly because I know we're getting a lot of new new viewers new listeners I was quartered there I guess pitched by precious metals companies ever since we got start in 2017 I always said no I had no interest in 2017 2018 2019 even 2020
okay it wasn't until late mental what would say probably around August July or August of 2021 after watching what the B Harris Jim was doing after reading and learning about what the globalist elite cabal within the world economic Forum in the council for inclusive capitalism people like George Soros Barack Obama Bill Gates what they wanted to do with the economy would they were pushing as far as Central Bank digital currencies the digital dollar what they were doing to the stock market
all it was it was like oh my gosh okay well let me talk to some people need to worry about precious metals because it during the truck you so I called dude stand stock market then all of a sudden during the bad news is I got a crap this doesn't look as good as I thought what about alternative Investments okay you know we actually tried some tried some and we we looked into and then at some point we've had various sponsors for alternatives to to just your standard stock markets right
well I kept going back to precious metal so I made it a mission to to work with only good precious metals company that I was shocked to learn that that the vast majority of the mark and when I say good what I'm referring to is good company so I'm not talking about products gold to me as gold silver silver I know there's differences in the way people selling this and that but my main considerations were these number one are the executives owners or you know upper managers are they donating to Democrats
it's shocking absolutely shocking how many of these companies and many of the company's Direction such as I'm talking about the Covington themselves participating directly in promoting and pushing Democrats and I even asked somebody who was a company that is a guy who works for the company is now sponsor would work for the other companies like why is there are there so many others not to most of them most of the people that work at these companies are Republicans But the A La Via props it's not so much that they are there Democrats but they do cheer for Democrats because Democrats tend to help gold and silver sales okay well isn't that kind of wrong with it
yeah I mean I don't know what would make me feel icky to go against my own political beliefs for the sake of you no harm in the country willingly essentially in order to make a few extra bucks
so I found that out then I found out that a lot of them are working with various proxies of the Chinese Communist Party whether they're purchasing through proxies of the CCP or they're using depositories associated with the CCP again it really blew me away and then laughing at least are those that are associated with various wokeness associated with the world economic Forum such as ESG environment social and governance
USG funds USB companies the black rocks that what they're pushing right
how many of these precious metals companies it was supposed to be American Precious Metals company or get aligning against our best interests as a nation as individuals and a 10 against their economy looking like I said it kind of makes sense I guess if you're focused only on making an extra 5 or 10% of whatever it is that's their gold and I can see up be fine you know but are you really going to destroy the country destroy the center of the world help to do that for the sake of making a few extra bucks I couldn't do it so I found three and then I found actually 45 really sorry that were acceptable along those lines but also I'm off of great products because I didn't know there was one in particular this is a great company and I don't recommend it was a great company that they are full-blown conservative America First Patriots they really really really represent what I want a stupid a product was awful as like a golden like a multi-level marketing scheme to sell gold and like I just now
can't do that we passing out and you can find them at JD Rucker, go so I got to get back to what I was saying before I have to repeat it JB / gold to find the three companies that I was able to send that out like that it out 28 but 29 so far three the past my wedding okay alright you got that so I guess the starting email saying you know you're just trying to sell gold and that's not the case it's the other way around
can I see the writing on the wall the economy is looking bad and has been looking like he was heading in the wrong direction with very limited recourse potential for that traversed anytime soon and that's why that's why I picked up gold sponsors after the fact knowing that I would be telling people Folks by precious metals then it behooves me in a blues you by the way he does you know you get the benefit of of it took a long time and it's still an ongoing task to go through and do the research find out where they're donating McKinney's people up looking at their social media accounts figuring out in the following the money of the money companies and you get the benefit of my work so there's that
but yes they're sponsor so of course you know that it's if it was me to promote them but this isn't about trying to convince you that the area is going to go south so that you'll buy gold or silver this is about telling you that I believe everything's going to go south because it appears that everything is going to go south
anyway so we got a lot to hand you got media that I think is down playing just how bad things are on the other hand we've got people who man if you've got a sponsor and you talk about your sponsor than whatever you say must not be true That's essential this guy was telling you know I want to believe what you're saying about the stock market going down but I know that benefits you so I can't believe it I don't think I'm going to stuff my gosh does it always have to be like that everything has to be mutually exclusive is it only going to be it's only going to be real if if there's no no positive post this is my job is how I support my my family okay I would love to be independently wealthy and just be able to come down here and talk to you guys and not have sponsors not ask for donations not get a penny and just smoke some truth it wouldn't change my show by the way the only part that will change their is that then all the sudden I'm talking about going out with Stefan you recommend these three companies by the way
funny part but I'll be talking about going and saying go buy gold but I wouldn't have to put in a one minute you know 60 second clip about trying to get you to go to JD gold take advantage of the wedding that I've done to work with one small one medium in one large company your choice between the three JD okay so let's get to the intro Let me see if I got enough time in the signal to get the first article describing how things are going on in this in this is if you been listening to me for a while this isn't brand new but we have to reiterate it we can have to keep hammering a lot of the stuff now especially with new details emerge and this at part was new to me big Banks from Nashville news Arsenio Toledo Big Bang steam up to launch digital wallet that can compete with PayPal to Apple pay are you ready for your digital wallet social credit score enforcement and there really is and we're going to see the stuff creeping in little bits and pieces it's going to happen incrementally
it's going to happen incrementally with the digital Dollar Central Bank digital currencies social credit scores anything where they can take it more and more control over your finances they're going to do a Bit by Bit by Bit by Bit by Bit they're going to normalize they're going to creep it in there so the many people don't understand that's why it's important to know the stuff for the article 7 of the United States largest banks including Wells Fargo Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase are teaming up to create a new digital wallet service and they helped him a challenge the dominance of PayPal and Apple pay the seven Banks planted this product will allow Shoppers to pay at Merchants Online check out with a wallet that will be linked to their debit and credit cards or let's just stop right there PayPal Apple pay you can link those to your debit or credit cards are ready so right right off the bat there being disingenuous
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let's continue the digital wallet will be managed by early warning Services a bank owned company and the parent company of a money transfer Services El one of the main goals the bank is to introduce a service they can successfully take a chunk of the market in digital wallet Services away from PayPal and Apple pay these banks are worried that the continued domination these two services in the field could cause more of their customers to shy away from traditional banking services and that's not true
that's not true I'm not saying that the writers not sure why I'm saying what they're saying there is not true this is an excuse
it's just an excuse it's it's it's a way for you to suspend disbelief in what you know again we go back to their push to give corporate media to Echo his sentiment K this was that was a corporate meeting that one is demonic I'm not even click on it I don't want to know but I get the idea that lying when they say this about him making you of course you want to do this because this will help us to keep more people with their banking services that's just not true it's comes down to the very near future public-private Partnerships that will be your basic Thai in the US government and other governments by the way the fed and the banks the bigger Banks bigger financial institutions across the board in the Titans it into a public-private partnership that will be used to implement the digital dollars Central Bank digital currency into have near complete control over your finances
it's all coming together exactly as we've been saying for a long time by the way that's why the two my hornier but this we predicted this type of stuff would be happening months years early ones back the article early morning service has confirmed to Media Outlets that it plans to launch this digital wallet service by the end of this year 2023 digital wallet unlikely to make a dent on PayPal and digital Apple's market share for some time now that's debatable
we'll see
because making a dent it's not like again there's no Mutual exclusivity here you can have PayPal and Apple pay and early warning Services the banks version of those you can have them all. Like you has all which one am I going to pick they don't need to make a dent in PayPal or Apple pay they don't need you to stop using PayPal or Apple pay they just need you to be using theirs because it's some point when they force it upon us as in you and me the force upon most Americans to utilize the Central Bank digital currency that digital dollar through their apps
