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JD Rucker Show, December 29, 2023

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Actions Being Taken to Stop the Border Invasion May Be Too Little, Too Late

Title: Actions Being Taken to Stop the Border Invasion May Be Too Little, Too Late


Today's show sponsored by a faith-driven precious metals company, Genesis Gold Group:

We're finally seeing actions being taken to slow down the border invasion of illegal aliens. Unfortunately, those actions should have been taken a long time ago and the ones that we're finally seeing are so small that we might as well be peeing on a wildfire.

But we must move forward. We take whatever wins we get, and we try to get more. This is not an issue that can be dismissed just because the odds are stacked against us. We have to assume that this existential threat can be stopped because to do otherwise would simply bring about the fall of our nation even faster.

Here are the stories we covered today on The JD Rucker Show:…………………

Recorded: December 19, 2023

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you're listening to the J D wrecker show let's begin so yesterday I had some comments some positive but some semi I wouldn't say - suggestions that the primary topic of yesterday show was Israel Moss for stories about that particular topic all for the stories I and the talking about in the s h well before noting that hey you know I had to sit through the first hour listen to you talk about this out of the other
whenever you got to do what you said you were going to talk about until till the end until the second have now when one person in particular is today I love the fact that that you made me wait to get to the stop at which I was really interested in listening to the stories in the first hour to try to do more of a spread okay to they were talking about Biden's border betrayal and it's an important topic for obvious reasons but I'm not going to front load and I've done that in the past from low the it was all stories about the the Border crisis not going to save it to the end I'm going to put the middle we're going to sprinkle it okay we're going to we're going to do a little bit at home take the salt and drop it on my elbow and it goes on the steak and I forgot the chef that does that we're going to do a little bit of sprinkling of this particular topic on on Today Show and see if that makes more sense so I think I've got like three or four maybe even five
stories regarding the border so instead of getting it all at once you're going to get it in bits and pieces as I cover multiple multiple times because let's face it there's so much happening in the world today who can who can handle just 11 top again a a given to our show the first one is this is the one that did really got my I got my juices flowing, check my khaki so to speak to break over at the Liberty daily started off with just a news report from Fox News and then I started digging deeper and deeper and deeper and got angrier and angrier and angrier Suite by Charlie Kirk Bill Mulligan reporting Ends by the way one of the greatest current modern-day General sell their slides just a true report this guy goes rings of his reporting is about the border and he puts his himself at risk to get the news
Milligan good guys over Fox News from Fox News hatred Southern border the free agents to help with the flood of illegal immigration quote from the help speed up processing of these go to put migrants do you know they are they are illegal aliens mostly military aged men that are illegal aliens in the car and take a walk
take a live look at our Fox News drone over in Eagle Pass they have had another massive legal Crossing out there you can see hundreds upon hundreds of illegal immigrants waiting for processing there you might be able to see a bridge off in the background that is where the trains come in will c v p is announced they are suspending Railway operations to move CBP officers down into the field to help border patrol with processing in other words Harris they're shutting down International Commerce in order to help speed up processing of these migrants many of them again will be released in back out here life December is traditionally one of the slowest months at our Southern border but the border patrol Union tells us right now their number show they are on track to potentially have the highest single month of arrest that ever had at our Southern border
that's the report in yes obviously I don't know about you but I am infuriated about it and I don't think I'm alone
a representative Mark Marjorie Taylor Greene MTG she also had some thoughts on the issue of the invasion at our Southern border is beyond impeachment it should be considered treason she's talkin my language and the rest of his administration need to be held accountable now I say stuff like that all the time and it's okay if I say it when a member of Congress says it most of the time I say okay will do something Marjorie Taylor Greene has been trying to do something she's been trying to impeach Alejandro mayorkas for a long time and her colleagues just don't seem to agree with her they're still looking for some some Smoking Gun some are trying to find out where you live this that or the other folks here's the reality Biden fighting impeachment a waiver for second will talk about that some of the time but specifically about Alejandro mayorkas he's the he's the
Homeland Security which means that his job is primary role is to keep us safe and to keep our borders safe
by the sheer fact that he has done the exact opposite of that that alone is impeachable. Can you don't need to find where it where he embezzled money you know even though that's not any big deal BC anymore you got to find where he he lied under oath or anything like that you can look at his job performance your job is to secure the border and you didn't so you're getting impeached because of some crime you committed you're getting a piece because you're awful at your job you're getting a piece because you're you're incapable of doing your job that's enough to impeach a Cabinet member. So do it if you don't and you're Republican you don't agree with him and that means that you are saying he is doing the best job that he can't you just impeach anybody that doesn't doesn't do well enough but we're not talking about just just do a little bit subpar work here we're talkin about doing the exact opposite and
reaction takes has a detrimental effect on Airport security key is intentionally opening the door he's doing the exact opposite of what the American people are paying him to do exact opposite of what they want him to do nor his their their handlers nor the people that are controlling their handlers in the global suleika ball exactly Marcus is doing exactly what he's been tasked to do that does matter to the American people from Jordan even Democrats want the border is secure he's not doing it impeach now
I often rail against the younger generation is the Millennials gen Z whatever is going to follow I always save like a grumpy old man all these kids nowadays they don't know what they're talking about they don't know what they're doing they don't know how to appreciate things got no work out there it's true though unfortunately you know I used to make fun of my parents and my grandparents were saying some more things about my generation maybe they were correct as well maybe maybe we're all just it's all just degrading well there is some good news at least four boys men young men young men boys whatever they seem to understand what to look for in a woman unfortunately the same can be true for for girls young women they don't seem to know what to look for in a man could cause a big problem I think I just read a statistic the other day that we have our highest percentage of of people aged 40 that have never been married could it be that we are just splitting
the sex like the sex line men and women just think differently than being raised to think different differently and maybe that is part of the plan of the globalist Ali cabal to divide us to make it to where we we just we just can't Camp repopulate United States of America with actual American article over at the post-millennial by Sarah Higdon over there says that 64% of women by women who I don't care how do you spell that's good news you might say well it's not good news is only 64% going to be like 98% or 99% hundred percent of that yeah it should but hey I would have guessed this I would have thought that a 50/50 maybe 40 60 and favor of the most most boys are looking for that communist communist girl to date
unfortunately like I said it's it's not not necessarily all good news we look at the other side of the fence I change research survey from September revealed that 64% of gen Z and Millennials while 76% of women from the same demographic of men who identifies Mega Republicans are Republicans where the bad guys to to over over three-fourths of young women between the ages of of what is $18.34 question 1033 registered voters aged 18-34 about the red and green flags while dating women in the age range 10 Celine further left
show me up then men with 41% identifying is Progressive while just 24% of men do the same 53% of women said it was a red flag of their partner refused to see the Barbie movie I'm so glad that I'll happily happily married because I would not survive in this day and age I assure you there is nothing that could possibly can call me to see the Barbie movie I know that my son's in the same way that's for sure right now my daughter wants to see it at least one of them 55% said it was a red flag if they listen to Joe Rogan
doesn't listen to Joe Rogan and I don't listen to Joe Rogan but but I have I listen to clips from Joe Rogan
that's the article 60% of women said it was a red flag if their partner says that all lives matter you know because we're past the discriminate you know women don't want a man that doesn't discriminate about who matters Skyview this understanding that the only black lives matter all the other lives are secondary if they're lucky I said it was the same if your partner has no Hobbies so they want they want a middle-of-the-road girl who collects stamps
got it in Warsaw Wars reason Fox News asked Americans on the streets of New York City what their major red flags were when dating someone new casting from Arizona said I think just being friendly and touchy with other girls is a red flag
okay I mean I get I guess when she's getting a little too comfortable and kind of breaching the Privacy Zone one man responded and you know the individual barrier Zone
I knew there was a time when it was when I was growing up where boys did not get offended when girls got too close to the matter fact is considered a a a positive thing in this for women they say they don't like his red flag when when the man smells bad now I have no objection to that take a personal hygiene is extremely important regardless of your man or woman and taking seriously is a very poor thing my wife is she is a clean freak they start talking about their acts are mentioned another girl's name or other partners name that would definitely be a red flag green are they still got like other people on social media and they're still not really like those loyal to you as you want them to be true the point good point good point I have never contacted an ex-girlfriend on social media I can show you that Joanne
I want to have them out of your house that's what that's what it'll stance is important to him he said
from Israel in our country is in a big turning point for the future and some people don't really want us to exist for me the minimum is two at least understand the poll showed that 50% of women pull a man who doesn't care about politics as a red flag while only 29% of the same way I do. I admit it was in high school I did a 22 as a matter fact two to progressives back at least called and liberals but they were their leftist which was funny because I was in young and served An Officer William conservative president of the Democratic Club at the one date
didn't work out so so what do you guys think of the comments I want to know you know is that are we in trouble I mean is this is this clear political divide between young men and young women wear our young men think that they don't want to date a communist and young women said they don't want to date a Maga Republican and does that mean that we're all in trouble or is it just that everybody's kind of getting pushed in towards the music we said that the where the real passion
