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JD Rucker Show, January 1, 2024

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Hamas and Anti-Zionists Are Indoctrinating More Every Day

Title: Hamas and Anti-Zionists Are Indoctrinating More Every Day


The information war is being fought on the streets, in schools, and on the airwaves. Support for Israel's quest to rid the world of Hamas terrorists is starting to fade. Meanwhile, Lindsey Graham is running cover for Joe Biden. The Chinese Communist Party wields climate change hysteria to take out our food supply. Artificial intelligence is becoming more dangerous. And Nikki Haley is being propped up with manufactured numbers.

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Recorded: December 18, 2023

JD Rucker Show

JD Rucker Show
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News and Opinions relevant to Americans today in the realms of politics, culture, and religion. Host JD Rucker from NOQ Report delivers truthful and intriguing commentary from a conservative perspective with co-host and wife Tammy.

We tackle issues that most won’t touch. Even conservative and many “alternative” media outlets refuse to talk about “taboo” topics for fear of losing money from Google, traffic from Facebook, or sponsors who are “woke.”

We don’t take on woke sponsors. We don’t get traffic from Facebook. We don’t take money from Google. We know we’ll get canceled by some, but the truth is the truth. We won’t hold back.

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wow what a weekend or was it was a crazy weekend as we look back on it was last night I'm sure everybody's already here by now but the last night a part of Joe Biden's motorcade got hit big news for little bit until she realized it was probably just something something innocent maybe maybe a drunk driver maybe just a reckless driver maybe it wasn't that big of a deal but it's just so happened that the Collision took place right when Joe Biden video this lady say why is Trump beating you in the polls and buy mumbled something as he's walking the car then you hit the crashing so we'll go over and the sky sky the hit the Fart Car in the motorcade house out in the street strange stuff that I should have pushed Joe Biden in there nobody thinks it was related to anything but it drew attention away as did pretty much everything else of course this entire weekend. I've almost tried to avoid social media it's rough because I have to use social media when I'm running V Liberty but I did enjoy it one bit.
how to recertify with post was was a picture of some dude back who would have been engaged in the in the homosexual porn in the Senate chambers we cover this quiz last Friday and now we're stuck stuck with talking about it and it just bugs me a boars me okay I get it it's one of those things for school / media barely touched at all and those who did touch it of course he blamed Republicans conservative media this former former staffer for Senator Ben Cardin he he's playing with us he says all you know this is all about homophobia it's weird whenever you see these events happen the radical that always tends to the point of some sort of bigotry is the reason that we're paying attention to their their Follies now it's because of what they do it's not who they are when the matter they could have been a heterosexual female was engaged in
sex in the in this chamber is Senate chamber we still be talking about it wouldn't matter if it was a Republican or Democrat eight or whatever but they don't look at it like that they always have to turn it in by Danity politics because that's all they've got that's all they've got I mean if we can say one good and bad thing about Barack Obama's good and bad that he made the Democrat Party essentially focused solely 100% on identity politics and every single possible decision they make every policy every decision every statement everything they do is about identity politics is not about actually saw me any real problems is about manufacturing more problems in those problems are generally fake and not real okay this is why we always have always hate hoaxes they have to have these eight hope so because there's lately actual number true legitimate hateful actions taken against these these groups he's protected groups that are very minimal so they have to manufacture them it's all manufactured it's all a gigantic lie I do want to start the day off to negative
man it really is we had I am fest I was a positive I'm going to be talking more about that later actually I'm going to stay there for the second hour but I do want to talk a bit about about these conferences and stuff like that it those who watching the past I'm not a big fan of CPAC not for any other reason just because c-pack is it's really turned into a it's it's like a it's just a who's who is a kahoot yes are you going to see pack if you're not going to see packed and you don't get your conservative card renewed in as it's like I don't know I get it but I don't I don't
I will be talking about it though because I want I want to stress the importance of what we have to do when you're not just with this coming election year but also just in general this isn't about it we've gone beyond the point of being able to to try to win on the basis of ideas not because her ideas are wrong but because the the adversary doesn't go around ideas they don't try to to make it fair and talk to take their ideas versus Howard this instead they like to just because there are no ideas at all the try to quash our ideas so there's only one real way to fight it and that's to make it louder means we need to build the base I'm not talking about the Republican base I'm talking about the America First that the true constitutional conservative base the populace base if you will whatever it however you want to label it the debates of those people those of us who actually wants to fight for the sake of Freedom we got a good show today
we got a great show today with Lindsey Graham so it is what it is
other weekend do you party swamp Unleashed one of their favorites Talking Heads to go on to the Sunday shows it took Senator Lindsey Graham and told him to go try to throw a smoke screen a monkey Ranch whatever you want to call it into the whole world Biden impeachment scenario and he did just that watch Justin in Korean to President Biden your colleague Republican senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa said that he does not see any evidence quote that the president is guilty of anything do you agree with him is there any evidence so far you know I haven't really been paying that much attention to it they have to forward that to prove that President Biden some out financially benefited from the business enterprises of Hunter Biden will see done it yet in your mind if there were smoking gun I think would be talking about it but let's be clear about two things number one the role of u.s. Senator the responsibilities of a US senator
under three categories number one that supposed to pass legislation that shouldn't have so much less legislation as they do but needless to say they are supposed to pass some legislation a to supposed to represent the interests of the people in the state the people that they actually directly represent the people that voted for their supposed to represent those people and their interest number three and arguably most importantly they're supposed to offer oversight for the Executive Branch the extremely powerful executive branch at Founders knew that it's executive branch didn't have certain checks and balances that enabled them to be to be held responsible and then they wouldn't be they wouldn't be able to police themselves as we seen through multiple presents he's over over the years of the Decades Joe Biden is arguably the worst that they arguably I'm going to see the Monster but he is the worst he is the most corrupt president we've had in modern history the very least crafts in American history
and for the sitting US senator a senior sitting US senator said that he hasn't paid attention when the current president of the United States is credibly accused of multiple mass mass of National Security crimes rivalry influence for sale to foreign interests receiving money from multiple Nations multiple non-government organizations from foreign foreign bodies he's not paying attention and that is I was just say right now that is grounds for him to step down he's lost his touch apparently if he hasn't paid attention to the most important news story the most important development of the day at a time when there are so many important developments this is it this is most important one the most powerful man in the United States of America is likely compromised
and US senator isn't paying attention to that step down sir step down
this isn't just your not just an embarrassment if you're not paying attention you not just an awful Senator your traitor and you need to leave immediately
number to the other things we learned is that he's using the good old if I would could you I don't know what it's called it's it it's a tactic I forgot what there is the name for an after-hours I was thought of it if you would put cheese using the tactic of of answering questions by saying well I'm not saying that what you're saying is false but if it were true don't you think this or don't you think that he says you know is there ask him do you think that you think that he should be impeached she's like wow you know if there was a Smoking Gun I think we would all be talking about it as if he's not aware that of course corporate media is not going to talk about the multiple multiple unambiguous clear as day smoking I mean it is you can't breathe there's so much smoke around all these guns that are demonstrated Joe Biden is corrupt compromised you took bribes his entire crime family needs to be behind bars
but of course, he's not going to talk about it because they love him they hate Trump to hate Republicans with a definite hate Trump the most and they don't have it all Republicans that we saw people that that putting our next to the name they don't hate Lindsey Grande loveland's G because he's going to run run smoke for them smoke screens for the Democrats as he's doing right now noticed you didn't say that I don't think that you'll buy this disorder I don't think Joe Biden to that he sang I if you did don't you think that this will be terrible to be talkin about the Smoking Gun
insinuating that since corporate media is not talking about the multiple smoking guns they must not exist in short not only is he a traitor but he's hoping and I think in his heart he truly believes that you and I are stupid if that alone he should step down and probably a lot worse you should probably go to jail cuz I do believe he is a traitor so sorry Senator I'm not sorry
the Chinese Communist party is laughing at a state laugh at us often especially over the last 33 years or so under under Joe Biden there a laughing hysterically I'm talking about like deep belly laughs at at our actions and in particular the rest of the world for being so obsessed with climate change they realize they know just as our own leaders know that climate change that we study the agenda is a hoax I'm not saying whether we have weather patterns we have changes in those patterns yeah but that's as far as man-made climate change it's going to to kill us in 10 years 20 years whatever five years three years depending on who you which which cult member you listen to they they know it's not true our own leaders know it's not true but still we are perpetuating the the scan for the sake of a fact for the sake of advancing the globalist agenda and meanwhile China is laughing at us but every now and then they will take advantage of
National obsession with climate change and then really Western society's obsession with climate change and then I'll take advantage of it when they can use it to harm us the story over at Daily Caller by Nick Pope you can find it we have a cross posted with permission of course over at the CERN. TV / food Dash un and it's long but you can check it out. TV / food Dash un here's what's what's in the latest food report from the UN body run by an ex CCP official United Nations food and agricultural organization in agency headed by former Chinese Communist Party official issued a Sunday report calling for decreased meat consumption in developed countries and other sweeping changes to agriculture in order to fight climate change and we seen variations of this over it seems like every single week every couple of weeks some agency some global
