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JD Rucker Show, December 26, 2023

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How Hamas Riots Will Be Used to Take Down the Nation, Plus John B Wells

Title: How Hamas Riots Will Be Used to Take Down the Nation, Plus John B Wells


Christmas yielded riots in New York City that may or may not be classified as riots today by corporate and conservative media. We'll see. These riots are a dress rehearsal for the events that the powers-that-be may use to try to destroy the nation starting next year.

Nikki Haley seems to have been anointed by the UniParty Swamp. Her nomination would be a disaster.

My interview with John B. Wells was lit. All of this and more on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show.

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Recorded: December 26, 2023

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you're listening to the J D wrecker show let's begin if you were like tens of millions of Americans over the weekend and into Christmas day on Monday chances are you are paying a whole lot of attention to the news you you were probably taking the break that you needed we've all many of us at least have needed a break for her while I haven't been getting much of a break and I'm not just talking about financially or socio craziness it's happening Across the Nation or anything like that I'm just talking about just a flat-out emotional break away from the news that there are many people that just don't pay attention at all and they do that for whatever reason if she's watching the show listen to me chances are you one of those people that that does paint it's the news and if you took a break I don't blame you okay it's we all need a break from time to time
I know I need one but I wasn't taking a break I was monitoring the the news of the the the country in the world over over the weekend and even on Christmas Day when I say I need a break I will admit I am I now watch this weekend and Christmas Day really demonstrated to me just how blessed I am to have the family that I have that they are understanding you do know that the time is precious that the things are going crazy and that I need to be as close to the ideological front lines as possible even on on days like Christmas day especially when we have everything else happening in the Middle East and as well as in New York City itself NYPD was engaged in what I believed to be probably the opening volley of the first escalation here in the United States by Hamas there are no true just so you know freedom freedom Seekers or
I want to call them so that the free free Palestine anti-zionist groups out there that are making their their noise making their moves across the country they are there are Hamas there at the very least their proxies but until I see any of them or just one of them okay just one of them saying you know who I must needs to free the hostages and there needs to be a ceasefire maybe I'll give them the benefit of the doubt but everybody else is just cease fire cease fire gay not a single one of them ever ever asks or demands or anyting or Hamas to return the people that they preemptively stole kidnapped once they're currently torturing raping at the very least in prison
many times killing none of those people aren't important to the anti-zionist those are the people that are you know that's just think they deserve it or it's their fathers Israel's fault and they're in that situation it bugs me to death but we're going to talk about that that's going to be a big topic but first and foremost I think I think Now's the Time to bring up a totally separate issue just because it's been it's been fresh on the mind really for the last couple weeks and if you've been watching my show you know
and I talked about it a lot Nikki Haley she has essentially become the unit party swamps savior she is the person that they anticipate to be the closest to Donald Trump now don't get me wrong I don't want to pass any any fear along cuz I have no fear of Nikki Haley action affair
if she is the the backup will say if she's able to fully official usurp Ron DeSantis as the in the fallback in case something does happen to Trump in case the Deep state is able to use law fair or whatever means necessary to prevent Donald Trump from being the Republican nominee if that person is that that roll a backup quarterback essentially Falls onto Nikki Haley that would be an absolute disaster okay I'm not a DeSantis fan okay I'm not a supporter I should say I am a fan of some of the stuff he's done it's not like I'm a hater I like Ron DeSantis okay I've met Ron DeSantis I think that he's a good guy
this guy you know he is not I would not I would not vote for him over Donald Trump but I would vote for him twice the legal ahead of Nikki Haley I think we all need to to adopt a certain I don't know what you want to call the strategy of pulling back away from Ron DeSantis as far as our taxi or Trump supporter and you are trying to go up against his his competitors it is they've made that clear over the weekend or at least two I sought to be there was at least two articles in New York Times and whatever you want to know what the unit party swamp wants to do you looked at two sources you looks in New York Times or the Washington Post those are the feeders that go out they've basically they they get the the larger message on my Clips I'm not talking about you know 32nd Rands or two in advance from some guests on MSNBC or Fox News or whatever those are those are different
about when you want to see what the messaging is it's being sent down from the unit price swamp with her on their own or on orders from the globalist link the ball you turn to the New York Times or Washington Post New York Times two articles over the weekend one of the basic saying what actually taking three of them was was basically saying that Ron DeSantis is in his campaign is in hospice care
and that's a very strong Visual and emotional status that's that was in the type of verbiage that they only use when they really trying to hammer it home they're trying to say the messages are trying to portray is Ron DeSantis is Camp he can't he can't win he can't be Trump and he probably can't be Haley and two followed up you called the the the the Chaser you got the shots of Ron DeSantis can't win and then you have the Chaser Haven Nikki Haley is looking really good Nikki Haley strong again or talk about three articles over the weekend from New York Times that is the message you sent me a message that they've been been telegraphing for a while we saw this one when corporate media and even many and feel that most conservative media didn't even blink an eye when Nikki Haley was meeting with Jamie dimon over JP Morgan Chase or when Nikki Haley was meeting with Larry Fink over BlackRock they all the all the sudden in a Black Rock has been kind of the Boogeyman and then Riley cell.
and they're not they're not really that bad I'm saying that they have been attacked in many ways by conservative an alternative media for the last three or four years maybe longer but all of a sudden when they meet with Nikki Haley I didn't see I saw very very few Publications out there that were even mention I'm talking about conservative and I'll turn the meeting I'll talk about corporate meeting so I don't know what's going on all I know for sure is that they're trying to make Nikki Haley happen and as much as I don't want to think about it or even consider the possibility that the Deep State can successfully take out Donald Trump we have to acknowledge that is possible we cannot dismiss it as you know it's it's it's Trump or nothing you know we can't that would be that would be dumb to be like either is Trump or Biden or Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom that's it none of the other Republicans know we can't be like that
we can't talk about anything that has to do with stack ranked voting or anything like that I'm just saying that that cool we want if you are a an America first major Republican you might despise Ron DeSantis and I don't blame you if you do
but you have to hold him as the better backup quarterback in case of disaster then Nikki Haley he's the you know if if emergency break glass that the backup quarterback that that that emergency pick would have to be Ron DeSantis over Nikki Haley as well and I trust them know but again I know with a certainty that Nikki Haley would be an absolute disaster could she be biting maybe probably not probably. Let's face it she probably couldn't beat anybody. She's just not that like what she has she is with her to look at her out I seen a lot of connections at over a red State another other conservative Publications equating her to the right version of Hillary Clinton and I think that's a fair assessment I think she really is
very much like Hillary Clinton not just because they're both women has nothing to do with that song about ideological and they're both warhawks they both have been there out there always have been always will be there both insanely unlikable for people who should be likeable they just come across his you just don't hear him talk you just wanted to kind of shut up
and the problem is that she's not going to shut up they're going to push her and push and push push her and while we continue many of us will continue to campaign for Donald Trump and some of you will will be campaigning for Ron DeSantis if you're out there saying how do you know Nikki Haley might be the best choice but I don't know what you listen to me for because I talk about things like freedom I don't want to talk about somebody who is who was multiple times that she wants to make the internet takeaway anonymity from the internet she wants to make sure that everybody everybody was on social media they've got to have a photo ID probably a digital ID and she's a globalist she's spouses globalist ideologies left and right she will throw in a mildly Republican or mob we can server two talkin from within the metro to justify it right
but at the end of the day she's not she's not a conservative she's barely Republican and if you want to classify her as Republican to do so in the in the van of Dick Cheney and then people like that a she's a bush person basically
you are mean and honestly this is the greatest insult that I think I could ever throw it somebody is Jeb Bush Mountain emergency campaign it was between him and Nikki Haley I would take Jeb Bush that's how much Nikki Haley concerns me
I could stuff that's not good stuff