in the SAR as political ideologies always on the far left of the far right now I'm not saying there isn't as pejoratives by the way I don't want him clear out right to me just making is that your logical and honest and you make sense I'm not scared of of pissing people off my humble opinion if you fall into the category of the moderator whatever you want to call yourself you you lean right or maybe a little after you're a Centrist or whatever I understand how that can be appealing maybe in the past but today would you need it's kind of got excited they're they're being picked these away so if you're if you lean right I assure you that that's relative to her when you ask that that's Democrat that leftists who you are they're going to call you for a ride anyway so you might as well just fit the bill in my humble opinion not just because it's the passionate way to address the issues of her name
I'm depressed because it's not going to go crazy you know so far to the right of it that you you don't even fit on a scale I'm just saying look Mimi me the far-right perspectives of of America First of making America great again of limiting government limiting taxes limiting intrusion increasing privacy increasing free of increasing Liberty there was a time when those concerts when we consider quote-unquote far-right today they are and if you believe those things don't don't go around calling yourself a modder don't go around saying how do you know Mitch McConnell's not so bad okay he is bad I'm not just because he's he's a modern but mostly because he's arguably the most corrupt politician in Washington d.c. next to Joe Biden has got to be mine by Mi got everybody be by my other than the Mitch McConnell I was saying it's probably up there and you know top three or four maybe number to maybe number to quit being is that
we're talking about dating and I had to get in the Mitchell, how does a conversation go from dating to Mitch McConnell that only happens on the J D wrecker show point being is that this device is it manufactured is this something where we shouldn't really be concerned considering that that are birth rates are already far below the replacement levels where they need to be less likely they were going to to have American Born Children Here legal immigrants people that come across and become become Americans the the legal way is that just are we doomed or none of this to happen I think so but sound off in the comments
women should never do on a show is too carbonated water found this new Sparkling Ice zero calorie zero sugar drink and
you should probably not do it in the middle of a podcast now I got to wait all the way until till the the break to relieve myself of gas anyway that's not important
as everybody should know by now I am a prepper I'm considered a late prepper I didn't really start prepping feel right around the time I guess about January of 2021 when Joe Biden became I guess you could say a mild prepper I had a couple bug out bags couple of buckets for the food but not all the way back on the Obamacare days but the most part I did not consider the necessity of getting fully prepared for the apocalypse for whatever we have coming at us from any direction seems like we have it coming at us from multiple directions at this point in American history but it is what it is for the most part it has always been considered right wing and ever sung that that's only those those crazy right-wingers are doing but now it seems as if that is Shifting the more more leftist are getting involved
in that I'm participating in the Lee preparedness movement and they awesome you no more the better the way that I always look at it is this and then for those who have never heard me talking about prepping this may may be an eye-opener because it goes against standard preparedness protocols I guess you could say they always say never tell anybody about your preps never tell your friends or relatives don't tell anybody you're prepping leave the kinds of bears that if and when the crab does hit the fan everybody's going to be coming come running to you to to take care of them that's the idea or Worse, he's going to be coming to someone's going to be coming to you or armed and trying to take what you have have secured for yourself in your family so they always say keep it secret I on the other hand do believe in alerting friends and family maybe being a don't broadcast it to the neighbors are the world but with telling your friends and family member one that's you're prepping number to explain to them why they need to be prepping
give them on board because the way that I look at it we're going to need people who are not beholden to government in order to be able to to fight back against whatever tyranny awaits us and if we are unsuccessful we can't fight back then we're still want to meet many people as possible who were prepared for now able to help us to rebuild From the Ashes so I I say the more more more the merrier and more people that are prepared for what's to come to your people there will be who are beholding the government and that's why I always say I don't care how patriotic somebody is they can have taken they can have a picture of Ronald Reagan over there bed and sing the national anthem as they brush their teeth but if they have to decide between being patriotic in fighting the good fight or doing the government's bidding following their their diktat so that they are allowed to feed their family and feed themselves even the most patriotic American is going to
get Chad hop in the bread line and I need their Cricket Burgers so I am a big fan of making sure that everybody we can find everybody is is ready to go ready for whatever there is coming that does include the ideological left over at the end of the American dream. Calm Michael Snyder's many sites I have it over at the CERN. TV going to be putting it on my sub stack for preparedness late prepper. Subs that got, you can check it out and you'll likely catch this is very nice very commentary on it become so popular with the left in the really is who's question and I didn't talk about it in the article himself so I'll just wait I'll tell that store here in a second. With those on the right of the political Spectrum
a are actually on the way he's left his preference have become entirely convinced that we are headed for a catastrophic societal meltdown and they are determined to try to survive whatever happened and we are starting to see leftist fear about the future being reflected in movies and television shows or example in the apocalyptic disaster movie entitled to Leave the World Behind is getting Millions upon millions of views on Netflix and if you guys didn't I did a mine Alice is my review of it and explain why you're there they're talking about the race aspect of it that's part of it but I think that's more of a smokescreen the real mess should I try with the three messages in a previous shown you can always check that I just searched my site discern to search for Leave the World Behind you should see that's that video analysis
I'm not going to get her bottom line is that is it does seem to be at least lean towards prepared the idea that there is nothing that you can really do you know I mean sure if you got the money and you can build yourself a luxury bunker somewhere then then hey you know go do it other movies has he knows this is a movie by with executive directors Barack and Michelle Obama there's an evening the actor the director everybody involved with it is on the left and yet here they are doing a movie about the end of an attack on America the end of of times for this nation at the very least maybe within my world and about getting ready and being able to survive that particular fictional apocalypse nothing conservative about this movie is notes it was made by leftists and it is meant to be watch I left it that's important even though I would argue that because the whole reason they put in the the racist elements was to try that at outrage and get people on the right to watch it and
a lot of us did a lot of us didn't want to make something like this that is a good question hopefully somebody will ask him about the 2024 election is motivating many left is to become Peppers themselves and going to New York Post doomsday prepping is seeping into the mainstream As Americans of all ages and political Persuasions are becoming increasingly worried about the 2024 presidential election about the prospect of a civil war weapons but as a rematch between President Biden and his predecessor former President Donald Trump report on the left I'm going to the clam some dictators United States and people are going to end up as Targets in some sort of authoritarian system that are there gold Brad Garrett
there really are lots of people out there that are convinced her convinced himself that if Donald Trump wins the election he will make himself a dictator and establish a fascist regime in the United States in 2004 today I was going to be doing a story for the show about 10 facing debunking the notion that this guy who was president for 4 years and didn't declare myself dictator then has no desire more I don't want to make this up little segments but just to be clear Donald Trump's driving force what what makes him want to be present what makes him get up and out of bed every day is is ego he will say all this negative but that's not a very strong ego
I think that they were qualified to run to become the leader of the Free World that already demonstrated ego Donald Trump wants to build a legacy he wants he wants to extend well beyond his kids well beyond he wants to be remembered for all the time he wants to be the 21st century George Washington OK Google this is why do I like all of his policies do I like the way the Yaks know but I do know because he is driving force in his Ambitions gear around being awesome as president he's going to do what is best for Decatur he's not he has plenty of power is he he takes it essentially a power downgrade when he becomes president because it is within his organization
do I see y'all in Canada's president so don't tell me he's going to have to become a tyrant keeps getting lower on the Ashley anxiety this is according to Fox News 1/3 only one-third of Americans gain president Final thumbs-up on the job he's doing at the White House going to new public opinion Siri get the idea nobody likes Joe and the horrible circumstances here in United States that everybody's blaming him because he just doesn't have the mental capacity or willing to try to stop and plus he's he's compromised from 84 different direction anyway
he's not the only one that's not just these random people such as the movies there are actually high-profile left us who are becoming Preppers Mark Zuckerberg appears to be one of them in his money played a major role in what we witnessed in the swing States but this time around Mark Zuckerberg appear to be preparing for doomsday to the register. Cam on a remote part of a cow is largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago expensive construction project it's a very hush-hush project security guards and cameras of the 1,400 Acres site a six-foot wall blocks locals from peeking and vetted workers are subject to strict nda's preventing discussion of the work however was in the A's don't appear to have function as intended to give us a report on claims the tragic Patron is none other than met a big cheese Mark Zuckerberg
it is being reported the Zuckerberg survivalist compound and a 5000 Square ft underground bunker and will be completely self-sufficient will have at least 30 bedroom 30 bedrooms friends this guy got us billions and 30 bathrooms and a network of tree houses that connect sunrooms
a network of tree houses that connect some of the rooms that's weird
I don't even know what to say about that
is that is that a typo what could it possibly is a literally a network of tree houses connecting some of the rooms that's never heard that one for prepping with treehouses preparedness in the third grade why are the ports that the main residence will be joined by a 5000 Square ft underground shelter that includes Living Spaces and an escape hatch the compound will be self-sufficient with an 18 ft tall water tank and a pump and pump system and food production system how much what are you going to be put in 18 ft tall water tank of course obviously that's what how wide it is it worth with the actual volume is but I figured you know you can I seen those ones we don't have one yet we will but I seen the ones that are about to about seven or eight feet tall and they only had like 300 gal you need just as a quick prepper notes you need approximately a gallon of a day per person you'll say why I don't drink all the things that you'll need
