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JD Rucker Show, December 28, 2023

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Existential Threats Galore, Plus How to Fight Back

Title: Existential Threats Galore, Plus How to Fight Back


Between the border crisis, failing economy, rise of wokeness, and a dozen other existential threats facing America today, it's no longer time to prepare for a civil war. We may have Revolutionary War 2.0 in our future.

Recorded: December 27, 2023

JD Rucker Show

JD Rucker Show
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JD Rucker

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We don’t take on woke sponsors. We don’t get traffic from Facebook. We don’t take money from Google. We know we’ll get canceled by some, but the truth is the truth. We won’t hold back.

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you're listening to the Jade Iraq Rochelle let's begin
so we're almost to 2024 it's right around the corner which means that it's an election year which means it has to do with the election to look back at 2020 at the even starting in 2019 and pretty much everything leading up to the election really have to do with the election OK covid lockdown push operation have to do with the election
George Floyd Shenanigans with b o m all had to do with the election
the contention with with Ukraine in Time free war Ukraine with the impeachment all has to do with the election you can point to every major event that happened late 2019 through 2020 can you convert make it very clear argument that it was all about the election of it everything he had was leaning towards the the idea the notion that Donald Trump will not be allowed to be president for a second term
and we would argue that that's the same things going to happen in 2024 and I would say no that's not the case I would say that this time this time around the election is going to be used to draw our attention while if the powers-that-be the powers and principalities the global Stanley could borrow the new world order whatever you want to call them that they are going to be utilizing the election as a smokescreen to engage in their evil machinations now that's not to say that they're not interested in the election they will be participating in gum and walk at the same time and I flip that around I think it's the weather that you actually say it in English but you get the idea I think that they are going to get to use the election as a distraction we're going to be saying all this open borders that's about the election I'll do you know the rumors of wars it's about the election areas by the election when in reality much more nefarious plans for us I don't even know if we're going to have an election vote and I know you you might hear that.
if you're paying attention to certain people other people said that I'm not saying anything that that you probably haven't heard for but I'm starting to really get concerned that might not be the case especially if you're not able to get rid of my projection or predictions this if they cannot get prevent Trump from being on the ballot that they cannot prevent him from running in the 2024 general election the cannot keep him from winning the Republican nomination then we will not have an election and when I say prediction I'm not I'm saying that is a possibility I might say no that's the trigger point ninety-nine percent certainty that we won't have a chance if he is on the general election ballot Across the Nation and there's a 10% chance they will find some excuse for us to not have an election with that said if they are able to get rid of Donald Trump before for the Republican National Convention or prevent him
nominee are from being on the general election ballot Across the Nation and if they're able to get milk on Nikki Haley as a republican nominee whatever devious plans they have the Mets won care it'll be like okay yeah I was focused a hundred percent of our efforts on what we want to get done while everybody else is paying attention to Nikki vs Joe or Nikki vs Michelle or Nikki vs Gavin her Nikki versus whoever
Irish folk song that we don't care we win either way so let's focus on our things
I know this is a controversial show but I am not going to try to prove my point because you can't it's one of those things where you can't prove or disprove what I'm saying because it hasn't happened yet this is just a perspective just call it a thought experiment if you want to you want to say oh that's the way too far-fetched for me to pay attention to show today because we're going to be talking about several items several things I'm going to get through as many of them as I can shovel reasons that I believe that we're seeing things that are happening in the world in the United States in particular things that are happening that lot of people are going to a tribute to the election and that's not really the primary goal it's just it's it's heading us in a different uglier Direction I do have a lot of other stores to cover some of what I'm going to do is let's go ahead and get this first story
out of the way and then I will get to as many of the other stories as possible I've been told and you guys can give me your perspective on this idea by going to JD watch talk about a good record of me give me your perspectives on the idea but I've been told that I probably shouldn't do entire two-hour shows on a single topic so I have to know to fit in with the rest of the conservative an alternative media world I have to have multiple stories so that people will find something that's interesting to them if I sit there and drone on for 2 hours and in some cases take with the treaty action dedicated four consecutive shows to it so there's a total of 8 hours and me talking about the the World Health Organization pandemic treaty and amendments to the HR and it was people don't like that apparently maybe I only heard the people that did like it maybe if you would like or like sitting there thinking oh my god really we got to show houses
you going to pay put the full effort into talking about a single topic for 2 hours are 4 hours or however long. Let me know what you think right now the consensus that I've seen from feedback from you is that I should talk about you'll take one important topic maybe talk about it for 10 20 30 minutes maybe an hour but the rest of time I should be bouncing around to other topics and be a good little show for America and do this for were you all okay I just asked for my family must I do this because I believe this is what God wants me to be no I don't get to hear voices telling me that you have God says to to do a show and talk about this that's that's not me but when circumstances seem to be playing out for me in my life just seems to be what I'm supposed to do Lord willing I am doing what I'm supposed to do otherwise it's something else to do and that you guys have to find somebody else to listen to story over at end of the American dream.
by Michael Schneider lie I know I talk I do is stories lap as he seems to be one of those guys where are we in agreement but he dust touch on the topics he does a lot of the research okay I hate to say it but I mean I wish I wish I could send the money and put them on my staff okay but I wish I could because he does tenacious research he's able to find information about story so I can just go to one of his stories and you can find him an end of the American dream. Cam or the economic collapse blog, he's got a few others out there and he does a fantastic job of concisely bring the story to build an appropriate and usually very accurate with the story over at end of the American dream. Cam is giant hordes of illegal immigrants are being brought to the US just in time for the societal meltdown of 2024
I didn't this is a case in point people keep saying that the the border and then it on both sides by the way people people on both sides and major point for the election for the election for the election I've been talked about the election of implications of our our border crisis I continue to say this is an existential threat that could actually literally destroy the United States of America before the next election sell that but a lot of people on both sides are saying you know you got the Democrats are saying you know we really got to got to either figure out how to how to fix this at least a little bit cuz we do you want the open borders we can't let anybody know who won the open borders and we don't want to stop and we got to make it look like we're trying to stop it and we got to figure out a way to blame this on the Republicans that's there that's their play but that's what we're seeing from playing out in the media playing out with their speeches with their actions always like that and I saw Kamala Harris go on there
hey on day one we put out like that like a Reform Bill okay an Immigration Reform Bill in the Republicans who wouldn't sign it didn't you have control of the House and Senate I know that you don't have a filibuster-proof filibuster-proof majority will get those pants they're worth it it's not like Republicans that are worth their weight with the better good
I haven't been getting much sleep lately it's not like there are any Republicans good is going to take a good positive piece of legislation that actually going to to positively impact the Border improve border security than I can say no we don't want to do that because we got to block everything and we don't have that that Unity of force against the bad guys we have generally speaking Republicans tend to go with whatever Direction they think is right in question with Republican whether they're good or bad is who are they who is Ryan whose terms are they doing what's right for for the nation are they doing what's right for their constituents or are they doing what's right for this question with Republicans Democrats always mean they are unified in their their hate for America so they can usually do better at that and getting stuff.
