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Inner Hippie Club, December 13, 2021

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Inner Hippie Club
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In this Inner Hippie Club Radio Show STRONG AND FREE Special, you can listen to extract from all 16 stories in this amazing and inspiring multi-author book, which is released on Friday, 17 December 2021 on Amazon. Some of the authors have recorded their extracts in their own voices, which makes it a special and intimate experience. Enjoy!

Book description:

Is your life feeling flat?

Have you lost your joy and purpose and want to get out of the rut?

Are you done with meeting society’s expectations?

Done with the overwhelming pressure of trying to fit into everyone else’s mold?

And do you want to start a new relationship with yourself where you are leading a life in full alignment with your values and purpose, but are scared what your family and friends would think of you?

Whether you want to escape the rat race, finally tick off those items on your bucket list, or realize an outrageously adventurous dream – this compilation of stories by strong and amazing women who have been there and done it will inspire you, encourage you, and lift you up. In their own voices, they show you what it takes to overcome adversity and to break with society’s expectations to lead aligned and purposeful lives.

These women are beautiful examples of how much you can achieve if you are determined to improve your life. Their stories are touching, emotional, devastating, and funny. You are invited to come to their circle, sit down, grab yourself a coffee and experience some inspirational storytelling that will change your life.



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Headlined Show, Inner Hippie Club December 13, 2021

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On today's show, you can listen to extracts of all 16 STRONG AND FREE stories! There is so much wisdom and inspiration!

And get your copy of the book on 17 December on Amazon. All buying links will be available at!


Is your life feeling flat?

Have you lost your joy and purpose and want to get out of the rut?

Are you done with meeting society’s expectations?

Done with the overwhelming pressure of trying to fit into everyone else’s mold?

And do you want to start a new relationship with yourself where you are leading a life in full alignment with your values and purpose, but are scared what your family and friends would think of you?

Whether you want to escape the rat race, finally tick off those items on your bucket list, or realize an outrageously adventurous dream – this compilation of stories by strong and amazing women who have been there and done it will inspire you, encourage you, and lift you up. In their own voices, they show you what it takes to overcome adversity and to break with society’s expectations to lead aligned and purposeful lives.

These women are beautiful examples of how much you can achieve if you are determined to improve your life. Their stories are touching, emotional, devastating, and funny. You are invited to come to their circle, sit down, grab yourself a coffee and experience some inspirational storytelling that will change your life.


Inner Hippie Club

Show Host

The Inner Hippie Club is a virtual meeting place for listeners who want to release and nurture their Inner Hippie, that carefree teenage feeling before life got serious - an eclectic mix of talk shows and music.

Each week, Silke Harvey, your host, talks about what it takes to be a truly carefree and happy Inner Hippie and invites inspiring female entrepreneurs and businesswomen to her virtual fireside in "Fireside Stories".

They tell you how they've broken up with society's expectations and are leading their dream lives. Their stories are powerful. They'll make you laugh. They'll make you cry. They'll make you grateful to be alive in these amazing times where women all over the world are rising up to reclaim their rightful places in society as thought leaders, visionaries, and storytellers.

Guests from all walks of life take the Talking Stick and tell the listeners a bit about themselves, their business and/or their cause. Get inspired, get tips, tricks, and advice that can help you to live like the true Inner Hippie you know deep down you are.

But of course, no Inner Hippie can ever be complete without music! After all, music is food for the soul!

Each week is rounded off with the "Music Spotlight" where talented indie musicians delight listeners with their great tunes.

So come on over and join the Inner Hippie Club for thoughtful discussion, fun, and laughter. Phoning in and participating is highly encouraged on this show!