it's only got them
they will be forced to the one access to the money you're going to be forced to comply to be docile to be obedient
for tonight we won't be that's all right we're not going to be obedient it actually break and talked about stocks and the dollar
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text language we're going to have a guest on this Christy Lee misses Kristi Lee independent journalist former anchor lead Anchor It multiple multiple local stations across the country including here in California now she's down to Austin working independent working a little bit with Infowars little bit with some other people it's she seems to be heading in the right direction and this is one of those who has I would say she's kind of a victim of the very thing we were talking about they wanted things were talking about as far as the the way that corporate media is pushing their orders instead of news they're pushing an agenda instead of the truth and that's unfortunate that but thankfully there are more and more journalists true journalist like Christie leak or coming out and and doing their thing you know just working right but they're working in a way that's that is independent and that's what we need more
20 reasons why we're going to be launching very soon very soon going to be launching discern. TV super excited about that and my producer for the show finally looks like finally going to get that going next week I know that we've been trying to get everything solidified as far as we want to make sure that we are on at exactly 2 p.m. you know I've got to get consistently know that and I apologize for being late again today but we got there or where we're doing the best we can and it looks like things are getting better thanks to the the perspective of the hopefully very very soon or dwelling very soon having a producer who can help to get all this organized and keep me on time so that you can expect me at 2 p.m. Eastern 11:11 a.m. Pacific everyday as well as 9 p.m. Eastern 6 p.m. Pacific every day as well as we have been very consistent with the the play of the show on America out loud talk radio at
8 p.m. Pacific 5 p.m. or 8 p.m. Eastern 5 p.m. Pacific how do I get to my time zones screwed up so bad so we are trying to get better what are the things that we wanted to know that we've noticed here in the last couple of years is that like I said corporate media is reporting about bad economic news but they're not reporting it nearly as well as they should be there not reporting the truth are kind of downplaying the near-disaster the work that's upon us one of the reasons that I so very bullish about physical precious metals not the paper stuff not the virtual stuff that's all crap I'm talking about actual physical precious metal that you can hold what you could store in a deposit or it's sitting there protecting your ass at protecting your well protecting your retirement the reason that I'm supposed to buy this because all the other markets aren't looking very good okay
let's face the prospect for real estate for stock market for for all the very sings I'll be sure to ask but I don't know if she is still a a financial advisor but I know that she spend some time doing that so we'll get our perspective on both of journalistic side of it as well as the economic side of it but that's extremely bullish about these physical precious metals and in particular when it comes to protecting wealth of retirement I'm a huge fan of self-directed precious metal IRA and you can learn more about why I don't want to hear to do a sales pitch but if you want why I am so bullish on self-directed Ira as you can go to J D i r a j d Ira one of the many many many reasons that I am like that is because of the current state of the stock market in the future State more important not to go over at Zero Hedge in the funny part is is actually comes from Bloomberg math
strategist Simon white I like to use Tyler Durden who is very good from a financial perspective knowledge what I like to use him as a filter because I don't like to read Reuters or Bloomberg running those places that is just too much
too much left is in too much wokeism he does seem to cut through and find the stories we actually get here so this one is Thailand US Stocks face 25% more downside in deep recession sorry bad and sounds like it's getting worse or the article by Simon white US stocks are vulnerable to a further decline of as much as 25% from a deeper than anticipated us recession and when he says deeper than anticipate that's as Bloomberg speak for deeper than they've been talking about but the reality is many people have been anticipating many Bankers eat Central Bankers are anticipating a deep recession for a long time I believed markets are marking down the odds of a recession
call Immaculate disinflation and quote is the current Zeitgeist where inflation continues to slow and the US experience is only a mild recession or a boy's one altogether but but is always a butt butt markets are not economies while there are feedback loops between the two just because the market is gunning for a soccer outcome will not necessarily make it so the data show number one every section this year is highly likely never to it would be deeper than anticipated number three stocks will face quite significant downside but to be limited by a potential sleep fed cutting cycle I will see that all plays out back to the article recession prediction is not easy many indicators are useful for gauging recession risk for they can I be or they can be inconsistent and give false signals however combining indicators together and noting when many of them I expect a reception at the same time
a much stronger signal today multiple indicators are flashing recession latest me Monday's release of the conference board's leading index giving a high degree of confidence us will enter one this year is likely to be a worse recession than currently expect Steven version of the yield curve has been used to posit the recession will be severe however there's not a particularly strong relationship between the yield curve and recession death what does have a more significant relationship is the pizza through a peak to trough decline in the three months to 10 years 10-year yield curve the trust fall in the curb with the maximum trust in Real GDP at 5% which is the average drop for sessions over the last
50 years
look I don't need to tell you that there's a lot of volatility in the stock market's I don't have to tell you that there's all sorts of weird Shenanigans happening in the housing markets and has been for quite some time and I have to tell you the most Investments are are at risk some of them are going to do well if you're in crypto hey maybe you've been doing well the last week and a half but will there be another huge dip if you owned do you owned crypto if you bought your crypto like a year ago say year was a November 2021 I think I was approximately the peak right November 2021 if you owned your your new bunch of crypto then because it was looking like it's so good you lost like like sixty seventy percent at this point
that's good
stock market you lost the time out of your wealth out of your retirement but it was gold and silver you don't you haven't lost and they do continue to go up at least as of as of right now thinks they'll continue to look look brighter and brighter gold is over 1,900 right now so
I'm not saying I'm just saying I am not a financial advisor I'm not even an economist of any sort okay but I do keep my finger on the pulse and I do have a strong desire to keep as many people in the good as possible against goes back to the same reasons with backseat the fewer people that are beholding the government to maintain their their financial status to maintain their to build of it's essentially retired to live off of their life savings to hard work they spent enough for however long
the ability to keep his few people to hold in the governor's possible it is it's a benefit to all of us we need people to be able to have strong strong retirement strong wealth protection right now that's physical precious metals and again when it comes to retirement itself I'm a huge fan of self-directed IRAs J D slash Ira that's it I'm not going to I'm done fishing you because you're not at this stage you either believe me or you don't you're either reading the tea leaves or your reading somebody else's feelings are either seen the writing that I've seen on the wall are you not looking at the wall or you can't read it or whatever
this is not the direction that a healthy economy takes that's even get us started on Central Bank digital currencies you started on the manufactured
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qualified students including the GI bill now is the time you don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to appreciate the fact that you have people like I'll swab and George Soros
what this disparity in the world they don't want there to be in United States superpower
they don't want us to be any better than anybody else they don't believe in American exceptionalism as matter fact they're working very hard to take us down not just economically but in every regard because in their minds and their Vision there is this one world government that has 10 Regional powers
and the regional powers are essentially equal
and that it is there two ways to make that happen they could try to lift everybody up to our level or they could take us down now which is easier you really think that you could take many of these these put in directions to many any of these places that you could take Europe and raise them up economically speaking so same level to be on a Level Playing Field with the United States of America know you have to take us down they know that
so they're working toward and I do believe I'm a firm believer in the notion that the biden-harris regime as well as pretty much all of the Democrats as well as an uncomfortable number of Republicans in office today
they are working towards that and they're they're going to be protected I feel like they're going to be there going to be covered there going to be amongst the elite the rest of us are going to be made to suffer they want social credit score they want you to oh nothing that they don't believe that you're actually going to be happy I just telling you that because I think it's happiness is relative relative right if everybody is equally miserable than technically speaking everybody is equally happy as well that happiness is low today
you're in the top top 10%
you just a little bit less miserable than some other people but you're still miserable
that's the direction they're taking us
Gary hacker on I'm going to cut the signature looks good I agree on and and yeah and I will talk to her about some after that I got some.
