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JD Rucker Show, December 27, 2023

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More People Are Dying Suddenly and 'Normies' Are Finally Taking Notice

Title: More People Are Dying Suddenly and 'Normies' Are Finally Taking Notice


Follow JD's Substack for free: https://jdrucker.substack.comMore Americans are becoming aware of the dangers associated with the Covid-19 "vaccines" on a daily basis. The rise of adverse reaction concern is a good and bad thing. It's good for obvious reasons. It's bad because the powers-that-be are doubling down on their push to keep the universal vaccination agenda going for as long as possible. For about a year, I've talked off and on about an unfortunate reality with their agenda. It's time to make that reality crystal clear so nobody moves forward with any illusions. The powers-that-be who are behind the vaccine push have known all along that they would eventually be caught. They knew the jabs were dangerous and therefore they knew that when enough people were collapsing or dying, even their control over government and corporate media wouldn't be enough to hide their efforts. There was never an illusion that they could get away with it. That should truly concern us all because it means that their goal was never about profits. I hear show hosts and read articles on conservative's sites talking about Big Pharma's endgame of being filthy rich. That's not their endgame. Sure, most of the useful idiots running the operation think this is all about profits, but the real players in Big Pharma companies know this is all about jabbing as many people as possible before the con is revealed. And it will be. That's unavoidable. If the people in the know are aware that they will eventually get caught, why would they do it? First and foremost, THEY won't necessarily get "caught." The efficacy and the safety of the vaccines will be proven wrong. But with so many people involved in this, everyone will be pointing fingers at anyone but themselves. Eventually, they'll all point their fingers at Donald Trump and blame Operation Warp Speed. This is the point where his most fervent fans will chastise me for blaming him, but I'm not. The powers-that-be will blame him. Pfizer will blame him. China will blame him. The CDC will blame him. Anthony Fauci will blame him. They'll all say that they wanted to do longer testing but he demanded the jabs be available before the 2020 election, so they rushed it and made mistakes. This is why we need to bring the heat now. By "heat," I mean continue to spread the truth about the jabs but ALSO to reveal as much about their plans as possible before they become a reality. We will be able to argue more credibly against the powers-that-be who are playing dumb if we "predict" it, which is why today's episode of The JD Rucker Show is very important. BEFORE the masses are finally made aware of the dangers, we need them to know this was all planned long before Covid-19 was active in America. On a future episode, I'll dive into why this is certainly the case, but first we have to continue to wake the normies up to vaccine dangers BEFORE the next phase of the globalist elite cabal's evil machinations is rolled out. I suspect that at some point in the near future they will acknowledge the jabs do harm without doing much good at all. They will blame Trump. Then, they will offer a "solution" that will allegedly clean the bodies of the jabbed of the spike proteins and other pollutants. THIS is the beginning of their endgame, and I'll do a completely different show about what that looks like. On today's show, I will be doing something a bit different than usual. I'll be sharing several videos of a whole lot of other people. They can do most of the talking. We need ammunition for our arsenal of truth bombs to drop on normies who are more open today than ever before to the concerns. The people who lambasted us last year for being unvaxxed will be more apt to listen now. We have a small window through which we can "red pill" them into the full-blown skepticism that will be required. Otherwise, we're just going to have a whole lot of surprised...

Recorded: January 16, 2023

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hello my friends would welcome to another episode of the J D wrecker show I'm your host J D wrecker and today was supposed to be the first day that I actually read a monologue I can see the monologue right in front of me not going to do it I'm chickening out here as we go live because it's just not my style I get it I know a lot of fantastic some truly amazing and respectable show hosts who can read an opening monologue herbs I know what in particular who his entire show is scripted. He literally read every single word in front of a teleprompter for like half an hour an hour I forgot how long the show is they turned out great and I never would have known because he's becoming natural added up to doing it for how many years has been doing it for me it just doesn't feel right. I just got to speak from the heart I have to speak from knowledge passion go with the flow go with what comes to mind with a series of notes of course I don't want to just go all scatterbrained but I do like to
speak versus read I have them all the time when I do that I put the article on the screen you guys can see me reading yard going and expressing myself in a way that you know pretending like like I'm just coming up with all this crap when in reality it's I'm reading from a script that's not that's not my stop so they were going to be talking about the fact the most why would say most went up to the most yet the more more Americans are becoming aware the covid-19 quote-unquote vaccines are dangerous they're seeing more reports from their local news national news hearing about and maybe even seeing or witnessing are experiencing them selves adverse reaction causing young and otherwise healthy people to class and oftentimes die it's not natural or 22 year olds to have heart attacks it's not natural for the young and otherwise healthy to be dying of unknown causes
people waking up in this is good and bad it's obviously it's good for all these reasons okay we know why it's good we need the truth be out there but there's a there's a bad part to this as well the bad part is this means that whatever the next phase of the global sleca balls machinations he is we're about to see it
there's a truth that I think a lot of people don't understand that I can blame the many ways you can blame myself because I mentioned before I met you a big farmer profits and and do you know all that stuff I've always done so in a way that people understand I don't want to jump straight to sync with him this is Addie population in control of Jenna I want to work people up there and they have to understand there is a level of greed in the middle okay call them the middle managers who are driven by greed you don't realize press their part of the depopulation in control agenda from the globals the cabal the powers-that-be whatever you want to call him deliver World Order
those guys the bad guy just called the bad guys from now they don't realize it is driven by the by by prophets by greed there are a lot of people like that but that's not the that's not what the approach to thinking okay the big people the ones that are that are truly in control of what's going on they're not sharing my profits and that should concern you because that means that they know they don't have to get away with it in fact if we were to draw this out logically come to the conclusion that they've known from the beginning they had zero chance of being able to go to go get away with them they knew they would get caught or quote of course, I caught him not saying they're going to be arrested and thrown in jail but they knew from the beginning if their agenda is one of the population in control which I believe it is then they would have known from the beginning that there's no way they can perpetuate this forever because eventually is Racine now people would just start dying people start having your class and having a heart attack stroke
and that information cannot be covered up in definitely not when you know not when not when you got
when you touch it happening so often now that even normies are coming to the conclusion may be something maybe there's something to this you know we've been noticing a lot of glitter weed being myself are producers my friends everybody in my circle we were talking about how you know you don't see the the vax nanny's out there as much anymore due to you that kind of shutting up last week a couple weeks 3 weeks and really ever since ever since he collapsed yeah there's an initial burst of all you don't blame the Jazz wasn't Jazz with then you started seeing more news of people collapsing more news of inexplicable deaths inexplicable heart attacks in the young and otherwise healthy
unexplained collapsing unexplained that's whatever you want to call it
and suddenly the VAC standings changing the subject talking about something completely different we are going to see this shift and if we can assume powers-that-be knew that eventually this this one and that they would get caught what does that mean for us it means that their goal was always to get as many men women and children jobs as many times as possible knowing that at some point it would be revealed that they poison people but did they really need me can baby blamed when the truth starts coming out as it is now you going to start seeing this person pointed a person this company plenty of that company in this plugin it's going to be everybody's pointing at everybody else because there's so many people involved in this so many people who were who had their fingers on the in the covid jab whatever you want to call it.