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don't come to the Energy Cup radio show on PBS radio station bond with your health silky Harvey every Monday at 1 p.m. CT
well hello and welcome everybody to the in the hippy cup radio show on PBS radio station one today on Monday the 13th of December and what an exciting week and this week is lunch weak or strong and free stories of women who are living their dream after breaking up with society's expectations I'm so excited that's my very first book coming out right here this week on the 17th of December that's on Friday and it will be a Kindle release on Amazon and international release and I am so happy and this is really a big thing for me a big day cuz this is the launch my Facebook after I found it in the hippie books in the summer and there are sixteen stories of 16 amazing women and they have so much wisdom to share so much love to give the paper
you just need to read those stories they are absolute inspirational each one of these women has overcome obstacles in her life to live the life of your dreams in with purpose and alignment on these stories show you how they have overcome those obstacles and what it took for them to actually be strong and free truly independent strong women so I will be sharing the links for the Amazon release on Friday the 17th and all my social media but you can also look it up on in a hippie
you can find the link on the show page and you can click straight fruit and on Friday the 17th all the links for all the international Amazon accounts will go up so you can go and buy your copy and it will only be $99 us cents or 70 70 in the UK less than a cup of coffee because I want Facebook to go out that you as many people as possible it needs to talk to as many lives as possible with these inspirational stories these stories that can change life and today we have a really special episode of the in a hippie Club instead of the usual format of interviewing people
I'm going to read extracts from all the stories in the book so you can already enjoy a preview of the read that you can buy on the 17 and some of the beautiful old house even recorded their Snippets in the wrong voice so that makes it even more personal touching so we are going to go straight to live our very first author who is Charlotte the Yaga and her story is cooled ignited wisdom in the naked bus no let's find out from her in her own words what that's all about
do the energy radio show on PBS radio station on with your host turkey Hobbit
ignited wisdom and then I can buzz you think you have to want more than you need until we have it all you won't be free when you want more than you have you think you need when you think more than you want your thoughts begin to bleed out of how their society
where would I live what do I need flashes through my mind with a Nick Wilde and they can bus is making answer there is no conditions they volusion that I can fall back on anymore I have no idea what tomorrow may bring projecting a reality in my mind with expectations and conditioned behavior until future is not an option and being confronted with my reflection I realized that what I feel and I think I want and meet it's out of balance it's like my thoughts have begun to bleed I feel naked
being stuck and unhealthy worksystems our relationship had made me more aware of what I don't want and need this awareness pushes me in the direction of the great unknown where I follow the light inside my heart my inner light surrounded by the darkness of resistance guided me to the other side of the world to a part of slow and it is months of traveling solo to New Zealand Australia and Molly open my eyes to many different realities from the wonderful people I met many of them shirts seats of wisdom with me and even make me question my perspective on my reality
the word normal could mean something entirely different for another person in another culture done for me yet it is the same word by being more and more exposed to the world's wonders I saw the desire to reignite a magic in my life
I had the chance to develop a curious and open attitudes which let me to ask better questions what do I need to do to re night passion what makes my eyes spark like the brightest star with excitement what do I need to find inner peace which gives me a feeling of being hold and then balance the naked bus took a sudden turn I snapped out of my dad's back into the present moment
it was still dark outside and I felt tired of living in a reality that seems stable and secure but wasn't he the reason I felt so down I needed comfort and grounding I'm being held in a warm soft safe peaceful hug and fills your heart with happiness and love I needed to break through in order to break free
okay that's cool shot of the Yeager with ignited wisdom in the naked bus and the next story now is Erica Rouge with my story is mine
I'm sick of proper people speaking for me becoming mine the right to it without my permission and telling me what is and isn't true mine all right it is mine in my family we will return with lipsticks my father abandoned my mother leaving her to care for all of us by herself we will pull mother is a Mexican lady with no education and immigrant with no prior job experience my brothers sisters and I used to get into fights all the time around the house
at age 13 I was skipping school drinking liquor and getting into fights I felt that the others had something against me or thought I was stupid directly to my friend's house as he smoked a joint and get ready for school I sat on his bed he inhaled deeply and reached out to me he offered me the fuck joint I wasn't a big smoker having only tried it four times before but it was a strong drinker
I took two joints from his hand and looked at it placed it in my mouth and inhale deeply
a blue out and my head went numb my totes went blank and I forgot where I was and what I was doing
all I could think of was how time it passed and how it was going in and out of my head
appendix as it seemed as though time was frozen and then return to normal
I opened the door in the sun Hit me hard in the face I couldn't feel the wind since I opened the door so wide
I jumped out and grabbed the stereo in front of me
I was on the second floor
I wanted to jump down because I was dizzy and lightheaded my mind kept begging me to jump or fly my buddy wanted to kill me and throw me over the rail I lost control
