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JD Rucker Show, December 19, 2023

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"Was It the Jabs?" and Other Questions We're Not Supposed to Ask

Title: "Was It the Jabs?" and Other Questions We're Not Supposed to Ask


"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." This quote, often misattributed to George Orwell, perfectly encapsulates what we're experiencing today in the United States of America. Suppression of the truth has already been in place in many countries across the globe, but America has always stood out as a beacon of free speech in which we're allowed to be wrong, we're allowed to have opinions, and most importantly we're allowed to ask crucial questions even if they make people uncomfortable. Today, that's simply no longer the case. We are told by Big Tech censors that asking those questions will put our online status in jeopardy. We are told by our own government that asking those questions means we're probably domestic terrorists. We're not told anything by corporate media because they won't ask the questions and refuse to allow anyone on who might slip up to go on-air. America has become a post-truth society. 2023 is a time of universal deceit. Following Damar Hamlin's on-field heart attack, many of us wanted to know if he was vaccinated and if so when he last took a dose. It's a fair question considering the masses of athletes who have succumbed to cardiovascular ailments over the last two years. As Dr. Peter McCullough explained to Tucker Carlson, his European study demonstrated an exponential increase in young and otherwise healthy athletes collapsing and often dying after being jabbed. I had a Twitter rant of my own after getting many direct messages calling for me to stand down on my questions about Hamlin's vaccination status. Sadly, it's okay to ask someone their vaccine status if they want to go out for lunch but apparently, it's taboo to ask when a 24-year-old athlete has a heart attack on the field. "To anyone who gets offended that I'd wonder if the jabs had anything to do with a 24-year-old Damar Hamlin having a heart attack, your opinion doesn't matter to me." "We are constantly attacked, suppressed, banned, censored, ridiculed, and vilified for being concerned that there has been an undeniable rise in young and otherwise healthy people collapsing and often dying. And yes, many of us believe it was the experimental injections." "I have no agenda other than the truth. If the jabs are safe and the adverse reactions are just coincidences, great! I'd love for that to be the case. If the jabs are not safe, then they must be halted." "I WANT to be wrong about the jabs. Many people I know, and love have been jabbed. But my job is to read every headline in a feed of over 250 news outlets every day and I can tell you with a certainty that young people weren't collapsing or dying in '19 or '20 like they are today. "On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I will discuss why asking "Was it the jabs?" has become forbidden in American society despite more people becoming aware of the risks associated with the experimental injections. I will also cover several stories that highlight our shift away from the truth on multiple fronts. Today's show is sponsored by the good folks helping people get antibiotics shipped to their door:

Recorded: January 04, 2023

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hello my friends and welcome to another episode of the Shady Records show and your host J D wrecker and they were going to be doing something a bit different we are certain the first and foremost we have some major announcements to make about the show things are coming up soon first and foremost we have moved to a prime-time spot over at America out loud talk radio you listening to me they are you notice that I'm not in my old spot I'm in my new spot we picked up dr. Paul Alexander we picked up attorney Tom wrens will pick up some great shows and so my two-hour block has been moved to a a prime-time spot I think I'm actually going to be going opposite of like Sean Hannity or something like that so so please please don't listen to Sean Hannity just whatever you do what you do I will see me just don't listen to Sean. You might as well as a listen to CNN or MSNBC
no not yet anyway
so there's that then we are in the process of adding red state I'm sorry we're on red State talk radio read voice media to the mix red voice media of course they have been we've been broadcasting on there for a little while now call it a test run and I think it is workout spectacularly so are actually hiring the production team with with my good friend Drew Bergquist and his production team right now going to be become my producers as well so that's super exciting we are we still got more new equipment coming in very soon I don't know when I'm not saying now but very soon you will no longer be seeing this metaverse Zuckerberg virtual background yeah I hate it but as a my studio is very it's a studio for radio basically it's not exactly designed for
or a video but that's changing that is that's no longer going to be the case soon we are going to to be moving and converting to an actual full-blown Studio I have not a full-blown like that it's not like a $10,000 25 into how much it cost to do to have a full-blown studio in my studio and got the sound of a of a person that's about a studio is as we get a we are changing at a gutter lighting right now the lighting is so bright and I I look I look like I'm a hundred percent Caucasian which I am not technically speaking I don't think I'm technically a person of color since I'm I'm half asian bye-bye today's woke stand I think Asian is considered to be the big occasion or whatever I don't get any any benefits for for being a legal immigrants here in the United States of America other than the fact that I love this nation and maybe that my status as a legal immigrant gives me the
and yeah I'm increased appreciation for what we have your the freedoms that we have the freedoms that we must preserve here in the United States of America but yeah we're getting new lighting the camera new new speaker a speaker microphone new computer knew everything we're doing that if you want to help to improve the show you can always go to Jay dear I'm sorry to give that'll get get you there but you can also go to just give send go. Calm JT Rucker and that will not only have to launch this show and so hopefully the stratosphere but also will help us to launch discern. TV we are in the process of doing that we have launched a discerner which is
how many segregated I do alongside with my work as editor over at the Liberty people ask me what the difference is really like the Liberty is the conservative alternative to The Drudge Report it is it the wee wee Post 100 to 150 stories over there every single day we pull them from from a wide range of sources local sources conservative sources on media we can find news that Americans need to to see this report is I guess easiest way to put his suits aggregator light so not really much like the Drudge Report if there's anything that was close too I guess you could say it's it's sort of like a revolver news which is fantastic and pay these amazing products project over there ice or like that but but me and maybe just maybe in between so we're going to be posting anywhere from 20 30 40 50 and we'll post a hundred stories there if it's a super heavy day but the key with this is that we're only going to be posting stories that we believe are mission-critical you over the Liberty daily that kind of icy blonde editing one day and I see a the local news story about you know what a tragic murder that should not have happened and then then they get out on bail or whatever cashless bail
whatever you can get the idea if I find those shows up on them at the Liberty daily because they're of Interest K Patriots love to read that stuff because it highlights just how bad things are for example in Democrat hellhole cities but I wouldn't put that story over the discerner porch because that's it formation with nobody needs that reiteration it's not necessarily mission-critical because we already know if you're reading the Liberty daily hour to sort of portal whatever you already know that slime in big cities especially democrat-run big cities is rampant and getting worse so we don't need to know so if I like that poem from a mission respect we like to focus at the CERN we're going to be focusing on bits of information news at at Orioles videos whatever that's will help people help us help Americans to fight the scourge of evil and that's really what it is what do you know we got 20 on the on the lives it sucks.