cookie jar had four hands in the cookie jar okay I guess that's that's an awkward concert but there's so many of them that were out there doing this participating they don't feel like they could individually be blamed they might be ashamed but they can't be blamed right I've been just one person that could be blank one person that eventually they'll all Consolidated start pointing your finger at The Collector fingers had Donald Trump the Donald Trump push them too fast and operation warp speed was designed to get him a vaccine for the election so they deliver they got. I mean pay the vaccines were born as what two weeks after the election the 2020 election so they got close but they didn't quite me this man's but hey you know what if he had not been driven by the election if you do not wish them to get it out by an arbitrary date or politically expedient date and they would have done more testing and I probably would have come out of March rape or whatever and then you know there have been Delta was
was coming around all the sudden you know we would have done a better job but since we couldn't do that since we were pressed by Donald Trump Donald Trump
they will blame him and he hasn't done himself any favors by not coming out against the Jazz he should have come out against the Jazz last year should have come out against that you have to give it for really but whatever
I'm passing the past where in 2023 now so at this point this is where my trolls will come in there I'm not my choice but to the people that are in trouble because he saw his wife doing is she in person and it doesn't matter okay I guess I'm not this isn't me attacking truck just so I'll just cut off that line of reasoning because people say I'm not blaming you okay I'm not I don't think he was involved and he was manipulated I think it was pain I think it was lied to
I think it's he was unfortunately nobody wants to hear the special of your trunk damn but I think I'm fortunate he was a useful idiot that he was manipulated by people like Mike Pence was working with Anthony fauci he was manipulated by his various Chiefs of Staff
is manipulated by by everybody in from a medical perspective in my humble opinion other than than Scott at Winstar just got that was probably the only one who's who had his ear he was speaking sense in the end up leaving nobody else was speaking sense to do certain things to do this do that it does matter point is that they are going to blame him I'm not blaming him telling him they're going to blame it and that's going to be what they use as justification for saying hey yeah so the jobs are bad okay so yeah they are causing massive amounts of myocarditis yes the masses are dying and yes chances are if you've been jab you have about a 100% chance that you've done damage to your body
to your heart
thankfully thankfully
thanks to our coordination with the Chinese Communist Party in the World Health Organization and and the council for inclusive capitalism the world economic forum and and Sweden in Australia and they're all going to come together with this pandemic treating we've got the solution and solution will be another round of jazz
different Jazz please Jazz will be Jazz the correct the first Jabs they'll clean your body has buy proteins now you're probably asking this point where do I get my knowledge or do I get my information I don't I'm speculating okay I am I'm speculating I have zero evidence of anything that I'm saying right now this is just call it a prediction I have no Insider knowledge of this but then again I also didn't have Insider knowledge but I'm not going to go to my horn and say hello I predicted this I predicted that I was wrong on a lot of things as well so then this case I think I'm probably right I think they are going to use this as an opportunity to push something up maybe it's not another set of jazz maybe it sounds like you're the reason why you went being is that we do need to give the heat up we need to to really just just take advantage of this very small window of opportunity
people are ruthless people are concerned people opening their eyes we need the number one open more people's eyes number to we just takes people that are opening their eyes and try to open them fully get them to just be completely aware like I said it's concerning that profit isn't the end game for the the the the Big Apple rust the powers-that-be that I looking to make a buck they already have all the money in the world all the money that could possibly need they're looking to do something worse they're looking to get as many people as possible which means that they'll perpetuate the lies even if doing so puts them in Jeopardy because again they have the scapegoat and Donald Trump so they can push it for as long as they want
and yeah I was going to avoid saying this but I'm not going to I'm not going to avoid I'm going to go ahead and say it this is why it's so important to me
I can forgive anybody who was a vaccine Annie for all this time I can definitely forgive them
but there's no way we're going to forget and there's absolutely positively no way and we're ever going to trust those people again none of them
I did not have special knowledge of you of the dangers of the Jazz all I had was the data that is publicly available that any other journalists or celebrity or politician or anybody else
could get their hands on and read and based upon that early set of data I determined that there's zero chance I was ever going to get General on my family and she had over time and not much time we're not talking about about a year later I'm time out within weeks of the Jazz being rolled out it became clear that not only are they not worth taking because Cove it isn't dangerous not only are they not worth taking because they're not nearly as effective as they are as they were supposed to be not only should we not take them because they appear to be causing damage and harm to people adverse reactions when we saw that from the day one the first nurse
you got jammed had an adverse reaction on camera
we saw this other people saw this everybody have the ability to see this before making a decision is to stick a needle in it have a needle stuck in there are no I'm not I'm not saying that we're not going to be cleared for it myself a whole I'm not saying that we're not going to to trust the people that got jammed, if you got job I know a lot of you did you got jammed you got conned and that sucks but I can still trust you because you got confer probably good reason maybe you didn't want to take it and you needed it for the traveler to do this for that I'm I disagree with you wholeheartedly I still think you should have been a wearing and aware enough to not get jacked
but I can still trust you because that's not your job your job is to take care of your own body and you can do whatever you want with your body the people that I won't trust are the journalist the celebrities the politician the people the doctors especially forgot to mention the first was the doctors especially they must not be trusted any doctor told you to get the Jazz
to get Jack you need a new doctor the college football playoff National Championship experience Convention Center in downtown Houston just download the CFB playoff mobile app on your Apple or Android device to get started avocados from Mexico. Any doctor in the United States of America
could not reverse themselves by let's say let's say the end of it we will put the cut off at January 1st 2023 okay that's a long, because they should have known before 2022 okay they should have known early on with it because their doctors that's their job is to know what's effective what's safe they should at least I mean really again we'll say January 1st 2022 is when that should be the cutoff if I'm being realistic here but any Doctor Who today this year in 2023 still says then the Jazz are safe or effective with you should take them that Runaway Runaway do not have that person is anywhere near your body because they are either stupid or evil
that's it
there is no other option there what's up with maybe they're just trying to protect their jobs okay but with all the date of the South are you telling me that they're willing to kill people
to kill their patients to keep their Mercedes that's evil so your doctor is telling you today to get jabbed is either stupid or even that's it no other option runaway find a doctor who will admit to you that hey you don't have to take the job if you want to take the chance you can if it will let you take the Javits difference is there a charging you if they're recommending the chap that's not a doctor that you want anywhere near your body or the bodies of any members of your family to run away from that journalist celebrities white window blind repair look I'm one that don't like how he's really nice he is okay I have my challenges with Ben Shapiro I believe that there's certain times when he's very much wrong
but I think his heart was has always been the right place but the fact that it's taken him and took him so long as smart as he is
okay it took him so long to come to the conclusion that well wow that's really aren't working wow we really were lied to wow
I mean I shouldn't trust big Pharma or government or corporate media the three main entities that were promoting this he should have known better any journalist any politician any doctor should have known better as far as celebrities that are pushing it let's face it you shouldn't trust them anyway so if you're getting medical advice from Martha Stewart maybe you're the one who is either stupid or evil
play she's going to be very different very very different many show that I've done for because I'm going to be playing a whole lot of videos of other people I know it's weird but it's let's let's do it let's just let's just get started let's get a video going we all wanted these segments without even noticing that I I made through entire cycle will get to that wonderful video of Ron Johnson the break I should read the Mountain Lodge
anyone who's familiar with my show or Alyssa Michelle before knows that I am a a very huge proponent of preparedness I haven't always been I didn't become a prepper until really 2021 but since then I've been working diligently to find companies that offer the things that we need and if the crap hits the fan I want to be ready for it and I want you to be ready for it to I picked up some sponsors for long-term storage for food for precious metals for for solar power I've got a candle sponsor we got antibiotics for storage just in case the pharmaceutical supply chain goes down we got medkits nutraceuticals natural survival got guns and ammo you can buy them by by going to JD prepare JD Rucker, prepare bug out bags the were so so stock up now why you say
you know that screw up just now if you were watching earlier that is one of the reasons why it is so important that I get our a new producer and we've been having sex with juicing for a long time now and we did just hire a producer they were supposed to start this week this is supposed to be the first show will we start with the producer but but that got pushed off till next week is logistics issue like I said we were supposed to get a table table desk that's nice desk is it raises and lowers I could stand up and be good for my health or whatever but but that desk was delayed so so we didn't get it and without the desk and the I can't really put everything else together for the new studio which is why I know I promised on the 16th I'll be busy so no we're still was stuck with a virtual background for net once the
everything else comes in will get the producer going in and this whole show will become much Slicker we're also going to be doing an exclusive audio show radio show for America La talk radio which airs at 8 p.m. Eastern and 5 p.m. Pacific Monday through Friday as well this show that the the Regular Show will be airing at 2 p.m. honorable Brady on what is bonide it's actually going to be live at Rumble and where else get her and her voice and a few other place I'll figure that out that's the life show again 2 p.m. Monday through Friday got 2 hours of me and we're going to do for the longest time I just do a show whenever I feel like doing the show but we're going on schedule now that means that as a result I have to get used to doing what I've tried
the show which is I'm trying to sue snooze happens I'm going to grab it cuz that's what I do and I'm hungry I'm going to grab it and I'm going to do a quick it was sometimes quick sometimes law and obviously I can speak for a long time. Single topic and get get that way off schedule but you get the idea I'll be recording certain portions of the the live show ahead of time because I want to react to news that I want to just get a bunch of news and talk about it talk about it in sequence they'll be nice if all the news happening once but unfortunately if I'm only doing doing the two shows a day is going to be times when I need brakes at 4 p.m. is okay I want to talk about this I'm going to start talking about it get that video up but then we'll use that as a pre-recorded segment during the live shows I hope that doesn't sound disingenuous but the point the reason I want to do it like that is because when the news hits that's what I want to talk about it
and that's when we will do a deep dive analysis at times especially when it comes to these these breaking news that that's going to be taking more of a life over over 8 hours days even weeks then obviously we'll do deeper analysis and I can do this lie but I want reactions and then I want to break the news that published so yes there's going to be times during the last show you'll see pre-recorded segments on me that's part of part of this this new new style new plan I actually have a couple of them lined up for today we're going to try it out for Today Show 11 p.m. to 11 a.m. Pacific to p.m. Eastern will and that the sun Rumble read voice media and all these other places so that's a good positive change the last but not least in a we are actively trying to get discern.