giant hordes of illegal immigrants are being brought into us just in time for these societal meltdown up 2024
when the article are they trying to destroy our nation on purpose at a time when our economic problems are rapidly progressed and we are already involved in multiple Global conflicts and we are on the verge of the election season in American history of illegal immigrants is being brought into the United States cities all over the country have already been absolutely overwhelmed by the vast hordes of illegal Invaders but more just keep pouring in with each passing day in fact more illegal immigrants are arriving at a Border Wars this month than we have ever seen before
and this side he's quoting Michael sliders quoting Daily Mail an article over there it says border officials reported the highest number of Migrant Crossings ever with a 7-Day hours or more than 9,600 in December of Homeland Security official told CNN the record smashing figure is the average across the entire Southern border of the country in the Denver the figure set at 6,800 meaning of the Southern border has seen an influx of 3,000 more arrivals per day as my grits continue to pour through the border that is a historic number Texas rep Tony Gonzalez said last week, Crossing hotspot of Eagle Pass Texas yet more people coming and there's more people in the pipeline this matter fact there's more people in the pipeline it quite to the biggest that I think we're going to talk about it in a second but the biggest Caravan that we've ever seen the records are being broken folks but Harris regime is winning they are getting more people than they could have possibly hoped for more
more military age men from countries many of them countries that hate us then they're coming with instructions my gosh it's a disaster and yet even though there are enough people coming I really think there is enough awareness from a media perspective that media is getting in the end referring specifically to conservative alternative even though we are seeing some in in corporate media that are actually starting report on their getting a little bit spooked they are getting concerned they're thinking maybe this really is as bad as that those those right-wing conspiracy theorist for saying is this looks pretty bad when I look at a video this looks pretty bad this looks pretty bad
he looks pretty bad because it is it's horrible
we are in danger
that's why I say when I say this isn't about the election because it's not it's in spite of the elections they were if it if they were really it's Democrats were really concerned about winning the elections coming out and they will put an end to this ASAP that some military age man from from the Chinese Communist Party crossing the border you know standing there like a soldier in from the camera thing that he's going to have his voter registration or they're going to be able to forge the voter registration for him next year you know or are you saying that these are Democrat voters there it says children are at their whatever they are not playing the long game here folks this is disastrous for them in the eyes of Voters and get it persist and they're not doing anything about it that should tell you exactly what the game is the game is that they don't care about the election I'm not saying they don't want to win I'm saying they're not trying to do
they can help them to win the election such as improving the nation
seems they're in the process of destroying the nation as quickly as possible and hoping that weather for all we know they don't even have any care at all about whether or not they win a November because they're going to have the votes but they already have the plan figured out about how to get the balance out of how to make a repeat of 2020 will be harder this time I do believe they're getting a few of us and they got back then I think they are going to to the that they're not worried about how do you know we're only borrowing losing by 20 million votes we can make that up do you know the thing
if these people want to come to and live in the United States they should go through the appropriate legal channels such as the way that I did in my mom yet I was born I was not born in the United States of America on people know that but I wasn't technically speaking I'm considered a natural born citizen because my dad was in the Air Force and and that's when he met my mom was a frog that my mom and and brought them over so technically speaking at me because I was born abroad I do I technically would be called an immigrant as well and that's a board member and I found that weird category
and those that enter our nation you legally are much more likely to engage in illegal activity once they are here because let's face it they're engaging in illegal activity just to be here in the first place over the law enforcement weekend border patrol agents were being swamped by an enormous tsunami of human suffering ordered relations and this isn't an article from Breitbart border patrol agents apprehended more than migrants during the extended Christmas weekend while most American families enjoy the celebration of Christmas with family and friends a processing transfer thousands of migrants pushed across the border by human Smugglers smuggling cartels border patrol agents assigned to the nine Southwest border patrol sector sectors apprehended at least $29,000 between the ports of Entry between December 22nd and 25 25th at 2 a.m. buy wife are taxes on Thursday December 21st agents
300 at least nine thousand more migrants this brother total for the last 5 days to at least 38,000 apprehensions folks and that's if they cannot go out and then you and your what are Democrats doing about nothing
I K Christmas do the job we're we're we're in emergency situation here in our nation
can you put the prime rib down
saying you know what guys things are really awful wished and wished that we got to stay we got to fix this this is a crisis we're facing multiple crises one crisis that's why I say it's not it's not it's not an election issue folks
that's the article many migrants are murdered or rate along the way but they just keep coming cuz they have been promised that Joe Biden let them in if they can just get to the border right now another actually massive Caravan that is being led by Mexican activist Luis Rey Garcia villa villa Grand is on the way to the United States and this is according to daily mail again the biggest migrant Caravan for 18 months shut off for the US from Mexico on Christmas Eve as border crossing records continued to Tumble around 10,000 people led by Mexican activist Louis Ray Garcia Villa grand left the southern Mexican border town of to Ponchatoula for the Long March North as more of those already acting u.s. border finish their Journey this evening
Saint Saint ten thousand people in one group gosh inhumane talk about what is that I mean just even that that sheer mass of people moving along then the roads
backyard he wants to say these Caravans are being given a tremendous amount of outside assistance globalist ngos provide highly detailed maps and very specific instructions to illegal immigrants that are coming north and once they arrived the same ngos often provided legal immigrants with Transportation according to Zero Hedge was becoming increasingly evident is that a network of ngos for the Party by the US taxpayer but by other nations and corporations are converting a covertly facilitate the invasion of illegals at the 07 borders well as Distributing them across the u.s. to Progressive metro area according to a August report by Progressive left on the media Watchdog organization fairness and accuracy in reporting Warfare
president by the Department of Homeland Security allocated 363 million dollars to ngos to assist illegal aliens once in the US remember when 345 billion dollars was just too much to spend on the wall
but it's definitely not fun Texas governor Greg Abbott released a press release one year ago detailing how ngos may be engaged in unlawful e orchestrating other border crossings DirecTV's in both sides of the Border including in sectors other than El Paso once crossed the border ngos are also helping migrants with transportation across the u.s. such as providing seats on commercial airlines and of course I can get on a commercial airline Vice showing their there was there their arrest warrants in the sexually assaulted by TSA we want to board a plane they just have to say hey I'm an illegal alien I'm going over there to Philly until like oh come on come on what you mean no you ain't got to tell me
hundreds of millions of our tax dollars are being used for this we are literally funding an illegal invasion of our own country our politicians know that this is happening but they refused to stop it truth is that they could end illegal immigration and secure borders if they really wanted to do so all that would be necessary would be sheer Senator Rand Paul and he does his thing with the with what is it Festivus or whatever he does his waist I seen about a thousand times over the last week nine hundred billion dollars plus a trillion dollars folks in Waist give me a break
we have the resources to secure the Border but are politicians simply will not do it and so now we will all pay the price right now cash is already rubbing on a regular basis in the streets are major cities and there's a video that I saw it again saw this too much over on Twitter Iowa's Christmas it was an Oakland and you got a lot of kids stupid kids destroying property for apparently no reason it is what it is brings the anger and frustration of the American people to a crescendo the chaos in the streets will get even worse and adding thousands of additional illegal immigrants to the mixx on a daily basis is certainly not going to help matters the stage is set for a societal meltdown of Ashley Epic Proportions crime rates are soaring best of the worst drug prices in US history and illegal immigrants are fueling the growth of gangs all over the nation
the left wanted to bring in millions of illegal immigrants and now it has happened unfortunately nobody is going to be able to control the nightmare that they have created has really bad news for all of a sudden is bad news for them to try to rig the election they using the election to ragazze Tarik the nation
while we're busy saying I do you know they're they're making a mess of things so they're they're shy I see a lot of people saying that they're sowing chaos this is George Floyd all over again with this is George Floyd on steroids in this is you know it's going to be there even Angry Anymore scared they're going to have bigger reason I've seen them somebody was saying that Climate Change is Gonna Be Right writing about climate change and I don't want to put anything past these people because the climate change causes her willing to glue their hands to highways why wouldn't a riot right but I don't see that as the I think that's on the other side of the election we can talk about that some other time I have a fright noun this is about being ready being prepared this is about praying through it and doing everything we can to stop it and I know those are broad strokes but I'm going to talk in more detail and offered better Solutions in the second hour for this the rest of this hour I've got a hand.