it's understanding that these people and perhaps the Demonic forces that are behind many of them they're trying to destroy us as a nation are trying to rule the world they are pushing to let you know it's not to say that every single person is is Klaus Schwab but if they're on the left but they're either they're either want to be class flowers are working for class wobbler of version of the dinosaur with him directly you get the idea that if you're the groomers and in which schools across the country that are trying to convince our children that they're transgender because they might not have this overall goal of ruling the world that they are contributing to that goal by the one by having to dr. Navin and brainwashing is such a destroy our children before they become adults and I were to buy pulling everybody as many people as they can away from the word of God
suppose that were the primary goals of the rising groomer movement is that if they can convince a child that they were they were misgender that they were born essentially they weren't there a boy that's actually in a girl's body or a girl it's actually in a boy's body or whatever
they can convince them of that as an early age the chances that of that person coming to the Bible coming to God coming salvation very minimal it really has a chance but they are reduced the chance of the making an ideological shift over to biblical Christianity has been reduced by the fact that they aren't they sweet telling these children hey if there's a God then he made a mistake and how he made you which means that either God is not perfect or God doesn't exist when you plant that seed in the minds of impressionable young children or even adults teens whatever you plant that seed it's harder to come back so I don't possible holy spirit is amazing and can do absolute wonders when it comes to to this stuff but even the Holy Spirit itself doesn't need something we should contribute to to bring people to the truth that is what we are called to do
to spread the gospel or supposed to spread the truth so members are trying to take that away from the point being is that over at the starter we are trying to keep everything all accounts to goes up there it's going to be very mission-critical you as much as I love the Babylon bee and I got to see any Babylon bee stories do for a head discern regularly I'll bring it over the Liberty daily just to find her interesting we need that we need a break sometimes because there's so much bad news trust me somebody who reads the fees every single headline from over 250 assorted new sources everyday I can tell you that we could always use a break we can use some positive news you some funny news we could use some some fodder essentially doesn't always have to be doing a little bit so it doesn't always have to be mission-critical by the Liberty daily so important for those who were just looking for the mission critical stuff that's why
adult the surf report, as I said to go to JD give you will be able to help build the entire network what network is going to leave the flagship which were in the process of building now will be at the CERN got TV I have some amazing personality is amazing guest over there but in the mean time and again just trying to improve it just trying to make it to where we can deliver a better product will be able to do with the good part about having a I could buy this fantastic part about having a producer is that soon we will be able to take calls when will be able to take listener listener of humor's calls will be able to do a whole lot of things that I'll be able to finally finally get a screen where I can see release chats and be able to chat directly with people while live on here that's who our block will be starting Lord willing in that we have a tentative launch date of January 16th that to our block will start at 11 a.m. and go to 1 p.m. eastern time so
our for those of us out here in the west coast that's 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific everyday Monday through Friday what's going to be launching a premium show so that's the other reason why everyone I know I keep people, and all the time I got to get new suits I get it I've got like the bare minimum number of jackets and shirts and I don't even have nearly enough ties we're going to be changing that as well people say I want to just go casual nobody cares what you dress like an Icee look if there's a Time 3 4 5 years ago where it was odd for people to have to go casual on these shows in a political mileage has been slowly but surely there are more people did that's great I love that I appreciate that I was one of those guys what I found our is that a lot of a lot of these shows far too many of them have gone that direction to start a whole lot of people to wear a suit jacket white dress shirts are ties wearing dresses everybody has a preference I prefer that simply because and we're competing against
not just not just let this meeting and I just corporate media Racine in there but yes we're also competing against Fox News OK Google still has both the the mindshare of far too many America First Patriots Park to many conservatives still go to Fox News to get their information and that news no outside of a Tucker Carlson I would say that you know I mean look irhythm handle all the time but but Hannity he's he's got some conservative principles Laura Ingraham has has some very conservative principles yeah I like Tucker because he seems to be a little bit further to the the Liberty side of things I guess you could say he's very very much focused on keeping things free kitty freedom to live here in the United States of America exposing the basketball of of evil force is it a raid against us so I like that outside of that it's not there's really no reason to have to watch Fox News so I am competing it's like I said I'm competing against Sean Hannity so I got it I got to start wearing more
better suits your shirts and ties on a regular basis I Wear Ties probably twice a week now got to be 5 days a week going for it again these changes we don't have to have everything at once these changes are good changes while I think benefit the shown most poorly benefit you cuz we are going to be able to get to stay more focused I'll be able to put them more stories with Ravens in the last big change here as far as what we're doing with the show
we are going to be shifting a bit on the style he knows show used to be an hour long and then filling an hour I could talk about one topic for an hour very easily what we learned is that as I move the show 2 2 hours I found it I can talk about one topic for 2 hours very easily this matter of fact is it turned out and I'm sitting there doing these 6 17 and a Half Men segments and we could have that little last couple seconds and I'm think I'm going to call my gosh I'm only halfway through all the stories about this one particular topic that I wanted to get through so yeah we're both all right I talk a lot
I try to talk about things that are important and yes talking about one topic for 2 hours I could do it very easily the problem is that not a lot of people can listen to one guy talking about one topic for 2 hours device and I have agreed with the advice and advise that we diversify the show from a Content perspective we're going to be doing more stories and then not always going to be on the same topic my old style I said okay so today you were going to focus it on on this one topping whatever it is a world economic forum's Davos we're going to talk to all stories about Davos and that's great like I said I can do it but we need more more than just one story a day that needs to be talked about so for the sake of what we're trying to sound I'm not I'm not a hundred percent convinced yet but I'm about 80% convinced and so we're going to try it I'm going to try to talk about a wide range of topics on the show now the concession they're the reason that that I'm able to do that and ideologically speaking
we are going to be branching out each individual segments I'm in Indy with Ms basically anytime what her story and talking about we are going to put out articles and a segment video so 3 minutes 5 minutes I'm going to have on that particular topic we were discussing is that however long the video is we're going to break that out and put that on a trouble Channel variety on bitchute all the various places so people can hone in and watch a shorter video listen to a shorter discussion Rita an article about that one particular topic because again we don't want to be a variety show but with that said we do need more variety that makes any sense that it makes sense to me so we're going to give that a shot when I appreciate you all are number one staying tuned and then I'm listening and I'm participating you're sending me emails sending me comments here but it's it's wonderful
I would like for you to do it again if you would leave me feedback okay tell me what you think you know you like to use the old man I will everybody talks about a billion different topics you you talk for 2 hours and 1 topic I like that can't tell me that we're hey I love the new direction is great you know star talk no more things we need we need to get more more topics disgusting and it to our. Great send me whatever go to JD record cam talk JD Rucker, talk it goes directly to me doesn't even have to go through a filter no no no what is it called when it called screeners screaming that stuff for me they I just it just goes directly to me and I get to read your feedback can you tell me where you are and this is also beneficial because we have been in discussions with doing multiple shows in other words instead of taking one shown putting it out on America out loud talk radio Red State talk radio we could have it at a terrestrial
radios with the group of radio stations in Tennessee to work we're trying to work with finalize the deal there you've got trouble for riding on B shoot we do even have a YouTube channel briefly you know what I'm not even going to explain that I'll say that for another day people I don't want to sound like a hypocrite you know how can you get on YouTube and have a YouTube channel I will explain that there is a reason for it and it is a mission-critical you know I sound like I'm going out it isn't scribing to Netflix or buying buying Disney gear okay yes I really don't like you too but there's a reason why we at least have to put the song not all actually not most back enjoy your phone call on there but somebody will put on there not explain why some of those right nothing after the break will get into today show so stay too
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obviously one of the big stories this week is the the tragic laughs Damar Hamlin Buffalo Bills safety who made the tackle with a heart attack with an exceptionally hard tackle made a tackle and you jump bounce back up and then all the sudden you just Falls over had I had a cardiac arrest a heart attack now they've been a lot of people who have been a real division here okay because lot of us we asked the question is he backs native that you know and then a lot of other people for us cuz we're used to this happening come out and said you don't ask that you crazy anti-vaxxers why is always have to be like that but then something strange happened over the course of the last the next 12 hours after it was so I started seeing more people specially I'll be enough conservative saying hey you know what this wasn't vaccine-induced I get it I'm I'm an anti you know I'm I'm skeptical of the vaccine
myself it but don't leave this was obviously due to the Collision you know in this is obviously due to to whatever komoto commotio Cordis or whatever that thing is really they get it in the chest and it hits the hard I guess it wasn't the right time. You know which ones they're now saying it wasn't that I don't know when is that everybody is jumping on Ivan Sonia I don't know which one it was but an Infowars I was saying hey don't say this is jazz it wasn't Jazz cuz obviously based on the clothes you look nobody saying that the Collision was the be direct in a bit that what caused the cardiac arrest that the Ellis the incident but what we're saying
many of us are saying and including dr. Peter McCullough when clean dr. Ryan Cole withdrawal play his clip here in a sec
what many of us were saying is that Jeff course that would meet him in the inciting incident by the question is would that have caused him to collapse and have a heart attack at elop in Japanese all we want to know especially if he has to stay the term that he had myocarditis then Dad clearly does have something to do with that would that would be a clear indicator number one that he was having an adverse reaction to the covid vaccines and number to that because of the enlarging the heart do to my car that is but that almost certainly was the reason why it when people say oh no it was just a collision it wasn't anything that happened before that it wasn't the vaccines when they say it's like saying fixing oh no she wasn't drinking while he was driving okay so it wasn't the alcohol wasn't a 12-pack of the drink an hour before that's not what caused it it was it what is the cause of death and cause it what would it be
you the idea how do you know the thing right it's it's ridiculous of course when I suggesting that had he not made the that tackling the other had the circumstances not been exactly as they work that all the sudden he would have just fallen over and had a cardiac arrest due to the vaccine is right there and then he might have okay we don't we can't say that you didn't but that didn't happen or it couldn't happen if there's no way to disprove the corner trying to get at is stop trying to say but my biggest complaint okay my biggest complaint is when you know I and I seen this a few different people people that I like and respect by the way these are like left us these are conservatives feel the same way you know you were in the car as we jump on every single time somebody collapses or die suddenly or whatever we say all of that must be the Jeff number one when I say that
can you please Annihilation be on next week if anybody else but for me I don't say it must be the Jazz I want to know what are the chances the difference between stating categorically that's a vaccine that that's a vaccine that the vaccine do you know and asking what's that vaccine that was that a vaccine was the end of action death and the reason I'm so against so so adamantly opposed to the people that are countering that narrative especially from the right is because when you look at the opposite side OK Google call out corporate Media or government or anybody else when they say you know what we have no idea what killed is person we can say with 100% certainty that it was in the back seat how and why why would they do that
why is it that when somebody young and otherwise healthy has a heart attack at the age of 24 that we're not allowed to ask if they were vaccinated when I allowed to mention covid-19 vaccine in the conversation even though that is an odd thing to happen and it's happening increasingly all the time now I don't get that high I'm in again I look to my these are friends of mine
in conservative media actually who are trying to debunk the idea that we need to say that we're going after the vaccines too hard when I say that our our infinitesimally
reach compared to those who are saying it actually positively is in the vaccine yes I might go look I might stretch a bit when I ask a question is this another vaccine injury is this another vaccine-induced.