organization some some oligarch queso technocrat is out there saying that we need to reduce consumption here in the United States in Western Society especially beef does beef is bad we was killing you know somehow someway have been been on the earth for all this time and you now now they're they're killing us with their farts allegedly reports that the article the report released ahead of the UN climate science conclusion calls on policymakers to substantially alter agricultural markets in order to fight climate change and line the agricultural system what's the climate agenda
the FAO is led by Sudan you the ccp's former Vice minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs who's been accused of using his post as at a global institution to advance beijing's specific interests and here's a quote from the FAO report providing health food for all today and tomorrow is crucial as is aligning agri-food systems transform transformation with climate actions agri-food systems should address food security and nutrition needs but but it shouldn't just feed people there's a big but they're but they host a large number of actions aligned with mitigation adaptation and resilience objectives simultaneously the climate agenda could mobilize climate Finance to unlock the potential of these systems and drive their transformation in one paragraph can they were able to throw out the entire game plan you know yes we need food when you better nutrition but we need to do it in a way that we control
it's all about climate change it's all about climate change number 3 this could actually be a good thing if we get enough money to battle climate change so then maybe ask the ask for the money they they use the boogeyman the skeleton key of climate change and on top of all that they said oh by the way you peasants can'ts can't determine your own food you can't grow your own food you can't eat whatever food you want you must was what's the smarter people the technocrats we are the ones that can determine what food you will be eating in the very near future
Erica goes on it and it's one of those ones that just the more you read it the angry or you'll get so I'm not going to read anymore cuz I'm already in it it was a g put me in a bad mood earlier so so let's go ahead and just put that story aside and focus on the real yes they are coming after a food supply yes they are coming after our food supply I cannot repeat that enough okay. Schwab and I'm sorry class was the predecessor always said
who controls the food supply in control the people and that is one of their goals in their the population control agenda using climate change even the CCP knows he's a former CCP. There's no such thing as a former CCP guy okay there are CCP people and then the only quote on quote for Mur CCP people are dead but sit your CCP for Life once you're in you're you're you're in there is no going out it's like Hotel California okay who's down with CCP yeah you know this guy is chooses funny enough cute on you a few cute on you for for taking advantage she doesn't believe in climate change she doesn't believe it is using this that this entire organization the entirety of the United Nations is using it for their depopulation in control agenda this is why we watch are coming in the first place but I will say
can now but if you're watching this for Christmas now is the time OK Google have or never going to have it again I can almost guarantee it I want to promise you never know what's going to happen but we are for the first time ever offering a 25% discount by using promo code one time 25 at will help you to to eat better not yesterday but also in the future Ribeyes New York strips tenderloins high-quality freeze-dried long-term storage 25-year shelf life all American all Texas beef so check it out promo code 1 * 25 I mean.
hopefully my eyes the vast majority of you already realized they are coming after the food supply they've been coming out of the food supply for a long time they're going to they're in the process of attempted to use food to Ashley possibly control is so I just threw inflation. Just threw shortage they're trying to control every aspect of her diet to try to make it to where to where will only live in 15 minutes cities we won't have any choice about what food to eat and none of it is going to be good for us it will be genetically modified let me Cricket's it'll be lab-grown it'll be something that was that was born in a Petri dish and not a pasture that's not what I want that's why we want your company in the first place but make sure that your friends are where make sure you relatives or where cuz I think I get the feeling a lot of people just don't know and they just don't get it and I understand that if they're watching Fox News or CNN or whatever those of you who are watching and listening to me when there are others out there that are saying it but but me and particular you will know that yes the food supply is under attack
and there's no helping it at the end of the table okay it's like you learn how to take care of yourself take care of your family starts talking up plant your garden get your chickens if you can
do whatever you can to take control of your own food security stock up because there's going to come a time when a whole lot of people are going to wish they had and you don't want to be one of those people cuz that's talked about gnashing of teeth just not gnashing on steaks like like we will be
there are very many a lot of arguments in favor of artificial intelligence you can really make a great case and of course my perspective of those who have listened to me before talk about artificial intelligence you know the my perspective it doesn't matter how many positive uses you can find for artificial intelligence the negatives will I weigh them because the negatives are that this is an existential threat to the human race this is an existential threat to life on this planet and that's not hyperbole that is reality and I'm not talking about just from a Skynet you know Terminator perspective there are a lot of reasons for for us to be concerned about artificial intelligence and for us to essentially hit the brakes permanently artificial intelligence isn't going to to emerge that it's not going to to become transcending in this planet have been many movies talking about it we are at that station human
Square science fiction is going to become reality very very very soon as positive things and I know last week was Friday reference to an article I didn't talk much about about a reference reference an article that I had seen about how artificial intelligence is being discussed to replace news anchors I said that's one of those if I wasn't a skeptic if I wasn't a conspiracy theorist by was I was blinded by the Allure of artificial intelligent I would say you know what that kind of makes sense you know you can have a pinion people and you show host that are asking questions in offering their perspectives and commentary and all that stuff but when it comes to new technically speaking what would think that you could actually improve on news reporting by letting artificial intelligence just simply take the facts and regurgitate them in the easily digestible format for humans
using artificial intelligence to write articles for example that is another one where you could say technically speaking as long as you're transparent about as long as you're not pretending like Sports Illustrated was pretending that the day they're making a fake names for these AI people you know they're actually giving them pretending like they were actual reporters they were reporting on these things despite the fact they were they were they were completely artificially generated whatever I don't see anything wrong with that again I have to be crystal clear everything is a slippery slope when it comes to artificial intelligence really is any anything that you you start 2-0 you know that's not so bad maybe I can just do this
everything is a risk when it comes to a i and if I if I thought that we could somehow stop it then stop it from emerging stop stop people from researching a stop Google in China and everybody else from doing their thing chat gbt Microsoft everybody's getting involved in which we attach artificial general intelligence which is either coming soon or it's already here and we don't know about it when we combine that with digital access internet access and then on top of that put it behind for the quantum computer behind it's game over essentially we will then literally have our artificial intelligence computer overlords
I know those people people have smarter people than me and made the connection between artificial intelligence and end times prophecy but that's that's for another day we'll discuss that some of the time for now I want to talk about Los angeles-based TV channels that is set to launch AI news anchors in 2024 so if you're watching this with the middle of December now right and you're watching this in January than you're already there it's already happening since by Laura Harris over a natural News television channel based in Los Angeles is set to launch news anchor has generated by artificial intelligence in February 2024 based it's all it's all becoming a I will be debuting to digitally create avatars and cortical digital doubles created by the channel by next year the Daily Mail reported these digital news anchors will be reporting news updates on global events they will also be featuring
in free streaming TV platforms Adam Mason channel was founder said news reports will come from trusted official sources like public records and government documents in partnership with undisclosed Legacy news outlets commission freelance journalist and AI generated news reports the digital news anchors will then report the news on are awesome added that channel 16 to provide viewers with a personalized news experience similar to the popular social media app Tik-Tok throw up Oaks game we're going to be speaking Mandarin at any point
the app is designed to adapt to user's preferences over time learning their habits and interest whether it's financial news sports or other topics channel on will you also use digital double anchors to replace the voice and mouth movements of people in new stories with an English translation holy cow deepfake translators awesome this in turn will transform local news stories into an accessible format for international audiences if we can generate in this report from last week and then we're doing going to do a better job of informing you and showing you what you're looking for in your allotted time
now there are some very clear risks with this but the biggest one according to Laura over at natural news is the the risk of fake news as she puts a medium fresheners and critics expressed fear over the development voicing it out potential consequences that could befall the dying news industry there's a quote from Chris Kristen Ruby CEO of the public relations firm Ruby Media Group says if you believe in the concept of fake news you haven't seen nothing at least your news is presented by humans when an AI news anchors replace human news anchors the concept of fake news will have a different meaning we see today reporter Alec lasenby denounced the utterly terrifying idea of having AI news anchors the development of an entirely a I powered broadcast is beyond impressive it could have used a huge ramifications when all ready to play the news industry and accelerate the loss of high-quality reporters and anchors
like I said there's some positive news news in general is a result of their poor poor judgement this is not a solution for artificial intelligence is not the right Solution that's because the fake news risk but because it does it it puts in the truth is that the biggest risk in my humble opinion which is 2 to subtly
propagandize us to subtly gas light has a few think that it's bad enough and it's already happening you're right if you think that it's as bad as it can get your not even close artificial intelligence will learn and be shown by humans how to start manipulating Us in ways that we have no idea we we don't see it we can't hear it it's just there but it's mines I won't be watching it that's for sure not because I'm concerned that all they're going to indoctrinate me to suddenly you know drink oat milk instead of regular milk my concern with that it's because there's going to be there going to be ways and they are going to get into our heads. OK Google visual through the audio through a combination of the two won't just be simple you know false reporting and we sneaking in other aspects through technology is stuff we talked about DARPA level stuff that's going to be utilized