awesome some I guess there's really no good news I will I will try to work in some good news I'll try to make you laugh I'll try to be funny or something I'll try to do something I will try to make sure that it's not all just awful
and it's no no easy feat so now let's get to those kids and Loud for it I go there I always forget to mention I should stop forgetting they shows brought to you by Genesis Gold group be sure to check them out at JDR sjdr now let's get to some of these stories and start that's a good place to start
there are three things here in the state of California the wonderful and oftentimes horrible State of California that are extraordinary predictable number one you got the weather weather courses extremely predictable you can guess the the temperature at any given date way ahead of time as long as you guessing somewhere between say 68 and 74 you're probably going to be right so that part's good he's getting this one's still out here you have the predictability of ignorant voters voters that will can be sold a bag of goods so easily because they're told one thing it sounds pretty good at least on the surface level and then come to realize later that holy crap even though there are consequences repercussions that nobody told us about imagine that let's just keep doing it again and again and again and dirty we take advantage of the aforementioned ignorance of Voters and passed bills that are designed to come in cell miserably hurt the people and then give them to go back on it in the come up with some some other harebrained
scheme to take advantage of the people this is how they're able to maintain power hurt the people and I'm promise that they'll make it better next time and then heard them again and then promise it'll make it better next time. But this one better work okay you guys are like 17 or your last 17 piece of legislation arguably something is even more predictable than any of those three things are the results of the recent laws going to affect that will raise the wages of the minimum wage for fast-food workers up to $20 per hour of course results is that they're having to lay people off and when I'm talking about a small number of people since matter fact Pizza Hut one of the largest hours start two of the largest operators up pizza out here in the state they are eliminating entire position that being the position of delivery driver for the California Pizza hut operators laying off all
delivery drivers every single one of them to our seats at operators in California are laying off all their delivery drivers ahead of a new state law that raises the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $20 an hour the last impact hundreds of pizza locations across the state including various places here in Southern California as well as Northern California it's it's up and down at San Bernardino to LA or it's just hating pretty much everywhere and that will harm at least 12:00 12:00 workers these are people that that generally they they've been anybody was familiar with delivery drivers they make tips game that's one reason they don't get paid a higher Alleyways because they do get to to get cash that's one of the advantages of being a delivery driver well I guess I'm going to go work for Uber Eats or GrubHub or doordash or something because because Pizza is definitely heading in that direction at least they'll do that for now on Fortune California Stockton there we're going after we isn't as if I'm having to do with it the state is co
actor gig gig employees as well so who knows maybe they went we went just won't have any delivery at all thanks to the lunacy and notice I didn't say Cydia see it's want to see if it's not any syndic know what's happening I'm talking about specifically the lawmakers they knew that this would be the result they want people to be hurt they wanted to meet that's where they want to be doubting them to be downtrodden because her desperate and downtrodden voters are easy to manipulate and easy to give them say okay I guess we'll give the Democrats One More Shot
fortunate for me that means the chances I should get about my butt at some point and go get my own food
the story I saw it on Twitter and it actually came from the fake ramaswamy Tik-Tok account which we can discuss issues of Tik-Tok some of the time it's a whole other story but it seemed catch my attention it's a video of him at a campaign event talking people about a conspiracy theory it's so pretty darn good one I want to hear more but but I guess I'll just have to get them on my share of anybody has access to the Vape please tell him I would love to to ask him about this so on the Puppet Master for Biden and are slowly silent again but the real trick is who their propping up instead it's not Gavin or Michelle as I'd assumed before it's far more Insidious open your eyes folks it's staring us right in the face and then in the video he basically says it's Nikki Haley doesn't say the word Nikki Haley but he infers her by saying who's supporting her and just kind of he's careful as wicked smart let's face it
I I like to have a promise with me I don't think I would have to get to know him a little bit better before I could put any trust whatsoever in it but he does say the right things for now maybe you didn't used to say the right thing it's Daddy saying the right thing and he's an interesting guy I would love to interview him just to get get his thoughts and to get them to come out and say hey to the global Sleek a ball and then you know party Swamper plotting to replace Donald Trump has Nikki Haley and and they're even jail by they don't care about Joe Biden cuz they really want Nikki Haley to be the person except in the video it sounds as if when saying is that is that she's going to beat Trump in the general election and I'm not sure how this works and it's as if he's saying the Trump is going to be the nominee and Nikki Haley's going to beat him
how that plays out I'm not sure maybe she'll somehow be nominated to the I don't know I don't know I don't know what what he saying but let's play that and then you guys tell me what you think he's saying before you said that they're not going to we're going to take fighting out of the stack and Binoo some story
Jason to take the doctor but I think it's a good sense of what's going to happen here deleting in the Trap they're not going to let Trump get anywhere near the White House
but I got to let him in by hell or highwater one way or another they're not going to have him then I can let him what about the other two go it's not them within on party party yes it is the people who voted to keep Trump off the ballot
who are they putting up crew losses to give him off The Ballad Larry Fink to Reid Hoffman who are they popping up so it's a game and I'm not going to make sure that doesn't happen they want to be to horse race eliminate him put up actually to Trojan Horse within the Republican party that keeps the war machine humming and keep the restrictions on speech and the sensor kept a genda get it done when he's a Democrat or Republican party either the map you do the math on that that's coming thanks again for take me to buy really appreciate appreciate
again I don't know what is he say it's obviously I'm no fan of Nikki Haley and let's just say that I'm no fan I would have a hard time voting for even if it was her vs Joe Biden of course I would never go for providing or new some more or Michelle Obama but I would so it's not so destructive to America and some of his other other ideas try to get that switched over because I just couldn't imagine giving any support you know I'm a good look I've never voted for a Democrat but that doesn't mean that I have to go for every Republican and I think the Nikki Haley squarely falls under the category of a republican that I would never under any circumstances vote for
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what are reasons that I do this show in the first place is because I haven't a deep understanding of what's happening in the world impressive importantly how to interpret it had understand what's happening seeing the bigger picture while it's based on my job I have to read lots of it every single day over nearly Transit sources reading through pretty much every single headlining anywhere from fifteen hundred to 2500 on a busy news day I read these headlines non-stop I read many of the stories I watched the videos I guess a bird's-eye view I guess you could say what's happening in the world as a result of of this in motion but I think I also have instincts when it comes to its kind of smelling it out my wife actually says like how to tap into my my interglobal it's not that she doesn't think I'm a global special things that I do have an understanding of how how Global stink I put myself in the position of hey if I wanted to take over the world what would I do in this situation what would I do in that situation and I seem to I don't know maybe maybe there's a bad guy side to me that the praise the Lord I don't
into as far as my actions but maybe I do have an understanding of I don't know but there's one thing that's always confuse me in this is been throughout the years I've never really had an understanding of why and how media and the American people in general can completely ignore absolute tragedies hideous tragedies in certain parts of the world Africa in particular is largely ignored I don't care how bad the story is I don't care how bad the crimes are it seems as if for whatever reason we just don't care
there was 160 Christians that were killed on Christmas
murdered and Villages across Nigeria 160 by a band of a Muslim militia that was going around and hit approximately Thirty villages in Nigeria killing 160 people that is mass murder that is the size of the Oklahoma City bombing and it was done on Christmas day and you didn't hear much about are in the process of burying the dead it's a process when you have to bury 160 people if you can see the screen you'll see that that they're doing in the match rate for my they have no other choice
this this is her rent horrendous I mean I didn't want to get too emotional about this but but this is striking and it's not just the crime itself that strike it is the silence it's the lack of lack of feeling towards fellow Christians fellow humans and I don't understand it
this is one of those stories were I'm not going to offer a solution I'm not even going to offer an interpretation I just don't get it
I seen these stories and they affect me
why why why isn't this in the news why isn't as being talked about why isn't this huge
people are so concerned special here in America special the radical left so concerned when there's bombings in in Gaza when there's there's attacks in Ukraine
I mean it's just nonstop news when there's a shooting here in the United States or even even though a mass stabbing in in Europe K and then five or six people died that's huge news
and you 160 Nigerians are murdered
I'm Muslim militia 160 Christians are we struggling through life is is based on where they are their circumstances
any other murdered and I didn't see anybody talking about the usual like nobody there were probably Publications that I subscribe to did covered out of again approximately nearly 300 it was about a dozen maybe 15 or 20 will say I didn't count but I do know that it wasn't nearly all of them it wasn't nearly half of them wasn't nearly a quarter of them it's just a handful
as far as corporate Media Radio silence not offering a solution here not even offering an interpretation I don't get it
if you understand that we would comment just have the stage I I got nothing I got nothing
all right let's get into some some Foreign Affairs news I think I cover something in the Middle East Israel Gaza and Ron Levin I touch on the Middle East least a little bit every day and not for any other reason because it's the news and press the interpretations of the news out there and this is another example not this this report itself is report from is actually very accurate as a new story but a lot of commentaries that I heard today were they just painted the picture of the right way Benjamin Netanyahu said I think it was 2 days ago he had said that there's going to be an escalation that's where they were going into a more aggressive front in the war they're going to try to to expedite and I think the reason I didn't say this but I think the reason is because they fear their once they
closer and closer to that that's when there's going to be reactions from other nations other military forces and we are already seeing that I shouldn't say that's what's going to happen we will get into what I believe to be a full-blown Middle East War which is on the horizon but in the meantime we have we have those within his his War Ministry that are saying that this is not going to be over in weeks that we are looking at several months of War that's not taking to count if Iran gets directly involved with are already involved of course through their proxies because they're cowards it's just their modus operandi is to get involved with other people that's what they do course then again you could also make the same thing about the US government throughout the decades but it is what it is