I felt like I was floating in the air as I walk to school my head was buzzing like a broken TV
I tried but couldn't get the buzzing out of my head it's a sizzling
all of a sudden I found myself in the whole way floating and has no idea how it got there
I was laying on the bed in the school nurses office and I could hear the nurse talking to someone
don't go in there she's so drowsy she has no idea what she's talking about you said
I know who she is and she's always skipping school poor girl she must be on something that the other lady
I could hear them talking about me I tried to say something but couldn't since my head was so heavy on the pillow that I couldn't even speak
I began to scream but no one was listening
I was trapped within my head when no one could hear me and I could only listen to myself talk
that's what Erica Russe with my story is mine next time we have esthetician on the Saint Germain with The Story of Survival girl and the brave Rebel
I'm standing at the top of the stairs and all I can think is
how do I get downstairs
I just told the student counselor that there's something terribly wrong with me
and I keep finding myself in the fall Western Air is Amsterdam but don't have a clue how I felt in here
I told him that my body is bruised because I keep having accidents with my bike but I don't know why
I'll tell him that I'm so tired so numb I don't feel anyting
I just want to disappear
I don't want to be part of this body I want out and I want to sleep but I can't sleep it feels like I haven't slept in ages instead I just sit on my bed and smoke
also I don't know how to get off the stairs
the bedroom
I'm 9 years old and I'm standing in her parents bedroom the door is closed it's a warm summer's day and I can hear children playing outside my knees are buckling there is a wooden chair behind me but I know better than to ask permission to sit
my mother sits on her side of the bed
her legs stretched out her pillow in the small of her back she talks and I'm trying to concentrate on the titles of the books on the book shelf above her
I keep coming back to snow in April
at least that's what I thought of a text me where you from what's happening in my parents bedroom the thing is going to happen
this morning my mother had told me not to bring anyone into the house with my classmate Annette asked if she could come home with me
I'm convinced I'm an ugly short brown girl who can't keep a close clean who invented tummy ache so that she can finish the book during lunch breaks when someone wants to spend time with me and that and I are both Into Horses we're up rope around the edges of a handlebar and pretend that our bikes are horses mine is named Fury
and now I want to show my bike was friend my room
what is soon as I open the kitchen throw a run into my mother
a warm smile Fannett I get the look it's not ruin a beautiful face freezing into a nice mask
she suddenly seems impossibly large she doesn't speak to me
I don't need words to know what she's thinking what you just did is Unforgivable
Apples Institution room the Saint Germain with
this was esthetician Saint-Germain with the story of Survivor girl and the brave Rebel these stories are simply amazing and awesome reading each and every one of them so keep tuned and keep listening for more stories from the 16 strong and free women who have already a chapter in my forthcoming multi of the book which will be launching on December 17th this week
you are listening to the end I hit the club radio show on CBS radio station on with your host Realty Hobbit
next up is Hayden home
with it's time to stop shooting all over yourself
life is always going to knock you down the question is when we get back up
or in this case it wasn't about me getting knocked down so much as getting knocked overboard into the ocean
I said resurfaced I quickly calculated that I was within seconds of getting mowed down by a fleet of boats and surely had it for Davy Jones's Locker
when life threw me those proverbial lemons I tried bobbing for them in the freezing Atlantic
a few seconds earlier or have been going well holding on to the lifelines eyes on the race marker I was poised and ready for the skipper to you ready to talk
suddenly the boat launch and I fell in the booze from the crossed about transferring it's inertia directly into my abdomen
with the wind knocked out of me the realization that I was in the ocean hit me with similar intensity
icy cold water was rapidly filling my foul weather gear and I could feel myself quickly being pulled on them I could hear yelling on Deck as I sold a fleet of boats behind this racing around the Makkah amounts was pulled on I've got you
somehow one of the crew had managed to grab a strap on my gear I remember the soul sloshing through my mind if this thing breaks I'm done.
Thankfully the guy managed to hold me back aboard while still on the way don't really soaked violent violent is shivering and still in shock I overheard the skipper Hayden I'm so sorry it's negligence to follow the correct change the procedure that left me free hypothermic and less than thrilled
we still have at least another hour to go before reaching the show
my 21 year-old Paradigm of indestructibility was shaking
however I live to tell the tale for that I am grateful
once talked with everyone is sure I'm became the focus of attention at the post-race party
everyone was clamoring to understand what has happened in a crowd sunburned Windswept man I was one of only a few female Silas
no matter how many races are crude how many post-race events I attended that was a common theme
other women always ask oh my gosh why do you do it I could never do that what if you get hurt
I'd usually respond to something like who are you here to support what do did he do you ask him the same questions
I thought of getting mystified looking return
that was Hayden on with it's time to stop shooting all over yourself and next up is Jennifer wheeler in her own words she tells you why she chooses to self
the story I choose me it joyfully perilous journey to Freedom journey to Freedom
after very long day of teaching Elementary School I grabbed my purse