There's a reason Klaus Schwab Joe Biden and the global Elites want your life savings locked in IRAs and other portfolio management schemes that they control they can keep your money tied up in woke ESG funds even if doing so will lose you money Patriots are quickly moving their Investments to self-directed Ira is backed by physical precious metals unfortunately most companies that work in this field are beholden to Democrats the Chinese Communist Party the wef and others for pushing us toward a digital dollar I have identified three precious metals companies that believe in America First these companies make it easy for you to move your retirement investment to a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals go to J D wrecker, gold that's JD Rucker. Com
you're our next guest to somebody that I've been following for I wouldn't say a long long time she actually hit my radar approximately will say six or seven months ago I don't remember the exact time but I remember when it happened she was doing a story I believe it's for Infowars band on video this is no story about the these AI robots that were taking over airports in doing your facial scans all the stuff in the back of my gosh what in the heck is this and I started looking more into it talk to my my partner by taking my boss over at the Liberty daily is okay yeah I love Christy Lee she's the best so it's like Okay cool so I started following her her stuff turned out to be Ashley fantastic and I thought you know what I need to get her on here find out her story and see where she's going because this is somebody that that the world needs so many that America needs to be watching so I'm very blessed please
then I'd have Kristy Lee joining us today Krissy how are you doing I'm doing great and I got to say that the admiration is mutual I do my mom has been following Liberty Daily 4 years and only time I get feedback from my mother about my content is like I saw your Lincoln Liberty daily like that is the only time I liked it because it was on the list that is awesome from time to time with something similar from Wayne Allyn root a few weeks ago where he's just like his talking about his route is like calling about the same dude you're on the Liberty daily and he's like yeah wait a second you know the guys of the Liberty daily I'm sitting here telling my wife hey I've got Wayne Allyn root on any way it is funny how those of us who are
I would say smaller in in the conservative media sphere but perhaps bigger than we you know what I think that you qualify for sure as that type of person again I've been following you stopped and I was very impressed with the way that you handle everything then I started looking into you in a sec I don't know Wonder this is not just some somebody who came out there and I'm going to be a podcaster you know you've actually you've actually been busy like that sometimes like okay how does this work I'm still lost it all the way for what am I doing
what you threw it all away but here's the thing I said I hope that you agree with the statement we are sometimes our greatest blessings come at us as what we think are are bad as something drives us and I own the company I'm all the way up until 2017 when I finally just decided I can't just sit back and do nothing and make a whole lot of money I got to figure out how to get myself involved so I think last blessed enough to be able to sell my half of the company of my partner and the rest is history I was doing I was doing advertising okay thanks just like like 6 years ago now everything is turned politics culture faith and all that stuff you up until very recently or relatively recently you were in you were in bed with the Enemy you were working with corporate media and it disgusts you once you tell the audience take as much time as you need tell us introduce Christy Lee to to my world here at the J D Wrecker
okay so basically it all started as a annoying kid that like to talk to people at kehlata question look around the corner of wall to see what my parents were things like that style of writing short stories things like that my parents started calling me a little reporter I begged to go to public school it's a regret I have to this because I was homeschooled and I would have always been so fascinated by people and how different they can be so I saw those kids at standing at the bus stop and and begged and begged to go to school until I finally did go to school and play school if you will and high school and I started it this is also a running joke I started out in all honors classes based on my test scores but I was so distracted by all of the social aspect of things I'm in every yearbook picture of every Club
advance to just regular classes by so it's a kind of a running joke in my family like when I was in public school there's a lot of in this is such a phenomenon that I also come across there was a lot of high school counselors College counselors that when I was like you know what I'm going to take a stab at being a reporter cuz you know that that people used to call me Little Portal and advisers would discourage actually and be like well that's extremely competitive you know maybe you want to do something else and I was like well you only 2% of people actually make it on TV and are successful this was at that time now it's now it's not so bad but I want to head and was like well if I fail all I'll have a fall back and it's fine and those people that doubted me that motivated me like I was like I'm going to prove to them that I can do this and
so I during college I I did the new the college new station and I was the anchor for the Cubs new station and I was also working in the family business this is a weird one as a stockbroker my parents own a financial firm so I was able to take the test series 750 64oz and finances would be familiar with those things and I was working as a stockbroker and then that's kind of how I was able to break into the field television wise cuz I had done some print media before that and then I'm in 2008 we all know what happened with the economy that was like a bird if not more of what people were talking about and it is it really helped me break into the business at that time which was more difficult than it is that's a whole other subject but I've started out as a one-man band shooting
produce Pete on producing shooting interviewing all of the things that's what we used to call it I think they caught multimedia journalist now but at the time they called a one-man band and I just worked through in my hometown I ended up working at every single station over the course of my career until I got the lead anchor position in my hometown it was a great experience very very busy doing anything charity event all of the things that was if you will kind of like Hometown sweetheart but I was frustrated there was things that were bothering me about become social media during my time of being a news anchor really entered the scene I kind of saw the progression to the point that every new station I worked out worked out since the integration of social media would have a TV screen and their Newsroom and would show who is leading
and engagement across competition and also individually so we are all put on this board encouraged to compete engagement invite and that was a big thing and I I'm competitive I realized that if I posted an investigative piece that I put a lot of work into I would get some engagement you know which was always a little bit disappointing cuz it's like me and I worked on this investigative piece for 2 weeks and no not getting as much engagement as I want but if I went to Sonic on my dinner break and tried out their new and took a selfie with it I would shoot to the top of the social media board and then there were these meetings were to be like you know you guys got to be more like Kristi she's number one on the social mediator every weekend and so I am ashamed to admit that I was working the system to read
reflected I'm a time like this is what we've become that makes selfies with a slushie will get you more likes in an engagement to be here for news I went to school for that they've been working so hard for this for years I was one of the first things that I felt uncomfortable with then I started to notice this trend of when we do our new stories will let's make sure we talk to this person for the interview because they're advertising with us the worst thing I ever saw was there was an investigative piece being done on I don't want to sit still to this day don't want to say but it was a place that we were competing with this other Affiliates for to have a partnership for the end up for the end of the year we will call it the end of the year celebration that was a holiday celebration that was competing for sponsorship and it was investigated
put it being done on this place and they ended up calling it off and it was so clearly because they were afraid to lose that sponsorship they wanted the sponsorship and if we always what was going on that was the worst thing I've ever seen I started to because they entered the business because I'm very curious it started to get just ready to embark on your journey to success discover your Pappy Houston Christian University degree programs offer a wide range of courses led by expert faculty designed to allow you to reach your goals and find your calling whether you're drawn to the art of business the Precision of healthcare or the world of engineering open the doors to a higher education your journey starts at Houston Christian University learn more at that's as a contractor are choose Hardy fiber cement because I've seen it out before deciding other hard cider
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unsettled like I was bored essentially we did the same Stewart stories on her feet every year of course I pitched in what I could with investigative pieces and things like that but there was so much corruption even at the local level of it what you could do on an investigative piece I had worked in and got in police reports and in Christ all my T's and dotted all my eyes on a piece on I'm going in a in a local school and this mother trusted me. All these police reports the evidence was all there of how horribly her son was being bullied and just before my story ran the news director met with the superintendent of that school without me there and the story called off so essentially they were bullied the mother ended up being the mother out of
wanting for meet me to release the story so there's just so much corruption and even the local level and it really kind of gave me this perspective of how these things in these these relationships can expect us being an advocate for the public and us being able to tell the truth so I I had an agent out of New York been pushing to get me out of my hometown and I think I'm finally going to do it my kids are the ages if I wait any longer this is going to be harder to move it so he found me of a great gig in the Central Valley of California and it was kind of like I'm distracted too kind of push me into Network it was kind of a plan involved and so I went to the Central Valley of California Fresno and I was deleting her there and I was all excited to do I get to learn about a new community I get to dig in somewhere else and that was in March