I might stretch a bit but they stretch all the way
they being the other side of the fence they declared definitively that is absolutely positively could never ever possibly have been a vaccine injury that cause somebody to have my old card ideas for pericarditis or stroke or heart attack at the age of 37 or 42 or 19 or 12
I don't want to hear it from those were saying you don't you know don't mention the vaccines unless you're one of your son certain whereas they they actually debunk the vaccines when they have 0.01% certainty there more likely to be to be to die from covid-19 in there be a cure when they declare that a deathly was in the Jazz so yeah I post about on Twitter to anyone who gets offended that I wonder if the Jazz had anything to do with twenty-four-year-old Damar Hamlin having a heart attack your opinion doesn't matter to me we are constantly attacks depressed band censored ridiculed and vilified for being concerned that there has been an undeniable rise in young and otherwise healthy people collapsing and often dying and yes many of us believe it was the experimental injections I have no agenda other than the truth is a jazz are safe and the address real
these are just coincidences great I'd love that to be the case if the jobs are not safe then they must be halted
I want to be wrong about the Jabs many people I know and love have been jammed to my job is to read every headline in the feet of over 250 news outlets everyday and I can tell you where the certainty that young people were collapsing are dying in 2019 or 2020 like they are today is going to pick up those years just to be clear I'm going to pick up those two years in particular because 2019 is pretty covid 2020 is in the midst of covid-19 sore if if this was a phenomenon was happening 2019 we could say it's it's a it definitely couldn't be K or the the Jazz it was happening in 2020 we could say it it definitely isn't just the Jazz it could be coded as well okay and if it started having 2021 which it did then we can say there is at the very least a correlation is not causation and I'd like to jump on the causation bandwagon because that seems to be the most logical case but again it's not definitive yet
so we have at the very least a correlation between the rollout of the jobs in the rise in the number of young and otherwise healthy people collapsing off and dying so again if that started 2019 it's not cold but it's jacked started in 2020 it's not just the Jazz it could be as it's covered as well and I might not even be the jams all I might just be covid okay if we saw this in 2020 because I'm used to treat here right but if it started in 2021 which you did and the only contributing or the only change is that we had the Jabs then we didn't have it in 2028 and in 2020 and 2019 we didn't have a jazz or Cove in Sephora to start in 2019 gives me a high a high confidence that it is the jobs that is causing this especially when we consider that they've already acknowledged they being CDC the FDA doctors across the planet the world
Health Organization acknowledges that the Jazz do increase to some extent they do increase the likelihood of young special young man getting myocarditis pericarditis Strokes heart attacks and the Heart ailments they acknowledged it one level up again this holiday season game changer has the best graphic tees in the game what are you looking to rent the Sports World or 5 with some of your most famous music and pop-culture icon changer has the threads coffees must have and hook up your crew or yourself head to game-changer. La now game-changer the best believe me Google best teas in the game and see for yourself pain changer the place of the most lit vintage graphic tees that's Game Changer. La experience play Austin Convention Center
family-friendly entertainment and interactive games that will be right in the middle of the action Shaw sports turf Taco Bell Ticketmaster especially from conservative Patriots so he won't jump on the don't jump to the conclusion of the Jazz every time
set the word jumping to that conclusion is that were asking that question because nobody else will
nobody else will
but I wouldn't have to I would be I'm I err on the side of caution generally speaking
I'm usually not the first to jump on any of these news bandwagons
but in this particular case since so few were asking the questions I will raise my hand and say was it the Japs was this person vaccinated when were they vaccinated which vaccines did they take do they have any other signs and other ailments is that this is a series of questions that I asked or at least attempt to ask because I never get answers to the questions that I asked whenever somebody who seems to not have a reason to die other than that they did
if you can if they're young and healthy
those are questions that need to be asked I'm going to turn to dr. Ryan Cole who is massively intelligent OK Google and tell Jan I remember the first speech she gave it a cousin from the school board first little speech you gave me before he was a national celebrity I remember watching that thing in myself man this is going to be big and you didn't turn out to be back
because he's so smart not because he's strikingly handsome everything just because he's the dude knows what he's talking about something to play with two men and 12 seconds of him and
and then he'll explain basic where I stand we don't know it was the Jazz sure seems like that could have been a possible root cause that would allow a collision of a 24 year old athlete would allow that Collision to turn into a cardiac arrest so stand by Damar Hamlin situation a lot of people are saying hey this is all facts related we had Maria Ryan on here saying his sudden death syndrome and maybe was it commercial Curtis what's your give me a couple minutes what's your analysis of what happened
the honest answer is God bless them let's hope he pulls through there's plenty of speculation at this point we don't know obviously he took a hit there always been happy hits in the NFL a direct hit to the heart when it's in just the wrong beat and cost of the rhythm of the heart to go into a quiver and hand Paws all the sudden hard not to be correctly and then induce a heart attack in a patient or individuals athlete will collapse in professional athletes who've died suddenly thankfully he's still alive and in critical condition and photos to those amazing First Responders who were able to get a rhythm back to be honest answers at this point we don't know and put it be contributory what we would have to know how recent has most injection was we do know
of their myocarditis rates up to 2.3% of the Thailand study 2.8% out of the recent dr. Muller Switzerland study so it could be a contributing contributory Factor but the honest answer is we don't know and her got lit up last night even mention it was the vaccine how could people follow your day before we get your back on and have more time to explore this
they're on Twitter @dr Cole of the number 12 and then my website is Oracle so those are the two spaces I'll be commenting my producer and I will make sure we hook you up for this afternoon dr. call thank you for carving out time for us today preciate it
as he said the honest answer is we don't know when we don't we don't know if the covid jobs had anything at all to do with Hamlin collapsing having a heart attack in the middle of the field
and when I left ask that question one should bother you unless they were not allowed to we get attacked thankfully we can ask the question obviously we're asking the question here we're asking the question on some social media I don't post that question on Facebook I don't really use Facebook what's the point right they just they just keep keep smacking me so we've got a Facebook page I think we got a few Facebook pages and then some of the shows some of the some of the Articles get automatically posted there but for the most part I think I might post something to my personal Facebook page like once a month just so I can get the attacks by by a very very aggressive group of of friends and former friends they don't consider me a friend anymore they used to before everything got political but now all the sudden they don't like me and I don't I don't blame him because cuz I'm not very likable
you're you're not a friend of the truth and chances are you don't like me because I like to focus on the truth
it is what it is so
so we can we are allowed to ask question it's just it doesn't get very much reach last question with every every vaccine related article whenever you'd person that the dies suddenly post those articles over at the Liberty daily or discern I asked a question was The Jazz Singer the deathly was in every case but we have to acknowledge that because of the the very clear correlation combined with the scientific name for the the confirmation from organizations even I mean obviously good site has good doctors are already confirmed yet but but you also have I have even some of the the battle organizations like the FDA and CDC to World Health Organization they even acknowledge that the coverage as covid covid and the coverage as both contribute
to measure heart problems myocarditis pericarditis stroke or heart problems cardiovascular problem but you get the idea of heart attacks and yes they do contribute to the deaths of people how many some have said it is literally billions or will be billions once all is said and done I would say it's million some 600,000 very least we know those tens of thousands I mean that's just that's just confirmed tens of thousands which I buy fall into the camp and it's probably likely in the millions I don't think it's billions yet maybe it is maybe maybe I'm a fool when I'm obviously it's not billions because the population hasn't hasn't drop that much but it has dropped considerably you seen my life expectancy drop tremendously I post an article by dr. Joseph Mercola over at the in America first before that, that's been discussing that very topic will be talking about more of those desk as well as the other
questions that we're basically not allowed to ask anymore
that we should be allowed to ask and then I will continue to ask because I don't care what Google or Facebook were or the CDC says so stay tuned
there's a reason Klaus Schwab Joe Biden and the global Elites want your life savings locked in IRAs and other portfolio management schemes that they control they can keep your money tied up in woke ESG funds even if doing so will lose you money Patriots are quickly moving their Investments to self-directed Ira is backed by physical precious metals unfortunately most companies that work in this field are beholden to Democrats the Chinese Communist Party the wef and others were pushing us toward a digital dollar I have identified three precious metals companies that believe in America First these companies make it easy for you to move your retirement investment to a self-directed IRA backed by physical precious metals go to jail
the Rucker, gold that's Jaydee Rucker, gold