Waterford in the very bare minimum 1 gallon per person per day I seen some say that in a pension go down to liter per day but still it's not a hole in you need a whole lot of water we don't realize how much water we use on a given day in the vast majority of his life and then we're going to run out of food of everything really go south it's at the water stops coming out of top most most Americans are to use the phrase but Dad in the water you will have to become beholden to government in and hoping that they'll be able to pass out their water bottles and they won't be taken by Hamas or whoever is invading that point water left is like Mark Zuckerberg can sense that really bad stuff is on the horizon and so he is taking action mean while ordinary Americans are Costco is $400 worth of gold in 1/4
so why are so many people hoarding gold right now is completely out of control when we are all on the verge of economic problems are only a small part of the larger picture a perfect storm is upon us there is one more thing I wanted to mention and it is a sure sign that we apocalyptic times which forgot
I'm going to skip that part he's talking about that I'm not even going to lie you can read it over at the CERN. TV if you want or at late prepper. Subs like that, he went there and I'm not going there look I will say that number one just to give you guys a quick because this is for late Preppers if you are late pepperview just getting out there I'm going to give you a face lie to mince words of advice number one the most important thing you can do is to make a plan make a plan tracks the plan to stick to the plan and otherwise be ready it's not just about supporting stuff and then when the crap hits the fan you don't know what to do with okay kid ready by making a plan figure out what you need to do that plan is not so in case of tornado do this and Kate NoDa this part of the whole thing the plant starts immediately pay the plan includes hey learn how to how to fix you know whatever learn how to fix things if you don't if you're not mechanically inclined learn how to use certain tools learn how to build a
fire from a stick rocks or whatever I'm picking up a skill that you need to be able to survive if you just can't call the the repairman or a plumber or whatever learn how to grow food and how to cook food a lot of people don't know how to cook food and if you using for example a solar oven or not using it but if you have a solar oven learn facts on there was a time when sewing was a crucial skill in every single household that time may come again nobody in your household knows how to sew properly you can have some pretty ineffective clothing know in the months and years decades to come if you can't run down to the mall or go on Amazon and have have more clothes delivered to you ever to
get out of the city if you can this is a road trip advice is a warning there are many many dozens of possible scenarios likely possible scenario talking about like like scenarios that are Brewing around us that we should take him to strong consideration whether it's Invasion nuclear war food prices grid goes down
riding on the Street Marshall Law or martial law and the people running the streets killing each other and then take him taking stuff from people being able to defend yourself in the best way to do that is to not be in the city and I'm not saying the being out in the rural areas that you give totally saving got nothing to worry about being in a rural area has a set of possible problems for one in my family we have a medical scenario will we have to be close to the hospital at all times we can't not be close to Ohio that's the only reason why we're still here in commiefornia I would have left and gone to a homestead in Montana or Idaho or someplace by now if it wasn't for the fact that I can't I have to be it's not just be close to a hospital I have to be close to specific hospital I would have you would have left left left California and gone to a nicer area that has hospitals and maybe have more more red state but I have and I can I'm stuck here and I know a lot of you are but if
do not do what you can to not going to get out of cities and also get out of the suburbs and know that
it's more of a bind time it's not necessarily making you much much much safer I think that the initial term all depending on the scenario the initial terminal is going to have in the major cities in the room there is going to spread out as far as a kid can't run you can't hide from it forever so if you can like you might be in the situation you're survivalist you're single you can live in the in the mountains for four Decades of necessary without contact with anybody awesome most people can't most people need help most people use family most people needs any food or water most people don't have the skills necessary to be able to survive indefinitely outside of away from civilization but that might be one of the skills that you pick up
and last but not least stock up on water as I mentioned before you need a lot what are you going to do in what state is apocalypse the end of America what it is just you know the grid goes down if the power goes out the water goes out eventually I'm talking about a widespread power outage because you still need electricity to pump the water now your bosses don't work how will you survive do you have a bottle of water do you have containers of water store water that's number one of two food food most Americans have an average of two weeks worth of food for they will send you start starving to death survive without food a heck of a lot longer than you can survive without water but not even test your body's ability to go without food store up food and if you can if you are already out of the city and you are already set up now it's time to get into Garden Homestead being able to get a little mini Farm if you can and yes chickens chickens are chickens turn dirt
turn turn the ground into protein a daily supply of protein if you got got enough chickens okay so and don't eat the chickens eat the eggs got to remind people that I well I get like a chicken's that's only going to feed my family for like 2 weeks actually it's somebody tell me that the eggs anyway so so do whatever you can if you can't say you you can't whatever reason maybe you're not in an area where you can grow a big garden and and have a homestead and have chickens or whatever you have a socket whatever you can't be by the way just said I wasn't going to bring this up for those were watching before Christmas 2023 I know a lot of people watch these in the in the replay later but if you're watching before Christmas 2023 we are having a once-in-a-lifetime sale over at with promo code 1 * 25 by 1 Word one-time w n t i m e
the numbers 25 0 1 Word 15% off sometimes even 5% is when making room in the warehouse for bison Tyson's coming next year could be January probably said we are going to start selling bison meat very very soon which is I in my humble opinion the ultimate bad for me but we need to clear up space so take advantage of the sale goes on until Christmas Day 25% off and if you're a big spender and spend over $1,000 use from a cold one time 30 to get 30% off we are trying to clear space my loss your game Oak house, so you got your water you got your food make sure that you got enough meds and this can be challenging sometimes I know because you're the shrink medication that you just can't store long-term everybody has their own meet Seth s yours make a plan and try to get as much as you can talk to your doctor if you trust your doctor talk to them about this
can I see trust your doctor you know you don't want anymore with medicines are going to ask them for if you can trust them and tell them hey you know I am going to get some extra for storage I don't I just don't trust that things are going to be safe and sound pharmacies are going to be open near soon eventually so I want to stay ahead of it so can I get like it in my normal monthly Supply can I get a six-month Supply and then to start building for maybe he'll say no maybe I'll say you can't because it's got a shelf life of such-and-such or maybe that's a sure to get your prescriptions been then if you can't erase it as an alternative to almost every medicine. All almost every medicine has like a natural or at least easily acquirable alternative to to the going through your doctor and Pharmacy Services check out those options for summer for is Firearms ammunition you could be a nice expert great day I'll take I'll take a Glock
especially from a distance in if you're if you're not skilled at if you're if you don't own a firearm or not practicing with a firearm practice and if you can't if you don't have enough ammunition get more and people ask you how much is enough ammunition my answer is more whatever you can get whatever you can store it as much as you can cuz there's going to come a time when we will not that's how they will buy the way in gauging gun control so they are going to go round, skinny guns they're going to come skating or not, so they're going to do to stop the production and sale of ammunition or taxable way that makes it cost prohibitive so that's my prediction be ready for that make sure you got your Bibles for sure I say poor old because you always want to have at least one or two or three back up if you can those are extremely important and last but not least is Michael Snyder mention physical precious metals always a good good bad and you can go check them out go check out Genesis gold GroupMe Christian Gold company at JDR
don't be scared
I know the minion electric coming on maybe you're listening to this reading this whatever and you're on the left great welcome yeah we can we can discuss our ideological Divide from a political or cultural perspective and some of the time right now when it when the crap hits the fan we're in this together one of the rooms are connected by a tree house. Don't get don't sweat it too much obsessed with preparedness in survival that you missed the things that are happening in life today enjoy life or now live your best life now and go have fun I'm saying enjoy life is in for me my greatest enjoyment is is spending time with my wife reading your Bible talking about we have just the most immense incredible discussions and she does have time she's able to to go through and read things in the Bible we get to talk about it whenever I have enough time to be able to talk to her about and I wish I had more
so many ways I look at the apocalypse is a time if I have to go to apocalypse mode and all we had to do is read the Bible and talk about it's like yes
love it whatever it is that it suits your fancy it floats your boat be ready for it and enjoy it don't don't get scared don't get scared be prepared we can turn this into the pepper song no we won't do that
whatever I think of how secless the GOP is especially at the state level I have to look at texts now I know a lot of people of texting I think the Texas is still this this great Beacon of of conservatism but it really is until he's not at the at the government level both the state legislature as well as the governor's office have demonstrated that they are at best they're slow on issues sometimes they don't address them at all grocery know how corrupt the the Republican party in Texas is as far as the former legislative perspective we saw that there the whole Ken Paxton Fiasco but Governor Greg Abbott has always been on my my crap list because he is just slow poke slow to enact legislation in the same policies that are beneficial to the people Texas into the nation in general
they could do something and often times it's a big deal except it's a big deal that should have been done three years ago and this latest example is there a dressing the Border crisis is while it's one of us because it's something that you have the news comes across in this happens and all of a sudden you're like what why is this happening before why isn't it's already happening course yesterday we also had the and I cover the on the on the show earlier today for those who are catching late but they did shut down the trains trains coming across those have been shut down because I think everybody seen the videos of illegal aliens on top of the trains tucked in the crevices just just come across taking a ride over the border and then going to the interior of the United States of America history has been shut down of course he cannot make a turmoil caused by that is it's going to be huge we're going to start feeling it more and more
