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Inalienable and Free, December 1, 2018

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Inalienable and Free
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Inalienable and Free with Johnny Blue Star

This program is being recorded in the middle of a very toxic government shutdown. This shutdown is probably going to be more costly than the $5 billion or so dollars that President Trump is demanding for the wall on our Southern Border. Repercussions of the shutdown are not just limited to hundreds of thousands government workers who either work without pay or are sent home and will never recover their lost work paycheck- but economic repercussions, dangers to health by the absence of food inspectors, airplane safety and security and multiple costs to government contractors, small businesses, even our country’s credit rating and performance of our financial markets.  The problem for the Democrats is that allowing a President to hold the government and the American people hostage for something that should rightfully be legislated to Congress. They are blamed for the shutdown by Trump,  who publicly stated he would take the blame. Democrats  say that his claims of an emergency are significantly blunted by the facts.

Yet to many in his base, the dangers at the border are real- including human trafficking, drug running and terrorism. They picture the border as being flooded by criminals attempting to invade the United States. And Trump is the master of this enormous security problem, whose wall as a true security measure is discounted by the Democrats and many experts in security. 

For one person, Jeremy Montanez, this conflict between the two views of Trump and the potential toxicity of this contradiction came into stark contrast when he was invited to participate in a CNN  panel.  As a result of what happened on that program, including the fact that it was edited in a way that distorted Jeremy’s own publicly-intended statements, Jeremy’s life was altered. His few minutes on this 15-minute program were followed by extreme, continual death threats and harassment. This program features a dialogue between Johnny Blue Star and Jeremy Montanez on the question of the government shutdown and border security.


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Inalienable and Free

Inalienable and Free
Show Host
Johnny Blue Star

How can we, the people of Earth, take back the power and privileges granted to us by God and addressed so significantly in the United States Declaration of Independence? Our rights are inalienable for citizens of all countries, not just America. They are, indeed, given by our Creator and “incapable of being taken away from or given by another.”

Our program, “Inalienable and Free: Voice of the Coalition,” hosted by Johnny Blue Star, addresses the grave challenges to these human and citizens' rights in America and in the rest of the world. These rights are the basis of liberty, the foundation of all life and happiness. The Coalition of Planetary Empowerment, is an emerging organization, serving to empower individuals personally, spiritually, and politically through a new social network, dedicated to this mission.

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