I guarantee you they're already working on they're already doing it probably okay this is just enhances the ability for that to happen if the name is Asma there's a movie from the 80s and no not not they live differently from the scanners there's no wasn't scanners obvious I forgot the name. I'll try to find a break and see if we can we can highlight that but it's it was terrifying because it did talk about the ability to to manipulate people and probably enough presciently enough through Basie take take take the actors or the news anchors and they would be would be able to the scan them and then generate them artificially so that they can be made to say whatever they want
the whole idea behind deepfake technology combining artificial intelligence which your they're your people would like to say I am a idee fixe it's it's one driving the others not the other way around. It's all on the same in other words artificial intelligence has very is unlimited applications one of those applications is to be able to generate deepfake videos right and audio simultaneously address but then once you combine the actual that's that's with us humans giving an input to to this tool that can create the pic once you have artificial intelligence actually driving the deepfake messaging actually putting the the words but also the sounds the annunciations the subliminals that's where it gets really just truly terrified I'm already convinced that a large part I don't know if it's a majority it probably is it could be a vast majority of a large part of our population specially in westerns
and very particularly here in the United States is already brainwashed brainwashed beyond beyond Redemption brainwash the point that they can't different degrees brainwashing but either they're brainwashed with they have anger when they don't need any cuz I brainwash the point to where in England faced with an ambiguous truth they refuse to see it they're incapable of seeing we know this because we've seen in these is an example of course it's the look at the unhinged left we already see that you can give them fax you can give them a logic you can give them the the truest truth is out there and it can open it doesn't make a dent that's not somebody who's acting that's not something he was like oh well sorry I do know what a woman is but I'm going to pretend like I don't know they legitimately
many of them have been reprogrammed the point where they truly can't I mean it's like I can't fathom the idea that that we think that a woman is actually a biological female human like what these simpletons why do they think that you know it's new wants complex was taken into account the feelings and emotions in the true identity because because nobody else can know what's in that side that person and I mean it's just like it's it's it's infuriating now here's the thing take all this brainwashing all this indoctrination
increase exponentially make it tenfold 100,000 million fold that's where we start getting into what the possibilities are for indoctrination for brainwashing you lysing artificial intelligence that is driving artificial intelligence generated news news reports education it starts here what's next education you think maybe huh well hey I can teach better than teachers that is the next step I was it maybe not the next that maybe you were two or three steps away depending upon what happens politically speaking trailer we have is our artificial intelligences are Kamala Harris and since she's not thinking that far ahead she's not thinking about tomorrow she's not thinking about the next 10 minutes she might not be thinking at all for all we know maybe she's already been completely fully indoctrinated she's been a eyes apt and that she has she has no idea if she could probably pass the bar exam finally but anyway I digress
there was a probably the best I would say this is the best explanation of the danger of a I delivered by a politician I've seen some really smart people talking garfish intelligence in ways that they can terrify you of course I've also gone out and you've heard my many rants about artificial intelligence but here's a big rhombus with me and this was you talking about AI it's generally pretty dumb me no offense no offense to you guys are trying some of you are most of you aren't but with some of your really trying to get this stuff you don't you're not getting it you're not seeing the true risk Vikram swamy seems to be at least understanding mostly the risk of it he is a pretty smart guy so no I'm not endorsing him, but I do like his opinion on artificial intelligence let's play that
I think a funny story about that would take it outside of politics is not for you as my mistake
hi baby ice cream
I like to watch Tennis to my first job was as a ball boy tennis tournament Cincinnati greater so it's not done that way anymore it's all done by a I predict where the ball is going to land
it was all the rage with players used to argue with a longitude over the call
set the funny happened to call the first generation of the AI or I did it was a bad call but the funny thing is the Players stopped arguing
with the call
why do I bring that up
the biggest danger of AI
is actually the human response to it
philosophical question I want to give you a proper answer
simple AI policy I'll give you the superficial piece but don't come back to the more important part AI powered algorithm should not be regularly interface in Brawley with kits
I think that we should not ban anything to China is also not willing to fan but the right way to deal with it as don't ban anything put the liability on company
price we should tell the company's you're going to be liable
you're going to be liable for any unforeseen consequences of a protocol that you developed that then at least make them take the risks into account on the front end so that's the right answer as a matter of policy but I want to go back to the not arguing about the call go to chat today or something equivalent
ask how do you adjust climate change
how do you address racial Injustice or whatever it'll give you an answer as though it's a political opinion
but it reads with the authority of somebody who's converting degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit
that's the real danger until I think I'll give you the policy but
and philosophical level the best answer to the risks posed by a eyes actually the Revival of faith
and kind of country faith and patriotism in a belief in something bigger than ourselves was really going on with her say I am or transgenderism or climatism or covid ism
or depression anxiety fentanyl suicide
it's not an accident that we see the rise of the same poison that the same time
their symptoms
of a deeper voice of purpose and meaning
in our country
and I think we got to fill that vacuum with the real thing is always in your heart and God does not something else with the same can be said of belief
so that's what's going on in the country right now is we are lost or hungry for purpose and that belief in something bigger than ourselves is actually going to be the best protection against bending the knee to never do false idol list
like I said many times I like vikrum ramaswamy I don't necessarily trust they promised Swami his connections with the world economic Forum I know he's tried to debunk them I also know that it's one of those things where once you're in is kind of hard to get out I also don't trust his past past Prospectors I'm I'm one of those guys I look I'd forgive people okay when it comes to getting things wrong politically speaking it when you got people like Glenn Beck who was a he swore he would never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever support Donald Trump. I need it so I don't I don't hold it against him he was wrong okay that's there's nothing wrong with it I also know if you got to be ideologically pure your entire life why would you support Donald Trump then I mean this is the guy that was that was in favor of partial birth abortion this is the guy that was in favor of assault weapons bands is a guy
who figured it out later in life that he was he needed to to allow his perspective to involves I do it's not that I don't think that he could have evolved okay I think there's a lot of his his stick is is very geared towards towards being impressive and being Maga and he sees that as a pathway through which he'll be able to achieve his life goals whether it really is that he wants to be president of the United States or if he wants to be in the cabinet or what I think is most likely that he he plans on letting this into a a very important and Powerful media career some sort okay after after the primaries after he's out if he doesn't get a cabinet position and again I don't even know if he wants one but whatever it is you can say what you want about his his desires his dreams and Ambitions she definitely a smart he's wicked smart and the case of Art
I would draw the line obviously if I work running for president I would draw the line at Naches do you know regulator for kids and I would try to put an end to it all together again were talking about an existential threat in my humble opinion so now it's not like we need to make sure that the companies that develop their have a countable okay well you know you you all can sue this company because they developed the artificial intelligence and now rules over the planet
ye know I'm I take a a bit more of a of a bullish approach to wanting to put an end to the advancement of artificial intelligence but but then again maybe I'm in the minority
so this text or he's going to probably seem like a sort of a repeat from last week but it's not this is the story about Nikki Haley and last week I covered how the polls are manipulated to try to boost her up and we're getting further confirmation of that and thankfully more people in conservative media are starting to catch on to that fact that's a good thing for its for clarity when it comes to Nikki Haley I do consider her to be the worst potential Republican nominee in my lifetime is worse than than George W bush worse than than John McCain even worse than Mitt Romney she is that bad she is a neocon hardcore Dick Cheney in high heels might not do her that that moniker might not do her justice as far as her her Charisma her personality or whatever if it's just not there it's just that I don't trust her at all okay there's certain people in politics most vast majority that I don't trust I take
I trust level of her to the the lowest possible level it's that's how bad she is she really is that horrible and if I'm forced forced into Ron DeSantis fine I don't like him but I would vote for him over and Nikki Haley any day
but we were forced into Vikram swamy I don't trust him
but I would vote for him or Nikki Haley any day and if there's a choice came down to either Nikki Haley or Chris Christie I probably try that see can an audience and do everything I could to get Robert of Kennedy Junior 2 to redo his economically and perhaps get some some more conservative-minded Economist to advise him and revamped that because he can I plan you know he's right on several topics but when it comes to the economy he is arguably worse and Joe Biden seriously I mean Kennedy and Onyx would be worse than Biden Onyx if you could possibly imagine that and I know you probably can't but it's true it's just awful and at this time this point in American history we can't have even worse you can only policies than we already have this article so we're at the national pulse Raheem kassam because those guys into details you know reasons that he believes this latest poll is wrong then you should be able to hear and determine that is wrong based on just the first two sentences so the article's title the new Nikki Haley
High pole in New Hampshire isn't all it seems I'm no it's not unless you like me in and what you think it seems like is that it's a manipulation by the unit party swamp to try to disturb the false false hope momentum surrounding Nikki Haley it's that's what they're trying to do in New Hampshire the top lines show Hailey with 29% up from just 11% during the last poll 29% her support since the last Pole now is dishes moving up yeah you betcha and I'm not because of anything she's doing because the the Santa's campaign is tanking so miserably as a result they never trumper's who drove for whoever they think can beat Trump in the prime of anybody that will offer anybody okay and he but they will take literally anyone over Trump