address is the bordering to some extent it's like I said it's late but in many ways it's also a week we'll see I'll give him the benefit of the doubt we'll see how this plays out this article comes from God sent over at the Daily Caller news Foundation you can find by the cross poster with permission over at this turned out TV tell Greg Abbott signs Bill allowing Texas cops to arrest illegal aliens like I said you like what why is this coming now just before 20/24 doesn't even go into effect until March of 2024 what what took so long if you're asking that question you're on the right track why did it take so long but we got it not trying to be Debbie Downer let's let's just move forward allowing Law Enforcement Officers to be legal aliens have a signature on the legislation known as this before means it will enter into law on March and March 2020 for the legislation makes it illegal entry into Texas a statement to me
and those convicted under the law face a fine of $2,000 up to $2,000 or up to 180 days in jail. Repeat offenders could face a felony charge in after twenty years in jail as be clear that's right there that is the that's the key to all of this okay this is the part where I get least a little bit excited as long as it's enforced and as long as they really just just throw the books Adam okay we have a problem with illegal aliens obviously in the nation for the ones we have to be most concerned about the ones that keep coming back keep coming back how many stories we have to face every single day about illegal alien to us persons been deported three times as persons been deported seven times okay well why why do they keep getting deported
because I keep coming back why they keep coming back because there are no repercussions we are going to have to address this at a national level or else you're going to have to address this at a local level it's good that we're addressing it at state level and I think that at some point our future may hold the necessity then when I say may hold a current-day holes in this Ashley I just don't think we've had been able to mobilize properly that we are going to have to engage in this this war this Invasion we're going to have to try to stop it at a on a personal level and other words it needs to be there needs to be some private access to to be able to stop this that's going to be the legislation I think allows the the most movement if we can get citizens to engage if we can allow citizens to engage that repercussions from government try to the Hall of the Border Invasion that's where things can finally hopefully Lord willing be brought back to a level of sanity we need to close the borders. But that's a
it's a simple solution that has a very complex moving parts to actually make it happen but I was help to rebuild the wall very least anyway he said the goal of Senate Bill Force to stop the tidal wave of illegal entry into Texas a promise of the measure claim it is unconstitutional and I have criticized the by the ministration for not opposing Texas has averaged more strongly the border patrol shut down to Bridges as we noted earlier or the trains over 188,000 illegal immigrants have entered our have been encountered sorry at the u.s. Mexico border during fiscal year 2024 in to be clear for that was that just started 188,000 is a huge. We might be like there's like 30 million yes there are but that's it's looking like it's going to be getting worse. 2022 Windstar 2023 was actually not as bad as 20
YouTube there was a mad rush in 2020 to 2023 was slightly lower bills still higher than 2021 or just still higher than all the times for point being is that is that we are as we go to 2024 the numbers are going to go up up up if we don't stop it now in this this effort by Greg Abbott by the Texas legislature by Texas in general is good it's a start that's it for me to start that's that's not getting an accident ill 2020 for this should have been the case as soon as they realize there was a problem and then one was at well as soon as they was installed into office that's when it's like okay guys this is going to get bad let's do it so we'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say they wanted to to see it before they believed it now they finally believe it and now they're they're finally taking action on the question is is it too late we'll see
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I have an announcement to make I just bought an electric vehicle it was a it was for my son it was a little little battery-powered car and he's got a remote control and can take him and go around the world within that's probably the last electric vehicle that I buy for a long time Pablo probably ever I'm not a fan of Eevee's not because I don't like Elon Musk or not because I don't like like the technology potential we're not there yet obviously we're not there yet very clearly on Ambiguously in indisputable e we are not they're ready for electric cars not as a nation as world and yet there's this incessant Push by the binary fusion by the the Gavin Newsom regime by by every leftist regime as well as the world economic Forum the council for inclusive capitalism the World Health Organization the United Nation everybody seems to be pushing for this everybody of course except for people who are saying like you and me
I'm looking at your vehicle I've I've considered myself but it did like I said the Technologies out there I'm not I'm not ripping on people who buy electric vehicles though you might grow to regret it sooner rather than later there is however a another group that's another entity will say that is very interesting electric vehicles but for a very different reason that group of course is China China wants to go to the market on luxury vehicles in the not alone they have buddies who are also pushing pushing in that regard as well and of course they are there they're co-equal evildoers over Black Rock by over at independent Sentinel I don't want to say the name m Dowling is the name of the the author the site owner and I am not going to say it first thing she doesn't use the first and maybe she's just a private person and I totally respect that but she puts on her articles they are tied
are there by 1 a.m. Dowling so we're going to stick with that the article's title Black Rock and China will own the US Electric market that was a it's a very bold declarative statement let's see if she is accurate going to a new report three major Chinese TV companies are planning to build new factories in Mexico sparking concern Among Us officials reported by Business Insider this comes after Joe Biden's EPA mandated that 50% of all new vehicles sales must be electric by 2030 there's that the year again we talked about it often what is it about 20-30 that's got them all all spooked maybe we'll get to that later IMDb yd and Cherry are all looking at sites to build new factories in the country according to an unnamed Source cited by the financial times in this investment is causing angst in Washington as it seeks to keep China out of the US electric car market
now why is that by the way why is you know is it's one of those things where I get it there's there's trade deficits there's a reason that we want things to be built here in the United States and abroad that is there something deeper is there a deeper reason why our own government and not a not a America first government by any means why even the by the hair she is concerned that there that their masters over at in Beijing might be pushing into this Market
we're to ask a question why are they trying to promise you there's answers you are as fishes are very concerned according to Business Insider China's electric vehicle Market is booming and it also dominates the global electric vehicle battery supply chain and because of Lithia
are those who don't know this will kill the US car business and it calls into question by his loyalties they sure aren't with America BlackRock invest in China and Evie's not just Ukraine and who runs us China policy its BlackRock tide at Tom donilon who is also tied to Barack Obama who's really running the country entire statement right there is is so accurate it's scary
yes Barack Obama is currently running the country the only question we really have is is he doing it on his own or is he a minion of the globalist Alika ball or is he a card-carrying active member of the globalist leak evolve leadership that's question I ask your aunt and I think that it seems at least that he's no longer mini maybe he was from the beginning but that he is he has gotten a promotion now I think that he's one of the one of the underlings directly answering two to possibly even Satan himself that's just my opinion. I'm just one of those crazy guys right in June the biting State Department announced that Obama's former National Security adviser and current chairman of BlackRock investment Institute will lead an advising Biden's China policy is this temperature for the big guy or China are our boss now
that should be a nation is at War and those are two separate questions and they're not mutually exclusive is this 10% for the big guy I don't think so and I'll explain why is China our boss and yes and I probably won't explain why what's the temperature for the big people keep talking about Joe Biden getting bribed getting pushed to do this this is family getting do dried do the seven the other and this is going to sound like I do you know you must be gone far beyond Joe Biden getting 10% as the big guy Joe Biden doesn't care about 10% coming to him anymore he's already got plenty the more importantly they don't need to bribe him anymore they have enough dirt on him he is corrupt he is he is compromised that's the part that should scare you the most. Worrying about whether or not he's getting getting extra money through through his presidency he's
is that they already gave him all the extra money they needed to his vice presidency through as a senator and then after his vice presidency during the four years where he was technically not involved in politics and that's where temperature for the big guy came into play in a 10% was not just translated into more money of the Biden crime families bank accounts at multiple dozens hundreds probably have bank accounts more importantly for as far as we're concerned it translated into he is compromised they have dirt on it they will they is they is China they is Ukraine a is the world economic Forum day is Blackrock they all have dirt on him
and that's not even including the people domestically in the organization's domestically that have Joe Biden completely owned okay the hardest part for Joe Biden is not trying to to take orders he's very good at taking orders from whoever was giving you those orders his hardest dilemma right now and his entire family as hard as the lever is which country or company or individual or organization which one does he have to listen to at any given moment because sometimes there's going to be contradictions and he's going to have to go hey hey don't expose me for that these guys have want me to do this and they have the same dirt on me or maybe you were stored on me so I'm going to do that but you're still my you're still my buddy I mean the conversations must be hard when he has conflicting leverage being used against him people pushing for a for opposing views. Thankfully for him for him
ball which controls most of the the dirt that they have on Joe Biden that that Global Sleek generally speaking are usually in lockstep with what they want the United States to do and what they want done to the United States which makes it Go by the job and his life a little bit easier when you talk about Jill doctor Taco Jill Biden and her role in all this she is this mean you have said that she was running the country I was just said that she is just running fine and he's running the country most people say that she's just the one that the his handlers go to to try to to get him to do or say whatever they wanted to say and she's just the middleman The Interpreter so to speak she's the only one that can that can talk Joe to Joe so who knows who cares I don't care who's who's involved something new that matters to me is for what what are they doing to this nation that's the question we need to answer above all else we see what they're doing on the public lot of what-ifs what's Happening by
that's work it's really scary where we talked about the Border all day we're going to talk about the Border in the second hour we're going to talk about other things but but it all ties back to what do they have on Joe
and what direction are they having him take this nation
that I hate to say the things should keep you up at night but that's one of those things that should keep you up at night knowing that the most compromised man in politics most compromised man probably ever in the history of US politics is currently sitting in the Oval Office or a variation of the Oval Office