2020 and we all know it became the mirrors that year when I thought it was going to be able to have all these different stories we were all clearly parroting the same thing which we now hilariously have video of all these anchor saying the same thing it was the ticker there were certain things are allowed to talk about I noticed that my scripts that my producers passed down to me didn't have sources so I was having to already with a ton of my plate look and find the sources for the information even if it was just like maybe as I'm trying to get an example if it said
is it is recommended that you that you get the shot I would I would just say that and then I would be like okay well who is it recommended by okay to see it so I would at least change it to the CDC is recommending and then you can ask the viewer decide whether you direct us easier. But the fact that a lot of these sentences were just written it's like coming for me that's not acceptable I also noticed that there was adjectives that Galore in all of my scripts I'm like why are there so many qualifiers in this sentence this is ridiculous so I did what I could is an anchor as far as like removing adjectives trying to get the other side but the return cases that there was only so much that we can do in the news world there's something called package and that's a self-contained video that might come down from National. The time I was working at a Sinclair affiliate and a Sinclair package would come down and National peace and it's self-contained and there was
one in particular that was just so shockingly and appallingly bad that I had to rewrite my intro that's the only things that you have control over as an anchor when you're when you're tossing to to stop and change so I had to basically rewrite my my intro and rewrite my tag to try and bring it some balance but I was just so disgusted with the piece that I took it line by line and to point out what was wrong with it thanks Willie at the time my news director was on board he's like yeah I don't this is bad you know I'm going to send it up to corporate with your nose but I won't really out you and so we were trying to balance the news out bring the balance and in there was there was resistance eventually my advocate in my news director who saw this as a problem he ended up getting fired and it was supposedly for some other a workers claim
you or something well a month after that Sinclair announced that they were laying off hundreds of thousands across the country due to the pandemic and I was on that list that have been able to kind of Do The Sensational drop them drop the mic moments in in and quit my story is different I I was laid off I had three kids no family in California there were plenty of times that I felt like I didn't feel good about having to put my face in front of what the Newton become but I just didn't feel like it would be responsible thing to just up and quit so God gave me an out what I say now is it an easy out know I mean it was stressful eyes out I'd moved across the country from Ohio to California and three kids
call Mom at the time and you know but I did feel good that that God gave me an out because I I definitely wasn't happy in that position well I kind of went from that to reaching out to lot of alternative media in a funny night my mom also was a huge fan of Infowars for many years and over the years as I was a news anchor she would send me stuff and I'm like yeah right now I'm like that since Paris honestly didn't really have time to look into the credibility of some of these other reports because I was just your very overworked you are a very overworked and in the news business they continue to try and do more with less so I was like okay fine I'll tell my story I sent it to all. And so I did I sent it to a bunch I heard back from oan and I heard back from a work and I had a great like over our country
patient with oan ultimately I had to go to California I had just spent
California restrictions in my kids and I couldn't even send my kids to school because of all that and still I had to get out of California stores in talks with employees but they never told me if there were a few any kind of job for me I didn't know if I wanted a job with them but I essentially I went in to meet with them and I came on as a essentially a whistle-blower to what was happening and here I am I in over 20 or veteran of traditional news corporate-controlled noose what I like to call it now and I'm kind of came as on as a whistleblower and then I was able to like work out a situation where they essentially became my sponsor I did some reporting for them but was able to keep my Independence in Anna and I also learned a lot you know working around those people and kind of was part of my own Awakening process it also kind of gay
give me the direction because here I was someone that yes I wrote my scripts and I rewrote my scripts a lot of the times cuz I never wanted to be in one of those compilation missed a thing as every one else but at the end of the day I mean it it was all very organized I had to prompt you know when it was time for us and so all the sudden I was thrust into this world we're like hey you want to cover this info were short so it's just there's no no it's not talk about whatever I want what I'll tell you what is very uncomfortable at first was Tells A lot of people a lot about freedom in general when you get so comfortable with like essentially being told what to do and if system they once were given total freedom it's like woah like what if I do it so it has been a growing process that I'm still working out and getting
candle on as far as this whole different world I would ever buried
put a lot of time effort into my skill as an anchor you even able to win any awards from the Associated Press which I'm sure they'd love to take away from me now I even got like I was with anchor a word from the Associated Press that was something I I put work into it and knew this is this is a whole different world for me that I'm still still learning but one of the things that I did as I was working with them is I put out a segment called media malfeasance and I was like I think I want to make this a regular thing but she may make it a regular thing and I can I can I pick out some some stories every week to basically giving you the malisis to and be able to educate people how they're being lied to what weapon is really up to material to do that every week every week
my tag line in that is bringing you which ignored sensationalized misleading we're just playing Falls and so I really look for those stories that the corporate needs is pushing and I try and in a fun and entertaining way explain to people how it's misleading or what the news is ignoring or what their overhyping I think so I've had fun with that and it's funny I it's just I didn't know if I would ever have enough material and now I'm constantly like cutting tons just to keep it with it like under 10 minutes yeah that's that's been fun for me and something that I've been able I think to make my own
that is awesome and it's funny because I am I am the exact opposite okay so what as far as with the what you're saying with get the scrip I have so much admiration for 4 anchors for people have a good friends who doesn't show and his entire shows have a got the teleprompter it shows it's the store in the house to ride any horses Riders and he can sit there and carry an hour-long show from there and I'm you know you give me four hours and no you know just just go talk I'll talk to you give me 30 seconds and in the script I'm just like either my wife or somebody else you know that when you read from a script you sound a lot like Captain Kirk from the Starship Enterprise because you sound like you're trying to enunciate but you're in the NCAA team completely
wrong and taking weird pauses in did you ever learn to read JD and it's like wow. Now I I mean I guess I guess not so I have so much admiration for that and with that said we have to go to break but I just wanted to take know the Today Show's brought you by Pfizer so, are you it's your thing in the by the way I didn't have to know anybody who has a watch your stuff when you when you know you're talking about serious issues and sometimes you take it in the area that you definitely could have done through corporate television okay you'll throw on a wig you'll talk to yourself and all of a sudden you put together most hilarious clip I just seen in in weeks and it's great we might actually play one of those here later but first we got to go to the break so let's do that Boogie right back
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you got going on tell us what is Cristy Lee doing today and hopefully tomorrow
yeah I'm having a lot of times I feel like I'm drowning you know there's the whole thing is starving artist what about starting working my way up to having a production team to back me to suddenly being thrust into a world where being asked to be a marketer a tech expert a Advertiser it is definitely come with its own set of challenges and so I'm just doing what I can to survive and I'm trying to find creative ways to bring it all together something that a lot of people might not know about me is I actually have a collaboration with Tick Tock I know Chinese my it's mine is with the company that that broadcast on Tic Tac and so I'll do live shows about wigs I'm not wearing a wig right now don't worry it's just it's just funny I fell into it because with my skills and hosting and delivery I've had to pick up these kind of side jobs and this is just something
it turned into the weirdest thing that I do live shows about wigs a couple hours a day. Just again as a way to bring an extra income cuz you know this world doesn't necessarily pay well you really have to rely on donations but in that I have like over 80 wigs now so I was like I got to figure out you know I guess they're playing with these as you were talking about earlier in seeing some of my recent media malfeasance I'm starting to generate some characters inspired by the leftist world you know I thought I have left just bleron I decided to call her you know what inspired by what people call Karen and I haven't named the newest one the blue her the blue-haired gender-neutral I'm a wreck that came out in last and last week's Minnie Mouse isn't trying to have some fun with that I mean let's face it you know is that when you die