I'm headed out the door I had roughly 15 minutes to haul ass and get to my son's middle school football game as I walked toward the stairs I kept thinking about all the stuff I needed to do when I got home laundry grading papers go by the bank get money for field trip feed the dog make our lunches get gas pay a few bills etc etc in addition to the fight I was exhausted I had miles to go before I would see my pillow as I grab the cold steel handrail and begin Thrifty walking down to gray concrete steps I stopped in my tracks what if I sell
what if I tripped just a little bit nothing serious just a broken leg or ankle or arm maybe a concussion thrown in for good measure can I caused myself to have an accident that would land me in the hospital for a couple of weeks that's all I needed a couple of weeks of peace and Silence with other people taking care of me rather than me taking care of everyone and everything for most of my life I thought my primary purpose was to be a good mom a good wife good daughter Good Sister good friends good employee Good Neighbor did volunteer good unfortunately the definition of good husband created by society and contributes to misogyny and male dominance routinely walking through life feeling roles that Society has placed on you without your consent does not allow you to fully develop
maybe that's why so many women over 40 finally give up and say fuck it all trying to break up with society's bulshit is harder than it seems mostly because we've been socialized to believe that women are The Supporting Actresses of the world that whatever we want need desire strive to be will never be good enough and that if we do get there we don't deserve it we are taught to be grateful for the tiny crumbs of progress towards equal right and not ask for too much more I'm on a mission to dismantle the patriarchy through empowering my fellow females as a Scorpio in person with no filter I don't have trouble speaking up for myself and Loud bold and hold my boundary I Do no harm but I also taking a shit which is why I often wonder why I fell for society's mixed messages the reality is societal expectations are nothing more than a toxic relationship based on power and control
hard to break up because it's often easier to stay and give in than to stand firmly in your own power and fight back give me exhausting rust raiding an overwhelming but the consequences of sticking to the status quo of free dire your gifts and talents waste away you may feel like you're walking with no roots that you're going through the motions it's possible you don't realize you're in field and stuck until you are so far down in the hole that it feels like you can never get back out thank you for listening to this excerpt of strong and free my personal chapter I choose me a joyfully badass journey to Freedom thank you this is been Jennifer wheeler
that was Jennifer wheeler with I choose me a joyful About Us Journey To Freedom next up is Jenny Lewis what in her own words she tells you the story about rewriting the book the book
when we are born we are an open book the people around us fill the pages with thoughts ideas and beliefs that they consider important if we're lucky the pages are filled with the idea of infinite possibilities abundance Joy expansion and love in the people around us give us the freedom to discover who we are and to discover our purpose
if we're not as lucky and hopefully as we journey through life we can uncover our true selves and our purpose so that we can make the most of our journey
during the covid lockdown I found myself working remotely and realized how much I missed the flexibility of working from home
I realize that more than anything I long to be available to care for my granddaughter on my terms not those imposed by my employer
that combined with an ever-increasing realization that working for the city government did not suit me and would not serve my purposes and making a difference in my hometown I turned in my notice and decided that I would once again become an entrepreneur
I saw that during the pandemic the business world was rapidly changing I wanted to come up with an Innovative idea to make the best of what was going on I decided to go back to my roots teaching people to use computers it's what I know it's what I'm good at I love Tech I love teaching with the changes that came about during covid-19 teaching environment had blossomed and I was excited to explore all the new tech and creative ways to use it
I got a call from a client whose website I had edited five years earlier he is a musician and needed his website redesigned from scratch
we talked and he told me about some of the training he had been through on how to grow his business he wanted me to implement all the tech he had been learning about I decided that my business would be providing tech services and training to musicians and other creative entrepreneurs
I've always admired creative people I wanted to see myself as belonging to that group
I've dabbled in Creative Pursuits throughout my life I've Loved crocheting since I was a kid I love photography my first real take the taxes out of your paycheck job was working as the photographer for the County newspaper the summer after I graduated from high school I dreamed of becoming a freelance photographer and going to art school after high school but when I shared my dreams with my father I was directed to the pages in the book that said I needed to go to college get a degree and get a real job so that I could become successful
my parents said an example of working hard for what you want work comes before play I was expected to do well in school go on to college and build a successful life I was taught to never question authority and that the consequences for challenging this rule would be dire and permanent
you are
radio show on BBS radio station on with your host turkey Hobbit
that was Jenny Lewis what with rewriting the book next up is Kayla Flanders with the journey
before becoming a wife and mom I was a writer a writer who was once a little girl who woke up to the smell of coffee the sound of a rooster crowing and the warmth of the sun rising on North Chattanooga Street
I would combine all that experienced early in the morning and create stories in my head
I was a teenager who read the dictionary for fun and cherish every crossword puzzle book for Mom boulter
I evolved into a woman who bought a new journal every time she visited the store that sells them
I would write about my day in its entirety documenting everything that happened and everyone I encountered