she say say about Russia and China for sure so and you know where where is a whole lot of us out there that are doing it doing it the Cowardly way but anyway the front
Israel was has warned they are in a war on seven fronts as attacks recorded in a handful of neighboring countries in the last 48 hours sparked fears of the conflict escalating to The Wider region address to the Israeli government on Tuesday the of galanz the country's defense minister and one of only three members of its War cabinet said they were coming under attack from Gaza Lebanon Syria the Westbank Rock Yemen and Iran is a quadrant we are in a multi-form Warren coming under attack from 7 Theaters his comments came as explosions were recorded off the coast of Yemen presumed to be an attack by running backs with Rebel and missiles were fired into Israel by the iranian-backed Hezbollah forces in southern Lebanon British Maritime authorities said on Tuesday that missiles have been sighted off the coast of your Whosie positions and advise vessels throughout our traveling through the Red Sea 2 TranZit with caution they said they had also seen multiple explosions in the area throughout the day though there were no
casualties reported incidents came a week after United States announced a multinational Maritime security initiative in the Red Sea in response to attacks on vessels by Yemen's houthis be running back to the militia has been attacking commercial vessels in the Red Sea since October I can't pay in the group says is in solidarity with Palestinians besieged by Israel and Gaza Israel's military said that more than 1,000 miles directly north Southern Lebanese forces had hit a church and injured a civilian after an exchange of missiles across the border and actually are there nine injuries and I'm just a single civilian delivering deliberately firing at Israeli citizens and religious sites after a Greek Orthodox church was struck on Tuesday maybe that's what it's talking maybe that's the one that I heard about 9 people were injured
there were an additional two attacks recorded in North Eastern Egypt close to the southern is the sun Israel and Gaza border and on the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi India there were no casualties attack and it remains unclear on Monday in general while us war planes hit a running back militias in a rock which had wounded American soldiers in drone strikes attacks led to thousands of Revenge
and this is where we get into the house in time headlines. Org they did a great job just reporting the news as they generally do the bad analyses are pointing to the notion of the United States involve now such as Senator Lindsey Graham A person who I believe is among the top four or five most compromised members of Capitol Hill most compromised members of our Congress that we have I think that he is owned by multiple multiple organizations across multiple countries I think it's probably a step below Mitch McConnell but also the Chinese Communist party and I think there's others rather than may be on equal footing but when you have these these Neal Cotts out there pushing and pushing pushing for us to get directly involved
pushing and pushing and pushing for us to preemptively strike Iran that is dangerous because that is that is a guarantee of not just the Middle East itself exploding profession or poorly for at the very least Russia and probably other nations outside of the Middle East to get directly involved so even though the Bible does say that's when you hear wars and rumors of wars if you're not because the end is not yet well maybe that's part we're now but what if it does escalate what if we get into just Wars and wars and wars and rumors of wars all gone what if we engage in Taiwan God forbid what if we engage in Venezuela God forbid what if we are drawn in and somehow we are engaging in Ukraine it is possible that these rumors of wars can be wiped out very quickly and become actual hot Wars the United States is involved in and let's face it you know I don't I'm a I'm a homework K I do believe the United States military
from the by the ministration the United States military has the most powerful military in the entire world on four continents I don't think so can we handle a combined enemy between Russia China and and their friends vs us and our friends are friends not exactly proven to be the most reliable when it comes to to two Wars and conflicts okay I'm not saying that hey yo guys and Four Hills we're going to I'm just saying that I don't want any wars and if there are other Wars I don't want to get involved
. we need to protect ourselves okay I know that's not the most popular thing to say you know that that we we conservatives are supposed to be ready to help her it's okay we're not ready
we're not in the position to engage on multiple fronts we're barely able to protect ourselves if a major conflict were to to come to our Shores we already experiencing a major conflict within the United States as result of our open Borders or Singletary age men being placed into our nation the war that we're going to end up having to fight almost no matter what is this internal War it is almost certainly coming unless God intervenes or unless we do something very drastic about it as soon we're going to be faced with the Enemy was so don't tell me how to say I don't sorry I'm home I love I love this nation
we're not ready for that level of fighting not even close
I wrote when I was a kid my my dad gave me this advice I was probably 10 or 11 he said son when you grow up you going to want to buy a house and when you buy a house the trick is this you wait until interest rates are high because the prices will be low by your home when the prices are low and then as it flip-flops as prices go up and interest rates go down then you refinance it was whatever I said I didn't care but that's what we have seen the ebb and flow that's the balance we're singing great imbalance between 23 in and a set that we might see relieved in 2024 who knows but least as of now we're only seeing the the early yearly balancing act so speaking I think there maybe nefarious reasons for this this imbalance or the article by by John Carney over at
just hit a record-high even as mortgage rates soared from the article the highest mortgage rates of the 21st century did not keep on prices from surging in October home prices in October of 4.9% a year ago the strongest pace of gains in 2023 according to CoreLogic case-shiller 20-city house price index compared with a month earlier home prices Rose 0.6% and they keep Rising rates are high this pans out across the board while you're looking at the city should be the 10 largest cities are you looking at the Nationwide index everything's going up everything has been going up and going up at alarming rates is what's preventing a lot of people being able to buy a house a quote from Brian deluke who's the head of Commodities at relon digital a real digital assets at SMD she TJ either love their their acronyms. They he said he leaned into the highest mortgage rates recorded in this market cycle and continued with mortgage rates easing and then
Reserve guided toward a slightly more accommodative stance homeowners may be poised to see more appreciation
we'll see something then what he saying is basically there's it seems as if there's always the possibility that rates might go down next year but the home prices may continue to go up and used to say when I say this manufacturers who would be doing the manufacturing takes me to an arena that always concerns me a lot and it's gets in the public-private Partnerships are they are the future of totalitarianism the future any such going to be government since it's not going to be despots it's not going to be able to elect or at least that they tell you that you elected it's going to be a combination of technocrats and Your Business Leaders corporations and of course of good old bureaucrats and politicians themselves all working together against. This is why I believe we have been a lot of theories as to why companies like black rocker out there buying a single-family homes white commercial real estate is is being sold that still remain empty
why we're seeing a land being purchased by plenty of fornices not enough Landing Prix by Americans himself and you also said the government's 30% by 2030 what they're saying it was his only means that the future that they want to carve out for us the fusion that they want us to accept as a future where ownership of land ownership of homes will be relegated to just do just the elite just the not I'm not talking about the rich necessarily I don't I think they're not going to be spared either I think that just those who are in the know those who were who are part of the the plan members and Friends of members of the globalist we could borrow those the ones that are going to actually be owning land on homes were you will own nothing you will be happy that's what they say right seems to be pushing in that direction and I can't nobody talked about this for a reason because this is one of those
stretch all right
I'm not I'm not going to like this is a stretch that said I've no evidence of this other than well we got this having this weird miss having this weird was happening it's weird and I got no no Insider information I've got no why do I do have information who says that that this checks out okay well that's scary if it does cuz that means that in order for this to take place they can they can get that the foundation for this probably at least public-private partnership set up but they won't be able to do it to complete takeover unless there's a catastrophe catastrophe talking about complete chaos and talked about martial law I'm talking about societal collapse if that would happen Okay well then could make sense for for Black Rock in the US government and foreign Estes to be buying up as much as I can now
getting getting ahead of the game so that when the rug pulled out from under us there are already properly positioned to say hey we have the solution come in here come on over come on you can you can take your family live in this house here's your your car that this will pay for everything within a 15-minute walk of you you know you can't leave you leaving and some of your card you sent something digital currency doesn't work anymore but don't worry we're going to slap you in the 15-minute City that we built just for you and you're going to be are bees going to be going to be in equity diversity and inclusivity it's all going to be there for everybody is going to be equally mizoram sorry Eagle yeah be equally happy that means a miserable are all going to be equally happy
I don't know maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way maybe this is just no big deal maybe it's just an anomaly where rates go up as prices go up and maybe all of these these evil entities government's BlackRock Warren Tower's first thing of all the land and homes and everything they can get their hands on even the prices elevated For No Good Reason maybe it's just all a coincidence right
all right let's conclude this hour with something absolutely amazing this one blew me away okay when I saw this video I will have to hear things like this right here this is the thing that you need to do we need more people like this and then you listen to admit it's a little bit disappointing sometimes I wasn't sure about this year man standing in front of a Planned Parenthood K he's addressing eat and it's fine because he's carrying this coffee is C chances are I could be wrong chances are it seems as if he's just walking along and sees this and besides you know what I am going to address this whatever why I couldn't imagine these these rainbow umbrella carrying leftists there are they to protest I think maybe there maybe they're counter-protests to a protest that I don't know I don't know the background here at exist to be 10 years old for all I know
I'm going to at least pretend in my mind that this happened yesterday and this guy was just walking along he wasn't planning a speech it wasn't planning on confronting the snowflakes he just actually saw them and said you know what I'm going to speak out that's that's what I'm going to keep in my mind because because that would be epic so could be false could be completely wrong maybe he's famous I don't recognize him I don't recognize his voice but I do recognize his words and when I say recognize those the words that that's I would like to say very similar if and when I'm ever in that the same situation you know maybe I'm going to have to to go get myself into more situations like this because because this is truly inspiring let's go to play play this gentleman here