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so the big news over the weekend was the was the writing nose happening in New York City now I am a little bit disappointed in that most have good service and alternative media for not calling it a riot I think that that's a maybe we Center Bar too high maybe we've been so so used to riots including a whole bunch of looting and a whole bunch of buildings getting burnt burnt down people getting murdered wee wee Center definition of Riot I guess too high the bar is too high then to call Dr it was right there was violence and vandalism there were people that were outraged that we're causing Mayhem and destruction it was a riot I've seen the videos and I think that if you were to watch all the videos you would say yeah that's definitely Riot okay I'm not going to play this videos here not for any other reason because I don't have time to have them I would have to go through and do a whole bunch of things going on and I don't believe I don't
I don't know I do believe I don't I don't curse on the show cuz it's got to be radio friendly and press more importantly you know it's
is a lot of it all right so I decided you know what you don't have those videos it doesn't make for good radio anyway cuz all of this is a bunch of people screaming at each other but you did have the anther Zionist protesters attacking cops in the cops trying to fight back okay you had the free Palestine people going up head-to-head and in some cases against the the pro the the pro-israel people the small smaller group of counter-protesters at work that was small but pretty pretty darn spunky they were they were they were angry it was and rightly so
but I want to talk about writing in general and the writing is going to be coming will get him to the ideology of probably later on in the show but I want to first start with forgotten care you could be an anti-zionist you be pro-israel you could be be to State 1 State whatever solution I don't know it's not important what's important here is that a lot of people trying to see riots in our future and they're not wrong now where they are I would say maybe not wrong but at least not seeing the big picture is that this isn't just about the elections elections because that can that can definitely got that is number one that's a component number two I can understand why a lot of people especially conservative Patriot would see this as the reasoning behind the riots about why that's not necessarily the case let's go to this article by David Winfield over at sleigh great folks over there and this is written the day before Christmas Eve so this before the riots
prepare as 2024 election Riot season draws near
Point made right there that has the 2024 election draws near many are expecting corporate medialis to be dominated by reports of widespread rioting in democrat-led cities across the country as we seen in America's recent major election cycle these letters riots have almost become key components in democrat's campaign is now impossible to Northern the left has opted to replace the traditional politics of constitutional government with the Revolutionary politics of disruption the topic is the Israel how much War election fraud climate change gun control policing or the latest transgender craze the left is convinced it can win the day with mostly peaceful violence property destruction looting the sabotage and intimidation this is the politics of civil resistance in a series of organizing strategies researched and identified for the purpose of overthrowing governments in places like Serbia and Burma features featuring protest strikes
and other actions intended to like the they represent a popular majority when in fact they cost you only a minuscule percentage of the population while the government's Crackdown on unlawful and criminal acts it's crucial that they remain fully committed to supporting and protecting the Free Speech rights of all citizens in that's an extremely important point I do believe when it went and I'll say when cuz I don't think it's enough anymore when they come after us we are Nikki Haley for when they come after us when they come after us from a free from the First Amendment perspective from a free-speech perspective it's not going to be one-sided it will be bipartisan we have to understand that we have to see that as what's was going to a place which recognized
that there will be the unit party swamp is going to be acting in lockstep both Democrats and Republicans on both side with the exception of the radicals in the left and the quote unquote radicals on the right there will be it will be bipartisan falling for certain changes will say certain limitations and restrictions to what we can say what can be said what can be done again while he's singing from Nikki Haley she's unabashed about her her desire to remove online anonymity essentially this is one component of it so very astute text we need to get to watch for it and we just make sure even in red States and we're not shooting ourselves in the foot for the sake of making sure that nobody's nobody's going after you engaged in diversity equity and inclusion practices that nobody is is is promoting Hamas or or condemning Israel or anything like that folks look cuz somebody wants to say and this
it's going to be one of those statements where people will call me at 4 if you can always call me to talk that gets to me directly Jenny talk but he will call me after saying how do you know if somebody says say the words whatever from the river to the sea is that disgusting hateful absolutely is a free days are protected skin government intervene know it's free speech that's that's that's a statement then people say will where's line from line is drawn when there's a reasonable expectation that I can draw direct direct violence direct criminal Behavior as a result of those words that's it you can't say things that will cause a crime you can say things that I mean the mosses and sitting there thinking you know should we or should we not hate Israel and try to kill all the Jews
let's see what Baba saying on social media in Cincinnati will boxes from The River To The Sea so I guess guess that's what we're going to do
you the point I'm trying to make is that that when it comes to free speech we have to take that above most of the things the only thing that's more for the Free Speech as far as the Constitution is concerned and we were going to always give us a second amendment I'm not going to say I'm going to say is freedom of religion that aspect of it and then I'll explain why I probably today maybe tomorrow but at some point this week I'll explain why freedom of religion that aspect of the first amendment is number one is the one they're attacking the most just doing it quietly and behind-the-scenes it's not going to be able to be attention that it deserves but it is it is getting attacked the number to because we look at it as what can what can directly affect us and right now everybody would be affected by tax on on free speech and probably seventy eighty percent of us would be affected by taxed on the Second Amendment so I understand what those are important to downplay that
I'm saying that they're going to they are going to really come after us on the Free Speech front and we need to to stand true with being as close to absolutist as possible again I'm not one of those who says that you should be able to say whatever you want even if it's going to to cause physical harm to somebody else you know you should be it's not protected speech to say you know that guy you know that guy that Drew over there let's go kill him and then Mom goes and kills me okay I just said I just under the words you know that's free free protected speech they went and killed him as a direct result of me saying let's go kill him but hey First Amendment you know
you get the idea you cannot you cannot take Free Speech all the way through to criminal activity but anything short of that I don't care how hideous it is okay I don't care how how whatever if it's if it's disgusting but not causing criminal activity as a result of us speaking the words it is protected people say you can't say you know but they're calling for you know they're calling for genocide that's genocide is illegal they're calling for genocide so therefore it has to have a reasonable expectation of having that effect I'm protecting you by the way when I say when I when I draw the line probably a little bit further away than I would say most Republicans would
but I'm drawing the line to me I'm saying through a lot more free speech than than many that most Republicans would allow because you don't want it turned against you and it will be turned against you they want you to want to be too harsh or the whatever though the anti-zionist or whoever anybody they want you to want to touch those people because they making a shoe back on something that you feel as I know I should be able to say that I don't know don't forget you know we can't say this about about Hamas we can't say this about the Jews so you can't say that that whatever it is you want to talk about it is a protection for you that I'm that I'm fighting that portion of the fight so go ahead and send me the email stock and I will happily happily reading and probably respond to at least some of you if I if I can because this is one of those things where it's it's not just a simple a simple you know it's Crystal crystal clear you know when it comes to the Border okay we have
it's Crystal Clear we need to stop the Border search we need to stop we need to deport illegal aliens I don't think you're going to find a whole lot of Republican there might have been 45 years ago that might have been plenty of Republicans want to know if we should support everybody maybe we should look into the some sort of Oz back in the city or something like that today's it's a mess just just get rid of it get rid of too many of them can't handle can't handle it
I smile and I laughed but this was foreseeable
just been foreseeable for a long time this been foreseeable since we saw what happened in the eighties with Reagan and amnesty to that solve the problem no it is not created more problems and I know there are those out there that oh my gosh do you say something bad about Ronald Reagan doing listening to this