in this world you're listening to hours of podcast of reading a ton for your own content that it can get depressing 888 can get feeling very defeating its exposing yourself to just how bad it is so I want to bring my theater experiences and some comedy and entertainment to this to help balance out the information we need to know with with making it not quite so depressing and being able to laugh at the absurdity of what is going on today so that's something I'm playing around with let me know I'm welcome to feedback if if that's something that you like and want to see more of but in addition to that I have a fairly new collaboration with American face media and that is headed by Pastor Phil Hatsune Hatsune pillar and he is
are there in California he was one of the churches there that refused to shut down during the lockdown in and out of that came the creation of American fake media and he was looking to expand into more video elements and I went out there and we talked about what could be a cool project and and basically what we came up with is what is now christylezz Daily Breeze and it is supposed to be the goal is to be around 5 minutes Monday through Friday and telling viewers the the top headlines essentially what you need to know but the way that I approached it is I'm like okay well we really want to make warriors truth Warriors right and whole concept of teaching is to tell somebody we're going to tell them tell them and then I told him right to use that as my inspiration for how I structure my Daily Breeze intro but I'm about to to tell them that I think is important for the day to know and tell them and she
and then I do like a Chase takeaways over to some up where I kind of have a sentence for each topic I try to make those fun and entertaining as much as possible there's a plenty of sarcasm in the delivery but it's important information and I think that we should be informed and if and I know that people need to be in form quickly so try and keep those around 5 minutes I always end up owing you can find those on American everyday but you can always find all my contents on my website which is k l i n. News you can also find it quickly but Klim. News is making easier way for you to find it cuz my name is spelled a little bit we are so you can find it either way we're also doing interviews throughout the week just interviewed Kevin Sorbo his his movie is coming out to eat left behind a Temptation and
also just interviewed harmeet dhillon who's running for the RNC chair so I try and also have high-profile interviews throughout the week of moving Parts everything that I'm doing but those are my my new projects and I'm still looking to to do more quite frankly because to be humble I don't have this all figured out as far as I put a lot of work and see what I do but but getting paid for it so I am looking to see what other collaborations I can make to to survive is to make this work it's been weird to have had you know once an agent at a New York and and he could he could take care of you no fighting for me for for me to get get to survive is honestly but yeah in my whole process it's it's funny that I didn't touch upon that before when I came in on Infowars I actually called
play New York New York agent just before I was about to appear and thankfully he didn't have to do it a cop-out and write an email but I've just basically said hey I'm I'm not going to need your services anymore and I just I decided that going in this direction is not where I want to go that the industry has changed too much I don't feel good about what I'm doing I think you so much for everything you've done for me but I'm going to go in a different direction and I pretty much kept it at that because I wanted to protect him I didn't want him to become a story like I do this is client that he was representing showed up I didn't want to take him on that road with me because it just didn't seem like a thing of Integrity you know everything for me like this is my choice and and I'm I want to keep him separate from it so so yeah I know I'm just in this world this wilderness
finger steaks
thankfully thankfully none of us are completely on her own and I think that everything ever in this the first time by the way it is for those who were who were curious will we hadn't talked to Christy before so all of this are just sitting here like yeah because it's all intriguing because I didn't know her story I knew Loosely you know a little bit here a little there but now you're just hearing it it does sound like like you are heading in the direction that you're supposed to be heading and that's the important part here in the world is heading in a very weird Direction it's it's a show in general which parking lot about the economy that was refreshing to hear that you you're actually got started with in the stock market stuff like that it will your folks obviously your own gold that we didn't used to be, when you see folks don't go law was all big on it in the truck you just like how loud you need gold in a silver just keep your money in stock market trouble take care of you
then we switch that up dramatically obviously because things have just gotten weird the last couple years you keep your finger on the pulse of everything is happening in the world as much as you can you do your news briefs daily you do you see what's happening over again for war is over we'll head that way in at the Liberty daily lot, more people should go check it out you see all this stuff so what are you seeing going forward and four years at Quest keep my bed today's episodes brought you by blakroc damn it I know I got to give up on those jokes they would still work it's unfortunate that there's so many people in the dark that don't realize just how serious all of this is definitely have always actually in my my own family business that we'd always encourage people to have tangible assets and obviously among them gold and silver and in anymore
it might sound ridiculous but I mean anything but stand to assets that can be ordered or traded in the worst case scenario I myself have always had some backup food you know just in case that didn't you know obviously the proper type food buckets that I've moved from Ohio to California tonight it's the bucket don't forget the food buckets to get out a minute I mean in some of this trust me I am not practicing everything I preached because I'm just so stinking busy lately but I want to do more in terms of it may make sure your arms make sure that you have plenty of ammo I mean not only is that for your protection but those can also be things that you can barter and trade with in the future so that is definitely the number one thing is to have
they always talk about that's that's a big Miss Miss number in the economic world is stockbroker is it that would be like make sure to diversify but they're all talking about within the same affect glass if you have diversification in stocks what you're not truly diverse the pie because it's all I'm doc market so you need to make sure that you're truly Diversified and you have not intend to act as if there are ways that you can invest in real estate you might want to look into something called a non-market read a real estate investment trust that's a way to play in the real estate world war between the lats of the liability and lots of the expense and obviously don't want to throw everything into that one thing you also want to have some insurance based products leg annuity but we have always recommended stay away from variable annuities because of the high fees and how much they are tied to
stock market so you might look at an equity index annuity there are those out there that have the propensity to maybe not capture as much of the upside if if the stock market market is doing well but it has protection to where it won't go below zero so it's always a good idea to make sure that you have a good mixture of yes sure some of the stock market but you can come play with equity-indexed annuities are great option and also real estate product like Real Estate Investment Trust non-market Reeds and then there's even things like oil and gas leases that you might be eligible for obviously you're going to want to talk to you in a disclaimer you going to win talk to your own adviser but if your advisor does not know what some of these things are like energy leases and non Market rates and equity-indexed annuities or if they try and talk them down as you might want to look at Friday
I knew I advised of it actually isn't in touch with what's happening in the world today and can adjust accordingly to those things
one of the one of the things we've covered I believe it was about how do you know I can tell you exactly what it was because I remember it was end of November around the end of November we did a story about a very little discuss executive order from the vine Harris regime where they were essentially incentivizing financial advisors to push ESG funds as much as possible and the key there is not another the incentivized are incentivized in a way that they were supposed to push ESG funds even if it lost people money and so I've been sitting for a long time to take a financial advisor picture you got a good one please read some Christian University degree programs offer a wide range of courses Blood by expert faculty designed to allow you to reach your goals and find your calling whether you're drawn to the art of business the Precision of healthcare
or the world of engineering open the doors to a higher education your journey starts at Houston Christian University learn more at that's what's going on you you do you do Financial advising I assume to to some extent or maybe all the way and I know I was kind of going off the couch here but is that is that true are you a financial advisor I guess the question the way that it works is you take you know 6 I had taken at 66 and the seven and so I was a registered investment adviser and you need to be you need to have a brokerage house to keep that active so the longest time that you keep it on hold is for two years and so when I was still trying to decide whether I wanted to stay in the financial business or go all-in in TV news I kept it on hold and then I did
not letting that expire if you will to the night because they won't you can't have you can't do both days so I obviously I mean I have the knowledge base but I'm not currently investment advising I am talking and in some collaborations with basically promoting other people's work they've if I believe in it but I don't have my license is active any longer I let those laps so that I could focus on what's definitely when you're ready if if you're ready let's give some advice from you on Hooda Hooda recommend cuz I don't have people asking all the time whenever I say hey find yourself a good financial advisor most a terrible because they don't push gold or silver and they they are pushing into work stuff if you got somebody recommend or whenever you do let me know so we can start recommending it.