TV launched its I've had hoped to launch it in November didn't happen or action I hope the luncheon October didn't happen November we need more funding so if you are interested in helping to get the CERN. TV launch please please please go to give send JD Rucker that money will come to me and I will use that money specifically for you that I can a sponsor's week I do this for a living so the people that are the how I support my family basically is through our sponsorships this is not a sponsorship I'm asking is for specific cause which is to get this turned out to be launched we need to have a revolution of Truth here in the United States of America in My Hope Is that the CERN. TV will do that that's said that that that housekeeping was supposed to be supposed to read my 10 minute monologues play the 2-minute video and then do the housekeeping after that in preparation for
take me to where are you in the segment two and I have any play The Rock Johnson videos let's go to play this is Ron Johnson talking to Fox and fox host about the vaccines Jazz covid-19 all that good stuff so they said they don't prevent transmission but nobody will admit they were wrong because the body count is way too high they sabotage early treatment they completely mishandled the the pandemic response to shut down schools Sweden did not a child and Sweden died actually have lower infection rates at when you're around kids was trying to find out so you mean students to the hubris through just the arrogance of people like fauci and people that were in charge of our response we canceling this handled this and nothing nobody at this point I will admit they're wrong and what Ashley of people who got the
also don't really want to know that there may be some real issues here so we are in a complete state of denial start facing reality in that starts with a federal health officials were doing 50 oversight lighters that basically got in the back of the hand of the people at Goodwill in skiing and other federal health officials transparency honesty has to be sooner rather than later I sincerely hope that Senator Ron Johnson who happens to be probably my favorite it's a it's a tough call because of ramp all that they're both attacking this issue from different angles between the two of them they're not just my two favorite senators are really the only two that I actually truly like it as far as it pertains to covid-19 vaccines and all that so there's some really crap just just awful but I love I love Ron Johnson I love grandpa so quit being so it's not going to come we're going to get admissions of and then finger
Hornets it admission tell you how the jobs don't work yeah they're killing people strokes and older people heart attacks and younger people people dying collapsing all the time but don't worry we got a solution coming and we're going to blame Trump like I said in the beginning you miss that they're going to try to blame Trump they're going to do everything they can to to get whatever the next phase is I don't know what it is but it's they're not going to give up its a go they cause I guess we'll go all hide off in the Bahamas know again their goal here was never grieve their goal was the population in controller still is the population in control which means that that we're just seeing the the opening phases and now that more people are becoming aware we need to continue to make them aware and make them extraordinary skeptical Notch the vaccines but I've been there too. Just of the does the doctors and all that stuff with the other people that are that are involved
like I said I can forgive people that can forgive people for what they've done to America
but we can never forget and we must never trust them again cuz that's just awful judgment it just is there any doctor any journalist any politician who did not start screaming from close to the beginning of the jobs are a concern there are inherent risks with any any experimental drug and especially when we start seeing those wrist manifest in the form of adverse reactions at that point you stop you correct yourself you admit that you're wrong like you said so many people are in denial we can't trust people who work will allow emotions are reputation or just being in denial we can't allow them to to push push narratives we just can't they failed this is a litmus test to me okay those who did not immediately Embrace and I watch I shouldn't say immediately those who did not have been truly embrace the
news about the vaccines cannot be trusted
sorry cuz I know what a lot of your thing is that mean that I don't trust Trump
I have supported Trump throughout
and now
me if he doesn't come out very
I don't know that's a tough call
okay then sad no
am I going to trust Trump
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going forward is that means I'm not going to vote for him though. I'll still vote for me because there are no great Alternatives when that becomes the issue in the future I have questions about both the but then the one pressing question is a protest has a show is that we trust him now that he's still hasn't come out and said hey yeah the operation were speed I was lied to they they manipulated me they conned me jasor dangerous don't take him till he comes out and says that no I guess I can't guess I can't trust it
I do trust I do trust Ed Dowd and have him on the show very soon I do trust Naomi wolf I need to have her on my show very soon and let's play a video of the two of them talk in the jams
that's will continue as long as the priests are we getting in hearing about long term disability when you can't work like you would like you mentioned muscle pain you can't walk you're like 45 and all the sudden you you're in such pain you can't work than you and if you're employed you file for long-term disability and I think that's more costly than an acute to the system, that's death but in terms of economics your disabled and you do have an insurance policy Jensen of the insurance industry last comment you want to make or have we covered everything you want to say in this amazing our that you've given us one last time and there's an individual Kelly Brown who is a finance professional up in Canada and I've been chatting since I started going public because he's
the same work that I've done a Canada and my colleague is done took the soda and recreated the 44th that's how he found similar Spike into the August October September Mandate of the lads considerably our death. And the two the two provinces that are the most updated or British Columbia and Ontario the most populous province has dr. It shows a continued not only elevated excess mortality but hitting new highs interesting I'd into the end of the end of the year they only of doubt it to the end of the year in those two promises but it went to a new high into the end of the year and I'm so what I want to say about that
it's just confirmatory of what we've already discovered and if there was if it was totally different data than I would have to them Crush my pieces but I I do I'm here to report I don't have to so if you missed in the beginning we are going to be playing a lot of videos today a lot of videos of other people's that's going to be me talking thank God right that video of the doubt and Naomi wolf is it important that we're going to be all of them going to be important okay I'm trying to give you guys a new ignition for Your Arsenal to be able to drop truth bombs on the people on your friends family anybody out there take used videos the whole video of you like or take these individual parts of the videos and get them out of the people there they're open to add more people are open to today and then we're just even a couple of 23 weeks ago that way more open open till then two or three months ago we have an opportunity in this but it's a closing window to very short window at some point the powers-that-be will take control right now they're not in control
say of the the evolution of a narrative because more people are dying more people are collapsing maybe they weren't expecting it to happen this fast maybe they thought it would happen before I don't know but there isn't a window of opportunity here that we can take advantage of it eventually they're going to take control of that narrative in this is when they'll be talking here yeah I blame Trump and it's it's all his fault but we're going to fix this here's a new treatment a new job and new some sort of therapy that's going to help to cleanse your body of the spike protein is in that we do have a video Kinect coming up about that that 112 to talk about this that you need to go beyond just getting people stop taking Jack we need to get more lawsuits it's shocking there aren't enough lawsuits. They're suing companies to force people
to get the Jazz in order to keep their job and here's a pilot who is doing just that so let's get this one out to anybody you know who who maybe didn't want to get you a job but they felt they had to do to keep their job stay in school to go buy a burger cuz they wanted a burger if those against the mandates or who were victims of the mandates here's the video for that I went and got the job at 11:30 in the morning in Hawaii everything was normal I went to bed woke up at 3:30 in the morning with my heart pounding out of my chest
I went to the ER they hook me up quickly to EKGs Ivy's did blood work quickly determined that I was in atrial fibrillation two major cause of stroke
Isley said there's there's a critical phases of flight wear
this this stuff was when I certified to go fly I have to check off a box before I go fly all you lovely people wherever you want to go before I take that multi-million airplane I checked his box and it says I'm fit to fly that was before covid
that's when you knew I have food poisoning on cool have a cold whatever here you never know when that you need to go to come out of the bottle and smack you down I could have stroked out at 100 ft trying to land an airplane with 40 airplanes lined up next to us I could have just pushed down on that stick before the person next to me could do anything we're in a
it's all over for a lot of people not a good scenario Pete Buddha judge isn't telling you anything about this the administration is not
NIH the CDC they suppress all this stuff there's a number of Pilots out there
that are fearful to come forward and speak they're fearful of Retribution there's guys that are going to work with crushing
pains in their chest in their heads
they're scared that they're going to lose their careers cuz they're 25 years old
this is got to stop Yes it definitely has to stop and it's not just about the mandates it's not just about people getting jabbed it is about the sphere I guess that's all it is is a screw through this got to be a reason why so many people are refusing to to fight when they can and should people maybe they're misinformed at how do you know what people are protecting everybody's protection you can't sue you for for bad vaccines and it's like no no emergency you use authorization protects the pharmaceutical companies themselves can't sue Weiser you know I wish there was a way to get around that maybe there is any attorneys out there let me know but I know you can sue anybody who you feel I coerced you or somebody you know some of your loved one somehow co-workers you to give the Jazz a special now they're coming out as an effective so we need a lot more of that
after break got some awesome a lot more videos and voice 11 pre recorded speech segment that I want to try out so it's just a kid