in the primary they are that unhinge that they they just they still don't understand they're still kind of questioning you know how to how do we possibly survive the first term of product present that that first time was going to destroy the United States of America they were certain of it and when that didn't happen we actually flourished for the first 3 years up until it covid so I guess you don't we we don't understand their calculations are coming out but by golly we weren't wrong about him
we're sure that if he gets a second term then that's it that's it it's over we're all going to be that he's literally going to walk into every household in the United States of America and he's going to blow every household up with a nuclear bomb where we would check with our statisticians were a hundred percent certain that's exactly what's going to happen on day 1 of a trump presidency
330 million nuclear bombs
it's not funny it is but it's not that's how and hence they are point is that they are they are manipulating these polls are trying to use these two to manufacture momentum for Nikki Haley because they think that she said the last hope maybe maybe not mean they have no there is another maybe they're they're still hoping that that Glenn Younkin old pop in there something I don't know they are giving up on this and I don't like ramaswamy Chris Christie is just a is just a puppy that they they thought he was going to be a big attack dog and it's like he's been completely neuter because he can go there and rip on Trump during the debates and valleys relegate it to him getting on CBS News this is going to kill us all with nuclear bombs or whatever it is that he says point is is that out of the news article in the in the show notes with yeah yeah they're trying real hard trying real hard to make make Nicki happen
didn't they watch Mean Girls stop trying to make Nicki happened it's not going to happen and there's a reason so so just to be clear that it's more than just that their manufacturing isn't it that she's so far behind and didn't really have a chance it goes beyond that can this is so if you're there if you want those people as like well you know what I don't like I still support Trump but what if they take him out okay we all have any let's acknowledge the fact that the Deep state is putting everything they can possibly throw at Trump to try to prevent him to try to take him out from from even being the cat okay they're doing everything they can Zoloft and hopefully you please Lord don't let it happen but the possibility of another means they're they're wanting to try to take him out so people are are thinking of the back of their minds think a lot of you are and what is the alternative okay what if they take out truck okay what if he goes to jail or something number one of course we all know that the chancellor of the nation would burn as a result but let's say the nation's revise we still have the election of 2024
then who's the backup maybe you're thinking that maybe Nikki Haley could mean she is supposed to be able to be buying more easily than everybody else so that's not the case may turn to this other Story by Suze moreover that's red-state latest Fox News poll shows Trump with white and lie that's not news but there is a second part to it and an interesting note on voters second choice skip scroll down scroll down, swimming, swimming trunks when when asked is asking Trump supporters
ask their second choice the top picks among Trump supporters are DeSantis with 50%
so Trump gets taken out the sand has allegedly we get half of the Trump voters on his side number two is what they promised Wommack mister mister Mega want to be Mega want to be better Maga than the truck that's how I know there's a 86% of trump supporters consider her to be there their second choice the back of choice
how many of those people would go to RFK Jr instead of seven Akili and me those people might even just say you know what no we're just not going to vote at all I will tell a lot of people would if Nikki Haley were to become the nominee that I believe that Joe Biden or whichever Democrat with a slide in there instead of him will beat her there trying to position has one that is most likely to beat Joe Biden that's not true this exact opposite she's the one that would lose the most heavily to Joe or Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom or whoever else they throw it throw up at us she might be able to beat Kamala Harris can this it is I think she can probably beat it in a Nikki Haley versus Kamala head-to-head battle she probably could beat, love it but I think she loosed a joke despite all of his dementia problems I think that you would lose two I know she would lose to Michelle Obama and I know that she would almost certainly used to talk to Gavin Newsom both Obama and new some are
for nearly talented campaigners orders that got you know deep State and and all sorts of things behind them in ways that's with lacrosse show up as a whole other discussion front of the day is that the know Nikki's don't think of Nick he's the best second choice just because you think that she has a good chance of beating beating beating Joe or anybody else it's actually the worst now let's finish this segment off with this is actually it's funny cuz I got this from Zero Hedge but is actually from the epoch times Austin Alonzo over there. Backers in to include Democratic donors Silicon Valley billionaire and I would say most of you know this but I just for those who don't let's go ahead and just throw this out there and let's use this is the nail and then Nikki Haley's political career coughing
Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley's racking up endorsements from Key conservative fundraisers ahead of the 2024 primaries she already has backing from wealthy donors in Silicon Valley and those who typically donate to the Democrat Party as well as her network of political action committees according to the FEC filings in her campaign spending ahead of the Iowa caucus the former United Nations Ambassador black mini is SFA fund-inc however Miss Haley is also linked to other super Pacs and a 501 C 4 organization the did the did the Jazz came from America that's the big one from the IRS a part
where is it by the way if I lost it and it was I think I got the idea I picked the wrong article well then it's okay cuz I already know what it's what it's supposed to say I would have should have said it should have said that the bad guys the worst guys out there were talking about the Rhinos were talking about the so-called Independence were talking about the I guess you could say the non-radical Democrats they're all flocking to Haley and I must keep in mind as I've already noted the voters aren't going to flock to her
but the money people
the people that are bundling the donations of people that are that are going out there and in in in giving big money to these packs they're the ones that they were all team to sand it feels like whoa what is how's it going to be able to be Trump how's it going to be able to be by the way better seek somebody else jump on that bandwagon anybody anybody but Trump
I can't JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie dimon
Larry Fink over BlackRock just that alone the fact that's not only are these two that we know of in an unlikely other Global suleika financiers not only are they backing and encouraging other Uber Rich backers to back Haley they're going to their door see her and going to meet with her but the worst part is this she's taking meetings
she's going to Deb
she's saying guys whatever it takes for me to win I'll do it you guys tell me what you need me to do what you need me to say and I'll do it
just help me to win
I don't have that has first-hand knowledge I don't even have that is a second or third-hand knowledge I just have an intuition for such things and that's why she's taking these meetings and that's why after these meetings are saying hey guys let's get behind the key he'll you really think they're going to back a Republican
why would they back a Republican
who supposedly is going to to work against their interests they wouldn't
it only back Republican that they believe they can control
and they can control Nikki Haley spread the word make sure everybody knows that
tugs next door is a b personal but there's a little bit of a personal personal aspect to it the Florida GOP chair Christian Ziegler was accused of rape voice go he was he's crawling under investigation the the floor GOP vote at 2 to basically strip involves power all of a salary and then there soon they're about to vote see if they want to inject in the he has gone to them and said hey look you know innocent till proven guilty all the stuff there is a slight personal connection here I did work with mr. Ziegler on a project fairly extensively and it lasted a few months but I worked with him it's been over a decade I probably I don't know oh nine maybe 2010 somewhere around there and and I got to know him very well I never got to meet Bridget his wife but but
I don't think I did but but I did work with him a lot and I think I got to know him pretty well I had to watch his career he's been great he's been great so weird Shenanigans up until that point he's been one of the strongest Republican state chairs out there he's been one of the biggest reasons they have been able to do so well to gain so many Republican voters compared to to Democrat voters but now he is in big big trouble start of a comes from from Steven cat over at the epoch times for The GOP suspends chairman demands resignation amid investigations rape allegations Florida GOP executive board have decided to take disciplinary action against German Christian Ziegler while police investigate rape allegations against him
according the article Florida GOP chairman Christians ignore has been suspended until to resign during an emergency party meeting on Sunday amid an ongoing police investigations rape allegations against him mr. Ziegler has been accused of rape by woman with whom he and his wife Bridget Ziegler reportedly had a prior can sexual sexual consensual sexual relationship is a Ziglar has neither rape accusations said that anything that took place was consensual please have not laid any criminal charges going to do documents shared on social media platform ask formally Twitter by Lee County GOP chairman Michael Thompson Florida Republican party put forward a motion to censure and suspend Mr Ziegler on the basis he has engaged in conduct that renders him on fit for office now though the way The Story Goes apparently some lemon we don't know who she has her name is not being released she she was she has made an accusation of rape and she said that she had engaged in
essentially a threesome between herself and Christian and Bridget Ziegler they had tried to establish try to set up another another sexual encounter and when when the son named Legend victim learned that bridge was not going to be involved she said no and she she contends that Christian still came over and then proceeded to rape her the 911 call came in regions that the following day where a friend of hers had had asked to ask police to do welfare check late she was fearful and she told them a little bit of the story about what her friend had told her about what happened the day before with with Christian Ziegler now people are going to say I thinking and rightly so there's this whole thing whatever is involved with accusations it's always you know
but in the court of public opinion that's not a private organizations and keep in mind the Republican GOP that we like to think it's a government organizations not it's a private organization as private organization they do want to maintain a certain level obviously have integrity and so on one hand you've got these accusations that do seem to be to be there and they're hanging over the party a lot of it definitely hangover Christian Ziggler a lot I keep mind if so the Ziegler's have not denied that they know the woman they have not denied that they had sexual contact with the woman Christian is denying the rape accusation fine
there's still never pried a mean let's face it with her as a party of family values as they used to call us with back in the 90s and Republicans are supposed to maintain a a certain degree of decorum could say when it comes to to sexual wanted to know what the Bible says I know that what I do in my life and wouldn't stop it I don't I don't necessarily judge people for that but here's the thing as the chairman of the Republican party okay