I became a woman who was so in tune with the surroundings in her feelings that you put her heart into everyone and everything
I love deeply and because of it I was easy to hurt deeply as well
I always considered the feelings of others over my own I didn't like hurting feelings intentionally or unintentionally so at some point in my life I became content with sacrificing my feelings just to make others happy
I sacrificed how I was feeling to make sure no one would ever feel like I did at some point in my life rejected or unimportant
writing became my way of releasing my true feelings into the abyss of my journals
besides no one would ever read them so no one would get hurt
even in my journals I was protecting everybody else's feelings and abandoning my own
and at the same time I was freeing myself from the possibility of Slavery to fear resentment or unforgiveness in addition to prayer writing wasn't Avenue you are used to let go
after getting married and giving birth to my children I fell in love with my new life and suddenly became and go through changing diapers volunteering at school and being a supportive wife I was talking smelly socks attending brutally hot football practices and slapping down toilet seat always from standing at attention
I had loving friendships the support of extended family and everything after dad needed his life continued I stopped writing it never seemed to like I have time honestly I felt like I didn't need writing anymore I was finally complete I finally had what I needed to fill ho a family
a full-scale assault on this with the journey and next up we have King of Prussia like with from co-dependents to Independence how I've created a soulmate relationship based on freedom and unconditional love in her own words
hi everyone, my name is King Elizabeth's the shower and I'm a loving relationship coach experts as well as energy healer awake and eight you know God this so they can attract real love they sold and traded Life by Saint Joe happiness and abundance
today I want to present you a little bit of my chapter from a strong and free woman's book it's a stories of woman who called living Daydream after breaking up with this Society expectations so today I'm presenting a little bit just a little bit of my chapter to give you and cleans what I wrote In This Book
Comic-Con dependent to independent assortment relationship based on freedom and unconditional love
I don't know about you but I'm not going to spend the next winter in this country
that's when I decided I didn't want to leave app to society family and cultural expectations anymore
I just came back from Thailand what I spent probably one of the best weeks of my life and I just couldn't stop thinking how much my life didn't match my spirit in Thailand I felt connected I felt at home I felt I belonged and the most importantly I felt at peace no rush no negativity no frustrations only flaw and following my heart desires when I went back to my old life it didn't feel right and I couldn't stand living like that anymore I was sick and tired of trying to Fading Into the life that wasn't for feelings to me
even though on that paper everything to look amazing I felt trapped in the Life work in a relationship I had my inner voice was kept saying I want to start over travel find a new home take a rest stop worrying what other people think and live the way I want
at the time I had no idea that the decision I might would take me to the place where I am right now what I didn't know was I didn't want to leave my life anymore I couldn't do the work I was doing and I needed to find passion and purpose in my life
the one that I said to my husband and said that time I don't know about you but I'm not going to spend the next winter in this country she was really intrigued and left idea open to see how it would unfold
tacos King of Prussia leg with from co-dependent to Independent how I've created a soulmate relationship based on freedom and unconditional love next up is Lindsay cross with it all started with funny bunny to gerbils and a box of locusts
if success is measured in money I'd be considered poor in date but my life is filled with Incredible people and animals beautiful countryside and the fulfilling job I feel rich and thank God for that
life is about choosing what makes you happy I drive a beating up on which I'm proud of and any flashy sports car
a wake up to The Cools of ravens rather than some exotic Beach
a work-from-home and I've made a career doing what I love
success is about being yourself and having faith in your dreams sure get training Be Inspired others and develop ideas the satisfaction comes from following your passions
all of my childhood memories include animals bumblebees squirrels Lambs I grew up on the farm in Sussex and wanted to be an animal teacher Like My Heroes David Attenborough and Gerald Durrell
I kept cats dogs grasshoppers spiders and ladybugs
I put on elaborate puppet shows with toy animals in through programs pictures and diagrams are used to cassette player
to produce whale sounds or my homemade interpretations of facts
I Marvel at the recording so I can produce today with my phone and wireless speaker
I've earned my living for the last decade with life animal shows
I'm one of the only people in the country with a life-size puppet dinosaur
running rescue center with 140 beautiful animals and a ride and perform storytelling events in my own year
Lindsey's animal school is an animal rescue in education Venture that visit schools private parties Care Homes Scouts prisons and hospitals with live animals currently I'm based on the side providing show to small audiences just like in my early days
I'm a person of faith and I pray and thank God for the Providence that comes my way
I love this word Providence it means good fortune is sent to us by our faith in God the universe or whatever you choose to call it
anybody put up a spirituality and religion as I spend the time it's missing the secret try offering prayer to whatever good for what she believed in and have faith that what you need is provided across with it all started with funny bunny to gerbils and a box of locusts
and next up is Liz Simmons hickey with the last scene in her own words Ireland and I'm going to share a little bit of my story with you conscious of time I just picked some key points and from my story The Last sin