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plus you weren't listening in the beginning of the show I just quick now is when we are making some changes number one we're going to two shows two shows day Monday through Friday 1 and America out loud talk radio at 8 p.m. Eastern 5 p.m. Pacific the other one on Rumble get her whatever everywhere else voice that will be at 2 p.m. Eastern or 11 a.m. Pacific and that one will be where once we get the producer starting which was supposed to be January 16th but now it's switched to January 23rd because of a logistics issue with a desk that I think the FBI Intercept in the currently bugging as we speak but I'm kidding but I'm not necessarily getting any way as a result we going to be doing a lot of these clips that you're about to hear it's kind of weird me doing a lot of show and then throwing an accepted myself
but that's it's making that I like to do things or at least I will so going forward because when I see a story I want to jump on that I can save for when we go lie but other times you know what I want to get the word out about this and we'll go ahead and do a quick 5 10 15 minute video about it and then we'll just play it during the show the live show so I know that sounds like I said maybe it's weird maybe other people do that and I'm not alone. But it's new to me so can we go you know this one of the soccer player died at the age of 2020 really
people died in 1440 doesn't matter young otherwise healthy
people shouldn't be dying like this so let's let's roll this
yeah I know that many of you were getting pretty sick of me talking about people dying from the vaccines seemingly every single day I know you're getting sick of hearing it because because I'm getting sick of talking to that if you can listen everyday then you know that I talked about this a lot and I have to cuz nobody else is let's face it obviously they're not touching it did even those in conservative an alternative media are at Best Towing around it at this stage I'm beyond the point of saying when you know there's something odd happening yeah well what's happening I just look when anybody young and healthy died suddenly classes on the field glasses just randomly okay I will assume every time that it was the Jazz until proven otherwise because let's face it they never proved otherwise lady stories goes somebody dies the cause of death unknown and for whatever reason
we know the reasons but they claim for whatever reason this is just another example of one of those those rare occurrences of somebody dying and we just don't know why and when we're never going to know why and everybody knows why were they men or not they know why is there paying any attention at all they know why
the most people won't acknowledge most people won't admit it and it bugs me to death that's why I report on it every day with this show supposed to be about politics cultural religion all these things combined I put I've been lately I've been putting so much time into talk about the coming back soon because again even my peers in conservative an alternative media are just sort of touching on the tip toeing through it okay that's really what it comes down to their tiptoeing through it then I come out and sing boldly this is what we think it is so all right God bless them for trying to spread the truth but most of them are just too scared of getting Smackdown by Google and not getting Google check there they're too scared about do their their YouTube channel I get banned they don't want to get flag on Facebook because I'll Facebook traffic is so good I don't care what any of that stuff yeah I don't have anybody Google I don't get a penny from Google I don't get a penny from YouTube
with traffic comes from Facebook great if it doesn't I don't care I mean I barely even look at her Facebook page I'm not going to let these big text sensors tell me what I'm allowed to say and I know cancel culture is coming for you I know it is I've had I'm not even going to go into details because I don't want to hope that particular bear but they're coming for me I get it if you listen to mr. probably coming for you too sorry to tell you that they probably are
that's what we're faced with we've got to talk about because nobody else is and it is so very important that we get the word out a lot of times I can always get there's always going to be somebody out there then I'll say we've got to get out ice we got to wake people up and I'll say hey it's their fault why do I am done with them I'm done with them they have they've had all the information they have the day that I tried to warn them you try to warn them we need to just just buckle down and protect her own frustration
but we're fighting against powers and principalities we need God's help first and foremost and from a Biblical perspective it doesn't make sense to try to continue to alert people of the evils of this world and one of those evils happens to be the the Branch Davidians need the vax nanny's the the doctor right only want to call my doctor the Anthony fraudster fauci of the world we have to warn people and it's working for the most part we're seeing fewer people getting boosted or their fourth booster fifth wheels or whatever we're seeing the numbers been saying that the people aren't on that concern and that should concern you that the Norms are starting to wake up because that tells us with I would say about a man called about an 85% certainty
that here very soon we are going to see another round of pandemic Panic theater it's coming folks it's coming and so we've got to be aware of it is it all right if I uninstalled on this is why every single day pretty much I'm going to be talking about some new death and I'm asking you to to spread the word as I Just Dance is collapses it's it seems as if this is always happening to Young and otherwise healthy athletes are you know people that there aren't many athletes who are engaged in some sort of physical activity they could be exercising of the gym they could be going for a walk on for a jog doing something that's getting a heart pumping and then their heart which is been damaged by the vaccines damaged by the boosters the heart just gives out and they collapse and oftentimes they die
and again it seems to be those who accelerate the heart rate through exercise through through playing games that any sort of strenuous activity seems to be putting these people risk
and before that information is able to leak out further I believe the powers-that-be are going to start hitting us hitting us with another round of pandemic vanity in the weather is going to be a new variant weather going to try to to blow up this xpb point one point five or come up with something new and scary or maybe it's of something brand-new Alex Jones of talking about a hemorrhagic fever which I've been talking about for her for over a year now was so am I guess all sorts of possibilities here but I do believe they're going to try to figure out a way to get more Jazz and two people because they're not getting enough jobs and as many people as they would like in the Japs seem to be short of launching the next phase in towards the end of our worlds of the what they hoped to be a depopulated and fully controlled world this is the population in control agenda and the vaccines the Jazz experimental injections whatever you want to call him they played a major role so this latest story and I wish I could say the latest news there's probably
even as I'm doing this story there's I'm sure there's another story Poppy and with somebody else who is dying suddenly collapsed on the field or whatever but the latest one as of right now the twenty-year-old Colorado college tennis player died suddenly in his sleep. It was just a quick note lot of people say it because he didn't die on the field he died in his sleep but here's the thing the circumstances surrounding their there's one common thread no one, is to Common threads one common thread is that almost always been vaccinated the other Common Thread is that is that it's usually some sort of heart disorder and it happens after strenuous activity or sometimes during sometimes after you know it's not just felt like you know 88 mph and you you time travel it's not like that is not 140 heart beats per minute and then they die now there's no set amount it's affecting people differently but there's enough similarities to where we can say there's obviously correlation but I believe that we can say based upon the Moon
what is baseball so many similar instances that we can say with a near certainty that it is causation of the Jazz are causing this why was it we can go to a hundred percent can you go to 95% I don't think this point. In my heart I believe it a hundred percent okay because far as being able to prove it we can only get to about 95% because there are not the studies that have been approved and accepted the demonstrate this those any studies that go against the the mainstream narrative that usually get quashed right so we're we're stuck now we fighting to get the word out about the truth we're trying we're fighting to try to vindicate him verify the truth but that's two shovel thing so this article is game from Tyler Durden over at Zero Hedge says we hate to say it but another day another mysterious and Unexpected death of a seemingly normal Collegiate athlete
as we were yesterday they're either there is a new focus in media are reporting about the untimely death of athletes and young adult or something very odd appears to be taking place across the country Jack Madison sophomore on the Colorado college teams men's team men's tennis team sorry I don't know how to read still passed away in his sleep on January 2nd a new report from The Gazette published yesterday confirm
Colorado College vice president and director of Athletics Leslie Irvine commented we are devastated by the tragic passing of Jack Madison a sought-after athlete the piece notes that Madison was recruit was recruited out of Bexley Ohio where he was a two-time all-state selection at Columbus Academy his cause of death has not been announced and it never will be let's be clear about that it's never going to be with now they never are
they never are they for whatever reason people are buying into the idea that young and healthy people died and we don't know why then we'll never know why or it'll be they died because of you know heart attack heart failure heart this heart that but they won't go dive in and find out okay well what caused a twenty-year-old to die of a heart attack what causes a 24 year old have a stroke this didn't happen so commonly so so so readily every single day this didn't happen very often at all until the rollout of the Jazz that's why I say I'm done with with with a single step of correlation I'm ready to just say folks it's causation
we can see that we can we can feel it based upon our understanding of the date I'm not talking about you no scientific proof of causation yet looking under the microscope and the comparing two issues of when this person at least 1,000 people we took samples before they got job and haven't got dad only kept them at all times and say yep it's the Gap is it going to be sunny like that they never will be at some point we have to be big boys and girls and say huh lot of people are dying there all vaccinated and is all had none of them are dying before the vaccine rolled out took place this was when used to be completely uncommon is now happening every day so yeah let's call it causation and unless was put it into this crap now
that the article yeah there's a bunch of yada yada yada then that they always do that even likes your head itch what do they do a great job reporting the truth but they don't always you just come out and say it nobody does and you see the stories they might hit some of the the conservative sites and now they'll kind of do that wink wink. Not a kid died suddenly wink-wink nod nod not going to make the vaccines but hey you know insinuating innuendo about the vaccines are trying to get you and me and everybody else to put through and say never say it was a Jesuit wasn't Jazz they don't even mention jazz