going into an extraordinary important election year being the chair of arguably the most important state
during an election the most important state in the nation being Florida
I would also call on Christian to step down to resign if he is all proven to be bogus and and he's cleared completely then he can make it play Play It Again I'm a little it's one of those situations where I'm not sure if they've sent you them for the sake of trying to get him out I don't know the circumstance I don't know if they went to him and said hey why don't you step down you know this is we don't need this hanging over us and he said no so then they sent you know if that's the case then so be it but otherwise I think it is so it's a foul mood to go down this road I should have sat with him so look if it were me I would have I would have said you know where we're going to get rid of you at least temporarily while you sort this out to get it sorted out fine you know you can you can make a move and try to try to get back in as the the state's share could even be a feel-good story about false accusations and yada yada yada who knows
but you know if you don't step down then we will remove you and will sensor you in this way this will ruin you. You can do the the right thing here and say look in light of these accusations I need to put my full attention towards clearing my name and I don't want to be a distraction for the party you know this this nation is more important this nation to stay two more important than my personal ambition so I'm going to to step down for now and I will hopefully Lord willing be back and after I clear my name I'll come back and we'll do it all again and will be stronger as a result instead we're going down this road punishment of rumors that he had actually gone to the meeting and spoke at the meeting the emergency Republican meeting down there and said hey guys basically made me kind of like a mafia offer hey guys I got some I got a whole lot of donors. Donors are saying that if I can get my name please
I'm still working out that we're going to donate a lot of money of the GOP
well guys I was a terrible accident a few working down in Florida I don't know it's been a long time since I watch Goodfellas but you get the idea I'm not crazy about it because like I said I mean I don't consider my friend I was spoken to in probably 12 14 years but I was a friend that was an acquaintance we have never kept in touch and so was it but I do like the guy or at least I did so it's hard for me to say he should have said that he knows the woman he was involved with his own wife in a in a whatever you want to call it a risk a sexual relationship with another woman I'm okay with which is just letting them letting them go and again with the understanding that if he clears his name come on back and take a shot at it won't guarantee you that
and I'm not going to say the spot for you but you've done a good job here for the last few years why is she was half as we want to call founders of miles for a liberty a great organization you know we don't want to tarnish her why don't you guys go step down take some time get this squared away and then all things work out come on back that's what I would have done that's what I hope would have happened but instead we're going down this ugly ugly Road
I made a prediction almost immediately after the October 7th attacks by Hamas against Israel it was actually seriously predictions I'm not sure was the day of the day off because I was reacting what I said look like she was going to happen 1st there's going to be this outpouring of support for Israel people going to come out because the terrorist attacks were so hideous so heinous that the vast majority of Americans would be a pro-israel least for a friend little while and then over time I said what time your only see the sentiment change especially monks left us and Democrats and is always going to be those on the the right the right does have quite a few people who are anti-zionist and these people are adamantly opposed to the existence of Israel they want either a tell once they said they wanted to solution of the general General lab I guess I approved approved no sugar there's also the idea of a one-state solution there is no more no longer in Israel there is Palestine and you can live there but
just making a secular democracy essentially actually debated the gentleman about that that very notion of the concept of from from The River To The Sea didn't didn't mean you no getting rid of Israel of the Jews it meant they wanted freedom from the river to the sea with the one-state solution that that had you know Jews Christians and Muslims everybody just living in harmony under this this this theoretical hypothetical impossible scenario that they had made or whatever I need to see if they ever actually are that I have whatever reason I have a tendency of doing these these interviews are debates on other people shows in the never ending. It is I guess I'm just a I'm a creepy dude I guess I don't know go figure but the point of being number one I was where I was wrong was in the speed of the amount of anti-zionism that was going to to spread and I realized it was an opportunity basically this afternoon
she's on the narrative in and the the globalist the anti-zionist they they have to pretty darn quick media first was was very you know very sorrowful sorrowful for the but he's really but then eventually started shifting special once the Dire Straits can the bombings came once you started seeing bombs hidden guys all of a sudden he's like okay we did Tori opor Israel I bet we're we're talking about a little bit and now we got to shift the narrative again like I said it's mostly affects the the left but it's also definitely has a a place amongst many many unfortunate far too many on the right so now fast forward and what has this done
a lot of times we we look at that the Youth of the world am I just talking about kids and talk about even young adults the Jen was a Zoomer Zoomer some of these folks are extraordinary impression that they will change their perspectives on a dime if if necessary and a lot of times as soon as they're introduced to an ocean for example is real Palestine conflict a lot of them they just weren't even really aware of what it was and what was going on until the terrorist attack once it happened now all the sudden everybody's getting getting that influenced by the people that employs them with a stick stalkers or their friends or their teachers are the professors or whoever and there was this has been the spread of full-blown anti-zionism it's been been hitting the youth and that is starting to bear fruit a fruit for anything good the fruit being being there just for the fruit is coming
Cummings for the the anti-zionist cause in the fruit is being the one by the globalist which are generally one of the saint that article came out last Saturday over at the New York Post Jordy of Americans own of this actually was it a majority of Americans 18 224 think Israel should quotes be ended and given to Hamas let me love me say it's more slow it so you catch every important word in that very short headline majority is it over 50% of Americans aged 18 to 24 and we can we can extrapolate that down work so it's 17 year olds with an opinion 16 year olds of an opinion 14 year olds with an opinion they're going to fall into the same basic basic range as these eighteen to twenty-four majority of eight Americans aged 18 to 24th and Israel should be in the zip code be ended
and give it to Hamas
cancel that is the the most radical version of the anti-zionist concept there's no two-state solution there's no more Israel Israel has ended as they say and as a result
they're given to the Palestinians okay to Hamas specifically that we can say oh you know these are eighteen to twenty-four year-old their ignorant this troop but they're not stupid generally speaking they might be ignorant of things but they have they have been been exposed to this information information about what's happening in in the Middle East today Presley been exposed some of the history but whoever's doing the exposing Again lyrics Tik Tok or their professors or whoever they're obviously planting an anti-zionist seat into their brain
it's working unfortunately it's clear that out let's let's look at this from a let's read this article part of it by sorry it's by John Levine majority of Young Americans said they believe Israel should quit being given to a mosque one to a shocking poll survey conducted this week by Harvard hairs polling found 51% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 so they believe the long-term answer to the israel-palestinian conflict was for Israel to be ended and given to Hamas and the Palestinians only 32% so they believed in a two-state solution and just 17% said the Arab states should be asked to absorb Palestinian populations
17% so before I know I'm not going to I'm not going to keep going but I want to be clear about 11 quick fact for any of you happen to be 18 to 24 or even younger than that there are currently 50 50
50 muslim-majority nations in the world there is one Jewish majority nation in the world that one Jewish majority nation in the world is the size of New Jersey
Palestinians want that number to go from 1 to 0
they want the other number to go from 50 to 51
and yet they have all these nations all around them. Like as far as Nations all around the could and probably should absorb the Palestinian people
that option is not an option apparently not only for the Palestinian people not only for for those other 50 Muslim nations but also for 18 to 24 years why is that it's it makes logical sense makes you mad Italian sense okay I mean one would think that that this should be a no-brainer except there's two important piece of history that we have to understand in order to know why that's not the case number one the Palestinian people have throughout their entire displacement from the land of the technology was never theirs let's be clear it's been been admitted that was was theirs by by conquering not by that wasn't even there since since forever and help keep in mind that the Jews were living in this land before Islam was even invented okay
long before Israel was even invented me we can go back to King David around a thousand BC so we're talking nearly two two Millennia before the invention of Islam there was one of the Palestinian state do they were they were in Jordan they weren't all these various places Lebanon old was always trouble they always fight against the governments of those places they they were removed from those places because they were protesting because they were engaged in terrorism
Israel is not the only nation that's been been terrorized by the Palestinian people and bite by groups like Hamas they're just the latest this is followed this group of people for the entirety of their existence this is why would you just closed the borders and they've got a border with Gaza they can accept these people think they can put it face we put an end to it just a straight border security you don't let him know the women letting the children letting you know anybody who let them
then we make it easy on the Palestinian people that don't want to be involved however many there are those people just refuse to do it 11 is not doing a Ron's not doing it a rock turkey nobody's making the offer nobody's never ever in fact they're saying no actually not for don't even ask why is that
could it be just thinking thinking here out loud thinking out loud but could be because the the the general I'm not talking about the Islamic people the civilian citizens I'm talking about the leaders of these Islamic Nations as well as you can say many of them most of the leaders of the United Nations say
we've always want to get rid of Israel easiest way to do that is to make them the bad guys easiest way to do that is to make Palestinians the victim so let's keep them right there where is your last make a choice either allow their own people to be slaughtered or go through and try to surgically pick out a Hamas leaders spiders while they were among a people 75% of which support them support of Oz 3/4 of of the quote unquote innocent Palestinian civilians do support him off they do support the terrorist activities of Hamas me to go to the men they kept him there for what I'm 19 years just some facts to throw out to you gen Z years you may not be aware and maybe even if you're not a older person you're you're starting to lean a little gift maybe some of these something's right right leading people that you