so it's comforting for them to you and it's always been very important to me physical and emotional Comfort has anyone ever suggested that you were less than perfect
Society has told me this in many ways over my lifetime
a recent discovery turned me from feeling that I need to be fixed into a woman who feels free to be me
I live life truce myself grateful that I now understand the why behind being a bigger person obese in medical terms are a fat lady has some children refer to me in the past I would have taken these words as a personal criticism and despite a smile and a kind of meaner they would have hurt my sensitive heart and soul these days I see the words surely as descriptive what does hurt however it's when people approached me on advisors suggesting that they have a solution to fix me or cure me
it's hard to live life when you're perceived flaws on the outside it seems to allow people to critically judge whether in the shop or Cafe at a conference or dinner party even on public transport are out for a walk we are vulnerable
social bullying and fat shaming is inherent in society
I'm the creator of an amazing life cycle life to sign myself with my family and kinds to to live life to the full despite her challenges I know teach life design and train others to use it in a professional capacity to
received an actual weight loss issue so I should say I've been a 50-year struggle for me I decided I had to find the fly behind us I decided that enough was enough I would live life my way but striving to stay healthy and well
I'm aware of the body positivity movement but I do not believe that we should have to apologize or explain about our bodies whatever their size I would prefer to be part of a live-and-let-live movement of kindness has no need to justify ourselves to self appointed judges for any reason at all
imagine is solving your deepest Challenger won't was more simple than you ever could have imagined once you understand the truth
one evening during the time of Discovery and I was explaining to my husband said it was walk last journey with me for over 40 years that I now understand why I have to censor the news in the TV program the movies because of the effect they had on me I expressed a deep thoughts
sometimes I think I am just too sensitive for this world
I leave it there on the ones pranks with you for the opportunity to share about this really important issue radio show on PBS radio station on with your host to see Hobbit
list Simmons hickey with the last seen all of these women are amazing Storyteller the more I listen to the morning or am I truly am and I'm so honored that they have chosen me to publish their work and I am so excited. Strong and free is coming out on Friday so if you've been inspired by all of these stories go out and buy the book when it's launched on Friday the 17th on Amazon it will be launched in all territories of Amazon
and it would be less than a cup of coffee so this is an inspirational read that you really don't want to miss you can go to in a hippie we're on Friday the links will go up to go straight through and buy you a copy next stop is Nicolas holiday with please call me Nicolette
the truth is a free will isn't just the opportunity to choose but the opportunity to create your own reality and that's where on the standing informs is creation
there are millions of instances of you sprinkled throughout the reality which rendition of you do you want to experience in this realm of existence
my journey began about eight months ago while I was working behind the scenes assisting other Publishers to producing multi of the books
I felt very aligned with the work I was doing and it seems like a good fit for my skill-set background and previous experience so I took the leap and struck out on my own as a publisher I make the most substantial Financial investment in myself today for signing up with a mentor who teaches women how to establish successful publishing companies
two weeks later my husband of 18 years and partner of 24 told me that he wasn't in love with me anymore and wanted to divorce
he said he couldn't wait any longer this was the moment and this was what you have to do immediately
I felt as if someone had pulled the rug out from under me and a lot of very hard on my phone
I was devastated and questioned how I could be so wrong about someone my entire world seemed to collapse in an instant in my reality look very different on the one that I thought I've been living in
but that's a story for another day
my relationship with my former partner has improved since and we are working to create a new co-parenting Arrangement and friendship but at that very moment in time everything I thought I knew was turned inside out
that chain of circumstances lunch meat down a very different Road it allowed me to rethink who I was I took the opportunity to reinvent myself
getting to the next level and living up to my potential has everything to do with how I began to present myself and the energy the approach to every encounter and exchange each and every day it all began with a simple yet effective name change
please call me Nicolette
I was born to tiny little baby weigh in only 4 lb and 12 oz and as soon as I was born it was decided the Nicollet was part to begin them for me and so they shortened it to Nicki
after I started the Publishing Company my marriage was dissolving before my eyes and every single part of my life is changing in the most incredible terrifying heartbreaking and hard opening ways I decided I was finally big enough to fill up this name and so I started going by Nicolette Nicolette holiday with please call me Nicholas.
It's next up is Samantha tune with it all started to make sense
I Am Woman strong and free it was Destiny to find the universe exists inside you and me
I Am Woman bold and brave
Breaking Free from the human slaves
Slave To The Matrix and being asleep
Breaking Free from oppression no more being a sheep
I Am Woman hear to take up space. I did but unconditional love and itchy and Grace I Am Woman I cannot attend yes I will take off my clothes and will not be ashamed
I Am Woman and I will not do what you say
I will listen to my higher self a chunin and pray
I Am Woman I am here to be seen a magical embodiment of the Divine a part of the country stream
I Am Woman is my name is Samantha June I am everything and nothing I am the sun on the moon
I have broken up with societal expectations liberated strong and free shooting into the 5D vibrations