sad reality is that and I love Reagan okay then Reagan Reagan was was one of the two best presidents we've had in my lifetime by the but I am I would argue that I'm definitely the right at Ronald Reagan on a lot of issues anyway so we're talking about I'm talking about the writing writing comes. Going to be just about the election that's going to be what everybody focused on especially on the right going to be like all the trying to steal the election troop through these riots and then this out of the other that's not going to be the case it again that's a cherry on top the real reality of these rides and they're going to be be prompting is the trying to divide us and I'm not just talking about Joe Biden dividing a store or Barack Obama dividing its are all we know we don't like your neighbors I'm talking about dividing us to the point of well as call it civil war but in reality would be more of a revolutionary war that would spark from that I'll talk about that again some of the time because I have to make it clear distinction then it takes it takes too long but that we will be literally fighting each other
is the weakening of the United States of America this is hindering us up for whatever plans they have an could this turn into the spark that actually start our own implosion solutely of the tears that are already here the advancement of the anti-zionist movement here in the United States of America accelerating the point of them out riding against the the largest police force in the nation and somehow able to win it where their arrest absolutely but you can't call that a victory for NYPD they had that they had too many injuries they have lots of Destruction they weren't able to contain the situation again if you watch the video you'll see that they try they did they did a great job with what they have they couldn't contain the situation
and unfortunately because having a New York because this is a a leftist caused the the whole free free Palestine anti-zionist cause I know there's plenty on the right that they feel the same way but I'm just saying that the for the most part what you're saying is left is cause is being pushed by the globalist and as a result you're not going to see a whole lot of whole lot come from this not to dissuade them are they going to be some charges while I'm sure they're okay they they don't want to they know that the the attention is going to be paid to this and they don't want to to you know they know that they're going to hear about also so this Grandma walkthrough walkthrough the Capitol Building peacefully and she's in jail for six years and you got this dude over here who punched a cop and he's got on probation how is that fair they don't want that they said they are going to be I would assume some charges 5 bits not going to be enough to dissuade anyting it's not going to be anybody nobody none of these
anti-zionist groups anywhere in the nation anywhere in the world are going to say who you know that's look what look what happened in New York we better back off know those they're going to say look what we did in New York we need to double-down win the Triple down that's why I say get out of the city is now
but again they're going to say it's all about the elections all about the election and when I saved a we're going to be say that many on the right are going to be saying that probably saying that right now it's not it's just the cherry on top the real goal here is to is to divide us to the point that we really truly legitimately are prepared to fight each other all the way this is planning to see this is normalize any idea whatever they have planned next and I don't know what the hell I should say next whatever they have planned when it really hits
that's where you got put in your tin foil hat a bit but I do believe that there is a plan in place seeing that the early stages of there's a plan in place to destroy America from within that plan includes all of the things that I mentioned him anymore and that plan is going to that the the blowup point so that they can put them could get away with it will be somewhere around the election either before the election and he don't have holes go could be before the election it could be during the election literally on Election Day okay I can depend on how the polls go and it could be I would say it's almost really going to happen after the election 2025 is going to be insane it really will be
like people I'd hate plenty of dates especially as it pertains to Bible prophecy or whatever but 2025 and 2026 could be the end of the United States of America as we know it this is why I do these shows like this I'm not trying to be a fear Monger here I'm not trying to to to get you two to do anything other than be aware and be prepared aware prepare aware prepare
yeah I can make us all other meds Bibles
get get get barter material get to start localizing it's funny I'm not kidding I was reading today is an article in New York Post yesterday about a couple they they sold everything they had now they're they're on cruise ships and literally they live on cruise ships that bounced around from cruise ships cruise ship that got the cruise is booked all the way through like December 2025 or 2024 but still they bought a a cabin on one cruise ship like they owned the cabin and I can't we can decorate it and it's cheaper than we were paying taxes and paying this they get the food included to get everything included at one of my wife you know and I'm like hey what do you think of this well well America's imploding in the Middle East is blow it up in Ukraine and Russia in Europe in Australian everywhere else Central America South America Africa
play say please going to be this is probably going to be like number one you get to do probably be safer out in the world areas may be up in the mountains maybe in your own Homestead or bunker whatever they apparently Mark Zuckerberg things will be safer in Hawaii I don't know what he knows but that doesn't seem like that you know you don't want exactly be on an island that's that's known for a lot of bad potential things included be in the midst of the Ring of Fire including having regular Fire's coming down after green beans or whatever and tsunamis whatever I hate his call he wants to be there but yeah I mean bunker somewhere great ocean somewhere like on a cruise ship or on your own ship to stay out there doing your thing or like Antarctica that's it
furrion I don't care if you going to Red state-blue State red City Blue City suburbs I don't think that we're going to be safe in 2025 and 2026 I really don't
that's why I keep trying to tell people get ready and prepared
sorry Debbie Downer low baller we're all going to die I don't think that by the way I want to be clear when I tell you these things it's not to say you know we're all doomed is to say things are going crazy take action now okay I used to live in Oklahoma the whenever there's a tornado there's tornado watches and there's tornado warnings and when Gary England would come on the air and say you know the tornadoes hitting if you're in this city this is this town that this County go to your shelter shelters now take action now
that's what I'm saying now we're still I believe in tornado watch Level whatever we're close to being in tornado warning level as far as the United States being in trouble
and where I would much rather
because it's not something you know when did they say take shelter now because the the tornado is bearing down on you okay so it takes taking children is going out your door and going to the the shelter getting inside should take 30 seconds to minutes whatever getting repaired which means getting yourself in your family uprooted out of City out of suburbs
it's nothing it's just okay so yeah we're good to go
Wednesday's I'm going to have to do is show the talks about how to get prepared and I'm not talking about buying this or you know getting getting your skills situate I'm talking about how to get a what steps you need to take if you're living in the city today if you have a little bit of money a lot of money no money you know what can you do with the best scenario that sounds like it would be a good show to do my sounds exactly going to take more than one show I let's go to a break let's talk about beef turn that break and then when I come back we'll we'll get more into the watch glass backed up this whole whole Shenanigans see what is the next story yeah we'll talk about u.s. Strikes Back In The Rock after three troops injured in multiple tax will be right back
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so we see what's happening here in the United States and saw that yesterday on Christmas day but also yesterday there were some other events that were taking place in the Middle East knows that I don't have it in my notes but it was a story Israel attacked and hits I believe is in Syria as I recall they were able to take out one of the Ron's top military leaders and it has threatened to fight back to to counter the attack and you've got troop movements you got missiles going moving it looks like it's going to get uglier than it already is and that it isn't going to just be his real voice in the Gaza or having to defend off Leviton it could we could start seeing more direct action from Arana sell pasta from Syria though I doubt it will see how things went help how well-armed they are this could really blow up much into a much bigger conflict then we're seeing and unfortunately the United States is now getting more and more involved
where is is this is the part when people ask me you know why are you so against a four is real or or having armed aircraft carrier groups or anything like that it's because I don't want to be a Target and we will be a Target if we are there then then we're going to be a Target and I don't want American Bloodshed as a result of us helping out our allies that they don't need her help with the stage they really don't pay the only day that they can buy weapons from us they have the resources to to be there our presence ideologically is enough in my humble opinion when you combine that with the protections that we can give them through the United Nations that the intelligence that we can give them we can we can help them without putting ourselves at risk I'm not a fan of putting Americans at risk for Foreign Wars not a fan
not an isolationist but you know I want to get involved only when we ask we possibly have to get involved and there haven't been a whole lot of occasions in decades where we actually have to get directly involved in Iraq Afghanistan should never have happened but that's a whole other discussion
but it looks like we are already getting involved back to a rock as matter fact going to start if we have a post is from the epoch times Kaden Pierson over there we have across posted with permission of course over at the CERN u.s. Strikes Back In The Rock after three troops injured in multiple attacks early on Monday one-way drone targeted a US base in Iraq where American forces are stationed leaving one US soldier in critical condition now this is Van coming up lately and I actually had somebody asked me why or what it was I don't want to be clear when we talked about drones there is no individual single type of drone Warfare there multiple Kaiser drone Warfare when they talk about the one way one way drones these are essentially they're they're like low lower lower lower speed missiles but they're controlled remote controlled candies are there bass in column suicide drones if you will need a lot of times we hear a drone attack