hear the truth is funny thing because it's in our rapidly emerging post-truth Society we're finding that truth is being defined as absolute and yet which is contradictory of course for that is the nature of post truth sign that truth is what allows people for example to say hey today I'm I'm a male and tomorrow I'm a female and then after that I'll be non-binary and you're a bigot if you don't pay attention to my pronouns and all that stuff that is that is those are lies okay those are lies and yet they are considered to be absolute truth because that individual in today's society is supposed to be able to determine whether or not God made them into a boy or a girl gold heirs to say that God didn't make him at all that's why they push this lgbtqia plus Supremacy agenda they try to deny the Bible try to deny their own creation and that's has been
beside this is disgusting you definitely read Romans 1 over and over and over again to get an understanding of not only what what Paul was facing before but what we are facing today here in the United States of America the revived Roman Empire if you will we are challenged in that regard because they take the truth they subvert it and then they tell us a few don't believe this truth then you must be a bigot you biggity biggity biggity person I think they all contribute to who was it to George Orwell quotes in a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act another quote again nobody can actually determine whether or not that was really George Orwell who said it but it does matter because we we are in this time of universal deceit it is happening right in front of her eyes and as a result we are faced with
with dangers mean let's face it is dangerous for any of us for me for you to tell certain truth because if we do that then we we risk cancellation which isn't that bad and I don't think I've been canceled in lots of places on YouTube I mentioned reforming our YouTube channel look I get it that's majority of content that I would want to post on there I can't and I won't you know I've already gone through three and two-thirds YouTube channels with so two-thirds being that I've any of the 4th when we've got two strikes I don't want to lose that one because because that's got all my playlist for the last decade right so still got it I got to keep that but but we are we have a new one that's going up. It's actually been up for two weeks now and the funny part is I have yet to be able to post a single thing there because every show I do mention something that's that's taboo so maybe at 4
maybe we won't ever actually have a YouTube channel because maybe I'm just not going to have her talked about topics that's YouTube will allow us to talk about because again we are in an age of universal deceit and coming from both sides is coming from all sides why do they show we are focusing on the truth or focusing on on the various questions it's not just the Jazz you know that's obviously a huge part of it there are many questions out there that we just were not allowed to question these things we risk cancel culture move risk losing our our bank accounts we lose our jobs we lose risking whatever
but the truth is the truth and whatever their risks there are you know you if you don't take those risks if you abide by the lies than you are by definition a liar I say that you don't personally lie but you're something if you're engaged in in not stopping lies and she no allies then you are allowing them and by allowing them that make you in a white version of a liar but still a liar none the last and I'm sorry if that pisses some if you off
I know many of you are out there and you you don't abide by them as much as you can you try to avoid them but you're not going to risk losing this or losing dad or being targeted being attacked
I get it I am I've been blessed with this relatively unique Saint area where I do get to talk to people and we have been able to do so in a way that it doesn't get us canceled as easily but a level up
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they're launching we're going to be able to open accounts in March that is so exciting for not familiar with old Warrior Bank Southridge and some other famous people famous conservative they bought Bank in Oklahoma they went out and make big purchase the bank and they're going to use it as I'm hoping I don't know the exact story without I actually have reached out to them to try to get an interview with Seth rich or whoever talked about it but they they want to they want to have a bank where people can go and not feel like they're going to be be cancelled like they're doing at Wells Fargo or Bank of America JPMorgan Chase or any of the others even smaller banks that Michael and El hasn't his bank account of which bank it was some Bank of Minnesota but they were affiliated with one of the other bigger Banks probably check anyway they are they canceling a year ago two years ago a little while ago but still they said hey you know we're not going to let you to thank you anymore so you got like like 30 days that
amoo's your funds out of moving to a different place and that's a huge pain when you got a company I sure you changing Banks when you've got auto payment setup you've got people to have no that was that was a very bad thing so hopefully Old Glory Bank out of Oklahoma will be a difference-maker check it out I don't have a website pull-up but you'll find them if you can find my Google at all might want to try Brave search your deck. Go but let's find them and and the sign up like I said I'm hopeful that they'll have all the bells and whistles that we get from are average Banks or credit unions and if they do and I'm moving my money there you bet you two let's let's go back to some realities you know obviously they handled story is a big deal but that wasn't the only one that caught this week as far as the NFL and what could be vacs
related injuries I was over Breitbart story former Jaguars offensive lineman you change a 1 lire dies at 38 now in here's the thing and which Breitbart is B lot of these are conservative but still semi-controlled or at least at least scared news outlets conservative news outlets out there if they if they want to actually ask the question but at least I post the story and maybe you no long-ass to draw your own conclusions that crazy about it but it's better than nothing right I mean I guess maybe Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman and one Larry passed away Friday at his wife's home in Indiana he was 38 years old wondering who had driven up to Indiana from Georgia was found unresponsive by his wife at 1 a.m. after apparently class in corn to West Lafayette Police and Tippecanoe County coroner Kerry Costello Costello
results of the autopsy showed no signs of a play at the moment investigators believe the former player might have suffered a heart attack again this guy is an athlete who is 38 years old what are the results of the toxicology report have not yet come in Castello added his parents immigrated to the United States from Nigeria in 1973 his first name means God's wish going to a September 2006 report from Lafayette Journal Courier after his college Years in the audio so so yeah I mean
far as we know right I can't confirm that he was healthy but he definitely was young people again 2019 2020 you just didn't hear about a whole lot of 38 year old having heart attacks it just wasn't very common and yet we see it happening literally every single day now in the United States of America and of course maybe it was happening every day before you know as far as random random incidents but this is more than renting these are in many cases these are our athletes celebrities people that are that are in the public eye and if it's happening more often with them we can assume and extrapolate that is definitely happening with Your Average Joe's as well we've all seen it with a special videos where the gym you know they're just doing their work out and also they just bought forward are there any yoga classes fall forward or they're out jogging and they just they just collapse
young boys healthy heart attacks we've already covered on the show and the recent past a report that every single person everyone every single person in the world who has had a coverage jab has had to some degree heart damage done
Jabs do damage the Heart by and keep in mind this is this is something that is not contested at least in theory by any of the The Establishment Sciences the the control scientists working with the World Health Organization and others they acknowledged that the spike proteins that are either created by or injected directly into the bloodstream from the Jazz Band which jammy-jams forget they all folks and Spike proteins because that's what is supposedly he is able to stimulate the immune system to create the antibodies to fight covid-19 even though I obviously it's not working because we're continuing to two years after the jobs will that work continuing to see spikes every couple of months of covid-19 cases but whatever
but because by the native if there is if they're Spike protein is in your blood it is no damage to your heart now we're though though I guess I'm jacked these mainstream science he's owned scientist these doctors for the World Health Organization CDC and big Pharma they'll say that the damage is negligible but they will never say they can't they cannot say because it would be a lie to say so. They're slimy obviously a lie there to say that's my proteins do not to damage to blood vessels to capillaries to two organs by proteins in the autopsy of a gentleman with a check his brain Dance by proteins in his brain after dying a week and a half after getting his second coat of Jab
folks meaning
we can put two and two together or we can stick our heads in the sand those are the only two options
in far too many people are sticking their heads in the sand I get if there's a whole lot of people out there a whole lot of people out there that just have no idea they're still watching CNN or Fox News they're still there still checking Yahoo news on Google News or whatever and that's how they're getting all of their formation so it would still shocked and find it oh my gosh what he means by proteins do damage to the to the heart what is that why don't I hear about this way what do you mean that there's been a dramatic and then we're talkin an exponential an exponential increase in cases of myocarditis ever since the Jazz were rolled out all the state when you combined it together means that if you either accept that the Jazz are doing damage massive damage killing people or you stick your head in the sand and pretend like it's okay it's just fine. You didn't tell us this so it must not be real