play Chris Harrison
is American football record
it's funny the closing caption on the video that is where I saw it on Twitter was more men like this please you know what I can wholeheartedly agree with that if we had more men and women but mostly because if you really need it helps it definitely helps people shut up when and if you're listening on audio you're not singing video this is a a large man gay I mean he's clearly clearly physically fit muscular and he's got that deep booming voice and so even when they try to drown them out it sounds like they're trying to drown them out even with a bullhorn what is a what is a call but I've been I haven't been sleeping well my brain isn't operating a full function but we'll we'll get a better catch up on sleep tonight anyway yes megaphone there we go thank you thank you
the megaphone in the chanting and singing and whatever else they're doing with her rainbow umbrellas he's still just keeps on talking and you could hear and they could hear him to and I would imagine again this is in my own imagination but I'd like to think that he had an effective and even if just one person sitting there thinking about the dude makes sense because he does
maybe you changed the heart maybe he he changed the mind maybe he can give us the ammunition we need to to do likewise to persevere and to fight the good fight dude aggressively without being violent do D breasts weigh without being being a damage to the cause no damage done here just positive from my from the gentleman I salute you sir let's go to station identification and I'll be back after about 45 seconds please act Lee how long is I think it's 45 seconds but I'll see you guys in the other side
for the second hour I'm going to turn off the other screen and I'm just going to talk it's just you and me we're just talkin talkin through this talkin through the various scenarios that I believe our
putting us a grave risk will say I use the phrase existential threat a lot lately I used to be that guy that was it don't say it's an existential friends not really an existential threat an existential threat means that we could all die as a result of it well guess what now today is we go into 2024 I do see existential threats and I run the risk of turning some of you off because I know I know what it takes okay I know there's a reason why so many of the show's go out there and they they say oh my gosh it's happening you know it's really happening that the arrests are going to happen Hillary's going to be behind bars and and Trump he had can water marks all over the ballots in this is just a tall tall just the way that to root out the Deep state
I know everybody wants not everybody but a lot of you love you want to be told by the various show host the various sites that you read
you want me to go by your friends your peers people that you chat with people on social media your your spouse your kids your parents whoever
you just want you what he told me it's going to be all right right I mean you want to be told that there's a plan in that as bad as it looks out there it's not really that bad that that positive things are happening in the background that we just need to try harder work harder spread the word get more tweets more Facebook likes more whatever
only share and talk through it and everything's going to be okay in the end
well I am going to tell you that everything's going to be okay in the end but it's not going to be okay in the end because of watermarks it's not going to be okay in the end because the bad guys are all going to go to jail or that they're all going to be hung or that's you know the trumps going to come in and he's going to have Ronald Reagan is his vice president than Calvin Coolidge is going to going to going to come back in the end the outrun the state department
am I going to tell you that we're going to get a supermajority in the house and the Senate and everything's just going to be turned back to to the way it was even better better than ever before China is going to collapse Rush is going to collapse are Ron's going to collapse North Korea is going to collapse not going to tell you any of those things because they're not true
we do have a hope
that hope is through our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ Our Hope is that if we are indeed in the end times
then we will suffer before we Prevail and won't be as the best
we might we might be able to help it's okay that's a no reference for those of you who don't know it shake and bake look it up
no it's I do have hope and I do have a an understanding that if we are in the end times praise God because this is the ultimate blessing to be alive this time and if we're not in the end times praise God because we do have an opportunity to win either way on Mission doesn't change either way our day-to-day activities don't change we still do what we're supposed to do from the beginning we still spread the gospel spread the word
we still fulfill our own obligations to the faith we try to alert people we try to to show them to our actions match their words but also how we live and we try to do what we can in this world with in this world self we try to to make things better for people we help them we give them clothes we give them food we give them the things they need to survive so that the longer that they can live the more likely I guess the chances are that they can they can be saved I don't know how it works I'm not going to get into into predestination Calvinism or anything like that all I know is that we do for sure we are supposed to spread the word
we are supposed to reach the nation's and we do have that opportunity today more than ever in our history so yes I do have hope I do look forward and I do smile
and that hope is what enables me to look at all the bad things that are happening and realize that either we're going to Prevail or we're not so let's at least try to Prevail let's try to do our best we can within our power
to live righteously and none of us can the owners will be able to truly live righteously but that doesn't mean we don't strive for it we do strive for it we try to be the best people that we can be in this not about being the richest it's not about being the the the prettiest it's not about being the anything I heard Tucker Carlson say you know basically it's about having more children I like the look hate there's there is a Biblical reference there go forth and multiply but I don't think that's even hit I'm not saying don't have children to have children for sure but it's not my mission is not why we were here
we're here to to be tested we're here to spread the word we're here to do the will of God
however it manifests in in our lives that's what we are supposed to do so we we pray and then we pray some more and then we keep praying and I know a lot of you are sitting out there thinking oh my gosh you know I'm I'm a Jew I'm I'm whatever you're not a bible-believing Christian and you're hoping that I don't go off on a on a 53 minute rant about about this I'm not I'm done with that part I just wanted to to lead with that so that you understand that when I go through and I talked about all the bad things that I'm about to talk about it's not out of the fear-mongering I'm not trying to to to scare people
I mean I want you to be aware
I want you to understand the seriousness of our situation and I want you to act upon that I don't you go forward and fear
I want you to go forward with a mission I want you to go forward with a desire to do better to do more
and that means recognizing what it is that we're facing then so be it was already established that the Border crisis is truly a crisis and it's probably worse than most of us even know that's the numbers numbers are are definitely worse than we we know one of the things I was going to show on the screen was information that I uncovered and I'll probably do this tomorrow later in the week but information about the Border order numbers can't they don't match they're not they're not adding up properly something has been been jacked with essentially if you were to go by the board members we are have then it's it's mostly women and children crossing over right now folks it's all family I mean we've never had this high of a percentage of family units
individuals within a family crossing over we know their eyes we see the videos we talked to the people we we here with a border patrol say everybody saying the same thing military age men no women no children
these statistics coming out from Customs and Border Protection don't reflect that corner them this school year 2024 which started last month take me two months ago I started in October and the numbers from October and November paint a very different picture than the one they were seen and I think that too is all part of this this plot against us
so what is it that they're trying to do we don't know we have some ideas I do believe that when if and when the destruction the United States comes if it does come within our lifetime it will be from within its we're not going to get invaded not at least At first I think that once were weekend once were once we are so so chaotic once we're so disconnected then perhaps or maybe likely we could be in bed but as of now that's not Step 1 Step One is to is to blow us up from the inside
sometimes literally sometimes figure to me
they're wanting to get us at each other's next they want us to be choking each other out they want us to be fighting and starting to work folks you see it
let's just start right there the most obvious example of how this is working how does manifesting in America today is the most recent on the one that started on October 7th
with the whole Hamas versus Israel idea what we're seeing here in the United States
has nothing to do with the Middle East that start from for many of us understand that has nothing to do with the Middle East at all conflicts that we're seeing the protest the receipt they might think I'm not saying that that's that these anti-zionists that are protesting in college is there on the streets of New York fighting with cops on Christmas Day I'm not saying that they don't believe that they are you know that they're fighting on behalf of the Palestinians as they would call them I'm not suggesting they're not true believers
but lot of them aren't we know that a lot of them are are very likely paid or some other Wiseco worst trucks even just indoctrinated they don't really know or care they just know that they want to be there they looking for conflict they saw the article Unity behind the George Floyd movement they seen the the the so-called Unity behind the black lives matter unit organization
they've been able to to get a taste of what they believe to be the lifestyle that they want to live that's the indoctrination aspect of the provocateur is the leader many of them are just directly paid for the through open societies with George Soros Alex Soros or whether it's somebody else somebody's getting driven in that direction and then they're driving the rest of the herd in that direction but again this is nothing to do with trying to support Palestine or even at Mas this about trying to divide the United States of America is conspicuous that all of this started popping up after the attacks why is that okay let's do should have been watch we speaking that should been the worst time
they really wanted to make the case that the Palestinians and the Hamas are are good people that should be a two-state solution or even a one-state secular solution they weren't even if they want to make the case to the juice should be driven out from from from River to the Sea gate whatever case they want to make the best time to make that case ideologically logically speaking would be for the community hideous acts on October 7th
but I didn't wait until after which they waited until
until they were on the wrong side of History very clearly unambiguously on the wrong side of History don't get this these protests they didn't start up after Israel started bomb and they started up for Israel attacks Gaza at all I'm going to talk about the counter attacks they were happening on day off I'm talking about the actual Invasion that's what it is people don't call it invasions their land it's not occupied this you know they are going into Gaza and that land it belongs to other people and they are and I'm not I'm not saying that shouldn't by the way don't take that the wrong way I think it's an appropriate a righteous Invasion if I when we're leaving is real right now I would be doing the exact same thing or at least something similar to it maybe different strategy but you get the idea I'm not condemning the Israeli government for their response so far
but again the key there is that these anti-zionist here in the United States didn't wait for that the start they started protesting the day of they started October 8th they were already in the streets house that making sense is that the time you know if someone usually enough to later you know and where were you before