why can't you respect hey there right on the porch and around this and they're saying that it's the juice fault so maybe look
check the history look at what's happened I'm going to play video of here in a bit that should hopefully open your eyes even further my intention might my I pray that some of you will listen and understand the reality here in that let's be clear by no means do I think that the Israeli government is is innocent whatever they've done everything right they did a lot right they also do a heck of a lot wrong Israel also has a deep state that the state is very similar to the American Beach need to maybe one of the same for all I know that they say I do believe my conspiracy theory is there's no way that that always have my spiders and Palestinians were able to cross the border and exact same time the most heavily guarded the most secure border on the planet
did everything that they did they just left the board of wide-open what's on the 50th anniversary of the last time there was such an attack like this and that all of their their technology is technology is able to to detective like a squirrel's running across near the fence okay they can seize they've there was famous instances in the past were like small children got too close to the fence and they're just picking flowers and you know they had they had Commandos Israeli Commandos ready to take them out early to check to see if they were suicide bombers or something I mean it's just to me I think the Deep State the Israeli deep State impression in conjunction with the American deep State set all this up so that they could force a two-state solution to come up on the route to be basically even accepted by the Israeli people most of whom you do not with Netanyahu and his prime minister with with the the conservative Bloc and control the knesset this it seems like the only way that they could possibly get
did that shift get a push to for Tuesday solution is if there was some kind of event that something that the change the face of the world just as this terrorist attack has done and is a quote from Senator Rodger Marshall from Kansas is Republican democracy should be a wake-up call I do you watch go rot among Americans driven by what values and victim culture has gotten so bad they convince themselves to sympathize with actual terrorists to hate America that is true
so how's the weather for Tuesday solution of course at that is been the the big push I'm just going to read a little bit from this from this this poll Dan again this is 18-24 year-olds the one that stands out obviously is is this conflict to you in this conflict you support more Israel or Hamas okay
should be pretty straightforward question when you look at people 65 years old and over 96% support Israel 4% support the terrorist when you're looking at 5564 90% support Israel 10% support the terrorists and it goes on Oregon or downward as far as support for Israel people 45 to 54 85% this probably has its Fair number of people over the age of 35 from 35 to 44 day support Israel not the terrorists we start getting of the generations what is Jenna Generations confused what else you got 25-34 year-olds there's still seven out of ten about seven out of ten Millennials do believe that Israel is they side with his real over the terrorist it is until you get to the easily indoctrinated easily brainwashed
easily manipulated group of the of the Gen Z years the Zoomers whatever now are 50 50 50 50
of this this young group they are in favor of the terrorists that entered Israel so that they could beat kidnap rape and murder innocent people
they support this they think they're on the ideological Winning Side the thing is they are the ones that have the higher ground
if this is not just a wake-up call about Israel this is not just a wake-up call about Hamas this should tell you just how deeply embedded the radical what if you want to call the other woke Vine virus isn't that what what Elon Musk somebody calls it the woke mine virus their colonizers and there might have been told this by their college professors in their peers and Tick Tock Israel's colonizers doesn't matter they were on this land back around what three thousand years ago
does it matter
the colonizers there, just because because that's what Tik-Tok says because my professor my professor he lives around the Palestinian flag and he screams free free Palestine so and I like my professor so so I guess I'm siding with with the with the mass rapist the mass murderers the people that take their own own civilians own Palestinian civilians women and children and use them as human Shields as of the date they scored the people a good idea let's put weapons in schools that way
Israel will look like a bad guy if they're trying to stop the weapons that are killing their people how they're going to be there going to be blowing up school going to be blowing up Hospital oh my gosh evil evil is real good good good hummus that's 50% sucks if this black-and-white cut-and-dry scenario here
they say they can still be indoctrinated in the wrong direction what do they have no idea what a woman is is no wonder why why like a half of them are more I have some sort of lgbtq a plus letter next to their identity some Wonder
7 ft Democrat that's the truth there
hopefully Lord willing Lord willing they will grow out of it they will do because we all go through a stupid times I didn't mean I was an officer in the young conservatives in high school but the only time I ever ever voted for a Democrat was when I was in kindergarten and it was one of those kindergarten things are they at the kindergarteners who they're going to vote for and the you know I voted for the Democrat that I don't know any better that I hadn't heard of the Republican candidate that time I have heard of this guy that and I'm not telling you which one it is because I want the idea we all go through stupid times but this generation just seems more stupid than than others
tell me who plays video for you from a gentleman named Annie Bullard now keep in mind there's not some some right-wing ultra-orthodox Jew this is a business really but he is a liberal he is a he is an atheist he's a teacher he's not your standard you know Rob we got a baby he's not he's not all right that's just not who this guy is but he's make some travel points this was a bad weekend for Israel they killed three of their own on people three hostages have been been held and tortured by Hamas for two months they were able to escape in the get killed by the IDF horrible okay it's just absolutely horrible
Golf Course corporate media is jumping on and using this is another reason to call for a ceasefire know he's calling them in the mainstream media types her or any of these this one is real to stop to call a ceasefire and let him keep their house with their sex slaves since they are so anyway is that after this horrible weekend with lots of bad things having some good things were mostly bad things he made a very clear distinction between how Israel handles the truth and now Hamas never feels in the truth so let's play that
what a horrible weekend for Israelis the darkest weekend since it's a 730 shot by the IVF after 70 Days Inn, captivity prevent having a couple of weeks ago when the soldiers shot a civilian mistaking you for a terrorist would use these mistakes as evidence of how bad the IDF is not good because first of all nobody tries to hide everything to inform them of everything and took full responsibility and will face charges for acting against the idea
we sent our own Soldier to prison after shooting the terrorists who just stabbed one of his friend because the terrorist was tied up on the ground and it's strictly forbidden in the idea if you were soldiers because they sang Jewish song inside a mosque what I'm trying to say is this is a war between good and evil I know the sound oversimplified what's my previous duties for more details as the moral superiority when we make a mistake we don't hide it when we take responsibility and immediate action against our code of conduct the meeting and steak did you ever hear, saying sorry we killed those civilians hell no because killing civilians is not a mistake it's a policy it's very much intended
if someone from, so it's in Islamic song inside a synagogue you will not be punished you would be praised you would be remembered as a hero who disrespected the Jewish incidents to conclude in these terrible times when we hit another hostage killed in, almost every day we are reminded that the ideas also makes mistakes and they can be extremely costly but we work as hard as possible to ensure these mistakes will never happen again even if it means arresting their own people we understand that by doing so we might help our enemies but we are not like them and we will never be like you absolutely everything in our power to meetings and we will always do so
so I'm not going to add any commentary it's just what he said is true as I've said before I'm not not one who thinks that is real is above reproach that they do it in perfectly they do a lot of things wrong just as the US government does a lot of things wrong but compared to Hamas it's not even close okay if Hamas were to do anything bad and then that they lie about it they pretend like they don't if they put weapons in fire weapons into Israel from a school yard in Gaza they would lie about it doesn't matter if a US drone catch the maniac they'll still lie about it they continuously lie their supporters the the anti-zionist in the streets or on the blogs are on social media that people saw on the right most rapid but there are some some misguided people in the right you know these people who are who are supporting
these these false ideas they're either lying just like a moss or they're stupid or ignorant will say I know some of them there are some that are not stupid some people that I consider to be friends not stupid but still very much wrong on this particular issue so we'll say that they're ignorant of the realities of what Hamas truly represents versus what what is real stripes represent nothing perfect nothing even really good about Israel as matter fact I would say that that the Israeli government in particular and then definitely the Deep state in Israel and do many many many many bad things just like our government may be even worse
but again for talking relativism relative to Hamas mean they're practically Angels so just just keep that in mind when you're when you're trying to decide who's got the moral High Ground don't be one of these 18 to 24 year old to do just don't get it
all right I've got one more video on this topic to play for you to do I wasn't going because there's one thing is come from Washington Free Beacon I couldn't identify the woman I couldn't find the article I found the video of I couldn't find the art of it is kind of weird but this is a a woman who watched part of her family lost her dad lost her dog has to deal with her kids thankfully she had a safe room so she was living in one of the kibitz scene and she survived but she was watching watching through the cameras I'll let her tell the story but I didn't play because there is a there's a distinction here there's through all of this there is no one says that she lost her faith in humanity we shouldn't have faith in humanity I know it's probably a runs counter to what a lot of people lot of my viewers listeners and readers and yeah believe but but no we shouldn't have faith in humanity at all
humans are bad we're bad people all of us there's no one knows single person on this planet who is good does that mean that we can't trust people sure we can trust people I trust a lot of people is most but answer this there are certain people that I do trust you know if things go south I know who I can call on if if if I'm in need I know that that's I can call in certain people and I hope that I'm a blessing to see if other people are in need that they can call on me okay this is this is the the trust I have but I don't have faith in people you can't have faith in people or institutions or anything you can have faith in God that's it that's that's all that you need thank you