those are the two categories of those in the nose to the majority of Americans and fortunately are not in the know because they again still get their information elsewhere that's why I was told people don't just watch the show I appreciate you I love you to death but also make sure to recommend the show subscribe share it with your friends tell your family you need an easier route to get to just tell him to go to JD Rumble I know we're on various other networks and he might be like your watch on Friday and you like what about us I can't they can find me on Friday and you can find me on bitchute someday you'll find me on on Rumble YouTube K definitely America aloud if you're like a lot of people as you just want to listen to it these shows that are popping up over at America out loud talk radio and get America out loud. Calm the attorney Thomas friends down there now with dr. McCullough. Peter McCall actually I had his his time slot during the week he would he covered the weekends and I have this time slot during the week that was fun you know
Paul Alexander a sapphire brand when it comes to to all these discussions check it out of America out loud. Calm and of course Red State talk radio where I've had some challenges there lately I'll admit it if you're you're listening to me show you might say you might be wondering why I haven't been on the air the last like 3 or 4 days I'm just this technology issues but as I noted for you miss the beginning what kind of producer coming coming here in in less than two weeks with got a lot of changes happening at the show so I greatly appreciate you guys sharing it out there
I said if we got time for One More Story with break another generally the story we are going to be talking about non-job related stories as well today as I know we're trying to diversify but but I want to get the jab jab stories out of the way first cuz that is a top of mine right now going to shtf plan. Calm max level over their survey almost half American state covid-19 vaccine vaccine cause excessive deaths so maybe maybe we're getting close to a Tipping Point I don't know I would say they really that the Tipping Point would be probably probably 70% of Americans will have to believe it before we had we can actually Force government big Pharma corporate media big pack and all of Academia and then doctors and all the other bad guy said not every doctors bad guy
everybody in in in corporate meeting for the most part is but not at that every doctors bad guy but all the bad ones out there when we can finally force their hand and say knowledge that this there's something happening here to a new survey released by Rasmus in nearly half of Americans than covid-19 vaccine may be to blame for many unexplained deaths and more than a quarter say someone they know could be among the victims let me repeat that last more than a quarter of Americans say they someone they know could it be a victim could have died in the coming back soon. Quarter of Americans think that
cover up okay if you have that many people thinking they know somebody that died from the Jabs and yet less than still for whatever reason less than half of Americans acknowledged that the Jazz maybe the blame and against other defendants may be to blame day I can understand if you can't say definitively well I can't say it I mean I can't say definitively that this stage I can't say with 100% certainty I'm a 99% but nobody can say with 100% certainty nobody because you have to but anyway I'll cover that later the telephone survey found that 49% of American adults believe it is likely that side effects of covid-19 vaccine could have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths the survey of 1,000 American adults was conducted on December 28th to 30th 2022 by Rasmussen reports the margins of sampling error of plus or minus 3% with a 95% level of cop is 95% level of competence one of the worst case scenario somewhere between 46 and 52 per cent of people believe that the Jabs
killing people as big as it was not there yet that's not enough
it's Gibby 46 to 52% leased be over 7% and then maybe we can start forcing our hand forcing the powers-that-be to acknowledge it and maybe even put the dang things on hold if they should have done it should have done months ago if not over a year ago but they that has always been there
me and you're not acting upon it at all after this we'll go to a Japanese study and some other really great news to standby
my good friend dr. Vladimir zelenko you left us way too early so sad that he's gone but his legacy does continue we do still support his foundation we still support his company that is still benefiting that the masses across the world those who have either been jabbering maybe you've been been exposed to those who may be shedding on you that's the becoming more and more likely in this being the case more times you jabbed wears off you are in the more you're likely to shut on others even if you never been jabbed not around other people very often you should still consider getting Z detox or is he stack life protocol either one of them will help your immune system is demonstrated by scientists demonstrated by doc dr. Zev zelenko should go to the Sea stack Freda McKenzie stack
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I know I said I was going to talk about other topics they so I want to get through the next time because he asked again it is vaccine-related and we were able to make it through the first half of the show without talk about anything as such the other then the vaccines but again this is another important story because this is actually I guess you could say in many ways it's good news and we sure could use some good news right about now go to the gym heart over at the Gateway pundit Japanese doctors investigate the link between covid vaccines and death now is important because no one is Japanese doctors which means that it's we're talking about coming out of Europe we seen a handful studies here in the United States are seeing the rare study but he's coming out of his room for the most part we haven't seen any Asian their lives since I since we haven't seen it never seen enough considering that Asia Account Support such a huge no
humongous portion of the population we need to see more studies coming out of patience especially Japan or we can at least have some faith in the studies will be accurate in the article doctors in Japan are now investigating the link between experimental covid vaccine and the impressive number of people dying suddenly two more professors are speaking out against the backseat of a feser must have pocket in the gal of Hiroshima University School of Medicine in Japan and medical specialists in forensic medicine performed an autopsy together with authorities of more than a hundred bodies a year in his analysis of the people who died after falling vaccination focused on a particular pattern when the police performing autopsies on backs and the people they found their bodies had temperature of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for 40° Celsius for hour
I'm not American friends and there's a quote from the gala the first concern was that the body temperatures of the corpses were very high when the police perform the autopsy the body temperatures were used unusually high such a 33 or 34 degrees Celsius normally at the stage of the autopsy body temperatures are in the twenties were sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit or lower if it was reported graphing a day than the gals research team found that there were significant changes to the genetic makeup of vaccination autopsies patients immune systems allow me to repeat that for those who weren't paying attention grabbing the day than the gals research team found that there were significant changes to the genetic makeup of vaccinated autopsy patients immune systems
research has led in the gout to conclude the vaccine causes immune system abnormalities that prompt autopsies aren't that prompt inflammation throughout the body which is likely the cause of a high body temperatures at the time of autopsy based on the data and the circumstances alone it is not possible to conclude the vaccine was the cause of the deaths that again importance to note when we look at correlation we we are trying to seek causation and as he said after his professor in the guy says based on the data and the circumstances of loan is not possible to conclude the vaccine was the cause of the death however it's a big however it is impossible to say that the vaccine was not the cause we only say that it is doubtful we believe vaccination was sufficiently related to the immune abnormalities
similarly a research by coaching University School of Medicine Dermatology Professor shigetoshi Sano Sano describe the discovery of Spike proteins near the site of skin lesions and other skin disorders in vaccinated patients Spike proteins in a ride from the vaccine was found in the skin by proteins are locally suppressing the immune system San Antonio board as a result of the spike protein facilitate their in reactivation of the herpes virus the function of the spike proteins produced adverse reactions is the formation of blood clots and even worse by proteins can also look we induce inflammation I don't know if I should say this settlement to say that
going to again this is from from Santa I don't know if I should say this but it has been found that backs into people are more likely to get coronavirus then I'm back to the people I know if you listen to show before you you're very familiar with that we talked about it through multiple studies and for whatever reason the corporate media industrial complex has failed to report on this government has failed to acknowledge no not just talking about the buying hair for gym I'm talking about most members of Congress must bureaucrats they are covering this they don't want to say hey get vaccinated because if you do you're more likely to get covid vaccine in it because if you do it's you're more likely to get hospitalized or die from covid
that's that's the truth
it goes against the narrative that they've been sharing with us for the last 2 years now they've been telling us first that the vaccine was 100% effective in that was quickly this proven so then it became ninety-nine percent effective in 97 the 94th and 88th then they start changing her tune and saying okay so yeah if you get back sedated it it's not going to stop you from getting covid nor will it stop you from spreading the disease but it will reduce hospitalizations and deaths that's why we had so many celebrities especially leftist coming on saying hey yeah I got cold so thankful that I got the covid vaccine because my doctor said that otherwise I would be much worse off they always say that I'd be much worse off IB IB much sicker I be
that's what they said that's the narrator for the last two years and now over the last three three and a half months we're finally seeing studies that show the vaccines make it more likely for you to get covid-19 more likely for you to be hospitalized they make it more likely for you to die from covid
that all of a sudden
nobody wants to talk about it
even this doctor who has empirical data was evidence shows that who has the credentials to be able to say it until the intelligent Lee even he says I don't know if I should say this
I know Mike in trouble