sometimes special the United States we use the drugs work or we send them over there they they shoot their their missiles and then come back okay that's that's the drums that we're used to sing these one-way drums their intended goal and they are the bomb they are the missile so that's why they mean by one way truck just it quick military tutorial are u.s. military forces executed strikes on three facilities used by kids have Hezbollah in a rock on Monday in response to multiple attacks against Coalition forces in Iraq and Syria that injured three US troops under the command of us Central Command sent, the US military airstrikes facilitated a target of his facilities used by Hezbollah and its affiliate groups in Iraq at 8:45 p.m. eastern time on Christmas early in the day a one-way drone target in the US based in erbil Iraq where American forces are stationed resulting in injuries among USP
now according the White House National Security Council knows what I'm talking about okay it's is what I can guarantee you with a hundred percent certainty that are rock or Hezbollah would not have been able to injure American troops in Iraq if American troops were not in there Rock
just sent back the article you a secretary defense load off and confirm that Joe Biden order the retaliatory strikes in response to a series of attacks against us Personnel in both Iraq and Syria perpetrated by Friday and sponsored militia bottom line is that is it is in the process of escalating as we speak and that's not just as real as our involvement as well according to Michael Snyder over at over at so this was from where was this from this was from those words from bad on me this is from end of the American dream I need to add that sweetheart I don't care if he got permission to supposed nautical I always put the attribution the very beginning the articles of people know who's where it where they can find the source and this case Michael Snyder I have communicated with him before then so and I appreciate probably 85% of his perspective so I fix that
apologies mr. Schneider but this will be a year in the Middle East
and again I said 20 25 2026 I do believe that that this will be one of the precursors to all the horrible events that may or may not become in the horrible events that we should pray do not happen this is Daniel Prayed for for Israel we should pray these events that are concerning us that are on the horizon pray that they they can be stopped and then we should do whatever we can to stop him as well but some things we just it's above our pay grade I use the example of Time how do you protest against the world economic Forum or you going to go to dad's house or you going to bring bring an army you know what are you going to do are they going to care even if you did have a sign mean these guys whatever anyway that began in 2023 is going to go to an entirely new level in 2024 as you'll see below fighting along Israel's northern border has escalated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has
to finish the conflict in the South or the only one has blocked but he may not have a choice in the matter Hezbollah forces I continue to fire at Target in Northern Israel and the IDF continues to carry out strikes in response in fact it's it is being reported that the IDF just attacked a Hezbollah military headquarters in Lebanon that's that's being reported by Times of Israel meanwhile we are being told that an idea strike in Damascus has killed a senior Iranian military commander that's the part that concerns me and gets involved it's going to be practically impossible for us to not get involved can is real handle Gaza absolutely piece of cake we don't need to send them to help them get rid of head of Hamas okay we don't
can they handle Lebanon has block yes they can't even live in run support they that support is not enough to allow Lebanon and Hezbollah as well controlled Lebanon to be able to to cause major mates it to be able to essentially invade okay
Aron is a different story
Aron could pose a tremendous threat for all we know and we have been I don't care what any you wouldn't inspector say butt in the in the three years of Joe Biden has been there is very possible I would dare say likely that a run is close to if not already in possession of nuclear weapons we wouldn't know if they were I'll tell you that upfront and we've been hearing reports stories coming out of all sorts of new sources mainstream media alternative media whatever people talk about how do you know when you hear the Pentagon talk about all the time you know Lebanon sorry Aaron has been 2 weeks to a month away from having nuclear weapons for the last 2 years K hearing these reports every month or 2 there's a new report is 16 1/2 days away from from possessing a nuclear weapons like number one how do they know this number to they don't know this number 3 why the telling us the number for if it were true if
even when we're not going to be told until after they're destroyed once you once you make it real by saying hey you know we seen in Iran is in possession of a nuclear weapon all the sudden it's like cats out of the bag let's use it so they don't want to risk that the only time we actually ever hear about Iran possessing nuclear weapons is after they're destroyed their used one of the other if there is Israel or even the United States or anybody runs and often takes out a running nuclear weapons then we'll find out how your weapons we've been trying this for a while we finally been able to find our point we blew it up or we'll find out when a run says Hey we've got nuclear weapons or if it uses their nuclear weapons that's all there is to it. One of those three scenarios but according to the article this is from Bubba Bubba x a senior officer in Iran's Islamic revolutionary guard Corps as their Elite
have the mother I don't want to come Special Forces but but that's their lives there the show Pride that's the one you always see on TV they're very very well-coordinated that's their of their big guns so to speak a senior officer I was killed in an alleged Israeli airstrike Israeli airstrike in the Syrian capital of Damascus Ronnie media reports razi mousavi was quote was killed during an attack by the Zionist regime few hours ago and then Abaya a district in the suburbs of Damascus the official irna news agency reports using a different name for site needs a nap or citizen app as it is more commonly called south of the Syrian Capital Iranians are actually serious about this for obvious reasons and they have vowed to to get more involved to pack Israel's result we are much closer to a point of no return the most people realize
even before this military commander was killed the Iranians had become a lot more active on Saturday the US blame Iranians for a drone attack on a chemical tanker in the Indian Ocean and these they're talking about next I mean across the region who these people are talking about shutting down trade to keep in mind about 10% of the World's Trade goes through that area goes through the Red Sea
10% that's a lot for those who don't know and that could could really have a a domino effect on the rest of the world and maybe this is it and maybe we're sitting here thinking I was coming nuclear war I was going to be were driving to another war in the Middle East what if its just oh you know that it looks like the conflict in the Middle East is going to get resolved but before does it looks like the world economy which is already tampered from a combination of covid-19 Fall by the Ukraine war followed by sanctions by the West Wall by awful fiscal policies by both governments as well as central banks with 10% reduction in trade and we're toast
maybe maybe Western Society gets destroyed without a bomb being dropped on us we will see pray that that's not what happened
on Saturday they were playing the US has in this is based on an article from Daily Mail us has accused Iran of being behind the Drone attack on a chemical tanker in the Indian Ocean the attack on the Kim Pluto on Saturday results in fire though no casualties were reported and again I was done by a one-way drone
are you starting to see, now to hear the Run has not commented on the attack US military said when we attacked was delivered by drone fired from a Ron subsequently the article is going to be the Iranians actually threatened to shut down the entire Mediterranean Sea and again that would have hit about 10% of our call the numbers are on Friday and Saturday that the Mediterranean Sea could be close to the US and Israel continue crimes in Gaza State media reported according to Reuters Iranian government has shown support for the militant group Hamas and its war against Israel while the US has strongly backed his real despite growing criticism of the Israeli military's War efforts growing criticism again as soon as I hear any of these Talking Heads any of these is an anti-zionist protesters any of these politicians or anybody that there are other critical of Israel's actions as soon as I hear one of them just one just one of them
release Hamas needs to release all all of their hostages and then there needs to be a C Spire
by Israel K that's a starting when that's the bare minimum starting point I would not be in favor of a cease-fire that point just to be clear I think that if if I were in his real
if I were an Israeli I would want Hamas wiped out and you can't you got to make sure they can do it again it's only one way to be sure that's what they don't exist
if I were an Israeli I would want that and I'm not saying we need to get involved and we need to help them I'm just saying that as if I were an Israeli citizen in this really politician and Israeli journalists that's what I would be calling her but still as soon as it back to the point as soon as I hear just one of them one of the anti-zionist say release the hostages and then engages ceasefire
I've been that person I will I will give them kudos for at least acknowledging that none of them none of them do not a single one to never do
they just called for C Spire
Israel is the aggressor in their eyes
the terrorist attack was justified in their honest this is why I say yeah these is it's not enough pro-palestine and not anti-zionist these these kids these protesters these idiots they are proxies of Hamas.