where were they before
how did it pop up now
and to understand how we have to understand why and the why should be self-evident little the why should be very apparent course the wise to strike the vision it is arguably I wouldn't say the most important but it's at least the most potent most potent divisional we've seen here in the United States because you have both sides going at each other okay you have your people in the right going after other people in the right your people in the left going after other people in the left then of course yet still have the right to left going after each other kind of Palestinian side is almost is mostly radical leftist there are there are a lot of Democrats or pro-israel and then you look on the other side over here on the right you have a whole lot of people especially on the far right are all right we're also anti-zionist
we're also against Israel
and you got conservatives going up against other conservatives with different ideas on that one issue I mean they're not going to say who but there's a prominent conservative that I have that he's a friend okay I mean we've exchanged we've talked to me exchange money like this is a this is a up until October 7th I would say we were in perfectlaughs lockstep 95% of our perspectives were lined I haven't spoken to him
one time I mean it's just a one-time the days that the few days after October 7th and that's it we haven't spoken since
yes he is very very much anti-zionist he's his all he sees right now today all he sees is that Palestinians are getting killed
he's not calling for
Hamas to release the hostages
I don't want that this situation
sharing United States as a pertains to as it's driven by the Middle East narrative it has nothing to do with the Middle East this is about dividing us
the protests aren't going to have an effecting they know it is they're going to have an effect on them I shouldn't say they're not going to have the fact they're not going to have an effect in the Middle East they're not going to be able to protest their way to bully Joe Biden into doing anything Joe Biden does not take orders from the people unfortunately Joe Biden things order from his hand but she's told what to do what to say
that should concern us
because they know that they being the people that are out there rioting protesting it's only going to get worse as I noted in the first hour is real talking about a seven front War Israel's talking about this lasting for weeks months
can I get other words it's very possible I would say most likely
that some more maybe not the war between Israel and Hamas with some war in the Middle East involving Israel is still going to be raging
run time the election
and they know that's in there using that they using that tonight just drive there and they're too but also to drive more poorly from their perspective to drive division within the United States
you have to understand that we have to recognize this is one of the reasons by the way I don't know if anybody's caught on but you know what I'm I don't I I used to bounce around I was an anti-semite is a pro how much is a pro-palestine is an anti-zionist i fallen on the concept of anti-zionism as the the overarching perspective I know there's different degrees or whatever you want to call it I know there's different different different reasons for people to either want Israel to change or wants Israel cannot exist
but I've put it under the umbrella of anti-zionism simply because that is dead and Compasses it all cuz it's the end of the day the we have to address this issue again I'm talking specifically about here in the United States we have to address the issue of division and we have to change and or defend hearts in my eyes when I change we have to get the people especially the young people we have to get as many of them as we can to understand the truth and we also have to get as many people who are currently
understanding the truth to continue to understand the truth I learned a valuable lesson
over the last three years that lessons this is that I don't care how adamle somebody feels about an important topic they can have their minds changed
it's specifically reason I say 3 years is because there are people that I use as references as resources when talking about the mass of widespread voter fraud that stole the 2020 election
many of those same people today are denying the 2020 election stolen
and I'm like we've only seen more evidence at a time we saw tons of evidence thousands of affidavits video evidence
but I think they're scared and so in many ways I think they just convince themselves that they don't want to be on that side it's not that they don't believe that the election was stolen deep down inside they convince themselves they don't want to be Rudy Giuliani Rudy Giuliani had to file for bankruptcy because of because of a bogus judgement in a trial which he was not able to present the evidence that would have demonstrated why he believed you
that that the there was go to the shenanigans in Georgia
why he believed that I mean we have he had video evidence that showed hate look in there there's a butterfly that I was talking about so I'm not paying it should have been a very easy case to make you was allowed to make it and that's why there's a reason for that people don't want to be Rudy Giuliani I didn't want to meet me January 6th okay they don't want to have a little one wants to get caught up in anything like what happened to January 6th people and because they the powers-that-be have Associated January 6th with with election denial
what will they call actions I like how you say that that we're the ones in the right in believing in voter fraud believing that it did happen there election fraud deniers is what it is and they're wrong it's clear yet so many people I've seen were on our side my side I don't know where you stand but on my side and believing that the 2020 election was stolen they have switched sides they now don't claim that anymore
Angie's Radiology Eminem still support Donald Trump
they just letting you know that I think a lot of them fell into the Trap of well if it really did happen wouldn't wouldn't the courts have found it right surely our courts can't be that corrupt
cuz they are unfortunately
so yeah so I have learned that people can have their perspectives change even if these are deeply felt perspectives it all depends from where puts people in one by one of my big fears is that especially as the word persist and a sentiment worldwide continues to turn further and further away from Israel and further and further towards I'm awesome and the Palestinians and that's the pressure builds for Tuesday door again even once they'd secular Solution that's we're going to get a lot of people that are pro-israel today they're going to ship them I'm not just talk about like that the fake Israel supporters such as many of the people within the binary for Gene Cloutier I believe Joe by themself
let's talk about those there they're destined to switch once it the political winds tell them to do so once their handlers tell them to do so I'm talking about the people on our side people who today or pro-israel but eventually they're going to shift it look at this point I have to be clear I should have before I need to say it again this is not in their argument about whether or not is real is right whether or not you know Israel should back off of the ceasefire it's an ambiguous of the that I must released the hostages but that's a different issue I don't think anybody would I hope nobody would disagree with that I'm not trying to make a point of old you got to be there showing division
if you are against Israel chances are you're you're not nodding your head in the green with me right now and that's by Design By Me that's by Design This is what they're trying to do the trying to divide us and I just try to divide one side versus the other side of taking the sides and splitting the sides apart
Nike renew allies by the way it's not like you know the rights going to go hang out with with Rashida tlaib okay that's not going to happen even if on this one issue they do they are aligned
there's just going to be Division and that's the division itself that is the purpose
so they want to do it so that's how we get the ring game first understand what that what all this means we have to understand what the endgame is so let's take it from the top and work or I should say probably take from the bottom and work our way up what is the Indian where they want us they want us on the bottom there was gone they to Envision and this is been since the club of Rome working with Henry Kissinger Klaus Schwab almost exactly 50 years ago
50 years ago they had this vision of 10 world powers 10 world governments all answering to a centralized World Government she read your Bible the sounds familiar but I don't know if Henry Kissinger or the club of Rome or class Schwab did this intentionally to mirror the Bible or they did it instinctively without even realizing they were marrying the Bible but they weren't they wanted 10:00 Regional Powers answering 211 greatest power
and then that greatest power they've Envision Will & Grace power from their perspective yeah I know I know where I'm saying they play picture this worldly power
receive the call the seed of Satan if you will see a picture that as being where they're going to to take the world we just need to divide it up into and attend regions each one will have their own government they're all going to be equal that are going to share going to be straight up Social is no way we can't call it socialism we can't call Marxism taught stakeholder capitalism without all that are really confuse those those are westerners they would either have they would have to do one of two things either they would have to raise the world up to be at our level technologically financially as far as your lifestyle
access or they can bring us down to be at their level and that's obviously the easier scenario and that's what they're trying to do
they can't just attack the United States just as many people have predicted many people have even proposed I forgot the guys name Yuri something or in the the the the Russian guy in the 80s it was basically they explaining the Russians plan or or Soviet Union's plan to destroy American I wasn't going to be through two attacks it was going to be by through essentially information Warfare psyop a psychological warfare get it to where we're destroying yourselves cause Division division amongst the races division among the Sexes divisions among the the the religions taking our strength which about diversity I'm not talking about diversity equity and inclusion I'm talking about true diversity which we have been able to accomplish be very recently okay we have had an extremely diverse and Rich nation and that diversity has been able to intermingle appropriately
until of course the recent rash of segregation that's being pushed by the radical left we'll talk on that cuz it's actually on my list as far as one of the things we need to talk about an unfortunate I haven't even gotten past we're still you're still on on Hamas we've recovered two of them there's a lot more so today show might end up being one that continues on for many days but I have to get this out there
have to try to make people aware
and what we're seeing is not about it's not about the election it's not about just wrote this for the sake of whooping ass it's not about you know just taking America down a notch or crash in the economy or is it's all tied together and it's all happening simultaneously and the Dominos are already starting to fall
I Don't Wanna Be Chicken Little
but like I said
you don't want to say the sky is falling unless it is
and right now I think the sky is falling
right now I think that we as individuals we as a nation
with communities every level up and down the Spectrum
we need to be working towards trying to fix this praying for divine intervention because I don't believe that we are capable of fixing this by ourselves and has gone too far it has the division is is already there
I mentioned earlier that I'd learned the people can have their their minds are perspectives change right well that's for certain things on other things that are I just press more fundamental
it's going to be harder and in some ways it's going to be impossible people would rather die being thinking that they're right then live and admit they were wrong
so an issues that are personal and there's nothing nothing personal for most of I guess if you're if you're Muslim if your Palestinian and you're from the region if you're Jewish if you're Israeli
then maybe there is a a personal attachment there before the majority of Americans there's nothing personal about this war there's how it makes us feel that's who we believe is in the Right Moves In the wrong