it sickens me because like I said I think we know the truth
and if I'm wrong I'm wrong great awesome that's amazing I want to be proven wrong on this I don't want to be right on this particular topic because I'm right that means there are many people that I know and love who are in danger I know a lot of people I care for a lot of people that are having chat multiple times she just following the day that following examples following where are these strange and always seem to be happening and who their happened to and when they're happening I think it's a joke
I'm going to leave a link to the show in the shown us combined over at the strain report. Call me if I leave The Source the source of this hard for you find out was your heads. Calm so I'll do that okay I'll go ahead and read these are just exam was going to bust through these These are examples from this year alone and there are you could find list of over 1,000 I think is up like two thousand deaths on clap me of people collapsing young and healthy athletes collapsing the oftentimes dying these list of huge this is just where we're less than two weeks into 2024 or 2023 and this is just the the notable ones that we've been reporting on and actually that Tyler Durden have been reporting on so here's that's 246 example of January 12th 2023 we wrote about 18 year-old Jordan brister in Las Vegas high school student who collapsed and died in the bathroom after
gym class is that came the same week as the death of another Las Vegas high schooler brister's class was on January 8th 2023 and another student sixteen-year-old a Shari Hughes had died just three days prior following a flag football game at Desert Oasis High School and suffering a medical episode also the first week of January 2023 we wrote about 21 year old Air Force football player Hunter Brown who suffered a medical emergency while walking to class and passed away in the opening days of 2023 the MMA world was also shocked at the Unexpected death of 18 year old Victoria Lee a rising star in the one Championship MMA promotion
I also went in January but they highlighted Old Dominion Basketball player email Eason collapsing on the court during the middle of a game and it wasn't too because it's in the middle of the game playing for two quarters four quarters and you're probably exhausted this is like 2 and a half minutes of the first water okay
that's not normal folks that's what I know that's only what we get to see it because it's caught on television what about the stuff we don't get to see how much of this is happening in and nobody ever says anything about it never makes the news
it's collapsing the last won his class came a little more than a week after NFL player Damar Hamlin class on the field do the cardiac arrest after making what happened to me or what appeared to be a routine tackle we've all seen that one this is why I tell people it look if you can do me just one huge favor please spread the word obviously shares videos share whatever you're listening it to it from show The Source but I think the best way things that you could do is to subscribe to and share my sub stack because that's the one where we're getting I think the most play sometimes some of the post will get hundreds of thousands of millions of views so follow it over there I don't spam out the F-15 links a day I usually there are days when I won't send anything okay I don't I don't have a set amount I listen usually one a day but kaisley I'll send two sometimes I'll send zero just depends on what's happening in the news but let's go to JD Rucker. Subs that. Cam it's JD Rucker. describes the news over there it's free you can always contribute if you want you can get a paid subscription but that's not necessary and that will help us to spread the word because we need to spread the word
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there's a story that hit my desk from the epoch times at premium news Partners at the epoch times and it blew my mind I mean it it really did and it really sent off a lot of alarm Bells those who've been watching lately know that I've been hinting at my desire to do a show regarding the the shift in Chinese policy they went from the century from zero covid policy to pay everybody go get covid and it first I thought this is their play to they want to stop the the massive protests and they want to teach the people lesson that it they're going to say okay fine you know you guys don't want to you guys. Want to do what we want you to do you guys want your freedom okay fine go get your covid and everybody gets sick and then you'll be begging us to it to bring the restrictions back in the body part is there are actually groups in China that are begging them to bring the restrictions back because there has been a massive uptick
infections of covid-19 but then they didn't stop like there was no what I expected to be a a reversal of the reversal base where they go from no covid to the wide-open everybody go go get your covid and I did but they didn't reverse it and now it seems as if they're not going to reverse it and that really that really my alarm Bells because I start thinking out loud this is a different agenda than I expected this isn't just the trains Tommy's party doing with the Chinese Communist Party does just Century authoritarianism through through psychological warfare through many cases reverse psychology and that's what I thought this was okay you guys want your freedom here's your freedom now that you you see the freedom sucks will take your freedom back away from from you and and don't you ever ask for it again but since I didn't happen now I'm concerned especially after I saw the story come across title the study estimates 900 million
keep that for those who weren't paying attention please pay attention study estimates 900 million in China infected with covid and officials admit sixty thousand deaths in past month now that the sixty thousand deaths I still think I mean if if that's true out of 900 million infections and that's a what is a 0.01% or less what's a little money so 10% would be 90 million 1% would be would be 9 million 0.1% would be $900,000.00 per cent would be $90,000 so they're looking at a death rate of under 0.01% which the jives with what we see from covid-19
point being here is that there still a lot of apparently most of these are severe infections a lot of hospitals in anything that you get out of China you have to question if you have time does a great job because I've got a lot of connections in China that can give them information. Just feed them more information probably any other news Outlet in the world but with that said he still can't trust information coming out of China bottom line is I don't trust any of it I don't trust I trust Ya by times in their reporting I'm not saying that the actor I'm saying it to act as best I know
I think the train is doing something and frankly I don't know what it is is this and if we do go with the assumption that I've had for a long time which is that the Chinese Communist party is lined with the globalist delete cabal whether they're part of it or not we don't know for sure but I would say there's definitely a line went there and they have they have similar enemies named Leo
case of the world economic Forum the counselor inclusive capitalism now the Chinese Communist Party working together to to take us down is that possible yeah I think it is I think it's very likely and so the question is what is me is this a ploy to somehow take out the world take out take out the United States to advance another round of pandemic Panic Theater which we already Siri Siri is ugly head in the United States schools are starting to go back to the face masks the talking about more restrictions you got propaganda going out there about xpb. The point 1.5 which is funny because I was simultaneously way you've got people like Jimmy Kimmel out there and it was Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Fallon when I get to Jimmy's mixed up I don't watch late night television I don't watch television all really but Jimmy Fallon out there doing his song and dance about xpb Point 1.5 variant he have other studies coming up that are showing hey by the way it seems as if the vaccinated are far more likely to get x b b p
1.5 then the unvaccinated so if you really want to protect yourself about I guess the site than the best thing to do is to not get vaccinated at all okay so there's that what it is what I'm going to do this article from the epoch times has little button that I can let other people read read it instead of me which is great because I hate reading the article I just want to sit here and make funny faces at the craziness that's happening there so let's go ahead and do that study estimates officials admit sixty thousand deaths in past month about nine hundred million Chinese are estimated to be infected with covid-19 in China's latest outbreak with nearly 80% of them experiencing severe symptoms according to a study by picking University meanwhile Chinese Health officials have finally reported that China has seen around 60,000 covid related deaths at hospitals across the country in the past month following International pressure for transparency and data or research group led by Professor Mockingjay
National School of development of Peking University estimated in a recent study that as of January 11th 64% of China's 1.4 billion population had been infected with covid-19 which was about nine hundred million people reported Mainland Chinese media economic Observer on January 13th
so it's been that in perspective 900 million people that's over 2 in of times the population of the United States of America and that even takes into account estimates for illegal aliens that are here so people and for them to say that 80% are experiencing severe was at 80%. I think we should be able to see it right there it's a lot a lot of people are go figure of them experiencing severe symptoms are going to study 80% experiencing severe 80% of 900 million is 720 million people would you get a still more than twice the population of the entire United States of America a lot of people to be experiencing severe severe symptoms but then was only $6,000 sixty thousand deaths I don't know I don't know what to make of any of this okay I really don't just going to keep asking questions
and try to figure out is this is my gut feeling that this is part of the next round of pandemic Annex theater is going to be used to usher in for example the pandemic treat me with the World Health Organization pandemic 3 2.0 which is already in the works is this going to be the the way that they're able to accomplish their theft of our sovereignty and sovereignty of every nation in the world probably a relation to look up in Chinese Cummings party I would imagine that if this is a ploy by the combined forces of the world economic Forum the World Health Organization the United Nations accounts purpose of capitalism in their bodies with the Chinese come as part of the might say hey we're going to take everybody except for yours we can actually share control over the World Health Organization which you already have master control over anyway you know Bill Gates has some some some some favors that he wants but but outside
you know we're in good shape so you guys take control of that let's get back to the article I want to get through as much of this as possible thankfully we got a good reader I like this guy's voice. I have to crank it up to 1.25%.