They and many of the shockingly many of them if given the opportunity would go and join him off just as there was so many of you already know I'm going to go join Isis there and this is this would be much much great many more people who would want to join a mast and it would want to join Isis if the if there was like any any whatever you want to call it a parody with in in the war I don't think they would want to go there now just to die but but if there was against a parody could see people idiots American citizens kids college students guys and girls saying hello
go ahead back the article in the Wall Street Journal in may take months for the IDF to finish their work in the South yeah the bottom line is this war is going to drag out and it's probably going to get worse before it gets better than may never get better it really might not I'm not trying to be Debbie down here I'm just saying it might not get better and chances are it's going to bleed over to us we're going to to feel the heat so to speak United States of America and that's not I'm not talking about from the writer of protesters anti-zionist idiot I'm talking about we might start feeling the heat as a result of what's happening in the Middle East even if we're not involved even if we're not attacked just from trade just from geopolitical tension
with other powers we we still don't know exactly where China stands on this entire issue they have been very hesitant very very reticent to declare their perspectives that's a concern
they're always cancer so
I'm concerned but I'm not scared that's the point we should have helped pray to God pray to God that we don't get too too deep into it
so that's just that's just the Middle East we haven't even gone outside of outside of the lease yet in the end we're going to have to Catherine Herridge Catherine Herridge over at CVS she is she is right about 30% of the time usually wrong just just to be clear I like her I think that her heart's in the right place but I think that she is she is a shield for the Pentagon just to be clear I think that she is she works for the Pentagon not for CBS News but I also think that sometimes she does actually put some truth out there unfortunately it's true that they wanted to put it out there in that should concern us even more otherwise to Catherine Herridge this is an article of the daily wire reporter Catherine Herridge Frets over prospects of Black Swan event in 2024 Black Swan event and I never saw
the movie I heard it was crazy and end yeah I don't know why I brought that I put not just about some crazy belly dancer on the article Catherine Herridge senior investigative correspondent for CBS News is Raising concerns about a Black Swan event happening 2024 aired Sunday on Face the Nation after moderator Margaret Brennan asked members of her panel to share their big prediction for the coming year Well mine's a little dark I just feel a lot of concern that 2024 may be the year of a Black Swan event and I'm going to know I'm not going to play it it's there's not much I have literally told you those are what you needed to hear the National Security event with high impact it's very hard to predict currently the divisions in yada yada yada are fertile ground for Avid series like North Korea China enter Ron it's funny cuz we talked about it's not funny at all but it's
it's unfortunate we talked about for a long time we talked about Ukraine Russia our potential involvement there and the economic effects of the war in the aid and all that stuff is happening having on on Americans we talked to obviously about the Middle East and how bad is having a dramatic effect affect here home and talked about the two countries that have actively and aggressively said they wanted to to harm us or have participated in trying to harvest for years decades has North Korea and China and here we are you know that's that seems to be the case but I want to be very clear about something and I'll be very clear about it as we got to finish this up and then I'm going to my little rant
airport explain it's such a national security event with high impact is very hard predict given there are a number of global conflicts as well as issues within the United States there is the key
issues within the United States and let's say it the way it is we talked and talked about geopolitics and talk about enemies here at him he's there he's always talked about that leaks around my entire lifetime has been enemies there okay
not worried so much about enemies here not since 9/11 and shortly thereafter okay we did have a. Of what 67 years where there was concern as six or seven years were used to to usher in this new surveillance State I sure am the Patriot Act Asher Asher and spying domestic spying on innocent people and then that was it so it's odd because we know we look at what happened and we realize the more that we see how our reactions is a nation work to those events on 9/11 the the more I become convinced that if it really was possibly an inside job I know that makes me a conspiracy theorist but hey no way this building 7 fall unless there's we're not being told the truth but hey that's a whole other discussion for all of the day really focused on 9/11 and the post 9/11 War we were looking for
armies of terrorists we are concerned about lone wolves are concerned about sleeper cells and just out of the other what we're seeing today at the US border
that's a huge much bigger concern
guess what geopolitics out there is now here we are the center of our own geopolitical threats we don't have to worry about North Korea firing a nuke with worry about whether all the various North Koreans that are already here have been smuggled across the border
or the Chinese or the Irani ends or whoever and Eve Aries enemies all of them various enemies with wonder if they're going what they're going to do to try to destroy us they don't have to do to be able to fire an intercontinental ballistic missile in order to hit us they can hit us with with weapons here and home they can hit us with dirty bombs here at home and it's not just terrorism there the numbers are getting so bad right now numbers of people crossing the border potential terrorist potential militants potential potential just meet you in just as additional rioters
the numbers are astounding
and it's it's funny because I don't want to call it what do you call it it's bizarre that's easiest way to put it it's bizarre that is happening and nobody's doing anything about it
I mean
and we're not even talking about it very much this is one of those things where where we should even us even you even me even America First Patriots
this is a disaster it's getting worse every single day why don't we have a 10 Million Man March to the Sea and the man border security why don't we have 100 people demanding border security of their Congressman or senator
it's like we weave between about it
we we write articles about it I do shows about it where is the actual action nothing's getting done okay with all this crises always crisis that are happening here and abroad let's forget the prices here instead of all the multiple crises just the Border problem that alone
is a massive existential threat
that alone can destroy the United States of America we are on the way for 2025 or 2026 that can happen today right now there are enough there are no I don't want I want to use the word potential cuz I don't want to invoke anything too hard there are enough potential threats already here
you talking about Guatemalan my grits
not that that means not to downplay damn either I'm just saying I'm talking about military age men from Africa Asia even many from South America from Nations that hate us from terrorist Nations
I have enough Story coming up here in a second 17 to get is how many seat I'll hopefully I buy did save it I might not have saved it is the in Fort I didn't I didn't say that I didn't think I would get to it alright Jamie 17 illegal aliens on FBI's watch list encountered in southern Border in November alone so if there's 17 that were encounter the southern border that means there's at least a hundred 770 that we're not and other than that there's a hundred something that we're not from the FBI Terror watch list what about people who aren't on the FBI Terror watch list how many is that 1717 thousand just in November alone
folks are here it's not oh my gosh the tears are coming the middletons are coming the war is coming
it's not coming
it's already here
and we have to do something about it
let's go to station identification I'll be back in like 30 45 seconds I might stay tuned