but it has been found that vaccinated people are more likely to get coronavirus then unvaccinated people sometimes he warned sometimes things that are not good are introduced into the human body vaccination may cause our overall immune system to fail to fight against such bad things they have to walk on eggshells you were going to have the science and the credentials to back them up
they still feel like they're going to get canceled and many of them happen we let's let's call it what it is many of the many doctors and scientists out there have lost their jobs lost their careers wants to the lights license has lost their their book deals lost their livelihood
cuz they spoke the truth because they they did anything wrong not because they committed any crimes that because they committed any abuse against their profession because they went against the accepted near to be approved narrative they win against the global Elite cabals agenda and as a result they have to be extinguished in to be subverted quashed stifle eliminated
from the public sphere
this is why I said when I said we need to get to that Tipping Point that Tipping Point to me is about 7% this is why I am so adamant people ask me all the time why do you care if you know why you trying so hard to get people to stop getting Jack and I tell the number one we need allies with its fight it today or the rebuilt tomorrow too if we are any of the truth alone is not enough he used to be then we can say Okay so the truth gets out then reporters are going to jump on it and corporate media and the government going to have to get involved and and okay so so then what will correct the issue after the fact
it's long after the fact that we have known for a long time
the Jazz May at the very least may very likely to kill people and yet
it's it's normal to assume that these government officials Academia doctors corporate journalist most in big Tech they're still going to to attack you if you say the truth about the Jazz and you will get heralded if you tell the lies
the Bible warned about times like this
as did somebody who pretends to be George Orwell
in the time of universal deceit well folks we are now in that time of universal deceit
all right one of the Jabs Spiegel Jazz let's go to different jobs how's that
I thought I was going to get away from the job but we're going to get to a different set of jacks we're going to get to the Bill Gates talking about jazz because I love it when Bill Gates Stocks by the Jasmine is not now
enough to get the people now they want to get the animals this from a headline USA Jacob runs over their concerns grow over the population is plan to vaccinate food supply and of course it's a good good buddy good good old Billy Gates saying is things I'm not going to I was going to play it because it's just him saying hey we're partnering with these guys trying to improve prove a animal health in Africa that you genetically modifying them in and giving them back scenes and giving him medicines and come the full of steroids and enzymes and whatever whatever they can pump him full of zip to make him allegedly healthier when in reality they're just making them less healthy because they want us to eat bugs they want us to eat lab-grown meat they don't want us to eat cows or chickens or anything that actually makes sense which by the way
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when the article by Jacob runs over at headline USA genetically modified corn Bill Gates and his friends in the global cabal are now promoting widespread vaccination Van Abel's in order to sanitize the world's food supply specifically Gates and his friends want to give livestock the MRNA altered covid jobs whichever poorly killed numerous people and mutilated many more on his quote The Gates Foundation is partnered with defib that's dfid on a great number of things in among those are work we do together and livestock he then promoted further genetic manipulation Munich Bayern Munich mutilations of animals in order to secure his preferred qualities in them
isn't get a quote from Bill helping animals survive either by having vaccines or better genetics enter they got it they always got to try to improve on what God made right helping them be more productive it's it's making a big difference all I'm sure it is making a big difference will bring the gates his project is already well underway so-called third world Nations have been the testing grounds for his experimentation and that's always been the case by the way there's a reason why there are certain areas in India where he's literally not allowed to go okay he is not allowed in those places you will be arrested if you were to go to certain areas of India
think about that
he said I was down in Ethiopia seeing how many chickens are out there laying more eggs getting more nutrition in and even some small Savings in the household good for you many on Twitter raise the alarm suggesting that even those who did not get Jad might be forced to consume it eventually
hi and that's terrifying again just another reason another reason to to get you some long-term storage freeze dried chicken at pepper using promo code Jay Dr
we've got to continue to ask questions folks went to question the official narrative 95% of the time I don't care what they're talking about I don't trust government anymore are there good people in government I first and foremost I don't think there's good people. But are there relatively decent people in government yeah there are okay there are some some pretty decent ones out there and then Matt gaetz and his cronies are leading the fight against Kevin McCarthy I'm glad that Ron Johnson's trying to expose the the truth about the vaccines I'm glad that Rand Paul's going after Anthony fauci and Thomas Matthews going after the pretty much the entire day of government there are some decent people suck the vast majority of them are awful
they are just getting richer just getting more powerful just helping themselves they are using their position to help themselves. Bugs me a lot of qualities buggy lately right all sorts of stuff shopping my khakis after the break shockingly we're going to be talking more about Bill Gates for a different reason so steaks
Bill Gates
anyone who's familiar with my show or Alyssa Michelle before knows that I am a a very huge proponent of preparedness I haven't always been I didn't become a prepper until really 2021 but since then I've been working diligently to find companies that offer the things that we need and if the crap hits the fan I want to be ready for it and I want you to be ready for it to I picked up some sponsors for long-term storage for precious metals for for solar power I got a candle sponsor we got antibiotics for storage just in case the pharmaceutical supply chain goes down we got medkits nutraceuticals natural survival got guns and ammo you can buy and buy by going to J D prepare JD Rucker cam repair
bug out bags that were soaked so stock up now while you still can
there's so many questions that we need to ask As Americans as citizens of the world really questions about everything is are notable for the break we should question 95% of what we're being told by corporate meeting we should question 95% of what's happening in Washington DC and when he was asked what about what the 5% to 5% of the stuff it doesn't matter what we're going to be spinning our Wheels wasting your time we have to focus on the things they can actually make an impact on their lives and question official narrative question the real agenda even some of the things that are supposedly good things that did seem to be heading in the right direction we need to question whether or not they're really heading in the right direction when you look closer at them now some of the things that I like to poke some things that are obviously not heading in the right direction maybe someday I'll do more stories about the more subtle subtle nuances of government is there was a time when that was when I specialized in I would be able to dig deep into the legislation or the Big D
into to something and find out so there's that there's the little loophole that's going to going to make this bill not as good as we think it is or whatever but unfortunately today in 2023 we are faced with existential threats and as a result those are those existential threat I can't waste my time looking for nuances we've got too many big fish to fry too many big problems to the Holly crises series of events that's happening around us the questions that were supposed not allowed to ask is about the globalist agenda reason that they don't want us to ask those questions obviously is because the global sleeptube all they want everyone as many people as possible to believe that they are doing what's best for us they want us to follow them they want us to do exactly what they say okay well I talked about the the the depopulation in control agenda obviously there is a deep
relation portion of it they've been talking about that for decades if not centuries for all I know they were talking about this in the eighteen hundreds or something like that but we do know with the certainty that they've been talking about the population including people like Bill Gates class log George Soros Barack Obama Henry Kissinger they've all talked about it to some extent about depopulating the world
sometimes they let it out you know I accidentally sometimes they're bold you know when when that David Rockefeller talked about it it's like oh yeah and we definitely got to kill a lot of people don't enter talk about it yeah course you these globalized Elites within the cabal they want us to many of us to to die and they would specifically want those of us who question their Authority who questioned their intention to question your actions we definitely want us gone okay we're the ones that are definitely being targeted if you're watching this show the number one you are among the most intelligent people in the world number 2 you're probably being targeted by the Deep state by the various various arms the tentacles of This Global Elite cabal I like to think of them as I can combine an octopus and a Hydra multiple has multiple tentacles and one off and then two more pop-up it's just ugly butt
worried I'm not scared as a bible-believing Christian I know how the story ends I know that if we are in the end times which I think we may be if we are in the end times then things are going to get really bad but but hey we do win in the end if we are not in the end times and will you can be victorious in our endeavors we can fight this and we can win it might seem like that's impossible when we look at the the event that the vast array of forces that are rate against US that's the way you get the idea you know the thing we look at what's what's working against this might be like wow we really can't fight that and sometimes I do think man we really can't fight them that I have to stop and remember that if I read my Bible I know that nothing is impossible that if God wills it there's nothing that they can do to stop it nothing they can do.