In terms of regional differences and infection rates the report said that the highest infection rates for this round the outbreak are in three provinces in the western part of China Province ranked the first place with about 91% of people being infected followed by nonprofits with an 84% infection rate and Shanghai province with 80% the model estimates of infection rates in the study were calculated based on search volumes on online platform for symptoms related to covid-19 infection according to Mama given the lack of official data the authors use the number of online searches for symptoms such as fever and cough as an indication of local infection rates she said China Affairs commentator lingley on pointed out during his talk show on MTV TV on January 13th that as a result the study likely didn't include many elderly Chinese who aren't accustomed to searching for information online re infection rates are also not likely captured by the estimates from the study the actual infection rate in China could be higher than 900 million he said the modeling in the report also predicted that this wave of Co
infections across China reached its peak on December 20th 2020 to deliver other experts believe that infections may continue to increase as the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday approaches to come out of a China Center for Disease Control say that the shinjo sell new Crown recombinant protein multiple in vaccine research and development conference on January 8th that the covid waiver has just begun to reach its peak in some places and hasn't yet Petenwell China according to Mainland Chinese media tysheen think estimated at the peak of the covid waiver will come sometime between February and March and that the duration of the peak of severe cases will be longer than expressing concern about the situation in China's rural areas where many Chinese are expected to visit over the New Year holiday he said that they are a large number of elderly young sick and disabled in rural areas and at the medical infrastructure and conditions there are four earlier this year John went home.
is very high during the Lunar New Year on January 23rd the national infection rate may reach 80% which means that more than 1.1 billion people will be infected the estimated severe symptoms the research group at Peking University also surveyed 11443 covid patients and 76% of them reported that their symptoms were worse than that of the flu the report said that most of the infected people interviewed had a real quick so let's let's repeat that so for those just in case it was buzzing through too fast they are saying that a new Peak is going to come that it'll come in sometime between February and March that they've got Lunar New Year coming up that February March numb Outlook does make a lot of sense to me again from a conspiratorial perspective because that would mean that would align with what I believe it would be a
an appropriate time for them to really Advanced the the pandemic treaty which I'm going to talk about later later today the advancing of the Panama treaty is it's a Harbinger for I would say for those of you who are bible-believing Christians like I am I would say that would be a Harbinger for the rise of the One World Government that is that is prophesied the rise of dare I say the Antichrist on my cigarettes cost Chihuahua or Tedros sore or is using paint or Joe Biden the Bill Gates or Barack Obama or anybody that I'm not picking anybody okay that's not that's above my pay grade look I'm just going to say that but this would whether it's the end times or not this bodes ill for us for free Americans a little bit longer and then we'll talk about this whole idea that they're all these people are experiencing severe Sim
worse than the flu because it's somewhere we're hearing here in the United States you get a lot of feelings I know yeah. Covid it wasn't so bad so we'll talk about that but let's let's just let's let this the voice of the Deer Park times do the talking
one or more symptoms of fever cough and sputum nasal congestion runny nose sore throat altered sense of taste and smell and diarrhea the most common symptom was a fever with 82% of infected respondents developing the symptom of which 75% had a high fever and 47% had a fever lasting for three or more days as many as 86% of the infected use antipyretic drugs on January 13th the Peking University report became the most searched item on China's website sparking heated discussions one that isn't posted didn't the so-called experts say previously that 90% of the infected people are asymptomatic do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut break out of it and take control of your future by training for a new career at arclabs welding school in as little as six months you can learn the skills employers are looking forward and start a new career in an important and in-demand fuel from complete beginner to Industry veteran we have classes for all skill levels featuring Hands-On training on a schedule that works for you.
thinking about a new career and make it happen glasses are enrolling now visit our class. Edu to get started today
Denise has been playing jazz for 40 years last concert one of the musicians fell sick with RSV respiratory syncytial virus for RSV is a highly contagious virus that can lead to breathing problems this time she's choosing to help protect yourself with visors RSV vaccine a bow a bow is a vaccine for the prevention of lower respiratory tract diseases caused by respiratory syncytial virus RSV in adults 60 years of age and older is not for everyone and may not protect you all received the vaccine don't get to Brazil with you had a severe allergic reaction to its ingredients people with weakened immune system may have a decreased response to a bridge fell the most common side effects are tiredness headache pain is the injection site and muscle pain ask your pharmacist a doctor about sizers RSV vaccine of Rizzo respiratory syncytial virus vaccine full prescribing information please call 844-989-7284 or visit brought to you by Pfizer
now come out and explain another posted I have a fever my whole body is sore and I feel weak I was told that I was a mild case of post read the after effects of covid are very serious I was infected almost a month ago and I am still weak and I am out of breath when I move around major online Chinese news portals such as soon deleted articles discussing the study nearly sixty that there is also a bad time and I got to finish this it's a pretty little article I leave leave the link of the show.
but yeah they're saying so so here we hear about people getting Omicron whatever I will just say anywhere in the Bible. OK Google. Here a lot of severe symptoms and if those who do have severe symptoms those who do. I generally speaking the vast majority of them are vaccinated but I'm not going this isn't a vaxxers anti-vaccine because I'm trying to use it one of their vaccine some argue they're not using a vaccine that all that is basically just just sailing or something like that it's not really doing anything I'll just say that it's doing something completely different material also still has no effect whatsoever on covid-19 and then I'll just say that here in the United States have no effect on covid-19 who knows what the truth is I'm not a doctor not a scientist I'm only going with with what we're seeing
that does concern me a lot to have this disease that they're saying is covid-19 spreading everywhere
999 billion people, cuz they said there could be a lot more than that what's a 1000000000 people infected allegedly with covid-19 with the vast majority of them experiencing severe symptoms that doesn't jibe with what we're seeing here so that my question to you is this the one is this really covid-19 could this be a different by a weapon a different strain a different disease altogether maybe a different version of influenza maybe whatever I don't even want to speculate because it's again that's all above my paygrade all I can say is that none of this makes sense it all stinks
and it's something that we need to watch because we're not getting answers about this how can it let me ask you this how can a billion people here covid-19 with all the covid-19 and that the foul cheese in the in the Lansky's and even the bidens of the world how is it that the whole week off travel to China but it's obviously it's very easy for a billion people to spread to other nations and for that to them of course spread here whenever they're they've got going on over there
it's it's either really bad really dangerous to complete Khan for haps part of the plan part of their machinations to advance whatever their agenda is or maybe it's all of the above
maybe I just haven't even had the report from Alex Jones yesterday saying that now they're talking about Airborne hemorrhagic fever airport is Bola is that this I don't think so because you wouldn't have 6,000 that you have like like six million deaths are probably let's see out of a billion you probably have with was 3.2% so you have like 32 million deaths out of a billion people in fact if it were to happen if he's part of that maybe I don't know I don't know I don't know and I don't like not knowing
I know it stinks and if I were to guess put my my best guess program is that this is the precursor the predicate for the rapid adoption of pandemic tree in the rise of the World Health Organization and their Puppet Masters taking control of essentially the world so
fun stuff I hope when I got a better story if the brakes just hits me
Housing Authority of our Pharmaceuticals the ingredients in them come from China they are controlled by the Chinese Communist party where are you sing supply chain issues pharmacies are running low on a lot of things in the if the crap hits the fan as a lot of us think it may in the very near future you will want antibiotics and the best way to get that is to go to JD mad you'll be able to get a teleconference with an actual doctor and then they'll send you meds they'll seem to like five different versions or types of antibiotics are the different ailments that could they can hit us these are great for long-term storage you will you will want them and it's one of those things where if you if you need them then you'll want them if you don't need them then we still happen so and here's the thing if you don't have them you're almost really going to need them at least sometime in the near future so JD meds
Advanced Back & Forth we did the story earlier about the 20 year old soccer player who who died in the sleep we just do the story last segment about Millions nearly a billion people in China with K and this conspiracy there there there are so many pieces of information we have to get out there for what reason do I focus in on these stories of individuals that are dying I like to talk about the I don't like to talk about hate it because people are dying but I want to focus on those because we can throw a statistics all day will you have a 1.3% chance of getting myocarditis or or you know what out of every 242 whatever that date has been out there for a long time
and it hasn't moved a lot of people those who are not who have not been back since Skeptics even if they've been vaccinated themselves have seen this day and a lot of times they don't buy it or maybe they think it's blotter or maybe they're their math is bad I don't know I like smoke still on these human at least interesting stories about individuals who shouldn't be dying because I think that's that's where the opportunity is right now because I'm the reason I say that is because that seems to be the only difference between now and say a month ago so there's been more stories about these people young and otherwise healthy people who are collapsing or and or dying with me and I explained ailments and that is the best the alarm Bell it seems to be ringing because as I said more people are becoming aware more people are becoming concerned we can see if we can feel it
I mean Rocky questions so many questions from people who were vaccinated he's couple months ago now they're asking hey can you send me information about this that so that's why I'm posting any stories again we're trying to give you a munition For Your Arsenal to be able to drop truth bombs on your friends relatives who ever if makes they can hopefully wait more people up and get them to not only understand the dangers of the Jazz but also realize that this is all part of part of a conspiracy nobody wants me why I can't say nobody I don't mind being called a conspiracy theorist I don't think it's a Jordan but I know that a lot of people don't want to be called a conspiracy theorist there's no theory about this people are dying so when we destroyed by the 2018 year old rugby player star