all right you know I do want to get in the store a little bit I know I know it's pretty self-explanatory 17 illegal aliens on FBI's Terror watch list encountered at Southern border but I do I should get into at least a little bit before do I just have to say real quick to mention golden some and I do that because I was a response but here's the thing I don't care if you if you want to go to my sponsor awesome a great Christian company America first company I fully endorse the boy that said if you go to your local coin shop okay if you want to go to Costco and get yourself out a brick of gold that's fine it's not as good but it is fine just do whatever it takes to get some if you have the meats okay you will want some gold some silver
for whatever happens you want it back in your retirement because you don't want your retirement to be in these other places that are going to be affected if you wanted any of those other currencies ESG I know that we're we're fighting back against all the way up this but but are we winning who knows maybe maybe we are maybe we're not we we can talk about that some other time the point is that there are risks involved so you can go to my sponsors JDR is Jay Dr see how they can help you move your wealthy retirement your life savings into physical precious metals go to Costco go to Costco if you have to go to your shop go to your coin shot and has only if you have the meats is one of the reasons I love the retirement aspect of it is because with Genesis gold good they will send you physical precious metals if you want to buy those or even if let's say you but you do not say you don't have a whole lot of cash but you got you know an old 401k or IRA
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a river or a lake if they shut off the faucet and if you give if they sell out of the grocery store is a bottle water you are suddenly beholden to FEMA or whoever he was not there you're beholden to whatever government agency has the water because you can't survive without water for for a while you can survive without gold or silver you can't make it three days without water food high-priority can you make it a couple weeks to 34 weeks long as long as you got water shore without meds everybody has their individual needs with meds I'm always a big fan if you have nothing else in your Bible hey that's enough for a lot of us and of course guns at ammunition being able to protect what you have from the whoever the roving band of marauders it'll be out there trying to get your stuff those are all higher priorities than go to Silver but if you all have that covered or if it's like I said if you have a retirement accounts I use
have a retirement. You might as well go to JDR and work with this Christian conservative organization that I recommend buying a David Grayson over at the Gateway pundit Joe Biden's America according to data from the Customs and Border Protection there were Seventeen and illegals encounter in November that were on the FBI's Terror watch list this is just what we know of the number of terrorists fighting in the US on Joe Biden's watch is much worse than we know and there's funny is that I didn't plan on this but there is a link right there in the article over at the Gateway pundit that links to Genesis gold he has even Gateway pundit pundit does does recommend them as well for the Fox news report that there were 17 Encounters of people between ports of Entry of the Southern border on the FBI's Terror watch list in November going to data released Friday by CBP it brings the total of people encounter
border patrol between ports of entry and the watch list to 30 by for fiscal year 2040 which began in October so 2 months 30 of them
and again you can multiply that by by at least 100 that as far as people we don't know about people that weren't caught maybe you can * 1000
maybe it's more than that we don't know we don't know
that's the scary part of the watch list back yard has now officially called the terrorist the screening date of sad because we got to be politically correct why is political correctness even still around in The Giver place by wokeness shouldn't we just calling to see or something like that and I'm not talking about using p.m. talk about the the the pronoun that the weirdos use if you're one of those geezers J's or whatever I didn't mean to call you weirdo but you are you're a weirdo information on identities and includes not only known or suspected terrorists but also Affiliated of watch list individuals that that's a whole other issue right there I'm just not a big fan of the guilt by filiation approximation of proxies or anything like that but whatever
had just under a hundred so it's going up in other words we have no idea we really have absolutely no idea
I'm not taking a break cuz I know I just got back from break but I'm taking a break I'm going to play this my interview from last week I've already skipped one show if I wait till tomorrow then it'll probably be too late I didn't interview with Jon B Wells audio only cares for his for his radio show great interaction there and I love talking to John B Wells I consider him legitimately a friend we agree I would say on I'm putting it about 90% which is extraordinary okay to be ideologically aligned with somebody 90% of the time okay that's hard and you know the only person is who's closer than that is my wife and just because she's trained me to be ideologically aligned with her I'm just kidding I trained her what we trained each other house that it looks I'm going to play that it's like 30 minutes I'm going to play that interview just because if I wait too much longer than it will just be too old
I'll catch on the other side of that
well Brothers warmed up and ready to go as we discussed Hunger Games Reality Bites America First Freedom First those are his website these are southern california-based Christian husband father and Patriot known for his independent journalism with a mini X on Caravan into the programme going to enjoy this conversation very much if you operate several sites including America First Report editorial responsibilities at the Liberty daily report and co-founder of pepper organic Rucker has established a significant presence in the world and surviving
extensive various platforms including America first before I thought there was a it was a fan of America first sport ever and and medical tyranny this work as editor-in-chief but not report the channel to report showcases did conservatives and Christian values emphasizing a limited government cetera list perspectives and try to be on the program again tonight welcome back to me again my friend how are you doing and how I prefer to look at it just to do it tomorrow cuz I'm trying to pull back for a little bit to kind of keep it in the middle they're just doing really well that's all right listen right
Trader bud what you want to but what is the brightest Lewis on your scope which inspires the name Hunger Games you know how do I get my roll over at the other is is the 11 million visitors a month and so we're out to more people there than I think any of the other other
whereas with my company coming tonight so that would be the future we do have a very strong intention of building up to turn the pork chops, that's going to be the flagship in the longtime simply because easier on the eyes I think then
so that's what we do get the most attention
the others are some I'm looking for Liberty please Liberty conservative shouldn't assume the Supreme Court will save tromping in red Taco Jill's press secretary house at the trying to bring Federal bribery with Biden down the hall wow it's a task. No pun intended where you got Capitol Hill
like this okay I really don't but it doesn't matter to me in the Border let's focus on your off the well
I know how are you yes I don't know man. Sometimes looking at one of the stores yet up there cuz it was for example Elon Musk business magnate investors to go SpaceX Tesla fan Twitter now extra the show will be on the gaffer's latest business part of tension with Martha MacCallum Martha MacCallum does she even feature anymore but her TV show open today I'll be there are plenty of friends
that's right that's right I'll tell Katie we got to take a real quick break here everybody please pay attention to kill mazos daily border out date and ends and pay attention to the first part 2 I got a story about this when we come back this is Caravan of course then bye thank you and I think that's a great song but I don't trust you know what the only one perfect man walking faces a rat that was more cheese it's okay so whatever you think of President Trump coming back and fix these mugs out I think it will I do believe they have they got the goods and everybody timing is everything
from My Romance to the golf swing to politics to the ejection of Communists from our governments to get the way out there now for the throttle and prop for the uninitiated in the aviation game football the Walgreens out of control let's talk about the late rapper and what motivated you to start their foot forward and picking up that she felt like laying down through the way from getting ready for whatever was born
very good know when people go there what did I get