those aren't things that aren't necessarily directly person to us that's why I said the prospective can change something with the election OK Google might say that it was extremely important that it's it's it changed and perhaps even destroyed our nation that the 2020 election stolen but it wasn't necessarily personal is an attack against the nation not against you directly but we are getting into those things that attacked a person directly such as for example sexual orientation or gender identity as they call it now
we are getting into things that are much more person like your finances
these are much more personal so just crime the changes the way that you love your life those are things those are perspectives that are much harder to change
there's other things that are going to that are used to divide us again
to recap since too long on the subject but it's an important one for obvious reasons to recap we've established that the Border crisis in the first hour the board crisis is being used to set the foundation
they are infiltrating us they're building their internal armies
and I mean in sin like Los Angeles and some place that they're arming these people they want gun control except for some reason they decided hey you know let's take away every law-abiding citizens guns will leave guns for all the criminals and we'll take the people who are criminal just by their very presence here they broke the law just to be here let's give them guns and make them authority figures let's give them the power of law enforcement
they broke the law to get here and get illegal aliens are being pushed into law enforcement there are rumors that they are being pushed into the military
I haven't seen it direct evidence yet if you have seen it please send it to me J D Rucker. Com
slash talk so you talk to me directly J D wrecker. Calm talks at me and any of her in and ask for anything or anybody look if you got some story ideas if you got topics that you think I should be covering links that you think I should be reading videos that you think I should be watching sources that I should be adding to my list send their J D wrecker. Calm talk
and so far you know I mean we we know that this Invasion at the southern border is being used to to basic plant the seeds through which they'll be able to have physical engagement with us
they're building an army and they're bringing it here first and then then they're going to to get it trained up and ready and I know there's there are military age men's with military training that have been crossing over as well we saw one semi I don't think it went viral but it was a relatively well watched semi-famous video of they have the they were going up and down the line with these these military men these illegal aliens they all have similar satchels all by their side they all have their hair standing straight up right and their arms behind their back is their standing in the tension it's as if they were don't Terry men
that's a concern to leave Samson that's a problem
we've also established hopefully that
regardless of which side you're on in the Israel vs. Hamas war that everything is happening pertaining to the war here is really between the war were there it's about dividing us here
it's about making us like to quit again that the whole George Floyd riots sorry whole George Floyd riots with the Hamas right that are happening now that are going to accelerate there is a big huge difference because with the George Floyd riots you noticed there was what was coming a lot of looting that's for sure
are we going to see looting with the Hamas Ryan's maybe maybe not
but the other difference is that they were trying to make changes here in the United States nobody knows he's the man in changed none of these these anti-zionist protesters they're not the bandage change to be done here they're demanding that Joe Biden stop funding Israel's they that they want Joe Biden to to stop supporting Israel altogether they want Joe Biden to call for a ceasefire to demand the ceasefire and of course I want is real tune to no longer exist none of those things have an impact ear sounds like we can just pass legislation in Israel's going to call C Spire
where has with the BLM riots that was different we saw changes we saw many police departments getting limited funds remain completely defunded obviously we're seeing that reverse now won't they see the repercussions of their actions
chili idea
this is different stranger
and it has nothing to do with the Middle East
for you on because I did such a poor job in the first hour I'll go ahead and and mention the Genesis Gold group sponsors today's video Gensco group is a Christian marry a company that specializes in self-directed IRA has backed by physical precious metals on the stores at it see if he'll talk about it tomorrow that's how Oklahoma and when I fill out the estate Oklahoma one of the state are opening bullion depository or they're trying to pass legislation to open State state-run bullion depository and you might say oh my gosh I don't want to get into a state-run one isn't involved this pain when trying to make is that putting it in highlights the fact that putting gold and silver in depositories it's not like putting money in the bank it's very much different you retain ownership I'm not going to say the government never will never try to confiscate gold because that has actually happened in the past
I wouldn't put it past any government's not do that but they can confiscate just about anything you said it can't confiscate Bitcoin I would say wake up wake up those days are coming folks the point is is that Gensco group can help you protect your wealth protect your retirement protect your life savings go to JDR jtr in and see what they can do to help you so illegal aliens check I'm us-israel check what else
what else are they going to do to divide us what else did are they going to pretend like it's at an issue that has to do with the election or it's an issue that has to do with with recovery from covid or whatever yes you get the idea it is the economy
they are using the economy to divide US inflation is not rampant because of just a lot of you are saying it's all over the fence is making bad moves the feds making the right move there's not work and I watch it right moose Right Moves as far as specifically with inflation should have been lowered based upon the actions that they took historically speaking and they were not
is it hasn't worked like that just as it hasn't worked out for for in real estate was think logically and historically we can we can come to the conclusion that has the prices are rising interest rates would fall and vice versa as interest rates rise prices should fall in prices rising as interest rates rise so again what is the cause of all this was the cause of $20 an hour $20 an hour for pizza delivery drivers would have been nice for them to make $20 an hour plus tips if they were able to keep their jobs with Pizza Hut in California but they weren't because Pizza Hut eliminated the role
is that by Design you betcha all of this
everything you have to try actively and aggressively try to destroy the economy the way that the bynars regime has done this set about getting it wrong it's about getting it right step with different motivation their motivation is to take the economy and you should ask yourself why is that why would why in the world would I want that why would their handlers want that is funny
Joe Biden everybody made made a big deal about it in in corporate media I'm sorry I'm in considered immediate alternate media when Joe Biden was was leaving for one of they want from One Vacation another nice leaving he's somebody's asking about the economy and he got mad and said he said you guys need to report it right
you made a big deal out of it because I got this Joe I took that as he finally said something like like his his Dementia or whatever it is that's ailing him
it made him tell the truth and he's done that multiple times there been times where it where he's kind of kind of let the cat out of the bag in this case I think that he let the cat out of the bag I didn't he was told hey Tangie, he will protect you with the media yeah no matter how bad the economy gets the media will get it will get Paul Krugman to say hey everything's hunky-dory with Jim Cramer to say hey you're looking up we'll get everybody else immediate at to back you and the people they're too stupid they're not going to know the date that they're broke their just you know we just got to suspend disbelief long enough to get us through whatever it is the destruction of America the election combination the to whatever that looks like but it's against conspicuous to me
he said those words those exact words tell me that here is a man who is a little bit detached maybe a lot detached from reality man who does not have his full functioning cognitive abilities anymore
and he lashed out and why lashing out which is common for people with dementia they lash out of me they speak truthfully their own personal truth so I think that he would really was telling him hey you guys you're not reporting it right
you're supposed to report a better picture and Reporting it wrong
and I can't look at the numbers and that's how my gosh the economy's is sailing he knows what's happening at least partially releases handlers do
dream to make those that that death announcement that the Declaration again that to me is very smaller than what is being played to be they want us broke just one more broke were desperate and desperate people will do desperate things and desperate people are much easier to control
now you can argue that if they the people get too desperate
they get too desperate then they become uncontrollable so I would imagine the plan doesn't include a quick and believable solution if the economy where the crash it's a dollar the US dollar which crash stock market were to crash the solution that they're going to offer is rapidly implemented
Central Bank digital currency which they can use at that point to be able to control Us control our finances from source to expenditure and everywhere in between
that's what we're spending our money on how often we spend your money how much money we're making we won't be able to hide it the way that we can hide it today
and I'm not just talking about for tax purposes I'm saying like they will be able to monitor
it's not just because they want to it is because through monitoring they can control us they can drive us in whatever Direction they want as you say no that won't be me that won't be me if you're starving if your family is starving you will do whatever they say
mostly I should say I love you make sure she wouldn't, I wouldn't
Lord willing I've made my family prepared for that and I'm not prepared to the point of saying look before we do anything
stupid before we do anything against God for sure we will die
will die first
unfortunate actions and fortunately it is what it is but I would say most people will sacrifice something maybe you've you totally anti-vax but they say the only way that you can get your your your cabbage and lab grown meat Supply is if you get vaccinated I think most of those who are currently not vaccinated would get vaccinated
oh you have to to hand over all your guns in order to get food in order to get water in order to have Utilities in order to to live
like I said in the beginning I listen to beginning of this hour I don't want to be a Debbie Downer about this stuff
but I do want to tell you the truth
I don't want to hide every show hide behind Okay let's get the next story
that's easy I can do that I will do that why because it's it's not like it's not important that stuff is important to
we need some cold hard facts every now and then and if you're listening specials you listen for the first time I feel I feel sorry for you but then again maybe I don't maybe it maybe this is what you needed to hear
I'm afraid that my words would be what people need to hear
and I need to hear it from their perspective needs here as a result of the will of God I don't know it worked I'm not a very good Christian when it comes to to prayer I'm not yeah I seen some pretty amazing things come from a drama life but I've also seen some things that I thought you know how I've been shot before then that the prayers that I thought were were proper and righteous and accurate and needed they didn't happen but as we all learn I think hopefully we all learned through my wife is sometimes it was a that Garth Brooks song don't don't laugh at me for invoking Garth Brooks but he has some of the best things in life are unanswered prayers
you don't know it at the time but we find out later
the economy is being destroyed intentionally
that's concerned
but again as I was with the election because if they were fighting to win elections they would be trying to correct to fix the economy and they're not they're not doing the things that are necessary to fix the economy and very similar to the border the Border would be easy to fix it really would