have faith in God believe in Jesus Christ as your lord and savior one of the things that I like always turn to this there's many verses out of that I prefer to look at this equal 36 one portion of it as far as house describing the return the land to the people to the Israelis to God's people the return of them is not for their sake he did it's because it's for his sake as for His holy name that they were returned and he also declares that their hearts shall be opened or so waiting for that day still waiting for the day when Lord willing if it's this is what is was prophesied what would God has planned that he will openly the hearts and minds of the Jewish people to realize that Jesus Christ is the Messiah is their lord and savior and they will accept him I do believe that's the interpretation that's of Ezekiel 36 and other verses by the other other passages of the Bible seem to indicate this is what's going to happen at or near the
that's to me that's a that's when the big signs I'm still still waiting on still waiting for that one to come come about and I know there's a lot of lot of Jewish people who have converted over to Christianity in a Messianic Jews but we're talkin about wholesale we're talkin about the land of Israel that use that are in his real vast majority is not all of them who are still around will be
be given the truth they had their eyes will open their hearts will open and they will believe so reason again that I didn't wasn't going to play this but I decided to anyways so because this is somebody who she was living in one of the kibitzing she was she was attacked she was before that she was a very pro-palestinian okay she truly believes in Emma and Hannah a trust in the Palestinian people that she lost that as result of this let's let's play that
I've lived in the house my whole life and I felt completely safe my door was not locked
it was not locked
the Bloodshed in the war with Tomas begin with a series of attacks in Israel including of the kibbutz near I was a place of peace and light a tiny kibbutz Community all but wiped out now after a bloodbath of hate that started a war that time my safe room wasn't ready for anything like that so we made a plan that if you can close the door is Easter coming in huge numbers and he can't if they should he will take the weapon and shoot us and if your husband I would have preferred that or being in India right now
another time I realized that my dad died they killed him
you can just say he was a strong man he was fighting with them like he held the door and they try to open the door and they opened the door and shutting it just opened in Chatham luckily in the chest and he died instantly the first question I asked my mom like was it quick and did they take the body because we know they took what it do to myself. You wouldn't want that and I was very relieved
they left him there like we could bury him with respect when you know they took bodies just a few minutes I don't have anything to do with the bodies were taken hostage by Hamas militants
do we have people in the keyboard to a very involved with the Palestinian people we had a 1% using data right now is kidnapped but drove pick up the kids from Gaza to the hospitals in Israel
when is loving Community thing we don't feel the same anymore and always told my son that I just like you and just want to go to school and just want to leave and just want to be happy and be free and that's what I thought before it's very hard for me as a mother to think about a woman who came to my home and saw the pictures of my kids and still came to to terrify my kids and the first thing she did is to open my door and take off in the safe room
so she said and watch TV and my kids we have no water no food no air conditioning it's the middle of the summer so hot but she stole my kids pictures on the Walls family inside and terrified kids I think she's a mother as well because she took my kids clothes and she took my clothes and she took she took my credit card and then she went back to Gaza and she said she went to the supermarket and she bought I got a list of the things you bought
is broke my face with people are good
I never thought that a woman would do it that makes many a soldier's yes, they always yes I know they were very cruel and very driven but I never thought the common people kids and women would participate in things like that
and it's broke nice in my faith in the goodness of people
especially people from Gaza because I really believe that the women and children were kidnapped buy some myself away and then I don't see any more I think that participating I think this morning they told him we are going to come in or invited people that truck and they told him you can take whatever you want you can take you can plunder you can steal and then we'll keep you safe
and I told him so why not
like I'm a woman I'm a mother I'm a teacher I walked with kids I believe all kids are good
okay they're good no one is born in that no one is born to tell waste
and I feel very guilty that I raised my kids in a place that's warm and safe I believed that I'm safe I believe my kids are safe
I really believed it like we have this sense of we want Revenge Revenge which is a horrible feeling
but I find myself showing my son's video of people's houses being bombed in in God's hand cuz I want to show him that he's really still strong I want to show him. The Army strong as someone is protecting us because he doesn't feel it anymore and something in this face was broken it is broken we don't believe anyone anymore we don't believe in the country in the world
any say in this moment I don't want to master this anymore I want the normal that the good people in Gaza to rule I want someone who might country can talk to you
and right now it's it sounds like it will never happen but now it just
we're concentrating on
grieving and dealing with the kids by kids that have nightmares that they don't eat them and then they lost a lot of my dad's they showed my dog and and they lost a lot of friends and I lost a lot of friends in other people's lot of my people's died or they love their parents and
I try to
concentrate on not falling to the Revenge we feel like we want revenge and try not to focus on that
cuz that's how they say it's not going to help my kids know what is facing the world is running this place for June that's what I believe and it's really hard I decided even in the safe room I told him everything is going on I told them that are bad people in the keyboard birthday Daddy is looking after you in mommy's looking off to you and we're strong and it together I told him about all the friends that died and I told him about the dog that was very sad about the dog and
and then my father we have since we came here we have a ceremony if every evening at 8 we tell a funny story about my dad just to keep him alive just too and I tell them that you thinking about them like they're young enough to still believe that she's here with them my son he asked me to call his friends from school and I called and
it was when they asked and answered I said I talked to your life and then I called one of his best friends and his mother and sister listen he died and I had to tell him and tell him they need to know they can't even it was
I don't want him to tell him sell Stoli's I want him to know the truth and I want him to have hope like I keep telling him we're strong and will say he said he doesn't think he's safe here in La when they took him to watch 2 boss stars with a telescope and he kept looking looking looking and I can say I'm going to trade as well I see and for my hotel room I see an amazing view of the ocean and Jordan and I think to myself can they come always stays here and my husband so yes you said that as well we don't see any one hundred percent face because
what happened
black my face in the goodness of people is gone but my kids are still young enough to know better than to believe in in to have hope to have hope I don't have hope for peace and in my life in my lifetime anymore and but I want my kids to have this help
yeah so clearly very heartbreaking but also I go back to what I said yeah there are those who believe that there's split Covenant that's you know that the Jews biggest salvation they don't have to believe and that's just that's just wrong is that what the Bible says okay to be clear about that
these people all people need to be shown the truth of the Bible need to be be given the understanding that Jesus Christ is their lord and savior repenting and acknowledging the truth of both the Old and the New Testament large steel Testament Notch the New Testament for the entirety of the Bible believing that that is that's our pathway that is the the narrow gate and it's the way that we're supposed to go and it will be through that Faith that's that we are given The Ultimate Gift the only get that really matters the gift of Salvation the gift of Eternity and so I do hope that
this lady she's she's very touching her story is very touching she seems to be very brave despite all the adversity that she's gone through and she continues to go through as a result of the October 7th terrorist attacks I spray that she and others who have their eyes open and do realize
good is that they need to truly have faith in
Astoria cross my desk for the weekend that's it really you know and if first I saw the headline I thought I oh my gosh what is this garbage and then I read it and he's like okay it's not garbage it actually kind of make sense especially as it pertains to to what we're facing now as a nation with the economy and with risks people know my primary sponsor is Genesis Gold group you can find them at JDR JDR and see what they can do to help you gets physical precious metals but when I saw it I can't even read this I went ahead and read it and you know what it kind of makes sense I am not by any means but I do dabble I do I mean I have I would say that I'm more knowledgeable about the economy than most will just say that so this article comes from Nashville news bell-carter over there
gold price could hit $15,000 an ounce in three to five years as it as it enters new bull market according to records and that's of the last part records that's the part that they caught my attention Okay, attention because that's like okay so so here's somebody that we can actually trust let's see what Jim Rickards has to say about that and start read the articles like okay hey or thrown in the show me article coming from a long bear Market analysts predict the value of gold to get up to $15,000 per ounce in the next 5 years so they advised gold bullion or mining shares investors to stay calm when gold rallies or when the dollar price Retreats because they can assure that goal is still the best form of money and proved valuable to investors over time regardless of inflation or deflation what are the experts on gold value is lawyer, Thomas and investment banker James G Rickards Jim Rickards
a bit of elementary math help us understand how the price the price of gold can move up in this in the shed. There's a quote from records will Suma Baseline price of $2,000 per Century we're going today he said explain that a move from that amount to $3,000 per ounce is a heavy lift because that is already a 50% increase and could easily take a year or more but beyond that a further increase from 3000 to 4000 per ounce as a 33% increase another large rally a further game from $4,000 per ounce 25 thousand per ounce as a further gain of 25% is playing the math game does make sense cuz I don't think a lot of people understand it regarding precious metals in general to gold in particular and with silver has a different because you told me was silver gold has always been that means being mentioned in the Book of Genesis in the Book of Genesis all the way through to the Book of Revelation
as always retained some degree of value in that value is based obviously but at least partially was scarcely but also then press more on the perceived value of other forms of currency gold as currency there are out there city states that are already working too I guess promote the idea of being able to use physical precious metals as a direct currency with interstates porch where I don't think that we could ever get back to the gold standard but he could always hope you could always help anyway so that's because the starting point is higher while they're $1,000 gain is constant each $1,000 jump represents a smaller percentage than the one before moving from 9000 to 10000 per ounce is only in the living person gain and from $14,000 per ounce of fifty thousand per ounce is only a certain person game trading day sometimes 2% or more more
