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International Equine Network, July 23, 2020

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International Equine Network
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with Scott Miller and co-host Steve Wolf

International Equine Network with Scott Miller and co-host Steve Wolf 

International Equine Network

International Equine Network with Scott Miller
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Scott Miller

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International Equine Network with Scott Miller

If you love horses, horse racing, equine sports in all its amazing glory, and you want to learn the very latest equestrian news, both domestic and international, then Scott Miller is your go to source.

This program will introduce you to some of the most exciting equestrian events in the world, the history of horse racing, what makes a horse great, all about standard and thoroughbred horse training, who are the best handlers and jockeys in the industry, what makes a champion horse, why breeding is so important, and all the ins and outs of betting like a pro at the race tracks, and so much more...

This show will bring you the inside scoop! 

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