finally it all started to make sense
I was being shown my life timelines in my third eye
I was shape-shifting through multiple Dimensions Medusa with snakes in her hair was shown to me
the music was by breaking through my party I was overtaken by a Kundalini energy tuned into the same frequency of the music it was at this moment that I was woken up to a whole new level of Consciousness and I knew I was not from this planet
my name is Samantha June I come from a working-class family in Liverpool UK
I love performing and wanted to be a dancer of my confidence was low
I always found it looked a bit different I had a mole on my eyebrow so children would be main I was also diagnosed with dyslexia and struggled in school I started drinking alcohol from the age of 12 to gain confidence into Escape for myself and from the harm I was doing to myself
I was hospitalized multiple times my life was on the slippery slope
then I found hairdressing I have always been an option with her and I opened up my first business at 18
that's what's the month of June with it all started to make sense
next up is some Reedy prove it with my father's daughter
on the plane supposed to goofy Boomerang on Instagram from a window seat before putting my phone in airplane mode being sleep deprived the days I close my eyes and almost immediately fell asleep that was once again the same dream that I have been seeing for the past 5 years it just felt very real
I always saw everything and complete sense rajita it sounds like Northern Egypt very long time ago
I saw myself as a slim tool 27 year old girl with eyes exactly as I have now black hair and Caucasian features
I was being held captive by soldiers on the huge rock as I was dreaming I realized that I was the same age with my ex and I parted ways
I switched back to the dream for my throat and it all came back in the finest detail as always
it was a dark knight raining heavily with thunder and lightning around me men with wide conical headgear and long robes that were tied at the Opera waste I recognize the j-shaped darkest They carried us the weapons of the royal Army
I knew this. Man in front of me was not just the robe priests in my teacher but also my biological father
I felt the confusion of having to act fathers in my life at the same time
with my hands held tight but soldiers I knew it wasn't fear I was feeling I was helpless shamed and desperate to be with my lover
the rain was pouring and I felt my wet clothes sticking to my body I couldn't adjust them because of being House of family
do y'all going to lie to my left and a big father away was my lover arrested for soldiers who used to be his colleagues
suddenly lightning struck a few feet away from me and split open the you truck I was on into tube giant pieces it sounds like an earthquake and a slipped off the wet Rockin to the Nile it sounds like a lot of people drowned in my lover may have to
I survived and reached out to a rock but I was stopped with a j-shaped Saga on the left side of my stomach
although it was just a dream I always physically have to stop when I go to this part
a Denso mattress powder in religious attire in front of my lifeless body was removed in my organs
I wasn't sure if you had killed me with himself but it sounds like if you could do some as disgusting as this he sure could have killed me it was a glorious sight to see and I would always wake up with a Joe to be relieved to see the real physical world when I open my eyes
I opened my eyes for the Familia child relief to find my 70 aircraft
that was some pretty portrait with my father's daughter
you are listening to the end I had to come radio show on CBS radio station on with your hoes Turkey Hollow
next up is yours truly yes I have written one of the stories in this book as well and it's cooled RadioShack here we go
what's the last day of school for hot Summer's Day the classroom windows with wide open the Sun was shining enticingly and you could hear the birds tweeting outside the view from the window was pleasant even though the school was in the city it was surrounded by a patch of green that could pass for Park
I haven't been paying much attention to any of the lessons I don't think any of kids did that day
you could feel the excitement in the air the prospect of six long delicious weeks not having to get up for school every morning freedom to do what you want finally no homework just share some a blister head I couldn't wait to get home school has never felt comfortable to me from the first day I went off I don't like being locked up in an institution and having my freedom Stripped Away every minute spent inside the horrid old brick building was a minute wasted that I could have enjoyed living instead
I never fitted in with the other kids I just didn't
connection to my PS I didn't have the same interest I couldn't laugh at the same silly jokes it always felt like it was years older and years ahead of my own age
at the time I went to secondary school I was mostly mixing with other was already in my private life and could never identify with any of the silly games and Shenanigans in the playground and now know that these are typical signs of being an old soul I have no idea about these things as a kid
all I knew was that I felt different
a group of kids try to bully me but I successfully stood up for myself dealing with them face on
I ended up not getting any more hassle but it wasn't included either I was simply left alone
that suited me just fine I was always happiest in my own company I usually sat near the back of the class daydreaming and listening occasionally when the topic was remotely interested
most of the time I just doodle two-way dreaming of the moment I could go home and start exploring the real world
so each year this last day of school was a big deal for me but this year was even more exciting because I knew that Mom and Dad had booked me on to my very first holiday away from home without them
I was going to join the local Scouts group on the trip to tyrol and the Italian out this was such a thrilling prospect that for weeks and already been anticipating dreaming even going to the library in Reading up everything I could find out about Arrow