that is terrifying stuff that's going to break and when we get back we'll catch up on the other stuff this is for station identification so stay tuned
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veggetti talk is a direct line to me it's the easiest direct line to me so I don't care you have questions if you have comments you want to call me yet idiot great sin if you want to do you want to tell me good things I'll take those as well will always accept positive affirmation on top of all the the negativity that we get if I don't make it to the I did get hit really really hard for my show regarding Hamas I got hit from from every side okay and that's that's great I mean awesome that means that people are paying attention and I want you to be passionate one way or the other even if you disagree with me if you're passionate about it if you have good arguments make those arguments I have an open mind how I'll let some people want to, then particular that that really was the the notion that I was talking about my belief that Israel that the the Jews and Israel that they based on my understanding of
Ezekiel 36 that they are there eyes will be opened their hearts will be open by God at some point I don't interpret that as being a did he they will come to understand is not the only book in the Bible by their chapter of the Bible discusses this but this is one that really caught my attention because it does seem to be playing out right before our eyes as we speak and the the notion that my belief that the Jewish people will open their eyes to the reality of Jesus Christ being the Messiah I think that's crystal clear in the Bible and butts but I did get a comment from somebody that I like him and respect it as if you were listener on the show who said that I should have done that then it was it was maybe I don't remember the exact words out of character or maybe a little offensive look here's the thing and I can't be more crystal clear about this
as a believer in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior
I don't look at this as I don't want to the Bible or the teachings of Christ as a as a pathway that it's a betterment you know it's not like I do you know if we just listen to Jesus and and do the things that he said we can also let listen to the Gandhi or whoever you know all these other people and they they were good people that had had good ideas and they just wanted peace and love and all the stuff that's left a message on the Bible as a bible-believing Christian if I were to not say that I hope and pray that everybody everybody
will open their eyes to the truth of the Bible and will accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior then I'm not being a good Christian if I don't if I don't believe that and if I don't say that then that's not that's not the I'm not delivering the message I'm not doing my job I don't get on the show and in proselytized the other try to tell me what you know I don't I don't read a whole bunch of Bible verses I don't try to try to get people to convert you know I'm not I do offer my belief system I do offer why I believe in the Bible and I often refer to two biblical prophecy especially in these times but I don't think I take it overboard with my with my beliefs at all maybe I do but I'm not going to stop because again it would be very cruel as if I do believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and I do believe that he is the pathway through which people can live eternity in Paradise rather than live
eternity in hell that would be very very bad of me to not hope and pray that everybody including the Jewish people to have their eyes and hearts opened up so I can and I appreciate that not everybody is there are agnostics or atheists are Jews there Muslims are a whole lot of viewers out their listeners out there who would disagree with me that's fine I don't know I'm not looking for consensus here but as someone who believes in that who believes in Salvation through Jesus Christ Alone
I would be not doing my job if I didn't at least tell people in my my very strongly felt perspective that is the truth cuz if I were to believe that and not say it that's like saying hey I got my salvation you idiots don't get yours haha that's not that's not how I roll I don't I don't want to be a little people I don't want anybody to go to hell that's that's just me
the sex story sticking going back to the whole whole concept of our border invasion is is destroying us let's turn to my lease paper I would say this she's literally my least favorite it's a toss-up there is obviously Gretchen Whitmer as we like to call her there is of course Gavin Newsom there are some really really bad Governor's out they're not just not just Democrats but I would say argh my least favorite the one that I despise the most is is Katie Hopson mostly because I don't think that she's legitimate I think that she stole the election be no band me on Apple if you want band me where ever cuz I keep getting banned for saying these things but yeah I do believe the 2022 Arizona elections all of them were stolen actions that makes it sound like I'm crazy and I'm not saying that the Democrats didn't win any elections at all I'm saying that they were certain elections especially Statewide elections that were clearly rigged
Maricopa County alone the debacle on Election Day should demonstrate Beyond a reasonable doubt that that there was at the very least acknowledge that there was Shenanigans and if you were to look at the evidence that fair they weren't allowed to present properly in courts the the cherry lake team if you look at the evidence it seems crystal clear that that the yes it was solid that's why I just like a tea house but she did do something positive sort of very recently this article I got this off of this is over at the Liberty from just the news John Solomon is wonderful sight been weeding over there the author and the title is before Arizona governor Hobbs deploys National Guard she neutered border security measures students big news I do you know who's going against the Divine heresy and they're they're calling for five hundred million dollars in Aid and reparations for for the border and there's
National Guard yeah she's waking up and maybe she is but let's look at her register history but even our current policies and understand that this may be just for show and perhaps it's it's just that I know what it's for maybe she's woken up maybe the cartels said hey it's okay if you have you push push against us a little bit just to save yourself politically but know who owns you and yes I do believe the cartels to own her but it seems to go against that notion so we'll see the article Arizona Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs on Friday deploy the National Guard to the southern border of the unprecedented surge in illegal immigration arrivals immigrant arrivals out of the by the ministration she further pleaded with Washington to send further Aid admonishing the B Administration for not responding to her request for 500 12 million dollars to reimburse for Border Security expenses it had already incurred in the supposed she said she said yet again the federal government is refusing to do its job secure our border and keep our communities safe with
executive order I am taking action with the federal government won't despite continued to request for assistance the b in the ministration has refused to deliver desperately needed resources to Arizona's border wow she's a Democrat she's a crazy leftist Democrat she's a crazy left is Democrat the song by the cartel and even she is saying wow this is bad and maybe so I just her maybe maybe she's just responding I think this will be the case she's just responding to her constituents to the people of Arizona saying that it's they can't do it anymore I don't know what her play is here maybe she didn't wake up hey I'll be awesome Lord willing that is the case maybe she's finally starting to realize the error of her ways near for parties ways but let's look at our history and see if that is the case back to the article despite the hawkish rhetoric however has his own immigration record impact statement on the matter of like they more permissive attitude that aligns someone with Administration
so let's go down the hit list some of the things that she's done is called a temporary border wall a political stunt installed off the shipping containers this is one of the very few things that that Doug Ducey a republican governor of Arizona he's started to do right around the end of his term as I guess you could say sore to send my positive more symbolic than anything else we started using shipping container and put it in the century building a semi border wall at least a an obstruction will cause a a border speed bumps easily easily overcome but still it's enough to make people say I'm maybe I don't want to cross right here I don't know maybe direct them funnel them in a in a different direction to or at least make it a little bit harder for them to cross the border so hopefully Lord willing they would be captured by border patrol or somebody else
she said it's a political stunt referring to what Doug Ducey was was saying in this is believed during during her campaign it's a political stunt it's a visual barrier that is not actually providing effective barrier to entry and I think it's a waste of taxpayer dollars just moving and stacking okay they're playing Legos here that's what do she was doing you saying this is the cheapest way to at least put an obstruction between Mexico and the United States at the Arizona the Southern Arizona border it was minor I didn't even the time I don't think I did any stories on it cuz it's not a huge of a deal but she made a campaign effort and she was against it all the sudden she's she's missed Boardwalk but back then she was not next one she praised by his immigration policy earlier this year she praised by the border policy now she's like all you guys have is $500 and we're we're sending National Guard and all this other stuff with some sort of convenient in January
braided the by the ministrations approach to border security saying I've encouraged by the White House's recent actions to visit the border and start composing real steps to begin addressing the problems of the current system and while optimistic I will continue to push Congress to do its job a comprehensive immigration reform
Her speech to Amanda President Biden's visit to the southern border trip that conservatives criticize as a public relations stunt amid reports that border officials had Swept Away migrant camps near El Paso Texas de Brazil a more organized backdrop to his official visit the governor veto the measure to ban providing Aid to human smuggling efforts wow that sure doesn't seem very beneficial
but hey she did at the gun range and beat up legislation brought by Tucson GOP state senator Justine wadsack that would have made it a Class 2 felony to use an electronic device to conceal an individual from a peace officer or Aid in their flight
and Hobbes is can you how she said this bill is yet another attempt by the majority to criminalize organizations and individuals who went to support immigrants and refugees let's be clear
these are not immigrants immigrate these are not refugees they're not escaping War
these are illegal aliens we're stealing our sovereignty every single day
don't use the less language don't allow them to use that line correct them when they do
this is the end of the quote from Hobbs I employed the majority party to work with stakeholders cash I hate that work solutions to our border communities is Risk Solutions are
obviously and call me biased but build the wall make it tall
put more border security on the border reenact stay in Mexico so hey if somebody really needs Asylum I've got no problem with the true asylum-seekers they need to sound great come come over here right when you know the right as soon as you get to the Border you apply for a salad and you stay there and wait for your ear hearing and then when you're hearing comes will will come get you okay you can you can declare and explain why you make the case why you need Asylum and then if your grandson sound great now you are legally here in the United States of America and Mexico
you don't get released into the into the the nation you don't you're not giving a car the same thing when you were supposed to appear before your court date you stay on the other side of the board you can answer once you're allowed to enter.