people putting me and I want to make sure that I'm I'm giving good advice in so yeah I will definitely let you know I am really sad and by colleagues that are still in that world and trying to plan a system where I should just become you know propaganda puppets and and so I want people to understand to try and challenge even your local reporters and news anchors and but you don't have to do it in a very vindictive way if you just if you just say if you can try and do it in a nicer way I guess I'm things where you're disappointed at on coverage of most of the time it's it's national news related and there's still a lot of good local report it's really what's what's guided is these National narrative right so maybe you could just posed questions and comments like hey you know you're in a career where the society
solderless it says one of the tenants of Journalism is to hold those in power accountable do you feel like those in power right now are being held accountable you know what is the news doing to hold those in power, one of the basic tenets of Journalism that you see just so ignored you know journalist and become a PR representative for the administration completely ignoring their tenant which is to hold them accountable and the other tenant that I spoke to and kind of spark this whole thing off even when I was introduced traditional journalism is when the Frontline doctors were censored and I had colleagues like cheering us on and I was in in social medias pads
news anchors reporter reporter to me saying what how can you cure the sun one of the tenants in journalism is supposed to be a voice for the voiceless these this group of people is having their voice actively taking away and you're cheering it on and in you when I found out to go misinformation know what happened to both sides sure if you want to say it appears at this time that this minority of doctors have created a coalition that it is is resisting it what the majority of doctors that you're saying but like to ignore them altogether to not give their side at all this is no justification for that and it's unprecedented
I'm all set but it comes to three different groups of people is three groups of people that have no excuse and let me clarify so yeah Average Joe goes out there and they are they they're weighing and balancing whether or not they want to get the vaccines with and I want to get the mass they want to travel with it what I want to do I don't do they make their decision based on certain information some get very form Sunbelt case I'm getting good information good people some get bad information for those three people that don't have an excuse that is journalist doctors and politicians because the other ones that are making decisions not just on their behalf before other people so they have to be informed before they make recommendations before they decide you know what did share for one way or the other and if they don't then they have to be very neutral me that's the only that's the only option here because if you're not if you're a journalist and you sing out we need to quash any doctor that's that
you know doesn't recommend the Jazz then then you're not really a journalist of my book you're complicit in a in a scam and it is it's an it could go the other direction by the way as well you know anybody who says definitively you know I'm a journalist but but you know the the vaccines are there proven to be killing 2 trillion people or anything like that that bugs me just as much as they do know right when we don't we don't know what we don't know the stage so we know that the chances are seems to be no correlation of the very least but it looks as if the Jazz are killed a whole lot of people right and I can report that and and I'm okay with that but I'm not going to go out there and say that you know these vaccines here's what's here's the deal with it they were created by aliens and they they will take you in a few it depends on how many times you get jabbed by the by the year 2026 you will have green skin in this is based upon one doctor out of
Alice Switzerland is not really a doctor you know and it's that's not the you can't do both your you can't do that either anyway sorry that was a very very odd tangent it is crazy I mean you made a joke of like sponsored by Pfizer but like seriously what is it going to take for people to wake up we have information that we need to relay to our public in her audience who were supposed to honor and respect and the fact that you can't really I mean you're you're broaching the subject and you're saying it's certain things about this particular topic about buy their product and then you before you cut to break sponsored by Pfizer I mean this is so blatantly corrupt and it in ViaSat you know that that there would be an element of a motivation to talk about this company in a positive way and not fully investigate what you need to I mean it is just so Brayden is kind of like blows my mind
it should blow your mind as people are please find somebody posted me and I think a little early this morning that I'd never accept it so I'm sure it's been around for at least the last two years is not longer but the meaning was you know you've got Bill Gates who could say anything he wants by the vaccines anything he wants about covid-19 can't you know and this is obviously not a doctor that seems to be the case across the board it had nothing to do with some his Publications it had to do with which and gender they were pushing which narrative they were they were abiding by tell us again I know you already said it but but I forgot that the letters already it's I believe it's k l i n. Needs a Steely Independent Media climco Klim. News is an easy way to find me if you have trouble spelling my name otherwise I'm Christy Lee TV on like all of the platform
I shall get her actually get her I think I'm just Christi beach but Facebook I could really use some help with Facebook Facebook is really screwing me over right now so even if you know your real active go over to Facebook and show me some love their they're completely shadowbanning me it's it's absolutely insane so just to stick it to them if you could head over to my feet and Kevin already and share some of my contact from Facebook that's one of my largest following so that's why I try and keep that is try and keep it active eventually maybe they will take me off but yeah I mean I'm pretty much all the TV and then if you can't remember that then just go to my website Klim. News
s k r i s t i l e i g h so I'm that is between TV. I believe it's always easier as long as everybody can go to Klim. News Klim news and from there they get everywhere that's the easy and I tell people go to J D slash pine and that's where I got everything listed plus my telling him like that way it's easier for me because what if I do get banned on Facebook and tell her when you search me on Facebook they find some guy that's that's pretending to be me or maybe I was pretending to be him who knows but at least I can control up there so I have it in the one-page soak Alim. News you can find a daily Show's Wheatley
those articles wigs whatever you need your deal with find I'm just teasing you but it's still awesome stuff thank you so much for joining me today has been a very very awesome conversation again very soon and let's talk and I'm saying this publicly so that you know that it's that that I'm not blowing smoke let's talk about discern. TV we're hoping to launch in February and I'm putting you on the spot by saying that I want you involved so so now you can't say no no I would love to be too and I love the name and that got us something we all could use right now and we should be praying for it just a roommate because sometimes the good guys or the people that look like they're the good guys might not be in until we need to keep an open mind moving forward with with all of the things that have that discernment to know the difference
Williams that ain't that Christy thank you so much for being with me today
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what kind of shake when I'm going to and I I know I said I wasn't going to talk about food shortages but I was wrong and technically speaking I'm not the one that's going to be talking about I'm going to turn over to to the American Journal story about the chickens were in a really bad eggs but also about chicken it's important to know that our problems we're facing especially when it comes to feed the economy energy all that stuff is manufactured this is not happening by actions not just all the perfect storm of random events that are taking out there doing this on purpose and maybe it's even worse than we thought maybe it's worse than just oh yes they're calling chicken that's already bad enough be calling tens of millions of chickens we spread in the avian flu probably intentionally what if they're also trying to take the chickens that you have to protect yourself and I make it to where they stop laying eggs that would be bad and it seems to be the case
I so I'm going to play this video on the moon get back I will close out the final segment regarding guarding against me so so here's here's Infowars
chicken Farmers Blaine tainted feed after hens stop producing eggs
I'll talk Bella but we leave for chickens at our house and called Easter egg chickens cuz the eggs they lay are like blue and green really pretty and
they stopped laying eggs this winter
and my wife is like a blasted like a winter saying you know they need to preserve energy and then they start laying eggs again and sounded pretty reasonable.