a star rugby player you got any of the future of the game
not anymore cuz you better throw that clip
to say that the frequency of young and otherwise healthy people collapsing up and dying in the last couple of years so it is getting ridiculous would be like saying that the Democrat Party is is becoming hypocritical it has been ridiculous for a long time it's only getting worse we're seeing the frequency increase it seems to be happening every single day and I would know as somebody who has been covering the people dying suddenly people collapsing people having heart attacks and in their twenties and thirties and teens I've been covering this for for well over a year now and I can tell you with certainty that just anecdotal but with a certainty that the frequency is increasing rapidly of course we had this week we had Lisa Marie Presley have a heart attack and died we've had other famous people
but here in the America we might not know about one of the most tragic ones that I've heard in a while because it's an eighteen-year-old the rugby star so so very popular and very well known in England but not so much here nevertheless eighteen-year-old rugby star elite athlete young otherwise healthy dying suddenly
when the article that I post over at the Livery this was already getting ridiculous year ago at this point is coming so, to see young and otherwise healthy people dying that it would become a cliche if the topic want some more of it another young athlete has died of cording to the mirror tributes are pouring in that following the tragic sudden death of Logan Holgate at the age of 18 he's been is being tipped as the star of the future holds it was on the under-18 pathway at Salford and was notably selected for the England Community Lions under-19 last year the Rugby Football League announced on Wednesday that the cumbrian teenager who have been playing for hens and cam alongside his role in Southridge developmental setup had died suddenly Salford Red Devils wrote on Twitter everyone at Salford Red Devils are saddened to hear about the sudden passing of Logan Holgate
so as I wrote as a as is always the case there is no mention of covid-19 are the vaccines in any corporate media discussion about the story if the elephant in the journalistic room that is so disgusting that we were forced to report on every incident as if it's the first fortunately this isn't the first and it's not going to be the last people suddenly collapsing especially athletes and others who are engaged in physical activity are becoming more common than they were just a couple of months ago it was really bad back that it is imperative that our readers share stories like these yes you will likely get attacked by the words need to get out the way get out to the normies don't think just because you're fully aware of it happening that your peers are as well if they're getting the news from CNN or Fox news they've no idea just how widespread this phenomenon has become correlation to the jazz is striking logic dictates that this is very likely causation that we're witnessing until more studies are done and accept
why the mainstream we cannot know for sure Sally the studies are slow to come out and those that go against the approved narrative are usually quashed this more than anything else is why we must continue to fight for the truth to come out and that's why you know it would take a lot of flak you'll notice over the Liberty daily in all of my sight we do not have Google ads why because Cooper would never let us we sacrifice the high potential revenue from Google you'll notice that our Facebook page is blocked me know if I block technically technically but it's it's so bad and shadowban we don't even post it anymore
this is what we're faced with as as a nation when faced with corporate media and big Tech still suppressing any of the stuff in this is why the biggest get to the corporate conservative site the even many of the alternative sites The Fringe news outlets out there she won't just come out and say what is blatantly obvious two people like me and hopefully people like you are the Jazz are causing major health problems especially with the heart and if this is the reason the reason not a correlation that this is the cause of the rapid the exponential rise in athletes and even just regular people suddenly collapsing suddenly dying when they're engaged in an exercise or other strenuous activities it's happening folks it's it's all around us
and yet we cannot assume that again are normally friends have any idea because if they're getting their news anywhere them from basley from us when the handful of others were telling the truth then they have no idea they might have her up here you know rumors of this person dying maybe that was the Jazz rumors of that person dying and maybe it was a jazz but for the most part they cannot see
the the scope the scale but the near-certainty that we have that it is the jobs that are causing all this this is why I'm so adamant about spreading the truth is one of the reasons why I recommend people I don't care if you're Baxter unvax you need to work on your immune system in the best way to do that is to go to Z stack freedom.gif zankos dr. Zev zelenko nutraceuticals that will help to improve your immune system back again it doesn't matter if you've been jab you definitely did you have been jab you definitely need it go to see stacked freedom
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here we were getting lucky in the
luckyland casino Terry Boyd were prohibited by law terms and conditions apply Tails reiterating Arsenal ammunition truth bombs you get the idea so so yeah let's go to his duties rapid-fire all the way to the end and I'll just too quick intro of each and I should know what the video is the clip I can't see it from here I can only press play so so here comes and dr. Paul Merrick explaining how we can fix this if you been bakst
there may be something you can do to cleanse your body so it was play that
I've heard from some of some of these back vaccine injured that they have fasted for a couple of days fasting and it sounds pretty bogus but actually it's by some very sound physiological data so when you asked me to give me lights to actually break down misfolded proteins damage protein maybe the spike protein Source away of the cell heating itself I'm very is called itself to just broken and damaged protein very very powerful and so we think if you combine intermittent fasting with Ivermectin you have a really strong mechanism of restoring the immune system
I'm 7 intermittent fasting is that your lot easier than fasting fasting is quite difficult with intermittent fasting what you do is you just missed breakfast and you do to increase the. Of time that you not eating and it doesn't realize that I'm normal amount of ready important repair mechanisms in the body and if you think about it the way we have both as hunters and gatherers we would have a feast and then we would starve if that's was sex with the way we were designed we went to Danny Donuts four times a day over 9 to go to the store and eat donuts every 2 hours
fasting cure fast water fasting it is a little bit more unless you're you're sort of educated in the approach to actually habits and those are Sensations that don't actually indicate hungry it's just something that it's a sort of hormonal cycle of insulin that we feel like we have to eat it's not true hunger and hunger actually goes away within a day and a half or 2 days and once you get past that initial phase people have really enjoyed you know Semi-Pro long fast you have to drink a lot of water for a few days if you want to drink water and if you drink water and anytime the feeling of food of the thought of food from the food and you can pass the 2 days
so that was possibly some good news and I'm going to return to bad news will see again going through this crap if I'm going to do the next two videos back-to-back that way I can take us to the great as first video is really there's all these videos. They're right that that that show examples of people falling and you know you might try to do that to somebody but they'll still this one it was very well. I wish I was a higher qualities for the video itself but but at least then the the music of the clips they picked out and then the worst from people like dr. McCullough that's important than ever that we've got Doctor Mike Jaden talking about the world economic Forum in all sorts of great stuff so
is my duty and responsibility as a consultant cardiologist and public health campaigner urgently informed doctors patients and members of the public for the covid-19 vaccine has likely played a significant role or being a primary cause of unexpected cardiac arrest and heart attacks Strokes cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure since 2021 until proven otherwise
200 papers showing that the wild card ideas causes heart damage in a scar and then the scar becomes the basis for a cardiac arrhythmia and then the arrhythmia is responsible for the sudden deaths that were saying and we're seeing sudden death now on a massive scale in younger people I miss my view it's the covid-19 vaccine until proven otherwise
45 year old deputy sheriff Chad baiting Corner says he suffered a cardiac event in his patrol car
we've been horribly frightened by by the lies and some people I bought them they're traumatized store in double miles and a visor in hot sun shine in Miami walking around these people are not well it's not funny so there is there is no unusual has it in your environment in relationship since there's nothing much going on assholes that isn't explained by the motorist policies nothing in the environment but this really really important things you should be frightened of international Global unified response to that to this lock downs and mosques and mandates and so you don't have to like the conspiracy World economic Forum probably
what your government's doing the next one the vaccines that don't work and I think Toxic by Design I'm not quite sure what the game was definitely Toxic by Design and I'm afraid. The first thing I'm going to say it the passivity of most people I think it's the most frightening this entire thing so when I stood up for what was right I didn't know how much I didn't know but what I was saying anyways right I didn't check in with him I was confident in a couple of weeks my left and right and my old bodies would be there and we don't be telling it like it was he is like it's not a single pair of mine from any company of the well so I don't feel special I just felt like I had seems to me a lot about this didn't know you and 32
send a lot of others didn't is an understatement nobody did it was very very very very few we need doctors and as I said if you guys miss the my little rant about doctors who are still pushing the jobs we can visit and then beginning fine there were ignorant but their jobs and stay up on the stuff and if they didn't stay up on it or if they if they didn't stay up on it and they don't realize the jobs are dangerous and then they're not doing their job gay they're stupid if they are staying up on it they know the gender dangerous then and there still recommend him that means that they're putting their own livelihood their own Mercedes up as a higher priority than you are life so find a new doctor at the break we will get larger videos for the are very important I saved the best for last
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captivity has left these are as I said the the two most important on this is actually the first one is from November of last year this is the big tree from the high-wire talking about what I believe may be the most compelling argument for or Norman's an argument they almost certainly have never heard they might hear about sudden deaths in my hear about this that or the other but I want you to hear this personal story that also has to some extent has got statistics involved because again she talking about progression of her and I see you anyway let's go to play that one and then after that when I'm just going to go straight into will close out with was a great meal Oliver who talks about it's just you'll understand it really is a great way to the end of a show and and it'll be between these two videos pick one or both send them
to the people that you think need to hear the most people that that maybe they're just trying to wake up maybe they're on the verge of starting to wake up maybe they're already woken up but they need a little bit more urgent so that when the next time comes when the next whatever it is they have planned when they start rolling Dad out that your your friends family or whoever or maybe maybe maybe you guys Judy was born he discovered my little Escape take it easy Judy jumper life is for everybody