if you're in this world community and what do you know Paige is here I want to bring up you recognize the importance of Community Learning and preparedness in the face multiple Global crises restarting with no food military action coronal mass ejections what whatever maybe but here's the thing
what about Community seems like we have Letts Community going on you know what are porter look how we're going to be in for all this figure everybody withdrew the old covid trip that was put on everybody's had not everybody's like this but what kind of strips do you form a community when depending on what the situation is with you or whatever ship from across the country number one get out of the city
the old skills that I had any conversations with the name we got their number we know where they are and we're going to call everybody and tell him to go get food in 40
and would be up with the encroachments of high-tech miss an opportunity surveillance I would add to what you're saying get a notebook be responsible and take care of it I'm not talking down to you I'm saying I wish play stuff all the time to go get a piece on my studio you know why because there's a deer everywhere papers everywhere and there must be a half-dozen legal pad see what that's okay I can get them whatever I need to if it takes a few minutes write it down don't put it on your phone
I suspect that every time it says update your phone updating your phone it's sucking on a date out of it that's what I think I don't know this but I sent it
show me the I've seen that I believe is on the extra day to remember that papers if possible Technologies p.m. to literally track every single move you make no criminals could ever get away in the real world they know where we all are
what store sells a lightning round here what are the key factors according to urinalysis that are driving the real or perceived food shortage of potential crisis
so the next time they are coming by hardcore
that's obviously what you do is you get more than you need and as you consume from the front you replace at the back so that if somebody pulls the cord on the food train your stock up or what how long do you estimate people should a reasonably prepare to into a real no kitten food shortage and I am I am so glad she started off with that because you didn't get the regular
more of it and send it out as long as you possibly can you finance a nice large Garden in a little mini farmer home said it yourself and chicken for an ongoing Supply protein and start producing your own food production
jobs in the backyard city ordinances against that has a lien on it give you fine or something to find and just keep doing it and another note maybe you don't have to raid the grocery store or drop a couple $300 which is not that hard to do these days. So entirely different matter for the pick up a couple cans to swing in and pick up two or three things to come home you don't have to if you don't have to be one mad you know expenditure of money all at once you don't have to do that thing you can do is to get a bunch of food that you're never going to eat food okay I see if we can find out
make sure you check where of the best ways to acquire and store food
how do you observe for the unknown what do You observe as far as social tensions that are that are extant now and may be increasing in intensity in our country reflecting the underlined food security issues of me there's there's two of the grocery stores that still many families I mean you I mean like a lots of people are suffering from food scarcity how how does that even become a trash can in their food banks at the banks tap out and I don't know whatever happened to Charities and so forth I guess they're still around local charities even I don't even know how to frame the question what do you think is the most serious societal tension that would directly affect
and I was just told to do here
the biggest concern for me is far as the drop with the police ending place in cities Across the Nation and when the time comes when there's going to be a slow build-up it's going to be
America is moving all over the world Chyna's worried Russia was worried where Windows flat Amir Putin declares a kind of lovemaking we have some more Russians soon I'll make some babies with birth rates are dropping and yet they say all know the plan is overpopulated when we come back here from the show ER break with Charity record myself Sean Bean
let's talk about how we cannot do this and not only take care of ourselves but collectively take care of this nation as I start with remove the United Nations that we don't have to get into that with you 80 but I'm telling you that bunch
bad news
her fashion themselves as the government of the world are wealthy un says we must do it then we must have because they're the United Nations and they are important and they are smart
no there's a bunch of totalitarian scrubber Kofi Annan and his kid and his lunatic Schwab finished a r e i mean we're going to put up with us before we start making noise so loud they can't stand up and they just to leave then we'll arrest them and prosecute when possible am I haven't heard that in a long time after removing the program with Jay-Z's Rucker I first met him over his knock report
how do you say expanded and expanded and expanded its really pretty amazing actually it really is now
they don't want you to eat me to put down that's Prime today is your Cricket powder I know you can freaking tell her I'll barbecue close Schwab on the spit out there in the yard there probably Cricket powder that's a little weird but I think it would be preferable to eating prickly power so when we talked about H & J D Rucker
to go hand-in-hand from what I've heard my wife is working one day comes to try to be the man show at the very latest.
funny things to you and Tom are freeze-dried cuz I think that's more realistic form for an extended. Of time
play report a lot of regional state has the highest quality Cuts because we might as well go through it so so yes we designed this company
John Deere in company didn't work out that way so now I'm talking about babies and very quickly if things go south in a hurry but I'm like most companies that take the worst parts of the cow then turn them into these beasts probably Shady just mentioning freeze dried them in hopes that their customers will never actually try to eat freeze dried and ready to be today or in a decade with the shelf life of 25 years and there's no lab grown meat no bugs or I'm sure there's something worse out there because you know that that involves here prepper John I kind of like that handle a d I'm pepper John you're not going to forget anytime soon this picture I'm at the church are coming for a John
could be worse for your buck yeah but you can actually really do much with it and he's like no I actually we can do this on Tuesday and Thursday literally there's one greedy it's just beef
stop them up and they're bringing back home and they have been injected with everything weird in the world either our conversation with two and three because
fantastic it really is tentacion me right on time to I'm not blowing smoke down the mic down the cable in Italy are here this is a great idea even like look at the site to so it's no kidding. It's really a nice photograph of the product, packaging and everything and it's just I was just asking
but it's not a type of hours
nothing is folk seriously as we are most the time of us were obviously trying to be to start a sticker Schumer's the products that are being offered to you and I'm so happy that picture of you contacted us with us because I didn't know you were doing it you know and but now I do and I thought I sent this is a great honor to your I'm so you know that I'm on my own here we are
we don't offer things to you that are meant to be just bought the rent to be good the idea is to help
our people you succeed not just survive a cricket can survive the Cockroach can survive a nuke they say let's not the idea I don't want to live with her, I want to look at you and I want to eat well and you have you can do it so I just can't commit even hardly enough for what you've done here I mean this is why he woke up one morning and I'm going to make sure there's no mRNA Indy Humane Society people how do you spell traffic yeah it really means a lot coming from you my friend one more quick notes and then next year we are going to be I just had the first we are going to be selling freeze dried bye
and I'm making that and that's what I'm your chauffeur for the first time where you were going to be as we we we are veteran-owned company and so so they they they hit it off to the transfer was too and now we're going to be offering freeze-dried ice and then I'll probably be maybe somewhere March may be a little bit later than that but that's coming to and she wants to know you would license a higher protein content in beef and so Some people prefer my wife.