so we do continue to fight the good fight whether we're in the end times you're not that is the goal here so the spreading the truth getting out there and asking these questions on the questions they don't want us to ask is what are what are the real plans when it comes to this this globalist agenda when I return back to Bill Gates already already a Hot Topic on the today's episode of The Daily Record show Bill Gates the story comes from natural news author Ethan Huff has Bill Gates and his globalist cabal are about to wrap up their worldwide takeover sounds pretty ominous let's see what he has to say is no longer a secret that he will help organization has been weaponizing the purpose of establishing a for the purpose of establishing a global Health least stayed fully controlled by the globalist we also now know that the who's top donor and controller is not that none of them billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates what gates at the helm the who is moving full steam ahead for implement
a worldwide system of medical tyranny perhaps most notably through the impending implementation of the so-called pandemic treaty not cover the pan Dimitri for a long time but to my horn here when I say that when I had actor Peter breggin on last February to talk about this that we were essentially breaking the story know if you were talking about in March and April in definitely in May but for that nobody was talking about I did search and I tried to you I knew that what he was going to tell me about and so I just tried to to find as much information as I could about it it was nothing nothing I mean other than going directly to the World Health organization's website that's the only place where you can find anybody even talking about it and Peter breggin dr. Peter breggin broke the story we talked about it for about an hour away last February thanks a lot of people picked up on it in March morn April and again even more so in May and then by July what seemed to happen is because of their defeats that were that were that the global silly
had and implementing the pandemic treaty almost everybody dropped it like we won we beat back the globalists so we didn't they didn't lose they just delay which seems to be kind of what they do like when they get exposed for doing something bad they say okay so it's over we'll just you know thankfully it was just a mistake don't worry we will we will move along and then people stopped paying attention show stop paying attention when served as an alternative media stop talking about it and then it researches under everybody's noses or maybe never disappears at all what happened PayPal PayPal it was this big hoopla a big uproar about all of it don't take $2,500 fine if they don't like your ideology and everybody started her going after them after a couple days people came out to do my gosh that was a mistake I was supposed to be released we're so sorry I'm so sorry
and so are we still talking about it but here's the thing they didn't change it it's still there
as of today PayPal still gives himself the ability to spine you to steal $2,500 if they don't like your ideology
we're stupid sometimes OK our side of the fence we just we just do all they said they were going to fix it so I guess they're going to fix it they said they're going to cancel so so I'll just take them at their word that they're they're canceling let's move on to the next door the next outrage we do
and that's what happened with the pandemic treaty is about to become a reality
possibly even this month
and yet nobody's talking about it that you can have it over at back the article he says even a whil member states every who member state will be legally Bound by the pandemic tyranny by this pandemic they do not have to individually pass or even acknowledge it if the who enshrined in transit than everyone must follow and Obey and short the Panama treaty will erase the concept of respect for individual human dignity and human rights and fundamental freedoms it will also give who director-general as well as unlikely as regional directors dictatorial powers and control over the world this is Daniella I just want to thank you for making me feel so special back on debit for my dinner party groceries with discover cashback debit we give everyone cash back on everyday purchases anything else I can help you with do you like it
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there will be no more privacy either as censorship is expanded to every last crevice of human life and finally to top it all off vaccine passports and digital Global identification tools will be mandated globally the Wuhan coronavirus was just the test run for all these things next time as promised by Gates himself the live-action exercise will become a full reality plunging the world into absolute Darkness
subheading Trump cut off who funding a but simply redirect it to Gabby which is also controlled by Bill Gates to be clear I know that that I am a trump supporter he gets on my nerves a lot especially lately the fact that he still continues to push push the vaccines I'll be in a lot less today than you did a few months ago but still he's not denounce the vaccines as he should have a long time ago
and of course lately he's been going after pro-lifers for whatever reason and I don't get that one either but whatever I still support him you know until a better alternate comes up. He's he still he still my guy even though I buy insult him and then criticize him more lately than I probably ever have with that said eat enough I don't judge the author over its natural news is definitely not a fan so I just want to give you that warning ahead of time as you hear this next portion of the story since its founding in 1948 the same year that is real estate was Reborn the World Health Organization has functioned as a mouthpiece for industry from Big tobacco to Big Pharma to everything in between the whoar paraded on behalf of big business and Abby expensive we the people I mean the plan though is to have them have them Reach and control every last nook and cranny
a planet Earth and we largely have Bill Gates and his Global screwball to blame for her what is soon to befall this place too many call home former President Donald Trump suspend all United States funding to the who however when did not realize at the time is that Trump simply redirected that funding to Gabby h a g a v i a charity controlled by you guess it Bill Gates that Gabby money was likely sent by Gates Right Back To The Who and sleight-of-hand that was has become the norm in American politics the left lights the right the right by the left but it always is his always the same bird pulling the strings keep in mind the gates as multiple Avenues of directing funding to the hoop and its Global agenda has not only have Gabby but also through the infamous Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as through these strategic Advisory Group of experts or Sage Josh these guys they just really they're so full of himself UNICEF and Rotary International
who has a by annual budget of around 4.84 billion + 1 billion of that comes from gates in shoregate Old extreme influence over the who because he pays for much of its operations allowing him to control world affairs in an undue way Gates's plan to unleash a One World Health Plan controlled by the who would sell along with the food and agricultural organization or the FAO United Nations environment programme unep and the world organisation for Animal Health Walla Walla together all of these groups to eliminate human rights and subdue the entire planet under a new healthcare new paradigm dreamed up by Gates and his ilk is there Envision new world order coming to fruition Right In Plain Sight
I don't have to tell you
that when powerful people like Bill Gates do stuff nine times out of ten it's bad there are some good guys out there amongst the the elites do you there's not very many but we have to highlight some of them from time to time I talked often about for example of Elon Musk why do everybody on the right side seems to adore and I like what he's doing with glitter but he is still alive he says he is still at your Globe listening still still a trance human is so we can we can't just the gate that you can't fully trust somebody who wants to put a chip in your brain. Call me crazy for thinking that but that's just that's not my thing but there is there is some good advice that I can usually comes from some of these people some of these these Elite some he's very very rich people and one person is was the Home Depot's co-founder
awkward an article by Samantha Flom over the epoch times Home Depot co-founder fears demise of capitalism a mid-rise of socialism when the article in the more than four decades since he co-founded Home Depot 93 year old Bernie Marcus has learned quite a bit about the economy and business in America developing strong views about what works and what doesn't along the way in a recent interview with the financial times the billionaire discuss those views lamenting the current state of the United States economy and sharing his concerns for the future I'm worried about cat was me told them capitalism is the basis of Home Depot and millions of people have burned this success and had success I'm talking manufacturers Benders and Distributors and people that work for us who have been able to enrich themselves by the Journey of Home Depot that's the success that's why capitalism works
then he he continues
emergence of you however the company I could not have achieved that same level of success if Washington's day's Market we would end up with 15 or 16 stores I don't know that we could go further that change along with the general lack of work ethic among the younger generation can be attributed to the rise of socialism according to the retailer nobody works he said nobody gives a damn just give it to me send me money I don't want to work I'm too lazy I'm too fat I'm too stupid guy is 93 cuz he's actually says what he thinks it's crazy in today's world it's woke world according to article Marcus further limited and increasing lack of respect for the First Amendment noting
we just have free speech and we don't have it the woke people have taken over the world the nonagenarian also knowledge that given his age he is less susceptible to cancellation of temps though that hasn't stopped certain groups in trying in both 2016 and 2019 Mark has political support for former President Donald Trump anchor some Shoppers to the extent of a friend a boy got Home Depot stores in 2019 that he did not agree with every move from makes Marcus told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he intended to donate to Trump's re-election campaign because the then president had produced more than anybody else Mark is also praised from for his business man's common-sense approach to most things holding that United States was better off out of the 45th president and they have been under the previous administration and we can also say that we better than that and under the current Administration I don't think I don't think even most Democrats would argue that at this point they might have ideological differences with true
they might not like his his Mean Tweets they might be against think that he's racist or whatever they can't say that the United States was doing worse under him because we we we weren't we're doing worse now you can honestly and in other areas other Arenas we are doing far worse now than we were before and that is unfortunate by Design another question we have to ask if they get you in trouble if you ask is is the biden-harris regime intentionally destroying the United States of America I'm asking I think I know the answer I think the answer is yes but we are just being able to ask that question to go to go on your favorite social media site and ask that question and if you have a wide enough following a specialty of the most leftist you will get attacked or even thinking that they will throw out all the bad things that I guarantee you they'll mention January 6th of Charlottesville January 6th in Charlottesville January 6th in Charlottesville or they're going to talk about that's all they talk about
is there aliens
at the break we got another crazy story coming from the 2020 election to standby
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yeah I'm not a fan of hopium hope you missed the idea that if if you give people hope that they they can be become addicted to taking latch on to go to just hope that this something is going to come good from it there's a lot of that the needs to be I guess
injected into people in today's world because let's face it there just hasn't been a whole lot of great news lately we take little victories and we cheer them up we treat them as if they were huge because we haven't had a lot of use victories we're supposed to have a red tsunami in 2022 I was supposed to be just a huge probably cuz they're going to have massive massive lead in the house and then be able to to have at 5 or 6 I think I should take that we would end up with 54 Senate seats for republicans and will take over Governor shifts and Arizona in Pennsylvania to myself but we are going to be taking over because there was already a republican governor in Arizona and I would laugh at you for saying that. Come on come on I don't count Rhino says Republicans are there any way that it didn't happen