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and I'm I worked there for two years you know during covid before the vaccines moms are delivering their babies and the baby seems pretty healthy and general in the moms also and then you know they do home so in March of 2021 it was about two months after the vaccines really started to roll out I noticed that in the NICU and neonatal Intensive Care Unit where they have the babies that may have some health issues do no one any day it used to always have about 50 babies in there and all the sudden the March 2021 there were 80 babies in the NICU so that's a very high number for the NICU and then in April of 2021 and I started noticing that there were fetal demise has on the board and labor and delivery a fetal demise is a baby that passed away in utero but they're usually full term so you know anywhere from Thirty to
40 weeks even is considered full-term 37 weeks or above is considered full-term but these babies were you know 32 33 weeks and then they'd has a fetal demise and
I would look on their chart and I was noticing that a lot of these mothers had received the vaccine a lot of times they have received it like one week before and then there they went into labor and they delivered a baby that either passed away already or they had to go to NICU because they were too early to survive outside the womb without help like how much extra doing this is not natural and I was getting really frustrated with words music stand what you're suggesting is exploding is is nearly double the amount of babies that are going in there you're seeing what appears to be sort of arise and filled them eyes and and when you looked at the charts you see that many of these are having early birth earlier than usual had just recently many of them gotten the covid vaccine
yes that's correct when I started working there in November 2020 there used to be one or two every two or three months
2021 April 2021 I started to notice more and more of that when I would check the labor and delivery Ford there were one or two each week or so
wow okay today she has bravely released to us an internal document and email from that hospital system that was sent out to those working there I'm going to share this with you now that this is not her opinion now any longer this is the perspective of the hospital itself and she feels it's necessary for people to see this so we're going to bring up this email right now this went out to the staff good evening everyone well it seems as though the increase of demise patients that we are seeing is going to continue There were 22 demise is in August which ties the record number of demises in July 2021 and so far in September there have been 7 and it's only the 8th day of the month now these statistics include redacted so you haven't seen all of them and some of us have gone through the Edie's and o ours but there has still been sold
funny in our department it's a lot of work for you is the bedside are and it's also a lot of work for me the matches of taking a lot of my time away from the other groups of patients that I serve so I hope this trend does it continue indefinitely know of a few more that are scheduled to deliver the week ahead so unfortunately the process is going to be very familiar with all of you once again I do so appreciate the time and attention that you give to the patients when I follow up with them they remember your names and the way you helped them get through a very difficult time I have to stay if you like the oxygen is just been sucked out of my lungs to read
to read that from someone that is is as objective I guess as you could get working for the system itself it now corroborates what your see with your own eyes and for anyone that was having a question anywhere around the world now this is a shocking shocking email were you shocked when you received it, do you know
for the first half of my shift I was so distraught I just kept thinking why is nobody talking about this the media should be outraged we're talking about these are given to us by God to bring us love and joy and if somebody is taking that away from us that's evil I don't know that I've ever read anything as shocking as what I just read your absolutely right I was just praying that you would stop and not read anymore because
the rest of the email which I think is about twice as long as what you read is really really upsetting it starts talkin about stuff that I can't even talk about that is not appropriate to talk about okay we're going to leave that for courtrooms and other things to decide I think we get the point
I do believe that they are being coerced into taking this back seen one doctor would write in his notes when you take care of a mother who just delivered he would put patient receive did not receive vaccine and then he would float what they say it should be taken and why it's important I do believe that he is coercing them when they come to his office before they deliver and so I think 90% of these mothers are getting the vaccine while they're pregnant and non-pregnant people is no blood clots and in in strokes and heart attacks and things like that we're talking about babies have you seen any effect on on the mothers themselves are or any issues that one on when delivering that you think are outside the ordinary
that is what you're used to witnessing
yes I have a friend who's a crisis nurse at the same hospital that I work at and she got the booster dose and didn't know she was pregnant and then a week later she started having blood clots she had to have some surgeries and she delivered her baby early and to everybody she didn't get that shot and I would have been fine she is okay cuz it happened right after getting that shot so she doesn't feel comfortable speaking forward right now because you know she's taking care of her newborn baby and I understand that but that's just one taking care of moms who have they now have high blood pressure issues and so they have to be on you know critical medications for that there have been
blood clot one mother had a stroke while she delivered her baby and she passed away that was around Christmas last year so unusual stuff they've had to do a lot of echocardiograms which is where they check the baby's heart with an ultrasound because the babies are having arrhythmias and then they're checking other things like spinal issues and health problems I have seen an increase in health problems in the moms and the babies
faster and faster car windows are running now you running from the truth is a rising all around us like flood water in recent weeks with people have died than during the height of the pond and died of covid-19 we know that much so what is happening by a thousands more people dying than usual and find no daily televised announcement of those deaths as we had with I can ask the questions and answers and watch the chickens run faster Phil well last night with all the censorship constellation demonizing of despain and more recently the most egregious insults they can muster all the top of the planet and self-preserving explain how much blood does already in the water helps x60 Berkeley the latest time that the poisoned chalice was on another Music Channel this week he was asked about 50 studies and excess deaths in the last year invited to explain them
16 GPZ side believe in treatment codes by Lo-Fang he was quick to point out that other countries were seeing similar levels of death that was nothing to do with the violent people dying here less of a problem if you think it's by here look over here that's not an answer what happened that's not an answer at all these deaths are happening worldwide means that tend to blame them here on a feeling any chance of striking ambulance drivers it's just another bitch to distract people's attention from the elephant in the room
alarm and he's trying to figure out of the box he said only that they were two family he evidently didn't like the junglist choice of word alarming cuz you wouldn't use it. John pointedly didn't ask him about the rule of the medical products in oldest and bought this. Lee didn't mention it why is this why when Physicians and scientists Kia and all around the world are able to quote. Pointing to injuries and deaths associated with new products that are held together with almost the entirety of the Yankees and the government scientists and heart feel complete. Glassy-eyed elephant is it to do with the billions of times already invested in the still experimental technology of mRNA vaccine news in the u.s. insurance companies have reported an overwhelming and inexplicable increase in all cause of death among 18 to 49 year-old all The Usual Suspects are still out there banging the drum for the jobs
and effective we're still too old even for six month old babies why are they still staying safe when people are dying in the aftermath of receiving them are we don't know why I don't know it's medical products to blame effective when we know the latest strain of coolant Felix oculate the knife that expected to bypass the job anyway on social media a contradiction quoted and Israeli Jewish doctor of criminology sing the vaccine roll a joint with the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust and the aftermath Britain was accused of making anti-semitic remarks by Matt Hancock another many Jewish people here and around the world have sent responded saying his social media posts with not anti-semitic and offering him the support today the times said Britain had been and I quote grilled by gangs of anti-vaxxers
feeling to repurpose a plain language in an attempt to have Little Caesars with questions to ask about the safety of medical product in the same light as though she can read children joining the chorus of condemnation and withdrawing the to request from preaching to the chief what Simon Halstead Court misinformation about the vaccines cause he harms and coastlines and food but I ask exactly which information freely circulating night is actually the misinformation is it asking questions about those medical products such as Britain has done or is it continuing to describe a safe and effective injections that may cause harm is it interesting that people babies included should receive these injection but questions remain unanswered the God thing as yet unexplained death tens of thousands of people in this country during the years when new products were ruled out to billions of people
Federal sort of glaring unexplained holes in the official narrative note F not active with cheese that would be Swiss for example new one and Authority ever mentions the fact the AstraZeneca offering with quietly dropped from you months ago and around the world with medical products are only safe and effective on saving millions of Lives why is the AstraZeneca job gone last month in the State of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis code for a grand jury to investigate any and all wrongdoing with respect to the products marketed as covid vaccine driving who sing products safe and effective still claiming the fate of millions of life when one of the same phone is off the shelves above those behind the production and delivery of the rest are said to be investigated by some of the highest Authority why is that everyday people of all ages and from all walks of life of dropping dead or being found dead in the Holmes by loved ones like no reason to expect anything with them
without passing pale stools anyone having the temerity to ask if any have to type desk full of injections with his medical product is furiously show to dine just months ago it was absolutely for the summer was chopped before letting them enter Fast Food Outlet in equality is a gross intrusion and otherwise healthy young passenger become a social taboo any criticism of those safety even just asking questions attract harder and harder condonation even as the evidence months that harms almost certainly being inflicted by them after all these months
the room has grown even larger Evermore unavoidably obvious so the efforts to silence cancelled sensor and plain frightening off the unconvinced have grown more and more strident
yes they have grown more strident so must we we must be very firm in our conviction we must alert the people I really wish I had said left myself more time to be able to talk about both of those videos I might have to devote some time in the next episode of the J D wrecker show to do just that in the meantime hopefully hoping that leaves you with all the ammunition you need to start making some people up Lord willing I will be back very soon with another episode of the meantime you'll stay strong and stay safe and God bless

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