you know when Bryson is available I'll buy it otherwise I'll buy the highest rate of obesity that I can find if they are grocery stores and make sure they from it and I just love you I really prefer bison chili now that's just me personally but that make some good old Texas Chili you know but some buffalo in there I buy some face real good bison Burgers it's excellent job that's why I swiped a few times a month in the Denver airport airport
nobody's too much flying these days besides just seems to be you know that by the time you go through it all
you can always wish you'd walk just it's just it's just silly now
you know I don't want to put this out of her totally back in the coast days that it's
deer rub guns
God is actually the friend list and which will result in God's that's my 5G and I know you don't know this I know you don't have a crystal ball because you read things and I mean it just as a fellow human being just a just a just my fellow man that I am with my clothes to acquaintance she don't really want to come print out because we've known each other for some years now what do you think is is just the most likely scenario I me with that link when you take the invasion what do we not see you in here we got the invasion it's nothing but an invitation and and every time I get a piece of information particularly for my mystery on down there on the border something like this what is it what's it like what's the what is the stand what is e r o stand for again remember removal enforcement removal office i c r o z Elsa videos of aliens that we brought the
ProSource says border patrol in California is fly and Invaders is the word that the source used so we're coming in here
how much insane government's just forget about you crying are you forget about trying to comfort the right now just what do you think is the next shoe to drop and how far off do you think of me I mean knowing that this is just an estimate. Some more if you know I don't like her to take through the cloud pictures of the darker picture but now more than ever we do get a pretty good idea 2024 I want to see an increase in the tension between you two
the election that's one thing to go with will is going to be how late but I do believe him because I can imagine but everything seems to be pointing in the direction of speculate
things being normal for anybody so I can be very in the matter what the signs say if God says something completely different than that's that's what's going to happen and so we can't no way we can assume to know what's going to happen now now today never tell anybody about your press
this is what I want I want as many Americans as possible to not be the oldest government
if that means I don't care how patriotic somebody if they can have a pictures of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump before they say their prayers but if it comes down to it and they don't have any food and water and here's your tea. I I want people to be prepared so they can be completely self-sufficient
government if we are defeated then at least we'll have people that will be there to help us rebuild when when the the dust finally settled in the dust settle Lord willing I are going to get any better for the get way way worse over the next two or three you know it'll happen on a long enough timeline today is that if they bring in all these people and a good bit of these what I would call the indigenous population
of United States the demographic as it exists that even now with the other Spanish is spoken at home in 25 per cent drop in the household just in Texas you know what happened to bring about you asking are we going to get along with a Chinese are necessarily going to get along with the Somalians who aren't necessarily going to get along with the Mexican to the Brazilians are any of the other hundred and some-odd countries do people coming from the what will happen is it will balkanized
these little little pockets which are hostile to each other and the cycle will continue just as it has now just as it has an Eastern Europe for the better part of a century unbelievable that we don't win at least this round at least this time we have to be ready for just in case we really do have to have some you know I hate to say that because I'm a bear with with 12 people protesting the mass in front of the city hall when it's 15 15 media members say we don't want
sings this I don't want to give up and I'm not going to give up our best course of action ready to retreat if necessary so I say make sure that your family is offended make sure you're worried about your community and if we can't do anything I'm going to grab a bunch of our friends
but will they really I mean if the government doesn't shut down next month either The Border's closed or the government is shut down at all
well let's just be ready for anything that's as much as we can conceive just make ready for what's to come whatever it may be but just at number one is preserve yourself God bless you and your family I wish you happy holidays Merry Christmas and happy New Year thank you very much for everything including us in this fantastic program to prep ladies and gentlemen are not either thank you so much for coming by with talk again soon all right God bless you sir
your Jambi Wells really does have the coolest voice in media if I had his voice I would be so much cooler than I am now and I'm already pretty darn cool at least that's what what my my mom will tell me as soon as we got a couple more stories we will be done for today story came out of news Nation unproductive Congress passed just 27 bills in 2023 and held 724 votes obviously mostly showboats passing a package that includes immigration reform as a top priority Congress also faces two Government funding deadlines in January and February now this article positions this is if this is bad news is they are unproductive unproductive Congress just passed only 27 bills in 2023
let me tell you something if you were bill that Congress passes the better okay you don't want Congress passing bills it seems as if every time they pass the Bill something bad happens and that's obviously by Design but they do bring up in this article about immigration reform being a top priority listen we need The Border's closed. Okay I'm talking not just illegal aliens we need legal legal immigrants to no longer be coming in to Nation until we can get our current problems fixed and keep in mind I am a legal immigrant okay I believe in illegal immigration and I only got tens of thousands of people that we know of crossing over illegally every single day is untenable this cannot be allowed to continue this is our top priority as a nation this is our greatest threat as a nation
and here's the thing I'm going to make a bold one that's a bulb it at least a statement if the government is funded again in January and February and they broke up and suit to two different parts if the government's funding again and the border is not just completely revamped I won't say they have to close it all the way down or else I'll I'll Rebelle but anything short of a massive massive action to stop the hemorrhaging to stop The Invasion or at least slow down dramatically and if that's not including I'll go ahead and say it Mike Johnson is is a unit party swear he's the the bible-thumping wing of the unit party swamp and I know that's harsh
but you got to show me something
that's just my take
flashcard of the day though should be fun I think I'm going to have fun with it that's for sure it's actually last week but it's important we should hopefully Lord willing we will start finally ramping up the investigations into the Biden crime family in the probes and the charges hopefully they will start ramping up dramatically but we didn't have the Breitbart when do you use about over there no the last week we have topped their these are the top 5 Revelations from buying family probe in 2023 the Biden crime family as I like to call them going to your uncle's house investigators worked overtime in 2023 to investigate the massive where the wire transfer is 20 shell companies and Associates who have the Biden family business rates rake in at least 24 million dollars from foreign Nationals over the course of a price on 5 years so let's be clear that's just what they've investigated what they found
there's so much to so many other numbers so many other statistics that come out of Washington DC this is the tip of the iceberg they say over 5 years what about the last 50 years Biden Joe Biden has been corrupt and James vines that matter had been corrupt throughout his entire political career and yes that spends about 50 years unfortunately
play $4000000 the iceberg not even close I would say that you need to multiply that by a factor of bare minimum 10 it could be in the billions of dollars folks over the years I would not be shocked if corrupt deals side deals favors have accounted for billions of dollars to the guidance that our money that's it it's tucked away somewhere I don't think that's the case if I were to make a guess I would say 10 fold is about accurate I would say yeah I'm about a quarter billion dollars that seems to be one with the Biden said probably probably corruptly going to go to earned these years he's decades but hey we got 24 million that's not a small amount of money to hopefully get something and I want something big I don't want to just you know minor conviction and then Hunter Biden gets pardoned anyway I want something real let's start with this list
Biden received Quinta James car dollars in China money again disguise as a loan repayment Joe Biden receive $40,000 in laundered cefc China Energy company money in 2017 and he's out of office at this point from the account of his brother James Biden and sister-in-law Sarah Biden once again in the form of a personal check labeled as a loan repayment
house oversight committee chair James Comer I'm covered this in November number two again from cover ft I tipped off Hunter Biden to interview confirming IRS whistleblowers
FBI officials tipped off Hunter Biden in the bureau's criminal probe of him and told a former FBI supervisor special supervisory special agent to stand by and not approaching Comer announced in July and confirming key portions of the IRS whistleblower allegations don't forget the Whistleblower was allegedly discredited defunct you know by combination of corporate media and government agencies the Deep State and of course the never reliable fact-checkers that are paid by George Soros and and other media bad guys from this appointment City for a transcript of interview with a committed for FBI agents told the committee that FBI officials in December 2020 tipped-off do the Secret Service at here why is there not in my studio I need to to get the net killer anyway tipped off both of the Secret Service in the interview about his criminal investigation into Hunter Biden
but you don't do right there right off the bat that is Criminal okay you don't tip our hey we're criminally investigating my gosh this I think the B is might have put put a yak killer net in my room because it was not here before and we sweep could we really do sweep the studio with will call it a bug disinfectant. So that's that's not good not good why is there an ad in my room
I'm calling deep State Shenanigans anyway continuing number three again from Comer from Hunters Owasco PC business account and for those who are familiar with the PC business was basically a shell company that was used to say hey past here and pays here and what we pay you passed here it's going to go pay this shell company which will go on this guy's account which will eventually gets funneled back to the big guy
go back to the big guy is a loan repayment does you know Joe Biden the meeting is just loan and all of his family members money they have have a big family they had to have lots of kids and lots of grandkids because they needed different names in different Social Security numbers to the pub Behind these different show company's number for, names the nine biting family members who got Business Payment. Let's be clear of them is a lot or seems like a lot it's a lot more than that we're not even coming name the previously received payment from the foreign business ventures, described all nine family members as related to Joe Biden including Hunter Biden James buy the Sarah Jones find Haley B Kathleen buhle Melissa Cohen to Children of the Joe Biden's Joe Biden's son and Joe Biden's brother's child and of course they're so young they can you rename
my gosh the crops in this family last but not least this one comes from Chuck Grassley he released FBI record alleging VP Joe Biden foreign bribery scheme is Senator Grassley really snappii information and informing record in July the latest Joe Biden Hunter Biden each received five million dollars from mikolaj schefsky the founder of burisma Holdings that was molded after Joe Biden threatened to withhold Aid to Ukraine is imprisonment Petro poroshenko fired a prosecutor investigating burisma nothing suspicious
about that all right folks that is its 4 today should be sure to check out our wonderful sponsors by going to jtr I will be back with another excellent but in the meantime

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