Anderson I can that can have a little bit but then there is something very strange that happened in that we are outside playing the other day 2 days ago
and my son
started feeding Clover to the chicken so wee wees chicken feed to feed our chickens and but they love like eating grass and clover and stuff until my son was going around picking up clumps of clover in caged area of the yard they don't run around everywhere because by the way just on a quick side note there is a article on CNN I think it was seeing in yesterday that was saying but no the health concerns and but it is or may be a little bit older maybe like 9 months old actually got Salmonella poisoning from interacting with the chicken so I fear mongering just letting you know it is a risk so I don't know I didn't I don't care the outrage about that CNN article over there
the kids might put their poop in their mouth and then get salmonella up so be warned
but it seems like having a dog anyway right and he is going to have health insurance with it that's that's beside the point because after whatever they want we getting chicken feed and they run around their little chicken run area
but then decided to start feeding and clover leaf clover patches and grab a patch of clover and go feed the chickens they did that for a while and fed them a lot of clover and then the next day they laid eggs and kind of like what they've been on nothing but chicken feed but then you feed them clover in the next day they have eggs so this to me is perfectly aligned with everything else that we're seeing because farmers are blaming tainted chicken feed for hens not laying eggs videos Farmers bizarrely documented their hens laying out but decreased her altogether stopped sometime last year while egg-laying naturally cools over the winter a couple of the farmers in the video chickens haven't played since at least July since last July the Farmers Only commercial chicken feed to decrease output as the issue
showing doc documentaries providing documentation of the same phenomenon directly
this is very weird did I mean I guess it's the only thing you can say about it like this is this is not normal and it seems to me like definitely evidence of some sort of conspiracy if this is really happening if the chicken feed itself is causing chickens to no longer lay eggs
a lot of questions what is it about the chicken feed is being done on purpose what chicken feed producers are having this effect like it's a high-end stuff we we don't cheap out on that on the Chicopee we could do organic stuff we get said
we're thinking about maybe introducing a supplement line for chickens got super super chicken Vitality maybe we should we can hire my son as a great
chicken number five number 50 there is a debate online right now of whether or not chicken feed and what brand you're feeding your chickens is causing them to not lay as well anymore so I want to show you can you can do with this information whatever you want everything
American Heritage artist year in ethics banding are the video last time I've been adding water and soaking my chicken feed since I got them and they're about 2 years old now the water expands the fetus stretches it longer you can warm it up you can call it easier to digest in summer and fall of last year the seed absorbing the water they would sit 5 minutes 10 minutes and form from Tractor Supply in water because it was pointless and I would give the pellets dry to my chickens in there will be times where they would let it sit for days and not touch it the temperatures outside had dropped they were molting the feed wasn't doing what I wanted it to so I can use the one thing I had control over and I started buying feed from a local Feed Store the difference is noticeable immediately as soon as because it smells so much better I don't know what happen if producers Pride
doesn't have a smell anymore the one from the local Feed Store smells great looks great has a better color to it and my birds love it cuz I don't know about you guys want on this Homestead in this economy I don't have the time or the money to invest in layers that aren't Lane deleuze even if you spend a little bit more to replace the feed your currently using again
again I can bring bags out and we go to a local Feed Store I don't know what brand we buy exactly but it's something out the cheapest stuff it's good stuff but yeah we had this exact same experience feeding chickens lay eggs all over something very disturbing going on here and other people are replacing their chicken with other brands of chicken feed but actually different feed entirely and also having positive results clip from this article in nearly 30 something years of raising chickens I have never gone without even just one and since your way for Halloween I have not gotten a single eggs about a week ago and I
I no longer in feeding chickens
I have switched my girls
steel cut oats black sunflower seeds and go feed there's something something to this little tin foil hat on kind of weird kind of weird that way when she was sitting going to do recognize anyone's voice
I appreciate your listening to go in the first part of that video again listen to the background voice nearly thirty years raising chickens I have never gone with him would be listening to the war room one researcher claims the feed could be contaminated with the same experimental RNA technology and covid vaccines backing up his dirty with screenshots of various studies about army or in a experimentation in the food supply others claim sang the egg drama is being blown out of proportion on social media it's partly due to unforeseen challenges examples from across the country also you had the bird flu last year so obviously
are the amounts as well yeah it's pretty scary stuff after the break will I've got an article by when my favorite author is Brandon Smith as he talks about the dollar and its really would have all comes down to it right at the end of the day what they're pushing force and to make digital Traxxas so stay tuned
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go to Lake neat well for the Apocalypse
it's not just about chickens not just about about the stock market it's not even just found a gold or silver it's not about our wealth it's not about control his control but it's not about control the day it really is about control and future and they want complete and total control the way they will be able to do that as the tank US economy in the easiest way for them to thank the US economy is to let us collapsed under the weight of our own debt in the can and will happen if they can do one thing if they can take down the petrodollar they can get get soil traded across the globe in something other than the dollar then they are communists toast
once the u.s. dollars no longer the world Reserve currency once it's no longer the exclusive way the countries can can buy most oil in the world
then nobody will be dependent on us anymore no Nations will have to look to us to Tequilas propped up because it's really the only reason we can survive having over thirty one trillion dollars a national debt is because if we fall and everybody else calls with us that won't be the case if they transition away in according to Brandon Smith over at all bash Market. You asked that's exactly the direction they are trying to take us article app
when the article a title is a dollar collapse is now and motion study Arabia signals the end of petrol status
meet you sing this world words has me very very concerned unfortunately it only gets worse from here
like I said before you start on the Doom and Gloom you missed in the beginning I was like to say this make sure that everybody knows I'm not really legitimate concern as far as the that the whole the whole scheme of things I've read my Bible I know how the Bible and I know I know I have a general idea of the Glorious fate that awaits so now I'm not sitting here thinking all what was me you know we're not going to be what we're going to have to cancel Netflix
we are dead but whatever it is long as you have that biblical worldview you should be fine
I know that it sucks that people are going to suffer the we're probably many of you and I my family were going to have to suffer through these hard times
but in the end will be okay so keep that in mind let's get this article by Brandon Smith the client of a currency's world is their status is often a long process Rife with Aniya there are numerous economic experts out there that have been dismissing any and all warnings of dollar class for years they just don't get it or they don't want to get it the idea that you as a currency could ever be dethroned as the de facto global trade mechanism isn't possible in their minds one of the key pillars keeping the dollar in place as the world Reserve is its petrol status in this pack is often held up as the reason why the Greenback cannot fail the other argument is that the dollar is backed by the full force of the US Military and the US military is backed by the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve in other words the dollar is backed by the dollar it's very circular in my position
the sentiments are not only pervasive among mainstream Economist they are also all over the place within the alternative media see it's not just corporate meeting that we have to worry about him fortunately not enough in conservative or alternative media are talking about the stuff why harp on it so much that's why I tell people go to J D gold as soon as possible
I suspect me back the article I suspect the main hang-up for Liberty moving animals is the notion that the globalist establishment would ever allow the dollar are all the US economy to fall isn't a dollar systemd Golden Goose the answer's no it is not their Golden Goose the dollar is just another stepping stone towards their goal of a one world economy in a One World Currency they have killed the world Reserve status of other currencies in the past why wouldn't they do the same to the dollar Globe was white papers and Essay specifically outlined the need for a diminished role for the US currency as well as a decline in the American I'm not laughing I'm laughing at just in case any of you miss my interview earlier with with Ivory ha I said when I say I've been told this before the when I read I sound like Captain Kirk and now I got it stuck in my head
that I'm reading this myself like Captain Kirk
I'll start it over, don't nothing stopping at Kirk stop thinking of Kirk all right over there where there