If you do those things and you start supporting those who have crossed over illegally who are here as illegal aliens you do those things and all of a sudden we're not going to have this mad rush for the Border
like I said earlier the problem is a big one the solution is simple it's not easy
but it's simple does it take a whole lot to realize what it's going to take to fix our border crisis
make sure I think it's number for she proposed $49 for a scholarship to benefit DACA recipients of January and veiled her executive budget with it which included 40 million dollars to create a tuition scholarship program for deferred action for childhood arrivals eligible students the proposed earned pray at the proposal Our Praise from fro immigrant organizations including from the doctor advocacy group alien tow this is a a quote from CEO Raina Montoya this is a great first step for governor have support for all students including our dreams were excited for how this could impact the 2003 Marshall graduate from high school every every year this could potentially again and put Arizona on the right track to make education more accessible and Equitable we will continue to work for those students and look forward to Hobbs following through with this proposal
Megan, this is the last one I could go off on DACA and giving them scholarships for a long time we don't have enough time to show for everything that I have to say on that topic let's move on to the next one is the final one hops defunded a state border enforcement team again as I said in the story earlier about Greg Abbott we just need better and more cops at the border that will help out I should just need it's just a step one of the steps we do need people that are protecting the Border because there is a mad rush of humanity crossing over this is an invasion vast majority of them are military age men as I said before you if you are a military age man you're in you have a family okay you don't you take them with you if you trying to escape War trying to escape strife
when you go alone you're not going to try to escape or you're going to war
Tasha everybody has to realize this I don't care left right doesn't matter this is an invasion
they're burying themselves in the United States of America and their numbers reach reach a certain level we don't know when that'll be it could be now could be all ready to be next week next month next year but is not going to be much longer than that
when it's time The Invasion by the invasion they the they are already invading the the action starts and that's where you'll get really really ugly folks I don't know if we can overcome it so we just have to stop it before it happens
taxi are you in March of this year has announced plans to the fund a border security organization run by the state designed to combat international criminal activity the law enforcement group that mostly focused on drug cartels of course she would be fun that she's bi border Strike Force is an initiative that does not appear to have accomplished its intended purpose and eliminated and ongoing special line item associated with the agency amounting to 17.1 17.1 million dollars the budget further reallocated a second item of 12.2 million that had been assigned to the task force local support and send it to a new local bourse port line item to provide grants to law enforcement in Border communities to conduct border related activities you know it's so funny that they they use such ambiguous language whenever they're talkin about pretty much
the good old days you probably don't remember because it's been too long but there was a time when government was relatively simple when they said what they wanted to say they declared what they wanted to do Clan and made it very clear from the 18th century but it's so easy to interpret and the tenants they the ideas presented in that sentence are very crystal clear and they still do apply today
instead today we have such ambiguity and everything the government says everything the government does and that's for a reason there's a reason why why they always named bills weather at the state or national level they always named bills after the exact opposite of what they intend
I mean it's it's it's funny listening to let me see if I can find this there's a video video of of Alex Newman confront confronting politicians and ask them why the why the it wasn't the reduce inflation actor lower or for what is called disinflation item battle inflation something like that why it had nothing to do with inflation yeah they said they sold as inflation was really about spending more on the green New Deal
how's that how's that fit house any work at least got these guys ready I'll see if I can find that the key your back to the board back back to Katie Haas they always say the opposite of what they really mean and they're always use ambiguous language so that they have an out they won out of everything they want to be able to back out of anything they put forward
at some point we're going to realize especially as it pertains to the border that we need to be clear and concise we need to fit a vaction to finish towards the definitive measures we need that soon we need that now we needed that 2 years ago
it looks as if some movement is happening some things are happening at the state level we need a heck of a lot more than that because if we don't if we don't stop this Invasion we will not have a country
be sure to catch me on all of my various channels and gets live shows you just saw over at JD Rucker. Cam shows that's jadi show
three on story of my desk yesterday I had meant to report on it but I had to had to skip it we're going to report on its Dave still valid comes from a sleigh Frank Bergman over there another drill sergeant found dead at Fort Jackson army base 2nd and a days for the article another drill sergeant was has been found dead at the Fort Jackson US Army base in South Carolina the US Army revealed the death in the statement Monday tragedy is the second such death in just over a week
30 year old staff sergeant Zachary L Mountain was found unresponsive on Saturday the US Army Garrison Fort Jackson said in a news release that Milton was found inside his vehicle on the base was a drill sergeant with the 1st Battalion 34th Infantry Regiment his body was found by University is located after he failed to report for work and statement for Jackson Commander Brigadier Jason Brigadier General Jason Kelly said we are extremely saddened by the loss of Staff Sergeant Melton and thoughts are with his family and the soldiers of the always forward to tie and during his is very emotional time I don't want to declare the cause of death nor did they declare cause of death for the previous when a weak little over a week earlier I don't want to sound the alarm Bells just yet and we can as those of us who are we're watching for conspiracies to is suspicious two deaths in 8 days that's definitely suspicious will keep an eye on it I don't want to
Sina I was something something crazy something crazy is happening this could just be a coincidence but then again we we know very clearly
there are no coincidences
little red store hit my desk yesterday was actually last week I was meaning to report on a lot of times. Just a quick note I do sometimes take these stories and set in my queue I will have anywhere from 10 to 20 story so much more than that waiting to be discussed and I'll go through it on stack ranking based on whether or not I want to talk about him that day and I get through as much of the list as I can sometimes stories like these get pushed off but they are still important this one came from n x headlines titled fear grips doctors around the world as New China virus stops responding to all antibiotics
as many of you know I've been keeping my eye out for whatever the next variation whatever pandemic Panic theater 2.0 is going to to be however it's going to manifest and I keep an eye on him I don't want to Ring the Alarm Bells too loud just in case there's nothing there but it's always important to to note them and the very least so that we can keep our our eyes on them from the article doctors worldwide are in meltdown after China confirm that the mysterious pneumonia taking over the country has stopped responding to all antibiotics they were stars been reporting how the strange unidentified virus has been causing chaos in China for weeks with the world are on high alert over fears a new pandemic could be on the way and no official confirmation as to what it is although it is so far only seems to infect mainly children only a quick note if and when pandemic
Cedar strikes and I believe it will strike obviously before the 2024 election as the most likely timing of their next unleashing when it hits it chances are it is going to affect you goodnight I hate to say that I don't want to get into any whatever jinx's I don't want that to be the case but I believe that is what's going to end up happening they they already gone through one round of pandemic Annex theater we're ready for the next round or at least a lot of us think we are but if they really want to to stop Fear they got to the parents and the parents you think that people are mad because you were trying to kill Grandma for not wearing a mask just imagine how mad they're going to be if you're trying to kill their children they will be irate to say the least backyard mechanics of fishel's in neighbouring countries such as India who are weary of another virus spreading through their population through the following the coronavirus outbreak in 2019 reading themselves for action
it had already reached Europe with Denmark and Holland confirming an influx of cases with the with the World Health Organization on high alert and monitoring situation but now and then my mother from China asking for of that antibiotics given to her one and a half year old daughter for the virus have not worked Rachel how supposed to Bloomberg confirming that doctors warned her that some youngsters weren't responding to the treatment and her daughter was not hasn't that her and her daughter has now developed a lesion in her lungs and continues to deteriorate even after she was switched to an intravenous dosage given a stronger antibiotic and treated with other drugs to Target the inflammation that developed around her heart I melted down she said I I was consoling stupefied by how much worse things could get
although no deaths have been reported yet the fact that drugs appear not to work on it is bad news jumping Jang chair of the epidemiology of epidemiology at the Fielding School of Public Health at the University of California Los Angeles said if the antibiotics no longer will stretch out longer that increases the risk of spread in the outsized outbreaks that are occurring
I don't want to be a fear monger
I feel as if I may have been a bit premature and being concerned about the the mysterious Chinese virus that was spreading around late 2019 I was one of the early ones on that that's a subject and I was very concerned I was concerned about the numbers they were coming out of China now in retrospect why would I be concerned about any numbers coming out of China because they're always going to be lies lies and One Direction of the other they want they want you to think that it's bad and they'll they'll tell you it's worse than it is if they want you to think that it's not so bad but now they won't tell you it's that bad this is we saw that throughout the pandemic that's what they were doing and how they initially the initial reports were horrible quickly and then over time we saw that all know we got this under control is only like 5000 people in China do have covid-19 tracking so so I apologize to those who were listening in late 2019 when I was talking about this mysterious
coronavirus now I don't make the same mistake twice so should we keep an eye on this you betcha about whether or not as far as going to be a true killer and start taking out children I would say that are bigger worry at this stage is what the implications are if this is pandemic Panic theater 2.0 we need to be ready to fight back against the medical tyranny that is on our doorstep