we haven't had any mass of good news in a long long time so that's why I was hesitant about sharing this next story as funny because I just realized this is the last second again in the Indies keeps is keep what is surprising because I keep thinking I've got plenty of time I've been able to cover what 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 story so far we had about 10 more and I'm I'm going to have to maybe talk to Malcolm over at America out loud talk radio and ask him if I can go 3 hours instead of two that's how insane this is getting just so much to talk about anyway I was hesitant to do this next door by Todd Starnes because I don't want to feed people more help him I want you to accept access run away I want you to fight
as if our lives depend on because they do
I like to depend on our fight today and when we start thinking that other people are going to fix our problems we start thinking that the tide is turning when it's not that's going to become complacent when we become lazy that's when we got to go to Netflix and watch I don't even been so long since I've had Netflix I don't even know what a hot shower over there anymore but but you get the idea you know we we need people to be on the edge you know just on the edge ready to go just got to keep fighting keep fighting why I watched the sermon the first place I want everything over there to be mission-critical this article by Todd Starnes over at. Sorry. Calm out to be Springs from referring to to Mike Huckabee could overturn the 2020 election with a new case against this qualify as trying to avoid helping them all together
Supreme Court is hearing a case this week that could conceivably overturn the 2020 presidential election according to Mike Huckabee the case Brunson vs Alma s Adams at the hell was brought by Rayland Brunson of Ogden Utah and his three brothers seeking the removal of President Biden vice president Kamala Harris because members of Congress failed to fulfill their constitutional Duty on January 6th 2021 buy not reviewing allegations of fraud in the 2020 presidential election or Arkansas governor and former Republican presidential candidate shared news of the bombshell case on subject now most of you guys have been where I've been aware of this case for four months for long-time OK Google I was just hitting now in the spring court now the reason why I haven't covered before it's because again. Just be Debbie Downer or e or o bother but I don't have a whole lot of faith
that even this quote-unquote conservative Supreme Court is going to do the right thing so I haven't covered it but now what year is this it's happening right now this week so let's let's cover Daniela hi it's Jennifer Coolidge I just want to thank you for making me feel so special and cash back on debit for my dinner party groceries back on everyday purchases leftovers a cash back debit Discover Bank member FDIC
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going to sit down I guarantee the Supreme Court story is real Supreme Court has agreed to a hearing for a case that could conceivably please consider this the longest of long shots conceivably overturn the election of 2020 throw out all the legislators who voted to certify the results and leave them ineligible to run for office ever again even for a hound dog catcher the case was added to the Court's docket for Friday the anniversary of January 6th and the day President Biden is set to give a speech commemorating the capital breach the Branson Brothers argue in their lawsuit without legal counsel that 388 lawmakers took an oath of port in defended and took an oath to support and defend the US Constitution against all enemies foreign domestic the purposely thwarted all efforts to investigate alleged allegation of fraud
2020 election their Pawn are where Pawn this enemy was not checked or investigated therefore at the respondents and heared to this enemy the points of January 6th 2021 when the 117th Congress held proceedings to count votes under the 12th Amendment during the proceedings over 100 members of the US Congress and factual evidence that the that the senate election was rigged
the refusal of the respondents to investigate the Congressional claim that the enemy is an act is it's an act of treason in fraud by respondents and then it goes into details like I said
and safely both Todd Starnes and Mike Huckabee point out that this is a long long long long long shot
but as I've noted many times on this show God's will supersedes all
and I just said I remember I actually believe I got kicked off of my buddy never told me why but I got kicked off of Spotify in January of 2021
for promoting the idea that we need we need God's intervention if the 2020 election is to be corrected I said that before I'll say it again and I've said all this whole time that there is no moving on this was an attack against the Constitution which means that it can't fire a bite by a very old as American citizens we cannot move on is that possible
it just it isn't this it's okay is that responsibility you might say but there's nothing you can do to find it well part of the fight is always spreading word and defending those such as the brunson's
defending those an aiding those who are fighting the good fight and trying to bring the truth to light the 2020 election was stolen of that I am 99% sure
the evidence was crystal clear no I know I can already see those who who election fraud deniers I can already see many of you thinking out but it was adjudicated no it was never properly adjudicated it was never properly adjudicated I like Rudy Giuliani okay I do
but he was outmatched
by The Longshots he did not have the resources and I dare say he did not have the Savvy to be able to fight the massive conspiracy that was involved that took place in order for the 2020 elections have been stolen the way that it was it was ill-prepared for it he did not have anywhere near the tools for it as a result our corrupt Judiciary failed to adjudicate any of the cases even the Supreme Court failed to adjudicate the cases and that is me to makes us concerned because obviously you know those of us who have been following the 2020 election and now the 2022 stolen election as well
we we think ourselves wow they the powers to be really do have a Stranglehold on every possible Avenue through which through which we can prove that the elections were stolen
in this case yes it's four brothers going up against this conspiracy this humongous Kebab to try to correct the 2020 election
before The Supreme Court
what are the chances of them being able to do it to to make this happen
by themselves their chances are as close to nil as you can get without being 100% they don't have a 0% chance but it's close to zero and it's 0.001 or something like that. It's it's a lottery shot here for them to be able to to make this work on their own
but if God wills it this could be it that's why I'm reporting on its I'm not not trying to sell anybody hopium at all just telling you here is an Avenue and Avenue that is presented before us coming this Friday
will that Avenue open the doors for something amazing something miraculous to happen but again I don't know I don't know God's will I don't know what God will do maybe he will use the bronsons to fix this maybe you won't
you probably won't if I'm guessing but again even at my perception my human perception of the chance of being almost nil and that he probably won't in reality it's a 50/50 shot if you're bible-believing Christian because it just either either God will or he wants
so considering we have zero ability to understand the will of God other than as a manifest before us
all we can do we will know for certain that if it works it was God's will if it doesn't work it was God's will I know I'm complicating things are but but that's that's how it is
do you know I'm skipping this one we just don't have time maybe I really should goes 3 hours a day cuz there's a good story skipping that one and that one is how I got to skip that one too, gosh I hate that I have to skip all these great stories but there are some who say better better stories out there and see if I can find this one will end today show on one story that I think
yeah okay is it going to this one comes from Michael Snyder over at the economic collapse blog Michael signer is one of my favorite writers out there he is bold he's often wrong but he's often right as well so so let's let's give him kudos for that his supposed this week 11 ominous predictions for 2023 I'm just going to cut straight to the actual predictions these are from from man in the powers-that-be these are from the globalist the week of ball and what they're predicting you always want to pay attention when they're making these connections because they tend to have to know something we don't I'm not saying they're special I'm saying the day sometimes their quota predictions are things that they are initiating themselves they have the power to do
so start with number one the IMF the good old I met we expect one third of the world economy to be in recession even countries that are not a recession it would feel like recession or hundreds of millions of people so I could go to Bloomberg comes say there is a 7in 10 likelihood of the US economy will sink into recession next year next year being this year I think see ya know that this was they made that prediction on the 20th of December 2022 so they're referring to this year, say that there is a 7 and 10 likelihood of the US economy will sing at the recession in 2023 / and demand forecasts and trimming inflation projections in the wake of massive interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve
number 32 sounds great right folks Deli not selling you hoping right now number 3 the World Bank
as central banks across the worlds simultaneously hiked interest rates in response to inflation the world may be edging toward a global recession 2023 and a string of financial crises in emerging markets and developing economies that would do them lasting harm going to the conference a new study by the world bank before they come America CEO Brian Moynihan we're going to have a shallow recession that's good news right now in session bad but it shall recession right not going to cry today I'm not going to cry today by Mohamed el-erian many high convictions us recession calls are immediately coupled with the assertion that it'll be short and shallow reminds me of the beat Havel trap transitionary transitory inflation has fell into
last year he's right okay let's face it that everybody was talking about the transitory inflation Janet Yellen and the drunk howl and even Joe Biden talking about transitory inflation
no no it definitely wasn't transitory and it's still going on today what number 6 nouriel roubini know there's not going to be a short and shallow recession it's going to be deep and protracted number 7 Larry Summers my sense is that it's much harder than any people think to achieve a soft Landing soft Landing of course from a recession the rate Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon growth is slowing when I talk to her clients they sound extremely cautious
they're smart, nine Charles Schwab & company's Liz Ann Sonders
we have to take your medicine still meaning a weak economy and a weak labor market the question is is it better to take your medicine sooner or later
BlackRock those guys right Central Bankers won't ride to the rescue when growth slows in this new regime contrary to what investors have come to expect they are deliberately causing recessions by over tightening policy to try to rein in inflation
and I just will probably even flow of the economy is that any measures that the central bank's take for the government's take to try to to fix one aspect of a poor or Sinking economy will have detrimental effects on a different aspect of our economy capitalism General requires equilibrium when there's the destructions of equilibrium that caused these massive spikes of bad and good but mostly bad with all good comes bad when it comes to the common with all bad, some good but there are times when that good is so minuscule compared to the bad that we don't even can't even tell it as good at all
I got to do to make any sense but just roll with it shows almost Michael burry who I'd greatly respect inflation Pete but it is not the last peak of this cycle we are likely to see ECPI lower possibly - in 8 in to a Schwinn 23 in the u.s. in a recession by any definition that'll cut the gut and government will stimulate and we will have another inflation Spike it's not hard and he does say some like that a lot you know this guy amazing genius total jerk but amazing genius okay you knows this stuff when the economy I don't know myself when it comes to the economy but I am very bullish on gold because of what smarter people than me upset but you should go to JD gold and get into a self-directed IRA as soon as possible
I'm going to try to do a positive show tomorrow I'll see if I can find some weed cost
Lord willing I will be back very soon with another episode in the meantime you'll stay strong and stay safe and God bless

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