recent recent weeks even recent last couple weeks we seen some tremendous gains of over 1% / 2% so you there's no there's an inherent value but there's no set value you know too. It's it's all completely 100 market-driven as all things should be but at least with with gold and silver it is marked by the by the powers-that-be I get it and I agree but here's the part that gets me if someone excited about the prospect is that the central bank's that are often charged with all the other was a manipulating their buying gold they're buying silver to buy lots of Records amounts so if you're saying little one by cool because it can be manipulated by the central bank's okay well since they're buying it and you think they can manipulate it that much
buy should be a no-brainer
should be no brainer then we can actually cut past some of the stuff cuz it's it's a dry read for sure let's get to the important stuff is the Fed starts easy interest rates gold will go even higher and they are talking about obviously easing interest rates three or four times in 2020 for loan for Bruce legal a former macro fund manager and author of global macro Play Books Central Bank tightening has been a negative as well as all of them are pulling money out of the system that is a negative gold so in the short-term maybe the balance between 2 and 3 I think they'll probably Trey's lower but once the FED stops they start using rates gold can go higher later next year and into 2025 he had of the future path of gold is going to be determined by the degree of the land and depending upon if it's a soft Landing or if it's hard in the recession to be clear when they were raising rights raising rates raising rates a lot of the gold bears were just like wow this is it going to tank we were going to be at $1,200 an hour
here any time now and then it just never happened go to Silver both demonstrated resiliency truly the rate increases we haven't seen there's usually a very direct correlation between higher interest rates and lower gold and silver prices we didn't see that we saw a little little valleys here but then they would spikebackup you go back all the way to I think it's February March we saw it had to pretty much a bottom the bottom wasn't like it was it like 1,200 bucks okay and then it started biking and of course because of the the banking collapse is peoples are pulling the money out of the bank back in March and April May and that really help to get to prop up go through the interest rate Hikes Point is that it survived the prices stayed High relatively High through the price of the rate increases now we're expecting the rates to drop that should be in another another no-brainer as far as wanting to invest in physical precious metals
Patrick quotes from mr. Bruce Schlegel is a hard Landing have a go up a lot more because it means that the central bank will ease more and they have to print again a soft Landing means that maybe we don't have to use white as much if a Heartland happens it says the case for an even stronger inflationary interest rate environment later on because it puts more fuel on the fire down the road again Economist expressed concern that if the central bank's do go into a huge easy mode it sets up the next phase of higher rates and higher inflation nevertheless legal system is indeed an investment in usually for a safe haven keeping to Safe Haven keeping to maintain one's purchasing
sorry about that there we go all right that's not it either cash push the right button I need a producer so bad that you guys can help out by purchasing more gold City are unintentional pitch thrown in there but holding onto to some gold and silver special silver for the sake of barter for the sake of no having having access to to easily transportable funds especially because I do believe the crap is going to hit the fan sometime in the next year or two years five and physical precious metals are the way to go keep them in your safekeeping ready to go even think I saw one guy he says he keeps a little baggie full of silver coins and even a couple of gold coins a little baggie keeps losing his bug out bag right kind of makes sense it's a little heavy in my humble opinion if you're in a situation I don't know if gold and silver has the best thing to carry around but hey
again who am I right but as far as retention of wealth and in protecting your life savings is why work was going to school group because taking your your retirement when there's an old 401k your current Ira your government have given them moved out of the riskier markets in during a strike such as wearing today and moving them into physical precious metals precious Lord willing you'll be able to take distributions when you do take distributions you take those in the form of those physical precious metal things should hear your home
can I take your distributions get him in the gold and silver that these are actual physical coins or bars or whatever sitting in your and your depository
right there physically there just haven't sent physical to you
get them out of the cops not a financial advisor but I do like and appreciate my sponsors at Genesis go group they are Christian company I seen a lot of gold comes out there I worked with several of them I won't work with him again because they don't treat people the right way than a Christian company they're not you know they're they're working with a CCP there be a support Democrats there's many reasons why I don't spoil the vast majority of gold comes out there then they do it the right way to do business the right way they're not trying to con you with $10,000 in free silver or anything like that you're actually trying to just do business the right way so give him a call or or I can call him at 800-200-8800 200 gold or go to JDR think that brings up are we are we are we are at the last story so I can pull that one up
what is last story I swear when I first saw the headline I thought this has to be the Babylon bee this could be real this couldn't be real life that I thought it's on the Babylon be so this must be an exaggeration couldn't be real to me certainly certainly
United States of America doesn't have a regime in charge that is even weaker than most of us believe but apparently we do when we do apparently the biden-harris regime is so weak that we can't even put forth a proper nuclear deterrent following the launch of a ballistic missile from a country that has vowed at certain times in recent years to to destroy us you might think that that's important enough to to put an actual determine know this this regime does not think so sorry who comes from Daniel Greenfield over at front page mag settled by towards North Korea that nuking America is quote quote unacceptable
okay let's let's see if it really says that if there's an exaggeration here in the article deterrence isn't that complicated requires establishing the credible threat of force what's our deterrence level well it is this bad and I'm going to read this a quote from the hill the White House warned that any quote nuclear attack by North Korea against the United States or its allies is unacceptable and will result in the end of the Kim regime
unacceptable for North Korea to attack the United States of America with nuclear weapons unacceptable that's literally the verbage
more from the statement the United States reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to provide extended the turns to the ROC r r okay sorry Republican North Korea Republic of Korea whatever the north the guys back by the full range of us capabilities including nuclear in other words hey you may not know this I know that you guys are are striving to build nuclear weapons you're straight you probably already have nuclear weapon capabilities now you just have to test that you have the ability to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles to be able to go across the Pacific and hits California where I am
we know what you guys are doing this but just in case you didn't know if you knew Gus will consider that unacceptable and we're going to end the Kim regime
we might even nuke you back now the only reason there hasn't been a nuclear exchange since World War II since the first basically we have one they saw the devastation and nobody wanted a piece that not again the reason is because of what's called mutually assured destruction that's an it's it's easy to understand we've got enough noobs to destroy you you got enough to destroy ice okay so that's why Russia or at that time the Soviet Union during the Cold War so I didn't attack us we didn't attack them that's why I try that doesn't attack us when we don't attack them there's a desire that I'm sure there are some warmongers we're trying to figure out how to hack the system and make sure that we could just nuke them and then being preempted strike there's got to be some Nikki Haley's are there chains out there trying to push for that but for the most part for the last seventy eighty years it's been it's been a state of of let's just not nuke each other okay that's between super powers
North Korea having to 1 North Korea that hey if you guys have like three or four news you might be able to take out a few of our City's if we can stop and but we're definitely going to the store you me and obliterate the end of North Korea okay that's that's the message that you sent if as they're testing ballistic missiles again there was a nuclear attack a nuclear attack by North Korea against the United States or its allies is unacceptable and will result in the end of the Kim regime
this week let's just call it what it is that's as weak as it gets
back to Greenfield he says I'm glad that Biden has staked out the bowl of position and nuking America is unacceptable it will result in North Korea turning into a sea of glass not that it will result in the end of the commercial as I stated which suggests that will begin imposing some more sanctions and maybe get around to possibly invading and then spend twenty years trying to win the hearts and minds of the extended Kim family statement is a long-winded way of saying that in the event of an of an orc North Korean nuclear strike in South Korea will possibly be with possibly maybe we're not taking that off the table if you guys need South Korea allies back
this is this is really is real world in 2023 I think it's going to get worse in 2024 to let me let's end this or let's end this story after a whole lot of Decades of worthless negotiation with the North Koreans we have limited terms because we blew our credibility a long time ago when we actually get into a nuclear exchange with the North Koreans to defend South Korea probably not much like a defensive Taiwan are deterrence lacks credibility and doesn't help that we keep negotiating with whatever him one the genetic had genetic and firing squad Lottery and getting taken for a ride we've been in the go she ate him so well we're now telling the North Koreans that if they nuke us they'll be in big trouble that is not a position of strength that is a position of weakness and it's not just see it's not just North Korea it's not just China it's not you I mean so many things have moved I don't think
enough enough Americans understand I'm not going to say it's just lettuce in or eat cuz there's any pens that don't get it to see many Republicans that don't get it there's a reason why there were no new Wars started when Trump was in office it's because everybody looked at them they saw his actually saw his demeanor they saw as what they heard his words and I thought kill his back
let's just not hit okay sounds of War under under Barack Obama under George Bush Wars under Bill Clinton Now new Wars seemingly popping up every every couple months under Joe Biden whatever reason during the four years with Trump in the White House there were zero new Wars
but I'm not a big fan of being antagonistic there's a difference between being antagonistic in foreign affairs and being just bold and confident and declaring hey we will destroy you South Korea is there a like we will destroy you if you attack them we have interests there they South Korea is very different from from from Iraq or Afghanistan gay are interest in Iraq and Afghanistan where they truly work they then I mean we we could have gone active rare Earths in Afghanistan we didn't for whatever reason over a 20-year. Whatever but when it comes out. We actually do have a a true Ally there and be able to say hey yes we will back them if you if you knew them that should be a no-brainer even to the Biden hair Sheen but apparently it's not
apparently it's not when you get strength back when you get Christ back

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