Demarcus next Story down as I'll believe it when I see it it's it could be potentially good news then again it could just be another smoke screen the other attempt to to keep us in the dark and I would say if I have to to bet horse to bet on one of the other I would say it's the latter story comes from just the news Madeline Hubbard over there says that over 175 of Jeffrey Epstein's Associates to be revealed in court documents in 2024 it's it's happening it's happening folks will see like I said I'll believe it when I see it or the article
federal judge order the names of 177 Associates of the lake convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein to be made public in 2024 with the unsealing of court documents Epstein didn't kill himself the judge on Monday ordered the names to be unsealed in connection to a defamation case brought by Prince Edward Prince Edward prince Andrew accuser Virginia Roberts you know I need to figure out how to pronounce this this lady's name she's in the news from time to time because she is he the accuser of prince Andrew
gifer Gaither giuffre I'm embarrassed to admit I have no idea how to pronounce that will just call her Virginia Roberts pronounce Maxwell I have since former girlfriend who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for sex crimes Epstein didn't kill himself hundreds of files related to the associates are set to be released on January 1st but will likely be made public the following day as January 1st is a holiday the 51 page court order first published by The Daily Mail list 187 Epstein Associates and whether their information would be unsealed and why
switch out that there's a the PDF it's not showing up on here and I I don't like opening PDFs so you'll just have to go to Justin at then find the story to to see this okay fine I'll go ahead and open it what's the weather says hear how great see I opened it and and I should have should have noted that is 51 Pages see if there's anything interesting on here too much too many words of my guests on in the in the original Beauty and the Beast and no I didn't see the Remake you read this stuff or whatever it was that he said let's go back the article the names and identities and identifying information of 10 jado's listed will remain sealed because they are alleged minor sex abuse victims not publicly spoken about their experience in other cases quote the public interest is not outweigh the private interest of the alleged minor victim
Robert gifer Roberts to get Virginia and Maxwell Maxwell 2015 Ford F motion and while the case has since been settled medialis filed to have documents published in the again that will never be to get how is it possible that we can find out pretty much anything that we want okay we we really can't we can find out there are ways to through Freedom of Information Act or waste through just searching searching the internet searching the dark matter whatever it's called what people can find information why is this so heavily it's a rhetorical question the answer zombies the people that are going to be implicated at some point Lord willing implicated in with their due to their connections to Jeffrey Epstein and the certainty of Horrid crimes committed with him against against children
this this is Rock the world we're talkin about leaders in in government leaders in business probably leaders in in clergy who knows I've heard some rumors about that as well but obviously this would have major implications and so they tell the law enforcement they tell the judges they tell these people hate you know that we probably should release these names but we can't because it'll do this it'll do that it'll do whatever or they'll say hey if you release these names then we'll kill your family or they say hey if you don't really see his name's will give you 10 million dollars either blackmail bully drive whatever whatever they can do to prevent information like this from coming out we need somebody with the balls to just do it there are people that have access to this information
somebody amongst you has the courage hopefully somebody amongst you has has the the spirit of righteousness know it's a release the names I seriously don't know I don't know I don't think I'm sorry but I don't care what politician gets hurt I don't care what business leader gets hurt looking if Donald Trump is on the list I want to know that I don't think yes but people always Overlook here's a picture of Donald Trump's some random party taking picture with Jeffrey Epstein so you know clearly he was involved look okay you got Bill Gates who was on and on the plane like like 400 times you have you have Bill Clinton Bill Clinton who is basically a second home okay I'm not concerned about whether or not any of our tribe anybody on our side was involved Alan dershowitz his name's been thrown out there and I know he's a Democrat but he's been basically a freedom-loving Democrat for her for a while being is that we need
you know who is who did what and I'm not just saying release the names I'm saying release the evidence release the tribes I imagine I don't think it's a stretch to say that somebody has the tapes Epstein for whatever reason whether he was working for the CIA working for Mossad was just working from self all those rumors are out there he has evidence against these people he was utilizing his Island to get dirt on people short people hate don't worry I'll never release this but I got to keep that in mind that's why he was murdered Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself
I will do my best to not let this be the last story the day it's very easy that it could be because it's talking about topics that are near and dear to my heart topics that I like to talk about not because I enjoy them because people need to know I was talking about the Rockefellers already got my attention talking about global governance definitely got my attention and using climate change to a nap that's it I don't only because they have a pay wall behind they put their story behind a paywall to get a certain amount free so I used to run out of room for I can get them but this time I was able to get this one and I kept it stuck on my browser so that I would not have to to pay for it later this is over we go it's like 10 days old but obviously talking about global governance the Rockefellers and climate change it is certainly still relevant today article by
Apple skates over at the American spectator Global governance through climate change through the institutions David Rockefeller played the long game and I've said this before I say it again Republicans generally speaking we work with what we we have now conservative we work Rihanna What's the address the issues of today Democrats in general and left us in particular special the globalist leftist they they work in terms of months years decades someone say centuries if you take it all the way back to the Garden of Eden
the very least we know that they they work in a long-term and the Rockefeller Rockefeller a conglomerate along with all of their various Saiyans in the proxies and everybody else they have been engaged in This Global steering campaign for for a very long time David Rockefeller grandson of oil magnate John Dee and longtime head of the Chase Manhattan Bank must be laughing his head off right now for his Global government dream might come into existence through one of the most ridiculous and unbelievable scams in history called climate change Rockstar Rockstar created fundador join various secret societies that spawn Global conspiracy theories such as the Council on Foreign Relations the Bilderberg Group and the trilateral Commission in Rockefeller often spoke those theories with provocative statements is there a couple of double quotes from from Dave Rockville some even believe that we either Rockville Feller family are are conspiring with others around the world
to build a more integrated Global political and economic structure if you will
if that's the charge I stand guilty and I am proud of it
that was from his Memoirs then and during a speech at the Bilderberg meeting in Berlin in 1991 he said but today the world is more sophisticated and prepare to March towards a world government
now one does not have to be a bible-believing Christian or a scholar of Prophecy to realize that the push towards a one world government does have have biblical implications it does have its disgust as being such in the Book of Revelation so when you have people will fully coming out people like Rockefeller powerful people coming out and saying that is their goal they're not ignorant to the application as it pertains to the Bible they know what it means they know they're saying they're probably saying this is not just something new a lot of these organizations lot of these individuals come out in recent years Out of the Shadows Rockefellers have been working out of Shadows for a long time they also work in the shadows Stu don't get me wrong but they definitely have been more vocal than most as it pertains to their their their goals and desires they feel like they are Untouchable they are the opportunity that we have with with other
National organizations are governments we can go protest in Washington DC when go to a city hall do Gates what are you doing against people and organizations that have enough money and power and influence to be able to keep them outside of Harm's Way at least I'm from us
so much you can't do but that doesn't mean we stop fighting. By not by a long shot Rockefeller funded group is the club of Rome co-founded by Italian industrialists are yellow arelio sorry Percy and Scotsman Alexander King in 1968 who was the world's population of between 500 million and 1 billion people their 1972 book the limits to growth explains the malthusian vision too many people on earth using too much of the planet's resources would result in a catastrophic worldwide societal collapse within one hundred years if something wasn't done immediately how how many times we've heard that all these various classes that will happen in X. Of time don't even get me started on the Al Gore or Greta thunberg where Alexandria ocasio-cortez
or anybody else that's been crying about climate change since since before Alexandria ocasio-cortez was even born but hey it's enough usually needs to just keep believing it keep going down to the altars of climate change in the climate change cultist they will always believe it because because they want to believe that we're doomed
I'll give it another time that's a big topic they believe that the world the only that only world government could Implement that something something immediately something that that it gives them basically unlimited power
for whatever reasons that they actually wanted it's definitely not so they can stop climate change or anything else
back to the article today when we are scolded by climate zealots that we only have 12 years left to save the planet from the effects of global warming is a scaremonger a shorter time frame in both cases the dire warnings were just as as useful lies as the club of Rome openly admitted in 1991 in a book title the first Global Revolution co-authored by co-founder Alexander King in the intro to Part 2 he quoted French Futures Gaston Berger we must no longer wait for tomorrow it has to be invented so invent they did he noted that the end of the Cold War resulted in the sudden absence of traditional enemies against which support for Global government could be justified he wrote and search for a new enemy to united we came up with
what's let me repeat that in case you didn't hear we came up with the idea that that the threat of global warming would fit that bill,
this is why I don't understand people on the right who still believe in global warming there are many of them Nikki Haley or example is Jesus far to the left as possible to still retain Republican of the little are next to her name she's as far to the left as possible when it comes to climate change she does believe in it she's only openly agreed with it and perhaps that's why people people like Jamie dimon JPMorgan Chase and and Larry Fink over BlackRock maybe that's why they like her so much because they know that the issue were to somehow miraculously demonically become president then they would have a friend a friend indeed but we'll see yet developed this is for those who are familiar with the club of Rome they do the the color of dust and shadows for the most part the day you seen their offspring you seen their there with what they helped to create