that's what has me so can help me with Radio Shack and next up we have Sophia matches with the audible voice of God in her own words so here it is in my late teens as I was standing in the kitchen my dad revealed to me that he's Muslim as you can imagine I was in off a day's heck I was an awful maybe month okay baby a bit drastic but I was in awe four days free was always evident in my home with a hovering sense of mom totalitarianism I thought I had the freedom to be a kid but never so much as fully speak my mind
eventually it was time for me to go to college my dad was adamant about me not going away to school he wanted me to remain close but my mom being more of the free spirit at this time said it was okay for me to go a bit further Hawaii was in my plan but Mom said nope Missy you're not going that far my parents left my high school sweetheart he was like a son to them we grew up together and went off to school together I know that helps out of my parents mind the next thing I knew grad school was knocking at my door looking hopeless while feeling isolated and alone I have a koala upper classmen asking me what was wrong I told her my story and it was on that day she gave me the best advice of my life she told me to read the Bible
gradually as a month past my love for the word of God and just forgot himself grew I developed a ferocious appetite for reading the word
the more I read some more became unflappable nothing much bothered me or deterred me my emotions went from being on what felt like a roller coaster from hell to a calm day at Sea I will call returning to previous job to visit and witnessing the Tara in the eyes of those in the neighborhood who held fast to the impression left in their mind when they hear my name Sophia Mattis it was a look of a deer caught in headlights I will call me saying I know I changed and you're not expecting this person right
and all I hear is the quiver in the nervous chuckle
they all let out as they cautiously sad huh
it didn't matter what others felt sad or labeled me as in my mind my heart my soul I had change all the angst Enos curse word mean this to those who are mean to me all of that went out the window when I was transformed my dad why I love dearly remains a Muslim and many years later until this very day he tries to convince me that Islam is the way I'm not moved by it I'm over it everyone chooses to hold fast to their truth and as for me I'm no exception despite the circumstances despite the comment I shall continue to hold fast to my truth that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is indeed Lord and savior
we're almost at the end of this amazing storytelling session and if you want to pick up the story of strong and free you can do so on Friday the 17th of December this week when it will be released internationally on Amazon you can go to in a hippie where you will find all the book into buying lengths that would get you straight through to your local Amazon store and now to round off this beautiful storytelling session we have three new Stylo with from pancake Turner to Fire and how much with the chicken on the shoulder
when somebody ask me who I am it's very difficult to answer I guess the best description would be something like discovery of small things follow-up of Fred and Teller of tales
as long as I can remember about the urge to try a different frequently quite crazy Solutions one childhood memories example is how I used small tooth metal so to sew a hole into the runners of my plastic sledge so I could put a pancake Turner thread to work as a brake
after graduating from high school I went to study informatics
and instinctively to balance the virtual world I started working on real-world projects suggested by my inner voice
one such long at crazy project was great in the rest for my first Class party that summer I spent long hours in the garage kneeling in front of my car making a rocket with a drill to make my environment cuz you are compensated with a tape player and um Strauss waltzes
I have the long as soon as possible that there was able to carry it you something I had struggled with as a child
the same garage also witnessed how I made the sauce is Cystic style cabinet for stereo is penicillin made with broom handles the result was a bit shaky from The Woodworking got under my skin and have since made several shells kitchen table stools on the status of the front door
one of my most special projects was a zither I met with my son when he was 10 years old is David excitement's over six months until the wonderful combination of a master's Workshop will help some string it
right after getting my University degree my inner voice started to demand two things very loudly firstly that I should get a rabbit and secondly that I should learn to make stained glass
the rabbit manifested itself quickly and told me Lord it wasn't just a cute jumping trouble it had its own character wishes moods and fears
it took me more than a year to start on the stained glass because there weren't any good tools available in Estonia and I have to learn from books I made the first grindings of the glass on the Whetstone scrubbing each piece to and fro for at least 10 minutes and slowly started to understand the character of the glass is fragility and its hardness this is very difficult to understand but just looking and touching glass
tacos 3 News Telugu with from pancake Turner to Fire and helmets with chicken on the shoulder
and that's around so if I was storytelling for today you have to listen to 16 extract of Amazing Stories from inspirational women who will all become published authors best selling all the First on Friday the 17th of December yes you can go out there and buy this book strong and free on the 17th of December it will be lonely on Amazon international Appleton platform as a Kindle version for less than a cup of coffee so if you've enjoyed this reading go out there grab your copy you will find all the direct line Wings on you can also find the link to in a hippie Optical office radio page
so go grab your copy have a good read and enjoy your weekend with the nice read of strong and free in your Kindle inbox see you again same time next week Monday the police is the
20th of December my goodness Christmas week already next week yeah see you again Monday the 20th 1 p.m. CT here on PBS radio station 1
thank you for listening to the in a hippie Club radio show on PBS radio station gone with your hotel Key Harvey Lee again next week same place same time Monday at 1 p.m. CT

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