very similar to to the the anti-violence protests here today they don't make sense for them to be happening at all not at this time and yet here they are same thing with her, we should be a full-blown recovery the one things you can say about downturns that across specially when they're caused by events such as covid pandemic when you have those types of of down towards the bounce back and is often a tremendous we should be in great financial condition already shipping and great financial condition by mid 2021 latest latest mint 2020 to now here we are going to 2024 and it just gets worse and worse and you said well but but Bitcoin is up and the stock market's up and and gold is up isn't everything up but I look at the economy there really is one major factor to take into consideration and that's how much people spend how much are we saving
how much money is Flowing to the people we can look at Wall Street all day that doesn't affect Joe Blow. At least directly
I'm not instantaneous Lee
we can look at the prices of gold or Bitcoin or whatever real estate all those are going up but is it really affecting your average American tens of millions of Americans aren't feeling the benefits it will actually say hundreds of millions of Americans are not feeling the direct benefits of stock markets going up gold going up Bitcoin going up real estate market going up
Car-Mart in going up all they're saying is that cost a heck of a lot more money to buy home and we can afford it cost a heck of a lot more money to buy a car new or used we can't afford it
the economy will be used to control
cuz at the end the day I believe that the ways of this this scenario pans out is it multiple countries most if not all will have developed their own version of a central bank digital currency someone will hop on others it's not going to be every single individual country has their own individual Central Bank digital currency once you have one that's that's proven towards other countries can adopted the Allied countries
yeah I couldn't imagine just as an example I couldn't imagine him whatever Thailand Thailand was with hundreds of hundreds of millions of people yeah they they they're still not going to develop their own Central Bank digital currency
was trying to will obviously you the idea
eventually those digital currencies will be United under one and that's that will again fault I right back into the 10 Regional powers answer to one world government
so where does that leave us
no coronavirus we got about eight other items to go through and I'm not going to make it to let's at least try to get through one or two more
that's the only weapons I woke this is something cuz I mentioned before you got the things that are not personal such as Israel and Hamas
that's not there's no personal effects for the vast majority of Americans
however when it comes to Walton's lgbtqia for Supremacy critical race Theory those things we're feeling it directly
almost all of us are
whether we are part of the the alphabet crew or not if we're if if we're not part of the optic roof you are a a straight Caucasian or Asian whatever male or female then you don't identify with this or that or the other that you have limited or 0 intersectionality points basically then you're definitely going to be affected by this even though you don't have any part in it there's a video it came out
yesterday I believe it Delta employee you don't get to see the person that he's talking to but that person is getting all upset because he was Miss gendered okay and he's trying to talk to the Delta employee trying to Shane I mean no he's trying to do but he's recording it and the Delta Employees just like we did not intentionally misgender you know sorry but if you want to hear 3 days for Christmas if you want to leave a will call security and have you thrown out of a properly lot of people don't I was a most people do most people don't either either bow down to oh my gosh I'm so sorry forgive me forgive
or they'll be like dude you're a dude. You know you don't like the pro now that I'm talking to you about grow up
you have a mental illness I can recommend a good doctor for that
she's I just said that did not now this video can't go on YouTube walk this is It's funny because it's the issue that Ron DeSantis at last on two and people are saying that it's at the bottom of the list the polls are showing at the bottom of the list here's the funny part I have a I was put this theory in the top 20% maybe even last maybe it was a 10% likelihood that I would argue that then that's not accurate that in other words wokeness me of fighting over this is not a very very bottom of the list of priorities they manufacture those those poles because they wanted people to believe that what Ron Sanders was focused on is not is not important to them
special Universe because their intention I believe is to get Nikki Haley at least as the back up to Donald Trump
possibly as the nominee if they can take these they can take Donald Trump out and possibly is president of all these those things pan out they really wanted and they actually figure that they have to know the way they could have a chance of trump as if they can shave away enough of the other than this and this people that I worry about Chris Christie they're not going to get anybody from Vivek ramaswamy so that left Ron DeSantis being the sole Target waist initially for now of the whatever powers are behind Nikki Haley and I would say that they made wokeness less important according to the pool so I would say that it is still important cuz we still have we still have guys going into girls bathrooms putting our children out of the females and risk we still have to deal with it on a daily basis depending on how often you have to go out how can you go to to address these people last year you won't have to run one of those people I see those people as if it's like them versus us
press you at the way that I look at it is that it's either attention-grabbing or it's mental illness or combination of two so when I say them versus us it's not I'm not trying to be bigoted against against lgbtqi plus people
I think this is a mental illness to want to and not all of it and some of it is just you know it is what it is like homosexuality I don't think is a mental illness it's just it's a it's a yeah I prefer state of mind you know but whereas gender dysphoria has always been considered a mental illness until very recently
going off the deep end on that was everything I just said that cuz that's not on top of the important topic you poor thing about this is that all this again goes back to dividing us K they want us at each others throat
they want to engage in destruction from within
so they need us to be fighting one-on-one 10 on 10 1,000 1,000
that's the formula that they want for that they they demand such a force of War that's why I woke this is is there it's not just about indoctrinating your grooming
it really is about driving a wedge between not just people in people but also between people and the potential for them to engage from a faithful perspective I can work that in a second
but it is all part of this Spirit of confusion
I've heard other people mentioned variations of this but it is a spirit of confusion that's I think behind a week we call it mental illness because it is but mental illness itself can and often is just a derivative of the spirit of confusion that is crud crisscrossing our nation and pretty much all of Western Society to some extent there are other there are members of Western society that have want nothing to do with the Wilderness there are the most I would say in eastern societies want nothing to do with that level of wocus maybe a little bit not not to the degree that we haven't they don't want to be insane the real insanity is not it's not the people that are suffering from for example gender dysphoria
the realest and these the people that are nailing it
cuz they consider they can recognize that it's ludicrous to use a pronoun or more importantly it's it's ludicrous for something to get so upset over the use of a pronoun so they created the identity so now that identity has to become who they are and has become part of their soul
long time since I've mentioned this but the reason of the gum for children with all of this indoctrination is brainwashing the reason that they want younger and younger people to permanently disfigure their own bodies
they want parents to be out of the equation they want people to use the one these kids use pronouns that don't match them to be called names that were never given to them
whole reason they're going a few servants because if they could convince a child say they have an eight-year-old that they can take his inexperienced so I shouldn't say all all prayers are good that we've seen plenty of examples of parents engaged in the spirit of confusion and essentially we seen some cases where they are driving their children to claim a different gender it's as if if they don't have a transgender child and they're not cool enough that only the only the parents are transgender children
get the special treatment to the same basic concept whether it's a child or the parent many of these children are engaged in some variation of lgbtqi plus identity and they do this because they they seen what happens to others they realize hey it'll just get equal treatment they get better treatment they get less bullied it's funny how the narrative is oh you know these people that get bullied all the time now they don't not anymore okay maybe me and I'm going to the seventies eighties in the 90s
we maybe even very recently but really really got started with Barack Obama once lgbtqia plus became normalized what's gay marriage was passed once all these things happened
then all the sudden the pendulum kept going it didn't just stop at Center they acquired better rights as a man in independent where you go as a man if you want to go to use the restroom use the men's room by law if your woman is going to the women's room by law
you are gender-fluid or transgender or transvestite or trans whatever and you can go into the restroom
because it's your identity that determines which restroom you go into and how you identified the moment of needing to use restroom will set that example
it seems like they have now today they have Superior rights superior protection less bullying
the only thing the area where it does hurt them course is in interactional society in other words it is probably harder for them to get jobs
it's hard if there's a meme out right now you know somebody is supposed to said look if I see if I see pronouns in a resume I'm not even going to talk to that person
it's funny because that technically speaking would be considered discrimination so
but I digress all this Locus
the the changes of the trying to making these children it comes down to one thing
mr. Vision but it's not as I said before it's not just division between people it's also division from their perspectives of faith if you can take an 8 year old boy
and convince him that he's actually a girl
then when the topic when the when the intellectual when the time comes for that person to decide if they want to to read the Bible if they want to be a person of Faith they want to accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior if they believed they were created
for them to be able to do all those things to have to look at themselves as well I'm a boy I was born a boy he has born male but I'm actually a girl there for if there's a Creator then the Creator was wrong when he created me
and since they say the Creator is omniscient
and omnipotent then that means that either the Creator Hates Me by misgendering me the Creator made a mistake there for he's not perfect or the creator doesn't exist
in other words when you Monday
convert indoctrinate brainwash a child into grabbing whatever letters of the lgbtqi plus alphabet that they want that they think fits them once they get that letter you know attached to them the chances of that child growing up and becoming a bible-believing Christian Bible believing Jew or Muslim or whatever chances are minimal they are essentially creating is the desert this gender push is a way of establishing a an atheist Factory there they're making little atheist left and right
all this comes down to
obstruction from Ledet
it's not about what they want to do to us
it's not what they want us to do to ourselves so the question really comes down to this
if we continue the trajectory that we're going we are going to have a civil war it is practically unavoidable other than the will of God Supernatural swooping down and fix
or we are going to try to fix it to me the only way to do that is through a different type of War a Revolutionary War
I'm not talking about guns or muskets or anything like that we'll talk about that tomorrow Lord willing I will be back tomorrow with another episode but in the meantime you'll stay strong and stay safe and God bless

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