way back in the early seventies when when I class Schwab is a student started talking to his his mentor Henry Kissinger they worked with the club of Rome to develop the world economic Forum the world economic forum is essentially the recruiting on the ideological think-tank arm of the club of Rome and if you want to know who the tip of the spear is that would be the council for inclusive capitalism also funded by the Rockefeller Foundation that is led by a Rothschild that is embraced by the Vatican yes this is a a group that does exponentially more attention than what it is given because if like I said if you look at the world economic Forum as the recruitment arm for the globalist as the think-tank the aspect of a worldwide globalism
I guess I ate but the council Broncos capitalism would be the tip of the spirit of the action arm of the globalists that's why we talked about him a few times sounds like I need to talk about them even more so global warming was invented a new Frankenstein's monster against which the gullible world would it be night but just like michelli's frightful creature global warming later climate change is an imaginary monster the real threat to human societies are the solutions proposed and back by Avid globalists I thought that the club of Rome was just a group of bored elitist who to quickly move on to ESG Scientology I was wrong in 2017 interview co-author of the limits to growth and Welding on a four-member Dennis Meadows said that quote 86% of the world's population needs to be eliminated but I've been there
could have slept peacefully gosh I said they're out of Shadows folks they don't care because they know that nobody's going to talk about it they can say whatever they want the days in there there were days in past not too long ago we're talkin about that if maybe a couple decades ago where you could expect at least somebody in journalism to watch all the stuff like this to to report on this is done in 2017 and by that time it was over take news media taken over completely there is no true journalism not within the corporate media sphere the only true journalism that you can ever find today is through independent journalism to some extent I would argue many in conservative journalism are are seeking the truth often times they are are tight too heavily to the ER and see your to the Republican party in general or to think of Canada's they focus so much on the political side of things they actually
they don't want to get involved with the more conspiratorial globalist side of things and then if they do go down that road then then that sugar daddies are Google and Facebook will will will disavow them and they can't get those fat checks from Google or from YouTube it can't get the massive traffic from Facebook that's how they control look I get it it's a business people do what they have to do to survive his family's involved I don't want to say oh you know if if you see Google AdWords on the sort of like that but I decided against that number one because that would mean that that 89% of the conservative sites out there I couldn't ever visit anymore or quote or do anything with the number two
if unless I'm willing to pay their the salaries of those people who will be harmed if I were to force them out of of using Google or force them from getting trapped from Facebook then maybe I can say something but I'm not willing to do that I'm not capable of doing that I don't have that kind of money that works close to I'm having a difficult time finding fighting for my stuff so even though we did hire one that was nice it's nice to have have that that guy available Cactus Williams back on back on track so good to have him back to Flint being is that you if you want the truth you have to look The Independent Media Fringe media with what a lot of times we're being called I like to look at it as alternative media but but I'm not just being a self-serving shill when I say you know watch my show watch watch this guy to show that guy show but independent meetings where it's at that's where you going to get the truth
the only place you can get Street and you only get it completely from those who are completely not beholden unbeholden I guess is the word
two government two political parties including the Republican party to Google to Facebook
only those were speaking the truth because that's what they're they're able to do because they have no Tizer or attachments to anybody who would sensor them those are the only people that you can truly trust to deliver the truth that you won't get any truth at all anywhere else that's not that's not the case I mean case in point this is a great article from spectator they're diving into pretty crazy things here right so that means hundreds of other stuff is great no point being is that don't get into the whole censorship ship-trap don't start don't only get your news from those places that are beholden to the RNC that are beholden to Google or Facebook or anybody else
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we don't want you to change anything keep doing you keep doing you so that's why I like genesis Gold group at jtr but let's let's get back into this article
I see where was I so global warming was invented by men who are still committed to eliminating over seven billion humans from the earth men who recognized that only a global government can accomplish that task another David Rockefeller Protege was Canadian millionaire Maurice pronounce Morris spell Maurice but it's Morris Morris strong a high school dropout who took strong under his wing is reducing him to the Canadian Rockefellers the the desmarais family strong went to work for them and the Alberta oil field and by age 28 wasn't at which time Rockefeller got him his first job at the United Nations and 72 strong was selected to head the un's new environment program where he convened the first International expert group on climate issues and created the UN framework convention on climate change under the unfccc he formed the intergovernmental panel on climate change the
it provides the climate assessment reports that have been termed the environmentalist Bible that the computer models use for those assessments have been repeatedly and embarrassingly wrong hasn't returned deterred Simon zelotes from renewed hysteria at every ipcc report release strong is credited with coining the term climate change when global warming became awkward to to declining global temperatures starting around the year 2000 is most important Legacy though is the un's agenda 21 sustainable development program unveiled in 1972 and then rebranded in 2015 as a genda 20-30 there's that again what's going to happen in 2030 will see Agenda 21 / 2030 is the blueprint of the global governance using as it's alluring mask and it will quote it will require a profound reorientation of all humans unlike anything the world has ever experienced
such as the massive redistribution of wealth from Western democracies to the developing developing world
the questionnaire from the plan between 3.3 to 4.5 trillion hours for your trillion billion trillion dollars per year to achieve the agenda for sustainable development that would cripple the economy moving a major barrier to Global government to help me go a lovely climate change ruse Agenda 21 / 2030 chapter four calls for drastically reducing consumption and production of everything which comports nicely with the club of Rome is 2018 climate emergency plan for having consumption having wedding and a half consumption production and holding all fossil fuel Investments another document interesting millions of jobs they would destroy or the poverty and vulnerability of the populist right death destruction details
top 50 most lets the cat out of the bag leaving the growth of world population for placing increasingly severe stress on a planet chapter 7 Hall run into private property claiming that quote social justice can only be achieved if land is used in the interest of society as a whole is that sound like socialism marks isn't communism and he isn't to you course it does cuz it is why I don't like I said earlier in the story that I don't like the term stakeholder State capitalism and this isn't you really can't even call them stakeholders this is just communism under a new form new new name
they're doing everything they can to disguise our true intentions while actively know beliefs stating their true intentions
that sounds like a contradiction but it's not they they hide it out in in plain sight they have to recruit people that have to get people excited they have to indoctrinate us there to normalize such terms as social justice where are you seeing that as a term that was normal eyes as a result of the actions of This Global suleika ball there's no other way around it you cannot you cannot convince me otherwise
they're doing whatever they can touch control language but and then to control us but also to control the destiny of the world
and the question is are we going to allow them
the answer to that of course is no but then the question becomes how do we stop them my show is dedicated to find Solutions whenever possible I don't know the solution is I talk about these stories every day I talked about the scratch from the globalist Lee Kebab I don't have a solution people say it's a cop-out when I said we got to pray that's not a cop out the truth we do have to pray and then there are those who say we agree I just don't know what the next step is and how do you stop a Rockefeller how do you stop the world economic forum
I do protest them he'll wear where we go you got to fly to Rome
what do we do
I'm not trying to get you down or say say that it's hopeless by any means I do believe that as long as we keep getting the truth out there and making people aware somebody's going to come up with a solution Lord willing somebody will or perhaps more likely God will provide us with a solution if that's the intent I've also very I'm a very actively in the end only aware that is possible that there is no quota Court solution this is just the path that we're on this is the path that we were told about in the beginning
do you know long before any of us were born Book of Revelation another prophetic books of the Bible talk about what we're seeing manifesting today
unless I'm not going to say definitively but this is we are definitely in the end times I mean I'm not I'm not talking about how the concept of the end times began basically is soon upon the death of Jesus Christ I'm not saying that I'm saying you from that respect I sure will definitely be in touch I'm saying the actual end and times as in like like trials tribulations that and then massive amounts of death talking about. The big changes that are coming
I do believe if I were forced to put a percentage I do believe that I would put us in about 73 70% chance that we are definitely in the end times and if that's the case then that's climate change and organizations like the club of Rome and people act like they would Rockefeller they're the ones that are going to be driving this and are they the actual driving force no I think they are all working on behalf of Satan himself
people who are some of shocking to hear that you know what you're saying that there are satanists oh yes I am but more importantly they are getting taking orders whoever's of the very tippity top of the rim of The Human Side they are working the powers and principalities and they are getting orders from shape
I'll leave a LinkedIn story since much longer in this being said I wasn't going to do this entire thing for the rest of show but apparently I did so I'll even linked to it is a great reader read by to buy pork steaks
read it and be aware and let's look for Solutions if you got some solutions I need them in the comments please Lord willing I will be back very soon with another episode in the meantime stay safe and God bless

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