globo's white papers and essays specifically out why the need for a diminished role for the US currency as well as a decline in the American economy in order to make way for Central Bank digital currencies and a new Global Currency system controlled by the IMs I worried about this years ago in my position has always been the derailment of the dollar would likely start with the end of its petrol status in 2017 and published an article titled Scotty khuu signals war and New World Order reset I noted the time the time that the sudden shift over to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman NBA has indicated a change in Saudi Arabia's relationship to the US I stated that is a quote from again 2017 to understand how the school has been considered us for decades cytokines maintain political balance by Doling out of vital power positions to separate carefully chosen successor position such as defense minister
your ministry and the head of the National Guard today in Mohammed bin Salman controls all three positions foreign policy defense matters decisions and social changes are now on the hands of one man the rise of MBS was backed by the public investment fund a fun comprised of trillions of dollars supplied by globalist with in Carlisle Bush Family Guy Goldman Sachs Blackstone and BlackRock MBS Garner the favor of the globalist for one specific reason he openly supported their vision for 20-30 a plan for the dismantling of fossil fuel-based energy in the implementation of carbon controls yes that's right the head of Saudi Arabia is backing the eventual end of oil-based energy and part of that includes the end of the dollar as the petrol currency
in exchange for their cooperation Sally's are being given access to ESG like funding as well as access to AI advancements in the so-called digital economy it sounds crazy there's much talk of AI development secure numerous health problems and extend lifespan with these kinds of promises it's not surprising that sodding Elites would be willing to dump the dollar and even oil 2017 Brandon Smith noted I believe the next phase of the global economic reset will begin in part with the breaking of petrodollar dominance in importance of my analysis on the Strategic ship away from the petrodollar has been the symbiosis between the US and Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia has been the single most important key to the dollar remaining as the Petro across from the very beginning
I believe the threat to petrol status would ultimately be spurred on by a proxy war between East and West I mean I know Brandon Smith gets a lot of flak as far as his regard to to freeze a faith-based issues but here's the thing is not when your standard chicken littles okay I used to rip them chicken littles when Y2K was around you get all these people saying always the end is the end okay I was chuckling I was I think I was eating Whataburger somewhere in Oklahoma City when when the crossover half months ago oh wow New Year's great you know that it didn't break no no did not
so I am against fear-mongers for the sake of fear-mongering Brandon Smith is not one of the sleeping making predictions and he is very similar to how Alex Jones his predictions about the New World Order are starting to come to pass David Icke all these people when it comes to the economy when it comes to this type of stuff nobody has been more right when it comes to predicting the rise and fall of the dollar in the halls of the things nobody's been more right than Brandon Smith over at alt Dash Market. Us
anyway I will inspect the article I believe that the threat the petrol status would ultimately be spurred on by a proxy war between East and West again he saying this in 2017 and look what's happening now he said quote World economic war is the real name of the game here as the globalist play puppeteers to East and West is a geopolitical crisis that will have free time that they will have created to engineer public support for a solution to a predetermined sounds very Hungarian dialectic ish
and I see article back when I thought that such a proxy war would be initiated in the Middle East possibly in a rock that however it's clear that that Ukraine is the powder cake the globalist the chosen at least for now with Taiwan being the next shoe to drop in the years since I made these predictions the relationship between Saudi Arabia Russia and China has grown very close arms deals and energy deals are becoming a Mainstay of trade and this has led to a quiet with steady distancing of the Saudis from the dollar it's past week The Dominoes were set in motion $4 class on Saturday Arabia announced at Davos that they are now willing to trade will in alternative currencies
in response Fusion ping pledged to ramp up efforts to promote the use of the Chinese yuan in energy deals This falls in line with another article I wrote in 2017 title and economically and game continues in which I described how conflict with Eastern Nations China and Russia would be exported to create a catalyst for the end of the dollars petrol status importance of a sudden announcement cannot be overstated this is the beginning of the end of the dollar the dollar store has her status is largely dependent on its petrol status without one you cannot have the other this is almost the exact same Dynamic that left the implosion of the British Sterling decades ago as the global petrol currency which resulted in the rise of the dollar to take its place
this time though it will not be a single foreign currency to takes on the role of well-deserved it will be a basket currency system controlled by the Ottoman and I've called special drawing rights remember those words special drawing rights along with a single Global digital currency that is yet to be named but is now under development stop by there real quick so we talked about this a lot and I want to make sure that we get the rest of the article I want to make sure this point is made the digital dollar is not the end digital you want the digital Ruble the digital whatever is usual euro-k pick one pick all of them is going to do is Curly like 30 or 40 in development on this men that are already in place to some extent the various degrees and of course we here in the United States were in the process of testing out the digital dollar I said this before I'll say it again it was a few more times until I'm proven wrong I'm a firm believer that the 87,000 IRS agents that's not just for
sake of auditing middle classes and small businesses middle-class people and small businesses there just aren't that many people that are cheating on their taxes it wouldn't it would be a stupid investment that move never made sense until I saw it in context with the idea
but they are going to need an army of people physical people not just people on the on the phone's not know so call center they're going in the Dunedin stupid only people that will be able to go around the country go to businesses how to install software in the process make it easier for them to quickly roll out the digital Dollar in the what's this is done once you've got digital currencies across the board with most Nations that would be in my humble opinion again I'm not basing this on on any knowledge and basing this on you know putting on my my evil globalist cabal member hat trying to think like them and thinking long once how do you get to One World Currency and get everybody on a digital currency said it's all normalized and then you can track them all you hacked me figure out a way to make it to where oh crap we can't use the digital dollar anymore with a digital Euro or the digital whatever we're going to have to use something else
he's already tied into this whole digital currency thing so now crap what do we do what do we do oh look
look you're so he's come along that they've been able to do to develop and they've been in development for a long time a single digital currency that can be used across the board that will level the playing field that will that will bring Equity to economies across the globe
it will talk with everybody will laugh at us asking the United States because they say that we're just trying to maintain their dominance a dominance that they believe is now at that point over
and they won't be wrong
again Shady Rucker. Calm gold please please do yourself a favor
bhakti article pull up the article that's why I cannot wait honey I just got through the bread last break I sent an email to my prize soon-to-be production team is like a guys were almost should be ready next next week you guys get ready just waiting on some studio stuff then we'll be ready to rock and roll them either we go got it I'll write the consequences consequences of the loss of Reserve status will be deaths in the US economy is the only glue holding your system together the ability to do for inflation by exporting it overseas is a superpower only the USM Joyce the FED can print money perpetually if it wants to in order to fund the government and or prop up US market as long as foreign central banks in corporate banks are willing to absorb dollars as a total for global trade if the dollars no longer the primary International Trade mechanism the trillions upon trillions of dollars
is Created from thin air over the years will come flooding back to the us through various Avenues in hyperinflation or hyper speculation will be the result is dynamic is already in play ask for holders of the u.s. debt and dollars have been dumping them at a record Pace since 2017 the process continues at a time when the Federal Reserve is cutting its balance sheet and raising interest rates which means there is no longer a buyer of Last Resort
this may be multiple foreign central banks have renewed their purchase of this may be why sorry this may be why multiple foreign central banks have renewed their purchase of gold reserves and are once again stockpiling precious metals they seem to be well aware of what is about to happen to the dollar or the American public is kept in the dark. Keep in mind again this article. It is so cold I am yes I would love for you to to to buy goal and if I didn't have them as a sponsor I would still tell you buy precious metals physical precious metals writing is on the wall
I know not everybody can I can't have the money to go buy me a yo $10,000 worth of silver coins her or I don't have a retirement to throw a hundred ran into a into a self-directed IRA
okay but those who do need to pass quickly as possible JD Rucker. Com Ira three choices one small one medium one large fits your personality fits your style fits your goals that you desire one or all three of them will be able to help
that is my show her the day Lord willing I will be back very soon with another episode of the meantime, stay strong stay safe and God bless

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