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Hungry for the Truth, April 26, 2019

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Hungry for the Truth
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with The Doctor and The Detective

Hungry for the Truth with The Doctor and The Detective

Topic: Manifesting and Healing from the Superconsciousness State

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Hungry for the Truth

Hungry for the Truth with The Doctor and The Detective
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The Doctor and The Detective

Hungry for the Truth: An intriguing talk show seeks the truth behind the mystery.

This thought-provoking talk show is hosted by a seasoned mental health doctor and a licensed private detective join forces to investigate age-old mysteries and fascinating tales of the paranormal.

In Hungry for the Truth, The Doctor and The Detective will take a close-up look at all things mysterious, supernatural and paranormal in a quest for the truth behind the intrigue.

An essential listen for anyone fascinated by the unexplained, The Doctor’s medical background and The Detective’s investigative experience are the perfect collaboration to unearth the truth behind the myths and mysteries.

This refreshing take on the paranormal brings together the many strands of their expertise. Applying The Doctor’s medical training and wealth of experience working alongside people with psychiatric issues, she asks whether what we perceive to be supernatural phenomena or a manifestation of our own psyche and emotional state.

Meanwhile The Detective applies his skill as a private investigator and his in-depth knowledge of mystical teachings – including metaphysical theories on the nature reality, the connection between mind and matter, and accessing spiritual knowledge – to reveal the truth behind the supernatural…be it a logical explanation or something much harder to define... that in the realm of the unknown and the hidden universe.

Through their diverse backgrounds and vast range of experience, both Doctor and Detective are experts in human behavior and are committed to their pursuit of the truth with a mind open to unlimited possibility and incredible potential.

Be prepared to question what you think you know about the world - to be chilled and thrilled, and even to learn that there are some mysteries destined never to be solved…

This bi-weekly show covering a multitude of intriguing topics including Earth and space, the paranormal, UFOs, physics and metaphysics, science, spiritual matters and theory and conspiracy airs on Station 1 on Fridays, from 9.00 pm PT to 9:55 pm PT. See our web page to find out more.

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